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OrgSync is a community management program designed for university campuses. It is designed to assist student leaders to manage their organisations (clubs, societies and Faculty Student Associations), and to communicate effectively with their members. OrgSync will be implemented at Bond from next semester as “BondSync” and will be a closed online community for Bond Students and alumni.

Individual students create profiles and are automatically linked to communities based on their answers. For example, if a student specifies they are a Law student, they will be automatically linked to the Law Students’ Association community or “Org Community”. Users can also choose to join Org communities of their choice.

BondSync provides student leaders over 30 tools for the management of their organisations. These tools include: Calendars, a website builder, event planners, surveying and polling systems, online forms, and unlimited storage for important documents.

All event forms and funding applications will occur via BondSync, and each club, society and FSA will be required to have an Org portal.

BondSync will be launched in 113, and training and implementation will commence in the coming semester break. All student leaders will be provided training and assistance to set up their communities, and ongoing support by BUSA.

BondSync will provide clubs, societies and FSAs a fantastic resource to manage their clubs and societies, and will have immediate benefits not only for your organisation but for campus life and the student experience.

Any questions or queries regarding the information in this package should be forwarded to BUSA Secretary, Deborah Horsley at

BondSync is an online organisation management system that will soon be available for all students and student leaders on campus. This new system provides a platform with more than 35 tools to assist clubs and societies to more effectively lead and manage their organisations.



Create an organisation knowledge base to ease officer turnover and workload

Publish event details and involvement opportunities on the organisation calendar

Store contact information to create lasting relationships with vendors and partners

Send out invites and track RSVPs to prepare for upcoming events

Build and host your public website using OrgSync's website builder

Track involvement hours & attendance for events and meetings

Archive an unlimited amount of organisation documents, pictures and videos

Allow members to share events within their Facebook news feeds



Maintain a web-based portal to centralise organisation data and member records

Streamline communication between officers, members, alumni, and committees

Delegate officer responsibilities and provide members with privileged based access

Target information to members with messages, emails and news posts

Maintain accurate, up-to-date member rosters and profile directories

Survey members to collect feedback via polls and discussion boards

Market your organisation online to increase awareness and participation












BOND “COMMUNITY HOME” The central and main page of BondSync is the “Community Home”, and will feature a news feed of all the activities of the Orgs of which a student is a member. From the Community Home, a student can access all the features of BondSync.



3 Interactive updates from all Bond

Promote specific events, services


and polls for all students to see.

Departments and resources.

Community Orgs Portals.



4 Directs users to student resources. .






View upcoming community and

A list of suggested Orgs based on

Org events.

your interests



BUSA All students will be automatic members of the BUSA Org community. The BUSA Org portal will have features including: information relating to services provided, contact information, important documents, upcoming social events, access to Scope online, and will host the online forms for student events and funding applications.

STUDENT EXPERIENCE Like the BUSA Org portal, all students will be automatic members of the Student Experience Org community. The Student Experience Org portal will feature information relating to the services provided by the Office of Student Experience such as: Event planning and management, the Student Opportunities Fund and will host online event forms.

FACULTY STUDENT ASSOCIATIONS, CLUBS AND SOCIETIES Each Faculty Student Association (FSA) and club and society will have an Org portal. Student associations will be able to utilise all the features of BondSync to manage their associations and communicate with their members. BondSync will enable student associations to promote and manage their events, provide information relating their services, host their important documents such as their constitutions, minutes, office hours and training schedules, and to interact with their members via messages, discussion boards and surveys and polling.

Each association can have a calendar which can feature all upcoming events, and be incorporated into the personal calendars of each member. Associations can also make and utilise a contact book, featuring the details of key contacts within and external to the university. Associations can publish videos, photos and their publications. BondSync also features e-commerce capabilities.

UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENTS University Departments that offer services to students, or contribute to the student experience, will have Org portals. Students living in on-campus accommodation will be automatically linked to the Campus Life Org community. For Example: If a student specifies they live in A-Block they will become a member of the Campus Life Org community. Student users must choose to join other University Department Org communities.

BondSync will have a substantial and positive impact on all FSAs, clubs and societies, and will greatly assist in the management and organisation of their associations, while also greatly assisting their communication with their members.

Administrators are able to maintain their own association database complete with detailed member information and association rosters, to do lists and calendars.

Unlimited storage of association data on your BondSync Org portal: 

Store your important documents: Constitutions, minutes, training schedules, office hours, past funding applications and event forms for reference at any time.

Your Org can have different levels of access for different users. For example: Your association Executive, general committee and members.

Your Org can feature a Contact Book with the contact information of your members, committee, business partners, sponsors and vendors, or any person your association deals with.

Understand your member demographic better than ever before by collecting data through polls and surveys.

Your association can have both public and private calendars.

Your private calendar has information for your committee, and can contain timetables, office hours, upcoming events and important dates.

Your public calendar has information for your members, and is public to the entire Bond Community.

Association calendars can be exported to i-Cal, Google and Outlook Calendars

Members can incorporate your associations public calendar into their personal profile calendar

Use Calendar RSVP’s to track attendance and involvement of administrators at meetings and events

Manage your association’s finances on BondSync

Apply for BUSA funding online, and track your spending and balances.

Create a Pay-Pal account and pay accounts online

Sell tickets and merchandise online from your BondSync Org.

Promote your events through posts to the Community Home portal’s main news feed and through targeted messages to your members.

Publish events to your Org portal’s calendar

Send out invites to promote organisation events and track RSVPs to effectively plan upcoming events

Prepare for your events better than ever and delegate responsibility with project management to do lists.

Allow members to share event information to Facebook friends

Event forms will now be completed online through BondSync.

Communication between your association, BUSA and Student Experience will be more efficient, assisting the organisation and planning of your event.

Event forms and important documents, like certificates of currency, can be archived, and are available for reference at any time.

Recurring events can be approved via one form.

Communicate with your members the BondSync community via multiple channels: news posts, messages, email and discussion boards.

Target information to specific members, associations or committees to improve response rates.

Streamline communication between your committee, members and alumni.

Survey your members to collect feedback via polls, surveys and discussion boards and receive real time feedback

BondSync’s targeted communication tools will greatly reduce the number of all student emails received, and will increase the effectiveness of your messages.

Unlimited storage of past documents, photos, videos and publications for reference and use at any time.

Contact Books will allow storage of contact information of your key stakeholders, business partners, vendors and sponsors to create lasting relationships.

Easy access to past committee members for assistance.

BondSync provides every association with a website builder, domain name and public website hosting to help increase online visibility.

BondSync’s website building tools allows your association to easily create, customise and maintain your public website

Quickly update content and perform ongoing maintenance without the need for in-depth HTML experience

Synchronise your public website with your BondSync Org portal, so the content in your public website updates automatically.

If your association currently has a website, you can embed data from your BondSync Portal into your website, which can be synchronised, and automatically updated.

Students will log in to BondSync using their current Bond network details.

Each student will create a profile with fields to be completed including: Name, age, degree program, whether the student lives on or off campus and current or desired membership in any clubs and societies.

If you are the administrator of a Org portal, you will have access to, and will edit your Org portal from your individual profile.

A training schedule is currently being developed and will be released as soon as possible. Guides to Org portal set up will be distributed to all student associations as soon as possible. BUSA will provide assistance regarding the establishment of student association Org portals, however, each student association will be required to submit the content they would like uploaded. All student associations will receive training during 113, and will be responsible for the administration of their own Org portals, with technical assistance from BUSA.

BondSync Info Pack  

BondSync Info Pack

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