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What common values Illinois REALTORS®?


By Gideon Blustein, Illinois REALTORS® Member Outreach Manager

From Downers Grove to Evanston, Cairo to Edwardsville and Roscoe to Normal, the Illinois REALTORS® Outreach Team travels widely to meet with REALTORS® at company office meetings, corporate events, new member orientations and other local association events. The Member Outreach Team includes Local Governmental Affairs Directors Kyle The Outreach Anderson, Gideon Blustein, Conor Brown, Team has Kristie Engerman and Beth Wanless, who identified some encourage RPAC participation, advocacy involvement and reinforce the core service significant areas of the Illinois REALTORS®. While the common values Outreach Team presents the “Vote, Act, Invest” they also listen, observe and learn amongst the message, about the diverse REALTOR® community. membership: Despite the many miles that separate different regions of the state and the diverse backcommunity, grounds that have led individuals to become dedication and REALTORS®, the Outreach Team has identiconnection. fied some significant common values amongst the membership:

Above: Kristie Engerman (far left) gave the latest updates on member resources, tools and advocacy with the members of RE/MAX Traders Unlimited in Peoria; Managing Broker Janet Jordan.

Marisa Pan, managing broker Pan Realty of Naperville, invited Gideon Blustein to share member resources and governmental affairs updates with her agents.

XX Community-oriented: It is a rare office visit that does not include a managing broker signing up agents to participate in some event that benefits the local market. REALTORS® across the state assist the homeless, elderly, veterans, children and shelter animals. REALTORS® are also often at the core of events such as farmers markets, car shows, business afterhours and parades. One favorite is a company in the suburbs of Chicago that organizes a safe Halloween party and costume parade for local kids at a historic movie theater. XX Dedicated: Here is something you probably already know; being a REALTOR® is not easy. The Outreach Team has observed an amazing amount of dedicated small business owners who have mastered time-management, social/digital and traditional marketing, customer service, economic, legal and ethical knowledge — ­ often from scratch! That type of speed learning takes dedication. XX Connectors: REALTORS® often work in “coopetition;” this is the skill of competing while also cooperating in the market. REALTORS® are prolific connectors with formal and informal networks of clients and industry professionals. Today’s competitor may be tomorrow’s referrer. 32

Conor Brown of the Member Outreach Team visits with agents of the Keller Williams Success Realty office in Barrington; Managing Broker Sandra Borland.

Frankly, these REALTOR® qualities make the Outreach Team’s role unbelievably rewarding. However, the association does not just conduct outreach because it is fun. Engaging REALTOR® members on their turf has helped increase awareness of Illinois REALTORS®’ services, investments in RPAC and sign-ups for the Calls for Action via text message. In a recent survey, 94 percent of managing brokers of large firms agreed that RPAC is important to their business.

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