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NEW AND FORTHCOMING TITLES FOR 2015-2016 Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals, Fourth Edition


Anatomy and Physiology for Health Professionals, Second Edition


Clinical Procedures for Health Professionals


Introduction to Research and Medical Literature for Health Professionals, Fourth Edition


Personal and Professional Growth for Health Care Professionals


TABLE OF CONTENTS Health Care Law & Ethics Anatony & Physiology Human Disease/Pathophysiology

6, 7 8 9

Clinical Procedures


Phlebotomy/Laboratory Science


Research/Research Design/Literature Review

12, 13

Evidence-Based Practice


Interprofessional Education


Professional Growth



14, 15

Teaching & Learning


Health Care Roles


Cultural Competency




Clinical Cases


Patient Education


Patient History and Physical Exam






Medical Quality Management/Patient Safety


Electronic Health Records


Medical Coding


Health Information Systems and Technology


Health Professions


Medical Terminology

24, 25

Pharmacology/Drug Reference

26, 27

Cancer Therapy Certification Exam Preparation

27 28, 29



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Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals FOURTH EDITION George D. Pozgar, MBA, CHE Legal and Ethical issues for Health Professionals, Fourth Edition provides the reader with a clear understanding of the law and ethics as they relate to health care dilemmas and the proper foundation to make good decisions in the delivery of patient care. The practical application of ethics in the health care setting is accomplished by interspersing the thoughts of great minds through Quotes and the real world of News Clippings, patient experiences through Cases, Reality Checks. The text concludes with a Summary Case that ties together the information gathered throughout the text. Each chapter includes learning objectives, key terminology, a chapter summary, and review questions to assess comprehension.

Option 1: Paperback with Navigate 2 Advantage Access ISBN: 978-1-284-03679-4 • 530 pages • © 2016

Option 2: 50% off Print Bundle! Navigate 2 Advantage Access Only ISBN: 978-1-284-06975-4 • © 2016




Chapter 1 Introduction to Ethics Chapter 2 Contemporary Ethical Dilemmas Chapter 3 End-of-Life Dilemmas Chapter 4 Health Care Ethics Committee Chapter 5 Development of Law Chapter 6 Introduction to Law Chapter 7 Government Ethics and the Law Chapter 8 Organizational Ethics and the Law Chapter 9 Health Care Professionals and Legal-Ethical Issues Chapter 10 Physician’s Ethical and Legal Issues Chapter 11 Employee Rights and Responsibilities Chapter 12 Patient Consent Chapter 13 Patient Abuse Chapter 14 Patient Rights and Responsibilities Chapter 15 Summary Case: Search For Truth

• Features new case studies pulled from the news and how they pertain to healthcare ethics • Reviews the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare

Instructor Resources: IM, PP, SL, TB, TG Student Resources: NV2 Additional Formats: VitalSource

5 Wall Street | Burlington, MA | 01803 | 1-800-832-0034 |


Ethics for Health Professionals Carla Caldwell Stanford, PhD Valerie J. Connor, MA, CCC-SLP Ethics for Health Professionals provides a foundational understanding of ethics for healthcare students and clinicians. With a conversational tone and features within each chapter that add to its appeal including quotes, interesting facts, case studies, and more, this indispensable text offers an enjoyable, eased reading style while supplying information that can be practically and easily put into practice once the student enters the field. Pedagogical features include chapter objectives, boxed articles, quotes, case studies, key terms, chapter summary, assessment review questions. Website links are also included for additional reference.

FEATURES • Overview of the History of Ethics • Blanchard and Peale’s 3-Step Model • Ecological Model • Approaches to Ethics • Applying Ethics to the Health Care Professional • Patient Care Partnership • Vulnerable Populations • Confidentiality • The Medical Record • Patients’ Rights under HIPAA and Privacy Standards

• Ethics and the Workplace • Liability and Health Care • Matters of Life and Death ISBN: 978-1-4496-8960-5 Paperback with Access Code • 218 pages • © 2014

Instructor Resources:: AK, PP, TB Student Resources: CW Additional Formats: CafeScribe, CourseSmart, Kno, VitalSource


LearnScapes for Health Care Ethics ISBN: 978-1-284-03913-9 • Access Code • Subscription Length: 365 Days • © 2014

This collection of four LearnScapes (interactive video case studies) provides students with a realistic, immersive environment that reinforces lessons gathered from a collection of best-selling Jones & Bartlett Learning healthcare ethics textbooks. Through immersive technology and instructional design these LearnScapes create an environment in which the student takes on various roles within the Health Care System and are required to make important decisions based on scenarios that present ethical dilemmas. The student will make decisions and see the impact of their participation in real time. The student will benefit from LearnScape features including: photorealistic virtual locations, video interactions, interactive documentation, checkpoint diagnostics, remediation, and natural assessment. LearnScape 1: Equipment Purchase LearnScape 2: Stockpiling LearnScape 3: Labor and Delivery Services LearnScape 4: Confidentiality Sign Up to Receive Updates and Special Offers:



Anatomy and Physiology for Health Professionals SECOND EDITION Jahangir Moini, MD, MPH

Anatomy and Physiology for Health Professionals, Second Edition provides an engaging and comprehensive overview of human anatomy and physiology, written specifically with health professions students in mind. This text helps students navigate the subject through an array of features— including Test Your Understanding questions that regularly assess comprehension, Learning Goals that correlate to concrete Objectives, and a large assortment of end-of-chapter questions—that reinforce key concepts while promoting mastery of the material. In addition to the text’s clean, updated design and more than 450 illustrations and photographs, Anatomy and Physiology for Health Professionals, Second Edition is accompanied by access to useful online instructor and student resources that make it the perfect fit for traditional, online, or hybrid courses.

Option 1: Paperback with Navigate 2 Advantage Access ISBN: 978-1-284-03694-7 • 690 pages • © 2016

Option 2: 50% off Print Bundle! Navigate 2 Advantage Access Only ISBN: 978-1-284-05742-3 • © 2016



• Four additional chapters, including: - New chapter on joints, providing an overview of classifications, types, and injuries - Expanded presentation of the nervous system, with two additional chapters - Enhanced discussion of the cardiovascular system, with one additional chapter • New Focus on Pathology feature connects anatomy and physiology to human disease • Essay Question prompts now appear at the end of each chapter

• Provides a comprehensive overview of human anatomy and physiology • Presents content in an accessible manner targeted to health professions students • Features an updated, easily navigable format with more than 450 photographs and illustrations • Offers access to helpful animations and interactive learning tools • Includes clinical images such as X-rays, CT scans and MRIs • Covers the effects of aging on various Instructor Resources: DQ, IB, IM, PP, SL, TB, TG body systems • Offers robust end of chapter assessments Student Resources: NV2 for learners


5 Wall Street | Burlington, MA | 01803 | 1-800-832-0034 |


Introduction to Human Disease

Pathophysiology for Health Professionals SIXTH EDITION Agnes G. Loeffler, MD, PhD Michael N. Hart, MD Introduction to Human Disease: Pathophysiology for Health Professionals, Sixth Edition provides a broad overview of the most common and important human disease for students pursuing careers in the health professions. Comprehensive yet accessible, it addresses the aspects of disease epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment that are essential to clinical practice. This popular text has been updated to cover the latest advances in medical knowledge and practice, especially with regard to mental health and nutritional disorders. Introduction to Human Disease: Pathophysiology for Health Professionals, Sixth Edition will help students gain a solid foundation in disease pathology and medical terminology to help them throughout their medical education.



• Photos and illustrations • New and updated resources for instructors and students • Updated content reflects the current state of medical knowledge and practice • More clinical information, including general and specific treatments for diseases with an emphasis on laboratory testing • Chapter 26: Infectious Diseases and Chapter 27: Immunologic Diseases have been revised and are now included in Section 4: Multiple Organ System Diseases • Chapter 24: Mental Illness and Chapter 30: Nutritional Disorders have been revised, and include up-to-date health problems (e.g. obesity), concepts, and terminologies

• Provides a comprehensive introduction to the essential aspects of human disease • Covers the most common and important human diseases, including mental illnesses • Facilitates learning with chapter objectives, key terms, and practice questions • Includes more than 400 full-color illustrations, photos, and tables ISBN: 978-1-284-03881-1 Paperback with Access Code • 524 pages • © 2015

Instructor Resources: AK, IM, PP, SL, TB Student Resources: NV2 Additional Formats: CafeScribe, CourseSmart, eFolio, Kindle, Kno, VitalSource

“It is well written – clear and concise. The images are crisp and clear, with a good mix of drawings and diagrams, as well as photos of anatomical and histological pathology, with arrows and stars noting areas of interest in many images.

~ Suzanne Clark, PhD, RPh, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, University of Wyoming

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Clinical Procedures for Health Professionals Nina Multak, MPAS, PA-C Clinical Procedures for Health Professionals is the ideal multi-professional learning resource covering basic and advanced clinical procedures commonly encountered by practitioners and suited for both students and clinicians. Each procedure is discussed in terms of rationales, evidence-based indications, contraindications, potential complications, special considerations, and step-by-step procedural instructions. The format is clear and organized, allowing students to fully grasp the most important elements of each procedure. The accompanying Navigate Companion Website features more than 30 videos illustrating the procedures identified in the text.



• Aseptic technique • Nasogastric tube placement • Urinary bladder catheterization • IV insertion • Arterial puncture • Injections • Venipuncture • Blood cultures • Electrocardiogram tracing • Pulmonary function testing • Wound closure and management • Casting and splinting • Local anesthesia • Dermatologic procedures • Gynecological procedures • Chest tube insertion and removal • Arterial line insertion and removal • Central line insertion and removal • Lumbar puncture • Swan Ganz line insertion and removal • Endotracheal intubation • Ventilator management

Unit I Core Procedures Chapter 1 Aseptic Technique Chapter 2 Nasogastric Tube Placement Chapter 3 Urinary Bladder Catheterization Chapter 4 IV Insertion Chapter 5 Arterial Blood Gas Chapter 6 Injections Chapter 7 Venipuncture Chapter 8 Blood Cultures Chapter 9 Electrocardiogram Tracing Chapter 10 Pulmonary Function Testing Chapter 11 Wound Closure and Management Chapter 12 Casting and Splinting Chapter 13 Local Anesthesia Chapter 14 Dermatologic Procedures Chapter 15 GYN Procedures Unit II Advanced Procedures Chapter 16 Chest Tube Insertion and Removal Chapter 17 Arterial Line Insertion and Removal Chapter 18 Central Line Insertion and Removal Chapter 19 Lumbar Puncture Chapter 20 Swan Ganz Line Insertion and Removal Chapter 21 Endotracheal Intubation Chapter 22 Ventilator Management

FEATURES • Evidence-based Indications • Video Tutorials: 34 videos presenting over 20 clinical procedures • Complications • Special Considerations

ISBN: 978-1-284-03241-3 Paperback with Access Code • 224 pages • © 2016

Instructor Resources: IM, PP Student Resources: CW


5 Wall Street | Burlington, MA | 01803 | 1-800-832-0034 |


Phlebotomy Principles and Practice Jahangir Moini, MD, MPH

Phlebotomy: Principles and Practice reviews the roles and responsibilities of the phlebotomist including appropriate interaction with patient and clients, use of medical terminology, awareness of legal aspects of phlebotomy, compliance with safety standards and standard precautions, knowledge of frequently ordered lab tests, the ability to prioritize tasks and schedules, clerical skills, and preparation of blood film slides. This full-color affordable, efficient text also covers the fundamentals of the medical laboratory, anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system, infection control, communication skills, use of computer technology and equipment, as well as special procedures.

FEATURES • Chapter Outline • Learning Objectives • Key Terms with Definitions • Critical Thinking Questions • Website References • Review Questions and Answer Key ISBN: 978-1-4496-5260-9 Paperback with Access Code • 258 pages • © 2013

Instructor Resources: IM, PP, TB Student Resources: CW Additional Formats: CafeScribe, CourseSmart, Kno

Introduction to Diagnostic Microbiology for the Laboratory Sciences Maria Dannessa Delost, PhD, MT

Introduction to Diagnostic Microbiology for the Laboratory Sciences provides a concise overview of topics and facilitates comprehension with learning objectives, key terms, case studies, and review questions. In addition, the text includes laboratory exercises, eliminating the need for a separate laboratory manual. Covering content required in the MLT curriculum and featured on the ASCP certification exam, this accessible text will help prepare students for a career in laboratory science.

FEATURES • Reviews the microorganisms most important in clinical practice • Explains basic laboratory procedures, such as specimen collection and staining • Includes laboratory exercises in the text—no need for a separate manual • Serves as a helpful on-the-job reference for laboratory practitioners • Provides practice questions to help students prepare for the Medical Laboratory Technologist certification exam ISBN: 978-1-284-03231-4 Paperback • 588 pages • © 2015

Instructor Resources: IB, PP, TB Student Resources: WS Additional Formats: CafeScribe, CourseSmart, Kindle, Kno, VitalSource

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Introduction to Research and Medical Literature for Health Professionals FOURTH EDITION J. Glenn Forister, MS, PA-C J. Dennis Blessing, PhD, PA

Introduction to Research and Medical Literature for Health Professionals, Fourth Edition is an excellent resource to help students, faculty, and practitioners understand the research process, interpret data, comprehend results, and incorporate findings into practice. From choosing a research project and developing the research process design, to systematically gathering information, analyzing, interpreting data, differentiating among conflicting results, and finally understanding the overall evaluation, Introduction to Research and Medical Literature for Health Professionals, Fourth Edition will ease fears and help students and practitioners develop research skills to acquire and contribute knowledge and benefits to their patients.

Option 1: Paperback with Navigate 2 Advantage Access ISBN: 978-1-284-03464-6 • 248 pages • © 2016

Option 2: 50% off Print Bundle! Navigate 2 Advantage Access Only ISBN: 978-1-284-07242-6 • © 2016

NEW TO THE FOURTH EDITION • NEW Chapter: Statistics in Health Care • NEW Chapter: Systematic Reviews • Heavily revised chapter on the regulatory protection of human subjects, providing readers with a comprehensive look at the workings of the institutional review board • Completely rewritten chapter on qualitative research

• Learning Objectives at the beginning of each chapter, presenting the chapter’s desired outcomes to the reader Instructor Resources: IM, PP, SL, TG Student Resources: NV2

Principles of Research Design and Drug Literature Evaluation Rajender R. Aparasu, MPharm, PhD, FAFPhA John P. Bentley, RPh, FAFPhA Covers critical elements of clinical research, biostatistical principles, and scientific literature evaluation techniques for evidence-based medicine for pharmaceutical research, literature review, and drug design. ISBN: 978-1-284-03879-8 • Paperback with Access Code • 370 pages • © 2015


5 Wall Street | Burlington, MA | 01803 | 1-800-832-0034 |


Evidence Based Practice for Health Professionals

An Interprofessional Approach Bernadette Howlett, PhD Ellen Rogo, RDH, PhD Teresa Gabiola (Gabby) Shelton, MPAS Evidence Based Practice for Health Professionals covers the fundamentals of applying medical evidence to clinical practice and discussing research findings with patients and fellow professionals. This essential text explains the basic concepts of EBP, its applications in health care, and how to interpret biostatistics and biomedical research. Evidence Based Practice for Health Professionals teaches the skills needed to access and interpret research in order to successfully apply it to collaborative, patient-centered health care decisions. Students will gain valuable practice with skill-building learning activities, such as explaining the evidence for treatments to patients, developing a standard of care, select a diagnostic tool, and designing communitybased educational materials.

FEATURES • Covers EBP fundamentals and their application to clinical practice • Teaches the skills needed to interpret medical research and apply it to patient care • Enables students to develop EBP skills with practical learning activities • Prepares students to communicate about medical evidence with patients and fellow professionals

ISBN: 978-1-4496-5277-7 Paperback with Access Code • 398 pages • © 2014

Instructor Resources: IM, PP, SL, TB, WS Student Resources: CW Additional Formats: CafeScribe, CourseSmart, Kindle, Kno, VitalSource

Principles of Evaluation and Research for Health Care Programs Karen (Kay) M. Perrin, MPH, PhD Written with the undergraduate in mind, this book is ideal for students pursuing a wide spectrum of health careers. Through activities and case studies, readers will gain a solid foundation for understanding all aspects of evaluation while developing the critical thinking skills needed to dissect peer-reviewed publications as well as popular media health claims. ISBN: 978-1-284-03896-5 Paperback with Access Code • 430 pages • © 2015

Instructor Resources: IM, PP, TB Student Resources: CW Additional Formats: CafeScribe, CourseSmart, Kindle, Kno, VitalSource

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The Interprofessional Health Care Team Leadership and Development Donna Weiss, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA Felice Tilin, PhD Marlene J. Morgan, EdD, OTR/L The Interprofessional health Care Team: Leadership and Development explores theoretical concepts of leadership in an interdisciplinary health care environment and provides practical examples of these concepts from the perspective of health care scholars, scientists, faculty, and health administration professionals. This comprehensive text introduces multidisciplinary collaboration in three modules: Teamwork and Group Management, Leadership in Interdisciplinary Group and Building Sustainable, and Collaborative Cultures. Each module is divided into units which introduce key concepts and provide active teaching/learning experience. This valuable resource will help healthcare students and professionals to be prepared for future collaboration of those in other related disciplines in order to develop advanced understanding and competence in health research, academia, evidence-based practice, and health care policy development and system transformation

CONTENTS Part I Teamwork and Group Development Chapter 1 Groups-Teams-Systems Chapter 2 Group Development Chapter 3 Team Building Blocks Part II Relationship Centered Leadership Chapter 4 Perspectives on Leadership Chapter 5 Leadership Building Blocks Chapter 6 Relational Leadership Part III Building and Sustaining Collaborative Interdisciplinary Teams Chapter 7 Leveraging Diversity Chapter 8 Facilitating a Collaborative Culture Chapter 9 Generative Practices

ISBN: 978-1-4496-7336-9 Paperback with Access Code • 226 pages • © 2014

Instructor Resources: IM, PP, SL Student Resources: CW Additional Formats: CafeScribe, CourseSmart, Kno, VitalSource


Personal and Professional Growth for Health Care Professionals David Tipton, PhD ISBN: 978-1-284-09621-7 • Paperback with Access Code • 275 pages • © 2017


5 Wall Street | Burlington, MA | 01803 | 1-800-832-0034 |


Leadership for Health Professionals Theory, Skills, and Applications SECOND EDITION Gerald (Jerry) R. Ledlow, PhD, MHA, FACHE M. Nicholas Coppola, PhD, MHA, FACHE

Leadership for Health Professionals: Theory, Skills, and Applications, Second Edition is the first textbook of its kind to apply classical knowledge of leadership theory and timehonored best practice of industry leaders to a health organization context. This comprehensive and well-organized text is grounded in realworld applications of theoretical concepts, and focuses on practical examples of leadership practice in actual healthcare scenarios. The text’s innovative and dynamic pedagogical structure cycles and expands key concepts throughout the text, allowing for enhanced learning and information retention. The material supports and engages students, pushing them to synthesize solutions and develop leadership strategies that are flexible enough to address an ever-changing industry.

FEATURES • Text developed based on competencies from the Healthcare Leadership Alliance Competency Directory • Practical, real-world cases from health leaders across the industry that demonstrate the application of the principles in practice

CONTENT Part I Leadership Foundations Chapter 1 Leadership Thought Chapter 2 Determining Your Own Leadership Style Chapter 3 Understanding Leadership as a Theory Chapter 4 Chronology of Leadership Study and Practice Part II Leadership in Practice Chapter 5 Leadership Competencies: Professional Competencies, and Personal Skills and Responsibilities Chapter 6 Leadership Competencies: Application of Skills, Tools, and Abilities Chapter 7 Leadership Assessment and Research: Individual, Team, and Organization Chapter 8 Leadership Models in Practice

Part III Leadership in Health Organizations Chapter 9 Leadership and the Complex Health Organization: Strategically Managing the Organizational Environment Before It Manages You Chapter 10 Ethics in Health Leadership Chapter 11 Measuring the Outcomes of Leadership Initiatives Chapter 12 Understanding the Executive Roles of Health Leadership Part IV Leading People and Managing Resources into the Future Chapter 13 Complexity, Speed, and Change: Leadership Challenges for the Next Decade Chapter 14 Leadership: A Critical Factor for the Future Success of the Industry Chapter 15 Leading Nonperforming Employees: Leadership Responsibility Chapter 16 Responsibilities of Mentorship and Succession Planning Appendix: Leadership in Practice: Cases and Insights ISBN: 978-1-284-02688-7 Paperback with Access Code • 446 pages • © 2014

Instructor Resources: IM, PP, TB Student Resources: CW Additional Resources: CafeScribe, CourseSmart, Kno, VitalSource

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Health Professional as Educator Principles of Teaching and Learning

Susan B. Bastable, EdD, MEd, RN Pamela Gramet, PhD, PT Karen Jacobs, EdD, OTR/L, CPE, FAOTA Deborah Sopczyk, PhD, RN Health Professional as Educator: Principles of Teaching and Learning focuses on the roles of health professional of patients, clients, staff, and students in both clinical and classroom settings. Written by renowned educators and authors from a wide range of health backgrounds, this comprehensive text covers teaching and learning techniques as well as strategies, learning styles, and teaching plans. Students will learn to effectively educate patients, students, and colleagues throughout the course of their careers. Examples related to healthcare practice are woven throughout the text and case studies featured in each chapter demonstrate how to apply theory and practice.

FEATURES • Applicable for all Health Professions disciplines • Case Studies • Additional web links • Extensive glossary • Review Questions

ISBN: 978-07637-9278-7 Paperback • 628 pages • © 2012

Instructor Resources: CS, IM, PP, TB Student Resources: CW Additional Formats: CafeScribe, CourseSmart, eBook, Google eBook, Kindle, Kno, VitalSource

The Anatomy of Care Online Scenarios Will Interactive This series of video vignettes takes students through scenarios during a “day in the life’ of five different characters at a typical hospital—a senior resident, a charge nurse, a hospital receptionist, an environmental services staff person, and a nurse’s aid. Topics covered include: communication, leadership, quality assurance, patient safety, and providing a patient-centered environment. BUNDLE with your Jones & Bartlett Learning Textbook for as little as $8-$12. Prices are subject to change.

ISBN: 978-07637-8023-4 Access Code • Subscription Length: 365 Days © 2010


5 Wall Street | Burlington, MA | 01803 | 1-800-832-0034 |


Cultural Competency for the Health Professional Patti R. Rose, MPH, EdD Cultural Competency for the Health Professional reviews the importance of the implementation of cultural competency by allied health professionals, and the process of assessment, training and evaluation. This comprehensive text includes a clear and concise overview of the necessary tools to apply cultural competency processes as well as systematic and disciplined approached to the process of achieving it. Cultural Competency for the Health Professionals provides health professions students with key cultural competency information and practical insight into how to apply this knowledge in their day-to-day work environments as they deal with patients on a clinical basis.

FEATURES • Overview of the demographic changes in the United States • Accreditation requirements (programmatic, specialized and institutional) • Comprehensive view of the culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) standards with an emphasis on the clinical aspect of various allied health professions • An Attitudinal Survey with established reliability and validity

ISBN: 978-1-4496-7212-6 Paperback with Access Code • 232 pages • © 2013

Instructor Resources: CS, PP, TB Student Resources: CW Additional Formats: CafeScribe, CourseSmart, Kno

Health Literacy From A to Z Practical Ways to Communicate Your Health Message SECOND EDITION Helen Osborne, MEd, OTR/L Clear communication of your health message can makes all the difference in effective patient care. This easy to use handbook is filled with ideas and strategies that can be used in everyday practice presented in a simple, informal manner by one of the nation’s leading experts in health literacy. ISBN: 978-1-4496-0053-2 Paperback • 256 pages • © 2013

Instructor Resources: PP, SL Additional Resources: CourseSmart, Google eBook, Kindle, VitalSource

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Cases in Clinical Medicine

Patient Education

Pamela Moyers Scott A-C, MPAS, DFAAPA

A Practical Approach

Cases in Clinical Medicine brings the study of medicine to life with over 100 patient case studies that simulate actual clinical practice. Patient vignettes are followed by multiple choice questions in established SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) format through which students explore relevant aspects of patient history, physical examination, and diagnostic studies to determine diagnosis and treatment. Cases in Clinical Medicine is divided into 10 chapters, organized by organ system, and corresponds with blueprints established for the National Commission on the Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) for the Physician Assistant National Certification Examination (PANCE).

Richard D. Muma, PhD, MPH, PA-C Barbara Ann Lyons, MA, PA-C

FEATURES • Utilizes case-based learning • Includes S.O.A.P. format of clinical decision making • Treatment plans are evidenced-based when that information is available ISBN: 978-07637-7180-5 Paperback • 488 pages • © 2012

Additional Formats: CourseSmart


Patient Education: A Practical Approach, Second Edition offers students a straightforward, applied approach to patient education supported by tools and resources for use in clinical settings. This resources provides an introduction to principles of patient education, behavior modification, and adherence, before exploring the application of these principles to clinical practice, complementary and alternative medicine, managing medication nonadherence, and major primary care disorders. With patient handouts available both in the text and as downloadable documents for clinical and classroom use, this practical text will help students learn to deliver effective patient education in clinical practice. ISBN: 978-1-4496-3018-8 Paperback with Access Code • 484 pages • © 2012

Instructor Resources: CS, IB, PP Student Resources: PH Additional Formats: CourseSmart, Kno


5 Wall Street | Burlington, MA | 01803 | 1-800-832-0034 |


History and Physical Examination A Common Sense Approach Mark Kauffman, DO, MS Med Ed, PA

History and Physical Examination: A Common Sense Approach provides a comprehensive, accessible foundation to the crucial patient care skill of clinical history taking and ‘head-totoe’ clinical examination. Through full-color illustrations, patient photographs, and video examples, this valuable resource highlights a logical, step-by-step approach to gain clinical competency. The authoritative content is divided into three section to build and develop students’ practical skills: History Flows, which provide context and practice through clinical scenario work, to logically develop differential diagnoses; Physical Examination Flows, which focus on comprehensive and consistent exams by using the human body as a map; and finally, Comprehensive Flows, which enable the student to apply their history taking and examination tools together to develop a differential diagnosis and a treatment plan—all under the real-world pressure of a time-sensitive office visit. Each section features “Clinical Case Practice” for students to interact and apply the clinical concepts and to prepare for actual practice.

FEATURES • 600 full-color photographs and illustrations • Learning tools and case studies • Each new text includes access to the Navigate Companion Website with 14 full-length videos showcasing patient examination procedures and more than 130 video clips to correlate with the examination procedures presented in the text

CONTENT Chapter 1 Clinical Competencies Chapter 2 Interpersonal and Communication Skills Chapter 3 History Taking Chapter 4 The History Flows Chapter 5 Introduction to Physical Examination Chapter 6 General Assessment and Vital Signs Chapter 7 Integumentary System Chapter 8 Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat Examination Chapter 9 Neck and Lymphatic Chapter 10 Cardiovascular Chapter 11 Respiratory Examination Chapter 12 Abdominal Examination

Chapter 13 Musculoskeletal Examination Chapter 14 Neurologic Examination Chapter 15 Sensitive Examinations Chapter 16 Comprehensive Flows Chapter 17 The Pregnant Patient Chapter 18 Pediatric Patient Examination Chapter 19 Patient Encounter Documentation ISBN: 978-1-4496-6026-0 Paperback with Access Code • 566 pages • © 2014

Instructor Resources: IM, PP, TB Student Resources: CW Additional Formats: CafeScribe, CourseSmart, eFolio, Kindle, Kno, VitalSource

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Essentials of Medical Genetics for Health Professionals

Gerontology for the Healthcare Professional

Laura M. Gunder McClary, DHSc, MHEd, PA-C Scott A. Martin, MS, PhD, PA-C

Regular H. Robnett, PhD, OTR/L Walter C. Chop, MS, RRT

Essentials of Medical Genetics for Health Professionals is a concise, accessible introduction to medical genetics for all health professions students. This book begins with a review of chromosomes, DNA, RNA, protein synthesis, and inheritance patterns and continues with a clinical focus based on understanding different disease processes. A variety of genetic diseases are explored, including what is known about the genetics involved, the signs and symptoms of the disease, and the treatment options available. This book also covers diagnostic techniques and an overview of embryonic development and teratogens. The roles of genetic counseling and screening, as well as the ethical and legal issues related to genetic screening and genetic testing are also discussed. ISBN: 978-0-7637-5960-5 Paperback • 236 pages • © 2012

Instructor Resources: IB, PP, TB Additional Formats: Coursesmart, Google eBook, Kindle, Kno



Gerontology for the Health Care Professional, Third Edition presents an up-to-date and realistic assessment of the aging process. This text begins with a review of demographic trends and continues with an overview of key topics such as the physiology, pathology, pharmacotherapy, nutrition, communication, and social concerns related to caring for older patients. This interprofessional resource concludes with future concerns for an aging society and includes an epilogue encouraging all health care professionals to embrace patient or client advocacy, especially for older adults. With new case studies, review questions, and interactive activities, this accessible resource will provide an active learning experience for all health professions students. ISBN: 978-1-284-03887-3 Paperback with Access Code • 420 pages • © 2015

Instructor Resources: AK, DQ, IM, PP Student Resources: CW Additional Formats: CafeScribe, CourseSmart, Kno, VitalSource

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Medical Quality Management Theory and Practice American College of Medical Quality Prathibha Varkey, MD, MPH, MHPE This valuable resource provides a concise summary of quality improvement, patient safety, and quality measurement methodologies. The text also describes the current state of global networks and computing technologies, and provides an overview of ethics, legislation, policy making, accreditation, and utilization management techniques as it relates to quality improvement including general approaches and methods, support systems, regulatory constructs, and common outcomes. Also includes case studies, executive summaries, as well as helpful figures and tables. ISBN: 978-0-7637-6034-2 • Paperback • 231 pages • © 2010

Instructor Resources: PP, TB Additional Formats: CourseSmart, Google eBook, Kindle, Kno, VitalSource

Foundations in Patient Safety for Health Professionals Kimberly A. Galt, RPH, PharmD, PhD, FASHP Karen A. Paschal, PT, DPT, MS Developed by faculty members in bioethics, business, dentistry, law, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, physical therapy, and social work, this introductory textbook presents the history of safety and the core concepts of patient safety. This important resource features a patient-centered approach within a practice-based context. Modules and case-based exercises help students learn the importance of safety best practices and quality improvements. ISBN: 978-0-7637-6338-1 • Paperback • 250 pages • © 2011

Instructor Resources: IM, SL Additional Formats: CourseSmart, Google eBook, Kindle, Kno, VitalSource

Case Studies in Patient Safety Foundations for Core Competencies Julie K. Johnson, MSPH, PhD Helen W. Haskell, MA Paul R. Barach, MD, MPH This unique compendium of case studies on patient safety—told from the perspective of the patient and family—illustrates 24 stories of preventable health care errors that led to irreparable patient harm. The reader is guided through a structured analysis of the events, eliciting lessons learned and strategies for preventing similar events in the future. ISBN: 978-1-4496-8154-8 • Paperback • 342 pages • © 2016

Instructor Resources: PP, TB Additional Format: CourseSmart

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Simulated Health Records Simplified Workbook and Online EHR Learning Portal DataWeb Inc. Jones & Bartlett Learning Simulated Health Records Simplified, the EHR Learning Portal created and hosted by DataWeb Inc., is a cloud-based EHR (Electronic Health Record) simulation that allows students access to four different pre-set roles within an ambulatory care setting. Students assume each role to learn all aspects of an EHR and work with patient data to each role’s ability and permission level. The system provides two seemingly dichotomous functions giving a consistent role-based user experience for all students completing a class assignment and, at the same time, giving the student the ability to uniquely interact with her own patients’ records. By interacting with each of these roles, the student gains an understanding of how each role impacts Meaningful Use reporting. •O  ffice Receptionist – Records a patient’s personal and payer information and checks in a patient for an appointment. •C  ertified Nursing or Medical Assistant – Records a patient’s vital signs for an encounter (appointment) and other medical history. • Doctor/Registered Nurse/Nurse Practitioner/ Physician Assistant – Records and codes a patient’s medical procedure history and creates and signs notes and orders. •P  ractice Manager – Reviews patient records for billing/payer purposes. The online EHR simulation program includes the following student activities • Create a Patient Record • Create an Appointment • Check in a Patient • Record Patient Vital Signs • Record Patient Medications • Create a Patient Note • Start the Patient Order Process • Explore Patient Orders • Complete a Patient Order • Use Doctor Desktop to Manage Your Patient Care Load • Sign Notes and Orders • Update Reference Information • View Patient Events


Each new workbook includes an access code to the online EHR training system.

FEATURES & BENEFITS • Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) • Diagnoses based on ICD-9CM • Active Medication, Allergy and Immunization List • Security features based on DOCPM • Use of Drug/Drug Interaction Alerts • Secure storage of health information • Doctor’s Desk Top and other efficiencies • Electronic Signature • Reporting Student Performance Measures for the Instructor • Meets many of the Meaningful Use Criteria as established in the 2009 HITECH Act ISBN: 978-1-284-03185-0 Workbook with Access Code • 72 pages • © 2014

Instructor Resources: AE Additional Format: eFolio


Simulated Health Records Simplified eBook with Access to Online EHR Learning Portal ISBN: 978-1-284-03567-4 • Access Code Subscription Length: 365 Days • © 2014

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Essentials of Health Information Systems and Technology

Patricia Aalseth, RHIA, CCS

Jean A. Balgrosky, MPH

In clear and straightforward language, Medical Coding: What It Is and How It Works, Second Edition provides an overview of the evolution of medical coding and all the various coding systems, how they relate, and how they function. Reasoning and consequences of the delayed ICD10 implementation are explained along with a sound overview of the ICD-10-CM and PCS classification systems.

Essentials of Health Information Systems and Technology unravels the mysteries of HIS by breaking these technologies down to their component parts, while articulating intricate concepts clearly and carefully in simple, readerfriendly language. The book provides a thorough yet unintimidating introduction to this complex and fascinating field.

What It Is and How It Works

For those contemplating a career in the coding field, this book is ideal as a basic orientation. Other individuals in health professions and administration will also benefit from a basic understanding of how coding works. This book integrates coding guidelines and principles into the billing and reimbursement process, giving the student a more practical foundation in the rationale for correct coding. ISBN: 978-1-284-05457-6 Paperback • 320 pages • © 2015

Instructor Resources: PP, SL, TB Additional Formats: Kindle,

This book will provide undergraduate and early graduate students with a solid understanding not only of what is needed for a successful healthcare career in HIS, but also of the vast frontier that lies before us as we develop new tools to support improved methods of care, analytics, policy, research, and public health. ISBN: 978-1-284-03611-4 Paperback with Access Code • 282 pages • © 2015

Instructor Resources: IM, PP, TB Additional Format: Kindle, Kno, VitalSource

CourseSmart, Kno, VitalSource

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Introduction to the Health Professions

Medical Terminology Basics


Y.H. Hui, Phd

Peggy S. Stanfield, MS, RD, CNS Y.H. Hui, PhD Nanna Cross, PhD, RD, LDN

Medical Terminology Basics: Interactive Programmed Instruction combines textbook content with additional interactive learning tools. This complete solution includes a textbook and a series of online modules that introduce information and reinforce knowledge through interactive blocks of content such as multiple choice questions, matching, drag-and-drop, and fill-in-the-blank exercises, as well as quizzes to assess comprehension. Students will enjoy this simple, straightforward approach to learning medical terminology with the ability to advance through the online modules and review their progress. This personalized and programmed instruction approach will allow students to work through the online modules at their own pace and receive individualized feedback on their progress, allowing them to concentrate on the areas where they need the most help.

This popular text outlines more than 75 careers and touches on every major facet of the field including training requirements, job responsibilities, and salaries. This fundamental resource provides a thorough review of the U.S. healthcare delivery system, managed care, health care financing, reimbursement, insurance coverage, Medicare, Medicaid, and the impact of new technology on healthcare services. Written specifically for students who plan to become healthcare professionals, this text will give you all the information you need for a successful career! ISBN: 978-1-4496-0055-6 Paperback • 502 pages • © 2012

Instructor Resources: IM, PP, TG, TB Additional Formats: Kindle, CourseSmart, Google eBooks, CafeScribe, Kno

Programmed Instruction

ISBN: 978-0-7637-9784-3 Spiral Paperback with Access Code • © 2010

Instructor Resources: AE, TB Additional Formats: Kindle, CourseSmart, Google eBooks, Kno, VitalSource


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Essential Medical Terminology FOURTH EDITION Peggy S. Stanfield, MS, RD, CNS Y.H. Hui, Phd Nanna Cross, PhD, RD, LDN Essential Medical Terminology, Fourth Edition is updated with a new full-color design as well as new and revised terms and definitions. The Fourth Edition includes more than 200 full-color photos, illustrations, and tables to enhance key points and aid comprehension.


This best-selling introduction to medical terminology is based on the body-systems method and is flexible enough to be used in traditional or self-instructional course formats. Suited for students of all levels in the health professions, this accessible text provides the appropriate amount of detail needed to learn the basics of medical terminology. After learning the fundamentals of pronunciation, students can study the chapters in any order the instructor deems appropriate.

Option 1: Textbook and Companion Website Paperback with Access Code ISBN: 978-1-284-03878-1 • 400 pages • © 2015

Option 2: Digital Package Navigate Course with eBook ISBN: 978-1-284-04965-7 • © 2015

Option 3: Textbook and Navigate Online Course with eBook ISBN: 978-1-284-04975-6 • © 2015

NEW TO THE FOURTH EDITION • New and revised terms • Additional test questions • Objectives added to selected chapters • New Interactive Learning tools • Full-color photographs and illustrations showing common clinical disorders and associated anatomy

Instructor Resources: CS, IM, PP, TB Student Resources: NV Additional Formats: CourseSmart, CafeScribe, Kno, VitalSource

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Frequently Prescribed Medications

Antibiotics Simplified

Drugs You Need to Know

Jason C. Gallagher, PharmD, BCPS Conan MacDougall, PharmD, BCPS

SECOND EDITION Michael A. Mancano, PharmD Jason C. Gallagher, PharmD, BCPS

Frequently Prescribed Medications: Drugs You Need to Know, Second Edition with a new, colorful layout to aid navigation and retention, is a valuable resource ideally suited for test preparation as it provides clear and succinct information for prescription, over-the-counter, and natural products. Review questions and key points for each drug and drug class help reinforce retention. The Second Edition includes information on 98 new drugs, updates on all drug information, expanded mechanism of action and severe drug interaction sections, all-new review questions, and a new chapter on biologic and immunologic agents. The text provides optimal test preparation for the Top 200/300 Exam, and is an ideal reference for practicing health professionals and students alike.

NEW TO THIS EDITION • All-new material, including 98 new drugs, fully updated drug information, and expanded information on pregnancy, controlled substances, and mechanism of action • 30 new and revised in-text study questions per chapter ISBN: 978-1-4496-9884-3 Paperback • 382 pages • © 2014

Instructor Resources: TB Additional Formats: CafeScribe, CourseSmart, Kindle, Kno, VitalSource


Antibiotics Simplified, Third Edition is a succinct guide designed to synthesize knowledge gained in basic science courses with clinical practice in infectious diseases. This valuable resource condenses the many facts that are taught about antibiotics in pharmacology and pharmacotherapy courses into one quick reference guide. The updated edition includes helpful figures and flow charts, drug class reviews, a Spectra of Activity chart, case studies, and an index for quick reference. New material includes an expanded Appendix 2, all-new supplemental review tools, coverage of new drugs, new information on interpreting MICs and susceptibility results, and the pharmacokinetics of antimicrobials.

KEY FEATURES • Comprehensive Drug Class Reviews include: mechanism of action, spectrum, adverse effects, dosing issues, important facts, and most common use • Reviews of basic microbiology, pharmacotherapy approaches, and various classes of antibacterial, antimycobacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antiparasitic drugs ISBN: 978-1-284-02539-2 Paperback • 314 pages • © 2014

Instructor Resources: TB Additional Formats: CafeScribe, CourseSmart, Kindle, Kno, VitalSource


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Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia 2015 Classic Shirt-Pocket Edition Editor in Chief, Richard J. Hamilton MD, FAAEM, FACMT Used by prescribers around the world, including physicians, pharmacists, nurses, physician assistants, dentists, and medical transcriptionists, the Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia® 2015 Classic Shirt-Pocket Edition continues its tradition as the leading portable drug reference packed with vital drug information to help clinicians make better decisions at the point of care. Now updated with over 100 new drugs, details FDA approved drug dosing, available trade and generic formulations, metabolism, safety in pregnancy and lactation, relative drug pricing information, Canadian trade names, and an herbal & alternative therapies section. Multiple tables supplement the drug content, including opioid equivalency, emergency drug infusions, cardiac dysrhythmia protocols, pediatric drug dosing, and much more.

NEW TO THE 2015 EDITION • New section dedicated to rheumatology • FDA guideline updates • Added tables for quick reference and ease of use • Removal of discontinued drugs and outdated dosing information ISBN: 978-1-284-05866-6 Paperback • 244 pages • © 2015

Cancer Therapy Prescribing and Administration Basics Trinh Pham, PharmD, BCOP Lisa Holle, PharmD, BCOP A helpful handbook that guides multidisciplinary hematology/oncology practitioners in the practical, day-to-day aspects of cancer therapy prescribing, verification, admixing, administration, and billing. This valuable resource will help practitioners to optimize patient compliance, drug efficacy, and safety by providing patient counseling tips, proper safety and dispensing of oral cancer therapy information, and clinically significant drug interactions.

KEY TOPICS • Basics of Systematic Anticancer Therapy • Prescribing and Verification • Dosage Calculations • Cancer Therapy preparation • Oral Cancer Therapy • Drug Safety & Risk Management • Inventory & Reimbursement • High-Dose Cancer Therapy • Pediatric Oncology • Investigational Drugs ISBN: 978-1-4496-3397-4 Paperback • 362 pages • © 2015

Additional Formats: CafeScribe, CourseSmart, Kno, Kindle, VitalSource

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Capstone Pharmacy Review & Navigate TestPrep

Physician Assistant Review Guide & Navigate TestPrep

Barb Mason PharmD, FASHP Debra L. Parker PharmD, BCPS Rex S. Lott PharmD, BCPP

David Paulk, EdD, PA-C, Donna Agnew, MT, PA-C

ISBN: 978-1-284-03155-3 Capstone Pharmacy Review & Navigate TestPrep Paperback With Access Code • 780 pages • © 2014

ISBN: 978-0-7637-5266-8 Physician Assistant Review Guide Paperback • 512 pages • © 2010

ISBN: 978-1-4496-5561-7 Navigate eFolio & Navigate TestPrep • © 2014

ISBN: 978-0-7637-7838-5 Navigate TestPrep • © 2010

Additional Formats: CafeScribe, CourseSmart, Kno, VitalSource Contact your Account Specialist for more information.

COMLEX Level 2-PE Review Guide Mark Kauffman DO, PA

ISBN: 978-0-7637-7654-1 Paperback • 290 pages • © 2011

Additional Format: Google eBook, Kindle, Kno, VitalSource

Pharmacy Technician Exam Review Guide & Navigate TestPrep Judith L. Neville, CPhT, BA ISBN: 978-1-284-03312-0 Paperback with Access Code • 338 pages • © 2013

Additional Format: CourseSmart


ISBN: 978-1-4496-0306-9 Physician Assistant Review Guide & Navigate TestPrep • © 2010

Additional Formats: Google eBook, Kindle Contact your Account Specialist for more information.

Preparing to Pass the Medical Assisting Exam Carlene Harrison EdD, CMA Valerie Weiss, MD, MS ISBN: 978-0-7637-5402-0 Paperback • 319 pages • © 2011

Additional Format: CourseSmart, Google eBook, Kindle

Preparing for the Occupational Therapy National Board Exam 45 Days and Counting Rosanne DiZazzo-Miller DrOT, OTR/L Joseph Pellerito Jr. PhD, OTR ISBN: 978-0-7637-5768-7 Paperback with CD • 494 pages • © 2011

Additional Formats: Google eBook, Kindle

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Comprehensive Respiratory Therapy Exam Preparation Guide

Navigate TestPrep


This Web-based, interactive program provides interactive exam-style questions with answers and explanations for review and study. Test-takers can also complete a full final exam and view feedback for each question.

Craig L. Scanlan, EdD, RRT Albert J. Heuer, PhD, MBA, RRT ISBN: 978-1-284-02903-1 Paperback with Access Code 592 pages • © 2015

Additional Formats: Google eBook, Kindle

The Ultimate Review Guide for the CRT, RRT, and CSE Exams! A comprehensive study guide for respiratory therapy students and graduates of accredited respiratory therapy education programs who are seeking to take the Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT) or Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) credentialing exams from the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC). This valuable guide is reflective of the current CRT, RRT, and CSE exam matrix and authored by experts who take the credentialing exam annually.

Comprehensive Review Guide for Health Information RHIA & RHIT Exam Prep

Comrehensive Respiratory Therapy Exam Preparation Guide

ISBN: 978-1-284-02893-5 Online Exam Prep • © 2015

JB TestPrep Sleep Tech Review William H. Spriggs, BS, RPSGT ISBN: 978-0-7637-8610-6 Online Exam Prep • © 2008

SECOND EDITION Carla Tyson-Howard, MHA, RHIA, EdD Shirlyn C. Thomas, MEd ISBN: 978-1-284-04532-1 Product with Access Code • 516 pages • © 2016

Physical Therapist Assistant Exam Review Guide & JB TestPrep PTA Exam Review Mark Dutton, PT ISBN: 978-1-4496-2850-5 Paperback • 588 pages • © 2012 ISBN: 978-0-7637-7838-5 Navigate TestPrep • © 2012

How to Study for Standardized Tests Donald Sefcik, DO, MBA Gillian Bice, PhD Frank Prerost, PhD

ISBN: 978-0-7637-7362-5 Paperback • 232 pages • © 2013

Additional Formats: Google eBook, Kindle

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CREATE YOUR OWN CUSTOM COURSE MATERIALS Introducing PUBLISH, the new Jones & Bartlett Learning application for easy drag-and-drop creation of custom course materials. Now you can pick and choose only the chapters you want, add your own materials, select a color cover with your custom title, and publish!



the Co d r a Standa ! k o o tb x Te

Custom Course Materials in 3 Easy Steps: 1

CREATE Browse and select from the Jones & Bartlett Learning content library of nearly 13,000 chapters. Then, arrange in any order.


HEALTH PROFESSIONS Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals Fourth Edition George D. Pozgar, MBA, CHE © 2016 ISBN: 978-1-284-03679-4

PREVIEW Have a syllabus or other resources you’d like to add? Simply upload to your project, add a cover, and then preview.

Description See Catalog Page

Ethics for Health Professionals Carla Caldwell Stanford, PhD Valerie J. Connor, MA, CCC-SLP © 2014 ISBN: 978-1-4496-8960-5 218 Description


PUBLISH Once your project is complete, submit to your Jones & Bartlett Learning Account Specialist for review and approval. We’ll take care of the rest!

“Thank you Jones & Bartlett Learning for making such a nice custom text! Our instructor copies arrived last week; looking through them I am surprised at all the work that must have been required. I am certain our students will appreciate the lower price, and I appreciate a text more tailored to our needs.” —Joceline Boucher, Associate Academic Dean, Maine Maritime Academy

Learn more about custom publishing at:

PUBLISH Your Custom Course Content Today! PUBLISH editions are priced by the page and some minimums apply. Contact your Account Specialist to learn more about custom options.

ORDER WITH EASE Account Specialists For questions on products, ordering, and receiving complimentary review copies, contact your Account Specialist based on your state. Loretta Lorusso 1-800-832-0034 ext. 8341 AK, AR, CT, FL, KY, MD, MO, MT, NH, NJ, NM, PA, TN, VA, WI, WV Heather Dion 1-800-832-0034 ext. 8375 CA, CO, DE, HI, ID, IL, IN, MA, MN, MS, NE, NV, NY, OK, UT, VT, WA Carlista Robinson 1-800-832-0034 ext. 8166 AL, AZ, DC, GA, IA, KS, LA, ME, MI, NC, ND, OH, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, WY

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2015-2016 Health Professions Catalog | Jones & Bartlett Learning  

2015-2016 Health Professions Catalog | Jones & Bartlett Learning: Quality Content, Cutting-Edge Technology, Custom Solutions, Student and Ed...

2015-2016 Health Professions Catalog | Jones & Bartlett Learning  

2015-2016 Health Professions Catalog | Jones & Bartlett Learning: Quality Content, Cutting-Edge Technology, Custom Solutions, Student and Ed...