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4TH QTR 2019



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4TH QTR 2019



4TH QTR 2019



Written by: Carrie-Ann Jasper-Yearty Vice President of People

dedicated it to the Lord. So what does this mean? He did not want to create a company simply to offer a service or make money, although those are both valid reasons to start a business. He wanted his company to be unlike others he had worked in or encountered throughout his career. He knew his passion to glorify God through the work he was doing meant he had to run his business differently.

Jasper Ventures’ vision statement explains the reason behind everything we do: “We are a Christ-centered family of companies creating unparalleled value for our employees, clients, and communities.” The leadership team crafted this vision to define not only who but “why” we are. We know that not everyone’s “why” is the same as ours, and that is certainly acceptable, but it is important that others understand why we exist. As many of you know, our Dad, Jon Jasper, founded this company and


4TH QTR 2019

God gifted him as chemical engineer and has given him expertise in the midstream industry, and he chose – and still chooses – to share that gift with others in this industry and company where God has placed him. As his daughter and part of the next generation to join the company (almost 8 years ago), we work hard to ensure we honor his legacy and continue to build on this firm foundation. We choose to operate this business with an eternal perspective, not separating our business life from our spiritual life, but asking God to use us and help us make an eternal impact on everyone we encounter. We see our work as God’s work, doing whatever we do with all our heart, working for the Lord, not for men. (Colossians 3:23)


Last month, I gave a presentation to a group of East Texas business leaders and shared Psalm 24:1 with them: “The earth is the Lord’s, and EVERYTHING in it, the world, and all who live in it;” The word that kept playing over and over in my head was EVERYTHING. In the context of business, this means our employees, our assets, our balance sheet, the talents we bring to work, the knowledge we possess, and the entrepreneurial spirit we have been given all belong to Him. This verse reminded me that as believers, we exist to glorify God by being faithful stewards of all that God has entrusted to us….ALL OF IT. Knowing that we are stewarding God’s resources means that we run our business in a way that may not seem very familiar – and we are thankful for that distinction! The Bible commands us not to conform to the patterns of this world (Romans 12:2), so we desire to be a unique workplace. We give generously as we have been given. We desire relationships with those around us. We view our employees through God’s eyes rather than our own, encouraging them to fulfill their Godgiven potential.

As Vice President of the People, I have the privilege of directing, managing, and overseeing people-related programs and initiatives for all our companies and employees. I have an amazing team that works diligently every day to live out our team’s mission – to build people for God’s purpose. We strive to support our employees professionally, relationally, personally, and spiritually – coming alongside each person God has placed in our path during every phase of the employee life cycle. This means from the moment a new employee accepts an offer to join our team through the day someone chooses to move onto their next phase. We want to take every opportunity to pour into those God has entrusted to us. Our heart for our people and our calling to love God and love others comes directly from Matthew 22, when Jesus says, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind…And…you shall love your neighbor… .”(vv. 37-39) We are thankful for each one of our employees who chooses to share their God-given talents here, and we are honored to serve the amazing team at Jasper Ventures.

“We choose to operate this business with an eternal perspective, not separating our business life from our spiritual life, but asking God to use us and help us make an eternal impact on everyone we encounter.”


4TH QTR 2019


GOING WITH THE GOSPEL Jim Newberg’s heart for the people of Belize Written by: Leslie Strader

Jasper Journal Editorial Board Member Whether it’s programming in a plant or testing in the field, as Veritas’ Instrument and Electrical Manager, Jim Newberg is invaluable to the team at Jasper Ventures. But he’s made an even bigger impact 2,000 miles away hiking on a mountainside in the middle of nowhere. With a 40-pound bag of rice and beans on his back and the love of Jesus in his heart, since 2012, Jim has faithfully carried the Gospel’s message of life and hope to the people of Belize.

Over the last seven years, Jim has made four trips to Belize, a country of just over 400,000 people in Central America. From villages by the Belize River to a trash dump on the outskirts of town, Jim goes where the need is. He’ll tell you these experiences changed his life, and he’s taken his family along for the journey.

A Father’s Privilege After seeing the impact Belize mission trips made on members of his church – Calvary Baptist in Gladewater – in 2012, Jim signed up to serve as a sponsor for the youth group’s trip and “fell in love with the country and the people.” On his third trip in July 2019, he took two of his five children – his son, Caden, 17 and his stepson Carter, 16 – and Caden’s best friend, Austin. On these trips, Jim said, the days are long and the work is hard, but no one complains. Each morning after devotions, they fill backpacks with 40-50 pounds of rice and beans – enough to feed dozens of families a day – and drive to a nearby village. Some of the group stays behind and plays soccer with the local kids and families. The rest grab a food pack and “hit every house in the village.” Then, they hike for miles over the mountains,


4TH QTR 2019


what their dad had even hoped. “It was probably the most humbling experience of their lives,” Jim said. “They came away really affected by how much we waste and don’t need, how much we take for granted and how spoiled we are. It really impacted their view of life. And they all got closer to God. They had the best day of their life and the worst day of their life on the mission field. “They didn’t come back perfect, but they came back with a love and passion for the people and the country. And they want to go back.” finding huts in the middle of nowhere, many with dirt floors and some with no walls. The team prays with the families and gives them food, toiletries, and a Bible. Jim said he tells each one, “This is not religious thing; it’s a Jesus thing. We’re just here to love on you.” Jim said he was proud and humbled to do this trip with his boys. And the boys responded to the experience beyond


They also came home with a memory they will always treasure. Caden and Austin had been to youth camp just three weeks before the trip to Belize. At camp, Caden rededicated his life to the Lord, and Austin received Jesus Christ as his Savior for the first time. Jim had the privilege of baptizing both young men in the river there. “My younger kids have accepted Christ, too, but now they all want to wait until they can be baptized in Belize!” he said with a smile.

4TH QTR 2019


Continuing the Impact On October 16, Jim and his wife of 14 years, Kelly, returned from Jim’s fourth trip to Belize and Kelly’s first trip out of the country. Jim said his wife was, “amazed at how kind and humble the people were. Even though they had very little, they still wanted to give you something. She was humbled by the experience and cannot wait to go back and visit all the people we saw.” In July, Jim and his team discovered a group of men living in a landfill. They gave the men clothes, shoes, and a tent and led one of the men to Christ. On the October trip, Jim and Kelly re-visited the landfill, bringing more clothes, shoes, hammocks, and food along with the Gospel message once again. “They kept talking about how God had blessed them with our presence (because) they had run out of food just days before,” Jim said. “We talked about their salvation. They did not choose to accept Christ, as they wanted to purge their lives of sin (themselves). We … explained that with God and only through God will that sin be purged. “We received a video call from Louis (one of the men living in the landfill) just two days later. He was at his sister’s, proudly

wearing the clothes and cooking the food we brought. He was so grateful. He wants to stay in contact regularly and asked me to mentor him in his walk with God.” Jim said the support he’s received over the last two years from Jasper Ventures has overwhelmed him. “It’s completely odd coming from the corporate world to be in a Christianowned company and have arrangements that allow you to do God’s work,” Jim said. “We work hard, but they allow me to take time off and not only that, they pray for you when you’re gone. That’s unheard of and a real blessing. Jon Jasper’s heart is in the right place. You feel more like family than like an employee.” Jim said he doesn’t see an end to his relationship with Belize. He’s learned a lot over the last seven years and wants to continue to make an impact for the Lord there and encourage others to do the same, wherever God calls them. “Out-of-the-country mission work is not for everyone, but that should not stop anyone from doing mission work,” he said. “Mission work can be done in our own backyard with simple things, like carrying things in your vehicles so when you encounter someone in need, you can provide and also provide prayer.”

“We are meant to plant the seed; God does all the hard work.”


4TH QTR 2019


UT TYLER NAMES NEW JASPER DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Originally posted by UT Tyler. Media Contact: Beverly Golden, Senior Director of Media Relations, Marketing and Communications

The University of Texas at Tyler announced today a multi-million dollar gift to the University to endow and name the new Jasper Department of Chemical Engineering. The gift is the largest in the history of UT Tyler’s College of Engineering. “We are deeply grateful for the generosity of the Jasper family in joining with the University to launch a whole new area of study in our College of Engineering,” said Dr. Michael Tidwell, UT Tyler president. “As a leader in the hydrocarbon industry, Jasper Ventures is the perfect partner for us as we build a world-class chemical engineering program.” The gift will establish the Jasper Endowed Scholarship Fund for chemical engineering students and the Jasper Endowed Chair in Chemical Engineering. It will also provide funds for the chemical engineering lab setup and an endowment for special discretionary projects at the direction of the college dean. “Jon Jasper has left a really big mark on the oil and gas industry in the field of gas processing, which will be positively affecting the industry for a long time. The Jasper family is excited that his legacy will also live on at UT Tyler and with the many students who will earn a degree in this new department,” said Brent Jasper,


president of Jasper Ventures, Inc. “East Texas has a long, significant connection to the petroleum industry,” said Dr. Javier Kypuros, dean of UT Tyler’s College of Engineering. “This gift and this new department furthers our college’s ability to provide engineering graduates that fill the career demands of our native industries.” ABOUT THE UT TYLER COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING With programs of study in chemical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and construction management, UT Tyler’s College of Engineering is East Texas’ only comprehensive engineering school. Nearly 1,000 engineering students attend classes on UT Tyler’s campuses in Tyler and Houston. The College of Engineering is a U.S. News and World Report TOP 100 Best Undergraduate Engineering Program. ABOUT UT TYLER A member of the prestigious UT System, The University of Texas at Tyler focuses on student success and innovative research in the more than 80 undergraduate and graduate degree programs offered. Committed to promoting the success of its 10,000 students, UT Tyler has facilities in Tyler, Longview, Palestine and Houston.

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MIDSTREAM 1994 TO PRESENT Written by: Jon Jasper Founder and Chairman

Our last article ended with a discussion of the most important gas processing design patent of the 20th century, commonly known as the gas sub-cooled process (GSP). In review, this process improves the separation (or fractionation) between ethane and propane, with ethane being the lightest component (lowest molecular weight) of natural gas liquid (NGL) and propane, historically the most marketable component of NGL. It has three carbon atoms and eight hydrogen atoms (C3H8), for a molecular weight of 44. This fractionation process occurs in one of the key pieces of equipment in a gas plant, the demethanizer. As stated in previous articles, the GSP and most of the refinements to the 1981 patent were owned by Ortloff Engineers, Ltd., which was sold to Honeywell in 2018. The GSP patent expired in 1998. Likewise, most of the refinement patents have expired. Veritas has only considered utilization of the Recycle Split Vapor (RSV) process as an alternate to the GSP. The RSV

11 4TH QTR 2019

process utilizes a small amount of plant residue gas to increase the amount of “reflux� to the demethanizer. Most of our existing clients prefer the simplicity of the GSP, as opposed to the other available technologies, which are more expensive to build and operate, but do indeed provide higher ethane recovery and slightly higher propane recovery. New Century, New System As the 20th century was coming to an end, EPC was developing a relationship with a Tulsa, Oklahoma client named American Central Gas Technologies. American Central built a gas gathering system in Western Oklahoma, then purchased a used plant near College Station, Texas. They were looking for someone to relocate the gas plant for them. To make a long story short, EPC converted the plant from a standard non-refluxed style plant to a GSP plant. This was one of several plants that EPC retrofitted with a GSP design, but this was the first one that did not require the license fee payment to Ortloff because by this time, the patent had expired. Capacity of the plant was uprated from 50 MMSCFD to 75 MMSCFD, due


to the Western Oklahoma gas being so lean relative to its original design basis. American Central was so pleased with their experience with EPC that just a few years later, they decided to replicate the process at their Panola County Gas Gathering system in East Texas. This time, EPC assisted American Central in locating a used plant for their Panola County system. The plant had already been dismantled from its original site on the Louisiana coast and transported to an Odessa, Texas salvage yard. The original plant owner was Shell Oil Company, so this design was very conservative and utilized all Shell and tube heat exchangers. By this time, EPC had purchased our White Oak shop, so the plant was transported across the state, and the refurbishment process began, including a GSP retrofit and capacity upgrade from 80 MMMSCFD to 200 MMSCFD. Before the shop work started, American Central sold the entire Panola County assets to a Denver company named MarkWest, including the uncompleted gas plant. The new relationship with MarkWest got off to a good start, as many of the American Central personnel that we had been working with were hired by MarkWest. Since MarkWest had their midstream roots in the Ohio River Valley (even though their corporate office was in Denver), EPC had the opportunity to supply several new plants to MarkWest for their Appalachian assets. They also continued to expand their Panola County Texas system. EPC would eventually


build new plants to increase their system gas processing capacity to 600 MMSCFD over a period of 11 years. The Delaware Basin The story of the EPC/Veritas and MarkWest relationship would not be complete without talking about our entry into the Delaware Basin. In 2011, we received a call from former executives from American Central who had come out of retirement after non-compete agreements with MarkWest expired. They had teamed up with a private equity company who was also funding a small Fort Worth, Texas E&P (Exploration & Production) Company that had acquired a small amount of acreage in a new shale basin in West Texas called the Delaware Basin. At the time, EPC was building our first new speculative 60 MMSCFD gas plant. We had already purchased the long lead equipment items for the plant, and David Hiett, the operations manager formerly with American Central, felt like 60 MMSCFD was the perfect size for their Delaware Basin project. In early 2012 a letter of intent was signed for the plant, and a down payment was made. Kenny Cantrell was assigned as project manager for our first plant in the Delaware Basin. Within just a few short years, it would become the premier crude oil basin in the United States. *This article is part 3 in a series on the history of the midstream industry and Jasper Ventures, inc. The previous stories can be found online at jasperventuresinc.com or in previous Jasper Journals.

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Written by: Maureen Kaiser Cultural Engagement Specialist

From a red carpet welcome with “paparazzi” to a round table with Jasper executives, recent values award winners enjoyed fun and unusual experiences as part of the first ever JASPYs. The JASPYs – a take-off of ESPN’s annual ESPY awards – were born of the executive team’s desire to honor and further value the employees who won values awards in the first and second quarter of 2019. Values awards are given every quarter. Jasper Ventures takes nominations from employees and managers of people who are living out the company’s core values of integrity, service, excellence, responsiveness, ownership, and innovation. Typically, six or seven employees win a value award at the quarterly all-employee meeting.

a thoughtful and unique experience that will ‘wow’ them so they feel celebrated, proud, and are able to have moments of connection with the leadership team and other employees.” The People Team engineered two days of intentional engagement – September 30 and October 1 – and brought together employees from New Mexico, West Texas, Troup, and Whitehouse. The honorees had fun getting to know each other through games and an Escape Room adventure, but they also had time to ask questions of the Executive Leadership team, gaining insight about Jasper Ventures

“We had been looking for ways to better engage with employees from various locations and departments and thought, what better way to do this than to meet with our values award winners!,” said Carrie-Ann Jasper-Yearty, the Vice President of People. “But it needed to be more than just a meeting. It needed to be 13 4TH QTR 2019


while providing helpful feedback to those at the highest level. “Going in, I think the executive team wanted to hear from some of our best employees about what was on their minds, what challenges they face, and what they always wanted to share with the leadership team, but didn’t have the forum to do so,” said Carrie-Ann. “It was really about gaining some insight from them and also being open to receiving feedback. It was awesome to hear their ideas and thoughts. They are innovative, they take ownership, they strive to work with excellence, and they are servants to one another.” Employees were invited to bring a guest to tour the Whitehouse and Troup facilities and attend dinner in the evenings. For some employees and their guests, it was the first time they’d seen the Jasper fabrication plant or corporate office. Many of those in attendance commented that without the JASPYs, they would not have met and connected with employees in other locations, which proved to be highly valuable. The “eyes-on, hands-on” aspect of the event provided many opportunities to give and receive insight and information. While standing in their test


and control room on the Whitehouse tour, the Instrumentation and Electrical programmers explained a new process for programming and testing control panels prior to shipping them out to the field, making installation smoother. Richard Contreras, plant operations for Vanguard in New Mexico, stood before a large canvas print of the plant and explained to a draftsman and men from the pipe shop how the plant operated and how their work fits into the big picture. Several employees asked questions and shared their feedback throughout their time together, which helped everyone gain a deeper perspective. While this was the first JASPYs event, it won’t be the last. Third and fourth quarter winners will be invited to their own JASPYs celebration in March, and plans are in the works to continue to celebrate values award winners in the year 2020 and beyond. If you know someone who is living out the values of integrity, service, excellence, responsiveness, ownership, and/or innovation, nominate them for a value award! You can find the nomination form on ADP under the “Employee News” section.

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15 4TH QTR 2019



CONSTRUCTION Written by: Jim Newberg I&E Manager

Field Construction is a team of rarely seen, hard-working individuals that make up Vulcan, the construction division of Jasper Ventures. This team starts with a completely barren piece of surveyed land then takes the engineered and designed concepts along with prefabricated parts and equipment to create a finished plant. The plant starts with foundations that are carefully placed to support the shop-assembled modules and process equipment. The construction team assembles all the piping and interconnects the modules and process equipment. Construction culminates in the commissioning and start-up of the plant. This critical process involves inspections and thorough testing – including pressure testing and hydro-testing – to ensure the plant is brought online efficiently and safely. At its peak, a typical Vulcan project will involve up to 75 employees on site. This includes craft labor as well as field administrators, HSE, and supervision. Jasper Ventures’ ability to install its own plants provides an advantage over many competitors who contract their plant construction. This comprehensive construction team allows Jasper Ventures to offer a true and complete turnkey EPC solution. With our own crews to install JasperVenturesInc.com

our plants, each build installation becomes seamless and more efficient. As one team, we are able to respond to challenges quickly, removing unnecessary layers of interaction for our customers. Field Construction is intrusive by nature. Construction involves conducting statistically dangerous work on our customers’ sites. This team must partner with our customers in the process to ensure we are in compliance with their policies and procedures. An in-house Field Construction division allows interface with a single project manager, creating a more positive relationship with our customers. Our customers have many challenges – such as permits, pipelines, and electrical power – they are required to coordinate to bring the gas into the plant. By offering a true turnkey EPC solution, we can assume much of the burden of responsibility for them. Many employees never get the opportunity to travel to the field to meet these amazing and hard-working individuals. This team performs at the highest level in tough conditions and right in front of the customer every day. Without these talented individuals our plants and projects would not be the successes they are.

4TH QTR 2019 16

Written by: Maureen Kaiser Cultural Engagement Specialist Every Sunday, Jasper Ventures employees sit in church pews across East Texas and listen as their pastors faithfully bring instruction and encouragement. On August 22, the Beyond Business department turned the tables and offered nearly 30 pastors and ministry leaders the chance to listen and receive encouragement at Jasper Venture’s first Pastor Appreciation Day. Carrie-Ann Jasper-Yearty, Vice President of People, opened the morning by thanking the pastors for pouring so much time into others. She said she hoped they would leave Jasper Ventures feeling appreciated, encouraged, and better resourced to equip those on mission in their places of work.

Melissa Winebarger, Beyond Business Manager, explained that Jasper Ventures’ commitment to love and care for its employees resulted in the development of the Beyond Business department, which sponsored this outreach/in-reach event. Ministry leaders and employees in attendance were then treated to a devotional led by Blake Schwarz, director of Pegasus Fellowship, a ministry of Park Cities Presbyterian Church. Blake joined the staff of Park Cities in Dallas, Texas in 2015 to help build a new faith and work ministry called PCPC@WORK. He began by posing a question to the room full of spiritual leaders: If you were tasked with preparing the way for Jesus to come, how would you tell people to spend their time? Blake referred to Luke 3:1-14 and pointed out that after various groups were taught and baptized by John the Baptist, they then asked him how they

17 4TH QTR 2019


should live. John the Baptist did not tell all of them to quit their jobs and go into ministry. Rather, he specifically told the soldiers and tax collectors to do their jobs differently. The question for each of us, then, is, how can I do my specific job differently to point those around me to Jesus? Blake ended by sharing a few practical tools to help us move through each day with our focus on Jesus. For instance, at the beginning of the day as you put on your shoes, ask God to help you be His feet here on earth. Blake also introduced the Prayer of Examen as an evening routine: 1. Open with a prayer of invitation, becoming aware of God’s presence. 2. Review the day with gratitude. 3. Pay attention to your emotions. God may show us through this where we fell short. 4. Pray for one feature of the day. 5. Close by looking ahead to tomorrow. Before the Jasper employees returned to work, everyone received a reprinted chapter from Deploying Vocational Power: Four Pathways by Amy Sherman along with a practical tool to encourage prayer for the workday called Prayers for Vocation. Blake then shared with the pastors about the importance helping their congregations connect Sunday teaching to Monday work. He reinforced the importance of work, noting that there are two primary spheres in everyone’s life: family and vocation. Blake explained that sometimes in Hebrew, work and worship are the same word. So whatever vocation we find ourselves in, we are worshipping something as we work. Because we are always working, we are always worshipping. Blake cautioned people to be careful of what you worship. He challenged the ministry and church leaders to think outside the box for ways they can help people grow in their faith beyond the actual church building. What JasperVenturesInc.com

does it look like to impact people during the week? Since people spend the bulk of their time in their workplace, how can you move Jesus’ message of love and forgiveness forward in those places? The day ended with a panel of three Jasper employees answering questions about the challenges of following Jesus at work. The thoughtful questions and answers helped the church leaders more clearly see the challenges of working in the midstream oil and gas industry through the eyes of the men and women of Jasper Ventures. Pastors play an important role in our communities. Regardless of personal church attendance, people in crises often turn to churches and their leaders for support in hard times. Next time you drive past a church or think about a ministry, please pray for its leaders. Carrie-Ann suggests these possible prayer points: o Deep spiritual encouragement: for strength and refreshment o Wisdom o Families and marriages: surrounded with a hedge of protection o Physical strength and health: energy to serve faithfully If you were unable to attend but would a copy of the resources mentioned above, please email Maureen Kaiser in the Beyond Business Department at mkaiser@jasperventuresinc.com. 4TH QTR 2019 18

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