Gravenhurst Town Notices December 1, 2022

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Town of Gravenhurst Notices Christmas Tree Tips!

UPCOMING MEETINGS Agendas are available at




Library Board

December 8

6:00 PM

Council & The Committee of the Whole

December 20

3:00 PM

1. Either cut or choose a freshly cut tree from the tree grower or seller. 2. Where possible, thump the tree a couple of times on a hard surface to see if the needles fall off easily. Needles should be green and soft to the touch. 3. Cut off 2” – 3” of the stump on an angle before placing the tree into the tree stand. Cutting it diagonally provides more surface are for water to be absorbed. Check and water daily as necessary. 4. If installing light strings, check for frayed and damaged wires as well as the plug connections. Make sure all bulbs are tightly screwed into the sockets. Replace the light string if any damage is found. If installing new lights, be sure they are CSA Labelled. 5. Be sure to use indoor lights for indoors and outside lights for the outdoors. 6. Avoid using extension cords where possible. 7. Do not place trees adjacent to, or near heat sources.

For additional information or assistance, please visit or call 705-687-3414.

Winter Overnight Parking

NO PARKING November 1 - April 30 12 am to 7 am Please ensure vehicles are not parked along roadways to allow plows easier access to the road for most effective snow removal. By-law No. 2016-92