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Dear Meadows Families, ‘Tis the season for shorter days, cooler temperatures, and heavier workloads. I don’t want to speak for anyone else, but I think I am dancing as fast as I can! Thanksgiving sped past, and now we are on the downhill slope to winter break and the holidays. With school responsibilities and events as well as shopping and family considerations, the days seem shorter than ever.

This year, six of our teachers are “Golden Gator” recipients and they are:

I see teachers and students are working hard too as I walk through classrooms. Please continue to encourage your students to stay on task until the end of the semester on Friday, December 20th. School is out early that day at 12:10 PM so that teachers have time to finish entering grades to close out the semester.

Please join me in congratulating these worthy educators. They are wonderfully representative of the highly qualified, caring teachers that make Meadows such a special place to learn and grow.

Our teachers have so many responsibilities, and I know you share my appreciation of the efforts they make with your children every day to encourage their growth and success. Recently, I received a letter from Xavier College Preparatory School honoring several Meadows teachers. Every year, Xavier students nominate teachers from previous middle schools who have inspired and supported their academic choices.

★ Anna Andrews Social Studies ★ Daniel Coffinger Math ★ Kay McClain Math ★ John Murphy Technology/Yearbook ★ Lee Meyer Social Studies ★ Paula Schmitt Math

Thank you as always for entrusting us with your children and for partnering with us in their education. Enjoy the holiday break, and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday, January 6, 2014. Happy Holidays! With Ram Pride,

Susan Doyle, Meadows Principal

I IN THIS ISSUE: • “Pizza with PTM” on 12/18 and PTM recent donations to Meadows • Save the Date: March 29, 2014 Spring Social Event – “Meadows Goes Country – Chili Cook Off & Raffle/Silent Auction” • NJHS Updates, PBIS students of the month, IB Program Updates, Athletic and School Nurse updates • Meadows Spirit Bottles for sale, Camp Friendly Pines Yard Event • THANK YOU to volunteers and supporters: Book fair , NJHS, Holiday party and Art Masterpiece...AND MORE!


225 W. OCOTILLO RD., PHOENIX, AZ 85013 (602) 664-7600


A Message from your PTM President Dear Meadows Parents, Please join us this Wednesday, Dec. 18th from 6-7pm in the Media Center for: “Pizza with PTM”!!! This is a great chance to get to know fellow Meadows parents & administrators. We will have a brief parent meeting where you can hear about what’s happening at Meadows from Principal Doyle and Parent Volunteers. We will be raffling off EIGHT great items and each attendee will receive a free Red Box DVD rental coupon! Please take an hour out of your busy schedule to join us -- I guarantee it will be worthwhile! Sincerely, Chris Goodfarb 2013-14 PTM President

                                   RECENT  PTM  DONATIONS  –  THE  REASON  FOR  OUR  FUNDRAISING!

Your Donation dollars hard at work!

Madison Meadows



Pu r cha Me se yo ur Sch ado w ool s S pir 27 t o unc (BP e A Sp o Fre r ts e Bot ) tle! Proceeds go towards Charitable Acts Committee (CAC) THANK YOU! Eric Cook

Order your cup today! It’s easy to shop online:

You’re invited... Meadows Families and Friends


T h i n k  F U N

ia c o S g Sprin Save the Date... Saturday, March 29 6:00 -10:00 pm

Location will be announced soon...

chili cook-off, silent auction, raffles, dancing, dinner, etc.

Meadows Goes Country Chili Cook Off Event!

Mark your calendars and be sure to plan on joining us for dinner, dancing & some good ‘ol country fun!

Mark your calendars for March 29th, 2014, 6:00-10:00pm. It will be a Country & Western theme. (Think cowboy hats, boots, flannel, bandanas, chaps…you name it—get creative!) Besides the usual silent auction & raffle items, your taste buds will appreciate the CHILI COOK OFF. We encourage all our "cooks" out there to enter their best Chili recipe.


If interested in getting involved, please contact

hey ya’ll... VOLUNTEERS Wanted!

C h il i R e c ip e 3 tablespoons extra

-virgin olive oil,

2 1/2 pounds groun d turkey (85 perce nt lean) or ground tur key breast (99 percent lean), 2 pa ckages 4 tablespoons dark chili powder, 2 pa lm fulls 2 tablespoons gri ll seasoning blend , any brand, 1 palm full 1 tablespoon cumi

n, 1/2 palm full

2 tablespoons Wo

rcestershire sauc

1 to 3 tablespoon s hot sauce, mediu m to extra-spicy 1 large onion, quart


2 large peppers, an y color combinatio n, red, green, purple, yellow or orange, chopped 1/2 bottle beer (th e alcohol cooks ou t), about 1 cup 1 (14-ounce) can tom ato sauce


1/2 cup smoky ba rbecue sauce

SAVE tHE DATE! January 14 4-6PM Space Limited,

The Meadows Snack Shack is open after school and during RAMMS sporting events on campus (some nights & Saturdays).   Groups on campus can “sponsor” the snack shack for the month and proceeds for that month will help your group!  Parents (with student helpers) are needed to staff the

RSVP Required Staci Csizmadia (602)486-6161

snack shack. Student helpers gain community service time. Fun and easy! Check out the online schedule and submit your time on line. Contact Snack Shack Coordinator Theresa at to learn more!

THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS! Christy Vandersee Amy Hunn-Acosta Jennifer Funke Colleen Alexy Sonimar Rosa Julie Peterson Danielle Hanson Sarah Speer Chris Goodfarb Marlene Imirzian Jenny Pieri Angel Kronz Grace Geary Lola Harvey

Jen Stewart Farina McKenzie Julie Yakimovich Debbie Hinds Mishelle Mackle Jannine Doto Lori Nelson Debbie Burt Liz Christensen Whitney Smith Matthew Wszalek Holly Keeble Molly Mayfield Jerry Lopez

Kari Blakley Carrie Yost Shauna Cordovana Rachel Rowland Yvette Moran Roseanne Burbach

Jeni DeBenedetti and Traci Haddox thank you for your wonderful help. Volunteers make the book fair so successful!


PBIS Students and Staff Rewards The PBIS team implements student and staff rewards/incentives with the help of PTM to encourage positive behavior and attitudes across Meadows. By: Laura Webb, Assistant Principal As you may have heard, Madison has a district wide behavior support program called PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports). Schools promote positive behavior in a number of ways. We are working to improve this program each year with new activities and acknowledgements. At Meadows we have been looking for new ways to celebrate the terrific students and staff that work and learn here. We have implemented monthly PBIS assemblies during one Guided Study period at the end of the month where teachers from each grade level present Students of the Month. The Students of the Month are chosen for a variety of reasons including academics, character and behavior. They are celebrated and congratulated in front of their grade level peers and receive a $10 gift card, courtesy of PTM. Similarly, we have asked staff to recognize their peers on a monthly basis by completing a “tip of the hat” slip. These are read at a monthly staff meeting and put into a drawing for staff rewards. The simple act of reading these slips publicly for everyone to hear the positive comments lifted everyone’s spirit this week and was very heartening. As we are teaching students each day, we are looking for positive interactions and ways to communicate that encourage each other. That is what PBIS is all about. The Students of the Month for November were the following:

• Victoria Gomez

• Grace Bush

• Sarah Jacobs

• Maci Brown

• Dan Drotzman

• Michael Dobos

• Alianna Martinez Romero

• Alan Krueger Hernandez

• Karly Romley Cass

• Raquel Burris

• Isaac Peters

• Dan Merrill

• Jessica Rusconi

• Dominick Dredd

• Kathleen Geary

• Spencer Cook

• Kye Haines

• Andrew Ray

• Isaac Okamura

• Bryce Blair

• Calvin Graef

• Spencer Scher

• Madison Ariola

• Mackenzie Powers

• Lucas Lehman

• Anjali Moore

• Jack Eagar

• Ethan Connery

• Ramsey Penza

• Nicholas Asa

• Rachel Duboiws

• Jessica Barker

• Poleena Yukhanova • Janie Christensen

• Lexi Wahl

The three staff members selected for the “Tip of the Hat” Awards were Lee Meyer, Amy Bondeson and our psychologist, Vicki Percifield.

Thank you to our PTM for supporting our PBIS award program and helping to promote positive behavior.

IB Corner of the World Dear Meadows’ Families, This is an exciting time for our IB MYP program at Meadows.

IB has just

released the latest versions of content area subject guides and the unit planner. These documents have been revised and are now ready for teachers to begin using for planning the MYP framework in their classrooms. Our TCT for this week focused on teachers having time to collaborate together over the subject guides and becoming more familiar with the philosophy of MYP. Teachers met in content area groups that were led by our own teachers that attended IB MYP workshops and have a strong understanding of IB in their own particular content areas.

Next month, teachers will continue mastering the philosophy of IB MYP

as they begin to write their first unit planner which will be taught in the spring. Meadows’ staff continues to enforce and implement the Learner Profile in class and around our campus. Teachers will also begin implementing a lesson during guided study one time per month on the learner profile attribute of the month. The attribute of the month for December is principled. The IB definition of principled is: “We act with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness and justice, and with respect for the dignity and rights of people everywhere. We take responsibility for our actions and their consequences.” Some suggestions on how you can make the IB connection at home with your child on becoming principled are: 1.

Encourage your child to think about what it means to be a principled person. Does she or he know of a principled person?

2. If your child makes a poor decision, take the opportunity to discuss what consequences our actions have on others and the environment. 3. Have your child identify someone in public life he or she thinks has demonstrated a lack of principles. Talk about what they think of his/her behavior and what he/she should do to “shape up.” 4. Have your child write a letter to someone in the news whose principles have impressed you. 5. Talk about what it means to be “compromise your principles.” Talk about what the phrase “Let your life speak” means. 6. Talk about what it means to “walk your talk.” Brainstorm people who are positive and negative examples of this phrase. 7. Catch your child being principled. Make sure your child knows he/she has done something good. Expressing your approval is a powerful way to reinforce the profiles.

What is going on at Meadows?

Pi Day!!!

Our wonderful 6th grade math team led by Ms. Amy Bondeson, Dr. Noel McClure and Mr. Ryan Kelley implemented a fun and delicious math project before Thanksgiving break for our Meadows’ students. Math students have been learning about finding the area, diameter, circumference and radius of a circle.  Their culminating activity was a teacher organized “Pi Day.”  This is where students went outside and spent more time completing hands-on activities involving learning about the properties of a circle and of course, eating pie (pumpkin or apple with whipped cream).  Yum! There was even a storybook titled Sir Circumference and the Dragon of Pi read by a special guest for a few class periods (Ms. Doyle and Mrs. Webb).

Ms. Doyle  read  to  6th  graders  from  Sir   Circumference  and  the  Dragon  of  Pi.

Photo Credits: Mrs. Stropky


               Meadows’  students  are  very  principled  as  they  accurately  complete  their  math  work  and  s?ll  enjoy  a  slice  of  pie!

                               Ms.  Bondeson  reviews  direc?ons  for  the  

                                         Mrs.  Webb  reads  to  a  group  of  6th  graders.

ignment e?ng  their  math  ass pl om c   nd a   le irc c   a f   g  bunch  of   finding  the  area  o as  they  worked  on    What  a  hard  workin !   d   le ak re cip b   rin ng p y   ivi er sg v ll   nk a Students  were   he  day  before  Tha  that  “Pi  Day”  was  t ve ie el b o   t d   ar h s   i t   I outdoors.     students!

Charitable Acts  Committee  News

Need community  service  hours?    Sign  up  for  these  upcoming  CAC  events: A  Message  from  Charitable  Acts  Commi3ee… • Meadows  is  signed  up  for  one  Wednesday  per  month  at  Growing  Garden  on  Glendale   Avenue  from  3-­‐5:00pm  on  TCT  days  |    Britton  Sanchez

Charitable Acts Committee


Thank you  Meadows  families  for  serving  our  community.    ~  Britton Sanchez CAC Chair




ITEM OF THE MONTH: Please help us offset the high cost of supplies by donating feminine sanitary pads and female undergarments in various sizes.

Meadows Athletics David Vibber Athletic Director

IMMUNIZATIONS:  All  6th  graders  need  to  have  the  Tdap  and   Meningi?s  shot  when  they  turn  11  yrs.  old    Please  check  your  records   and  bring  in  proof  of  the  shot  to  the  Health  Office. FLU  SHOTS:  It  is  not  too  late  to  get  a  flu  shot.    Protect  yourself  from   these  powerful  strains  of  flu COLDS/FLU:    Please  remember  if  your  child  is  sick-­‐  keep  them  home  so   infec?ons  don’t  spread  ,  AND  your  child  will  get  well  sooner. LICE:    YUCK!!!      We  are  entering  the  high  ?me  of  ge\ng  Lice  and   spreading  it  to  family  and  friends.    Please  periodically  check  your   child’s  head    and  remind  them  not  to  share  combs,  hair  bands,    ?es   and  especially  hats.    A  natural  alterna?ve  for  trea?ng  Lice  is  TLC  (Total   Lice  Control)  available  at  some  Walgreens  and  Rosey’s  Pharmacy. MEDICATION:    Students  can  not  carry  any  medica?on    with  them.    All   medica?on  must  stay    in  the  Health  Office  and  a  parent  must  sign  a   permission  slip.    Inhalers  must  be  labeled    or  in  a  labeled  box.     HEARING  AND  VISION  SCREENING:    Hearing  and  vision  re-­‐screening  is   almost  done.    If  your  child  has  gocen  a  referral  no?ce  for  either  the   hearing  or  vision-­‐  please  follow  up  on  it.    This  is  for  your  child’s   success  in  school.    If  finances  are  an  issue-­‐  please  call  Nurse  Sharon.              

Friendly Reminder: Madison Meadows requires all students that participate on an athletic team to pay an athletic fee of $100 to offset the cost of operating our athletic program. The fee pays for coaches, referees, conference dues, transportation, uniforms and equipment. The fee is “given back” in the way of a Tax Credit for the same amount. Please pay the $100 athletic fee online: • Click “Tax Credit” on the top right hand side. Scroll down and click “Donate Online”. • Forward the tax credit confirmation email to and include player’s name and sport. • Credit card payments also accepted in the office.


Meadows has not turned away a student who meets the academic and behavioral criteria from playing a sport due to financial circumstances. If a student/ family is in need of a financial consideration; volunteer assistance to our school and/or athletic program may be considered instead of the $100 payment. If the student meets all of the academic and behavioral requirements, then we will consider providing a waiver that will enable him/her to participate. Thank you for supporting your son and daughter by encouraging them to participate in our athletic program. We truly believe that the investment will enrich their lives from the experience they have in practice and games.

Sincerely, David Vibber Meadows Athletic Director



to ICM! d e t a n o d d Foo

NJHS would like to thank the following people for helping us put on a successful Fall Ball on November 22nd: • • • •

Mr. Carpenter for being the awesome DJ! Mr. Meyer, Ms. Andrews, Ms. Helmecke, Ms. Webb, Debbie Hinds, Lisa Otto and Courtney Cooper for their help chaperoning at the dance. Debbie Hinds, the Falk Family, Diane Wroten, Consuelo Galindo, Grady Funke and Kristen Keeble for helping with preparation The Black Family for delivering the canned food items to ICM

NJHS is currently collecting the following items to help ICM Food and Clothing Bank: • • •

Clothing items (new or used) Toiletries (any personal hygiene product appreciated) Canned food

ICM Food & Clothing Bank (formerly known as Interfaith Cooperative Ministries), meets the basic needs of up to 150 families every day, six days a week. These are things most of us take for granted…

There are collection boxes located in the front office. If you have any questions, please contact Holly Keeble at We thank you for your support of ICM!

Congratulations to the new NJHS officers elected for next semester: I. II.

President: Quinn Funke

Vice President: Ciaran Gallagher

III. Treasurer: Spencer Scher IV. Secretary:  Max Noren

Thanks to Lance Keeble, Emma Jensen, Cole Blakley and Quinn Funke for their leadership in serving the 1st Semester!

NJHS would like to thank the following businesses for their help towards reaching our goal for our Semester of Service project: • • • • • • • • •

MBP Realty Dr. Aaron Verbarg DDS Pat Funke and Associates Blue Orthodontics Fairytale Brownies Simis PATS Meadows PTM Haydon Building Corp. Real Property Painting

If you or your company would like to help, please contact Jennifer Funke at, Holly Keeble at or Renee Poginy at for more details.

Hope you enjoyed the annual Madison PTM/ PATS Tradition filled with fine wine and food..

Holiday Cheers  &  Warm  Wishes  to   Simis  and  the  Hannappel  Family   for  graciously    host  the  annual   Holiday  party! Serving Sizes

This combined celebration of Madison Meadows and Madison Simis has been a tradition for many years.

Tuesday’s “A,er  School  Art”  Program On   Tuesdays   from  3:45   pm   –  4:45   pm,  the   art   room   will   be   open  for  “aJer  school   art.”    This   FREE  a,er  school   program  is  open  to  all  students,  regardless  if  they  are  in  art  class.  This  will   be   a  Mme  for  any  Meadows  student  to   come  into  the  art  room   and  work  on  projects  of  their  choice   or  conMnue  on  projects   that  have  already   been  started.  The   only  requirement  is  a  note  from  a   parent  or   guardian  indicaMng  how  the  student  will  be  transported  home   (walking,  riding  a   bike,   parent  pick-­‐up,  etc.).   The   next   “aJer   school   art”   meeMng   will     conMnue   every   Tuesday   unMl   May   2014.     Any   addiMonal   informaMon   and   updates   can   be   found   at     If   there   are   any   quesMons,  please  contact  Sco3  Voss  at

Art Masterpiece Guide Thank you! A big thank you to all the Art Masterpiece guides for the 5th & 6th grade classes! The kids & teachers appreciate your commitment to this great program that brings history, art and culture to our classrooms. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and look forward to another fun year of great art in 2014! • • • • • • • • • • •

Veronica Vazquez Sue & Phil Abbass Sherry Rampy Shari Weiss Paula Gualtiere Michele Lingenfelter Malissa Geer Lori Mulholland Terauds Laurel Moran Kim Beler Kelly Barnes

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Rosie Villegas Smith Jessica Ritter Jennifer Larson Jasmine Hyatt Janette Anderson Farina McKenzie Ellen Jason Bond Debbie Hinds Carrie Lifshitz Beth Danik Amy Christensen Abby Loza

p.s. Volunteer art masterpiece guide opportunity in Mr. Bates' 1st period social studies class, 8:30-9:40AM.

Gratefully, Nancy Stouffer  Art  Masterpiece  Committee   Chair  |    602-­‐770-­‐8724  cell

Support Class of 2014!

8th Grade Graduation!

Designate your 2013 tax credit dollars toward Meadows 8th Grade Graduation. Allocate $400 (couples filing jointly) or $200 (individual) tax credit dollars. Tell Grandparents, friends, and relatives about the way to donate.

We need your help! This is our last time for our eight grade parents to consider earmarking your 2013 tax credit dollars toward our Eighth Grade Graduation. These funds will go a long way in providing your child with the best graduation experience possible. If you can allocate all $400 (couples filing jointly) or $200 (individual) tax credit dollars toward 8th Grade Graduation, that would be fantastic! And remember, any amount would be appreciated. Grandparents, friends, and relatives may also contribute their tax credit dollars. Contributors will have special recognition in the commencement program. Ways to donate: •

Online -Click where it says “Tax Credit” on the top right hand side -Scroll down and click where it says “Donate Online” -School: Madison Meadows; Activity: General – general

Come in to Madison Meadows Office. Donations can be made by credit card or debit card in the office.

PTM Website – Donations through the PTM Web site will not qualify for the tax credit but are automatically tagged for graduation so may be an easier way to donate. Visit and select Donate to the PTM on the right side.

Forward the tax credit confirmation email, Office donation or PTM donation information to Your name will be listed in the Commencement Program as a contributor. We are already putting exciting graduation ideas and plans in motion and would greatly appreciate receiving the contributions as quickly as possible. For more information on graduation or to volunteer visit the graduation page at under “What’s Happening.” Thank you for your support! Jeni DeBenedetti & Kim Wickey Graduation Fundraising Co-Chairs


Meadows Med-O-Gram December 2013


Meadows Med-O-Gram December 2013