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Dear Meadows Families, I first moved to Phoenix in the summer of 1997. My son was seven years old and started school in the Scottsdale School District that August. His school was close to home, and I found his teachers caring and capable; I was looking forward to a great year. As a working parent, I did the things I was able to do with my limited free time: I attended Back to School Night, parent/teacher conferences, extra-curricular activities, and even one field trip by taking a half day away from my job as a high school English teacher. I did my best to get to know school personnel and the parents of my son’s classmates. I wanted others to recognize my commitment to my son and his education; in short, I wanted to be seen as a “good parent.” The school year was more than halfway over, when I attended my second parent/teacher conference of the year. The teacher was sharing some of my son’s work with me when she seemed to get somewhat flustered. Apparently, one assignment dealt with a small written caption and picture to illustrate something students enjoyed with parents on the weekend. My son’s caption read: On the weekend, my mom and I like to go to bars. Above this was a pretty fair second grade representation of a bar. I found myself stammering as I attempted to explain. I had grown up watching the Kansas City Chiefs football games every Sunday with my folks, and the games were always televised at home. In Phoenix, however, it was a rare occasion to get a televised Chiefs game so I would take my son to a sports bar to watch the games (usually at 10:00 AM!) nearly every Sunday. We would typically eat breakfast or lunch – sans the alcohol – and head home. I explained this to his teacher, somewhat red-faced. We both laughed about it, and as I left she said, “I promise not to believe everything your son says about you and your home if you promise not to believe everything he tells you about me and our school.” Sage advice that I’m sure some of you have heard or even given. Kids don’t always get the story straight, do they? That’s why it is so important that the adults are able to communicate with each other. Sometimes kids can misinterpret words and/or actions. The same can be true for teachers or any adult. Kids are also pretty adept at spinning things in their own favor. I say this as a parent myself as well as an educator. Finally, much as we hate admit it, kids can even lie to us. They are kids and one of their jobs is to make mistakes. The way the adults involved handle these mistakes can help kids to know that they can be honest with us. It is crucial that kids do not pit home against school and vice versa. Rather our communication should serve to show children that we are all on the same side – theirs. We hold students accountable because we care. Thank you for your willingness to communicate with us and for your ongoing support in our efforts to provide extraordinary learning for all! With Ram Pride, Susan Doyle, Meadows Principal MADISON MEADOWS MIDDLE SCHOOL

225 W. OCOTILLO RD., PHOENIX, AZ 85013 (602) 664-7600


A Message from your PTM President Dear Meadows Parents, PTM has  two  important  presenta1ons  coming  up  which  every  parent  should  a9end:     1) January  29th  @  6pm  –  MADISON  HIGHLAND  PREP:    Join  us  in  the  Media  Center  to  hear   from  the  principal  of  Madison  District’s  new  High  School.     2) February  26th  @  6pm  –  NOTMYKID  INTERNET  SAFETY:    This  will  be  a  very  informa1ve   presenta1on  for  parents  about  kids  &  the  Internet. Please  mark  your  calendars  and  plan  on  a9ending  this  informa1ve  events!

Sincerely, Chris Goodfarb 2013-14 PTM President

Meadow’s 7th and 8th Grade Band & Choir visit to Disneyland!

"The Performing arts department would like to thank the PTM for helping make the Disney trip a success!" A BIG thank you to our chaperones: Ms. Galarza Ms. Sanchez Mrs. Jacobs Mr. Lamb Ms. Zeller Mr. Fyan Ms. Cohen

Ms. Vermeersch Ms. Barker Ms. Johnson Ms. Stewart Ms. Czaja Mr. Rodriguez Mr. Simms Ms. Embry Mr. Gonzalez Mr. Thompson Ms. Carriveau And and last but not least to Mr. Giordano & Mr. Ginn for working so hard to put it all together.

Volunteers and donation dollars hard at work!

Order Your Val-O-Grams TODAY! Val-O-Grams are hand delivered gifts to your valentine during 1st PERIOD on February 14th with your personal message attached. Sold on the PTM Website , during lunch and after school.

Buying a Val-O-Gram is easy: select your gift, write your message: include recipient’s name and 1st Period teacher, then attach your payment (cash only) SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED, so order right away! Sold out last year. No orders taken after Feb. 11th. Val-O-Grams will be sold in the cafeteria: February 5, 6, 7, 10 and 11. Before and after school: February 10 and 11





$5.00 -­‐    Stuffed  teddy  bear   and  small  chocolate  heart

$3.00 -­‐  Heart  shaped,  cherry   9lavor  swirl  lollipop 3

$2.00-­‐ Single  red  rose   with  synthetic  dewdrops

Madison Meadows




Pu r cha Me se yo ur Sch ado w ool s S pir 27 t o unc (BP e A Sp o Fre r ts e Bot ) tle! Proceeds benefit Charitable Acts Committee (CAC) Eric Cook, PTM Co-Vice President

Pick one up at the snack shack, or order your cup today! It’s easy to shop online:

You’re invited... Meadows Families and Friends


T h i n k  F U N

ia c o S g Sprin


Save the Date... Saturday, March 29 6:00 -10:00 pm $25 includes food, drinks, dancing!

chili cook-off, silent auction, raffles, dancing, dinner, etc.

Meadows Goes Country with Spring Chili Cook Off Event!

CHILI COOK OFF. We encourage y’all to enter your best Chili recipe.

Mark your calendars for March 29th, 2014, 6:00-10:00pm.

Mark your calendars and be sure to plan on joining us for dinner, dancing & some good ‘ol country fun!

$25 per person includes Food, Drinks, dancing,etc…

If interested in getting involved, please contact

The PTM is cooking up a Country & Western theme party. (Think cowboy hats, boots, flannel, bandanas, chaps… you name it—get creative!) Besides the usual silent auction & raffle items, your taste buds will appreciate the

hey ya’ partner... Volunteers Wanted! C h il i R e c ip e 3 tablespoons extra

-virgin olive oil,

2 1/2 pounds groun d turkey (85 perce nt lean) or ground tur key breast (99 percent lean), 2 pa ckages 4 tablespoons dark chili powder, 2 pa lm fulls 2 tablespoons gri ll seasoning blend , any brand, 1 palm full 1 tablespoon cumi

n, 1/2 palm full

2 tablespoons Wo

rcestershire sauc

1 to 3 tablespoon s hot sauce, mediu m to extra-spicy 1 large onion, quart


2 large peppers, an y color combinatio n, red, green, purple, yellow or orange, chopped 1/2 bottle beer (th e alcohol cooks ou t), about 1 cup 1 (14-ounce) can tom ato sauce


1/2 cup smoky ba rbecue sauce

February 26th  Madison  Tas4ng  Tour.   This  Tas4ng  Tour  will  have  a   microbrewery  and  gastropub  focus   (our  final  stop  is  even  partnering  with   a  local  dairy  to  provide  beer-­‐infused   desserts).  We  have  four  fantas4c,   generous  establishments  on  board  for   this  fundraising  event.   The  goal  for  the  Tas4ng  Tour  is  to  raise   enough  funds  to  bring  the  Phoenix   Symphony’s  “Back  ‘n’  Roll”  Assemblies   program  to  all  Madison  District   schools.  

WE LOVE VOLUNTEERS The Meadows Snack Shack is open after school and during RAMMS sporting events on campus (some nights & Saturdays).   Groups on campus can “sponsor” the snack shack for the month and proceeds for that month will help your group!  Parents (with student helpers) are needed to staff the

snack shack. Student helpers gain community service time. Fun and easy! Check out the online schedule and submit your time on line. Contact Snack Shack Coordinator Theresa at to learn more!

Thank you for coming out to The Yard night, benefiting Camp Friendly Pines. Special thanks to Anita Walker, Brigitte Rapatz, Lynda Teague, Jennifer Funke and of course Mr. Gonzalez!

Madison Meadows National Junior Honor Society is Accepting Member Candidate Forms 7th grade students who wish to become NJHS members are encouraged to apply by completing the student activity information form located in the office. The deadline for submitting the NJHS student activity information form is Friday, February 14, 2014 at 12:00pm (noon). The student activity information form must be completely filled out, signed by the student and parents, and personally returned to Ms. Poginy in room D36. Copies of the student’s report card showing first semester grades must also accompany candidate information forms. All grades from the beginning of 7th grade count in calculating the grade point average. Requirements for membership to NJHS are as follows: 1. A cumulative weighted grade point average, at grade level or above, of 3.625. Each class is weighted differently. Core classes carry a heavier weight than elective classes. 2. Good citizenship, character and leadership qualities are also required. One of the steps in admitting new members is to survey the Meadows staff to determine the candidate’s suitability. 3. The final step for membership is approval by the NJHS Faculty Council. Membership approval is by a simple majority vote. A unanimous vote is not required. 4. All member candidates will receive a letter advising them of their admission or their denial of membership. These letters will be mailed out no later than February 28, 2014. The expectations for NJHS members are as follows: 1. After admission, members are expected to attend NJHS meetings faithfully. Most meetings will be held during the school lunch periods, however, there may be additional meetings necessary before or after school hours. 2. NJHS is a service organization. We expect our members to be doers, not merely joiners. Therefore, members are also required to perform at least 12 hours of community service work per semester (in addition to other community service requirements) and to submit that information in writing to the NJHS Advisor. The group will organize several service projects throughout the school year to help meet this requirement. 3. Annual dues are $10.00. This money will be paid to the NJHS Treasurer within two weeks of being admitted to membership. If a student faces financial hardship, dues can be waived after consultation with the NJHS Advisor. If you have any questions or require additional information regarding NJHS, please contact the NJHS Advisor, Ms. Poginy, at 664-7636 or


hPp://­‐content/uploads/docs/ mhp-­‐brochure1-­‐final-­‐010914-­‐internet.pdf

Tuesday’s “A,er  School  Art”  Program On  Tuesdays  from  3:45  pm   –  4:45  pm,  the  art   room  will  be  open  for  “a=er  school  art.”    This  FREE  a,er   school  program   is  open   to  all  students,   regardless  if  they  are   in   art   class.  This  will  be   a  Bme   for  any   Meadows  student   to   come   into   the   art   room   and   work   on   projects   of   their   choice   or   conBnue   on   projects   that   have   already   been  started.   The   only   requirement   is  a  note   from   a   parent   or   guardian   indicaBng  how  the  student  will  be  transported  home  (walking,  riding  a  bike,  parent  pick-­‐up,  etc.).   The   next   “a=er   school  art”   meeBng   will     conBnue   every   Tuesday   unBl  May   2014.     Any   addiBonal   informaBon   and  updates   can   be   found   at     If   there   are   any   quesBons,   please   contact  ScoR  Voss  at

Charitable Acts  Committee  News

Need community  service  hours?    Sign  up  for  these  upcoming  CAC  events: A  Message  from  Charitable  Acts  Commi3ee… • Meadows  is  signed  up  for  one  Wednesday  per  month  at  Growing  Garden  on  Glendale   Avenue  from  3-­‐5:00pm  on  TCT  days  |    Britton  Sanchez

Charitable Acts Committee


Thank you  Meadows  families  for  serving  our  community.    ~  Britton Sanchez CAC Chair

IMMUNIZATIONS:  All  6th  graders  need  to  have  the  Tdap  and  Meningi1s  shot   when  they  turn  11  yrs.  old    Please  check  your  records  and  bring  in  proof  of  the   shot  to  the  Health  Office.

NEWS FROM FLU SHOTS:  It  is  not  too  late  to  get  a  flu  shot.    Protect  yourself  from  these   THE HEALTH powerful  strains  of  flu COLDS/FLU:    Please  remember  if  your  child  is  sick-­‐  keep  them  home  so   OFFICE infec1ons  don’t  spread  ,  AND  your  child  will  get  well  sooner.

NURSE SHARON ITEM OF THE MONTH: Please help us offset the high cost of supplies by donating feminine sanitary pads and female undergarments in various sizes.

GO RAMS! Meadows Athletics David Vibber Athletic Director

LICE:  YUCK!!!      We  are  entering  the  high  1me  of  geZng  Lice  and  spreading  it  to   family  and  friends.    Please  periodically  check  your  child’s  head    and  remind  them   not  to  share  combs,  hair  bands,    1es  and  especially  hats.    A  natural  alterna1ve   for  trea1ng  Lice  is  TLC  (Total  Lice  Control)  available  at  some  Walgreens  and   Rosey’s  Pharmacy. MEDICATION:    Students  can  not  carry  any  medica1on    with  them.    All   medica1on  must  stay    in  the  Health  Office  and  a  parent  must  sign  a  permission   slip.    Inhalers  must  be  labeled    or  in  a  labeled  box.     HEARING  AND  VISION  SCREENING:    Hearing  and  vision  re-­‐screening  is  almost   done.    If  your  child  has  go9en  a  referral  no1ce  for  either  the  hearing  or  vision-­‐   please  follow  up  on  it.    This  is  for  your  child’s  success  in  school.    If  finances  are   an  issue-­‐  please  call  Nurse  Sharon.                                                                                                                                                                  

MEADOWS ATHLETICS: Our sports teams are moving into the final week of the regular season. All of our teams are in Valley Athletic Conference play off contention. Led by our currently undefeated Girls Varsity Basketball team in the regular season 10-0, the Boys Varsity Basketball team is 8-1. The Boys and Girls JV Basketball teams are fighting for a play off position. The Flag Football team has been on a mission after losing the first game of the season they have rallied for 7 wins and need to win this week to earn a spot in the VAC Tournament. Wrestling wrapped up it's season this last weekend. Meadows hosted the 3rd Annual Meadowland Wrestling Invitational. The team took 2nd overall behind the efforts of weight class champions Daniel Drotzmann and Porter Smith. Garrett Cooper was a runner up and every wrestler placed in the top 5 in their respective weight classes. In addition to Daniel Drotzmann and Porter Smith taking 1st place...Jesus Luna also took 1st place and Miguel Serrano, Juan Guzman and Jaylan Jeffers were runner up in addition to Garrett Cooper. Spring Sports Tryouts will be starting up the 2nd week in February. Detailed announcements will be posted at school, in the Med-o-Gram newsletter, and Email Blast. Athletic Fees: Parents, another friendly reminder...we need all winter sports Athletic Fees to be taken care of as soon as possible. Please pay your fee (Tax Credit) on line. See our website for the link. us get your son's and

daughter's uniform turned in as soon as their season is complete. Thanks to all the parents that have contributed to make this another successful season for the Rams! Continue to support them as they advance through the VAC Playoffs!

Madison Meadows requires all students that participate on an athletic team to pay an athletic fee of $100 to offset the cost of operating our athletic program. The fee pays for coaches, referees, conference dues, transportation, uniforms and equipment. The fee is “given back” in the way of a Tax Credit for the same amount. Please pay the $100 athletic fee online: • Click “Tax Credit” on the top right hand side. Scroll down and click “Donate Online”. • Forward the tax credit confirmation email to and include player’s name and sport. • Credit card payments also accepted in the office. If a student/family is in need of a financial consideration; volunteer assistance to our school and/or athletic program may be considered. If the student meets all of the academic and behavioral requirements, then we will consider providing a waiver that will enable him/her to participate.

Sincerely, David Vibber

ALERT! FRY’s Shoppers!

1 minute to enroll Fry s VIP card = $Free money for Meadows! You Do the MATH! ENROLL today. We only have 19 total Fry’s VIP users registered.

Internet Safety Presentation for Parents When: Wed, February 26, 6pm – 7pm Where: Media Center Description: Did you know that 70% of teens have hidden online behavior from parents? From Identity Theft, Sexually Explicit material to Cyber-Bullying -- there is A LOT TO LEARN! Join PTM as presents to parents on Internet Safety.

APen4on:  If  you  have  a    5th    ,  6th    or  7th    grade  student  that  will  not  be  returning  next   school  year,  please  come  into  the  office  and  fill  out  a  withdrawal  form.

IB Corner of the World Dear Parent, We have been very busy learning about the new MYP program at Meadows. Teachers have been reviewing the newest subject guides and have been introduced to the newest version of the unit planner. The unit planner is an organizational tool teachers will use to plan for given content material that lasts anywhere from 4 – 6 weeks long. Teachers will write and teach one unit planner in each grade and content level by the end of the year. Our IB MYP consultant, Bill Shell, will be here for a two day site visit on February 5 and 6. Bill will review our implementation of MYP thus far and provide us with further recommendations on what we need to work on to become an authorized IB MYP school next year, 2015. Bill will also be meeting with teachers, students and parents during his visit. I also want to add a special “thank you” to our PTM for providing lunch to our teachers, administration and Bill on Wednesday. This will be very much appreciated by our staff whom will be eating and working through their lunches as they meet with Bill. Thank you, PTM! Our Learner Profile attribute of the month for January is open-minded. Open-minded can be explained as a student realizing that we are all different. They are accepting of everyone even if their ideas, beliefs, and points of view may vary. Students that are open-minded listen to others’ points of view and consider many possibilities before making a decision. They also celebrate the differences that make all people unique. Here are some ways parents can help students develop the open-minded attribute at home:

- Encourage your child to try new things – new foods, games, and activities - Take your child out into the community and participate in different festivals, celebrations and traditions in a non-judgmental way

- Encourage your child to really listen to others when they speak - Introduce books about different cultures into your home library - When you see your child being open-minded, reinforce this positive behavior. Sincerely, Judy Stopky IB Coordinator

Mr. Lamb’s  classroom,  photo  credit:  Mrs.  Stropky

T-Ball, Baseball & Softball registration are now open!!! Registration closes on Thursday, February 6th at 7pm.  Registration is now open and space is limited, so register today. Remember, all RAMMS sports now require online registration and walk-up registrations are typically not available, as our leagues often reach capacity before registration closes.

Mandatory Player Evaluations Girls Evaluations Girls Softball evaluations are scheduled for Saturday February 8th, 2014 at Madison Simis and are mandatory unless you receive prior approval from Paul Weishaar.   Player evaluations are scheduled as follows:    - T-Ball: Coed Kinder: No evaluation needed    - Freshman: 1st/2nd grades: 10:00a-11:30a    - Sophomore: 3rd/4th grades: 8:30a-10:00a    - Junior: 5th/6th grades: 11:30a-1:00p    - Senior: 7th/8th/9th grades: 1:00p-2:30p  

Boys Evaluations

Boys Baseball evaluations are scheduled for Saturday February 8th, 2014 at Madison Simis and are mandatory unless you receive prior approval from Jason Mosher.    Player evaluations are scheduled as follows:    - T-Ball: Coed Kinder: No evaluation needed    - Ranch: 1st/2nd grades: 12:30p-3:00p    - American: 3rd/4th grades: 3:30p-6:00p    - National: 5th/6th grades: 10:00a-Noon   Note that we are not offering a Pony league this year, due to a lack of ongoing interest.

RAMMS is a parent-run, volunteer organization. We need parents to volunteer to be head and assistant coaches to make our programs possible. Parents, please consider getting involved as a coach in your child's recreational experience. Keep in mind that, regardless of the sport, for every ten players that sign up, RAMMS needs one parent to volunteer to be a head coach and another to volunteer to be an assistant coach. The number of teams will be determined by the availability of coaches. Please email Paul Weishaar for Girls Leagues and Jason Mosher for Boys/Kinder or note your interest while registering online if you can help out.

Support Class of 2014!

8th Grade Graduation!

Designate your 2013 tax credit dollars toward Meadows 8th Grade Graduation. Allocate $400 (couples filing jointly) or $200 (individual) tax credit dollars. Tell Grandparents, friends, and relatives about the way to donate.

We need your help! This is our last time for our eight grade parents to consider earmarking your 2013 tax credit dollars toward our Eighth Grade Graduation. These funds will go a long way in providing your child with the best graduation experience possible. If you can allocate all $400 (couples filing jointly) or $200 (individual) tax credit dollars toward 8th Grade Graduation, that would be fantastic! And remember, any amount would be appreciated. Grandparents, friends, and relatives may also contribute their tax credit dollars. Contributors will have special recognition in the commencement program. Ways to donate: •

Online -Click where it says “Tax Credit” on the top right hand side -Scroll down and click where it says “Donate Online” -School: Madison Meadows; Activity: General – general

Come in to Madison Meadows Office. Donations can be made by credit card or debit card in the office.

PTM Website – Donations through the PTM Web site will not qualify for the tax credit but are automatically tagged for graduation so may be an easier way to donate. Visit and select Donate to the PTM on the right side.

Forward the tax credit confirmation email, Office donation or PTM donation information to Your name will be listed in the Commencement Program as a contributor. We are already putting exciting graduation ideas and plans in motion and would greatly appreciate receiving the contributions as quickly as possible. For more information on graduation or to volunteer visit the graduation page at under “What’s Happening.” Thank you for your support! Jeni DeBenedetti & Kim Wickey Graduation Fundraising Co-Chairs



Madison(District(Office( 5601!N.!16th!Street! Phoenix,!AZ!85016! 602766477900!!

! Madison(No.(1(( 5525!N.!16th!Street! Phoenix,!AZ!85016! 602766477100! ! ! Madison(Camelview( 2002!E.!Campbell!Avenue! Phoenix,!AZ!85016! 602766477200! ! ! Madison(Simis( 7302!N.!10th!Street! Phoenix,!AZ!85020! 602766477300! ! ! Madison(Rose(Lane( 1155!E.!Rose!Lane! Phoenix,!AZ!85014! 602766477400! ! ! Madison(Park( 1431!E.!Campbell!Avenue! Phoenix!85014! 602766477500! ! ! Madison(Meadows( 225!W.!Ocotillo!Road! Phoenix,!AZ!85013! 602766477600! ! ! Madison(Heights( 7150!N.!22nd!Street! Phoenix,!AZ!85020! 602766477800! ! ! Madison(Traditional(Academy( 925!E.!Maryland!Avenue! Phoenix,!AZ!85014! 602774574000!


Information Regarding Homeless Students Students are considered homeless if they are: • In a shelter, motel vehicle, or campground • On the street • In an abandoned building, trailer or other inadequate accommodations • Doubled up with friends or relatives because they cannot find or afford housing If children are homeless they have certain rights or protections under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act. These protections include the right to: • Go to school, no matter where they live or how long you have lived there • Be enrolled immediately without birth certificates, immunizations or school records • Attend school while the school arranges for the transfer of school and immunization records or any other required documents • Enroll in school without giving a permanent address. Schools cannot delay enrollment. • Continue in the school they attended before becoming homeless or the school they last attended • Receive transportation to and from the school they attended before becoming homeless or the school they last attended, if requested. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your local school office. Información con respecto a Estudiantes sin vivienda Los estudiantes son considerados sin vivienda si ellos están: · En refugios, vehiculo de motel o en campamentos · En las calles · En un edificio abandonado, remolque u otro hospedaje inadecuado · Viviendo con amistades o parientes porque no pueden encontrar o no puede pagar vivienda. Si los niños no tienen donde vivir, ellos tienen ciertos derechos o protecciones bajo el Acto de Asistencia Educativa de estudiantes sin vivienda McKinney-Vento. Estas protecciones incluyen el derecho a: · Ir a la escuela, sin importar donde viven o por cuanto tiempo han vivido allí · Matricularse inmediatamente sin certificado de nacimiento, cartilla de vacunas o documentos escolares. · Asistir a la escuela mientras la escuela hace los arreglos de traspaso de escuela y documentos de vacunas o cualquier otro documento requerido · Matricularse en la escuela sin dar una dirección permanente. Las escuelas no pueden demorar la matriculación. · Continuar en la escuela que asistieron antes de quedarse sin vivienda o a la última escuela a la que asistieron. · Recibir transporte hacia y de la escuela que asistieron antes de quedarse sin vivienda o a la última escuela a la que asistieron, si lo solicitan. Si tiene preguntas o comentarios, por favor comuníquese a la oficina de su escuela local.  


January Med-O-Gram


January Med-O-Gram