Top Slovenian Entrepreneur's World-class Products for the Famous World Brands

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he Slovenian Business Club – SBC – brings together Slovenian entrepreneurs who began their career and achieved results by developing their ideas or by taking their family businesses further. We, members of the Slovenian Business Club, are socially responsible individuals who had no part in the plundering of socially owned assets in Slovenia during the privatisation. The criteria for joining the Club are stringent and members must abide by the rules. Members of the Club share the conviction that only a strong economy with sound foundations brings prosperity and allows entrepreneurial stories of success to flourish.


embers of the Slovenian Business Club strive for excellence in business, for adding high value, and for innovation. We strive to promote entrepreneurship and to present our vision for the economic development of Slovenia. As entrepreneurs, we work towards opening up new paths for exporting Slovenian products with significant added value and support the identity of Slovenian products abroad. The Slovenian Business Club is an apolitical business interest group. We respond to economic measures of respective governments and propose solutions for improving the economic environment in the country.

Top Slovenian Entrepreneur's World-class Products for the Famous World Brands


Top Products

| Mobility and E-Mobility

World-Class Slovenian Products for the World’s Biggest Brands By: Marko Vidrih, Maja Cestnik

Renowned Development Centres and Manufacturers

BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, General Motors, Daimler, Honda, Ducati, Bentley: the world’s biggest actors in terms of mobility use solutions from Slovenian companies that are members of the Slovenian Business Club. have won more than 100 titles, while the company’s development department collaborates with a wide range of champion racing teams. Akrapovič makes nearly 99 % of its more than EUR 100 million per year in exports. Due to its strong car industry and heavy demand for spare and replacement parts, Germany is one of the company’s most important markets. Indeed, German consumers have several times voted Akrapovič products as best on the market. Germany is far from their only European market, and they are making great strides in sales to the USA and China.

Akrapovič, d. d.

Malo Hudo 8A 1295 Ivančna Gorica Slovenia Product: Premium aftermarket exhaust systems for motorcycles, crafted from light titanium, stainless steel, and carbon fibre.

More than 100 Champions using Akrapovič Exhaust Systems

The products made by Akrapovič, manufacturer of world-renowned exhaust systems, are recognized by their distinctive sound, light weight, unique design, and optimized power output. Their flagship products include exhaust systems for the motorcycle models BMW R 1200 GS/Adventure and the Yamaha MT-09. Both systems make use of light titanium, premium stainless steel, and carbon fibre. Their most noteworthy automobile exhaust systems include the titanium rigs for the German carmakers BMW M4 and the Porsche 911 GT3. Akrapovič's acclaim also reaches to other worldfamous companies, like Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, BMW Alpina, BMW Motorrad, KTM Group and Ducati. Riders and drivers using Akrapovič exhaust systems

Yaskawa Slovenija d.o.o. Lepovče 23, 1310 Ribnica Slovenia

Product: Robotic positioners, integrated robot work cells for a variety of purposes, and clamp modules for use in car seats and exhaust systems.

Robot and servo-controlled solutions for the industry’s toughest applications Yaskawa Slovenija is a global leader in the arc welding segment, as well as in Multi Robot Technology and servo-controlled solutions. The company boasts a wide range of products, from robotic positioners and integrated robotic work cells for a variety of purposes, to clamp modules for use in car seats and exhaust systems. Extremely advanced and innovative robot controllers give users synchronized command over 4 robots

Mobility and E-Mobility

with just one unit. Yaskawa also exports a lot of specialized clamp modules, which are used in the production of automobile seats and exhaust systems. Yaskawa’s partners include Johnson Matthey, ADent, Boysen, Teneco, Faurecia, Bosal, Eberspächer and Akrapovič, who produce automobile seats and exhaust systems for the global brands Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Volvo and Renault. Yaskawa Slovenija does business in the Slovenian market and in other former Yugoslav countries, while its daughter company Yaskawa Ristro, primarily a supplier, achieves some 70 % of its total exports in Germany.

Tehnos d.o.o.

Cesta ob železnici 1, 3310 Žalec Slovenia Product: Agricultural machinery under their own brand name, machine building and fabrication of metal assemblies, mechanical processing and tool making, and the manufacturing of plastic and rubber products.

Polycom, d. o. o.

Dobje 10, 4223 Poljane nad Škofjo Loko Slovenia Product: Parts for car shocks, cable grommets, and gear mechanisms. Specialized in technically complex products and mounting assemblies for a range of industries.

Their products are in every second car on

earth Polycom, once a small family company, is now an important and well-renowned Slovenian exporter that is proud to develop products for a wide range of the world’s best auto and electronics manufacturers and customers. They developed a friction plug for a rack and pinion electric steering mechanism for Volkswagen, and an engine mount for Cimos, for the BMW i3. So far they have manufactured over 600 million products. Their core products are made up of car shocks, cable grommets for electric vehicles, and gears. In all of these segments they produce so-called hybrid products, ones with an injected metal part. Polycom makes its presence felt primarily in the automobile and electronics industries, while doing less work in other fields. Exports account for more than 80 % of their output, half of which goes to Germany. In addition to Volkswagen, BMW and Audi are also among their best-known collaborators. Another feather in Polycom’s hat is its new, smart factory, one of the most modern facilities in Slovenia, with automated process that see it following the guidelines for industry 4.0.

Robotized machine park for the production of machinery in 3D, 4D and 5D technologies

The Tehnos production area is divided into four organizational units: non-metals, metal, tool shop and marketing. The most recognizable machines of the company are mulchers used for municipal and agricultural purposes. They generate the most revenue by selling products that are the result of their own development, in the automotive and aviation industries and in the white goods industry. In all production units they have a modern and robotized machine park with the possibility of manufacturing products in 3D, 4D and 5D technologies, robotic welding, superb surface protection of metal products, and have a large machine park for the injection molding of plastic components for their own needs and for semi-finished products for white goods. Tehnos constantly invests in modern technology, with the knowledge that this ensures good quality. It is also worth mentioning that by continuous enlargements they have gradually increased their production space five times, currently covering an area of 17 thousand square meters. They are currently in the final stage of a high-tech renovation and automation for the cutting of ferrous metallurgy. They achieved a revenue of 16 million euro last year and expect 17 million this year.



Top Products

| Mobility and E-Mobility

A Slovenian development partner for Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler/AMG

Lingva d.o.o.

Podskrajnik 35, 1380 Cerknica Slovenia Product: Prototype printed circuit boards, laser cut stencils, support for development companies

Printed circuit boards and laser cut

stencils of the highest quality standards Lingva’s strong suits are printed circuit boards and laser cut stencils of premium quality. Aiding them in their success are decades of experience alongside innovative and modern technological processes. As a manufacturer of both prototype and batch-produced printed circuit boards, Lingva supports companies developing electronics solutions. They work closely with the automotive industry, and also make circuit boards for Videoton, Odelo, Elrad, Gorenje and Kolektor. Lingva’s main markets are in Europe. It achieves almost three million in revenue per year, two-thirds of which comes from foreign markets, where the company has plans for 20 % growth this year.

Siliko, d. o. o.

Tržaška cesta 31, 1360 Vrhnika Slovenia Product: Complex technical parts made from injection moulding. Development and production of charging post housings for traditional, hybrid and electric vehicles, parts for steering shaft mechanisms, air regulation systems, and shock absorption systems.

Siliko is a solutions provider and development partner for the automotive industry, working directly with the biggest manufacturers of original parts: BMW, the Volkswagen Group, and Daimler/AMG, with the Tier 1 suppliers Mahle Behr, Mubea, Woco and Hellaas, as well as with the majority of specialty cable producers. Their specialty is products made from 2K/3K injection moulding and combined elastomers, polymers and metal materials. Siliko offers a rich range of products, including production of charging post housings for traditional, hybrid and electric vehicles, parts for steering shaft mechanisms, air regulation systems and shock absorption systems for chassis, and complex technical parts made from injection moulding. They also provide solutions to reduce weight by replacing metal parts with plastic, to lower the number of additional operations necessary and to facilitate more affordable production, all while making services more competitive. Siliko further makes parts for the household appliance, sanitary engineering, machine building, medical engineering and food processing industries. Among their respected partners they number Gorenje, Bosch, Miele, HansGrohe and Fluidmaster. Last year Siliko turned over EUR 63 million in revenue and they are on course to reach 73 million this year. Around 80 % of their revenue come from foreign markets. Two-thirds of this is achieved in the markets of Western Europe, a quarter in the CEE region, and the remaining nearly 10 % in the USA, Asia, and Scandinavia. Siliko is currently seeking business partners from the automotive industry and the industrial applications segment, primarily from Western Europe and Scandinavia.

Mobility and E-Mobility

Magneti Ljubljana, d.d. Kovis, d. o. o.

Brezina 102, 8250 Brežice Slovenia Product: Brake discs, axle boxes and various other parts for the railway industry and other industrial sectors.

Trusted by Siemens, Deutsche Bahn, VTG and Bombardier

Kovis is a specialized manufacturer of brake discs, axle boxes and various other parts for the railway industry and other industrial sectors. Its products are made from grey and ductile iron cast in-house (KovisLivarna d.o.o.), as well as from steel castings supplied by other companies. Kovis’ brake disc solutions for freight cars are considered the industry’s finest. The company’s principle export products are: Wheel and disc brake discs of various dimensions and qualities, bearing housings for passenger railcars that are tailored to their customers’ technical specifications and requirements, bearing housings for freight cars with various axial loads, brake mounts of all sizes and materials for freight and passenger vehicles, and other products, such as gearboxes and motor housings, stators, consoles and flanges. Among others, Kovis works with world-renowned partners Siemens, Deutsche Bahn, VTG, Alstom, the Bonatrans Group, and Bombardier. Kovis reaches 96 % of its revenue in foreign markets, selling its products in 34 countries around the world. European markets are its most important, with standouts Germany, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic, France and Austria. Selling products in more than 30 countries and generating over 95 % of its revenue on foreign markets, Kovis is striving to increase sales on non-European markets, especially in Russia, Africa and South America. It is also seeking partners in industries outside of the railway, such as agriculture, construction mechanization and robotics. Kovis is on track this year to record more than EUR 40 million in revenue.

Stegne 37, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

Product: Production of permanent metallic magnets and magnetic systems for the automotive industry, rail transport, specialized motors and the robotics industry.

Magnet systems for Germany’s best

automobile makers Magneti brings several decades of experience to its production of sintered and cast AlNiCo magnets, sintered SmCo and NdFeB magnets, and PA and PPS bonded NdFeB products. Its permanent metallic magnets (PMM) are used for the automotive industry, specialized motors, and railway transport. Among the company’s renowned partners can be found the well-known names R. Bosch, Maxonmotors, Continental Automotive, Schneider Electric and ABB. Their products are built into cars from manufacturers BMW, Daimler Benz, Volkswagen, PSA and Fiat. The magnets and magnetic systems they produce are sought by industry leaders in high- and low-voltage switches, robots and sensors. Magneti regularly introduces technological innovations into its processes, constantly educates and trains its employees and ensures the sustainable nature of its production. The company builds lasting partnerships with its customers, which it achieves by making premium products that are also affordable. Magneti is export-oriented, achieving more than 95 % of its sales on foreign markets.



Top Products

| Mobility and E-Mobility

A reliable supplier to premium global brands

Podkrižnik, d. o. o.

Loke 33, 3333 Ljubno ob Savinji Slovenia Product: Power trains, special metal parts, and complex composite parts for professional hand tools, household appliances, smart buildings, e-mobility and the automotive industry.

Acquired a German factory, for which

they have big plans A family company, Podkrižnik has received several awards for its industrial solutions, including best innovation of the year in 2018 with recognition conferred by one of Slovenia’s regional chambers of commerce. Podkrižnik has a long tradition of straightening, turning, milling, corrugating, hardening and other forms of metal processing. With their acquisition of the Bosch Rexroth factory in Ober-Ramstadt near Frankfurt, the company founded its first development and production centre in Germany. Ober-Ramstadt will be home to their new competence centre for extremely high-precision technology and circuits for e-mobility, robotics and hydraulics. Acquiring this factory in Germany allowed the company to extend its range of professional hand tools, household appliances and drive trains with products used in smart building systems, e-mobility and the automotive industry. They have partners from a broad spectrum of fields.

Marovt. d. o. o.

Stranice 55, 3206 Stranice Slovenia Product: Extremely precise forgings from carbon, alloy and stainless steel for incorporation in diesel, gas and hybrid motors.

Their precision is treasured by Mercedes Benz, AMG, Volkswagen and more

Marovt brings almost 50 years of tradition to its forgings, which are then incorporated into products by nearly all European and North American car manufacturers. Their design allows for forging at extra high temperatures. Made of specific materials and coming in geometrically complex shapes, Marovt’s forgings are a production challenge, and their incredible achievements are the direct results of enormous technological innovation. Marovt is ranked among the top level of suppliers among globally recognized brands. Quality and high technology, direct results of constant investment into development, have led to 5 completely new forgings for car models from the manufacturers General Motors, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen. Marovt also works with Daimler and AMG.

Mobility and E-Mobility

VRC d.o.o.

Goriška cesta 5h, 5271 Vipava Slovenia Product: Springs, 2D and 3D bended wire products and steel plate products

Springs that Ferrari and American trains

run on VRC, one of Europe’s leading producers of springs, has a wide range of products. They supply all sorts of compression, tension and torsion springs with wire diameters ranging from 0.15 to 16 millimetres, 2D and 3D bended wire products from 0.15 to 10 mm, and steel plate products up to 2 mm. VRC makes complicated products that others either don’t want to make or don’t know how, completing around 140 million units per year. Most of them are incorporated into other products in foreign markets, with the German automotive and household appliance industries the primary customers. VRC boasts a fine list of car manufacturers among its references, as its springs are built into automobiles from Ferrari, Ducati, Audi, BMW and Mercedes. They also supply some American railway operators, and do business in Mexico, China, India, and Switzerland. The company has always worked in development, while recent development efforts have also seen them working on a motor for electric cars. They also regularly invest in innovations, new technologies and process improvements, attested among other things by receiving the IATF 16949 quality management standard last year. VRC is not only expanding sales, but also its physical presence, with increased production set to begin in the second half of the year.

Slometal d.o.o.

Ulica Gradnikove brigade 6, Nova Gorica Slovenia Service: Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy products and semi-manufactured products

In just a few years already producing 12,000 tons of stainless products

annually Slometal’s niche is in stainless products, gaining recognition for its stainless coils, tubes, pipes, bars, sheets and strips. They also paint stainless steel plates for refrigerator doors. The company is the exclusive product representative of the famous Italian ironworks Ilva, one of the largest ironworks in the world, as well as for products from the Sassoli Group, one of the leading companies in reworking stainless materials. Slometal’s products are incorporated by world-renowned brands in the automobile and household appliance industries, as well as into procedural equipment for pharmaceutical companies, breweries and wine cellars. Their partners include BMW, Daimler, VW, Gorenje, Electrolux, Bosch, Whirlpool, GE and Danfoss Trata. Slometal has needed just a decade since their founding in 2009 to increase their sales of stainless products to 12 tons per year. Their meteoric rise is explained by their strategic geographic position, great business decisions and incessant investment in knowledge and technology. Slometal does business in the markets of Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania. Exports account for a half of their revenue, which reached EUR 21 million last year. They are open to new partnerships in Germany, Austria, Poland and France. Outside of the EU VRC seeks collaboration in the USA, Turkey, Iran, Algeria, the United Arab Emirates and Russia.



Top Products

| Mobility and E-Mobility

Griffing d. o. o.

Roto Slovenija, d. o. o.

Product: Mechanical metal processing, including metal machining and production of door fittings

Product: Premium, green and user friendly reservoirs for yachts, motorboats, motorbikes and agricultural equipment, along with other industrial products and semi-finished products.

Rakitnica 41, 1331 Dolenja vas Slovenia

Metal products found in the world’s most

famous car brands The family-owned Griffing is specialized in serial metal machining on CNC milling and cutting machines, as well as in producing stainless steel door fittings, including handles, latches and decorative elements. Primarily Griffing exports fittings for entrance doors and machined metal parts for further use in the automotive industry, in machines used in medicine, and in other fields where Griffing’s parts are built into final products. A wide range of machines and years of experience power Griffing’s wide range of metal semi-finished products custom products. They have been trusted for years by established brands Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Inotherm, Belimed, Siemens and Elaphe. The company’s focus is primarily on the German and Swiss markets, while its long-term objective is to continue ensuring uncompromised quality and growth trends both in terms of development and sales. Griffing ranks among the companies chosen by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and the credit house Coface Slovenija as successful and trustworthy. Winning the Excellent SME Slovenia award is recognition of their business excellence.

Puconci 12, 9201 Puconci Slovenia

Impeccably designed and environmentally

friendly water and fuel tanks Roto Slovenija has built its success from products born of its development program and the manufacture of plastic reservoirs for nautical vessels, motorbikes and agricultural machinery. Their products are used by yacht makers Hanse Yachts, Bavaria Yachts, Brunswick, Elan Yachts, Pershing, Azimut and Sunseeker. They work closely with Krone Maschinenfabrik, one of Germany’s biggest producers of mowers and balers, as well as other market leaders in agricultural machinery, such as Traktorenwerk Lindner, Amazone and Reform. Their range of products also includes fuel and water tanks used for motorbikes (KTM, Honda), tractors (John Deere), freight vehicles (Rosenbauer), sailboats and motorboats, trailers, and RVs from the groups Knaus, Carthago, Hobby and Adria Mobil, and other components for machines made by Putzmeister and Wirtgen. They also make kayaks and canoes that have been recognized as among the best in the industry. Roto’s ecological products, especially their smart septic tanks and waste water treatment tanks, are some of the most in-demand products for global markets, as their SCADA system, which allows for remote control and monitor, solves problems related to waste water and environmental protection. Roto has had further success with its water collection tanks, oil separators and pumping systems. Annual processing of over 3 million kilograms of polymers puts the company among Europe’s leaders in rotomoulding production. They export to more than 50 countries, making up to 90 percent of their sales on foreign markets, especially in Germany. They expect to boost their sales in the USA and Great Britain.

Mobility and E-Mobility

Elvez, d. o. o.

Ulica Antona Tomšiča 35 1294 Višnja Gora Slovenia

Plastika Skaza, d. o. o. Selo 20A, 3320 Velenje Slovenia

Product: Mechanical parts for car headrests and arm rests, various holders for car interiors, and housings for car headlights and taillights

Britain chooses Skaza as one of the 1000 most promising European companies

Plastika Skaza, a company specializing in products made from plastic, works closely with many respected automotive brands. Their primary products include injection moulded components, mechanical parts for the head and arms, holders for auto interiors, and housing for headlights and tail lights. Its reference partners include the family-owned German Hella, the car interior experts at Grammer and Novem Car. In its industrial applications segment it works with multinational companies, including ones from a variety of fields, especially the automotive and electronics industry, which incorporate various smart solutions in their operations. Among other companies they have worked with the multinational ABB, which uses Smart Meters for electricity and gas consumption, which makes possible the smart and responsible use of natural and alternative sources of energy. The London Stock Exchange Group ranked Plastika Skaza on its exclusive list of promising companies that are inspiring the European continent.

Product: Specialized products for the automobile, electronics and machinery industries: pump cable sets, gears, telescoping pipes and housing for car lights.

From Slovenia to General Motors, Hella, Mahle, Scania, Ford and more

The products made by Elvez, a supplier for respected companies in the automobile, electronics, and other industries, are manufactured in a modern factory in Višnja Gora. Their primary products include: cable sets for AdBlue pumps, injected cable sets for automatic transmissions, telescoping pipes for pressure washers (Kärcher), and housings and reflectors for car lights. They work closely with the international companies Hella Group, Mahle Group, ZKW, PSA, Scania, Ford, General Motors and Kärcher. Last year Elvez achieved 60 % of its sales on foreign markets and they expect the same share this year. Germany is one of its biggest markets, and exports there make up 10 % of its sales. They work both directly and indirectly with companies on the German market, primarily in injection moulding and metallization, where they make up more than half of their sales. They aim to strengthen partnerships in both the automobile industry and other sectors, especially with cable confectioners.



Top Products

| Mobility and E-Mobility

CNC P&K – Pušnik d.o.o.

Mariborska 56, 2360 Radlje ob Dravi Slovenia

Telkom, d. o. o.

Cesta Tončke Čeč 45, 1420 Trbovlje Slovenia Service: High-pressure die-casting, mechanical machining and powder coating, along with project management in designing custom products.

A foundry specialist in aluminium casting

and an attentive project manager The foundry company Telkom produces high-pressure aluminium casting in the form of cooling elements for light fixtures, along with machining, powder coating and installation. Telkom offers its customers project management in designing custom products according to the requirements of the automotive industry, and later in optimizing tooling and casting. They are supported in this endeavour by over four decades in the industry. Telkom also makes castings for other fields, including heating, ventilation and agriculture, as well as industrial products and hand tools. One of their innovations that provides customers with better service is the use of casting simulation, which helps determine defects ahead of time and see how effective the tools a given customer intends to cast will be. Telkom is well-aware that aluminium is a very promising field, and on this account they are investing their revenue in machines, infrastructure, improvements and human resources. They have business partners in the EU, most of which are in Germany, where they would like to strengthen their presence. They also have partners in Switzerland and Singapore.

Product: Precise components for the automotive industry and machinery.

The differential cover for BMW’s 4-wheel drive vehicles comes from Slovenia

The family company CNC P&K – Pušnik, have been players in the metal working industry for more than 40 years. They use over 150 modern CNC controlled machines to produce different kinds of products measuring up to 250 mm in diameter and 300 mm in length. Its differential cover is such a product, which is built into BMW’s 4-wheel drive cars. Their products meet high international expectations for quality. They collaborate closely with partners from the automotive industry. Production follows all guidelines for sustainable development.


Distance and precision are their

Riedl CNC, d. o. o.

Preradovičeva ulica 42, 2000 Maribor Slovenia

competitive advantage Vitrans provides transport services to almost all of Europe: to and from Austria, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, Switzerland, the UK, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary. They also provide consulting on the best vehicle for transporting specific goods. The company’s vehicle fleet is comprised of modern, owned vehicles: 13.6-meter haulers with capacities up to 25 tons, as well as 13.6-meter refrigeration lorries that hold up to 22 tons, and other types of lorries as necessary. Vitrans is constantly modernising and expanding its vehicle fleet. All vehicles feature satellite trackers, so customers always know where their vehicles are and when they will be arriving.

Product: Premium quality complex metal parts for the automobile, nautical and airline industry.

Mechanical processing of complex metal products for well-respected global brands

Riedl CNC, a provider of comprehensive, premium solutions for mechanically processing complex metal products for automobiles, nautical vessels and aircraft, specializes in solutions that are tailored to the customers’ needs. Production based on knowledge and innovation lead to products that incorporate premium materials that are also environmentally friendly. Their biggest customers include KTM motor bikes, and they also work closely with renowned brands like FTE automotive, Knorr-Bremse, Stihl, Linde, Viking, Bosch, Rotzler and Palfinger. Riedl is an international competitor, exporting 95 % of its products to European markets.


Prigo, d. o. o.

Podpeška cesta 10, 1351 Brezovica pri Ljubljani Slovenia Service: Sale and maintenance of passenger, commercial and transport vehicles. Transport and logistics services at the highest quality standards

A recognized transport specialist operating under Mercedes-Benz

Vitrans, d. o. o.

Rožna dolina 5C, 1290 Grosuplje Slovenia Service: International transport with whole truckloads and individual items throughout Europe with modern vehicles and dependable drivers.

Prigo, an expert in transport, logistics and servicing for freight, commercial and passenger vehicles, is one of Slovenia’s most successful companies. The company, which operates under the renowned brands Mercedes-Benz, Thermo King and MAN Truck & Bus Slovenija, provides transport for hazmats (ADR), warehousing, transhipment, maintenance and sale of spare parts. Prigo is also an authorized service provider of Mercedes-Benz passenger, commercial and transport vehicles and buses, as well as a retailed of spare parts. It is further an authorized service provider for all MAN transport vehicles.


Top Products

| Smart factories, networks, state-of-the-art instruments and products

Smart factories and products from Slovenian SMEs

State-of-the-art robots, measuring instruments and measuring technologies. Solutions tailored to customer needs. Some of the best technical solutions are at home in Slovenia. Including smart factories. Do you know which one of them is the most modern?

By: Marko Vidrih, Maja Cestnik

Smart factories for future mobility

Polycom Ĺ kofja Loka d.o.o.

Dobje 10, 4223 Poljane nad Ĺ kofjo Loko Slovenia Product: Products and hybrid products made of thermoplastics and metals, and tools for the injection molding of plastics. Polycom is present in the automotive industry, compressor technologies, electrical and electronics industries.

A smart factory for the best automotive

brands In the next five years Polycom plans to manufacture high value added hybrid products in a smart factory, in which processes will be controlled by various control systems. Today they do this for every third project, but by that time, they will have all projects under control. A smart factory stands on four pillars: energy, technology, development and informatics. The factory has a tool-development center, which develops a new process about twice per week, robotized cells and informatic support, which includes systems of business informatics and production informatics, as well as their mutual integration. These types of systems enable continuous control of the operation of the facility and processes, maintenance of optimal mechanical conditions and cause minimal environmental impact. Especially highlighted are cooling, heating and ventilation systems, technological water systems and firefighting systems. Among other things, Polycom indirectly produces products for the largest automotive companies, such as BMW, Audi and Volkswagen. To a large extent they devote themselves to patents, and have developed a component for the Volkswagen steering wheel column. They are able to solve complex challenges with a strong development department and tool shop. They provide everything from project documentation and product models, to tool making and production automation.

Smart factories, networks, state-of-the-art instruments and products

Smart networks

State-of-the-art instruments

RLS Merilna tehnika, d.o.o. Solvera Lynx, d.o.o.

Stegne 23A, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Product: The GemaLogic intelligent software energy management platform combines monitoring, analysis, alerts and reporting in a simple web application.

Intelligent solutions for electricity

management and energy savings The Solvera Lynx company deals with energy and smart grid technologies, and offers solutions as three pillars: monitoring, energy efficiency with data analysis, monitoring of KPI, targeted monitoring of energy use and flexibility, which includes the platform, a virtual power plant for adjustment of energy consumption, energy management and a systemic reserve for tertiary regulation. The Solvera Lynx solutions are combined in the GemaLogic software tool to provide real-time data on real-time energy consumption, a detailed view of consumption, data comparison, prediction of future energy needs, and protection against unforeseen energy consumption. GemaLogic receives data from most measuring devices and sensors or from state-of-the-art communication devices that are the result of proprietary development. They have carried out projects in collaboration with some of the largest businesses, logistics and other regional centers and companies. They have established the first LoRaWAN™ network in the country to cover major urban and industrial areas. Solvera Lynx has developed a Demand Response Control System – DRCS solution to centrally manage the consumption of households and small businesses. This allows for the acceptance and implementation of applications for reduced consumption. Solvera Lynx operates mainly on the Slovenian market and the markets of neighboring countries, but plans to boost exports to Germany. They are looking for overseas companies that offer technical and sales expertise for energy management systems.

Pod vrbami 2, Poslovna cona Žeje pri Komendi,1218 Komenda Slovenia Product: Advanced linear and rotary magnetic encoders for medicine, robotics, solar technologies and the printing industry.

Solutions for robots, Airbus aircraft and

solar power plants Products of the RLS company are built into the DaVinci Surgical System, Airbus aircraft and the Ivanpah solar power plant in California, inter-alia, highlighting the following solutions: AksIM is a ring encoder which, due to its unique compact shape, is used in robotic joints for rotation control. The Orbis rotary encoder has the best price-performance ratio. It is easily installed because of its innovative design, and is suitable for installation at the end of the motor axis. RM08 is one of the smallest rotary encoders, is simple to install and has a diameter of only 8 millimeters. The LM10, LM13, LM15 and LA11 linear encoders are embedded in robotic and motor applications in printers and other industrial automation applications. Demand is highest for absolute rotary encoders, used in robots and electric motors, where accurate motion detection and operation are important right after startup. The advantage of RLS solutions is their high quality and ease of installation. In addition to robotics, they are also suitable for machine construction, where encoders are installed in high speed spindles and in various electric motors for movement control. For example, in agricultural machines for determining precise distances between feeders on seeding machines, in solar power stations to control mirror position for the ideal angle to reflect the sun’s rays, and in medical applications for precise movements of surgical robots. RLS collaborates with the partner company Reinshaw, which has offices in nearly 50 countries of the world and offers excellent sales and technical support to RLS. The company’s references are the well-known brands Haas, General Motors, Universal robots and Doosan. This year the company expects a revenue of about 30 million euro. Their exports are present on European, American and Asian markets.



Top Products

| Smart factories, networks, state-of-the-art instruments and products

Dewesoft d.o.o.

Gabrsko 11A, 1420 Trbovlje Slovenia Product: Software and measuring instruments for the most demanding technical measurements in automotive, aviation, transport, electrical and other industries, as well as for the civil engineering and energy sectors.

The company is present in over 50 countries, with 99 % of its sales generated on foreign markets. Last year they saw a revenue of 20 million euro. The largest share of exports, about half of all revenue, is achieved in European countries, a quarter on the Asian market and one fifth in the Americas. Key markets by country are the USA, China, France and Germany. A 10 % growth in all regions is expected this year. Dewesoft products are used or incorporated in the technologies of Nasa, General Motors, Bridgestone, Caterpillar, Honeywell, Harley Davidson and Lockheed Martin. The sales network is spread throughout all of the world’s countries. Subsidiaries were established in Denmark, India, Italy and Belgium last year. This year they plan to establish subsidiaries in Mexico, South Korea and the Netherlands. They are looking for business partners and markets in the Middle East and on the African continent.

Innovators trusted by General Motors, Volkswagen, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Nasa and Honeywell.

The Dewesoft company builds software and measuring technologies to the highest technical requirements of the automotive, aviation, transport, electrical and energy industries. The Krypton series combines rugged and distributed data acquisition modules with an EtherCAT interface for analog and digital I/O and IP67 protection, used by global buyers in the automotive and heavy machinery industries, such as General Motors, Volkswagen, Volvo, Mercedes, Caterpillar and CNH. The Iolite series is a data acquisition and real-time control front-end system for industrial applications. It is a complete solution for real-time monitoring and feedback, and is expected to be a breakthrough product this year. Volvo is the first company to test the equipment in their E-mobility project. The Sirius series is the world’s most versatile USB and EtherCAT data acquisition system for any signal and sensor, packed with cutting edge technology. It provides an isolated, fast and very accurate data capture system for testing in harsh environments and is used by the aerospace industry for standard data recording, structural dynamics and analysis of rotating machines. As well as more specific applications, including ground station PCM telemetry, Chapter 10, ARINC-429, MIL-STD-1553 and iNet support. Dewesoft cooperates with aerospace companies like NASA and Honeywell in turret testing, missile and rocket engine tests, aviation power tests, satellite attitude controller tests and other applications. These systems are also part of the power analysis in projects with Siemens for generators and wind turbines.

Lotrič Metrology d.o.o. Selca 163, 4227 Selca Slovenia

Product/service: Development of superior metrological products and solutions, representation of the best producers of measuring, pharmaceutical and laboratory technologies.

First class metrologists: covering 95 percent of all metrological needs, with 15,000 references

The family-owned Lotrič Metrology company has been dedicated to metrology for almost three decades, and can design metrological devices to customer specifications. Nearly 200 accredited methods, metrological products and solutions cover 95 percent of all metrological needs. Two solutions are highlighted: Exactum and Trames Unique. Exactum is an innovative system solution for automatic environmental control and sample conditions that enables the automation of many business processes in healthcare, laboratories, warehouses, greenhouses, galleries and transport industries – wherever controlled conditions are needed.

Smart factories, networks, state-of-the-art instruments and products

It enables automatic monitoring of parameters such as temperature and relative humidity, CO2 level, pH, carbon monoxide, solar radiation and airflow. In the event that the limits of parametric values are exceeded, the system will send notification via e-mail or sms message. Trames Unique metrological devices measure product dimensions and are fully adapted to customer requirements. They allow measurement in one, two or three dimensions and comply with a calibration certificate. Lotrič Metrology has nearly 15,000 domestic and international business references, including Lek, Danfoss, Gorenje, Knauf Insulation, Iskra Emeco, Domel. They have subsidiaries in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Austria, where accredited laboratories are located. The Lotrič Metrology company expects a revenue of around 4.5 million euro this year, and about 8 million euro for the entire Group. They plan to strengthen growth in foreign markets, especially in Austria, Germany, Great Britain and Italy.

Advanced products and services

Yaskawa Slovenija d.o.o., Yaskawa Ristro d.o.o. Lepovče 23, 1310 Ribnica Slovenia

Product: The world’s leading manufacturer of robotic and propulsion technologies. Motoman’s fast-moving industrial robot reduces labor costs and can work 24 hours a day throughout the year.

The world’s largest producer of robots builds with Slovenian hands and minds

Yaskawa, the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial robots, known for the Motoman line of industrial robots, is partnered with the Munich based high-tech company RoboticsX, which introduces web-based approaches into electromechanical devices, making them even more effective and useful. Robots eliminate the time lost due to machine failure, reduce labor costs, enable a high return on investment and can work 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Due to the modular design both of the software and the gripper gearbox, the system is very flexible and can be adapted to rapidly changing production requirements. Yaskawa has installed more than 330,000 different robots for world-renowned companies such as Audi, BMW, Fuji, Grammer, Volkswagen and Samsung. These include robots dedicated to uses such as welding, palletizing, handling, painting, varnishing, cleaning, assembly, cutting, packaging and systemic solutions. Yaskawa products and solutions support automation in various industrial processes, from the mining and automotive industries, to mechanical engineering, tool making, packaging, wood, textile and semiconductor industries, and in lifting technologies. In Slovenia, Yaskawa is present through the companies Yaskawa Slovenia and Yaskawa Ristro. Their first European robot factory was recently built in Kočevje, and they have started to build new factories for the production of electrical components in the country, specifically drive converters, servodrives and servomotors. Slovenian hands will construct these robots and Slovenian brains will make them smart.

Mebor d.o.o.

Češnjica 48B, 4228 Železniki Slovenia Product: Production of innovative wood cutting machines, in particular horizontal band saw blades, offering all kinds of machines for sawmills and for the construction of log houses.

Innovators in the wood industry want to conquer 100 countries

The Mebor company is one of the world’s leading producers of primary woodworking machines and the recipient of the prestigious title Golden Gazelle 2018 for the fastest growing Slovenian company. Their band saws and machines are the results of their own innovations and development. They stand apart from the competition with continuous investment in the research and development of horizontal band saw blades, and have also developed a vertical saw with very high capacity. The company’s most interesting products for export are from the following groups:



Top Products

| Smart factories, networks, state-of-the-art instruments and products

a.) horizontal band saws: The Mebor System® is their own system of horizontal band saw blades. Mebor band saws provide greater capacity and efficiency, while reducing labor costs. They have a strong and robust design that ensures reliable operation and reduces maintenance costs. b.) Edging and multi-ripping saws: Mebor board edgers are recognized due to their strong and robust construction, which ensures reliability, high efficiency and low maintenance costs. c.) complete sawing lines: Mebor develops complete sawing lines on request. They help customers to improve production by means of their own personal experience in wood milling technology. When planning sawing lines, they pursue the following objectives: capacity and automation, the quality of cut timber, minimum operating costs, flexibility, a reasonable price, efficient use of space and ease of use. The company sells globally, to all markets where wood is cut. Their original products have found their way into more than 50 countries around the world, and are planned to enter at least another 50 markets. The largest share of Mebor sales is in the geographical area of Europe (Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia). Mebor machines are used by one of the two largest global companies to manufacture upholstered furniture, Home Group. Their largest sawmill set up to date, was for the Siberian company Lenalesservis. Mebor’s revenue exceeded 12 million euro last year, with more than 90 percent from exports; they expect a 10 % increase in sales this year and are looking for foreign business partners for the sale, assembly and servicing of machines.

Cleangrad d.o.o.

Prešernova ulica 29, 9240 Ljutomer Slovenia Service: Production and assembly of metal constructions for clean rooms in pharmacies, hospitals and in the cosmetic, food and microelectronics industries.

Experts for clean spaces in the most

sensitive industries The Cleangrad company is engaged in the fabrication and assembly of metal structures adapted to individual requirements, for the construction of certified clean rooms in hospitals and for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, microelectronics and food industries. They assemble walls, ceilings, doors, furniture and accessories, by use of a detailed design that ensures the integration of ventilation and other technologies. The assembly teams are educated in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and pay special attention to health, safety and cleanliness in the workplace. The company’s engineering personnel ensure a detailed design and high-quality implementation of the project. They provide a 48-hour service throughout Europe and supply spare parts. The system of panels developed by the company is an integral part of their projects, including assembly. They collaborate with pharmaceutical giants Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Mithra Pharmaceutical, DSM, Novartis, Sandoz, Octapharma and others. Successful work is certified by the Austrian SCC – Safety Certificate Contractors, the Health and Safety Award from Pfizer (in 2016) and the Zero Incidents award from Janssen Biologics. Recently, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia awarded the company a prize for exceptional economic and entrepreneurial achievements. Clean¬grad was one of the suppliers in a humanitarian project financed by Bill Gates, to build a fully-automated vaccine factory in Africa. Cleangrad generates and annual revenue of 10 million euro, almost exclusively on foreign markets in Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany and Hungary.

Smart factories, networks, state-of-the-art instruments and products

ABC Maziva d.o.o.

Bravničarjeva ulica 13, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Service: Exclusive distributor for sales and technical support of industrial oils and lubricating brands Aral, BP, Condat, Matrix and Castrol for the Slovenian region.

Premium oils and lubricants helping

businesses to reduce costs The ABC Maziva company offers the highest quality oils and lubricants for the mechanical treatment of metals that mix with water and hydraulic, reducing and compression oils, heat transfer oils, transformation (stamping) oils, all types of lubricant, cleaning agents and detergents, which meet the most demanding ecological and technical standards. The company stands out with its offer of cooling lubricants for metal working – emulsions and innovative coolant lubricants, suitable for all materials and processing. User experience demonstrates high efficiency and a stable work process: without service additives. The company also offers “turnkey lubrication”: they create a lubrication schedule free of charge and help reduce the annual costs of lubricants by at least 10 percent. The most demanding customers are offered the CMS (Chemical Management System) or the Castrol + Plus package, which, with the help of a unique computer program, prescribes the right lubricant at the right place at the right time. A revenue of 11 million euro is expected this year, of which nearly a third is on foreign markets. The company’s key markets are Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Bulgaria.

Strojegradnja SAS Stanko Arzenšek s.p. Krtince 11C, 3241 Podplat Slovenia

Product: Production and sale of bending machines, profile lines, developers, fans and plumbing equipment.

One of the largest manufacturers of bending machines in Europe has produced its 500th original piece

The machines and devices that are developed and produced by Strojegradnja SAS are designed for the bending, cutting and storage of sheet metal. Hydraulic bending machines reach a length of 4 to 8 meters, and are designed to bend thin sheets of up to 2 millimeters thickness. The second best-selling line of products comprises devices for the storage and decoiling of sheet metal rolls. These can be individual decoilers, designed for small auto-body workshops, or complete systems to decoil and add sheets to “profiling lines”. The third best selling products are cutting machines for various sheet lengths and widths. Strojegradnje SAS products are produced in cooperation with customers, and by use of CNC machining, plasma cutting and robotic welding during manufacture. The company is gradually increasing the degree of automation and added value of their products. With the production of their 500th machine last year, they are considered one of the largest manufacturers of hydraulic bending machines in Europe. They expect a significant increase in sales this year, about 85 percent of which are exports to EU markets.



Top Products

| Smart factories, networks, state-of-the-art instruments and products

IMP Pumps d.o.o. KOVIT projekti d.o.o. Nasipi 50, 1420 Trbovlje Slovenia

Service: Design, manufacture and assembly of metal products for hydroelectric power stations and other power plants.

Hydroelectric power stations around

the world generate electricity with the products of this Slovenian company The Kovit company and projects are engaged in the manufacture and assembly of metal products and machine parts, which are installed in hydroelectric power plants around the world. Abroad they sell mostly machine parts for hydroelectric power stations and other power plants. In addition, they sell industrial equipment for various industrial facilities and for pressure vessels. They offer cutting, assembly, disassembly and maintenance of products. The company also has its own program for the production of tanks and pressure vessels, steel constructions, welders, conveying devices, components for electric power and stainless steel products. With a strong focus on foreign markets – Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia and France – Kovit projects have accounted for almost two thirds of total sales revenue during the past few years. More than five million euro is projected for this year.

Pod hrasti 28 28, 1218 Komenda Slovenia Product: Design, development, production, distribution and maintenance of pumps and pumping systems.

Pump developer, one of Europe’s

technological elite The most up-to-date product of the IMP PUMPS company, which develops and produces pumps and pumping systems, is the NMT MINI PRO pump, which has the best Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) of its class. It provides the user with an easy manner of communication and automatically adapts to system requirements. The family of NMT types, including NMT MAX and NMT SMART pumps, are energy efficient pumps for different types of facility and are in accordance with ErP regulation. The (E) CL family of pumps in the company’s program enable high rates of flow, pressure and supply with a built-in frequency converter. IMP Pumps also produces pressure boosters for drinking water supply facilities. The company is an innovator in the field of electro-commutated motors with wet-rotor, and is certified ISO9001: 2015. IMP Pumps is one of the few European manufacturers to have developed and introduced a new generation of electronically controlled pumps with wet-rotors, trusted by the Rohde & Schwarz, Taco, Calpeda, Ebara and Armstrong companies. In the last three years, traffic has increased by 60 percent. More than 92 percent of production is sold abroad in more than 60 countries around the world. Last year, they invested heavily in the production and development of new solutions. They expect a revenue of 19 million euro this year, and are looking for business partners in France, India, China and Brazil.

Smart factories, networks, state-of-the-art instruments and products

SIBO G d.o.o.

Forstek d.o.o.

Product: Solutions for closed packaging, technical solutions and innovative developments in our own technology center.

Product: Development of tools for the pharmaceutical and glass industry, production and maintenance of glass tools.

KidriÄ?eva cesta 99, 4220 Ĺ kofja Loka Slovenia

You almost certainly use their products

everyday SIBO G is specialized in a.) manufacture of plastic packaging (plastic products for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries), b.) production of technical plastics for the electrical and automotive industry, c.) plastic injection for medical purposes, d.) development and production of tools for thermoplastic injection. The SIBO Group produces five product ranges. In addition to plastic packaging closures and caps for tubes, technical plastics, thin-walled containers and pharmaceutical containers, they also manufacture tools for the production of these goods. Their products include toothpaste closures, plastic parts for printers manufactured of technical plastics, and smoke detector casings. They follow environmental trends and are exploring alternative materials, but are already manufacturing thin-walled packaging for ice cream and foods. They are present in more than 65 countries around the world. Mostly in Europe, the UK, Germany, Poland, but also in the United States and Russia, where they plan to strengthen their market presence by setting up companies. Egypt, Brazil, Chile and China are also interesting, as are new collaborative business partnerships in all segments where the company is active. Last year they had a revenue of 45 million euro, and expect a 10 % increase in sales this year.

Planinska cesta 15, 1431 Dol pri Hrastniku Slovenia

Masters of the tools used to create

beautiful glassware The Forstek company has two programs: a.) a line of blister packaging tools for the pharmaceutical industry, b.) molds for blown and/or pressed glass products. Forstek is a specialist in the production of very demanding technical designs and tools for a variety of glass manufacturing technologies; they produce tools for blown plastic and mega-yacht parts for the nautical industry. Their tools enable the production of prestigious glassware, the optimization of pharmaceutical packing machines, and equip the most prestigious yachts. They are trusted by Novartis, Teva, XO, Ikea and Crystal Head Vodka. Forstek follows current trends in engineering and collaborates with customers to participate in the development of new products and devices. The EU is a key market for Forstek, with nearly 40 % of their total revenue coming from Italy and Poland. They are looking for new business partners in Europe. A revenue of more than 4 million euro is expected this year, of which 2.5 million from exports.



Top Products

| Smart factories, networks, state-of-the-art instruments and products

Green industry

Bos Grubar d.o.o.

Obrtna cesta 17, 8310 Šentjernej Slovenia Product: Manufacture of tools, devices and lines for customers with special needs and for the manufacture of metal and plastic products.

A specialist for specialized tools and

production lines Bos Grubar is active in three areas: machine building, metal products, tools and services. The company produces metal products, tools and devices constructed to the customer’s requirements. They service and repair small metal products. The manufacturing is highly dedicated, closely following the needs and wants of customers, from concept development to production of a finished product. The company constantly invests in the development of products, processes, organizational and expert knowledge. The company’s machines and 30 % of their revenue are found on the European market. Bos Grubar production lines are used by BMW, S&B, Fiocchi, HDS, FN Herstahl, Igman Konjic, Prvi partisan and the Sloboda company. They work with the Austrian company Miba Automation systems GmbH and are looking at markets outside Europe.

Plastika Skaza d.o.o. Selo 20A, 3320 Velenje Slovenia

Product: Innovative products that emphasize concern for the planet by changing people’s habits: the Viva 2 line, Bokashi Organko kitchen composter and Pic&Go picnic set are made of more than 80 percent vegetable matter.

The circular economy begins at home

The Plastika Skaza company manufactures a brand of products containing materials from natural, renewable and recycled sources. The easily assembled Pick&Go picnic set and Viva 2 line are manufactured from 80 percent vegetable matter. These products emphasize the importance of circular economy. Pick&Go is a convenient modular picnic set and camping experience, whether in nature or on a camping site. Bokashi Organko 1 and 2 are both recycled parts of the circular economy. Innovative products to enable the circular economy where it counts most – at home – by separating organic waste, reducing its volume by up to 25 percent and creating a natural fertilizer and compost for plants or to return to nature. These innovative products are recognized by retail chains: Ikea, Gorenje, ABB, Striebel & John, Landis+Gyr, Hella and Grammer. The company uses its own laboratory for the development of products and is present in more than 50 markets around the world, with exports accounting for over 90 percent of revenues last year, mostly in electronics, furniture and home products. Last year they exceeded the 40 million euro threshold, this year they expect 50 million euro, of which 95 percent on foreign markets. The German, Greek, British, Swiss, French and Swedish markets are key; Plastika Skaza wants to strengthen its presence on Dutch, Danish and Norwegian markets.

Top Products

| Smart homes, smart construction and measurement devices

Slovenian businesses that have won the trust of global brands By: Marko Vidrih, Aleksander Kolednik

MIK Mednarodno trgovsko in proizvodno podjetje, d.o.o. Celjska cesta 55, 3212 Vojnik Slovenia

Product: MIKrovent® is a system for decentralised ventilation in new and old buildings, with heat recovery of up to 95 % at 100 % air exchange in the building, and optional humidity and CO2 control in ventilated rooms. On top of this, the system brings substantial energy savings.

Fraport, Sparkasse, Bosch Group, XXXLutz, Danfoss Group, Volvo Trucks, BMW, Knauf Insulation are just a few of the global brands that have entrusted the construction of smart buildings to successful Slovenian companies, members of the Slovenian Business Club. Kubus features as an architectural line of PVC windows with minimized frames to enlarge glass surfaces. MIK is a supplier of high-quality PVC and aluminium profiles made by Gealan, Schüco and Wicona, and of the top-class structural fittings made by Winkhaus and Siegenia, which are used in construction joinery and carpentry. Recent reference buildings include the new Mömax centre in Vienna owned by XXXLutz – the second largest global retail chain with furniture and interior design products, the Gallia hotel in Milan, the residential neighbourhood Neue Heimat Tirol Gemeinnützige Wohnungs in Innsbruck with 154 apartments, the Rogner hotel complex in Tirana, and the Viceroy Anguilla luxury resort in the Caribbean. For the Best Western hotel chain, the company has carried out construction joinery works and fitted in the furniture. They were engaged for the construction of the König Albert hotel in Bad Elster and a building owned by BMW in Munich. MIK Celje successfully operates in Europe, the United States and Canada, where it generates 15 % of its total revenue. They are planning to increase their exports this year.

A ventilation system that meets the expectations of BMW, Fraport and Best Western

The MIK company manufactures and fits PVC, aluminium, and wooden doors and windows, and provides complete glazing solutions. Their best-known product is the MIKrovent® ventilation system, which is integrated with the frame of a window or roller blind. These can be fitted into new and old buildings and are particularly well suited to renovation projects. The airflow in the system is between 60 and 120 cubic meters per hour. Compact design and outstanding heat recovery (90 to 95 %) make MIKrovent® an ideal choice for family homes, apartments, childcare centres, schools, hospitals, retirement homes, hotel rooms and offices. MIKrovent® is indisputably one of the best ventilation solutions on the European market. It is also cost-effective; the energy savings it generates are among the highest in the EU.

Ržišnik Perc d.o.o.

Poslovna cona A2, 4208 Šenčur Slovenia Service: Complete project management solutions from concept to implementation and optimized operation. A system which provides transparent and comprehensive monitoring of information about construction and costs optimizes time and improves the predictability of long-term risk.



Top Products

| Smart homes, smart construction and measurement devices

Regional leader of integrated project-

implementation management The project design team of the Ržišnik Perc consulting company covers all milestones in the management of construction projects, from design to final execution and complete operational optimization. The firm works with one hundred architects and construction engineers to advise investors, look after their interests and ensure complete transparency. The introduction of Building Information Modelling (BIM), a de facto standard in the Anglo-Saxon world, into regular planning practice with the aim to provide quality services at an affordable price, gives the firm a distinct competitive advantage. Thanks to digitization, the planning process unfolds through telework, which enables highly trained professionals to work together locally on global projects. BIM creates transparency through all construction information, enables cost monitoring, optimization of construction time, and improves predictability of long-term risk. The company’s numerous reference projects and clients include L8 Brnik, Knauf Insulation, Raycap Group, Cargo-partner, Titus Group, Bosch Group, Volvo Trucks, LPKF, Saxonia-Franke, Danfoss Group, Messer Group, FILC, TKK, Hofer (Aldi-Süd), Lidl, E-Leclerc, Spar, IKEA, Raiffeisen Leasing, Sberbank, Sparkasse, and Fraport. The firm is interested in market opportunities in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. They are open to the prospects of collaborating with firms that require comprehensive architectural and engineering support for construction and real estate development projects, as well as consulting services.

and investors in architecture & lighting design. Intra Lighting is in touch with what market needs and responds with appropriate solutions. Investing intensively in the market, in the development of new products and human resources, in its sales and support services network and innovations with clear applicative value are a constant priority, along with investors. When designing new products, designers respond to questions about the future of human existence and the transformation of lifestyle, in an attempt to offer sustainable solutions that respect the customers, for whom they are created, are of high quality and at the same time are highly energy efficient. Collaborating with top specialists in other fields is the norm in this business. The EU is the most important market for the company, although they are present on 68 markets. This year they are opening two new showrooms in Germany, one in Italy and one in the UK, and they aim to open showrooms in North America, the Middle East and the Pacific region. Intra Lighting employs more than 100 people and has representative offices in Serbia, Croatia and in the Netherlands. The company has been named Silver Gazelle of 2018.

AJM Okna-vrata-senčila d.o.o.

Kozjak nad Pesnico 2A, 2211 Pesnica pri Mariboru Slovenia

Intra lighting d.o.o. Miren 137 B, 5291 Miren Slovenia

Product: Design and production of architectural luminaries and smart lighting solutions.

Experts of smart illumination

Intra Lighting is a leading provider of architectural luminaries and lighting solutions in South-Eastern Europe. They design bespoke lighting solutions to fit different types of spaces and harmonize with architectural concepts. The company collaborates to build sustainable business relationships with major designers, producers

Product: Windows, doors, glass facades, blinds and screens.

Frameless designer windows are an

absolute sales hit The AJM company is the largest Slovenian manufacturer of building furniture with many years of experience. The company develops and makes door and window furniture and hardware in various materials and styles, from classical to contemporary, trendy, prestigious and low-energy-consumption products for passive and low energy-consumption buildings. A notable novelty introduced by AJM is the energyefficient Zero Sash designer window with multi-layer glazing sealed in a uniform profile casing. Made entirely of glass and no window frame, these windows have become an absolute hit on the demanding

Smart homes, smart construction and measurement devices

distant markets of Japan, Russia and Korea. Other top exports include higher-grade AJM Energeto windows, which meet the highest energy efficiency standards, wooden frame windows for passive buildings, contemporary ALU exterior front doors and windows. References include the notable clients Golden Hill, Riegler Downtown, and Technopark Rabba. AJM uses the most advanced production technologies and has received several awards, including national ones, in recognition of their innovations. The company has 200 employees and an extensive sales network at home and abroad, where it generates approximately one third of total revenue. Key markets are Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The company is looking for new local business partners.

Germany, a residential neighbourhood in Graz, Austria, an elite apartment neighbourhood on Lake Como, Italy, several elite apartment neighbourhoods in Switzerland, an Apple Store in Germany and a Telecom shop in Cuba. This year, Roltek plans to increase its earnings on foreign markets by two million euros. Roltek’s guiding principle is to be environmentally responsible. To this end, they only use energy from renewable sources and recyclable, environmentallyfriendly materials. Roltek’s vision is to become a trendsetter in offering customers comprehensive, sustainable shading solutions in Central Europe.

MOS Servis d.o.o.

Mestinje 2B, 3241 Podplat Slovenia

Roltek d.o.o.

Želodnik 19, 1233 Dob Slovenia Product: Venetian and roller blinds, window shades, screens, mosquito screen and meshes, garage doors made in the contemporary style with visual appeal and durability. Best fits for the BWM hotel in Munich and elite apartments on Lake Como

Roltek’s main product lines comprise:

a) Outward and inward rolling blinds fitted with the new PURO system. Superior quality, aesthetically appealing, energy saving and environmentally friendly, easy to install and durable. b) HERO blinds and shutters for external installation are a high-quality product with outstanding design, environmentally friendly, with a high light-dimming factor and unique installation solution. c) Aluminium garage door, designed for demanding customers. d) Compact, adaptable, easily installed high quality meshes and screens for protection against mosquitoes. Already well established in Austria and Croatia, Roltek is also present in other markets. Their latest references abroad include well-known brands and representative buildings, notably the BWM hotel in Munich,

Service: Mechanical and electric installations for transport in the automotive and food processing industries, warehouses and logistical distribution centres such as airports.

Trusted by Tesla, Mercedes and Porsche

MOS installs and maintains transport systems for the automotive and food processing industries, building and electrical installations in distribution and logistical centers, warehouses, and airports. The company works all over the world in cooperation with subsidiary companies, one in Mexico and another, which covers the US and Canadian markets. To this day, MOS has fitted the car production plants of almost every manufacturer in the EU for brands such as Mercedes, Audi, VW, Porsche, BMW, Mini, Škoda, and Ford. They have installed equipment in Tesla’s new production plant in Fremont, California and provided installations for several international airports. They offer complete specialist engineering services and use the most advanced processes and solutions. They have recently enhanced their presence on foreign markets by starting the production of transport elements and parts, such as roller, rotary and lifting tables, overhead conveyors, rail systems, and other load-lifting components. In cooperation with partners, they supply system kits and individual industrial products relating to electrical installations and equipment, software tools, automation and robotization solutions for industrial pro-



Top Products

| Smart homes, smart construction and measurement devices

cesses. They are looking for new partners to cooperate with on metalworking and tool machining products. The company’s revenue last year was 14 million euros, of which 99 % was generated on foreign markets. Germany, the Netherlands and France continue to be the most important.

Petre šotori, hale d.o.o. Čeplje 51, 3305 Vransko Slovenia

Varis Lendava d.o.o.

Industrijska ulica 4B, 9220 Lendava Slovenia Product: Production of prefabricated bathrooms for all types of customers, from hotel chains to residential apartment buildings, retirement homes, hospitals, student dormitories, and prisons. Designer radiators. Pump tracks for skate parks.

Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Hampton by Hilton have bathrooms made in Slovenia Varis Lendava is the designer and manufacturer of prefabricated bathrooms that are among the best in Europe: industrially manufactured modules complete with wall and floor tiles, baths, basins, shower enclosures, radiators, mirrors, water taps and power sockets, toilets, lights, hair driers and accessories are delivered to the construction site and placed in designated locations. The bathroom is ready for use once the installations are completed. Prefabricated bathrooms are in demand by a broad range of customers. They are installed in apartment buildings, retirement homes, hospitals, holiday resorts and renowned international hotel chains such as Sheraton, Hampton by Hilton, Motel One, Intercity, Holiday Inn, Steigenberger, HIEX, and Scandic. As an additional option, Varis Lendava offers quality designer radiators in the colour of customer’s choice. In 2015, their Memory radiator received the Red Dot Design Award. Concrete elements for skate parks are available in a variety of combinations, as well as humps and curves for pump track cycling and skateboarding. Reference projects include skate parks in Las Palmas (the Canary Islands), Madrid, Munich, Luxembourg, and Kitzbühl. Most of the company’s revenue is generated on foreign markets, predominantly in Germany where they have a 15 % market share and export up to 90 % of their bathrooms, Switzerland, Croatia, and Austria.

Product: Wedding tents, store halls, scaffolds, landings, pagodas and pavillions. Manufacturing, sales and rentals.

Looking for a wedding or a VIP tent? Look no further

Rain or shine, Petre event tents are a convenient solution for concerts, parties, openings, meetings, picnics, banquets and any other type of special event you want to host. Available in various dimensions, they can accommodate small as well as large numbers of people. They are put up easily and quickly, and fit perfectly in any environment. In addition, you can choose a landing, stage, or a tribune with adjustable height, or extravagantly shaped pagodas and pavillions to complement the tents and liven up the event. Due to their versatility, the wedding and VIP tents are in high demand. They are available with additional options, such as catering equipment and furniture, with different types and colours of floors and floor coverings, and with various decorations. With a plentiful selection of store halls and tents tens of meters wide and long, as required, everyone can find what they need, together with different types of roofing for store halls or perchance an ice-skating rink. The range of products has recently expanded to horse riding grounds and lodge tents which provide ample space for equestrian exercise, training and dressage. Larger groups of animals can thus train together. At the same time, the tents are also easy to clean. In addition, the company manufactures tarpaulins in various sizes made to order, pop-up market stalls, bar tents, sun shades, porch canopies, entrance covers for bars and garages, covers for boats and swimming pools. The Petre tents for military accommodation have likewise proven very practical in any kind of weather or environment. Outside Slovenia, the Petre company is active in Austria, Italy and Croatia. Their plans for the near future include establishing business partnerships in Hungary and Switzerland.

Smart homes, smart construction and measurement devices

Fragmat d.o.o. Alpod d.o.o.

Poskrajnik 112, 1380 Cerknica Slovenia Product/Service: Manufacture, sales, complete installation of all types of floor coverings, parquets, laminates, PVC-based floors, cork and leather.

Floor coverings for every taste, anywhere

in the world Alpod’s principal business is the manufacturing and selling of floor coverings, from parquets to laminates and various other types of floors. We advise customers to help them make an informed decision about what to choose for a good quality daily living or business environment. Our showrooms in Ljubljana, Cerknica and Murska Sobota have a wide range of wooden floors on display to satisfy demanding customers such as architects and designers, but also offer very affordable linoleum, cork, leather and PVC-based floor coverings. The parent company and its five subsidiaries have almost 100 employees. Four fifths of the company’s total revenue is generated abroad, largely in China, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Serbia, Austria, and Egypt. Last year’s turnover was 32 million euros. A 10 % increase is expected this year.

Cesta Majde Šilc 1, 1317 Sodražica Slovenia Products and services: Thermal and hydro insulation materials, polystyrene foam, XPS, sandwich panels, locksmithery components.

Insulation specialist and joinery expert

working hand in hand with automotive giants In addition to various types of insulation materials, Fragmat manufactures ALU and INOX windows, doors, locks and roofing products: metal roofs, edgings, snow guards and panelling. Fragmat’s largest exports are hydro insulation materials and XPS, extruded polystyrene foam for insulation of residential and industrial buildings. On foreign markets, the company also offers shock absorbing filling materials for car bumpers made of expanded polypropylene, bumper pads and lining adjusters for better road safety that are built into many European cars, notably BMW, Renault and Mercedes. Fragmat generates around 40 % of its revenue on foreign markets, mostly in Croatia, Austria, Italy and Hungary. This year they expect their turnover to reach 18 million of euro, and seek business opportunities in Slovakia, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Cyprus.



Top Products

| Smart homes, smart construction and measurement devices

Hermi d.o.o. Kronoterm d.o.o.

Trnava 5e, 3303 Gomilsko Slovenia Product/Service: Heating and cooling solutions. Sanitary water heating with heat pumps in all kinds of buildings, new and old residential apartment blocks, business and industrial buildings. Kronoterm has developed a unique heat pump that has no equal in Europe.

The only manufacturer of 450-litre sanitary heat pumps in Europe

Kronoterm provides water heating solutions for homes, business and industrial buildings that generate energy savings and reduce the carbon footprint. Kronoterm heat pumps are available for all heat sources (municipal/water, ground/water and air/water) with maximum energy efficiency for all needs. Kronoterm manufactures the unique heat pump model SMAX (WP4 LF-502), designed for sanitary water heating for large consumers. This 450-litre heat pump is the only one of its kind in Europe and has been declared for some time to be the most efficient pump of this type in the EU. Krono Multi S is a hybrid heat pump for economic and ecological heating by use of renewable groundwater sources and/or air/ water sources for the high or low temperature heating of buildings. This model has received the title: environmentally friendly product. The WPG model is very quiet and operates on geothermal energy. It runs on a freely accessible, ecologically impeccable and highly efficient energy source and takes up very little space. Solutions developed by Kronoterm are found in many hotels, spas, business buildings, schools, childcare centres, educational institutions, museums, and shopping malls. Successful enterprises, such as BSH (Bosch/Siemens), BMW Selmar Maribor and Eurospin trust them. The majority of Kronoterm’s exports go to Austria, Italy and Ireland. The company also wishes to establish partnerships in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

Trnoveljska cesta 15, 3000 Celje Slovenia Product: Hermi’s shield is the result of entrepreneurial and academic knowledge, developed in partnership with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. This ingenious software tool enables computer-assisted deployment of a lightning conductor to provide power surge protection.

A mixture of entrepreneurial and academic

knowledge has resulted in the invention of a superb lightning protection device. One of Hermi’s most innovative solutions is their Shield software tool, computer-assisted planning of protection against lightning strikes and sudden power surges. Developed in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Maribor, it offers quite a few advantages when compared with products made by competitors. The company specializes in the manufacturing of lighting conductors and power surge protection units, but also installs cable trays, guides and racks, ladders and construction systems. Hermi’s products are of high quality and their solutions are highly innovative, as is confirmed by their numerous business references, among which one can find several thousand installations on private, public, business, industrial, sacral, historical and traffic constructions or buildings. Their solutions are installed in the Slovenian Parliament and Ministry of Interior, in apartment neighbourhoods in Slovenia and abroad, and in corporate facilities such as Sandoz, Krka, Mercedes, Renault, Audi, Magna, GKN Driveline and Mahle. Their strongest foreign markets are Croatia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia and Saudi Arabia. They see opportunity in industrial and other fields where innovative solutions can be applied. They are looking for potential partners in Germany and in the north of Europe. They expect a turnover of up to 7 million euros in 2019, with 42 % of total revenue coming from foreign markets.

Smart homes, smart construction and measurement devices

Nevron, d.o.o.

Kidričeva cesta 56, 4220 Škofja Loka Slovenia Service: Reliable and fast IPTV solutions designed to improve the entertainment experience of hotel guests, hospital patients and home viewers.

Optimized television technology for the

hospitality industry Nevron is a high-tech enterprise with its own sophisticated interactive IPTV solutions. Streamron IPTV Gateway enables television and radio broadcasting over IP networks. Streamron IPTV VOD provides ondemand access to films and music. Nevron IPvTV is an interactive television portal with access to different types of entertainment by means of interactive information technology applications. Nevron’s television technology is flexible, modular and scalable. It provides useful local information, weather monitoring, dinner reservations, schedules appointments for massage and room service, while children can use the same service to play videogames, listen to music or watch cartoons. Nevron’s distribution network comprises trustworthy business partners such as HP, IBM, Digital Devices, CLA, Verimatrix, Telechips Inc, Amino, Vestel, Cisco, Supermicro and EGP. Services offered by Nevron and their business partners are used in many countries, from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to Russia, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, and Australia. Nevron boasts many references including clients such as: Silversea Ocean Cruisers, Novotel Hotel Vietnam, Medor Hospital UAE, the Oman Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad Airport, Sheraton, Best Western, Marriot, the Trump Tower in Kazakhstan, the Novotel Hotel Vietnam, Islamabad Airport, the Arum Retirement Home, Fraiser Suites in Geneva, the Medor Hospital in the United Arab Emirates, HMP Grampian Scottish Prison Service, and others. Nevron earns more than 90 % of its revenue on global markets.

Akron d.o.o.

Celovška cesta 172, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Product: Solutions for contemporary living: builtin wardrobes, sliding doors, bedrooms, living rooms and other types of furniture.

Furniture made to measure for

comfortable living Akron is known for its custom-made built-in wardrobes with sliding doors, partition walls, bedrooms, children’s rooms and other furniture made to individual requirements. The company also furnishes offices, bathrooms, hallways and other living spaces. Akron genuinely cares about customer satisfaction and is committed to rendering quality service from start to finish. No stage is less important than any other, from advising customers on how to make the most of their space, to flawless execution of their orders. Acron has developed a special PopPro software tool for 3D furniture design, which makes it easy for customers to design and assemble their furniture. A customer can thus see what their furniture will look like and how much it will cost before making a final decision. The online tool contains a library of furniture elements in various colours, materials and dimensions, which customers can choose and combine as they wish. Akron continues to invest in development and continues to gain new customers abroad, predominantly in Central Europe. Exports render one tenth of annual revenue. Akron is an equal opportunity employer and one of its guiding principles is to do business in an environmentally respectful manner.



Top Products

| Creative Industries

Global Creative Solutions from Slovenia

Do you know which Slovenian company boldly took on the challenge and won the NASA award? Which Slovenian website works in forty languages? Which company aims to become a global leader in providing corporate security solutions and working time tracking systems? All these companies are members of the Slovenian Business Club.

By: Marko Vidrih

Creative champions in the digital world Xlab acted boldly & won the NASA

Xlab, d.o.o.

Pot za Brdom 100, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Service: Software solutions for remote support, collaborative work and management. 3D visualisation and analysis of medical images. Visualising and image processing for geospatial data research with real-time data integration, organisation, spatial analysis and data tagging.

award with their innovation As a high-tech company, Xlab are primarily active in the research of distributed systems and cloud computing. Their software solutions have received international recognition, among them the first prize in the NASA World Wind competition. The company focuses on three main areas: remote work solutions (ISL Online), 3D visualisation and processing of medical images (Medic View), and 3D tools for research and analysis of spatial data (Gaea+). To this, they have recently added two software tools for remote desktop connection, collaboration and tech support, the Online ScreenAssist and Online ScreenView. Xlab closely cooperate with foreign companies such as OceanBridge Inc., Santec Corporation, and others. End clients include Konica Minolta, IBM, AVG Technologies, Telekom Slovenia, Gorenje, Daihatsu, Deloitte, Ricoh, Europcar, Adecco, Sophos, Abanka, e-government, Hermes Softlab, Datalab, and other companies with over 15 million online sessions each year. Xlab are active in innovative EU projects. With Nasa’s open-source API World Wind for visualising and hosting of geospatial data, they developed a tool which won first prize in the category of apps for use in urban infrastructure, scientific research, navigation, planning of aviation routes, the satellite industry and education. Xlab is also the recipient of the European Emergency Number Association award for best cloud-based innovation.

Creative Industries

ance tracking.

Špica International d.o.o.

ID Shop d.o.o.

Service: Comprehensive solutions for tracking working time and access control in workforce and supply-chain management. Development and production of warehouse terminals. Augmented reality for more efficient work in warehouses.

Service: Identification and security systems for complete access control.

Pot k sejmišču 33, 1231 Ljubljana Slovenia

Smart glasses that help the worker do his

job better As a leading Slovenian provider of equipment and systems & solutions for better management of time, Špica International offers their established brand products: Time&Space is an access control and attendance control system. Frontman helps to promote field sales. AllHours is a cloud-based solution for registering work attendance. MyHours enables time tracking, project management, task assignment, and reporting. A novelty developed by the company are smart glasses for warehouse workers. The use of augmented reality and voice guidance in smart glasses have made portable terminals a thing of the past. The solution dubbed Pick-byVision provides workers with visual and audible guidance, thereby making their work more efficient. Špica International is export-oriented and focused on innovating. Their international partners include HID Global, OT Morpho, Assa Abloy Hospitality, Axis, Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, Accellos and Vocollect. The company’s goal is to become a regional leader in system integration and a globally recognized provider of solutions for corporate security and work attend-

Litostrojska cesta 44D, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

Leading regional expert in identification

and security ID Shop provides solutions in the form of protected and patented systems for locking and access control (central locking systems, own general key), which represent the basic level of security and the foundation for efficient control over access. A mechanical locking system can be upgraded at any time with mechatronic components to increase security, traceability and access monitoring. With years of experience, the ID Shop is able to advise clients on how to plan, build, adapt and maintain a security system exclusively in accordance with their needs. Individually tailored solutions make the clients’ business more secure and their lives easier, but they also strengthen the client’s image and brand. Due to their durability and continuous use, plastic cards are becoming a more and more popular marketing and business tool. The company are proud to offer a wide range of RFID cards in different technologies, colours and makes, wallets for ID cards, printed lanyards, key rings, wristbands and stickers, with additional options of printing and personalisation. RFID cards with contact and contactless chips are used for access control, time cards for tracking working hours, loyalty cards, baggage tags, ID cards for employees, as means of payment at events, parking places, etc. Magnetic strips, scratch-off foil, contact chip and NFC cards, as well as other solutions, are also available. Products and solutions offered by ID Shop are used in companies such as Nestle S.A. (Switzerland), EVVA Gmbh (Austria), Kaba Gmbh (Switzerland), Nova Kartka Ltd (Ukraine), Bauhaus (Slovenia, Croatia), and others.



Top Products

| Creative Industries

Smart Com d.o.o.

Brnčičeva ulica 45, 1231 Ljubljana Slovenia Service: Systems for the performance control of IT solutions. Medical alert solutions for seniors and other groups at risk of medical emergency, living at home or in hospitals and other types of institutional care.

Smart solutions for early response in

emergency events As one of the leading systems integrators in Southeast Europe, Smart Com’s portfolio comprises systems and solutions for addressing technological, process and business issues in the field of information and communications technology (ICT). Smart Com’s trademarked modularly designed network monitoring software SmartSNO provides comprehensive control of all IT systems, for large as well as small networks and cloud-based infrastructures. It ensures secure, uninterrupted performance of services (applications, servers, routers, switches, firewalls) and optimizes the management of infrastructure, thus reducing costs. The CareSignal personal emergency response service was designed as a medical alert system to protect seniors at risk of emergencies living alone independently at home, the disabled, and people recently out of hospital or after surgery. In the event of an emergency, the call center and a designated family member are alerted, the situation is assessed professionally and the necessary assistance provided. The service is also suitable for use in hospitals and in institutional care of the elderly. Smart Com provides consulting, planning, training and referee services, systems integration and technical support. It collaborates with globally renowned companies such as Trend Micro, Nokia, Ericsson, Siemens, Alcatel, Fujitsu, HP, Extreme Networks, and others.

Intera, d.o.o.

Osojnikova cesta 3, 2250 Ptuj Slovenia Product: Cloud-based CRM application for desktop and mobile devices. It can be individually adapted to sales and business processes of every company and provides a complete view into customers’ data and sales activities, all in one place.

Specialists in customer relationship

management solutions Being the largest Slovenian provider of customer relationship management solutions, Intera has developed their own CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to give businesses the advantage of a 360-degree view of their client base. The Intrix CRM system brings together everything that happens in sales, projects, and servicing and makes it possible to obtain the complete information in one place. The CRM system seamlessly interfaces with different ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) information systems, such as Datalab Pantheon, SAOP, AccountingBox, Navision, Perftech, Largo, Vasco, E-računi, Minimax, Gedaxa, and SAP. It has been implemented in more than 500 businesses with over 5,000 users. Intera’s solutions have received several national awards, among them the Excellent SME Slovenija, EuroCloud Slovenia – the best cloud-based solution, Najpodjetniška ideja, Red Herring, 100 Europe Winner, and the gold award of Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to name a few. The company invests considerable resources in innovation and technological advancement, as well as in education and training of their personnel, and enjoys the trust of highly successful Slovenian businesses and public enterprises, such as Big Bang, Iskra, GLS, Herz, T2, Impal, Dars, Pošta Slovenije, RTV Slovenija, Riko, Infotim Ržšižnik Perc, Roto, Rohrtech.

Creative Industries

Gambit trade d.o.o.

RRC Računalniške storitve d.o.o.

Service: Technology solutions for e-commerce and the internet. Document and business processes management. Integration of information systems in demanding business environments. Data security and protection.

Service: Development of innovative information systems for energy efficient management. Complete solutions for public procurement.

Savska cesta 3a, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

Expertise, equipment and security for

companies that want to do business globally Gambit Trade helps companies to increase sales and reach more customers on the web through efficient advertising, lowering their costs of doing business and reducing their retail prices in the long run. We provide businesses with knowledge and services, as well as with the equipment needed for efficient, reliable and safe e-commerce in the global economy. Gambit Trade has its own centre for information security to assist companies with their issues and to provide e-commerce, knowledge management and data security and protection solutions. It works closely with well-established strategic partners IBM, Eastman Software, Kofax, Compaq, Cisco, Hewlett Packard and Fujitsu/Siemens. As Microsoft’s Gold partner in Slovenia, they provide tech support for MS (Microsoft Office) servers and networks. The company is managed by, the largest Slovenian e-commerce shopping center. They are the first e-commerce enterprise in Slovenia to have reached the milestone of 500,000 satisfied customers. Their website,, is visited by more than 600 customers every day.

Jadranska ulica 21, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

Let energy become a controlled cost

The EnerEye System developed by the RRC challenges the old definition of energy cost management. EnerEye’s intelligent presentation provides a complete insight into the cost movement of energy consumption and the total energy cost in an organisation. EnerEye provides information from individual energy or financial cost centres, as well as information about missed opportunities compared to BAT (Best Available Technology) or to best practices. Key performance indicators (KPI) and progressive personalized analytical tools help manage energy through individual financial indicators, views and comparisons between them. At any moment they enable one to evaluate the current situation, prepare a forecast for the future or information about deviations from an anticipated movement of the costs. Oaza is an online project monitoring solution for small, medium and large companies. It combines information about workflow, tasks, the availability of human resources, education and training, requests in respect of software and system support. It also serves as a reporting tool for individual departments, employees, and the management. iPON and iNAR are information systems for personnel dealing with public procurement. RRC also specialises in related analytic and project management services as well as renewal of business processes. The company has received an award for its contribution to the development of computer science and informatics in Slovenia.



Top Products

| Creative Industries

Creative experts in event planning and media communication

AV Studio, d. o .o.

Koroška cesta 55, 3320 Velenje Slovenia Service: Communication strategies, entrepreneur identities and branding solutions, online tools and applications, presentation.

A website which operates in 40 different

languages The AV Studio has received multiple awards for their creative solutions. Besides design and communications services, the company offers solutions for web content management, such as their efficient and scalable software SiteKit, which is used by many large and small successful Slovenian companies. AV SiteKit Basic is an optimal solution for general users who want to obtain web pages to present services or products and to communicate with potential customers in the shortest possible time. AV SiteKit CMS, which works in any browser, is a tool for developers and web content editors. One of the notable projects designed with this system is the Gorenje website which operates in 40 languages and has over 600,000 visitors each month. So far more than 120 websites have been developed using AV Studio. AV Manager provides a comprehensive view of project workflow. Project managers can monitor all parameters crucial to successful implementation in great detail and the team members can keep track of their duties and the time spent. The advanced search engine allows different types of views and the archive tool provides comparison of different time periods.

Hiša vizij, d.o.o.

Šišenska cesta 36, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Service: Superior technical and planning support for all types of events. Professional quality sound, lighting, stage and scenic equipment.

Events to remember

Their experience in providing professional technical support with their own professional sound, lighting, stage and scenic equipment make Hiša vizij an obvious choice. Hiša vizij will create a perfect atmosphere for a business event, reception, fashion show or dance performance using skillfully designed dynamic sets combined with lighting and visual effects. They provide a great selection with designer props and furniture, from vintage to contemporary collections, in various styles. Top quality sound systems and technical support are also available for hire. Clients include Jezeršek Catering, Pernod Ricard, Turizem Ljubljana, Sport media Focus, Pivovarna Laško, Nogometna zveza Slovenije – Football Association of Slovenia, Konica Minolta, and others.

Creative Industries

Eurograf, d. o .o.

Štrbenkova cesta 6, 3320 Velenje Slovenia Service: Graphic design, reprographic services, offset and digital printing, binding and finishing of printed materials. The use of cutting-edge printing machines for a wide variety of formats.

Printing solutions from A to Z with cutting-edge technologies

The graphic design, printing and publishing company Eurograf has been active in the field of printed media for more than thirty years. They invest massively in new technologies, as well as in education and training of their workforce. For printed forms, the company uses the CTP (Computer To Plate) technology and the new Screen PlateRite HD 8900E machine, which means they can print forms in size B1 (up to 700 x 1000 mm). They also offer book-binding and other advanced services, print business cards, leaflets, brochures, posters, catalogues, office stationery and letterhead design forms. The company is well known for its range of business gifts sold under the Ikona brand, which comprises business organisers, diaries, planners and appointment books. Every year they print a great selection of business calendars. Calendars, diaries, planners, organisers and appointment books can be personalized in accordance with clients’ wishes, thereby enabling them to uniquely present their stories to their clients.

Optiprint d.o.o.

Kranjčeva ulica 20, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Service: Colour and multifunction printer rental services for businesses and institutions. Comprehensive solutions for business printing needs.

Printing in colour for the price of blackand-white, with great time savings

Optiprint is an internationally successful brand which provides printer and multifunction device rental services, making it possible for businesses to save both time and money. Optiprint’s currently most popular package comprises the rental of a multifunction device that allows clients to print up to 40,000 pages without replacing a single set of ink. Optiprint’s innovation enables clients to print in colour for the price of black-and-white and to save considerable time while doing it. Optiprint’s business model is based on the reuse of materials, recycling, and preventive maintenance, all of which contribute to sustainable growth and preservation of the natural environment. In Slovenia the company serves more than twenty-five hundred clients, many of whom are public institutions or well-established businesses. However, they are also developing their own franchise network, which has been active since the beginning of the year in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, where it provides services to several thousand European companies. In comparison with last year, they plan to triple their sales on foreign markets this year. They are looking for new franchise partners. Ideal partners are businesses that are already engaged in complementary activities as this generates new synergies.



Top Products

| Tourism, Gastronomy and Entertainment

An invitation to attractive locations, pristine nature and good food!

Slovenian tourism is achieving record rates of growth. The share and impact of tourism on Slovenian GDP are increasing constantly.

By: A ndraž Sodja, Marko Vidrih, Aleksander Kolednik

Postojnska jama d.d.

Jamska cesta 30, 6230 Postojna Slovenia Service: The Postojna Cave, also called the most magnificent cave in the world, is a unique tourist attraction offering a selection of experiences, such as the world of underground animals, the Predjama Castle, hotels and culinary offers, which place Slovenia on the world tourism map.

This underground pearl saw a record 14,000 visitors in one day!

The Postojna Cave is one of the most recognizable locations in Slovenia and a world-wide tourist attraction with magnificent dripstone sculptures, a diverse animal world and record growth of tourist visitation rendering an enviable increase in profits. The Cave’s offer is complemented by the 800-year-old Predjama Castle, which is ranked among the 10 most fascinating castles in the world, and Hotel Jama with rooms, a conference center and culinary offer of seasonal dishes.

The Postojna Cave breaks records annually, with more than 90 % of tourists visiting from 150 countries, most of them Italians and Germans. 2018 closed with a revenue of 28 million euros and a net profit greater than 8 million euros. The proof of performance is supported by the fact that last year the added value per employee in the company was above 90 thousand euros, which is exceptional in the tourism industry. In August of last year, the Postojna Cave achieved a record number of 14,000 visitors in one day. The company is at the top of the list of the most successful Slovenian companies and at the same time is the most successful Slovenian tourist company. The Postojna Cave company is expanding and improving the list of tourist experiences through continuous investments in the development and quality of services. The Certa and Certa Holding companies, including Hotel Cerkno with a ski slope and thermal spa, also fall under the umbrella of the Postojna Cave. A few weeks ago, following the state vision of Slovenia as a green destination, the President of the Postojna Cave Management Board, Marjan Batagelj, officially opened Slovenia’s first five-star boutique hotel, Villa Planinka in Jezersko. The hotel is set amidst pristine nature with fresh mountain air and offers a perfect departure from everyday hustle and bustle. Over 3 million euros were invested in the renovation of Villa Planinka, which follows a sustainable philosophy of protecting environmental integrity.

Tourism, Gastronomy and Entertainment

Conditus d.o.o. Jezeršek gostinstvo d.o.o. Sora 1a, 1215 Medvode Slovenia

Service: Creative culinary solutions and personalized experiences for business, protocol, sports and private events, trade fairs and international catering.

An unforgettable culinary experience overlooking Lake Bled

The Jezeršek tavern holds a special place and story among the catering offerings that identify Slovenia as an exceptional tourist destination. This excellent food service provider boasts a family tradition spanning over 30 years, and operates in three recognized locations. Among them are Dvor Jezeršek, the Jezeršek House of Culinary Arts and the Bled Castle main restaurant, one of the most elite locations in Slovenian tourism. Jezeršek is the leading catering company in Slovenia. They offer creative culinary solutions and customized specialties for all kinds of events, ranging from business, protocol and various types of catering. In March of last year, the Jezeršek cooking masters actively participated in the co-creation of the program for Europe’s most important culinary event, the European Food Summit, which brought the world’s largest names in the field of cuisine to Slovenia, including several holders of prestigious Michelin stars. When talking about recognizable cuisine, one should not ignore smaller catering providers who achieve excellent results and complements from visitors: among these are certainly Penzion Resje at Nemški Rovt in Bohinj, which offers excellent home-made dishes and is located in a small village with the special beat of village life, Hiša Franko in Kobarid, which offers local seasonal dishes and excellent wines in the middle of a hospitable rural environment, and Vila Podvin in Radovljica, where garden-fresh ingredients preserve the tradition of Slovenian dishes and drinks.

Jermanka 14, 4260 Bled Slovenia Product: Excellent Bled Cream cakes made according to the traditional recipe and from natural, quality ingredients.

A confection to conquer Europe

The Conditus company has received a prestigious award at the Expo Fair in Milan in 2015 for its flaky confectionery. The Bled Cream cake was ranked among the top 10 desserts in the world. Bled Creams are made by hand and exclusively from natural ingredients: butter leaf dough, silky smooth egg cream, fresh cream and powdered sugar. The confection melts in the mouth, while delicate notes of vanilla round the whole flavor. In addition to Bled Creams, they also make Cream Horns from a hand-made buttermilk dough filled with a fine white foam, as well as apple and cottage cheese pastries made from a hand-drawn toasted dough, freshly grated juicy Slovenian apples or the best fresh cottage cheese, fragrant cinnamon and a large spoonful of care, which adds a lovely home-made flavor. In all cases, we are talking about confections of the highest quality. No substitutes or preservatives are used, only natural ingredients from local suppliers, which represent the highest added value. Conditus sells its products under its own brand name. The confectionery products enjoy a strong presence on Slovenian and Austrian markets, exports to Austria exceed half of all revenues, with Aldi as the largest retailer of the confections. This year they plan to continue the successful penetration of foreign markets and to increase their visibility at home and abroad with their natural delicacies. They want to connect with retail chains, with larger catering companies in the HoReCa segment, food representatives, larger catering companies and companies dealing with the logistics of refrigerated and frozen foods.



Top Products

| Tourism, Gastronomy and Entertainment

Don Don d.o.o.

Paradajz d.o.o.

Product: Fresh bread, bakery, fine and fried pastries, frozen products and ready to bake articles.

Product: Tomato production, off-season cultivation of indoor plants heated by geothermal energy.

Gasilska cesta 2, 1290 Grosuplje Slovenia

A regional baking champion who is opening a new factory with multi-million

dollar capacity Don Don is one of the region’s leading bakeries, operating under the trademarks Tvojih 5 minut (Your 5 Minutes) and Pekarna Grosuplje (Grosuplje Bakery) and producing a wide range of baked products: from fresh bread and baked goods, sandwiches, fine and fried pastries, to special types of bread and pastry with an extended shelf life, and a range of chilled or partly baked products for baking at the point of sale. The Pekarna Grosuplje, owned by Don Don, is the oldest established bakery in Slovenia and the recipient of numerous gold medals awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. Don Don has received 28 golden awards this year alone. The company uses traditional long preparation procedures for their dough, which make use of natural sour dough or yeast. Don Don operates in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bulgaria. It employs more than 1,600 people, of which a fifth are in Slovenia. The company intends to expand to new markets: in Italy, Austria, Germany, Romania and Greece. Don Don has opened several plants in the Balkans in recent years, and is modernizing the pastry baking production line in Slovenia, which will have a capacity of 6 million donuts per month.

Renkovci 57c, 9224 Turnišče Slovenia

Tomatoes from Slovenia stir up “lust”

Paradajz is Slovenia’s largest tomato grower and knowledge holder about out-of-season growing of indoor plants heated by geothermal energy. The company is recognized in Slovenia and wider for premium “Lušt” tomatoes. Tomatoes ripen in a greenhouse in Renkovci, a small village in Prekmurje comprising 9 glass-covered hectares. During the cooler and darker months when the sun is not blazing, the greenhouses are heated by water from a geothermal well. In recent years, the company has devoted millions of euros to the optimization of the heating system and to development and infrastructure, resulting in the expansion of greenhouses and the opening of a demonstration and degustation center with a refurbished Luštna domačija (Lusty Homestead) shop. Paradajz has received several awards and cultivates various varieties of tomatoes, which enable the filling of market niches. They have opened a demonstration greenhouse with guided tours displaying the production of 100 different types of tomatoes.

Tourism, Gastronomy and Entertainment

Palma d.o.o. Plastenka d.o.o.

Cesta Radomeljske Ä?ete 55, 1235 Radomlje Slovenia Product: Production of plastic packaging from various materials.

With bottles of Slovenian water to the Arab market

Plastenka produces dedicated packaging for customers, mainly oil companies and the food industry, who add their own media. They also fill will water and several types of vinegar for a German partner. The company continually improves its machines, automation and robotization, and invests in employee education. They follow trends in environmental protection and waste separation. They won two Packaging Oscars, and they use natural power sources and have a drinking water pumping station with their own bottling plant. The largest share of their sales is gained from plastic packaging, the rest is achieved by filling mineral water and various types of vinegar. Export accounts for 80 % of the company’s sales. They export both within the EU and abroad, and plan to generate a revenue of over 5 million euros this year from the sale of bottled water to the Arab market.

Lilekova 5, 3000 Celje Slovenia Service: Travel and tourist experiences, from relaxing family holidays and individual travelers to prestigious travel arrangements, wellness programs and business travel programs.

Tourist experiences are offered by

coordinated twins In Slovenia, domestic tourism is successful, but so are tourist agencies, among which Palma is one of the most important. During its 27 years of operation, the agency has become one of the most powerful independent tour operators in Slovenia. It offers everything from vacations across Europe and North Africa to a specialized offer for businesses, young people, groups and societies, seniors, premium services for the most demanding customers with individual reservations, and for independent travelers who wish to arrange only transportation or accommodation. The Palma agency is also recognizable by the fact that the tourist experience is offered by coordinated pairs, having the necessary knowledge, experience and understanding of travelers’ needs.



Top Products

| Tourism, Gastronomy and Entertainment

Camp Zlatorog Bohinj

Ukanc 5, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero Slovenia

Gec d.o.o.

Muhvić Antuna 44, 51303 Plešce Croatia Service: Production of plastic packaging, wood processing, tourism and real estate. Gec also man-ages the Rupicapra company, with its unique mountain hut on the Kolpa River, offering visitors a break away from everyday bustle and numerous opportunities for active leisure and original experi-ences in nature.

A mountain cottage for disconnection and relaxation along the magnificent Kolpa River The Rupicapra mountain cottage stands just next to the Croatian border in Srobotnik on the river Kolpa, and is among the most innovative providers of tourism services. The cottage was built in 2015 and boasts an excellent offer of wellness services, as well as attractive starting points for excursions along the Kolpa river. Among these is an ancient cultural and historical monument, one of the largest Slovenian castles, Kostel Castle, which provides a unique view of the Kolpa river canyon and adrenaline experiences in the adrenaline park, paintball and river rafting. The Rupicapra mountain cottage is opening new opportunities for the perspective area of Bela Krajina and the greater Kolpa area. Other companies of the Gec Group are engaged in the processing of wood (Gec GP d.o.o.) and plastics (Gec d.o.o.).

Service: Camping and leisure activities are on offer, with complete relaxation in beautiful and pristine nature, on the shore of lake Bohinj, in the Triglav National Park.

A camping location that impressed Lonely Planet

The Zlatorog Camp in Ukanc is a pearl of Slovenian tourism. New owners have put the place on the tourist map, with style. In addition to good management it boasts an exceptional position on the shore of lake Bohinj, at a destination that devotes a lot of attention to boutique tourism, connected with pure nature, ecology and escape from the modern world. The camp generates 80 percent of its revenue with visiting foreign guests, mainly from Germany, the Benelux countries and the Czech Republic. Zlatorog is most frequently visited during the high summer season, in July and August. The Camp’s managers also operate Hotel Bohinj. Sustainable mobility is emphasized around the lake, and the range of services supporting this orientation is becoming more diverse by the year. The Julian Alps, the combined tourist destination of the municipalities adjacent to the Triglav National Park, will become one of the most important destinations to compete with Bled, Ljubljana and Piran, thanks to its natural condition and well-arranged recreational and established accommodations in tourist centers. The environment will remain pristine, as the Julian Alps are recognized and protected by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve and World heritage site – Humans and the Biosphere. As a tourist destination, the Julian Alps have taken a systematic approach and now rank among the Lonely Planet’s 10 most important destinations.

Tourism, Gastronomy and Entertainment

Spintec d.o.o.

Polje 12, 5290 Ĺ empeter pri Gorici Slovenia Product: The latest tabletop electronic games and gaming devices provide numerous gaming possibilities and longer playing times, thus increasing the profits of gaming salons and casinos.

Slovenian electronic games identify with a quality concept The Spintec company is a world-renowned developer and manufacturer of tabletop electronic games and gaming devices, offering a refurbished line of Karma gaming machines and a new Aura line. Both are suitable for state-of-the-art global gaming salons and casinos.

The Karma Gen2 gaming line features an attractive design and rich customization options, including an intuitive user interface, advanced technology and security solutions, a rich selection of language choices and an unrivaled gaming experience. Gaming options range from roulette, Sic Bo and craps to baccarat and blackjack, and other gaming options such as an automatic, virtual and live game. Aura is a modular multiplayer amphitheater in which players enjoy great comfort and a variety of options to make the gaming experience rich and attractive. It is available in a variety of design solutions, and may be customized to any interior. Spintec products and services are tailored to the standards and local market legislation. They offer 24/7 support through a diversified network of business partners. Their gaming devices are located in some of the most famous and well-established casinos in the world, and are present on six continents. Some of the company’s references are: The Venetian, Wynn, Parisian, MGM, Grand Lisboa, Lisboa, City of Dreams, Genting Highlands, Paradise City and Crowne Casino. They have recently made an important partnership with the German family company Gauselmann Group, which, with three billion in annual revenues, is considered a major player in the global gaming market. Spintec realizes 97 percent of its sales on foreign markets, half of which are outside the EU. At present, they are paving the way to the US with a huge potential for growth and development. The company intends to achieve a mere 10 million turnover this year.



Top Products

| Top niche products

The best for school, translations and demanding interpretation, help with acquiring EU funds

Translation, interpretation and preparation of technical and marketing documentation for the international environment and projects. An excellent business school. Above-average success in calls for non-returnable European funding. Nutrition solutions for animal breeders. These are some of the top niche products and services of Slovenian Business Club members.

By: Marko Vidrih, Maja Cestnik

Eurocom d.o.o.

Star prevajalske storitve d.o.o.

Product: A leading wholesale company for school supplies, office supplies, business and promotional gifts in South-Eastern Europe.

Service: Quality translation, interpretation and preparation of marketing and technical documentation in different languages for a variety of industries through a diversified worldwide translation network.

Savska cesta 22, 4000 Kranj Slovenia

Distributor of the recognized brands Jolly, Casio, Parker, Waterman

Eurocom is a distributor of world-renowned products in the field of school and office supplies representing the brands Jolly, Parker, Waterman, Wenger, Rotring, Schneider, Pigna, United Colors of Benetton, Sisley, Schooly, Goldbuch, Alessi, Maped, Seven, Koh-i-noor, Online, Universal, Casio, Eagle and Solingen. The company offers a wide range of modern products, prompt delivery of ordered goods, after-sales service, interesting ideas and solutions, and is dedicated to the development of its own brands in the school, office and gift program. For over 25 years, the company has established subsidiaries in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and has increased exports to many other countries around the world. Eurocom wants to become the leading company in the field of school supplies, office supplies, business and promotional gifts in the region of Central Europe.

PruĹĄnikova ulica 75, 1210 Ljubljana Slovenia

Customized translation and interpretation for customers with specific needs One of the leading translation companies in Slovenia, STAR prevajalske storitve, belongs to the STAR Group, the largest international group in the field. Through a diversified network of translators in over 30 countries, the company offers translation, interpretation and preparation of technical and marketing documentation in different languages and various media, from printed to online publications. The sales, financial, legal, technical and promotional content of global manufacturers and the localization of user interfaces of applications that are necessary for operation and sales on the global market. The company has also translated the present publication. STAR prevajalske storitve solutions include standardized and customized procedures for qual-

Top niche products

ity assurance, using high-tech STAR technologies that are customized to the requirements of individual clients. The company provides multi-lingual corporate communications and delivers prepared content for printing and publishing in any medium. Transnational corporations may require large volumes of content for international business, with ever shorter product development cycles. STAR provides state-of-the-art solutions, including machine translation, with the development of a dedicated engine for each client. Data confidentiality and efficiency are assured with significant savings of both time and cost. Most of the translation services are exported to very demanding markets: Germany (50 %), Italy (25 %) and Switzerland (15 %), with the rest going to foreign markets inside and outside the EU. They are currently looking for opportunities in the US, high-tech and other industries where the quality of international documentation and corporate communications is important. There are many internationally recognized groups among the company’s clients: BMW, Bosch, Leica, Rolex, Gucci, Longines, Siemens, Daimler, Renault, Nissan, Hilti, Honda, Konica Minolta, Krauss Maffei, Sandvik, Schneider, Kohler SDMO, Somfy and Redatech.

and skills needed to design, realize and start-up their own business. They offer practical workshops on how to solve business challenges and visit companies. The program takes place in Ljubljana and Piran. The Gea College is strategically integrated with educational institutions in Eastern Europe and connected with companies that want their employees to be systematically and qualitatively educated for business acumen. Foreign students are provided with undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the English language, as e-studies. The Gea College will begin a program of international MBA studies in 2020. This year the volume of sales on foreign markets will reach 5 % of total operating revenue.

Lek Veterina d.o.o.

Lipovci 251 a, 9231 Beltinci Slovenia Service: Dietary and vitamin supplements for small-scale animal husbandry, ensuring that animals are healthier and bettering the economy of breeding.

Gea College d.d.

Dunajska cesta 156, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Service: Business education for entrepreneurship and management, training, workshops, international MBA studies, e-studies.

Everything about practical

entrepreneurship The Gea College education centre is engaged in business education, with emphasis on education for management and entrepreneurship. The Gea College conducts formal education and is focused primarily on the domestic market. Internationalization is another strategic orientation of the company, which hopes to tap foreign markets and increase the enrolment of foreign students by offering an Entrepreneurship Summer school, the “FUNtrepreneurship Bootcamp�. A practically oriented, 10-day program to lean about entrepreneurship is aimed at young people from different countries. Program participants gain the entrepreneurial knowledge

Nutritional supplements that help animals in the heat of Asia and Africa

The main articles exported by Lek Veterina are Vitaredin, NutriSel and BronhiFit. Vitaredin is a mineral vitamin mixture containing vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the healthy growth and development of animals. It is intended for all animals in small holdings: cows, pigs, goats, sheep and poultry. The product is successful due to innovative packaging, which facilitates its mixture into feed or addition as a fillet on feed. NutriSel is a complementary feed mixture with vitamins, amino acids and selenium for all animals. It helps to mitigate animal stress during procedures such as a change of feed or group. It is especially useful for overcoming heat stress in animals on hot summer days. Bronhifit is a complementary liquid feed mixture containing essential oils of eucalyptus and peppermint. It helps with the respiratory problems of young animals, eases breathing during the heat of summer and thus alleviates the effects of heat stress. The product is largely sold to Asian and African countries where heat stress in poultry rearing is present for most of the year. Lek Veterina has annual sales of about 7 million



Top Products

| Top niche products

euros, the majority of which are on foreign markets. The company plans a 4 % increase of overseas sales for 2019.

The goal of Tiko Pro this year is to increase the share of sales to its most powerful Croatian and German-speaking markets. They want to work with high-tech and innovative companies that are active in research and development, and to connect with consulting companies and institutions that could complement Tiko Pro on these markets.

Tiko Pro d.o.o.

Beloruska ulica 7, 2000 Maribor Slovenia Service: Advice about obtaining returnable and non-returnable European funding. Working with clients from project conceptualization to set a reliable path to the desired goal.

A champion partner assisting companies to obtain European funds

The Tiko Pro consulting company advises on the acquisition of returnable and non-returnable European funding. The qualities of the business are proven by the high percentage of positively assessed applications – a 94 % success rate for projects submitted jointly with the companies that Tiko Pro advises in Slovenia and Croatia. Equally impressive is the company’s efficiency in acquiring funding for EU projects directly in Brussels, in which it is 8 times more successful than average. The company’s team provides comprehensive support: from identification of the tender and the development of ideas, to the preparation of administrative and documentation content. At the customer’s request, the project is monitored during implementation and support is provided for the preparation of reports. The company is active in B2B sales and is internally organized into teams that are specialized for specific areas. They are present on the Croatian, Austrian and German markets, where they cooperate with numerous micro, small and medium-sized companies and institutions such as the Technical University of Graz, the Austrian Center of Industrial Biotechnology and others. In German-speaking markets, they are present as consultants in the field of EU tenders (SME Instrument, Fast Track to Innovation, Interreg, Life, Marie Sklodowska Curie actions ...). Tiko Pro’s foreign market sales are constantly increasing – accounting for 20 percent of total sales in 2018. This year they expect an additional increase of 10 to 15 percent, and intend to strengthen their presence on foreign markets. Last year, the company achieved nearly 90 % growth in revenue.

Maar d.o.o.

Brodišče 36, 1236 Trzin Slovenia Product: Packaging nets for the packing of fruits and vegetables, meat products and general technical goods; nets for the support of vegetables; protective mesh in the metal industry.

High quality and 100% recyclable

packaging materials The Maar manufacturing company is a niche supplier of packaging materials with over 27 years of tradition. High-quality PE plastic nets are the result of continuous development of technological knowledge. Maar meets the global need for the retail packaging of fruit and vegetables, the packaging of meat products and general technical goods, and of protective packaging in the metal industry. Maar has been awarded the ISO9001 standard of quality management. Environmental protection is one of the company’s priorities, as evidenced by the introduction of the environmental standard ISO14001, ensuring 100% recyclability of all products allowed as low-environmental burdens. The company’s environmental awareness is reflected as a wide range of biodegradable packaging materials, some of the first in Europe. Maar exports as much as 95 % of its products to the European Union, Russia, Belarus and the Middle East, and recently to North America and Africa. With an innovative approach and continuous education, the company builds on existing technological knowhow that leads to good quality and environmentally friendly solutions, which strengthen the company’s presence on existing markets and allows further breakthrough to new markets.


5 golden rules of the Slovenian Business Club

1. 2. 3.

Excellence, accountability, fairness.

The Slovenian Business Club brings together top-level Slovenian entrepreneurs who have built their careers on their ideas or who come from family business backgrounds. No member of the SBC was involved in the “tycoonisation� and none have any connection with the politics tied to the plundering of Slovenian assets during privatisation. Each applicant for membership has to show that they have no record of criminal conviction and that they have been paying their dues to the state.

Political neutrality.

We, members of the Slovenian Business Club, do not belong to any political party. We support the club's unbiased position in regard to the political parties of Slovenia. We hope and expect that Slovenia's political parties will not only listen to our arguments, which are based on experience, but will also put our suggestions and requests into effect.

Support for propulsive development and an entrepreneurial Slovenia.

To achieve this goal, we cultivate an intensive dialogue with all political parties and call for the adoption of joint measures that are necessary for a strong developmental breakthrough in the economy in general and in public finances. The quality of this development is contingent upon accountable and exceptionally successful domestic entrepreneurs, who are the backbone of our economy. This is how we, members of the Slovenian Business Club, contribute our share to making the business environment in Slovenia more entrepreneur-friendly.

4. 5.

Promoting mutual business friendships and strengthening the recognisability of Slovenia.

Committed to fostering mutual friendships, members of the SBC co-operate and support one another and the Club, thereby facilitating access to domestic and international markets. On global markets, we strengthen the visibility of Slovenia and the exceptional Slovenian entrepreneurs.

Nurturing young talent and providing support for topclass development in harmony with nature.

In particular, members of the SBC encourage and support young talent and entrepreneurs to get their business initiatives off the ground. We encourage the development of advanced, environmentally sound technologies and business models with high added value relative to the average achievements within specific sectors of industry.


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