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Japan Weekly MEIJI ERA 1868-1912



Inside This Issue Tension Between Japan and China pg 1-2 Victory Against Russia pg 2-3 Exclusive Interview Editorial on Japanese Women Trade pg 4 Style Changes in Japan pg 2 S i n o - Ja p a n e s e a n d R u s s o - Ja p a n e s e Wa r s D y i n g H e r o - S i n o - J a p a n e s e Wa r, 1 8 9 4

Tension Between Japan and China Sino Japanese War by Krystal Huang

As problems in Korea arose, the neighboring countries Japan and China were called there to help settle the dispute. A rebellion in Korea had broken out against the King of Korea. At the time when Japan and China had arrived to Korea to help calm things, Korean forces had already dealt with the rebellion. The two countries refused to withdraw their troops from Korea, which caused a stalemate. It was until

Japan and China had d i s a g r e e m e n t s o n Ko r e a ’s government. In Korea, China and Japan and China argued about the government of Korea. Japan’s prime minister, Ito Hirobumi, demanded changes in the Korean

‘rich country; strong military’ government, which China had turned down. Japanese troops, refusing to back down, seized the king’s palace and made him

declare Korea independent from China. The Japanese held the King captive until he was ordered to sign an order that expelled the Chinese. The Japanese Imperial Navy sank the Chinese troopship, the Kowshing, two days later because it had attempted to bring reinforcements into Korea. Between the two countries, a state of war and tension was established. Less then a year went by with ongoing victories fought by the Japanese. The treaty of Shimonoseki officially ended the war between the countries. With this treaty, China recognized Korea as an independent state. Japan had gained the Liaotung Peninsula, Formosa, and the Pescadores Islands from the treaty. Continue on next page page 2

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Sino - Japanese War

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Life Style by Krystal Huang Japan is quickly catching up with the west The most recent styles are just coming into Japan! From morning coats to top hats, there are plenty of new clothes filling the most exclusive boutiques on these streets. Look below to find out more about these new fashions! Morning Coat: Are you looking for something formal, et stylish to wear to a party or meeting? Well, this is the perfect thing! You not only have the black and white regulations, but you also have the neat and modern shape that gives you a perfect and snug fit. Western Style Clothing: the streets are silks, satins, and cottons, all in styles that can be seen in places like America and Britain. Join in and support western style clothing.


S i n o - Ja p a n e s e a n d R u s s o - Ja p a n e s e Wa r s D y i n g H e r o - S i n o - J a p a n e s e Wa r, 1 8 9 4 Four new Chinese ports were opened to Japanese trade in China and on top of the 200 million taels that were given to Japan, they also gained the mostfavored nation rights on China. China and Japan had, for centuries, been enemies, but it wasn’t until during the Meiji Restoration that Japan was challenging it’s rival by becoming the ancient Chinese ideal of a ‘rich country; strong military’. Ja p a n’s s u c c e s s w a s a l s o noticeable from Western powers after Japan had defeated China. Western powers were surprised by how quickly Japan had mastered the technique of modern warfare.

Victory Against Russia By: Yuka Yurishima Russia has been threatening

Russia has been making it’s way into Asia as they had a railway that ran across from Manchuria in China to a Russian port. This for Japan was a threat. This was not the only time Russia proved as a threat to Japan as Russia was also part of the Triple Intervention that took away the Liaotung Peninsula from Japan. Now, Japan was worried about Russia’s expansion in the East. Japan’s interests in Korea.

With the Anglo – Japanese alliance with Britain, Japan felt to be in a page 3 Continue on next page


Victory Against Russia continuation

by Krystal Huang Interview With Iko Osaki Who is the head of a household in a typical Japanese family like yours? I am a wife and a mother of two young boys. My husband died in the sino japanese war a while back, so my eldest son has inherited the house and our money. I usually have to report to him when it comes to my financial spending. Usually, like my family, if the man of the house dies, the property usually is inherited by either the eldest son or another male relative. Do you think it is fair that your son has more power over your property than you do? Yes, I think that it is absolutely fair and normal. If I were to inherit the house, then it would be considered weird as usually women don’t own property. My only job is to cook and clean in our household. Women in our society are not regarded as powerful. Our job is to raise our children and take care of the house, but it has been very hard lately as we are having financial difficulties. Tell me how you dealt with your financial difficulties with your husband being gone? We were in great need for money and food. I needed some way to feed my sons. With my husband being gone, I have been having a hard time making money and taking care of my children. I had no where to turn so I was forced to sell my daughter for prostitution. Do you think your daughter is living a better life than she would with you? I haven’t seen my daughter since we sold her. She was fifteen years old, and I think she is doing fine. She is overseas in Singapore and she is not starving and we encourage her to stay there and continue making money for us. We do not consider this a bad thing.

The Russia Japanese War in 1904-1905 strong position to oppose the Russian expansion. Most of the Japanese leaders hoped for Russia to recognize their special interests and position in Korea. It was at an Imperial Conference in 1903 that this hope was crushed. Japan made an offer with Russia that they would recognize their interests in Manchuria if Russia would recognize Japan’s interests in Korea. Russia had thought that Japan using Korea for ‘strategic purposes’ would threaten their line of communication, so they only agreed to part of the negotiation. Japan’s interests in Korea were too strong to let Russia get in the way. On February 8, 1904, Japan forces attacked a Russian naval fleet at Port Arthur. War was declared two days later. Russian troops were

driven out of Korea and Japan had defeated Russia. The treaty of Portsmouth was established later that was in Japan’s interests. The Liaotung Peninsula was transferred b a c k t o Ja p a n a n d Ru s s i a surrendered its control of the South Manchurian Railway to Japan. Japan also acquired the southern half of the island of Sakhalin. Japan continued to impress Western Nations as they proved their strength in military and warfare. Japan was the first Asian power that had beaten a strong European nation. This defeat of Russia was an astounding victory for Japan. They have once again impressed the West with their power. page 3 Continue on next page

Editorial on Japanese Women Trade by Krystal Huang

When times  get  hard  in  Japan,  impoverished peasant families often are  forced  to  sell  their  daughters  into  prostitution  for money.   These  families  are  so  desperate  that  they  would  actually  sell  their  daughters  into  this  disgusting  industry.    Women  in  Japan  are  not  respected  as  people;  they  are  treated  just  as  an  item.    A  woman  in  Japanese  society plays  a  role  of  a  wife  and  a  mother and  nothing  more.    The  men  treat  the  women  as  an  item  that  they  could  sell  off.    Prostitution  traps  these  women  into a life of  working  in  a  brothel.   There  is no escape for them as  they are  forced  to  work to  repay depts.   Prostitution  is degrading  for women  as  they  are  sold  as  items.    I  think  it  is  a  disgusting  way  to  make  money  and  must be stopped.  

Women in the Meiji period

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