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FEB 1, 1899

Japan-Time Japans War Against Russia

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By-Benjamin Lin Japans War Against Russia pg 1-2 Russo-Japanese Map pg 2 Sino-Japanese War pg 3 Interview-The Triple Intervetion pg 4 Life Style pg 4-5 Editorial-Women’s Inequality pg 6 On September 5th 1905, Theodore Roosevelt brought both Japan and Russia to America at New Hampshire to sign the Treaty of Portsmouth. The Treaty ended the dissension between Japan and Russia. The Treaty of Portsmouth is about: -Russia will recognize Japan’s interest in Korea -The lease of the Liaotung Peninsula was given to Japan’s hands -Russia gave Japan the Manchurian Railway to the Japanese -Japan acquired the southern half of the Sakhalin -Both nations agree not to disrupt with the decisions of China on what they’ll make with Manchuria. The reason that the Treaty of Portsmouth benefited Japan was that

Japan won the war against Russia. In addition, they were the ones who started this chaos. This war began to form a few moths ago, when Japan and Great Britain became alliance. Having Great Britain on their side, Japan had a second thinking and ending up with a different plot. The Meiji leaders gave Russia an ultimatum. The negotiated happened at an Imperial Conference, August 12th, 1903. The Japanese statesman, Ito Hirobumi, offered them that they would recognize Russian rights in Manchuria if Russia would recognize their interest in Korea. Although this negotiation took quite an amount of time, Russia only agreed to a small portion of Japan’s proposition.



FEB 1, 1899

The reason for not agreeing to Japan’s proposal about having their interest in Korea much was that it has Russia’s exclusive line of communication, the South Manchurian Railway. So on February 8th, in Port Arthur, in the attempt of having some power of Korea, they declared a war. Japanese warships gave the Russians a surprise attack, by torpedoing their boats. The surprise attack created severe damages to their ships. Their second attempt had failed, but they had troops of armies in Korea, The Imperial Japanese Army. They then crossed the Yalu River and then into the Russian-occupied Manchuria. United States took actions, creating the Treaty of Portsmouth, to end the chaos between Russia and Japan.

This is a map that shows Japan’s movements during the Russian and Japan war.



SinoJapanese War By-Yamatoa Shimoski

FEB 1, 1899 forth month of the year of 1895, which

then steadily published to other

ended their war. China has nothing to

countries all over the world.

gain, but Japan has to, since they’ve won the war against China. The Treaty of Shimonoseki main features are: •

China recognized Korea as an independent state

The Sino-Japanese war is a serious event in Japan’s history. It

The Liaotung Peninsula, Formosa,

started out for Japanese government’s

and the Pescadores Islands were to

need to detach Korea itself from China,

be transferred to Japan

in order to have Korea within their grasp. It then leads to one of its reasons

to Japan, for trades

to start the Sino-Japanese war. The Japanese military leader, Yamagato

attitude of the Chinese toward Korea, which was antagonistic to the interests

Japan gained the “most-favored”

China paid an indemnity of 200 million taels to Japan.

of Japan…” and that indeed, gave hints

The victory was a gigantic step for them

and signs that a great chaos is going to

to expand. One of the victorious

happen, sooner or later.

Japanese soldiers had said, “I never

Chinese had refused the

thought the Chinese would be so weak

demands of the Japanese government

in organizing their troops!” Then,

for allowing Korea to become an

Japan’s reputation, with the outside

independent nation. On the seventh of

world, didn’t get their title as the

that year, the Japanese soldiers charged

victorious. The event that greatly

into Korea and to their King’s palace.

impacted their reputation was when the

They demanded him to declare Korea’s

Japanese troops massacre of the Chinese

independence from China. The King

Port Arthur. It’s said that the attack on

agreed and then signed an order to expel

Port Arthur was bloody and killed

the Chinese from Korea’s property.

60,000 Chinese men and women were

However, the end is not near yet, when

killed, leaving no one behind. A

the Japanese army had sunk a Chinese

Japanese recalled in his diary, saying,

boat anger was brought to the Chinese

“…Anyone we saw in the town was

troops, and it ended up causing a war.

killed. The streets were filled with

Chinese were devastated that

corpses, so many they blocked our way.

they were defeated against Japan, while

…Firing and slashing, it was unbounded

the Japanese troops were cheering for

joy.” This massacre in Port Arthur,

their exhilarating victory against China.

began to spread as a global issue, and it

The Treaty of Shimonoseki was signed between the China and Japan, on the


nation rights on China

Aritomo, had gave his sayings in, the prior to the war, “the high-handed

Four new Chinese ports were open

Are you in a lot of pain? Does your back hurt a lot? Ever wished that someone had invented a pill for you to take that’ll prevents you in pain? Well, you’re in luck. The West brought us medicine that can lead you to a nice happy day, instead of having pains 24/7.


FEB 1, 1899

INTERVIEW-THE TRIPLE INTERVENTION By-Hanomota Kiashoka During the last week, Russia enlisted diplomatic  support of both France and Germany. There aim was  to take control of Liaotung Peninsula from Japan. So  today, April 23rd, Japan gave its possession of  Liaotung Peninsula to the Europeans. All citizens are  disappointed and sad that Japan had lost their control  over the Liaotung Peninsula. Now, let’s hear what the  citizens of Japan has to say anything about this crisis.  What’s your expression about this crisis? Kawaii Tamako: My expression about this is  disappointment and the agony of defeat. I mean, what  Japan had done with the Liaotung Peninsula was  terrible. We should have a Oight, since we beat China.  In addition, it’s unfair that the three world bullies are  taking the advantages and as well as everything from  us. This situation will deOiantly be something that  many people would look back at Japan’s history.  Journalist: What do you think that caused Japan’s  problem?  Kawaii Tamako: In my opinion, I think we didn’t  think much about what and how powerful the other  countries that’s besides Asia. Everyone had to bear in  mind about what the European forces had done, but  we didn’t. It then ended up with the path, for Japan, to  such crisis to occur.

Journalist:  What can we learn from this  situation? Kawaii Tamako: I think there are many things we  can learn from what this crisis had done to us. We  uncovered the fact that we’re not strong enough to  duel and beat the three European forces. Within this  analysis of this disaster, we can Oind what the  weaknesses were and improve the weaknesses so  that Japan would not be defeated again. But however,  for the “exchange of the Liaotung Peninsula, we  received an amount of thirty million taels”. We  discovered that having too much conOidence is a bad  thing. Having the situation of defeating China, led  their thinking into an easy win. Now, we need to learn  to be more modest and well prepared. I believe that  we’ll, in the future, have the Liaotung Peninsula  within our grasp.  Journalist: In my opinion, I have to agree with what  Kawaii Tamako had said. I also believe that we’ll get  the Liaotung Peninsula back. In addition, Japan, as a  whole, will become the strongest nation in this world.   This map shows the Liaotung Peninsula. 

Lifestyle-Fashion, Food, and Other Products By-Jamamamli Koma A new year means a new start of a beginning, and as well as a new year of knowledge. When the emperor takes in all the Western fashion, culture, and their lifestyle, the emperor cuts off his topknot. The West struck Japan with new trends of fashion styles for both women and men. Speaking of fashion, today’s fashion has been newly revealed low-buttoned dresses Secret Saturdays. Another popular to today is our latest cotton sweater. It has a pocket that can carrying little objects around and keeps the hands warm. There’s a hat attached on the back of the sweater, so don’t really have to bring a hat. Although the Western clothing is impacting Japan a whole a lot, they’re not really suitable for our environment. But it then became really popular for young kids to wear sweaters with bright colors, while the ladies wear the low-buttoned dresses with dark colors. It can be seen all over the streets, kids dancing while wearing the sweater and ladies walking within their dresses. Weather won’t always be a friend, and raining days can spoil that new fancy fashion bought clothes for the entire day. Don’t worry about a thing, we’ve found a solution for this drastic measure. The United States is

bringing in some thing called umbrellas. It says that it’ll prevent the person from getting wet. All you have to do to unfold the umbrella is to push the small button and it’ll extend its wings like a bird starts flying. Umbrella is not just convenient and helpful, but also it’s really cheap and a good household object for the



Next month, there’ll be a new arrival of food and tools that can survive the entire winter. Although the can looks small and looks like it has nothing, but it contains some really good, creamy, and tasty soup. To make it nice and warm for our body to feel and our taste buds to interpret the taste, you need a pan. You pour it into the pan and let the fire warm up the pan to cook the soup. They also shipped in some sugar tasty candy bar called chocolate. It came in several forms: circular, rectangular, and as well as the form of a three dimensional triangle. People have been through many long journeys that can often think of small snacks, which we have been provided small biscuits. The purpose to bring this small snack was to fill up the person’s stomach instead of being hungered for food. The West has brought Japan many goods that can benefit our lives and makes it easier to live. The use of umbrella to prevent rain to ruin the day, chocolate’s taste to cheer our day, soup makes the person feels really good, and fashions that

FEB 1, 1899

not only looks good but also can keep the people warm.


FEB 1, 1899


listening to political speeches. By 1898, women couldn’t take legal action and ending up with the same rights as disabled person and cripples. Later on, By-Gamastu Laoeto brothels were created and forced poor Women have been treated peasants to sell their daughters as disparate against men and have been prostitutes in Japan or overseas. They, inferior to men for hundreds of years. Japanese prostitutes were mainly sent Women can accomplish and do what to Singapore to their sexual economy. men can do, but being less appreciated Ashamed and the agony prevented within the society. Women have played them from returning home. The an important role for Japan and prostitutes were basically trapped like meeting what the West have, even a hunt where a deer gets surrounded by though they’ve been sold and traded as three vicious tiger. They were forced a prostitute and little amount of into working in foreign brothels and political rights in Japan. the debts. The Meiji Restoration aimed The Meiji period started because of the to modernize and succeeded its economic growth and modernization in ambitious goal, but failed to increase Japan. Women have contributed to women’s status. Japan’s rapid growth. They’ve Women have helped Japan to succeed populated 90% of Japan’s cotton to their modernization, but still don’t industry, which is one of the most have the political rights, but instead, important industries in Japan. The they used women as prostitutes. Both women labor forced and demanded women and men have the same poor farmer girls to work in factories. education. They’ve served men for an Although their contribution to Japan amount of time and equality is break has greatly impacted to Japan’s free. economy, they had no political rights in Japan. It then led to a hope of having women to have political rights from the new constitution, but it didn’t really happen. 1882, women weren’t allowed to make political speeches. In 1889, women were banned from any political activities and as well as

Women’s Inequality

The cartoon shows the inequality that goes on in his head.

In the past, women couldn’t have anything to do with political speeches and their rights are being decreased.

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