Adriane Strampp : Shadowlands 2016

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Adriane Strampp Shadowlands 26 Oct – 19 Nov 2016

Shadowlands 2016 Shadowlands is part of an ongoing investigation exploring the theme of the Romantic landscape, memory as fugitive, the search for a sense of place, and the desire for connection through the lens of the traveller. Interest is not in the mimetic representation of landscape, but rather the suggestion and presence of the viewer observing, present yet separated from that which he sees. It traces both the literal and the emotional journey of the landscape remembered, the search for familiarity, and explores triggers that help us connect the past with the present. The work in this exhibition is based on landscapes both real and imagined, and draws on a recent residency at Hill End through the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, and homelands within Australia and overseas. Placing the viewer within a domestic setting, Haefliger’s Conversation (2016) looks at the intimacy of the arbour structure built by Paul Haefliger onto the cottage at Hill End, its rudimentary bush timbers casting long shadows connecting and echoing the surrounding landscape it came from. Rather than looking at the structure as a nostalgic relic from the past, it looks at the repetition of forms as a vehicle to trigger memory and connection to the present. Spaces and places are also explored in Shadowland, a fictional landscape, partially referencing both the arbour and the entrance to Hill End. Man-made structures create a dialogue with the landscape they are placed within and serve as a reminder of our own presence in the landscape. Adriane Strampp October 2016

Approach (2015) Oil/wax on linen 91 x 91 cm $8000

Cable (2015) Oil/wax on linen 122 x 122 cm $10,000

The Architecture of Memory (2016) Oil on linen 152 x 305 cm $25,000

Haefilger’s Conversation (2016) Oil on linen 51 x 200 cm (5 panels 51 x 51 cm each) $10,000

Shadowlands (2016) Oil on linen 91 x 274 cm $14,000

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