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Hi! Welcome to The Knome Village, come along and hear a great story!

New interactive Knome-book Available for

Kindle Fire, Android and iOS

Monto and the Forest Pirates When pirates attack The Knome Village, Monto must use his knowledge about the plants of the forest for other than cooking...

With lots of interactive elements and Read to Me option.

Written and illustrated by

Jan Kjaer

The little Knome, Minno, is supposed to be working hard shovelling dung in the pigo stables. But mostly he just stands and stares at the proud Storm Riders riding in and out of the Knome Village on their missions for Princess Zika. Minno knows the Storm Riders by their golden spurs.

I wish it was me. Imagine riding out on an adventure for the Princess!

“Are you daydreaming again?” laughs the stable master. “You know that you are far too small to become a Storm Rider. And, besides, who would I get to do all the shovelling?” You had better get a move on if you want to go to the Wild Race.

“The race? Is that today?” gasps Minno and starts shovelling furiously.

I must see that!

Every year all the tribes in the forest take part in the Wild Race of the Knomes. It is a great honour to win the race so riders come from far and wide to take part.

The grim Gnukas from the darkest parts of the forest. The painted riders from the swampy banks of the Carnivore River.

And the ruthless Nikoes who ride boxing pigoes.

“I am signing up for the race!” exclaims Minno. “So Princess Zika can see that I’m not too little to become a Storm Rider!” Minno hops up onto his own pigo called Zagga and hurries down to the registration table.

Everyone points at Minno and little Zagga. “Haha! That pigo has just come out of its egg!” they say and laugh. “Go home and play with your toys!” But Minno does not care. He knows he just has to join the race.

The riders are ready at the starting line. Minno and Zagga are squeezed in between two giant pigoes. The grim Gnuka growls: “Don’t forget to move when I pass or I’ll trample you down.” The ruthless Niko hisses like a snake: You will be the first to be boxed off the course!

“Listen, riders! The rules are very simple!” shouts the referee and points to a map.

You need to collect a flag in the Sinking Swamp.

Sinking Swamp

Malevolent Mountain

Gruesome Gorge

The first person back over the finishing line with a flag is the winner. Fearsome Forest

“Is everyone ready?” The riders nod and scowl meanly at each other. The Knome Village goes completely silent. Everyone is holding their breath…

The Wild Race of the Knomes - SAMPLE  

The little Knome, Minno, is tired of shovelling dung in the pigo stables. He dreams of becoming one of Princess Zika’s proud Storm Riders....

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