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Far, far in Knome Forest stands the mighty Knome Tree. Its roots go deep into the earth and its branches reach up into the sky like a palace with thousands of towers. The tree is surrounded by The Knome Village, which is always buzzing with life.

At the foot of the tree there is the most beautiful throne. This is where Princess Zika sits and watches over the village. Above her head sparkles the big red ruby called “The Knomes’ Heart”.

The Knomes may be small, but they have heart and courage like the biggest giants. And they will do anything to protect their village and their princess.

New interactive book Available for

Kindle Fire, Android and iOS

Monto and the Forest Pirates When pirates attack The Knome Village, the Food Knome Monto must use his knowledge about the plants and fruits in the forest for other purposes than cooking...

With lots of interactive elements and Read to Me function.

Written and illustrated by

Jan Kjaer

Welcome to The Knome Village and the story of a very special Knome!

The Tiger King’s thievery It’s early morning and The Knome Village is already buzzing with life because there is going to be a party. The long party table is decorated with flowers and garlands and lights are hung all over the village. All the Knomes work in pairs helping each other to decorate.

But nobody wants to be with Nundja. The other Knomes scold him because he just walks around yawning. But Nundja really does want to help.


He’s just always tired because he can’t sleep at night. When the sun goes down, he’s wide awake and lies staring up at the ceiling. And in the morning when the sun comes up, he’s tired and walks around the village yawning. Suddenly, there’s a shout across the village: “We’ve been robbed! There’s been a burglary in the night! It’s the Tiger Gang!” The Knomes quickly gather around Princess Zika. Her beautiful throne has been overturned and everyone can see that “The Knomes’ Heart” has gone! “The Tiger King has done this!” Zika says angrily as she looks at the footprints.

He has stolen our most precious treasure. We must send someone straight away to get it back!

All the Knomes are silent and look expectantly at Princess Zika. “We will send a group of three!” she shouts. The first one will be Raymon because he is as strong as a giant.

The second one will be Speelo because he is as fast as lightning!

Everybody claps and cheers. Raymon and Speelo are two cool Knomes, everyone knows that. “And the last one will be ...” The Princess looks around among the excited Knomes. “The last one will be Nundja!” There is complete silence. Nobody claps or cheers. Everybody turns and looks amazed at Nundja. Why him? He never wants to help!

Afterwards Princess Zika calls Nundja over to her. She gives him a small crystal bottle: “Take this on your journey,” she says. “It can help you if you are in danger!” “In danger?!” Nundja repeats nervously. “Yes, it can make you disappear,” explains the Princess. “Throw it on the ground and say this rhyme:” Take my life you may try But don’t be too long Just a blink of an eye and POOF I’ll be gone!

“But why did you choose me for the journey, Princess?” Nundja asks. “I can’t fight like the others. I’m tired all the time!” “It’s true,” says the Princess. “But then there’s probably something else you’re good at.” You shall use this journey to find out what it is!

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The Knomes' Secret Protector - SAMPLE  

Poor Nundja! He’s always tired and walks around yawning. The other Knomes scold him and call him lazy, even though he can’t help it. One n...

The Knomes' Secret Protector - SAMPLE  

Poor Nundja! He’s always tired and walks around yawning. The other Knomes scold him and call him lazy, even though he can’t help it. One n...

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