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Hi! Welcome to The Knome Village, come and hear a great story!

Written and illustrated by

Jan Kjaer


The Knome Village is buzzing with life and everyone has a different job to do. Everyone that is except Menza. It’s his day off and he’s bored because none of his friends have time to play with him. I’m booooored! I just wish I was a magician and then I could do some fun magic.

But Menza can’t do magic, so the only thing he can think of is to mess about and be a nuisance. Knomes often play jokes when they are bored. Menza throws fruit at people’s heads, draws big mustaches and he fishes for cupcakes with a fork. He’s having a great time. Right up until ...

One of the older Knomes grabs hold of him. “Why are you annoying the others?” he growls. “I’m booooored,” moans Menza. “Then it’s because there’s something you forgot!” said the old Knome. “What did I forget?” howls Menza as his ear turns red. “What you’ve forgotten,” says the old Knome, pointing to the woods, “you can find out in the clearing.”

Menza rushes into the forest. But when he finally finds the clearing, there’s a strange stone standing in the middle of a round sandbox. “What kind of a stupid stone is that?” he says in annoyance. “I haven’t forgotten that. It’s definitely not mine.”

Menza sits on the stone and straight away he’s bored again. “The old Knome was making fun of me just because I messed about a bit,” he sulks. “Why isn’t there anything fun to do out here?” yawns Menza. “Such as a playhouse or something.”

he suddenly hears from behind him and the most amazing playhouse shoots out of the sand.

“Wow!” Menza screams and climbs up into the playhouse’s lookout tower. “I can almost see the whole forest, but I would be able to see even farther if there were two big, tall towers,” he thinks.

he hears as two giant towers shoot up out of the sand. Menza cheers enthusiastically and runs inside to look around.

“Can it really be true?” Menza asks himself. “That everything I think of just appears?” He’s going to imagine the craziest, most amazing castle that has ever existed. Now he really lets his imagination run wild! “A big hall with long flags you can climb up, slides, trampolines and swings everywhere.”

he hears as flags, slides, trampolines and swings appear from floor to ceiling. Menza hops around in the castle squealing with delight!

Menza goes up to the highest balcony, where he can look out over the entire forest and then he loudly shouts: “I’m the Knome’s master magician” and

suddenly he’s dressed in the coolest, blue magician’s costume and he is holding a magic wand that quivers with magic. “A master magician needs an opponent!” he shouts.

Suddenly he hears a roar behind him! Out of the woods comes the horrible forest monster Mordobe, with glowing yellow eyes and a mouth full of sharp pointed teeth.

But then Menza the master magician conjures up four of the bravest warriors from the entire Knome kingdom. “We must chase the evil monster away!� he shouts to his friends.

The five brave warriors attack from all sides.

It becomes too much for the forest monster and he puts his tail between his legs and runs away. The Knomes celebrate their victory.

The opponent is defeated. Mordobe is forced to flee and the master magician is tired after the long day. It goes PLIF PLAF PLUF as he lets the warriors and the fantasy castle disappear. Now Menza is himself again and he laughs as climbs down from the stone. Now he understands what the old Knome meant. It was his imagination that he had forgotten.

The sun is about to go down when Menza arrives back at The Knome Village. The old Knome greets him: “Well, did you find what you had forgotten?” “I did,” replies Menza with a smile and a wink.

From that day Menza was never bored again. He had become a master magician because your imagination is also a kind of magic!

What would you conjure up if everything you thought of appeared around you?

You can download free coloring sheets from www.theknomes.com under DOWNLOADS.

The 6 colors of the Knomes The colors of the Knomes’ masks depend on what job they do in The Knome Village. There are 6 different colors: Green: Food Knomes. They work in the fields and gather roots and fruits. They also prepare all the delicious food that the Knomes get to eat. Blue: Inventor Knomes. They are responsible for all construction and invent the machines that the Knomes need.

Violet: Healers. If you get sick or injured, it’s good to know a Healer Knome. They also look after Knome eggs.

Red: Warrior Knomes. Knome Forest is a dangerous place. So strong warrior Knomes are always needed to protect the village.

Orange: Magicians. It’s the wise Knomes who can do magic. They also help Princess Zika with advice and guidance.

Yellow: Riders. The yellow Knomes either ride or fly. They look after the animals that take the Knomes around on their adventures.

Knomes are boisterous and mischievous - and they love to make trouble. But their hearts are in the right place and they always stand together when it really counts. “The Knomes” are action-packed adventures that will make any little live wire laugh, cheer and gasp from the first page to the last page.

Menza the Knome dreams of being a magician and his dream finally comes true when one of the old Knomes teaches him about a fantastic, magical ability - namely his imagination! Soon Menza is a master magician and conjures up the world’s coolest castle with lookout towers, swings and slides everywhere. But he faces a difficult test when a forest monster suddenly appears in his game … THE KNOMES - The Magic Knome Text and illustrations © 2012 Jan Kjær Translated into English by Clem Luxford 1th Edition, e-book • ISBN 978-87-93231-15-3 www.theknomes.com

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The Magic Knome - THE WHOLE BOOK  

Menza the Knome dreams of being a magician and his dream finally comes true when one of the old Knomes teaches him about a fantastic, magica...

The Magic Knome - THE WHOLE BOOK  

Menza the Knome dreams of being a magician and his dream finally comes true when one of the old Knomes teaches him about a fantastic, magica...

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