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Summer 2018

Countdown to the Community Centre Burnhope Partnership is membership organisation for residents of Burnhope Parish.

a the

5 Reasons to Join 1. Feel part of a warm community. The new Community Centre on Langley Avenue

Andy Coulthard, Acting Secretary of Burnhope Community Centre Charitable Incorporated Organisation (formerly Burnhope Community Association) talks to The Burnhope Wheel about the new Community Centre. “The Burnhope Community Centre build was completed in May and the volunteers are busy getting the Centre ready for opening to the public.”

provide you with up to date Project. As Andy tells us, information on the Centre.” “The Youth Project has been “Anyone who is interested in supported by Mid Durham booking a regular space for Area Action Partnership’s classes or sessions from Youth Fund to carry out some September onwards, or who outreach youth provision with would like to look around a view to bringing young before then can email us at people into the centre for regular drop in sessions.” “Diane and her Youth team have already been out and about talking to young people around the village and the sessions within the Centre are likely to start in September.

“Keep an eye on Burnhope Partnership’s Facebook page too as they have kindly agreed to help us to spread the word and provide you with updates Andy says, “The Community regarding opening. Watch out Centre will be fully open for posters being put up during the first week in We look forward to serving around the village too.“ September but there’ll be the community of Burnhope some taster sessions before Working closely with the for many years to come.” that. Our website, due to be Community Centre will be Detached Youth launched early August, will Consett Coming soon

2. Find out about events and activities in the Parish. 3. Receive invitations to Partnership Meetings where you can have your say. 4. Keep up to date on the Burnhope Partnership Facebook page BurnhopePartnership/ 5. A chance to give back to society with fundraising & volunteering opportunities. Everyone is welcome to submit an application to join (see back page of the Burnhope Wheel). Here are some questions we’re regularly asked: Q. So who’s behind it? A. The Partnership has a committee of voluntary representatives from local groups such as the school, church, chapel, fitness group, women’s group, youth partnership and more. We’re a mix of ages, backgrounds and talents, with some folk who were born here and some who moved here too. Q. What do you do? A. We meet regularly to look at ways we can support the village. Our biggest event of the year is the Annual Summer Fayre (see page 11). Let us know if you’d like to get involved as a volunteer on the day.

In total, 17 applications were successful and £6783 was received from the small grants section of the MDAAP. They were also instrumental in helping to obtain around £90,000 in funding for the renovation of the War Memorial, and £662,000 in funding for the new Community Centre.

Q. What do you love about it? A. We love that we can bring you this publication, The Burnhope Wheel. It is designed and edited by two of our Committee volunteers who bring together articles and stories provided by our supporters and members. It is YOUR magazine so let us know what you want to see in it. You can contact us on: Tel: 01207 528852 Email:

All in all over £750,000 has been generated for the benefit of the residents of Burnhope.

Barry Henderson

Thank you to the Mid Durham Area Action Partnership Team for their support.

Chairman, Burnhope Partnership Committee

Funding Received in Burnhope

Since April 2014, Mid Durham Area Action Partnership has been instrumental in helping Burnhope village’s various groups to receive funding. In the year from 1/4/2014 to 31/3/2015

2 groups were funded £800

In the year from 1/4/2015 to 31/3/216

4 groups were funded £1,583

In the year from 1/4/2016 to 31/3/2017

6 groups were funded £2,400

In the year from 1/4/2017 to 31/3/2018

5 groups were funded £2,000

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The Burnhope Wheel

Fighting For My Area by Laura Pidcock MP This time last year, I was unbelievably proud to be elected as MP for North West Durham. What a year it has been! In that time, I have had literally thousands of conversations, met with community groups, held very regular surgeries across the constituency, met with organisations up and down North West Durham, held dozens of meetings and even taken Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, for egg and chips in Consett. The last year has been packed with campaigning, be it the battle to stop the suspension of the sixth form In Wolsingham, speaking up on behalf of the WASPI women in the constituency and for those suffering under the DWP regime, or for workers who are having their rights taken from them. I know I get some stick for it in the media, but I will never stop being vocal about these issues, and using the platform I have to highlight injustices, whether small and big. I fight for this area because I am immensely proud of it. It is a place of vast, beautiful countryside and fantastic communities where people work hard and look after each other. Every day, I speak to inspirational people who make North West Durham the wonderful place that it is.

But as a representative, it’s not just my job to talk about the positive things about the area, it also means highlighting when we are being sold short by this government. Industry is such a key part of our local history, and yet it has been decimated, without anything like adequate replacement. We have not seen proper investment for decades. The result of this lack of investment is stark inequality. In this constituency, nearly a quarter of children live in poverty and a third of people are paid below the Living Wage. But statistics aside, my surgeries and email inbox are enough to tell me that life in North West Durham is, for many people, a struggle. It’s clear that we don’t get our fair share, of investment, in terms of transport spending or school budgets. I try to speak in as many debates and ask as many questions as I can, in an effort to let the Government know what is going on up here, taking the issues of constituents and amplifying them in Parliament. That is the heart of what I and my office do. As I said when I first entered Parliament – the people of North West Durham are the real wealth creators. Tirelessly, people in this part of the world work hard and contribute to a better society, and

they deserve their fair share of the rewards. We all know what this constituency needs – proper investment, decent public Laura Pidcock MP services, a transport system that is affordable, regular and extensive, a jobs-first Brexit, and a social security system that doesn’t punish, but actually looks after people. This is what my constituents tell me all the time, and this is what I will continue to tell the Government, loud and clear. You may already be aware that I will be going on maternity leave this summer, but I can assure you that this will change very little about the way my office operates. I have extremely dedicated caseworkers and staff who will be able to help with any issues as usual, so please do not hesitate to get in touch over the coming months. Laura Pidcock MP Telephone – 01207 501 782 Email -

Burnhope Parish Council Update Hello everyone

I would like to thank the members for their continued trust in me, and in return thank them for their help and support over the previous year.

With reference to the restoration and grant funding, this would not have happened without the introduction of Friends of Burnhope War Memorial, Mid Durham Area Action Partnership and Durham County Council (DCC) Finance Department, great job everyone (a full list of involved parties was listed in the Heritage Edition of The Burnhope Wheel).

Thanks also, to Janet Box (re-elected vice chair) for her help and stand-in duties, also to Peter Hughes, Parish Clerk, who has had a traumatic year looking after his wife Margaret due to her failing health problems and Margaret’s untimely passing in May.

Easter Lights Our village Christmas tree appears to have taken root (this time) and is thriving and looked great with the lighting at Christmas time (amazingly the lights made a show at Easter as well, which wasn’t planned just a result of some technical glitches).

During the past year work within the Parish Council has been largely taken up with the completion of Burnhope War Memorial refurbishment.

What next? Over the next year I would like to suggest ideas to Members regarding replacement seating, flower tub displays and parish footpaths.

It’s taken just over three years to get to this point. I feel that the three years, along with a lot of grant aid, was well spent looking at the outcome. There are actually lots of people looking at the finished result (except the driver of a vehicle who reversed into it. But that’s now all in hand with our architect and Insurers).

Litter Other issues being monitored are problems with litter (the contents of those energy drinks must be very poor as whoever drinks them appears to be unable to have the energy to carry the empty cans to a litter bin).

At the Burnhope Parish Council meeting on Thursday 3rd May, I was re-elected by members as Chair for a further year.

Fly tipping continues in hot spot areas. Hopefully the installation of cameras by

DCC wardens will find the people responsible. I would also like to highlight the fact that fly tipping ALSO INCLUDES dropping waste Derek Coates over a fence/ wall from one property to another, whether it’s Council or Private property! Lighting of the Beacons As this year marks 100 year since the end of WW1, part of the celebrations will be the Lighting of the Beacons, Burnhope and Lanchester Parish Councils are working together and should have, (as work in progress) our shared Beacon to be sited permanently at the picnic area ready to be lit at 6pm Sunday 11th of November, more to follow on this. I hope everyone has a fantastic hot/ warm summer! Derek Coates - Chair of Burnhope Parish Council Email -

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Burnhope Park Methodist Chapel An Urgent Appeal To The People of Burnhope We would like to invite everyone to a meeting to discuss the future of our Burnhope Chapel. Although we are financially sound, a decision has been made outside of the village, that our Chapel will close. This is because they have a belief that the people of Burnhope are not interested in their Chapel. We would like to prove them wrong! We need only one or two new members to halt this process and avoid closure.

An Open Meeting is to be held on Sunday 2nd September 2018 at 3pm in the Chapel (Holmside Lane, Burnhope. Durham DH7 0DP) This is not a Service but an opportunity to come along and demonstrate your support for our Chapel.

Please help us fight its closure. When its gone, its gone.

Durham Miner’s Gala 2018 Saturday 14th July Would you like to march through the historic city of Durham with the Burnhope Banner at the Big Meeting this year? A bus has been organised to take those who are interested in our mining heritage so they can march with the procession.

How to book Contact Freda Dawson on 07812 173915. Tickets are ÂŁ6 return. All welcome.

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The Burnhope Wheel

A View From Burnhope Mast Burnhope Mast has been operating as a transmitting station since 1958 when the first test transmissions were started before the launch of Tyne Tees Television in January 1959. The Mast needs to be maintained, and every 12 years the cables are greased. When this took place recently, local resident, Colin Anderson, asked the technician if he could take some photos while he was up there. Here is the result! Can you see your house?

The Haven Centre Burnhope Village - photoDay taken from the top of the mast 2018 Artist’s impression

Focus Feature - The Haven Day Centre North West Durham Rural Community Care, known as The Haven Day Centre, has been in Burnhope since 1991.

for many, many years and brings many happy memories of years gone by for not only the clients, but the staff. There are usually a We are a not for profit few tears shed. organisation. We have 7 Monies donated to us are always members of staff, 3 of whom have very welcome and benefit the been here for over 20 years. clients in many ways. We provide day care for people with dementia, which in turn provides respite care for their loved ones.

We are very appreciative for the support of the Burnhope Partnership and the Parish Council.

A huge thank you from all of us Barry Henderson presenting a £300 cheque from the We take 14 clients each day from involved in The Haven Day Burnhope Partnership and a £500 cheque from the Parish Council to Margaret Robson of the Haven Day Centre all over Derwentside. All our Centre, Burnhope! clients love the social stimulation Burnhope Partnership Committee extend their through meeting new friends and sincerest thanks to the following volunteers as participating in the many activities they retire from the Partnership: that we provide. Having our own minibus allows us the freedom of trips out to places of reminiscence around the North East, one of the favourites being the seaside for fish and chips. Our clients also thoroughly enjoy visiting Burnhope Junior School each year for their nativity play. This has been an annual event


YOU so much

Ann Scott - thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in as our Treasurer over the years. Elva Hockaday and Margaret Ledger - thank you for everything you have done representing St John’s Church. You are very special ladies. Les Turnbull and Diane Lane thank you for all your support, especially the tireless work you have put into the garden maintenance at St John’s Churchyard.

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Sunrise at the Wheel

Health Walks in Burnhope When: Every Tuesday (10 - 11am) Where: Burnhope Chapel ‘Hut’ Short health walk in and around the Burnhope area, all ages and abilities welcomed. This will be followed by a Coffee Morning serving tea, coffee and biscuits on return from the walk. Contact: Martin Hall (Senior Health Trainer) if you are interested or would like further information on 07919625594, 01207 218802

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The Burnhope Wheel

THE HAVEN SURGERY PRACTICE NEWS County Durham Young Carers Charter

Stoma Products

It is important that Young Carers are young people first and carers second. They have the same rights as all other children and young people and should have access to the same facilities, services and support that is available to other young people across the County. However, young people who are also carers have other needs, which we have pledged to support.

Patients on stoma products have previously received their stoma items through a third party delivery service.

We have received accreditation from County Durham Young Carers Charter and have pledged to support young carers in the following ways:

Any queries regarding ‘Stoma Ordering’ please contact the surgery.

• We will strive to recognise and identify young carers in the work

Care Navigation

• We have identified member of staff to lead on support for young

New ways for your local GP practice to help you get to the right support.

that we do. carers.

• We ensure that everything young people tell us about their caring responsibilities stays private and confidential unless we have their permission to share, they are unsafe or at risk of harm.

• We will commit to having young carers information readily available to our staff and service users.

• We have worked with The Bridge Young Carers Service to have a dedicated policy for young carers.

• We will continue to work with The Bridge Young Carers Service on these issues.

Investing in Young Children The Practice is currently involved in ‘Investing in Children’ which has extensive experience working with children and young people across a wide range of issues to identify what they consider to be important and to raise these issues with decision-makers. In addition to this, Investing in Children supports children and young people to work in partnership with decisionmakers, undertaking research, evaluations and reviews with a wider range of children and young people.

Stoma products can now be ordered through the practice ordering process with patient’s medication.

Across County Durham, all GP practices want to make sure their patients are seen quickly by the right healthcare professional. We know that when you are not feeling well you just want to feel better quickly. Throughout June and July, practice staff are receiving specialist training developed by clinicians, to help them provide you with information about choices you have to see an appropriate person for your healthcare needs. Sometimes a GP isn’t the best person to see. Within your GP practice for example a Practice Nurse (for matters including dressings, immunisations or ear syringes) or a Nurse Practitioner (who can examine, diagnose and prescribe) may be better. You could also be directed to a healthcare professional in the community such as a community pharmacist, optician or sexual health nurse.

Investing in Children is funded through a variety of sources for example contracts with Durham County Council and Local CCG's as well as grants from the Heritage Lottery, Awards for All and County Durham Community Foundations (to name a few).

So shortly, when you contact the practice, our receptionist staff may ask you a few questions to help navigate you to the best person to help you quickly. They won’t try to diagnose your problem, but you may need to tell them a little bit about why you are calling.

Young Person Patient Forum Group

Cancer Champion

Are you interested in finding out more about The Haven Surgery?

Currently in County Durham practices are involved in how can we promote awareness of cancer screening programmes and engage with people who do not initially take up their screening offer.

Would you like to influence the development of local services?

You don’t’ have to of course, the choice is yours and you can always still request to see your GP, but you may be able to be seen faster by someone who is able to provide the right care for you using ‘Care Navigation’ to help.

The Haven Surgery has a Patient Participation Group and are really keen to extend this to you, ‘The Young People’ in our Community, which allows patients the opportunity to discuss ideas and hear about future developments.

National cancer screening campaigns take place throughout the year across a range of media platforms. Local promotion – working with public health, GP surgeries, Macmillan, Cancer Research UK.

Meetings would be held on a quarterly basis, at the surgery.

The practice has access to promotional materials to ensure a consistent message is given to patients.

If you are interested in joining the group, or if you have any queries about the group, please contact Marion Punton, Office Manager on 01207 214707.

The Practice would like to encourage our patients to take part in these national Screening Programmes.

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Self-Care Campaign

Free travel vaccinations

People have a key role in protecting their own health, choosing appropriate treatments and managing long-term conditions.

The following travel vaccinations are usually available free on the NHS:

Self-management is a term used to include all the actions taken by people to recognise, treat and manage their own health. Self-care is about keeping fit and healthy, understanding when you can look after yourself, when a pharmacist can help and when to get advice from your GP or another health professional:

• Hay Fever and Allergies, have you thought about buying what you need?

• For aches and pains, can you buy what you need? • For minor illnesses, have you thought about talking to your pharmacist and buying what you need? Prescribing readily available medication like antihistamines costs the NHS millions every year, adding unnecessary strain to local GPs and the NHS. Processing these prescriptions can cost 20 times the price of buying identical medication at your local pharmacy or supermarket. Before you call a GP, talk to your pharmacist. You don’t need an appointment and for most minor illnesses it’s faster and easier.

If you take care of the little things, your NHS can keep taking care of you.

Diabetic Foot Screening Clinics The above clinics are no longer being held at the surgery and patients will receive appointments to be seen in Foot Screening clinics in North Durham at the locations below:

• • • •

Chester le Street Community Hospital University Hospital North Durham Stanley Primary Care Centre Shotley Bridge Hospital

Travel Vaccinations If you're planning to travel outside the UK, you may need to be vaccinated against some of the serious diseases found in other parts of the world. Vaccinations are available to protect you against infections such as yellow fever, typhoid and hepatitis A. In the UK, the childhood vaccination programme protects you against a number of diseases, but doesn't cover most of the infectious diseases found overseas.

• • • •

diphtheria, polio and tetanus (combined booster) typhoid hepatitis A – including when combined with typhoid or hepatitis B cholera

These vaccines are usually free because they protect against diseases thought to represent the greatest risk to public health if they were brought into the country.

Private travel vaccinations You're likely to have to pay for travel vaccinations against:

• • • • • •

hepatitis B when not combined with hepatitis A Japanese encephalitis and tick-borne encephalitis meningitis vaccines rabies tuberculosis (TB) yellow fever

Yellow fever vaccines are only available from designated centres. The cost of travel vaccines will vary, but could be around £50 for each dose of a vaccine. It's worth considering this when budgeting for your trip.

Nurse Clinics Our Practice nursing staff are Claire Bradbury Practice Nurse and Susan Lightfoot Nursing Assistant. Patients please be aware when booking an appointment either by telephone or online to see a nurse that you have booked into the appropriate clinic appointment slot. For example ear syringing/smears can only be done by our Practice Nurse Claire Bradbury. If in any doubt please ring the surgery and the reception team will book your appointment in to the correct clinic.

Continuation of Vulnerable Adults Weekend Service The Frail and Elderly Weekend Service will continue until September 2018. This service offers GP intervention and assessments of vulnerable patients over the weekend.

Extended Hours Extended hour appointments are now only available from Tanfield View Medical Group in Stanley. Appointments are available on an evening for both surgeries from 6.30-8:30pm and Weekend Sessions are 9-1.30pm.

Where do I get my jabs?

Chapel Hut – Burnhope Friendship Club

You should get advice at least eight weeks before you're due to travel, as some jabs need to be given well in advance.

Burnhope Friendship Club meets on Tuesday afternoons between 1pm – 3pm at the Chapel Hut, and is for men and women of all ages.

First, phone or visit your GP or practice nurse to find out whether your existing UK jabs are up-to-date (they can tell from your notes). Your GP or practice nurse may also be able to give you general advice about travel vaccinations and travel health, such as protecting yourself from malaria. Your GP or practice nurse can give you a booster of your UK jabs if you need one. They may be able to give you the travel jabs you need, either free on the NHS or for a charge. Not all vaccinations are available free on the NHS, even if they're recommended for travel to a certain area.

All are welcome. There are various activities to take part in; games, crafts and just a friendly chat over a cuppa. If transport is required call Cyndy on 01207 529803 or Mary on 01207 521395

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The Burnhope Wheel

Rupert’s Reflection by Revd Rupert Kalus The cracks are how the light gets out

Jesus went among outcast, marginalised, ostracised men and women to let them know that the light of God was in them and could shine out of them too.

The cracks are how the light gets out. I’m thinking of a clay lamp I saw once in Romania. It was a jar really which had been turned into a makeshift lamp by an old lady who lived high up in one of the He didn’t make them perfect. They remained as flawed, broken, and villages in the mountains. In the darkness of the evening, the vulnerable as they had ever been; as flawed, broken and vulnerable as me candle flame flickered inside the jar in and you. the slight draft under the door. The cracks in the jar were jagged and uneven and the light they threw was somehow mysterious. The light that was thrown was warm too. It drove back the slight chill of oncoming night and lifted the spirits.

But he told them that they were loved by God; that the love of God shone in their hearts and could shine out of their lives.

And that’s the point, the light shone out of them in their brokenness and vulnerability. Indeed it was the The cracks were how the light got out recognition of their brokenness which and the light shone in the darkness and enabled the light to shine. Because the cracks are how the light gets out. the darkness did not overcome it.

And this is true for all of us. It is not our perfection which enables us to love, but our imperfection. The cracks are how the light gets out. It is the recognition of our common humanity which allows us to empathise with, and care for others. It is the experience of our own hurts, failures and worries that allow us to identify with those of others. Because the cracks are how the light gets out.

Revd Rupert Kalus

Need help to get to church or the shops? A quick reminder for our older residents that if you ’re struggling to get to church, go to the shops, access a social club or go to the bingo due to the lack of public transport in Burnhope, then don’t forget the VOLUNTEER DRIVER SCHEME which Mid Durham Area Action Partnership have supported. This scheme helps those of you that want to get out and about to get out and about. The scheme provides a door to door service with small charges applying from £1 to £5 depending upon the journey. St John’s Church, Burnhope

Give us a call on 01740 658881 for further details.

Local Police News

The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal 2017

Lately Police have been carrying out a target hardening month to address growing concerns regarding speeding in the village. Hotspot areas include Holmside Village and Holmside Lane with Fairview constantly receiving attention from our speed camera van. Findings from these speeding equipment deployments were shared with members at the Parish Council meeting which took place on Thursday 7th June 2018 at 6pm in Burnhope Primary School. Regular attention is also being given to the area of Greenwood Avenue and Holmside Lane near Johnston's Newsagents in relation to off road vehicles being ridden on the grassed areas.

£452.30 was raised in Burnhope from the following sites:

If anyone has any problems or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch with PCSO Lisa Cullen-Jackson or PC Iain Nelson via 101 (non-emergency number) or by emailing the address below.

•Burnhope Primary School •Burnhope Cricket Club •Top Shop/Post Office •Garage Bar and Grille •The Three Horse Shoes •The Henderson Family Well done Burnhope, and thanks to everyone who contributed. Dennis Dunn

Telephone - 101 (non emergency number)

Keep Fit for all ages

(Donation of £2.50 to Age UK per session)

Join us for a fun hour of exercise to music every week.

An enjoyable way to strengthen and tone muscles, improve balance and to As yet no riders have been stopped generally keep fit. however officers will be looking at Tuesday nights at 6pm at Burnhope seizing any offending vehicles causing a nuisance.

Primary School

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Image Windows pdf to insert please Chis


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Burnhope Cricket Club News The cricket season is now well underway, with two full teams playing every weekend, Burnhope are positioned well in the league tables. With only a few weeks left until the end of the season we are hoping for more silverware in the cup competitions. We look forward to seeing you all at the cricket ground on Bank Holiday Monday for the Burnhope Partnership Fun Day.

Remaining Fixtures

1st XI

Remaining Fixtures Saturday July 14th



Saturday July 21st



Saturday July 28th



Saturday August 4th



Saturday August 11th



Saturday August 18th



Saturday August 25th



Saturday July 14th



Saturday July 21st



Saturday July 28th



Saturday August 4th



Saturday August 11th



Saturday August 18th



Saturday August 25th



Saturday September 1st



Saturday September 8th



Do you have a little time to spare? Whether you have a couple of hours once a week, once a month or once a year, there are opportunities to get involved in the community. Could you offer your time as a volunteer? Opportunities that are currently available:

Various positions Community Centre

Garden maintenance at St John’s Church Yard

Summer Fayre Volunteers



Do you have items you can donate? • Raffle prizes • Tombola prizes • Monetary donations For more information contact The Burnhope Wheel Tel: 01207 528852 Email:

2nd XI

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The Burnhope Wheel

What’s on? The new Community Centre website will launch in August so keep an eye on that for information on new classes, drop in sessions and opportunities - Date




Fri 13 Jul

Glenn McCrory Live Boxing Talk (£8) Pie & Peas

The Garage Bar & Grille


Sat 21 Jul

Live Music from rock band American Girl

The Garage Bar & Grille


Sat 28 Jul

Food & Craft Market

The Garage Bar & Grille


Sat 4 Aug

Bikers’ BBQ with Live Music from Fossil

The Garage Bar & Grille


24-27 Aug

Beer & Gin Festival Weekend with Live Music ...

The Garage Bar & Grille


Sat 25th -

Live Music from Human Jukebox Neil Gibson and his son James


Sat 25th -

Live Music from Jem Caisley


Sun 26th -

Chat with car lovers at the Ford Meet


Sun 26th -

Live Music from Karl Herbert



Mon 27 Aug Burnhope Summer Fayre

Burnhope Cricket Club


Mon 27 Aug

More Bank Holiday Fun with Live Music provided by Burnhope Cricket Club


Sun 2 Sept

Burnhope Chapel Open Meeting (see pg 3)

Burnhope Chapel


Sat 8 Sept

Live Music from Ian McDonald

The Garage Bar & Grille



Weekly Health Walk

Meet at Chapel Hall



Weekly Friendship Group at the Chapel

Chapel Hall



Fitness Class (term time only - £2.50 donation)

Primary School



Cash Bingo (fundraiser for over 60’s Xmas Meal)

Cricket Club Hut



Quiz & Curry Night

The Garage Bar & Grille



Biker’s Night

The Garage Bar & Grille


1st Thursday of each month Burnhope Parish Council & PACT Meeting School or Community Centre 6.00pm 1st Thursday of each Month Café Church (term time)

Primary School



Church Service

St John’s Church


Chapel Service

Burnhope Methodist Church


The Garage Bar & Grille


Last Sunday of each Month Ford Meet

Thinking of joining Burnhope Partnership? What can we say, other than you’ll:

sports clubs, pubs, shops, businesses, adult day care, doctors surgery, youth • be kept up to date with what’s support, Friends of Burnhope War happening in all areas of the village Memorial, the Burnhope Banner Group and its surroundings and most importantly the residents. • be able to have your say at regular Mid Durham Area Action Partnership meetings is here to support us and Burnhope • be able to get involved (as much or Parish Council is always keen to hear as little as you like!) our thoughts and ideas. As a Membership Organisation, the Partnership was set up to bring together all parts of the community such as representatives of the new community centre CIO (formerly Burnhope Community Association), the school,

Influence from our members includes successes such as Italby Paddock’s allotments and the skate park for the younger generation, as well as the publication of the Burnhope Wheel three times a year and the annual Summer

Fayre. The Burnhope Partnership Facebook page is run by volunteers too and this is where you’ll find information in between the editions of The Wheel. If you are over 18 years of age, resident in the parish of Burnhope, and wish to be involved in improving the community, for the benefit of all generations, we’d love you to join us.

Contact us on 01207 528852 or email us at for more information or to get an application form.

The Burnhope Wheel Summer 2018 - produced by Burnhope Partnership  

Burnhope's free magazine - news, events and information from Burnhope, Co Durham.

The Burnhope Wheel Summer 2018 - produced by Burnhope Partnership  

Burnhope's free magazine - news, events and information from Burnhope, Co Durham.