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Strawberries spell success for young entrepreneurs Two young farmers discover summertime success. See story and photos on pages 11 and 14. Photo by Claire Dibble.

Inside: t3FHJTUSBUJPOOJHIU coming up, page 3 t5PVSJTN(PMEFOQMBOT for upcoming mountain festival, page 4 t(PMEFO(PMG$MVC MBVODIFTOFX TNBSUQIPOFBQQ QBHF

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coming up ...

Kicking Horse Movies - “Straight Outta Compton� t0QFOJOH'SJEBZ 4FQUUIUISV 5IVSTEBZ 4FQUUIBUQN “In the mid-1980s, the streets of Compton, California, were some of the most dangerous in the country. When five young men translated their experiences growing up into brutally honest music that rebelled against abusive authority, they gave an explosive voice to a silenced generation. Following the meteoric rise and fall of N.W.A., Straight Outta Compton tells the astonishing story of how these youngsters revolutionized music and pop culture forever the moment they told the world the truth about life in the hood and ignited a cultural war.�


Let’s Do Lunch - Networking Event t 8FEOFTEBZ 4FQUBUQNBUUIF*TMBOE 3FTUBVSBOU)FMQJOHCVTJOFTTUISJWFJO (PMEFOSummer is over and the “Let’s Do Lunch Networkingâ€? is the first event coming out in the fall season. Call the Kicking Horse Country Chamber of Commerce to reserve your sport at this event. Golden Motorcyle Riders - 2nd Annual Golden Toy Run t4VOEBZ 4FQUFNCFS  TUBSUJOHBUBN.FFUBOEHSFFUBU ,).3GPSDPGGFFBOESFGSFTINFOUT QN-BTUCJLFPVU HSPVQSJEFUISPVHI(PMEFO UP#SBJTIFS$SFFL3FTU"SFB%SBX  (SPVQ3JEFUP(PMEFO.VTFVN CJLFSTDBSF CPPUIBU'BMM'BJSF "MMUPZTEPOBUFEUPi5IF "OHFM5SFFwQSPDFFETUPUIF'PPE #BOL#SJOHBOFXVOXSBQQFEUPZ EPOU GPSHFUUIFUFFOBHFST Glean Golden - Pick, eat, glean - locally! tSept. 19 and Oct. 3 - Golden needs volunteers! Harvest apples with us. Get help! Reduce human / wildlife conflict. Families and friends welcome! Meet at the Golden Food Bank each Saturday (dates above) at 9:30 a.m. For more information, call Sarah Osadetz at (250) 344-8695,


Columbia Valley Dog Club tOffering Beginner Dog Obedience Classes. Starts September 9 and runs through to October 28, Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. $65 for 8 classes. At Jayenn Kennels, corner of Campbell and Pagliero Road. Lots of fun for you and your dog. Call (250) 344-2676 to pre-register. Free Tech Training Sessions for Seniors! t FREE 45 minute tech training September 10th & 17th at the Golden Library. Pre-registration is required and you must bring your own device. Space is limited! For more information, contact

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in Golden

the Golden library at (250) 344-6516. Golden StrongStartBC tGolden’s StrongStartBC program at Alexandar Park Elementary School will open on Sept. 9, 2015. New 2015-2016 Schedule - Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: 12:30 - 3:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:45 - 11:45 a.m. StrongStartBC is a free, early learning program for children birth to 5 years old and their parents / caregivers. Targeted Initiative for Older Workers - Job Skills Training Opportunity t$PMMFHFPG UIF3PDLJFTFall intake: Sept. 8 - Dec. 10, 2015. Winter intake: Nov. 16 - Mar. 3, 2016. For unemployed workers aged 55 - 64, who require new or enhanced skills for successful integration into new employment. Where is your food going? JUST EAT IT - A Food Waste Story. t5IVSTEBZ  4FQUFNCFSUI QNBU4U"OESFXT 6OJUFE$IVSDIBOE$FOUSFGPS1FBDFA Golden Food Bank event. Admission by donation, either food or cash, whichever you please! Dvorak’s Rusaika! Lyric Fairytale Opera t4BUVSEBZ 4FQUFNCFS QNBUUIF (PMEFO$JWJD$FOUSF

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Find out what’s happening in Golden this fall Submitted by The Town of Golden

On September 17, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., the Town of Golden Recreation Team is hosting the annual Community Connections and Fall Registration Night! The expo-style evening provides an ideal place for groups to share their goals and objectives, and for the public to take in dynamic displays and demonstrations from the many recreational opportunities Golden has to offer. It’s also a great way for organizations to network with each other. “This annual event showcases the many organizations that provide valuable services to our community,� says Mayor Ron Oszust. “It’s a great way for new and long-time members of our community to be informed, get active and get involved.� This year’s event promises to be both informative and fun! Check out what the Golden Girl Guides have lined up for the fall or sign up for Golden Kicking Horse Alpine Team; be sure to check out demonstrations by Golden Shotokan Karate, the Golden Fire Department and Kicking Horse Gymnastics; find out more about the Columbia Basin

5IF$PNNVOJUZ$POOFDUJPOTBOE'BMM3FHJTUSBUJPO/JHIUQSPNJTFTUPCFCPUI JOGPSNBUJWFBOEGVO Photos submitted by the Town of Golden. Alliance for Literacy, the Golden Interact Club, the Golden Women’s Resource Centre and the Golden Museum – to name a few. While you’re there, drop by the Town of Golden table to talk about fall/winter programming at the Mount 7 Rec Plex. Share your thoughts on the upcoming season and learn about new initiatives our team has been working on! Starting in September, the ToG Rec Services team will be launching a brand new platform to enhance the drop-in gym programing offered at the Mount 7 Rec Plex. A $130 membership - or $5 drop-in fee - is now good for any drop activity offered

at the facility. That includes badminton, volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer, winter walking and public skate at the Arena. Recreation Services is also introducing new, volunteer-facilitated, drop-in activities under this platform. So, if you have ever thought it would be cool to host open gym time for kids, dodgeball for youth, Pickleball for the young at heart, pin the tail on the donkey, what time is it Mr. Wolf or any other gym specific activity, now is the time to speak up, express your ideas and become a part of this new program. In Golden, the benefits of having a membership extend beyond the social aspect and into your pocket book. For a


WE’RE HIRING! McDonald’s is a gateway of opportunity for personal and professional growth, through the offering of life-long skills. We are proud of our employees who act as our hospitality ambassadors every day.




t8PSLXIFOJUXPSLTGPSZPV BTNBOZIPVSTPSBTMJUUMFBTZPVXBOU t5IFPQQPSUVOJUJFTBSFFOEMFTT For faster processing of your application, please visit or contact Dallas Matheson at (250) 344-4515.

child membership, it is less than 75 cents per day; for an adult, $1.25 – less than a cup of coffee – helps to support your Rec Plex and Arena. For a family, the cost is less than $2.75 per day. “The Rec Plex is your community facility and we want you to be a part of the action, for yourself, family and friends,� says Manager of Recreation Services Jordan Petrovics. “This fall and winter, showcase your pride in your community services by becoming a member at the Mount 7 Rec Plex and Golden Arena!� Drop by the Rec Plex on Thursday, September 17th from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., to help provide direction on the upcoming season! All user groups, volunteers and interested members of the public are welcome to attend. Participation for not-for-profit groups in this event is free! Private sector businesses providing recreational benefits in our community are welcome to attend for a $5 fee. Everyone is encouraged to bring a donation for the Golden Food Bank. For more information on the event call Town Hall at 250-344-2271 or e-mail rec.

The Platinum Card program! McDonald’s employees receive

50% OFF

food purchases at all participating Canadian McDonald’s.

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Tourism Golden planning for 2016 Festival Submitted

Planning is already underway for the 2016 Golden Mountain Festival, with Exploring our Rivers and Wetlands as the theme for next year’s event. Tourism Golden is pleased to invite you to be part of the 2016 Golden Mountain Festival: Exploring our Rivers and Wetlands, taking place in Golden, BC from Friday, May 20 until Sunday, May 22, 2016. This is the third year of this special event and builds on the success of previous Golden Mountain Festival, drawing visitors to Golden and celebrating our authentic mountain town.

Why participate in the Golden Mountain Festival? More than 57 businesses participated in the 2015 Golden Mountain Festival as sponsors or activity providers. If you’re looking for maximum exposure of your business’ brand, consider: t8FCTJUFWJFXT XXXHPMEFOGFTUDB  increased by more than 30% by June 1, 2015 and continues to grow. t5IFNBKPSJUZPGXFCTJUFWJTJUTBSFGSPN outside of Golden, resulting in incremental impressions and potential visits for local businesses. t5IFPOMJOFNBSLFUJOHDBNQBJHOTBX 900,000 total impressions. t5IFLFZOPUFTQFBLFSFWFOUTBXB 30% increase in attendance in 2015 with

Welcome to the 2015-16 School Year!!! GOLDEN SECONDARY SCHOOL

OPENING DAY NOTICE t'3*%": 4&15&.#&3 (SBEF/FX4UVEFOU0SJFOUBUJPO%BZBNUPQN /FX1BSFOU0SJFOUBUJPOoBNOPPO -VODIGPSCPUITUVEFOUTBOEQBSFOUTGSPNOPPOQN All lockers come equipped with school locks that students are required to use. Grade 8 and New Students need to bring $10.00 so they can be assigned their lock/locker. t56&4%": 4&15&.#&3'*345%":0'4$)00Buses will pick students up 1 hour later in the morning All Students must be present at 9:50 a.m. at the School. Students will have received their timetable in the mail. Please go to your 1st period class to receive your instructions for the day. If a student does not have a 1st period on their timetable, then please come to the office for assistance. All lockers come equipped with school locks that students are required to use. New Students to Golden need to bring $10.00 so they can be assigned their lock/locker. Remember: If a student had a locker last year and the lock was returned to the School office and the locker was left in clean condition; then there is no need to pay again this year. Students who did not return their lock to the office and/or did not clean and empty their locker will need to pay this fee again. Buses will leave the School at 12:30 p.m. t8&%/&4%": 4&15&.#&33&(6-"3$-"44&4 CFHJOBUBNXJUI1FSJPEiw (warning bell rings at 8:40 a.m.) t5)634%": 4&15&.#&3$0634&$)"/(&4 501. This is the only opportunity for timetable changes.

lots of room for more growth in future years. t$PNNVOJUZQBSUJDJQBUJPOJOUIFGFTUJWBM increased by 15% in 2015. There are various levels of sponsorship that will maximize your brand exposure to tourists and locals. 'FTUJWBM5JUMF4QPOTPSTIJQ t-PHPUJFEUPBMMGFTUJWBMFWFOUTPOBMM signage and advertising. t-PHPPO'FTUJWBMCSPDIVSF t$PNQMJNFOUBSZBENJUUBODFGPSVQUP 10 people at all Festival events. t5IBOLZPVBEJOMPDBMOFXTQBQFS t.FOUJPOTCZ.$BUBMMFWFOUT &WFOU4QPOTPSTIJQ t-PHPUJFEUPPOFGFTUJWBMFWFOUPOBMM signage and advertising. t-PHPPO'FTUJWBMCSPDIVSF t5IBOLZPVBEJOMPDBMOFXTQBQFS

“80% of participating businesses saw a 50% (or more) increase in revenues compared to the same weekend in 2014.�


event weekend. t*GZPVSFMPPLJOHUPESJWFQBSUJDJQBUJPO at your business over the course of the weekend, consider: tPGQBSUJDJQBUJOHCVTJOFTTFTTBX B PSNPSF JODSFBTFJOSFWFOVFT compared to the same weekend in 2014. t7JTJUPSTTUBZJOHGPSPSNPSFOJHIUT increased by 55% and had an average JODSFNFOUBMTQFOEPG JODSFBTF GSPN  We have three levels of sponsorship that will maximize your occupancy and visitation on event weekend. "EWFOUVSF4QPOTPSTIJQ t#VTJOFTTUJFEUPi"EWFOUVSF$BSEw 4DBWFOHFS)VOU "DUJWJUZ t(VBSBOUFFEWJTJUBUJPOUPZPVS business or special event. t5IBOLZPVBEJOMPDBMOFXTQBQFS t0OFGSFFUJDLFUUPFWFOUPGZPVS choice. t.FOUJPOCZ.$BUMFBTUPODFPWFS event weekend. %JTDPVOU t0GGFSBEJTDPVOUUPGFTUJWBM participants and receive promotion on the website. 1SJ[F%POBUJPO t$POUSJCVUFBQSJ[FUPCFBXBSEFEGPS "EWFOUVSF$BSEBDUJWJUZQBSUJDJQBOUT t.JOJNVNQSJ[FWBMVFPG "MMTQPOTPSTIJQDPNNJUNFOUNVTUCF SFDFJWFEOPMBUFSUIBO0DUPCFS UP ensure inclusion in the 2016 Golden Travel Planner produced by Tourism Golden. The Golden Travel Planner has a print run of 90,000 copies and is distributed UISPVHIPVU#$ UIF#PX7BMMFZBOENBJMFE globally. To sign up for sponsorship, respond to

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Golden Golf Club launches new app, storage services by Janet Crandall-Swaffield 1VCMJTIFSt(PMEFO5IJT8FFL Despite cooler temperatures, things are still moving at the Golden Golf Club (GGC). Conditions are favourable as golfers move into the fall season.

“With the launch of their new smartphone app, players can do a variety of things ...� With the launch of their new smartphone app, players can do a variety of things from keeping score, track your stats, get GPS distances on every hole, and more. You can also follow your friends on the Live Leaderboards and book tee times. Now that’s some serious golf. The association is also moving forward with an eye to the future. The GGC has recently made application to the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) to “develop alternative revenue streams to


assist with ongoing maintenance and future improvements for our first rate golf facility.� George Smedley, President, explained in his letter to the CSRD that the long-term goal

Proudly serving Golden for 45 YEARS!

RENT IT FOR LESS! Heavy Equipment

We have a wide range of heavy equipment for rent including excavators, drum rollers, skid steers, cranes, aerial lifts, booms, dump trucks, and compressors. We have experienced operators that will ensure that the job gets done right and on budget.

Industrial Tools and Equipment

We rent air compressors, air tools, cleaning equipment, compactors, generators, industrial heaters and lighting, ladders and scaffolding, fencing, pumps. painting, and survey equipment.

We offer a comprehensive selection of modern equipment and the professional service to ensure you get what you need, when you need it!

Stop by and browse our inventory!

Golden Installations LTD. UI"WF4(PMEFO #$t  

is to develop “diversified revenue streams� that will ultimately benefit the GGC, but still be consistent and in line with the aesthetics of the existing facility.

Smedley went on to explain that the first example of alternate revenue was that of its campground. “The RV Park is proving to be quite successful and we will likely expand this facility in the near future.� The GGC is now looking at offering RV storage services, initially for smaller recreational vehicles like snowmobiles, with future potential for storing larger RVs. The GGC would purchase 10 20’ seacans that will serve as the secure storage facility, which are fairly inexpensive and simple to obtain. “Our research indicates that there is a definite need for this facility in our area and that it will provide a reasonable turnaround for a return on our initial investment.� The GGC has determined the best location to locate the seacans is on the grounds of the current GGC maintenance shop. If you want to make the most of the fall season, prime tee times are available. Book today - tee-times or 250-344-2700.


for Community Volunteer Award

Once again Town Council would like to honour an exceptional individual who has contributed to the well being of Golden through outstanding volunteerism and community commitment. If you feel that someone in our community deserves this award, please send a letter of nomination with the reasons you feel qualify them to Golden Town Council. Nomination letters should be titled “Community Volunteer Award� and may be dropped off at Town Hall, mailed to Box 350, Golden, V0A 1H0, or e-mailed to The award will be given at the annual Chamber of Commerce Community Excellence Awards night on Saturday, October 24th, 2015. The past recipients of the award have been Garry Bjarnason, Paul Hambruch, Colleen Palumbo, Terry Schiesser, Anne Galligan, Roy Nixon, Joyce Nixon, Orlando Pecora, Wendy Pecora, Lawrence Charlton, Delbert Johnson, Shauna Robinson, May Yurik, Glen Ewan, Robert and Phyllis Anderson, Doreen Kelly, and Lori Roseberry. The deadline for submission of nominations is end of day Monday, September 14th, 2015.

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On Junior B Hockey Janet Crandall-Swaffield Publisher Those of you who know me, know that I’m not a very sports-minded person. I can heear you laughing, that’s ok. I have a confession to make. I don’t really understand all the ins and outs of hockey. The basics, ok, yes, I can follow along. But if there was a quiz on the technicalities of the game, I would likely fail. What I’m beginning to understand however, is the significance of having a local team. And the running of that team? It’s a big job. And it’s not just the job of one or two people. It’s a combined effort of coaches and board members, billet families and volunteers, and probably a whole lot more people that I’m not aware of. Of course, the players are a big part of the organization. These young men who, while some already live here, mostly move to the community temporarily to be a part of the team. Hailing from the Red Deer area, I met Ted Stephens, Assistant GM, the other day, who is, as it turns the father of the GM, Jason Stephens. He’s here lending a hand wherever he can, having been around this thing we call hockey for much of his life. We spoke for several hours, it was an enjoyable meeting. Comfortable. I came away from it feeling like I had learned a whole lot more about hockey. Hockey as a program, as a training ground, as a way of life - as it is for many. There’s truly so much more to hockey than I had realized. It can be a learning experience on so many levels, if one is open to it. We talked about a lot of things, and frankly I was pushing information overload by the time we were done. He spoke of the team’s commitment to the community, the respect and appreciation for the billet families, and the structure and discipline in place for the players. He spoke also of building confidence in the community and indeed, within the business community specifically. As I left, and moved on throughout my day, what really struck me was the level of confidence I was feeling towards the Golden Rockets. I’m happy to have had the opportunity to meet Ted, and to benefit from hearing his new ideas, his commitment to supporting team development as a whole, within the community, and seeing the players give back however they can. Overall, I’d say his theme was ‘We have a good program here, let’s see how we can continue make it better.’ Sure, there are things that have maybe gone off the rails in past seasons, or simply haven’t turned out the way they had hoped. But what organization or business hasn’t had things happen that they’ve had to learn from? I, for one, look forward to seeing what this new group of management can bring to the season. I think it’s going to be a good one. Rest easy, Golden. Your team is in good hands.

'3&& Th GolisW den eek '3&& Th den eek GolisW 4FSWJOH(PMEFOBOE"SFBt'SJEBZ "VHVTU 


Sunset sky

Check us out online at, and Like our Facbeook page.

Just another beautiful sunset in Golden, B.C. QIPUPCZ$BSSJF8IJUF



I got the music in me! Golden Sound Festival wows music lovers. See photos on pages 12 and 13. Photo by Joseph Carter Photography.




t5PVSJTN(PMEFOCPPLT events into 2016, page 3








Advertising deadline is Wednesday at noon. Contact info: Published every Friday. Box 131, Golden, BC V0A 1H0 FREE distribution in high traffic areas in (250) 344-8137 town and on the Trans-Canada Highway.

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The proposed strategic plan would have to be adopted by the CSRD Board. There are several items the CSRD is considering for inclusion in a five year strategic plan: - A bylaw which would prohibit commercial food waste from being disposed of at CSRD landfills - The implementation of a weekly residential curbside collection program for organics - The development of organics processing facilities - Other organics diversion targets and measures. The CSRD recognizes that your business or commercial activity could be impacted by future programs and as a result, strongly encourages your involvement in the planning process. If your business is already diverting food waste, it would be very valuable to hear your experience. Those that may recognize a business opportunity are also encouraged to become involved. A meeting is scheduled for 10 AM on Thursday, September 10, 2015 at CSRD main office in Salmon Arm. The CSRD encourages you to please attend and share your ideas. Lunch will also be provided.� For further information, please contact Ben Van Nostrand or Carmen Fennell at 250.833.5950. Please confirm your attendance at the meeting by emailing

On Sept. 10 at 7 p.m., join the Golden Cancer, Chronic and Life Threatening Support Group at Element Therapeutics for a session on guided meditation for journaling. Presented by Kristie McGregor, physiotherapist and yoga instructor, participants will get to practice guided meditation; explore the mind-body

connection; discover how physical self relates to emotions and vice versa; and then have a chance to reflect and write it down. No prior experience is necessary. Where comfortable clothing and bring a pen and paper. Fore more information or to register, contact Ruth Finnie on Facebook or call 250-344-2171.

Job Title: Community Access Program Youth Intern Term: September 21st, 2015 – December 18th, 2015 (13 week contract) Hours: 32 hours a week; $10.45/hour Application deadline: 4 pm, Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 This position is funded by the Pacific Community Networks Association. To be an eligible candidate for this position, individuals must: t#FCFUXFFOBOEZFBSTPGBHF t)BWFCFFOSFHJTUFSFEBTBGVMMUJNFTUVEFOUJOUIFQSFWJPVTBDBEFNJD year and intend to return to your studies in the next school year t#FB$BOBEJBODJUJ[FO PSQFSNBOFOUSFTJEFOU PSQFSTPOXIPIBT  CFFOHJWFOSFGVHFFTUBUVTJO$BOBEB t#FMFHBMMZFOUJUMFEUPXPSLBDDPSEJOHUPUIFSFMFWBOU QSPWJODJBMMFHJTMBUJPOBOESFHVMBUJPOT t/PUCFJOSFDFJQUPG&NQMPZNFOU*OTVSBODF &* CFOFÜUT Qualifications: t*OUFSFTUFEJOXPNFOTJTTVFTPVSPSHBOJ[BUJPO t&YDFMMFOUDPNNVOJDBUJPOBOEPSHBOJ[BUJPOTLJMMT t4FMGNPUJWBUFE DPNGPSUBCMFXPSLJOHJOEFQFOEFOUMZPSBTBUFBN t4USPOHJOUFSQFSTPOBMTLJMMT t$PNGPSUBCMFXJUIDPNQVUFSTBOEDPNNPOMZVTFEQSPHSBNT t8JMMJOHUPUBLFPOMFBEFSTIJQSPMFXJUIQSPKFDUT 'PSNPSFEFUBJMT QMFBTFWJTJUPVSXFCTJUF BUXXXHPMEFOXPNFODFOUSFDB Please submit your resume & cover letter to Melanie Myers by 4 pm, Wednesday, ’S RE MEN SO O September 9th, 2015. W Please be advised that only qualifying candidates will be contacted.



Guided meditation for journaling



As part of the ongoing waste management program, the CSRD is moving forward with initiatives as identified in the 2014 review of the Solid Waste Management Plan. The following information was sent regarding an upcoming meeting, to take place in Salmon Arm at the main CSRD office. “The CSRD, under an operating permit issued by the Ministry of Environment, owns and operates the landfill in your area. Part of the operating permit requires us to complete a Solid Waste Management Plan. In 2014, the Columbia Shuswap Regional District began a review of its existing Solid Waste Management Plan. The review involved a public process which examined the status of the commitments made in the 2009 Solid Waste Management Plan, and to help define future waste reduction and recycling programs. In the spring of 2015, after the review was complete, the Solid Waste Management Plan was updated and adopted by the CSRD Board. One of the key findings in the 2014 review was the strong support for organic waste diversion programs. As a result, CSRD staff have hired a consulting firm that has considerable experience establishing food waste and organics diversion programs in BC. The consultants will provide assistance in the development of a five year strategic plan, which will help guide how a region wide organics diversion program can be implemented.

Golden Women’s Resource Centre


CSRD invites input on organic waste diversion

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escape the everyday

in your new kitchen Steve’s Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry



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Opinion: Why Trump has a shot

by Duane Crandall Special to Golden This Week By any measurement Donald Trump is the most intriguing factor in the current campaign for a party nomination for president in the United States. Of either party. And while many are quick to write him off as a sort of Hollywood kind of candidate, I’m not so sure that that is the case. First of all, Trump is no fool. He attended and graduated from the Wharton School of Finance of the University of Pennsylvania. Wharton just happens to be one of the best business schools in the world. His grades seem to be a matter

of debate, but to even graduate from Wharton is something most of us didn’t do. His bloodline would also suggest that his intellectual genes are not bad. His father did well in business and his sister is a judge in the U.S. justice system. Secondly, he has been very successful in his own right on the biggest business stage in the world - New York City. And if you are going to be president of the United States and the leader of the free world, it doesn’t hurt if you are comfortable in the big leagues. The rags to riches stories of people like Abraham Lincoln, who was great, are offset by other stories of people like the peanut farmer from Georgia, Jimmy Carter, who was very much not so great. These things though, will not have all that much to do with whether or not Trump gets the Republican nomination, and if he does, whether he will be elected president. Those things have all to do with his message. And he has a good one, one that people seem very anxious to hear, ‘Make America Great Again.’ I don’t think that there is much doubt




Down Memory Lanes

UI"WF/(PMEFO #$t  


that the U.S. does not have the smack in the world that it used to have. The economy is doing well at the moment, but that is against a backdrop of a huge national debt, double that of Canada on a per capita basis. China’s economy is in a funk right now, but it has been the financial story over the last ten years. Throughout most of American history, however, China’s economy wasn’t even in the discussion. In 1975 we hardly even knew that China existed. Militarily as well, even though the Americans often claim more credit than they deserve (remember they didn’t get into World War II until Pearl Harbour was bombed, three long years after Canada had been fighting), the American profile is not what it used to be. Afghanistan, Iraq and ISIS have greatly diminished the American military mystique and only something very significant is going to bring it back to what it used to be. So the U.S. needs something, just like it did in 1980. And if Ronald Reagan was the answer then, maybe it is Trump now.

At least he has a vision of the American past, which should be a good template for the future. That history has given him some optimism for the future and business has taught him how to make the tough decisions. American voters might have to look beyond the hair and some of the things that he says that are not politically correct, but if they care about their future, the best future might lie in Trump’s hands. I wouldn’t be surprised if the choice in the U.S. comes down to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. If it does it will be a contest between someone who has a positive vision for the country in Trump, and someone who is simply hungry for power. I always thought that the reason Hillary stayed with Bill Clinton after the Lewinsky scandal was because she was looking down the road and she knew she would be better of having him with her than not. ‘Make America Great Again’ is a good line. It’s only too bad that we have to wait for fifteen or sixteen months to see how it plays out.

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Campfire ban lifted

Employment Opportunity

Campfires are once again permitted again in the Town of Golden. Cooler and wetter conditions in the forecast and a decreased wildfire risk have allowed the campfire prohibition to be rescinded effective at noon on Monday, Aug. 31st. The following activities are now allowed: tDBNQmSFTOPMBSHFSUIBOBIBMGNFUSF XJEFCZBIBMGNFUSFIJHI tBOPQFOmSFJOBOPVUEPPSTUPWF

Sales/Delivery/Warehouse Assistant required by

Kicking Horse Interiors, Golden, B.C. Full time or Part time position

to include: Sales, assisting with deliveries and general store duties, some heavy lifting involved, full training will be given. Wage dependent on experience.

Golden Fire Rescue would like to thank everyone for their cooperation through the past few weeks of increased risk. Please DPOUBDUVTBU  TIPVMEZPV require further information.

Skills required: Self confidence and good communication skills. Send resume via email to:


Offering Fun Certified Instruction!

Warm Caring Environment, Experienced Qualified Faculty!

Jazz • Contemporary • Ballet • Tap • Hip Hop • Modern

Lyrical • Pointe • Musical Theatre • Adult Classes Bollywood • Acrodance • Dance Team /Company

Non Competitive & Competitive Programs Exams & Workshop • Festivals & Competition High School Dance Courses & Credit for Exams RAD & ADAPT Certified Teachers Kidsport • Jumpstart

NEW CLASSES THIS SEASON Stretch & Strengthening Acrodance Bollywood Junior & Senior Contemporary

Registration at Stages Dance Studio 5 –8 PM

Information: 250-426-6735

917– 10th Ave North Golden

Register online at:

Tues Sept 8 & Thurs Sept 10

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Sweet success with

Strawberries A visiting friend helps Monica pick a few berries. by Claire Dibble Special to Golden This Week Aurelea Dyck and Monica Morela are the best of friends, look like sisters, and are in fact cousins. They’re also entrepreneurs, the duo behind Cousins Creations. When contemplating their options for summer employment, they decided to take matters into their own hands and started by planting 2000 strawberry plants. With some help from family, they managed to get everything in the ground amidst final exams and wrapping up their last year of high school in Golden and Three Hills respectively. By the time our local market scene was in full swing, the girls had graduated, celebrated, and were ready to work. The summer has been punctuated by picking strawberries under an expansive sky south of Golden, selling at the Farmer’s Market twice weekly, and baking

more pies than the girls can count. The two have seen some of the freedoms of entrepreneurship, along with some of the challenges like hungry robins in the strawberry patch. The highlights have been spending the summer together, getting to know the faces of their regular, happy customers, and saving up for their next big adventure. In just a couple short weeks, Aurelea and Monica will pack up their essentials and head for Hawaii. They’ll both be attending the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) program in Haiku, Maui. From there the cousins will be taking their mission on the road, traveling to an undetermined international destination to share their message. Many market goers are hopeful that they’ll come back to Golden to share their strawberries and baking again next year, full of stories of adventure and discovery. ... continued on page 14

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Photography Showcase Megan Crandall (iPhone) Photography

Taken along the Kicking Horse River.

Above: Spirit Square in fall.

Above: Kicking Horse River, from the pedestrian bridge.

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Above: Taken along Highway 95 South, near Cranbrook.

Above: Taken along Kicking Horse River, near Spirit Square.

Taken Taken along along Kicking Kicking Horse Horse River. River,. Above: Natural Bridge, near Emerald Lake.

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Unique summer employment for these young entrepreneurs


Aurelea and Monica harvest strawberries the day before the market.

A gigantic strawberry, ready for the market.

Aurelea and Monica.

Monica harvests strawberries.

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Eat Pure: How about d’em apples?

by Hanna Bracken Eat Pure Mountain Market Special to Golden This Week

It all started with a friend asking if I wanted any apples. A simple and innocent enough question I thought. “Sure,â€? I said, “I will come down on Monday to pick them.â€? Well, life got in the way and it ended up being Friday by the time I got to her place. Wow! When I saw the magnificent tree loaded with a bounty of glory, I was simply in awe. No, this is not the first time I have seen an apple tree, but this one seemed more special than others I had seen in the past. The branches cascading towards the ground from the weight of the apples; the red ones, green ones and the fallen ones. Holy smokes there were a lot of apples, and this was just one tree! I picked a box worth and laughed, as I hadn’t even made a noticeable dent. I will be back for more, but as for now I have a box of apples. What shall I make first? Apple sauce, to use in my favourite winter apple cinnamon gluten free vegan pancake recipe? Apple butter, to eat with pork tenderloin or spread on toast? Apple juice, to sip chilled or heated with cinnamon for a warm drink? Apple crumble, to top off with my favourite coconut ice cream? Naw, I want to make something quick that we can eat tonight and then get to dreaming of preserving d’em apples! So off to my bookshelf to my peruse my collection of cook books, hmm‌

1BODBLFTGPSFWFSZPOF*UIBTUBLFONFTFWFSBMZFBSTUPmOBMMZDPNFVQXJUIBSFBMXJOOFSUIBUFWFOZPVSOPOBMMFSHZGSJFOET BOEGBNJMZXJMMFOKPZ5IFZBSFBMJUUMFFYUSBXPSL CVUUIFZBSFXPSUIJU Apple Pie Brown Rice - (serves 4) from Chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen tUCTQPGPJMPSCVUUFS tMHPOJPO EJDFE tHBSMJDDMPWFT UIJOMZTMJDFE tUTQDJOOBNPO tUTQUIZNF tMHBQQMFPSNFEJVNPOFT - cored and finely chopped tDVQSBJTJOT tDVQCSPXOSJDF SJOTFEBOEESBJOFE tDVQTPGXBUFSPSDIJDLFOCSPUI t4BMUBOEQFQQFSUPUBTUF 1SFIFBUPWFOUP' Toss the butter or oil into a small ovenproof saucepan over medium-high heat. (If using butter wait until the butter turns brown) add the onions, garlic and DJOOBNPO"GUFSBCPVUNJOVUFTXIFO the onions are soft and brown, stir in the apple, raisins, thyme and rice. Stir until evenly coated and then add water or stock. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Bring to boil and then cover with a tight fitting lid and place in oven. Bake until the rice is tender and fragrant

NJO Ok, while that is baking, now to the meat! Well, we have pork chops and what goes better with d’em apples than pork! Pan-seared Pork chops with Rosemary Apple sauce - (Modified from a recipe in The Best of Chef at Home) Quick apple sauce to compliment the pork chops tUCTQPJMPSCVUUFS tPOJPOUIJOMZTMJDFE tBQQMFTQFFMFEBOETISFEEFE tUCTQBQQMFDJEFSWJOFHBS tUTQGSFTISPTFNBSZ tmHTmOFMZEJDFE SautÊ the onions until caramelized, add the apple, figs and apple cider vinegar. 4JNNFSGPSNJO UIFOBEEUIFGSFTI rosemary, salt and pepper to taste and simmer until the apples are very soft. tUIJDLDVUQPSLDIPQT tUCTQPJMPSCVUUFS

t4BMUBOEQFQQFSUPUBTUF Preheat the sauce pan with either the oil PSCVUUFS *GVTJOHCVUUFSUIFOBEEUCTQ oil to the butter to prevent it from burning, this helps to brown the butter). Pat dry and lightly season chops with salt and pepper PWFSNFEJVNIJHIIFBU TFBSGPSNJO per side. Then turn down to medium-low IFBU DPWFSBOEMFUDPPLGPSBOPUIFS min. Serve the warm savoury apple sauce on the pork chops; spoon up some apple pie rice; add a side dish - any greens lightly steamed from the garden; pour a glass of wine; and savour d’em apples! Winter apple cinnamon gluten, dairy and FHHGSFFQBODBLFT NBLFTNFE large pancakes depending on size). I love pancakes and it has taken me several years to finally come up with a real winner that even your non allergy friends and family will enjoy! They are a little extra work, but they are worth it! ... Continued on page 16

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Ice Cream for Breakfast - Eye of the Tiger least. What I never expected when I became a mom, was how it would shake my confidence. While I might be doing a great job doing what feels like the right things to do, I’m never really sure. No one really tells you and I’m someone who thrives off feedback. I’m needy like that. The thing is, my toddler is not giving me an annual evaluation. The best part about transitions is the growth that comes with them. For me, it’s been an uphill climb as I’ve come to embrace the unknown. As mentioned in a previous article there’s no perfect way, no manual; there’s hardly any processing time. We just do the best we can. I’ve had moments where I’ve searched into the pit of my stomach to find my own confidence and inner knowing, while at the same time experiencing humbling situations on a regular basis.

by Sarah Elizabeth Special to Golden This Week

Last Mother’s Day, I listened intently to a CBC radio show during which the host asked the question, “What do moms really want for Mother’s Day?� The answers were varied, but had one thing in common; moms wanted the day off and for everything they typically do in a day to get done in the house by anyone else except them. They wanted a day to enjoy not having to worry about chores and to simply enjoy some relaxation time. Before I had a child, the housework got done or it didn’t and it was all okay. While I don’t particularly like spending my few free minutes doing chores, now that I have a child, they have to get done at some point – after all I don’t want to find something growing under the couch. Gone are the days where I could lazily do nothing. Gone forever. Parenting has made me realize how lazy I was before, while also making me realize the secret super powers – a.k.a. mad skills - I didn’t realize I had hidden inside of me. These newfound super skills include and are not limited to: housekeeper, chef, nutritionist, server, finance manager, bartender, laundry attendant, phycologist, doctor, entertainer, singer/songwriter, cow, horse, monkey, chauffeur, researcher, photographer, cat, storyteller, hair dresser, dog who plays fetch. Did I say monkey? Oh I did. Well I’ll say it again because my daughter picked a piece of crumb off my cheek once and ate it. Let’s be honest. Having a child also connects us to our primitive, animal-selves in a very profound way. I remember when I was pregnant, watching my own belly grow and grow and grow and grow and as it grew, I just kept saying, “I can hardly wait, I’m so excited!� Then the day came and they told me what was going to go down and I was shocked. My side of the conversation with the nursing staff at the hospital went like this: “Okay, who’s delivering the baby? Out of where now? Um, I thought the doctor was delivering the baby! I’m confused. Oh, I see. I’m afraid I’ve been misinformed. I’d

“While I might be doing a great job doing what feels like the right things to do, I’m never really sure.

i8FSFKVTUUSZJOHUPSBJTFIBQQZ IFBMUIZLJETXIJMFNBJOUBJOJOHBMFWFMPGTBOJUZ JOBOJOTBOFXPSMEw like to file a complaint.� Then before they could bring me the complaint form, she exploded out of my body. Thankfully the damage was nil. Let’s add incubator and special delivery person to the above list. Respectfully. In addition to the various skills I’ve learned since having my daughter, I’ve also developed keen listening skills. I’ve learned how to phonetically tell how serious a thump, bump, crash or break is and how serious the cry is afterwards. My instincts have become more honed, as I’ve now been conditioned to recognize by the look

in my toddler’s eyes if she’s going to hug me or smash me in the face with a toy; drink her glass of water or knock it on to the floor in disgust; give me a kiss on the cheek or bite my ear right off – because toddler’s are crazy like that. There’s a crossing over to another side once you have a child. This transition includes much more than taking on extra chores. It includes worrying. A lot of worrying. It includes love. Big love. It also includes adopting a whole lot of new stuffed animal friends into your home. Transitions can be awkward to say the

I now get what the women were saying in their interviews for the CBC on that particular Mother’s Day. Since I’ve “crossed over� it makes sense to me now. While a day off would be nice, the reality is that if we did get one, many of us would still spend our time worrying, wondering or reflecting on the well-being of our children. We’re just trying to raise happy, healthy kids while maintaining a level of sanity in an insane world. They say it’s the most important job. The various skills we’re learning along the way helps in our survival of this thing called parenting. After all, it’s the eye of the tiger and the tiger is my toddler who has gotten into the cookies made with white sugar and is about to do a back flip into the swimming pool. My heart leaps up into the back of my throat. She laughs in that villainous way with her eyes glowing red like Michael Jackson’s at the end of Thriller. Just before she jumps into the water. I swoop to her side in my cape and stop her - because that’s what we do. Parents are crazy like that.

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A(PPEOFJHICPVSCZMBXQSPQPTFEGPS$43% Following are selected highlights from the July meeting of the CSRD Board, as relevant to CSRD Electoral Area ‘A’. t$POTJEFSBUJPO0G"(PPE /FJHICPVS#ZMBX'PS5IF3FHVMBUJPO 0G/PJTF"OE6OTJHIUMZ1SFNJTFT 8JUIJO&MFDUPSBM"SFB 4 - The Chief Administrative Officer, Charles Hamilton, brought forward information about a good neighbour bylaw and presented some options. The development of a good neighbour bylaw is intended to cover a range of infractions, including unsightly premises, excessive noise, potentially marine noise, etc. The proposed tool to penalize infractions would be a ticketing system and bylaw enforcement complaints concerning health and safety would be a top priority. Mr. Hamilton pointed out that this would be a tool that RCMP officers can refer to when responding to complaints. The

bylaw can be implemented in electoral areas based on support from the electoral area directors. The Committee recognized that a good neighbour bylaw will require public consultation with their constituents prior to implementation. Recommendation to the Board M/S Martin/Demenok THAT: the Electoral Area Directors make the following recommendations to the Board: 1. that Staff be directed to prepare a Good Neighbour Bylaw applicable to Electoral Areas A - F (excluding Electoral Area D) 2. that Municipal Ticketing Information be utilized as option for enforcement relative to a Good Neighbour Bylaw; CARRIED t%FMFHBUJPO'SBOL-FPOBSE $IBJS  "HSJDVMUVSBM-BOE$PNNJTTJPOMr. Leonard presented to the Board on his involvement in the Agricultural

Land Commission (ALC). Mr. Leonard is the recently appointed Chair of the Agricultural Land Commission. The ALC has 19 commissioners and 20 employees so the ALC tries partnering with local governments to help get through the 500 applications/year and to help with compliance and enforcement. Mr. Leonard informed the Committee that the ALC looks at the zone, local government regulations and decisions, and tries to keep consistent with regional decisions, all the while keeping in mind that land use decisions are essentially permanent. Mr. Leonard informed the Committee that the ALC is reviewing ALR boundaries in the Kootenays because it has been more than 40 years since boundaries were established and technology has changed significantly. Mr. Leonard proceeded to answer various questions from the Committee.

t"SFB"$BQBDJUZ#VJMEJOH1SPKFDU Director Cathcart updated the Committee as to the status of the Area A Capacity Building Project. There have been two monthly meetings with the Area A Local Advisory Committee and the consultant so far. The capacity building project so far is focusing on a tactical communication plan. t%JSFDUPST3FNVOFSBUJPO#ZMBX /P - The Committee discussed remuneration and responsibilities for municipal directors and electoral area directors. Director Demenok requested staff review how other regional districts allocate committee meeting remuneration. It was pointed out that compensation for Directors at the CSRD is generally on the high end of regional district remuneration. The Committee discussed the matter and it will go to staff for review, to be brought forward to the Board in the future.

The Nicholson Fire Suppression Service area is established by bylaw and occasionally property owners outside the service area will petition for inclusion. An informal petition was received in early 2015 requesting the inclusion of eight (8) properties lying tot he southwest of the Nicholson Fire Suppression Service Area on McMurdo Road. The CSRD Fire Chief and the Nicholson Fire Chief determined that the properties are within the appropriate distance of the Nicholson Fire Hall and could be considered for inclusion

into that service area. The Electoral Area Director also supports the inclusion. A public assent process (formal petition) was initiated and staff has determined sufficiency and validity of the petition and has drafted an amendment bylaw which will extend the Nicholson Fire Suppression Service to include these properties. t'JOBODJBM5IFQSPQFSUJFTUPCF included in into the Nicholson Fire Suppression Service Area will pay a property value tax equal to that assessed

to the properties currently within the service area. t1PMJDZi/JDIPMTPO'JSF4VQQSFTTJPO Service Area Amendment Bylaw No. 5697� will be brought back for consideration for adoption at the September 2015 regular board meeting. t,FZ*TTVF T $PODFQU T 5IF amendment to the service area will extend the boundary to include eight (8) properties located on McMurdo Road. t*NQMFNFOUBUJPO5IFQSPQFSUJFTXJMM be included effective December 31, 2015.

t$PNNVOJDBUJPOT6QPOBEPQUJPOPG the bylaw, correspondence and maps will be sent to the Nicholson Fire Department advising of the service area extension. Property owners will also be advised of the bylaw adoption and the inclusion of their properties into the service area. Both Surrey Fire dispatch and the 9-1-1 dispatch will be advised of the change. In addition, BC Assessment will be advised of the inclusion for the 2016 assessment roll.

CSRD staff recently attended a Municipal Insurance Association (MIA) conference where a workshop presentation on liabilities associated with parks and trails identified a gap within the CSRD’s Policy Manual. Staff has developed the draft Policy No. W-11 i1BSLTBOE3FDSFBUJPO5SBJMT*OTQFDUJPOBOE Maintenance� which has been reviewed and support by the MIA. t1PMJDZ*OUIFBCTFODFPGXSJUUFOQPMJDZ  the CSRD would rely upon operational practice. t,FZ*TTVFT$PODFQUT1SPWJEFBDMFBS concise documented policy related to parks and trails inspection and maintenance in

order to maximize operational efficiency and public safety while reducing corporate liability. t%FmOJUJPOT1BSL*ODMVEFTBMMQBSLT and recreational trails within the Regional District’s inventory. Also includes sites that may or may not be owned by the Regional District where the Regional District has a management responsibility for an amenity on that site. For example: a pedestrian bridge that makes up a part of a recreational trail system, constructed by the Regional District but located on Crown Land. Amenity: A structure or constructed item for which the Regional District has

some form of management responsibility; whether it be for its maintenance, replacement, or inclusion under our liability insurance coverage. t1PMJDZ*UJTUIFPCKFDUJWFPGUIF Regional District to maintain its parks and recreational trails to a level that includes consideration for safety, health and control of property damage. To accomplish this objective, parks and recreational trails must be inspected on a regular basis and these inspections must be documented. The goal of the inspections is to identify potential risk situations or hazards that are present so that staff may take preventative or remedial action as appropriate to reduce

the hazards. Where a hazard cannot be removed or dealt with immediately, the hazard is documented so that it may receive attention or remediation at the earliest possible date. It is recognized that budget constraints may affect the level of remediation and response time. Hazards may be dealt with in order of their severity and not necessarily the order in which they were identified. Reporting forms are to be reviewed on a regular basis, with a goal of ensuring that all identified hazards are abated as soon as possible. For more information on these highlights, refer to



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NEW FALL FASHION ARRIVING DAILY Signature Clothing 504 9th Ave. N. Golden

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Here’s my card ...


Complete Sales & Service

We are pleased to be offering our services to the residents and businesses of Golden! t Computer, tablet, and cell phone repairs t Upgrades t Data recovery

Mortgage up for renewal? Need a refinance? We can save you thousands over your bank. Buying a home? Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced buyer with excellent credit, we have access to the very best products and rates available across Canada.

Joel Olson

Give us a call ... we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Mortgage Expert cell: 1-250-814-1627 fax: 1-250-984-7505

Drop in to our shop at 1007D 10th St S (by Jita’s Cafe) or give us a call at (250) 344-1772.


250 344 3999

802 9th St. N. Golden

Open everyday 7 a.m. to 5 pm. • (250) 439-0008




Contact Amanda on



UI"WF4(PMEFO #$t  




Golden Installations Ltd.

Up to



Ned Johnson

250 344 8530

ThisWeek Golden Alison Johnson Business Directory

Advertising Salespackage. $20 / week, three month Includes FULL colour. cell: (250) 344-0061

Inquiries -

ThisWeek Golden Alison Johnson Business Directory

Advertising Salespackage. $20 / week, three month Includes FULL colour. cell: (250) 344-0061

Inquiries -


'6%(& Made in-store





1411 9th St. S. • Across from the High School (250) 344-0557 •

t Networks t Maintenance t On-site service t Virus Removal


A directory of local businesses and services available in the area.

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1165 Austin Road

405 Riverglen

1009 King Crescent

Asking $324,500 • MLS 2407860

Asking $362,900 • MLS 2404081

Asking $289,000 • MLS 2404051

Family home in beautiful rural setting.

3 bdrm, 3 bath rancher style home with large det. garage, carport, outbuildings and beautiful gardens, mature trees. Double paved driveway, full finished basement, fenced dog run, large yard, greenhouse - house sits on just under an acre.

One and two bedroom units

Lovely family home in Riverglen.

Large deck off the kitchen. 3 + 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 propane fireplaces, and central vac. Paved drive. Large private yard with built-in sprinklers. Outside basement entrance.




Open concept living

3 bdrm, 2 bath home that is completely outfitted for wheelchair compatibility. Covered ramp with covered deck and outside door for ease of access. Open concept living, dining and kitchen areas. Come take a look!




521 8th Avenue N. Asking $129,900 - $174,900 MLS 2403753

Lot 2, Imler Road

1114 10th Street

Asking $99,900 • MLS 2403711

Asking $369,500 • MLS 2400478

Quiet units in excellent, central location. Elevator and shared laundry facilities. Nice covered deck with storage units. Well maintained building.

Located on Imler Road, this 3.21 acre parcel has a number of trees giving you lots of privacy. Pick your building site to take advantage of the views. Good producing well at time of subdivision. Very well priced parcel.

Large addition off kitchen with amazing deck. Master bedroom features a sunroom. Woodburning fireplace. Double detached garage with bonus room above. Fenced yard, fully landscaped with gardens.

1608 Gareb Road

612 12th Street S.

4905 Castledale Heights

Asking $89,900 • MLS 2394569

Asking $279,000 • MLS 2403710

Asking $495,000 • MLS 2403097

4 bedrooms, 2 bath home. Good potential for a suite. Amazing views. Double detached garage with alley access. Lots of upgrades, worth taking a look. Great investment potential

Quality built home on 5.28 acres overlooking the Columbia Wetlands. 2500+ sq. ft. 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, open concept design. Slate and hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, woodburning fireplace. Detached shop.

Get the feel of the country - in-town!

Build your new home in amongst the trees in this easy access well treed lot with in-town amenities. Bring your building ideas and start today!

Gently sloped property

Great family home in good location.

Centrally located family home.

Mountain home overlooking the wetlands








554 Day Road

1507 Fir Crescent

#10, 1410 11th Avenue N.

Asking $229,900 • MLS 2218238

Asking $299,500 • MLS 2404740

Asking $55,000 • MLS 2405201

Cute and cozy starter or recreation home

2 bedroom, 2 bath home. Fenced yard plus deck, 1 acre of privacy. Open concept living, hot tub included. 2nd story master with ensuite and den area, potential for third bedroom.

Great starter home. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths.

Comfortable family home is located with buffer zone at rear. Full basement separate entrance, some finishing needed. Wood/electric forced air furnace. Concrete patio, storage shed.

Affordable home, centrally located

This fenced yard, 3 bedroom, 2 bath 2003 mobile home is located in Swiss Village MHP. Vaulted ceilings in main living area for open concept look. 2 bdrms and bath at one end, master with jetted tub on the other.

Norma Crandall

(250) 344-0275 • • RE/MAX of golden

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Simpkins, makers of travel sweets by Janet Crandall-Swaffield 1VCMJTIFSt(PMEFO5IJT8FFL Simpkins & Co. Ltd, a high quality confectionery manufacturer based in Sheffield, England, began producing in 1921, when founder Albert Leslie (A.L.) Simpkin returned from the Great War (WWI) due to injuries.

“Today, Simpkins produces more than 80 types of sweets.” As part of his medical treatment, Simpkin was given liquid glucose to recover from his wounds. Upon discovering that it was not generally available in solid form, he created a product suitable especially for travelling, and he set about to produce something for the marketplace. Comprised of the highest quality, natural ingredients, he targeted a niche market, selling his products through ‘dispensing chemists,’ the pharmacies of the day. The distribution choice was brilliant in that the sweets contained Barley Sugar Drops, proven to alleviate the symptoms of travel sickness, hence the term travel sweets, and went hand in hand with pharmacy distribution. Due to the association with travel, the sweets became popular in other parts of Europe as well. Initially sold to drug stores in large jars, Simpkin changed up the packaging presentation to an airtight 8 oz. tin to extend the shelf life. Due to the high fruit juice content, the sweets would become sticky when exposed to moisture. The addition of white powder was added to combat the stickiness as well. Some experimenting with different tins led him to a seamless, completely airtight tin in the 1950s, which would keep the sweets fresh for years. This specific usage of the tins would become something of a trademark for the company. Simpkins sweets were one of the first English confectionery products to be sold in Japan, aided by the fact that the product already used natural colours and flavours, thus conforming to the strict Japanese regulations. The Japanese consumer also loved the tin itself, and it became something of a status symbol, despite it’s affordable price, popular especially with

Simpkins travel sweets are available in a vast variety of flavours. the younger generation. Simpkin had three sons, Neville, Brian and John, who all joined the firm. John ultimately took control in 2002, and the company passed to his two children, Adrian and Karen Simpkin, who operate the company as joint Managing Directors. Today, Simpkins produces 80 types of sweets, and exports to more than 50 countries. With automated production, 35,000 tins a day are produced. The sweets are available in specialty stores worldwide. Learn more at

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Kicking Horse Interiors The Complete Quality Home Furnishing Store


Natural Alternative

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