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The Passion Vine

The Passion Vine – October 2016

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October 2016

Passionfruit Strategic Investment Planning gets underway Information supplied by Astrid Hughes and Andy Harvey

Photo : Astrid Hughes, Hort Innovation Industry Relationship Manager; Tina McPherson, Tinaberries and Chair Passionfruit Australia, Adam Harvey from Bosley Thomas and passionfruit grower Mike Blasco from Gin Gin. The day before the Passionfruit Australian AGM was held, Hort Innovation invited passionfruit levy payers to a workshop to work on the Passionfruit Strategic Investment Plan. The workshop was held on the 23rd September, 2016 at the Burnett Riverside Motel, 7 Quay Street, Bundaberg.

Why is a Passionfruit Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) needed? There are several main reasons. The plan is needed:  to ensure that the industry can Newsletter of Passionfruit Australia Incorporated

access further research funding from the Federal Government  it acts as an essential element of the governance process for managing industry levy funds  it ensures that input from growers’ guides investment decisions regarding marketing

(Continued on page 2)

The Passion Vine – October 2016 and research priorities  it also allows alignment of projects across industries to maximise benefits from limited funding. The Bundaberg workshop was a part of an initial consultation phase to gain input from growers and industry on priorities. A draft plan will be prepared by Hort Innovation over the next few months for feedback from industry. A final plan will be submitted to the Federal Government by the 31st of December 2016. The plan looks at:  The current state of the industry  Expected outcomes for the next 5 years and beyond  Investment priorities in research and marketing, and  Key deliverables to ensure desired impact is achieved within expected timeframes. Some initial priorities identified to date have been:  Increase demand to match increased production through marketing initiatives to ensure price

stability and profitability Conduct and adopt research in consumer preferences, nutrition, new varieties, farm and supply chain best practice for improved quality, sustainable growth and profitability Improve communication and project execution to increase engagement and ensure that research and best practice is adopted by growers and the supply chain Improve industry and consumer data collection to enable better decision making in marketing and research initiatives.

Passionfruit levy payers who would like input to the Passionfruit SIP should contact Astrid Hughes from Hort Innovation on 0405 306 334 or email au or Andy Harvey from Bosley Thomas on 0431 377 045 or email Astrid also advises that there is further information regarding the

Page 2 Passionfruit SIP on the Passionfruit pages of the Hort Innovation website at or you can talk with any of the members of the Passionfruit Strategic Investment Advisory Panel (SIAP). The Passionfruit SIAP was featured in the August edition of The Passion Vine and includes:  Brian Westwood from North Queensland  Ross Brindley from the Widebay region  Melissa Smith and Keith Paxton from the Sunshine Coast region  Sue Granger from Northern NSW, and  Tina McPherson and Jim Gordon who are representing Passionfruit Australia, plus  Astrid Hughes from Hort Innovation. The SIP is an important document for the passionfruit industry, and all growers are asked to be involved where you can, and have your say in the way your levy funds are spent.

The Passion Vine – October 2016

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Looking Back and Looking Forward - Hort Innovation Marketing Program Presentation at the AGM - information supplied by Monique Emmi from Hort Innovation

 

The Australian Passionfruit Marketing program managed by Monique Emmi from Hort Innovation has had a very successful year. The key marketing objective for the program is to increase consumption without impacting grower profitability. Looking Back The main target market for the campaign are 18 to 39-year-old shoppers who are light users. The Brand Positioning is “Every Kitchen (and/or) Body Needs Some Passion.” This is managed through a range of activities programmed through the year. These include:  Social media through Facebook and Instagram that reach two distinctive market groups. For Facebook this is a highly engaged group with the majority being women aged 55-64, and Instagram reaching a much younger demographic interested in beautifully styled images  New season releases and hampers in both summer and winter that are sent to magazines and news outlets. This information covers

seasonality, versatility, passionfruit usage, picking and storage tips. These is also content about passionfruit growers and farm stories. Good media coverage in a wide range of magazines has been the result. Influencers who included 20 nutritionists, dieticians and fitness personalities who have a wide following in their respective circles. Able to reach over 4 million people through these

channels. Video brochures that could be picked up by other media channels A consumer friendly website – – which was developed to house educational and inspirational information on passionfruit and be able to provide back-up info to the other social media campaigns. In-store and merchandising campaign though many independent retailers. Key message was for consumers to enjoy passionfruit all year round. Point of Sale include kits which contain brochures and posters for back store display on handling the passionfruit product back of store.

The Passion Vine – October 2016

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The results


FY 16 Results

Media Clips

60-70 clips

126 clips

Social Clips

60-70 clips

91 clips


25K (11K increase)

30,762 fans


500 (300 increase)


being spent on your behalf Astrid and the rest of the Hort Innovation team are inviting

growers to become members. Growers can sign up through the website

Looking Forward For Year 3 of the Passionfruit Marketing program the aim is to “keep it simple, keep it fresh and drive it home!” The refocused campaign will ensure content is developed and messaging is designed to cover a broader audience including:  Young, healthy bodies  Mums and families  Older home cooks The program will continue to engage with a wide range of media organisations and platforms using snippet-style content, stunning recipes and local stories. Recipe development will be a centre piece providing consumers with recipe ideas that are familiar but with a “fresh” twist. (See photo right) Another strategy will be developed around the theme “Finish the dish with passionfruit!” and mark all this content with a new tag #PassionFinish. It is a packed program and well targeted. For further information please contact Astrid Hughes at Hort Innovation. Also, to keep up to date with all the ways that the Passionfruit marketing levy and other funds are

The proposed budget for the 2016/17 program is provided below : Project Title


Passionfruit Marketing Program (inc variance from FY16 of $8550)


Awareness Campaign (PR and Social Media)









In store merchandising, sampling and education Storage, freight, updating POS, retailer engagement Opportunities Total for 2016 -2017



The Passion Vine – October 2016

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Letters and adverts to the Editor

Sydney Market Report By Aidan Hutton, JE Tipper Pty Ltd Sydney’s passionfruit market over the past couple of weeks has been very strong due to supply being very short. Quality coming out of North Queensland has been excellent in tough growing conditions. It’s a credit to those growers. Supply will continue to be light until the southern growing areas start.(4 -6 weeks) There are a few Panama/Pandora passionfruit around at the moment, but still quite short for this time of year.

Don’t forget to send your letters or your adverts to the Editor


Eating quality very good.

PASSIONFRUIT AUSTRALIA FEES Don’t forget the benefits of membership include :

   

Showing support and being involved in the Australian Passionfruit industry Accessing industry contacts and information Discounted cost of royalties on the purchases of Passionfruit Australia plant varieties Up-to-date information through industry publications, field days and meetings

New Grower Membership Fee $253 incl GST, joining fee and lobby fees Renewal Grower Membership Fee $198 incl GST and lobby fees New Associate/Supply Chain Partner $297 incl GST, joining fee and lobby fee Renewal Associate/Supply Chain Partner $242 incl. GST and lobby fee

Bank account details Passionfruit Australia Incorporated BSB: 124-001 Acc No.: 21655088

Memberships run with the fiscal year from July 1st to June 30th each year irrespective of the date joined. Membership lapses if not renewed within three months of end of the fiscal year. Plant Royalties are due on propagation or purchase of all PAI varieties. Fees are payable to Passionfruit Australia Incorporated using a Tax Invoice/Plant Order form available through PAI. These fees are $0.35 per plant for PAI members, otherwise $0.70 per plant for all non-members.

The Passion Vine – October 2016

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Passionfruit Australia Incorporated Executive Committee and Sub-Committees President


Tina McPherson

Sean Russell (JE Tippers)

15 Zinks Road Bundaberg QLD 4670 P: 07 4159 3001 M: 0428 415 930 E:

PO Box 27, Brisbane Markets QLD 4006 P: 07 3379 1041 M: 0418 158 331 F: 07 3379 4817 E:



Jim Gordon

Jane Richter

PO Box 119 Yandina QLD 4561 P: 07 5446 7536 M: 0403 185 961 E:

160 Judds Road Glass House Mountains QLD 4518 M: 0431 700 258 E:



Ian Constable

Keith Paxton

260 Boyds Lane Dulguigan Via Murwillumbah NSW 2484 P: 02 6672 6826 M: 0428 181 246 E:

31Atkinsons Road Woombye QLD 4559 P: 07 5445 9387 E:

Industry Services Manager Margie Milgate 21 Turramurra Road Tarragindi QLD 4121 M: 0439 596 174 E:

The Passion Vine – October 2016

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Breeding and Vine Trial Committee

Communications Sub-committee

Jim Gordon—Chair Ross Brindley Peter Griffiths John McLeod David Peasley Brian Westwood Keith Paxton

Jane Richter - Chair Tom Carey This sub-committee gives oversight to the levy funded Communications Project which runs until June 2017. This includes the magazine and website.

Strategic Agricultural Review Process (SARP) Sub-Committee Keith Paxton—Chair Steve Grey Ross Brindley Ian Constable

Sub-committees are important to the operations of the industry as they concentrate their energies on specific topics and then provide advice and recommendations back to the Executive. Their wonderful and volunteer work is greatly appreciated and shows commitment to the development of this passionate industry. For information regarding administration issues for Passionfruit Australia Incorporated please contact: Margie Milgate, 21 Turramurra Road, Tarragindi, QLD 4121 Mobile: 0439 596 174 Email: For varieties and plantings issues please contact your local Executive Member as listed on page 2. Other enquiries can be made through Queensland Department of Agriculture & Fisheries on their call centre number 132523. All contributions concerning the passionfruit industry are most welcome. Thank you to growers Brian Westwood, Peter Griffiths, Jim Gordon, Nick Hornery and Tina McPherson for their contributions. Also thank you to Monique Emmi and Astrid Hughes from Hort Innovation, Aidan Hutton from JE Tipper. This publication of The Passion Vine is edited by Margie Milgate and Jenny Drew. R&D and marketing projects reported in this newsletter have been funded by Hort Innovation Australia Ltd. The advice and opinions in the articles published in The Passion Vine are essentially those of contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Passionfruit Australian Incorporated or the Editor. The advice is at the reader’s own risk, and no responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of the material presented. Inclusion of an advertisement in this publication does not necessarily imply endorsement of the product, company or service by Passionfruit Australia Incorporated or the Editor.

The Passion Vine – October 2016

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Reporting on the AGM The Annual General Meeting of any organisation is a pivotal time in the yearly calendar. It is a time to report and reflect on the past year, and begin the planning for the coming year. It is also a time when there are leadership changes, bringing with it farewells and welcomes. It is also a time of gathering of members and supporters of the industry to be able to meet and

Around 50 industry members gathered to hear an update from our President, Tina McPherson, participate in the discussions about the workings of Passionfruit Australia, elect a new committee and then hear some great presentations, followed by a field walk around Moorland Produce. Key points from Tina’s President Report, which covered the financial year from 1st July 2015 to 30th June 2016, were: * The resignation of Jann Bonsall after 5 years of dedicated service to the industry. * Interim appointment of Growcom as secretariat and managed by Georgie Townsend

greet, and to exchange contacts and information. This was the scene that was set on the morning of the 25th September, 2016 at Moorlands Produce, 145 Quinns Rd, Moorland, Queensland. Our host Ross Brindley was strongly supported by his wonderful parents Ann and Brian and key personnel like Monique pictured here.

* In the latter part of 2015 and early 2016 there were many meetings with the aim to establish some of the requirements of the Breeding project, finding a replacement for the position of Industry Services Manager and defining the role; initiating a Strategic Plan and assisting Hort Innovation with finding suitable candidates for the Passionfruit Strategic Investment Advisory Panel. * Hort Innovation also facilitated a Multi-Tropical Industry Advisory Meeting in December which it is hoped will lead to more collaboration between small tropical

industries where there are synergies and commonality of purpose. * After working with Growcom to find suitable candidates Margie Milgate was appointed to the position of Industry Services Manager, in February, for a term of two years initially. It is anticipated that the role will be for 20 to 25 hours per week. * With changes in Hort Innovation funding the association agreed to fund this position while also looking at other support or project funding in the future. * Unfortunately, there has been a toll on the executive with such a workload this year. Earlier in the year two members – Tim Johnston and Sue Granger – tendered their resignations, and the committee was sorry to see them leave the Executive. They had both worked tirelessly for the establishment of the breeding project and it is pleasing to see Sue will remain on the SIAP as well as being on the Steering Committee for the Breeding Project. * Some other members are not standing for re-election. These include Tom Carey and Nick Hornery who have also worked tirelessly and are unable to nominate for the Executive this year due to personal reasons. Similarly, Peter Griffiths and Cameron McConchie due to other commitments will not be standing again however are always available at the end of the phone. Their support has been invaluable. * Other Executive members Jim Gordon and Sean Russell have also been invaluable with their unfailing support vast knowledge and work for the industry. Tina stated she was extremely grateful to all members of the Executive

The Passion Vine – October 2016 who have served in all capacities this year. Other areas discussed were: * Regional roundups reported in the Passion Vine and a thank you to the wonderful contributors * Vine trials and the need to distinguish between the Breeding Project funded by industry levies and the Breeding and Vine trails conducted by Passionfruit Australia under the leadership of Jim Gordon. Several varieties are showing great promise and are being trialled in large quantities in several regions now. * A Strategic Business Plan for Passionfruit Australia has been developed and adopted due to the changes in funding and operations between peak industry bodies and Hort Innovation. * One project that remains between Passionfruit Australia and Hort Innovation is the Communications project which delivers information to the

industry through the Passion Vine and the industry website. Milestones for the project are now been managed by Margie Milgate. It is due for completion in June 2017. * The constitution of Passionfruit Australia is also under review. The committee are finding that there are some clunky and outdated clauses that make operating strictly to them difficult. It is envisaged that suggested changes will be forwarded to members for comment before being taken to a Special General Meeting for a vote. * The new Passionfruit Strategic Industry Advisory Panel is now in place and has the role of advising Hort Innovation on levy funded projects for the advancement of the passionfruit industry. * The focus for the association going forward is to work on getting up new projects such as

Page 9 the Supply Chain and Data Collection trial project completed last year. Other areas include looking at export potential and to look at better communication systems and processes in the industry. The President concluded by thanking the current Executive for their patience, persistence and good humour through the year. It should be remembered that the Executive volunteer their time and they all have businesses to run and personal lives to lead. Tina said an ideal executive would be made up of a geographical mix, new and old growers, growers who retain knowledge of what has already been done and those with innovative ideas we have never tried. All members and supporters were thanked for their continued support and interest.

Part of the audience at the AGM meeting and presentation held in the packing shed at Moorland Produce.

The Passion Vine – October 2016

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Regional Roundup From the growers...

NSW Area

By Nick Hornery Hello Everyone. We have experienced a dry start to spring so far with some cold nights still hanging around. Our winter crop finished a little later this year which, coupled with cooler weather, has led to a delayed flowering and fruit set on our farm. However our 12 month old vines have a heap of good sized fruit set and plenty more flowers still. Our sweethearts have been fairly slow growing in the nursery except for the first planting that went out last week ( mid October). So far so good with the blind tips which from memory were worse last year. Not much else to report here just waiting now for some nice rain. All the best

SE Queensland By Jim Gordon

It was good to be able to catch up with a lot of you at the AGM. I'd like to thank Ross Brindley and his family for hosting the occasion. We all had a great day and it was worth the drive to Bundaberg just for Anne's honeycomb slice. Margie also deserves a big thankyou for all her organising. Thanks Margieeverything ran very smoothly. We have just finished our planting and all we need now is a bit of warm weather and some rain to kick the young plants along a bit. The older vines are going well

with a good fruit set but I think it will be a late start to the next picking season. It's time for a short break and then back into it again. We have another wedding next year so we'll have to make a few dollars before then. That's the only catch with having daughters. Good luck for the next season.

Bundaberg Area By Peter Griffiths

Hello everyone. In the Bundaberg region the last three months we have experienced warm nights and no major rain events. The unseasonal weather produced no significant winter crop in June – July. However the Misty Gems have been trickling in all season and through the good money period. There is a large Misty crop set now which means a busy Christmas. The Pandoras are flowering and setting fruit now which means a busy January. The region has also been quite busy with pulling out old vines and replanting in the hope of a more settled year, big crops and high returns. That’s all until next time. Thanks.

until June 2017. A normal wet season will be welcomed as Tinaroo Dam may not be able to fulfil the 70% of allocated water. I am unsure of what quantities of passionfruit are moving from Mareeba to the southern markets. Judging by the present Panama prices and our own passionfruit crop I believe the despatches would be quite slim. The bulk of our crop would be processed in the months of mid November through mid December. Hopefully prices will hold throughout for everyone to have a fair season. Kind regards

Passionfruit Australia Licensed Nurseries Birdwood Nursery 71 Blackall Range Road Woombye QLD 4559 P: 07 5442 1611

By Brian Westwood

J & V McLeod Campbell’s Road Dungay NSW 2484 P: 02 6672 3503

Hi everyone. Mareeba, North Queensland is living up to its reputation of 300+ sunny days a year. Day time temperatures are 28 to 35 degrees in the shade. Tinaroo Dam capacity is now dropped to 43.5 percent and the water allocation is at 70%

Widebay Passionvine Nursery 408 Dahls Road Calavos via Bundaberg Q 4670 P: 07 4159 7394

North Queensland

The Passion Vine – October 2016

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The Passion Vine – October 2016

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The Field Day Proves Popular It was an enthusiastic crowd that participated in The Field Day following the AGM on the 24th September, 2016. Our host Ross Brindley willingly answered questions on varieties, performance, fertiliser and irrigation programs that operated on the farm based in Moorlands,

Queensland – just north of Bundaberg.

monitor the operations of local farms.

Ross was assisted during the field walk by Eddie Dunn an agronomist from local firm Hortus. Hortus provide agronomic advice and conduct sampling and testing programs to

The Field Day proved a valuable part of the day and another great chance for industry players to interact and share information. Once again thanks to our host Ross Brindley.

Pictured right: Ross Brindley, Moorland Produce, Eddie Dunn, Hortus, Craig Smith and Tina McPherson from Tinaberries

Photo left : Part of the field day crowd at Moorland Produce

The Passion Vine – October 2016

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Thanks to Our Sponsors Sponsors for the AGM and Field Day were J E Tippers, AustSafe Super and Permalog Timbers. It is no doubt that the support provided by these organisations is well appreciated by the passionfruit industry. Passionfruit Australia thanks them very sincerely for

their generous assistance in supporting the Welcome Function, the AGM and the Field Day. Support from J E Tippers went to providing the platters, pizzas and other goodies at the Welcome

Above : Agents, J E Tippers were represented on the night by Aidan Hutton from J E Tippers from Sydney. Aiden is seen here talking with fellow Sydney agent Debra Scarfe from Synergy Fresh and Hannah Millard from Gympie.

Function at the Bargara Brewing Company in Bundaberg on Friday 23rd September 2015. The event proved very popular with many growers gathering with family and friends to share stories and talk with other industry members.

Above : Passionfruit Strategic Investment Panel member and North Queensland grower Brian Westwood catches up with Astrid Hughes from Hort Innovation.

AustSafe Super was very ably represented on the day by Stacey Watson. Stacey also gave a presentation on changes that the Australian government is making to how you pay super and showed how working with AustSafe Super can assist you with these requirements. Talk with Stacey on 0437 490 445 or look on the website A further article covering Stacey’s presentation and super changes will be in the next edition of the Passion Vine.

Right : Stacey Watson from AustSafe Super

The Passion Vine – October 2016

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John Robinson from Permalog Timbers was not able to join us this year. However he sent along Rowan Carnes to be present on the day and to have discussions with growers on their needs in this area. Their timbers are produced from renewable plantation pine forests. Growers are asked to contact Rowan or John on 07 3883 0411 or on the website

Note how timbers are used to support the passion vines at Moorland Produce


Tina’s Wish List is Fulfilled - Industry Welcomes New Executive As Tina had described in her President’s Report, she believed that a good executive is one that is made up of a geographical mix, has new and older growers, has growers with history and knowledge of what has already been done and has growers with innovative ideas we have never tried. And this is what has been delivered. Continuing Executive members include Tina McPherson, Jim Gordon and Sean Russell. Old hands with great history of the organisation have again joined the team in Keith Paxton and Ian Constable, while newcomer Jane Richter was also voted in for the upcoming term. In terms of geographical mix, we have Tina based in the Bundaberg/Wide Bay; Jim, Keith and Jane in the Sunshine coast

region, Sean Russell in the markets in Brisbane and Ian Constable from Northern NSW. Keith and Ian are also part of earlier committees with Ian having served on the committee for 19 years and Keith for over 20 years, both serving terms as President. They will bring to the committee great insight and knowledge that the recent committee had found missing. Tina, Jim and Sean have been on the committee over the past 12 months and are up to date with all the latest changes and activities of the organisation. In particular the new Passionfruit Australia Strategic Plan which is set to drive the work of the committee over the upcoming years. To add new insights and

refreshing perspectives is grower Jane Richter. Jane and her husband John run Vines with a View at Glass House Mountains. Jane has a background in marketing, including working for OneHarvest, a grower and marketer of fresh salads and beetroot products throughout Australia. At a meeting held after the Field Day the new Committee voted in Tina as President, Jim as Secretary and Sean as Treasurer. The new Passionfruit Australia Committee are looking forward to working together and will start with their first formal meeting in mid-November, 2016. We wish them all the best for the coming year. For contact details of the new Executives see pages 6 and 7

The Passion Vine – October 2016

Passion Vine Cook Book Tangy Passionfruit Syrup

Ingredients 1 cup caster sugar ½ cup water pulp of 8 passionfruit Method Place caster sugar and 1/2 cup water in a saucepan over low heat and stir to dissolve the sugar. Increase the heat to medium-high and simmer for 3 minutes until syrupy. Stir in the passionfruit pulp and simmer gently for 3 mins. Allow to cool, then chill the syrup until ready to serve. Tangy Passionfruit Syrup is a perfect finish for Eton mess, fruit toast and churros

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The Passion Vine – October 2016

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Passion Vine October 2016  
Passion Vine October 2016