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By Yr 11 RE GCSE September 2010

Stories using 100 words The task for this lesson was to write a story of no more than 100 words illustrating the health & social problems caused by drugs, alcohol or tobacco. There are some amazing pieces of work here. We will forgive Eve for ‘going over’ the word count as her story is brilliant! I love all of this work but a special mention goes to Caitlin for ‘Living in Mist’

I told my parents I was attending a sleepover. I lied. If I told them the truth they wouldn’t allow me. I left the house at 6pm to the party in town. You must be 18,I was 15. I lied. My friends did this a lot, so they persuaded me. I had never drunk alcohol before, I dint know what to expect. The rest of the night is blur. I woke up in front of bright lights and doctors, in hospital. My friends said I was unconscious in the toilets. Mum will never forgive me. I didn’t know my limits.

Dear Diary, Can’t stop being sick, must have been good last night, can’t remember much, it’s all like a dream, as in when you wake up you don’t remember much. It’s such a laugh to go out drinking, I don’t understand why I’m throwing up though I don’t usually. I can’t believe my mum, she says I have an addiction and I’ll poison my liver etc… Dear Diary, How could I have been so stupid? I shouldn’t have drunk so much, I’m going to have a baby! But that’s not the worst part… I don’t know who the father is!

It was past midnight, I was at the park. At the time, I didn’t think through what I was doing, but I went along with it. Chris, he had the stash at the time, a small plastic bag of cocaine. I needed it. Chris divided it out; they were about five of us. “Nicole, here. I’ve just got a call that the police are in the area.” Chris said while he handed me drugs. I sniffed it all in less than 10 seconds. Everything went blurry my vision went away. I saw light, I wanted and needed it. I died.

Today I did something, something bad, and did something wrong. I went to town without permission I know but I wanted to drink, feel alive. It was busy so it was easy to get in and easy to get my drinks. There was a guy who took my fancy but something didn’t seem right about him strange he gave me something I didn’t know what I was doing but my vision, it was going, the next time I woke up I was in hospital, I had a lucky escape but I know I will ever do anything like that again.

Dear Diary, I did something that I will regret for the rest of my life, I stormed out the house and went to meet my friends, but for the past few months my group of friends changed dramatically this was all down to drugs and alcohol! My friend gave me some alcohol, I knew I shouldn’t have taken it but my anger was building up inside. Also my friend gave me this powder stuff, I took it but how was I supposed to know that it was a type of drug, I had never seen it before in my life.

Dear diary, Just a normal morning got up got and ready for school. On my way to school something hit me, my mum had always said to me ‘be careful what you do, you never know who’s watching you.’ Today, walking to school as usual smoking. I dropped the tab end on the floor. But as mum said I didn’t know who was watching me, and unfortunately for me it was the police and I came out with a £75 fine and two community hours. However my friend was caught with cannabis on her person and unfortunately she got done for possession of a class C drug. She got a £150 fine. I and my friend have both decided to stop taking smoking

Dear diary, Last night was a real good. A really good laugh! I go out every Friday night either round town or to a friend’s house but I woke up this morning in a strange place even though it felt familiar like I’d been there before. The room was still spinning and I could just make out the person stood in front of me: Bright lights, voices of my parents and shooting pains from my sides, stitches in my side and a drip hanging above me. I asked what had happened. I had collapsed….my liver had stopped working and I had alcohol poisoning and all this happened under the influence of alcohol.

I didn’t want to be a part of taking drugs, I stayed and had a drink with my boyfriend. He’s lovely when he is on his own but when he is with friends he tend to change. M-Kat nearly killed him last night, His friends where doing it, so he thought he would. He bought loads, he sniffed it all without a second though. He collapsed onto the fire. He is now in hospital with severe burns. They said he is lucky to be alive. Just to think I was going to have some that night.

Drunk again. Another same day in the life of me. But why wasn’t I complaining? Because I loved a drink, that’s why! Sitting watching mums and their children watching me, was it because I was falling over, stumbling into the swings or was it because they had been warned about me already, but still I didn’t care, getting drunk was my favourite hobby, my only hobby of everyday. Stunned. My eyes felt like they were being torn open. Bright lights. White. Heart Monitor. ‘Beep, beep, beep’ I heard crying screams ‘Laura, Laura?! Stay with us please sweetheart’ it was a familiar voice but one I hadn’t heard in a while, I knew that for certain. It clicked. ‘Mum?’ 5 years in coma because of heavy drinking and drugs shut down my body. Drunk again. Another trip to the park, same old drunks while I was with my little boy. But this time not me, but still it takes me back to the tough times I had when I try hard to think back to the five years I lost, so I’m speaking out. Get help now!

Living in Mist. Another day gone. Dead and gone. The days just mingle together now. No tomorrow? Sleeping, drugs and vodka are my life now. Living on the pavement. Mums ringing again, the piercing tune breaking through the mist in my mind. I don’t want to talk, never did. Suddenly she cares? No. There is no going back to that old life, anything is better than that. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have one person that gives a damn in my life. Maybe I’m just unsuited to life. So until I get another option. I live in the mist.

The bare hospital walls are squeezing the sides of my head. Stomach still throbbing from the pump not half an hour before, my slowed conscience remembers. The fun of it all was in the drink. The promise of a night’s amusement had been too much to ignore and so I’d drunk down the tepid vodka like it was c childhood treat: a bottle’s worth, straight down. At first the sirens didn’t bother me; a high pitched whistle ebbing through the darkness. Then I’d panicked, as adrenaline kicked in, and I struggled to stand. Forceful arms gripped mine and I was hauled and locked in.

Will anyone ever understand why? Never thought it would be me. No one did. Hospital staff, bright lights, frantic voices of my parents, back to reality, I realised now drink is dangerous! My best friends party, the night I would prove to everyone I wasn’t a loser! Excited; drinking everything I could grab, two drinks together, no food! Body swayed, sight impaired, but still I drank. Suddenly can’t remember anything! Trampoline. Sick. Dancing. Sick. Collapsed. Sick. Falling my head hit something hard and cold – ow! - I could feel the sick suffocating me, trying to fight, breath, but couldn’t… then against my will….. Everything was black! Chloe was just 16, when the effects of alcohol changed her life, here is her story; It was Saturday night, and I had just finished getting ready to go into town. I knew we weren’t really old enough but everybody else in my year was in there regularly. Drinking, was something I did every week and I never thought about the consequences because I thought could handle my drink. Until I ended up in hospital with severe liver condition as a result I had my stomach pumped, but the long term effect is more than just a stomach pump. Why me? Cause everybody does it! I’m out with friends and we decided to get drunk, it was a Friday! Everybody does it. A bottle of vodka, I drank too quickly. And suddenly I couldn’t walk my sight went, I can’t remember much accept the felling of my body, it was heavy. I couldn’t move myself and my friends just laughed. Then BEEP it hit me with a bang! Fractured skull and broken arm, this night wasn’t fun it was awful. Everybody gets drunk on a Friday they think it’s a good fun thing to do I don’t any more! Dear Diary, I have just gotten out of the hospital and daddy is crying. He doesn’t hit me anymore, after what happened. I can remember coming home from school one day, just after p.e and daddy was on the floor and he couldn’t stand up. He kept shouting at me but I couldn’t understand him. I remember walking into the kitchen for a drink. There was

an open bottle on the side, I drank it all. After I drank it, I couldn’t walk straight and I kept throwing up. My mum came home and the last thing I heard was ‘she needs her stomach pumped immediately’

Dear Diary, One of the sixth-form lads was arrested today! Apparently, he had been selling drugs to some of the younger kids. He was brought into assembly in handcuffs, and we all had to sit and listen to Mr Belingrath babble on about how dangerous drugs are and what was going to happen to Joe. The long and short of it is that even though it was only cannabis, he’s looking at 14 years behind bars. Then the policemen started on about how drugs can damage your body, rot your mind and ruin your life. But the thing is we’ve heard it all so many times before, it’s just become background noise that nobody cares about.

There was a good man, ready to grow up, settle down with a family but one thing changed him, he knew his girlfriend was having his baby, and he was really happy, then she told him that she didn’t want to be with him anymore, told him she was getting back with her ex and for their baby to call him daddy, the moment he heard that he had a different opinion on women and life, from that moment he started drinking heavy, taking drugs even tried to give himself a overdose, just think what things in life can do when you can’t control yourself.

Worst mistake I ever made. Mum will never trust me again. I thought they were my friends. I thought that I’d have my friends round and we’d have a good laugh, I thought wrong. To start, it was just me and my friends but charlotte wanted to bring her boyfriend, Jake. I said it was ok, I know he’s not the best of people but she’s my friend. He brought drugs. I didn’t know what to do. My friends were taking them. Why did I do it? Did I think I was clever? It was meant to be a party, worst mistake I ever made.

100 word stories Yr 11  

Stories about social & health problems caused by drugs, alcohol & tobacco - restricted to 100 words

100 word stories Yr 11  

Stories about social & health problems caused by drugs, alcohol & tobacco - restricted to 100 words