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may/june 2006

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With spring in full swing and summer ahead, it’s time to get outside.This issue of Lowe’s Creative Ideas for Home and Garden is your guide to enhancing and enjoying your home’s exterior spaces. Learn how to choose the right outdoor furniture, accessories, and grills, and then use them to create beautiful backyard havens. For many homeowners, the garage is a transition to the outdoors. Our garage makeover includes several ways to get more out of this room—from a family project center for gardening or crafts, to a workbench for Dad, to a wall organization system. And for the indoors, we show you how to transform a kitchen into an area that’s more functional for a large family. I hope you enjoy all the ideas in this issue and share them with your family and friends.

Melissa Birdsong • Vice President, Trend and Design • Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

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“I’m a single professional and live in a one-bedroom condominium. During warmer months, I hang outdoor string lights, purchased at Lowe’s, on my balcony. Whether I have friends over for a cookout or just grill dinner for myself, the lights make my small home feel festive and inviting.” —Cary, Santa Fe, NM

2 3

“My wife and I love to cook outdoors with fresh herbs. I buy rosemary, thyme, mint, and basil, and plant them in pots kept near our grill. When we’re preparing meals outside, we just clip the herbs and add them to our dishes.” —Caleb, Chicago, IL “A few years ago, we built a waterfall in our backyard. We bought the liner, pump, and rocks at Lowe’s, constructed the water feature, and planted flowers around it. The sound of the water draws us outside.” —Sharon and Floyd, Athens, TN

Readers’ note: Almost any do-it-yourself project involves risk of some sort. Your tools, materials, and skills will vary, as will the conditions at your project site. Lowe’s Companies, Inc., and its subsidiaries (“Lowe’s”) have made every effort to be complete and accurate in the instructions and other content contained in this publication. However, neither Lowe’s nor the publisher will assume any responsibility or liability for damages or losses sustained or incurred in the course of your home improvement or repair project or in the course of your use of the item you create or repair. Always follow manufacturer’s operating instructions in the use of tools, check and follow your local building codes, and observe all standard safety precautions. Lowe’s Creative Ideas for Home and Garden® is published by SPC Custom Publishing, Inc., 2100 Lakeshore Drive, Birmingham, AL 35209. Copyright 2006 SPC Custom Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. Lowe’s Creative Ideas for Home and Garden is a registered trademark of Lowe’s. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior written permission of the publisher. Lowe’s® and the gable design are registered trademarks of LF, LLC. Address all correspondence to Lowe’s Creative Ideas for Home and Garden, Attn.: Sandy Culver, P.O. Box 523-G, Birmingham, AL 35201. Lowe’s Creative Ideas for Home and Garden is staff produced and cannot be held responsible for any unsolicited material. Printed in the U.S.A.



ON THE COVER A toothbrush holder becomes a clever vase for fresh-cut peonies and a special gift for Mother’s Day (or any occasion). Peonies currently are available at Lowe’s. Photo by Michael Hanson (page 5)


In This Issue 4 Big Looks 8 First Impressions: Revive Your Windows


12 Shop Smart: Fire Up the Grill 14 Shop Smart: Furniture Alfresco

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16 Trend Update: Glass Appeal

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20 Kitchen: Open House 28 Bath: Hip and Practical 32 Garage: Three Steps to an Organized Garage

What A Great Idea 42 Outdoor Showers 46 Simple Sanctuaries 52 Pegged Projects 58 Enchanting Roses 64 Saturday Morning Success: Shipshape Tablescape

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65 In the Community: Tools for Success *No finance charges will be assessed and no payments will be required on all purchases made with a Lowe’s Project Card during each six-month Project Window. Standard account terms apply to balances from all other Project Windows. A variable APR will be assigned to a Project Window when your account is opened. As of October 1, 2005, the APRs are 7.99%, 9.99%, 11.99%, 13.99% and 17.99%. Minimum Finance Charge is $1.00. Existing accountholders should see their Credit Agreement for their terms. (The first purchase in each Project Window must be at least $1,000.) Subject to credit approval.




Set your outdoor table with a down-to-earth table runner and matching napkins. Cut a canvas drop cloth (#126317) to the desired size for your table runner.

Then cut 1- x 4-inch strips on each end of the fabric. Wash and dry it to create frayed edges. Snip stray strings from the ends and sides. Your remaining fabric can be cut into cloth napkins. To create the napkin rings, simply wrap jute twine (#66510) around rolled napkins, and tie to secure in place.

3. Cut a laminated project panel (#72500)—or have a Lowe’s employee

Treat someone special to an elegant arrangement. PHOTOGRAPHS: MICHAEL HANSON, BRYAN JOHNSON


Make this fun, colorful tic-tac-toe board.

Breakfast in bed never looked so lovely.

cut the panel for you—to measure 16 inches square (you can use

Use a toothbrush holder (#170116) to display

the leftover panel to create more boards). Sand and prime the panel

beautiful flowers for a unique bouquet.

and aromatic cedar blocks (#86566) from the home organization department. Spray-paint the panel with a base color (we chose red). When dry, tape off an 11-inch square in the center of the board. Spray-paint the square with a different color (we used taupe), and allow to dry. Using white electrical tape, create a 9-panel grid

Make Mother’s Day!

in the square. Spray-paint the cedar blocks with two different colors (we chose red and purple), and use them as playing pieces.

Mother’s Day is May 14. Visit Lowe’s from May 7 to 21 and find special deals for Mom, including 20% off all in-stock KitchenAid small appliances, available in an array of colors. LET’S BUILD SOMETHING TOGETHER


5. Chill out with a neat plant-stand cooler. Turn this 21-inch plant stand (#188873) and planter (#178152) into a cooler for summer drinks. Fill with ice, and then use it to accompany a romantic table for two, or place several around your patio when entertaining guests. Planters are available in a variety of styles and sizes; any 12- or 13-inch planter will work with this plant stand. Be sure to choose one without a drainage hole.


Send a charming message with a distinctive mailbox planter. Personalize a wall-mounted


mailbox (#57012) using the included color

Spark your child’s imagination with an art station. Organize crayons

inserts and monograms. Fill the mailbox

and other craft supplies with a group of metal

halfway with pebbles, and then add a light

pails (#89804). To free up countertop space, hang

layer of potting mix and plants of your choice.

the buckets using faux-stainless steel peg-board

(Note: The mailbox may leak when you water

(#211606) and peg hooks (#62590). See how we

the plants, so it should be used outdoors.)

used this project in a makeover, “Three Steps to an Organized Garage,” on page 32.



first impressions

Lowe’s list • 3 wall troughs with coconut liners (Garden Treasures, #213769)

• Sta-Green All-Purpose Potting Mix with Fertilizer (#97887) Skill level: Beginner Rough cost estimate: $50* Rough time estimate: 1⁄2 day *Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market.


ith the arrival of warmer weather, it may be hard to choose between exercising your green thumb or simply relaxing in the shade with a pitcher of lemonade. Luckily, with some clever ideas and a few supplies, you can give that thumb a miniworkout while impressing your family and guests alike.Add an attractive window box (or three) at a window near an entryway to create a stylish welcome. Alice L. Elmore

triple duty Two or three is definitely better than one when it comes to large windows. Hayrack-style troughs work well in multiples; you can place them side by side. Fill each window box with a trailing plant in front, colorful flowers in the middle, and upright greenery in the back.Then think of your multiple window boxes as one entity. Be sure the design flows from one box to the next, making the entire arrangement appear larger and have a consistent theme.




your wındows

rustic elegance Simplicity can be a beautiful thing. This traditional-style home calls for complementary accessories. We warmed up a small window near the home’s back door with an antique-finished box and a minimalist color palette of rich green and scarlet pink. A pair of upright evergreens planted in the back echoes the classic look of the window box. Lowe’s list • window box (Garden Treasures, antique brown, #69088) • 2 wall-mounted flower box brackets (#114140) • Sta-Green All-Purpose Potting Mix with Fertilizer (#97887) Skill level: Beginner Rough cost estimate: $50* Rough time estimate: 1⁄2 day *Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market.



Lowe’s list lumber* • 1 (6-foot-long) 1 x 10, pine • 1 (6-foot-long) 1 x 12, pine hardware & materials • 1 (30-inch) coconut liner (#15980) • 3 (11-inch) brackets (#48988) • 1 box (2-inch) 6d galvanized finishing nails • exterior-grade wood glue • all-purpose caulk • spray primer • exterior paint (American Tradition, box, Mystified #4011-8, satin; house, Summer Wheat #3004-1C, semi-gloss; shutters, Organic Garden #6005-6B, semi-gloss; trim, Bistro White #7006-4, semi-gloss)

• appropriate fasteners for your home’s siding material Skill level: Beginner Rough cost estimate: $95** Rough time estimate: 2 days *Availability varies by market. **Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market, or the cost of tools.

Save With ENERGY STAR® New windows add value to your home, and now they also may put dollars straight into your pocket. Purchase ENERGY STAR qualified windows, and you may be eligible to claim a tax credit of up to $500 on your 2006 or 2007 tax return. Visit your local Lowe’s or for more information. Learn How Attend our free clinic, “How To Create Container Gardens,” at 1 p.m. every Saturday in May at your local Lowe’s. Sign up at Log On For more information on container gardening, visit

customize it If your window is an unusual width or you prefer an eclectic style, try this custom window box project.The optional holes can be used like those in a strawberry planter, to pull leaves through, and the box can be painted in a color that coordinates with your home’s exterior palette. Here, we chose a deep blue to accentuate the crisp yellow-and-white scheme and painted the shutters green for a cottage look.This planter is filled with lots of greenery for maximum texture and a whimsical feel. Select plants that are suitable for your climate and work with your home’s style. In addition to the list of materials needed (shown above), you’ll find a list of tools, an illustration, and how-to instructions for building this window box at (Project #MJ0601). 10


shop smart

which grill works for you? ENERGY


Fueled by propane or natural gas. Environmentally friendly (gas emits less carbon dioxide than charcoal) and inexpensive to use (prices vary).




Precise controls ensure that food cooks evenly. Some higher-end models have side burners for preparing additional dishes.

Ignite quickly and require little preheating. They also typically require little maintenance. The gas tank needs to be refilled periodically, depending on the size of the tank and frequency of cooking, but nothing needs to be disposed or changed out after each usage.

Charcoal grills produce a smoky, campfire-like taste. You can use different charcoals and species of wood chips to vary flavors. These grills often are favored by traditionalists, who rate taste as the highest priority.

Require more time to start, but the payoff is in the taste. Using charcoal treated with lighter fluid, or a charcoal chimney starter, can speed up the starting process.

Controlled temperature means food cooks evenly. As with gas grills, ceramic briquettes can be used to enhance flavor. Electric grills do not produce flare-ups that can char food.

Great for people who live in apartments where gas and charcoal grills are not allowed. Electric grills cool quickly and are easy to clean. Must be placed near an electric outlet.

Cook large quantities of food and impart an intense smoky flavor. Smoking is a healthful way to produce moist, flavorful foods without adding high-calorie oils and sauces. Experiment with liquids besides water (such as wine or juice) to achieve varying flavors.

Smokers may require more tending, so they are best suited for the outdoor cooking enthusiast who’s looking for specific cooking results.


These cost less than most gas grills, and the charcoal and wood chips used to create coals for cooking are relatively inexpensive as well. Ashes and used-up coals require disposal. Pictured: Weber One Touch Charcoal Kettle Grill (221⁄2-inch, #27071) CHARCOAL GRILLS

Inexpensive to operate. Require no fuel; produce no flame and little smoke.

USE THESE TIPS TO FIND THE GRILL AND ACCESSORIES THAT ARE RIGHT FOR YOU. The sizzle, the aroma, the fresh air—nothing says summer like cooking a delicious meal on your deck or patio.The latest grills are simple to use and packed with innovative features. In addition to basic barbecue fare, you easily can prepare almost anything from roasted chicken to stir-fried veggies. Use this guide to choose the best grill based on your lifestyle, cooking preferences, and available space. Kelly M. Smith

Today’s selection of grill accessories makes it a snap to cook almost anything outdoors. Along with the basic utensils (spatulas, tongs, and forks), consider these additional items. • Select a wok for stir-frying or a chicken roaster for cooking poultry. • Use a grill basket or topper to prepare sliced vegetables or seafood. • Pick up a set of stainless steel skewers for making kebabs. • For flavorful salmon, poultry, and meat, consider grilling with cedar planks. • If you want smoked meat without purchasing a dedicated machine, try a smoker box that works with electric and gas grills.


Pictured: Perfect Flame 48,000-BTU Four-Burner Gas Grill (#13133)




Pictured: Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker (#86488)

features to look for Modern grills are available with a wide variety of features. Know which options you want before you shop (some are only available on specific types of grills). heat tent: Minimizes gas flare-ups by directing grease away from the burners and vaporizing drippings. split lid: Allows two different types of food to be cooked at different temperatures simultaneously (available with gas grills). rotisserie: Rotates meat while cooking for even results.This feature can be purchased as a separate accessory as well. easy-start ignition: Simplifies the gas starting process; can be electronic or push-and-turn. tank drawer: Keeps a gas grill’s fuel tank accessible, yet out of sight. ash pan: Makes for easy cleanup of wood or charcoal ashes. wheels: Offer easy mobility—important if a machine will be stored during cooler months.


Charcoal, gas, or electric models are available. Generally use wood chips soaked in water, which require disposal. Pictured: BBQ grillware 20,000-BTU Upright Gas Smoker (#43138, available by special order in some stores) SMOKERS

Log On Lowe’s buying guides help you shop for just about anything. Visit for more information on selecting a grill.





shop smart

furniture alfresco


Lowe’s offers a variety of cushion styles and fabrics, ranging in levels of durability and resistance to the elements. You can customize any of your cushions with a pattern of your choice.

hese outdoor collections include unique pieces, materials, and features that make them go far beyond garden variety. You can purchase a full set from any of these collections, or you can pick individual items. Choose selections that will suit your personal style and needs. Kelly M. Smith

Availability varies by market.









design style: Traditional with a twist; old-world French accents and a creative tile tabletop.

design style: Casual wicker with rounded edges and a tropical feel.

design style: Formal, curvy, off-white aluminum frame adds a light, graceful touch. (If you love Clairemont, also look at the Orleans collection in “Simple Sanctuaries” on page 46.)

design style: Traditional and tailored; cast aluminum has an aged-bronze finish and woven look.

design style: A hip, global feel; chairs have a woven leather-like appearance.

design style: Sleek, contemporary style with a colorful pop of cobalt blue.

special features: Options include an all-weather wicker barrel-back chair, stackable chair for easy storage, and granite or clay tabletop.

special features: Textured-glass tabletop on the square dining table, side table, and large rectangular table; options include a sling action chair and sling double glider that are easy to hose off; party bar is ideal for entertaining.

special features: Tile-top tables can be personalized easily by changing the tiles; plenty of easy-to-wash sling chair options, including swivel rocker, dining chair, and conversational-height chair with ottoman; innovative side table can be used as an ice cooler or firepit. ideal setting: Multiuse on a patio or deck for dining, entertaining, and relaxing. weather rating: Very resistant; rust-free aluminum frame with durable powder-coated finish; fabric is UV protected.

special features: Deep seating; comfy cushioned sofa is large enough for you to stretch out during summer afternoon naps; cushioned chair with ottoman also is great for lounging; side tables can be placed together for a convenient coffee table. ideal setting: Sunroom or covered porch for chatting and relaxing. weather rating: Resistant; all-weather wicker withstands extreme temperatures as well as mold and mildew.

special features: Plenty of options, such as formal dining chairs as well as easy-to-wash sling dining chairs; chairs can be used with or without cushions. ideal setting: Multiuse on a patio or deck for dining, entertaining, and relaxing. weather rating: Very resistant; rust-free frame has a durable powder-coated finish; fabric is UV protected for longevity.

special features: Dining table has a built-in lazy Susan; offers a cushioned swivel rocker; chairs can be used with or without cushions. ideal setting: Outdoor dining for a relatively formal setting. weather rating: Very resistant; has a rust-free frame, durable powder-coated finish, and fadeand mildew-resistant Sunbrella fabric for cushions and umbrella.

ideal setting: Outdoor dining for an eclectic feel, with options for large and small spaces—this collection offers three different sizes of round tables. weather rating: Resistant; wicker has a finish that withstands rust; granite table is durable but porous, so spills need to be cleaned promptly.

ideal setting: By a pool, lake, or virtually any spot for a casual outdoor space. weather rating: Extremely resistant; rust-free aluminum frame with durable powder-coated finish and UV-protected woven fabric.

Log On Lowe’s buying guides help you shop for just about anything. Go to for more information about selecting outdoor furniture.









ust like a tasteful display of beads or sequins adds a bit of sparkle to fashionable attire, that same allure also can be achieved in your home. Explore the innovative ways glass is being used in product design.You’ll find that translucent, frosted, colored, and etched glass serve as reflective accents in home decor.

1 Etched-glass cabinetry doors allow colors to show through, yet the semitransparent quality provides a smooth look and conceals contents. (KraftMaid, Alexis Square, special order)

Remove visual barriers in your home with beautiful etched-glass interior doors instead of the solid-panel variety. Etched as well as frosted glass adds more privacy than clear glass and softens the look while letting in the light. Choose frosted-glass kitchen cabinetry panels, and illuminate serving pieces with backlights or in-cabinet lighting. Or update your shelving with a suite of fresh, modern-looking translucent shelves. A master or guest bath can be infused with light using cleverly arranged translucent materials. Decorative glass vessel sinks add luminosity in place of opaque porcelain or metal alternatives.Abundant use of glass tiles in the shower or on the floors further refracts natural light. Consider spa-inspired hues—especially pale blues and greens—for a fresh burst of see-through color.


2 A colored-glass globe or shade can help achieve more flash from lighting and reflect subtle color in the room. (Tiella pendant, #164684) 3 Clear glass imparts a simple, sophisticated feel to any accessory. (Waverly chandelier, #122302)

4 A translucent frosted-glass sink reinforces the therapeutic power of water in a bath. (Decolav, #110606)

To further play upon the theme of light and refraction, jazz up living spaces with colored glass globes and shades on sconces, pendants, and lamps. Find clear glass being used in new shapes on chandeliers and other lighting products.

tiles Tinted glass glistens and highlights the contours of the tiles. (Glass Concepts,

Lighten up your design with glass appeal, and watch your home sparkle and shine! Melissa Birdsong

*Availability varies by market.


#222724, #11400)*





magical makeover: kitchen


Open House A contemporary kitchen filled with

exceptional features suits the lifestyle of this multigenerational family.

ith the children and grandchildren visiting frequently, a parent living in their basement suite, and close friends coming over often for dinner, this couple needed a kitchen fit for four generations and plenty of guests. The goal of this makeover was a welllit kitchen with lots of concealed storage space and work surfaces, plus features that would accommodate various abilities.The homeowners started by removing their rarely used breakfast table and a peninsula. Instead, a large, angular island adds efficient seating and room for meal preparation, plus it’s conducive to better traffic flow. Because they both love cooking and entertaining, the homeowners selected powerful appliances, durable countertops, a spacious triple-bowl sink, and updated amenities such as a pot filler, an ice-maker, and a hot-water dispenser. Here’s how this couple achieved a kitchen that’s ideal for their whole family and their guests. Melissa Bissell and Alyce H. Head




refrigerator oven

10'7" wine chiller


what they did


bar sink icemaker






The Challenge: This kitchen had inadequate lighting, outdated style, limited traffic flow, and appliances that were difficult for some members of the family to use.


The Solution: The homeowners reconfigured the space, adding a large island for entertaining and a bar area. High-end appliances, ample workspace, and contemporary decor made the kitchen a beautiful, accessible room that everyone can enjoy.

In addition to providing generous concealed storage, the slab-front cherry cabinetry imparts European flavor while coordinating with the style of the rest of the home. Chosen to divide the space visually and add personality, the island’s black countertop stands out against the lighter gray perimeter counters. Both quartz surfaces are easy to clean and resist chipping, staining, and scratching.





5 DESIGN FOR A LIFETIME 1 A group of clear-glass and satin-nickel disc pendants serve as ambient lighting above the island; recessed lights add overall illumination. 2 Under-mounted cabinet lights provide task lighting for food prep, and the cabinets with metal-and-glass doors add display space. For a different, horizontal look, top-hinge cabinets with wood or glass-front doors are available in the Venicia line of cabinetry from KraftMaid. 3 Chosen with children and grandparents in mind, sheet-vinyl flooring is soft underfoot and features a zero threshold to minimize tripping hazards. 4 A contemporary touch, cylindrical aluminum drawer pulls and knobs are comfortable to use for hands of every size.








5 The bar sink is turned horizontally to emulate a trough sink. Along with serving as a prep sink, it can hold ice to keep beverages cold during parties. An ice-maker also proves handy when entertaining guests. 6 The triple-bowl sink is paired with a pullout faucet that reaches all three bowls for simple cleanup. The water dispenser provides filtered hot water instantly for quick beverages and meals. Above, woven window treatments lend texture while adding light control and privacy. 7 A wine chiller maintains optimal temperatures for the homeowners’ wine collection.




2 At Lowe’s, we bring you new products that enhance and simplify your life. We seek out those products that create storage, save time, and conserve energy. Here’s an innovation these homeowners now enjoy.

convertible refrigerator/freezer • The Samsung four-door convertible refrigerator features four independent compartments; users can change each bottom drawer to a freezer or refrigerator with the touch of a button. • Every compartment has its own evaporator and fan for ideal humidity and temperature control. • The innovative cooling system controls aromas, minimizes freezer burn, and keeps food fresh longer. • The refrigerator’s design makes it easy to customize for those with difficulties bending. • Other features include tilt bins, spill-proof shelves, a tall water dispenser, an easy-to-change water filter, and a retractable shelf.



STYLE MEETS FUNCTION 1 The stainless steel gas cooktop boasts a convertible center wok grate with a powerful 14,000-BTU output, a two-year warranty, the ability to hold up to a 1-gallon spill in case a pot boils over, and continuous grates for easy pot and pan movement. 2 The self-cleaning double convection ovens feature 10 pre-set gourmet cooking modes for top performance; oven temperatures also can be customized for favorite recipes. 3 The pot filler helps reduce trips to the sink, and it folds out of the way when not in use. 4 Perfectly suited for this clean-lined space, an energy-efficient DishDrawer dishwasher lets the homeowners run large or small loads using minimal water and energy.

Lowe’s list cabinetry and countertops* • cabinets (KraftMaid, Venicia, Prima, Autumn Cherry)

• hardware (KraftMaid; knobs, aluminum whistle; pulls, aluminum solid cylinder)

• countertops (Zodiaq, Storm Grey and Mystic Black)

backsplash • tiles (1- x 3-inch, American Olean, Highland

thedetails This kitchen’s contemporary style comes from a palette of dark natural tones and smooth grays. The cherry cabinets bring out the warm colors in the vinyl flooring, while the wall paint enhances the room’s natural hues. The slate-like tile backsplash coordinates with the two countertop shades, gray and black. Coordinating with the stainless steel appliances, sleek aluminum cabinet hardware accents the palette and completes the urban European look.

Ridge, Mountain #HR53, special order)

• gray grout appliances • refrigerator (Samsung, platinum finish, • •

• •

Model RM255LASH, special order) dishwasher (Fisher & Paykel, stainless steel, Model DD603SS, #88076) cooking units (Fisher & Paykel, stainless steel, special order; 30-inch double wall oven, Model OD302SS; 36-inch cooktop, Model GC912SS; 36-inch range hood, Model RH361SS) wine chiller (Vinotemp, stainless, Model VT-TC32GSS, special order) ice-maker (Whirlpool, stainless steel, Model GI1500XHS, special order)

flooring • sheet vinyl (Armstrong, Atlantica Umbria, special order)

plumbing • sinks (Kindred, stainless steel, special order; triple under-mounted, Model UT1941/80ML/E; prep, Model US169/60K) • faucets (Delta, stainless finish; kitchen, #198423; prep, Waterfall, Model 190SS, special order) • hot-water dispenser (In-Sink-Erator, satin nickel, Model GN-1100, special order) • pot filler (Westbrass, stainless steel #20, Model 34682, special order)

lighting • 8 under-mounted cabinet lights • 12 recessed lights • 5 disc pendants (Tiella, #164688) • wall plates (Aspire, Silver Granite, #189928) paint • walls (American Tradition, Redstone Lasso #3006-9B, semi-gloss)

accessories • counter stools (24-inch, Milano, #202448) • blinds (Bali, Natural Shades, Dominica Driftwood #22445, special order)

• milkshake maker (Oster, #223500) • mixer (KitchenAid, #148386) Skill level: Advanced Rough cost estimate: $40,830** Cabinetry and countertops: $25,690 Backsplash: $320

Appliances: $8,550 Flooring: $2,165 Plumbing: $2,080 Lighting: $760 Paint: $100 Accessories: $1,165 Rough time estimate: 2 months† *These items available by special order. **Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market. †Does not include lead time for special-order materials.

Lowe’s Installation Available Lowe’s can provide guaranteed professional installation of appliances, blinds, cabinetry, countertops, faucets, flooring, interior lighting, and sinks. Log On Our unique Kitchen Planner guidebook has everything necessary to help finalize the plans for your kitchen renovation. Order it by visiting Learn How Attend our free clinic, “How To Install Laminate Flooring,” at noon every Saturday in May at your local Lowe’s. Sign up at Learn How Attend our free clinic, “How To Create Ceramic Tile Designs,” at 1 p.m. every Saturday in June at your local Lowe’s. Sign up at Save With ENERGY STAR® A qualified refrigerator and dishwasher saves energy, water, and money while providing the latest features. Visit for more information.

Introducing the Lowe’s Project Card—a new way to pay for major projects. See page 2 for details.





magical makeover: bath BEFORE


&Practical A quick update gives this bath a colorful new look.

what they did The Challenge: The master bath had a sound design, but it needed to reflect its owners’ personalities better.


The Solution: By incorporating visually exciting elements into the existing features, the homeowners created a sophisticated space that suits their style.


hese homeowners wanted their new home’s master bath to showcase their trendy, elegant tastes. But as new parents, they were not prepared for a major remodel. Fortunately, the space was efficient and well-designed— it simply needed personality. To give this bath a fresh look, the couple made cosmetic updates—such as new marble flooring, lighting, and quartz countertops—without changing the floor plan.They added a metallic faux finish to a newly created wall niche and to the existing cabinetry.The homeowners also were able to retain the linen closet, shower, tub, and toilet.Take inspiration from this makeover, and use the following tips to liven up your bath. Melissa Bissell and Tiffany Burgess

Above each mirror, a three-light vanity bar provides task lighting while coordinating with the chocolate-colored cabinetry and trim, as well as the bronze faucets, tiles, and accessories.





The oil-rubbed bronze arched faucet and lever handles enhance the tones of the backsplash and countertop to give the space added sparkle and timeless style. The 2-inch mosaics, 4-inch accent tiles, and chair rail trim tiles provide both depth and texture.

Rectangular cabinet pulls in a satin-nickel finish pop against the dark cabinetry. The pulls also contrast with the bronze elements, which work well against a neutral backdrop of cream-colored marble tiles and tan walls. Durable quartz countertops lend sophistication and elegance to the bath.

ARTFUL NICHE The couple created a display area in the unused wall opposite the vanity. This recessed niche—painted a soft shade of peach, coated with a bronze glaze, and framed with metallic tile—provides architectural interest.

HOT HUES Three paint colors were chosen for the palette in this bath. A rich, chic shade of chocolate for the trim and the cabinetry adds warmth to the room’s hip style. The pale-peach ceiling provides a splash of color, while light tan on the walls keeps the space grounded.

Lowe’s list countertops • quartz countertops and sinks (Transolid, Scoria Gray #31, special order)

• hardware (Belwith, Bungalow, satin nickel, #224627)

tile • floor (12-inch, Ply-Gem, Perlato Royal






Marble, #79294) • backsplash (2-inch mosaic, Banan Appeal, Noce, #96348) • accent tile (6-inch, Venetian Stone, Venice Deco Beige, #168629) • trim tile (metallic chair rail, #190753)


aged bronze, #27726)

• globes (coffee, #121860) paint • walls (American Tradition, Lyndhurst Stone #3007-10A, semi-gloss)

• ceiling (American Tradition, Whipped Peach #2002-2B, semi-gloss)

• cabinet and trim (American Tradition, Deep Earth #6010-2, semi-gloss)

• cabinet and niche accents (American

• beige grout

Tradition® Signature Colors™, Earth Elements,

plumbing • faucets (Price Pfister, Georgetown, oil-rubbed

Brilliant Metals; Shimmering Bronze #EE2070,

bronze, special order; sink, Model 8B9-80BZ; roman tub, Model RT6-B0XZ-HHL-BLBZ)

lighting • 3 recessed lights


• 2 under-cabinet lights • 2 (3-light) bath bars (Portfolio,

Golden Fire #EE209; satin)

accessories • mirrors (26- x 36-inch, Gardner, pewter, #195276) • stool (24-inch, #203691)

Skill level: Advanced Rough cost estimate: $3,550* Countertops: $1,375 Tile: $800 Plumbing: $710 Lighting: $210 Paint: $300 Accessories: $155 Rough time estimate: 2 weeks** *Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market. **Does not include lead time for special-order materials.

Lowe’s Installation Available Lowe’s can provide guaranteed professional installation of countertops, tile flooring, lavatory faucets, and interior lighting. Log On Go to to download your free planner. With tips, trends, ideas, and inspiration, it will help you create the bath of your dreams. Learn How Attend our free clinic, “How To Paint With Metallics,” at 11 a.m. every Saturday in May at your local Lowe’s. Sign up at



magical makeover: garage

3 garage steps to an



rganizing and decorating the interior of their newly constructed home was exciting, but this family discovered that the real action happens in the garage—it was spacious, but unorganized. By breaking it down into three manageable projects, the homeowners were able to put things in order, one step at a time. Now the garage includes a family project center for Mom’s gardening and the children’s art supplies, a dream workbench for Dad, and storage galore. Plus there’s still room for the two family cars. Here’s how they whipped their space into shape. Tiffany Burgess


what they did The Challenge: This garage had become a catchall for everything that didn’t fit in the house. The homeowners needed an organized space for storage and family activities. The Solution: They created a multipurpose room with workstations for gardening, crafts, and other projects, plus plenty of storage for recreational equipment and household goods.

lawn tools

utility sink


project center

chest freezer


ceiling storage

ClosetMaid system

lawn tools


Introducing the Lowe’s Project Card—a new way to pay for major projects. See page 2 for details.



1 Located above the refrigerator,


an expandable TV mounting bar lets the family enjoy their favorite programs while they work.

family project center

2 The addition of cabinetry and countertops along the back wall near the home’s entrance creates a multipurpose workstation for the entire family. Mom can do gardening here, and the kids have a place to be creative too. An under-the-counter trash compactor offers convenience, and a chest freezer to the left of the cabinetry stores bulk food items.

3 On the wall, furring strips are covered with peg-board; it has a faux-stainless steel finish, which adds visual pizzazz to the space. Adjustable peg hooks hold items above the sink and countertops, keeping them within reach and off the workspace. The all-in-one cabinet and sink combo is easy to install, and it offers concealed storage while giving the family a place to tidy up after yard work or craft projects.

4 White cabinetry neatly hides


Lowe’s list cabinetry and countertops • cabinetry (30-inch wall cabinet; 18-inch wall cabinet; 15-inch wall cabinet; 30-inch base cabinet; 18-inch base cabinet) • countertops (Formica laminate, Labrador Granite) • hardware (Amerock, Inspirations, weathered nickel; knobs, #15086; pulls, #15178)

appliances • refrigerator (Frigidaire, Model FRU17G4JW, special order)

• chest freezer (Frigidaire, Model LFFC1466DW, #146052)

• trash compactor (Whirlpool, Model TU800SPPQ, special order)

plumbing • utility sink with cabinet (American Shower and Bath, #221095)

materials • 18 (8-foot-long) 1 x 2 furring strips • 6 (4- x 8-foot) faux-stainless steel peg-board panels (#211606)


home organization • television mounting bar (25- to 27-inch, #165972)

accessories • peg hooks (#62590) • shelf (36-inch, #107623) Skill level: Advanced Rough cost estimate: $3,900* Rough time estimate: 3 days** *Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market. **Does not include lead time for special-order materials.

Lowe’s Installation Available Lowe’s can provide guaranteed professional installation of appliances, cabinetry, countertops, garage doors, garage door openers, and interior and exterior lighting.

4 34




stored items, such as soap and paper towels, while the dark laminate countertops provide a durable and easy-to-clean work surface for any project. And small metal buckets, hung on the wall using the peg-board hooks, organize craft supplies. See this children’s art station project on page 7.




Lowe’s list home organization • workbench (Coleman, Tuff Duty storage system; tall storage cabinets, #213583; two-door base cabinet, #213575; three-drawer base cabinet, #213574; peg-board hutch, #213579; 60-inch worktop, #213582) • antifatigue mats (#155419)

Skill level: Intermediate Rough cost estimate: $900* Rough time estimate: 2 days *Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market.

1 As the family handyman, Dad chose the Coleman

Garage Chic

Tuff Duty storage system for the garage update. To fit his space and needs, he selected two tall cabinets for storing large items, two base cabinets for tools and accessories, a hutch, and a workbench top.

Who says a garage can’t be stylish? These owners complemented the monochromatic color scheme of the Coleman storage system, the Quikrete floor (see page 39), and other black-andstainless accessories with matching countertops, paint, and hardware. The dark granite-pattern laminate countertops coordinate with the nickelcolored cabinetry hardware and gray floor. The white cabinetry for the project center contrasts with these colors to lend a neat and polished look.

2 The peg-board hutch visibly stores the tools needed for most weekend projects and includes an under-mounted fluorescent light. The 1-inch-thick worktop is safe for cutting, drilling, or hammering.

3 Large antifatigue mats add comfort underfoot to help keep the legs and backs of those at work from tiring.

4 Lockable cabinets keep valuables safe and tools out of young children’s reach.



dream workbench






1 At Lowe’s, we bring you new products that enhance and simplify your life. The Overhead Door SilentMax Garage Door Opener (#231395) can do just that; it is also ideal for family spaces. The 1⁄2-horsepower SilentMax motor and direct-current belt drive system significantly reduce noise. The opener comes with two mini remote controls, one flashlight remote, a wall console, and a wireless keypad. The motor also has a lifetime warranty.

2 3


1 Components in the ClosetMaid Max Load storage system make it easy to customize any space with greater flexibility. The heavy-duty shelves adjust to different heights to accommodate various-sized items. This family organized everything from their shop vacuum to their coolers.

2 This ClosetMaid product stores long-handle tools off the floor but within view. 3 An all-purpose hang-up hook neatly holds extra hoses or extension cords. A variety

Lowe’s list

of hook shapes and sizes suit items that are difficult to store, such as ladders and oars.

home organization • storage system

4 A ceiling storage unit keeps coolers and sports equipment out of the way.

(ClosetMaid Max Load; 80-inch hang track, #117866; 84-inch standard rail, #117896; 4-foot x 16-inch shelves, #114846; 16-inch brackets, #77570; mounting hardware, #117895) • ceiling storage (HyLoft, #51955)

• organization accessories


storage galore



(ClosetMaid; 6-inch hooks, #116348; power equipment hang up, #116146; all-purpose hang up, #116345; long-handle tool hang up, #72359)

• galvanized bins (#66661)

Skill level: Beginner Rough cost estimate: $325* Rough time estimate: 1 day *Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market.

Garage Safety Tips From the Home Safety Council

what’s underfoot The homeowners set the stage for their garage makeover by cleaning and painting the floor—the fifth wall— with Quikrete’s Epoxy Garage Floor Coating kit (#224198). With the garage’s primary function in mind (a weatherproof haven for the family vehicles), they needed flooring that would be easy to clean. Dirt and debris from the vehicles, as well as spills from gardening or craft projects, can be eliminated quickly thanks to the floor’s epoxy surface. See the simple steps below (and be sure to watch the kit’s instructional DVD for the best application). 1. Apply the kit’s Bond-Lok concentrate, which cleans and degreases any preexisting stains. 2. Create a sealant on the floor’s surface by applying epoxy coating with a paint roller. 3. To add texture, sprinkle tiny color flecks (included in the kit) throughout the space.

• Help eliminate slips and falls by keeping floors clear of clutter and by immediately cleaning up grease and spills. • To prevent the buckling of storage shelves, properly secure shelving units to the wall and do not overload them. • Place all items in clear sight so that they can be reached easily. For more safety tips for your garage and other parts of your home, visit



What a Great

Idea Enjoy these projects:


Outdoor Showers


Simple Sanctuaries


Pegged Projects


Enchanting Roses

Build a refreshing backyard spa. Create stylish outdoor areas. Be inspired by peg-board. Plant a rose garden.

Make Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day is May 14. Visit Lowe’s May 7 to 21 and find special deals for Mom, including 20% off all in-stock KitchenAid small appliances, available in an array of colors. LET’S BUILD SOMETHING TOGETHER


what a great idea




utdoor showers offer a home improvement opportunity that allows you to be both practical and pampered. On the practical side, they are helpful for hosing down muddy kids and dogs, spritzing patio plants, and rinsing bikes and athletic equipment before stowing them. But an outdoor shower adds spa sensibility to your yard too: it’s a place to cool off after a morning pulling weeds, as well as a spot to wash away sand and dirt after a day at the pool or lake. This project can be as simple or as snazzy as you want. Here, you’ll find two different looks that you can create with supplies available at Lowe’s. Alice L. Elmore



serene style A tranquil setting and a hint of color made this contemporary-style shower a welcome addition to the home. It features a rainshower-type showerhead for a spalike experience, as well as a handshower for directing hot or cold water at muddy feet—or a thirsty fern.The built-in seat gives the tired gardener a place to rest while rinsing off after a day of planting. The overall dimensions of this project are 4 feet wide, 8 feet deep, and 6 feet high, including the wooden floor. Seek the advice or services of a plumber if necessary. Check local building codes before starting the project. In addition to the list of materials needed (shown at right), you will find a list of tools, an illustration, and step-by-step instructions for building this shower at (Project #MJ0602).




There are several possible locations for an outdoor shower—consider adding one underneath a deck in an unused space (as shown here), near a pool, or extending from the back of your house.

Lowe’s list lumber* • 77 (8-foot-long) 1 x 4s • 9 (12-foot-long) 1 x 4s • 5 (8-foot-long) 1 x 6s • 1 (12-foot-long) 1 x 6 • 37 (8-foot-long) 2 x 4s materials and hardware • 1 box (15⁄8-inch) Phillips II pressure-treated screws (or 1 box (2-inch) 6d galvanized finishing nails) • 1 box (3-inch) deck screws (or 1 box (31⁄2-inch) 16d galvanized finishing nails) • 4 tubes of Liquid Nails (#41174)** • 11 (40- to 50-pound) bags of pea gravel (#92130) • 11 (.5-cubic-foot) bags of patio/paver base (#100166) • stain (Olympic Semi-Transparent Stain,

plumbing • adjustable showerhead (#168248) • cross handle (brushed nickel, #139551) • lever handles (brushed nickel, #139547) • ceiling mounting arm (#143575) • handshower (#141226) • pipe, elbows, connectors, and valves as needed Skill level: Advanced Rough cost estimate: $830† Rough time estimate: 5 days *Use all lumber rated for outdoor use. Availability varies by market. **Selection varies by market. †Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market, or the cost of tools.

Learn How Attend our free clinic, “How To Stain a Deck/Maintain a Patio,” at noon every Saturday in June at your local Lowe’s. Sign up at

Rosewood #728)



poolside cool An existing arbor provided the framework for this simple shower. Rustic style exudes from the pairing of lumber and corrugated tin, while amenities—such as a generously sized showerhead, both hot and cold water, plus shower curtains and hooks for towels—add comfortable convenience. This outdoor shower features a floor of tumbled pavers in shades of tan and sand. For information on choosing your pavers, as well as installation tips, go to The overall dimensions of this shower are approximately 5 feet wide, 9 feet deep, and 10 feet high. Seek the advice or services of a plumber if necessary. Check local building codes before you begin the project. In addition to the list of materials needed (shown below), you will find a list of tools, an illustration, and stepby-step instructions for building this outdoor shower at (Project #MJ0603).

Lowe’s list lumber* • 4 (8-foot-long) 1 x 4s • 4 (8-foot-long) 2 x 4s • 4 (8-foot-long) 2 x 6s • 1 (4- x 8-foot) sheet of 5 ⁄8-inch-thick pine siding materials and hardware • pavers (#123162) • 10 (8-foot-long) sheets of corrugated tin siding • 1 box (1-inch) roofing nails • 1 box (11⁄2-inch) 4d galvanized finishing nails

• 1 box (2-inch) Phillips II pressure-treated screws • 1 box (3-inch) Phillips II pressure-treated screws • shower curtains (#223627) • shower curtain hooks (#135489) • curtain rod (48-inch-long, ⁄ -inch-diameter galvanized pipe)

3 4

• twin robe hooks (#68608) plumbing • rainmaker showerhead (10-inch-diameter, brass, #143600)

• 1 (25-foot) spring coil hose with nozzle (#207562) • tankless electric water heater (special order) • pipe, elbows, connectors, and valves as needed Skill level: Advanced Rough cost estimate: $650** Rough time estimate: 4 days† *Use all lumber rated for outdoor use. Availability varies by market. **Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market, or the cost of tools. †Does not include lead time for special-order materials.

• 3 porcelain/chrome handles (#26258)

Introducing the Lowe’s Project Card—a new way to pay for major projects. See page 2 for details.



what a great idea


simple sanctuaries m ost backyards and patios are ripe with potential. They can offer you a peaceful place to enjoy your morning coffee, arrange a romantic evening, or relax under a shady tree.With just a bit of planning and a few decorative elements, you can create an at-home haven.These three stylish areas—each with a distinctive flair and function— are filled with ideas to help you transform your outdoor spaces. And for information on choosing outdoor furniture that fits your style and needs, turn to “Furniture Alfresco” on page 14. Molly Clark

backyard bistro


Placing a simple set of bistro table and chairs (Orleans; 28-inch café table, #140189; café chairs, #140180) brings the feel of a cozy café into the patio. It becomes the perfect spot for enjoying a quiet breakfast and reading the newspaper.

SPLASH OF COLOR Red cushions (Arden, #59101) provide comfortable and fashionable seating. 䊴

ON THE WALL Add an artistic element with an iron wall-art planter (#37257) filled with bright, seasonal flowers.



romantic gazebo A flat, expansive yard is like a blank canvas for outdoor entertaining, but it requires something large and impressive to fill the space.A metal-framed gazebo (black steel with net, #31335) with beige polyester fabric, a black powder-coated finish for durability, and light-filtering insect netting sets the stage for an enchanting gathering. It easily can be assembled in a corner of the yard or positioned front and center. This dreamy scene is perfect for a quiet dinner, a bridal shower, and many more special occasions.

A FESTIVE TOUCH Hang garden lights (Garden Treasures, #89685) to give your private haven a romantic glow.

DEFINED SPACE Add an outdoor sisal rug (Patio

Collection, #26077) and a dining set (Java; 30-inch bistro table, #139671; stack chairs, #139689) for two to four guests.

Tip: Set 12-inch-square pavers underneath the rug to make your surface area even more level.

LIGHT UP THE NIGHT Place garden torches (Garden

Treasures; 72-inch, #113637; 30-inch, #113855) of various heights, plus

containers overflowing with flowers or ferns, near the gazebo’s entrance. This will establish it as the focal point in the yard.

FINISH WITH FLOWERS Fill a pretty urn (#47717) with a bouquet to complete an elegant table setting. LET’S BUILD SOMETHING TOGETHER


comfortable retreat Create a simple space where you can escape.Tuck a chair into a corner with an ottoman, and then kick up your feet.The deep seat of this cozy wicker chair (Cayman, cushioned chair with ottoman, #139717) urges you to sit back and relax.Add a reading lamp plus a side table (Cayman, side table, #139721) to hold your favorite books or magazines.This easy setup works well in a sunroom, on a covered porch, or any place that offers privacy for the feel of a nice, quiet getaway.

Make Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day is May 14. Visit Lowe’s May 7 to 21 and find special deals for Mom, including 20% off all in-stock KitchenAid small appliances, available in an array of colors.



what a great idea



he versatility of peg-board (or perforated hardboard) makes it perfect for a variety of projects, from decorative tablescapes to useful organizers.You can cut the board to any size and shape—or a Lowe’s employee can cut the material for you—and then paint it in the color of your choice.The polka-dot look adds a playful, chic touch to any room. Here, we’ve gathered a couple projects to get you acquainted with this nifty board. And you can log on to to find another creative way to use peg-board for a stylish jewelry organizer. (Project #MJ0604) Tracy Sisson and Sabra Snyder



let your light shine Accentuate a table with the soft light of luminarias, or use this project to display a beautiful flower arrangement. Follow our easy how-to instructions to create these pretty pieces.

Lowe’s list (for one luminaria) millwork and lumber • 1 (4- x 8-foot) sheet of 3⁄16-inch-thick peg-board (#15484) • 2 (3-foot-long) 3⁄4-inch-square dowels materials and hardware • 1 package (3⁄4-inch) wire brads • wood glue • wood filler • paint (American Tradition, Woodlawn Charm #5008-8A,

For a unique centerpiece, make these flower holders and luminarias using peg-board. Add battery-powered tap lights (#17394) inside the luminarias as a safe lighting option.




Pea Pod #6005-8A, satin)

tools • circular saw with straightedge guide • power miter saw (or handsaw with miter box) • tape measure • clamps • needle-nose pliers • hammer • nail set • sandpaper • paintbrush • pencil

Step 4: Drive several brads through the peg-board into the

dowel of one assembly. Repeat with the three remaining assemblies.Tip:To avoid hitting your fingers, hold the brads steady with needle-nose pliers while driving them into the wood. Set all nails slightly below the surface of the wood using a nail set. Step 5: Arrange the four assemblies as shown in the illustration.Then join them with glue and brads driven through the peg-board, aligning the top edges. Make sure the assembly is square by measuring the distance between opposite corners and adjusting until the dimensions are equal. Step 6: Apply glue to the bottom edges of the assembly.Attach the base panel with brads driven through the peg-board into the corner dowels.Allow to dry. Step 7: Fill all nail holes with wood filler, and sand smooth. Finish as desired.

corner dowel

side panel

Skill level: Beginner Rough cost estimate: $25* Rough time estimate: 1⁄2 day (includes drying time) *Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market, or the cost of tools.

Step 1: Using a circular saw, cut four side panels from the peg-

board to the desired dimensions.The larger luminaria shown has 8-inch-square side panels; the smaller one has 6- x 8-inch side panels. Cut one base panel measuring 83⁄16 inches square (or 63⁄16 inches square for the smaller luminaria). Step 2: Using a miter saw, cut each dowel into two 8-inchlong pieces, for a total of four corner pieces (for the smaller luminaria, cut 6-inch-long pieces). Step 3: Glue one dowel to one side panel as shown in the corners detail. Repeat for the three remaining dowels and side panels. Clamp each dowel in place, and allow to dry.

base panel


corners detail corner dowel


back of side panel



hang it up This peg-board project looks great on any wall, and it keeps frequently-used tools organized and at your fingertips.

Lowe’s list (for one wall organizer) millwork and lumber • 1 (4- x 8-foot) sheet of 3⁄16-inch-thick peg-board (#15484) • 2 (8-foot-long) 1 x 2s materials and hardware • 1 package (21⁄2-inch) 8d finishing nails • 1 package (3⁄4-inch) wire brads • construction adhesive (#185445) • 2 (two-tier) wire racks (ClosetMaid, #62102) • assorted peg hooks (#62612) • double peg hooks (#62598) • paint (American Tradition; peg-board, Cincinnatian Hotel Abbey

frame stile

frame rail

frame stile

#5004-9B; wall, Exotic Sea #5004-10B; satin)

tools • table saw (or circular saw with straightedge guide) • power miter saw (or handsaw with miter box) • drill/driver and bit set • tape measure • caulking gun • stud finder • level • hammer • sandpaper • paintbrush • pencil


Skill level: Beginner Rough cost estimate: $30* Rough time estimate: 1⁄2 day (includes drying time) *Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market, or the cost of tools.

Step 1: Using a table saw, cut a 36- x 60-inch square from

Store household supplies up and away with this hanging organizer.



the peg-board. Using a miter saw, cut each 1 x 2 into one 60inch-long piece and one 341⁄2-inch-long piece (from long point to long point), for a total of four pieces. Step 2: Create the frame by arranging the four 1 x 2s on a work surface, positioning them as shown in the illustration. Using a 3⁄32-inch bit, drill pilot holes for the nails at the locations shown in the illustration. Join the four pieces using construction adhesive (applied with a caulking gun) and nails as shown. Check for square.Allow to dry completely. Step 3: Using a stud finder, locate the studs on the wall where the frame will hang. Mark the stud locations, and draw a level line through the marks where the top of the frame will be placed. Secure the frame to the wall using nails driven into the studs. Step 4: Apply a small bead of construction adhesive to the face of the frame. Using a 3⁄32-inch bit, drill pilot holes for the brads at the two upper corners of the peg-board, 3⁄4 inch in from both edges. Position the peg-board with all sides flush (you may need a helper to do this). Drive brads through the pilot holes and into the frame. Tip: To avoid hitting your fingers, hold the brads steady with needle-nose pliers while driving them into the frame. Secure the peg-board further by driving in nails around the perimeter, approximately 8 inches apart. Step 5: Sand smooth any rough edges, and finish as desired.

frame rail

a jewel of an idea Looking for another fun project using peg-board? In the jewelry organizer shown here, the peg-board material allows you to hang your jewelry at different heights, and the space between the peg hooks ensures that the items remain untangled. Visit for how-to instructions, a list of materials, and an illustration for creating this organizer. (Project #MJ0604)




what a great idea

he experts have taken some of the guesswork out of rose cultivation. Each year, All-America Rose Selections (AARS), a nonprofit association of rose growers and introducers, chooses the best-of-the-best selections, evaluating roses for characteristics such as fragrance, color, value, and resistance to diseases.This year, four exceptional roses made the cut. Lowe’s offers these AARS winners, plus others from the country’s top grower, Jackson & Perkins (J&P).They’re sure to be champs in your yard as well. Incorporate roses into your existing landscape, or check out our design guides on page 62 to 63, which will help you plan a rose garden from the ground up. Also, you can log on to and for more information about planting and caring for roses. Rebecca Rodamar and Kelly M. Smith



Rainbow Sorbet A multicolored floribunda, this selection sounds soft and sweet, but it’s actually rugged, winter hardy, and resistant to black spot. Its bright colors range from pink to orange to yellow, making it a good choice for a bold accent or border plant.



Tahitian Sunset This hybrid tea’s lush blossoms, with up to 30 petals, start as orange-yellow buds that open to 5-inch-wide peachy-pink flowers with yellow accents. Best used as a focal point in the garden, it produces 14 to16 stems and a licorice fragrance.

Wild Blue Yonder The first in this color range to achieve the AARS designation in more than 20 years, this tall, shrubby grandiflora has large, ruffled petals in wine-purple and lavender hues. The selection emanates a citrus perfume, and it needs room to grow.

Julia Child Chosen by and named for the famous chef, this floribunda is an old-fashioned English rose with a sweet fragrance, which is rare in free-flowering plants. The butter-gold shade of its petals blends well in most landscapes. LET’S BUILD SOMETHING TOGETHER


classic AARS winners

rose finds

All AARS winners are excellent, and some have climbed to the top of growers’ lists over the years.The following classic winners could be considered the most recognized and popular blooms in the rose industry.

Keeping roses well fed and healthy is easier than ever with these innovative products. Miracle-Gro Shake ’n Feed Rose Food (#188368) nourishes plants with slow-release food that goes on dry with an easy-to-use applicator. Bayer Advanced Garden All-in-One Rose & Flower Care (#100433) combines fertilizer with insect and disease control. And no messy spraying— just mix and pour this product straight to the plant base.


Peace This is the most widely planted hybrid tea in the world. Its sweet-smelling golden-yellow buds are tipped pink. (1946)

Angel Face Known for its old-fashioned flowers and perfume, this floribunda’s lavender petals are trimmed with deep purple. (1969)

Tropicana This hybrid tea imparts the feeling of a tropical paradise, from the fluorescent orange-red blossoms to the raspberry and lime fragrances. (1963)

Queen Elizabeth Double Delight Offering pink lovers the most exquisite shade around, this grandiflora’s spray blooms make great cut flowers for arrangements. (1955)



Scarlet buds unfurl to reveal creamy pink petals accented with yellow and red on this hybrid tea. It has won accolades for its spicy-sweet scent. (1977)

Veterans’ Honor This hybrid tea rewards U.S. troops (10% of its proceeds are donated by J&P to veterans’ health care). It produces deep-red buds that unfold into glorious, bright-red blossoms with a fruity fragrance. With long stems, it’s the ideal cut rose, lasting up to two weeks in a vase. Paired with white and blue perennials, this rose makes a stylish, patriotic statement in the garden. (2000)

Mister Lincoln Its one of the most beloved hybrid teas; the long-lasting red buds burst into velvety deep-red blooms and boast an appealing scent. (1965)

Miracle-Gro Garden Soil for Roses (#154966) will help foster big, beautiful blooms and strong roots.

Plant and prune in style with the latest shears and gloves. Fiskars UltraBlade Bypass Pruners (#88449) remain sharp five times longer than most cutters. Made of steel with an enclosed spring, they also have a cushioned grip that’s equally comfy for right- and left-handed gardeners. Good gloves are a rose grower’s best friend— Wells Lamont Leather Palm Gloves (women’s, #184045; men’s, #184235) are made of durable cowhide suede leather and offer many extra-wear features, including a palm patch and reinforced fingertips. The safety cuffs also help protect wrists from scratches.


This low-maintenance shrub rose grows vigorously in landscapes, and it blooms all season long with bunches of peachy-pink flowers that smell of sweet apples. (1987)

By relying on regional and local growers for quality plants and plant products, Lowe’s is able to provide you with varieties that are best suited to your climate. All the plants mentioned and shown in this article may not always be available at your local store, but your Lowe’s Live Nursery Sales Specialist can help you find comparable varieties.



ceremonial garden A formal garden draws you in and lets you walk among the flowers. It’s best enjoyed from within, so it will require considerable space. It also has a strong sense of structure and symmetry. You can liven up the interior with a splashy fountain in the center surrounded by brightly colored roses and decorative urns. Or, if you desire a more serene setting, consider using a reflecting pool with a monochromatic palette of rose colors and furnishings that are more subdued. See this plan for more tips on creating a classical garden.

GARDEN DESIGNS Use these two basic guides and Lowe’s plants to help you create a rose garden for a fun and rewarding experience. A ceremonial garden (at right) has a classical, formal design, while a border garden (below) has a more casual arrangement. Each displays AARS winning roses. Decide which plan will suit your garden space, whether that means a larger plot dedicated to roses or a secondary spot yearning for color and fragrance, and then design accordingly.


8 7

50' 1 2

6 3 4



A spot with southern or western exposure is preferred in order to capture the minimal six hours of light needed to keep roses full of blooms and disease-free.


border garden

1. Create a focal point with a statue, rose standards in pots, a pyramidal- or topiary-formed evergreen, or a water feature. 2. Use a gravel path, which sets up the arcs and axes that form the classical design. 3. For the interior ring, select a rose that’s small in stature and of a paler color, such as ‘Bonica’. 4. For the middle ring, choose a medium-height rose with upright growth habit, such as a hybrid tea. Try ‘Julia Child’ or ‘Veterans’ Honor’ for subtlety. 5. In the outer ring, plant a large rose, such as ‘Wild Blue Yonder’. The purple color makes a nice backdrop for colors in the interior rings. 6. Choose pyramidal-formed evergreen to anchor the axes and to create a threshold as you enter and leave the garden. Evergreens also provide winter interest. Try ‘Emerald Green’ arborvitae or a potted evergreen. 7. Define the rose garden from the rest of the yard with smaller decorative trees. A weeping form will contrast nicely with the pyramidal forms. Try weeping cherry or crabapple for flowering trees and weeping spruce or weeping pine for a sculptural evergreen appearance. 8. Use an evergreen hedge to hold the design together and separate the rose garden from the surrounding yard. It also provides visual interest in winter months. Try boxwood or a smaller holly; Maine holly, or inkberry (Ilex glabra), will fit nicely and provide food for birds in winter months. 9. A sheltered outdoor room provides relief in hot afternoons. Imagine a gazebo or cabana with walls laced with climbing roses, such as ‘Don Juan’. (Turn to “Simple Sanctuaries” on page 46 for more ideas on creating and accessorizing your outdoor spaces.)

Any vertical line in a landscape, such as along a building or fence line, is a good candidate for a border garden. This arrangement is more casual, yet it offers much for the imagination with its mix of colors and textures. Some express a theme; the design shown below celebrates American spirit with red, white, and blue roses and perennials. Also, refer to the dimensions for this garden; it can be divided into smaller sections, with each retaining the feel of the overall garden. Choose one section to plant if you’re tight on space.

1. ‘Wild Blue Yonder’ rose 2. dwarf Alberta spruce 3. ‘Veterans’ Honor’ rose 4. burning bush 5. ‘Alba’ rugosa rose 6. yew (upright selection) 7. boxwood (upright selection) 8. bee balm (red shades) 9. ‘Starry Night’ rose 10. shasta daisy ‘Becky’ 11. foxglove (red shades) 12. cranesbill (blue selection) 13. ‘Red Ribbons’ rose 14. pincushion flower 15. ‘Plum Pudding’ coral bells 16. candytuft

A border garden (like the one shown here) creates a pleasant backdrop for those walking or relaxing outdoors.


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saturday morning success


in the community

Use nautical place mats and napkin rings for festive outdoor gatherings.

Lowe’s list (for a set of four) • 2 (100-foot) lengths of multicolor poly rope (#156143) • hot-glue gun Skill level: Beginner Rough cost estimate: $25* Rough time estimate: 1⁄2 day *Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market.


These students enjoy a newly improved classroom, thanks to a partnership with Lowe’s and PTO Today.



arental involvement is a vital issue in improving public education. Lowe’s believes that engaging parents in school programs leads to success for both the students and the schools. Lowe’s and its partner vendors contributed $5 million in 2005 and 2006 to establish a new grant program, Lowe’s Toolbox for Education.This program provides parents

with the financial tools needed to improve their children’s schools. Lowe’s is working together with PTO Today, a company dedicated to helping



ake chic nautical style from the sailboat to the table.These easyto-clean place mats made from durable rope work well for outdoor parties.And the red, white, and blue palette will make your Memorial Day and Independence Day celebrations even more festive.Ahoy! Allison Banks Step 1: For each place mat, cut a 45-foot

piece of rope. Using a lighter or kitchen



matches, melt the ends to prevent fraying. Coil the rope around itself to create the center of the place mat. Dab a small bead of hot glue to the rope’s end to hold your first coil together. Step 2: Keep coiling the rope, and apply hot glue continuously.Add a large bead of glue to the end to hold the mat together. Step 3: To create the napkin rings, cut two 10-inch pieces of rope for each ring. Melt the ends to prevent fraying.

Step 4: Take one length of rope and fold

it in half, creating a loop. Glue the cut ends of the loop together. Repeat with another length of rope. Step 5: Feed the first loop into the second loop from below, and then feed the end of the second loop through the first loop. Pull each end to form a reef knot. Glue the ends of the two pieces together to create one napkin ring. Repeat for additional rings.

parent-group leaders (PTOs and PTAs) serve their schools more effectively and run their groups more efficiently.Through the program, parent groups may apply for grants of up to $5,000 for projects that will improve their school community, such as the cleaning of a creek on school grounds, enhancing an existing library or media center, and adding cultural diversity centers. Projects are completed with the cooperation of students, teachers, parents, and Lowe’s employee volunteers. Lowe’s Toolbox for Education program notified its first grant recipients in January 2006, awarding 290 schools in 43 states and the District of Columbia a combined total of nearly $1.3 million.The program reviews applications and selects winners semiannually. Winning applicants must complete their projects within a year of the award’s receipt. Log On To learn more about Toolbox for Education or to apply for a grant for your school’s next improvement project, visit

Schools use Lowe’s Toolbox for Education grants for projects, such as planting trees, that will help improve their campuses.



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