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FoamMaster™ An explosion of taste

The new FoamMaster™ is the elegant, professional, top-class all-rounder from Franke Coffee Systems. Its intuitive, individually-programmable 10,4" touch screen makes operation child’s play, one touch is all it takes. The FoamMaster™ ability to create traditional coffees and milk based beverages with the integration of flavoured syrups and chocolate means you are only limited by your imagination. Make it Wonderful – www.franke.com

Franke Coffee Systems UK Ltd, 18 Handley Page Way, St Albans AL2 2DQ Tel: 01923 635700 Fax: 01923 735701


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A number of stand-out cafés and coffee shop concepts are profiled in this issue as we turn our attention to design. We also look at milk, showcase some impressive automatic coffee machines, and provide a snapshot of some new launches. The countdown to this year’s Café Life Awards is also taking shape – turn to page 17 to find out about past winners, as well as more about this year’s plans.

Leading UK suppliers of furniture for cafes, hotels and restaurants. WT13 from £64.90 Visit our web-site to view full range or call our sales team.


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Business duo launch new way to get coffee cups recycled.

20 Automatic machines – the drive for quality and consistency.


European coffee shop market poised for cautious growth.

28 Milk mastery – new products and help with milk texturing.


Action on food waste saves £67 million.

36 Look and feel – new year, new design?

13 Lifetime Achievement Award for Mulmar.



44 Organico

34 Coffee Island

46 brew + tucker



48 Making Brexit work for the Café Society and coffee shop sector.

47 New products. 50 Checkout.

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Clare Benfield - Editor

17 Café Life Awards 2017.

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STOP PRESS... BBC’s third Café Concert Programme The BBC is looking for cafés, coffee shops and restaurants to take part in its third annual Music Day on Friday, June 9 2017. The event, which has become an annual celebration of music around the UK, reached an audience of 10 million on TV and 13 million on radio last year and the BBC is keen to build on that success by involving more cafés and restaurants in 2017 in organising their own ‘pop-up’ music events. This is a great opportunity for managers and staff to build on their community engagement by hosting live music in their premises for BBC Music Day, and might involve local musicians, singers, buskers or even talented staff members getting together. The concerts could be brief, acoustic affairs, or larger, more ambitious events any size or shape at any time of day. With support from BBC Music Day Ambassadors and music organisations, BBC Music Day aims to become a landmark annual event in the UK calendar (you can see some of the highlights of the event in 2016 at www.bbc. co.uk/programmes/p03ymwmh). BBC Music Day can also provide downloadable branding as long as the events are free, and the BBC is keen to support those wanting to run events. To take part, simply email BBC Music Day at bbcmusicday@bbc.co.uk.



Meiko in partnership with ENSE launch new online shop Following the strapline “Professional warewashing technology for a new generation”, Meiko and ENSE have identified that the new generation of café, bar and restaurant owners want to buy and receive equipment fast with the convenience of an online store, but still want the back up of a professional partner, not just a supplier. Designed for owners of pubs and bars, cafés and restaurants or anyone looking for high quality glass and dishwashing, who need it fast at competitive prices and with the very best nationwide support, say Meiko, SHOP UPster (www.shopupster.co.uk) ensures that, with just a few clicks and a credit card, users can buy, and have delivered within three days (the latest UPster machines complete with accessories, installation and aftersales support all directly from the manufacturer, say Meiko). The new UPster U400, U500 and pass through H500 models are available, with optional extras including baskets and chemicals and fixed priced installation, tabling modifications and disposal of the old machine (all machines come with a 24-month warranty as standard).

“With Meiko you are able to buy the best German dishwashing engineering and have it installed, commissioned and tested directly by the manufacturer with just a few clicks of a mouse,” says UK MD Bill Downie. “The web site is clean, clear, easy and fast to use. And there is always the support at the end of the phone for people who need a bit of advice on what is best for their business.”



Business duo launch new way to get coffee cups recycled A dynamic duo from Cass Business School are launching a company designed to fund coffee cups recycling through the use of advertising and helping leading charity Action for Children in the process. CupTheMarket creators Francois de Vinols and Kourosh Madani are tackling the battle to halt Britain’s annual wastage of 2.5bn coffee cups (indeed, most cups are recyclable but people do not know that they can’t get recycled unless segregated in bins just for cups, they point out). The duo have teamed up with Action for Children to showcase their plan to use their cups as an opportunity for businesses and organisations to market themselves at independent coffee outlets and London universities where millions of coffee cups are wasted every year. The idea is being launched at Cass Business School where cups promoting Action for Children’s Fair by Five campaign will be served up to students. The charity are campaigning for child development to be a national priority. “This is a fantastic opportunity for Action for Children to work with

CupTheMarket in drawing attention to our Fair by Five campaign,” said Action for Children’s head of brand and marketing, Sheona Michie. “CupTheMarket aims to convert that free advertising space available on cups into an incredibly efficient marketing medium which will in turn generate revenues to finance cup recycling. The adverts on our cups will be fun and will matter to our customers. It’s time to make these cups more efficient.” CupTheMarket says that it is discussing further campaigns with a good number of brands as well as reaching more universities, with the goal to establish such recycling schemes in many UK universities. For brands, this medium is the true answer to adblockers and other forms of classic marketing that we all disregard, they claim. Companies will essentially pay to have a large-scale campaign with their name and beautiful design on thousands of cups, distributed in up to 350 independent coffee shops and seven universities (to date), while knowing that they are actually funding cup recycling in UK universities.

Zonal is the right blend for Coffee#1 Fast expanding and award winning coffee shop chain, Coffee#1, has chosen Zonal Retail Data Systems as its hospitality technology provider. The SA Brain owned chain reports that it has installed Zonal’s Aztec EPoS in 71 locations with a further nine sites due to open in the next 12 months. The technology is fully integrated and encompasses Coffee#1’s loyalty programme, gift cards and end-to-end purchasing management through Zonal’s Acquire. The initial roll-out was delivered without a hitch, over a six week period. Coffee#1’s IT & hospitality manager, Steve Hicks, said: “We were looking for a technology partner that could grow with our emerging coffee shop concept. Zonal ticked all the boxes in terms of solutions, experience, expertise and support. We are delighted with the service that we have received and the seamless integration of Aztec into our sites.

“Through their integrated solutions we have a clear picture of how each Coffee#1 is performing and can analyse business performance effectively. We also have a full picture of our customers and can tailor offers to suit their purchasing habits.”


European coffee shop market poised for cautious growth Estimated at 21,198 outlets, the European branded coffee shop market (comprising 25 countries) saw a growth of 6.4%, vs. 9% a year earlier, adding 1,268 outlets in 2016, report market analysts, Allegra. The Project Café2017 Europe Report from Allegra World Coffee Portal (WCP) reveals the United Kingdom, Turkey, and Greece are the fastest growing markets in terms of outlet expansion in the last 12 months. 21 of the 25 countries analysed in the report saw expansion, yet the rate of growth has slowed compared to 2015, and as the most developed market in the Europe, the United Kingdom remains the model for the branded coffee shop industry, say Allegra. Continued investment by leading chains saw the top three brands maintain a 32% market share of the total European coffee chain market in 2016. Market leader Costa Coffee operates 2,512 outlets across 12 European countries. McCafé and Starbucks trade from 2,199 outlets across 17 countries and 2,154 across 24 countries respectively. Starbucks was the fastest growing chain in 2016, opening 194 European stores. With its planned entry to Italy next year, it will be present in all major European markets, point out Allegra. The influential artisan coffee scene continues to grow across Europe, with Allegra’s report identifying strong sustained growth in markets with an established artisan wave presence (UK, Russia, Nordics, Netherlands). Successful branded chains are adapting to this

The Business of Coffee – 5th Wave concepts – will be a major force on the European coffee industry over the next decade, feels Allegra’s Jeffrey Young. influence with new in-store design, origin coffee and fresh hand-prepared food, note Allegra. Allegra WCP predicts The ‘5th Wave, The Business of Coffee’ presents an important new era for the global coffee industry. This encompasses a compelling combination of all four previous waves – Tradition, Branded Chains, Artisan, and The Science of Coffee – where high quality boutique chains will be a major feature of the market going forward. These highly targeted operators will adopt a more advanced set of business practices to deliver authentic, artisan concepts at scale, feel the market researchers. According to Allegra WCP, brands who don’t adapt will risk losing business. The report observes traditional branded chains across Europe such as Coffee House, Kahve Dukkani, Ozsut and Coffea have already suffered multiple outlet

closures in 2016. “We are entering an exciting, yet challenging era for the European coffee industry within a global context. One that will ultimately see the leading brands compete on excellence in an environment where winning is everything,” said Allegra Group CEO Jeffrey Young. In a period of political uncertainty, coffee consumer confidence is relatively stable in most markets, feel Allegra. The speciality coffee trend continues to grow throughout Europe, and is particularly embedded in the daily lives of consumers in key markets such as UK, The Netherlands, The Nordics, and Greece, they claim. Socialising out of home remains important and has contributed to the rapid adoption of higher quality coffee in the most developed markets. “The Business of Coffee – 5th Wave concepts – will be a major force on the European coffee industry over the next decade, where unashamedly business focussed brands with genuine and principled concepts will prosper. We will see a greater investment in new technologies from operators to fully engage with savvy millennials and increase consumer satisfaction,” added Jeffrey Young. “Success will be defined by brands that develop and retain highly motivated and passionate staff. The industry will put more emphasis on hyper-professionalism and invest in people development programmes to support long term career paths for ‘hospitality professionals.”

Campden BRI chosen to support industry network to fight food fraud Science and Technology Company Campden BRI has been chosen to provide technical and administrative support to the Food Industry Intelligence Network (FIIN), and will curate a database to collect anonymised (via Legal host) industry data on food authenticity testing. They will analyse the data producing regular reports for the FIIN members. Campden BRI will also be responsible for managing the FIIN membership and organising FIIN events. FIIN was established by industry


technical leaders to share intelligence on food authenticity. FIIN currently has 21 members in the UK including major retailers, manufacturers and food service companies. “We are delighted to have Campden support FIIN. Their skills in managing the membership will allow us to meet our ambition to grow the network and make it available to any company who wishes to participate. They will also work with FIIN to continue to enhance the reporting back to the members,” said Helen Sisson, group technical

director, Greencore and co-chair of the Food Industry Intelligence Network (FIIN). Martin Hall, director of science, Campden BRI added: “Authenticity assurance remains one of the biggest challenges currently faced by the food and drink industry. FIIN is an important industry network and we are pleased to be able to support it and its members in proactively addressing the issue of food and drink fraud”. If you are interested in joining FIIN, contact FIIN @campdenbri.co.uk



Action on food waste saves £67 million UK businesses involved in the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement (HaFSA) report that they have saved an estimated £67 million through their combined actions to prevent food waste over the three-year period from 2012 to 2015. This announcement is part of the final report of achievements by signatories to the voluntary agreement, developed and managed by WRAP (www.wrap.org.uk) on behalf of UK government. There were two targets under the HaFSA, which were owned by WRAP and collectively delivered by signatories. Prevention target: To reduce food and associated packaging waste arising by 5% by the end of 2015. This was against the 2012 baseline and was measured by CO2e emissions saved. Waste Management target: Increase the overall rate of food and packaging waste recycled and sent to anaerobic digestion or composted to at least 70% by the end of 2015. HaFSA signatories were particularly successful in reducing food and packaging waste for their sector, report WRAP, exceeding the 5% target and achieving an 11% reduction against the baseline. The final year reduction in waste arising was 31,000 tonnes lower than the baseline, the equivalent of 80,000 tonnes less CO2e. Food waste prevention activities have saved an estimated 24,000 tonnes of food from being thrown away cumulatively over the three years of HaFSA, the equivalent to 48 million meals (based on a meal weight of 500g) with a value to businesses of £67 million. Redistribution of surplus food has also doubled during the agreement to 760 tonnes, equivalent to 1.5 million meals, report WRAP.

This target has been delivered through a number of actions, including the creation of a food waste prevention working group and the development and delivery of training. Working with signatories to monitor and measure food waste to highlight the cost of waste was fundamental in driving forward changes to improve operational efficiency, save money and raise customer satisfaction. Best practice guidance was also produced for the sector. The second HaFSA target centred on improving overall waste management, with signatories working to increase the combined rate of food and packaging waste recycled, sent to anaerobic digestion or composted to at least 70% for their sector. Significant improvements in both food and packaging recycling streams for their sector led to an increase of one third on the baseline year and a final result of 56% (up from 42%). This increase was possible through a number of actions including the creation of a waste management working group. Best practice guidance was also produced for the sector, and technical support offered to businesses to review existing waste management services and assist in developing new schemes through contract clauses for food waste and recycling collections. A contributing factor to not fully meeting the ambitious target was the length of time required to implement new contracts and incorporate food waste collections. While good progress has been made, having the time to put processes into place was the limiting factor to what was possible within the lifetime of HaFSA.

“I am delighted with the achievements of the HaFSA signatories who made amazing progress. The sector has taken huge strides implementing measures to prevent food waste and realised individual and sector wide benefits. While it’s disappointing not to have met the waste management target in full, big improvements have been made. To see food waste recycling increase by more than half and packaging recycling at nearly 70% for signatories is very impressive. And nearly 100,000 tonnes of food and packaging waste has moved up the waste hierarchy to recycling,” said Steve Creed, director business programmes. “The HaFSA has proven to be a catalyst for industry, providing the motivation and inspiration to help big changes happen in the way the sector does business, and saving it money at the same time. The next step is to build on this good work with Courtauld 2025 and have more businesses working in collaboration to make resource efficiency central to how our supply chain operates, from farm to fork.” The ambitious ten-year Courtauld Commitment 2025 aims to cut waste and greenhouse gas emissions associated with food and drink in the UK by at least one-fifth per capita, and reduce the impact of water use with cumulative savings of around £20 billion. It is creating partnerships across the entire food supply chain and a number of HaFSA signatories are already engaged in working groups, piloting an approach to help the sector monitor and measure surplus food, expected to be rolled out in 2017.

Keurig teams up with Twinings The company behind America’s favourite single serve coffee brewer (according to NPD All Channels, by category dollars sales 52 weeks ending 9/30/16 figures) is teaming up with beloved British brand Twinings to offer tea lovers a new selection of delicious hot drinks, all at the touch of a button. Keurig UK supplies state-of-the-art brewers to offices, workplaces and venues throughout the UK, where its exclusive K-Cup pods provide freshly ground coffees, fine teas and hot chocolates in an instant and now its customers will be able to enjoy a brand new range of infusions and green teas from one of Britain’s most cherished brands. The flavours include Invigorating Peppermint and Cranberry and Raspberry. “It’s with great excitement that we start 2017 with this new product launch. Our Keurig brand is delighted to be collaborating with Britain’s best loved tea to offer these delicious fruit and herbal teas. Thanks to the leading brewing technology of our



Keurig system and Twinings unbeatable flavours, our customers in the UK will now be able to enjoy the perfect cup every time,” said Steve Stagg, managing director of Keurig UK. “With Brits increasingly turning to pods to deliver the perfect hot drink, we’re excited that our Keurig system is leading the way when it comes to providing the greatest range of choice, best flavours and highest quality in the UK single-serve marketplace.”

call for a


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take a bite of creamy filled heaven

stand HP33 Hyde Park Area @italianbev


C ALL 0 20 8 73 6 0 4 55 O R V I SI T I T A LI A N B EV . C O . U K


New Italian wafers take the biscuit The Italian Beverage Company (IBC) has launched an exclusive range of European style Simply Snacking - branded wafers which are made in Italy to an authentic recipe and feature attractive all new contemporary packaging designed specifically for the UK market, say the firm. The crisp and moreish wafer biscuits are generously loaded with a rich, creamy filling for maximum flavour and three popular options are available – Hazelnut, Cocoa Cream and Vanilla. Complementing the existing Simply range of beverages and ancillary lines, the wafers are supplied in handy counter top POS packaging and are the ideal all day impulse purchase for eating in with beverages or enjoying on the run OOH. “Wrapped wafer biscuits are an ‘easy sell’ line which have become an essential everyday item for any OOH operator,” said Ricky Flax, general manager of IBC. “To help drive sales, we have taken a classic Italian biscuit and refreshed the format for the UK market with new understated packaging which is better suited to our urban coffee shop interiors and design conscious consumers. “Customers often want to grab a coffee while they work or catch up with friends and are looking for something light and tasty which they can enjoy or slip into a bag or pocket for sharing later. A timeless treat and with large profit margins, our new wafers are the perfect choice all round.” IBC Simply snacking wafers come in 45g packs of eight biscuits and have a RRP of £1.10 a wafer (to request a sample pack contact sales@italianbev.co.uk).



£2k raised in Boxing Day Charity Dip!

The Real Food Café (www.therealfoodcafe.com), Tyndrum, Scotland has raised £2,572 for local charities after its traditional Boxing Day Fancy Dress Dip. A small but hardy group of customers and locals joined the Real Food Café’s owner Sarah Heward in battling the hostile conditions of Storm Barbara with a charity dip in the freezing waters of the River Lochay. Decked out in fancy dress, participants jumped into the water off the banks of the Killin Hotel. Their efforts exceeded the previous year’s total and

beat the 2016 target. The event was held in cooperation with the Killin Hotel, and the money raised will benefit the PSP Association and the Falls of Dochart retirement Home in Killin. Sarah Heward, owner of the Real Food Café told the Stirling Observer: “We’re pleased with the way it went, especially as the weather was so bad and the water was much colder than last year. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It’s a good fun event and I’d like to thank everyone who was involved. Hopefully we can have even more people come along next year and raise even more money.”

Belvoir Fruit Farms introduces three ‘Light’ varieties Belvoir Fruit Farms has introduced three ‘Light’ varieties to their 25cl Pressé range for use in the hospitality, on-trade and café sectors - fragrant and floral Elderflower Pressé Light, zingy Raspberry Lemonade Light and zesty Orange & Mandarin Pressé Light were made available from the beginning of January. The ‘Light’ range contains 30% less sugar than the original versions of the drinks, say the company, allowing people who love the taste of Belvoir’s

classic Cordials and Pressés, but who want fewer calories, to continue to enjoy drinking them. Like all their drinks, the ‘Light’ Range is hand made at Belvoir using real pressed fruit juices and freshly picked flowers with no artificial preservatives or sweeteners, so that despite the reduction in sugar there is no reduction in flavour.

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Bursting With Inspiration

Register to attend at www.ife.co.uk

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Exchange rates have already put £10.8bn pressure on UK foodservice costs in 2016, claim Prestige Purchasing, and while fish pricing has become more volatile, butter has doubled in price and potatoes have experienced a sharp price rise, they add, leading the company to warn foodservice operators and caterers that foodservice inflation will hit 3.4% this year, driven by currency fluctuations, political uncertainty and the unknown outcome of trade deals.


Contra Vision Ltd launched Teapy - a stylishlooking combined mug lid and tea bag tidy tableware piece designed so individuals can create their ideal cup of tea - at the recent Great Hospitality Show held in Birmingham, picking up a Highly Commended in the show’s Great Product Awards. Teapy (www.teapy. co.uk) is already being successfully trialled at a Manchester café.


Premier Foods has announced that it is launching the first ever McDougall’s Wholesaler Baking Team of the Year competition. Backed by the Federation of Wholesale Distributors (FWD) and the Craft Guild of Chefs, this competition is a chance for foodservice wholesale and cash and carry teams to showcase their baking talents whilst giving back to charitable causes. Open to the entire wholesale industry now, Premier Foods is on the lookout for an enthusiastic and competitive team to crown its first wholesaler champion (those who register will receive a McDougall’s toolkit which includes recipe inspiration to get them started www.premierfoodservice.co.u).


The E71, innovative traditional FAEMA machine designed to meet the needs of the international community of baristas and coffee lovers, is among the winners of the 66th edition of Good Design, which claims to be the most prestigious, renowned and the oldest award for design excellence worldwide. The award is hosted each year by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in cooperation with the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies, and took place on 27th January.

10 FEBRUARY 2017


Marimba Café and chocolate shop opens chocolate museum January saw the popular chocolate beverage-focused café and chocolate shop brand in Sudbury, Suffolk, open The Museum of Hot Chocolate – thought to be a first for the UK – which charts the development of hot cocoa from the Mayans to the modern day (some 400 years). The museum is located at the back of the Marimba chocolate shop and features an informative history of the product and beverage across the decades, together with some interesting chocolate-related items and artefacts from times gone by such as packaging, branding and advertising materials. Visitors can find out more about how hot chocolate has been produced over the years, as well as how it has been used as a currency, a carrier of poison and

energy source for polar explorers, to name but a few applications. When combined with the Marimba café and chocolate shop, Sudbury – already popular with tourists due to its links with artist Thomas Gainsborough – the museum is further helping to put this Suffolk town and chocolate expertise on the map.

Marimba’s co-founder, David Wright, who after launching the museum is now planning a book.

New artisan recipe from Drink Me Chai Following the launch of its new packaging across the Drink Me Chai range the brand is now introducing its Artisan Spiced Chai in cafés across the UK. This reduced sugar blend has been developed specifically for this market, where chai is a popular alternative to coffee, report the company. Artisan allows the barista to use soy, coconut or almond milk according to taste and dietary needs. Gluten and dairy free it is suitable for vegans. Artisan Spiced Chai is to be sold in 1kg re-sealable packs. “This is a very exciting time for Drink Me Chai. Our target audience is very engaged with our brand through our social media channels. We have a fun new campaign launching called ‘Raising Chai Brows’ – where we film or photograph people’s first reaction to our delicious

drinks and then share these with our fans. It was inspired by my first memories of people literally raising their eyebrows with surprise at how good our drinks taste when I used to sell my Chai from a Tuk Tuk outside Lewisham station,” said Amanda Hamilton, founder of Drink Me. The new packaging for the rest of the range of 250 g tubs uses vibrant colours and images that reflect the drink’s Indian heritage, authentic taste and premium price point. The close relationship with educational charity Pratham UK continues, with a percentage from each sale donated to improving child literacy in India.

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Hot Chocolate, redefined Marimba Hot Chocolate Melts are made from a whole 40g of flakes of real single-origin chocolate, just the same as our handmade chocolate bars. The result is a richer, smoother and more indulgent hot chocolate experience, available in sophisticated Dominican Republic white, comforting Venezuela milk, punchy Ecuador dark and sugar free dark varieties.

Request a free sample pack or a ÂŁ50 starter pack

www.marimbaworld.com Tel: (01279) 714527


UK Barista Championship and Brewers Cup back in Bristol Beyond the Bean report that they are proud to announce that they are bringing the UK Barista Championship back to Bristol for 2017, and this time the Brewers Cup is coming as well. The Southern heats for both competitions will be held at Paintworks on the 14 and 15 February respectively, and are the opening rounds for some of the most talented baristas in the UK to showcase their skills, say Beyond the Bean (both events are free to attend and with the coffee scene gaining in popularity each year, the heats are attracting more attention than they ever have before). The UK Barista Championship (UKBC) and Brewers Cup span over several months and all corners of the UK. The competitions begin at Paintworks, Bristol this year and already competitor tickets have sold out, building on the success of last year’s event. It will continue with heats in Glasgow, Leeds, London and Manchester. The winners of both UKBC and Brewers Cup will then go on to represent

the UK at their respective world competitions. The Brewers Cup competition highlights the craft of filter coffee brewing by hand, promoting manual coffee brewing and service excellence. In this event, competitors prepare and serve three individual beverages for a panel of judges from a whole bean coffee given to them and a further drink from a coffee bean of their choosing whilst delivering a presentation. The UKBC is considered one

of the hardest competitions in the speciality coffee industry. Each competitor has to make four espressos, four milk based drinks and four non-alcoholic signature drinks whilst delivering a presentation on them, all in just 15 minutes. Each barista’s performance is evaluated on the taste of beverages served, cleanliness, creativity, technical skill, and overall presentation. Beyond the Bean are Silver Sponsors of this

year’s competitions, as well as offering the BTB Barista Bursary, designed to support one barista as they compete in UKBC. This year’s winner is Darryl Docherty of Dear Green Coffee, Glasgow who they will be supporting at the Glasgow heats later in the year. “We have always supported UKBC as sponsors, judges and committee members. We’re excited to host the Southern UKBC heat again this year and to bring the Brewer’s cup to Bristol as well,” said Gary McGann, sales and marketing manager at Beyond the Bean. “We are all about supporting UK baristas and this is a time where everyone in the industry comes together. We are thrilled to be hosting such prestigious competition in our home town.” Beyond the Bean will also be celebrating 20 years of supplying the café bar industry with a party on the 14 February after the UK Barista Championship heat (for more information on the competition visit www.scaeuk.com).

Will Battle launches The World Tea Encyclopaedia For almost 20 years, Will Battle has been tasting teas and creating blends for tea lovers all over the world, and has lived and worked alongside tea producers in Asia and Africa, visiting hundreds of tea gardens and gaining unparalleled expertise in the process. “I am the luckiest man alive, being able to spend my days tasting tea and travelling to producing countries,” says Wil Battle, who is now showcasing the wealth of teas on offer to everyone in his new compendium The World Tea Encyclopaedia. “Most people have heard of Darjeeling and Ceylon tea, and the book transports readers into this world

12 FEBRUARY 2017


whilst also showing what else we may have overlooked and why we should try it.” The world boasts myriad teas, and in his encyclopaedia Will Battle categorises them by taste, helping enthusiasts navigate the sometimes complex world of tea terminology to find one that suits them. The new book aims to educate, inspire and feed a new world of teadrinking enjoyment and opportunity. “Only comparatively recently have tea drinkers started to explore the variety that tea can offer. The diverse array of tea from across the world that is available at the click of a mouse or a visit to the local

tea shop needs to be better known and understood,” says Will Battle, who hopes that his book will enhance the reader’s enjoyment of what is a lovingly-created artisanal product.

Well-travelled tea guru, Will Battle, has written The World Tea Encyclopaedia.


Lifetime Achievement Award for Mulmar The two dynamic and inspirational directors of Mulmar - Enzo Frangiamore and Agostino Luggeri – were presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the recent European Coffee Awards held in conjunction with the annual symposium which took place in Budapest towards the end of last year. Now in its tenth year, the European Coffee Symposium has become a high profile event for top executives from across the coffee shop, food-to-go and food service landscape and the European Coffee Awards recognise outstanding achievements within the sector. Founded in 1989, Mulmar have built a strong reputation in the food service industry based upon knowledge and experience in the coffee market, and in the gourmet coffee sector. They have

become a market leader in the supply, installation, maintenance and service of espresso coffee machines and bean grinders, and report that they are proud to be the UK importer for some of the largest and most innovative espresso coffee machine and food service manufacturers in the world.

Mulmar’s Enzo Frangiamore (right) and Agostino Luggeri (left)

Will the printed menu become a thing of the past? Ordamo, who describe themselves as innovators disrupting the future of dining with an interactive menu experience for customers, launched its tablet based menu platform for café operators at this year’s Great Hospitality Show, posing the question “will the printed menu become a thing of the past?” Visitors to stand 329 were able to learn from the Ordamo how the technology works to drive up selling opportunities for café operators, increase sales, whilst engaging customer loyalty and delivering a clear return on investment. In addition, café operators can use the product to take advantage of valuable


data provided by the platform to gain real-time insight into the performance of the front-of-house team, a customer’s favourite dish and their thoughts on service and ambience. The analytics provide café operators with a wealth of opportunities to improve their processes and market to customers, whilst opening an ongoing channel for future engagement to drive loyalty. And for customers, control of the dining experience is placed firmly into their hands, as they are effortlessly guided through a simple menu layout, which recommends dishes and drinks that best compliment their meal, point out Ordamo.

Lion processors issue warning against oversimplifying egg products Following a number of food safety issues linked to eggs produced in Europe, British Lion egg processors are warning retailers, food manufacturers and caterers that they are potentially putting themselves at risk by specifying non-UK egg products. The British Lion Code lays down specific processing standards and targets, and covers all systems of production, claiming that there are no equivalent food safety standards for processed egg outside the UK. Systems such as KAT, seen by some as a non-UK alternative to Lion, rely mainly on BRC “or equivalent” approval, do not define processing standards and do not cover all systems of production, point out British Lion. “There is a common misconception within the industry that non-UK processed egg can offer similar guarantees of food safety to those products produced under the British Lion mark. When you move away from the controls and guaranteed standards of the British Lion mark, the risk becomes greater. There is a common misconception that pasteurised egg is always safe - over the past few years that has proven not to be the case with non-UK products,” said Ian Jones, chairman of British Lion egg processors. “The government’s Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food (ACMSF) has raised concerns about non-UK egg products, highlighting three separate cases involving salmonella in imported egg products, and noting that pasteurised egg can carry a food safety risk. The report confirmed that the risk from domestically produced egg products will be lower. “Specifying British Lion egg products is a simple way to be reassured that the egg has been produced to the highest standards of food safety.” For more information, contact the British Egg Information Service (www.egginfo.co.uk).



Key finance appointments strengthen 4 Aces’ hand 4 Aces has appointed experienced, commercial finance professional, Neil Dockar as the popular packaging specialist’s non-executive financial director to help drive the company’s growth path, with a ‘20/20 game plan’ to double the company turnover. Having originally qualified as a chartered accountant with Deloitte, Neil Dockar has over 35 years’ business experience including roles as European FD within P&G and Group FD at Capespan Int PLC, and he currently supports a number of SME businesses with expansion and acquisitions. As part of the strengthening of its financial team, 4Aces reports that it is also working closely with a qualified treasury expert to ensure future currency requirements are efficiently managed. This input is crucial to the disposable cup importer’s foreign currency strategy, which has been introduced in the wake of Brexit, to help the company to consider its currency requirement over a longterm period and to ensure the most profitable purchases, say the firm. “Brexit, quite frankly, was a huge wake-up call and the uncertainty, which impacts with such force on the markets, isn’t over yet,” said

Left to right - Neil Dockar, Chris Penn and 4 Aces’ director, Ray Penn

managing director of 4 Aces, Chris Penn comments. “There were obviously some losses when the pound took the dive so these steps have been put into place in order to secure our customers’ pricing where possible.” “It’s a pleasure to work closely with a company that is so focused and intent on developing its commercial

presence and achieving real growth. I look forward to taking them on this journey and affecting positive change while minimising the impact of any future market uncertainty. We have now established a clear structure to deliver the 20/20 plan and I’m looking forward to bringing this proposal to fruition over the coming years,” said Neil Dockar.

Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions appoint Julian Hollis Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions has appointed experienced sales professional, Julian Hollis, as its national account manager, and a sign of the continued investment promised to customers when Melitta launched their UK coffee range earlier in the year, say the company. Julian Hollis will add further depth and industry expertise regarding all things coffee and hot beverages to a growing UK customer base, say Melitta, his addition a further sign that the clear entry strategy of Melitta into the UK is being welcomed by customers new and old, they feel.

14 FEBRUARY 2017


Along with a strong existing team in Germany, a new UK Coffee team is being built that will play a pivotal part in introducing the exciting Melitta

Professional coffee blends to the UK customer base. Bringing experience from Glasgow based coffee roaster Matthew Algie, Julian Hollis has

forged a highly successful and reputable career in coffee, his previous roles having included driving sales, value and volume with major accounts. He can also boast widespread HORECA experience across independent coffee shops, hotel groups, universities, contract caterers and buying groups. “The past three years have seen the coffee market continue to evolve, with a growing demand for consistent, high quality coffee. As a national account manager at Melitta, I’m very excited to bring my passion for the industry to such a renowned family business,” said Julian Hollis on his appointment.


Kimbo UK appoints Damon Wilson as new commercial manager A V E G W A R E I N N O V A T I O N

Compostable black lids

Damon Wilson is the new commercial manager of Kimbo’s British subsidiary, Kimbo UK

Kimbo, the Italian coffee roaster bringing the traditional Neapolitan espresso around the world, has appointed Damon Wilson as new commercial manager of its British subsidiary Kimbo UK. Damon Wilson will be responsible for the company’s business development in the UK and for strengthening the distribution network nationwide, and has over 15 years of experience in the hot beverage industry, covering prominent business development roles in global brands such as Twinings, Lavazza and Jacobs Douwe Egberts (he joined Kimbo in 2015 as Distributor Channel Manager for the UK and Ireland). Kimbo say that this appointment represents a further step in the development of their strategy in the UK, following a continuous growth in its market share. Currently capitalising on the booming popularity of coffee in the country, Kimbo says that it plans to reinforce its presence both locally and nationally by boosting the consumption of Kimbo


coffee in restaurants, hotels and cafes, with a particular focus on the London marketplace. Among the goals of the company is the search for new partnerships with popular restaurant chains and large-scale retailers to further bolster their brand’s presence in the UK, say Kimbo. “The swift and exceptional rise of coffee culture in Britain calls for a product that can satisfy an expanding and increasingly demanding clientele,” said Damon Wilson. “Refined customers do not simply settle for average quality anymore - they request well-sourced ingredients, unique and daring flavours, and a strong attention to detail. “Combining a strong Neapolitan heritage with a cosmopolitan outlook, Kimbo perfectly epitomises these requirements. We are not just offering a product, but an authentic experience. An even closer relationship with the Neapolitan headquarters will be crucial to consolidate the results achieved so far and meet the ambitious targets for 2017.”

low carbon high heat resistance compostable www.vegware.com @vegware info@vegware.co.uk 0330 223 0400



Costa named the UK’s Favourite Coffee Shop Brand for seventh year For the seventh year running, Costa has been named the Nation’s Favourite Coffee Shop Brand by Allegra World Coffee Portal in its definitive Project Café2017 report, the UK’s most authoritative coffee industry report (no other coffee shop can lay claim to this accolade since the report’s creation thirteen years’ a go). Costa was praised by the panel of customers for its “great tasting” coffee. As part of the brand’s commitment to innovating its product offering for customers in 2016, Costa’s famous Mocha Italia blend was joined by several single origin blends, in a trial concept store in Wandsworth. Other additions to the trial coffee menu included a refreshing cold brew coffee, which is steeped for 20 hours and served over ice. The panel also gave notable praise to Costa’s “friendly and helpful”

baristas, who took centre stage in the brand’s 2016 TV commercial with the brand reporting that its skilled and passionate baristas, who are committed to bringing exciting coffee to every corner of Britain, are the heroes of the business. In an assessment of the current coffee market, Allegra’s report highlights that the UK has become a nation of coffee lovers, with consumers now more knowledgeable and

empowered with choice than ever before (this fact was a key driver in the development of Costa’s refreshed brand promise, which launched in 2016 and affirmed the company’s commitment to bringing exciting coffee to every customer). From shining a spotlight on unfamiliar drinks like the Cortado to bringing new coffee experiences to its customers, Costa says that it promises to continue to

broaden its coffee offering and share its passion for great coffee. Looking to the future, the brand says that it will meet intensifying industry competition through innovative strategies, including extending its coffee offering, increasing and improving its fresh food menu and innovating the in-store experience for customers. “In Costa’s 45-year history, our aim has always been to make great coffee available to more people and inspire them with the variety of coffee we offer. We are thrilled to be recognised by the great British public as the nation’s favourite coffee shop for the seventh consecutive year. We look forward to inspiring even more customers to be as passionate about coffee as we are, as we continue to innovate our offering in 2017,” said Jason Cotta, managing director at Costa Coffee.

Tetley launch first Tea Report

Tetley has launched its first annual industry Tea Report - a comprehensive overview of the out of home tea market. The report offers a deep dive into current market trends, say the brand, providing category insight and purchasing analysis to help support out of home operators. The report is the amalgamation of research to build a complete picture of the state of the out of home tea market and the opportunities within it. It explores consumer purchase habits, flavour preferences, and performance across key out of home channels; including workplace, cafes, pubs, and restaurants. The Tea Report also reviews some of the key tea trends identified across 2016, and looks to the future, reviewing innovations and advances experts expect to see across the tea sector over the next decade, based upon the nation’s ever evolving tea consumption habits.

16 FEBRUARY 2017


“With four billion cups of tea consumed out of home across 2016, the past twelve months have seen a significant uplift in out of home tea occasions, with growth in the sector increasing from 1.6% to 3.6% across the year. Coffee occasions out of home, however, have stagnated, dropping from 6.7% YoY occasion growth to 1.2%, presenting a key opportunity for operators to assess their hot beverage offering and attract new advocates to the tea category,” said Marshall Kingston, senior brand manager - out of home. “Whilst the coffee sector has changed beyond recognition since the explosion of the café culture some fifteen years ago, the once loved ‘tea house’ has all but disappeared from popular culture. The launch of this report demonstrates our 180 years of expertise and commitment to providing the industry with the insight and advice to deliver a profitable tea offering. To engage and resonate with the tea drinker of tomorrow, the industry

must continue to evolve and innovate, we hope our annual tea report will act as a key pillar and drive industry growth of the great British brew.”

Available to download via the Tetley Tea Academy web site, Tetley’s inaugural Tea Report includes data from Kantar Worldpanel, Nielsen and MCA (visit tetleyteaacademy.co.uk to obtain a copy or join the conversation @TetleyTeaOOH using #TeaReport to share your thoughts).


The Sandwich King! David Worthington won both the Café Sandwich Challenge and the Tetley Great British Brunch Challenge and has since been dubbed the Sandwich King in a front-page feature by his local paper, the Cheddar Valley Gazette. We caught up with David for a chat and he told us about that interview. “I was thinking they’d run something small buried in with the home section or something, but to get it on the front page was amazing! I work with Keith Allen who’s been in so many competitions and I get front page and that title. As you can imagine that’s been great for the banter in the kitchen. “We had such a great evening at the Café Life Awards last year, FSC had a very successful evening and our clients, Dunelm, won the Café/Coffee Bar Chain of the Year In-Store Category too. In all we had www.cafeculturemagazine.co.uk

five awards on the night – it was very special. We had a meeting with Dunelm recently and they’re still talking about how great an achievement it was. “I think that’s why FSC as a company support us in the Development team to enter. The creativity and freedom to create something within the competition’s framework is something different to our regular working days and gets us thinking a bit differently. To create new designs. “That new design then can be linked back to a working brief, too. My Ultimate ‘Toast’ Dinner, which won the Café Sandwich Challenge, has been adapted for commercial sale next year. A tweaked version of that sandwich is available in Dunelm’s Café Pausa as the Pork & Stuffing Croque with Cider Apple Chutney. “Because the competition requires

get it on the front “ Topage was amazing!

” - David Worthington, of FSC in Somerset


AWARDS us to start out with the key ingredient for each category, it’s a different design process. Normally we start with a brief about the end-product and work to fill that. These two competitions are great because it’s just ‘here’s an ingredient: Go!’ And that creativity has paid off here. “I like that kind of challenge. I am by nature a competitive person, I play a lot of sports, or I did before a couple of knee injuries. Now I manage a football team in the winter as I can’t play so much anymore, but my real passion is cricket.

I open the batting and would love to have been a professional cricketer. “The Café Life Awards came in the middle of an amazing period for me. The week after the awards I was awarded the Player of the Season from my cricket club and the week before the awards, I got engaged to my fiancée Chloe in Santorini. “There was almost a disaster as the time away meant I killed off my sourdough culture. I just managed to get another up and running for the competition!”

Above: Super Green Beans on Toast Left: Ultimate ‘Toast’ Dinner

Advance notice of the Awards 2017

The all-new live Café Challenges will take place at the lunch! show, at ExCel, on 21st September and we’ll be bringing you all the information about them in our next edition. There will be new formats, new hero ingredients to inspire you and a fantastic new setting. To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of lunch! we’ve grown the live competitions and we’ll be hosting a VIP drinks reception at 11am before they begin. That evening the awards dinner will be held at the Grange City Hotel starting with another drinks reception at 6.30pm.

To book your place at the reception and/or the Awards, please email pam@thecafelife.co.uk

18 FEBRUARY 2017


The competitions will be judged and the awards will be presented by celebrity chef Theo Randall.

From dealing with issues on legislation to providing advice and help to support members, The CafĂŠ Society is an exclusively retail body which aims to encourage and promote excellence across the cafĂŠ/coffee bar sector.

tel: 01291 636333 web: www.thecafelife.co.uk/cc57 QUOTE: CC57


Automatic machines Automatic coffee machines are boasting more and more impressive features as they continue to offer savvy, qualityconscious coffee shop operators and coffee-serving venues the opportunity to consistently produce premium speciality beverages in a diverse range of locations. Advancements “As technology develops, it’s getting easier for those not previously focused on hot beverages to offer a more complex coffee menu,” says Justin Stockwell, managing director of Caffeine Ltd (coffee machines specialists, distributing brands including Schaerer and Gaggia, www.caffeineonline.co.uk). “Advanced bean to cup espresso machines, such as the Schaerer Coffee Art models for instance, are multifunctional, so they can offer dozens of different drink variations at the touch of a button. What’s more, by ensuring a careful balance of ingredients - coffee, milk, cocoa, syrup and so forth – these machines give operators enormous freedom in creating their own speciality beverages, which, once developed, can be easily reproduced with consistent quality. “Lots of people claim that you need 25 seconds and a trained barista to brew an espresso. But modern bean to cup machines are easy for anyone to operate and use different temperatures and pressures, so they can brew faster. Crucially, bean to cup machines also use more coffee per single shot – typically 10g as opposed to 7g. They pre-brew the coffee, too, by dampening it before the main shot of water is put through, which achieves better extraction.” The latest bean to cup espresso machines are designed to deliver great coffee, fast. They are faster than a barista (often able to dispense up to 350 beverages per hour) and for many, the quality is just about indistinguishable. “Top end Schaerer machines make a coffee as close to a barista20 FEBRUARY 2017


brewed espresso as a push-button machine can get,” claims Justin Stockwell. “In fact, the company says its Supersteam wand actually foams milk better than a barista, thanks to its consistency and ability to be finely tuned to different drinks’ requirements.

not just a full range of espressobased beverages but also flavoured coffees, with a choice of four different flavours, all at the touch of a button.” The bolt-on is called Flavour Point and it can use syrups or alcohol to flavour drinks. In conjunction with the Coffee Art Plus system, it can make

A Schaerer Coffee Art machine in use at 67 Pall Mall, London. “One issue with bean to cup machines is that while the best ones can produce a great coffee, their menus can be restricted. However, we have launched a bolt-on to our top of the range Coffee Art Plus system that allows the unit to make

both hot and cold beverages and, as well as popular coffee-based drinks such as vanilla latte macchiato, it can also make milkshakes. “Flavour Point is designed to match in with the attractive Coffee Art Plus facia, to make a seamless

COFFEE MACHINES and compact beverage system. Operation is simple. The Coffee Art Plus touch-screen has clear graphics allowing the user to select their drink and flavour. In fact, with the Flavour Point bolt-on, a Coffee Art Plus menu can be programmed with well over 100 drink variations,” adds Justin Stockwell. “With Flavour Point and Coffee Art Plus we feel that we have an all-singing, all-dancing bean-to-cup system that replicates the drinks on the most comprehensive coffee menu, at the touch of a button. Thanks to Schaerer’s advanced technologies, the quality, taste and aroma are not only totally consistent but also just as good as a baristamade beverage.” Small or large volume “The UK’s speciality coffee market is booming as the modernised coffee shop experience becomes

flavours. Shorter specialities are gaining momentum and the Flat White, for example, has become increasingly popular,” agrees Roger Heap, managing director at Jura UK. “We’ve seen greater demand for premium coffee as consumers turn away from the mass market in search for high-quality products. Coffee has become a lifestyle drink, not only is it a wake-up ritual but it’s also a means to catching up with friends and a pivotal part to any shopping trip. Other occasions that operators should look to capitalise on include the growing love for out of home breakfast – by serving a quality coffee to accompany food. “Jura manufactures premium, Swiss-designed bean-to-cup coffee machines that are exceptionally well-made for commercial use – producing from 50, up to 200 cups per day. The Jura WE8, for example, is perfect for a boutique offering as it’s capable of producing around 35 speciality coffees per day. However, for larger volumes the Giga X3 would be suitable – producing up to 200 cups per day.”

Jura’s Giga X3

mainstream and more emphasis is placed on specific roasts and espresso-based drinks. Its heightened status has prompted consumers to become more educated on the beverage and discover alternative options and www.cafeculturemagazine.co.uk

Revolution “There is a revolution going on in hot beverages,” says Jon Steward, sales manager at U-Select, part of the Gloucestershire-based PKL catering equipment company. “Bean to cup machines are now a vital part of businesses across the country. Innovative and dependable, they are boosting the bottom line for many caterers. “Coffee shops are on every

high street and in every new development. This has bred a generation of consumers who know good coffee and aren’t prepared to accept anything less. Businesses know they need to offer the best to keep customers happy. Luckily, there is a solution. A bean to cup machine guarantees the quality of your coffee. It also means you can provide whatever type of coffee your customers demand. “The latest generation of bean to cup machines are staggering in their versatility. They have programmes to make any conceivable coffeebased drink in seconds. Many of the new models, such as the Bravilor Bonamat Esprecious for example, also give you complete control over every aspect of the drink. So they allow you to build your coffee knowledge and improve your offer whilst guaranteeing a consistency of product. “The newest machines also look brilliant and use video displays so you can add your own graphics to sell products or advertise events. To choose the best bean to cup machine for you take time to research. Check that the deal includes training. Many machines have useful features training will equip you to use. It’s also vital to make sure you match the machine to your need. How many cups can it produce an hour? How does this tally with the customers you serve or expect?” PKL Group is a UK supplier of modular commercial kitchens, serving a wide range of both public and private sector markets. With hundreds of temporary kitchens and 10,000 items of catering equipment available to hire, the company has come to support clients during refurbishments, emergencies and events. They also offer a number of permanent modular kitchen solutions including high-spec commercial kitchen buildings which are delivered to site as pre-built modules, ready for quick installation (the company’s KitchenPod and Food Cube products have won various industry awards for innovation and have proven popular particularly in the education and leisure sectors). Launched in December 2015, and offering a unique and flexible way to hire and buy catering equipment such as bean to cup machines, PKL’s U-Select is a way to source the right FEBRUARY 2017 CAFÉ CULTURE 21


Fuelling business

One of Northumberland’s most popular service stations reports that it is fuelling its customer service and profits thanks to the installation of a brand new Ringtons hot drinks tower within its forecourt shop. Owners of The Purdy Lodge in Belford have invested in a state-of-the art, bespoke coffee tower fitted with the latest La Cimbali bean to cup coffee machine. Specified and stocked by tea and coffee experts Ringtons, the machine has been installed to meet demand for top quality coffees and teas on the go and to allow for sales growth, say the service station. The Purdy Lodge in Belford is situated on the A1, the main route between Newcastle and Berwick, and the complex includes a garage forecourt, 24-hour café, hotel and bar and grill restaurant (the family business also operates selfcatering holiday cottages). Since installation of a custom-built Ringtons coffee tower, The Purdy Lodge owners report that they have seen an 18% year-on-year growth in its hot beverages sales, with a similar footfall to the previous year. “The Purdy Lodge has been a Ringtons client for a number of years now and our coffee, tea and sundries have been enjoyed in the café, hotel and restaurant by thousands of people during this time. When it became evident the forecourt’s existing coffee tower was not performing, we worked alongside John – one of the Lodge’s owners – to design, specify, install and supply a purpose-built coffee tower featuring a high-tech bean 22 FEBRUARY 2017


to cup coffee machine,” said Ringtons’ Paul Hodgson (pictured). “The tower’s machine grinds quality coffee beans to order and uses fresh milk to ensure a premium beverage – the fact sales have increased by almost 20% since installation is testament to the fact the hot drinks facility was worth investing in.” Ringtons is renowned for offering a traditional doorstep delivery service, online store, business-tobusiness food services division, and a private label packing business. Operating from its head office in Newcastle, the company boasts over 20 sales offices, a team of over 500, and a north east factory which blends and packs all of the company’s tea and coffee to ensure quality and freshness. John Davidson from The Purdy Lodge added:

“The Purdy Lodge is situated on the busiest commuter routes between Northumberland and the Borders so we are popular with passing trade, commuters, locals and HGV drivers. Whether our customers are looking for a full meal, accommodation, a quick snack or a takeaway coffee we want to make sure they get the very best. Our previous coffee tower, although well used, was unreliable and the quality variable, but since installation of our new tower we can clearly see the impact having a recognised brand, great quality coffee and a welldesigned coffee tower is having on our sales and repeat business and we expect this to only grow in time.” Ringtons Beverages sources, packs and blends all of its tea, coffee and infusions in its own UK

factory. The division is a one-stop-shop, supplying some of the UK’s leading hotels, cafés, restaurants, visitor attractions and businesses with the high quality tea and coffee, supplies, catering equipment, as well as offering extensive barista training and barista design services. Ringtons was originally founded in 1907 by Samuel Smith who delivered tea to households in Newcastle via horse and cart. The company remains a family business and still offers its traditional doorstep delivery service albeit via van instead of horse! The extensive range of tea, coffee, edible and homeware is delivered to the doorsteps of over 250,000 customers by more than 200 delivery drivers while their ecommerce web site (www.ringtons.co.uk) delivers worldwide.


Bonamat Esprecious equipment you need at the time, feel the company. They also have Try It Buy It offers rental contracts of just 12 months with no commitment to buy. Indeed, they say that they are proud to be able to offer rental and purchase on any item of catering equipment available in the UK. Via PKL, the Bravilor Bonamat Esprecious Bean to Cup machine is currently available at a £28.78 weekly Try it Buy it Price (ex VAT). “We are seeing a lot of interest in the Bravilor Bonamat Esprecious. It’s perfect for small to medium sized businesses,” says Jon Steward. “It allows our customers to guarantee the quality of their coffee. It’s also a goodlooking machine that impresses with its styling. “The Esprecious allows you to control every aspect of the drinks you serve. It is also chock-full of automatic programmes so you don’t have to worry if you are not a coffee expert. It cleans itself and even lets you show advertising videos on its screen when it is not in use! “If you want to offer a wide range of drinks to customers the machine also has you covered. It has lots of options for toppings and extras to help augment and boost your hot beverage offer day after day.”

the traditional bean-to-cup coffee machine design on its head so as to create an entirely new category of coffee brewer. For cafés and coffee shops, a key benefit of the disruptive design is that it replaces the need for a large piece of front-of-house counter equipment, at the same time freeing up counter space with an ultra-modern swan neck tap, Scanomat point out. The flexible, minimal design facilitates improved face-to-face engagement and interaction between staff and customers, feel the company, whilst the super intuitive app-based interface is extremely effective in self-service environments. From a performance perspective, the award-winning TopBrewer delivers freshly-brewed coffee using speciality coffee beans and fresh milk. It has the capacity to deliver up to 500 drinks per day, taking up to 15 seconds to brew a filter coffee and around 25 seconds for espresso based drinks. TopBrewer also allows for extensive drinks menu flexibility, but in a minimal footprint, add Scanomat. There are modules for hot chocolate, and still and sparkling water which can be added to the main undercounter brew unit to provide a gourmet beverage menu. Also available is a separate TopJuicer model which looks exactly like the TopBrewer on the surface, but exclusively serves a choice of still and sparkling fresh juices on tap. From a customer perspective, TopBrewer delivers a premium, personalised experience, feel Scanomat, being currently like no

other machine on the market, they claim. As it is app-controlled and bluetooth-enabled, it gives customers the freedom to personalise drinks to individual tastes by adjusting coffee strength, milk foam and more using a smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch device. Once perfected, the drink can be saved as a favourite to enjoy again and again – helping to generate increased customer loyalty in the out-of-home market. The innovative solution also boasts many energy-saving features, including a very low 7 Watt standby mode and a unique flash-heater system which heats fresh, filtered water for every drink (from cold) rather than storing water in a boiler. These features have been designed to save energy, improve overall drink quality and eliminate the need for expensive annual boiler inspections, say Scanomat. Another smart feature of the TopBrewer is that upgrades are sent ‘over the air’ direct to each machine as soon as they are released, meaning that every TopBrewer client receives the latest software updates free of charge. And when it comes to the allimportant issue of hygiene, the TopBrewer is very easy to clean, requiring no harsh cleaning chemicals, saving both time and money, whilst being environmentally friendly (the machine even cleans itself between each drink to ensure zero cross-contamination of drinks). “We feel that the TopBrewer is by far the most advanced coffee brewing system on the market,” says Simon

Fresh, speciality coffee on tap Scanomat (www.scanomat.co.uk) have recently reported that they have completely reimagined the consumer coffee experience with their revolutionary TopBrewer product. Featuring a new brewer, new frother, new app and new technology, the TopBrewer is a game-changer for the coffee industry, claim the company, having quite literally turned



COFFEE MACHINES Farnborough, which claims to be the UK’s only dedicated business airport.

Bracken, managing director and co-founder at Scanomat UK. “The features and benefits it offers the café sector include fresh, speciality coffee on tap, an extensive menu of premium drinks from one unit and space-saving potential given its minimalist design. Its innovative app-control technology provides a personalised, intuitive user experience, together with mobile payment functionality.” Positive feedback has been received from a number of installations, including a luxury hotel and an airport. “I particularly liked that the mechanics of the TopBrewer are hidden out of view, making it a much more discreet solution compared to traditional counter-top coffee machines. From a technology perspective the TopBrewer is at the cutting-edge and we love that it is focussed on the guest experience,” said David Connell, general manager of the South Lodge Hotel in West Sussex. “When hearing about TopBrewer, I thought it would be perfect for the space we were creating due to its innovative nature and uniqueness. We like to lead the way within the business aviation world and it certainly sets us apart from other fixed-base operators. I then went to taste the coffee and was very impressed with the quality, it was wonderful (and I am very selective about my coffee!). I knew straight away that the TopBrewer was for us,” said Sophie Lesnoff, head of customer services and terminal operations, TAG 24 FEBRUARY 2017


Most compact Lanched at last year’s lunch! show, the Swiss-made Black&White4c which claims to be the most compact bean to-cup machine yet - was launched in the UK. Combining precision engineering and more than 40 years’ development experience, the new fully automatic coffee machine is hand-crafted by Swiss manufacturers, Thermoplan, and is available exclusively through UCC Coffee UK & Ireland. Perfectly suited to the hospitality, pub and bar markets, the Black&White4c achieves high-street quality coffee with simplicity of operation, claim UCC. The Black&White4c, which is 154mm slimmer than its nearest competitor, also packs a host of unique features into an ultra-compact footprint, freeing up valuable counter space. Its slim design and intuitive interface enables operators to deliver barista-quality coffee and milk-based drinks with one touch in any nonspecialist setting. The official Swiss-Made marque traditionally signifies precision engineering, manufacture, assembly and performance standards associated with a Swiss-Made watch – guaranteeing quality in every component and system, say UCC. Featuring a menu of 30 preset speciality drinks, including cappuccino, latte, flat white and espresso, coffee can be freshly ground and expertly prepared with one touch. An intuitive and customisable user interface means that barista-level beverages are made available without the training. The unique, modular design and front access maintenance, also facilitates quick, in-situ upkeep and repair, reducing downtime, disruption and revenue loss. The milk system is patented, based on 40 years of research to ensure consistent temperature and smooth, textured, barista-quality micro-foam – ideal for creating velvety milk-based beverages, say UCC. Efficient performance and automatic cleaning, achieved with high-quality components but low energy usage also helps to ensure consistency of grind size and product quality. “The Black&White4c makes baristaquality coffee accessible and practical for the pub, restaurant and hospitality

market,” says Marcus Swift, head of sales and marketing at UCC Coffee UK & Ireland. “This precision-engineered machine meets the challenges of skills, space and customer loyalty facing these sectors. The Black&White4c is simple to use, extremely compact and reliable from the first espresso of the day to the last latte of service. “Coffee consumers are ever more informed and discerning, and more people are looking for alternatives to alcohol-led venues when socialising. These factors mean that there’s a real opportunity for bars and pubs to diversify their hot beverage offering, becoming coffee destinations in their own right and using all day parts. The Black&White4c enables them to do just that, increasing revenue without additional training or sacrificing counter space.” Sascha Hupf, key account manager at Thermoplan AG, adds: “This is the most compact bean-to-cup machine we have ever produced. It is significantly smaller in terms of footprint than other competitors, but it has been engineered without compromise. “From the stainless steel burrs that produce fresh coffee for each cup, to our patented milk system that ensures a perfect cappuccino, the Black&White4c showcases the best of Swiss precision component parts, engineering and manufacturing.” UCC Coffee UK & Ireland (www.ucc-coffee.co.uk) says that it is on a mission to create the best possible coffee experience whenever and wherever it’s brewed by offering total coffee solutions aimed at helping its customers be outstanding in a fiercely competitive market. Its total coffee solution includes well-known coffee brands including Lyons, ThreeSixty°, Grand Café and Orang Utan Coffee, award-winning own-label coffee concepts and some of the world’s most innovative machines from Dalla Corte, Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino, Eversys and Thermoplan. It also provides access to unique market research and insight, category management, accredited training, brand concepts and comprehensive service packages to enable operators to keep coffee profitable and ahead of the curve. Franke’s, Swiss-made A1000 fully automatic coffee machine has also been created to give all guests their

Coffee pleasure –

freshly ground, not capsuled.

Roger Federer Inspirational role model, world record holder of Grand Slam wins, greatest tennis player of all time – and coffee lover.

For cafes, restaurants, bistros, pubs or offices where up to 30 different speciality coffees are enjoyed each day, JURA has produced the WE8. With its capacity and variety of coffees, it delights even the most discerning gourmets like Roger Federer. The one-touch automatic coffee machine prepares all specialities to professional barista standard. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) is a top innovation which guarantees the very best aroma even for short speciality coffees. The appliance is operated intuitively using the TFT display or even via the app* as desired. All elements are easily accessible from the front, while the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®) detects the water filter automatically. JURA – If you love coffee. JURA Products Ltd., Vivary Mill, Vivary Way, Colne, Lancashire, BB8 9NW, Tel: 01282 868266, Fax: 01282 863411, sales@uk.jura.com, uk.jura.com *The separately available Smart Connect Bluetooth® transmitter / receiver is necessary for this.

COFFEE MACHINES very own little moment of luxury every day in self-serve applications, as well as within busy café environments. It enables users to select from six flavours of coffee with an automatic dosing station for each different flavour. A new, intelligent refrigeration unit for up to two types of milk with two parallel refrigeration circuits, including dreamy FoamMasterTM milk foam, is also included and CleanMaster (a fully automatic cleaning system), is included as standard. A multimedia touchscreen provides user-friendly menu navigation, HD-quality video with sound, and nutritional and allergen information in a professional display with the IOT

The Black&White4c is available for demonstration on request (visit www.ucc-coffee.co.uk/ BlackandWhite4c for full product specifications, video or to book a demonstration)

(Internet of Things) also meaning that every A1000 can be accessed via the Internet, point out Franke (www.franke.com). Thus, obtaining your favourite coffee, whenever you want, wherever you are - in a restaurant or a canteen, at a motorway service station or a café, at the supermarket or the petrol station, getting a coffee to go or at the airport - every guest is guaranteed a delicious coffee just the way they like it, claim Franke, their machine currently being available in three luxurious designs (gloss black with chrome elements, gloss white with chrome elements, and gloss black with gold elements).

have exceeded the expectations of the British Library staff and as such they are considering rolling out more X30’s in the soon to be refurbished public restaurant. “The after sales service and engineer support has been tremendous from the Mulmar team with any issues being resolved quickly and efficiently to everyone’s satisfaction.”

The X30 (right), and left, in situ at the British Library’s staff restaurant

FAEMA’s automatic X30 coffee machine boasts a 10.4” intuitive touchscreen display offering different ways of viewing the drinks selection, customisable images on the machine display (screen savers, during beverage delivery) and films and sounds to help the customer chose their drink are some of the features offered by the X30. “The British Library decided to

26 FEBRUARY 2017


purchase the FAEMA X30 for its simple user interface, ability to serve in a high demand environment and the quality of the coffee served,” says owner of Nude Coffee, Gerard Fisher. “Nude Coffee Roasters worked directly with the British Library in perfecting the roast profile served through the FAEMA’s X30 bean to cup machines. The results


Milk mastery Whether you opt to take advantage of the many training programmes provided by the sector’s suppliers, and, or, invest in helpful preparation kit, the tools are available to help outlets perfect their milk foaming and texturing abilities. Vital skill

Rob Ward, Gruppo Cimbali’s coffee specialist, is responsible for the Mumac Academy London - a training facility located at the Cimbali UK offices in Elstree, Hertfordshire – and knows that it is vital for baristas to master the skill of milk preparation Cimbali runs both off the shelf and bespoke training courses including SCAE accredited programmes which are run by Rob Ward (an approved SCAE trainer), as well as other bespoke courses like machine use and care, Latte Art and recipe development with his team of UK based trainers. “We have a full range of our traditional and bean to cup machines in the Academy and can offer group training programmes or allow customers to have use of the facilities so they can run their own training programmes,” says Rob Ward. “With milk based drinks making up a high percentage of the beverage menu in the UK, it has never been a more important time for a barista to master the skill of milk preparation. “Anyone can create beautifully steamed milk, even when the pressure is on. It just requires the correct training and a little care and attention. It’s worth remembering it takes the same time to create bad milk - the bubbly sort with no sheen - as it does to produce silky smooth, perfectly foamed milk.” Here are Rob Ward’s basic rules designed to help you produce smooth and shiny foam without any visible bubbles. 1. 2. 3.

Start with a clean, cold jug. Steam only the amount of milk that is needed. Using fresh milk which has been

28 FEBRUARY 2017







taken straight from the fridge (only foam the milk when it is below 40°C because foaming above this temperature will create hard bubbles). Start with the steam wand inside the milk and turn on the steam fully. Hold the jug with two hands. Slowly lower the jug until the tip of the steam wand breaches the surface of the milk. You should hear a hissing sound. Do this for a few seconds. You are forcing the bubbles in to the milk to create foam, and it is called foaming or stretching. When the milk is being stretched, although you should hear the foam being created you should not see any bubbles. When you are happy with the amount of foam then place the steam wand a little deeper into the milk. There should now be a whirlpool inside the jug and the milk will be swirling around and this will break down any existing bubbles and make the foam smooth and shiny (there is absolutely no need to move the jug up and down, the angle of the steam from the steam wand does the work for you). Once you have reached about 60 to 65°C turn off the steam before taking the steam wand out of the jug. Put the jug down with a slight tap on the work top. This will destroy any tiny bubbles that might have been visible on the surface. If the milk has been prepared correctly then there should be no need to tap the jug on the counter any further. But if you do see a few bubbles then gently tap the jug a few times on the counter to get rid

of them but as this makes the foam thicker it should be kept to a minimum. 9. Spin the milk around to make sure that all the foam is mixed with the milk and then pour as soon as possible. This is very important because the foam will start separating very quickly. 10. The flavour of the finished caffè latte or cappuccino is affected by the temperature of the steamed milk, so aim for between 55 and 65°C. Milk starts to boil around 71°C and anything over 70°C can burn the tongue and is therefore to be avoided. Using a good calibrated thermometer will help you get the temperature spot on. There is a little delay with a thermometer which means that the steam should be turned off just a few degrees below the desired temperature. It is also possible to judge the temperature by touch and usually it is just right when it is not possible to hold the jug for longer than two seconds, but always train with a thermometer.

Milk tools

Caffe Vinci – Middlesbroughbased premium coffee and coffee equipment suppliers – are the firm behind an innovative and intuitive product designed to help wouldbe baristas in independent coffee shops, cafés, restaurants, bars, hotels, catering and foodservice establishments to foam milk to the correct consistency and temperature required for speciality beverages such as cappuccinos and lattes. For many cafés and coffee shop establishments, restaurants and bars, a shortage of barista skills and the transient nature of those working in

MILK the hospitality sector as a whole can all too often result in the making and serving of a poor and inconsistent standard of beverage. In today’s highly competitive food and beverage world that also enjoys a greater degree of knowledge and expectation of quality on the part of the customer, operators can no longer afford to risk the serving of a poorly-crafted beverage that will soon see a customer taking their custom elsewhere. “You may have the best coffee beans in the world and the best equipment, but neither can cover up for poorly foamed milk,” says Caffe Vinci’s MD, Jim Moran.

Designed and manufactured in Great Britain, the Temp-Pal stickers cost £6.25 and are available in small, medium and large variants according to capacity of milk jug being used (50cl, 75cl and 100cl and above). Temp-Pal, which features a highly visual, and temperature calibrated ‘traffic light’ system of intuitive, colour-coded prompt - SURF, SWIRL, STOP, TOO HOT! - via the heat sensitive, liquid crystal material it is made from, lets the barista know exactly what they should be doing in the milk foaming process, and when. The sticker is affixed to the exterior of the jug (different stickers are available for different capacities of milk jug), making it a hygienic alternative to the traditional thermometer. The sticker itself is also dishwasher-proof and durable, and so can be used many times over before needing to be replaced, by which time a trainee barista is well on their way to becoming a more expert one! “We train hundreds of people a year in barista skills, as well as auditing the performance of many cafés. Creating drinks at the correct temperature remains a constant challenge, with many boiling their 30 FEBRUARY 2017


milk but also many others producing drinks too cool for their customers’ requirements,” says Paul MeikleJanney, managing director of Coffee Community, who has successfully trialled Temp-Pal and is impressed. “Various methods of testing temperature can have their limitations. Metal thermometers in the jug can get in the way of foaming and pouring the milk, and can easily be knocked out of calibration. Using your hand on the base of the jug can be a useful indication of temperature but peoples’ tolerance to temperature is very varied! “I have used thermometer stickers on the side of the jug before and they can be one of the better solutions, and so I was keen to see what new innovations could be brought to this area. I was very impressed by the thermometer sticker developed by Caffe Vinci. “For a start, it was very responsive and seemed to be calibrated extremely carefully for the appropriate temperature (it was interesting that a different sticker was produced for different jug sizes to maintain the correct calibration. This was not something that I had seen before). “Also, moving away from just numbers to a clear ‘traffic light’ indication made it easier to see and react to. Baristas in training could keep an eye on it even while learning their foaming skills for the first time. “The idea of having indications for the different stages of foaming then texturing and finally turning off the steam, gives useful guidelines to a training barista, encouraging them towards better technique as well as temperature.” The new product has a dedicated web site (www.temp-pal.co.uk). The video section on the Twitter feed link at Caffe Vinci’s web site (www. caffevinci.com) also provides a useful demonstration video of Temp-Pal in action with top UK barista, Nicola Peacock from the Perky Peacock in York showing how it works in practice. In times of austerity, when every penny counts, suggest sector supplier, Mulmar, how many people like to know they are doing the best they can for the future of their business? To a coffee shop owner, the milk is as important as the coffee, feel the firm. So, with many coffee machine manufacturers clamouring to

be the first to produce a zero coffee wastage machine, milk usage and wastage has become ever important, add the company, which is one reason why they brought the highly innovative, ultra-modern and Café Life Award-winning Barista Milk Mate to the British market. A forward-thinking and marketchanging invention from the team at La Cultura Del Caffe, the Barista Milk Mate provides sustainable, clean milk portioning by helping to deliver perfectly portioned milk, dispense after dispense after dispense. An integrated rinsing system also allows the milk jugs to be cleaned for the next use with a 2.4 inch LCD touchscreen integrated display and computer interface offering dispensing control from the first dispense to the last dispense every day. A stainless steel interchangeable pipework combined with a self-clean function also promote total hygiene control. The stylish design of the Milk Mate means that it can sit comfortably in a top end restaurant whilst also giving that essential lift to the local coffee shop, suggest Mulmar, its size and design enabling it fit neatly within a worktop, for example. Another helpful milk-related device is Cimbali’s Milk PS, which is available on selected B2C (bean to cup) models, and enhances the whole customer experience by offering a new level of personalisation across the speciality drinks menu. “Rather than a blanket approach, each drink on the menu can be individually pre-set with a different temperature and texture of milk. When the milk reaches the required temperature and texture the machine stops automatically creating perfectly heated or textured milk with a consistent taste and texture,” says Daniel Clarke, sales director Cimbali UK. Other useful ‘milk technology’ from Cimbali includes the Turbosteam 4 milk management system, a temperature sensing steam wand that simultaneously delivers steam and air, allowing the hands-free heating and texturing of large volumes of milk. On quiet days TurboSteam 4 can heat as little as 50ml of milk so there’s no waste when just one hot drink is required. “Seeing the barista prepare the

CafeIDCJ5:Layout 1 15/03/2012 19:59 Page 1

CafeIDCJ5:Layout 1 15/03/2012 19:59 Page 1


We’re not global...


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from www.cafe-milk.co.uk only £140-£345 Untitled-5 1

23/01/2017 11:40

MILK milk adds a personal touch to the whole customer experience and many operators with semi-automatic machines opt for the Turbosteam 4 for that reason,” says Daniel Clarke. TurboSteam 4 also benefits from a new optional safety feature, the steam wand is coated with an insulating material which means it remains cold, before, during and after steam delivery. “Anyone who is used to working a machine under pressure who has experienced just how high a temperature the metal can reach will really appreciate our new ‘cold touch’ steam wand,” adds Daniel Clarke. “It really makes the job a lot easier and safer for the barista.” TurboSteam is available as an option on selected models across Cimbali’s range of traditional and semi-automatic machines. The latest Schaerer bean to cup machine from Caffeine Limited (www.

The new Cimbali S30 Perfect Touch ‘super smart’ superautomatic is available with the new Milk PS system.

caffeineonline.co.uk) features an advance milk system, designed so that operators can produce perfectly textured bespoke coffee foams, at the touch of a button and without needing to be a trained barista, and according to Caffeine Limited, the new ‘Best Foam’ system actually foams the milk better than a barista. A patented system, it gives operators total control of the texture and temperature of the foam, delivering the best ever lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos, and other espresso drinks, claim Caffeine Ltd, by allowing operators to easily create individual milk-based coffees in a fully automatic manner and with consistently high quality results. 32 FEBRUARY 2017


“This flexibility is perfect for customers who know exactly what they like. Beverages can be adapted and fine-tuned to suit customers’ preferences, with the milk and foam ratio set as required,” says Justin Stockwell, managing director of Caffeine Ltd. “The Coffee Art Plus ‘Best Foam’ machines can create special, bespoke foams. For example, on the latest Coffee Art Plus machine there’s a button to create a Cappuccino Fujiyama, which is topped with a peaked ‘mountain’ of creamy foam. There is also a button for producing a perfectly layered latte.” As well as a range of coffees, the ‘Best Foam’ machine can make other hot and cold drinks, such as milkshakes and hot chocolate, point out Caffeine Ltd. While fresh milk is the best thing for taste and foam texture in espressobased drinks, it’s amongst the worst when it comes to hygiene. “Until now, bean to cup coffee machines that incorporate a fresh milk

system have been a real challenge for staff when it comes to cleaning. Milk can clog pipes creating odours and bacteria, and it requires expensive, powerful and unpleasant chemicals for thorough cleaning,” adds Justin Stockwell. “Caffeine has recently launched a new milk system, the NC (no-clean) Foamer, developed by Schaerer, which is eco-friendly and needs no nasty chemicals. It’s also cheaper than a single dose of the chemicals used to clean a traditional system. “The key to this new system is that it’s disposable. Designed for use in the popular Schaerer Coffee Prime range of bean-to-cup espresso machines, at the end of each shift the operator simply opens the door, unclips the NC Foamer and disposes of it. It’s fully biodegradable and HACCP-compliant. The next day they simply clip in a fresh one. This makes what used to be a horrible end-of-shift task simple. The fact that there’s no need to use powerful cleaning chemicals is a big plus for staff health and safety, too.”


New kid on the block Delamere Dairy – a speciality dairy - is launching a 200ml carton of its award winning goats’ milk specifically with baristas in mind. Sales of cows’ milk alternatives rose 20% in 2016 compared with the previous 12 months, they noted, and coffee chains traditionally offering whole, semi and skimmed cows’ milks, now include alternatives such as soya, almond and lactose free milk in their repertoire, as a matter of course. Goats’ milk is another such alternative, offering customers a naturally nutritious and great tasting option for those who need to avoid cows’ milk for health reasons, or just because they fancy a tasty change. Trials by baristas show that goats’ milk foams and froths just as well as cows’ milk (if not better, they claim) to make cappuccinos, lattes and other traditional milky drinks. Their new 200ml whole goats’ milk enables baristas to offer goats’ milk to individual customers without issues of wastage. Or for coffee chains where demand for goats’ milk is higher, a 1 litre carton is available in whole and semiskimmed varieties (all of Delamere Dairy’s long life goats’ milks are packed with nine months’ shelf life to improve availability and reduce wastage). Goats’ milk and health Goats’ milk has been known to help alleviate symptoms associated with digestive disorders, skin conditions like eczema, respiratory problems, asthma and excess mucous, making it a delicious and naturally nutritious alternative to cows’ milk. Which is why it is becoming increasingly popular with those that love the taste of fresh milk but find cows’ milk hard to digest and gives them a bloated feeling. Goats’ milk offers a gentler alternative. A glass of goats’ milk contains


more prebiotic compounds (which encourage the growth and activity of ‘friendly’ bacteria in the digestive system, supporting normal gut health and function) and fewer allergenic proteins than cows’ milk, which could help alleviate symptoms of eczema, asthma, bloating, constipation, digestive discomfort and catarrh. Goats’ milk also has immune boosting properties, perfect for warding off coughs and colds, suggest Delamere. That’s because goats’ milk contains lots of selenium (significantly more than cows’ milk)

to boost our immune systems which often take a hammering over the winter (the zinc in goats’ milk is also more readily absorbed into the body than from cows’ milk too, it is thought). Goats’ milk contains approximately 20% less cholesterol than cows’ milk and the cholesterol it does contain is more readily available for absorption by the body. Nutrient-rich goats’ milk is a

good source of essential vitamins and minerals and contain plenty of calcium for strong bones and teeth. Unlike cows’ milk, goats’ milk is non-mucus forming so if you suffer from hay fever, why not try cutting out cows’ milk and substituting it with goats’ milk to see if it eases your symptoms, suggest Delamere. Delamere Dairy was founded in 1985 in Cheshire’s beautiful Delamere Forest, when Liz and Roger Sutton bought their first three goats. They began by selling the fresh goats’ milk and soft cheese they made in their kitchen to local health food stores. Such was the interest in their products, that only a couple of years later they were supplying milk to major UK retailers. By 1992, they had outgrown their home in the forest and moved to Yew Tree Farm in Knutsford. New products were added to its portfolio including semi-skimmed milk, with goats’ butter being made from the cream skimmed from the milk. As demand and interest in the health benefits of goats’ milk increased, plain and flavoured yogurts were added to the range. Today, Delamere Dairy sells an award-winning range of fresh and long life goats’, cows’ and sheep milk-based speciality dairy products (cheese, yogurt, butter and milk) throughout the UK, Europe and around the world. Celebrating more than 30 years in business, the company has an annual turnover in excess of £22M. Working closely with goat farmers across the UK in 1999 it developed the Delamere Dairy Farm Assurance and Welfare Scheme to ensure consistent standards in farming and production. In 2011, the business was named Farm Business of the Year at the Farm Business Food & Farming Industry Awards and has since gone on to win many more food, farming and industry awards.



Make your own custom blend Coffee lovers can now make their own customised blend at the new Coffee Island (www.coffeeisland.co.uk), which launched at the end of last year and is a twominute walk from the hotspots of Covent Garden and Leicester Square in London.

What’s your flavour?

Customers can describe the aroma and flavour that suits their taste and then ask the barista to make a personalised blend, while connoisseurs can revel in the possibility of ordering the exact percentage of specialty coffee they want. Coffee Island’s concept stems from a single promise, say the company – that you get the best from what you want. And so those wishing to just grab a quick cuppa and go can do so knowing that they will taste delicious,

34 FEBRUARY 2017


high-quality brews with palate precision. This is because all the beverages Coffee Island serve are the cumulative result of speciality coffee knowledge and the usage of items that allow meticulous brewing methods, such as Chemex, AeroPress, syphon and cold drip among others. And for the hungrier there are accompanying fresh, handmade sweet and savoury breakfast options and for lunchtime, a great variety of fresh sandwiches, salads and delicate smoked, cured meat and fish dishes.


In addition, a visit to Coffee Island becomes all the more interesting and exciting when you ask the barista for a tour of how to expertly prepare your own brew at Coffee Island’s Home Barista Station. Here you can be trained on the brewing equipment and then take the rich flavours home by ordering some of delightfully fresh roasted coffee from their grindery. Coffee making artefacts, beans and blends from all over the globe are also available to buy on site, in turn meaning that it is the

uniqueness of their product and the direct connection they have with small producers that stands out. You can even find out who cultivates the beans available in the shop, how it is grown, picked and dried... Their Microfarm Project, for example, is a seal of quality. Coffee Island reports that it specialises in searching for, and then reserving, micro-lots of limited edition single origin speciality coffee from small,

carefully selected farms where the conditions under which they are grown, picked and processed are unique and cannot be repeated. Thus, they boast, it is impossible to reproduce the same cupping profile twice. Coffee Island can be found at 5 Upper St Martin’s Lane, London.

Background Known as “the coffee nerds” and with stores spread across the Mediterranean, Coffee Island specialises in the fine art of speciality coffee brewing. Sustainability, customisation and unique products are the core of Coffee Island’s philosophy. Coffee Island has been a member of Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) since 2010. Additionally, it is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), the world’s largest coffee trade association counting nearly 3,000 company members. Four Coffee Island staff members are Q Graders. Coffee Island has recently been awarded Best Coffee Chain - Southern Europe at the Allegra European Coffee Awards 2016.

Sweet Violet 9oz glass Ingredients: 160ml / 5.5oz Milk 30 - 60ml 1883 White Chocolate sauce 1 pump / 8ml 1883 Violet Syrup Kool Kup Toppings White Chocolate Blossoms and Sweet Violet petals Method: Steam the milk & 1883 White chocolate sauce together, creating a light foam Pour the 1883 Violet syrup into the glass then add the milk mixture and garnish serve with a long stirrer or spoon! Ideal for mothers day!

For supply enquiries contact; Tel: 01233840296 sales@ucd.uk.com


Recipe created by Natalie UCD.


Look and feel New year, new look and style? Cafés, coffee shops and for that matter coffee-serving locations of all types, size and location, increasingly pride themselves on the design statements they are making. Tailored spaces

In their latest Brita Business Toolkit: Helping make your business more profitable online resource, the water filtration experts identify the current, and likely future, importance of the look and feel of a coffee shop. This collection of market insights assesses the nature of evolving café culture, as well as some interesting statistics. The report features specially commissioned research by Allegra Insight which set out to explore the different needs and expectations of more than 800 regular coffee drinkers, revealing that there are felt to be three key types of coffee consumer – ‘shoppers’, ‘take-a-breakers’, and ‘socialisers’. And from the physical design, atmosphere, service style and interaction with the barista, different elements of the whole experience can all be tailored to appeal to the three consumer groups identified in the report, claim Brita. The report delves into the detail of what each of these groups want from their experience, revealing how they have distinct differences when it comes to the emotional connection they have with coffee, how they want to be interacted with and

36 FEBRUARY 2017


what they use the space for. Key findings include the following. • ‘Shoppers’ are looking for a quiet, comfortable experience and are less inclined to build relationships with staff. • ‘Take-a-breakers’ visit throughout the day for a caffeine fix or a wind down – they are looking for a break in the daily routine and friendly interaction. • ‘Socialisers’ want to meet other people – friends, family – and they put the most value on friendly staff. • For all groups, atmosphere, ambience and interaction were stated as being the top three factors that encourage repeat visit. • Over half (58%) of consumers use the space to people watch and one in five use the space to meditate or relax. • In the future, consumers want to be able to use coffee shops as a meeting place, to wind down and attend events. • The physical design is likely to change to create more interaction with the consumer – counters and bars will become lower

Sandra Porter (right), who runs King’s Coffee in Carluke with her daughter chose QED to carry out a stylish refit.

and technology will transform customer engagement, for example. A comfortable environment is stated as an important factor by two thirds of consumers, but the three groups have differing perceptions of ‘comfort’ (a ‘secluded nook’ being the most popular place to sit for ‘socialisers’ whereas ‘take-a-breakers’ prefer a window seat).

Sandra Porter, who owns Kings Coffee and runs it with her daughter, said that they chose QED as their principle food service equipment supplier after doing extensive research into the latest coffee shop systems. “Although we were on a tight budget, Robert Campbell and his team provided the display

counters and support equipment at a reasonable price that was a perfect match with our ideas for the interior décor of the shop,” says Sandra Porter. “At Kings Coffee, we source the very finest Italian coffee and combine it with totally home-made food, which is freshly prepared on the premises every day. And given his

long experience in the catering industry, Robert was able to provide us with the best combination of food service facilities that precisely fitted our requirements. “With the support that we received from QED at the outset, we are already enjoying strong sales from repeat customers, all of whom are very


Knowing that design and layout would be key to efficient working and happy customers, Kings Coffee, a brand new high street outlet in Carluke (a busy commuter town in South Lanarkshire, Scotland, originally famous for its fruit and jam industry) selected Quality Equipment Distributors (QED, www.qualityequipment.co.uk) based in Glasgow, and a leading UK designer and supplier of modular bar, coffee shop and food service equipment, to carry out the design and installation of a modular coffee shop and additional kitchen equipment The former hairdressing premises has been completely transformed. Essential items supplied and installed include the company’s own-brand Avalon refrigerated display counter with under-storage and a separate till counter. In addition, the back-bar area includes a coffee maker with stainless steel counter, crockery storage shelves and a hand wash basin. For the kitchen area, QED supplied stainless steel tables, an upright freezer, a food preparation table with saladette containers, a Blue Seal cooker and boiling top, a Classeq Duo undercounter dishwasher and a Merrychef E4 combination oven. www.cafeculturemagazine.co.uk

Brita’s full report can be downloaded from www.brita-toolkit.com


DESIGN complimentary about the style and ambience of the shop and the quality of the food and drinks on offer.”

Coffee shop feature

Chartwells, Compass Group UK & Ireland’s specialist provider of catering to the education sector, has recently been awarded the biggest single site foodservice contract that has come to the higher education market in recent years, following a competitive tender process. Valued at £60m, Chartwells will deliver an innovative and ambitious food offer that will enhance the student experience at Brunel University London. In a further commitment, Chartwells says that it is investing £2m over the life of the contract that will transform the student experience, including the creation of a central student hub and cinema zone. The seven-year contract will see Chartwells run all the foodservice operations on the campus including restaurants, cafés, the Students’ Union, hospitality and conferencing, as well as working with various brand

A branded coffee offering will be central to Chartwells’ foodservice plans for London’s Brunel University

38 FEBRUARY 2017


partners. In total, Chartwells will run 16 outlets which will provide food and drink for the 14,000 students and staff who work, study and live at the site, and a 150 strong Chartwells team will oversee operations from May 2017 onwards. Understanding the significance of the University’s heritage, named after the Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Chartwells will introduce a series of bespoke brands such as BRU (coffee offer) and 1966 (the year the University was founded). “Winning the biggest single site foodservices contract our sector has seen in years is a fantastic achievement for us and one that reflects our innovative approach and commitment to exceeding the expectations of our clients. Brunel University London has a wonderful history which we wanted to pay tribute to, so we have come up with a number of ideas to bring it alive through our foodservice offer,” said John Carlin, said managing director, higher education & further education, Chartwells.

Newly launched

The latest Andy Thornton Vintage Style catalogue is now out and features extensive new collections of contract furniture, decorative lighting, retail display solutions and stunning metal tiles. This 160-page resource is useful for anyone in the business of creating exciting hospitality interiors, retail display or corporate spaces, and the vintage style furniture collections showcased are durable and versatile and will instantly update your venue, whether for a complete refit or a few key pieces to create that in-demand vintage look, advise Andy Thornton There are Healey side chairs in vintage leather with a black steel frame, and matching bar stools to complete the look. Or go back to school with their School side chairs and bar stools in the classic original design, or why not opt for the updated version in vintage leather? Their range of side chairs, bar stools and armchairs in different finishes, fabrics and leather can be mixed and matched for a totally unique look. Their Urban Concrete Collection features a range of concrete-inspired display products that are attractive and versatile, whilst benefiting from being extremely portable, point out Andy Thornton,

the unique finish being almost indistinguishable from real concrete, they observe. Their newest lighting collections include the stunning Ring pendants (which incorporate multiple cut glass bevelled panels), and the Izmir collection of metal pendants with an unusual hammered finish. There are also beaded chandeliers, multi-coloured mosaic pendants and smooth ceiling lights in tactile mango wood. A striking range of decorative metal tiles can be used to clad ceilings, counters and bars and create stunning feature walls by helping to add interest, texture and atmosphere to any interior. GO IN has launched a new and versatile range of indoor/outdoor chairs manufactured by the renowned Italian furniture brand TOOU, with the stylish design of the new JOI range of chairs paying homage to Scandinavian furniture designs of the mid-twentieth century, say the firm.Using modern, high-quality polypropylene, JOI chairs are weatherresistant and bring a harmonious look to both indoor and outdoor areas, feel GO IN, being practical as well as comfortable (the water-repellent seat cushions can be removed for washing, and the chairs can be easily stacked for moving or storing). The TOOU JOI is a lightweight chair with distinctively styled shapes, and is perfectly suited for an innovative ambiance or a classic interior in restaurants, cafés and bars, suggest GO IN, and will be appreciated by operators looking for practical, easy-care furniture with strong visual impact for both inside and outside use. This chair is available in three colours – light grey, anthracite and

DESIGN shop and innovative user tools, including product configurators and room planner.

Standing out from the crowd

black. The UV-resistant seat cushion is available in anthracite for all three colour variations. These new products are part of GO IN’s ontrend collection, designed to meet the needs of hospitality operators and designers looking

for a diverse range of furniture with a mix of styles, colours and price ranges. Their chairs, tables and barstools for indoor and outdoor use are currently available on GO IN’s web site (www. go-in.co.uk), and featuring its award-winning online

Coffee shop showcase Coffee Culture: hot coffee + cool spaces is a full-colour presentation of coffee shops crafting great coffee in interesting spaces with good design aesthetics. The author (Minneapolis-based Robert Schneider) has selected thirty-three coffee shops located in cities across the United States, including Ann Arbor, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Oakland, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Seattle. The book’s photography has been supplied by an eclectic group of photographers to capture the feel and personality of each coffee shop. The concept of space is often extended from the shop interior to the neighbourhood—interweaving coffee, art, architecture, design, and historic preservation. The book also showcases coffee shops located in historic buildings, modern architecture, an art museum, an arcade, a courtyard, a former loading dock and even a reclaimed cargo shipping container—but the common thread is an appreciation for great coffee in spaces that invite human interaction and create memories through good design.

40 FEBRUARY 2017


Standing out from the crowd was uppermost in Rory and Katharina Will’s minds when they launched their new concept. Owners of Will’s Post Office, Coffee House and Gift Barn in Inverurie, Scotland, with design input from Dollar Rae they embarked on a journey to extend the post office which has been part of the Inverurie high street community for many years. Indeed, the Will’s family name is well known in the area, with Will’s Pharmacy located next door and owned by Rory’s brother. “The existing unit had operated as a post office for a number of years and given that we have a loyal customer base, we wanted to capitalise on the opportunity we had to

create a post office with a coffee shop and gift shop,” recalls Rory Will. “Our internal planning needed shaping and vision and by bringing in Dollar Rae, they made everything feasible and gave us confidence in what we wanted to do. Since the launch, we have had great feedback from our customers and we are reaping the benefits of a multi-faceted customer offering.” Inverurie - a prosperous Aberdeenshire town situated in the valley of River Don - is a good base for touring castles of the area and its high street caters for the thousands of tourists who visit the area each year. Needless to say, there is a plethora of coffee houses and gift shops so it was important that the Will’s new offering would make a statement in this bustling community of local residents and tourists. Having worked with Dollar Rae before in the creation

“Many coffee shops in the United States are starting to offer complete breakfast, lunch, and even dinner menus in some instances—thus becoming more like the cafés in Australia, Europe, and New Zeeland,” reports author, Robert Schneider. “For those just starting out in the café world, from what I have seen I would advise them to focus on providing quality coffee (consistently) in a well-designed space that invites human interaction by keeping it simple and focused without trying to be everything to everyone. A focus on great coffee and great design facilitates wonderful experiences and memories!”

DESIGN of Will’s Pharmacy, Rory Will was, however, already well aware of the skills and expertise they could bring to the project. “We really did have an empty shell and trying to work out the best use of space and to give structure to our thoughts was proving quite challenging. Before the project got underway, feasibility studies were completed to work out how each area would function in practical terms and after full collaboration and agreeing the design concept, Dollar Rae turned the visuals into a stunning reality,” adds Rory Will. “Guidance was given on strategic lighting and formatting, adding the creation of a floating white ceiling feature

which disguises an air conditioning unit and provides a dramatic contrast to the charcoal grey clad apex in the gift shop area, for example. The existing unit also had a timber framework between each area and this was clad in white with bold, circular graphics detailing the triumvirate offering.” A contemporary yet timeless new signage and design to the shop front offers a warm welcome to customers to the 36-seat coffee house which has a distinct continental feel to it, designed in colour palette of sharp red, black, orange and white laminate tables with a slate grey ceramic floor. Large black glass encased menus detail the

Tasty new outlets Coco di Mama, which claims to be London’s first quick service Italian and prides itself a premium coffee offering, has been opening several new outlets in London in recent times. “Jeremy and I are so proud of how Coco di Mama is growing and evolving. We’re still at the stores every day to make sure our team and our customers are experiencing Coco exactly as we first intended – to support their success and to power their day. And we’re doing this from 0630 every morning at the new New Street Square, just like we do across London, bringing our unique mix of breakfast, coffee, lunch and pasta to the new Coco di Mama regulars,” says Coco di Mama’s co-founder, Daniel Land. Started in 2011 by lifelong friends and self-confessed Coco di Mamas (Italian slang for “mama’s boy”), Daniel Land and Jeremy Sanders opened their first outlet on


coffee shop offering of locally sourced savoury and sweet products along with an extensive coffee menu. Three anodised silver pendant lights highlight the coffee servery, display counter and coffee machine which was custom manufactured in red. A white panel with the new coffee house signage was applied to the front of the counter. The gift barn benefits from multiple display units with strategic orange and grey branding, showing off to optimum effect the gifts on offer with separate clearly defined display stands for gift products including wrapping paper, cards and associated sundries. Now boasting the largest gift store in

the town, the owners are also benefitting from much higher traffic and the purchase of incidental items, they report. “We knew it was really important to get the gift product offering right and to differentiate from what else is being offered in the High Street,” says Rory Will. “So far, feedback has been really positive and we are really encouraged by gift sales. We also know that we are getting more customers visiting our coffee shop than our competitors and we have provided a really relaxing, inviting space for people to have a quick coffee or a more leisurely meet and chat with friends. “Dollar Rae were extremely professional in

Fleet Street, in the heart of the City and close to where they both used to work. The business has grown rapidly since then, and now has 14 stores, serving over 60,000 people every week, from St James and Oxford Circus to Bankside and the City. The Coco stores are warm, alive, vibrant and stylish, featuring a striking black and white colour palette along with pops of paprika, warm caramel and rich walnut creates a fresh and energising environment. Set against a backdrop of classic Italian marble and glowy lighting, upbeat tunes lift the mood and create a place where customers can recharge and spark their imagination. The menu is full of food and coffee to power your day, from an energising poached egg pot or porridge at breakfast, to an Allpress-roasted freshly ground coffee, and at lunch there’s a choice of Italian favourites, intriguin specials and a selection of Italian-inspired hot and cold food with everything being made fresh at Coco di Mama every day.


DESIGN everything they did, they were easy to work with, friendly and always went the extra mile. Their ability to problem solve was of great benefit and their creativity in design means we now have a viable and sustainable business. We would have no hesitation in using them again if and when the opportunity arises.”

Dual purpose new look

Catering Design Group (CDG), an award-winning restaurant and commercial kitchen design company, has completed the dramatic transformation of the Moo Café at West Yorkshire’s award-winning Farm Shop and Restaurant – Farmer Copley’s – showing just want can be achieved when a change of look is required. Having outgrown its existing café space, owners Robert and Heather Copley commissioned CDG to design and build an exciting, new destination dining experience for their customers. In fact, the project involved completely demolishing an old tractor barn to create a striking 157-cover Moo Café complete with theatre kitchen, bakery and spacious meeting room for local business hire or private dining. The challenge to CDG was to create an informal and inviting casual dining venue by day (Moo Café), which during the evening, would seamlessly transform into ‘Beast’ an elegant bistro-style restaurant. Taking inspiration from the natural environment and the barn’s original structure, the CDG team immersed themselves in the farm’s heritage and agricultural backdrop to design an interior with the perfect blend of textures 42 FEBRUARY 2017


and finishes. Natural stone and granite were combined with real logs and milled copper to create a stunning counter, perfect for both daytime and evening service, whilst reclaimed timbers were used to add warmth and character to bespoke dressers, ‘meet & greet’ and waiter stations. A 2.75m fig tree is an eye-catching centrepiece bringing outdoor elements into the heart of the restaurant. Creating just the right ambience for both Moo and Beast was critical, so quirky wall lights and

Moo or Beast branding, creating a dramatic feature wall behind the intimate, curved booth seating area. The functionality of the counter was also key to making the operation successful throughout the day and so maximum flexibility was incorporated into the design. During the day, customers are tempted by an array of mouth-watering homemade cakes and pastries, whilst evening diners can experience live, theatre style cooking – watching the chef at work, over a state-of-the-art

pendants were custommade from cow hides, cattle feeders and bowler hats to give the perfect feel to the room and showcase the farm’s personality. To complete the transformation from day into evening, CDG cleverly used old barn doors, which slide on rails to unveil the

Robata flame grill, which is embedded into the counter. The striking copper finish within the counter is replicated in the extraction canopy overhead, linking the design from front to back-of-house. The ‘wow’ factor continues through to the private dining area, where

an illuminated, glazed wine and Champagne display wall forms the corridor through to the space. “This is an exciting new venture for us. There has been a ridiculous amount of thought and planning gone into this project across both front and back-of-house – the design was intrinsic to this. We appointed CDG because of their cutting-edge, on trend designs, which really brought our brief and vision for Moo and Beast to life,” said owner, Rob Copley. “The feedback from customers since opening has been fantastic and our chef is delighted with how operationally efficient the design and equipment is across back-of-house. Nothing is complicated here at Farmer Copley’s it is simple, home cooked, locally sourced foods prepared fresh. The beauty for us is that this has been brought to life in CDG’s designs. They have really given the venue the wow factor, with lots of beautiful finishing touches. We especially like that they answered the brief of bringing the outdoors inside - making it feel like it has always been here. They have clearly spent a great deal of time researching and immersing themselves in our offering, which meant that they have retained many original features and materials as a nod to our agricultural heritage.” Mike Sinclair, design director at CDG commented: “This was a fantastic project for the business. We created a unique, versatile scheme that reflects Farmer Copley’s agricultural heritage and transforms effortlessly from day to evening with two very different brands and identities.”

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30/01/2017 14:46:00


Organico Back in 2014 Tangent Partnership Ltd (www.thetangent.co.uk) were invited through an existing client to provide design for the fitting out of this wholefood/deli shop in Loughton, north London. Fresh challenge

At the time the shop unit was empty and for once, easy to survey. It proved an interesting prospect as it had the advantage of a prominent corner location on the High Road, with large, slim framed, full height windows to two sides and an inviting 45-degree entrance, Tangent soon noticed. However, it was obvious from the start that there would be limited stock storage to the rear, so shelf space on the shop floor would be at a premium. “Our extensive knowledge of retail and food service environments came into its own as we worked on establishing a clear brief on the wide range and level of stock our client wanted to accommodate,” recalls Tangent’s David Kerfoot. “While the high shop windows helped with lending a bright, warm light to the interior, they had the disadvantage of reducing the perimeter stock-holding capacity. It became clear that a new approach, backing fittings up to shop windows would have to be adopted. To prevent this from being unsightly and blocking all natural light from the majority of the store, we took the bold step of proposing using semitransparent, full height

44 FEBRUARY 2017


food images on one wall of the shop windows, which enabled high stock-holding shelving to be utilised while allowing a diffused, gentle light to penetrate through the south facing windows.”

Organic solution

Several layouts were tabled and discussed with the client and it became clear that the coffee offer, with organic cakes and pastries and a small amount of customer seating were an essential element to draw customers into the shop. A dominant position was proposed for a large counter, incorporating a barista coffee machine, a tall, chilled patisserie unit and innovative organic yoghurt ice cream dispensing unit. As the shop would have to function with limited manpower, it was also established that a single till would be located on the coffee counter and the surrounding stock-holding fittings would guide and discipline the customer queue. This dominant position would aid a high level of service and security. However, the coffee machine proved a challenge to incorporate as mains water and drainage, plus a three-phase electrical supply had to be located and brought to the

service counter location from the back of the shop. Establishing the most economic route for these services was essential, and influenced the exact position of the machine within the counter. Plans indicating these and other service elements were supplied to the client for Building Control approval. Apart from Approval to Display an Advertisement for the shop signage, no other approvals were necessary for this store as no structural alterations were carried out. Assessing the level of planning approvals required and assisting in obtaining them is a standard service offered

by Tangent, who also supplied proposed lighting layouts for fittings to be installed in the existing suspended ceiling, which they organised to be refurbished, as an economical approach to improving the ambient level of lighting across the store. Tangent was also tasked with developing the brand identity, including the shop front sign, POS material and menu displays. Once again, these were focused on the front of the store, around the service counter and internal customer seating area. The shop had no existing identity but the name Organico was


suggested by the client, as this could also support a range of own brand products. “Development of a logo went through our usual stages of concept design fairly rapidly,” recalls David Kerfoot. “We try to keep logos as simple as possible, while conveying the brand ethos and messages. In this case simplicity was crucial as the logo had to be shape-cut out of solid sheet material for application to the shop front. “To protect the client’s investment we managed the trademarking of the final logo. A secondary element to the identity were quirky graphic


quotes on an organic theme for application to walls and windows. Another opportunity was the full height south facing windows. We felt that straight food images were a little too obvious, so we applied a rather extreme photoshop effect to them, giving them more contrast and impact.”

Wise investments

“Our client, as with many start-up businesses, did not have unlimited funds for the fit-out. An economical approach using an off the shelf metal display system and cladding this in timber to create a more rustic, organic feel was adopted,” explains David Kerfoot.

“The shop footprint was not huge and careful space planning was necessary to maximise stock-holding, while not impeding circulation and clear views to perimeter promotions and features. Specialist shelving for displaying olives and other self-selection produce were incorporated into standard gondolas. A rustic green grocer style of angled crates and stepped displays were designed for fresh organic fruit and vegetables.” A major consideration was the requirement for a tall bread display, which the client required to be prominent and highly visible from both inside and outside of the shop. However, the most practical position would mean the fresh bread would be exposed to direct drying sunlight through the south facing window. A compromise was reached whereby a tall timber display unit was designed to fit into the window space, but once again, the diffusing use of semi-transparent window images, specifically of fresh

bread were used to protect the produce. The colour pallet for display fixtures, counter front and top, shop front structural walls visible between fixtures and suitable hard-wearing, non-slip flooring were all carefully considered, with the theme of organic, gently earthy tones. A fresh, pastel range of greens and creamy, warm taupe was selected, avoiding muddy, dark colours, to compliment the wide range of fresh, vibrant produce being displayed. Since the first Organico opened its doors to great local acclaim, a further two stores have been developed in Epsom and Broadway Market in London E8. All the stores have the same strong ethos created for Loughton, of simple displays of really healthy, organic produce, amazingly fresh coffee and cakes. The comments on social media support the message that Organico brings organic, healthy products not available on the average supermarket shelves to a very welcoming market. FEBRUARY 2017 CAFÉ CULTURE 45


A new, independent coffee shop – brew + tucker - has not long opened in Frodsham, Cheshire, and is setting out to ease the daily grind for local shoppers. A new retail addition

The café occupies 30 Church Street, part of Frodsham’s Eddisbury Square, after agreeing a five-year lease with London & Cambridge Properties (LCP), which owns and manages the shopping parade. Spread over two floors the 1,326 square foot, 65-cover café is divided into ‘zones’ to suit different needs, including a large communal table for informal meetings, comfortable couches and armchairs for relaxing in, as well as plenty of space for buggies and prams. “brew + tucker brings a refreshing take on the traditional brew to the heart of Frodsham. The owners were attracted to Eddisbury Square because of its location and close proximity to the train station, making it the ideal coffee stop for both local shoppers and commuters,” reports Jo Salmon, retail portfolio manager at LCP. Local Convenience Parades is part of the London & Cambridge Properties Group, one of the UK’s largest property investment and management companies, and focuses on the local, convenience shopping sector. It has a portfolio of more than 205 retail sites, 1,620 retail units and in excess of four million square floor across the UK, and the company says that it is continually seeking high yielding retail investment property acquisitions throughout the UK.

Australian inspiration, local feel

The brew + tucker café is the brainchild of best friends Katie Palmer and Costa Fillis, who met in Sydney, Australia, in 2011. As well as the finest coffees, the coffee shop serves teas, juices and smoothies alongside freshly prepared food which aims to cater for a variety of dietary requirements. Tempting sweet treats - baked on site – are also on the menu. So far, they employ four staff from the local area, and are using local and independent suppliers wherever possible (notably meat from H.E.

46 FEBRUARY 2017


Coward Butchers and sourdough loaves from Cowburn’s Bakery). “We wanted to bring the coffee culture of Australia, where coffee is a way of life, to the friendly village of Frodsham. We’ve scoured the country to find the perfect blends and we’re already enjoying welcoming everyone to our new venture,” says Costa Fillis, co-owner of brew + tucker which is open from Monday to Saturday from 7am to 4pm and on Sundays from 9am to 4pm.

Five-star feedback

Highly positive customer comments and feedback received so far via Facebook have included “My new favourite place. I’m pretty fussy about my coffee and this was perfect. Each cup and plate is handmade, the environment is urban/chic/trendy, and the owner has a smile on her face. Try it!”, as well as “best coffee I’ve had in a long time! And to top it off a free sample of banana bread... yummy! Highly recommended and looking forward to my next visit.” “Gorgeous healthy breakfast

this morning and a delicious coffee to boot! I feel a lot of my Sunday mornings may be spent here!” enthused another, plus “fantastic service, first decent cup of coffee I have had in a long time, lovely, lovely Lamingtons. Thanks.” “What a great addition to Frodsham. Lovely food, coffee and tea. Would definitely recommend!” said another.


Is this the first coffee shop you have opened? It is. It’s something we’ve both personally dreamed of and talked about since we’ve known each other (five years) and worked on for the last year and a half. How many jobs has this created? We’re employing four staff to start with (plus the two of us). Depending on how busy we are, we hope for this to grow. All our staff are local so they will be familiar faces to our customers. We’ve also been very conscious to try and use local or independent suppliers wherever

PROFILE Rewarding loyalty

The brew + tucker story “We made friends in the sunny city of Sydney, Australia, where coffee culture is a way of life. When we moved to the UK, we felt the coffee scene had something missing,” says Costa Fillis. “Australia is renowned for the quality and strength of its coffee. In fact it’s where our favourite coffee - the flat white - was invented. It’s also known for the way coffee brings people together to share good times, with good friends. We wanted to recreate that here as we felt people just possible. All our meat is delivered fresh from H.E. Coward Butchers in Frodsham and we’ve found the perfect sourdough from Cowburn’s bakery (their sourdough starter was provided by Paul Hollywood!) How much have you invested in getting the cafe open? When we took the lease on the shop it was just an empty shell as it had previously been an estate agents. So we’ve literally started from scratch. We’ve invested our life savings into the shop and called in lots of favours with friends and family to make it happen as we wanted to create a space people would love to come to. What do you feel is the USP of the business? We’ve attached a bit of a story to our offering that we’re actually printing and having displayed in our shop, and that probably best answers this question. But essentially we’re aiming to bring Australian coffee culture to Frodsham. This means strong, quality, full flavoured coffee served with a brunch menu that consists of freshly prepared food and treats in a laid back atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. What made you decide to take the shop in Eddisbury Square? We wanted to open our shop in a friendly village where we could be a hub for the community and get to know everyone. We were both familiar with Frodsham through


needed somewhere to come together over a tasty brew and Frodsham’s friendly community was the perfect place. “After searching up and down the country, we’ve found the perfect coffee blend too. We craft and pour every coffee to the exact strength and temperature to create an authentic taste we hope you’ll love. To match the quality of our coffee, our food is prepared using lovingly sourced ingredients made fresh to order. We hope our guests enjoy our brew + tucker!” friends and family and countless dog walks nearby. The unit on Church Street (part of Eddisbury Square) instantly appealed for a number of reasons. Firstly it is over two floors. We always said we wanted people to have the space to relax and enjoy their time in our coffee shop so it’s perfect. It’s also a busy street with lots going on (we love to people watch!), and being so close to the train station means people can enjoy a quality takeaway coffee on their commute.

“We’ve sourced our own special blend of coffee that we think is delicious. We hope customers think so too, so it’s available to buy either in beans or already ground so people can enjoy it at home too,” says Costa Fillis. “We also want to reward customer loyalty, so we offer a loyalty card whereby you can get your tenth drink free. Simply collect the stamps every time you order a hot drink. “And as we’re passionate about coffee and all the different styles it comes in - but we know there are so many that it can be a bit confusing our ‘what’s my brew challenge pass’ tasks you to try 12 different coffees and find the right brew for you. Once you’ve tried them all and have decided on your favourite we’ll give you 10% off that brew for life!” In addition, brew + tucker offer gift vouchers so that people can treat their friends and family, and they also had their crockery specially made by a trusted potter (all of their plates, cups and saucers are available to buy so customers can take a bit of brew + tucker home with them).


Are you planning to open further cafes? At the moment we want to just concentrate on getting brew + tucker up and running. We’re passionate about what we do and won’t be thinking about another venture until we’ve got this one just so. How many people can the café accommodate? We can seat 65 people comfortably with different zones to suit different needs. As well as all our tables and chairs, we have a large communal table upstairs where people might want to work, couches and armchairs so people can really unwind and plenty of space for buggies.

Snowbird beefs up technical and NPD teams Snowbird foods has very considerably beefed up its technical and new product development services with three appointments, two of them at a very senior level. Named as the new technical manager by the fully cooked and frozen sausage and meatballs company is Tony Crilly. A graduate of Kings University, Belfast with a degree in food science, he spent five years with an Irish dairy powders company before moving into the meat sector for four years. Prior to joining Snowbird he gained further experience with a large company making products for retail multiples and foodservice customers. Ms. Bethany England, a Leeds University graduate, is Snowbird’s new head of innovation. Initially a food technician with Two Sisters, she was promoted to food technologist at its Anglian sites before moving to 3SM Bakery Solutions where she spent 3½ years as NPD manager and was an important part of a pan European innovation team. The third newcomer to the Snowbird technical team is NPD technologist Emanuele Manni, a Cardiff University graduate (call 020 8805 9222, or visit www.snowbirdfoods.co.uk).




WORK FOR THE CAFÉ SOCIETY AND COFFEE SHOP SECTOR An Open Letter to Rt Hon David Davis MP, Her Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, from Jim Winship, Director, The Café Society

Dear Mr Davis, I am writing on behalf of three trade associations, which together represent over 2,000 food businesses in the UK and which together employ over 300,000 people. Our members range from major manufacturers and retailers, to small ‘mama and papa’ shops. While many in the food industry are very concerned about the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, our Associations take the view that many of the more negative concerns can be positively resolved and add value to the sector.

Employment The foodservice sector is a major contributor to the UK economy. The UK sandwich industry alone is now valued at over £8 billion and the pizza pasta and Italian food sector adds a further £5 billion to this. The outside catering market is also worth in excess of £1 billion. Furthermore, the sandwich industry in particular is a major indirect contributor to the tourism

48 FEBRUARY 2017


industry and is the envy of the world in terms of the way it operates. Indeed, we regularly host visitors from overseas interested in replicating our industry and we market this expertise abroad as well as the technology that goes with it. From manufacturing to small corner sandwich shops, cafes and pizzerias, our industry is extremely dependent on manual labour of which there are already shortages in some areas. While in manufacturing this might in the long term be addressed through automation, the complexity of

making products such as sandwiches makes this more difficult than in industries where components are more regular in shape. In the foodservice sector, which accounts for a substantial part of these markets, where there is already a shortage of people in some areas, there is a vital need for recruiting people with good service skills. This is particularly true in London and the South East. See addendum. With natural growth in our markets, our industries can provide substantially more jobs in the future but we are already reliant on employees from outside the UK, particularly young people who are generally here to study or gain work experience. While we fully understand the need to control immigration, we believe there is a real opportunity for the UK to both support the growth in these industries and provide those working in them to gain skills that they can take back to their own countries. Various suggestions have been made for a points system for allowing workers into the UK. However, this would penalise those without specific

CAFÉ SOCIETY skills, which our industry needs. Our alternative suggestion is that the UK creates a ‘training’ programme which would allow workers into the UK on a six or 12 month visa provided that they are receiving training. The visa might be specific to an employer, so that the individual is bound to that employer for the period. In return, our industries would be prepared to put together a structured training programme for them. In addition, in areas where there are already specific skills shortages – such as with experienced pizza chefs – we would welcome a points system provided that it allowed for the shortages of such skills. Our members would also undertake to advertise vacancies in the UK before seeking candidates from abroad. We believe this approach could be used to continue to provide these industries with the employees they so rely upon while also introducing controls on immigration in a structured way.

Food Legislation If the UK food industry is to maintain its markets in Europe, we fully appreciate that it will be necessary for us to continue following European regulations and that it will be difficult to have separate rules for those operating exclusively in the UK market. However, there are some anomalies that can make a difference in the UK. One of these is the term ‘Use by’. The UK sandwich industry, where products have an extremely short shelf-life of generally two days, used to be allowed to use the term ‘Use by end of’. This was, however, ruled out in the Food Information Regulations from Europe. We would welcome the flexibility to return to this as we believe it is both clearer to consumers and to retailers. This simple change would have a significant impact on food wastage at the end of shelf-life. This is a good example of where the UK’s lead - in this case in chilled foods - can be compromised by legislation due to lack of full understanding of the markets by EU legislators. The UK leads by some way as a


European nation in the Food-to-Go sector. As other EU markets are less well developed, this can lead to ‘one size fits all’ legislation being created that does not fit with the developing UK market. We would welcome an open approach that would enable UK businesses to negotiate regulations before they are adopted into UK law that can have a negative impact on our home market. After Brexit, the UK will no longer have representation on EU

committees. We would welcome the setting up of a body, with representation from across the UK industry, to advise on the adoption of new regulations and guidance. Yours faithfully,

Jim Winship

Director The Café Society Signed additionally on behalf of the following organisations: • The Asian Catering Association • The British Sandwich & Food-toGo Association • The National Catering Association (NCASS) • The Pizza Pasta & Italian Food Association (PAPA)

Addendum - Data from Fourth Analytics Fourth Analytics is a major provider of HR and payroll software to the Restaurant sector. They report: Currently more than two-fifths (43%) of workers in the restaurant, QSR, hotel and pub sectors are foreign nationals, according to latest figures from Fourth Analytics. The research, which was based on a sample comprising 25,000 employees, graphically illustrates the impact a ‘hard’ Brexit would have – if Britain’s exit from the European Union served to limit hospitality businesses’ ability to recruit non-UK nationals. The numbers spike dramatically for restaurants, with 57% of workers originating from outside of the UK; split 51% for front-of-house (FOH) and a significant 71% – for the kitchen and back-of-house (BOH) roles. The study also revealed: • The average length of tenure hospitality workers spend at a business is 12 months. • BOH employees take an average of 9.5 sick days a year – up from 8.5 in 2015. • FOH employees take an average of 6.9 sick days a year. • The gender split FOH in the hospitality industry is 41% male, 59% female. • The gender split BOH in the hospitality industry is 58% male,

42% female. 86% of hospitality workers are paid by the hour. • The average hourly pay of hospitality workers is £7.71 – 51p higher than the NLW. • The average ages of hospitality workers, split by sector, are: hotels, 35.5; QSR, 30; restaurant, 29.8; pubs, 28.6. • BOH employees work an average of 34 hours a week – 12 hours more than FOH employees, where part-time work is more prevalent. • 9% of BOH employees are under 21, compared to 20% for FOH. Mike Shipley, analytics & insight solutions director at Fourth, said: “These figures clearly demonstrate how heavily reliant hospitality is on foreign nationals, especially in the restaurant sector, and especially back of house. “As we know, there is already a battle for talent, with companies working extremely hard to attract, retain and engage staff. It’s an issue that is exacerbated in restaurant kitchens and it’s driving up wage levels well beyond legislative thresholds, such as the national minimum wage. With Brexit uncertainty looming over the industry, the sooner the Government can deliver clarity and reassurance, the better.” •


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JOHN WEST FOODS LTD No. 1 Mann Island, Liverpool, Merseyside L3 1BP Contact: Paul Kent Tel: 0151 243 6200 Fax: 0151 236 7502 paul.kent@thaiunion.com

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MISSION FOODS EUROPE LTD Heathrow Boulevard 4, 282 Bath Road, Sipson, West Drayton UB7 0DQ Contact: Natasha Bailey Tel: 0208 754 0115 Fax: 02476 676560 team@missionfoodservice.co.uk www.missionfoodservice.co.uk

MOY PARK LTD. 39 Seagoe Industrial Estate, Craigavon, County Armagh BT63 5QE Contact: Mark Ainsbury Tel: +44 (0) 28 3835 2233 mark.ainsbury@moypark.com www.moypark.com

MYFRESH PREPARED PRODUCE LTD. Unit 5 Walthew House Lane, Martland Park Industrial Estate, Wigan WN5 0LB Contact: Emma Hesketh Tel: 01942 219942 emma.hesketh@myfreshprepared.co.uk www.myfreshprepared.co.uk NEW YORK BAKERY CO. 6-9 The Square, Stockley Park, Uxbridge

PLANGLOW LTD King’s House, Bond Street, Bristol BS1 3AE Contact: Rachael Sawtell Tel: 0117 317 8600 Fax: 0117 317 8639 info@planglow.com www.planglow.com POSITIVE ID LABELLING SYSTEMS LTD. Castle Lane, Melbourne, Derbyshire DE73 8JB Contact: John Mayers Tel: 01332 864895 Fax: 01332 864315 john@pid-labelling.co.uk www.pid-labelling.co.uk PRINCES FOODS LTD. Royal Liver Building, Pier Head, Liverpool L3 1NX Contact: Brian Robbitt Tel: 0151 966 7000 Fax: 0151 966 7037 brian.robbitt@princes.co.uk www.princes.co.uk

UB11 1FW Contact: Sandie Belton Tel: 07507 063090 katrina.hamill@grupobimbo.com www.newyorkbakery.co.uk NINA BAKERY 114 Halutssi Hatasia, Haifa, 2620113, Israel Contact: Michal Neeman Tel: +972 544 578648 michal.neeman@lumeega.com NORSELAND LTD. Somerton Road, Ilchester, Somerset BA22 8JL Contact: Oliver Scott-Harden Tel: 01935 842800 Fax: 01935 842801 oscott-harden@norseland.co.uk www.norseland.co.uk

OREXIS FRESH FOODS LTD. Unit 54B Minerva Road, Park Royal, London NW10 6HJ Contact: Romi Stavrou Tel: 0208 9652223 romi@orexis.co.uk www.orexis.co.uk PAUWELS UK 1st Floor, Axiom House, High Street,Feltham, Middlesex TW13 4AU Contact: Rees Smith Tel: 0208 818 7617 Fax: 0203 187 0071 rees.smith@pauwels-sauces.com www.pauwel-sauces.com PIQUANT LTD Willenhall Lane, Bloxwich, Walsall, W.Midlands WS3 2XN Contact: Julie Smith Tel: 01922 711116 Fax: 01922 473240 salesinfo@piquant.co.uk www.piquant.co.uk Accreditation body: BSA

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SMITHFIELD FOODS LTD. Norfolk Tower, 48-52 Surrey Street, Norwich, Norfolk NR1 3PA Contact: Gary McFarlane Tel: 01603 252437 Fax: 01603 252401 garymcfarlane@smithfieldfoods.co.uk www.smithfieldfoods.co.uk

SNOWBIRD FOODS Wharf Road, Ponders End, Enfield, Middlesex EN3 4TD Contact: Roy Anderson Tel: 0208 805 9222 Fax: 0208 804 9303 roy.anderson@snowbirdfoods.co.uk www.snowbirdfoods.co.uk

SOUTHERN SALADS LIMITED Units 1 & 2 Cannon Bridge Cannon Lane, Tonbridge, Kent TN1 9RP Contact: Mr Ray Boakes Tel: 01732 362444 Fax: 01732 361919 ray@southernsalads.co.uk www.southernsalads.com SOUTHOVER FOOD COMPANY LIMITED Unit 4, Grange Industrial Estate, Albion Street, Southwick,Brighton BN42 4EN Contact: Robert Partridge Tel: 01273 596830 Fax: 01273 596 839 bob@southoverfoods.com www.southoverfoods.com THE FOODFELLAS Lakeside House, 1 Furzeground Way, Stockley Park, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB11 1BD Contact: Millie Deane Tel: 0208 622 3064 Fax: 0845 2801166 millie@thefoodfellas.co.uk www.thefoodfellas.co.uk THE INGREDIENTS FACTORY Unit 2-3 Hamilton Road Ind Estate, 160 Hamilton Road, London SE27 9SF Tel: 0208 670 6701 Fax: 0208 670 9676 Contact: Tim Marcuson tim@theingredientsfactory.com www.theingredientsfactory.com

TRI-STAR PACKAGING SUPPLIES LTD Tri-Star House, Unit 4, The Arena,, Mollison Avenue, Enfield, Middlesex EN3 7NL Contact: Kevin Curran Tel: 0208 4439100 Fax: 0208 4439101 info@tri-star.co.uk www.tri-star.co.uk

UCD 1883 UK DISTRIBUTOR Unit 1 Sheerland Farm, Swan Lane, Pluckley, Kent TN27 0PN Contact: Natalie Russell| Tel: 01233 840 296 sales@ucd.uk.com www.ucd.uk.com

VESTEY FOODS UK 29 Ullswater Crescent, Coulson, Surrey CR5 2HR Contact: Les Roberts Tel: 0208 668 9344 Fax: 0208 660 4640 l.roberts@vestey.com www.vesteyfoods.com ZAFRON FOODS LTD. Unit B-G Eagle Trading Estate, Willow Lane, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 4UY Contact: Jack Kenny Tel: 0844 847 5116 Fax: 0844 847 5117 jack@zafronfoods.co.uk www.zafronfoods.co.uk

ZWANENBERG FOOD UK LTD (Puredrive Fine Foods/ Taste Original) 36A Causeway Road, Earlstrees Industrial Estate, Corby, Northamptonshire NN17 4DU Contact: Martin Burdekin Tel: 01536 463000 Fax: 01536 463085 martinb@puredrive.co.uk

LINKED ASSOCIATION LOCAL AUTHORITY CATERING ASSOCIATIONS LACA Administration Bourne House, Horsell Park,Woking, Surrey GU21 4LY Tel: 01483766777 Fax: 01483751991 admin@laca.co.uk

CONSULTANT INTERNATIONAL MASTER CHEF & AUTHOR Tom Bridge, 21 Blackhorse Avenue, Blackrod Village, Bolton BL6 5HE Tel: 01204 695450 or 07889 111256 www.cookerydetective.com www.piesocietybook.co.uk

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Sandwich Manufacturers

SIGMA BAKERIES PO Box 56567 3308 Limassol, Cyprus Contact: Georgios Georgiou Tel: +357 25 878678 Fax: +357 25 346131 info@sigmabakeries.com www.sigmabakeries.com SUBWAY Chaston House, Mill Court, Hinton Way, Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire CB22 5LD Contact: Frederick De Luca Tel: 01223 550820 www.subway.co.uk

TAMARIND FOODS SPRL Brixtonlaan 2c, 1930 Zaventem, Brussels, Belgium Tel: +32 2 731 69 77 Fax: +32 2 731 69 78 Contact: Frederic Teichmann fteichmann@tamarindfoods.be www.tamarindfoods.be

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BAKERY INSERTS Sigma Bakeries Ltd BREAD Sigma Bakeries Ltd ORGANIC PRODUCTS Sigma Bakeries Ltd SANDWICHES Subway Tamarind Foods SANDWICH FILLINGS (prepared) Sigma Bakeries Ltd SPECIALITY BREADS Sigma Bakeries Ltd

NEW All you need for perfect coffee The new A600 redefines how you interact with your machine. The intelligent, user-friendly touchscreen can be adapted individually to your operation and is augmented effectively with a functional lighting concept. The revolutionary automatic cleaning concept ensures the highest level of cleanliness and maximum efficiency. Innovative Swiss technology makes sure you get perfect coffee enjoyment. You will be thrilled with the excelling taste experience – classic coffees, chocolate and a wide variety of beverage creations, with hot or cold milk foam and flavors. Make it wonderful – A600.franke.com

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Profile for J & M Group Ltd.

Cafe Culture Magazine - Issue 78  

A number of stand-out cafés and coffee shop concepts are profiled in this issue as we turn our attention to design. We also look at milk, sh...

Cafe Culture Magazine - Issue 78  

A number of stand-out cafés and coffee shop concepts are profiled in this issue as we turn our attention to design. We also look at milk, sh...

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