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ISSUE No.85 APRIL 2018

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Welcome! In this issue, we preview this month’s very popular London Coffee Festival and our features showcase some espresso machines, as well as what coffee pods and capsules can offer. We also highlight how creative the tea sector is becoming. More people across the UK will soon be able to refill their water bottles for free following the recent announcement of a new national scheme by the water industry, we hear. There’s a new, coffee and beverage-focused addition to the UK’s coffee calendar – the European Coffee Expo (22-23 May 2018, Olympia, London). Café Life will be in attendance on Stand H13, and we look forward to catching up with many of you at this event (turn to page 18 for a preview). Clare Benfield - Editor

4 Starbucks UK tests first ever paper cup charge. 5 Industry ready to welcome first European Coffee Expo. 6

Compass to launch Barista Academy of elite coffee experts.

10 The complete one-day vending show.

46 Smooth operators pods and capsules.

ARTICLES 42 Cockroaches in the coffee machine - advice on how to deal with pests in cafés.


56 Right to Work compliance.

26 In touch and in control espresso machine developments.


34 Creative teas - day part offering, food pairings and tea’s ethical credentials

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44 Navigating the digital ordering landscape advice from Preoday’s Matt Graywood.

22 London Coffee Festival 2018.

18 European Coffee Expo 2018.

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52 Water scheme to cut plastic bottle use plans to refill water bottles for free.


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Sirop de Thé Framboise l883 Feat. Glaçon + Eau de Source* w w w.1 8 8 3 . c o m A p u re p rod u c t f rom t h e Fre n ch A l p s.


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Starbucks UK tests first ever paper cup charge Starbucks has announced the launch of a pioneering threemonth 5p paper cup charge trial in 35 stores across the City, West End, and west London, to evaluate whether customers will reduce their use of single-use paper cups. The proceeds from the 5p charge will be donated to environmental charity and behaviour change experts, Hubbub, say Starbucks, with Hubbub helping to track the impact of this threemonth trial cup charge on customer behaviour, as well as helping to reduce waste and encourage the use of reusable cups. Hubbub will also use the funds to support other innovative campaigns to reduce waste across the capital. Starbucks commissioned research found that almost half (48%) of people surveyed said they would carry a reusable cup, saving

money and reducing waste. Since 2014, Starbucks has offered a £1 reusable cup to make it as easy as possible for customers to reuse at an accessible price. The trial, which will add 5p automatically on to any paper cup purchase in these 35 stores, will coincide with impactful in-store marketing communications to inform customers of the charge. To further reduce waste, Starbucks baristas will also ensure all customers drinking in store are offered their drink in a ceramic cup. “We’re hoping that this charge will remind customers to rethink their use of singleuse plastic-lined cups, as it has with plastic bags,” said Simon Redfern, VP communications, Starbucks Europe. “We’ve offered a reusable cup discount for 20 years, with only 1.8% of customers currently taking

up this offer, so we’re really interested in working with Hubbub to see how this charge could help to change behaviour and help to reduce waste.” Gavin Ellis, co-founder, Hubbub added: “Our early conversations with customers have shown an increased awareness of the need to reduce waste from single-use cups. Previous studies have shown that adding a charge on singleuse cups is more effective than money off a reusable cup. We’re excited to be working on this initiative with Starbucks to find out if this is the case on the high street and to discover what else will encourage people to use reusable cups.” The 5p paper cup charge trial is the latest in Starbucks long-standing commitment to environmental action and sustainability. In addition

to its ongoing efforts to reduce material waste – such as a 25p discount for customers who bring in a reusable mug or tumbler – Starbucks is a founding member of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, a growing coalition of more than 80 industry and conservation leaders led by Conservation International and working to make coffee the world’s most sustainable commodity.

Starbucks are trialling a 5p cup levy in some London stores.

La Marzocco brings flavour to the UKBC 2018 2018 is the first year of La Marzocco being gold sponsor of the UK Barista Championships. Coordinated with the UK chapter of the SCA (Speciality Coffee Association), the 2018 Championships began in London on 17 February at Protein Studios in Shoreditch, London. From start to finish, the venue was packed with spectators applauding the competitors with each competitor expertly producing, within a certain time frame and format, espressos, a milk beverage and finally a signature drink on the Strada AV. The Strada AV offers a stable brewing platform, feel La Marzocco, being equipped with advanced auto-volumetric technology and ergonomic performance touch steam wands so that the machine

4 APRIL 2018


can provide the barista with an enjoyable, comfortable and unique experience. La Marzocco says that it has set out to bring a wide range of spectators to the competition and have exclusive industry panels running at each of the heats, reinforcing the “edutainment” aspect and community-driven purpose of the championships. The first in their series of panel discussions was curated by Thomas Haigh, head of

coffee by Tate and home to Tate’s Gender Equality Coffee Project. Focusing on the importance of gender equality within value chains and development contexts, Thomas Haigh was joined in conversation by leading voices in the subject which drew in a crowd that lead a healthy Q&A on what we can do as consumers to better support gender equality at origin, and beyond. The second heat took place

at the Paintworks in Bristol on Saturday, 24 February, with the the panel focused on advancements within roasting, and featuring some of the best from the South West. Namely, Peter James (James Gourmet), Ashlee Eastwood-Quin (Extract Coffee Roasters), Maxwell Colonna Dashwood (Colonna Coffee), Simon Humes (Origin Coffee Roasters), Finn Mclean (Clifton Coffee Roasters) and Liam Maidement (Grumpy Mule). This speaker line-up engaged both sides of the debate, arguing whether automation can ever be the way forward when subjectivity and specificity of human taste is so integral to the practice of roasting. The semi-finals and finals will take place on the 13 and April 2018 in the iconic Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, as a key feature of the London Coffee Festival.


Industry ready to welcome first European Coffee Expo

Quinic Events Ltd will be hosting the inaugural, and highly anticipated, European Coffee Exposition in London next month (22 and 23 May 2018, West Upper Hall, Olympia, London). This new show is setting out to be a bare minimal

showcase that strips cafés down to what’s most important - their coffee - the goal being to be purely focused on the excellence of coffee production without any furniture, interior design, or muffins that can so easily distract! Coffee entrepreneurs are being encouraged to exhibit their best brews and baristas for the thousands of major corporate buyers who are expected to attend. This coffee expo will feature a coffee bar and bistro, conferences and demonstration areas, a drinks reception (open to all) and a VIP programme. Plus, the Innovation Path & Awards will put the spotlight on 15 of the

most innovative products at the Expo to be selected by a panel of judges. In addition to these awards, there will also be the Taste Challenges & Awards. The United Kingdom’s coffee market is growing, and showing no sign of stopping,

point out Quinic Events, who report that experts are estimating that there will be over 27,000 coffee shops in the UK by 2019. Thus, this market is one to watch closely, invest in wisely and most importantly participate in daily, they suggest.

Turn to page 18 to find out more.

Kinga Sobczynska crowned Costa’s top barista A barista from London – Kinga Sobczynska – was named Costa Coffee’s 2017 Barista of the Year Champion recently in the high street’s brand annual international competition. Kinga Sobczynska has worked at the Brent Cross Shopping Centre store at Brent Cross for five months and beat stiff competition from some of Costa’s most accomplished baristas from around the world to be named the Best Costa Barista in the World in the tenth year of the international championship. Kinga Sobczynska impressed Costa’s master of coffee, Gennaro Pelliccia, celebrity TV chef Phil Vickery and Clair Preston-Beer, Costa’s MEA MD, with her outstanding performance in each of the stages of the final pouring her own personality, talent, imagination and skill in her coffee creations. In addition to taking home the coveted trophy, the new champion was also awarded a 10-day trip for two to a country with a Costa connection of her choice. Eleven other baristas from around the world took part in the final that tested their ability to produce a technically perfect cup of hand-made coffee, their


personality and performance, flair and passion for coffee, knowledge and understanding of the industry and their creativity by inventing their own signature drink. “I’m still in shock that I have won Barista of the Year!” said Kinga Sobczynska. “The whole journey has been amazing and it was such an honour to even make the final and meet other Costa baristas from all around the world. I’m very grateful to my family and friends, my Costa colleagues and my regular customers who have given me so much support along the way.” Head judge and Costa’s Master of Coffee Gennaro Pelliccia added: “Our people are the most important ingredient in our coffee. The confidence and craft they show in their coffee making skills ensures that our that our customers around the world know and love across our unique blend. With over 30,000 Costa Coffee baristas around the world Kinga did a fantastic job against outstanding competition. She has everything we look for in our baristas: someone who possesses true pride, passion and personality.”



Compass to launch Barista Academy of elite coffee experts Compass Group UK & Ireland, the UK’s largest food and support services firm, has announced that it will launch its first Barista Academy – a group consisting of the most highly skilled baristas in the business. The creation of the Academy continues Compass’s investment in developing a top range of quality coffee offers, say the company, with the application process open to all baristas in the company, giving them the opportunity to prove their coffee credentials. A focus on technical skill, consistency and quality will help decide which baristas make it through the testing trials. Those that make it to the last stage will undergo judging by a panel of esteemed external experts, who will decide who makes the final cut to earn the title of Master Barista. All Master Baristas will receive the highest standard of training, working towards a Speciality Coffee Association Diploma in Coffee. This will enable Master Baristas to share best practice across the business and inspire other colleagues to enhance quality, say Compass, with the focus on quality being what will set the

Barista Academy apart and create what really matters, great tasting coffee for customers. “Starting the process of launching our first ever Barista Academy is an important step for us in continuing our coffee journey. Establishing this group of hugely talented and skilled individuals, we will be able to spread their knowledge around the business, further raising the standard and profile of our baristas and our coffee offers. It’s a great opportunity to bring together all the great work we’re doing in the hot beverage category and show off some of our talented people that take our coffee credentials to the next level,” said Louise Pilkington, marketing director, Compass Group UK & Ireland. Stephen Lovegrove, head of business excellence – central marketing, Compass

Group UK & Ireland added: “We have some fantastic baristas in this business, who complement the quality of our coffee offers. The launch of our Barista Academy brings this work together and celebrates this talent – we can’t wait for the trials to begin to decide our Master Baristas.” In December 2017, Compass Group UK & Ireland further enhanced its hot beverage offer, with the launch of Peak St. and Crackle & Hum. These two distinctive coffee concepts, target value and premium segments within the coffee market, and are currently being rolled-out at Compass client sites, across sectors such as business and industry, healthcare and leisure. The market for hot beverages is in sustained growth, both in size and breadth of range, with the UK coffee shop market generating £8.9b in revenue annually, according to the Allegra World Coffee Portal Project Café 2017 report. Sponsoring the Barista Academy are UCC Coffee, Nouva Simonelli, Victoria Arduino, Yew Tree Dairy, West Country Milk, Alpro UK Ltd., Brita, Hydracs, Teapigs, Continental Chef Supplies and Speciality Coffee Association.

Fracino’s sales chief appointed to Made in Britain board Fracino’s head of global sales and marketing, Peter Atmore, has been appointed to the board of Made in Britain in a role that will see him contribute to the strategic decision of Made in Britain which promotes the British manufacturing sector in the UK and around the world. With sector expertise spanning almost four decades, Peter Atmore has built a powerful track record and reputation in operational and leadership positions. He has also been instrumental in Fracino’s continued expansion at home and overseas since joining the multi award-winning espresso machine manufacturer two years ago. A champion of driving up industry standards, Peter Atmore is also a director of the Beverage Standards Association. Fellow business leaders on the Made in Britain’s board include Antony Wallis

6 APRIL 2018

(co-founder of Best of Britannia), Chris Harrop (group marketing director & director of sustainability, Marshalls plc) and Camilla Hadock (director of Roach Bridge Tissues). Made in Britain chief executive, John Pearce said: “Peter’s wealth of industry expertise, drive and commitment highly compliment the skills and experience of our board members and he will add much value to our remit to promote best practice and further develop the supply chain of British-made goods.” Peter Atmore added: “Fracino’s deep rooted ethos and commitment to fly the flag for British manufacturing in the UK are wholly aligned with the goals of Made in Britain. Displaying a Union Jack flag on every machine that leaves our factory, we embody the UK’s production skills and expertise as the sole manufacturer of espresso machines. I look forward to promoting the Made in

Championing British manufacturing – Fracino’s Peter Atmore.

Britain message to buyers, specifiers and consumers in the UK and around the globe.”



There’s no alternative to great taste

Lactofree is a milk drink that’s been specially treated to remove lactose. More consumers are looking to avoid lactose in their diets and, when it comes to fresh dairy alternatives, Lactofree is bigger than Soya. And Lactofree consumers are loyal. They know there is no compromise when it comes to great taste. Discover how Lactofree performs in coffee at www.arlapro.co.uk or contact arla.pro.uk@arlafoods.com As a farmer-owned cooperative, we control the quality of our milk every step of the way. Choose Arla Pro brands for delicious dairy sourced in a responsible, sustainable way that directly supports dairy farmers. Source: Nielsen 4we 27.01.18

Milk adverts arla_AW.indd 2

22/03/2018 09:19


Cocoa-Cola European Partners launches Honest Coffee Cocoa-Cola European Partners (CCEP) has announced its first range of on-the-go cold coffee drinks in Great Britain, with Honest Coffee being the third brand to be launched under the Honest umbrella and joining Honest Organic Herbal Tea and Honest Kids. Launched in March, there are two variants in the organic Honest Coffee range - Latte and Mocha. The product range is tapping into the growing consumer demand for RTD coffee products in GB - a sector which is worth £66 million and growing by 20% year on year, report CCEP. The coffee drinks are available in a re-sealable 240ml single PET, designed to suit consumers with an on-the-go lifestyle - with workplace and higher education among the key channels for the product. Made with Arabica beans, the products are organic and exempt from the soft drinks tax that comes into effect in April. The 42.5% coffee content and lower sugar also helps to deliver a taste profile that is less sweet than some RTD coffee options, appealing to consumers who want a more authentic cold coffee experience. “Launching Honest Coffee is a real stepchange for CCEP and part of our evolution to becoming a total beverage company,” said Simon Harrison, customer marketing director GB at Coca-Cola European Partners. “The Honest brand proposition is about sincerity and transparency from the way we sustainably source and present our ingredients to the charity partners we support, all of which are compelling to today’s consumers. This, combined with the current growth of cold coffee RTD drinks, makes this year the ideal time to expand our Honest range in GB”

8 APRIL 2018


Aqua Cure expands its dedicated coffee team Water purity experts, Aqua Cure Ltd (www.aquacure.co.uk), have expanded their dedicated coffee team by recruiting Dan Pegrum as their new coffee business development manager. Dan Pegrum will be promoting Aqua Cure’s water treatment products in the speciality coffee market, focusing mainly in the south and particularly in London, and knows the coffee industry well having joined Aqua Cure from Euro Food Brands Ltd where he’s spent the last 14 years working with big name foodservice brands like Illy Coffee. Dan Pegrum’s appointment completes Aqua Cure’s dedicated coffee team alongside David Parkes (managing director), Stuart Godfrey (business development manager), Adam Nicholson (assistant sales manager), Peter Symonds (E-commerce manager) and Richard Stephenson (marketing manager); all of whom are heavily involved in Aqua Cure’s expansion into the coffee market. “Dan’s appointment demonstrates how seriously we’re taking the coffee market,”

said Richard Stephenson. “Particularly in the south of England – though the north is catching up – speciality coffee has some serious gourmet credentials with single origin coffees and different types of blend all vying for the attention of increasingly discerning consumers. As such, now is the perfect time to be informing the industry about the massive difference that water quality can make to the flavour of artisan coffee, as well as the savings limescalefree water can make in boiler efficiency. Having both Dan and Stuart out on the road will help us bring that message to a wider audience.”

New development kitchen for Marimba Family chocolatier, Marimba, have made a giant Easter egg to celebrate the opening of their new development kitchen in Sudbury, Suffolk. Mother and daughter team Jackie and Katherine Wright crafted the 10kg handmade egg using 43% single origin Venezuelan chocolate (the same chocolate use to make Marimba’s popular hot chocolate Melt drinks). “We wanted to mark the opening of our development kitchen with something unusual and different. The kitchen is within the country’s only hot chocolate museum and enables us to continue to innovate without any disruption to our busy production kitchen in Bury St Edmunds,” said Jackie Wright. After the egg was created, resident chocolate artist, Feriyalle, spent hours painstakingly hand decorating beautiful patterns onto the egg. “First, I had to mix the correct colours into chocolate before I can start,” she explained. “You only get one chance to produce the perfect design - the pressure really was on! However, I get lots of practice personalising bars of chocolate with bespoke designs for those that visit our Sudbury chocolatier shop, so I felt confident I could do it.” “The development kitchen is an important addition to our capabilities as a chocolatier,” added Brad Wright, Marimba’s sales manager. “Through

2017 we saw our fifth consecutive year of growth with our hot chocolate Melts being served in almost 600 cafés nationwide. The new kitchen will enable us to continue to release new and interesting retail products to support hot chocolate Melt sales throughout 2018.” Marimba World Chocolate are the producers of single origin hot chocolate flakes, available in 31% Dominican Republic white, 43% Venezuela milk, 71% Ecuador dark and 55% sugar free varieties. Flakes of real chocolate steam quickly and easily into milk or dairy alternatives for the ultimate luxury hot chocolate.

3-5 September 2018

Birmingham, NEC, UK The international trade show and conference that brings together the entirety of the industry’s supply chain – from bean and leaf to cup.

www.tcworldcup.com Organised by


North East ice cream maker National Champion An ice cream business which started by selling ice cream to hard working coal miners has struck gold after being voted the best in the UK. More than 75 years ago, Giuseppe Minchella’s ice cream became a firm favourite with coal miners as they came out of Bolden Colliery in Durham and now Guiseppe’s grandson, 69-year-old Michael Minchella, has won national acclaim after he was voted the UK’s Ice Cream Champion by judges at the National Ice Cream Competition. The award is considered the most prestigious in the country and is awarded by the Ice Cream Alliance - the trade body for the UK’s £1bn ice cream industry. Michael Minchella, who runs Minchella & Co, won the coveted title for his pistachio ice cream and said the triumph was his greatest moment in his 50-year

career. “I am still waiting to come down. I am so proud. It’s like winning the Oscars for ice cream. It doesn’t get any better than this,” he said. Michael Minchella, whose business is based in South Shields, picked up four trophies in total including best pistachio ice cream, best lemon sorbet and best

La Cimbali’s new S20 smaller but perfectly formed La Cimbali has extended its range of super-automatic professional coffee machines with the launch of the S20, ‘little sis’ to the multi-award-winning S30 Perfect Touch. The S20 has been designed to deliver up to 200 cups of coffee and milk-based beverages a day and with its compact size and small footprint it is ideal for use where space is at a premium and lower drink volumes are anticipated, feel La Cimbali. When configured in power station mode, the S20 can simultaneously deliver milk-based beverages from two adjacent machines, using only one fridge, thus optimising the work space even further. Echoing the design and styling of the S30, the new S20 also features a 7” touch screen display and an integrated Wi-Fi system that allows remote control of all the machine’s settings (coffee boiler temperature, pump rate, recipe settings, type of screen saver, colour of the lights, etc.), analysis of consumption data (e.g. coffee and milk quantities used), and preventive maintenance. “The S20 meets the need in the market for a low volume high spec machine that can produce the quality that consumers have come to expect across the speciality drinks menu,” explains Daniel Clarke, managing director, La Cimbali UK. “Thanks to the precision of the technology, the S20 is capable of delivering even single origin and speciality coffee to a consistent standard over a period of time. “Milk prep is easy and safe thanks to the cool touch Turbo Steam 4 steam wand and as well as coffee and chocolate, hot textured milk is also available so the barista can get creative with new recipe development to keep customers engaged through the seasons.”

10 APRIL 2018


overall flavour, and dedicated his success to two people - his father Fred, who taught him everything he knows, and his son Joseph and his team. The business operates ice cream parlours in Sea Road and another in Ocean Road, in the town centre, where the ice cream has been made since 1942, and employs a total of 30 people. Asked how he made his ice cream taste so good, he said it was essential to have the best quality ingredients and it was then down to skill and experience in knowing how to blend them together. “Michael and his family have been making superb ice cream for many years and he fully deserves this win,” said ICA chief executive, Zelica Carr. “Throughout his long career he has shown passion and dedication and he is a wonderful example to the rest of the ice cream industry.”

The complete oneday vending show Vendex Midlands will be returning to the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham on Tuesday, 24 April 2018. Vendex Midlands’ one day format, running from 10am to 4pm, ensures that both visitors and exhibitors spend a minimum amount of time out of the office and maximise opportunities to explore new developments, promote their business and network with the key players who will be attending, feel the show’s organisers. “Vendex Midlands is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever before. Exhibitor spaces sold out well in advance and the range of products, services and equipment on show is hugely inspiring,” said show director, Phil Reynolds of Trade Events, the events company behind Vendex. “We know from experience that this show delivers in terms of being the key trade event for the vending industry in the UK and now with our counterparts in China and Russia, Vendex Midlands has a strong international platform from which both exhibitors and visitors can benefit. The National Motorcycle Museum is situated in Solihull and is easily accessible by road and public transport, parking is free, wi-fi is free, there’s a free goodie bag for every visitor and entry is free (register at www.vend-ex.com).

Iced TeeBee

Rose Dellatte



2 pumps/16ml 1883 Ice Tea Raspberry Chilled spring water Ice Fresh fruit berries and mint leaves 1883 Strawberry sauce

1 pump/8ml 1883 Rose syrup 5.5oz Milk 1 shot Espresso 1883 Chocolate sauce

METHOD Add the syrup, ice, water and berries to the glass and stir well. Drizzle with the sauce and add the mint leaves!

Chocups INGREDIENTS 2 pumps/16ml 1883 Chocolate Cookie syrup 180ml Whole milk 1 pump 1883 Chocolate Sauce 1 scoop Kool Kup + cup of ice Garnish; Whipped cream flavoured with 1883 French Nougat, Kool Kup Toppings White Mini mallows, Cocoa and 1883 Chocolate sauce

METHOD Blend the main ingredients. Add some sauce to the glass base and pour in the mix. Garnish with the flavoured cream, toppings and sauce.

1883 MAISON ROUTIN UK DISTRIBUTOR : United Coffee Distributors Ltd t/a UCD Email: sales@ucd.uk.com

Tel: 01233 840 296

Join CLUB83 at www.1883.com

Web : www.ucd.uk.com


Place some of the chocolate sauce into a latte glass. Foam the milk and syrup mix and add. Then gently add the espresso. Decorate with a Chocolate sauce latte art

Sweet Violet INGREDIENTS 2 pumps/16ml 1883 Violet syrup 2 pumps/30ml 1883 White Chocolate Sauce 180ml Whole milk 1 scoop Kool Kup and cup of ice Garnish; Kool Kup Toppings White Chocolate Blossom and edible flowers

METHOD Pour all the ingredients in a blender jug. Mix until smooth. Pour in a large glass. Garnish with edible flowers and Blossom topping.


A successful makeover for Duke’s Deli Glasgow-based retail and catering specialist, QED, has recently completed a successful refurbishment project at Duke’s Deli, a popular café and delicatessen in the historic market town of Lanark, South Lanarkshire, Scotland. Duke’s Deli is owned and run by young entrepreneur Stuart Anderson and acts as the high street outlet for Battlefield Bakery which is based on Stuart’s family farm, and where most of the food sold at the deli is produced (this includes bread, sandwiches, paninis, cakes, desserts, fresh coffee, wine and beer). Stuart Anderson acquired Duke’s Deli in 2016 and, after running it for just over a year, decided to put his own stamp on the business by doing a complete refurbishment. This included the installation of a brand-new serveover counter from the QED Avalon range with refrigerated and ambient counter top displays and back-bar shelving. In addition, a selection of new stainless-steel food service equipment was carefully integrated into the retail scheme. The refurbishment also entailed increasing the dining area of the café and introducing a new range of contemporary tables and chairs to provide an enhanced

dining experience for the customers. The result has been a complete transformation of the business, with greatly improved display areas for food and drinks and a much more practical environment in which to present the products and serve the customers.

And according to Stuart Anderson, there has been a measurable increase in food and drink sales since the refurbishment was completed, together with a lot of compliments from the customers about the improved ambience and comfort of the café.

Rombouts extends premium Fairtrade and Organic coffee offerings Family-owned coffee roasters, Rombouts, has extended its range of Fairtrade and Organic premium quality coffees with new offerings to UK retailers - Rombouts Déca Aqua and a new Bio & Fairtrade range. Both are available in ground and bean format, the new listings being officially launched in Q1 of 2018 and offering an exciting addition to Rombouts’ existing range of premium quality whole bean, roast and ground coffees, espresso pods and innovative espresso pod systems, feel the company. Rombouts’ Déca Aqua blend is water decaffeinated without harsh solvents to help protect the unique characteristics of the 100% Arabica coffee. With its Fairtrade and organic credentials, this coffee is set to be a popular choice with consumers who are looking for an eco-friendly decaf option without compromising on quality, suggest Rombouts.

12 APRIL 2018


The new Bio & Fairtrade range is another exciting addition to the Rombouts coffee portfolio, with the pure Arabica coffee beans being shadegrown and harvested by hand, creating exceptional flavour with the know-how of farmers who work the soil without chemical fertilisers or pesticides, point out Rombouts. Year on year, Rombouts is becoming more committed to sustainable development, notably through the launch of new Fairtrade products. An important part of the brand’s business philosophy is to ensure that the coffee is purchased under specific conditions, including a guaranteed minimum purchase price, a development bonus

for the completion of community projects and supporting the preservation of ecologically fragile regions, say the company. “Consumers are more and more interested in the origins and sustainability of the products that they are buying, making it more important now than ever before to support this cause,” said sales director of Rombouts, Simon Remmer. “We are pleased to offer four new products to the existing Rombouts portfolio that are both Fairtrade and organic-certified. To develop these products, we have continued to work closely with trusted coffee farmers to deliver distinctive flavours with exceptional quality and taste.” Rombouts Déca Aqua is available in a 250g ground coffee tin and 250g whole beans foil pack format and the Bio & Fairtrade is available in 250g ground coffee tin and 500g whole beans foil pack format.


Recognition for Huhtamaki’s Neil Whittall There have been a record number of paper cup recycling initiatives set in motion during the last 12 months, from the Square Mile Challenge and recycling schemes at festivals to the ACE UK agreement (where the paper cup industry and ACE UK are working in partnership for a national paper cup recycling scheme for beverage and food cartons). These are in conjunction with several other projects that the Paper Cup Recycling and Recovery Group (PCRRG) are working on. For a recycling project to come to fruition, there are a number of groups and individuals who have been working tirelessly in the background to drive collaboration and move the industry forwards. It is also true to say that notable and measurably successful projects require at least one key person to ignite interest from the other potential collaborators, to shape and drive the initiative, to keep all interested parties informed and on-track in order to deliver the project and to maintain momentum

throughout its execution in the short, medium and long-term to ensure that its objectives are achieved. At a recent award evening, one such person - Neil Whittall (packaging company, Huhtamaki’s global category director for speciality coffee, and chair of the PCRRG), was recognised for all of his efforts with a Footprint Waste2Zero ‘special contribution’ award, acknowledging his work with the PCRRG within the

BaxterStorey baristas scoop first and second place Two baristas from BaxterStorey’s AXA headquarters contract in Brussels have taken first and second place in the 2018 Belgium Barista Championship. BaxterStorey’s Remy Poirot and Erica Lamenter were taking part in the Speciality Coffee Association-organised championship at the Viva Sara Kaffée Kortrijk coffeehouse in Belgium in which three finalists were invited to illustrate their creative flair and in-depth coffee knowledge to industry judges, and serve four espressos, four milk beverages and four signature drinks within 15 minutes. In addition to explaining to the judges their choice of coffee and demonstrating their understanding of their espresso machine, each barista was marked on their customer service and creativity. Both competitors used coffee beans roasted by local Belgium supplier, Cuperus. “Both Remy and Erica are first-time competitors in the national championships, and we are so proud of their incredible achievements in this final. They worked very hard to prepare for the event and their performance has highlighted the extremely talented professionals they are,” said Jana Slamova, national barista trainer at BaxterStorey. Earlier in the year, the duo also secured second and third place, respectively, in the 2017 BaxterStorey Barista Championships, which saw six baristas from across the business compete in a closely fought final at the Salvation Army International Headquarters in London. Belgium Barista Championship winner Remy Poirot will now represent Belgium at the prestigious World Barista Championship 2018, which is being held in Amsterdam from 21-24 June. “I am thrilled to have won - it was an adrenaline-fuelled day and very exciting. I developed a simple but effective signature drink, adding unrefined coconut sugar to complement the tropical flavours of the espresso and tangerine juice to bring creaminess to the drink. I’m really proud to be able to represent Belgium in the World Barista Championship, and can’t wait to compete in Amsterdam in June,” said Remy Poirot.

14 APRIL 2018


area of recycling coffee cups, leading discussions on driving and implementing innovative and game-changing recycling programmes. “The PCRRG have been instrumental in driving the industry’s approach to coffee cup recycling, with the aim of making it easier for consumers to recycle their cups,” said Neil Whittall. “There is still a significant amount of work that the entire supply chain can do to further improve recycling rates for coffee cups and we are all working together within the supply chain to ensure that learning, knowledge and experience is shared; this improves the results for all stakeholders.” Neil Whittall has worked hard to elevate the focus on the sustainability agenda within the foodservice packaging industry. He has worked with FPA for many years (as part of the Environment Committee and as its chair), and also with the PCRRG. His outlook has always encompassed the whole industry, with the support of Huhtamaki.

High on flavour, low on calories The Italian Beverage Company’s new range of eight Simply sugar free flavoured syrups feed the current consumer trend for healthier options by offering superior taste and rich, authentic flavours but without the extra calories of added sugar, report the company. The new syrups are available in some of IBC’s bestselling and most versatile flavours, including amaretto, caramel, hazelnut, chocolate, vanilla, gingerbread, salted caramel and a handy flavourless syrup which just adds sweetness (stir 15 ml through coffees, cocktails, mocktails, frappes, shakes, smoothies and a whole range of hot and cold beverage and dessert recipes for an added pop of luxuriously guilt free flavour, suggest IBC). “We are becoming increasingly aware of the foodstuffs we consume and the general trend for more positive heath is to eat less sugar.Customers routinely ask for skinny or lite beverages and our new syrups are the perfect partner across the speciality drinks menu where they will deliver a consistent flavour profile with zero added sugar,” said Ricky Flax, general manager, the Italian Beverage Company. According to feedback the Italian Beverage Company have received from their customers, flavoured syrups are a coffee shop essential and one of the most versatile ‘must have’ ingredients on the shelf because they can be used all year round to change up the menu and keep customers engaged.



La Marzocco, on behalf of the La Marzocco International (LLC) Board, have announced the appointment of Guido Bernardinelli as their new chief executive officer (CEO). Guido Bernardinelli has been working in the coffee industry for over twenty-five years, starting out in 1989 in an export business focused on catering equipment before working as a sales manager in the US for an Italian coffee machine manufacturer, where he experienced the fast-paced international speciality coffee scene. He joined La Marzocco in 2002, moving from sales to marketing manager before becoming La Marzocco Srl’s managing director in 2009, and now its CEO.


The Philosophy of Coffee has been published by the British Library. A brief, entertaining introduction to the history and culture of coffee, it spans the humble origins of the bean in northeast Africa over a millennium ago, to what it is today. Coffee blogger, Brian Williams, explores the rise of the coffeehouse, legal bans on coffee, Brazil’s domination of the world coffee trade and the birth of the espresso. He also discusses variations in taste and brewing techniques, making this book the perfect gift for coffee connoisseurs. It is illustrated with more than 20 black and white images from the British Library collections and beyond.


Esquires Coffee has announced that it has secured a site in Putney, London for its new headquarters and its 35th UK store, with plans for some 150 additional venues by 2021, say the brand. In addition, the company has taken over two units at Riverbank House in Putney Bridge Approach that will become home to their test kitchen, with plans to install a coffee roaster, say the firm.


Delightful Media has announced the launch of Caffeine Culture, a new social content channel on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Partnering with some of the most respected baristas and brands in the coffee business, Caffeine Culture will be aiming to offer fans the chance to discover beautifully presented video and imagery by showcasing the best of coffee culture from around the world, as well as highlighting the vitally important role that sustainability, responsibility and fair trade has to play in the coffee ecosystem. Caffeine Culture joins cocktail and spirit-focused Delightful Drinks in a growing network of channels catering to a variety of food and drink passions.

16 APRIL 2018


Easing the daily grind La Cimbali have launched their latest super smart Elective touch screen coffee grinder-doser offering a host of innovative barista friendly features designed to help create a consistent grind experience for maximum freshness, taste and aroma, say the company. When used in conjunction with the La Cimbali PGS enabled M39TE and M34 machines, the Elective activates the self-adjusting, high precision burr grinders which crush the beans quietly and evenly to produce better quality, uniform grinds for enhanced in cup quality. The Elective features Bluetooth connectivity and is also a perfect partner to the La Cimbali M100 traditional espresso machine, they point out, where it forms part of their Barista Drive System - an intuitive step by step guide through all the stages of beverage prep from grinding the coffee to dispensing. Exclusive La Cimbali technologies include a new ventilation system that keeps the temperature of the grinder, beans and ground coffee constant so that the resulting coffee is uncompromised, claim the company. A low energy inverter within the motor ensures optimal performance even during peak operating periods. “Any professional barista will

know that if you start out with poor quality grinds then you are never going to deliver great tasting espresso however good the coffee machine is,” said Daniel Clarke, managing director Cimbali UK. “For that reason, investing in a quality grinder such as our new Elective is essential, especially as the increasingly competitive market puts added pressure on operators to deliver to a consistent quality or risk losing customers. “With numerous programmable grind settings, the Elective offers great scope for experimenting with different blends and brew methods which will appeal to creative baristas. With a small footprint and easy access for refilling and cleaning the hopper it’s also a very practical design which will look great on any counter or bar.”

Liver Health UK launch LivOn! Liver Health UK have launched LivOn! - a range of anti-oxidant, coffee-based drinks created to help people live a more balanced lifestyle. The new drink aims to harness the regenerative power of antioxidants from coffee and Green Coffee Bean extract, which is proven to improve liver health, claim its creators. LivOn! can be enjoyed over ice, chilled, or served at room temperature – and without guilt, as each drink is low in fat, sugar and calories (the first flavour in the range is salted caramel). LivOn! is being sold in 250ml

ready to drink PET bottles, making it a convenient, on the go drink. Each drink has only 38kcal per bottle and it is manufactured in the UK. 6% of every sale of LivOn! goes to leading liver health researchers including Liver Group Charity and Liver 4 Life, so every drink purchased contributes to fighting liver disease. Liver Health UK was founded in 2016 to combat what is the fastest growing cause of death, and the fifth leading cause of death in the UK, they point out.



Increase Repeat Business

market set to grow MCA launched its 2018 food-to-go (FTG) market report at its recent food-to-go conference, in which it predicts the food to go market will grow by 2.8% in 2018 to a value of £20.7bn, outpacing the 1.5% growth forecast for the total eating out market. Tesco has the largest share of the market, having seen 0.2% growth in market share from December 2016 to December 2017 and Greggs’ market share has seen the largest increase at 0.3%, giving a market share of 3.4%. Despite inflation, average spend per FTG visit is down year-on-year for three of the four day-parts. Only average breakfast spend has increased, up 1% to £4.31. Lunch has grown share of total FTG occasions, up from 21.8% to 23.5%. Snacking, while still significantly bigger than any other FTG day-part, has lost share, down to 55.5% from 56.1% in 2016, they report. The food-to-go market is under pressure from faltering consumer demand and intense competition, thus impacting visit frequency and restricting scope to capture higher transaction values, they observe. However, the food-to-go segment is set to outpace the 1.5% growth forecast for the total eating out market, with MCA believing that the most innovative operators will gain market share by addressing food-to-go consumers’ needs for speed of service, healthier products and affordable sustainability.

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New milk offers long-lasting foam The latest addition to Lakeland Dairies portfolio of dairy solutions - their new Barista Milk - has been developed to help caterers deliver the ultimate longlasting frothy coffee, say the firm. Barista Milk’s foaming capabilities means operators are guaranteed a smooth, dense and long-lasting frothy beverage every time it’s used, claim Lakeland Dairies. From cappuccino and lattes, to hot chocolate, this new generation of milk can be foamed and re-foamed, and is enhanced to ensure a consistent foam texture is guaranteed throughout the year. “Today’s consumer is a coffee expert with a high


level of expectation when it comes to their coffee experience – wherever they’re buying it. The launch of Barista Milk means no matter the time pressures, staff experience or equipment available, caterers can offer a great tasting, frothy coffee that will last right until the bottom of the cup,” said Simon Muschamp, head of marketing at Lakeland Dairies Foodservice. Containing just 1% fat, Barista Milk is suitable for use in all barista style coffee machines and can be stored ambient until opened – making it especially ideal for those with limited fridge space including mobile caterers, suggest Lakeland. It also helps to reduce the

wastage associated with using fresh milk, helping to boost the bottom line. “Anyone working in the mobile catering, events or street food market will know that fridge space comes at a premium and having a hot beverage offering will mean precious storage being taken up by keeping milk chilled. The launch of Barista Milk not only removes this headache, but it can also help caterers take positive steps to reducing costly food waste. With a six month ambient storage, a one litre pack only needs to be chilled once it has been opened, making it the sustainable option for businesses and the environment,” Simon Muschamp added.

Barista Milk comes in a one-litre easy pour Tetra Pak edge format to keep drips at bay and is re-sealable for ease of use and storage.



In under two months, the inaugural European Coffee Expo will burst onto the scene here in the UK. At long last, say the event’s organisers, there will be a major new exhibition created just for the foodservice sector to help them maximise their success in serving coffee, tea, soft drinks and other non-alcoholic beverages (customers having becom e far more knowledgeable and demanding in recent times).

An industry realisation Supported and conceived by the industry itself - in particular by working with the event’s steering panel of over 30 top operators who alone control over 8,500 outlets – the European Coffee Expo is setting out to be a show like no other, say the show’s organisers (Quinic Events Ltd). It is aiming to be the UK’s trade-only event, 100% dedicated to the ever-growing business of coffee, tea, soft drinks and

the equipment and accessories required to prepare and serve them. Just that! No dishwashers. No ovens. No furniture. No interior design. No IT. No sandwiches or rolls. And from an exhibitor perspective, no time wasters. It’s purely coffee and beverage trade buyers, and with all being free to attend. The show will take place on 22 and 23 May 2018 at Olympia, London, and is the result of months of consultation with

key buyers and suppliers, including an industry-wide survey. It is an exhibition together with a star-studded conference programme, workshops, tastings and pairings, awards, training and networking, launching at the request of buyers and sellers alike. The show is targeting the whole ecosphere of buyers, sellers and intermediaries. In addition to the artisan coffee and café sectors, thousands of major corporate buyers will be visiting from restaurants, pubs, hotels, fast food outlets, casual dining, contract caterers, retail, leisure, travel, forecourts, supermarkets, health and education and work spaces to name but a few. Who should visit? If you’re responsible for purchasing great coffee, tea, soft drinks and the equipment and accessories required to prepare and serve them, then you should attend, feel the show’s organisers. This unique event will provide visitors with an unmissable opportunity to meet a huge range of suppliers all under one roof. Running alongside the exhibition will be an informative and free conference programme with a headline-grabbing speaker line-up. Secrets of business success will be revealed, and those all-important current and future trends uncovered.

18 APRIL 2018


PREVIEW Learn and be inspired The free to attend conference programme at European Coffee Expo looks set to be a very popular feature of the new show. Extensive industry research with key coffee and foodservice buyers and decision-makers has revealed that there is a real appetite for ideas, inspiration, trends, case histories and information – and no sales pitches! Highlights will include… Tea Pairing and Innovation, a fine dining story Hear Michelin-starred restaurant Club Gascon’s head sommelier discuss with business partner JING the need to innovate and create unique experiences with beverages in fine dining and how to maximise profits with a tea menu. The consequences and opportunities for the sector of the Sugar Levy A discussion with the head chef from EAT, with Cawston Press and the British Soft Drinks Association. Sustainability What are the biggest challenges, a discussion featuring the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group and the Beverage Standards Association. Trends An SCA masterclass featuring some must-know insights. Other topics under the spotlight will include… • Hang onto your barista – finding and keeping the very best staff • Coffee & food – how a Michelin starred chef is revolutionising food & coffee pairing • Bean to cup innovations bringing great coffee without baristas • How to roast beans/should you do your own roasting? • Customer engagement - how to maximise the window of opportunity to provide the best experience • Coffee through the day – from the first caffeine fix in the morning, what are the opportunities for all day coffee drinking? • Menu sizes – catering for every taste – extensive lists or keep it simple? • Make the most of counter space – how other industries with space constraints such as airlines make it work • Secret of my success (Q&A) – inspirational session featuring great operators across the beverage ecosphere


Who’s exhibiting? Check www.europeancoffeeexpo.com for the full list. Alpro UK (Stand G15)

Jura Products (Stand B15)

Beanworks (Stand B9)

Kenya Tea (UK) (Stand H23)

Bianchi Industry Spa (Stand C8)

La Cimbali (Stand E14)

Birchall (Stand F14)

La Dora (Stand A12)

Blue Diamond Growers (Stand B21)

Lincoln & York (Stand B13)

BlueTiger Coffee (Stand D7)

Matthew Algie (Stand E16)

Bonsoy (Stand C24) ButterflyCup (Stand F8)

Mbala Women Coffee Farmers Group (H19)

Café Life magazine (Stand H13)

Melitta (Stand C1)

Caffe Costadoro (Stand C12)

Minor Figures (Matthew Algie Stand E16)

Caffe di Artisan (Stand C0) Cawston Press (Stand F27) Climpsons & Sons (Stand R1) Clipper (Stand A12) Coffee Bay (Stand F13) Coffeegator (Matthew Algie Stand E16) Coffee Queen (Crem Stand E20) Compak (Conti Stand C22) Complete Coffee (Stand E15) Conti-Espresso UK (Stand C22) Crem International (Stands E20 & E21) De Jong Duke (Stand B6) Dr Espresso (Vintage Coffee Machine Gallery) Ergo (Matthew Algie Stand E16) Eversys AG (Stand C20) Evoka UK (Stand C13) Expobar (Cream Stand E20) Fentimans (Stand B22) Fracino (Stand E6) Franke Coffee Systems UK (Stand B1)

Moonroast Coffee (Stand R4) Nuova Simonelli (Stand D12) Perfect Moose (Stand H17) Raw Bean Coffee (Stand H15) Schaerer (Stand D20A) So-Pure Beverage Technology (Stand E12) Spengler (Cream Stand E20) Stewarts Coffees (Stand R3) Suki Tea (Matthew Algie Stand E16) Sweet Amsterdam (Stand H9) Synesso (Matthew Algie Stand E16) Tea Times Trading (Stand A9) Teapigs (Stand B11) The House of Sarunds (Stand C21) The Tea Company (Stand E13) TopBrewer by Scanomat (Stand D14) UCC Coffee (Stand C11) Uganda Tea & Coffee Farmers Trade Union (Stand D21)

Gaggia (Evoka Stand C13)

Union Hand-Roasted Coffee (Stand B20)

Hasslachers (Matthew Algie Stand E16)

Urnex (Stand A8)

Jestic/Vitamix (Stand H7)

Well Roasted Coffee (Stand R2)

JING Tea (Stand C9)

WMF (Stand D20B)


visitors will also benefit from a unique pre-show customer care programme, with a dedicated team offering tailored networking opportunities with other VIPs and top executives from exhibitors of their choice. VIP’s will also be able to pre-book their seats in their chosen conference sessions to avoid queues, and enjoy fast track entry to the show and access to a VIP cloakroom and VIP tours of the event. Taster sessions from the SCA’s Coffee Skills Programme An exciting opportunity for visitors will be the taster sessions of the Speciality Coffee Association’s Coffee Skills Programme that will be on offer at the expo. Several of the Speciality Coffee Association’s (SCA) local Authorised SCA Trainers (ASTs) will be at the show to deliver taster sessions from the Coffee Skills Programme’s six modules: Introduction to Coffee, Barista Skills, Brewing, Sensory Skills, Green Coffee and Roasting. SCA, the non-profit, membershipbased organisation that represents thousands of coffee professionals from producers to baristas all over the world, will also be on hand at their stand to talk more about the Coffee Skills Programme, as well as the Speciality Coffee Association itself, and some of the many other initiatives on offer within the speciality coffee community (such as cutting edge research and networking opportunities through membership). The taster sessions will offer practical workshop-based training sessions, providing an insight into the world of speciality coffee. The sessions will be free to attend, however spaces are limited and must be pre-booked in advance (to book your space now, contact emma@ europeancoffeeexpo.com).

Innovation Path and Awards In every conversation that they have had with visitors planning on attending the European Coffee Expo – namely the senior buyers, decision-makers and influencers responsible for purchasing and specifying coffee and tea-related products and equipment, soft drinks and relevant accessories - the topic of innovation has always been top of the agenda, report the show’s organisers.

20 APRIL 2018


These visitors have also asked the show’s organisers to highlight the most ingenious products, services and solutions amongst the exhibitors in attendance; from the global leaders to the smaller specialist suppliers. As a result, the European Coffee Expo Innovation Path and Awards has been created to offer a fantastic way for visitors to find the very best of the innovation on offer at European Coffee Expo. 15 of the most innovative products at the Expo will be selected by a panel of independent judges, with the overall winner being announced at a celebratory drinks reception. The Innovation Path and Awards will be seeking to showcase companies that are at the cutting edge of the sector. Its judging panel will be made up of European Coffee Expo Steering Panel members whose job it will be to select the top 15 companies in the market. Taste Challenge Taste buds will be put to the test in the Taste Challenge, with the chance to win a fabulous prize, by being the best to identify a range of coffee and tea variants in a series of blind tastings!

Coffee Bar & Bistro The Coffee Bar & Bistro will be a huge focus of the networking activities at the event – the perfect venue for visitors and exhibitors alike to take a break and relax, with Alpro as the plant-based sponsor.

Roastery Way at European Coffee Expo At the request of the pre-registered visitor list, ‘Roastery Way’ has been introduced to the European Coffee Expo line-up. Visitors coming to the show are unanimous in their desire to see a broader range of roasters at the show. The larger roasters already displaying their wares around the exhibition hall greatly impressed them, but visitors also want to get to know the smaller ‘hidden gems’. So, welcome to ‘Roastery Way’, an area of the show 100% dedicated to smaller, independent roasters. The Gallery of Classic Vintage Coffee Machines by Doctor Espresso The place to be seduced by six of the most iconic, beautiful yet rugged historic coffee machines and other equipment, going back as far as seventy years ago!

VIP Lounge and VIP Programme Sponsored by La Cimbali, the VIP programme at European Coffee Expo is exclusively for specially invited senior buyers, decision-makers and influencers responsible for purchasing and specifying coffee and tea related products and equipment, soft drinks and relevant accessories for larger outlets and chains within the sector. Membership of the VIP Club will provide access to an exclusive VIP lounge, a haven to relax and network, and with refreshments provided. VIP

The Drinks Reception Everyone is invited to the European Coffee Expo Drinks Reception – an informal opportunity for visitors and exhibitors to wind down and mingle. The Drinks Reception will take place at the Bar & Bistro located in the exhibition hall from 4.30-6.00 pm on the first day of the show.

For more information and to register for your FREE pass please visit www.europeancoffeeexpo.com


Who’s planning on visiting? “Coco di Mama is a growing brand in the Azzurri Group and our AllPress coffee plays a big part in that Italian To Go concept. This show will be an opportunity to see what innovation the industry is offering in other areas, such as takeaway cups.” Mr Richard Galbraith (distribution manager, Azzurri Group) “I need to know what new technology is out there so we can continually improve the quality of our coffee and to make the execution of great coffee easy.” Mr Anthony Habert (head of beverage services, Carnival UK - 11 Cruise Ships) “I want to keep up to date with the industry, see what’s on trend and look for new products coming to market, this helps me advise my customers on future trends and innovations. I’ll also use this opportunity to network and make new contacts to expand my coffee business.” Marc Howard (co-founder and director, Campervan Coffee Co)

“Being responsible for the huge McDonald’s Restaurants range of coffee machines and working with their three approved suppliers: UCC, WMF and Franke, myself and a colleague are very interested to see what else is happening in the industry. What are the other coffee machine suppliers doing? What future innovation products are on offer?” Adrian Lee (equipment consultant, McDonald's Restaurants Ltd) “We will be visiting the European Coffee Expo predominantly to examine new equipment options, which will help us deliver our strategy of continually improving our guest experience. Together with our official coffee supplier, Lavazza, we are exploring cutting edge equipment at the show which will improve the coffee experience for our guests. The ability to see multiple options under one roof at the same time is incredibly helpful.” Mr Anthony Davies (head of food and drink, All England Lawn Tennis Club) “I have attended other coffee events but have registered with European Coffee Expo as it is more business orientated and want to see what’s new in the industry.” Mr Jakub Kosik (roving general manager, Brunning & Price Ltd)


CONTACT SAM MINTON .uk 01291 636333 | sam@jandmgroup.co




The London Coffee Festival – the annual event which celebrates the capital’s vibrant coffee scene and its subcultures - will be returning to the Old Truman Brewery in London from 12 to 15 April 2018, with the first two days dedicated to the trade.

A gathering of coffee aficionados Embark on a journey of discovery, rub shoulders with burgeoning start-ups, industry pioneers and long-established companies to a soundtrack of live DJs and musicians. From speciality tastings to industry talks, artisan workshops and showcases from world-class baristas, the party is on, say the event’s organisers, Allegra Events. Now in its eighth year, the London Coffee Festival claims to be Europe’s largest gathering of coffee aficionados, and this year, it’s set to be bigger than ever. Over 250 exhibitors and 35,000 coffee lovers are expected to join the celebration over the four days. And for the first time, the festival will take over four floors to accommodate the best of the UK speciality coffee movement. From coffee pros to average Joes, there looks set to be something for everyone with a penchant for coffee, food, music and art. For example, for an around the world coffee flight experience, why not book in to the La Cimbali sensory bar? This is a brand new feature showcasing three

22 APRIL 2018


stand-out coffees, three ways. Offering small artisan roasters and cafés the chance to showcase their highend craft, La Marzocco’s True Artisan Café will be returning once more, giving visitors the chance to experience refined tastes while being hosted by baristas and roasters at the forefront of the speciality coffee scene.

Dreaming of pouring the perfect glossy rosetta? Or simply head over heels for milky coffee? Good news, Latte Art Live is also back, aiming to bring the world’s top latte art specialists along with it. You’ve seen them on Instagram, and at the London Coffee Festival they will be at work right in front of you. Expect a series of throw downs, showcases and hands-on

PREVIEW workshops; that, and a lot of free coffee! For visitors in search of a delicious coffee cocktail, nothing whips up a party like an espresso martini and the Espresso Martini Party - the festival’s annual knees-up on the Friday night - is always a highlight. Dance and socialise to a live DJ set with a Classic Espresso Martini or Flat White Martini in hand, shaken up by Baileys and Sandows Cold Brew. Can’t make it on Friday? The Espresso Martini Bar is open all festival long, meaning that you can make a pit stop for a quality cocktail at any time. If you want to take a step further and get into the nitty-gritty of coffee, then there will be plenty of opportunity to learn about the industry, from bean to cup and everything in between. Book into a session at the Lab for an exciting line-up of live interactive demonstrations, workshops, talks and artisan tastings. The Roastery by Union Hand-Roasted is also set to draw crowds. This smallbatch roaster will be live-roasting beans throughout the weekend, as well as discussing the process with inquisitive onlookers. Crank up your coffee geek setting one more notch and take your seat for Coffee Masters. Returning for the fourth time, this prestigious competition takes coffee to the highest level. The UK’s top 20 baristas will go head to head over four days of competition for the coveted title of Coffee Master and a cheque for £5,000. It’s the ultimate test of skill, innovation and creativity and – let’s face it – a real crowd pleaser. Industry days Interested in opening your own café? Thursday and Friday at the London Coffee Festival are the dedicated industry days, providing a modern take on the traditional coffee trade show mould. With a fresh vision, the industry days will cover all aspects of trade, from the latest equipment innovations to the hottest food and beverage products. An inspiring selection of speakers, with their finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving coffee industry, will also be out in force. “After nearly a decade of growth in the London speciality coffee scene, it is exciting to see the continued flurry of innovation and, of course, so many new artisan coffee shop openings throughout London and the rest of the UK each year,” said Jeffrey Young, founder of the London Coffee Festival. “London is now recognised as a true centre of excellence for the high quality, craft coffee industry and why the London Coffee Festival attracts thousands of trade visitors and ‘coffee tourists’ from all over the world.”


The London Festival also kicks off UK Coffee Week - a national celebration of the UK coffee scene, founded to give back to the communities that make our love for coffee possible. Both the festival and UK Coffee Week support Project Waterfall, a charity initiative where 100% of proceeds go towards providing clean drinking water and sanitation to the world’s coffee growing communities. Last year, over £100,000 was raised at the London Coffee Festival.

Espresso Martini Party The festival kicks off with a bang on Friday night at the annual Espresso Martini party. Baileys and Sandows Cold Brew have joined forces to serve killer coffee cocktails; expect espresso and flat white martinis, a live DJ and dancing.

The Roastery Brought to the festival by Union HandRoasted, the Roastery is an annual top hit for coffee geeks and newbies alike. As they live-roast green beans, the Union team will talk festival-goers through the process, and there will also be coffee on hand to taste. Coffee Masters: 20 Contenders, 7 Disciplines, 1 Winner! In the ultimate test of creativity, skill and innovation, 20 world-class baristas faceoff for the prestigious crown of Coffee Master. Over four days, the competitors will go head-to-head in series of knockout rounds - with a grand prize of £5,000 on offer, the heat will be on. WHAT TO SEE All the coffee You were promised a coffee festival and that’s exactly what visitors will get, say Allegra Events, with over 500 free coffees on offer, including small batch roasts from pioneering roasters such as Caravan, Ozone, Square Mile and Assembly. The True Artisan Café Delve into the heart of the speciality coffee movement as La Marzocco invites 36 independent cafés to take over its legendary machines. Each must create a unique signature drink to serve visitors; donations go to Project Waterfall. Latte Art Live Phoenix, rosetta or swan? You name it, the latte art legends will be present to pour it. From latte art throw-downs, to workshops and demonstrations, visitors will be able to witness the unimaginable done with coffee, milk and flair.

The Tasting Room The journey of taste comes into its own with this programme of tasting workshops. Here, coffee will be served in context, alongside the likes of wine and chocolate. It promises to be a forwardthinking flavour experience, where you can test and train your palate.



The ‘little red biscuit’ - Lotus Biscoff - will be available to taste at the festival (this complimentary coffee accompaniment is very popular in the UK hospitality sector with over 130 million biscuits being served as part of the nation’s ‘coffee moments’ each year). Home brewing workshops From the grind setting to latte art, brewing the perfect espresso is arguably one of the hardest techniques in coffee. La Marzocco will be aiming to set the record straight, however, with their bookable five-minute espresso workshops helping to answer any espresso making-related questions.

The Street Food Market Trust in coffee, but never forget food. London’s best creative food concepts – including Arancini Brothers, Crabbieshack and SpiceBox - will be coming together at the festival in order to be able to serve up the freshest, most forward-thinking festival food too.

The Lab From demonstrations, to workshops and tasting sessions, the Lab is set to be all about innovation, learning and pushing boundaries. The holistic programme covers everything from the history of coffee and cocktails, to home roasting, industry trends and sophisticated artisan craftsmanship.

Cimbali’s Sensory and Benchmark Bars Imagine you enter a room, knowing you’re about to embark on a journey of taste discovery. You take a seat at the bar and forget everything but your senses. This four-part tasting experience begins with Cimbali’s newly created espresso Barbarella mk IV, exclusively curated for the London Coffee Festival and featuring a fruity mix of Washed Kenyan Kathakwa Embu AA, Natural Rwandan Gatare and Washed Colombian Cauca Totoro. Part two is about deconstruction. See, smell and taste the three individual components of Barbarella mk IV in espresso format. Then, compare the flavour development of one of the coffees served as a cold brew. Finally, sample all three of the Barbarella mk IV coffees as individual pour overs. Cimbali’s group coffee specialist, Rob Ward, will be on hand to lead you through the flavour journey. At the Benchmark Bar, located just next door to the Sensory Bar, the menu will be aiming to represent the benchmark standard of high quality coffee – deliverable even when your café is full to the brim – with visitors having four options to choose from.

TICKETS Early bird tickets are available online now from £14.50 for adults and £4.50 for children, with strictly limited availability. On the door, prices start from £22.50 for adults and £5.50 for children. Thursday and Friday sessions are reserved for trade only. On Saturday and Sunday, there are brunch, lunch, teatime and VIP full day sessions. To purchase, or for more information, visit www.londoncoffeefestival.com

24 APRIL 2018


An explosion of flavour The Italian Beverage Company (IBC, www.italianbev.co.uk) will be at the London Coffee Festival on Stand HP33 in the Hyde Park Area to offer an explosion of the freshest fruity flavours, with visitors being given the chance to sample IBC’s extensive range of smoothies, shakes, syrups, frappes and much, much more. Helping visitors keep their cool as temperatures rise in the Hyde Park Area, IBC will be serving up delicious and refreshing thirst quenchers including two new frappe recipes (both made using two of IBC’s newest Simply syrup flavours, Popcorn and Candyfloss and Simply Vanilla frappe liquid). Plus, a raspberry lemonade and a peach iced tea, both quick and easy to make, with no special equipment or training required will be available. IBC will be revealing how easy such recipes are to add to a drinks menu at short notice in order to drive additional sales. The Benchmark Blend is a chocolatey blend of Natural Beneficio Pedra Branca Brazilian Yellow Bourbon and Red Honey Las Lajas Finca Sebana Redonda Costa Rican beans, and the same fruity Barbarella mk IV that’s deconstructed in the Sensory Bar experience. The former will be served long, and the latter short; choose each either with or without milk and leave with the perfect cup.

SWING INTO SPRING w i t h our n ew f l avo urs


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I T A L I A N B E V .C O.U K


In touch and in control Traditional espresso machines continue to be the aspiration for many in the coffee beverage-making world due to their ability to combine theatre with a wide speciality beverage offering. However, many of the very latest models now offer a very different look and feel, providing operators with increasing levels of automation and tempting technological advancements, as well as informative telemetry feedback concerning day to day use and operation. Unbeatable combination “Great coffee beans, a traditional espresso machine and a professional on-demand grinder are an unbeatable combination which, in the hands of a competent barista, will consistently produce the best coffee in the cup,” says Neil Clark, co-founder of hot drinks specialists Hessian Coffee (www.hessiancoffee.com). “And, ultimately, it’s the quality of your drinks that will encourage your customers to return for more! But with such a wide choice of machines, how do you decide what will deliver the best hot drinks menu for your customers and give you the best return on your investment? “Given a free rein, taking into account the operational and budgetary constraints of each business, where possible we would always recommend opting for a traditional espresso machine. These machines are perceived to deliver higher quality drinks and, because of their flexibility, can enable

26 APRIL 2018


a wider menu of drinks to be offered. “With the right training, they are easy to operate and can accommodate high volumes of business. And with the right maintenance and servicing, there’s not much to go wrong and they have minimal down-time. They’ll operate with a wide range of coffee beans and every milk option that’s currently available.” Hessian Coffee Co. supplies freshly roasted coffees, award-winning teas, associated products and quality commercial brewing equipment to foodservice operators and caterers in cafés, hotels and businesses. Co-founders Neil Clark (a UK Barista Championship judge) and Niall McCrae (who describes himself as serial coffee lover) started Hessian Coffee in order to inspire, support and grow businesses through the very best in hot drinks and service. By offering an exciting range of coffees and fine teas, and partnering with market leaders in

commercial equipment, the firm feel that they are able to bring quality, know-how and excellence to any operation and service. When it comes to traditional espresso machines, importantly, Hessian Coffee point out, such machines make great drinks together with the high degree of theatre that customers have come to expect, meaning that they really are the complete package, particularly with today’s machines being packed with features that make them even easier to use and more consistent in their delivery of drinks. “Look for boiler temperature control via PID, which is the most advanced method of maintaining a constant water temperature - absolutely critical in espresso extraction,” advises Neil Clark. “Eco Mode can be helpful in minimising your energy bills - this reduces the water temperature in the boiler when

ESPRESSO MACHINES the machine isn’t being used, but keeps it ready for a quick start-up. Auto clean features not only help keep the machine clean but can also reduce the intervals between servicing.

Hessian Coffee offers a range of traditional espresso machines such as the Conti CC100 which is available in one-, two- or three-group format and a choice of three colours. Training key “The traditional espresso equipment available to operators has never been more advanced or adaptable to their needs. However, more often than not, a poor cup of coffee isn’t actually down to the quality of the machine but different baristas not following a consistent coffee recipe from one day to the next,” says Gareth Davies, head of coffee excellence for UCC Coffee UK & Ireland. “The coffee-making process has so many variables – from the dosage and grind size to the espresso extraction time and temperature the milk is steamed to. If these variables aren’t controlled, you can serve a technically great coffee through top specification and well-maintained equipment, yet still not achieve a tasty coffee. So, the coffee needs to be made to the same recipe by every person to produce a consistent result. It’s just like following a recipe in the kitchen – if you follow the recipe, you should get the same result each time, no matter who the chef is. “That’s the challenge operators have to overcome to improve coffee quality – how do you control the variables when coffee might not be your core focus? Key to improvement across the board is simple, practical training that simplifies the coffeemaking process so that every person gets the same output from the coffee machine. Then it’s about measuring the performance to ensure you continuously deliver coffee excellence. “Our new approach to training - Coffee Works - makes achieving consistency simple. We’re training operators to remove these variables, ensuring consistent coffee across an estate, regardless of scale or footfall. As well as training for the person behind the coffee machine, we’ve also


developed a manager critique course, which gives managers everything they need to recognise and correct problems in the key elements of coffee preparation, and get the most out of their team. With coffee being such a prominent feature of UK hospitality, investing in training goes a long way towards perfecting the dining experience.” The barista and super-automation Following its successful launch of the c’2 Cameo - pitched as the next generation of espresso machines – Eversys (www. eversys.com) has been conducting an informative, worldwide roadshow with its brand ambassador, Matt Perger. Eversys is a Swiss manufacturer of coffee equipment that has come to specialise in the innovative design of super automatic coffee machines and says that its vision is to bridge the gap between traditional Italian coffee equipment with the speed and electronic intelligence of the super automatic machine to mean that coffee quality in the cup is delivered every time. Barista Hustle founder and champion barista, Matt Perger, has been hosting exclusive workshops at five events across three continents, and during these roadshows he has been exploring the role of the barista within the rise of super-automation, as well as giving live demonstrations with Eversys’s new machine.

Eversys’s Cameo c’2 (Earth). The roadshow has visited Hoteres in Tokyo and Hotelex in Shanghai, with plans to visit the Speciality Coffee Expo in Seattle and the Vietnam Café Show, with the final stop for this part of the roadshow scheduled to take place at World of Coffee in Amsterdam. Eversys will be joining its specialist local partners at these events, showcasing both its e’series and c’series machines. “The c’2 Cameo is a true testament to how far super-automatic machines have come,” says Matt Perger, who worked with the team of engineers at Eversys to test

the c’2 Cameo during development. “Until now, there haven’t been any super-automatic machines that both look and perform like a traditional machine. During workshops I ran at HOST, it was obvious how impressed everyone was with it and I’m looking forward to changing more perceptions during this roadshow.” Kamal Bengougam, chief commercial officer at Eversys, added: “The workshops at HOST were such a success and we’re keen for more people to experience the wonderment of our c’2 Cameo. We’re delighted that we’re able to partner with our expert national and regional distributors and join them on their stands at some of the most prestigious shows across the world.” The first stop in the Cameo roadshow at Hoteres in Tokyo in February saw Eversys partner with De’Longhi. Matt Perger was also be joined on stand by Japanese barista champion, Takayuki Ishitani. Alongside the exclusive workshops, the duo explored trends in the coffee industry and where super-automation fits within these. The c’2 Cameo was launched at HOST Milan in October 2017, and is a step change for super-automation, further bridging the gap between traditional and super-automatic technology with a new design, functionality and exceptional coffee quality, feel Eversys. The c’2 Cameo is also the first Eversys machine to feature the classic C-shape of traditional espresso machines, inspired by Italian design, and also features the most advanced Eversys technology to date, claim the company, including a new touchscreen interface designed for intuitive navigation, ease-of-use and simple temperature control. Its sophisticated Electronic Milk Texturing (EMT) system, allows operators to create the perfect milk foam and texture, claim Eversys, for a comprehensive menu of bespoke milk-based drinks. An improved e’Foam system with the Micro Air Dosing system (MAD), allows baristas to texture milk electronically giving them freedom to be more creative. Cameo c’2 also features developments of existing Eversys coffee technology including the e’Barista system. With grinding, tamping, temperature control, extraction time-controlled brewing, milk frothing and dispensing, the e’Barista system brings all the skill of a barista into a machine ensuring quality in the cup. Its e’Connect technology telemetry system also enables operators track live data on their machine, control performance, manage decentralised stores, ensure transparency and allows for preventive maintenance, wherever they are in the world.


ESPRESSO MACHINES Its new design also allows operators to match their machine to their brand’s identity, with three colours available Earth, Ocean and Tempest. Other new features include a new generation modular system (the modularity construction having been improved to allow quicker maintenance and ease of use), a lower chassis (Cameo has a reduced footprint compared to the existing Eversys e’range, which helps to promote greater customer engagement) and a Variable Tea Temperature System (which offers operators variable water temperatures - the temperature can be adjusted from the screen’s hot water wheel, so different types of tea always have a perfect infusion). The new machine also boasts an integrated cup heater, a larger bean hopper (a 2.4kg capacity for one grinder, or two times 1.2kg for two grinders incorporated inside the casing with the Eversys early warning system alerting operators when to refill their hoppers) and a higher productivity (140/175 espresso, 140/175 cappuccino or 150 hot water portions an hour, as well as two products simultaneously). “It’s really hard to make high quality coffee in a small space. This is why most super-automatic machines are tall, clumsy monoliths,” adds Matt Perger. “The engineers at Eversys have used their expertise and experience to fit all of the proven technology from their previous machines into a smaller, shorter shell. I’ve never seen a high quality fully automatic coffee machine with all the bells and whistles in such a small and familiar shape.

Hot on the launch of its c’2 Cameo, Eversys has opened a new factory in Switzerland. “Until now, there haven’t been any super-automatic machines that both look and perform like a traditional machine. The industry has been conditioned to look at a super-automatic form factor and instantly think ‘low quality’. Now they’ll have to do a double take.” “The Cameo truly pushes the boundaries of super-automation. For so long, the super-automatic market has

28 APRIL 2018


had the technology, but hasn’t had the visual style that so many customers look for. Now, there’s a machine that provides quality products and has the classic looks to match,” said Kamal Bengougam. “Cameo is at the forefront of technology and design and shows our pioneering spirit here at Eversys. It’s the first credible solution for both consistent quality and visual appeal and offers customers lower labour costs and incredible efficiency. We’re entering a new era for coffee, and Cameo c’2 is leading the way.” Staying connected “Thanks to advances in mobile technology, espresso machine equipment users are now able to see operational data from their espresso machine via any internet connected device. Data such as coffee cycles, maintenance alerts and even key component wear can be viewed from a mobile phone or tablet,” says Claire Harrison, marketing manager at Verde Coffee. “This data will help improve insight into the operations of your own business as well as help operators know and understand customers better. It can be utilised for barista training and engineers can be made aware of problems with machines before they even get to site. This technology is being introduced in many sectors of the catering market, from cooking equipment to washing machines, and outlets that invest in connected equipment will be better placed for future developments, providing a high-level view of catering operations.” Verde’s Visacrem espresso machines, for instance, are now available with Link technology, which allows owners and operators of coffee machines to obtain information such as the number of coffee

cycles performed, fault messages or preventive maintenance reports. This system works thanks to a Vodafone Global SIM card installed on the electronic board of each machine which transmits all the information to a data platform. Coffee machine owners may then access the information from the data platform using an internet-connected device, whether it be a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. This technology allows multi-site operators to manage their machines remotely, meaning they can see the result of local marketing campaigns, monitor coffee output against sales and identify consumer trends, as well as make sure their machines are in top working order. Verde coffee has been supporting the commercial coffee trade for over 20 years and over this time has built up an extensive portfolio of coffee machines, barista equipment and consumables. They sell their own, unique coffee blends and partner with some of Europe’s leading manufacturers with the aim of providing the best espresso machines and equipment.



Fracino helping to drive mobile success

Award-winning British espresso machine manufacturer Fracino - a pioneer of dual fuel machines - boasts a growing portfolio of customers who are proving to be driving forces in the booming and lucrative mobile coffee market, such as Fairway Coffee Cab. Flexible offering Fracino’s 1,2 and 3 group Contempo and Retro coffee machines are available as dual fuel options, giving customers the choice of using LPG, butane or electric as the power source. The manufacturer’s high-powered gas burners for its dual fuel machines provide the equivalent power of their electric counterparts, ensuring no loss of steam pressure during busy serving periods, point out Fracino, who are proud to claim that its gas machines are the most powerful in the world. Their customers range from sole operators to conversion specialists fabricating a wide range of fully equipped carts, trikes and vans for people seeking to set up their own business. Mobile coffee franchise, Really Awesome Coffee, is the only mobile café franchise to appear in the Top 100 of Elite’s Franchising list and is a long-standing Fracino user. Fracino’s dual fuel machines are also proving a big hit with Fairway Coffee, founded by Yusuf Bassir in October 2017 with a vision to supply speciality coffee to the vibrant film and events industry. Based in Northampton and believed to be the only black cab mobile coffee operator outside of London, Yusuf Bassir was recommended to Fracino by Really Awesome Coffee when planning the conversion of his taxi. “Really Awesome Coffee run a large fleet of franchise Mercedes coffee vans as

30 APRIL 2018


well as carrying out bespoke conversions. All their vans use Fracino’s Contempo dual fuel machines, which straight away said to me that Fracino machines must be reliable,” says Yusuf Bassir, who commissioned Really Awesome Coffee to convert his taxi and install a Contempo machine. “I went for a 2 group Contempo dual fuel machine. It’s the best option for a mobile business as you have the luxury of switching between gas or electric, depending on where you are. “For example, if I’m serving in the middle of a field at an event with no electricity, I simply flick over to gas and serve my customers. If I have a power source I simply flick to electricity and away I go.” Making a big impression in a short space of time, Fairway Coffee was named as an official coffee vendor for productions choosing to use Pinewood studio facilities

– an achievement of which Yusuf Bassir is understandably proud. “To enter Pinewood Studios as a supplier you must be approved by their legal and commercial team and we had to jump through many hoops to make it happen. Before starting Fairway Coffee I had been on set several times at Pinewood Studios so for me it was a real motivation boost knowing we have partnered with them,” recalls Yusuf Bassir. High-profile commissions have included supplying coffee to the cast of the Angel Has Fallen film starring Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman which is due for release in 2019. Fracino’s dual fuel Contempo 2 has also played a leading role with actors in the newly released Harlots British period drama and television series which was filmed in various locations across London. Simplicity “The simplicity of the Contempo 2 is brilliant. My background hasn’t been coffee so when embarking on the coffee industry I was taken back by so many complex machines that promised the earth and took the skill away from being a barista,” reveals Yusuf Bassir. “I wanted a British made product that matched my British made black cab. Fracino’s dual fuel machine ticks all the boxes with its simplicity of design and use, combined with the perfect balance of automated pre-programmable functions. The stainless-steel design of the machine against the black cab really stands out and catches the eyes of everyone passing by who comments on the beauty of it. As one customer told me: ‘It looks like the Ferrari of coffee machines!’”

Fairway Coffee’s Yusuf Bassir.


Commencing his career as a big cat keeper at the local safari park, Yusuf Bassir has worked in a range of roles, including the fire brigade and night club security. A spell in the logistics sector and move to London to pursue work as an actor made him aware of the mobile coffee industry and its enormous potential as a growing business model which is operated from various vehicles and trailers. Varied commissions Fairway Coffee’s venture into the mobile coffee business hasn’t been all pain sailing, however. An early rain-drenched commission at Kenilworth Market saw water seep into the taxi. Yusuf Bassir’s gazebo literally took off and he had to drive home with his head out the window because his windscreen wipers couldn’t keep up with the lashing rain! Colourful commissions also include an outdoor concert and a Christmas gig at an indoor shopping centre in Milton Keynes where a daily choir performed next to the taxi. Yusuf Bassir serves his thirsty customers a blend of Costa Rica, Columbia and Brazil roasted by Yellow Bourbon coffee roasters in Northampton, and his commitment to ‘put something back’ also sees Fairway Coffee serving Congo beans grown on the Rwenzori mountains, with proceeds from the sales going directly help to build schools in the Congo. “My goal is to supply the roasted or raw beans to the UK industry. I’m working with the plantation owner’s family to help make this a reality and, bean by bean, help to rebuild the villages in the


area. I have sent samples of the beans to roasters and have had amazing feedback and orders placed for larger quantities,” explains Yusuf Bassir. Since embarking on his new venture last October, Fracino’s 2 group Contempo has been used for every commission and delivered around 4000 cups of coffee. The machine will also be Yusuf Bassir’s choice going forward as Fairway coffee realises its ambitious expansion plans in the UK and Italy. As a leading British manufacturer

and quality-driven business, Fracino consistently strives to give an excellent customer service with Yusuf Bassir stressing how Really Awesome Coffee, who installed the machine and have been working with Fracino for many years, praising Fracino’s commitment to delivering customer satisfaction. “I have not had any issues with my machine, and have really enjoyed using it over the last few months. Really Awesome Coffee tell me that the machines are very reliable and if/when a problem occurs, the support and service from the Fracino after-sales support team has always been swift,” reports Yusuf Bassir. “Combined with Really Awesome Coffee’s power system, Fracino’s 2 group Contempo Dual Fuel machine has provided much flexibility with my trading locations. Being manufactured in the UK is a bonus. I know that Fracino even export their machines to Italy, the home of espresso coffee!” “Every Fracino machine benefits from our innovation and world class production facilities. We’re delighted with Fairway Coffee’s great achievements to date and we wish Yusuf continued success as the business goes from strength to strength,” said Peter Atmore, Fracino’s global head of sales and marketing. “Providing the same specification as our standard, Fracino’s 1, 2 and 3 group machines, our dual fuel machines offer unrivalled flexibility and mobility whilst still retaining high volume output. This is why they are proving the perfect choice for single owner and operator start-up ventures - or the busiest of locations.”



Lever espresso machine.


W / www.fracino.com E / sales@fracino.com T / +44 (0)121 328 5757

Each group has optimum temperature control.



Teas The tea sector is getting ever more creative for operators willing to think more deeply about day part offerings, food pairings and promotion of the ethical credentials of the teas they serve.

Tea landscape February saw the popular, mainstream tea brand, Tetley (the nation’s favourite tea brand and the number one wholesale tea supplier according to Salesout Consolidated Tea Category Report MAT 8th October 2017), announce the launch of its Tea Report 2018 – pitched as a complete landscape of the out of home tea market for 2018 and beyond, and with plenty of informative insight for operators. This report not only offers information about the nature of the current market, but also makes suggestions as to where operators can better capitalise on currently missed opportunities (such as better tea food pairings, and as part of our increasing out of home breakfast culture, with some £76 million now being spent on eating out at breakfast on a daily basis according to a Beacon 2015 survey). “From cereal cafés to the boom in baked eggs, there has been an explosion of interest in the breakfast and brunch market,” says Tetley’s Tea Report 2018. “Purchasing breakfast out of home is becoming increasingly popular, with the number of breakfast servings growing by 17.5% (NPD Crest 2018) and ahead

34 APRIL 2018


of all other meal occasions. Notable contributors to this growth, operators have targeted busy workers on the go by supplementing their breakfast offerings with promotions on hot beverages.” Working in collaboration with CGA (data experts in the out of home food and drink market), the second instalment of the Tea Report was created on the

Some findings of Tetley’s Tea Report 2018.

back of Tetley dedicated surveys. In this comprehensive research, 2,500 consumers were questioned on everything from dining experience and the role of technology in the market, to the quality of tea out of home and the channels in which they consume them. Tetley also explored the challenging perceptions around the quality of tea served out of home, identifying ways in which operators can attract custom with a standout offering, as well as offering a deep dive look in to the key channels for the tea category in foodservice. Industry experts, including Steve Fox (purchasing director for Bartlett Mitchell), Martin McKee (head chef at the Hawthorns Aldridge care home), David Koller (Café des Arts) and Tom Jolly (beverage manager for Gleneagles Hotel) had contributed to the research to offer their professional outlook on the out of home market and the tea category in particular. Kicking off with a review of the future for the foodservice industry following the EU referendum, the report explored the knock-on effects this decision may have for the tea category, as well as the

TEA hot beverages market as a whole. 71% of operators claimed to have already noticed a Brexit-related impact, Tetley reported, with like for like sales rated as generally being “flat.” Cost of goods, business rates and exchange rates (the fall of the pound sterling) are having the greatest effect upon operators, observe Tetley via its research, as is strong competition in the way we receive food and drink these days in the OOH (out of home) market. New opportunities On the average weekday in the UK, 31.4 million cups of tea are consumed, and while 75% choose black tea, 18.1% of tea served out of home is non-black with herbal teas growing by 9.6% YOY, report Tetley (consumers being prepared to pay £2.82 for a cup of matcha, for example, they observed). “While English Breakfast is always a customer favourite, we’ve also seen a demand for more choice and have expanded our range to include fruit and herbal and Earl Grey blends. In the summertime we also add cold brew teas to our beverage menu,” Café des Arts’ David Koller informed Tetley’s researchers. New tastes in tea, premiumisation and trends such as the importance of tapping into the booming breakfast occasion were all highlighted in the report as opportunities. And although 55% of consumers were excited to see how technological advances will shape things, there’s still a requirement for good old-fashioned customer service (47% of consumers being concerned that technological advances might limit face to face interactions, claim Tetley). Coffee shop culture is strongly embedded in consumer behaviour, but operators are actively seeking news ways to add value to their tea offering. 43% of coffee drinkers are also tea drinkers, according to Tetley’s findings, with today’s typical tea drinker likely to be female and some 34% of consumers who currently drink tea at home not consuming it out of home – an opportunity to convert these valuable customers, feel Tetley. Tetley’s Tea Report 2018 looks at the profit opportunities tea offers to four key channels – the workplace, the care sector, cafés and hotels. With 47% of us drinking tea every time we are in the workplace, care residents drinking on average two to three cups per day, café-goers no longer satisfied with a simple ‘builder’s brew’ and 52% of hotel guests stating ‘how tea is served’ as extremely important, one thing’s for sure - wherever it’s being drunk, it’s clear that enjoying a cup of tea is a staple part of most people’s day.


“In Tetley’s 180th year, we have launched the most comprehensive review of the UK’s out of home tea market in the UK. For us the Tetley Tea Report is a demonstration our commitment to the continuously evolving tea category and our duty to support operators in serving the perfect cuppa every time,” said Marshall Kingston, Tetley’s senior brand manager out of home. “The value of tea in the UK foodservice market increased by an impressive 13.6% between 2015 and 2017 with one in five consumers admitting to drinking more tea than they did a year ago. Additionally, as the number of out of home coffee occasions continued to decline in the past year, the out of home tea occasions have grown in the same time period. This presents a key opportunity for channel operators to shake up their tea offering and listen to the needs of their customers.”

Tetley’s Tea Report 2018 is available to download via the Tetley Tea Academy web site – www.tetleyteaacademy.co.uk. Ethical tea The tea sector is increasingly blessed with an eye-catching range of teas for operators to choose from. The tea suppliers themselves are also taking their products far more seriously in terms of offering and promoting a greater range of flavours, focusing on provenance and their ethical credentials whether in the growing of the tea itself and sourcing, or its sustainable packaging. We Are Tea, for example, began in 2006, in a teashop, in a back street of Budapest when founders Spence and Suze were on holiday and they stumbled upon a tea room and found respite in a cup of Moroccan mint tea. They thought “hang on, someone’s missed a trick here, why don’t we have tea shops like this back in the UK?” Back home and a year later, their tea shop opened its doors, becoming a regular pit stop for the office workers of St Paul’s, London.

Tea lovers had come a long way since the days of chucking a dusty tea bag into a cup of hot water, so their café did well, and everyone loved the tea. They won numerous awards, but then disaster struck. Just as they were looking to open up a second tea shop, Occupy London hit and due to theft and vandalism the shop sadly closed. All was not lost, however. From customer requests to enjoy great tea at home they launched a retail business and secured the first of many national listings, and now they can be found in cafés, restaurants, delis, hotels, gyms and spas. They offer a range of premium teas black teas, white teas, green teas, oolong teas, function-led teas and infusion teas as either loose leaf tea or whole leaf biodegradable tea bags. Whole leaf, and nothing but the leaf (keeping the leaf whole means the leaves retain their great taste and endless health benefits, they point out). Whilst coffee can be one dimensional (hits you with that steep caffeine boost), teas can wake you up, calm you down and everything in between, they add. Their teashop start has also meant that they have been able to tweak their blends on occasion when necessary, and they have also taken time out to create tea recipes and cocktail ideas. The company also focus on reducing their impact on the environment, having teamed up with London Bio Packaging to be able to supply their cafés and restaurants with 100% compostable takeaway cups and lids made out of sustainable forest paper with a bio-plastic lining (unlike regular plastic, bio-plastics are made from corn and can biodegrade completely in commercial compost within 12 weeks). They are also one of the few tea brands with fully biodegradable, compostable tea bags made out of soilon, a bi product of corn starch. This year, they are also setting about becoming the first premium tea brand to ditch the tags on their food service and hospitality teabags in a bid to save paper and trees (and challenging others to follow suit #treesbeforetags). We Are Tea are involved with the Ethical Tea Partnership that works with individual tea estates to help producers



and smallholder farmers raise their performance against international social and environmental standards to produce ethical tea, as well as address key issues holding back tea sustainability in the global tea producing regions. This is funded by members of the partnership, with the training and support being free for the tea producers. Making the perfect cuppa Start with the perfect ingredients Choosing whole leaf offers more flavour and increased health benefits. When tea leaves are broken up they can lose their taste, aroma and those all-important antioxidants. Correct storage Storing your tea is equally important, as much as tea is pretty to look at it hates the light! The light in plastic see through containers can damage the tea. Opaque, air tight containers to keep the tea fresh are recommended. Water quality is key! Using filtered water helps to create the best tasting cuppa and helps to avoid lime scale building up in your kettle and the film that gathers on top of a tea made with hard water.

36 APRIL 2018


Water temperature This is super important. Some teas such as black and infusion tea can take the heat with freshly drawn hot water, however delicate green tea leaves can be left tasting bitter unless the water is 80 degrees. Brew time Be patient, this depends on the tea type but We Are Tea recommend 90 seconds as a minimum. Green teas and oolong teas can be re-steeped up to three to four times. In China some people even throw away the first steep. Tea infused baking and tea infused cocktails Tea can be added as an ingredient to cakes and bakes. Some classic combinations both sweet and savoury include the following. • Earl grey and apricot loaf • Pea and green tea soup • Rooibos millionaires shortbread • Chamomile, lemon and ginger cheesecakes • Chamomile crème brulee • Chocolate and mint avocado lollies • Earl grey cashew ice cream • Mint infused chia jam tarts • English breakfast fruit loaf

Food pairing A recent Mintel report has highlighted the adventurous attitude of younger consumers observing that, “two in five (40%) Brits aged between 16 and 34 who drink tea or other hot drinks say that they’d be interested in knowing more about how to pair tea with savoury food, up from a UK average of 28%. Meanwhile, 12% of adults who drink tea or other

We Are Tea’s tea infuser (Simplicitea) - the perfect accessory for loose leaf teas.


A cold brew summer? Allan Pirret, sales director of Novus Tea (www.novustea.co.uk), feels that cold brew tea looks set to become this summer’s favourite ‘grown-up’ refreshment. “A creative tea menu wouldn’t be complete without some cold brew tea options. And with the so-called ‘sugar tax’ (Soft Drinks Industry Levy) upon us, customers will be refocusing on the sugar content and healthiness of all their drinks,” he says. “Cold brew tea is sugar-free but has a gentle, natural sweetness; it has no calories and contains all the well-known health benefits of tea; it’s excellent for quenching thirst and hydrating the body; and it’s perceived as an ideal drink for ‘grown-ups’.” Cold brew tea meets consumers’ demand for innovation and healthy credentials, feel Novus, as it has the potential to satisfy customers who may shy away from traditional soft drinks that aren’t perceived to be aimed at adults. And for warmer days, when customers who would normally order tea may want something longer and cooler, cold brew tea is the perfect solution. “It’s simple to introduce ‘cold brew tea’ into your menu, using teas that you already have; it’s easy to prepare using existing equipment, and doesn’t need any specialist skills. As the name suggests, ‘cold brew tea’ uses cold, rather than hot, water for the infusion of the tea,” says Allan Pirret. “Any type of tea can be used with the cold brew method, including black, green and white teas, as well as herbal and fruit infusions. Cold brew tea shouldn’t be confused with chilled, iced or ‘on the rocks’ tea that has been brewed using hot water and then chilled before serving.”

hot drinks say that they’d be interested in trying teas tailored for drinking as an alternative to wine, rising to 15% of those aged between 35 and 44.” As the decline in alcohol consumption grows, consumers look to interesting alternative beverages to accompany their meal. In some cases restaurants are treating their tea offer as they would fine wines - serving them at ambient temperatures after having brewed the whole leaf teas for as long as an hour to release the intricate flavours, before serving from a decanter into wine glasses. An article in the Independent reported on the Michelin-starred Fera restaurant


Because cold brew tea uses cold water, the tea infuses more slowly over a longer time. It is this slower, longer process which extracts more flavour and antioxidants from the tea, and produces a milder, richer, smoother taste, which is also often sweeter, with no hint of the bitterness associated with over-brewed hot infusions, reveal Novus. Cold brew tea offers plenty of scope for creativity too. It can be served as a soft drink on its own (with ice and a slice maybe), or it can be used as the basis of a tea cocktail, offering further ‘addedvalue’ opportunities. Tea is a natural botanical that fits perfectly with the latest ‘foodie’ trend for herbal flavours, adding different flavours and layers of depth to new and traditional cocktails, point out Novus. Examples include G&Tea (good quality botanical gin and Egyptian Mint cold brew tea), Vodka and Persian pomegranate cold brew tea (a vodka cooler, so long on pomegranate, rather than the vodka!) or gin and Earl Grey.

at Claridges that offers an ‘ambient brew tea pairing menu’, stating that “the idea is that tea and wine share the same complexities, and by serving the tea at ambient temperatures, you can appreciate it much more.” This is an idea long perpetuated in Eastern cultures. The importance of tea in both Chinese and Japanese cultures is well documented, with tea playing an essential role in all meals as well as an important element in ancient rituals. Today, tea is enjoyed throughout the world, whether consumed as part of a meal or simply enjoyed on its own, and a growing number of tea sommeliers are

“Cold brew tea will tick a number of boxes for your customers. Firstly, innovation. Because the idea is relatively new they can consider themselves ‘early adopters’,” Allan Pirret continues. “Secondly, the serving of the drink offers some ‘theatre’, especially if interesting serving equipment is used. Thirdly, cold brew tea can build on your hot tea and coffee offer, helping to demonstrate your expertise, which your customers are more than happy to buy into. “Use only high quality, premium teas and infusions - they’ll give the best, most subtle flavours. Allow enough time to prepare batches in advance - the flavours need time to develop and offer a range of straight teas, as well as some ‘value-added’ cocktails/mocktails. “Offer customers a chance to sample different examples before they buy. Explain the background and origin of your teas - they all have a story - and be enthusiastic about the flavour experience they offer.”

being deployed to assist in the pairing of tea and food, as utilising the principles of food and beverage matching requires considerable knowledge of the tea itself. Tea flavour profiles offer a range and diversity akin to that found in wine. They share obvious similarities in that the growing conditions, or terroir, of the tea plant, or in the case of wine, the grape vine, affects the final flavour. Tea can be picked at first, second or third flush stages of growth and this will result in very different tastes. First flush harvests produced in late spring result in light, delicate and fresh flavours, the growth is small and therefore


TEA demands a premium price. The second flush harvests benefit from summer weather and Monsoon rains (these conditions result in darker colour leaves, rich with nutrients, producing a fuller flavour and depth of taste). Third flush teas collected in autumn have an earthy, robust flavour - a direct reflection of the terroir. Hope & Glory (www.thehopeandglory. co.uk) reports that it only uses the finest whole-leaf, organic teas, hand-picked from the best tea gardens across the world to produce its range of expertly blended teas and tisanes. By isolating the flavour characteristics of tea blends, suitable food pairings can be selected. For example, Jasmine Green tea imparts a clean, delicate flavour particularly suited to fish and seafood dishes or vegetarian options. As a contrast, full-bodied Assam tea, is a second flush tea with a robust, malty character that offers a perfect match to roast meats such as venison or beef and hearty choices such as spaghetti al ragu di carne, they suggest. Tea and cake is a familiar pairing, and Hope & Glory offer an extensive range of cake recipes with tea pairings on its newly designed web site, from the well-known classics such as Victoria Sponge with Darjeeling, to the more unusual and exotic sweet & spicy Dhokra with Masala Chai.

“We believe that the time has come for caterers to take tea as seriously as they would do their wine lists, adopting an attitude to tea that not only enhances but spreads commercial benefits beyond the quintessential and lucrative Afternoon Tea offering,” says Nina Chudasama, founder of Hope & Glory. “As with wine, it all starts with the terroir, that is, the land, the region and environment, including the climate in which tea is grown. Like wine, how and when the tea is harvested and processed is also important, these are all factors that affect the overall quality of the tea.” Hope and Glory is a complete tea brand offering an all-round service and related products in order that the foodservice operator can deliver the ultimate tea

Lakshman Chandrakanthan – one of English Tea Shop’s local Sri Lankan farmers.

experience to customers. As a British brand, Hope & Glory stems from a longstanding family tradition of tea drinking with a history back to the very early days of British tea culture. The company offers an all organic tea and tisane range with accreditation from the Soil Association and Fairtrade, and was awarded six stars in its inaugural year from the Guild of Fine Foods “Great Taste Awards” for some of its collections including the Masala Chai, Chamomile and English Breakfast ranges. Hope & Glory is a socially responsible company, equally committed to quality and sustainability. Loose-leaf, hand-picked teas are sourced only from the best tea gardens in the world, all of which must be members of the Ethical Tea Partnership. Each of their tea blends are exquisitely prepared by a team of experts consisting of Hope and Glory’s very own Tea Master and an independent tea sommelier, and are composed of 100% organic ingredients. Hope & Glory is committed to supporting the Fairtrade movement, and has designed their packaging specifically to minimise waste. New launches Grown in the heart of Sri Lanka, English Tea Shop’s range of teas includes English Breakfast which boasts a strong, full-


growing ice tea sector, worth £48m and up 13%*

• Low in sugar and Soft Drinks Tax exempt • Supported by a £4million marketing campaign that includes TV advertising Get in2018 contact 38 APRIL CAFÉ LIFE

to find out more at connect@ccep.com or call 0808 1 000 000

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and detoxifying herbal tea, it is packed full of antioxidants and health boosting enzymes, making it the perfect pick me up if you need an energy boost, suggest English Tea Shop. Its White Tea Lychee Cocoa is a delicate white tea harmonised with juicy lychee and a hint of cocoa. A fruity blend high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s the ideal blend if you’re looking for a rejuvenating brew, suggest the company. Their White Tea Coconut & Passion Fruit tea is a tropical blend - a revitalising white tea blended with coconut and passion fruit, with subtle notes of lemongrass, cocoa and ginger. This exotic flavour will have you looking forward to the summer sunshine in no time, feel the company. With retail and wholesale customers in 50 countries worldwide, English Tea Shop is stocked across numerous independent stores, hotels and retailers. In the UK, English Tea Shop is sold in high-end department stores such as Selfridges, as well as hotels such as the Grange and Strand Palace. English Tea Shop tea is also white-labelled in major foodservice chains such as Pret a Manger. Founded in 2010, English Tea Shop is a premium speciality tea company based

in the UK, but working with some of the finest organic and Fairtrade farmers, blenders and producers from all over the world. The brand says that it uses age-old practices and quality tea leaves to create a superb tea coming from the heart of Sri Lanka, with the business being built on sustainable and ethical values, with employee and farmer welfare at its core. Coca-Cola European Partners has announced the launch of the globally successful, premium iced tea brand Fuze Tea - a fusion of the flavours of fruits, botanicals and tea, with two low sugar variants in the UK. Already established in 40 markets and one of the fastest growing brands in the Coca-Cola Company portfolio, Fuze Tea has launched simultaneously across Western Europe and Central and Eastern Europe as of January 2018. Fuze Tea is a unique fusion of fruit flavours, botanicals, tea extracts and other ingredients designed


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bodied and robust flavour guaranteed to satisfy the palate of those who love a proper brew, say the company. For the ultimate tea break, pair with a citrus cake or lemon biscuit with the tart flavours complimenting the brew perfectly, they suggest. Their Earl Grey tea encompasses the finest Ceylon black tea with aromas of fresh Bergamot, boasting an aromatic and refined flavour. Dedicated to bringing the nation the finest cuppa possible, English Tea Shop’s master blender, Sampath Amarasena, advises the following when creating the perfect brew: “Fill the kettle with fresh water – use filtered if you can. Place two tea bags in a tea pot, or one in a mug. Pour freshly boiled water over tea bags. Leave to steep for three to five minutes. Pour the desired quantity of milk. Milk always goes in second. To optimise flavour, leave to brew for at least five minutes.” In time for spring, the English Tea Shop have launched three brand new fragrant tea blends. Red Bush Chai is a fusion of naturally sweet rooibos and delectable oriental spices. A refreshing

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TEA to deliver a fresh, contemporary tea taste, as well as offering a premium alternative within the iced tea category, say its creators (it initially launched in 2012 in 14 international markets and saw accelerated growth to billion-dollar status in less than three years). Blends include Black Tea Peach with a touch of hibiscus and Green Tea Mango with a hint of chamomile. The tea extracts in Fuze Tea come from 100% sustainably sourced tea leaves, contributing to Coca-Cola’s global aim to sustainably source 100% of its key agricultural ingredients and raw materials by 2020, report the brand. Fuze Tea is

also low in calories - between 14 and 19 calories per 100ml depending on the flavour - and sweetened with stevia in response to consumers’ increasing demands for different products. The two variants are available in 400ml PET on-the-go bottles and 4 x 400ml PET bottle multipacks in March as part of a phased launch, and at approximately 4g of sugar per 100ml Fuze is Soft Drinks Tax exempt. “Consumer tastes are changing, and we know people are looking for a greater number of options and choice in their drinks. The launch of Fuze Tea is a fantastic opportunity for our business to

provide new, more sophisticated flavours to more people in more places. We’re moving quickly as a company to deliver great tasting products that consumers will love,” said Simon Harrison, customer marketing director GB at Coca-Cola European Partners. “Ready-to-drink ice tea is an important, fast-growing category which is currently worth £47million in GB and has grown by 12% in the past year alone. We believe the time is right for us to broaden the reach of our expanding portfolio and work with our retail and wider partners to take advantage of this significant opportunity for growth.”

A sustainable tea brand With the current increased scrutiny on single-use plastics in their supply chain, tea and coffee companies are scrambling to eliminate plastic from their products and prove their environmental credentials. The tea brand, teapigs, however, claim that they are ahead of the game. Unlike other major brands, their tea temples have never contained plastic and the majority of their product packaging can be easily reused, recycled or composted. “There has been a lot of consumer interest lately (and rightly so) in the shocking revelation that many teabags contain plastic,” says Louise Cheadle, teapigs’ co-founder and tea-taster. “The food and drink industry in general has a responsibility to move away from the use of unrecyclable plastic and to ensure that its production practices are sustainable in the longterm. We have had lots of concerned customers contacting us over the last few months and we wanted to put their minds at ease: our tea “temples” have never contained plastic (we use a mesh bag made from corn starch to hold our whole leaf teas) but there are lots of elements that make up our packaging and it can be quite confusing to know what to do with it all because it can depend on local recycling facilities too. There are things that we think we are doing well and things that we certainly need to work on, but in the interest of full transparency we have published details of all the packaging used throughout our product range.’ teapigs packs are made from FSC certified paper board which means that the forests from which the wood

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is originally sourced are sustainably managed. The cartons are reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. The ink used on the cartons is vegetable-based. They use clear inner bags inside their cartons to keep the tea “temples” fresh and have recently invested in switching over to a material called Natureflex. Made from renewable wood pulp, the Natureflex bags are fully compostable. All teapigs tea temples are now being packed inside Natureflex inner bags but, as with all major production changes, it will take a little while for them to filter through to product shelves. The older inner bags are made from polypropylene, which is widely recycled and can be put in with your plastic recycling. teapigs tea “temples” have never contained plastic. The temples and string attached are made from corn starch, a natural carbohydrate extracted from corn. The label on the string is made from paper, the ink is vegetablebased and everything is sealed with heat so no glue is used at all. While the tea temples are fully biodegradable (and so will eventually naturally break down), teapigs recommend you put them in your food bin to be processed by your local council because they will take a long time to degrade in your home compost. As for the other products in the range, teapigs metal tins of tea are

made from tinplate and aluminium. They are reusable and can be recycled in your home recycling bin. Their 30g and 80g tins of matcha are made from tinplate and can also be reused or recycled. The outer carton of the 30g matcha tin is made from FSC recyclable paper. “We’re happy that the majority of the packaging we use can be safely reused, recycled or composted,” adds Louise Cheadle. “But we recognise that the packaging from our loose tea pouches and matcha sachets needs to be improved. All the materials used are technically recyclable but – because they are composites – they need to be separated to be recycled which many councils can’t facilitate. We’re working on new packaging for these two products and hope to roll it out within the coming months.” teapigs loose tea pouches are made from paper and polyethylene. Although these are both recyclable materials, the pouch is a composite, meaning the materials need to be separated before they can be recycled, something that many councils cannot currently facilitate. teapigs’ matcha sachets are likewise a composite. Despite these two concerns, teapigs say that they are enthusiastic in their commitment to becoming the UK’s leading environmentally-friendly tea company.


Standing out from the crowd Although everyday black tea will always be the mainstay of any speciality drinks menu, operators who spice things up with new beverage options are likely to encourage consumers to part with far more of their cash, feels Ricky Flax, general manager of the Italian Beverage Company. Fruit teas are proving popular right now, especially amongst the under 45s, and they can be added to a menu very easily, claim the company. “With so much competition on the high street, creating a point of difference has become more important than ever in terms of building brand loyalty. Consumers are keen to experiment and try new beverages, and the pressure is therefore on operators to deliver if they want to claim a larger slice of the market,” says Ricky Flax. “Don’t underestimate your customers! They will happily try something new, and maintaining an interesting menu with new beverage options and seasonal recipes might just be the one thing that keeps your customers coming back.”

IBC has been offering a new and exclusive range of Simply Winter Warmers tea and fruit inspired syrups. These easy to serve drinks require no training or skill to prepare, and can be added to a speciality drinks menu at short notice to help operators take advantage of the increasing demand for fruit and herbal teas (which grew by 2.5% last year, observe IBC). Available in four flavours - Lemon and Honey, Lemon and Ginger blend (each containing black tea extract), and the classic Simply Spiced Apple and a Simply Mulled Fruit option - the complete range contains all natural flavourings. The ‘serve’ is becoming increasingly important as a way of adding a touch of theatre and of boosting the price point, so experimenting with new ways of serving such as pour at table options, interesting serve ware, and creative ways of presenting beverages, all helps to justify an increase in price for a premium product, suggest IBC. CafeIDCJ5:Layout 1 15/03/2012 19:59 Page 1

CafeIDCJ5:Layout 1 15/03/2012 19:59 Page 1


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Cockroaches in the coffee machine - advice on how to deal with pests in cafés Almost everyone loves a cup of coffee, indeed many are unable to make it throughout the day without regular caffeine hits. However, it would appear humans aren’t the only species who will go to great lengths to get their fix of caffeine. A couple in Oxfordshire recently found an infestation of cockroaches inside their £1200 coffee machine! David Cross, head of technical training at Rentokil Pest Control, offers some advice… The right conditions It’s no surprise that cockroaches would find a coffee machine an appealing place to live. They are a great harbourage site for cockroaches, as they provide a source of warmth, moisture and food. These are ideal conditions for the pests (and other insects), especially German cockroaches. Other creatures, like fruit flies and filter flies, are also attracted to the same conditions, so coffee machines have the potential to be a real hotbed of pest activity. Cockroaches aren’t well known for their practice of good personal hygiene. While they may seem harmless, cockroaches are known carriers of diseases such as salmonella, dysentery and gastroenteritis. Cockroach droppings have even been linked to increases in eczema and asthma. A cockroach sighting or an illness linked to an infestation of insects is enough to damage the reputation of any business. But how can you spot signs of an infestation, and what to do if one is discovered? And what steps should be taken to prevent an infestation forming in the first place? How to spot the signs of a cockroach infestation Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures and like to remain hidden in cracks and crevices during the day, coming out to feed mainly at night. Smaller cockroaches have no problem fitting into the small openings and crevices in coffee machines, meaning they can easily get inside and make themselves at home. It is often easier to spot some of the signs of cockroach activity, rather than the

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creatures themselves. These include the following. Droppings - if cockroaches have little access to water, they will produce brown/ black cylindrical droppings, which are approximately 2mm in length. Smell - an established cockroach infestation will produce an unpleasant lingering odour that passes to any surfaces that they contact. Smear marks - if lots of water is

available, cockroaches produce brown, irregular shaped smear marks (these can be spotted at points where cockroaches scuttle along, such as horizontal surfaces and at wall/floor junctions). Shed skins - cockroaches shed skins up to eight times as they mature to adults (these skins can normally be found close to where the cockroaches are sheltering, so keeping an eye out for them can be great way of finding nesting areas).

PEST CONTROL homes for cockroaches. Once cockroaches think they have found a safe base, they use droppings to alert others to the location. This can quickly result in an infestation forming. Decluttering reduces the chances of cockroaches finding a hiding place on the premises. Sealing entry points and hiding spots The risk of cockroaches entering the building can be decreased by sealing up cracks in walls, around skirting boards, behind electrical sockets and under any sinks and cabinets. It is also worth regularly checking entry points to vents, sewers and pipe drains for signs of cockroach activity.

Checking your coffee machine To check if your coffee machine has been infested, remove any moving parts and take a look inside. Cockroaches are able to fit into the smallest of gaps, so make sure you shine a light to inspect any potential entry points, no matter how small they are. Cockroaches produce egg cases called oothecal which can contain from eight to 40 eggs depending on the species. These may be hidden away in cracks and crevices or carried by the female until they are ready to hatch. Make sure you do a thorough check for concealed egg cases or empty shells. What to do if you discover an infestation If you identify a cockroach infestation in your coffee machine or elsewhere in your premises, it’s important to take immediate action. Unfortunately, cockroaches are notoriously hard to kill, and even harder to eradicate permanently. You can take a DIY approach by purchasing insecticidal sprays, powders and traps. It is critically important you also remove any eggs that have been laid by the cockroaches, as they can survive and hatch after a month or two. This can be done by making sure you treat nesting and hiding areas. If the infestation returns, it’s time to call in a professional. A professional will be able to identify the species of cockroach and seek out all potential hiding spots. Professional treatments such as sprays, gel baits and dusting powders are safe and targeted, limiting the risk to people inadvertently coming into contact with them. A professional will also ensure there is a long-term strategy in place to prevent another infestation. If you find an infestation in your coffee machine, it’s going to need a thorough


clean. This involves removing any moving parts and cleaning them with hot, soapy water. After drying it off, open up your machine and allow it to air dry for a few hours. This will make the living conditions less desirable for the cockroaches, who may then move on in search of a better home. If possible, do this outside so they don’t just relocate to another area in the building. While this is possible with smaller coffee machines, it becomes more of a challenge for large coffee machines with lots of immovable parts. In this scenario, you will need to contact a professional pest controller, and depending on the case, a specialist deep cleaning team may also be required. Prevention As a cockroach infestation is so difficult to eradicate, prevention is always better than cure. Cafés offer up food, warmth, water and shelter for cockroaches all year round, so it’s important that owners and staff regularly take preventative measure to ensure cockroaches are not attracted to the premises. There are a number of simple steps that can be taken to minimise the risk of a cockroach infestation, however. Eliminate potential food sources This can be done by storing dry foods in tightly sealed containers, making sure food is not left sitting out on counters, and making sure liquids are not left in sinks or buckets. It is also important to empty all bins daily, and to rinse cans, bottles and plastics before they are put into the recycle bin. Decluttering Clutter, such as stacks of magazines and old cardboard boxes, can make great

Other areas in the café to look out for Coffee machines are not the only place in cafés that provide ideal conditions for insects. It’s also worth checking the following areas: • Bathrooms: The abundance of water makes bathrooms a great place for cockroaches to hide, and they will happily eat soap residue and toilet paper. Check the plumbing behind sinks and toilets to see if there any signs of an infestation. • Drains: Drains can provide homes to species of cockroaches that can survive in cooler conditions. Check drains regularly, as well as pipes and damaged drain covers. • Other kitchen appliances: Cockroaches can hide in cupboards, and in the crevices at the backs of fridges, freezers and ovens. Other small kitchen appliances like toasters, microwaves and blenders can also be appealing places for cockroaches and other pests to make their homes. Final words When it comes to pest control, taking steps to prevent infestations will save businesses time and money, while also avoiding the associated risks of a pest problem. This is especially true for cockroach infestations, which are notoriously hard to remove. If you suspect your business may have a pest problem, it’s always best to contact a pest control professional, who will be able to give advice and provide long term solutions. Some pest controllers like Rentokil offer low cost, pay as you go contracts (PAYG) which provides a quarterly inspection of premises for rodents and common, insect pest such as cockroaches as well as advice and recommendations for staying pest-free. If a pest problem is detected, additional services can be added on to treat the issue, saving you the headache of dealing with it yourself.



Navigating the digital ordering landscape ology business It seems that everyone wants to get involved in the food and drink techn party referral these days. Deliveroo, UberEATS and JustEat are some of the largest thirdr models. agents in the UK, with up and coming EasyFood and others following simila caf s are investing And it’s no longer just restaurants who are involved - coffee shops and list, Preoday, who in digital ordering too, observes Matt Graywood, COO of sector specia arena. shares with us his advice for working effectively with third parties in this

Opportunity knocks “Commissions on sales facilitated through third parties are said to be in the mid-teens, ranging up to 30%, beyond a typical venue’s margins,” says Matt Graywood. “If that wasn’t enough, other massive thirdparty companies like Facebook and Amazon have designs on the industry. With all this activity and all these players clamouring for customer attention, what should you do? Here are my top five tips.” Provide customers with the mobile experience they want, but keep your café in the driver’s seat Consumers increasingly use their smartphones and computers to buy goods and services. It’s where the growth is occurring in the food industry. A mobile ordering service is really an extension of your physical café in much the same way as a drive-through, but with significantly more reach and effectiveness. It’s a way to provide the ultimate convenience to your customer by giving them control of the order experience. They can 44 APRIL 2018

take as long as they want to place an order without waiting in line. Better yet, once they have placed an order, they can save it to a favourites list and then reorder it with a few taps. This drives repeat business. Leverage the data that comes through your mobile channel The mobile channel is rich with customer information. It allows you to understand your customer base much more intimately than any other channel. You will have their contact information and their food or drink preferences and other data that allows you to market to them in a much more focused and personal way. A good mobile partner will help you identify and leverage the data to help you develop a richer customer experience that drives more repeat visits and revenue. Third-party referral agents maintain ownership of the customer order data, and charge you for that information. Market your mobile service “If we build it they will come” is a great anthem for a movie,

but it’s not the real world. Driving awareness and then offering incentives to use your mobile service is a way to strengthen your customer relationship and develop repeat customers. All kinds of promotions can be considered including digital coupons, frequent guest awards, reward points and other customer engagement incentives. Know your numbers Understand the full cost of an order from a third-party order provider and know how that fits into your business and financial plan. If you take the time to dissect the numbers, it will likely not make sense unless you have a strategy in mind to convert those customers to your own mobile channel. Consider and compare with the value of a customer on an external provider with one on your own mobile order platform; this is a customer you want to keep. Use third-party order providers for the right reasons Have a strategic outcome in mind because many thirdparty vendors demand a

significant percentage of each sale as compensation for their services. On the plus side, they can facilitate order flow, which can, in turn, increase the number of steady customers. However, these mobile orders may not be profitable after a hefty commission is paid and incremental operational expenses are counted. If you must rely on such services, a good strategy is to develop relationships with referred customers and migrate them to your own mobile ordering platform, which should be much less expensive, where you can capture their customer data, market to them directly, and create an experience unique to your café. “There is a lot of activity in the food and drink industry by all kinds of non-industry players looking to step into the order flow and extract value. The opportunity for café owners involves taking decisive action to reclaim, as well as maintain, customers by leveraging owned mobile channels, while simultaneously giving consumers the digital experiences they want,” concludes Matt Graywood.

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“ A a s in a



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Over 100 exhibitors from many world leading brands to numerous smaller suppliers A comprehensive FREE to attend conference programme featuring industry leaders The Innovation Path and Awards featuring the most innovative products and solutions The Taste Challenge - win fabulous prizes by identifying coffee variants in blind tastings Sensory Workshops - helping professional beverage buyers to improve the sensory acuity of the nose Taster sessions from the SCA’s Coffee Skills Programme The Gallery of Classic Vintage Coffee Machines by Doctor Espresso And lots more including networking, a VIP programme and ‘Roastery Way’, an area dedicated to smaller, independent roasters.

WHY I’M COMING “Coco di Mama is a growing brand in the Azzurri Group and our Allpress coffee plays a big part in that Italian To Go concept. This show will be an opportunity to see what innovation the industry is offering in other areas, such as takeaway cups.”

Mr Richard Galbraith, Distribution Manager, Azzurri Group

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Smooth operators With customers demanding ever higher beverage quality (coupled with a greater range of coffees), and operators struggling to source, train, then retain, skilled staff, coffee pods and capsules are increasingly relied upon in the OOH (out of home) sector as part of a coffee-serving business that is having to be far keener about its consistency.

Many benefits “As the pioneers of the portioned coffee market, we understand that one of the key benefits of coffee capsules is that they provide consistently high quality coffee with exceptional flavour,” says Jean-Baptiste Coutant, Nespresso UK & Ireland B2B’s commercial manager. “Each of our machines is also designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, making portioned coffee the perfect choice for busy restaurants and hotels, for example, as they are then able to deliver customers the perfect cup of coffee at the touch of a button. “Another benefit of capsule coffee is the variety it can provide to operators. For example, our Professional range offers a choice of Espresso capsules, longer Lungo capsules, decaffeinated and even flavoured coffees, all created to produce a coffee that suits individual customers’ tastes.” But quality doesn’t stop at taste, point out Nespresso,

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who – as are many others in the market - are involved in every aspect of the coffee value chain, from bean to cup. “We’re meticulous in our decisions when it comes to quality - our range of blended, flavoured, and pure, single origin coffees, are crafted to offer a distinct flavour profile and aroma – with simplicity of use in mind, of course,” adds says Jean-Baptiste Coutant.

“For us at Nespresso, quality starts with the beans and the people that grow them. This means having a direct relationship with our coffee farmers in 12 coffeegrowing countries across the world and working closely with them to help manage their farms and address their needs. This allows us to ensure the level of quality our customers have come to expect.

“The AAA Sustainability Quality™ Programme, for example, combines the Nespresso quality coffee expertise with Rainforest Alliance’s know-how in sustainability and best farming practices. We invest in more than 70,000 farmers’ infrastructures in over 12 countries by paying premiums for superior coffee. Taking care of our people and the environment in which the beans are grown is what makes our premium quality coffee.” An OOH solution Whereas coffee capsules are often viewed as a luxury item for the at home market, for the foodservice market they can represent an opportunity to increase sales by offering a wider range of coffee blends, feel sector supplier, Verde Coffee, who have been supporting the commercial coffee trade for over 20 years and have built up an extensive portfolio of coffee machines, barista equipment and consumables in the process.

PODS AND CAPSULES Consumers are becoming ever more accustomed to quality coffee and this means being able to offer a blend to cut through milk in cappuccinos and lattes as well as a blend that produces a robust espresso or Americano. Coffee capsules allow those selling coffee to offer a wider choice of coffee blends, as well as decaffeinated options, more easily, they point out. They also play an important role in the wider quality control picture that is managed increasingly by online, automated means. “Coffee capsules have come under a lot of bad press recently for their negative impact on the environment and the latest development in coffee capsule design has been to make them biodegradable,” says Claire Harrison, Verde Coffee’s marketing manager. “Verde Coffee are proud to be one of the first companies to offer this new design of capsules. Our biodegradable capsules can be disposed of along with other organic waste and processed industrially to become compost, therefore reducing their impact on landfill and creating an ethical solution for operators who in the past have avoided plastic capsules due to their

environmental impact. “In the past the coffee pod (essentially a pad of coffee wrapped in filter paper) has been the more environmentally ethical choice but the capsule does have some advantages over it. With the coffee pod you have water going through the filter on both sides, and this makes the coffee taste different. The capsule is just like brewing a fresh pot of coffee as you can control the elements around the brew chamber.” Verde Coffee sell their own, unique coffee blends and also partner with some of Europe’s leading manufacturers with the aim of providing the best espresso machines and equipment. They specialise in espresso machine rental, both long and short-term and offer lease purchase and free on loan options on all our machines. At the same time, they offer installation services, maintenance contracts and barista training. Consistent quality “With increasing competition within the coffee industry and the rise of artisan coffee shops, consistent quality is key and attainable with the right kind of technology. One solution to

providing barista-quality coffee – without employing baristaqualified members of staff – is capsules. This is the fastestgrowing part of Lavazza’s business; a capsule-based solution allows businesses to provide a variety of serves at consistent quality, costeffectively,” says Barry Kither, AFH sales and marketing director at Lavazza UK. “The Lavazza Blue Wega capsule machines, for example, enable operators who do not have highly skilled baristas to provide equal, if not better, quality coffee every time. Each single capsule contains a 7-8g dose of coffee, the same dose baristas use for each espresso they serve to their customers.” In addition, to the Blue Wega, Lavazza offer capsulebased barista coffee machines, such as the LB4702, which makes the process much easier and guarantees consistency of taste. The capsule system means there is no grinder so there is no need for daily re-calibration and, with no ground coffee mess, cleaning is incredibly simple and quick, say the company. The equipment that Lavazza supplies often has a temperature-controlled steam arm. This allows the milk jug

to be left still on the platform with no extra manoeuvre from the barista, creating consistent foam that doesn’t burn or overheat the milk. The temperature-controlled steam arm is a key element for nonspecialists in the coffee sector as the milk foaming element is a tricky skill to master. “The capsule market is also following suit in the sense that consumers’ tastes are now driving the coffee market to create a whole range of capsules targeted towards different tastes in coffee strength,” Barry Kither continues. “Another consideration is the ethical quality of the capsules being used. By selecting ethically-sourced products such as Lavazza’s recently launched Tierra Origins range, for instance, businesses can reassure consumers that their purchase is supporting the coffeegrowing communities in which it has been sourced. “Additionally, with the United Nations’ marking 2030 as the year by which we, as a planet, will achieve our 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Lavazza are dedicated to contributing to achieving these goals by launching the Lavazza

Enhanced in-room hot drinks service

Café du Monde, innovators of the Service en Chambre bedroom beverage service, has introduced a capsule machine system - Café Plus - that has been designed to raise the standards of in-room hot drinks service. Capsule machines are the modern way to serve high quality beverages in an easy-to-use system, feel Café du Monde, who have packed three of its best-selling coffees in capsules – Grand Cru, Colombian and Swiss Water processed Decaffeinated. For the equipment, Café du Monde turned to Dualit, a well respected brand in both consumer and professional markets. This compact machine has a stylish gloss black finish with chrome trim, feel Café du Monde. It heats up in just 40 seconds and automatically switches off after 10 minutes of inactivity. Café Plus offers precise dosing control for the perfect espresso or Americano (and also features a temperature boost control for a hotter cup of tea). Its programmable dosing memory allows you to alter the extraction, useful if you have a particular mug or cup size in the room. The Dualit machine


costs just £105.00+VAT and there is no arduous product tie-in. Café du Monde capsules are competitively priced and enable you to standardise coffee service throughout your hotel and the machine is compatible with many other capsules on the market, they point out (packed in boxes of 125, the cost of the coffee capsules is 25p for Grand Cru and Colombian and 27p for decaffeinated).



100% compostable coffee capsule in May 2018. The compostable capsule, which contains 100% Arabica coffee certified by Rainforest Alliance, can be disposed of with other organic waste.” Great coffee every time A well-known roaster and supplier of high quality coffee to the out-of-home sector across the UK for over 50 years, Rombouts (www. rombouts.co.uk/professional) is known for inventing the One Cup Filter in 1958. The brand, founded in Belgium in 1896, offers a one-stop shop for hot beverages to the out-of-home channels, including premium quality whole bean and roast and ground coffees, ancillary items, coffee equipment, service packages, plus full training and support. “As a roaster with over 120 years of knowledge and experience, there’s nothing worse than seeing our carefully selected and roasted coffees ruined by poorly trained staff,” says Simon Remmer, sales director at Rombouts. “And from a customer’s perspective, they want a delicious coffee

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each and every time they visit an establishment, or they may not return. That’s why for many environments, pod systems are a (near) fool-proof way to serve consistently great coffee with all the theatre of a traditional machine, but without the downsides.” There are a number of key benefits of pods and capsules can offer caterers, including consistency, quality, freshness, ease of use, accountability, cleanliness and a reduction in staff training, feel the firm. “Consistency is key, and this is one of the biggest benefits of espresso pods. Each espresso pod is the correct weight, grind size and properly tamped for a great espresso each and every time. There is no need for an expensive and often messy grinder that requires adjusting throughout the day. And as every pod is individually vacuum packed, there are no issues with freshness,” adds Simon Remmer. “With the ease of use of all the pod systems that Rombouts supply, there is less reliance on the skills of the barista. So, making a great coffee is taken care of

and the barista can focus on engaging with customers and the customer service element, which is generally considered the biggest single factor in retaining and gaining new customers.” Rombouts say that they offer a range of espresso pod systems to suit all type of businesses, from their small Xpress’Oh machine through to the commercial four group Via Nova 4 machine. The Via Nova is essentially a traditional espresso machine, manufactured by La Spaziale, and which incorporates the Rombouts pod system. It is easily capable of producing 250 plus coffees per day and is available in a two group or four group wversion, say Rombouts. Prime Pod - Rombouts’ fully automatic ‘Pod to Cup’ system - simply requires an espresso pod to be dropped into the machine and then for the operator to choose from the extensive hot drinks menu (cappuccinos to mochas and everything in between, say Rombouts) and once selected, the drink is ready to enjoy in around 30 seconds. The Prime Pod is available in two versions

– Fresh, with an integrated milk fridge, or Powder, which utilises the internal containers for the convenience of powdered milk. Xpress’Oh is the most compact machine in the range, explain Rombouts, making it ideal for hotel bedrooms, offices, small hair salons and alike. The Xpress’Oh can make 20–30 cups per day and in conjunction with a simple milk foamer from Rombouts, makes excellent cappuccinos, lattes, espressos and Americanos, they advise. There are nine varieties of Rombouts espresso pods to choose from. Two core lines – Ristretto (which makes a great espresso and is the ideal base for milk beverages, they suggest) and Grande Reserve (for a delicious Americano or Lungo coffee). Plus, there are seven varieties to choose from - Brasilia, Ethiopia, Colombian, Cachet d’Or, Italian Style, Bio & Fairtrade and Déca Aqua. Both the Bio & Fairtrade, and the water decaffeinated Déca Aqua pods are organic and Fairtrade, offering high-quality coffee from Fairtrade partnerships with valued and respected

PODS AND CAPSULES farmers, claim Rombouts. “As you would expect from a brand like Rombouts, we understand how service, training and support can have a huge positive impact on our customers and our customers’ customers,” continues Simon Remmer. “Regardless of the innovation in pods and pod machines, it is still vital to have staff trained in the creation of different types of drinks. Customers look to the barista as the expert who not only serves them their great tasting coffee but who can educate and inform them on what they are drinking. Professional barista training has never been so relevant and important than it is now. Rombouts offer various levels of barista training, from an introduction through to more comprehensive training.” During the ongoing training and optional auditing from Rombouts, simple machine maintenance is thoroughly covered to reduce the likelihood of machine breakdown due to user error of non-cleaning. However, should any issues arise, Rombouts’ engineers are on hand to ensure everything is up and running again. And to ensure customers know what they are being served, Rombouts offer promotional POS items to help communicate the quality on

offer, from simple loyalty cards and branded crockery, through to bespoke menu design and branding. “Many types of coffee pods and capsules are often nigh-on impossible to recycle. However, this is not the case for Rombouts espresso pods. The pods are just coffee and natural filter paper so are biodegradable and the packaging is fully recyclable,” explains Simon Remmer. “Year on year, Rombouts becomes more committed to sustainable development and recycling, notably through the creation of our range of biodegradable pods. An important part of our business philosophy is to ensure that the coffee both meets the needs of the consumers and the producers and either works directly with plantation or purchases as much as possible that is Fairtrade or organic certified, with an emphasis on being as green as possible from a recycling point of view. “With businesses being urged to crack down on plastic and packaging waste wherever possible and consumers more and more interested in sustainability, food waste and recycling, it is more important now than ever to support this cause and develop products that are environmentally friendly, without compromising on taste and quality.”

Passion for coffee since 1896






Capsule challenge Three-time UK barista champion, Maxwell ColonnaDashwood, says that he founded his coffee business, Colonna, because he wanted to source and roast the world’s most exciting coffee – and to overcome the challenges of brewing excellent, high quality coffee at home. Based in Bath, Colonna and Small’s has been a coffeetasting destination for the past seven years, Maxwell and his team having triumphed in the world of coffee competitions, operated a coffee school, and collaborated with a scientist in order to constantly push the boundaries in the pursuit of coffee perfection. Together with Christopher H. Hendon, Maxwell ColonnaDashwood co-authored and published Water For Coffee. A book that explores how a water in Edinburgh will make your coffee taste completely different to a water in London. Their latest work used a Laser Particle Analyser to examine how coffee grinds differently at different temperatures, discovering that the colder

your coffee gets, the more brittle it is, and therefore the more it shatters, creating a finer grind. Colonna, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood’s latest project, directly challenges the speciality coffee world’s preconceptions about how to brew coffee with amazing flavour. Artisan brew bars and barista competitions are a far cry from single-serve pods with a mainstream, commercial flavour profile. However, capsule technology is perfect for achieving amazing results at home, he feels - an oxygen-free chamber with a weighed and perfectly ground dose of coffee ready to brew. This, combined with a machine calibrated to deliver an exact amount of pressure and water at the correct temperature, means that Colonna are able to brew incredible coffees using home equipment. Colonna says it is committed to sustainability too, paying a premium for coffees that ensure a high cup quality and sustainable

buying practice that reward the grower. Capsule technology is extremely efficient and makes the most of the precious beans that are carefully and lovingly grown. Nespresso capsule machines, for instance, use only the water you need and

the capsules are recyclable, and Colonna say that they too are also committed to realising capsule technology as one of the most sustainable brewing devices available and are currently working towards a fully compostable solution.

All pictures provided by Elliot Jay Stocks for Colonna

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Water scheme to cut plastic bottle use People will be able to refill water bottles for free in tens of thousands of places in England in future following the recent announcement of a new national scheme by the water industry. Joining forces It’s estimated that the new scheme will cut plastic bottle use by tens of millions each year, as well as substantially increasing the availability of high quality drinking water. In an ambitious drive to help fight plastic waste, water companies will join forces with the Refill campaign to create a national network of high street retailers, coffee shops, businesses and local authorities offering new refill stations for the public to top-up their water bottles for free in every major city and town in England by 2021. People will be able to use an app on their phone to find out where the nearest refill point is, or look out for special signs in shop windows. As well as being able to get drinking water from shops, cafés and businesses, some water companies are looking at installing new public drinking fountains and restoring some historical ones which have fallen into disuse. The first business to join the national drinking water scheme is Whitbread plc, which has pledged to offer free drinking water for customers and passers-by in each of its 3000 Costa Coffee and Premier Inn locations from March 2018. “As an industry with a strong focus on the environment we are passionate about tackling the problems caused by plastic bottles, which clog up rivers and drains, and pollute our seas. By refilling water bottles, we can all help turn this harmful tide of plastic waste. This country has some of the best drinking water in the world and we want everyone to benefit from it. This scheme will do that by making

52 APRIL 2018


Image credit: Adrian Sheratt it easier for people to refill their bottles wherever they work, rest, shop or play,” says Water UK chief executive, Michael Roberts. Refill stations The water industry was inspired to create the new initiative by the successful schemes run by the Refill campaign, which now has over 1600 refill stations across the UK. Some water companies are currently taking part in three local Refill schemes in England to provide free drinking water - Anglian Water in Norwich, Northumbrian Water in Durham and Bristol Water in Bristol. The new partnership between the water industry and Refill will see all water companies in England support the massive expansion of the scheme over the next two years. As an example of what could be achieved nationally by the new initiative, the Refill Bristol scheme which launched in September 2015 now has more than 200 refill points across Bristol’s city centre. Refill Bristol has estimated that if every Bristolian refilled a bottle once a week instead of buying a single-use plastic bottle, the city would reduce its plastic bottle consumption by 22.3 million a year. If replicated around the country, it could lead to a reduction in plastic bottle use in the hundreds of millions. The current Refill scheme, now happening in 13 towns and cities in England, encourages participating cafés, bars, restaurants, banks, galleries, museums and other businesses to sign up to a free app and put a sticker in their

window alerting passers-by to the fact they’re welcome to fill up their bottle for free. Natalie Fee, founder of City to Sea, the organisation behind the Refill scheme, said: “We’ve seen a huge appetite for our Refill campaign across England, from individuals wanting to make a difference in their community to national chains keen to offer free refills to their customers. Our Refill app puts the power to stop plastic pollution in people’s hands – and now thanks to the water industry we’ll be able to help everyone, from local communities to airports, to provide free refills on the go.” James Pitcher, director of sustainability, Whitbread plc (owners of Costa Coffee and Premier Inn) added: “At Whitbread we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and playing our part to tackle the issue of plastic waste. We are very much looking forward to participating in this innovative scheme, with over 3,000 Costa stores, Premier Inn hotels and restaurants the length and breadth of the country we can make it easier for people to refill for free, helping to reduce the number of plastic bottles being littered or thrown away.” There are money-saving benefits for customers too. A half-litre bottle of still water typically costs around 30p in shops, compared to a twelfth of a penny for the equivalent volume of tap water – meaning water for customers who fill up bottles from a tap in their own home is 360 times cheaper than if they get it from a supermarket. The cost if they get it from one of the new refill points will be zero.

WATER Local action plans The first stage in delivering the nationwide scheme is for water companies to work with Refill to develop local action plans by September 2018, setting out steps they will take – working with local partners – to drive up access to drinking water locally. This will include the number of refill stations to be available. Plans will cover specific initiatives tailored to local circumstances, which may also include projects like new outdoor drinking fountains and re-usable bottles. The next stage will be to put in place a network of community refill points and a national app to enable the public to find their nearest refill station. This will build on the Refill model of community organisers and the Refill app to ensure country-wide coverage by 2021. Single-use plastic bottles are expensive to produce, use up valuable natural resources to make and transport, and create mountains of waste once they’ve been used and discarded. So far, recycling does not appear to be adequately dealing with the problem, as it’s estimated that only around half of the 38.5 million plastic bottles used in the UK every day are recycled, with around 16 million ending up in landfill, being burnt, or entering the environment and waterways. The supply of public drinking water has

a long history, with evidence of examples of water fountains dating back to around 3000 BC in Mesopotamia. The drinking water fountain consisted of basins which made use of the natural spring water, a system which was originally developed in Greek and Roman times. Mechanically operated water fountains only became familiar during the 15th century in Italy. The drive to improve public health in the UK in Victorian times saw the introduction of more modern drinking water fountains, particularly in London following the ‘Great Stink’ of 1858. Victorian philanthropists gained support for a plan to provide clean drinking water in poor areas, and the first fountain was opened on 21st April 1859 in a corner of Holy Sepulchre churchyard in Snow Hill in London’s Holborn area. Many further drinking fountains were placed close to churches or churchyards, but later drinking fountains were often placed near pubs to give the thirsty public an alternative to drinking beer. Vandalism, cost of upkeep, and the increasing provision of water into homes led to the decline of public drinking fountains in England, although many classic examples survive today. Water fountains are resurfacing - Bristol, London and Hull (provided by Yorkshire Water) added new ones just last year.

Water fountains can be found across the world, but is it time for a tidy up?


Barry Callebaut Beverages named Supplier of the Year Leading hot drinks manufacturer, Barry Callebaut Beverages UK has been presented with an award for Supplier of the Year by the National Independent Vending Operators Group (NIVO). Awarded in the Snack & Drinks Supplier category, Barry Callebaut Beverages UK came out top as voted for by individual NIVO members, which makes it the best sort of award, according to head of sales for Barry Callebaut Beverages in the UK, Paula Bentley, who said: “We couldn’t be more delighted to accept this award. It’s greatly appreciated and it means a lot that NIVO’s members have voted for us in this category.” Managing director of NIVO, Graham Kingaby added: “We’re really pleased for the team at Barry Callebaut Beverages. It’s an award that recognises the great effort that is put in by a supplier and, ultimately, rewards good customer service. Congratulations to all at Barry Callebaut Beverages!” Call 01244 370500, or visit www.barrycallebautvending.co.uk.


Fri-Jado puts bake off on the menu Foodservice and food retailing equipment provider, Fri-Jado UK Limited, is offering its BC5 programmable convection oven as a solution for operators wishing to add a bake off option to their food to go menus. The oven is suitable for a wide range of food retailing operations, including supermarkets, convenience stores, forecourts, QSRs, bakeries and food to go outlets. The robust and compact, table top unit may be located at the front of house to create kitchen theatre and its interior illumination maximises the visibility of product to promote impulse purchases. The BC5 convection oven has the capacity for five 400 x 600 mm baking trays spaced at 75 mm. For large volume operations units may be stacked, in space saving configurations, to provide additional baking capacity and the BC5 model benefits from a combination of convected heat and steam injection for the perfect balance of food moisture and texture, with a golden baked finish (call 01895 272227, or visit www.frijado.co.uk).



John Watt & Son Peter Johnston talks about how he and his wife, Carol, came to own John Watt & Son, a specialist coffee and tea supplier with an illustrious heritage stretching back more than 150 years, based in Carlisle, Cumbria.

A Carlisle original One of my earliest memories is visiting John Watt & Son in my home city of Carlisle with my grandparents when I was just a young lad. I found it mesmerising, not least because of the wonderfully intoxicating aroma of freshly roasted coffee which wafted through the streets, something which Carlisle has become synonymous with over the years. Having enjoyed a long and successful career in contract catering, I had reached a point in life when I needed a new challenge. To my surprise I found that

John Watt & Son, the very same business that I had such fond recollections of was on the market. It was an easy decision to make. My wife Carol and I took over in 2015 and we very much consider ourselves to be custodians of a fabulous business with a most impressive 150-year heritage. Our intention is to nurture the brand and to leave it in good stead for future generations to enjoy just as we have done. At the heart of the business today is the original store in Bank Street which has evolved from being a traditional grocer’s shop to becoming a tea and coffee specialist with a thriving café on-site selling light snacks and freshly baked scones. It retains many of its original feel and look so it is like a step back in time. Provenance is very important to customers and I source as much as possible from within a fifty-mile radius of Carlisle. Expanding the roastery I opened an additional site in Blackfriars Street in 2017 to accommodate a new roaster and organised packing room where the team are better able to service wholesale customers. An on-site café where customers can enjoy a drink and a cake while watching tomorrow’s coffee being roasted is also popular.

54 APRIL 2018


PROFILE The wholesale side is a very important revenue stream and one that we are very keen to expand on and the Blackfriars Street site has given us scope to further develop our offer. We are in the process of setting up a barista school complete with a fully kitted out training room as our intention is to offer free barista training sessions to our trade customers. We use Cimbali M34 traditional machines in our cafés as in my opinion they are head and shoulders above the competition in terms of build quality and reliability, and we will also use the same machines in the training centre. Our focus is on building partnerships and with the training we are in effect helping our customers improve the service they offer their customers so everyone benefits. We recently helped a small bakery in Dumfries introduce a quality take out coffee offer. Very quickly, the bakery went from selling zero coffee to 300 cups of speciality coffee a week which is impressive. We provided the coffee, the equipment, the compostable cups and the know how to guide them through the setup, staff training, launch to customers etc and now we are on the end of the phone whenever we are needed. It’s a great success story and typical of the type of work we want to do more of. We have also introduced a third presence in the city, a small café in the iconic Carlisle Castle which is home to the Cumbria Museum of Military Life. Here we are delighted to sell our speciality drinks, cakes, snacks and ice creams to the visitors to the museum which is a popular tourist attraction and so not only pulls in a local crowd but helps build brand awareness with visitors from further afield.

New revenue streams One of the first things we did when we took over was to look at ways to introduce new revenue streams into the business. An absolute no-brainer was on online store for the sale of our gourmet coffees and teas, both for own use and as gifting lines and this has taken off very well and we have


been surprised at how many overseas orders we attract. We also set up a monthly subscriptionbased coffee club where we deliver 100% Arabica coffees, tasting notes and brewing methods direct to customers which is also proving popular and helping build brand loyalty. Bucking the trends Being located in the North West, I find we are not too heavily influenced by the London coffee scene. Coffee is like wine, people have their favourites and that is what they stick to. The artisan sector favours the lighter, fruitier roasts but here our darker, more traditional coffees are just as popular, if not more so. We sell as many cafetieres as lattes in our cafés. Our Christmas coffee is the same recipe that has been handed down through the generations, as is our John Watt 1865 Espresso and House Tea Blend, both of which have secret recipes that are only known to me and Carol - they were given to us in a sealed envelope when we bought the business. Aside of that, we still sell an awful lot of loose tea. We have 55 blends available at any one time and if anything, we are seeing a bit of a resurgence in loose tea drinking, probably due to the evolving brewing methods and the popularity of ‘the serve’ which helps drive up interest. Attracting the millennials Our café customers cover a wide demographic, from ladies who lunch to the professionals working in the city and the grey market.

This is a university city, so there’s a large student population and we are particularly pleased that we have been able to attract the millennials in by offering something a little different (we have four Costas in the town to compete with). Good honest food at an affordable price is what we are about and that has broad appeal across the generations. Giving back Carlisle is a tight-knit community and we are keen to get involved with local charity initiatives. Recently, we have started offering coffee grounds to customers to use in their gardens in return for a donation of any amount. It’s a great way to make use of something which would otherwise be thrown away and all proceeds go to local charities which we are delighted to support as well as being a way of helping the environment by re-using our coffee bags. We have also managed to get those who buy wholesale from us to also get involved in this initiative too. We’ve had an excellent first two years, which has included a Great Taste 1 Star Award win for our Espresso 1865. Admittedly, we’ve enjoyed a stroke of luck on the way – a barber opened up next door and that has really helped our visibility. So much so that we are forced to turn people away during most lunch hours and expect to turn tables two to three times per hour over the Christmas period. To some extent, we have re-invented ourselves for the twenty-first century whilst keeping everything that people love about John Watt & Son firmly in place and that’s our plan moving forward.



Right to Work compliance Adrian Black (pictured below), founder and chief executive officer of fraud and financial crime solutions provider, Contego (http://contego.com/), set up his company with the aim of helping other organisations reduce fraud and navigate compliance regulations. Here, he outlines some of the issues employers can have with Right-to-Work (up to 95% of SME businesses risk sponsor licence revocation for migrant workers, observe the firm, with many also at risk of instant Home Office closure), as well as the benefits to be had from an automated, electronic solution. Changing landscape The UK workforce is becoming increasingly diverse in its makeup, and while undoubtedly this is a good thing, it isn’t without some challenges. Civil penalties set by the UK government have become stricter for those who are employing workers who do not have the right to work in the UK. Research commissioned by immigration law firm, Migrate

56 APRIL 2018


UK, for example, found that of the companies who hold a sponsor licence - typically those that directly advertise and sponsor workers from outside of Europe to come and work in the UK - up to 95% of small to medium enterprises are at risk of having their sponsor licence for migrant workers revoked, with many others also at risk of being instantly closed by the Home Office.

Financial implications Fines can stretch up to £20,000 per illegal employee, so the cost of being found to be non-compliant is not insignificant. This can have a significant impact on the finances of a business, or the credibility and stability of their HR departments. There’s also the potential for company directors to have to serve a five-year prison sentence, plus the possibility of irreversible

LEGISLATION damage to your brand reputation. There’s also the risk of loss of earning due to fraud and damage to supplier/customer relations. With this in mind, ‘Right to Work’ compliance can often weigh heavily on an employer’s mind. Everyone must comply with the Right to Work checks. Whether you hire one person or thousands, have part-time or full-time staff, or are working in the public or private sector, businesses must ensure that all potential and existing employees are considered eligible to work in the UK through mandatory Right to Work checks. The principles seem very straightforward overall. However, carrying out these Right to Work checks can often prove challenging for HR departments. This is largely due to the fact that the dynamics are changing for how the UK workforce operates. Nowadays, a lot of businesses choose to combine a variety of different contracts from flexible working to part-time, home-working to full-time, contractors to temporary staff. This enables a business to have a flexible approach to their staffing, which helps with changing business needs. It can make it difficult when hiring though. Why it is becoming harder to comply with Right to Work? HR teams are under growing pressure as a result to hire the right people, make all the necessary checks, and to ensure employees have the legal right to work in the UK. Legislation is regularly changing, and therefore staying abreast of all the developments can be demanding. Although HR professionals are well-trained, they are increasingly facing the growing trend for fake identity documents being used in job applications. This makes their job even harder and means trying to spot identity fraud while dealing with hundreds of applications is challenging. As


these forgeries become more sophisticated it can be hard to spot fraudulent documents. Additionally, with a rise in transient workers, plus the growing ‘gig’ economy, there’s also the increased risk of unwittingly employing illegal workers on a short-term, but equally unlawful, basis. Moreover, throughout sectors such as hospitality, leisure, warehouses and retail, many HR functions are de-centralised. This means that on-site managers are often responsible for making hiring decisions. Here the risks are even greater as they often don’t have the same training as HR professionals and are not abreast of the legislation. However, this context will hold little sway with the government who are keen to crack down on non-compliant workers. Save time and reduce human error Undertaking right to work checks doesn’t have to be complex though, as the process can be handled very easily thanks to technological solutions. With robust, automated processes occurring through a comprehensive solution, the risks can be minimised, and you don’t need a HR team that constantly stays ahead of legislation. They can also be confident that the Right to Work checks are meeting all current and future legislative requirements. These systems, such as the likes of the offering we have created at Contego, aim to help to reduce the burden of the manual approach. Document checking is automated, meaning businesses can quickly check, authenticate and retain ID documents in line with the latest immigration legislation. Electronic scanning provides your team with a consistent, reliable and straightforward way of performing checks without having to be ‘document experts’. The Contego mobile application also enables realtime Right to Work validation of employees on the move.



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Checkouts Reach thousands of potential customers from as little as £115 To Advertise Call

Sam Minton

01291 636333

email: sam@jandmgroup.co.uk

TAMARIND FOODS SPRL Brixtonlaan 2c, 1930 Zaventem, Brussels, Belgium Tel: +32 2 731 69 77 Fax: +32 2 731 69 78 Contact: Frederic Teichmann fteichmann@tamarindfoods.be www.tamarindfoods.be

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Introducing Almond Breeze Barista Blend

Developed with

baristas for


Baristas know their coffee better than anyone. That’s why they helped us make our new, low calorie Almond Breeze® Barista Blend. It’s deliciously creamy and frothy, making it perfect for the world’s finest coffee. And because it’s an almond drink, it’s dairy free and soya free. l

Perfect for latte art


No added sugar


Cholesterol free, low fat alternative to milk

For more information & stockists visit bluediamondalmonds.co.uk

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Cafe Life Magazine - Issue 85  

In this issue, we preview this month’s very popular London Coffee Festival and our features showcase some espresso machines, as well as what...

Cafe Life Magazine - Issue 85  

In this issue, we preview this month’s very popular London Coffee Festival and our features showcase some espresso machines, as well as what...