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The barista oat drink that’s born and raised in the UK


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The government’s furlough scheme came to an end in October; replaced in part by its Job Support Scheme. However, as local, and national, lockdowns get deployed, the festive season looks set to be a very challenging time indeed if operators are to play ‘catch up’ with trade lost earlier in the year. As café and coffee shops businesses seek to adapt to, and make the most of, the new business landscape, there is now an established move towards online ordering, as well as a desire on the part of consumers to the recreate their traditionally out of home coffee break experience at home.

Clare Benfield - Editor

32 The wonder of soups

4 Hospitality workers attend peaceful protest. 5 Food and hospitality businesses urged to adapt to survive. 6 Brits spent £2.25b to replicate coffee experience at home during lockdown. 14 Glebe Farm announce launch of multi-million pound oat drink site.

– the seasonal meal solution. ARTICLES 17 Making the most of food to go – advice from St Pierre. 30 Countdown to Natasha’s Law – allergen labelling. 36 Taking back control –


creative director, Adrian

16 News update.

Kilby’s view.

FEATURES 20 Packaging reassessed – the competing requirements of packaging. 26 Cocktail spirit – drinks ideas.

38 Optimism is brewing at Julius Meinl – premium potential. REGULARS 31 & 37 New products. 39 Checkouts.

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Forum of Private Business welcomes additional late payment powers Business support organisation, the Forum of Private Business, has welcomed the announcement from the Business Secretary that additional powers are being given to the Small Business Commissioner to address the issue of late payment of invoices to small businesses. Late payment, principally by large corporates, has a major impact on the cash flow of small businesses, and is an issue that the Forum has lobbied hard on addressing, they report. In responding to the announcement, CEO of the Forum, Ian Cass said: “The Forum of Private business has been campaigning for better payment practices since they were formed in the 1970’s. We want to encourage government to put the mechanisms in place to create a change in the UK’s payment culture and are supporters of the pay in 30 days campaign. “Since the appointment of the Small Business Commissioner, the Forum of Private Business has been calling for the role to be given more powers, firstly to investigate and survey businesses about bad payment practices, secondly to be given some teeth, with powers to fine persistent late payers and thirdly to make sure that the prompt payment code is correctly applied and governed so that we avoid issues, similar to those we had with Carillion and other businesses who run early payment schemes while regularly paying suppliers in over 90 days”.


Hospitality workers attend peaceful protest On 19 October 2020, members from across the hospitality industry converged on Parliament Square in London to protest latest government restrictions on the industry. Hundreds of HospoDemo protestors were dressed in uniform to represent their respective trades, and equipped themselves with pots, pans, cocktail shakers all used to make sure the industry was heard. Leading hospitality figures Yottam Ottolenghi, Jason Atherton, Tom Aikens and Jillian MacLean (CEO of Drake & Morgan) all joined the demonstration to urge the government to review its policies relating to hospitality venues, both in terms of restrictions and industry specific support. HospoDemo founder and longstanding industry marketer, Rachel Harty, said: “To see so many from our industry come together on Parliament Square was extremely powerful. We’ve been dealt some heavy blows over the past six months and we are looking at a bleak future if the government does not revise its policies relating to the hospitality industry. Without enhanced financial support and additional government contributions to the Job Support Scheme we are going to see many businesses fall by the wayside.

“In 2020 the sector is expecting a £73 billion drop in revenue and with 1.3 million employees still on the furlough scheme as of the beginning of this month (October) we’re looking at mass unemployment without more support. We certainly made some noise (this morning) and we hope it has an impact.” Rachel Harty also told London’s Standard: “If nothing changes then we will be doing this again and we will have more people come, and it will grow each time. It was an incredible highly charged experience – there was so much emotion because people could be losing their jobs and livelihoods. They won’t be able to support their families as there is no option to work from home when you are in the hospitality industry. The situation has become out of control. It’s do or die.”

British Empire Medal for work in Fairtrade and the community Cllr Dr Paul John Birch J.P. is mentioned in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list and he is to be awarded the British Empire Medal by Her Majesty the Queen in recognition of his work in the community, alongside his work in Fairtrade, the Cabinet Office saying that he will be awarded the honour after displaying a consistent effort to better the local community through Fairtrade projects and charity work. MD at Revolver, a co-operative specialising in ethical coffee, tea and chocolate, Paul has dedicated the last ten years to the Fairtrade movement by sitting on numerous boards and by developing Fairtrade commodities under the Revolver World Coop brand for sale in Coop stores.

Phil Ponsonby CEO of the Midcounties Coop said: “This is much deserved recognition of Paul’s tireless commitment to Fairtrade producers. Revolver has been an Important partner to the Midcounties Co-operative over many years by providing innovative product development and supplying Fairtrade coffee of the highest quality from growers across the world.”


Food and hospitality businesses urged to adapt to survive After the government’s roll out of its tier system in connection with the nature and deployment of lockdowns, local or otherwise, businesses, and particularly those hardest hit in the hospitality sector - many of whom have already been successfully negotiating the ‘Covid-secure’ provision now required of them - now face even more economic uncertainty and challenges in the run up to the festive season (usually an opportunity to boost revenue that might have fluctuated earlier in the year, and this year, already has significantly). At the time of going to press, Wales is in a two-week so-called ‘fire-breaker’ lockdown, on account of concern over its hospitals not being able to cope with a projected potential rise in hospitalisations, should the virus spread as fast as it is believed to have been spreading of late (the so-called ‘secondwave’). Manchester, London and the North East have also experienced restrictions. As a result of the tough measures taken so far by government to control the spread of the virus, the economy as a whole continues to take a battering. In a statement on 18 October 2020, head of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, said that the UK now faces “an unprecedented level of economic uncertainty” (Britain’s economy having shrunk by 20% in the three months to June as the coronavirus pandemic took effect - the biggest fall of any large advanced economy, it is claimed). In an online event held on Sunday, 18 October 2020, the Bank of England head suggested that there is significant risk of economic growth continuing to be lower than expected, with output at the end of the third quarter to be 10% lower than the end of 2019. “Of course, that is heightened now by the return of Covid... the risks remain very heavily skewed towards the downside,” the BBC reported him on 19 October 2020 as saying during a video conference held for central banks (hosted by the Group of Thirty, a panel of economic policymakers and senior bankers). Jeffrey Young, UK Coffee Week founder and CEO of World Coffee Portal, talked recently about the challenges and opportunities arising from the current crisis, and of a new era, the so-called ‘new normal’, warning that businesses must adapt to survive. “Covid is providing a number of challenges for our industry, in actual fact the impact is going to be absolutely catastrophic for some players. People that don’t adapt and don’t find their way into this new normal really won’t survive this moment,” said Jeffrey Young, in the run up a week-long fundraising initiative, UK Coffee Week (held towards the end of October). “There is a lot of structural change within our cities, within our workplaces and also a lot of anxiety among consumers. And it requires a mindset to really move with the times and embrace a moment of new normal, new ways of working -

taking new initiatives and a lot of innovation to thrive in this environment that is probably going to take a couple of years to get through for us as an industry. “There’s a lot of opportunity with those who want to embrace this new era. We have a lot of growth in the home coffee market, we have a lot of growth in local independents, and we have this fundamental need for British consumers to embrace the local, and to embrace their local community. There’s a lot of opportunities for brands to build those bridges to communities … So we all move forward into a positive future together.” October also saw the end of the government’s furlough scheme, and it remains to be seen what the true unemployment and employment landscape will be like in the wake of Covid. “The pandemic’s human cost, in jobs lost and livelihoods impacted, is slowly being laid bare. The number of people claiming benefits has surged to 2.7 million and two thirds of a million fewer people are working now compared to March,” said Jack Kennedy, UK economist at the global job site Indeed. The government have now launched a Job Support Scheme, designed to protect viable jobs in businesses who are facing lower demand over the winter months due to Covid-19. It sets out to help keep a business’s employees attached to the workforce, and opened as of 1 November 2020 to run for six months (the company will continue to pay its employee for time worked, but the cost of hours not worked will be split between the employer, the government through wage support and the employee through a wage reduction, and the employee will keep their job). The government will pay a third of hours not worked up to a cap, with the employer also contributing a third. This will ensure employees earn a minimum of 77% of their normal wages, where the government contribution has not been capped. Employers using the Job Support Scheme will also be able to claim the Job Retention Bonus if they meet the eligibility criteria. THECAFELIFE.CO.UK | NOVEMBER 2020 | CAFÉ LIFE 5


Brits spent £2.25b to replicate coffee experience at home during lockdown

Not any oId coffee, la Reale thing! Chris Kraszewski, owner of popular Carat’s coffee bar in the West Sussex seaside town of Southwick, says that he has used the imposed isolation of lockdown for some serious selfexamination. “Is my offer right, is my café layout right; am I offering the right products, am I making a good job of marketing my business?” Chris Kraszewski has asked himself, deciding that the time was right to change the way that Carat’s made coffee. “Our old machine had served us well, but it was showing signs of age… I knew we could do better.” After consulting his long-time supplier and friend Paul Ramsey, whose coffee business, Domluca, is located down the road in Rustington, Paul suggested Gaggia’s flagship coffee machine, La Reale, to him. “We’ve been fans of La Reale since its arrival in the UK in 2019; we appreciated its potential immediately. We’ve installed many, many coffee machines over the years and I can honestly say that the drink flavour achieved by the Reale is the best we have ever experienced,” said Paul Ramsey. “And it’s affordable. I was in no doubt that would be the right choice for Carat’s, whose La Reale machine is the first to be installed in the Brighton area.


Keen not to miss out on their regular coffee fix whilst working from home during the lock down, Brits spent a whopping £2.15bn on coffee machines and products to replicate their regular coffee experience, according coffee roastery Volcano Coffee Works who surveyed Brits on their coffee habits, recently, and sought their expectations of coffee companies on International Coffee Day. Their survey revealed more than four in 10 (42%) admitted to drinking more coffee since lockdown - with almost a quarter (23%) drinking four cups a day - equating to over 112m cups nationally every 24 hours. With these sorts of figures, it should not be a surprise that 82% of coffee drinkers felt that they rely on good coffee to set them up for a productive day of work, the surveyors claim. Emma Loisel, co-founder and chair at Volcano Coffee Works commented: “We’re more in love with coffee than ever, with consumption up and millions investing in recreating their caffeine fix at home. Coupled with working longer hours from home, it seems we’ve never been more reliant on coffee. And interestingly, it’s great to see the trends for ethically sourced coffee and that companies

showing they care about people and the environment are more important than ever when it comes to purchase decisions.” Coffee is of course big business, the UK’s annual caffeine bill being some £14.9bn. However, the company’s study reveals this is set to accelerate further - driven by ethical coffee drinkers, they claim - with more than three in five (63%) people willing to pay more for coffee if it benefits coffee farmers, up 18% compared to 2019. Emma Loisel added: “Coffee could be a bell weather of things to come. Consumers are making themselves very clear, they want more from brands than just great products. 85% told us they expect the companies they buy products from to behave sustainably and ethically towards the environment and people.” “Perhaps this is one of the greatest silver linings from the lockdown, consumers have found their voice and if they continue to hold companies to account, they will drive change, faster than any government” added Emma Loisel. Volcano Coffee Works’ research was based on a survey of 2,000 British people between 25 and 28 September 2020 (survey conducted by consumer research agency YourSay).

Dina Foods has Christmas wrapped up Mediterranean foods supplier, Dina Foods, says that it is preparing for a Christmas bounce in sales, as its confectionery, savouries and breads are in high demand during the festive and gifting season. From baklawa to beetroot falafel, chocolate-dipped dates and cocktail pittas, the Dina Foods range reads like a Christmas food wish list, and one of the top Christmas-sellers for the Londonbased family company is its tempting selection boxes of baklawa, prepared using traditional recipes to the highest quality, say the firm. Already a well known supplier of baklawa in the UK, these boxes make the perfect gifts all

year round, they suggest, but particularly at Christmas. “Our baklawa, Filo Delights® and sweet finger foods sell very strongly at Christmas, like most of our products these are so versatile, they can be used on a variety of occasions, they’re great as canapé desserts, festive treats and are in demand as gift items,” said assistant general manager, Wilda Haddad.

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101128 OCT 2020


Astoria partner with Slow Food Astoria Macchine per Caffè –an Italian company that designs, develops and manufactures professional coffee machines - took part in the recent Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2020, and further strengthening its longstanding partnership with Slow Food, a partnership based on shared ideas and values. The company, based in the province of Treviso in Northern Italy, and which distributes its professional coffee machines in over 140 countries throughout the world, continuously invests in technology and research in order to reach ever-higher standards of quality, their aim being to make coffee that’s both high quality and ethically sound. This particular company vision led to the creation of the Slow Espresso Experience, they report, developed in collaboration with the

University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo. It brought together the sensory experience of coffee with the concepts of sustainability, the sound management of resources - including water, essential for a great cup of coffee - and protecting biodiversity. Needless to say, the thirteenth edition of this event had a completely new format and duration this year. It has not taken place within the classic five-day format, but instead is unfolding over a six-month period by offering a host of initiatives organised by the Slow network and involving the public in over 160 countries throughout the world, in digital and non-digital events (the Terra Madre Salone del Gusto will close in Turin in April 2021). “The Virtual Salon is an important opportunity for our market and our products,” said Doctor Federico

Gallia, president of Astoria and sole director of Ryoma MC Spa Holding, which controls the group. “It’s a unique opportunity to present our coffee machines to an international audience who, thanks to the totally revolutionary format of the salon, will be able to access our world and the world of Slow Food from every corner of the planet via the web platform. It’s also an important moment for our brand, when we can promote the values of awareness, respect for the environment and quality that unite Slow Food and Astoria.”

Land Girls™ celebrates inspirational female growers Coffee lovers can now buy beans and grounds with a conscience from a brand created by a woman passionate about supporting other women in farming across the globe. Land Girls celebrates inspirational female growers who determinedly go against the grain by supporting themselves and their communities in a male-dominated industry (according to the Office for National Statistic’s 2018 annual population survey, 16.9% of farmers are female, with a total of 23,300 of women listing “farmer” as their occupation in 2018-19. That figure is up from seven per cent in 2007-8). The launch of its first two products – Fairtrade coffee beans – is part of founder, Emma Brown’s mission to assist the women farmers who grow the beans to support their families. Emma Brown, who runs a smallholding in Rutland, said: “We source the best Fairtrade coffee beans from carefully-selected small farms across the globe; fair not only in price but fair for the women growers whose hard work shines through in their 8 CAFÉ LIFE | NOVEMBER 2020

outstanding produce.” Land Girls’ roasts, Sumatra and Peru complement one another. Sumatra is an earthy, dark and spicy coffee, with hints of citrus and apricot, making it full of flavour and the ideal choice to start the day. Peru has a smooth, well-rounded taste with a balanced berry sweetness and a hint of cocoa, making it a coffee that’s easy to drink at any time. For Emma Brown, finding the right farmers to work with was just as important as sourcing a delicious coffee. She was inspired by the small, closeknit community of farmers in northern Peru who work together to produce better coffee and fairer opportunities for their members. The beans for Sumatra

are grown by the women of Koperasi Ketiara, a cooperative of Indonesian farmers founded to help them feed their families. Emma Brown comes from a long line of fiercely independent women farmers. As a child, her grandmother – who farmed single-handedly – taught her how to sow seeds and tend the plants as they grew. Though destined to follow in her grandmother’s “wellies”, she has had to fight to be respected and remain resilient in a male-orientated industry. When her application for a farm tenancy was turned down last year, she was determined not to be beaten and decided instead to focus her attention on supporting other women in farming who ‘go against the grain’ every day. “From a handful of coffee beans, Land Girls will continue to grow as a brand and as a voice for female farmers across the world,” said Emma Brown. “We plan to work with farmers both at home and abroad to introduce new products and with consumers’ support, we could change the future for generations of female farmers to come.”

Where versatility, usability and individuality count

The new X10

Coffee pleasure – freshly ground, not capsuled Customised coffee via 4.3" colour display thanks to One-Touch function for 31 programmable specialities Professional Aroma Grinder for ideal grinding results over the entire service life One-Touch Lungo function for delicious, aromatic barista specialities

Ideal areas of use: coffee lounges, bistros, pubs, bars, restaurants, private function areas, offices Recommended maximum daily output: 80 cups

JURA – If you love coffee

See us at London Coffee Festival T07 & T08 JURA Products Ltd., Vivary Mill, Vivary Way, Colne, Lancashire, BB8 9NW, Tel: 01282 868266, Fax: 01282 863411,,


Russell & Atwell launch fresh chilled chocolates Russell & Atwell (www. is Steve Russell and Giles Atwell, who, with over 30 years collective experience in the making and business of chocolate, set themselves the challenge of creating a fresh chocolate product of restaurant quality for supermarket prices after posing the simple question: “Why are we still eating long-life chocolate, if everything tastes better fresh?” October 2020 saw the launch of three variants of fresh chocolates Outrageously Creamy Milk Chocolates (with a Fino de Aroma Milk Centre), Extra Dark Chocolates (with a Premium Solomon Islands Cocoa Centre) and Ridiculously Smooth Dark Chocolates with a Fino de Aroma Dark Centre (prices from £6.00 per 90g bag).

The ‘long life’ chocolate bar was invented at the start of the 20th century, but most homes have had fridges since the 1950s, so whilst fresh milk, pasta and desserts have all migrated over into the fridge, chocolate has been left, quite literally,

on the shelf, the duo claim, and who feel that it’s high time fresh chocolate became the go-to standard for quality, simplicity of ingredients and indulgence, as well as helping to replace the need for palm oil by using fresh organic cream.

takepayments launches ‘Order and beepaid’ app For many hospitality outlets, order at table apps have become a business saving solution, allowing bars, restaurants, pubs and coffee shops to balance government safety guidelines with enhanced customer service and experience. Figures from takepayments show that nearly a quarter (22%) of small businesses have already moved their business online and nearly a third (31%) have introduced some form of QR code system since the start of the pandemic, they report. Launched this month by takepayments (www., a new app - ‘Order and beepaid’ – is now providing enhanced functionality to businesses including time configured menus and owner access from any device for remote login. The app is aimed at restaurants, pubs and cafés looking to introduce a QR code service which has a fast set up, is easy to use, and requires minimal work as takepayments take care of setting up your business with the service, they point out. “We understand how difficult and unpredictable these times are for business owners and want to


do everything we can to help ensure their business continues through this time. We’re here to support business owners who are already under pressure to make sure their business survives,” said takepayments’ Sandra Rowley. “The Order and beepaid app is the perfect solution for businesses looking to adopt a QR code system for ordering and easy payment. The app also allows hospitality businesses to quickly adapt to a collection and delivery model.”


Cake maker collaborates with coffee roastery Artisan cake makers Ginger Bakers have collaborated with Rinaldo’s Coffee Roastery to launch a new two new speciality home delivery boxes. The two companies based at Plumgarth’s near Kendal have joined forces to create a speciality home delivery coffee and cake box and a speciality home delivery tea and cake box. Just the thing to say thank you to a colleague, friend, or neighbour, and perfect for helping coffee-lovers through endless Zoom meetings or even to enjoy as a little treat for yourself or a loved one to brighten up the day, they propose. The speciality coffee and cake box contains a 227g pack of Rindaldo’s Casa Blend 100% single origin Arabica coffee which can be delivered as whole beans, or ground for espresso or cafetiere, and five individually wrapped Ginger Bakers tray bake portions, Caramel Shortbread, Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Nancy, Cranberry White Chocolate & Orange Flapjack and Ginger Jake, and priced at £13.50 + P&P.

Whilst nothing beats calling in and choosing your own cakes from the Ginger Bakers range or picking up your favourite tea or coffee from Rinaldo’s, the duo acknowledge, the next best thing is getting one of their coffee or tea cake boxes delivered direct to your door, they feel. Lisa Smith owner and founder of Ginger Bakers commented: ‘’Our coffee

and tea boxes have been specially created to allow people to enjoy our delicious treats in the comfort of their own home, and enjoy a drop of freshly brewed tea or coffee from Rinaldo’s range of speciality beverages at the same time. Because our boxes are delivered direct to the door, they make a perfect thank you gift for friends or neighbours or work colleagues at affordable prices.’’

New on the go bakery range from St. Pierre St. Pierre ( says that it is giving caterers the chance to tap into changing demand for food on the go with a range of individually wrapped bakery goods, new to the foodservice sector. Food on the go has evolved into a huge market which was worth an estimated £21.2 billion in 2019according to MCA insight, and coffee shop closures due to coronavirus fuelled strong demand for takeaway purchases, with a 13% rise in take-home hot beverages in the 12 weeks to 12 July according to Kantar data. St Pierre say that their new foodservice range supports the trend for ‘coffee off-site’, with time-pressured workers in particular choosing to grab snacks and lunch on the go. Individually wrapped products have proved especially popular since outlets have reopened after the COVID-19 lockdown, they observe, and the St. Pierre range provides an opportunity to capitalise with a choice of six tempting bakery treats - Butter Croissant, Chocolate Filled Croissant, Pain au Chocolat, Caramel Waffles, Millionaires Waffle and Brioche Waffle. Each of the 45g products (RRP £1 each) are sold through retail and foodservice channels, reinforcing the strength


of the St. Pierre consumer brand, which remains the UK’s number one European bakery brand(according to Nielsen data). Scott Oakes, commercial manager for St. Pierre said: “By offering these wrapped bakery goods into the foodservice sector for the first time, we’re giving caterers the chance to drive impulse purchases and tap into the growing trend for takeaways. “Consumers are increasingly taking the coffee shop experience to work or home since the outbreak of COVID19 and these products are the perfect accompaniment to a takeaway hot beverage. Individually wrapped products also offer clear hygiene benefits for caterers in the post COVIDera, whether as part of a takeaway breakfast in a hotel or an impulse purchase in a café or coffee shop.”




Check out our Alpro For Professionals range – developed especially for baristas and now looking even better than ever! Not only have we given ourselves a make-over, we’ve also been creating our new, gluten-free Oat drink. Creamier and tastier than ever, it’s a must for any menu.




SHORTS CAFFÈ NERO CONSIDERS CVA At the time of going to press, and according to a report by Sky News, the coffee shop chain, Caffè Nero – which employs in the region of 5000 people in the UK - is considering a CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement) in connection with its rental costs for the sites it currently operates from as it copes with the effects of the pandemic. According to other reports, it has been claimed that the brand had previously engaged KPMG to secure rent cuts with landlords. REAL FOOD CAFÉ SHORTLISTED The Real Food Café in Tyndrum has been shortlisted in the Catey Awards in the Best Marketing Campaign category for its Gluten Free Fortnight, and a huge achievement for the rural café that is up against the like of Marriott International. Not only that, the café’s Gluten Free Fortnight campaign that has been shortlisted has raised awareness for Coeliac disease. The winners will be unveiled on Tuesday, 24November 2020 at a virtual ceremony. TEAPIGS’ BIGGEST HAUL YET Tea brand, teapigs, say that they are proud to announce that they have received a company-best total of 23 Great Taste Awards. With 15 one star awards, seven two star awards and even a coveted three star award for their honeybush and rooibos infusion, this haul of 23 awards bringing teapigs’ total to an impressive 137 prizes to date. FEA OPENS GATEWAY TO GOVERNMENT KICKSTART SCHEME The Foodservice Equipment Association has enthusiastically backed the government’s Kickstart scheme, which provides funding for employers to create job placements for 16-24 year olds. A limitation of the scheme is that an application must be for at least 30 job placements. However, now FEA has formed a Kickstart Gateway, meaning FEA members can apply – even if it’s only for one job.


Glebe Farm announce launch of multi-million pound oat drink site Glebe Farm has announced the launch of their newly installed, multi-million-pound oat milk plant at Glebe Farm. This plant will produce the company’s first UK made, gluten and dairy free, oat milk drink, PureOaty, and with a daily capacity of 50,000 litres, Glebe Farm says it is now also able to consider private label commissions. Glebe Farm Foods commenced work on the multimillion-pound extension to their existing gluten free oat production site at the end of 2019, in response to the burgeoning sales of their gluten free oat drink. “We are Europe’s biggest grower, miller and producer of certified gluten free oats, supplying over 30 countries worldwide with British grown oat products of the highest quality. Our seed to shelf philosophy is central to our business and as the oat category, especially oat drinks, continues to evolve, it was crucial that we invested in our site. This several million pounds investment is designed to future proof our business. The building and machinery have all been built to our specification and will give us increased capacity to produce our oat drink to meet this demand,”

said Rebecca Rayner, managing director of Glebe Farm Foods. “We are incredibly excited about the future for our business. The investments we have made particularly benefit our oat drink which has been developed in conjunction with baristas and works perfectly with all types of coffee beans to create a creamy and delicious drink every time. Now all of our expansion plans have been implemented, we are in the perfect position to supply the growing demand of foodservice and retail customers for a high quality oat drink for years to come.” In the UK alone, oat drinks are showing strong year on year growth in retail, up 72.9% according to Kantar data (52 w/e 19 May 2019), and predictions are for a very bright future in foodservice for this non-dairy alternative. Glebe Farm Foods is the largest certified gluten free oat manufacturers in Europe and over recent years a surge in interest in gluten free foods, plus increasing sales of oat drinks and cereals, has led to rapid growth for the team at Glebe Farm. The company now supplies oats and cereals to many retailers and foodservice operators across Europe.

From dealing with issues on legislation to providing advice and help to support members, The Café Life Association is an exclusively retail focused body which aims to encourage and promote excellence . across the café/coffee bar sector

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NEW COVID ALERT LEVELS Following the government’s recent announcement, new guidelines have been introduced which will affect many businesses in different ways. There are now three alert levels: medium, high and very high (for full details go to: THE JOB SUPPORT SCHEME The Chancellor recently announced details of the Job Support Scheme for businesses formally asked or legally required to close due to national or local restrictions. The scheme will see the government cover two thirds of an employee’s wages for as long as the business is required to remain closed, up to a maximum on £2,100 a month. It will begin on 1 November and will be available for six months with a review in January. The Chancellor also increased support for businesses required to close, with grants up to £3,000 a month available paid every fortnight. The devolved administrations will receive increased funding to allow them to bring in similar measures if they choose to. Full information at: https://www. OVERSEAS WORKERS Chefs and hospitality workers coming to work in the UK from abroad will in future have to speak English, have a job offer from an approved sponsor, and receive a salary of at least £25,600 if recommendations on the Shortage Occupation List from the Migration 16 CAFÉ LIFE | NOVEMBER 2020

Advisory Committee (MAC) are accepted by the government, which is likely to be the case. Although MAC acknowledged that the hospitality industry was reliant on migrant labour and that the salary threshold employers will face under the Skilled Workers Route is significantly higher than median wages in the industry, it has nonetheless recommended chefs’ removal from the list, giving a number of reasons: • It believes employers have failed to train UK workers adequately • It maintains there is evidence of relatively poor terms and conditions in the industry, which is suppressing supply of labour from the domestic labour market. • It states that demand will be reduced in the short term as the sector suffers the effects of covid-19. • It argues that removing chefs from the list could force an improvement

in the pay of existing chefs and encourage more people from the UK to move into the profession (albeit at the cost of more expensive meals for consumers). The removal of chefs from the shortage occupation list will mean that any business seeking to employ workers from outside the UK postBrexit will have to have that employee satisfy the points-based system. However, they say they will review this decision in 2021. SUGAR TARGETS MISSED Public Health England has published a report on how industry has fared in meeting the sugar targets it set three years ago. In most categories it wanted a 20% reduction in sugar by 2020. The report can be found at: https://assets.publishing.service. system/uploads/attachment_data/ file/925027/SugarReportY3.pdf


Making the most of

food to go Scott Oakes is commercial manager for St. Pierre, a UK-based European bakery brand. Here he talks about the impact of coronavirus on the food to go category, how it has shaped new product development, and how cafés can drive impulse purchases in these challenging times. How has the coronavirus pandemic impacted specific food trends? The biggest impact we’ve seen has been on food (and drink) to go – which is perhaps no surprise considering the way in which many operators have been forced to pivot and develop a better takeaway service during COVID-19 restrictions. Kantar figures show that there was a 13% rise in take-home hot beverages in the 12 weeks to 12 July, which goes some way to show the popularity of takeaway purchases during the lockdown period. But demand has remained strong since the re-opening of cafés, coffee shops and QSR outlets too – for busy consumers and time-pressured workers, the chance to grab and go is often a welcome one. How can you support cafés during this time? Cafés have been under immense pressure in recent months, whether that is due to enforced closures, staffing concerns or the additional measures needed to ensure a COVID-secure environment. However, through all of this they have also been a source of familiarity and a much-needed sense of normality for customers. We are constantly working with our café sector customers to help drive sales, providing both the products and the market insight they need to maximise the opportunity. For example, we have identified research which shows that 42% of all people who ‘sat in’ at a coffee shop or sandwich bar last year ate food with their drink. For takeaway customers, this figure falls to 36%, which means almost two thirds (64%) opted for just a drink on the move, according to Statista data. Clearly, the key for any caterer, particularly in the current climate, is to increase the number of customers buying food with a takeaway hot beverage. Has COVID-19 affected your own strategy? Undoubtedly, yes. For many years, the foodservice sector has been a key area of focus for St. Pierre and we’ve developed a portfolio of products which reflect this. Before the outbreak of COVID-19, foodservice accounted for 30% of the St Pierre Groupe UK business and I joined the business at the beginning of the year to help drive this offering. In March, when the lockdown came into effect, food service dropped to around 11% of the total UK business, but we have recovered strongly. Thanks to a strategic focus and some key product launches into the sector, we have been able to

maintain a steady rate of growth since June - and in August 2020, foodservice accounted for 34% of the UK business – stronger than it’s ever been. What products have you launched and why? We recently launched a range of six individually wrapped bakery treats to the foodservice sector - Butter Croissant, Chocolate Filled Croissant, Pain au Chocolat, Caramel Waffles, Millionaires Waffle and Brioche Waffle. The strategy was simple. We’ve seen the growth in food to go (which is now an estimated £21.2 billion market according to MCA data) and the importance of convenience for customers in the post-COVID era. There is also a greater focus on hygiene, for obvious reasons, and individually wrapped products have proved especially popular since outlets have re-opened from COVID-19 enforced closures. These products, which were already proven in the retail market, support all of those trends. With an RRP of just £1 each, they are a quick and simple impulse purchase for time-pressured consumers who are increasingly choosing to grab breakfast, snacks and lunch on the go. All of this, of course, makes them a real margin-booster for cafés and coffee shops at the point of sale. How can cafés drive impulse purchases? The key to maximising profit lies in driving efficiency in terms of both the time it takes staff to prep/serve and in minimising food waste. Frozen products can bring challenges in trying to achieve consistent results, particularly when they need thawing and heating. It can increase wastage (and reduce profits) if thawed products are not sold, and some caterers find that the quality is affected on the first or second thaw too. In contrast, ambient products like our individually wrapped range, for example, give caterers the opportunity to maintain quality whilst reducing cost, risk of damage and service time when compared with frozen bakery products. There is no need to thaw and serve, and no risk of impacting quality by refreezing products. Crucially, they also give caterers the chance to free up freezer space for higher margin products such as meats or premium desserts. For more information visit THECAFELIFE.CO.UK | NOVEMBER 2020 | CAFÉ LIFE 17

Eligibility may vary.


Control energy bills with a smart meter Avoid estimates and only pay for what you use. Ask your energy supplier if you are eligible for a smart meter. COVID-19 has been hugely challenging for businesses aczross Great Britain. As firms begin opening up amid continuing restrictions, many are assessing their financial situation and focusing on how to operate in this difficult new trading environment. At a time like this, many businesses are looking for ways to save money and create a healthier bottom line. The good news is that there are lots of small changes you can make to your business that add up to a big difference. Energy is a key expense that businesses need to factor into their outgoings. So, a great way to gain more control and to understand how much energy you’re using, identify ways to reduce your consumption and therefore save money, is by requesting a smart meter installation from your energy supplier. Smart meters are available for many businesses and enables you to see accurate bills, so each month you only have to pay for the energy you actually use. They also help you to keep better track of your energy and give you the information you need to reduce your consumption. In fact, some business owners who have had one installed say it highlighted areas of spending they weren’t aware of. Your energy supplier will be ready to fit your smart meter once your eligibility has been confirmed. They will arrange a date and time that is suitable for you and your business

requirements. A trained installer from your energy supplier will call round to your premises and fit your smart meter, and after the installation process is complete, they can show you and your staff how your smart meter works and answer any questions. Contact your energy supplier to find how smart metering can work for your business. Eligibility may vary.

Packaging reassessed The requirement for hygienic, often plastic-based, singleuse solutions has seen a resurgence recently, whereas the overall aim remains to substantially reduce the use of plastic by food businesses and their suppliers in order to have more sustainable and recyclable solutions, in turn necessitating appropriate collection, segregation and composting if possible. PLASTIC PACKAGING TAX “Organisations in the UK’s highly regarded food to go and café sector which use or produce significant amounts of plastic packaging are faced with a combination of new recycling rules and increased compliance costs that is having a fundamental impact on the way they do business. This new environment brings significant threat, of course, but also great opportunity,” says Dom de Ville, a senior consultant at Sancroft (, an international sustainability consultancy, which works with some of the world’s leading companies to improve their environment, ethical and social impact. “It seems like a lifetime ago, but it was only in March that the Chancellor announced in his Spring Budget that a plastic packaging tax will come into force from April 2022. “This will see businesses whose products have less than 30% recyclable material being charged £200 per tonne. However, the rules for this tax will provide a powerful advantage for businesses that reduce the amount of packaging they use, ensure it is made from the maximum recycled content, and that it is universally recyclable. “The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) rules, which are due to go live in 2022, will force producers and users of packaging to pay the full net cost of collecting,


reprocessing and recycling packaging to local authorities in the UK. By the government’s own calculations, EPR is set to increase the cost of packaging compliance fees by an estimated 21 times what businesses were paying in 2017, a huge jump. “Also on the rise are Packaging Recovery Note (PRN) charges, the fees businesses must pay towards the collection and disposal of plastic packaging waste they put on the market. On its own, the per-tonne increase of plastic compliance – from an average of £50 in 2017 to over £400 in 2019 – is eye-catching enough. However, when these costs are modelled for large and mid-sized businesses, it is calculated that for every £1,000 a company was spending on plastic compliance in 2017, they are now spending over £8,000. The cost of these PRNs has effectively risen from a level many businesses might have considered a manageable marginal cost of doing business, to a major cost centre. “Add to that hardening consumer attitudes against plastics packaging, as well as increasing pressure from investors interested in sustainability and the implications for supply chains to remove or reduce packaging, and this places organisations which use plastics at a fork in the road with some critical decisions to make.”

With the dramatic growth in on-demand food deliveries in recent times, the need for security of food on the move, and the building of customer confidence, has become vital for food operators and Tamper Technologies (www., a UK manufacturer of tamperevident labels and tapes, reports that it has been producing food security tamper-evident labels throughout the pandemic.

SUSTAINABILITY DRIVE “Sustainability will be a defining trend in almost every aspect of life over the next 10 years,” says Chris Tough, marketing manager at Lincoln and York, and who have recently unveiled what they claim is the UK’s first recyclable film for coffee. “Modern consumers are driven to buy products that are reported to be ‘good’ and are increasingly interested in how the products they purchase, are sourced and produced. According to Global Web Index, 64% of consumers identified recyclable packaging as an environmentally friendly solution.

“Standard plastics and paper can usually only be recycled a few times before they become unusable, whereas switching to a reusable packaging solution is another way to recycle and extend a products life cycle, keeping it in circulation for longer and reducing

I N T R O D U C I N G O U R N E W, AWA R D W I N N I N G* R E C Y C L A B L E PA C K A G I N G We recognise our responsibility to set a sustainability agenda, which is why we’ve announced our new recyclable packaging.

Available in three different colours: black, white and kraft. L E T ’ S TA L K S U S TA I N A B L E P A C K A G I N G Email us now at


*G O LD p rize at th e Pa ckaging I n n ovatio n Awa rd s 2020

PACKAGING the volume of damaging materials entering landfill.” Getting ahead of the trend, feel the company, Lincoln and York recently released its recyclable film for coffee, the first in the UK, they say. Their recyclable films are LDPE number 4 and are suitable for roasted coffee products with 12 months shelf life as per our standard film. Once the packs are opened, the product must be stored in a cool, dry place away from strong odours and used within 14 days. “Recyclable packaging, especially when it comes to plastics, is something all manufacturers should be addressing, and will need to before

new legislation in 2025, or risk a dip in customer satisfaction and potentially sales. It is inevitable that consumers will turn their backs on the businesses not investing in making their supply chains more sustainable,” adds Chris Tough. “The reality is that these sustainable alternatives are readily available across the UK. Ensuring the removal of unnecessary plastics is a feat achieved by a variety of businesses, instead, the businesses making the least progress are those being upheld by concerns for reduced margin, not for availability or supply chain capacity.”

CORRECT COLLECTION Earlier in the year, Cawleys Waste Management announced a brand new eco partnership with packaging company, Vegware, known for their compostable cutlery, cups, plates, food boxes and general food packaging, all designed to help minimise their impact on the planet. However, for the initiative to be truly sustainable, the used Vegware items need to be transported to the correct composting facility in a completely uncontaminated state, this is where the Cawley’s partnership makes a particular impact as it offers a comprehensive collection and transport service to all

Plastic-free utensils Earlier this year, EcoTensil ( - a global pioneer in sustainable paperboard utensils - announced the European launch of its plastic-free single-use cutlery for food packaging. This popular range of folding multifunctional paper utensils was developed to replace small plastic spoons and sporks found in pot lids, trays, and other grab-and-go packaging, with a more environmentally friendly option. Addressing the upcoming EU ban on single-use plastics, say the company, California-based EcoTensil is now bringing its sustainable paperboard solutions to Europe through its European-based sales team. The award-winning multi-functional EcoTensil utensils all have a much more pleasing ‘mouth-feel’ than that of rougher wooden spoons and forks, and the sturdy EcoSpoon® is formed with one simple ‘bend to touch dotsTM fold, making it easy enough for a young child to do, claim the company. The EcoTensil team has designed its current product line specifically for single-serve packaging, foodservice and sampling applications and supplies its utensils formatted ready to be easily fitted into customers’ existing packaging, or customised as needed (all EcoTensil products are made from materials from well-managed FSC®-certified forests and use 50-80% less material than plastic, bio-plastic or wood cutlery). “Using less resources is the best way to reduce waste going to landfill,” says EcoTensil creator and CEO, Peggy Cross. “The GreenDot© line is made from a similar material to a coffee cup, but fully compostable, recyclable and contains no plastic. There is no taste, after taste, dissolving of the coating in one’s mouth, or falling apart after a few bites.


“The work Europe is doing to reduce single-use plastic is very important. EcoTensil is supporting companies in meeting their plastic reduction goals with our wonderfully simple folding paper spoons. We have spent the last decade perfecting the silky mouth feel, smooth edges, structural strength and overall pleasing nature of the utensils.” There is an EcoTensil utensil to fit just about any size package and application process. The pre-folded TabLock© EcoSpoon4 (49mm folded length, 89mm unfolded), for example, is locked shut and comes packed stacked in tidy rows for easy placement on the assembly line. This product is also currently available to order across Europe. EcoTensil also offers an unfolded, 82mm utensil and a 95mm size, both of which may be ordered hygienically flow- wrapped or loose pack. The 95mm also can be ordered folded to a 48mm length and wrapped for small spaces. EcoTensil has won multiple packaging and design awards over the years, and has received consistently positively reviews from chefs, retailers and consumers alike. It functions effectively as a spoon, spork and spreader for most foods that are scoopable or easy to cut, such as cake, desserts, yoghurts, deli salads, flans and quiches, hot or cold grain and legume dishes, porridge, soups, stews, gazpacho and everything in between. For gelato and other frozen desserts, EcoTensil – distributed by Celebration and Plastico in the UK - offers its extra sturdy iScoop® which has been designed specifically for ice cream type products.


Vegware clients in its region to ensure a closed-loop approach. Conventional disposables are notoriously hard to recycle due to their mix of plastic, card and food residues, and guidelines from waste agencies WRAP and the Confederation of Paper Industries highlight that anything more than food staining is problematic for paper recycling, and that plastic should be under 3-5% of the product. Thus, compostable packaging provides a smart solution for this problem. Vegware is made from plants, using renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials and is designed to be commercially composted with food waste (its range of more than 300 products includes cutlery, hot and cold cups, tableware and takeaway containers). Cawleys collects used Vegware packaging from around Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire and take it to an

approved local facility for processing. There, it breaks down into high quality soil improver in fewer than 12 weeks, they report. “We’re delighted to give our joint customers the assurance that their Vegware packaging is being composted. Cawleys provides an excellent service that enables customers to close the loop,” says Annalise Matthews, waste management consultant at Vegware. “We are extremely proud to be working with Vegware to ensure a closed-loop solution for the many businesses and organisations who want to do their best for the environment,” adds Anna Cawley, customer services director at Cawleys. “Many people are unaware of the importance of segregating Vegware. It’s a fantastic product, but it can only fulfil its true potential if it reaches the composting facility in a completely uncontaminated state. We fulfil this important stage in the cycle by collecting, checking and transporting Vegware materials so that they can be treated in the right way.” In addition, Cawleys were also chosen this year to help close the loop in Northampton’s recycling initiative Up For The Cup. The project is part of a bold, national environmental campaign which aims to collect and recycle as many disposable paper cups as possible. Funded by The Cup Fund (an initiative from environmental charity Hubbub and is the UK’s largest grant fund to bolster coffee cup recycling) the

project aims to collect and recycle over 160,000 cups in Northampton, as well as change people’s attitudes towards recycling. Currently, only a small percentage of lined cups are recycled as, typically, they need to be collected separately from other waste streams so that the special plastic lining that keeps liquids secure can be separated from the outer layer. Only certain facilities currently carry out this process, but Cawleys is playing an integral role by collecting the segregated cups from the Up For The Cup scheme and transporting them to the appropriate cup recycling centre. Segregation is extremely important in preventing contamination, Cawleys point out and, as such, the project’s eye-catching Up for the Cup bins have been innovatively designed to encourage consumers to ‘sip and separate’ liquids and lids from cups (the bins have been situated at strategic locations across Northampton including the University of Northampton, the Royal & Derngate Theatre and the Grosvenor Shopping centre).



THE SOY THAT CAN HOLD ITS OWN. Dairy milk: prepare for udder defeat. Bonsoy is a triple threat – it tastes great, holds its flavour profile when heated and it’s dairy free. Plus, our soy is known for its frothability. While it maintains its composure and its flavour won’t back down, Bonsoy will never overpower. It’s no wonder Bonsoy isn’t just winning fans, it’s creating serious fanatics. To us, quality is serious business. It has been since 1983.

WE CAN HANDLE YOU AT YOUR HOTTEST. Not only are Baristas attractive, you have to work under pressure. Nine bars of pressure, to be exact. Not to mention the steam. Sounds like a good party? It can be, as long as everyone turns up and plays their part. All dairy alternatives are not created equal. Not everyone can handle the heat. Fact: Bonsoy won’t change its flavour profile when heated. Made with quality ingredients, Bonsoy is non-GM and vegan, and it’s the perfect canvas for latte art and creamy coffee because it stretches further. In short, (or long macchiato) we do hotter, better. It’s no wonder our famous golden cartons are a beacon for quality around the globe.

Cocktail SPIRIT

Picture credit: Tim Maulden

After a disrupted hospitality year, the pressure is on for operators to still make the most of what looks like being a quieter festive season. Whether mixing up some cocktails inhouse, or retailing some ‘to go’ options, there are some attractive brands and ideas to enable operators to still indulge their customers.

COCKTAILS IN A CAN A drinks brand launched at the onset of lockdown, Niche (www. has now gone on to create and release a number of flavour combinations, and is proving to be a popular choice among those of us loving socially distanced garden parties and ‘magic 6’ family gatherings, the brand report, via their newly launched Personal Pick N Mix Postal Service.


With a passion to bring a higher quality of pre-mixed cocktails to the market, the company have created a range of premium classic cocktails in a can, but with their own Niche twists. Their lowballers are the first short (150ml) cocktails in cans produced in the UK, they claim, and they also include simple serving instructions to ensure your cocktails look as good as they taste. Already popular for its Blood Orange

Old Fashioned, Manuka Honey Whisky Sour, Matcha Mojito, and Passion Fruit Daiquiri, the company unveiled its summery creation of a Pink Grapefruit Gin Fizz at the beginning of August, and soon afterwards released its Mocha Martini and curiously named Paddy’s Pink Pleaser. Now, with seven flavour combinations available, Niche has announced that it is giving its canloving clientele the option to choose its own mix of cocktails – in either a box


COCKTAILS of six, 12 or 24. The selections are then despatched within 24 hours. Niche Cocktails has a production facility in its home county of Suffolk in the east of England. Each drink can be served in seconds, and features premium flavourings to assure customers of a drink as good as if it were prepared by an accomplished mixologist, they claim. Their individual flavours sell at a price of £3-3.50 retail, with an on-trade of between £6 and £10 per serve. Its Pick N Mix costs £18 for 6, £36 for 12 and £72 for 24, and gift boxes start from £10. “We spotted from the purchasing habits of our online traffic that so many of our customers start hovering over their selections and procrastinating about which drinks to put in their basket,” says Emily Mummery, operations manager. “So a pick-n-mix approach is perfect – whether you live on your own and want to vary your choices throughout the week, or whether you’re gathering with your social bubble and want to give people the opportunity to taste-test several drinks.”

Aloha Mulled Wine Ingredients • 200ml Aloha 65 • 1 bottle red wine • 4 cinnamon sticks • 1 whole orange sliced • 4 Star Anise • 6 cloves Method Add all ingredients to the pan and heat until hot and serve, perfect to watch the fireworks with.

The Alohan Ingredients Aloha 65 • Ginger ale • Ice • Lemon and mint to garnish •

SPIRIT OF ALOHA 65 Conceived and created by British expat barman, Stephen Thorp, at his beach bar in Florida some thirty years ago, Spirit of Aloha 65 was launched in the UK last year. The first homemade version of Spirit of Aloha was designed as a versatile, refreshing and reviving, lower ABV, vegan tipple to lure wellknown and not so well-known surfers into his beach bar.

Method Pour 1 part Aloha 65 and 2 parts ginger ale into a jug or pitcher. Add loads of ice, lemon slices, mint sprigs and stir gently. Dive in. Stephen Thorp’s homemade gift to the après-sea crowd soon became a ritual - a unique sundowner that put a smile on everyone’s face at the end of a long-day in the surf or soaking up the rays on the beach. Thirty years or so later, and after many attempts (65 in fact), the first few bottles that met

Stephen Thorp’s exacting standards were produced and Spirit of Aloha 65 came of age. With a flavour profile and ethos just as well suited to the slopes as the surf, Aloha 65 has now launched its winter label edition in earnest this year. Naturally crafted, Aloha 65 is vegan and made only from fresh ingredients and has no added colourants. It’s an all-natural, 27% ABV spirit or liqueur made from just six botanicals, including pineapple, ginger, scotch bonnet chilli and nutmeg. The fruit, spices and herbs are balanced well to give it a sweet, and spicy and herbaceous flavour profile with a nice little chilli kick. It makes a good autumn or winter tipple, served just on its own over ice, or instead of a gin and tonic as a long drink mixed with ginger ale or a seasonal tonic like Fever Tree’s Clementine tonic water, advise its creators. The Aloha Mac, a modern twist on the classic, Aloha 65 and Stone’s ginger wine also works a treat, but for the more adventurous who want to go a bit off piste, they suggest making an Aloha Old Fashioned with Aloha 65 instead of half of the Bourbon, or something really Christmassy, like the Aloha Velvet with Aloha 65, brandy, orange and lemon juice, sugar syrup and egg yolk. Finally, if you’re up for some mulling, put some Aloha 65 in either red wine, cider or cloudy apple juice together with some cinnamon, star anise and cloves. WINNING COMBINATION “Despite once being a bar-specific beverage, cocktails and mocktails are now beginning to work their way onto many up-market café menus – a welcome beverage addition which allows customers to swap their standard coffee order for something a little more special,” says Christopher Banks, chief executive of Crafted® Drinks, part of Cracker Drinks (www. “For many cafés, however, the prospect of consistently creating quality cocktails and mocktails, without undertaking mixology training, can be daunting,”



Festive blend Perky Blenders (www.perkyblenders. com) - a family business, roasting Great Taste Award winning speciality coffee in their Leytonstone roastery, and serving up daily brews in their coffee shops across East London – have launched their muchanticipated yearly Christmas blend, featuring a beautifully illustrated pouch, for home delivery via their web site, in-store throughout their cafés, as well as across Eat17 Spar shops around the country (£7.50, per 250g bag). Freshly roasted in East London, the Christmas blend is comprised of Kenyan washed Mahiga beans with pulped natural Brazilian Fazenda Samambai beans, and meaning that you’ll be greeted with a veritable selection box of festive flavours. Namely, candied fruit, orange, caramel, redcurrant, hazelnut and milk chocolate. “Kenyan coffee has big body and brings forward fruity flavours. Brazil is the sweet base note with caramel, chocolate and nut flavours,” says Perky Blenders’ head of coffee, Francois Knopes. Illustrated by fellow East Londoners, Tom and Jess Jones-Berney, a brother and sister design duo also known as Tomartacus, the highly giftable packs depict an inviting snowy scene at Perky Blenders’ Project 660 Leyton Café. “We were keen to feature one of our shops, in particular 660, as the community has really pulled around us to keep us going over a challenging time for indie coffee shops, so it’s a bit of a nod of thanks to them and a gesture of solidarity to all small businesses keeping Christmas 2020 festive,” says co-founder, Victoria Cozens.


The Crafted range of juice drinks offers a solution to this challenge by enabling cafés to be able to make two-part cocktails such as on-trend passionfruit-tinis (made by mixing their exotic ‘Mango & Passion Fruit’ flavour with vodka) right through to a Lemon Drop (made by utilising their Cloudy Lemonade flavour with triple sec and vodka). Also ideal for satisfying the thirst of designated drivers and non-drinkers, the company suggest, are their juice drinks served as a standalone craft juice, or, when transformed into a mocktail. For example, their Apple, Mint and Lime flavour can act as a base for a nonalcoholic Mojito with its combination of sweet and sharp flavours (to create this mocktail, mix Crafted Apple, Mint and Lime juice with crushed ice and sparkling water, garnishing with a sprinkle of mint for a tantalising teetotal treat, they suggest). More ideas can be found at foodservice. Cracker Drinks has also been celebrating a triple success at the 2020 Great Taste Awards, having been awarded three, One Star accolades for their Crafted Mango & Passion Fruit, Crafted Pineapple, Coconut & Lime and Cracker Pressed Apple Juice. Tasted blind by an expert panel of industry judges, the Great Taste Awards are only given to food or drinks that the judges

agree are “simply delicious”, delivering “fantastic flavour”. “We are tremendously pleased to have received three One Star ratings in the 2020 Great Taste awards. Consumers and retailers alike recognise a Great Taste rating as one of the highest accolades that a food or drink can receive,” adds Christopher Banks. “We are also delighted that these accolades have been awarded to both our major craft drinks brands; the first being Cracker, our signature range of juices sold exclusively in foodservice, and the second being our retail-born, and now foodservice available, craft juice drink brand, Crafted. With both of these brands, our goal is to lead a craft juice revolution by creating greattasting, all-natural drinks, hence why we are delighted that the judges spoke so fondly of all three of our awarded flavours.” Speaking of Crafted’s Mango & Passion Fruit flavour, the judges described this juice drink as: “Vibrant looking with a clean fruity aroma” and that “the different fruits work in harmony to give a refreshing, fruity enjoyable drink which shows great finesse from the producer” and Crafted’s Pineapple, Coconut & Lime as “very well balanced and not overly sweet”, the judges also commented that they were “dreaming of popping a shot of rum” into this juice drink “and sitting by a pool in the sun!”


THE SOY THAT CAN HOLD ITS OWN. As the creamiest, most frothable soy milk on the market, Bonsoy is the Barista’s choice. But don’t take our word for it. Having first come across Bonsoy in Australia nine years ago, Ariana Huecherig from Perky Blenders in London has never looked back: “It’s super creamy and has the most neutral flavour to reflect the coffee notes we carefully profile in our main blend at Perky Benders. It’s important for specialty coffee companies that their roast profiles are designed for milk-based espresso drinks and are complemented by milk alternatives too. I find Bonsoy does this so well.

“I’d absolutely recommend Bonsoy over other soy milks on the market!”


Ariana Huecherig Barista, Perky Blenders London

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23/09/2020 17:20


CONTACT SAM MINTON .uk 01291 636333 |



Countdown to Natasha’s Law

A recent, and very well attended, online meeting, organised by the BSA in conjunction with the Café Life Association, heard the latest on the introduction of Natasha’s Law, the allergen law change that comes into force in October 2021. WHY THE NEW LAW IS NECESSARY The meeting started with Tim McLachlan, chief executive of the Natasha Allergy Research Foundation, explaining the circumstances leading up to the death of Natasha EdnanLaperouse who died following a catastrophic allergic reaction on a flight to Nice having bought a baguette at Heathrow Airport. Tim McLachlan explained why the new law is necessary, pointing out that fundamentally it is simply about life and death. In the region of two million young people in particular have allergies - a six-fold increase in recent years - and although many allergens survive for less than an hour after ingesting, even the use of 30 CAFÉ LIFE | NOVEMBER 2020

injectable epinephrine (medication that acts on the whole body to shut down the allergic response), may not work for some people. He then went on to explain the meaning of the useful acronym “DEF” – D for danger, E for

exclusion and F for facts – when it comes to allergen awareness. Allergens in food can be poison to some people, so accurate labelling is absolutely essential and this will become law in October 2021.

ALLERGENS FSA INVOLVEMENT Representing the Food Standards Agency, Michael Wight reported that there are ten deaths a year, in England and Wales, of people with food allergy intolerance and this is entirely avoidable. Food pre-packed for direct sale (PPDS) must be labelled correctly, and menus must also have full information on products and ingredients. This is particularly challenging when recipes or suppliers change, he pointed out. Therefore, staff must also be trained to be able to give customers full information on allergens and websites must also give accurate information. A brief discussion on label and type size, and whether labels can be handwritten (they can), followed. Michael Wight added that the October 2021 law changes will be complicated and challenging but that good communication is absolutely essential. The FSA has launched a Safer Food-Better Business initiative which is now available at https://www. All 14 allergens are listed in the PPDS rules, and online training for retailers is now available, and the FSA will continue to publish sector-specific materials and tutorials. Under Natasha’s Law, prepackaged food made on site by staff will be treated the same as food products made off-site. That means all ingredients must be listed on the label and carry allergy warnings as appropriate. The new rules should simplify the situation for consumers. FRESHLY MADE SANDWICHES As long as the sandwich isn’t being freshly made in front of you, the label should show all of the ingredients. If the sandwich is freshly made to order for you, however, the new legislation

will not apply since it is assumed that there will be face to face contact and, if there are concerns about allergens, that a conversation will occur between staff and customer. These outlets will still need to display signage, telling customers to ask for information on allergens. Cross-contamination could also be an issue in these circumstances and food caterers have an important obligation to ensure the food they prepare is safe for consumption, the meeting highlighted. This extends to understanding which products contain allergens, as well as taking steps to prevent cross-contamination at all stages of production. Assured Advice from the BSA can be found at

Full technical guidance can be found at default/files/media/document/fsa-food-allergen-labelling-and-informationrequirements-technical-guidance_0.pdf


Don’t delay combi-cleaning, warns Rational Rational is warning that it’s essential for kitchen staff to follow the cleaning procedures recommended by their machine’s manufacturer to keep combi steamers operating safely and efficiently. The market-leader says that, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, some operators are delaying cleaning in order to save money, but this can lead to the build-up of dirt and scale, which may compromise cooking results, increase energy consumption and running costs and ultimately lead to equipment breakdown. Typically, combi steamers should be cleaned every day as part of the kitchen routine. Most quality machines have self-cleaning programs that make what would be a time consuming and unpleasant chore effortless. On Rational’s new iCombi Pro, the iCareSystem tells operators when they need to run the programme to clean the combi, minimising the use of chemicals – because it only asks for a clean when it’s necessary (call 01582 480388, freephone 0800 389 2944 or visit

Herald launches brochure to support new product range Quality disposables manufacturer and supplier, Herald, is publishing a new brochure to support extra lines introduced across multiple product categories, focusing on the catering and food to go sectors where demand is currently high. New products include a wider selection of single, double and triple wall cups and a choice of eco sip lids made from CPLA - a renewable material created from plants to complement Herald’s 8 oz, 12 oz and 16 oz hot paper cups, which have long been market favourites. The company has recently expanded its sustainable offering, adding to its range of bagasse items to include square, round and rectangle plates, in varying sizes, along with bowls and hot boxes, chip trays, burger boxes, noodle boxes and other lunch boxes – all of which are in great demand. Herald’s natural birchwood cutlery, stirrers and skewers and a complete cornstarch cutlery range – which looks and feels like plastic but is natural and completely biodegradable – also features (call 0208 507 7900 to order a copy).


Spicy Butternut Squash &

Coconut Velouté (main picture)


n n n

n n n n n n n n n


wonder of soups

Whether homemade, or bought in and pre-prepared, it’s the time of year when soups come into their element. They can also make for a healthy, as well as portable, cost-effective and waste-minimising ‘to go’ or delivery option in today’s increasingly demanding foodservice environment. HARVESTING GOODNESS The autumn and winter months traditionally sees us reaping the rewards of the seeds grown earlier in the year, point out seed company Burpee Seeds Europe (, and nothing shouts September or October as much as squash, they feel. The company’s Winter Squash (Burpee’s Butterbush) is a space-saving, 32 CAFÉ LIFE | NOVEMBER 2020

bush-type variety and a great source of Vitamin A, and keeps for months, they point out, whereas their Winter Squash (Early Acorn Hybrid) is an early and space-saving variety with orange-yellow flesh. It is sweet, nutty and has a smooth texture. This soup recipe has been devised for the company by chef Valerie Hamelin, using Burpee’s Butterbush squash.

1 butternut squash – diced 1 tbsp organic coconut oil 2 garlic cloves – peeled and finely chopped 1 onion – peeled and chopped 1 tin coconut milk (reduced fat) 1/2 litre vegetable stock 2tbsp red curry paste 2 tsp light soy sauce 1 tsp ground cumin 1 tsp ground coriander Salt and pepper Handful fresh coriander Method

1. Place the seasoned, diced butternut squash on a tray and roast in the oven at 180°C until golden and cook for around 25 minutes. 2. In a large saucepan, add the coconut oil with the onions and garlic. Sweat off gently and cook until soft. Add cumin and coriander and stir, cooking for another one to two minutes. 3. Stir the red curry paste, soy sauce and mix the cooked roasted butternut squash in the pan. 4. Add the coconut milk and the vegetable stock, bring to simmer and cook until tender 5. Transfer to a bowl and blitz or alternatively use a food processor and blend it until smooth. 6. Season to taste. To serve

Place the velouté in a soup bowl and garnish with fresh coriander and seeds (pumpkin or sunflower) Tip

Roasting the butternut squash enhances the flavour giving it a nutty succulent taste.


VERSATILE MEAL SOLUTION “Our single serve 380g soups offer a good hot meal solution for lunch or dinner in coffee shops, cafés and deli’s,” says the Ebbw Vale-based Real Soup Company’s commercial business manager, Helen Marlton. The company has also witnessed an uptick in demand in recent times, they add, including from newly launching businesses who are still determined to open their new businesses, even though they are now having to adapt them a little to takeout and takeaway, given the

restrictions of current circumstances. It is the Real Soup Company’s microwavable sleeves on their portable pots which enables their ‘to go’ potential soups to be heated easily in two to four minutes, and then eaten straight out of the pot for minimal handling too. “Demand has increased as our customers require simple hot solutions for customers to eat either on, or outside, their premises,” adds Helen Marlton. “Our products also work well as a take-away option to be eaten at home. “We are also working closely with universities that are offering our soups as a hot meal solution to students who are having to self-isolate right now due to Covid. We can offer a range of seven gluten free soups that are available either in vegetarian, vegan or proteinbased formats. Our fresh award-winning, premium quality soups also count as one of your ‘five a day’ portions, and have between 150Kcal - 276Kcal per pot.

Ingredients n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

es ut 6 4- min es t es rv 20 inu Se ion: 0 m at g: 5 ar ep kin Pr Coo

Minestrone with Parmigiano Reggiano

“Our soup business always picks up as we head into autumn, as customers look for a hot, filling, hearty and healthy meal. Covid is also driving customers to look for single-serve solutions with minimal handling. “The combination of unpredictable demand and practicing social distancing measures could mean that some businesses need to operate on limited staff. So our fresh, chilled soup allows staff to concentrate on their house favourites and homemade specialities. Our soups arrive with a good shelf life from our key wholesalers. If using our 4kg catering tubs, these have three days shelf life once opened – 4Kg serves approximately 16 portions working on a 250ml portion. Our individual pots can be merchandised in chillers next to the sandwiches and heated by staff as required. All our soups are sold in small case sizes to enable customers to offer a variety of flavours.”

1 tbsp olive oil 1 large onion, chopped 2 garlic cloves, crushed 2 carrots, chopped into small pieces 3 celery sticks, thinly sliced 1/2 medium swede, chopped into small cubes 50g fine green beans, trimmed and sliced 1.5 litres vegetable stock 410g can borlotti, cannellini or haricot beans in water, drained 400g can chopped tomatoes 2 tbsp tomato puree 1 tbsp dried mixed Italian herbs Chunk of rind from Parmigiano Reggiano, for added flavour 80g small pasta shapes Salt and freshly ground black pepper Parmigiano Reggiano, finely grated, to serve


A classic minestrone is easy to make and packed with healthy vegetables, with Parmigiano Reggiano adding flavour and authenticity, as well as some valuable protein.

1. Heat the olive oil in a large saucepan. Add the onion, garlic, carrots, celery, swede and green beans. Fry gently over a medium-low heat for five to eight minutes, stirring often. 2. Pour in the stock, then add the canned beans, tomatoes, tomato puree and dried herbs. Add the chunk of Parmigiano Reggiano rind – this will impart a delicious flavour to the soup. Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer gently for 30-35 minutes, until the vegetables are tender. 3. Add the pasta to the saucepan. Stir well, then cook for eight to 10 minutes, until the pasta is tender. Season, then serve, sprinkled with lots of Parmigiano Reggiano.


SOUPS Recent new launches from the company also include a 300g Porcini Mushroom Risotto and a Tomato and Grilled Veg Risotto (their Tomato and Chargrilled Vegetable Risotto has been shortlisted this year in the Foodservice Quality Food Awards). “Our team are constantly looking at new flavours and we are fortunate that we have our Butternut and Sweet Potato soup that won Silver in the2018 Q awards. Butternut seems to be very on trend at the moment,” confirms Helen Marlton, who feels that when it comes to café and coffee shop operators adding a soup option to their menu, customers want healthy, nourishing and filling soups packed with flavour. “We supply a full breakdown that highlights calories and full nutritional values, and promotional point of sale material is available free of charge from our web site ( for operators,” points out Helen Marlton. WINTER WARMER “With winter just around the corner, and autumn now in full swing, cafés can benefit from making heartier, more filling soups that are proven to be particularly popular during the colder months,” suggests Alison Smith, global product developer for Mars Foodservice ( “One great way to make a tasty, wholesome soup is with the addition of a filling carbohydrate, such as rice or pasta, to the mix. To do this, why not try adding Uncle Ben’s® Long Grain Rice to a tasty arrabbiata soup made by mixing together a simple homemade stock, finely chopped onions and Dolmio Professional® Arrabbiata readyto-use-sauce for a winter warmer? “Another great option for cafés, is adding a sandwich and soup combo to the menu. However, when it comes to creating this classic lunch time offering, cafés must remember that balance is key. For example, a hearty leek and potato soup would be best served with a satisfyingly simple ham sandwich whilst a crisp, cheese toastie is the perfect dunking sandwich for a fresh, tomato soup.”


Spicy Sweet Potato Soup made using Dolmio Professional products.

To create an authentic and fresh Italian tomato soup, Mars Foodservice suggest pouring Dolmio Professional Tomato & Basil foodservice sauce into a simple base stock and stir until warmed. Dolmio Professional and Uncle Ben’s Professional ready-to-use foodservice sauces are all compliant with the 2017 PHE salt targets, point out the company, as well as being suitable for a gluten free diet. With the exception of Uncle Ben’s Hickory Smoked BBQ and Uncle Ben’s Texan BBQ ready-to-use sauces which have a smoke flavour, they contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. 10 out of the 17 Uncle Ben’s Professional and Dolmio Professional are low in fat (less than 3g fat per 100g). The tomatobased Dolmio Professional sauces include an average of 75% tomato, whilst a 90g portion of the Dolmio Professional sauces contain one of the recommended five-a-day. Available in Foodservice specific jars (2.3kg – 2.54kg) and delivering a high yield of between 25-30 adult portions as a sauce, these foodservice ranges can help caterers to extend their menus and manage consistency for large numbers. The sauces are also ambient, which makes them easy to store with no need for fridge space when un-opened. IN-HOUSE “Making your own soups in-house is the perfect way to utilise seasonal produce, and more importantly, is a simple and inexpensive process when using the right equipment,” suggests Guy Cooper, managing director of café sector supplier, Mitchell & Cooper (

HotmixPRO Gastro, distributed by Mitchell & Cooper, is an innovative multi-functional thermal mixer unique in their genre, claim the company. Thanks to the special blades, it can work as a mixer to emulsify liquids, or as a cutter to work on any solid ingredient. Along with these functions, there is a heating system that allows cooking of any product, mixing it at variable speeds, with temperatures between +24°C and + 190°C, ensuring the perfect soup is produced time and time again, claim the company. These unique characteristics help to introduce a new level of ease to the café kitchen, they propose, as the operator’s presence is not constantly required. Also, a great number of preparations can be made by simply inserting the ingredients into the bowl, selecting a recipe from one of the prestored recipes, and pressing the start button to allow the HotmixPRO Gastro to work its magic unattended for up to four hours, they point out. “At the end of each recipe, the operator can adapt the preparation based on personal taste simply by pressing time button and setting the desired cooking time, thus preprogramming the desired temperature and speed for future recipes. This programmable recipe memory dramatically decreases the risk of human error during the most complex of preparations, thus saving time and improving workflow within the kitchen,” adds Guy Cooper.


Taking back


Adrian Kilby, creative director of the Formation Creative Consultants, has overseen his branding agency through many a crisis over the last 26 years and knows now is not the time for navel gazing or self-pity...

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” Mark Twain ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Personally speaking, I think we’ve all had enough of the ‘C-word’. As I write this, Boris has just made his latest pronouncements. Nothing new – just a redistribution of the pain. Quelle surprise… Let’s stop wringing our hands. Now is the time to become far more pragmatic and look at how we can really maximise whatever latent potential and opportunities we can each identify in our businesses - however small they might at first appear. Brutal as it may seem, it’s the survival of the fittest. When finances are restricted, then mental agility and creative thinking become even more valuable commodities. FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE If we can’t have confidence, then at least let’s be positive and opportunistic. There is some funding available and the hospitality sector might be badly wounded, but it’s not dead on its feet. It is already evolving - but expect major growing pains. CUTTING THROUGH THE NOISE Things will get better- they always do. The trick is to still be standing when the fat lady sings. This requires both courage and commitment. As 36 CAFÉ LIFE | NOVEMBER 2020

the recession bites, more food retail/ hospitality businesses will go to the wall. This will create an opportunity for those remaining to be heard more clearly, increasing their ability to re-establish their credentials, relevance and authority in a far less crowded marketplace. EVER HEARD OF ‘POST’ CEREAL? In the 1920’s, Post was the leader in the ready-to-eat cereal category. During the Great Depression, Post cut back significantly its advertising budget. Rival, Kellogg’s, doubled its advertising budget and introduced a new cereal called Rice Krispies. Kellogg’s profits grew by 30% and the company became category leader, a position it has maintained for decades. QUICK THINKING IN QSR In the 1990-91 recession in the U.S., Pizza Hut and Taco Bell took advantage of McDonald’s decision to drop its advertising and promotions budget. As a result, Pizza Hut increased sales by 61%, Taco Bell sales grew by 40% and McDonald’s sales declined by 28%. However, the writing is on the wall in terms of timings. Even the most optimistic must now concede that this is to be a true marathon. 2020 is all about survival, 2021 will be recovery

and 2022 will hopefully start to bear the fruits of all our personal and collective labours. TELL ME WHEN IT HURTS Change can be painful, especially when it is forced, but it can also act as a catalyst for much needed internal reviews, re-assessments and an incentive to ask “what if..?” This can be both psychologically nourishing as well as practically and financially rewarding “IF IT AIN’T BROKE, BREAK IT?...” It’s time to ’take back control’. Accept what absolutely can’t be changed and redirect your energies to challenging what those restrictions really mean to your business. Then work to minimise any negative impact and look at how they might pre-empt a change of direction / emphasis or a major refocussing. THINKING INSIDE THE BOX (OR BAG OR POD) The following suggestions serve to challenge and stimulate. Some of these you may already be doing/considering. Some are quick fixes, while others are longer term commitments. Remember, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution and, in reality, no one is going to save your business but you.

• Consider a move purely into take away/delivery. • Explore the economics of a ghost kitchen and getting your app onto the delivery platforms. • Could your food/ drink be packaged as a retail brand and sold online? • Could your food / drink be packaged as a retail brand and sold into the multiples? • Can your food be deconstructed into ingredients and sold as meal kits for re-creation at home? • Is there merit in refining your existing food/drink range into a more niche/ speciality offer? Maximise any outdoor space. As the weather becomes more unpredictable, and if you have the room, look at renting pop up tents or mini sheds/ greenhouses. If space is limited, think heaters, ethanol table burners or fire bowls, funky hot water bottles and blankets. Make not freezing, fun! Explore forming a collective with other similar or related businesses and sharing facilities/resources.


Retail ranges Delivery apps

Meal kits

Odds & pods

If your business has a city and suburban presence, then look to maximise the potential of the suburban locations, to help support the quieter city sites, as more workers operate from home and patronise their local cafés and restaurants. Liberate yourself from re-action to pro-action! Adrian Kilby is the founder and creative director of the Formation Creative Consultants (www. A multi award-winning international brand creation agency founded in 1994, it has weathered many a storm.


Taking combi steamer productivity to the max One of the stars of Rational’s new iCombi Pro combi steamer is an advanced feature called iProductionManager which, the company says, not only increases productivity but also adds enormous flexibility to production schedules. At the same time, it reduces running costs. The option of cooking different products at the same time in a combi steamer isn’t new, but iProductionManager takes the whole concept to a higher level. As well as telling you what products can be cooked together, it allows chefs to select whether they want all the food to be ready at the same time, or if they want it all to be cooked as quickly as possible, or if they want it cooked as energy efficiently as possible. Depending on the choice, iProductionManager then automatically prepares the optimum schedule (call 01582 480388, freephone 0800 389 2944 or visit

Branded mask service launched as hospitality faces up to new normal Bradford-based Dominion Print has launched a new service supplying protective face masks with bespoke branding for businesses and organisations in the hospitality sector. The company has created the Let’s Face It range of reusable coverings which are designed to specification by Dominion’s creative team and manufactured at its factory in Yorkshire. Well established as a multi-format design and print supplier, Dominion has invested in specialist production resources and product development to focus on performance and material quality, including optional single or double one-way air vents, enabling clients to provide their staff and customers with machine washable branded wear which meets PPE regulatory standards and offers long-lasting use. For every Let’s Face It product sold, Dominion will be donating a percentage of the revenue to a chosen charity (call 01274 309999 or visit



Optimism is brewing at Julius Meinl Viennese coffee roaster, Julius Meinl, reports that it is positive about the future of premium coffee, post-Covid.

INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS AND CONSISTENCY Julius Meinl, which recorded its best year in the history of the company in 2019 with a sales growth of +4.5% and a profit growth of +15%, says that it remains optimistic about its future as a leading brand in the premium coffee industry despite impacts caused by Covid-19. The family-run company and number one premium HoReCa brand in Austria, CEE, Adriatics, Russia and Dubai, believes that its brand strategy of innovative solutions and consistency in quality and service uniquely positions it for recovery in 2021 and beyond. Evidence for this optimism can also be found in the recent research commissioned by the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) under the presidency of Christina Meinl (main picture), head of innovations at Julius Meinl. Whilst the evidence suggests that since the pandemic began there has been an overall decrease in coffee consumption - mainly driven by coffee shop lockdowns around the globe - the demand for high quality coffee remains, they observe. At home consumption increased, while out of home consumption adapted to provide the same coffee experience observing new rules and social distancing measures. 38 CAFÉ LIFE | NOVEMBER 2020

The research also highlighted other changes in consumer buying behaviours indicative of recovery, such as a significant increase (5.38%) in curbside/pickup purchases and online purchases. HIGH QUALITY IN DEMAND “Unsurprisingly, given global lockdown, social distancing restrictions and the personal financial impact on consumer spending there has been a significant decrease in out of home sales. Short term, the industry is likely to feel the effects of this, however there are still reasons to be hopeful. The increase in online sales proves the consumer demand for high quality coffee as a more affordable luxury item remains and has the potential to fuel longer term growth. HoReCa businesses that focus on serving premium coffee and offer a high-quality in-house experience will, longer term, attract customers, new and returning, into their outlets,” says Christina Meinl, in sharing her views on the effects of COVID-19 on the industry. Whilst the pandemic has affected the industry at every level of the coffee value chain, these challenges have also led to accelerated innovation in the sector, feel the company. As a leader in the sector, Julius Meinl reports that it used

the lockdown period to develop concepts for customers to make the transition to a new normal as smooth as possible. This started with the mass rollout of the Safer Coffee Preparation Programme of new hygiene requirements certified by ASIC (Austrian Society of Infection Control). As the to go and takeaway business gained in importance, the brand also developed a new Coffee 2 Go concept including biodegradable takeaway cups and dedicated trade marketing materials, to support its HoReCa partners globally and continue its efforts to operate sustainably. Christina Meinl adds: “Julius Meinl has always championed innovation, sustainability and collaboration within the sector. For these reasons we are uniquely positioned to respond in the face of the crisis. We will continue to learn and adapt to serve partners globally to the highest of standards focusing on flexible, innovative and sustainable solutions, advancing digitisation and establishing new distribution channels in line with the highest safety standards. By staying true to our core values and the quality of our product, together with our partners and customers around the world, we will emerge stronger than before.”

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Sam Minton

01291 636333 email: THECAFELIFE.CO.UK | NOVEMBER 2020 | CAFÉ LIFE 39

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RAP LTD. Mansel Court, 2A Mansel Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 4AA Contact: Martin Beaver Tel: 0208 069 0700

SNOWBIRD FOODS Wharf Road, Ponders End, Enfield, Middlesex EN3 4TD Contact: Helen Swan Tel: 0208 805 9222 Fax: 0208 804 9303 helen.swan@

THE INGREDIENTS FACTORY Unit 2-3 Hamilton Road Ind Estate, 160 Hamilton Road, London SE27 9SF Tel: 0208 670 6701 Fax: 0208 670 9676 Contact: Tim Marcuson

THE WORDBOX PR and Marketing for Food, Drink and Hospitality PM House, Riverway Industrial Estate, Guildford GU3 1LZ Contact: Jane Newick Tel. 0330 043 1951 / 07907 566773

TRI-STAR PACKAGING SUPPLIES LTD Tri-Star House, Unit 4, The Arena, Mollison Avenue, Enfield, Middlesex EN3 7NL Contact: Alex Noake Tel: 0208 4439100 Fax: 0208 4439101 ZAFRON FOODS LTD. Unit B-G Eagle Trading Estate, Willow Lane, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 4UY Contact: Jack Kenny Tel: 0844 847 5116 Fax: 0844 847 5117

LINKED ASSOCIATION LOCAL AUTHORITY CATERING ASSOCIATIONS LACA Administration, Bourne House, Horsell Park,Woking, Surrey GU21 4LY Tel: 01483766777 Fax: 01483751991


Café Product Index ADVISORY, BUSINESS &

Sour Cream






Bespoke Software


Pauwels UK

CP Foods UK Ltd.

Platopus Systems Ltd.

Bunzl Catering Supplies DRINKS

Business Systems Platopus Systems Ltd. Consultants


The Wordbox


E Commerce


Platopus Systems Ltd.

Mizkan Euro Ltd.


The Ingredients Factory

Grote Company

Zafron Foods Ltd.

FSC Millitec Food Systems Ltd. Zafron Foods Ltd.

Relishes Blenders Freshfayre

Food Safety

Harvey & Brockless

ALS Food & Pharmaceutical



Mizkan Euro Ltd.


The Ingredients Factory

Chocolate Italian Beverage Company

H Smith Food Group PLC Royal Greenland Ltd. Freshfayre Zafron Foods Ltd.

Chicken 2 Sisters Food Group Cargrill Protein Europe CP Foods UK Ltd. Dawn Farms UK Freshfayre H Smith Food Group plc

Marimba World Chocolate



Caterers Choice

Moy Park Ltd.

Rombouts Coffee GB Ltd.


Seara Meats BV

Cold Drinks & Mixers


Smithfield Foods Ltd.

Italian Beverage Company




H Smith Food Group PLC


Caterers Choice

Royal Greenland Ltd.





Italian Beverage Company Leathams Smoothies Italian Beverage Company

Caterers Choice Freshfayre H Smith Food Group plc Moy Park Ltd. Zafron Foods Ltd


2 Sisters Food Group CP Foods UK Ltd. Freshfayre H Smith Food Group PLC Ham





Eggs (hard boiled)




Moy Park Ltd.

Smithfield Foods Ltd.

Geeta’s Foods Ltd.

Fresh-Pak Chilled Foods

Country Choice Foods


Morning Goods





New York Bakery Co.

The Ingredients Factory

Egg Products

H Smith Foodgroup PLC

Tortilla & Wraps

Canned Fruit





Caterers Choice Ltd.


Fresh-Pak Chilled Foods

Snowbird foods

Mission Foods




Zafron Foods Ltd.

Futura Foods UK Ltd.


Leathams Zafron Foods Ltd.

Freshfayre Leathams

The Ingredients Factory Guacamole Leathams

Pork Dawn Farms UK Freshfayre



Jacksons Bakery





Caterers Choice

Jacksons Bakery


Buttering Machinery

Food Network

Smithfield Foods Ltd.

Mission Foods


Deighton Manufacturing

Freshcut Foods Ltd


New York Bakery Co.

Fresh-Pak Chilled Foods

Grote Company

Bread Making Ingredients

Pauwels UK

Millitec Food Systems Ltd.



Coffee Machinery

Insurance Protector Group

Moy Park Ltd.

Caterers Choice Ltd. Harvey & Brockless

The Ingredients Factory Zafron Foods Ltd. Dressings




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Caterers Choice

The Cheese Cellar


Spreads (olive)

Fresh-Pak Chilled Foods


Harvey & Brockless


Pauwels UK Piquant


Deighton Manufacturing Grote Company Millitec Food Systems Ltd. Cutting & Slicing Equipment Grote Company

Leathams Moy Park Ltd.


Pumphreys Coffee Conveyors

H Smith Food Group plc

Smithfield Foods Ltd. LABELS

Snowbird foods

Bunzl Catering Supplies


Planglow Ltd. Tri-Star Packaging Supplies Ltd.

2 Sisters Food Group Freshfayre H Smith Food Group plc Leathams

Millitec Food Systems Ltd.


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Grote Company

Dawn Farms UK

Millitec Food Systems Ltd.



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H Smith Food Group plc

Muller Milk & Ingredients

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Moy Park Ltd.


Planglow Ltd.

Smithfield Foods Ltd.



Zafron Foods Ltd.





Mobile Catering Vehicles

Futura Foods UK Ltd.

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Jiffy Trucks Ltd.

Harvey & Brockless

Zafron Foods Ltd.

Sandwich Making Machinery


Sauces & Ketchups

Deighton Manufacturing

Norseland Ltd.


Grote Company

Ornua Ingredients Europe

Caterers Choice

Millitec Food Systems Ltd.




Pauwels UK

Futura Foods UK Ltd Muller Milk & Ingredients Ornua Ingredients Europe

Beef Freshfayre Leathams Moy Park Ltd. Newsholme Food Group

Moy Park Ltd. Smithfield Foods Ltd.

ORGANIC PRODUCTS Fridays Leathams Pauwels UK

Canned Meat







Moy Park Ltd.

Colpac Ltd.

The Ingredients Factory


Princes Foods Ltd.

Coveris Flexibles UK Ltd. (St Neots)

Zafron Foods Ltd.

Royal Greenland Ltd.

Smithfield Foods Ltd.

Rap Ltd.


Café Manufacturers & Distributors Disposable Bunzl Catering Supplies Colpac Ltd. Coveris Flexibles UK Ltd. (St Neots) Rap Ltd. Tri-Star Packaging Supplies Ltd. Food wraps RAP Ltd. Tri-Star Packaging Supplies Ltd. Plastic Tri-Star Packaging Supplies Ltd. Sandwich Packs Colpac Ltd. Coveris Flexibles UK Ltd. (St Neots) Rap Ltd. Tri-Star Packaging Supplies Ltd. PASTA Caterers Choice Ltd. Freshfayre Leathams Pasta Foods SANDWICH FILLINGS (READY PREPARED) Fresh Fillings 2 Sisters Food Group CP Foods UK Ltd. Freshfayre Fresh-Pak Chilled Foods Fridays Harvey & BrocklessZafron Foods Ltd. Zafron Foods Ltd. Frozen Fillings 2 Sisters Food Group CP Foods UK Ltd. SOUPS Freshfayre Leathams



MANTON WOOD Manton Wood, Enterprise AROUND NOON LTD. Unit 24A Rampart Road, Greenbank Industrial Estate, Newry, County Down, BT34 2QU Tel: 0283 0262333 E-mail

Zone, Retford Road,

Notts S80 2RS Contact: Andrew Wilcox-Jones Tel: 01909 512600 Fax: 01909 512708

GREENCORE AROUND NOON (LONDON) LTD. 762A/763A Henley Road, Slough SL1 4JW Tel: 01753 523636


IMPRESS SANDWICHES Units 6-7, Orbital Industrial Estate, Horton Road, West Drayton, Middlesex UB7 8JL Tel: 01895 440123 Fax: 01895 441123

Contact: Sales

MELTON FOODS 3 Samworth Way, Leicester Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE13 1GA Tel: 01664 484400 Fax: 01664 484401

Twelvetrees Crescent, London E3 3JG Tel: 0207 536 8000 Fax: 0207 536 0790

BRADGATE BAKERY Beaumont Leys, Leicester, LE4 1WX Contact: Clare Keers Tel: 0116 2361100 Fax: 0116 2361101

Carlyon Road

GREENCORE FOOD TO GO LTD. – ATHERSTONE Unit 7, Industrial Estate, Atherstone, Warwickshire CV9 1LQ

ON A ROLL SANDWICH COMPANY The Pantry, Barton Road, Riverside Park Industrial Estate, Middlesbrough TS2 1RY Contact: James Stoddart Tel: 01642 707090 Fax: 01642 243858

Contact: Alex McLaren DELI-LITES IRELAND LTD. Unit 1 Milltown Industrial Estate, Warrenpoint, County Down BT34 3FN Contact: Ronan Gourley Tel: 028 417 54807

Tel: 01827 719 100 Fax: 01827 719 101


GREENCORE FOOD TO GO LTD PARK ROYAL Willen Field Road, Park Royal, London NW10 7AQ Contact: Clare Rees Tel: 0208 956 6000 Fax: 0208 956 6060

STREET EATS FOOD LTD. Prince William Avenue, Sandycroft, Deeside, CH5 2QZ Tel: 01244 533888 Option 1

BROMLEY BY BOW Prologis Park,

SPECIALITY Chocolate Marimba World Chocolate VEGETABLES & HERBS Avocado CP Foods UK Ltd. Canned Vegetables Caterers Choice Ltd. Freshfayre Chargrilled Vegetables Leathams Moy Park Ltd. Jalapenos Caterers Choice Ltd. Freshfayre Salad Agrial Fresh Produce Ltd. Freshfayre Salad (prepared) Agrial Fresh Produce Ltd. Sundried Tomatoes Caterers Choice Ltd. Freshfayre Leathams Plc Sweetcorn Caterers Choice Freshfayre Tomatoes Caterers Choice Freshfayre


SAMWORTH BROTHERS MANTON WOOD Manton Wood Enterprise Park, Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 2RS Tel: 01909 511800 Fax: 01536 409 050


West Drayton, London UB7 9BL Contact: Alex McLaren Tel: 0208 629 8600

RAYNOR FOODS Farrow Road, Widford Industrial Estate, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 3TH Contact: Heather Raynor Tel: 01245 353249 Fax: 01245 347889

THE SOHO SANDWICH COMPANY Unit 7 Advent Business Park, Advent Way, London N18 3AL Contact: Daniel Silverston Tel: 0203 058 1245 Fax: 0207 739 1166

TIFFIN SANDWICHES LTD. Tiffin House, 20 Commondale Way, Euroway Trading Estate, Bradford, Yorkshire BD4 6SF Contact: Paul Thornton Tel: 01274 494939 paul.thornton@

REAL WRAP COMPANY LTD. Unit Haslemere Industrial Estate, Avonmouth, Bristol BS11 9TP Contact: Emma Caddy Tel: 0117 3295020


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