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Welcome back for the holiday edition. It’s looking to be a busy month, as if Thanksgiving wasn’t enough. Check out all the events in What’s Happening to see what’s coming up. This month The Cooking Corner is doing a little holiday baking with an easy recipe to share. We’ll worry about taking those extra pounds off next month. Local artists are featured this month in Local Talent Spotlight and the Artist Profile features. There’s a new music duo and a story on wood turning. The Business Today section is full of open houses, banquets and all types of updates. If you check, you’ll find us there, too. We won an award and I’m so very thankful for all those who helped. Grab some eggnog or a hot toddy, take a break and see what’s been going on with your friends and neighbors. Remember to check out our sponsors and see what they have to offer. It’s good to keep it local and support your friends. Jancey Smith

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December 2019

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A Touch of Christmas Past

The holidays are full of tradition, remembrances and tiny pieces of history passed from one generation to the next. It may be making gingerbread houses, or having eggnog and cookies while decorating the tree, to watching the hometown Christmas parade. Each family has something special. One unique piece of local history that has lasted more than 50 years is the Christmas tree from Princeton Gardens. The tree stood proudly in the display house (retail shop) for many years. This iconic symbol of Christmas passed from the Mains family to Buddy and Puff Rogers and is the centerpiece of their home’s Christmas decorations. This old school, well-made, sturdy artificial Christmas tree stands over seven feet tall and is about eight feet in circumference. There is a delicate snow glaze over the branches that looks surprisingly real, but don’t let that fool you. It’s nothing like today’s lightweight plastic pieces. A heavy steel cylinder in the center supports those densely thick-gaged wire branches bearing the weight of numerous Christmas ornaments. How did the Rogers become the keeper of the tree and why is it important? That’s the interesting part. It’s a bit of a local history lesson. If you were to drive north on Main Street in

An aerial view of Princeton Gardens in the 1970’s. Photo provided

Princeton, just past the new high school, the area on the right side of the road, which is now a subdivision called North Brook Hills, was once Princeton Gardens. From 1909, when William Ritterskamp made the business official, until the early 1980’s, that area was an agricultural center that first grew vegetables and then flowers. This was not an overgrown garden. It was acres of freshly grown items. These flowers were not like today’s garden centers. These were fresh cut flowers, locally raised: roses,

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Tues.-Fri. 10:30a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Tues.-Fri. 10:30a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Story: Jancey Smith Cover photo: Puff Rogers

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December 2019

Small Town Living

orchids, irises, mums and so much more. They also grew many potted plants like poinsettias. There were five acres in glass houses, under cover and growing. Flying in flowers and plants from South America was in its infancy. As with many growers, they often develop a few “pet” items. This was true of Princeton Gardens as well. When strolling through the houses it was easy to find a huge rubber tree in the fish pond house and a lemon tree that produced lemons as big as grapefruits. Buddy worked at the gardens starting in 1975, just like many other high school kids. Dale Mains owned the gardens at that time and was great about giving high school kids a chance to earn a few bucks. He also had a soft spot and gave his teenage workers flowers for prom, mother’s day and other events. Many years later, when Buddy and Puff dropped in to visit Dale, she was completely enamored with the tree. Dale’s family remembered this after he passed away and contacted the Rogers. Buddy and Puff were thrilled to keep the tradition of the beautiful tree going and still exchange Christmas cards with Dale’s son, Jim. It always reads, “Long Live the Tree.”

The last remaining part of Princeton Gardens (except for the tree) is the house of O.M. Gilbert, who owned the business before the Mains family. Today it is the home of the Deffendalls. Photo courtesy: Greg Wright.

Great Food

Moose Members Help Habitat Photo: Jancey Smith

Volunteers from Princeton Moose #354 helped hang insulation at the newest house for Habitat for Humanity on Saturday, November 16th, as one of their many community service projects. The house is on Madison Street in Princeton and will be the future home of Danny Thomas.

left to right Chuck Ray, Robbie Reinhart, Danny Thomas, Christy McGowan, Wally Cox, Cary MacKannon, Dennis Able, Mike Payne

Local 4-H Members Travel to Indy Courtesy: Beckee Sheffer

Three Gibson county 4-H members went to Indy for an Indiana 4-H summit to discuss a new program for mentoring and inclusion. The program was created by Hadley Sheffer of Princeton along with other youth at a leadership conference and proposed to the Indiana 4-H board over the summer. They spoke to people all over the state about the program to promote mentoring and more inclusion of special needs youth into 4-H.

Ben Heidenreich, Eddie Craig And Hadley Sheffer. Country Boys and Girls 4-H club.


is Back in Hazleton

The Ohana Hilltop management has opened the White River Inn

Friday & Saturday Dinner Service 4-8:30pm

Give the gift of great food gift certificates available

Steaks, Catfish, Pork Chops and more.

Hours: Tue & Thurs 11am-5pm Wed 11am-8pm (Saucheesie Night!) Fri & Sat 11am-10pm (Dinner served 4-8:30pm) Closed Sun & Mon (All times are CST)

301 E. State Rd. 56, Hazleton, IN 812-784-2302 A variety of homemade desserts

Small Town Living


December 2019

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Gardening Goodies

Amaryllis bulbs are easy to grow. They also are a fun and educational activity you can do with your children and/or grandchildren. Once an amaryllis starts growing it grows fairly rapidly. It’s a fun acivity to record how much it grows per day. Plant the bulb in all purpose potting soil, pointed end up, so approximately 1/2 of the bulb remains above the soil, water sparingly until it starts to grow leaves and/or the flower stalk, then water regularly placing it in bright, indirect light. Quite often discount stores and/or big box stores have ‘Amaryllis Kits’ for sale this time of year. These ‘kits’ include an amaryllis bulb already planted in soil and in a pot. All you have to do is water it and place it in a sunny spot. Since the amaryllis stalk can get 2’-3’ or more tall, you might want to place a support stake next to the stalk so it doesn’t fall over once the amaryllis bulb starts flowering. They can become top heavy. If you do pot your bulb, try to find a heavier pot. This will also help it not tip or fall over. Most varieties will begin blooming six to eight weeks after planting; some can take as long as ten weeks. You will get anywhere from one to five or six plus blooms on the flower stalk. The flowers will last a little longer if you keep your amaryllis in a cooler (65-75 degrees) location. Also, try to keep it out of cold drafts

Customer Appreciation Week Dec. 17th-21st

Refreshments & Door Prize Stylists: Kim, Billie & Shannon

Walk-Ins Welcome! Gift Cards!

121 E. State St, Princeton | 812-386-7662 HOURS: Closed Sun. & Mon. • Tue & Wed: 8-6pm Thur: 8-3pm • Fri: 8-5 • Sat: 8-1 Holiday Hours: Week of Christmas & New Years Closed: Sun-Wed • Open: Thur -Sat. regular times

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Amaryllis Bulbs and This & That by Guest Writer, Kevin Smith

and/or heat drafts. This can damage the blooms. Once the blooms die often they’ll fall off. If they don’t, take a sharp knife or scissors and cut the spent bloom off. Once your amaryllis has dropped or lost its last bloom, cut the flower stalk off about two inches above the bulb. Water it well and place in a cool dark place. A basement is an ideal place. A garage or utility room would also work providing the temperature never gets below 50 degrees. Leave it there until the danger of frost has passed. Take your amaryllis bulb in its pot and sit it outside where it will get six to eight hours of bright sunlight. Keep the soil damp. This will help the bulb store up food for the next blooming season. It may put up a leaf or two. These will also help collect energy/food for the bulb during the next growing season. Bring it in before the first frost. Repot it in new all purpose soil and in the same pot. Then follow the same steps you did above to have another glorious display of blooms. Amaryllis blooms come in a wide variety of colors from red, white, pink, mauve, striped, and the list goes on and on. You can also order amaryllis bulbs. Around this time of year, another Christmas plant we see a lot of is the Christmas Cactus. The Christmas Cactus was also featured in Small Town Living two years ago. I have been asked what the difference is between the Christmas Cactus, the Thanksgiving Cactus, and the Easter Cactus. Here’s a Left to right: Christmas, Easter & Thanksgiving Cactus picture that compares the leaves of each. This way, you will know which one(s) you have. They are all beautiful in their own way, no matter the season. During this Christmas season if you buy an amaryllis or Christmas Cactus buy two. Give the other one to a friend that needs cheering up or someone you know who needs to know that someone cares. On the first Christmas a gift was given to the world. It was given to everyone. So carry on that gift giving this Christmas.

~ The Andy Griffith Quiz ~

1. Barney recited the rhyme 2. Call for the doctor. Call in question 2 when he was for the nurse. Call for the lady with ________. ____? A. a poodle A. Skipping B. the alligator purse B. Singing acapella C. the Jaguar C. Cleaning his gun D. the most kids D. Jumping rope with Otis

December 2019

for answers see page 32

Small Town Living

Backyard Birds

By Guest Writer, Shawn Keith

A leisurely walk through a grassy field or park can be a very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. Add to that some Bluebird nest boxes and you’ve got yourself a ”Bluebird Trail”. A Bluebird trail is nothing more than a series of nest boxes arranged in a way that fits the habitat you have to work with. It doesn’t have to be a Lewis and Clark Expedition to be a Bluebird Trail. It can be only a handful of boxes, up to 50 or whatever you make it. There are some Bluebird trails that have up to 200 or more nest boxes. Now, as you can see, as it is with any type of nest box and no matter the species it is a commitment of time and resources, so the more boxes the bigger the commitment. In a Bluebird trail the boxes can be arranged in a straight line, a circle, a grid or a square. It all depends on the amount of property you have or how it’s arranged. It can be as big or small as you would like it to be based on your time and resources. If you do not own any land or it’s not conducive to a Bluebird Trail you can look for locations outside your own property. Locating the right person in an organization would be the first step in getting permission to arrange a trail in places such as; cemeteries, golf courses, parks or farms. Now, many well-meaning people put up boxes and then don’t monitor them, or organizations that don’t have the staff to do so. If you are aware of an abandoned trail, you

Is Your House


might consider contacting the owner to see if it could be taken over. When I was a young boy my dad knew a man who had a trail he monitored once a week. He drove along country roads in his car taking his time nailing up the boxes to roadside fence posts. A sort of Johnny Appleseed of bird houses. I would not recommend putting these houses on fence posts along roadsides these days. The danger is all too great to be this close to moving traffic not to mention the obstacle you could create. It was a different time ithen. There was less traffic and things moved at a slower pace in those days. If you have basic woodworking skills you can make your own nest boxes or you can work on them with a friend as a winter- time project. You can talk to someone in the Boy Scouts about building some nest boxes. It would make a great Eagle Scout project. If this spring and summer time hobby sounds like just the thing for you please educate yourself on the Eastern Bluebird, their needs and habitat by referencing the website below. An enjoyable hobby doesn’t have to take you to the Appalachian Trail. You can stay home and enjoy your own Bluebird Trail. startingatrail.htm

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December 2019

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As the Vet Says -

-Dr. Marybeth Feutz, Princeton Veterinary Hospital

Do I Need to Keep my Dogs on Heartworm Prevention in the Winter?

Heartworm disease is a potentially fatal disease that dogs (and cats) can get. Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes. Because of this, most people only think about using heartworm prevention medicines during the warm months, when those pesky mosquitoes are out the most. It can be tempting to skip a few months of heartworm prevention medicines to save a little bit of money. But should you? Yes, it’s true. Mosquitoes are most active in the warm months. But they have been known to sneak into homes to hang out for the winter, so you just might find one inside your house when you least expect it. Mosquitoes also become active at any temperature over 50 degrees. So when we have a warmer-than-normal

C ompassionate care for all animals, LARGE and small

winter, there could be mosquitoes out all year long! That magic 50 degree mark also means that mosquitoes can be out and biting a lot longer than what we usually think. We strongly recommend that you keep your pets on heartworm prevention medicines all year long. Most heartworm prevention medicines also protect your pets from other types of parasites that can live in their intestines (“worms”), so it’s a doubleshot of protection. For those of you who sometimes forget to give the monthly dose of prevention, we have three solutions for you. • We now offer a single shot that will protect your dog from heartworms for 12 entire months! And we will remind you when your dog is due again next year. Never forget that monthly treatment again! • If you need help remembering your pets’ monthly doses, like our Facebook page at princetonvet. We post reminders on the first day of the month to jog your memory. • You can also set a reminder in your phone or on your calendar to trigger on the first day of the month (or the day you prefer). Are you interested in getting that 12-month heartworm prevention shot for your dog? (Sorry, cat owners, it isn’t approved for use in cats.) Give us a call at 812-385-2733 with your questions, or come in with your pet during our regular business hours, no appointment needed! The Princeton Veterinary Hospital always accepts new patients – let us help you keep your furry family members healthy.

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Sullivan’s Grocery

Call In •Take Out • Dine In

We are always accepting new patients!

725 E. Broadway, Princeton, IN

CALL TODAY! 812-385-2733

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Bacon Cheese Fries!!!

Hwy. 65 in Union


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December 2019

5 am - 9 pm 6 am - 8 pm

Small Town Living

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812Small Town Living

December 2019

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Activities i n the Cou nty

Photos: Jancey Smith

River Oaks Hosted Art Show

Sue Giebler of Mt. Carmel had paintings, cards & other crafts.

Clay Fortner brought a selection of nature and landscapes.

On Saturday, November 9th half a dozen local artists displayed their works for the residents of River Oaks and the community. Proceeds of the event were donated to the art program of the ARC of Southwest Indiana. See page 24 for the local artist feature highlighting Dennis Young and wood turning.

Wood turner Dennis Young & Bob Zasadny of East Gibson.

Brenda Williams displays her paintings.

A sample of some of the smaller sculptures made by Bob Zasadny.

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“Seasons Greetings from the Teels”

Page 8

December 2019

Gift Baskets

gift cards available

Small Town Living

B usiness T oday Story & Photos: Jancey Smith, Cover photo provided

The proverbial red carpet was rolled out Monday night, November 23rd at the Toyota Event Center to honor retiring TMMI President Millie Marshall and welcome her successor, Leah Curry. Millie has been with Toyota for 28 years and was the first woman president in all of Toyota. She is the sixth president to call Gibson County home. Millie said, “Gibson County is the most welcoming community and gives true meaning to the phrase Hoosier Hospitality. It’s going to be tough to leave but there’s no one better to fill my shoes than Leah Curry.” “It will be tough following Millie’s footsteps, but she’s been a great role model,” Leah added. A Gibson County native, Leah is from Haubstadt and grew with the plant, starting in maintenance and was a team leader. She was with the plant for 19 years before taking the Peg Michas chats with Millie before the event.

Edward Jones Held Open House

Toyota Leadership Changes Hands president’s position in West Virginia. “There’s no place like home,” Leah remarked and went on to inform the crowd that, “My dad, Larry Haley, was a founder of Haub Steak House. I have roots here and lots of family. I enjoy raising my family in Gibson County.” The event ended with donations from TMMI to some of our community “gems.”

Haubstadt native, Leah Curry is glad to be back home.

Donations were made to Community Foundation, the Hopkins Family Park and both the Wheeling and Red Covered Bridges.

The Isaiah 1:17 Project Has New Home

Left: Shane Minton’s Edward Jones office held an open house on Friday, November 8th for their clients. Right: A ribbon cutting was held Friday, November 15th to welcome the Isaiah 1:17 Project into their new building at 117 N. Hart on the square in Princeton. Photo courtesy Gibson County Chamber

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Small Town Living



December 2019

Page 9

Highlights from the Annual Gibson County Chamber Banquet

Business Today continued

Every year the Gibson County Chamber of Commerce holds a banquet to honor and recognize their members, sponsors and board members for their countless contributions. The annual meeting was held Thursday, November 14th at the Toyota Event Center at the Fairgrounds. Nearly 300 people attended a dinner provided by Alamo BBQ with music by Evan Twitty and the Wood Wire Band. Three businesses were awarded special recognition: Business of the Year - Ivy Tech, Hometown/Local Business of the Year - Small Town Living in Gibson County and Volunteer/Non-Profit of the Year - The Isaiah 1:17 Project. Their next event will be an open house December 4th.

Photos: Jennifer MacKay

The Chamber’s Super Sponsors were honored at the event.

John Snowden accepted the annual Business of the Year award for Ivy Tech.

Marcia Lambert was thrilled that the Isaiah 1:17 Project was recognized as Volunteer/Non-Profit of the year

Small Town Living in Gibson County was surprised and honored to be Hometown Business of the Year. Pictured right: Zeke and Jancey Smith. Tyler A Brengman 7\OHU$%UHQJPDQ 'JOBODJBM"EWJTPS Financial Advisor 


1418 W1SJODFUPO */ Broadway  Princeton, IN 47670 812-386-6908 Member SIPC

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Page 10

December 2019

Small Town Living

Business Updates

Photos: Jancey Smith

Las Islas Finally Opens in Oakland City

Edward Jones Held Open House Business Office Administrator Amber Seaton and Financial Advisor Mitch Patton were all smiles during their open house on Friday, November 15th. Mitch has been serving clients from the office on N. Hart Street on Princeton’s square since the end of July.

After months of anticipated waiting, the Las Islas Mexican Restaurant opened for business early November. It’s located across the street from the IGA on Morton Street.

New Edward Jones Opens in Haubstadt

Grandy’s in Oakland City Says “Bye”

After nearly 25 years of doing business at the corners of Hwy. 64 and Morton Street in Oakland City, Grandy’s closed its doors in early November.

Sheets and Charles Law Firm Held Open House in Ft. Branch

On Friday, November 8th, the law firm of Sheets & Charles on Hull Street in Ft. Branch held an open house with goodies for all their clients. They specialize in Elder Law, such as wills and trusts.

November 1st was the opening day for a new Edward Jones branch office in Haubstadt on Vine Street. Jason Rainey is the new financial advisor and his business administrator is Cindy Rosignol.

Looking For a Job? Need Employees?

Call Today!

Modern Personnel Services


104 N. Third Avenue • Princeton, IN

Time forsolutions a year-endfor Finding investment review. your financial needs Shane Minton |

Member SIPC

Financial Advisor |.|100 S Hull Street | Ft Branch, IN 47648 | 812-753-3893 |

Small Town Living

December 2019

Page 11

Picturing the Past

Dick Clark’s Family Restaurant

Story and photos: Greg Wright

In December, 1946, World War II Veteran Richard W. Clark bought a Taylor ice cream freezer and 12 ice cream cans for $2,479. At that time, homes cost about the same. He began making ice cream in a concrete block building addition to his uncle’s grocery store, Sutton‘s Grocery. Ten years later his uncle Sutton’s Grocery circa 1960 was the beginning of Dick died, and he purchased the grocery store and ran Clark’s Drive-in Restaurant on the North side. it and the ice cream shop together. By 1961, Clark From the ‘50’s through the 1980’s, Dick Clark’s was closed the grocery store and turned it into a restaurant on what was known as the “cruise route”. During the with a seating capacity of 44 people. The first pizza sold 1950’s and ‘60’s, teenage cruisers would travel between in Princeton was offered here in 1961, however the here and Winkler’s Drive-in on Princeton’s south side specialties remained homemade ice cream and curb and in the late ‘70’s and ‘80’s, between Dick Clark’s and service. In 1969, the building was extended creating the McDonald’s on the West side of town. room for 20 more seats. In 1980, a new dining room was When Dick returned from World War II, he had the added now bringing your total seating to 150 patrons. In foresight to see that Coca-Cola, ice cream, and short 1999, a new kitchen and banquet room orders including hamburgers were going to be the was built adding 200 more seats. rage. In 1947, ice cream cones were five cents When people hear the name Dick Coca-Cola was five cents. In 1961, a small pizza Clark’s they think of the Dick Clark of was 50 cents, a medium 90 cents, and a large “American Bandstand”. However, in $1.15. On January 1st, 1987, son Jeff Clark and Princeton, people think of the wife Julie bought out his parents’ 40 year neighborhood restaurant that has been investment in the restaurant. After a major fire in a hangout for kids and adults since July 2007, Jeff Clark rebuilt a larger, better 1947. Many people tell stories of their restaurant, complete with a large meeting/banquet spouses who met there for the first time room which included beer and wine sales, all the and how many adults of Princeton had while offering some of the original items as well as their first job at Dick Clark’s, and now expanding the menu. Things have changed but their children work there. Dick Clark and the ice cream is still homemade, the meat is still Edna Mae Schultheis were married in ground and cut fresh daily, root beers are still 1946, and had four children, Teri, Barb, Richard W. Clark founder of served in frosty mugs, deliveries are made within Jeff, and Mark, who all grew up working Dick Clark’s Restaurant. and near the city-limits, and friendly curb service in the restaurant. As one of the county’s is still offered seven days a week. earliest and continuous dealers in Coca-Cola soft drinks, Next month we will visit a long lost public mainstay Dick always said that Coca-Cola payed for his children’s building north of Patoka, the old Orphanage. education.

Colvin Funeral Home 425 North Main Street Princeton, IN 47670 812-385-5221 Directors: Richard D. Hickrod and Mark R. Walter

Page 12

December 2019

Corn-Colvin Funeral Home

323 North Main Street Oakland City, IN 47660 812-749-4021

Small Town Living

Broadband Survey Will Help the County

Economic development teams from Vanderburgh, Gibson and Posey Counties have joined forces to highlight the need for improved broadband infrastructure in rural areas of each county. Broadband should be considered key infrastructure, yet thousands of residents do not have the infrastructure needed in place. Lack of high-speed internet not only affects the quality of life for rural residents, but our region’s economic opportunity to attract new business and talent. “Citizens living in rural Southwest Indiana shouldn’t have to make compromises in terms of education, commerce and quality of life due to inadequate broadband connection,” stated Vanderburgh County Commissioner, Cheryl Musgrave. “Working alongside commissioners and economic development teams has strengthened our regions’ case for improved broadband.” Without modern internet service, rural residents lack access to healthcare via telemedicine, remote learning, emergency services, video streaming and more. For rural businesses, improved broadband provides the opportunity for e-commerce; for farmers to improve efficiencies through agricultural innovation; and remote workers the luxury of working from home. HOW RESIDENTS & BUSINESSES CAN HELP To help get broadband infrastructure in southwest Indiana, please complete a quick online survey at http://

ate t h e H o l id r b ay le With Us! e s C

’t Donrget o F

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Strombolis & Ham ʻn Cheese Sandwiches

(M-F 11-1:30)

Dick Clark’s Family Restaurant

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~ Recycle Tips ~

‘Tis the season for all things winter! That’s right! Thanksgiving is over and all the December Holidays are upon us – along with the kids’ friend, Snow. We started early this year with school closings due to our sneaky visitor. One thing is sure about the Snow Day – once the outdoor fun has faded – we are filled with “what-to-do-now” blues. Get out the box of recycling from Thanksgiving (if you haven’t already brought it out to us at Solid Waste) and get creative with the Holiday Decorations! Use some of the tin cans to make Christmas Bells, or a box to make Santa’s Sleigh, or maybe wash out a few jars and make some reindeer food! Lids can make excellent ornaments! For more ideas complete with instructions, visit our website at http:// and click Projects at the top of the page. Happy Holidays from your friends and neighbors at Gibson County Solid Waste! Remember – Reduce Reuse Recycle Gibson County Solid Waste Locations and Hours

Princeton Trash and Recycle Cente r – 771 Old Hwy 41 N, Princeton Tuesday – Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm Saturday – 7:00am to 3:00pm Trash and Compost Yard – 3702 S 175 E, Princeton Tuesday – Saturday 7:00am to 3:00pm Fort Branch – 46 W 650 S, Ft. Branch Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm Francisco – 6960 E 150 S, Francisco Wednesday and Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm Haubstadt – 158 W 1100 S, Haubstadt Tuesday and Thursday, 10:00am – 6:00pm Saturday 7:00am to 3:00pm Hazelton – 201 W 2nd Street, off SR 56, Hazelton Wednesday and Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm Johnson – 9969 W State Road 165, Johnson Wednesday and Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm Oakland City – 116 S Madison, Oakland City Tuesday and Thursday 10:00am to 6:00pm Saturday 7:00am to 3:00pm Owensville – 6045 W Mill Street, Owensville Tuesday and Thursday 10:00am to 6:00pm Saturday 7:00am to 3:00pm Patoka – 3510 N West Street, Patoka Tuesday 10:00am to 6:00pm Saturday 7:00am to 3:00pm Somerville – 10043 E 600 S, Somerville Wednesday and Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm For more information visit us on our Facebook Page: Gibson County Solid Waste OR

December 2019

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Our Community: Clubs & Organizations

Story & Photos: Jancey Smith

The Women’s Fund of Community Foundation

One of the things about living in a small town is that many of your friends and neighbors are there to help. There are many groups, churches and organizations that quietly fill that need. One such group is Community Foundation. Our local chapter is now part of the Southwest Community Foundation Alliance that serves nine area counties. In 1993, the Lily Endowment helped create a Community Foundation organization in all 92 Indiana counties. Eleven years ago, the Community Foundation created a women’s fund that would allow them to pick wherever they believed would benefit the most from their aid. Last year, our local women’s fund donated $1300 to Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry, $1300 to Bread of Life Ministries, $800 to the Broadway Players and $1300 to the Deaconess Foundation to buy an AED. The annual meeting of the Women’s Fund was Thursday, November 17th at the new business center, The HUB in Princeton. Various vendors offered early Christmas shopping before the meeting and snacks were provided by R’z Cafe and Catering. Approximately 21 local women attended and the group was updated on its contributions to the community. Mark Moore from Deaconess Foundation and

Deborah Borschett of the Sheriff’s Department were the guest speakers for the evening. They wanted to thank the group for their recent donation and not only explain but demonstrate Mark Moore & Deborah Borchelt the importance of AEDs. An AED, or automated external defibrillator, is used to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. Each cost $1300. However, every three to four years the batteries must be replaced at a cost of $300-$400 and every time it’s used the pads must also be replaced at an additional cost of $50-$60. Gibson is a very large, rural county that covers nearly 500 square miles. If someone, say a farmer, has a cardiac event it could easily be 20 minutes before a first responder arrives. However, one of the 17 patrolling sheriff cars could arrive first. It’s vital to saving lives, that these cars have AEDs on hand. It increases the survival rate by 50%. With the latest donation from the Women’s Fund, the Sheriff’s Department now has eight AEDs to help our community.


Merry Christmas & Thank you to all of our loyal customers

100 Days Same as Cash NEW 12 months no interest ITEMS ARRIVING WEEKLY

Appliances, Home Furnishings & More! Page 14

with qualifying credit! (see associate for details)

1607 W. BROADWAY, PRINCETON, IN 812-385-5757 • Owned and Operated Debra Walker HOURS: Monday thru Friday 10AM to 6PM Saturday 10AM-5PM • Sunday 1PM - 5PM

December 2019

Small Town Living

Susan Bobe’s Pizza Dine-In~Carryout~Delivery

Register for our weekly drawing for a

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Susan Bobe’s Pizza

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Small Town Living

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Susan Bobe’s Pizza

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December 2019

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The Cooking Corner

by Jancey Smith

H oliday Baking O h Those Sw eets

The holiday season, November through December, is often filled with family traditions. One that I remember growing up is of Mom and her sisters making Christmas sweets - fudge, divinity and my favorite, what they called Mexican Wedding Cakes. She would line cookie tins with foil, fill them with assorted sweets and then promptly hide them from us kids. I always found it odd, during the holiday season she would make sweets that any other time of the year I wasn’t allowed to have. This was the same mother that wouldn’t let me get those orange marshmallow peanuts at Murphy’s Dime Store when I was little. My husband says she was saving me from myself (he hates those candies). In retrospect and after paying dental bills, I completely understand. Over the years, I have tried making fudge - it took a few attempts to get it down. Once you get used to melting the chocolate, it’s not too bad. Divinity, however has always been beyond my scope. I don’t have a candy thermometer, so reaching that exact temperature and beating the egg whites to just the

M erry Christm a s From AllOfUs At K en n y Dewig M ea ts

right amount of stiffness is more challenge than I need. The recipe I consulted warned that the candy wouldn’t set up on a humid day. Now this is the Midwest - when is there a good humidity day? A few days ago, one of my friends brought in an assortment of baked goodies for us to sample. The first thing that caught my eye, after the pineapple upside cake, were these little powdered sugar balls that reminded me of those Mexican Wedding Cakes. I snagged a sample, or two. She said they were actually Pecan Dreams, but very similar to what I remembered. I was able to talk her out of the recipe (her mom’s I’m thinking) and now I can share some holiday sweets with you.

Pecan Dreams

Recipe courtesy of Maggie Armstrong & Judy True


1 cup butter 1/2 tsp. salt 1 tsp. vanilla 1/2 cup powered sugar 2 cups of chopped pecans 2 cups flour


Cream butter and then add remaining ingredients in order given. Roll into balls and place on a sprayed cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 12-15 minutes. When cooled, roll in powered sugar. A single batch is never enough, always double.

Kitchen Tips Time to Clean Out!

G ift Certificate s A vailable Closed ForThe Holida ys Dec.2 5th Through Ja n.1st

H ours -M on.-Fri.8 -5 :3 0 •S at.8 -2 pm 9 2 0 8 W .S tate Rd.1 6 5 ,Owensville,IN

8 1 2 -7 2 4 -2 3 3 3

S ee our website at kennydew igm

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Spices dated back to 2012!!

December 2019

This is the perfect time to clean out the crud. Make space for new holiday dishes by throwing out items past date. Check places like your spice rack, refrigerator condiments and canned goods. Start the new year fresh.

Small Town Living

THE GREAT “The prifcaelsling, e CHICKEN LITTL E


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Queen Size Mattress and Frame

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pics are for illustration purposes

Furniture & Mattress Warehouse 521 Grave St., Patoka, IN



December 2019

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L ocal T alent S potlight

Story by Guest Writer Jennifer MacKay Photo by Jancey Smith

Boozehound Duo

Everyone loves a good local band. UpTheir music is mostly classic rock and-coming Gibson County duo, called and some old school country songs. Boozehound Duo, is already a favorite with They add a little rock to country songs many followers. for flavor. This allows them a creative The duo is made up of lifelong friends signature in every performance, while Cameron Brewer and Matt Dunkel, who keeping the crowd interested in songs grew up in Fort Branch. The two have they already know and enjoy! played together since 2016, when they got Primarily performing as a cover band the idea on a canoeing trip but didn’t with a set list, they have a few original officially become a band until the summer songs they wrote together that they are of 2018. slowly introducing into their set. They Cameron Brewer & Matt Dunkel have made a music video on their Cameron has been playing drums in various bands since the age of 16 and does most of the Facebook fan page and have another one in the works. vocals. Matt sings some backup vocals, plays harmonica Cameron stated, “Things get done when they get done. and guitar, but hadn’t picked up a guitar until 2016. We rush nothing. If it seems forced or not fun, we won’t Band names are always interesting, so I asked how do it.” That is pretty good advice for anything you love did you pick your name? Cameron explained: “I had and want to continue. written a song with a good friend and the first line was “I Both have full time jobs which makes it hard to focus am a boozehound baby love me.” Matt heard that song solely on their band work. Life gets busy and there are and liked it. We decided to take the name after that times they won’t play for a month and other times they opening line, and added the duo because there are only play every weekend! The life of a musician is very two of us and I liked the way it sounded.” unpredictable.

Find your Holiday Spirits at…


Keg Orders Available

The DESTINATION for all your Adult Beverages Flavored Malt Drinks, Beer & Wine Coolers

Domestic & Import Beers

Assorted Bourbons & Wines Over 20 flavors

Purple Toad Wines Largest selection in Gibson County Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can get! Special orders available.

113 N. 2nd St., Princeton (across from train depot) Hours: M-Th 7am-11pm, Fri & Sat 7am-midnight, Sunday Noon-6pm Page 18

December 2019

Small Town Living

L ocal T alent S potlight


The pair referenced many musical influences in their sound, but overall go for anything that strikes a chord and they think people will like. Before each show, they paint a new quote or saying at the bottom of their bass drum. This is a little tip off to the type of show they are about to perform or what may be going on at the time. The band does charge a fee for most shows, but when it comes to charitable events Cameron said, “We will play almost any charity for free. What could be better than doing something you love and helping people while you do it?” While no record deal is in the works yet, they do want to give a shout out to their friend Christian Rowe who records all their music and another good friend, Landon Jones who helps them shoot their music videos. They praise both for excellent work. When asked who they feel their biggest supporters are, Cameron explained, “Our family and friends who come and listen to us play over and over again, and even listened to us when we sounded like out of tune noise! Also, for me I would say my wife who puts up with all my crazy hobbies and our moms who have not missed a show and always dance”. Family support is crucial in making anything a success, and you can tell they appreciate their’s very much. As for future plans for the band, they want to continue to play loud, get a little rowdy and have fun! “We will keep making music and performing for whoever wants to hear us as long as we are having fun doing it!” Cameron and Matt feel that’s most important; it has to stay fun! When asked what advice they might give a growing band, Cameron added this: “Do the opposite of what we do! We have zero business plans or future plans. Don’t listen to a thing we say except this, have fun or why do it.” It is always entertaining to hear funny stories and experiences the band-life can bring. Cameron had a story of their beginning. He went on to say, “Before we were the Boozehound Duo and before we really played together, we made a fake band called BED THE BAND.

Matt’s brother Tim (who couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket) was our “lead singer”. One night our friends had a great band called The Vintage Rendition that were playing a packed show at the Brass Ring. They were going to take a break and asked us to get up and play. We should have said no, but we said sure! We played two of the worst original songs ever written and played them very, very loud while Tim screamed into the mic about nothing. People were very confused and we cleared that bar room like someone had announced a bomb threat, but we had a great time. Needless to say, that was BED THE BAND’S one and only show but one of the most fun I have ever played.” If you would like to check out their music or book them for a performance, you can email them at or find more information on their Facebook page @boozehoundduo.

All Wrapped Up Drew Shoppers

The event “All Wrapped Up” was held at the fairgrounds on Sunday, November 10th. The large group of vendors drew crowds both indoors and out. Klinker’s food truck provided lunch and there were pictures with Santa.

VFW #2714 Auxillary Held Craft Fair

Paul’s Custom Wind Chimes had a nice display of unique wind chimes made from recycled materials at the Ft. Branch VFW Auxiliary’s Craft Fair on Saturday, November 9th.


Toyota Event Center

Perfect for weddings, receptions, banquets, showers, anniversary parties, seminars, business meetings or almost any indoor function. 700-person capacity, 90 round tables, 63 rectangular tables, 21 pub tables, stage, podium with microphone and speaker system, projector and screen, WI-FI, catering kitchen, 4 Keg Cooler with 4 Beer Taps, Wine Cooler and Ice Bar in bar area.

RESERVE TODAY! 812-385-3445 or email

Check out all of our facility options at 709 N. Embree Street, Princeton, IN 47670

Small Town Living

December 2019

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What’s Happening!!

Treasure Hunt Drawing

VFW #2714 Ft. Branch Thursdays, 7:00 pm Tickets are on sale Dinner special 5-7:15 pm


Dick Clark’s Restaraunt No meeting this month Will resume Jan. 11th at noon

OC Country Club Jeapordy Night

All You Can Eat Spaghetti Wednesday, Dec. 4th, 6:30 pm

Gibson County Chamber Open House

Ft. Branch VFW Aux. Breakfast

Saturday, Dec. 14th 7 - 10 am full breakfast plates $7, carryout available

Coloring & Coffee Salvation Army Princeton Tuesdays, 9:30-10:30

Cops & Kids Christmas Bazaar Saturday, Dec. 14th Princeton K of C 9 am - 3 pm

Annual Canned Food Drive Friday, Dec. 6th Princeton 5/3 Bank 3 pm

Wednesday, Dec. 4th 11 - 3 pm canned food drive

Broadway Theatre Princeton, December 6-7 & 13-15

OC Country Club Steak Night

Saturday, Dec. 7th & 21st, 4 - 8 pm Carryout Available

OC Good Shepherd UMC Comm Lunch

218 W. Harrison St., Oakland City Tuesday, Dec. 17th 11 am-1 pm

Live Nativity

Knights of Columbus Bingo

Every Tuesday, Doors open 6 pm, Haubstadt Open to the Public

Treasure Hunt Drawing

Eagles, Princeton Wednesdays, 7:00 pm Open to the Public

OC Country Club Dirty Santa Christmas Party Saturday, Dec. 14th, 6 pm

Girl Scout #290 Potluck Dinner

Oakland City School Cafeteria Tuesday, Dec. 17th 5:30 - 7 pm, Sign up by Dec. 13th

1st Baptist Princeton Saturday, Dec. 14th 5- 8 pm

~ December Movies ~

V F W 2714 A u xiliary

Friday, Dec. 13th - Jumanji: The Next Level -The gang is back but the game has changed and nothing is as expected. Starring Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black and Kevin Hart. Friday, Dec. 13th - Richard Jewell - A security guard reports a bomb at the Olympics but becomes a suspect. Starring Leonardo DiCprio, Olivia Wilde & Jon Hamm; produced by Clint Eastwood. Friday, Dec. 20th - Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - The last part of the Skywalker saga.


F am ily F un C hristm as P arty & Toy D riv e S un day,D ecem ber 8 1:00 till 4:00

P ictures taken w ith S an ta U gly C hristm as S w eater C on test G am es,C an dy,F ood B rin g a n ew un w rapped toy for our Toy D riv e

Daily Deli Specials For Only


O pen to the P ublic

New unwrapped toy donations are currently being accepted at VFW Post , DG Store at Fort Branch and Haubstadt and Brass Ring at Haubstadt through December 8, 2019.

7164 US 41 North, Fort Branch, IN 47648

Sat. breakfast is 7 am-10am 2nd Sat of each month

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Broadway Players “A Christmas Carol”


M onday -M eatloaf+ 2 sides Tuesday -Sm oked Sausage & K raut + 1 side W ednesday -Country Fried Steak + 2 sides T hursday -Breaded Pork Chop + 2 sides Friday -Catfish + 2 sides

Broadway & 5th Ave. Princeton • 812-386-7664

December 2019

Small Town Living

What’s Happening!!

Tri Kappa Omega Knights of Columbus Bingo Christmas Bazaar Ft, Branch Community School Saturday, Dec. 7th 9 am - 3 pm

Open to Public every Thursday Princeton K of C 6 pm

JOY Club Bingo Salvation Army Princeton None in Dec. Will resume in January 4-6 pm

Salvation Army Princeton None in Dec. Will resume Jan.10 7:30 - 1 pm

Sunday, Dec. 8th 1 - 5 pm admission: toy donation

Princeton, 11am-1pm Saturday, Dec. 14th

GCCOA Soulfit w/Lisa

Yard Sale

Ft. Branch VFW Family Christmas See Party page 20

United Presb. Free Comm. Meal

Senior Center, Princeton Friday, Dec. 6th 9 am

Ft. Branch VFW Toy Drive

Hwy. 41, Ft. Branch bring new unwrapped toy to Post by Dec. 12th

for details

Know a needy child? Call Angel Eyes 812-582-1930

Events at Gibson General Hospital December 11th, 2019 Heartland Uniforms, 9-4

Fun at the Gibson County Fairgrounds

Jan. 12th, 2020 Gibson County Fairgrounds Bridal Fair 11am-4pm Jan. 25th, 2020 Collector’s Carnival Antique Flea Market 7am-4pm

Mackey United GCCOA Methodist Church Winter Sale Community Meal Senior Center, None in December Will resume Jan.14th 11am - 12:30 pm

Princeton Friday, Dec. 6th 8am-3pm

Free Clothing Bank Salvation Army Free Oak Grove Church Community Meal

Gymnasium, Oakland City Gibson St., Princeton every Tuesday, 9 - 11 am Tuesday, Dec. 3 & 10th Free, new and used clothing 5 - 6 pm

~ Events with Santa in the Community ~

Breakfast with Santa - Klinkers, Princeton Saturday, Dec. 7th, 7-11 am, for Animal Shelter Breakfast with Santa & Cookie Walk - St. Joseph School, Princeton, Saturday, Dec. 7th, 9-11 am Breakfast with Santa - Lions Club, Oakland City, Saturday, Dec. 7th, 7-10 am, bike give-away Pictures with Santa - Montgomery Room, by Palace, Princeton, Dec. 8th, 14th, 21st, 22nd, 1-3 pm Cookies with Santa - Blimpies, Princeton Sunday, Dec. 8th, noon - 3pm Pictures with Santa - Senior Center, Princeton Thursday, Dec. 12th, 2pm Pictures with Santa - Phillip’s Discount Grocery, Princeton, Saturday, Dec. 14th, 9-11 am

~ Area Concerts & Events ~

Nutcracker by Evansville Ballet at Victory Theatre, Evansville, Saturday, Dec. 14th Harlem Globetrotters at Ford Center, Evansville, Thursday, Jan. 16th Miranda Lambert at Ford Center, Evansville, Saturday, Jan. 25th

404 W Broadway St. • Princeton, IN 47670

Gift Cards Available

Let the Broadway Bistro do your holiday baking . . . peanut butter pie, assorted cakes, cheesecakes and pies

We will be closed on Dec. 22-25 and New Year’s Day Open New Year’s Eve make your Reservations early


Small Town Living

M - F 11 am-2 pm, Tue - Thur 4-9 pm, Fri & Sat 4 pm-10 pm

Don’t forget the Early Bird Special

“Wine down Wednesdays”

December 2019

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Activities i n the Cou nty

Cooper Popped Up at The Brickhouse

On Friday, November 22nd, Drew Cooper was back in the ‘Branch at The Brickhouse. There was merchandise, goodies and live music for the event. Right: Drew with Nick Burns & LeAnn Cooper. Photo courtesy: Nick Burns.

Awards Presented at Lions Club

Lions District Governor, Sheryl Schafer presents Donald Knapp a certificate for being a Lions member for 15 years at their meeting on Wednesday, November 13th. New members are welcome.

Photos: Jancey Smith

Girls Shine in Candy Cane Pageant

The annual Candy Cane Pageant was Saturday, November 2nd. Photo courtesy: Kathy Berry

Beadle Bunch Dinner Sets Record

Pictured above: The Young family attended the Beadle Bunch Relay for Life turkey dinner along with 1264 other folks on November 2nd.

Money when you need it.

Visitour Ta x Professiona ls Bette M cRoberts Judy K roeger M arcie Arm es Sandra Sanders Tina Fryxell K eow na H urley

You could get a line of credit up to $1,000* in about 20 minutes. Find an office or make an appointment at No W-2 required | Nov. 18 – Jan. 10

105 N 2nd Ave, Princeton, IN | 812-635-4112

* If approved for an H&R Block Emerald Advance®, your credit limit could be between $350-$1,000. H&R Block Emerald Advance® line of credit and H&R Block Emerald Savings® offered through Axos Bank®, Member FDIC. H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard® issued by Axos Bank pursuant to a license by Mastercard International Incorporated. All products subject to ID verification. Line of credit subject to credit and underwriting approval. Fees apply. Products offered only at participating offices. Promotional period 11/14/2019 – 1/10/2020. Emerald Financial Services, LLC is a registered agent of Axos Bank. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Emerald Advanceű line of credit is a tax refund-related credit product. Emerald Card® is a tax refund-related deposit product. OBTP# B13696 ©2019 HRB Tax Group, Inc.

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December 2019

10 5 N 2n d Ave Prin ceton ,IN 812-6 35 -4 112 812-6 35 -4 114 Fax O ffice hours: M on days an d Thursdays 10 am - 3pm

Small Town Living



BOY TOYS HERE! $179 .99

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MEMMER’S Hardware and Outdoor Power

Small Town Living

Hwy. 41 N. at Lyles Station Rd., Princeton, IN

812-385-2641 Mon - Fri 7am-6pm Saturday 7am-5pm Sunday 10am-4pm

December 2019

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An Artist Profile Dennis Young By Jennifer MacKay

Fun W orking w ith W ood

up this hobby must build up the items needed over the years to complete their toolbox and machinery required. Dennis is no different. He told me how often he would make something and sell it to then turn around with the profit and buy his next upgraded tool or piece of equipment. With many varieties and sizes of lathes out there it Dennis with some of his samples at the River Oaks all starts to add up very quickly Art Show. He’s wearing a wooden hat that he made. depending on your goal. His Wooden bowls Wood turning is a craft using a wood lathe (tool) largest piece so far started with a along with hand-held wood working tools to cut a shape 130 pound piece of wood on his lathe before the finished that is symmetrical around the axis of rotation. A wood product was complete. lathe is a simple mechanism which can generate a Injury and safety precautions always need to be a variety of shapes. The operator, also known as a turner, top priority. Dennis has a mask he wears to protect and the skills needed to use the tools are traditionally himself from flying wood while working a piece on the known as turnery. lathe. You never know when a project may hit the wrong Life long Gibson County and Oakland City resident spot and the entire chunk of wood breaks apart. You Dennis Young, has been interested in wood arts since must be properly trained before jumping right into such a his high school days. Growing up, he credits hobby. Dennis has been blessed thus far to his Industrial Arts teacher Jack Simmons still have both eyes and all his fingers in and his family for sparking this interest in the tact. wood crafts. The type of wood used can vary from Each project starts with a chunk of project to project as well. Dennis himself wood. Once on the lathe, it can then be uses a lot of maple and cherry and shaved into the next general shape needed sometimes walnut but stated that he “never to continue on with wood working hand tools uses pine.” From time to time an exotic for the more intricate detailed portions of the wood may be needed and requires a trip to product. After several hours and or days of Louisville, Kentucky. carving, sanding and in the end a final coating The amount of items he can create A wooden snowman of finish you are left with a beautiful piece of art! seems limitless. I inquired about many random items Now of course that is a very simplified version of that came to mind and many he has already made. He how the process works. You truly need to see in person can take your special request and make a unique gift some of the possibilities that can come from this skill. item or piece of art to be admired for years and better The equipment alone is not cheap. Many that take yet, passed down from generation to generation. Come celebrate the holidays with us. for a Christmas Open House

Wednesday, December 11th 11am to 3pm 403 E. Broadway Princeton, IN 47670 Member SIPC

w w w. e d w a r d j o n e s . c o m

Doug Lane | Financial Advisor 403 East Broadway | Princeton, IN 47670 | 812-386-6857

Page 24

December 2019

Small Town Living

An Artist Profile Continued If you are lucky to catch him at a craft show or vendor fair in the future, I highly recommend checking out the beautifully crafted items he creates. You will not be disappointed. Dennis does not yet have a website or Facebook page for his items. In the meantime for special order requests or general questions regarding the wood turning hobby, you can contact him via email at Dennis at work in his shop turning wood on the lathe.

Currently, this craft is just Dennis’s part time hobby, but plans to one day make it his full time job when he retires from his career at Alcoa. With 29 years at Alcoa, it may be sooner than later that you start seeing this local craftsman popping up more and selling his beautiful work. Dennis had some good advice for fellow and future wood-turners. If you are just getting started in the craft or already an avid wood-turner, there is a club for locals called IKI Woodturners and they meet once a month in Newburgh at Ivy Cabinets. The group is a great resource for help, discussions, demonstrations and mentoring at any level. You can find them on Facebook by searching: IKI Some of the smaller pieces made. Woodturners and you will find their group and posts for more info on getting involved. Wood turning provides Dennis with a relaxing and satisfying hobby as well as a nice side business. He stated he often just goes out to his shop and puts a chunk of wood on the lathe not even knowing what he wants to turn and eventually the wood becomes a new piece of art.

H oliday Service Special $$ 29.88 Lube, Oil & Filter

(Most makes and models, up to 5 quarts non synthetic oil). No appointment necessary.

We welcome all warranty work on

Phone: 618-262-5161 • Mount Carmel, IL HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 7-5:30, Sat. 8-noon

Alka Family Chiropractic Center 618-262-4994 Get yourself ready for the holidays. Let a visit to the chiropractor help you . . . . • Improve Posture • Fewer Headaches • Less Stress • More Energy CHIROPR A ILY


2103 West 9th St., Mt. Carmel, IL


Dr. Kay Lynn Alka

• Back Pain Relief • Fewer Colds • Better Coordination • More Restful Sleep

Happy Holidays

to the loyal patrons of

Alka Chiropractic

HOURS: Mon and Wed 7:30a.m.-5:30p.m. Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Medicare participating Tues and Thur 12-7p.m. provider. Most insurance welcome.

Small Town Living

December 2019

Page 25

Story: Jancey Smith, Photos: provided

Sports I nsider

A llthe Right M oves -A llthe W ay to Finland

At a time when many families high school programs. It was are transitioning from football or officiating that drew his interest soccer season to basketball from a young age and that’s where games and archery practice, he learned that international travel others begin wrestling matches. was possible. What many of those cute little 7You see, Dalton has been in the year-old tikes don’t realize is how world of wrestling since he was just far this sport can take them. Not four-years-old, when his father was only can they travel the States to helping the Gibson Southern places like New York City, but program. As Dalton phrased it, they can also travel the world to “Then I started in Princeton’s local Finland. Yes, that’s right - Finland. youth program and I have never Just ask Dalton Halbig, a PCHS taken a year away from the sport Dalton at the Bill Farrell International. 2012 graduate, about transitioning whether I was competing, coaching, from a 4-year-old wrestler to an ISU senior who will be or officiating.” officiating a Greco Roman tournament in Ilmajoki, So how does one get into officiating? “When I was Finland. 12-years-old, my uncle and dad were officiating, so I told He will fly out of Indianapolis on Wednesday, them I wanted to as well. December 4th, to referee a Greco Roman wrestling My uncle dismissed it, tournament called the Haavisto Cup in Finland. Even but then I told him I was though Dalton has flown before to places like Spokane, serious. So that year at Washington, for dual team tournaments and to Las our local Princeton Greco Vegas, for the U.S. Open, which decides seeding for the Roman and Freestyle world team trials, he’s never left the country. Traveling to tournament I started Finland should be an experience. There’s a seven hour refereeing. I did a few time difference between us and this small country tucked more local tournaments up north, near Sweden. It’s a vast wilderness, with the that year and capped it northern lights and according to folklore, is the home of with our state Santa Claus. tournament. “ So how does someone go from Princeton to Finland “The first state in the wrestling arena? Well there are three aspects to tournament I worked was wrestling - competing, coaching and officiating. Dalton’s when I heard about done all three. When he was in high school, he helped officials traveling around with the youth programs. Then later, he coached at Dalton and two-time World Champion J’den Cox at the Olympic Princeton, helping with the youth, middle school, and Training Center in January for the Dave Shultz Memorial.

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60-years-old, he could be traveling the world and refereeing wrestling matches for quite some time. Safe travels.

the world for the sport I loved. That’s when I knew I wanted to be an official. This combined two things I loved Bloomington wrestling and travel. I have always North Bo Hen rys enjoyed wrestling and wanted to see in 2011 P C HS sectionals everything the world had in store, along in 2011 & 2012 Big Ten confer with its many differences. I did this until I ence in 2012 IHSAA state qu was 15-years-old, when I could get my alifier in 2012 license, then I started doing our regional Greco Roman Dalton in Fargo last summer with state championship tournament which qualified athletes for one of his mentors, Toby Tobiasson. in 2012 national tournaments. When I was 18years-old, I started doing the national circuit. In the summer of 2018, I applied for my international license in Thanks for Your Support ~ Fargo. I did my first international class tournament in The Princeton Eagles Aerie #361 would like to January 2019, at Colorado Springs for the Dave Schultz thank the following for their support to the Memorial, at the Olympic training center, and next in Cops & Kids Program November, 2019, in New York City for the Bill Farrell The Palace Cafe’ Big O’ Tires Save-Alot International, at the New York Athletic Club.” Koberstein Rental Little Italy’s Pizza Attractions So where does one go after Finland? The options are Best One Tire Walker’s Hometown County Seat Vet endless for Dalton. He’s an Applied Medicine Teel’s Chocolates Store Sandy’s Pizza Rehabilitation and Athletic Training major with minors in Burger King Wings Etc. Hibbett’s Message Therapy, as well as strength and conditioning. Applebee’s Subway Susan Bobe’s His plan is to attend graduate school in Athletic Training Maurice’s Taco Tierra Pizza upon graduation in the fall of 2020. Dalton wants to keep Pappa Johns officiating, and since the international retirement age is 301 N. Hart St. - Princeton, IN•812-385-2428

Dalton’s Highlights



for LIVE coverage of Princeton Tiger Football & Boys Basketball

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Binge Boxes Are Here! Check out a themed binge box with 5 DVDs: Vroom Vroom (car chases), Across the Galaxy (space themed), Marvelous Musicals, and more to choose from. Keep them one week! With winter weather on the way, great way to spend an evening! 1

2 Adult/Youth Movie, 5:15 pm. Spiderman: Far From Home, Rated PG13. Free popcorn! Monday Night Knitters, 6pm weekly knitting club, all ages and skill levels welcome.

Still looking for the perfect gift? Donate to the library for your loved one! They can be a part of the library: $25 for the website, $100 for the expansion plaque, or even have a room named after them for $5,000 or $10,000! Call 812-385-4464!

3 Family Story Time, 10-11am 4 Activity & Snacks All ages Teen Scene, 3:30-4:30 Games & Snacks, 3:30-4:30pm After school program for youth: games, snacks, & activities



6 7 Knitting Club 9am-noon Lego Club, 2-4pm Watch for Herbie the Love Bug in the Christmas Parade! 5pm


9 Family Movie Night 6pm. Rated PG Dora and the Lost City of Gold Free popcorn!

10 NEW Creative Writing 11 Club, 6pm. Want to get started writing and don’t know where to start? This is the club for you! Free & open to all ages, no pre-registration reMonday Night Knitters, quired. Will meet the 2nd Tues6pm weekly knitting club, day of every month. all ages and skill levels welcome.



16 Holiday Open House! 9am-8pm. Cookies and punch all day upstairs!

19 NEW Monthly 2 21 Club: 0 Lego Club, 2-4pm Crazy Crafters! 6pm Meets every Crocheting is a focus Saturday! Come but bring whatever and play with crafting project you Legos! are working on! snacks are welcome!



Monday Night Knitters, 6pm weekly knitting club, all ages and skill levels welcome.

Closed for Christmas


23 Monday Night Knitters, 6pm weekly knitting club, all ages and skill levels welcome.


Closed for Christmas Eve



30 Monday Night Knitters, 6pm weekly knitting club, all ages and skill levels welcome.


Closed for New Year’s Eve

Closed for New Year’s Day 1

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Custom Made Fruit & Gift Baskets

Personalized, Handmade and Unique gifts, Coffee, Teas, Cheeses, Jellies, Jams, Candles & More! M-F 9-6, Sat. 9-4, Sun. 12-4, Christmas Eve ‘til 2 pm 1415 W. Brumfield, Princeton 812-386-6365

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Kid’s Craft Day from 9 am to 5 pm at Haubstadt Library. We will be making red birds in a winter scene!


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Both locations will be closed for the holidays on: Tuesday, December 24 Wednesday, December 25 Tuesday, December 31 Wednesday, January 1

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Monday, December 9 Board Meeting at 6 pm at Haubstadt Library.

Thursday, December 12 Thursday Tech Time in the Fort Branch Computer Lab. Two sessions: 10 am - 11 am and 2 pm - 3 pm. We will NOT be having a December Adult Book Club meeting. January Adult Book Club will be a book of your choice. Sign ups are at Haubstadt Library, and you will need to let us know what book you have chosen to discuss.

― C.S. Lewis, “The Magician’s Nephew”


Fort Branch Library will be closed for rearrangement Monday, December 16 through to the new year. During this time, Haubstadt Library will be open.

Fort Branch



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MERRY CHRISTMAS, AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! Page Layout & Content by Mikala Sisson, Staff Member

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Cops Teach Advanced Self Defense Story: Jennifer MacKay

A Special Santa with a Cause

Story & Photo: Jancey Smith The Princeton Police Department held their One of the nicest Advanced Women’s Self Defense Class November 9th. aspects of the The class is a spin-off of their basic course offered from Christmas season is time to time and the basic class is required before you how people are willing can attend the Advanced Class. The advanced class to be helpful. They will offers a focus on the real life situations of being attacked, donate canned goods how you will react and remember to apply the basic to fundraisers, toss class skills learned. Detective Bobby Wood instructs the money in a red kettle or students and officers that volunteer dress in the Red buy toys for children. Man Suit. They demonstrate a surprise attack and you There is one gentleman must utilize the Santa Charlie taking pictures with kids. who takes his desire to skills to get away. help families in distress during the holidays and put It is a good way smiles on children’s faces, to a whole new level. Charlie to test your Stover becomes Santa in a very literal sense. In this knowledge and area, he’s commonly known as the Glendale Santa. find out how For the last four years, Charlie, who lives on Glendale quickly life can Street, across from Gil Hodges baseball field in get real, and you Princeton, has been a Santa with a Cause. He breaks will hopefully out his Santa Shack the Friday after Thanksgiving from 6 have learned the - 9 p.m. and is there for kids to come have their pictures best way to taken with Santa and put in their gift requests. However, react. he doesn’t stop there. Charlie raises money all season long. Last year he was able to raise $6,000 to help 12 local families during the holidays with toys and clothes The advanced class and instructors. Photo provided for the children as well as food and utility bill aid for the adults. Princeton Eagles Delivering the Goods Helping others is something important to Charlie. His mother died the day after Christmas and always loved On Friday, the lights. He decorates the November 23rd, house, got help from the members of the community to winterize his Princeton Eagles Santa Shack and works Aerie #361 relentlessly to raise money delivered over during the holidays. It’s a joy to $700 of food to give back to others. If you want the CAPE office to donate to Charlie’s efforts find to help families in his Facebook page, drop by his need have a shack or any Fifth Third bank. holiday dinner. Photo: Jancey Smith

Pictures with Santa are available on Glendale Ave.

Best Wishes for Happy Holidays to all our loyal patrons! REG. HOURS: CLOSED SUN. OPEN MON. • SAT. 4AM • 2PM

124 W. STATE ST., PRINCETON, IN 812-635-9500

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Closed Dec. 22 - Wed., Jan. 1 for the Holiday’s

Certificates Available December 2019

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Fun Days to N ote in Decem ber

December 20 - National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day December 24 - National Eggnog Day December 31 - National Champagne Day

December 7 - National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day December 9 - National Pastry Day December 15 - National Cupcake Day

W ander Indiana

A Road Trip to Seymour By Jeff Minnis

For those of you who know me and Lynn, you know how we LOVE taking road trips, It doesn’t matter if it’s a day trip or a trip that starts out as a day trip then five days later we finally head back home. We have a few rules for road trips: #1 Never take the interstate, hit those two lane roads. #2 Always find Mom and Pop shops and restaurants. #3 Always find a different way to get back home. #4 Carry extra cash for those unexpected treasures that we just can’t pass up! From time to time, I’m going to do an article on some of our adventures. This month I’m going to take you a couple hours north to the Seymour, Indiana area. I’ve been a HUGE John Cougar Mellencamp fan since his first hit song back in 1979, so when I found out there was a large mural on the side of a downtown building in his home town. I had to go see it! The 35-foot mural is painted on the side of a music store on the corner of 2nd and Indianapolis Streets in downtown Seymour. After a visit to the mural, it was only fitting that we had to find a small-town diner to grab a bite to eat. About five blocks away we found Larrison’s Diner that has been in business since the late 1930’s. Walking in the door, it was exactly like you would expect a little corner diner to look, stools at the counter facing the cooks, busy at the grill and old style booths down the wall. The food was average but the service and atmosphere made up made up for it. Another place to stop in is the Seymour Brewing and Pizza Company.



$ 00

ANY Purchase

Excludes $6 Deals, Must present coupon, Not valid with other offers. Limit 1 per person, per visit. Princeton Blimpies only.

OR 5 OFF 25 Catering order or $ 10 OFF $50 Catering or more $ 00


Small Town Living

Pamela Bliss completed the mural in early November.

I’m not much on craft beer, but their house brew was very good, service was great and the pizza was better then average. From Seymour we drove over to Nashville, Indiana. It’s a neat little tourist town that has the feel of Gatlinburg on a smaller scale. Nashville is packed full of unique shops from crafts to antiques. There is something for everyone. While in the area, you really need to zip over to Columbus and check out Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor located at 329 Washington Street. Opened in 1900, this place is one of the most beautiful original parlors I’ve ever seen! It’s packed full of vintage soda fountains, mechanical music boxes and general store items. If you love historical buildings and great food, then trust me on this one. It’s a must see! Feel free to share your road trip adventures with me. We are always looking for new places to explore just like the Griswalds, the more unusual the better!!

Every Day is Special at ~

Monday -

FREE Cookie Day 6-inch Club Sandwich Combo w/Drink & Side $5 Tuesday - Blimpie Best Combo w/Drink & Side $5 Wednesday - Ruben (sandwich only) $3.99

Thursday - Wrap Day (excludes BLIMP) $2.99 Friday - Foot Long

Sunday -

Friday (excludes BLIMP) Southwest Wrap Combo w/Drink & $1.00 OFF each Side $5 Saturday - Salad Saturday (excludes BLIMP) Offering a variety all salads $4.69 of soups daily

Get your gift cards for the holidays! 105 N. 1st Ave • Princeton, IN 812-386-5804

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December 2019

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Veteran’s Voice

George Pickersgill - Gibson Co. Veterans Service Officer, 812 385-4522

The United State’s Flag Code dictates that the U.S. Flag, when it has reached a condition such that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning. Sadly, this long-standing mandate is often ignored and our flag, once unserviceable, is often discarded in the trash and other shameful manners. While many may view burning as a desecration of the flag, the contrary is actually true. Throughout U.S. history, burning or cremation has long been considered a dignified manner of paying respect to the deceased and to objects worthy of veneration (respect). Burning is recognized by our government as the most reverent method of flag retirement. In an attempt to avoid disgrace to our beloved Old Glory, a drop box has now been installed on the south side of the Gibson County Courthouse whereby anyone may dispose of the U.S. Flag. They will be collected periodically and properly retired in dignified ceremonies held twice a year by the V.F.W. and the American Legion. This resource may be utilized by anyone, but you are asked to refrain from depositing any other flags beside the U.S. Flag. The funds for this project were graciously donated by the VFW Post 2714 in Ft. Branch.

Andy answers -

1. D & 2. B

Veteran’s Day Events The Princeton Square Had Salute Photo: Jennifer MacKay

Despite cold weather and wind, a crowd gathered at the square in Princeton for the annual tribute to Veterans. C.T. Montgomery spoke.

St. James School Honored Vets Photos below: Jancey Smith

Veterans and family were invited to St. James Church on Friday, November 8th for a service honoring Veterans. The students made cards for each of them. Everyone stood at attention as Taps played.

Oaklalnd City’s Legion Held Tribute

The American Legion was decorated for their annual tribute to Veterans. After the service Rodney Watts performed.

Like helping others? Caring and compassionate?

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Visiting Nurse Plus Offers ~

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• Flexible Schedules • Competitve Wages • Benefits Available CNAs & HHAs Welcome

December 2019

Providing in-home care for seniors in your community.

Call us at 812-425-0853 or 800-776-0903

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Because we care...

According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 28 people in the United States will die today in an alcohol-related vehicle crash! Drunk driving crashes claim more than 13,000 lives each year. Because we care, don’t drink and drive. David Cordray Cordray Insurance AgentAgency AddressLLC 201 E State St, Agent City, State Zip Princeton, IN 47670 Agent Phone No. 812-386-8495



We’re your Shield. We’re your Shelter.

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