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2. A silver pair cased verge watch, unsigned movement numbered 3719, later white enamel dial and hands, both cases plain, London 1804, 56mm diam; and a silver chain. (2) £100-150

1. A silver pair cased verge watch, signed Robt. Bridges, London, No 4823, white enamel dial with arabic numerals, inner case plain, the outer with monogram, London 1801, 57mm diam. £250-300


2 4. A gilt metal pair cased verge watch, signed J. Eaton, London, No. 4616, white enamel dial with Arabic numerals, gold arrow hands, both cased plain, circa 1790, 55mm diam. £120-150

3. A silver pair cased rack lever watch, signed on the backplate, cap and dial Gribbon & Wallace, Belfast, cock foot inscribed Patent, subsidiary seconds, both cases plain, London 1818, 56mm diam; with a quantity of Belfast and other local watch papers. £300-400 Gibbon & Wallace. 1815-1820 Partnership dissolved in 1820. 4


5. A gilt metal pair cased watch with Turkish dial, verge movement signed Henry Cox, London, associated dial signed Mark Wik, London, both cases plain, 56mm diam., and a tortoiseshell and gilt metal outer (triple) case for a Turkish market watch, 60mm diam. (3) £400-500 5



6. A silver half hunting cased keyless lever watch, unsigned three quarter plate movement no. 125686, Birmingham 1886, 50mm diam; and a white metal chain. (2) £100-150

7. A silver gilt repousse pair cased verge watch signed Geo. Pembrook, London, no. 17055; square baluster pillars, white enamel dial, gilt filigree hands, inner case plain, London 1763, the outer repousse with a classical scene. £500-600


7 back

9. Rolex. A 9ct gold keyless lever dress watch, silvered dial signed Rolex, the damascened nickel movement jewelled to the centre and with micrometer adjustment stamped Rolex, 17 jewels, timed 6 positions for all climates, in a Rolex case with import marks Glasgow 1932, 42mm diam; with 9 slender 18ct gold chain, in Asprey box. £600-800

8. A 9ct gold keyless lever watch by Waltham, U.S.A., signed white enamel dial in a Dennison case, Birmingham 1921, 48mm. diam, with receipt for £9.15.0. £200-300


10. A Swiss silver keyless lever centre seconds chronogragh watch, white enamel dial with subsidiaries for running seconds and 30 minute recording, in a guilloche case, the chrono button in the pendant, import marks Glasgow 1920, 52mm diam. £150-200




11. A silver duplex watch for the Chinese market, white enamel dial with centre seconds, the fully engraved movement with standing barrel, steel three armed balance with bats wing compensation, in a guilloche case with cartouche, 57mm diam. £600-800

12. A silver half hunting case keyless lever watch, signed white enamel dial, three quarter plate movement signed J W Benson, The Bank, no A 5300, Ludgate Hill, London, in a plain case, London 1911, 51mm diam. £250-350 11


13. A Swiss 18ct gold keyless lever watch, nickel bar movement with wolves tooth winding, in a guilloche case with inscribed cuvette and monogrammed back, 45mm diam. £300-400


12A. A gold watch chain of graduated curb links form, and a 15ct gold hardstone set swivel seal. (2) £300-400


14. An 18ct gold keyless lever watch, the 15 jewel Marquis movement by Waltham with white enamel dial, in a monogrammed case with inscribed cuvette, Birmingham 1914, 49mm diam. £400-500





15. A 9ct gold keyless lever watch, Swiss movement by Syren, jewelled to the centre, micrometer adjustment, in a case with inscribed cuvette, 48mm diam; and a 9ct gold chain of curb links. (2) £300-400

16. A 9ct gold half hunting cased keyless lever watch, Swiss damascened nickel movement jewelled to the centre, micrometer adjustment, white enamel dial signed Bernstone, Newcastle, in a plain case, Birmingham 1924, 50mm diam., and a 2 colour precious metal fob. (2) £400-500


17. An 18ct gold half hunting cased lever watch, white enamel dial and three quarter plate movement signed Russells, no. 9913, Makers to the Queen, Church Street, Liverpool, in a plain case, London 1883, 49mm diam. £700-900

18. A Swiss 18k gold and enamel keyless cylinder watch, unsigned bar movement in a case with split pearl bezals, the back with polychrome enamel bust of a lady against a cream / grey ground, 25mm diam; with later ribbon fob. £300-500


18 back

19. A Swiss gold and enamel cylinder watch with fob, white enamel dial signed on the cuvette Bautte & Cie, Geneve, no. 71593; the back set with rose diamond flowers against a dark blue translucent enamel ground, 28mm diam; with a gold enamel bar fob. (2) £500-700


19 back

20. A sub miniature diamond set gold and enamel watch, cylinder escapement, signed on the cuvette Robert & Cie, no.2713, white enamel dial, moon hands, the case back set with rose diamond flowers against a dark blue enamel ground, engraved bezels and milled band, 20mm diam. £1,000-1,200 20 enlarged

22. A Swiss 9k lady’s watch, keyless cylinder movement with gilt dial, in a foliate engraved case, 29mm dia. £100-120

21. A Swiss gold and enamel cylinder watch, white enamel dial, the cuvette signed Pateck & Cie, Geneve, case numbered 5448, the back set with rose diamonds flowers against a black enamel ground, 26mm diam. £300-400 21



23. A French gold and enamel verge watch, white enamel dial, rose diamond-set filigree hands, movement signed Les Frs. Esquivillion & De Choudens, no.32705; case back with polychrome enamel of a lady and her dog against a dark blue translucent enamel ground, surrounded by a wreath of multi-coloured enamel flowers, the bezel with paste brilliants, 32mm diam. £1,000-1,200

23 back


25. An 18ct gold keyless lever watch, three quarter plate gilded movement signed E J Dent, Watchmaker to the Queen, London No. 23006, Patent; signed white enamel dial in a guilloche case with crest and monogram to the back, London 1874, 51mm diam. £800-1,200

24. An 18ct gold lever watch, signed J.W. Benson, The “Ludgate”, by warrant to H.M. The Queen, Ludgate Hill, London, no. 44136, three quarter plate movement, signed white enamel dial, in a case with milled band, back with cartouche, London 1878, 49mm diam. £600-800 24


26. A French vari-coloured gold verge watch, white enamel dial with Roman hours and outer Arabic minute ring, signed Pierre a Rouen, gold filigree hands, signed movement also numbered 161, the case back with an oval decorated with birds at an alter of love, surrounded by floral swags, foliate chiselled bezels, 44mm diam. £1,500-2,000



26 back

27. An 18ct gold free-sprung lever watch, white enamel dial signed S.H. LaTrobe, Bristol, three quarter plate movement, plain case, London 1877, 50mm diam. £500-600 28 28. An 18ct gold hunting cased lever watch, signed Gaskin, Dublin, No 2992, brass balance with blind steel inner rim and spokes, diamond endstone cap, white enamel dial with subsidiary seconds, in a case with hilted band, Chester 1807, 51 mm diam. £900-1,200


29. A French gold and enamel verge watch, signed Dutertre a Paris, white enamel dial with Roman hours and outer Arabic minute ring, the case back with polychrome enamel scene of two lovers surprised by a harvesting figure and his dog, set against gold relief putti reclining against flowers, large rose diamond push piece, 46mm diam. £3,000-4,000


29 back

30. An 18ct gold watch chain of curb links, with a 9ct gold propelling pencil by S. Mordan and a yellow metal cigar cutter. (3) £1,500-2,000

31. An 18ct gold Duplex watch, signed Thos. Molyneux, Dublin, no. 702; plain 3 armed steel balance with diamond endstone, cap, cream enamel dial with gold hands and subsidiary seconds, in a plain case with milled band, London 1823, 50mm diam. £800-1,200




32. A gold watch chain of anchor link form, tests as 18ct, 41grams. £800-1,000

33. A 9ct gold watch chain, of curb link form; a 9ct gold medallion with a dog in high relief, and a Victorian silver sixpence in a 9ct clasp. (3) £750-1,000



34. A Swiss vari-coloured gold and enamel verge watch, the white enamel dial signed Isaac Soret & Fils, Roman hours and outer Arabic minute ring, signed movement also numbered 17739, the case back decorated with a bird and a basket of flowers in an oval within a yellow enamel band, all within a band of enamelled leaves and rose diamond set flower heads, the front bezel set with rose diamonds, circa 1770, 39mm diam. £3,500-4,000 34

34 back

35. A 9ct gold keyless lever watch, white enamel dial and nickel movement signed Limit, in a Dennison case, Birmingham 1926, 50mm diam. £300-400

36. An 18ct gold lever watch, the white enamel dial and three quarter plate gilt movement signed Robert Roskell, Liverpool, the movement also numbered 58808, in the guilloche case, London 1853, 49mm diam. £1,000-1,200 36

35 37. A hunting cased silver plated watch for the Turkish market, foliate engraved lever movement, enamel dial with Turkish numerals, in engraved case, 51mm diam., a Swiss silver keyless lever watch and a Swiss silver cylinder watch, both in engraved cases. (3) £100-150

38. A Swiss 18k gold keyless cylinder watch, gilt bar movement, gold dial with florally engraved centre, in a foliate and florally engraved case with vacant cartouche, 37mm diam. £250-350




39. Maltese interest: A vari-coloured gold verge watch, signed Salvatore Micallef a Malte, white enamel dial with Roman hours and outer Arabic minute ring, the case back decorated with a dog and birds beside an urn, in an oval inside floral swags, 40mm diam. £1,200-1,500

39 back


40. A Swiss 18k gold minute repeating hunting cased keyless lever chronograph watch, white enamel dial, in a guilloche case, the repeat slide and chronograph button in the band, 53mm diam. £1,500-2,000


41. An 18ct gold half hunting cased free-sprung keyless lever centre seconds chronograph, the three quarter plate movement signed Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company, 112 Regent St, London, no. 31862, raised barrel, blue steel spiral spring with overcoil freesprung, in a plain heavy case, the chronograph button in the band, case by F. Toms, London 1911, 54mm diam. £2,000-2,500


42. A gold repousse pair cased cylinder watch, signed Spencer & Perkins, London, no. 7528, diamond endstone, signed and numbered cap, white enamel dial with Roman hours and outer Arabic minute ring, gold hands, inner case plain, stirrup bow, the outer repousse with a classical scene, London 1773, 48mm diam. £1,500-2,000

42 back



43. A Swiss 18k gold and enamel keyless lever watch, by Vacheron & Constantin, no. 326905, cuvette inscribed Goldsmiths Company, Regent Street, London, white enamel dial, the V&C case with foliate engraving, the back with rose diamond set fleur-de-lys against a dark blue ground, 32mm diam. ÂŁ600-800


43 back

44. A good French gold and enamel Verge watch, signed Jn. Le Roy a Paris, hexagonal baluster pillars, white enamel dial with Roman hours and outer Arabic minute ring, filigree hands, the back with polychrome enamel flowers in relief against a dark blue basse -taile enamel ground, 39mm diam. ÂŁ5,000-7,000


44 back



45. A good gold repousse pair cased verge watch, signed Jno. Pyke, London, no. 2013, square baluster pillars, white enamel dial with Roman hours and outer Arabic minute ring, blued steel beetle and poker hands, inner case plain, marks rubbed, the outer repousse with a classical scene within rococo scrollwork, circa 1760, 49mm diam.; and a gilt metal and shagreen spare outer case decorated with piquework. (2) ÂŁ2,000-3,000

46. Breguet: A gold ruby cylinder watch with secret signature, white enamel dial with Arabic numerals signed Breguet beneath 6 o’clock, the secret signature signed Breguet no.314 below 12 o’clock, gold moon hand (tip to minute hand lacking) the gilt bar movement mounted eccentrically within the case, blued steel 3 armed balance with parachute suspension, regulation within the case band, in a guilloche case, the inside back with sinks and stamped 314B and 881S, casemakers mark LS within a lozenge; with short chain and key: male for winding and female for hand set, both through the back, 33mm diam. £3,000-4,000 This is No 314 of Breguet’s 4th series. Breguet’s records show that this ‘nouveau calibre’ was sold to J. Bates on 23rd November 1843 for 1,000 francs.

signature marks



47. A porcelain and gold watch key, the double sided oval plaque painted with cherubs against a dark blue ground 49mm long. £500-600 47

48. A jasperware and giltmetal watch key, the rectangular double sided plaque in relief against a light blue ground, 52mm long. £500-600 48

50. An 18ct gold quarter repeating calendar lever watch, three-quarter plate movement signed William Rogers, Liverpool, no. 3807; white enamel dial with subsidiaries for day, date, month and seconds, in a plain case, the repeat slide in the band, Chester 1862, 53mm diam. £4,000-5,000


49. A 9ct gold watch chain of curb link form, and a 3 faced hardstone set gilt metal key. £400-500 50

51. A Swiss silver hunting cased centre seconds chronograph, white enamel dial with twin subsidiaries for running seconds and 60 minute recording, the gilded keyless lever movement in a plain case with gold joints and the chronograph button in the band, 55mm diam; with purpose made fitted case. (2) £300-400




Ten silver lever watches. (10) £200-300

53. Fourteen Swiss silver lady’s watches, most in florally engraved cases. (14) £200-300

55. A Swiss silver calendar ball watch, keyless lever movement, white enamel dial with subsidiaries for date, date and month, moon phase within the seconds, in a circular case with push adjustments in the band, 69mm diam. £1,500-2,000 54. A silver free sprung deck watch, the white enamel dial signed Danl. Buckney, London, No. 30789, the gilded three-quarter plate movement signed Daniel Buckney, Maker to the Admiralty, 5 King Square, London, No. 30789, lever escapement, bimetallic balance with gold screws, in a plain case, London 1893, 54mm diam., in the original 3 tier mahogany box, the lid signed and numbered ivory plaque and inscribed H. W. beneath a Ministry of Defence arrow, box 11 x 9cm. £1,000-1,500

56. A brass watchstand, the support flanked by two reclining cherubs, on circular base inset with onyx tray, base (13cm) diam. £90-120

57. A brass watch stand, in the form of an armchair, 5in (12.8cm) high. £50-100

58. Three frames containing a collection of watch cocks, one containing 30 English cocks; another containing 30 English and continental cocks, the third containing 25 continental bridge cocks, on black velvet backgrounds in gilt frames. (3) £900-1,100

59. A framed collection of French enamel numeral reserves, all dark blue against a white ground, three moon dials, all mounted on a blue velvet background, in maple frame, 23in (58cm) square. £350-450


60. A novelty timepiece, white annular enamel chapter ring, single-train movement with conical pendulum supported from the scrolled gilt frame, 11in (28cm) high, on an ebonised base with glazed dome. (3) £200-300

61. An Atmos timepiece by Jaeger LeCoultre, square white painted chapter ring, the movement numbered 561452, in a typical gilt case with canted corners, 9½in (24cm) high. £400-600



62. An electric 800 Days timepiece, on a turned mahogany base and under a glass dome, 10.5 in. (26.5 cm) h, and a Smith electric bakelite and chrome art deco mantel timepiece, 6.25 in. (16 cm) h. (2) £50-100

63. A Black Forest carved and stained wood case timepiece, with a Swiss three quarter plate lever movement with a white enamel dial hairline cracks, inscribed SUPERIOR RAILWAY TIMEPIECE Specially Examined Swiss Made, 11in (28cm) h. £100-200 62 63 64. A reproduction French toleware wall clock, striking movement by L’Epee with lever platform, in a circular blue painted case with gilt grapes and leaves, surmounted by brass pendant and bow, 12in (31cm) diam. £200-300


65. An 8 day easel timepiece, the champagne dial signed Asprey, in rectangular brass case, 11 x 8 cm; and a leather case folding alarm timepiece by Jaeger le Coultre. (2) £150-200


66. A brass easel clock, the rectangular dial signed Asprey 8 day, luminous numerals, in a plain case, 8 x 6cm and an Arabic field compass in a leather case. (2) £50-80

67. A Comptoise clock, the 8½ inch enamel dial (damaged) signed Dangez a Roye, the gilt surround embossed with figures in a harvest scene, 16in (40cm) high; with wood brackets. £100-200 66



68. A silver mounted agate carriage timepiece retailed by Asprey, London; circular white enamel dial, movement with lever platform in an arched case, the sides inset with lapis ovals, the silver handle and back door marked London 1913, on bun feet, 3½in (9cm) high; and a Swiss sub-miniature, the cylinder watch movement in a mother of pearl case, 2in (5cm) high. (2) £300-400

69. A carriage timepiece, replaced lever platform, in a brass obis case, 4.5in (11cm) high. £50-80

68 69

Provenance: Sold on behalf of the executors of the late Michael Wellby Esq.

70. A striking skeleton clock, silvered chapter ring, two-train fusee movement with anchor escapement in scrolled plates striking on a gong, 9½in (24 cm) high, on an ebonised base. (2) £500-800

71. A reproduction miniature oval carriage timepiece, white enamel dial, lever platform, in a lacquered brass case, 3½in (9cm) high. £70-100



72. A French boulle mantle clock, gilt embossed dial with enamel numerals reserves, movement by S. Marti, in a waisted ebonised case, the front only inlaid with boulle work, gilt metal mounts, 12in (30cm) high. £250-300

73. A French gild brass striking carriage clock, with platform leaver escapement striking on a gong, stamped G S cie, with a white enamel dial having a worn retailers inscription, 6in (15cm) high. £100-200

72 73

74. A French black slate and spelter figural mantle clock, striking movement by Japy Freres, in a drum case surmounted by a lady and child, the base with birds and cherubs, 1ft 8in (51cm) high. £200-300

75. A carriage clock, white enamel dial, moon hands, striking and repeating movement numbered 386 on the backplate, lever platform, in a cannelee case, 6in (15cm) high. £500-600 75 74


76. Le Coultre: An Atmos timepiece, white painted dial, movement numbered 46692, in a gilt metal rectangular case, 9in (23cm) high. £300-400

77. A carriage timepiece, cream enamel annular chapter ring against a gilt mask, lever platform, backplate stamped R & Co, in a case with filigree bands of foliage, 4¾in (12cm) high. £120-160

78. An Austrian striking mantel clock, white enamel dial signed Koch in Wien, the drum movement supported between 2 alabaster columns with corinthian capitals, moulded architectural pediment and shaped base, 1ft 5in (43 cm) high. £80-120

79. A French brass mantle clock of small size, cream annular chapter ring signed H. Greaves, New St., Birmingham, striking carriage clock movement in an architectural case with gadrooned top and bud finials, (handle lacking) fleur-de-lys appliques, 7in (18cm) high . £150-200

80. A French porcelain mounted gilt brass mantel clock, the striking movement stamped B.R. no. 73213, in a break arch case, the dial and plaques decorated with ploughing scenes against a grey ground, flanked by free-standing columns, 1ft 4in (41cm) high. £200-300

81. A striking carriage clock, white enamel dial, lever platform, the backplate stamped LF Paris (Fernier) No. 4208, in a gilt brass obis case, 5½in (14cm) high, with travelling case. £250-350


82. A bronze and ormolu lyre shaped mantel timepiece, annular white enamel dial mounted above 2 winged sphinxes, on rectangular base, now containing a modern 8 day lever movement, 10in (26cm) high. £150-200

83. A striking carriage clock, gilt dial with filigree centre and painted Arabic chapters, the repeating movement stamped L.F. Paris, no. 5278, later platform in a case with turned columns and reeded bands, 6½in (16cm) high. £400-600

84. A reproduction lantern timepiece, single train fusee movement with one-at-the-hour strike, in a case of typical posted construction with engraved dial and dolphin frets, early 20th century, 1ft 4in (41cm) high. £300-400

85. A carriage clock, white enamel dial, striking movement with lever platform, in a cannelee case, 5¾in (14.5cm) high; with travelling case and key. £200-300

86. A German wall clock with barometer, striking movement with cream annular chapter ring mounted in a veneered pine case above an aneroid barometer and curved thermometer, flanked by turned pilaster, finials for arched pediment and base 2ft 10in (86cm) high. £300-400

86A. A French ormolu mantel clock, striking movement by Japy Feres, in a drum case flanked by a seated female figure, the scrolled base with trellis fretwork, 11½in (29cm) high, on giltwood stand with ebonised base. £200-250

87. A gilt metal and alabaster mantle clock, striking movement by Japy Freres in a rectangular case surmounted by a spelter horse, 1ft 8in (51cm) high, with giltwood stand and base. £80-120


88. A Viennese enamel and gilt metal mantel timepiece, the watch movement set in a rococo scrolled gilt triptych case, the enamel panels decorated with figures and cherubs against a red translucent enamel ground, 4½in (11cm) high. £400-600

89. A French bronze and Sienna marble mantel clock, silvered guilloche dial, silk suspension movement numbered M5782, mounted in a naturalistic rocky case surmounted by a seated classical female figure, on rectangular marble base with anthemion frieze, circa 1835, 1ft 7½ in (50cm) high. £600-800

90. A two-day marine chromometer, silvered dial signed T.S. & J.D Negus, New York, no.1924, subsidiary seconds up/down dials; spring detent escapement, blue steel helical spring, free-sprung, the brass bowl gimballed in a mahogany box (top tier lacking) with recessed drop handles, box 7 inches square. £1,500-2,000

91. A French ormolu mounted mahogany mantel timepiece of lyre form, white enamel dial, single-train movement with silk suspension supported in a lyre case surmounted by swan necks and a mask of Zeus, on stepped rectangular base, circa 1830, 18in (46cm) high. £600-800

92. A mahogany bracket timepiece, the 8 inch circular white painted dial signed Oldham, Southam, single-train fusee movement with anchor escapement in tapered plates, in break arch case with lion feet, 1ft 3in (39cm) high. £200-300

93. A George III mahogany striking bracket clock, the 7 inch white painted dial signed Allison, Sunderland; subsidiary calendar dial, the arch containing twin subsidiaries for Strike/Silent and rise & fall; anchor escapement in plain rectangular plates in a break arch case surmounted by carrying handle, on splayed fluted feet, circa 1790, 16½in (42cm) high. £2,000-2,500


Gilbert Allison, ca. 1770 died 1810.

94. An English Gothic Revival brass mantel timepiece, the 5 inch silvered dial signed Carter, Cornhill; single-train fusee movement in an architectural case with castelated top, on scrolled feet, 1ft 4in (40cm) high. £400-600

95. A Victorian striking lantern clock, dial signed Peter Amyot, Norwich in the engraved centre, two-train fusée movement in a case of typical construction surmounted by bell, 37cm high. £600-800

Provenance: Sold on behalf of the executors of the late Michael Wellby Esq.

96. A French boulle bracket clock and bracket, embossed gilt dial with 25 enamel pieces, the centre re-enamelled and signed Fieffe a Paris, the square plated movement by Japy Freres in a waisted case with boulle parquetry floor, the whole with small mother of pearl flowers and ormolu mounts, cherub finial with matching bracket, circa 1860; the whole 2ft11in (90cm) high. £1,500-2,000

97. A skeleton timepiece, anchor escapement with one-at-thehour strike, pierced silver chapter ring, single-train fusee movement in architectural plates surmounted by bell, 13½in (34cm) high, on ebonised base with glazed dome. £400-600

98. An English oak railway dial, the 8 inch white painted circular dial signed B.R. (S) No.11240; single-train fusee movement numbered 21016 on the back plate, in a case with circular oak bezel, 11½in. (29cm) diam. £400-600

99. An English dial, the 12 inch painted dial with pierced moon hands, single-train fusee movement with shouldered plates, in a mahogany case, 14½ in (37cm) diam. £300-400


100. Arnold, Chas. Frodsham, London: An ebonised balloon timepiece, the 8 inch silvered dial signed Arnold, Chs. Frodsham, 84 Strand, London, No. 875; single-train fusee movement signed on the rectangular backplate Chs. Frodsham, 84 Strand, London, 875; the substantial pendulum with large rating nut and hold fast; the case flanked by drop handles, on large brass feet, circa 1845, 20½in (52cm) high. £800-1,200

101. A Regency mahogany mantel timepiece, the 4½ inch white enamel dial signed Underwood, single-train fusee movement signed Underwood, London, on the break arch backplate, in a brass inlaid arched case, surmounted by carrying handle, 10in (25cm) high. £400-600

102. A mahogany mantel timepiece, now fitted with an 8 day drum movement, 4 inch circular enamel dial in a break arch case flanked by free standing brass columns, 12in (30cm) high; and a mantel timepiece in architectural case now fitted with a Swiss 8 day movement, 11½in (29cm) high. (2) £250-350 Provenance: Sold on behalf of the executors of the late Michael Wellby Esq.

103. A mahogany balloon timepiece, 4 inch white enamel dial with arabic numerals, the circular backplate signed Gorham, Kensington, anchor escapement with long pendulum and holdfast, the case with crossbanding and ebonised stringing, circa 1830, 10½in (27cm) high. £700-1,000 James Gorham, Clockmaker to Queen Victoria, died 1842.


Provenance: Sold on behalf of the executors of the late Michael Wellby Esq.






104. A 30 hour pine longcase clock, the 11 inch brass dial signed Presbury, Coventry, in the scroll engraved centre, large calendar sector, the plated frame movement in a caddy top case, 7ft 2in (219cm) high. £450-500 104A. An 8 day oak longcase clock, the 12 inch brass dial signed John Silvester, Stafford, the matted centre with subsidiary seconds and foliate engraved date aperture, notch winding squares, wheat ear engraved border, the movement with 4 ringed pillars in a case with double caddy top, the break arch trunk door with lenticle, 8ft 4in (254cm) high. £500-700 105. An oak 8 day longcase clock, the 10 inch brass dial with four seasons spandrels and sunburst centre, the four pillar movement in a case with flat hood and panelled plinth, the whole crossbanded in mahognay, 6ft 7in (201cm) high. £150-250 106. An 8 day longcase clock, the 13 inch circular white painted dial signed J & W Nicholson, Berwick on Tweed, subsidiary seconds and date dials, 4 pillar movement in a drum head case flanked by pilasters, the whole now painted red with gilt decoration, 7ft (213cm) high. £800-1,200 107. An 8 day oak longcase clock, the 13 inch silvered dial signed Benj Smith, Alfreton, subsidiary seconds and calendar sector, 4 pillar movement with anchor escapement, in a break arch case flanked by pilasters, 6ft 10in (208cm) high. £400-600


108. An unusual English Regency quarter striking bracket clock of small size, 5 inch convex white enamel dial, Brequet style moon hands, stamped on the front plate Holmden, London, no. 150; similarly signed and numbered on the base of the backplate, anchor escapement, quarter striking on 2 bells, the 5 pillar movement in shaped plates with engraved borders, in a brass inlaid ebony veneered shallow arched case with caddy top and acorn finial, circa 1815, 1ft 3in (38cm) high. ÂŁ1,500-2,000 John George Holmden: apprenticed 1781, Free of the Clockmakers Company 1788 and Liveryman from 1807 - 1840.

108 movement


109. A Dutch Staartklok, the 8 inch painted dial with arcaded minutes, the arch with a windmill scene, the striking movement with alarm train in a turned brass posted frame case, on an oak backboard, the break arch hood with two carved angels flanking a figure of Atlas, 3ft 10in (117cm) high. ÂŁ300-400

110. A large mahogany striking wall clock, the 16 inch circular white dial signed Dumbell, Wolverhampton, the four pillar movement in a drumhead case with carved ears, the trunk flanked by canted columns, 5ft 3in (160cm) high. 600-800




111. A good French porcelain mounted ormolu mantel clock, the striking movement by Japy Freres in a break arch case with bowed sides, the whole set with plaques of hunting scenes against a dark blue ground, the dial and urn finial similarly decorated, acanthus cast case with scrolled foliate mounts, circa 1880, 19½in (50cm) high. £1,500-2,000 112. A French porcelain mounted ormolu mantel clock, striking movement signed Howell a Paris, in a gothic style case set with plaques of armour and a central figure, the case flanked by castings of medieval figures, 13in (33cm) high. £300-500

112 111 113. A French porcelain mounted gilt metal mantel clock, striking movement by Japy Freres; the dial, plaques and urn finial decorated with flowers and putti against a pink ground, the break arch case with floral swag, 14in (35cm) high. £200-300 114. A French gilt brass and champleve enamel clock garniture, with an 8 day movement striking on a gong, stamped FRANCE and 3457, to a painted dial and a twin tube mercury pendulum, within a four glass case, 10¾in (27.5cm) h, and a pair foliage handled urns, 8¾in (22cm) high. (3) Winding key. £400-500 114 113

115. A French boulle and ebonised mantel clock, with an 8 day movement striking on a bell with silk suspension, stamped LOT A PARIS 1477,77, with a circular enamel dial inscribed LOT A PARIS, within a shaped case with brass mounts, 11.5in (29cm) h. £100-200

116. A French porcelain mounted ormolu mantel clock, movement by Japy Freres numbered 203, numbered pendulum, in a waisted, case the porcelain dial signed Hall & Co, Manchester decorated with putti, the scrolled base set with plaques decorated with putti and flowers against a pink ground, lion mask drop handles and urn finial, 1ft 4in (40cm) high. £1,000-1,500


117. A striking verge bracket clock, the foliate engraved backplate signed Francis Perigal, London, the six pillar movement with later associated 7 inch silvered dial, in a later associated stained fruitwood case, the break arch surmounted by carrying handle, 1ft 7in (48cm) high. £300-500 118. A French boulle mantel clock, cream enamel dial, gong-striking movement by Ad. Mougin, in a waisted case, the whole inlaid with boullework and applied with scrolled mounts, 1ft 2in (36cm) high. £300-400



119. A striking balloon bracket clock, the 7 inch white enamel dial signed Johnson, Gray’s Inn Passage, two-train fusee movement in plates with canted corners, Strike/Not lever on the backplate, long pendulum with hold fast, in a waisted case with mask and sunray applique beneath the dial, keyhole pattern back door (fretwork lacking), flanked by drop handles, on ogee feet with pineapple finial, circa 1770, 1ft 8½in (52cm) high. £2,000-3,000 Thomas Johnson, Gray’s Inn Passage, London, died 1775.


120. A George III mahogany verge bracket clock, the 7 inch silvered dial signed Willm. Johnson, London, the arch containing Strike/Silent between engraved floral swags, knife edge verge escapement, the striking movement with trip repeat, the back plate monogrammed W.J. within engraved foliage, in a bell top case with brass mounts, urn finials and scrolled feet, surmounted by carrying handle, circa 1780, 1ft 8in (50cm) high. £2,000-3,000 121. A small mid 19th century ebony veneered bracket timepiece with lever escapement, the 4 inch silvered arched dial signed Thwaites & Reed, Clarkenwell, London, foliate engraved spandrels and arch, the 5 pillar movement with chain fusee and maintaining power, the front plate stamped T & R no. 10726; the signed backplate with plain 3 armed brass balance mounted vertically at the top of the plate; in a break arch case with brass bound bell caddy top surmounted by stirrup carrying handle, 11½in (29cm) high (handle down). £800-1,200 120



122. An Irish mahogany longcase clock, with an 8 day movement striking on a bell and a 13inch square brass dial, the chapter ring signed Alexr Gordon, Dublin, subsidiary seconds dial and circular date aperture, winged mask spandrels, the hood with a swan neck pediment with carved rosettes above a foliage carved frieze centred a lion mask, corinthian capital pilasters, broken arch trunk door flanked by reeded quarter pilasters, the base on ogee bracket feet, 7ft 9in (235.5cm) high. £800-1,200

123. James Muirhead, Glasgow. A satinwood longcase regulator, with a dead beat escapement, with a six pillar movement between shaped plates, with a 12 inch circular dial, silvering worn, with subsidiary seconds and hour dials, signed ‘REGULATOR by Jas. Muirhead, Glasgow’, the hood with a stepped pediment above a tapering trunk with a glazed door to a mirror back and a silvered register plate, canted angles to a moulded edge plinth, extended, 6ft 9½in (212cm) h. £4,000-6,000

124. An 8 day ebonised longcase clock, the 12 inch brass dial signed John Trubshaw, London, beneath the silvered chapter ring, the matted centre with subsidiary seconds, date aperture and ringed winding holes, cherub and crown spandrels, the 5 pillar movement with anchor escapement and locking plate striking, in an ebonised pine case with glass lenticle and fret to the hood, 7ft 2in (219cm) high. £1,000-1,500


125. An 8 day fruitwood longcase clock, the 12 inch painted dial signed Thos Barnsdale, Bale in the arch, subsidiary seconds and calendar sector, gilt scroll painted spandrels, the 4 pillar movement with a pagoda top case, 7ft 9in (236cm) high. £600-800


126. An 8 day oak longcase clock, the 11½ inch brass dial signed on the silvered chapter ring Claude Viet, London, the matted centre with ringed winding holes, subsidiary seconds and date aperture, the 5 ringed pillar movement in a plain oak case, 6ft 2in (188cm) high. £300-400 Provenance: Sold on behalf of the executors of the late Michael Wellby Esq.

127. A 8 day oak longcase clock with automaton, the 12in brass dial signed Geo Eveleigh, Beaminster, the centre engraved with a lakeside scene with sub seconds and date aperture, the arch containing a painted rocking ship, 4 pillar movement, in a case with flat hood and blind frets, 6ft 9in (206cm) high. £400-600

128. An 8 day oak longcase clock with automaton, the 12 inch brass dial signed Will Henell, Alresford, in the foliate engraved centre, recessed subsidiary seconds and ringed date aperture, the arch containing rocking silvered moon against a painted background of stars, the 5 pillar movement in a break arch case, 6ft 10in (208) cm high. £500-600

129. A George III striking mahogany bracket with automaton, the 7 inch brass dial signed on a recessed silvered plaque in the matted centre Robert Henderson, London, date aperture, scrolled foliate spandrels, Strike/Not lever at 9 o’clock, the shallow arch painted with a scene of two blacksmiths shaping a horseshoe on an anvil, both with automaton arms and hammers, alongside a loosebox with a third farrier shoeing the near fore of a horse, bearing his name Conundrum on a plaque behind, the movement with verge escapement, the foliate scroll engraved backplate centred with a basket of flowers, half hour passing strike, the two train fusee movement with trip repeat, in a mahogany bell top case flanked by brass caryatids, urn finials and ogee feet, surmounted by carrying handle, 1ft 7½ in (50cm) high. £6,000-8,000 Provenance - Given to George John Scott on his retirement in 1934 as Treasurer of the Bank of Scotland.


130. An 8 day mahogany longcase clock with automaton, the 12 inch brass dial singed on the silvered chapter ring Jno Dewe, London, subsidiary seconds and date aperture in the matted centre, the arch containing and automon of Old Father Time, the 4 pillar movement in a break arch case, 7ft 5in (226cm) high. £700-1,000


131. An 8 day oak longcase clock, the 13 inch painted dial with convex centre, the spandrels decorated with sheep, the 4 pillar movement in a break arch case, with shell pattern inlays to trunk and plinth, the whole with mahogany crossbanding and boxwood stringing, 7ft 5in (226cm) high. £300-400

132. An oak longcase clock, with an 8 day movement striking on a bell and a 11 inch square brass dial, with a brass chapter ring and urn and eagle spandrels, the matt centre with square date aperture foliage engraving above a rectangular plaque inscribed Saml Holbin, Bitton, 80.75in (205cm) h. £300-400

133. An 8 day mahogany longcase clock, the 12 inch brass dial signed on the boss in the arch Geo Maynard, Melford, the matted centre with recessed subsidiary seconds and date aperture, in a break arch case flanked by fluted canted corners, the hood with three eagle finials, 7ft 10in (236cm) high. £500-600

134. A George III 8 day mahogany longcase clock, the 12 inch brass dial signed Chris Harris, London in the silvered centre, subsidiary seconds and date dials, the arch containing Strike/Silent, the 5 pillar movement in a break arch case, pagoda top reduced, the panelled plinth with double skirt, ball and spire finials, 8ft 1in (246cm) high. £2,000-3,000 135. An oak longcase clock, the 30 hour movement striking on a bell, with a 11 inch painted square dial with pierced crescent date aperture signed Harris, Gillingham, the hood with fruitwood pilasters, 78.25in (198.5cm) h. £250-300




137 136. A magic lantern, in a part fitted case and two boxes of slides,Scottish views. (3) £50-100 137. A late George III ebony and brass ship’s octant by Spencer, Browning and Rust, London, with an inlaid ivory scale, with monogram ‘SBR’ and a brass arm, 13¾in (35cm) long, housed in an associated painted stepped box for a Jones, Gray and Keen octant, with two trade labels. £200-300 138. A quantity horological books to include - Old English Clocks, the Weatherfield Collection; Brittens’ Old Watches and Clock and Watches and their Makers; The Watch from it’s origins to the XIXth century. (25) £50-100 139. Various horological books including: Brittens ‘Old Clocks and Watches and Their Makers’, ‘The Pocket Watch Handbook’ by M. Cutmore and a quantity of Antiquarian Horology. (A lot) £40-60 138



140. A German Vienna type regulator timepiece, movement by Remember with two-piece white enamel dial, single-train weight driven movement in a glazed walnut veneered case flanked by turned ebonised columns, 3ft 11in (120cm) high £200-300 141. A striking mahogany English drop dial clock, 14 inch circular white painted dial, two train fusee movement in shouldered plates striking on a gong, cast brass bezel within an octagonal case, the flame veneered trunk flanked by ears and with scrolled base, 2ft 7in (79cm) high. £500-600 141


143. A pocket aneroid barometer, signed A & N C.S.L (Army & Navy) on the silvered dial, curved thermometer, in a circular gilt brass case 50mm diam. with fitted travelling case. £150-200


144. A turned ivory thermometer and compass, the underside inscribed OSBORN & SONS, BIRMINGHAM, the compass with an emamel dial and rusty needle, 4½in (11.5cm) high. £150-250

146. An ivory and brass mounted coin balance, signed Martin Fecit, No. 4712, marked on both sides with scales for 3d and 6d, circa 1770, 6¼in (16cm) long, in a shagreen case. (2) £100-150


142. An 8 day longcase clock movement, the 11 inch square dial signed Jno. Fladgate, London, subsidary seconds, the 5 pillar movement with anchor escapement. £300-400 142A. A grande sonnerie Vienna regulator, two piece white enamel dial with acanthus cast bezel, three-train weight driven movement, quarter striking on two gongs, in a glazed rosewood veneered case with break arch pediment, large top and bottom finials, 4ft 3in(130cm) high. £600-800

144A. A 19th century carved bone paper knife, the ball finial inset a Stanhope dedicated to Sir Walter Scott, 6½in (16.5cm) long. £100-200

146A. A brass parallel rule by Stanley, Great Turnstile, Holborn, London, with rollers, 24¼in (61.5cm) long in a fitted mahogany box. £100-150


145. A pair of early 20th century bone miniature binoculars, with a Stanhope lens and inscribed ‘Barry Island’, 1in (2.4cm) high. £80-120

147. A WWI Artillery telescope, the single draw signed Ryland & Son, London, No. 902 and dated 1916, with Ministry trident, the tube leather covered, 22in (56cm) closed. £100-150

148. An 8 day oak longcase clock, the 13 inch painted dial signed Watkin Owen, Llanrwst, subsidiary seconds and date aperture, florally painted spandrels, 4 pillar movement in a flat topped case, with blind fret, panelled plinth, the trunk flanked by fluted pilasters, 6ft 8in (203cm) high. £300-400

149. A quarter chiming mahogany longcase clock, signed in the arch Barker, Framlingham, florally engraved silvered centre with subsidiary seconds, levers for Chime/Silent at 10 o’clock and 4 Bells/8 Bells at 2 o’clock, the three train movement striking the hours on a gong, in a break arch case, the plinth and trunk flanked by fluted pilasters, 7ft 2in (219cm) high. £2,000-3,000

150. An 8 day mahogany longcase clock, with a 13 inch dial signed around the arch John Harrison, Newcastle, foliate engraved centre with date aperture, the arch containing painted moon dial, 4 pillar movement with anchor escapement, the case with leaf carved arched trunk door, the hood with swan neck pediment flanked by free standing fluted Corinthian capital columns, 8ft (244cm) high. £1,000-1,500

151. An 8 day longcase clock with automaton, the 12 inch brass dial signed Wm Mason, London, on a silvered plaque in the matted centre, subsidiary seconds and date aperture, the arch with a painted ship automon within a silvered ring, engraved Viglate et Horate, in a break arch case of good colour, with a panelled plinth, the hood with fluted columns, 7ft (213cm) high. £1,000-1,500


152. An 8 day Dutch walnut and marquetry longcase clock, the 12 inch brass dial signed Lourens DuChene, Amsterdam on the silvered chapter ring, subsidiary seconds and date aperture, ringed winding holes, four seasons spandrels, wheat ear engraved border, the arch with moon work, the 4 pillar movement with dutch striking, the break arch hood with fretwork and caddy top,the whole inlaid with birds and floral marquetry, similarly inlaid side panels, the bombe base with mask inlay, 7ft 11in (241cm) high. £3,000-5,000


153. Dent a mahogany wall regulator timepiece, 9½ inch circular white painted dial signed Dent, 61 Strand & 4 Royal Exchange London, no .56867, Clockmaker to the King, concentric minutes subsidiaries for seconds and 24 hours, the silvered bezel inscribed W. P. no. 13149, movement with dead beat escapement and maintaining power, wood rod pendulm with cylindrical bob and rating nut, in a substantial mahogany case 4ft 7in (140cm) high. £1,500-2,000

154. Dent. A mahogany domestic regulator, the 11 inch circular silvered dial signed DENT, 33 Cockspur Street, London 24861, subsidiary seconds, blued steel fleur de lis hands, the movement with dead beat escapement, jewelled pallets and maintaining power, the substantial 5 pillar movement striking on a gong, the gesso decorated rod suspended from the back board, the cylindrical brass bob with silvered rating nut, both trains winding through the side glass, in a case of unusual construction, the fully removable glass front flanked by carved scroll work standing above the panelled plinth, the removable pediment key recess, 6ft 6in (198cm) high. £3,000-5,000

155. An aneroid barometer, silvered dial with curved thermometer, in a circular brass case, 5in (12cm) diam., on a walnut veneered stand. (2) £100-150

156. A pocket aneroid barometer, silvered dial registering up to 5000 metres, in a gilt brass case, 54mm diam. £60-90

157. An aneroid barometer, paper dial with thermometer, in a circular gilt brass case, 12cm diam. £50-80

158. A mahogany aneroid barometer, the 10 inch porcelain dial signed Pleasance & Harper, Bristol, curved thermometer in a carved scroll and laurel wreath case, plaque dated 1914, 2ft 1in (64cm) high £150-200



159. A mahogany barograph for O. Comitti & Son, London, the eight aneroid movement in a case with drawer beneath, late 20th century, 14in (36cm) wide. £200-300

160. A folding brass and turned bone pocket microscope, 3in (7.6cm) long, in a leather covered box and with a bone plaque. (3) £80-120


161. A Fuller Calculator by Stanley, no. 8584 45, with mahogany and brass mounts, in a fitted box with brass bracket. £150-200 158 162. A German 6in table terrestrial globe by J. P. Salziger, inscribed ‘THE EARTH published by J. P. SALZIGER in NUREMBERG’, on a turned wood stem and base, 10½in 926.5cm) high. £250-300 159












163. A mahogany stick barometer, the bone register plate signed Muston, Bristol with thermometer in a plain arched case with turned cistern cover, 3ft 1in (93cm) high. £200-300 164. An early 19th century mahogany banjo barometer with timepiece, with a swan neck pediment above a silvered thermometer dial and a 4inch enamel dial with a fusee movement, back plate signed Willm Terry, LONDON, No.275, with leaf engraved border and mask cock, above a 12 inch main dial, brass adjuster knob, the level dial signed J.Pastorelli, LONDON, the case with ebony and boxwood stringing, 47in (119.5cm) h. £800-1,200 165. A mahogany stick barometer, register plates indistinctly signed G. Martinelli, York, with thermometer, the wide trunk with glass lenticle to the square cistern cover, 3ft 3in (99cm) high. £200-300 166. A Danish mahogany stick barometer, brass register plates signed F.A.Thiele, Kjobenhavn, with thermometer, in a plain case with flame veneered cistern cover, 3ft (91cm) high. £200-300 167. A mahogany marine barometer, the bone register plates signed Lilly & Son, London, twin verniers, the trunk inset with a sympiesometer between carved appliques, cylindrical brass cistern cover beneath the acanthus carved base, 3ft (92cm) high. £1,000-1,500 168. A mahogany wheel barometer with timepiece, 10 inch silvered dial engraved with a bird of prey, the bevel signed Cox, London, the timepiece with verge escapement in shaped plates and 4 inch white enamel dial, break arch pediment with urn finial, 3ft 10in (116cm) high. £100-150 169. An Admiral Fitzroy barometer, the full length paper scale with Fitzroy’s observations and set with a thermometer and storm glass, in an oak case with glazed front, 3ft 6in (107cm) high. £100-150 170. A mahogany bow fronted stick barometer, the silvered register plates signed Elliott & Sons 56 Strand, London, the trunk with long thermometer and ebonised cistern cover, flanked by canted corners, circa 1855, 3ft 2in (97cm) high. £2,000-3,000 Provenance: Sold on behalf of the executors of the late Michael Wellby Esq.



Furniture & Works oF Art

171. A large silvered brass serpentine firegrate in George III style, 20th century, 32¾in (82.2cm) high, 38¾in (98.5cm) wide, 16in (40.6cm) deep. £2,000-3,000 171

172. A 19th century pierced brass serpentine firegrate, with engraved finials and a cast iron fireback decorated with dolphins, foliage and a shepherd, 43¾in (103.5cm) high, 30½in (77.5cm) wide, 16in (40.6cm) £800-1,200 deep. 173. A 19th century brass and wirework nursery fender, with scroll implement supports and interior trays, 15in (38cm) high, 33in (83.8cm) wide, 11¼in (28.5cm) deep. £200-300


174. A modern club fender, with studded leather seats on a chrome and brass frame, 80in (45.7cm) high, 60in (152.5cm) wide, 21in (53.4cm) £300-400 deep. iron cast American 175. An firegrate, applied brass garlands with a female mask within a sunray cast ‘W M H. JACKSON COMPANY 2 W. 47 ST. NEW YORK’, 19in (48.2cm) high, 19in (48.2cm) wide, 10¼in (26cm) deep. £400-600




176. A 19th century Dutch engraved and pierced brass bowfront arched fender, with two urn finial implement rests, 18½in (47cm) high, 56in (142.3cm) wide, 16¼in (41.2cm) deep, together with three fire irons, with engraved urn shape finials. (4) £600-800





177. A late Victorian polished steel fender, 9in (23cm) high, 58in (147.4cm) wide, 17¼in (43.8cm) deep. £200-300

178. An early 19th century pierced and engraved brass fender, parts missing, 10in (25.4cm) high, 56¼in (143cm) wide, 12in (30.5cm) deep. £50-80


179 179. A set of three Victorian brass fire irons, the shovel stamped ‘RD. 474316’. (3) £80-120

180. A set of three 19th century steel fire irons. (3) £300-400

181. A matched set of three mid 18th century polished steel fire tools, with brass urn finials and with a flat shovel and poker. (3) £500-600


181 182. A set of three Victorian polished steel fire irons, with faceted bud handles. (3) £600-800

183. A set of three Victorian polished steel fire irons, with faceted and cast brass handles. (3) £500-600

184. A set of three Edwardian steel fire irons. (3) £400-500 183









185. A late 19th century copper log bin, with a brass swing handle, 12in (30.5cm) high, together with two copper pots. (3)


186. An oval copper and brass log bin, one side with an embossed shell arch, 13in (33cm) high, 21in (53½cm) wide.


187. A 19th century riveted copper log bin, with a brass swing handle, 13½in (34.2cm) high.


188. A pair of 19th century brass andirons in Henri II style, with a circular boss decorated a thistle, 25¾in (65.5cm) high, 12¼in (31cm) wide, 12in (30.5cm) deep. (2) £500-600 189. A cast iron fireback, with the Tudor Royal Coat of Arms, 25½ x 30½in (65 x 77.5cm).


190. A pair of brass andirons, with later finials, 20in (51cm) high, 11in (28cm) wide. (2)


191. A Victorian embossed sheet brass helmet, applied to a wood frame, 5½in (14cm) high, 68in (172.8cm) wide, 7in (18cm) deep. £80-120 192. A late 19th century French gilt brass bed pelmet, mounted on a wooden frame, 6½in (16.5cm) high, 44½in (113cm) wide, 17in (43cm) deep. £80-120 193. A French carved wood and painted circular bed pelmet, 22in (56cm) diameter.


191 192 193


194. A large white metal hall lantern in 18th century style, with etched glass panels, 60in (152.5cm) high, 28in (70.8cm) wide. £1,000-1,500

195. A cast gilt brass hall lantern, vine decorated with a clear glass conical shade, early 20th century, 30in (76.2cm) high. £300-400

196. A Victorian brass gas hall lantern, with leaded star cut and bevelled glass panels, 31in (78.8cm) high, 10in (25.5cm) wide. £300-400

197. A glass and metal twelve point star hall lantern, 20½in (52cm) high. £100-150


198. A Charles II brass ‘trumpet’ candlestick, the ribbed stem to a central drip-tray and a domed foot, 7½in (19.2cm) high, 6½in (16.5cm) diameter. £2,000-3,000 See The English Candlestick 1425-1925 by Eloy Koldeweij page 53 for a similar example dated to c.1650-1680.

199. A pair of 19th century brass ‘Heemskerk’ type candlesticks, 19½in (24cm) high. (2) £100-150 198

200. A pair of 17th century North European brass candlesticks, each with a turned stem and engraved drip-trays on an octagonal domed foot, 8¾in (22cm) high, 6¾in (16.7cm) wide. (2) £600-800



201. A late 16th century Dutch ‘Heemskerk’ brass candlestick, the nozzle with two extracting holes above a dished drip-pan, 7¾in (19.3cm) high, 3¾on (9.2cm) diameter. £250-350

202. A 16th century German Nuremberg brass candlestick, with a wide drip-pan and a domed base, 8in (20.4cm) high, 6¾in (17.2cm) diameter. £300-400

203. An iron rushnip and candleholder, on a wooden block base, 8¼in (20.9cm) high, an 18th century bell metal candlestick and an early 19th century sheet iron hogscraper candlestick. (3) £100-150

201 202

204 203


204. A 19th century Dutch brass jardinière, decorated with a stag hunt, with lion’s mask ring handles and on claw and ball feet, 8in (19.8cm) high, 22½in (57cm) wide, together with a brass hall lantern 15½in (39.4cm) high. (2) £100-150

205. A rare Charles II wrigglework pewter charger, the central well engraved with the Stuart arms and the inscription ‘Vivat Rex Carolus Secundus Beati Pacifici 1662’ which translates as ‘Long Live Charles II as Blaessed Peace’, the rim decorated with alternate tulips and rondels and inscribed ‘RESTAURATO CAROLO SECUNDO RESPIRAMUS’, and with owner’s initials ‘T R E’ within a wreath, marked with a fleur de lys and a touchmark ‘WP’, 18½in (46.6cm) diameter. £4,000-6,000 Provenance: Purchased from Richard Mundey, London. For a similar charger see Cotterrell, Old Pewter: Its Makers and Marks, plate 53e, also see the Little Collection Sold Christie’s Tuesday 1st May 2007 lot 123 for a charger with the King and Queen’s portraits.


206. An early 19th century pewter quart mug, with a brass rim and stamped ‘G crowned R 523 LCC 13 QUART’, 6in (14.8cm) high, three 18th century pewter table spoons and a mid 19th century pewter tobacco jar and cover. (5) £50-80

207. An 18th century pewter charger, with touchmarks for ‘I S’ and stamped owner’s initials ‘E S’ and ‘I W’, 18¼in (46.4cm) diameter and two other chargers and another with a deeper bowl. (4) £100-200

208. A late 17th century Dutch pewter wrigglework beaker, decorated with portraits of King William III and Queen Mary, each holding a sceptre with an orb above, the base with wrigglework initials ‘S A’ and a crowned rose and crown touchmark with initials ‘I H’, 6in (15.2cm) high, 3¾in (9.7cm) diameter. £800-1,200 Provenance: From a private collection originally bought from Richard Mundey, London in 1980.

209. A 17th century Nuremberg alms dish, with a central repoussé whorl within a band of Gothic text, 17½in (44.7cm) diameter. £400-600

210. An 18th century brass and iron strainer, with copper rivets, 30½in (77.3cm) long, together with two ladles. (3) £60-100

211. An early 18th century Dutch copper pot and cover, with engraved floral swag decoration, the interior gilded, 7in (18cm) high, 6½in (16.2cm) diameter. £100-150


212. A late 17th century German iron polychrome decorated strongbox on stand, painted with panels of flowers the front with a hunting scene, with an engraved locking mechanism, stamped ‘M’, with side carrying handles, 6in (15.5cm) high, 8½in (21.5cm) wide, 4in (10cm) deep. £600-800

213 212

213. A 19th century brass coffee pot, with an iron and wood handle, 7¼in (18.4cm) high and a 19th century copper beer warmer. (2) £40-60

214. A Dutch bronze small pail or bucket in 17th century style, cast with portrait busts and coat of arms, the rim with an inscription and with a swing handle, 8in (20.3cm) high, 5¼in (13.5cm) wide. £200-300


The vendor took this bucket to the Victoria & Albert museum who confirmed that it was 17th century.

215. An 18th century coppper warming pan, with a turned fruitwood handle, 44in (112cm) long. £40-60 214 216. A ceremonial axe, the iron blade and stem with foliate engraved decoration each side with the Royal Arms of England with three lions passant, to a stained wood handle, 21¾in (55cm) long. £100-150


217. An iron pole axe head, mounted on a mahogany plaque with brass mounts inscribed ‘A MEDIEVAL IRON POLE-AXE HEAD FOUND AT THE 217


15¾in (40cm) wide, the plaque: 22½ x 17¾in (57 x 45cm). £200-300

218. A Royal Exchange Assurance lead fire mark, numbered ‘138267’, 9¼in (23.5cm) high, on a baize mount. £50-80

219 218


219. A set of 10 brass cup weights, marked with Roman numerals ‘I - LXIV’ and maker’s monogram ‘TR’, 18th century, 3¼in (8.2cm) highest. £100-150

220. A bell metal pestle and mortar with side band decoration, together with eight other mortars of flared cylindrical form and seven pestles. (17) £100-200

221. A set of eleven Avery brass graduated weights, 1g - 2kg, four bell shape weights, different makers, 14lb, 7lb, 2lb and 1lb, three other weights, 7lb, 4lb and 2lb and a Salter Spring Balance. (19) £100-200

220 221 222. Seven butcher’s steels, with turned and faceted handles in horn, antler and wood, all with loop handles, different makers, 19¾in (50cm) the longest. (7) £350-400


223. Six butcher’s steels, with turned and faceted handles in horn, antler and sycamore, all with loop handles, different makers, 21in (53.3cm) the longest. (6) £350-400


224. A George III oak hanging spoon rack, with a box base and fourteen horn spoons, 23½in (59.4cm) high, 15¾in (40cm) wide. (15) £300-400


225. An 18th century ivory snuff mull, with a gilt metal hinged lid, faintly inscribed ‘H. B...’, 1¾in (4.6cm) high and a tortoiseshell and brass inlaid snuff box. (2) £200-300


226. A late 19th century fruitwood and brass bound barrel salt, 10in (25.4cm) high. . £100-200

227. A small collection of treen, to include: three bowls, a grinder, a peg, a butter roller and a double cup measure. 7½in (19cm) wide, max. (7) £50-70

227 226




228. An early 19th century Norwegian burr birch tankard, carved with lions and a border of flowerheads and drapes to the lid, inscribed ‘1822 EOSD’, 9½in (24.2cm) high. £600-800 229. A mid 18th century Norwegian burr birch tankard, carved with lions and incised initials ‘H.G.S’ and ‘1748’, the scroll handle with a later terminal, the underside with a central floret, 10in (25.4cm) high. £800-1,000


230. A 19th century Tyrolean yew nutcracker, modelled as a clenched fist, with a later applied silver coloured metal collar, with a screw handle, 6¼in (16cm) long. £200-300 231. A treen combination cotton reel, piercer and needle case, 5½in (13.8cm) long, a box and beechwood weaving tool with a sliding shuttle, a treen ‘goosewing’ knitting sheath and a boxwood watch maker’s parts box, 18th and 19th centuries. (4) £60-80 232. A 19th century lignum vitae capstan shape string box, with a beechwood removable base, 6in (15cm) high. £80-120 233. A 19th century mahogany hair tidy, with a lift-off pierced top, 4in (10.2cm) high, an ebonised beechwood miniature shoe, with a nailed on leather heel, a carved walnut wafer seal and a lignum vitae example. (4) £100-150


233 232




234. An early 19th century Norwegian burr birch tankard, carved lions, the lid with a central aperture and inscribed ‘1815 — KLDE’, the underside with a wheatear bordered rondel and branded ‘H’, 10in (25.4cm) high. £600-800 235. A 19th century Norwegian carved treen peg tankard, the body with a band of stylized beasts, the underside branded ‘CIS’ and ‘AAS’, twice, 9½in (24cm) high. £250-350 236

236. An early Victorian rosewood and brass tack snuff shoe, 4¼in (10.7cm) wide, a treen model of a shoe and a pair of Mauchlineware turned sycamore egg cups, ‘VENTNOR LOOKING EAST’ and ‘VENTNOR LOOKING WEST’. (4) £80-120 237. A pair of early 19th century turned fruitwood candlesticks, 6¾in (17.3cm) high, a mahogany barley twist candlestick with a brass mounted sconce and an ebonised open barley twist candlestick, both 19th century. (4) £100-150 Provenance: The pair of candlesticks purchased from Christie’s South Kensington, Lot 27, 21st August 2007. 238. Five 19th century treen goblets, in oak, lignum vitae, maple and hardwood, 7¼in (18cm) high, max. (5) £150-200 239. An oak snuff box, the lid inset a white metal plaque with initials, three ebony engine turned boxes and an olivewood box, 19th century and later, 4in (10.3cm) diameter, max. (5) £100-150


239 238


240. Naive School (late 19th century / early 20th century). A portrait of a pig, with a large barrel initialled ‘D.M.’, oil on canvas, 12 x 18in (30.5 x 45.7cm). £2,000-3,000

241. Naive School (19th century). A prize bull in a landscape, oil on canvas, indistinctly signed 16 x 24in (40.5 x 61cm). £600-800

242. A 19th century stained pine money box, inscribed ‘SARAH PUGH’, 4in (10.1cm) high, 9¼in (23.3cm) wide. £50-100

243. A late 18th century chip carved and painted beechwood mangle board, inscribed and dated ‘MMD ANO 1799’, 26½in (67.3cm) long. £250-350

244. A 19th century mahogany collector’s chest, 15in (38cm) high, 21¼in (54cm) wide, 9in (23cm) deep. £100-150

245. Two Victorian beechwood measures, the pint measure with a brass rim and branded with letters and numbers and ‘VR’, the half pint stamped to the inside, 6¼in (15.5cm) high. (2) £80-120

246. A pair of late George III mahogany bottle coasters, each with barber’s pole stringing, 5¾in (14.4cm) diameter. (2) £400-600

247. A 19th century turned walnut gavel, 9½in (24cm) long and two similar 19th century turned rosewood gavels. (3) £150-200


248. A late 17th century Jamaican engraved tortoiseshell wig comb and case, inscribed ‘JAMAICA 1678’, possibly by Paul Bennett, the front of the case with a vase of flowers, the stem with a coronet, with a later applied printed extract mentioning early English combs, above the inscription, with a trailing foliage border, the reverse with a banana tree and two pineapples, with conforming border, the comb with trailing tulip, sunflower and other flowers, the case 7¾in (19.7cm) high, 5in (14cm) wide. (2) £2,000-3,000 This comb and case are a remarkable survivor of a small group of similar examples made in Jamaica between 1671 - 1682 and 1688 - 1692. Research has revealed two possible makers for these pieces. The first and most likely to have made the example above was Paul Bennett, who is listed as the only combmaker working in Port Royal within these dates, the second is likely to be an assistant, son or apprentice. There are eleven of these combs in The Institute of Jamaica, all bearing similar treatment of the decoration. Some include a smaller double sided comb. Examples of dated Jamaican tortoiseshell include; a pair of combs with case, dated 1673, Bonhams, Fine English Furniture, 21st Nov 2012, sold £23,750 (inc. prem.); an oval box, dated 1678, Lacy Scott & Knight, 15th September, sold £3,000 (hammer); See Victoria & Albert Museum, combs and case, dated 1673 (524 to B-1877).


249. A carved ivory model of possibly St. Catherine of Siena, wearing a crown of thorns and with the stigmata on her hands, the reverse inscribed to the bottom of her habit ‘A. Algardi. f. A. 1639’, 11.5in (28.7cm) h, 4.25in (10.7cm) w. £200-300 Provenance: Sold on behalf of the executors of the late Michael Wellby Esq.

250. A 19th century carved ivory Corpus Christi, mounted on a rosewood cross, with a suspension ring, the verso inscribed ‘XMAS 1911’, the figure: 6¾in (17.3cm) long, the cross: 19½in (49.5cm) long. £600-800

251. Two Jerusalem olivewood mother of pearl crucifixes, one on a later base, late 18th / early 19th century, 22¾in (57.5cm) high, 9½in (24cm) wide, max. (2) £200-300


252. A large 19th century Italian walnut refectory table, on three trestle supports united by a stretcher, 30¾in (78cm) high, 126½in (321.5cm) wide, 33½in (85cm) deep. £4,000-5,000


253. An oak livery cupboard, with blind fret Gothic and linen fold panels, the interior with three shelves, parts 16th century and later, 63in (160cm) high, 43in (109cm) wide, 12½in (32cm) deep. £600-800

255. A Victorian oak dresser, with replaced brass handles, the cupboard doors enclosing a shelf, 83in (210.8cm) high, 75½in (191.8cm) wide, 20¾in (52.7cm) deep. £400-600

254. A George III oak and mahogany banded ‘architectural’ cupboard, the interior with a shaped edge shelf and a later brass hanging rail, with pine hooks, the base with dummy drawers and two base drawers, 80¾in (205cm) high, 75in (190.5cm) wide, 25in (63.5cm) deep. £800-1,200

256. A carved oak court cupboard in 17th century style, late 19th / early 20th century, 66½in (169cm) high, 47½in (120.5cm) wide, 20in (50.8cm) deep. £400-600


257. A carved oak stool in 16th century style, 20th century, 22in (56cm) high, 22in (56cm) wide, 11in (28cm) deep. £100-150

258. An early 18th century and later Dutch japanned table top desk, previously a toilet mirror, with a fitted interior and partitioned frieze drawer, 9½in (24cm) high, 18n (46cm) wide, 11in (28cm) deep. £200-300

259. A late 17th century oak bible box, carved with a stop fluted arcaded frieze, 8in (20.3cm) high, 23½in (59.6cm) wide, 19in (48.2cm) deep. £150-200

260. A late 17th century oak side table, with a replaced top and brass handles to the frieze drawer, 30in (76cm) high, 38¾in (96cm) wide, 25in (63.5cm) deep. £300-500

261. An oak side table in late 17th century style, 20th century, 28¼in (71.6cm) high, 32in (81.3cm) wide, 19in (48.3cm) deep. £50-100

262. An oak side table, 17th century and later, 26¾in (68cm) high, 33½in (85cm) wide, 23in (58.5cm) deep. £300-400

263. An oak refectory table, early 20th century, 30in (76.2cm) high, 104½in (265.5cm) wide, 32in (81.3cm) deep. £400-600


264. A small oak chest, 18th century and later, 18¼in (46.3cm) high, 30in (76cm) wide, 14½in (37cm) deep. £100-200

265. An early 18th century oak bureau, with later handles, 40½in (103cm) high, 35½in (90cm) wide, 20¾ (51.5cm) deep. £300-400

266. A walnut chest, with an oak top and sides, with replaced brass handles, early 18th century but adapted, 35½in (90cm) high, 39½in (100.5cm) wide, 21½in (54.5cm) deep. £200-300

267. An oak chest, the frieze carved ‘I W 1685’, above West Country style carved quadruple panels, 21¼in (54cm) high, 46¼in (117.5cm) wide, 18¾in (47.6cm) deep. £500-600

268. A 19th century yew wood tripod table, the octagonal burr yew top inlaid a parquetry star, stringing and block banding, 29in (73.5cm) high, 19¼in (49cm) wide. £600-800

269. An early 18th century walnut small gateleg table, with an oval drop-flap top above a frieze drawer, 26in (66cm) high, 26¼in (66.5cm) wide, 34in ( open. £200-300

270. A large 19th century oak drop-leaf table, 29¾in (75.5cm) high, 80½in (204.5cm) wide, 51½in (131cm) deep. £800-1,200


271. A pine dresser, 90¼in (229.3cm) high, 59¼in (150.5cm) wide, 18¼in (46.4cm) deep. £50-100 Provenance: Sold on behalf of the executors of the late Michael Wellby Esq.

274. A late 17th century oak chest, of four long drawers, having geometric panelled fronts, fitted with replaced brass handles, 35in (89cm) high, 37½in (95cm) wide, 22in (56cm) deep. £300-400


272. An early 19th century oak and mahogany standing corner cupboard, the base with a shelf, 84¼in (213.3cm) high, 47in (119.5cm) wide, 24¾in (63cm) deep. £200-300

273. A collection of panelling, mainly oak. (A lot) £400-600

275. A George III elm hanging corner cupboard, the interior with three later painted shaped shelves, 42in (106.6cm) high, 34¼in (87cm) wide, 18in (45.7cm) deep. £250-300

276. A late 17th century pine chest, with replaced metalwork, 38in (96.5cm) high, 37¾in (96cm) wide, 22¼in (56.5cm) deep. £400-600

Please note this lot will only be able to viewed at our store, please contact the department for viewings.

277. A 19th century oak housekeeper’s cabinet, with two pairs of panelled doors, enclosing a painted interior of two shelves, 76in (193cm) high, 70in (178cm) wide, 22¾in (57.6cm) deep. £2,000-3,000

277A. A pair of carved and painted wood seated putti, each with an opposing raised arm, 30in (76cm) high. (2) £200-300


278. A 19th century yew wood and elm low back Windsor armchair. £100-150

279. A late 19th century pine hall seat, 22¾in (58cm) high, 49½in (126cm) wide, 16¾in (42.5cm) deep. £400-500

280. A harlequin set of six George III oak side chairs, with later covered seats. (6) £200-300


281. An early 19th century French cherrywood farmhouse kitchen table, the cleated end top above a slide to one side frieze, 31in (78.7cm) high, 78½in (199.4cm) wide, 33½in (85cm) deep. £1,000-1,500

282. A 19th century oak farmhouse kitchen table, the top with reentrant corners above end frieze drawers, on moulded square chamfered legs and later castors, 30in (76cm) high, 59½in (151cm) wide, 30in (76.3cm) deep. £300-400

283. Two similar walnut ‘crown and boys’ side chairs, late 17th century and later. (2) £100-150

284. A 19th century ebonised turner’s armchair. £200-300

285. A continental walnut open armchair, in late 17th century style, with brocade upholstery. £300-400

286. A late 17th century oak chest, with a carved triple panel arched front, 25¼in (63.5cm) high, 57in (144.8cm) wide, 22in (56cm) deep. £400-600

287. A joined oak long stool in 17th century style, early 20th century, 18¼in (46.4cm) high, 48in (122cm) wide, 12in (30.5cm) deep. £150-200

288. A




armchair. £150-250

289. A walnut cabinet on chest, with engraved brass mounts, the cabinet with an arrangement of ten drawers, 65in (165cm) high, 37½in (95cm) wide, 17¾in (45cm) deep. £500-700

290. A burr walnut bureau cabinet, the interior with three shelves enclosed by a pair of bevelled star cut mirrored doors above candles slides, the fall revealing a fitted interior and a well with a sliding cover, above four long graduated drawers, early 18th century and later, 85in (216cm) high, 42¼in (107.4cm) wide, 21¼in (54cm) deep. £2,000-3,000

291. A 19th century Italian walnut refectory table, with a moulded edge top 30¾in (78cm) high, 87in (221cm) wide, 26in (66cm) deep. £1,500-2,000

289 290

292. A carved oak caqueteuse armchair, with heraldic lion finials, late 19th century. £400-600

291 293. An Arts & Crafts oak side table in early 18th century style, with an ash lined drawer and applied split pendants, 28¼in (71.6cm) high, 39in (99cm) wide, 22in (56cm) deep. £200-300

294. A colonial hardwood gateleg table, with an oval drop-leaf top, c.1900, 30¼in (76.6cm) high, 66in (167.6cm) open, 46½in (118cm) deep. £100-150


294 293



Broome Park, Denton, Kent

Field Marshal Horatio Herbert Kitchener,1st Earl Kitchener, KG, KP, GCB, OM, GCSI, GCMG, GCIE, ADC, PC (24 June 1850 – 5 June 1916), was an Irish-born British Field Marshal and proconsul who won fame for his imperial campaigns and later played a central role in the early part of the First World War. Kitchener won fame in 1898 for winning the Battle of Omdurman and securing control of the Sudan, after which he was given the title "Lord Kitchener of Khartoum"; as Chief of Staff (1900–02) in the Second Boer War he played a key role in Lord Roberts' conquest of the Boer Republics, then succeeded Roberts as commander-in-chief – by which time Boer forces had taken to guerrilla fighting and British forces imprisoned Boer civilians in concentration camps. His term as Commander-in-Chief (1902–09) of the Army in India saw him quarrel with another eminent proconsul, the Viceroy Lord Curzon, who eventually resigned. Kitchener then returned to Egypt as British Agent and Consul-General (de facto administrator). The following lots are an interesting insight into the importance of Kitchener’s role in advising colonial armies and his everyday life in England. He toured Australia, Tazmania and New Zealand in early 1910, the Album of photographs (lot 302) was presented to him by the New Zealand prime minister, Sir Joseph Ward after a short civic reception in Wellington Town Hall on 24th February 1910. These tours were mainly around military camps, watching manoeuvres and advising, one such was at Dunedin, where he was presented with a miniature New Testament (lot 305). Returning to North Africa (lot 304) he was presented with an unusual plaque celebrating the inauguration of the drainage system in Behera. This and the book on Sub-Oceanic Physiography (lot 301) relate back to his early serving career as a surveyor in Palestine and Egypt. His role in the First World War as Secretary of State for War, started with the foresight that it would be a long war and he organised the largest volunteer army ever seen. This driven by the now iconic poster image of demanding "Your country needs you!” The chair (lot 299) was the one used by him whilst in this role. Kitchener bought Broome Park, Kent, a 17th century Grade 1 listed mansion in 1911 and spent time restoring it back to its original state, much of this would have been done through correspondence. This would have housed his collection of pottery and porcelain of which he was an avid collector. The chairs (lots 295, 296, and 297) all fit with the period of Broome Park.


295. A set of five Yorkshire joined oak backstools, with carved and turned decoration, late 17th century and later. £2,000-2,500 Provenance: Field Marshal Earl Kitchener of Khartoum (1850-1916), and thence by descent.

296. A matched pair of ebonised walnut high back armchairs, in late 17th century style, with parcel gilt and silvered decoration. (2) £400-600 Provenance: Field Marshal Earl Kitchener of Khartoum (1850-1916), and thence by descent. Given to Lord Kitchener by his cousin, Florence Marc of Champneys. Kitchener lived at Broome Park from 1911 until his death in 1916.

297. An oak panel back open armchair, 17th century and later. £800-1,200

298. A Dutch colonial hardwood Burgomeister chair, late 19th century. £1,000-1,500

Provenance: Field Marshal Earl Kitchener of Khartoum (1850-1916), and thence by descent.

Provenance: Field Marshal Earl Kitchener of Khartoum (1850-1916), and thence by descent.


299. A Victorian mahogany open armchair, with a brass studded leather upholstered seat, the seat frame stamped ‘F’, the back legs on brass castors, the back with an applied plaque inscribed ‘LORD KITCHENER, SECRETARY STATE FOR WAR 4th August 1914-5th June 1916’. £2,000-3,000 Provenance: Field Marshal Earl Kitchener of Khartoum (18501916), and thence by descent.


300. Catalogo Historico-Descriptivo de la Real Armeria de Madrid por El Conde Vdo. de Valencia de Don Juan, Madrid 1898, Numbered 13 of 50 (en papel del Japon), gilt tooled leather bound by V. Arias. Inscribed ‘Hoping that I may show it to you soon! Alfonso HRH, 14.II.1916, To Field Marshall Lord Kitchener.’ £300-500 Provenance: Given to Field Marshal Earl Kitchener of Khartoum (18501916), by King Aflonso of Spain, (1886 - 1946) and thence by descent.


301. Edward Hull. Monograph on the Sub-Oceanic Physiography of the North Atlantic Ocean. London: Edward Stanford, Cartographer to the King, 1912. The first page inscribed ‘Presented to Field-Marshal The Right Honourable Earl Kitchener of Khartoum, K.P., In testimony of the author’s admiration and friendship lasting since 1883 - 4. December 1914.’ and Portraits of Men and Women by The Marchioness of Granby, Westminster, Archibald Constable and Company, 1900. (2) £200-300 Provenance: Field Marshal Earl Kitchener of Khartoum (1850-1916), and thence by descent.

302. Scenes in New Zealand. A morocco leather and gilt tooled album containing 51 photographs including; landscapes, glazier's, Mt Cook, Maori's, Washing in Hot Pool, Maori Curio's, and Trout Fishing, the cover inset a photograph of a mountain range across a lake and titled 'Scenes in New Zealand. FIELD MARSHAL LORD KITCHENER.', the front page inscribed 'Field Marshall Lord Kitchener, with compts. - J. Ward. W.S. Augton, 24.2.1910. ÂŁ3,000-4,000 This album was presented to Lord Kitchener by Sir Joseph Ward, Prime Minister of New Zealand at a civic reception at the Wellington Town Hall on 24th February 1910. Provenance: Field Marshal Earl Kitchener of Khartoum (1850-1916), and thence by descent.



303. A. J. Cope. Full length portrait of Lord Kitchener, engraving, London Published by the Autotype Company, 74 New Oxford St, June 15th 1900, signed in pencil by the artist, 35 x 20in (89 x 51cm) with 13 other identical engravings, all un-framed. (14) £100-200


Provenance: Field Marshal Earl Kitchener of Khartoum (1850-1916), and thence by descent.

304. A presentation plaque, inscribed ‘SOUVENIR PRESENTED TO HIS EXCELLENCY FIELD MARSHALL VISCOUNT KITCHENER OF KHARTOUM BY THE NOTABLES OF THE BEHERA ON THE OCCASION OF THE INAUGURATION OF THE DRAINAGE SCHEME IN THEIR PROVINCE, JUNE 1912’ and another inscription in Arabic, above panel decorated in low relief a map of the area north west of Cairo, a figure drawing water, others picking tea and views of a Alexandria, stamped STOBBE 900 ALEXANDRIA, 5¼ x 7¼in (13 x 18cm) and a tin matchbox holder, printed a head a shoulder portrait of Lord Kitchener, titled Roll of Honour, Day, November 7, 1916, with prominent dates in his life to the reverse, 2½in (6.2cm) high. (2) £300-400 Provenance: Field Marshal Earl Kitchener of Khartoum (1850-1916), and thence by descent.

305. A miniature New Testament, inscribed 'To Lord Kitchener of Khartoum - as a memento of his visit to Dunedin, N.Z. Feb. 1910. A. R. Falconer of the "Soldier's Rest" in connection with the 10 N.Z. contingents during South A. war.', with further inscription and with a faded blue silk cover. £300-400 Provenance: Field Marshal Earl Kitchener of Khartoum (1850-1916), and thence by descent.



306. No lot

307 307. Chinese School (early 20th century). A standing horse, watercolour and crayon, 43 x 68½in (109 x 174cm), in a gold leaf moulded frame. £500-700 308. Views of Wonderland Rotorua N.Z., 18 chromolithographs of photographs, bound, with a card sleeve, with a small collection of photographs and postcards of family picture, loose in two album inscribed Richard Norman Ogle and Sylvia Alice Ogle, and a Christmas Card with a photograph of Mitre Peak, Milford Sound, N.Z., to Lt Col. John Orgill from Bernard Freyling, 24 Dec '46, Government House, Wellington, New Zealand, and a Maori carved wood, with a printed label "Tapu" P. H. Leonard, Rotorua, New Zealand, 7½in (19cm) wide. £150-200 308

309. An Indian carved hardwood octagonal occasional table, on four elephant head supports, with tusks, early 20th century, 25½in (65cm) high, 24in (61cm) wide. £300-400

310. An Indian hardwood and brass marquetry folding armchair, in Savonarola style, 20th century. £100-200

311. An Indian carved hardwood occasional table, with elephant head supports, with tusks, early 20th century, 19in (48cm) high, 18in (45.8cm) diameter. £150-200

312. A late 19th century Anglo-Indian carved wood desk blotter, with a blue silk lining, 10½in (26.7cm) wide, 9½in (24cm) deep. £80-120

313. A Moorish ebonised, parquetry and mother of pearl inlaid hexagonal occasional table, 20in (50.8cm) high, 16in (40.6cm) wide. £200-300

314. An Anglo-Indian carved sandalwood box, the interior with a compartmented liftout tray, 4½in (11.4cm) high, 10½in (26.1cm) wide, together with a similar carved pipe rack and a table gong and beater, all early 20th century. (3) £150-200


315. A Japanese six-fold screen, decorated trees and rocks on a gilt ground, 55¼in (140.4cm) high, 19¾in (50cm) each panel. £100-200

316. A Chinese lacquer low table, inlaid bone, mother of pearl and hardstones, early 20th century, 12¾in (32.4cm) high, 33¼in (84.4cm) wide, 21¼in (54cm) deep. £200-300

317. A Tibetan cabinet cha-gam, polychrome decorated with panels of dragons and phoenix, 39¾in (101.2cm) wide, 46¼in (117.5cm) wide, 16½in (41.8cm) deep. £200-300

318. A Chinese padouk desk, with a lift-off top, the drawers with brass locks stamped ‘IEUNUKEE LEVER’, late 19th / early 20th century, 31in (78.6cm) high, 37¼in (94.5cm) wide, 20¼in (51.4cm) deep. £100-150

320. A large mid 19th century Chinese export black lacquer tea chest, decorated in gilt with figures and buildings, the hinged lid with a spreadeagle crest and the motto ‘AD ALTA’ for the Struthers family, to a pull-out zinc box with an ivory handle, the brass lock stamped twice ‘PATHNT’, with three crowns, brass side carrying handles, 8½in (21.1cm) high, 13¾in (34.8cm) wide, 10½in (26.4cm) deep. £400-500 319. A Chinese hardwood panelled cupboard, the interior with shelves above a carved apron, 58¾in (149.3cm) high, 35in (89cm) wide, 16½in (42cm) deep. £100-200


Provenance: This box belonged to Adair Struthers who was a tea merchant. He was in India c.1867 and this chest was sent back to his sister Miss Rae, included with the box are three photographs of Struthers taken in India.

321. A late 19th century copper and silver teapot, with a dragon’s head handle and an elephant spout, 11½in (29cm) high, 8½in (21.5cm) wide and an Arabic brass coffee pot. (2) £20-30

322. An Anglo-Indian ivory, sandalwood and sadeli box, in distressed condition, 2¾in (6.8cm) high, 11in (27.6cm) wide, 4¼in (11cm) deep, together with an Islamic brass beaker. (2) £20-30

323. A 19th century Anglo-Indian sandalwood and sadeli work box, Bombay, the hinged lid with an inset mirror to a lift-out tray with divisions and compartments with ivory bobbins, lidded pots, thimbles and with a pin cushion, 5¾in (14.4cm) high, 13¼in (33.6cm) wide, 9¾in (24.5cm) deep. £400-600

324. Two Indian brass beetlenut cutters, one modelled as an exotic bird the other a horse, 7in (17.8cm) long and four Indian brass pendants. (6) £30-50

325. A carved ivory elephant, mounted on a mammoth tooth base, 2in (5cm) high, 3¾in (9.5cm) wide. £80-120

326. An oriental lacquered elm trunk, 11½in (29cm) high, 31¼in (79.2cm) wide, 18¼in (46.4cm) deep. £80-120

327. A Indian gold painted carved hardwood model of a lion rampant, 24in (61cm) high. £100-200

328. An Indian carved ebony elephant and rider, with a white metal caparison, late 19th century, 13½in (33.8cm) high, 9in (22.7cm) wide. £100-200


329. A 19th century Paisley shawl, with a black centre and multi-coloured mihrab end with fringe, 130 x 63in (330 x 160cm), a Kashmir shawl, with fine floral scroll design, signed ‘BITREY, CACHEMIRE’, 143 x 64in (363 x 162.5cm), two Paisley shawls and an oriental silkwork hanging of a lion and cub. (5) £600-800

331. Two Indian pottery vessels, polychrome and gilt decorated with figures, birds and flowers, each with a handle, 13½in (34cm) high. (2) £100-120


330. A 19th century Paisley shawl, with a central medallion and elongated botehs, with multi-coloured tassel ends, 132 x 63½in (335 x 161.5cm), a small striped Paisley shawl, 67 x 61in (170 x 155cm) and two other Paisley shawls. (4) £200-300

332. A 19th century Indian brass footed bowl, engraved with arched panels of urns and flowers, 4¾in (12cm) high, 4¼in (10.5cm) diameter. £20-30

333. An Egyptian turned alabaster vase, 8¼in (20.6cm) high, 5¾in (14.6cm) diameter. £20-30

334. A pair of late 18th Chinese export reverse glass mirrors, painted with the profile portraits of George III and Queen Charlotte after the originals by Jeremiah Meyer R. A. (1735-1789), 17¼in (43.5cm) high, 14in (35.6cm) wide, in giltwood frames, the verso of one with the remains of a paper trade label for Richard Hoare, 18 Gracechurch Street, London. (2) £500-700

337 335


335. An Indian occasional table, the brass lobed and engraved top with Ganesh and other figures, on an antelope horn base, 21in (53.4cm) high, 19¼in (49cm) wide. £50-100 336. A carved wood and painted model of a prancing horse, 61in (155cm) high. £200-300 337. A 19th century carved wood fairground horse, with traces of paint, 40in (101.5cm) high. £80-120 338. Two similar early 19th century Ottoman brass candlesticks, each with a turned stem, a drip-pan and a domed foot, 19½in (49.4cm) high, 7in (18cm) wide. (2) £500-700



339. A George IV mahogany breakfront linen press, with crossbanded ogee panel doors, the central section enclosing a later brass hanging rail and one slide, the sides with hanging rails, 81¾in (207.6cm) high, 101¼in (257cm) wide, 30½in (77.5cm) deep. £1,500-2,500

340. A late Regency mahogany barrel front sideboard, inlaid ebonised stringing, the baluster turned and lobed brass gallery above a frieze drawer with a recessed drawer below flanked by a deep cellaret drawer with divisions and a cupboard, fitted replaced brass lion’s mask handles, 56.5in (143.5cm) high, 66in (167.7cm) wide, 29.25in (74.5cm) deep. £600-1,000


341. A late George III mahogany chest on chest, 76in (193cm) high, 43¾in (111cm) wide, 21½in (54.6cm) deep. £400-500

342. A set of ten late Regency mahogany dining chairs, each with a reeded fan scroll top rail above a reeded and rondel decorated bar back, to a drop-in seat on sabre legs, comprising: a pair of open armchairs and eight side chairs, one of a later date. (10) £800-1,200

343. A Victorian mahogany extending dining table, with two additional leaves and a central supporting leg, 29in (73.6cm) high, 87in (221cm) extended, 48in (122cm) deep. £300-500

344. A walnut two seater settee in early 18th century style, upholstered plush fabric, with scroll arms on carved front cabriole legs and claw and ball feet, 42½in (107.8cm) high, 61in (155cm) wide, 31in (78.8cm) deep. £600-800

345. A giltwood and gesso console table in the manner of William Kent, with a painted faux marble top above two frieze drawers, late 19th century, 28½in (72.5cm) high, 63in (160cm) wide, 27½in (69.5cm) deep. £1,500-2,000


348 346


346. An Edwardian mahogany bijouterie table, with a frieze drawer, 28¾in (73cm) high, 17in (43.3cm) wide, 12¼in (31cm) deep. £200-300 347. A Victorian burr walnut and marquetry Davenport, 34in (86.5cm) high, 20¾in (53cm) wide, 21in (53.5cm) deep. £200-300 348. An early Victorian rosewood sewing / work table, the interior with a leather lined hinged slope, flanked by compartments, above a pull-out bag with partitions and lids, 30in (76.2cm) high, 23in (58.5cm) wide, 17½in (44.5cm) deep. £200-300 349. A pair of Victorian mahogany chairs. (2)


350. A Victorian Irish carved walnut pole firescreen, with a feltwork floral still life, 67½in (171cm) high. £100-200 351. A Victorian rosewood serpentine whatnot, on brass castors, 42in (107cm) high, 22¼in (56.5cm) wide, 14¼in (36cm) deep. £100-150 352. A 19th century carved mahogany show-frame easy armchair. £200-300 349

353. A 19th century mahogany two-fold screen, the ebonised panels applied cut-out paper chinoiserie decoration, 42in (106.6cm) high, 17¾in (45cm) wide, each panel. £200-300

352 350


351 353

354. A Scottish Victorian oak breakfront bookcase by John Taylor & Son, Edinburgh, with carved decoration, the drawers with a side locking pilaster and one stamped, 94in (239cm) high, 78in (198cm) wide, 17½in (44.5cm) deep. £1,500-2,000


355. An 18th century wing armchair, on later turned mahogany legs. £100-150

356. An Edwardian wing armchair, with mahogany legs and castors. £600-800

357. A button upholstered leather wing armchair, in George III style. £600-800




358. Gillows of Lancaster. A late Regency mahogany washstand, the left frieze drawer stamped, 36½in (92.5cm) high, 42¼in (107.3cm) wide, 21¼in (54cm) deep. £400-600 359. A George III satinwood writing table, the rectangular moulded edge top inset a plush lined surface above three kingwood banded frieze drawers, the central deep drawer fitted a slide-out pen and ink compartment, the reverse with two drawers and a false front, the ends each with two false drawers, all fitted replaced brass handles, 30in (76.5cm) high, 59.75in (151.8cm) wide, 34in (86cm) deep. £2,000-3,000 360. A Victorian ‘Aesthetic’ burr walnut, ebonised and marquetry Davenport, fitted pigeon holes and drawers above a frieze drawer with hinged writing slope and pen and ink compartments, above shelves, 41in (104cm) high, 23in (58.5cm) wide, 16½in (42cm) deep. £300-400 361. A mahogany Canterbury in Regency style, 20½in (52cm) high, 19in (48cm) wide, 13in (33cm) deep. £150-200 362. A George IV rosewood side cabinet, the interior with a shelf, 46½in (118cm) high, 38in (96.5cm) wide, 14in (35.5cm) deep. £400-600 363. A 19th century set of rosewood and brass four tier hanging shelves, 31.5in (80cm) high, 23.25in (59.2cm) wide, 5in (12.9cm) deep. £250-350


362 361 363


364. A satinwood and ormolu mounted cabinet, the friezes with gilt plaster casts after John Henning’s copies of the Parthenon friezes, 78¾in (200cm) high, 47in (229.5cm) wide, 18½in (47cm) deep. £2,000-3,000 Provenance: Sold on behalf of the executors of the late Michael Wellby Esq.


365. A pair of George III style side chairs, on leaf carved and moulded square chamfered legs. (2) £250-300

366. A George IV mahogany open armchair, with a red leather seat and on ribbed supports. £100-150

367. A matched pair of mahogany armchairs in French Hepplewhite style by Marsh, Jones and Cribb, each with a paper trade label inscribed ‘MARSH, JONES AND CRIBB, (LATE KENDELL & CO.) No. 48429 and 48430 Workman’s Name: Land & Skinner and Land & Irons’, late 19th century. (2) £500-700


368. A George III mahogany secretaire bookcase, with tulipwood banding, crossbanding and stringing, inlaid marquetry paterae, the fall revealing a satinwood veneered interior with a central cupboard door flanked by secret pilaster drawers, drawers and pigeon holes, the base with adjustable shelves, 98in (249cm) high, 41in (104cm) wide, 22in (56cm) deep. £800-1,200

369. A carved pine standing corner cupboard in 18th century style, probably retailed by Maple & Co., 86in (218.5cm) high, 39½in (100.4cm) wide, 14in (35.5cm) deep. £200-300

370. A mahogany circular extending dining table, on splay legs to brass paw sabots and castors, 29½in (75cm) high, 89½in (227.5cm) diameter. £400-500

371. A George IV mahogany library table, the replaced inset leather top and a rosewood banded edge, above two frieze drawers with replaced locks and handles, 28in (71cm) high, 47in (119.5cm) wide, 28¾in (73cm) deep. £600-800


372. A George IV mahogany breakfast table, with a tilt-top, 28¼in (71.7cm) high, 54 x 32¾in (137 x 83cm). £200-300

373. A mahogany tea table, George III and later, 28½in (72.4cm) high, 31¾in (80.5cm) wide, 15in (38cm) deep. £150-250 373 372 374. An Edwardian mahogany nest of three occasional tables, with serpentine moulded edges, 26¾in (67.9cm) high, 22in (55.4cm) wide, 13¾in (34.8cm) deep. £200-300

375. A 19th century mahogany waterfall bookcase, with rosewood banding and stringing, the drawer with replaced brass handles embossed portrait medallions of Admiral Nelson, 46¼in (117.5cm) high, 25¾in (65.6cm) wide, 13¼in (33.6cm) deep. £200-300

374 375

376. A mahogany side table, converted from a George III tea table, 39¾in (101cm) high, 34in (86.4cm) wide, 16¾in (42.6cm) deep. £200-300

377. A late Victorian walnut settee, 29in (73.6cm) high, 41in (104cm) wide, 22½in (57cm) deep. £100-200 377 376

378. A 19th century mahogany chest, with boxwood edging and a later back 38½in (98cm) high, 39¼in (99.6cm) wide, 19½in (49.5cm) deep. £100-200

379. A Victorian walnut breakfront credenza, with marquetry and an oval porcelain plaque, 39in (99cm) high, 59in (150cm) wide, 15in (38cm) deep. £300-500

378 379


380. A George III mahogany serpentine commode, the moulded edge top above a baize lined brushing slide and four graduated drawers with replaced brass handles, flanked by cluster columns, possibly later, on shaped bracket feet to castors, 34¼in (87cm) high, 40¾in (103.4cm) wide, 23¼in (58.6cm) deep. £2,000-3,000

381. A 19th century mahogany writing table, with a cloth inset top and a hinged ratcheted slope, the reverse with two long false drawers, the sides with carrying handles, one drawer with a handwritten paper label inscribed ‘This writing table was the property of my cousin John Bonham-Carter, and was used by him at the brewery (Pike, Spicer & Co.) Portsmouth - later he had no further use for it and gave it to me about the year 1893 - G. Bonham-Carter 1925.’, 30½in (80cm) high, 42¼in (107.3cm) wide, 30in (76.2cm) deep. £1,000-1,500

382. A George III mahogany serpentine front sideboard, the drawers with kingwood crossbanding and stringing and with later brass handles, the right deep drawer with bottle divisions, 36in (91.5cm) high, 54¼in (137.5cm) wide, 27½in (70cm) deep. £500-600

383. A Victorian walnut and parcel gilt serpentine side cabinet, with a white marble top, the plush lined interior with a later glass shelf, the brass Chubb lock numbered ‘34887’, 35¾in (91cm) high, 40¼in (102cm) wide, 17½in (44.5cm) deep. £300-400


384. An early 19th century mahogany tea table, with reeded decoration. £300-400

385. A mahogany open armchair, with a Gothic splat to a stuffed over seat, George III and later. £100-150

386. A three seater Knole settee, upholstered in cream coloured faux suede, having an arched back, on castors, 41in (104cm) high, 74.5in (189cm) wide, 32in (81cm) deep. £200-300



387. An early 19th century mahogany bowfront chest, the top crossbanded and with stringing, 45in (114.3cm) high, 42¾in (108.6cm) wide, 23in (58.5cm) deep. £100-200 387 386 388. A set of six George IV mahogany dining chairs, comprising: a pair of open armchairs and four side. (6) £500-600

389. A set of six late 18th century mahogany shield back side chairs, four with original buttoned red leather covered seats, distressed. (6) £300-500 389

388 390. A Victorian ebonised bobbin turned rectangular stool, with later Liberty button upholstered fabric, the blocks with gilt brass mounts, 18in (46cm) high, 34½in (87.5cm) wide, 20in (50.8cm) deep. £400-500

391. A pair of painted carved and moulded wall brackets in George III style, of recent manufacture, 37½in (85cm) high, 16in (40.6cm) wide. (2) £150-200

390 391


392. A cut glass six branch electrolier, hung with lustres, 32in (81.5cm) high and wide. £150-250

393. A gilt brass five light electrolier, stamped ‘GD71355’, late 19th century, 22in (56cm) high, 25in (63.5cm) wide. £150-200

394. A gilt brass six light electrolier, in rococo style, 18½in (47cm) high, 26in (66cm) wide. £150-200

395. A brass eight light chandelier, with a baluster turned stem to a fluted bowl and scroll arms, with etched glass shades, to a turned pendant base, 24in (61cm) high, 36in (76cm) wide. £100-200

396. A pair of brass eight light chandelier, with a baluster turned stem to a fluted bowl and scroll arms, with etched frosted glass shades, to a turned pendant base, 24in (61cm) high, 36in (76cm) wide. (2) £200-300

397. An Art Deco style chrome six light chandelier, with three graduated trumpet shaped tiers two applied with frosted glass icicles, to conforming arms and with frosted glass shades, 31in (79cm) high, 27.75in (70.3cm) wide. £100-200

398. An 18th century Dutch gilt brass six branch chandelier, 16¼in (41cm) high, 23¼in (59cm) wide. £300-400


399. A Dutch brass twelve light tier tier chandelier in early 18th century style, 26in (66cm) high, 28in (71cm) wide. £300-400

400. A set of four gilt bronze wall lights in Louis XVI style, in the form of flaming torches with twin branches, 23¾in (60.5cm) high, 10½in (26.5cm) wide. (4) £300-400

401. A set of four gilt bronze wall lights in Louis XVI style, in the form of ribbon tied tassels with twin branches, 23½in (59.6cm) high, 10in (25cm) wide. (4) £300-400



402. A set of three gilt bronze wall lights in Régence style, each with a shell and fruit cast back plate to twin branches, 18½in (46.7cm) high. 14¾in (37.3cm) wide. (3) £200-300 403 402 403. A near pair of 19th century Dutch twin branch wall lights, 15in (38cm) high and a brass rococo style twin branch wall light. (3) £80-120

404. A pair of modern Italian gilt metal and porcelain five light candelabra, 36in (91.5cm) high. (2) £300-500

405. A pair of Italian silvered and giltwood table lamps, 1st half 20th century, 17½in (44.4cm) high, excluding fitting, 6in (15.3cm) wide. (2) £40-60

404 405

406. A pair of mid 19th century bronze and ormolu candelabra, hung with cut glass lustres, 16¼in (41cm) high, 14in (35.5cm) wide. (2) £200-300

407. A pair of Chinese Canton famille rose lamps, the vases 10in (25.5cm) high, with shades. (4) £100-150

407 406


408. A pair of William IV gilt bronze candlesticks by Thomas Abbott, each modelled with a stork with a fish in its beak standing on a rocky mound, the iron bases stamped ‘ABBOTT’, 15½in (38.9cm) high, 6¼in (15.7cm) wide. (2) £600-800

409. A pair of French porcelain and gilt metal mounted vase four light candelabra, the Sevres style turquoise ground ovoid bodies painted with panels of fruit and figures, late 19th / early 20th century, 12in (30.3cm) high, 5½in (14cm) wide. (2) £300-500

410. A pair of William IV gilt brass candlesticks, with weighted bases, 5¼in (13.2cm) high, 5½in (14cm) wide. (2) £100-200

411. A pair of late 19th century candlesticks formed from German Imperial artillery sword hilts, 11½in (29cm) high. (2) £100-150

412. A pair of Victorian bronze figural table lamps, each with a registration lozenge for 1864 and on an ebonised wood base, later fitted for electricity, 13¾in (35cm) high. 5½in (13.8cm) wide. (2) £150-200

413. A pair of Victorian textured brass lamps, 20in (51cm) high, with later electric fittings and shades. (4) £100-150

414. A 19th century bronze lamp, 19in (48cm) high, the lamp, now fitted for electricity, with shade. (2) £100-150

415. A bronze figural table lamp, with a cherub, leaves and flowers, with an opaque glass shade on a turned stained wood socle, late 19th / early 20th century, 28½in (72cm) high, 8½in (21.5cm) wide. £50-100


416. A pair of French Auteroche car oil lamps, with striped blue flashed glass fronts, the hinged side flap with a facet cut red glass cabochon, the mounting bracket numbered ‘176’, 7in (18cm) high. (2) £300-400

417. A pair of gilt metal and rock crystal candlesticks, 8in (19.8cm) 4in (10cm) high. (2) £80-120

416 417

418. A green painted and parcel gilt carved wood ceiling light, in early 19th century style, 26in (66cm) high, 32in (81cm) wide. £300-400

419. A glass and gilt metal three tier light fitting, hung with lustres, 10in (25.4cm) high. £50-100 418


420. A pair of green glass drop and gilt metal basket light fittings, 6½in (16.5cm) high. (2) £80-120

421. A pair of Italian carved giltwood and polychrome table lamps, in the form of urns of fruit, 19½in (49.4cm) high including fitting. (2) £60-80 421


422. A Victorian gilt bronze gas wall light, with an adjustable arm, eight boxed mantels and two shades, 11in (28.1cm) wide. £80-120

423. A 19th century continental stamped brass and moulded glass lantern, the corona fitted with rollers for the pull-down base to change the candle, 34¼in (87cm) high. £200-300




424. A French mahogany and gilt metal mounted bibliothèque, with three hinged doors the interior with four adjustable shelves, early 20th century, 83½in (212cm) high, 66in (167.6cm) wide, 17in (43cm) deep. £800-1,200

425. A 19th century mahogany and gilt brass mounted bibliothèque, the bevelled glazed doors enclosing adjustable shelves, 87¾in (223cm) high, 57¾in (146.8cm) wide, 21¾in (55.3cm) deep. £1,500-2,000

426. A 19th century French cherrywood armoire, the interior with a shelf and a later hanging rail, 88in (223.5cm) high, 61½in (156cm) wide, 27in (68.5cm) deep. £600-800

427. A 19th century European painted pine wardrobe, the interior with two shelves, a drawer and a later hanging rail, 96½in (245cm) high, 71¼in (182cm) wide, 28¼in (71.7cm) deep. £2,000-3,000


428. A set of five French provincial walnut fauteuil, in Louis XV style, upholstered brass studded needlework upholstery, 19th century. (5) £1,500-2,000


429. A 19th century continental fruitwood open armchair, with later brass studded leather upholstery. £200-300

430. A French giltwood and gesso armchair, late 19th / early 20th century. £150-250 430 429

431. A pair of 19th century French carved walnut bergère. (2) £400-500

432. An 18th century continental carved walnut fauteuil. £300-400 Provenance: Sold on behalf of the executors of the late Michael Wellby Esq.




433. A Napoleon III ebonised and brass marquetry octagonal vitrine, with ormolu mounts, the interior with a mirrored base and two glass shelves enclosed by four hinged doors, 47½in (120.6cm) high, 27in (68.5cm) wide. £3,000-4,000

433 434. A French kingwood and marquetry table ambulante in Louis XV style, with ormolu mounts, the top decorated hounds pursuing a stag within a waterfall and fountain setting, with a side frieze drawer, 27¾in (70.5cm) high, 17in (43cm) wide, 12¾in (32.5cm) deep. £600-800 Provenance: Purchased from a sale on Thursday June 21st 1973, Lot 179, Thornhill?. 435

435. A Dutch walnut and floral marquetry miniature bureau, with gilt metal mounts, the interior with a tambour shutter and drawers, 12¾in (32.2cm) high, 15¾in (40cm) wide. £300-400

436. A late 19th century French rosewood and kingwood parquetry miniature bureau à cylindre, the interior with six drawers, late 19th century, 19in (48.5cm) high, 20½in (51.8cm) wide, 10¼in (26cm) deep. £600-800 434



437. A Napoleon III ebonised and brass marquetry octagonal vitrine, with ormolu mounts, the interior with two glass shelves enclosed by four hinged doors, 47¾in (121.3cm) high, 26½in (67.3cm) wide. £4,000-6,000

437 438. A French rosewood and floral marquetry bombe side cabinet, with a brèche d’alep serpentine marble top, the hinged door enclosing a shelf, the top with two stencilled marks ‘R. DOGANA DI MERANO’, 44in (111.8cm) high, 39¼in (99.6cm) wide, 17½in (44.4cm) deep. £400-600 439. A pair of continental walnut petit commodes, with gilt metal mounts, early 20th century 30¼in (76.6cm) high, 21¾in (55.4cm) wide, 17in (43cm) deep. (2) £400-600



440. A mahogany and amboyna table en chiffonière by Theodore Alexander, 27¾in (70.5cm) high, 17½in (44.5cm) wide, 12½in (31.8cm) deep. £100-150 441. A 19th century Dutch mahogany and marquetry bedside cupboard, with a hinged fall above a drawer, 30½in (77.2cm) high, 17in (43cm) wide, 12¾in (31.9cm) deep. £100-150




442. A late 18th century South German walnut serpentine commode, with crossbanding, stringing and ivory marquetry, the top with a burr birch panel inlaid two cherubs holding cornucopia of flowers within a leaf and shell border, above three drawers with later brasswork, 29½in (75cm) high, 44½in (113cm) wide, 23½in (57.3cm) deep. £2,000-3,000

443. A 19th century walnut, amboyna and burr walnut cabinet on stand, with ormolu mounts, the interior now baize lined and with two glass shelves, the right door and drawer fitted with later Bramah locks, 61¾in (157cm) high, 42in (106.6cm) wide, 22in (55.8cm) deep. £600-800

444. A Napoleon III ebonised and porcelain mounted display cabinet, with gilt bronze mounts and stringing, the base cupboard with a shelf, with floral painted plaques and an oval portrait plaque of Marie Antoinette, 74¼in (188.5cm) high, 30¼in (76.7cm) wide, 16in (40.5cm) deep. £200-300

445. A 19th century Tyrolean painted pine cupboard, with a vacant interior and a drawer below, some decoration refreshed, 73¼in (186cm) high, 47¼in (120cm) wide, 18in (45.6cm) deep. £800-1,200




446. A French cream painted guéridon, with an inset white marble top, early 20th century, 28½in (72.5cm) high, 16in (40.5cm) diameter. £100-150

447. A 19th century Swiss carved walnut and marquetry side chair, with a musical movement in the hinged seat. £60-100

448. A carved wood and painted window seat, with a squab cushion, early 20th century, 26in (66cm) high, 27¾in (70.5cm) wide, 17¼in (44cm) deep. £400-500

449. An early 19th century continental giltwood and gesso console table, with a veined grey marble top, 33in (84cm) high, 40in (101.6cm) wide, 20¼in (51.4cm) deep. £300-400

450. A pair of burr walnut, gilt brass and porcelain mounted console tables, each with a black veined marble top, 28in (71cm) high, 26¼in (66.5cm) wide, 8¼in (21cm) deep. (4) £100-150

451. A campaign walnut folding open armchair, early 20th century. £80-120

452. A late 19th century walnut and marquetry bureau plat in Louis XV style, of serpentine outline, with gilt brass mounts and a divided frieze drawer, 29in (73.6cm) high, 43½in (110.5cm) wide, 24¾in (63cm) deep. £400-600

453. An early 19th century Biedermeier birch commode, the top with ebonised edging and canted corners, the drawers fitted replaced brass plate handles embossed with monarch profile busts, 36in (91.5cm) high, 47¾in (121.4cm) wide, 19½in (49.5cm) deep. £300-500


454. A Tyrolean painted pine armoire dated ‘1828’, decorated with town scenes, the sides with floral panels, the paper lined interior with three shelves, 69½in (176.5cm) high, 51¼in (130.3cm) wide, 24¾in (63cm) deep. £2,000-3,000

455. Two similar Italian carved walnut Renaissance revival ‘X’ frame armchairs, carved with grotesque masks, with embossed leather backs and seats, late 19th century. (2) £400-600


456. A walnut and carved silvered wood console, 19½in (49.5cm) high, 23172in (59cm) wide, 12in (30.5cm) deep. £100-150

457. A marble topped coffee table, on painted faux marble inverted baluster legs, 17½in (44.5cm) high, 36¾in (93.5cm) wide, 21½in (54.5cm) deep. £100-200 Provenance: Sold on behalf of the executors of the late Michael Wellby Esq.

458. A French kingwood and Vernis Martin vitrine, with ormolu mounts and with three glass shelves, the central panel signed ‘H. Lebiez’, £3,000-5,000 the lock stamped ‘ALFRED SCHMIDT PARIS’, 95in (241.3cm) high, c.1900, 59¼in (150.5cm) wide, 21in (53.5cm) deep.

459. An Italian carved wood, gesso and painted console table, with a serpentine marble top, 31½in (80.1cm) high, 36½in (92.7) wide, 13½in (34.3cm) deep £200-300

460. A continental carved oak bed, with four spiral posts, 72½in (184cm) high, 85½in (217cm) long, 63½in (161.5cm) wide. £500-600

461. An Italian carved wood, gesso, painted and parcel gilt console table, with a serpentine marble top, 32½in (82.6cm) high, 48in (122cm) wide, 15in (38cm) deep. £300-400


462. A pair of French kingwood, Vernis Martin and ormolu mounted pedestals in Louis XV style, each with a brèche de violette marble top, late 19th century, 54¼in (137.8cm) high, 17in (43cm) wide. (4) £2,000-3,000

463. A white painted three-fold screen, with later gingham fabric panels, 66in (167.5cm) high, 24¼in (61.5cm) wide, each panel. £50-100


464. A 19th century French walnut artist’s easel, 84in (213.5cm) high. £350-450

464 463

465. A mahogany artist’s easel, 71½in (181.5cm) high, 25in (63½in) wide. £100-200

466. A 19th century mahogany cylindrical pot cupboard, the interior with two shelves, on brass castors, 30¾in (77.7cm) high, 16in (40.7cm) diameter. £200-300




467. A 19th century continental settee, on a stained beech frame and brass castors, squab cushion missing, 36in (91.5cm) high, 73½in (186.5cm) wide, 30½in (77.5cm) deep. £100-200

469. A japanned pier mirror by Wylie and Lockhead Ltd. Glasgow, with a bevelled plate and chinoiserie decoration, 29 x 12in (75.5 x 30.5cm) and an 18th century style mahogany and painted pier mirror, 36½ x 15¼in (92.6 x 38.6cm). (2) £40-60

468. A modern still life, padded oil on canvas, signed ‘Felicia Pinxit MCMXCIX’ in a carved giltwood rococo style frame, 56½ x 78in (143.5

x 198cm).


470. A 19th century giltwood and gesso trumeau, painted a rural scene with a female mandolin player and a child with a spaniel, reduced, 77 x 37½in (195.6 x 70cm). £600-800


471. A pair of 19th century giltwood and gesso oval girandoles, with replaced bevelled plates, each with twin branches, 38½ x 21in (98 x 53cm). (2) £400-600

472. A Victorian gilt and gesso wall mirror, with later gold paint, 52 x 32in (132 x 81cm). £100-150

473. A late 19th century European mahogany wall mirror, with gilt brass mounts, ebonised and bird’s eye maple panels, 44½ x 16½in (113 x 42cm). £100-150

474. A Florentine giltwood wall mirror, with an oval bevelled plate, late 19th / early 20th century, 17¼in 43.7cm) high, 12¼in (31cm) wide. £200-300

475. An easel back mirror, with a shagreen and ivory frame, 17¾ x 10¾in (45 x 27.4cm). £80-120

476. A walnut easel mirror in Queen Anne style, with a bevelled plate, early 20th century, 26½ x 14½in (67.3 x 37cm). £80-120

477. A carved wood and white painted wall mirror, with a gilt brass mount to the frieze, 66 x 45in (167.5 x 114.5cm). £100-200


478. A matched pair of Barbola style circular wall mirrors, 28½in (72.5cm) diameter. (2) £300-400

479. A late Victorian giltwood and gesso landscape overmantel mirror, with ebonised highlights, 25½ x 62½in (65 x 159cm). £500-800

480. A late 19th century carved giltwood and gesso landscape overmantel mirror, with bevelled plates, 25¾ x 54in (65.5 x 137cm). £100-150

481. A rectangular wall mirror, in a 19th century giltwood and gesso frame, 49½ x 59½in (125.7 x 151cm). £200-300

482. An Edwardian carved wood and gesso oval mirror, in neoclassical style, later painted, 34 x 38½in (86.4 x 98cm). £100-150


483. A George III decagonal ivory tea caddy, with tortoiseshell stringing, the lid with mother of pearl star and piqué work, the front with a vacant silver plaque and piqué drape above an inset jasperware plaque, with an interior lid, foil removed, 5¼in (13.3cm) high and wide. £2,000-3,000


484. A turned ivory dog whistle, stamped ‘Ivory’, 2¼in (5.6cm) long, another carved bone modelled as a hound’s head and a third of flattened form. (3) £400-500

485. A small collection of 19th century miniature carved bone and tortoiseshell items, to include: a three piece suite of antler furiture comprising: a settee, an armchair and a table; a tortoiseshell rickshaw, a spinning wheel, a stand, a pair of boots and a pawn. 2¾in (6.9cm) high, max. (9) £200-300

486. An Italian carved cameo conch shell, decorated with Hebe and the eagle, 7¼in (18.3cm) high. £200-300

487. A late Victorian mahogany cased collection of minerals, rocks and fossils arranged by James Tennant, with five liftout trays each fitted with cardboard compartments with numbered specimens, some missing, with printed labels to the lid and inside of the box, 7¼in (18cm) high, 14½in (36.6cm) high, 10in (25.4cm) deep. £500-800

488. An ammonite, 5¼in (13.4cm) wide, two fossilised mammoth teeth, one with Chinese calligraphy, a nautilus shell, a fossilised tortoiseshell, two star fish and three other fossilised pieces. (10) £100-200

489. A lapis lazuli specimen, 3½in (8.5cm) wide. £20-30


490. A 19th century papier-mâché circular snuff box in Stobwasser style, the lid painted with a portrait of ‘Maria Stuart’ and tilted in red script numbered ‘E82’, 3¾in (9.3cm) diameter. £200-250

491. A 19th century papier-mâché snuff box, the hinged lid painted a portrait of a bearded man, 1½in (2.9cm) high, 3½in (8.8cm) wide. £60-80


492. A late Victorian ivory and tortoiseshell octagonal tea caddy, 3½in (9cm) high, a 19th century Stobwasser type box, the lid painted two young ladies in a rural surrounding, 4¼in (10.8cm) wide, a 19th century burr birch snuff box, a 19th century horn oval box, a carved and stained wood box, with a sprung drawer and a 19th century horn cased oval magnifying glass. (6) £250-350


493 492 493. A 19th century French gilt brass spectacle case, the hinged lid with a portrait miniature of a semi-clad young lady, to a silk lined interior, 5½in (13.8cm) wide, a French painted papier-mâché spectacle case, early 19th century and a straw-work box. (3) £180-220

494. Two 19th century papier-mâché spectacle cases, each with a leather gusset, one painted with a lady and a view of New York, the other with a lady, 5½in (13.6cm) long. (2) £150-200 495


495. A Victorian Tunbridge ware and rosewood jewellery box, the hinged lid inlaid a floral spray to a silk lined interior, 2¼in (5.8cm) high, 6in (15cm) wide, 6in (15cm) deep. £80-120

496. A George III rolled paper box, the pull-off cover inlaid barber’s pole stringing and inset a portrait medallion, 2¼in (5.7cm) high, 4½in (11.3cm) wide, 3¼in (8.4cm) deep. £300-400

497. An early 19th century Dutch mahogany and marquetry spirit decanter box, with brass carrying handles, the divided interior with six gilt decorated glass decanters and stoppers, 8¼in (20.8cm) high, 9¾in (24.8cm) wide, 7¾in (19.6cm) deep. £200-300




498. A 1930s leather vanity case, the lid with initials ‘G. H. H.’, the fitted interior with four ebony topped silver mounted glass bottles, hallmarked for Collingwood & Co., London 1935, four ebony backed brushes and two mirrors, with a protective canvas outer case, 8in (20.2cm) high, 26in (65.8cm) wide. £250-350

499. A crocodile vanity case, retailed by Mappin & Webb, with a brass plaque inscribed ‘F. F. Riddick’, the lined interior previously fitted, stamped ‘MAPPIN & WEBB LTD. OXFORD ST. LONDON W.’, 8in (20.4cm) high, 20in (51.1cm) wide, 14¼in (36.3cm) deep. £200-300

498 499

500. A 19th century mahogany apothecary’s cabinet by Thomson of London, with sunken brass handles the top one inscribed ‘John Cameron Esqr A. M. MADRAS CIVIL SERVICE’, with handwritten medicinal notes to the underside of the lid, with eleven associated bottles, above a fitted base drawer with a compartment for a scales, with a glass measuring jug and other bottles, stamped ‘THOMSON LONDON 13’, 9in (23.1cm) high, 7¾in (19.3cm) wide, 6¼in (15.6cm) deep. £300-400


501. A 19th century macassar ebony work box, inlaid brass and abalone, the lid with a silk line pouch and a lift-out tray with mother of pearl reel holders, a button hook, scissors, a bone pin cushion and other sewing utensils, with a green paper retailer’s label for ‘MANSFIELD, 90 GRAFTON ST. DUBLIN’, 4½in high, 11in (27.7cm) wide, 8in (19.9cm) deep. £100-150



502. A French gilt metal and filigree desk set, decorated with palmettes and panels of portraits and cherubs, comprising: a pair of candlesticks, a pen tray and an inkstand, 9¼in (23.3cm) wide, max. (4) £200-300 503

503. A Victorian brass inkstand in Renaissance revival style, 6½in (16.3cm) high, 15½in (39.3cm) wide. £100-150

504. A Sevres style gilt metal mounted porcelain vase and cover, painted with a panel of a lady with flowers, with ‘Château des Tuileries’ mark and ‘Sevres 1884’, late 19th century, 11½in (28.8cm) high, 6in (15cm) wide. £80-120




505. A pair of early 19th century tôle peinte chestnut urns, painted with panels of animals within bands of leaves, with lion’s mask ring handles, probably Pontpool, 13in (33cm) high, 7¼in (18.5cm) wide. (2) £400-600

506. An early Victorian brass paw doorstop, the cast iron weighted base stamped ‘152 1520’, 14¼in (36.3cm) high. £100-150

507. A Victorian brass doorstop, with a serpent handle and spiral twist stem, 17½in (44.1cm) high, 4¾in (11.7cm) wide. £100-150

506 508. A large knopped brass candlestand, late 19th / early 20th century, 55¼in (140.4cm) high. £100-200

509. A carved giltwood torchère, in Baroque style, late 19th / early 20th century, 50in (127cm) high. £80-120


510. A George IV mahogany plate stand, 14in (35.5cm) high, 8¾in (22cm) wide. £400-600


511. A 19th century Dutch kingwood and brass wirework serpentine edge tray, with silver handles stamped ‘BONEBAKKER EN ZOON’, circa 1856, 30¾in (78cm) wide. £700-900


512. A Victorian ebonised wood plate stand, 21½in (54.5cm) high, 12in (30.5cm) wide. £400-500


513. A 19th century French macassar ebony sewing box, inlaid mother of pearl and brass, the hinged lid inset a porcelain plaque painted with a landscape scene, the silk lined interior with a divided pull-out tray with lidded compartments and mother of pearl reel holders and other utensils, 3½in (9cm) high, 8in (20cm) wide, 6in (15cm) deep. £200-300

514. A 19th century ebonised small library magnifying glass, with a suspension ring, 8¼in (20.7cm) long. £100-150

515. A 19th century ebonised library magnifying glass, with a turned handle and a brass mount, 14in (35.5cm) long. £300-400

516. A 19th century mahogany library magnifying glass, with a turned yew wood handle, 11¾in (30cm) long. £300-400


518. A macassar ebony and chrome inkstand, in Art Deco style, with a pair of Czechoslovakian glass bottles, 4in (10cm) high, 11¾in (30cm) wide. £80-120 519. A Victorian japanned iron die stamp, for the ‘TOTTENHAM WIG COMPANY LIMITED’, 6¾in (17cm) high, and six other die stamps, one for ‘METROPOLITAN PUBLICITY LIMITED’. (7) £40-60



517. A 19th century fruitwood and part ebonised library magnifying glass, with a turned handle, 14½in (36.5cm) long. £400-600

520. A late 19th century Italian relief carved walnut plaque, of three cherubs picking pomegranates, the back indistinctly signed and inscribed, 18¾ x 16¼in (47.7 x 41.1cm). £50-100

521. A carved wood and polychrome decorated panel, depicting Infant Jesus flanked by Joseph and Mary, with a dove and two winged angels with a crown above, possibly South American, 7¼in (18.5cm) high and a similar panel. (2) £80-120

521 520

522. A Victorian mahogany newspaper rail from a gentleman’s club, with a hinged top, 33½in (84.5cm) high, 12in (30.5cm) wide. £20-30 522

523. A Victorian mahogany miniature chest of drawers, 12½in (31.4cm) high, 11in (27.6cm) wide, 5¼in (13.3cm) deep. £150-200 523

524. A Victorian game, comprising: twelve boards each with a printed top with numbers 1-90 pierced a hole, the underside with a drawer containing bone stakes and hoops, in a pine box. 10in (25cm) high, 19in (48.5cm) wide, 11½in (29cm) deep. £40-60

525. A solitaire board, 12in (30.5cm) diameter, together with twenty four marbles. (25) £40-60

525 524

526. A collection of onyx desk and smoking items, comprising: a barometer, a timepiece, boxes, three ashtrays, three lighters, a cigar cutter, a magnifying glass, two pill boxes and a pen stand, 7½in (19.1cm) max. (16) £100-200

527. A gilt metal picture frame, with a plush mount and a circular aperture, late 19th / early 20th century, 8¾in (22.3cm) high, 7½in (19.3cm) wide. £100-150




528. A matched pair of late 19th century French gilt metal and champlevé enamel chambersticks, each with an inset giallo marble centre, with different nozzles, 9½in (24cm) long. (2) £180-250

529. A pair of 19th century French silvered bronze door knockers, in the form of floral wreaths, each stamped ‘ST’ twice, with ribbon back plates, 7¼in (18.5cm) high. (4) £500-700

530. Three Fijian Tapa cloths, 56 x 43in (142 x 109cm). (3) £20-30

531. A painted terracotta mask of JeanJaques Dessalines the first Emperor of Haiti, wearing a bicorn hat, 9¼in (23.5cm) high and wide. £100-150

532. An Edwardian wicker dog basket, 23½in (59.6cm) high, 19in (48.2cm) wide. £150-200

533. A Black Forest hand mirror, carved a bear standing on a branch handle, late 19th / early 20th century, 13¼in (33.5cm) long. £60-80

534. A North European painted oak miniature chest, the interior with engraved strap hinges and a lidded till, 18th century and later, 11in (27.6cm) high, 17¼in (43.7cm) wide, 11in (27.8cm) deep. £300-400

535. A walnut chip carved box in 17th century style, 4¾in (12.2cm) high, 15½in (39.1cm) wide, 10¼in (26cm) deep. £80-120


536. Nine metal spear heads, 18in (45.6cm) long, max. and an eastern axe head with a seated figure and marked with calligraphy. (10) £100-150 537. A bronze circular oil lamp, with a flattened handle and five points, 8in (20cm) long, a metal model of a horse, a bronze plaque cast in relief Herculese and three bronze bosses. (6) £100-150 537

538. A framed and glazed collection of buckles, Roman to 19th century, brass / bronze, the case 21½ x 20½in (54.5 x 52cm). £50-80


539. A small collection of metal artefacts, including small lead crucibles, shot, cap badges, model pistols, in a glazed case, 13in (33cm) high. £40-50 540. A small collection of metal artefacts, including book clasps, medieval clothing hooks, dividend tokens, Roman brooches, etc. (A lot) £50-100 541. Three Art Journal Illustrated Catalogues: ‘The Industry of All Nations 1851’, published by George Virtue, London, gilt calf spine and tips; ‘Catalogue of the International Exhibition 1862’, published by James S. Virtue, London and New York, gilt calf spine and ‘The Paris International Exhibitio 1878, published by Birtue & Co., Limited 294, City Road, London, gilt calf spine. (3) £100-200 538





542. Richard Cockle Lucas (1800-1883). A carved wood model of the choir of Winchester cathedral, with lectern, pulpit, pews and Gothic screen, with a parquetry floor stamped ‘R. C. LUCAS WINTON’, 12½in (32cm) high, 32¾in (85.7cm) wide, 16½in (42cm) deep, with a lift-off glazed cover. £1,000-1,500 Provenance: Ray Livingstone-Murphy. Richard Cockle Lucas was born is Salisbury, Wiltshire. At the age of 12 he was apprenticed to an uncle who was a cutler in Winchester, where he carved knife handles. When aged 21 he moved to London where he studied at the Royal Academy. His son Albert Dürer (artist) was born in 1828 and by 1849 the family had moved back to Otterborne, near Winchester. Lucas exhibited over a hundred works at the Royal Academy, the British Institution and the Suffolk Street Gallery, these include busts, medallions and classical subjects.

543. A pair of Victorian ‘sweetheart’ beadwork cushions, with inscriptions, each in an oak and glazed frame, 13¾ x 13¾in (34.7 x 34.7cm). (2) £100-150


544. A Victorian painted wood truncheon by Parker, Holborn, decorated with a crown over a ‘VR’ cypher and ‘POLICE’, to a ribbed handle stamped, 17¼in (43.6cm) long, together with an undecorated truncheon. (2) £50-100 545 544 545. A 19th century hardwood and brass mounted tipstaff, initialled ‘J.F.P’, 18¾in (47.5cm) long. £100-150

546. An Austrian painted terracotta model of a lion, holding a shield, 12¾in (32.3cm) high, 12¾in (32.4cm) wide. £50-100 547 546 547. A pair of 19th century cast iron recumbent lions, painted black, each with a paper label for ‘ANTHONY BELTON COLLECTION 13th & 14th October 1992 DREWEATT NEATE’, 4½in (11.5cm) high, 9½in (24cm) wide. (2) £200-300

548. A Victorian Parian figure ‘Storm’, the base titled and inscribed ‘R. J. MORRIS SCULP, COPYRIGHT’, 18½in (46.8cm) high. £100-150

549. A Victorian Parian bust of Clytie after C. Delpech, the socle inscribed ‘C DELPECH REDT’ and ‘ART UNION OF LONDON 1855’, 13½in (33.8cm) high, 9¼in (23.4cm) wide. £100-150 548


550. A pair of painted plaster busts of blackamoors, 17¾in (44.8cm) high, 12¾in (32.2cm) wide. (2) £50-100

551. A pair of gilt plaster wall brackets, each modelled with a bust of Diana with leaves and fruit, 11½in (29cm) high, 7in (17.5cm) wide and a gilt plaster eagle surmount. (3) £50-100

550 551


552. A rare 19th century silvered and ebonised wood tea caddy in the form of a teapot, with a bone escutcheon to a lined interior, 5¾in (14.5cm) high, 10½in (26.5cm) wide. £6,000-8,000

553. A pair of continental ormolu, porcelain mounted and japanned pot-pourri, with detachable covers, flowers figures and animals, late 19th century, 7¾in (19.6cm) high. (2) £500-800

554. A carved wood and polychrome figural tobacconist’s trade sign, in the form of a Red Indian holding a pipe, 31in (78.5cm) high. £400-600

555. A pair of late George III mahogany and brass plate buckets, each with a swing handle, 14¼in (36cm) high, 12½in (31.5cm) wide. (2) £1,000-1,500


556. A Robert ‘Mouseman’ Thompson oak octagonal chopping board / teapot stand, 7¾in (19.6cm) wide. £80-120

557. A pair of Arts & Crafts turned oak candlesticks, with brass nozzles, one inscribed ‘JUNE’ the other ‘1948’, 9¾in (24.7cm) high. (2) £80-120 557 556

558. A pair of eastern moulded glass Buddhas, on differing gilt brass stands, 8¾in (22cm) high. (2) £80-120

559. A pair of Stuart crystal glass candlesticks, 10in (25.4cm) high and two glass carafes and stoppers. (6) £40-60



560. An African carved ebony nativity group, of twelve carvings, 12¾in (32cm) high, max. (12) £300-400

560 561. A modern Chinese famille rose, 11in (28cm) high, an Ironstone china bowl, a modern Mason’s blue and white tureen, a cloisonne vase, a gilt metal and resin mounted casket and a silver plated wine cooler. (6) £40-60


562. A Victorian bird’s eye maple table screen, with a needlework panel depicting a castle above a wooded river landscape, 19in (48cm) high. £100-200 563

563. A Rabone Chesterman (J.Rabone & Sons) brass and steel well gauge, with an ebonised handle, measures to 25 ft. £80-120 562


564. A papier-mâché folding tray table, the tray with gilt scrolling foliage and stamped ‘Jennens & Bettridge, Birmm & London’, 19th century and later, 20in (50.8cm) high, 31in (78.6cm) wide. £150-200

565. An early Victorian papier-mâché tray by Isherwood Sutcliffe, Birmingham, painted with flowers and with gilt highlights, the reverse stamped ‘No 805 REGISTERED BY ISHERWOOD SUTCLIFFE BIRM.’, 24¾in (62.9cm) high, 31¼in (79.2cm) wide. £200-300


565 566. A late Regency rosewood and brass inlaid wall bracket, 11½in (29.1cm) high, 10¾in (27.3cm) wide, 5½in (14cm) deep. £100-150

567. A Victorian walnut fret carved corner wall bracket, 11½in (29cm) high, 16in (40.5cm) wide, 11in (28cm) deep. £80-120 567 568. A 19th century serpentine column, with a revolving top and an octagonal base, 45½in (105.5cm) high. £200-300


569. A faux marble breakfront pedestal, 41in (104cm) high, 27½in (70cm) wide, 25½in (64.6cm) deep. £50-100

570. A pair of reconstituted stone campana shape urns, one with its socle missing, on square plinths, 45in (114.5cm) high. (4) £150-250


571. Three Liberty style terracotta jardinières, one stamped with a ‘Y’ and a ‘triangle’ 19½in (49.5cm) max. (3) £100-200


570 571


572. A 17th century Italian porphyry mortar, 8½in (21.5cm) high, 11in (28cm) diameter. £6,000-8,000

573. A pair of pottery urns on stands, with a lustre glaze, 40½in (103cm ) high. (4) £300-400

574. A cast iron leaping frog fountain, 26½in (67.2cm) high. £100-150

575. A set of six reconstituted garden urns, with swag decoration, a pair of basket weave urns, a pair of ribbed urns, a pedestal and a bust of a lady, 24in (61cm) max. (12) £200-300

574A. Three Victorian cast iron bench ends, a pair of cast iron supports in the manner of Thomas Hope 19½in (49.5cm) high and a Victorian boot scraper. (6) £50-100

576. An oval terracotta coloured plaster plaque, relief decorated putti holding fruit, 24½in (62cm) high, 16in (40.5cm) wide. £100-150

577. A pair of white painted wrought iron gates, 51½in (131cm) high, 46½in (118cm) wide, each gate, together with three other wrought iron gates. (5) £50-100


578. A George IV mahogany chiffonier, with a cast gilt brass leaf gallery, and a cedar lined frieze drawer above a fixed shelf enclosed by a pair of replaced mirrored panel doors, 55in (139.7cm) high, 47in (119.5cm) wide, 18in (45.7cm) deep. £600-800

579. A Victorian mahogany console table, with carved and pierced decoration, 54¾in (139cm) high, 59¼in (150.5cm) wide, 23in (58.4cm) deep. £500-700

580. A mahogany cabinet, with a pair of brass floret grille doors enclosing eight ebonised edged drawers, 19th with century and later, 34½in (87.6cm) high, 34¼in (87cm) wide, 17¾in (45cm) deep. £400-600

581. A 19th century mahogany kneehole dressing table, the left side with a deep drawer with a twin false front, all brasswork replaced, 32¼in (82cm) h, 54in (137.2cm) wide, 22¼in (56.5cm) deep. £400-600

582. A late Regency rosewood library table in the manner of Gillows, with false drawers to the reverse and carved leaf, scroll and floret decoration, 29in (73.6cm) high, 42in (106.8cm) wide, 25¾in (65.4cm) deep. £500-700

583. A 19th century mahogany bowfront chest, 41¾in (106cm) high, 42½in (108cm) wide, 20½in (52cm) deep. £200-300


584. A wing armchair in 18th century style, on carved walnut front legs and hairy paw feet. £300-400

585. A narrow wing armchair, on mahogany legs. £150-250

586. A late Victorian oak and beech luggage stand, 18in (46cm) high, 26in (66cm) wide, 16½in (42cm) deep. £100-150

584 585

587. A late Victorian walnut Canterbury by Edwards & Roberts, with three divisions, the drawer stamped, 20½in (52cm) high, 20¼in (51.4cm) wide, 14¾in (37.5cm) deep. £100-150 586


588. A William IV rosewood work table, the top cedarwood lined drawer previously with divisions, originally on castors, 27¼in (69cm) high, 18½in (47cm) wide, closed, 17¾in (45.3cm) deep. £100-150

589. A 19th century mahogany waterfall bookcase, with ebonised and boxwood stringing, with brass side carrying handles, 47¾in (121.3cm) high, 21¾in (55.2cm) wide, 12¼in (31cm) deep. £150-250 588 589

590. A continental turned beechwood stickstand, with zinc edges to the oblong apertures, late 19th / early 20th century, 41¼in (105cm) high, 28½in (72.5cm) wide, 10½ (26.6cm) deep. £200-300

591. An early 19th century mahogany Pembroke table, 29¼in (74.2cm) high, 23¼in (59cm) wide, 36¾in (93cm) deep. £50-100

591 590



593 594




600 599 598

601 602



592. A late Victorian stained wood luggage stand, 17½in (44.5cm) high, 27n (68.5cm) wide, 16¼in (41cm) deep. £150-200

593. A mahogany washstand, with ash lined drawers stamped ‘WALKER LANCASTER’, 19th century and later, 31½in (80cm) high, 37in (94cm) wide, 19in (48.2cm) deep. £200-300

594. A Victorian mahogany clerk’s cabinet, with a pair tambour doors enclosing eighteen pigeon holes, 17¼in (44cm) high, 35½in (90cm) wide, 11½in (29cm) deep. £200-250

595. An 18th century oak cupboard, with two shelves, on an associated base, 63in (160cm) high, 36in (91.5cm) wide, 15in (38cm) deep. £50-100

596. A late George III mahogany hanging corner cupboard, with three shaped shelves, 45¼in (115cm) high, 29½in (75cm) wide, 17½in (44.4cm) deep. £100-200

597. A late Victorian stained pine wall gun cabinet, for six guns, 51½in (130.8cm) high, 28¼in (71.6cm) wide, 13in (33cm) deep. £50-100

598. A mahogany chest, with pine sides, 31¼in (79.4cm) high, 31¾in (80.6cm) wide, 17in 43.2cm) deep. £80-120

599. A late George III mahogany pole firescreen, with a silkwork panel of a lady tending Shakespeare’s grave, 50in (127cm) high. £80-120

600. An early 19th century mahogany bedside cupboard, 34¼in (87cm) high, 14¼in (36cm) wide, 13¾in (35cm) deep. £150-200

601. A mahogany bowfront long stool, 18½in (47cm) high, 42½in (108cm) wide, 14½in (37cm) deep. £100-150

602. A mahogany bowfront chest, with replaced handles, 19th century and later, 35½in (19cm) high, 36¼in (92cm) wide, 21in (53.2cm) deep. £100-120

603. A George III mahogany bureau, the fitted interior with a serpentine edge panelled cupboard door, with replaced brasswork, 42in (106.6cm) high, 37½in (95cm) wide, 21in (51.4cm) deep. £300-400

604 604. A late George III mahogany estate cabinet, the top with a pair of astragal glazed doors, with a central division and adjustable shelves, with four drawers, the base with an arrangement of four drawers and two slides, enclosed by a pair of doors, possibly reduced from a larger cabinet, 109in (227cm) high, 64¼in (163cm) wide, 22¾in (58cm) deep. £1,000-1,500 Provenance: Norman Court, West Tytherley.


605. A George IV mahogany linen press, the interior with three short slides and brass hooks, 79¾in (202.5cm) high, 52in (132cm) wide, 23in (58.4cm) deep. £300-500

607. A set of four early 19th century mahogany side chairs. (4) £100-200


606. A Victorian walnut and burr walnut bookcase on serpentine front cabinet, the top with adjustable shelves, the base with a fixed shelf, the brass locks stamped ‘COPE & COLLINSON’, 79in (200.5cm) high, 33½in (85cm) wide, 19in (48cm) deep. £500-700

608. A set of six early 19th century elm country Sheraton side chairs, with later needlework drop-in seats. (6) £300-400

609. A set of six mahogany Sheraton style dining chairs, comprising: a pair of open armchairs and four side, 19th century. (6) £400-500

610. An early 20th century walnut and burr walnut bergère suite, with double caned panels and carved decoration, comprising: a two seater settee and a pair of armchairs, 34½in (87.5cm) high, 66½in (169cm) wide, 39in (99cm) deep. (3) £1,000-1,500

611. An early 19th century mahogany tripod table, with a tilt-top, 28in (71cm) high, 22in (56cm) diameter. £150-200

613. A late Victorian oak rectangular stool, previously with a caned seat, 16½in (42cm) high, 44in (111.7cm) wide, 13¼in (33.6cm) deep. £200-300

612. A 19th century satinwood tripod table, with an octagonal moulded edge top, 29in (73,6cm) high, 15¾in (40cm) wide, top. £400-600

614. A rectangular stool in William & Mary style, with three concave sides, on carved giltwood and gesso supports, 19½in (49.5cm) high, 33in (83.7cm) wide, 22in (56cm) deep. £150-250

615. A late Regency mahogany hall bench, with ribbed bolster lifts and legs, 19½in (49.5cm) high, 48in (122cm) wide, 13¾in (35cm) deep. £600-800


616. A two seater walnut settee in early 18th century style, upholstered in green plush fabric on carved front cabriole legs, 37in (94cm) high, 43¾in (111cm) wide, 25in (63.5cm) deep. £400-600

617. A carved oak double chair back settee in George II style by H. M. Owen, together with a pair of matching open armchairs, each frame signed. (3) £600-800

618. An early George III mahogany tripod table, with a tilt-top and fine carving to underside edge of legs, 28in (71cm) high, 32in (81.3cm) diameter. £300-500

619. A Victorian mahogany and buttoned red leather open tub chair, with brass castors. £200-300

620. An unusual George III mahogany rent table, with kingwood banding, the central hinged cover revealing a well above four hinged frieze drawers, 29in (73.5cm) high, 26¼in (66.5cm) diameter. £600-800 Provenance: With Anthony Sampson.

621. A mahogany waterfall bookcase in Regency style, with adjustable shelves, 66in (168cm) high, 39¾in (101cm) wide, 18¼in (46.5cm) deep. £100-200


Provenance: Sold on behalf of the executors of the late Michael Wellby Esq.

622. A George III mahogany bureau, with a fitted interior with stepped drawers and stop fluted pilasters, 43½in (1190.5cm) high, 46½in 118cm) wide, 25½in (62cm) deep. £400-600

624. A Victorian mahogany twin pedestal desk, with a replaced inset cloth writing surface, on brass castors, 29¼in (74cm) high, 48in (122cm) wide, 30in (76cm) deep. £200-300

623. A George III mahogany bureau, with a fitted interior including pilaster compartments, 43¾in (110cm) high, 37½in (95.3cm) wide, 21in (53.3cm) deep. £500-600

625. A George IV mahogany library bergère armchair. £300-400

627. A set of eight 19th century mahogany shield back dining chairs, in Hepplewhite style. (8) £350-450

626. A mahogany coaching games table, with a drawer having divisions, a white metal handle and a baize lined surface, replaced brasswork, early 20th century, 29in (73.5cm) high. £300-400

628. A set of eight Regency mahogany dining chairs. (8) £300-500


629. An ‘X’ frame armchair, upholstered brass studded leather. £250-350

630. A pair of wing armchairs in 18th century style, on beechwood supports. (2) £300-400

631. A 19th century bobbin turned armchair, with a cane seat and later cushions and a late George III elm side chair. (2) £80-120

632. A wing armchair in George III style, on mahogany moulded legs. £600-800

633. A Victorian mahogany three tier metamorphic buffet, 44½in (113cm) high, 48in (122cm) wide, 22in (55.7cm) deep. £100-200

634. A set of eight mahogany dining chairs in George III style, with drop-in seats, late 19th century. (8) £300-400

635. A George III mahogany square piano by John Taylor, inlaid stringing, with a satinwood and painted board inscribed ‘New Patent John Taylor White Lyon Street, Islington’, 32in (81cm) high, 65in (164.7cm) wide, 23½in (59.5cm) deep. £200-300


636. A Victorian carved mahogany music stand, 49in (124.5cm) high. £100-150

637. An Edwardian mahogany four poster bed, with an arched canopy to a ribbed frieze, with turned, carved and faceted front posts, 87¼in (221.5cm) high, 84½in (214.5cm) long, 58¼in (148cm) wide. £400-600 Provenance: Lady Bessborough, Roche Court, West Winterslow.


638. A small mahogany bowfront chest, of four long graduated drawers, 28¾in (72.7cm) high, 25in (63.2cm) wide, 15¾in (39.7cm) deep. £400-500

639. An early George III mahogany tripod table, the tilt-top revolving on a birdcage, 28in (71cm) high, 31¼in (79cm) diameter. £250-300

640. An Edwardian mahogany open armchair in George III style, with a cane seat and back, with a squab cushion. £80-120

641. A pair of William IV rectangular rosewood stools, with later button silk upholstery, 18in (46cm) high, 18¾in (47.5cm) wide, 16in (40.5cm) deep. (2) £600-800

642. A Victorian walnut stool, with a contemporary floral and bordered cover, 16½in (42cm) wide, 15in (38cm) wide. £100-150

643. A pair of Victorian walnut footstools, of rectangular serpentine shape, 6¾in (17cm) high, 13½in (34cm) wide, 11¾in (30cm) deep. (2) £120-150


644. A mahogany serpentine commode, the crossbanded top with a moulded edge above four long graduated drawers fitted gilt cast brass handles and escutcheons, flanked by canted angles carved leaf and scroll volutes, on carved and panelled ogee bracket feet, with wooden castors, George III and later, 32¼in (82cm) high, 49in (124.5cm) wide, 24¾in (63cm) deep. £4,000-6,000


645. A George III Scottish mahogany stool, with blind and pierced fret decoration, the needlework drop-in seat decorated dragons, a bird and foliage, 18in (46cm) high, 18½in (47cm) wide, 16½in (42cm) deep. £500-800

646. A chinoiserie work table, the hinged cover revealing ink and pen compartments, early 20th century, 22¼in (56.5cm) high, 15½in (39.5cm) wide, 15¾in (40cm) deep. £100-150


647. A carved oak ‘X’ frame stool, the front panel with a coat of arms. £80-120


646 648. A set of Edwardian mahogany hanging shelves, with fine marquetry, 27¾in (70.5cm) high, 19in (48.2cm) wide, 6½in (16.5cm) deep. £100-150

649. An easy armchair, with brass studded leather upholstery, early 20th century. £300-400


650. An Edwardian mahogany, tortoiseshell and ripple ebonised bijouterie table, 24¼in (61.5cm) high, 23in (58.4cm) wide, 17¼in (43.7cm) deep. £300-400

651. A carved oak side table, with a copper presentation plaque dated ‘May 1869’, 27in (68.5cm) high, 18in (46cm) wide, 13in (33cm) deep. £100-150


650 651


652. A red leather Chesterfield double drop-end settee, late 19th / early 20th century, 31½in (80cm) high, 76½in (194.5cm) wide, 40in (101.5cm) deep. £800-1,200


653 653. A chinoiserie cabinet on stand, the interior with two glass shelves above two drawers, mid 20th century, 60in (152.5cm) high, 51in (129.5cm) wide, 19in (48cm) deep. £800-1,200 654. A japanned and brass adjustable lamp table, chinoiserie decorated, early 20th century, 63½in (161.2cm) high. £100-200 655. A chinoiserie side table, with two frieze drawers, the top previously fitted a mirror, early 20th century, 31in (78.7cm) high, 42¼in (107.2cm) wide, 22in (56cm) deep. £100-200



656. A green painted cane open armchair, a folding table with a burr walnut top, a gold painted wicker corner linen basket, another oval enamel linen basket and a fabric covered rectangular ottoman. (5) £40-60

657. An oak and mahogany games table, with an inset painted glass chequer board, 29½in (75cm) high, 22in (56cm) square, a towel airer, a mahogany occasional table, a painted magazine rack and two mahogany toilet mirrors. (6) £40-60



658. Dryad, Leicester. A wicker armchair, with an applied metal label. £200-300

659. A Thonet open armchair, with label and printed marks, together with a bentwood occasional table, 25¾in (65.5cm) high. (2) £100-150 659 658 660. A steel rocking chair after the design by R.W. Winfield & Co., with traces of paint to the frame and a later covered seat. £100-200 A very similar rocking chair was exhibited by R. W. Winfield & Co. of Birmingham at the Great Exhibition of 1851.

661. A late Victorian satinwood ‘X’ frame stool, with polychrome decoration, 20in (50.8cm) high, 26½in (67.2cm) wide, 13½in (34.2cm) deep, two Georgian style mahogany pole firescreens, with needlework panels and a mahogany and caned firescreen. (4) £100-150

661 660

662. A painted rectangular coffee table, with an inset floral needlework top behind glass, 17¼in (44cm) high, 33¾in (85.5cm) wide, 28¾in (73cm) deep. £100-200

663 663. A late Victorian mahogany and marquetry writing table, inset later leatherette to two frieze drawers one stamped ‘DAVIS & CO. 255 TOTTENHAM CT. 8046’, 35½in (90.3cm) high, 36½in (92.3cm) wide, 21¾in (55cm) deep. £200-300




664. A near pair of late Victorian mahogany octagonal top centre tables, with satinwood crossbanding, 26¾in (68cm) high, 29¼in (74cm) wide. (2) £400-600

665. A pair of burr veneered bedside cupboards, each with a mirror inset slide, 29¼in (74cm) high, 16in (40.6cm) wide, 15in (38cm) deep. (2) £100-150

666. A pair of walnut veneered bedside cupboards, retailed by ‘Maple & Co.’, 29¼in (74.2cm) high, 15½in (39.3cm) wide, 15¼in (38.5cm) deep. (2) £100-150

667. A late Victorian mahogany ‘bamboo and lily pad’ étagère, 39¾in (101cm) high. £200-300

668. Maple & Co., Ltd. An Edwardian satinwood dressing chest, with an ivorine label and one drawer stamped, 60½in (153.6cm) high, 48in (122cm) wide, 24in (61cm) deep. £200-300


669. An early 19th century silkwork picture, depicting a nest of chicks being fed by a parent, in natural surroundings, 10½ x 15½in (26.6 x 39.4cm) in an associated giltwood frame. £200-300

670. An early 19th century needlework map sampler, ‘A NEW MAP OF ENGLAND & WALES’, 20 x 19½in (51 x 49.5cm), in a glazed and gilt frame. £150-200

671. An early 19th century silkwork map of Europe, 16 x 20in (40.5 x 51cm), in a later ebonised and glazed frame. £250-350

672. H. Moll. ‘A Chart of the CHANNEL Between ENGLAND & FRANCE’...hand coloured engraving, 11½ x 16½in (29 x 42cm); a John Speed coloured engraving ‘The Kingdome of England’, 16½ x 20¾in, double glazed; France after Henri Chatelaine. (3) £200-300

673. John Speed. Devonshire with Excester described...later handcoloured engraving, 15¼ x 20½in (38.6 x 52cm) double glazed; Robert Morden, Bedfordshire and Worcestshire, coloured engravings; J. Janssonius / Schenk & Valk, Oxonium Comitatus Vulgo Oxfordshire, coloured engraving; John Ogilby, London to the LandsEnd and London to Barnstaple, coloured engravings. (6) £400-600

674. John Speed. ‘KENT WITH HER CITIES AND EARLES described and observed’, a hand coloured and engraved map, published by Thomas Basset and Richard Chiswell, 15½ x 20.5in (39.3 x 52cm), text on verso, mounted, framed and glazed. £50-150

675. Willem Blaeu. ‘ASIA noviter delineata, Auctore Guiljelmo Blaeuw’, a hand coloured engraved map, 16¼ x 22cm (41.5 x 56cm), mounted, framed and glazed. £50-150


676. An oil painting of an Askari, signed lower right with initials ‘K M M’ and dated ‘1931’, 27¾ x 17½in (70.5 x 44.4cm), in a glazed carved giltwood frame, together with the Askari’s felt Fez and ceremonial mace inscribed ‘NORTHERN TERRITORIES CONSTABULARY GOLD COAST’ and ‘HAWKES & SONS MAKERS 23937’, 69in (175.3cm) long. (3) £200-300

677. A reverse glass print, portrait of Louis de Bourbon, Prince de Condé, the back inscribed 'LE PRINCE DE CONDE-FIXE ANCIEN SUR VERRE CADRE ANCIEN BOIS SCULPTE', in a carved giltwood and gesso frame, late 18th / early 19th century, 12¼in (31cm) high, 10½in (26.5cm) wide, a continental reverse glass print of a peasant woman, in an ebonised frame, a late 18th century stipple engraving of a young boy skating, published by P. W. Tomkins, 1795, in a giltwood frame. (3) £200-300

677A. A George III feather picture of a bird, perched on a branch, in a glazed ebonised and gilt frame.a giltwood frame. £300-400

678. After Sir Joshua Reynolds. The Ladies Waldegrave, mezzotint by G.S.Shury, London published April 1876 by J.Noseda, 109 Strand, W.C., the reverse with Leggett Brothers labels, 27 x 30¼in (68.5 x 76.8cm) £100-200



679. After Sir Anthony van Dyck (1599-1641). ‘Charles Prince of Wales, James Duke of York and Princess Mary, Children of King Charles the 1st’, an engraving by Robert Strange, ‘Sold at the Golden Head, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London’, 15¼ x 17¼in (38.7 x 43.8cm), with a carved giltwood slip to a glazed moulded ebonised frame. £100-150 680. A French double sided silkwork and printed portrait of Louis XIV, early 19th century, 6in (15.3cm) high, 4¾in (11.9cm) wide, in a glazed mahogany frame. £300-400



681. After Snyders & Long John. A Game Market, mezzotint, Richard Earlom sculpt., published by John Boydell, 19 x 26¼in 48.2 x 66.5cm) and The Fish Market after Synders & Long John. (2) £80-120 682. No lot


Lots 683-687 are from the collection of American and Canadian prints and pictures formed by the late Peter Winkworth between 1950 and 1980. The majority of the collection (over 4,000 pictures) was sold to the National Archives of Canada for $6,000,000. Lots 683-686 relate to the famous battle of Boston Harbour between H.M.S. Shannon and U.S.S. Chesapeake in 1813. The battle was fought on the 1st June and was part of the war of 1812 between the United States and the United Kingdom. The two ships met 20 nautical miles east of Boston lighthouse and were evenly matched however the battle lasted only 11 minutes with over 250 men either killed or wounded. The victorious H.M.S. Shannon escorted the Chesapeake to Halifax , Novia Scotia and arrived to much acclaim on the 6th June.

683. A sailor’s woolwork picture of H.M.S. Shannon, depicted in full sail, with figures, houses, a dolphin, birds and trees in the foreground, titled, early to mid 19th century, 22¾ x 33in (58 x 83.5cm), in a moulded mahogany frame. £1,200-1,500

685. An early 19th century reverse glass picture of H.M.S. Shannon and Chesapeake, titled in gilt to the verre églomisé border, 16½ x 24¼in (42 x 61.5cm) within a mahogany frame. £80-120

684. After John Christan Schetky. ‘H.M.S. SHANNON commencing the BATTLE with the AMERICAN FRIGATE CHESAPEAKE on the 1st June 1813’, ‘AMERICAN FRIGATE CHESAPEAKE Crippled and thrown into utter disorder by the two first broadsides fried from H.M.S. SHANNON’, ‘H.M.S. SHANNON carrying by BOARDING the AMERICAN FRIGATE CHESAPEAKE after A CANNONADE of FIVE MINUTES’, ‘H.M.S. SHANNON leading her PRIZE the AMERICAN FRIGATE CHESAPEAKE into HALIFAX HARBOUR’, four coloured lithographs, published by Smith Elder & Co., 65 Cornhill, 15 x 18in (38.2 x 46cm), mounted, framed and glazed. (4) £1,200-1,500

686. After G. Webster, ‘H.M.S. SHANNON Boarding & Capturing the American United States Frigate THE CHESAPEAKE off Boston on the 1st of June 1813’, coloured aquatint, 17¼ x 21¾in (43.9 x 55.2cm), together with three other coloured aquatints relating to H.M.S. Shannon, all framed and glazed. (4) £400-600

687. After John Singleton Copley R.A. (17381815). ‘A Youth Rescued from a Shark in Havannah Harbour’, a coloured reverse glass mezzotint published by Valentine Green, London, 1779 and sold by Joseph Staton, Parliament Street, London, 17¾ x 23¾in (45.4 x 60.3cm), in a carved giltwood frame, the verso with titles and publishers details. £300-500


688. ‘Mariella’, a detailed model yacht, in a perspex case, the case 56in (142.2cm) high, 42¼in (107.2cm) wide, together with three black and white photographs of Mariella by Beken of Cowes. (4) £400-600 Commissioned by James D. Patterson, a coffee merchant in the city of Glasgow, Mariella was designed by Alfred Mylne and built by William Fife III at Fairlie in 1937. The yacht was acquired by Ronald Teacher within a year of being launched in 1938. This model was made in October 1972 by a Mr. P. J. Morrell.

688A. A Victorian sailor’s woolwork picture of a three masted ship, flying the White Ensign, 15¼ x 20¼in (38.7 x 51.5cm), in a bird’s eye maple glazed frame. £700-900

688 689. An early 19th century Napoleonic Prisoner of war bone and baleen model of a ninety gun second rate ship of the line, with a carved figurehead, restored, 5½in (14cm) high, 8in (20cm) long on a later stand and base, under a glass dome, 7¾in (19.7cm) high, 11¼in (28.5cm) deep. £1,000-1,500 Provenance: Admiral The Honourable Duncombe Pleydell-Bouverie and by descent.



690. A 19th century sailor’s scrimshaw whale’s tooth, decorated on one side a semi-naked maiden, 6½in (16.2cm) high. £200-300 691. An early 19th century marine ivory sailor’s scrimshaw plaque, depicting possibly a North American port, with ships, two flags with initials ‘HH’ and ‘C’ within a rope twist border, previously the lid of a box, 3½ x 4½in (9 x 11cm). £300-400 692. A South African ostrich egg, painted an oval panel with a view of ‘Lions Head, Sea Point and Table Mountain’, inscribed, the ends pierced and threaded with twine, 6in (15cm) long. £100-150



693. A 19th century French painted earthenware tobacco jar and cover in the form of a sailor, the underside numbered ‘571/66’ and with a paper label for William Whiteley, 7½in (19.3cm) high, 6in (15cm) wide. £20-30 694



694. A sailor’s bag, made from sail canvas, with initials ‘L M U’, 45in (114.3cm) long. £10-20

695. A near pair of 19th century North European serpentine urns, each with a pair of gilt metal open handles to a stiff leaf carved stem and a circular base, 11¼in (28.5cm) high, 12in (30.4cm) wide. (2) £500-600

696. A 19th century French bronze two handled dish cast by Ferdinand Barbedienne, the outside of the rim signed ‘F. BARBEDIENNE’, 2½in (6.3cm) high, 6in (15cm) wide. £100-150



697. Two 19th century Dutch pressed bronze finished plaques, depicting figures in tavern settings, 10½ x 8½in (26.8 x 21.5cm) max., each in an ebonised fruitwood and giltwood frame. (2) £100-150


698. A late Victorian moulded panel of General C. G. Gordon C.B. R.E., with a wood effect finish, 16½ x 12in (42 x 30.5cm) in a deep carved wood frame. £400-600

699. A Victorian cast iron memorial portrait plaque of the Duke of Wellington, the reverse stamped ‘13th NOVEMBER 1854’ and ‘REGISTERED No 3’, 13¼in (33.7cm) high, 11in (27.8cm) wide. £40-60



700. A pair of 19th brass and patinated bronze figural candlesticks, each with a Pharoah standing figure, 7in (17.7cm) high. (2) £100-200

701. A 19th century bronze equestrian group, with a mounted knight, 7¼in (18.4cm) high. £100-150 700 701


702. A late 19th century patinated brass bust of Diana, 28½in (72.4cm) high. £200-300

703. A polished slate bust of Napoleon, on a turned socle inscribed ‘SOUVENIR D’AMITI… (21 OCTOBRE 1892.)’, on a circular plinth, 19½in (49.5cm) high. £400-500 702


704. After the antique. A 19th century continental bronze bust of the Apollo Belvedere, 11½in (29.3cm) high, 7in (17.5cm) wide. £300-500

705. After the antique. Nike of Samothrace, bronze, on a stepped oak base, 9¼in (23.5cm) high. £100-150



706. After Giambologna. A pair of late 19th century French bronze models of Fortuna and Mercury, each signed ‘J. Belogne’ and ‘France’ on black marble socles, 20½in (51.7cm) high. (2) £150-200

707. A 19th century French bronze model of Cupid, mending his bow, 10¼in, (26cm) high. £150-200

707 706


708. Mortimer Brown ‘06. Tiger devouring a Vulture, bronze, signed and dated, on a green marble plinth, 6in (15.2cm) high, 8in (20.2cm) long. £400-600

709. A pair of 19th century carved ivory portrait busts of gentlemen, each on a turned ebonised socle, the busts: 4in (10cm) high, including base: 7¾in (19.4cm) high. (2) £300-400

708 710. A late 18th century German carved ivory group of a peddler and his son, in the manner of Wilhelm Krüger, on a carved and ebonised base, the figure: 4¾in (11.7cm) high, with base: 9in (23cm) high. £300-400

711 ‡. Gilbert Ledward R.A. (1888 - 1960). Study for a bronze figure or nymph for Sloane Square Fountain, chalk and pencil, signed, titled and dated 1951, inscribed on verso, 14¼ x 9½in (36 x 24cm) £300-500 A competition for the design of a fountain in Sloane Square was announced in 1948 and funded by the Royal Academy Leighton Fund. Gilbert Ledward won this and produced The Venus Fountain and it was inaugurated by Sir Gerald Kelly in October 1953.



712. After John Adams Acton (1830 - 1910). Rev. George Dunnet, terracotta, by Robinson & Leadbeater, Stoke on Trent, the socle with facsimile signature and ‘COPYRIGHT’, 14in (35.5cm) high. £100-150

713 ‡. William Reid Dick (1879 - 1961). Crouching mother cradling her child, chalk, signed and dated 1\16, 4¾in (12cm) high. £150-250 Probably one of a series of small carved chalk carvings from chalk, worked whilst in the trenches. Apparently a padre, touring the trenches, saw Reid Dick at work and told him that he may well consider taking up carving as a hobby!



714. A late 19th century Austrian gilt bronze animalier group of two fighting dogs, 2½in (6.4cm) high, 4¾in (11.8cm) wide. £400-600

714 713


715 ‡. Richard Guino (1890 - 1973). Venus at her Toilet, bronze rondel, signed ‘GVINO V/VIII, 1915’, 5in (13cm) diameter. £400-600 Richard Guino started his training in Girona and Barcelona, eventually arriving in Paris in 1910. By 1913 he was working alongside Auguste Renoir, this collaboration lasted until 1918, Renoir died in 1919. The influence of Renoir is strongly seen in Guino’s work, but his contribution in Renoir was never recognised until long after Renoir’s death.

717. Sir William Hamo Thornycroft (1850 - 1925). Open Championship Horticultural Prize, presented by Toogood and Sons Ltd, Southampton, Seedsmen to H.M. The King, Awarded to Sir W.W.Berry. Gardener Mr H.C.Webb, 1924, bronze plaque, signed and dated ‘1921’, 11¼ x 6¾in (28 x 17cm) and another similar bronze plaque by Hamo Thornycroft. (2) £150-250


716. Elinor Hallé (19th / 20th century). Bronze low relief portrait medallion of Henry Taylor, titled ‘HENRY * TAYLOR * POET * MDCCC, MDCCC LXXX’, 5in (12.7cm) diameter. £100-150

718. Joseph Gott (1785 - 1860). A female greyhound with three pups, plaster with terracotta finish, signed ‘J. GOTT FT.’, 4¾in (12cm) h. £150-250

719. An Austrian cold painted bronze group of two kingfishers on a branch, mounted on an onyx and black marble base, early 20th century, 5½in (14cm) high, 9¾in (24.6cm) wide. £100-150

720. An Austrian cold painted bronze model of a cock pheasant, 9in (22.7cm) long, together with a smaller pheasant on a branch and five models of budgerigars, late 19th / early 20th century. (7) £150-200


720 721. An Austrian cold painted bronze group of three Arab musicians seated on a carpet, in the manner of Franz Bergmann, the base stamped ‘B K’, late 19th / early 20th century, 4in (9.8cm) high, 6½in (16.4cm) wide. £400-600

722. A late 19th century gilt metal seal in the form of a standing cherub, holding a hand mirror, with a monogram matrix, 3¾in (9.6cm) high, together with a cold painted bronze seal, three other seals and two bronze figures. (7) £100-200



723. An Austrian cold painted bronze miniature ten piece cat band, the drummer stamped ‘KK’, early 20th century,1¾in (4.5cm) high, max. (10) £200-300 723 724. Four Austrian cold painted bronze miniature pug groups, two stamped ‘KK’, one stamped ‘K’ and one ‘KKl’, 4in (10cm) long, max. (4) £80-120 724 725. Four Austrian cold painted bronze models of pugs, late 19th / early 20th century, 5½in (14cm) wide, max. (4) £200-300

726. Four Austrian cold painted bronze miniature pug groups, in various pursuits, the horse and cart stamped ‘H E’, the snooker group stamped ‘KLL’, 4¾in (11.9cm) long, max. (4) £80-120




727. Seven Austrian cold painted bronze miniature cat groups, in various pursuits, the cats chasing the mouse group stamped ‘KK’, early 20th century, 3¾in (9.5cm) long, max. (7) £80-120

727 728. An Austrian cold painted bronze model of a recumbent stag, 3½in (8.7cm) wide, together with nineteen cold painted bronze miniatures including: an owl, kingfisher, a bull, a mongoose, cats, antelope and two carved bone figures and a white metal dog charm. (21) £150-200 728

729. Twenty Austrian cold painted bronze miniature models of pugs, two stamped ‘FB W’, five others stamped ‘GESCHUTZT’ and ‘AUSTRIA’, together with an English silver pug, London 1951, 1¾in (4.1cm) high, max. (21) £200-300


730. An Austrian cold painted bronze miniature twelve piece pug band, the base of the drummer stamped ‘KK’, 1½in (3.7cm) high, max. (12) £200-300


731. Ten Austrian cold painted bronze miniature Beatrix Potter figures, including: Mr Jeremy Fisher, Pigling Bland and Flopsy Bunny, Hunca Munca stamped ‘KK’ early 20th century, 1½in (3.6cm) high, max. (10) £100-200


732. An Austrian cold painted bronze model of a heron, with a fish in its beak, late 19th century, 7¼in (18.4cm) high. £100-150 732



733. Two Austrian cold painted bronze models of otters, late 19th / early 20th century, 6¾in (17cm) long, max. (2) £80-120

734. An Austrian cold painted bronze of a seated fox, the base stamped ‘AUSTRIA’ and with two holes possibly previously mounted, late 19th / early 20th century, 5½in (13.6cm) high. £150-200

735. Two Austrian cold painted bronze models of penguins, late 19th century, 3¾in (9.3cm) high. (2) £300-400

736. Van Ingen & Van Ingen, Mysore. An early 20th century tiger skin and head mount, the reverse with remains of a printed paper label and stenciling, 126.5in (321cm) l. £800-1,200


737. An eland horn and walnut hat rack, 17½in (44.5cm) high, 11in (27.8cm) wide, together with a goat horn hanging pipe rack with brass mounts, 16½in (41.8cm) high. (2) £30-40

738. A pair of Ibex antlers, on an ebonised shield, 25½in (65cm) wide. £140-180

739. Four pairs of roe deer antlers, each mounted on a carved oak leaf and acorn plaque, early 20th century, 13in (33cm) long, max. (4) £100-150


740. A group of seven 19th century rowing blades, mainly titled ‘Putney’ and dated from 1863, 1864, 1866, 1867, 1868, 1869, recording names, colleges and weights of rowers, one dated ‘August 27th 1869 Oxford and Harvard. U.S.’, all listing Frank Willan, mounted as a fan shape, 38½in (98cm) high, 76in (193cm) wide. £600-800 Frank Willan must rank with the Greats of English rowing. He was in the winning Oxford boat for four consecutive years,1866 - 1869, and umpired the Boat Race between 1889 and 1902. The most sensational race of his career must have been when he rowed at bow in the Oxford coxed four against their challengers, Harvard, rowed over the Boat Race course, the interest created was extraordinary. 750,000 people are said to have watched the race. The result, Oxford won, was received by telegraph in America 23 minutes after the finish and the New York Times devoted 80% of its front page to it. Willan was an early motorist and aged almost seventy drove military lorries in France for the British Expeditionary Force. He lived at Thornhill Park, Southampton and Burley Manor in the New Forest. A handsome silver bowl incorporating his thirteen medallions was sold in these rooms on 23rd January 2013 (lot 1178).

741. A Scottish longbow by Starcraft, 75in (190.5cm) long, together with a set of six boxed archery arrows, by ‘F. H. Ayres Ltd.’ and eleven modern arrows. (18) £300-350


742. A pair of Norwegian ‘Super Ash’ skis, with bindings, another similar pair and two pairs of poles. (8) £150-200

743. A Jaques croquet set, in a pine box with a stencilled label. £200-300

744. A collection of fishing tackle, to include: ‘The Eureka’ a 4in cased reel by Hardy Bros. Ltd., a ‘Marquis’ Hardy Bros reel and four other reels, a quantity of flies and three rods. £200-300

745. Five pairs of leather riding boots, with wooden trees and two pairs of boot-pulls and various stirrups. (15) £500-600

746. Five pairs of leather riding boots, with wooden trees. (10) £500-600

747. Colonel The Hon Richard Legh 7th Cheshire Regiment. An officer’s red tunic, overcoat, jacket, a plumed bicorn hat, belt, a George VI dress sword, a pair of boots and stirrups, a pair of ivory backed hair brushes and shoe horn and a brass plaque inscribed ‘THIS HOUSE WAS BVILT BY SIR PETER LEGH ....1618 TO BE A SCHOOL HOUSE FOREVER...’. (A lot) £250-350

748. A Victorian bronze bear head gong, stamped ‘Rd’, mounted on an oak plaque, with a brass gong and a turned mahogany beater, the back stamped ‘WT & S’ for William Tonks & Son, 15¼in high, 9½in (23.5cm) wide, 7in (17.3cm) deep. £250-350





749. A Victorian Irish walking cane engraved by J. Harrison, Abbeyleix, allover decorated with Masonic symbols, pyramids, a giraffe, a harrier, ‘O’Neills chair’, a kangaroo, a grebe, a jay, a seal, cromleach, ants, houses and figures, signed and dated within a wreath ‘1852 ENGRAVED by J.HARRISON Abbeyleix, No. XVII’, with monogram ‘JH’, with a brass tip, 37¼in (94.6cm) long. £700-900 750. A late Victorian erotic walking cane, the carved ivory handle modelled as a female pelvic area, with a silver ferrule, London 1893 and a malacca shaft, 36¼in (92cm) long. £600-800 751. A 19th century sword stick, with a 15in (38cm) long steel blade in reeded bamboo shaft and with a carved horn blackamoor head finial with a carved horn collar and cap, 36½in (92.6cm) long. £150-250 751A. An ivory greyhound head handled walking cane, with a white metal ferrule and an ebony shaft, 35in (88.7cm) long. £150-250 752. An ivory handled walking cane, with a white metal ferrule with a fox mask and vacant plaque, to a malacca shaft, 34¾in (88.1cm) long. £50-80 753. A late 19th century Charles Gibson ‘Westward Ho!’ ‘Sunday’ golf stick, with a hickory shaft and a stamped head with metal insert, 35¾in (90.5cm) long, together with two other ‘Sunday’ sticks one stamped ‘STAN A’. (3) £300-500 754. An umbrella, with an Indian foliate white metal handle inscribed ‘Mrs Alex Campbell’, 34½in (87.3cm) long, together with another umbrella with a parrot head handle. (2) £50-100 755. A bamboo walking cane, with burr root ‘pacifier’ handle, 34¼in (87cm) long, and another walking cane with a curly horn handle, the base stenciled inventory number ‘515’ 40¼in (102.3cm) long. (2) £20-30 756. A bamboo horse measuring stick, with root handle and marked internal shaft with brass mount, level missing, 37¼in (94.5cm) long. £40-50 749







757. A George IV officer’s dress sword, with a sharkskin grip to a gilt brass hilt and a metal scabbard. £80-120

758. A George V Royal Engineers 1897 pattern officer’s dress sword by Robert Mole & Sons, with a sharkskin grip and an engraved blade to a leather scabbard and a cloth bag. £100-150

759. A continental sword, with a fullered steel blade, the brass handle with ribbed pommel and heart shape guard, with a leather scabbard, 41¾in (106cm) long, another sword with an open handle and a later scabbard and a third sword with a pierced metal guard. (3) £150-250

762. Four kukris, with scabbards. (4) £50-100

760. A naval officer’s dress sword, with a steel blade by Henry Wilkinson, numbered ‘59089’, with a shagreen handle, lion pommel and a crown and anchor to the guard, with scabbard, 38in (96.5cm) long. £150-200

761. A Prussian officer’s dress sword, with a fullered blade, shagreen handle, the guard with a crowned eagle with WII monogram, with scabbard, 35½in (90cm) long, together with another sword with a slightly curved etched steel blade, with scabbard. (2) £150-250

763. A kukri, with a horn handle and a pierced silver coloured metal scabbard, together with two other kukris. (3) £150-200


764. A modern presentation Bahraini khanjar, the 6¾in (17cm) long curved blade to a gold mounted and bone handle, in a carved wood box and with presentation letter. £600-800 Provenance: Presented to Mr John Hill by the Amir of the State of Bahrain, His Highness Shaikh Isa bin Sulman Al-Khalifah. As a mark of his recognition consequent to his completion of his term of duty as Regional Director of the Department of Environment, Gulf Region .


765. A Malaysian kris, with a 13¾in (34.9cm) shaped blade, to a foliate carved ivory handle and a hardwood scabbard, 18½in (46.9cm) long. £20-30



766. A turned horn and wood powder flask, with a brass mounted sprung lever dispenser, the base inscribed ‘NH 1804’, 9½in (24cm) long. £150-200

767. An embossed leather and brass shot flask, with a hunting scene, 8¼in (21cm) long and a silk banner for The Lincolnshire Regiment, listing WWI engagements, 20½ x 23½in (52 x 59.6cm). (2) £50-80


768. A Masonic dagger, with a spiral twist horn and brass skull handle, 13in (33cm) long, with an associaited scabbard. £80-120

769. Literature: ‘Sgt York-His Life, Legend and Legacy’, by John Perry; ‘The Boer War 1899-1902’ by David Smurthwaite; ‘For Distinguished Conduct’ by Phillip Wright; three Peter Finer catalogues and ‘A Short History of the Eagle Troop’. (7) £20-30


770. PLAN of different Movements of ye Army of ye Allies under PRINCE EUGENE of SAVOY... from ye beginning of ye Campaign, to ye 24th of July, 1712... For Mr Tindal’s Continuation of Mr Rapin’s History of England, engraving, J. Basire sculp., 15½ x 19in (38.5 x 48.2cm) with 13 other engravings from the same series, later bound. £150-250 769



771. A Middle Eastern percussion rifle, with a 53½in (136cm) long barrel, with stylized leafage to the end, 72¾in (185cm) long. £50-100

772. A 19th century Bentley 5 shot revolver, with octagonal barrel, mounted lever ram, safety catch, diced wood handle and a paterae engraved butt cap, 9¾in (24.8cm) long. £150-250

773. A percussion rifle by Manton, with a part faceted barrel, 32¾in (83cm) long, with remains of 'MANTON, LONDON', floral engraved tang, lock and hammer, the lock signed 'MANTON', vacant oval silver escutcheon, scroll end trigger guard and engraved pineapple, with a part diced walnut stock, with ram-rod, 49in (124cm) long. £600-800

774. An 18th century ‘Queen Anne’ flintlock overcoat pistol by Ward, the walnut stock inlaid silver wire floral scrolls and with a grotesque mask terminal, with engraved side plates, signed ‘WARD’ within a swag, to a turn-off cannon barrel with proof marks, early 18th century, 7¾in (19.6cm) long. £300-400

775. A North African snaphaunce gun, with an octagonal barrel and applied silvered bands with scrolling foliage, the wooden stock with applied silvered and inlaid strapwork and inlaid bone with a bone butt, 64in 162.5cm) long, another snaphaunce gun with an octagonal barrel, 60½in (154cm) long, another with a cast foliage design to the top of the barrel with engraved arabic script, 62¼in (158cm) long, and a fourth with Arabic script to the barrel and engraving to the lock plate, 70½in (179cm), with a painted wood gun rack, two horn and brass mounted powder horns, a leather flint/shot bag and a metal mounted belt. (10) £2,000-2,500


Silver Tuesday 16th & Wednesday 17th April 2013


A nineteenth century silver chamber stick.

Rupert Slingsby Tel: +44 (0)1722 424501

Estimate: £1,000 - £1,500

Lucy Chalmers Tel: +44 (0)1722 424594

Jewellery Thursday 18th April 2013


A large carved emerald and diamond brooch, c.1925.

Jonathan Edwards FGAA Tel: 01722 424504

Estimate: £5,000 – £6,000

Marielle Whiting FGA Tel: +44 (0)1722 424595

Porcelain, Pottery and Glass Tuesday 30th April 2013 We are currently accepting entries for this sale

ENQUIRIES Clare Durham Tel: +44 (0)1722 424507

A rare ‘Sinner’ Toby jug, c.1800, 20cm high. Estimate: £1,200 – £1,500 From a number of early and unusual Toby jugs included in the sale.

Asian Art Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd May 2013 We are currently accepting entries for this sale

A fine Chinese white jade carving of a recumbent horse with a monkey, Qianlong 1736-95. Provenance: from a private European collection. Purchased at Spink & Son c.1960. Estimate: £30,000 – £50,000

ENQUIRIES John Axford MRICS ASFAV Tel: +44 (0)1722 424506

Sophie Lister Tel: +44 (0)1722 424591

Paintings Wednesday 5th June 2013 We are currently accepting entries for this sale

Chauncey Foster Ryder (American 1868-1949) Red House of Attica Signed, also signed and titled verso Oil on board 30 x 40cm Estimate: £700 – £1,000

ENQUIRIES Victor Fauvelle Tel: +44(0)1722 424503

Arts and Crafts (including fine Martin Ware) Wednesday 19th June 2013 Closing date for entries 3rd April

A large and impressive bird sculpture by Robert Wallace Martin. Estimate: ÂŁ35,000 - ÂŁ45,000

ENQUIRIES Michael Jeffery Tel: +44 (0)1722 424505

Tribal Tuesday 2nd July 2013 We are currently accepting entries for this sale

A selection of Oceanic clubs.

ENQUIRIES Will Hobbs Tel: +44 (0)1722 339752

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Auction Information OPENING HOURS Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm and 10am to 1pm on Saturdays. VIEWING All our auctions are on view at least two days prior to the sale and details will be found in the relevant catalogues. BIDDING IN THE ROOM To bid at auction you will need a paddle number. This can be obtained from the office either during the view or on the day of the sale. We now provide permanent paddle numbers which can be used for any future sale, once registered. COMMISSION BIDDING If you are unable to attend the sale you can leave a commission bid. This will be executed on your behalf by the auctioneer who will purchase the lot as cheaply as possible bearing in mind any reserve price and other bids. TELEPHONE BIDDING It is usually possible to bid on the telephone by prior arrangement with the office. LIVE ONLINE BIDDING Live online bidding is now available for most of our auctions via, enabling you to take part in the bidding from anywhere in the world, live as it happens. To bid online you need to register at In completing the bidder registration on and providing your credit card details and unless alternative arrangements are agreed with Woolley and Wallis Salisbury Salerooms Ltd, you: 1. authorise Woolley and Wallis Salisbury Salerooms Ltd, if they so wish, to charge the credit card given in part or full payment, including all fees, for items successfully purchased in the auction via, and 2. confirm that you are authorised to provide these credit card details to Woolley and Wallis Salisbury Salerooms Ltd through and agree that Woolley and Wallis Salisbury Salerooms Ltd are entitled to permit the shipping of the goods to the card holder name and card holder address provided in fulfilment of the sale.


CONDITION REPORTS The relevant department will be pleased to give condition reports on any lot, where practical. All weights and measures given in the catalogue should be regarded as approximate. The colours printed in the catalogue are not necessarily true. SALE RESULTS These will be posted on our website shortly after the sale. BUYER’S PREMIUM Each lot is subject to a Buyer’s Premium of 22% + VAT on the first £500,000 of the hammer price and 12% + VAT thereafter. PAYMENT AND CLEARANCE Payment is due immediately after the auction in pounds sterling. If you are a first time buyer we will need your name, address and bank details and will require funds to be cleared before purchases can be released. The following methods of payment may be made: Bankers draft, cashiers cheque, personal cheque, travellers cheques, debit and credit cards and cash up to a sterling equivalent of €15,000. We are no longer able to accept card payments of over £1,000 where the card-holder is not present. Wire transfers should be sent to: Lloyds TSB, Blue Boar Row, Salisbury SP1 1DB. Account no. 00957707 Sort code 30-97-41 IBAN no. GB20LOYD30974100957707 BIC code LOYDGB21063 Credit cards: Visa or Mastercard for which there is a 2% surcharge + VAT Debit cards: Delta, Switch, Connect Where practical, payment can be made and purchases collected during the auction. Please note that furniture and clock lots will normally remain in our salerooms for three working days following each sale, after which they will be removed to our store and arrangements for collection must be made in advance with the office. Storage charges will be levied on all lots in the furniture and works of art and clock sales not collected within 30 calendar days of the sale. This will include a handling fee of £20 (+ VAT) per consignment and a storage charge of £2 (+ VAT) per lot per day. No goods will be allowed to be collected until these charges have been paid.

VAT Lots marked with an asterisk (*) are subject to VAT on the hammer price. Lots marked with an omega (Ω) have been temporarily imported from outside the EU and are subject to VAT at 5% on the hammer price and the buyer’s premium. In online catalogues, the Sales Tax % column indicates the rate of VAT on hammer price.

PACKING AND SHIPPING Woolley & Wallis do not offer a packing and despatch service but the following are carriers in our area. Alban Shipping

01582 493 099

ARTIST’S RESALE RIGHT / DROIT DE SUITE Droit de Suite is a royalty payable to a qualifying artist or the artist’s heirs each time a work is resold during the artist’s lifetime and up to a period of 70 years after the artist’s death.


0800 118 5868 07736 544 362


01264 360 333

Pack & Send

0845 465 0564

Royalties are calculated on a sliding percentage scale based on the hammer price excluding the buyer’s premium. The royalty does not apply to lots selling below the sterling equivalent of €1,000 and the maximum royalty payable on any single lot is the sterling equivalent of €12,500. Droit de Suite, which is not subject to VAT, will be added to the buyer’s purchase price and then passed on to the relevant collecting agency. Please enquire for the accepted exchange rate on the day of the sale. Royalties for Droit de Suite are as follows: 4% Up to €50,000 3% €50,000.01 - 200,000 1% €200,000.01 - 350,000 0.5% €350,000.01 - 500,000 0.25% In excess of €500,000 Up to a maximum levy of €12,500 Lots marked with a ‡ symbol are potentially subject to the levy.


SOCIETY OF FINE ART AUCTIONEERS AND VALUERS and the ROYAL INSTITUTION OF CHARTERED SURVEYORS CONDITIONS OF BUSINESS INFORMATION FOR BUYERS 1. Introduction. The following informative notes are intended to assist Buyers, particularly those inexperienced or new to our salerooms. All sales are conducted on our printed Conditions of Sale which are readily available for inspection and normally accompany catalogues. Our staff will be happy to help you if there is anything you do not fully understand. 2. Agency. As auctioneers we usually contract as agents for the seller whose identity, for reasons of confidentiality, is not normally disclosed. Accordingly if you buy your primary contract is with the seller. 3. Estimates. Estimates are designed to help buyers gauge what sort of sum might be involved for the purchase of a particular lot. The lower estimate may represent the reserve price and certainly will not be below it. Estimates do not include the Buyer’s Premium or VAT (where chargeable). Estimates are prepared some time before the sale and may be altered by announcement before the sale. They are in no sense definitive. 4. The purchase price. The Buyer shall pay the hammer price together with a premium thereon of 22% on the first £500,000 and 12% thereafter + VAT at the appropriate rate. 5. VAT. (*) indicates that VAT at the current standard rate is payable by the purchaser on the hammer price as well as being an element in the buyer’s premium. This imposition of VAT is likely to be because the seller is registered for VAT within the European Union and is not operating the Dealers Margin Scheme or because VAT is due at 20% on importation into the UK. The double symbol (**) indicates that the lot has been imported from outside the European Union and the present position is that these lots are liable to a reduced rate of VAT (5%) on the gross lot price (i.e. both the hammer price and the buyer’s premium). Lots which appear without either of the above symbols indicate that no VAT is payable on the hammer price. This is because such lots are sold using the Auctioneers’ Margin Scheme and it should be noted that the VAT included within the Premium is not recoverable as input tax.

12. Collection and storage. Please note what the Conditions of Sale state about collection and storage. It is important that goods are paid for and collected promptly. Any delay may involve the buyer in paying storage charges.

TERMS OF CONSIGNMENT FOR SELLERS 1. Interpretation. In these Terms the words ‘you’, ‘yours’, etc. refer to the Seller and if the consignment of goods to us is made by an agent we assume that the Seller has authorised the consignment and that the consignor has the Seller’s authority to contract. Similarly the words ‘we’, ‘us’, etc. refer to the Auctioneers. 2. Commission is charged to sellers at the following rates: 15% + VAT on each lot sold for up to £999, 10% + VAT on each lot realising £1,000 and above. 3. Removal costs. Items for sale must be consigned to the sale room by any stated deadline and at your expense. We may be able to assist you with this process but any liability incurred to a carrier for haulage charges is solely your responsibility. 4. Loss and damage waiver. We are not regulated by the FSA for the provision of insurance to clients. However, we for our own protection assume liability for property consigned to us at lower pre-sale estimate. To justify accepting liability, we make a charge of 1.5% of the hammer price plus VAT or, if unsold, our mid estimate of the hammer price. If the owner of goods consigned instructs us in writing not to take such action, they then remain at owner’s risk unless and until the property in them passes to the Buyer or they are collected by or on behalf of the owner, and clause 4 is inapplicable. 5. Illustrations. The cost of any illustrations is borne by you. If we consider that the lot should be illustrated your permission will usually be asked first. The copyright in respect of such illustrations shall be the property of us, the auctioneers, as is the text of the catalogue.

6. We are, primarily, agents for the seller. We are dependent on information provided by the seller and whilst we may inspect lots and act reasonably in taking a general view about them we are normally unable to carry out a detailed or any examination of lots in order to ascertain their condition in the way in which it would be wise for a buyer to do. Intending buyers have ample opportunity for inspection of goods and, therefore, accept responsibility for inspecting and investigating lots in which they may be interested. Please note carefully the exclusion of liability for the condition of lots contained in the Conditions of Sale. Neither the seller nor we, as the auctioneers, accept any responsibility for their condition. In particular, mechanical objects of any age are not guaranteed to be in working order. However, in so far as we have examined the goods and make a representation about their condition, we shall be liable for any defect which that examination ought to have revealed to the auctioneer but which would not have been revealed to the buyer had the buyer examined the goods. Additionally, in specified circumstances lots misdescribed because they are ‘deliberate forgeries’ may be returned and repayment made. There is a 3 week time limit. (The expression ‘deliberate forgery’ is defined in our Conditions of Sale).

6. Minimum bids and our discretion. Goods may be offered subject to a reserve agreed between us before the sale in accordance with clause 7.

7. Electrical goods. These are sold as ‘antiques’ only and if bought for use must be checked over for compliance with safety regulations by a qualified electrician first.

8. Electrical items. These are subject to detailed statutory safety controls. Where such items are accepted for sale you accept responsibility for the cost of testing by external contractors. Goods not certified as safe by an electrician (unless antiques) will not be accepted for sale. They must be removed at your expense on your being notified. We reserve the right to dispose of unsafe goods as refuse, at your expense.

8. Export of goods. Buyers intending to export goods should ascertain (a) whether an export licence is required for the goods to leave the U.K. and (b) whether there is any specific prohibition on importing the goods in question into the destination country because, e.g. they may contain prohibited materials such as ivory. Charges may be applicable for export licences. Ask us if you need help. The denial of any permit or licence shall not justify cancellation or rescission of the sale contract or any delay in payment. 9. Bidding. Bidders will be required to register before the sale commences and lots will be invoiced to the name and address on the registration form. Some form of identification will be required if you are unknown to us. Please enquire in advance about our arrangements for telephone bidding. 10. Commission bidding. Commission bids may be left with the auctioneers indicating the maximum amount to be bid excluding buyers’ premium. They will be executed as cheaply as possible having regard to the reserve (if any) and competing bids. If two buyers submit identical commission bids the auctioneers may prefer the first bid received. Please enquire in advance about our arrangements for the leaving of commission bids by telephone or fax. 11. Methods of Payment. As a general rule any cheques tendered will need to be cleared before removal of the goods is permitted. Please discuss with our Office in advance of the sale if other methods of payment are envisaged (except cash).

7. We may sell lots below the reserve provided we account to you for the same sale proceeds as you would have received had the reserve been the hammer price. If you specifically give us ‘discretion’ we may accept a bid of up to 10% below the formal reserve. . Reserves. (a) You are entitled to place prior to the auction a reserve on any lot consigned, being the minimum hammer price at which that lot may be sold. Reserves must be reasonable and we may decline to offer goods which in our opinion would be subject to an unreasonably high reserve (in which case goods carry the storage and insurance charges stipulated in these Terms of Consignment). (b) A reserve once set cannot be changed except with our consent. (c) Where a reserve has been placed only we may bid on your behalf and only up to the reserve (if any) and you may in no circumstances bid personally.

9. Soft furnishings. The sale of soft furnishings is strictly regulated by statute law in the interests of fire safety. Goods found to infringe safety regulations will not be offered and must be removed at your expense. We reserve the right to dispose of unsafe goods as refuse, at your expense. The rights of disposal referred to in clause 8 and 9 are subject to the provisions of The Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977, Schedule 1, a copy of which is available for inspection on request. 10. Descriptions. Please assist us with accurate information as to the provenance etc. of goods where this is relevant. There is strict liability for the accuracy of descriptions under modern consumer legislation and in some circumstances responsibility lies with sellers if inaccuracies occur. We will assume that you have approved the catalogue description of your lots unless informed to the contrary. Where we are obliged to return the price to the buyer when the lot is a deliberate forgery under Condition 15 of the Conditions of Sale and we have accounted to you for the proceeds of sale you agree to reimburse us the sale proceeds. The liability to reimburse the sale proceeds shall not arise where you are acting reasonably and honestly and are unaware of the forgery but we are or ought to have been aware of it.

11. Unsold and withdrawn items. If an item is unsold it may with your consent be re-offered at a future sale. Where in our opinion an item is unsaleable you must collect such items from the saleroom promptly on being so informed. Otherwise, storage charges may be incurred. We reserve the right to charge for storage in these circumstances at a reasonable daily rate. 12. Withdrawn and bought in items. These are liable to incur a charge of up to 10% plus VAT of the reserve or low estimate on being bought in or withdrawn after being catalogued. 13. Conditions of Sale. You agree that all goods will be sold on our Conditions of Sale. In particular you undertake that you have the right to sell the goods either as owner or agent for the owner. You undertake to compensate us and any buyer or third party for all losses liabilities and expenses incurred in respect of and as a result of any breach of this undertaking. 14. Authority to deduct commission and expenses and retain premium and interest. (a) You authorise us to deduct commission at the stated rate and all expenses incurred for your account from the hammer price and consent to our right to retain beneficially the premium paid by the buyer in accordance with our Conditions of Sale and any interest earned on the sale proceeds until the date of settlement. (b) You authorise us in our discretion to negotiate a sale by private treaty not later than the close of business on the day of the sale in the case of lots unsold at auction, in which case the same charges will be payable as if such lots had been sold at auction and so far as appropriate these terms apply. 15. Warehousing. We disclaim all liability for goods delivered to our saleroom without sufficient sale instructions and reserve the right to make minimum warehousing charge of £2 per lot per day. Unsold lots are subject to the same charges if you do not remove them within a reasonable time of notification. If not removed within three weeks we reserve the right to sell them and defray charges from any net proceeds of sale or at your expense to consign them to the local authority for disposal. 16. Settlement. After sale settlement of the net sum due to you normally takes place within 28 days of the sale (by crossed cheque to the seller) unless the buyer has not paid for the goods. In this case no settlement will then be made but we will take your instructions in the light of our Conditions of Sale. You authorise any sums owed by you to us on other transactions to be deducted from the sale proceeds. You must note the liability to reimburse the proceeds of sale to us as under the circumstances provided for in Condition 10 above. You should therefore bear this potential liability in mind before parting with the proceeds of sale until the expiry of 28 days from the date of sale.

CONDITIONS OF SALE Woolley & Wallis Salisbury Salerooms Ltd carries on business with bidders, buyers and all those present in the auction room prior to or in connection with a sale on the following General Conditions and on such other terms, conditions and notices as may be referred to herein. 1. DEFINITIONS In these Conditions: (a) ‘auctioneer’ means Woolley & Wallis Salisbury Salerooms Ltd or its authorised auctioneer, as appropriate; (b) ‘deliberate forgery’ means an imitation made with the intention of deceiving as to authorship, origin, date, age, period, culture or source but which is unequivocally described in the catalogue as being the work of a particular creator and which at the date of the sale had a value materially less than it would have had if it had been in accordance with the description; (c) ‘hammer price’ means the level of bidding reached (at or above any reserve) when the auctioneer brings down the hammer; (d) ‘terms of consignment’ means the stipulated terms and rates of commission on which Woolley & Wallis Salisbury Salerooms Ltd accepts instructions from sellers or their agents; (e) ‘total amount due’ means the hammer price in respect of the lot sold together with any premium, Value Added Tax chargeable and any additional charges payable by a defaulting buyer under these Conditions; (f) ‘sale proceeds’ means the net amount due to the seller, being the hammer price of the lot sold less commission at the stated rate, Value Added Tax chargeable and any other amounts due to us by the seller in whatever capacity and however arising. (g) ‘‘You’, ‘Your’, etc. refer to the buyer as identified in Condition 2. (h) The singular includes the plural and vice versa as appropriate.

2. BIDDING PROCEDURES AND THE BUYER (a) Bidders are required to register their particulars before bidding and to satisfy any security arrangements before entering the auction room to view or bid; (b) the maker of the highest bid accepted by the auctioneer conducting the sale shall be the buyer at the hammer price and any dispute about a bid shall be settled at the auctioneer’s absolute discretion by reoffering the Lot during the course of the auction or otherwise. The auctioneer shall act reasonably in exercising this discretion. (c) Bidders shall be deemed to act as principals. (d) Our right to bid on behalf of the seller is expressly reserved up to the amount of any reserve and the right to refuse any bid is also reserved. 3. INCREMENTS Bidding increments shall be at the auctioneer’s sole discretion. 4. THE PURCHASE PRICE The Buyer shall pay the hammer price together with a premium thereon of 22% on the first £500,000 and 12% thereafter + VAT at the appropriate rate. 5. VALUE ADDED TAX Value Added Tax on the hammer price is imposed by law on all items affixed with an asterisk or double asterisk. Value Added Tax is charged at the appropriate rate prevailing by law at the date of sale and is payable by buyers of relevant lots. (Please refer to ‘Information for Buyers’ for a brief explanation of the VAT position). 6. PAYMENT (a) Immediately a lot is sold you will: (i) give to us, if requested, proof of identity, and (ii) pay to us the total amount due in pounds sterling (b) Any payments by you to us may be applied by us towards any sums owing from you to us on any account whatever without regard to any directions of you or your agent, whether express or implied. 7. TITLE AND COLLECTION OF PURCHASES (a) The ownership of any lots purchased shall not pass to you until you have made payment in full to us of the total amount due (b) You shall at your own risk and expense take away any lots that you have purchased and paid for not later than 3 working days following the day of the auction or upon the clearance of any cheque used for payment after which you shall be responsible for any removal, storage and insurance charges. (c) No purchase can be claimed or removed until it has been paid for. 8. REMEDIES FOR NON-PAYMENT OR FAILURE TO COLLECT PURCHASES (a) If any Lot is not paid for in full and taken away in accordance with these Conditions or if there is any other breach of these Conditions, we, as agent for the seller and on our own behalf, shall at our absolute discretion and without prejudice to any other rights we may have, be entitled to exercise one or more of the following rights and remedies: (i) to proceed against you for damages for breach of contract; (ii) to rescind the sale of that lot and/or any other lots sold by us to you; (iii) to resell the lot (by auction or private treaty) in which case you shall be responsible for any resulting deficiency in the total amount due (after crediting any part payment and adding any resale costs). Any surplus so arising shall belong to the seller; (iv) to remove, store and insure the lot at your expense and, in the case of storage, either at our premises or elsewhere; (v) to charge interest at a rate not exceeding 1.5% per month on the total amount due to the extent it remains unpaid for more than 3 working days after the sale; (vi) to retain that or any other lot sold to you until you pay the total amount due; (vii) to reject or ignore bids from you or your agent at future auctions or to impose conditions before any such bids shall be accepted; (viii) to apply any proceeds of sale of other Lots due or in future becoming due to you towards the settlement of the total amount due and to exercise a lien (that is a right to retain possession of any of your property in our possession for any purpose until the debt due is satisfied. (b) We shall, as agent for the seller and on our own behalf pursue these rights and remedies only so far as is reasonable to make appropriate recovery in respect of breach of these conditions 9. THIRD PARTY LIABILITY All members of the public on our premises are there at their own risk and must note the lay-out of the accommodation and security arrangements. Accordingly neither the auctioneer nor our employees or agents shall incur liability for death or personal injury (except as required by law by reason of our negligence) or similarly for the safety of the property of persons visiting prior to or at a sale.

10. COMMISSION BIDS Whilst prospective buyers are strongly advised to attend the auction and are always responsible for any decision to bid for a particular lot and shall be assumed to have carefully inspected and satisfied themselves as to its condition, we will if so instructed clearly and in writing execute bids on their behalf. Neither the auctioneer nor our employees or agents shall be responsible for any failure to do so save where such failure is unreasonable. Where two or more commission bids at the same level are recorded we reserve the right in our absolute discretion to prefer the first bid so made. 11. WARRANTY OF TITLE AND AVAILABILITY The seller warrants to the auctioneer and you that the seller is the true owner of the property consigned or is properly authorised by the true owner to consign it for sale and is able to transfer good and marketable title to the property free from any third party claims. 12. AGENCY The auctioneer normally acts as agent only and disclaims any responsibility for default by sellers or buyers. 13. TERMS OF SALE The seller acknowledges that lots are sold subject to the stipulations of these Conditions in their entirety and on the Terms of Consignment as notified to the consignor at the time of the entry of the lot. 14. DESCRIPTIONS AND CONDITION (a) Whilst we seek to describe lots accurately, it may be impractical for us to carry out exhaustive due diligence on each lot. Prospective buyers are given ample opportunities to view and inspect before any sale and they (and any independent experts on their behalf) must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of any description applied to a lot. Prospective buyers also bid on the understanding that, inevitably, representations or statements by us as to authorship, genuineness, origin, date, age, provenance, condition or estimated selling price involve matters of opinion. We undertake that any such opinion shall be honestly and reasonably held and accept liability for opinions given negligently or fraudulently. Subject to the foregoing neither we the auctioneer nor our employees or agents nor the seller accept liability for the correctness of such opinions and all conditions and warranties, whether relating to description, condition or quality of lots, express, implied or statutory, are hereby excluded. This Condition is subject to the next following Condition concerning deliberate forgeries and applies save as provided for in paragraph 6 ‘information to buyers’. (b) Private treaty sales made under these Conditions are deemed to be sales by auction for purposes of consumer legislation. 15. FORGERIES Notwithstanding the preceding Condition, any lot which proves to be a deliberate forgery (as defined) may be returned to us by you within 21 days of the auction provided it is in the same condition as when bought, and is accompanied by particulars identifying it from the relevant catalogue description and a written statement of defects. If we are satisfied from the evidence presented that the lot is a deliberate forgery we shall refund the money paid by you for the lot including any buyer’s premium provided that (1) if the catalogue description reflected the accepted view of scholars and experts as at the date of sale or (2) you personally are not able to transfer a good and marketable title to us, you shall have no rights under this condition. The right of return provided by this Condition is additional to any right or remedy provided by law or by these Conditions of Sale.

PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS, LITHOGRAPHS, ENGRAVINGS AND PRINTS In accordance with long standing practice in Fine Art Sale Rooms certain terms used in descriptions in the Catalogue have the meanings ascribed to them in the glossary below. Glossary Any statement as to authorship, attribution, origin, date, age, provenance and condition is a statement of opinion and is not to be taken as a statement of fact. The Company reserves the right, in forming their opinion, to consult and rely upon any expect or authority considered by them to be reliable. (a) Edward Lear: In our opinion a work by the artist. (When the artist’s forename(s) is not known, a series of asterisks, followed by the surname of the artist, whether preceded by an initial or not, indicates that in our opinion the work is by the artist named. (b) Attributed to Edward Lear: In our opinion probably a work by the artist but less certainly as to authorship is expressed than in the preceding category. (c) Studio of Edward Lear: In our opinion a work by an unknown hand in the studio of the artist which may be or may not have been executed under the artist’s direction. (d) Circle of Edward Lear: In our opinion a work by an as yet unidentified but distinct hand, closely associated with the named artist but not necessarily his pupil. (e) Style of ...; Follower of Edward Lear: In our opinion a work by a painter working in the artist’s style, contemporary or nearly contemporary, but not necessarily his pupil. (f) Manner of Edward Lear: In our opinion a work in the style of the artist and of a later date. (g) After Edward Lear: In our opinion a copy of a known work of the artist. (h) The term signed and/or dated and/or inscribed means that in our opinion the signature and/or date and/or inscription are from the hand of the artist. (i) The term bears a signature and/or date and/or inscription means that in our opinion the signature and/or date and/or inscription have been added by another hand. (j) Dimensions are given height before width. (k) Pictures are framed unless otherwise stated.

BOOK AUCTIONS If, on collation, any named item in this catalogue proves defective in text or illustration, the lot may be returned within 14 days of the sale with the defects stated in writing. This proviso shall not apply to defects stated in the catalogue or announced at the time of sale; nor to the absence of blanks, half titles, tissue guards or advertisements, damage in respect of bindings, stains, spotting, marginal tears or other defects not affecting completeness of text or illustration; nor to drawings, autographs, letters or manuscripts, signed photographs, music, atlases, maps or periodicals; nor to books not identified by title; nor to books sold not subject to return.

GENERAL 16. We shall have the right at our discretion, to refuse admission to our premises or attendance at our auctions by any person. 17. (a) Any right to compensation for losses liabilities and expenses incurred in respect of and as a result of any breach of these Conditions and any exclusions provided by them shall be available to the seller and/or the auctioneer as appropriate. (b) Such rights and exclusions shall extend to and be deemed to be for the benefit of employees and agents of the seller and/or the auctioneer who may themselves enforce them. 18. Any notice to any buyer, seller, bidder or viewer may be given by first class mail or Swiftmail in which case it shall be deemed to have been received by the addressee 48 hours after posting. 19. Special terms may be used in catalogue descriptions of particular classes of items in which case the descriptions must be interpreted in accordance with any glossary appearing in the catalogue. 20. Any indulgence extended to bidders buyers or sellers by us notwithstanding the strict terms of these Conditions or of the Terms of Consignment shall affect the position at the relevant time only and in respect of that particular concession only; in all other respects these Conditions shall be construed as having full force and effect.


21. English law applies to the interpretation of these Conditions.

Lots marked with a ‡ symbol are potentially subject to the levy.

Droit de Suite is a royalty payable to a qualifying artist or the artist’s heirs each time a work is resold during the artist’s lifetime and up to a period of 70 years after the artist’s death. Royalties are calculated on a sliding percentage scale based on the hammer price excluding the buyer’s premium. The royalty does not apply to lots selling below the sterling equivalent of €1,000 and the maximum royalty payable on any single lot is the sterling equivalent of €12,500. Droit de Suite, which is not subject to VAT, will be added to the buyer’s purchase price and then passed on to the relevant collecting agency by the auctioneer. Please enquire for the accepted exchange rate on the day of the sale. Royalties for Droit de Suite are as follows: 4% Up to €50,000 3% €50,000.01 - 200,000 1% €200,000.01 - 350,000 0.5% €350,000.01 - 500,000 0.25% In excess of €500,000 Up to a maximum levy of €12,500

Valuations PROBATE VALUATIONS We offer a speedy and professional service for executors and trustees and provide bound valuations for probate and duplicate copies when required. Since security is often a consideration, we can usually arrange for a house to be cleared and sent for auction, our Valuations Department ensures that executors are informed of which sales are involved and the results thereof.

Valuations are a core part of our business and are usually carried out by a senior specialist or directors. Accuracy, speed and above all confidentiality are paramount.

INSURANCE VALUATIONS Written valuations for insurance can vary from a single item to a large estate. Before starting we discuss the various options available so that the valuation is specifically tailored to individual client’s needs.

We also carry out valuations for Family Division, Capital Gains Tax, and Private Treaty Sales. Contact Christine Johnson 01722 424509

For valuations of an entire house contents an itemised bound valuation is produced and can be accompanied by photographs when required. In addition to providing an inventory, written valuations can prevent painful arguments with a loss adjuster in the event of a claim.

FREE AUCTION VALUATIONS Free verbal valuations of items for sale are available at our Castle Street salerooms. Please telephone the relevant specialist or call our office on 01722 424500.

Woolley & Wallis valuations are accepted by all leading insurance companies.







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