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Matthew Barton Ltd Decorative Works of Art Tuesday 9th December 2014






Matthew Barton Kate Goad

Peter Arney (Ceramics) ÂŁ15 plus postage Phillip Howell (Ceramics) John Culme (Silver & Vertu) Anabel Yorke (Jewellery) Anna Westin (Chinese Works of Art)

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Front cover: Lot 152, 224 Back cover: Selection from a Private Collection, Lots 296-315

Matthew Barton Ltd DECORATIVE WORKS OF ART including Private Collections of English Porcelain, Chinese Ivories, Portrait Miniatures & Snuff Mulls

TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION AT Matthew Barton Ltd 25 Blythe Road London W14 0PD

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Tuesday 9th December 2014 at 1.30pm, precisely This auction is conducted by Matthew Barton Ltd in accordance with our Conditions of Business printed in the back of this catalogue. i

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR BUYERS All lots are offered subject to Matthew Barton Ltd’s Condition’s of Business and to reserves. The Conditions of Business for Buyers, are published at the end of the printed catalogue. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL MEASUREMENTS ARE APPROXIMATE, THAT WEIGHTS MAY ONLY BE ACCURATE TO WITHIN 5 GRAMS AND THAT ILLUSTRATIONS ARE NOT TO SCALE. Export and Permits: it is the purchaser’s sole responsibility to identify and obtain any necessary export, import, endangered species or other permit for any lot. Matthew Barton Ltd makes no representations or warranties as to whether any lot is or is not subject to export or import restrictions or any embargoes. It is common practice for many gemstones to be treated by a variety of methods to enhance their appearance and the international jewellery trade has generally accepted these methods. Although heat enhancement of colour is usually permanent, in some cases this could affect the durability of a gemstone. Oiled gemstones may need re-oiling after a certain period. If no gemmological report is published in the catalogue, prospective buyers should assume that the gemstones or pearls may have been enhanced by some method. Buyers should be aware that Matthew Barton Ltd’s saleroom estimates assume that gemstones or pearls may have been subjected to such treatments. Estimates are published as a guide only and are subject to review. The actual hammer price of a lot may well be higher or lower than the range of figures given and there are no fixed “starting prices”. A Buyer’s premium of 20% is applicable to all lots in this sale. The Buyer’s Premium is subject to VAT at the standard rate (currently 20%). Unless otherwise indicated lots are offered for sale under the auctioneer's margin scheme and VAT on the Buyer’s Premium is payable by all buyers. Lots marked with the symbol ‡ have been imported from outside the European Union (EU) to be sold at auction under Temporary Import Rules. When released to buyers within the EU, including the UK, the buyer will become the importer and must pay VAT at the rate of 5% on the hammer price and 20% on the Buyer’s premium. Buyers outside the EU will normally be eligible to obtain a refund in respect of temporary import VAT, upon satisfactory documentary evidence of exportation. Further information on this matter is available on request. Matthew Barton Ltd will be pleased to execute bids on behalf of those clients unable to attend the sale in person, subject to our Conditions of Business. All bids must be signed and submitted in writing in good time and lots will always be purchased as cheaply as possible (depending on any other bids received, reserves and competition in the saleroom). This service is offered free of charge. Matthew Barton Ltd can supply quotations for shipping of purchases, including transit insurance and VAT refund administration fees, and will assist in the application for any export licenses which may be required. Buyers are reminded that it is their responsibility to comply with UK export regulations and with any local import requirements.

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Storage On receipt of cleared funds, lots can be collected from the Saleroom during the auction or immediately after its completion. Thereafter, all purchased lots will be stored at Matthew Barton Ltd’s premises for a period of one month prior to transfer to third party for storage. A transfer fee of £10 per lot plus all incurred transfer and storage costs due to the third party will be payable prior to release. Please note that collection is by appointment on +44 (0) 20 7806 5545. ii

Matthew Barton Ltd

Tuesday 9th December 2014 | Sale Starts at 1.30pm Lots 1-21 A Private Collection of English Porcelain


1 1 A LOWESTOFT REDGRAVE PATTERN TEABOWL AND SAUCER, CIRCA 1780 painted with the ‘Two Bird’ pattern in underglaze blue, iron-red and gilding saucer 11.5cm diameter, small chips and wear

4 A WORCESTER TEACUP AND SAUCER, CIRCA 1770 painted with ‘Dry Blue’ flower sprays and sprigs inside gilt dentil rims, crossed swords and numeral 6 mark in underglaze blue saucer 13cm diameter £80-120




2 A LOWESTOFT MANDARIN PATTERN TEABOWL AND SAUCER, CIRCA 1780 painted with a mother and child on a terrace saucer 12.5cm diameter, some wear

5 A WORCESTER COFFEE CUP, TEABOWL AND SAUCER, CIRCA 1770 enamelled with puce flower sprays, some within gilt frames, H. Blairman & Sons, 80 Regent Street [London] paper label to teabowl saucer 12.25cm diameter





3 A WORCESTER BLUE AND WHITE COFFEE CUP, TEABOWL AND SAUCER, CIRCA 1756 fluted, painted in underglaze blue with the ‘Prunus Root’ pattern, blue workman’s mark saucer 11.5cm diameter

6 A LIVERPOOL TEABOWL AND SAUCER, CIRCA 1765 each painted with flower groups saucer 11.75cm diameter

Provenance: Christie’s, London, 10 February 1986, lot 139



Provenance: Christie’s, London, 5 April 1983, lot 232


7 7 A CHELSEA TEABOWL AND SAUCER, RED ANCHOR PERIOD, CIRCA 1755 painted with flower sprays and sprigs inside chocolate brown rims, red anchor marks saucer 12.75cm diameter

11 11 A NANTGARW TEACUP AND SAUCER, CIRCA 1820 decorated in London, with colourful flowers beneath a gilt-edged turquoise border and gilt dentil rim, unmarked saucer 13.75cm diameter £300-500

Provenance: The Amos Collection (paper label); The F.S. Mackenna Collection (paper label); Christie’s, London 13 February 1984, lot 49 £150-250

12 8 8 A WORCESTER TEABOWL AND SAUCER, CIRCA 1770 painted with a version of the ‘Queen’s’ pattern with panels of prunus and chrysanthemum in the Kakiemon palette alternating with panels of iron-red mon against a blue ground, blue fretted square mark saucer 12cm diameter

12 A CHELSEA DERBY TWO-HANDLED CUP, COVER AND TREMBLEUSE STAND, CIRCA 1775 fluted, angular handles, painted with borders of trailing flowers beneath gilt dentil rims, gilt D and anchor mark to cup, blue crowned D mark to saucer saucer 12.5cm diameter £150-250


9 9 THREE WORCESTER TEACUPS AND SAUCERS, CIRCA 1770 painted in the Kakiemon palette with gilt-framed panels enclosing chrysanthemum and other flowers against a blue-scale ground, blue script W marks saucers 12.75cm diameter, chips £200-300

13 13 A WORCESTER TEACUP AND SAUCER, CIRCA 1770 fluted, painted with birds, flowers and insects inside gilt-edged turquoise ground borders saucer 13.5cm diameter £150-250

10 10 A BRISTOL COFFEE CUP, TEABOWL AND TWO SAUCERS, CIRCA 1775 each painted with festoons of colourful flowers suspended from laurel leaf garlands inside a gilt dentil rim, blue crossed swords marks, gilt numeral 1 saucers 13cm diameter, chips and haircracks Provenance: Christie’s, London, 19 November 1979, lot 36 £200-300


14 14 A GROUP OF WORCESTER BLUE AND WHITE PORCELAIN, 1770s comprising: a transfer printed ‘Fence’ pattern coffee cup, two teabowls and two saucers; a ‘Three Flowers’ pattern teabowl and saucer; and a ‘Fisherman’ pattern teabowl and saucer; blue hatched crescent marks (9) £150-250








15 A SETH PENNINGTON (LIVERPOOL) TEABOWL AND SAUCER, CIRCA 1785 each painted with an exotic bird in branches inside a blue printed border, saucer 13.5cm diameter, starcrack to teabowl; together with a Worcester teabowl and saucer, 1780s, painted in Compagnie des Indes style with scattered flowers (4) £70-100 16 A FLIGHT & BARR TEACUP AND SAUCER, CIRCA 1800 painted with the Queen Charlotte pattern, incised ‘B’ mark, saucer 14cm diameter; together with a Flight & Barr coffee cup and saucer, blue and gilt spiral fluted; a teabowl and saucer, probably Flight & Barr, spiral fluted, with painted running leaf border; a Barr, Flight & Barr coffee can and saucer, green ground with gilt flower panelled borders, impressed mark; and a coffee can and saucer painted with a leaf and berry border (10)

18 18 A CHAMBERLAIN WORCESTER CUP AND SAUCER, CIRCA 1800 decorated with orange and gilt marbled bands beneath a border of gilt acorns and leaves, painted pattern 532 saucer 13.5cm diameter £70-100


17 17 A GROUP OF DERBY PORCELAINS, LATE 18TH CENTURY comprising: a spiral fluted trio painted with cornflowers; a teablowl and saucer, spiral and leaf moulded, painted with flower sprigs beneath a trellis border; a coffee cup and saucer painted with gilt swags; all with crowned D and crossed batons marks (7)

19 19 A FLIGHT, BARR & BARR CUP AND SAUCER, CIRCA 1820 painted with a band of green and gilt oeil de perdrix beneath gilt gadroon moulded rims, impressed FBB and crown marks saucer 15.5cm diameter


£70-100 20 A GROUP OF ENGLISH PORCELAIN AND POTTERY, EARLY 19TH CENTURY AND LATER comprising: a Spode bat printed cup and saucer, a Spode blue and white Willow pattern cup and saucer, a Spode London shaped coffee cup and saucer, a Derby blue and gilt coffee can, an earthenware blue and white printed bowl, a shell painted teabowl and saucer, and two further porcelain cups and saucers and a Royal Navy wardroom cup and saucer (16)




21 A CAUGHLEY COFFEE CUP, TEABOWL AND SAUCER, CIRCA 1780 fluted, painted in underglaze blue and gilt with scattered flowers, blue S mark to teabowl saucer 14cm diameter £80-120

22 22 A PAIR OF ROYAL WORCESTER DEMI-TASSE CUPS AND SAUCERS, PAINTED BY HARRY STINTON, 1925/26 with scenes of Highland cattle all signed H Stinton, gilt interiors, handles and rims, puce marks and date codes saucers 10cm diameter £200-300

25 25 A DERBY FIGURE OF A RANELAGH DANCER, CIRCA 1765 the young woman holding out a flower posy, a portrait miniature of a beau on her hip suspended from a pink ribbon, her dress with floral sprigs in the manner of the cotton-stem painter, on scrollwork base, 30cm high, restored; together with a Coalport basket, circa 1830, flower wreathed rim and painted with further flowers and gilt scrolls to interior, pale blue exterior, 22cm long, chips and damage (2) £300-400

23 23 A GRAINGER’S WORCESTER TETE-A-TETE, CIRCA 1900 painted with birds in branches inside a cobalt blue border gilt with a diaper pattern and flowerheads, comprising: rectangular tray, teapot and cover, milk jug, two cups and saucers, brown printed marks, Phillips retailer’s mark, painted pattern 3813 tray 28cm wide £200-300

26 24 24 A MINTON CELADON AND WHITE GLAZED PARIAN ‘MERMAID EWER’, CIRCA 1871 each side moulded with a putto holding leafy branches, either side of a satyr mask, the handle modelled as a mermaid, impressed marks and date code for 1871 19cm high

26 A MATCHED SET OF TWELVE MONKEY BAND FIGURES, ONE MEISSEN, NINE DRESDEN, TWO UNMARKED, LATE 19TH / 20TH CENTURY after the J.J. Kaendler models for Meissen, gilt scroll bases, Meissen crossed swords mark and blue printed Dresden marks conductor 16cm high




27 A MEISSEN FIGURE OF A BOLOGNESE SPANIEL, CIRCA 1743 modelled by J. J. Kändler, free-standing, modelled seated, scratching under its chin with its hind leg 19cm. high, restoration to right foreleg Provenance: The Collection of Sir Gawaine and Lady Baillie; The Count Alcario Palmieri Collection, Christie’s London, 28th March 1996, lot 7 The present model was created to form a pair and is recorded in Kändler’s Taxa for 1740-1744 as follows: “2. Pologneser oder Zottligte Hunde, gegen einan der sehend auff Camine zu sezen, davon einer sich krazet, der andere aber auffrecht sizet, pro 1. Stück...4. Thlr.” [2 Bolognese or shaggy dogs, to set on a chimney looking at each other, one of which scratching itself, the other sitting upright...4. Thlr.]. For a figure similar to the present example, see Carl Albiker, Die Meissner Porzellantiere im 18. Jahrhundert, Berlin, 1959, Nos.187/188. £1200-1800


28 A ‘SEVRES’ STYLE PORCELAIN GROUP OF ‘LA CHASSE AU SANGLIER’, LATE 19TH CENTURY in the white, after a late 18th century Sevres model based on paintings by Jean-Baptiste Oudry, with two hounds struggling to bring down a wild boar, on stained beechwood stand carved with formal foliate border group 42cm long, one leg repaired La Chasse au Sanglier is one of a number of groups forming a surtout de table, first made in biscuit at Sevres in the 1770s. Rare glazed examples are also found in Vincennes porcelain. During the 1870s Sevres brought out again a number of sets, offered as diplomatic gifts and for display in French embassies. £400-600



29 29 A MEISSEN MINIATURE FARMYARD GROUP, CIRCA 1765 modelled as a hen and seven chicks pecking grain from the ground, crossed swords and dot mark in underglaze-blue 9cm long, some restoration Provenance: The Collection of Sir Gawaine and Lady Baillie; Christie’s Geneva, 11th May 1987, lot 204; Brian Haughton Antiques, London, 15th June 1987 £700-1000


30 30 A PAIR OF GERMAN PORCELAIN MINIATURE FIGURES OF TURKEY HENS, PROBABLY MEISSEN, 19TH CENTURY with blue heads and red wattles, their plumage picked out in tones of brown, each standing on a mound base, crossed swords marks in underglaze-blue 5.5cm. high, repair to one neck

32 A FRENCH PORCELAIN AND ORMOLU-MOUNTED POURRI VASE AND COVER, PROBABLY SAINT-CLOUD, CIRCA 1740 the bulbous body applied in high relief with flowering branches and pierced with trefoils within pellet pierced roundels, supported on three crouching naked figures and triangular rocky base, on a contemporary openwork Rococo scroll ormolu stand stand 22cm wide £1200-1800

Provenance: The Collection of Sir Gawaine and Lady Baillie; Sotheby’s, London, 17th June 1986, lot 143 (part) £200-300 31 A PORCELAIN FIGURE OF A LIONESS, IN MEISSEN STYLE modelled after Kaendler, snarling, with one paw raised 8.5cm long Provenance: The Collection of Sir Gawaine and Lady Baillie £150-250




33 A RICHARD GINORI PART SERVICE, 1920s each painted with a different titled wild animal, gilt line borders, comprising: a tureen and cover, a pair of oval dishes, a pair of tazze, three platters, nine dessert plates, and a pair of soup bowls, green printed Ginori and red printed Richard Ginori marks one tazza restored (19) £600-900 34 FIFTEEN LUDWIGSBURG PLATES, LATE 18TH CENTURY painted with floral sprays surrounded by further scattered flowers, ozier moulded borders and puce line rims, one with Rococo cartouche moulded rim, interlaced C or crowned interlaced C marks approx. 25cm diameter

34 part

£300-400 35 A GILT-BRONZE-MOUNTED SEVRES BOWL AND COVER, THE PORCELAIN LATE 18TH CENTURY, THE MOUNTS PROBABLY MID 19TH CENTURY deep blue glazed bowl and cover with gilt scroll borders and leaf and bud finial, the Rococo Revival mounts forming scrolling handles, spiral fluted pedestal and openwork scroll base 20cm high, cracked £70-100



36 36 A LONDON DELFT DRY DRUG JAR, EARLY 18TH CENTURY painted in blue with scroll cartouche for U:POMATUM. surmounted by a fruit basket flanked by laurel sprays and songbirds, with seraphim flanked by pendent baskets and tassles between below 15cm high £300-500

39 39 THREE DANISH PORCELAIN FIGURE GROUPS IN THE WHITE, JENS JAKOB BREGNØ (1877-1946) FOR DAHL-JENSEN, COPENHAGEN, CIRCA 1930 Couple Embracing, rear with impressed initials for Jens Jakob Bregnø, painted numbers 1184, 26.5cm high, Eve, front of plinth with impressed initials for Jens Jakob Bregnø, painted numbers 1178, 30cm high and Female Nude, painted numbers 1175, 21cm high, all with green printed Dahl-Jensen mark £250-350

37 37 A FRENCH FAIENCE JARDINIERE, BORDEAUX, CIRCA 1725 painted in blue with panels of village buildings and with leafy panels below the handles, dash and wrigglework borders 40cm diameter, some minor wear and fritting to rim, restored



38 38 A PAIR OF STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERY ‘DISRAELI’ SPANIELS, CIRCA 1860 each black and white dog modelled seated holding a basket of flowers in it’s mouth 20cm high (2)

40 A PAIR OF MOORCROFT ‘HIBISCUS’ SLENDER BOTTLE VASES, CIRCA 1950 tube lined flowers against a mottled blue and green ground, green painted initials, impressed MOORCROFT MADE IN ENGLAND 26cm high, one with restoration to neck





41 A ROYAL DOULTON FIGURE ‘DOLLY’ HN 355, AFTER THE MODEL BY ERNEST WILLIAM LIGHT (1872-1933), CIRCA 1919 the young girl in pale blue nightgown clutching her stripy dolly to her chest, printed and painted marks 18.5cm high The model for this rare figure was originally ascribed to Charles Noke, until another example was discovered, similarly signed E.W. Light sc. The obscured original title on the present example appears to read ‘Dollie’, suggesting this is a very early production, before the spelling ‘Dolly’ was finally fixed upon. Ernest William Light was a freelance modeller in the potteries, producing a number of the early figures for Doulton, starting in 1914, as well as working for Wedgwood. He is recorded as working as the Modelling Instructor at Hanley Art School (1907); Headmaster of Hanley Art School (1920); Master of Stoke Art School (1920-32). [, accessed 28 Oct 2014] £1500-2000


41 underside

42 A LARGE LINTHORPE POTTERY VASE, DESIGNED BY DR CHRISTOPHER DRESSER (1834-1904), CIRCA 1880 cylindrical neck, angular handles and bulbous body, painted with scrolling leafy tendrils on a mottled turquoise green ground merging to dark brown at the base, underside with impressed facsimile signature Chr. Dresser and numbered 247H 50cm high, hairline cracks to rim £500-700



44 A FRENCH ENAMELLED GLASS ‘PERSIAN STYLE’ FLASK, JACQUESPHILIPPE IMBERTON, PARIS, CIRCA 1885 flattened rounded body below two handles, enamelled after Mamluk taste with roundels of stylised foliage and arabesques flanked by spandrels of gilt interlaced tendrils, signed in red enamel beside pontil: J.P. Imberton 18.5cm high, neck reduced Bearing affinities with his contemporary Brocard’s Persian type enamelling, Imberton participated in a number of International Exhibitions. Examples of his work are preserved in the Musée des Arts et Métiers, Paris (Inv. Nos: 10213, 10214, 10347, 10349, 10350, 10351). £800-1200

43 43 A BERLIN PORCELAIN PLAQUE OF RAPHAEL’S SISTINE MADONNA, LATE 19TH CENTURY the Madonna and Child standing on a cloud flanked by Saints Sixtus and Barbara all framed by green curtains, the famous angels peeking from below, impressed K.P.M. monogram and sceptre mark, incised numerals XII 31 x 25cm excluding giltwood and gesso frame Raphael’s Sistine Madonna, painted circa 1512-14 for an altarpiece in Piacenza, was bought for a record sum by Augustus III in 1754 and quickly became famous and influential throughout Germany. It has remained in Dresden ever since, except for a decade long sojourn in Moscow following WWII. Many stories surround it, including one that Raphael was inspired to paint the expression on the cherubim’s faces after seeing two children in the street gazing longingly at a confectioner’s display. £1000-1500



45 A GROUP OF TWELVE CHINESE SNUFF BOTTLES, 18TH - 20TH CENTURY comprising: a faux ivory porcelain bottle, a celadon hardstone bottle, a tiger’s eye bottle, three silver bottles, a puddingstone bottle, four glass bottles and a mottled green hardstone bottle 6.6cm - 8.1cm high Provenance: Chris Bennett collection £600-800 46 A GROUP OF TWELVE CHINESE SNUFF BOTTLES, 19TH - 20TH CENTURY comprising: a green glass bottle, an inside painted blue glass bottle, a blue and white porcelain bottle, five agate bottles and four further inside painted bottles (the tallest of which is from the collection of Nicholas Fairbairn) 5.8cm - 10.8cm high


Provenance: Chris Bennett collection £600-800 47 A GROUP OF FOURTEEN CHINESE SNUFF BOTTLES, 18TH - 20TH CENTURY comprising: an inside painted rock crystal bottle, a lapis lazuli bottle, a striated coral bottle, an enamelled milk glass bottle, two celadon jade bottles, one white glass bottle, an aragonite bottle, a coral and turquoise inlaid Mongolian style bottle from the Ko Family Collection (Sotheby’s Hong Kong 30 Oct 2000), a silver and carved lacquer Mongolian style bottle, a mother of pearl bottle and three agate bottles 5.2cm - 8cm high


Provenance: Chris Bennett collection £800-1200 48 A GROUP OF FOURTEEN CHINESE SNUFF BOTTLES, 19TH - 20TH CENTURY comprising: three rock crystal bottles, two horse-shaped smoky crystal bottles, two tortoiseshell bottles, an ivory bottle in the shape of a woman, a shagreen bottle, a white glass bottle, a carnelian bottle, two agate bottles and an interior painted glass bottle 3.5cm - 7.8cm high


Provenance: Chris Bennett collection £700-900

48 11

49 A GROUP OF NINE CHINESE SNUFF BOTTLES, 19TH - 20TH CENTURY comprising: a carnelian bottle, two agate bottles, two enamelled milk glass bottles, two root amber snuff bottles, a rhodonite snuff bottle and a red chalcedony snuff bottle 5.7 - 9.6cm high Provenance: Chris Bennett collection £600-800


50 A GROUP OF TWELVE CHINESE SNUFF BOTTLES, 19TH - 20TH CENTURY comprising: a chalcedony bottle, a tiger’s eye bottle, a caramel agate bottle, a white jade elephant bottle, a black hardstone bottle, a clear glass bottle, a yellow glass bottle, a lapis lazuli bottle, a milk glass overlay bottle, a red glass bottle, an amber bottle and a dark brown soapstone bottle 4cm - 8.4cm high Provenance: Chris Bennett collection £600-800



51 SIX CHINESE SNUFF BOTTLES, 19TH/20TH CENTURY comprising: a rectangular aventurine glass bottle, a flattened oval tiger’s eye bottle, an ovoid russet glass bottle carved with leaves, a flattened round russet glass bottle with lotus scroll in blue overlay, a large round agate bottle and a Tibetan silver bottle inlaid with turquoise and coral 7cm high £250-350

52 A CHINESE BURNISHED GREY POTTERY COCOON JAR, HAN DYNASTY (206 BC-220 AD) of elongated ovoid form with incised vertical triple bands, the neck with finely carved bands and lip, on a tall splayed foot 25.2cm high £500-700



53 A CHINESE PORCELAIN BLUE AND WHITE BOTTLE VASE, KANGXI (16621722) the pear-shaped body rising from a straight foot to a tapering neck, painted to the exterior with pendent lappet-shaped cartouches divided by foliate scrolls and variously enclosing stylised floral sprays, all between ruyi and pointed lappets, the neck similarly decorated with stylised ruyi motifs below a lappet band, the neck reduced and bound with a silver rim 27.5cm high £1000-1500


54 A CHINESE PORCELAIN BLUE AND WHITE CHARGER, QIANLONG (17361795) painted with a central bowl with peonies and chrysanthemum, placed on a large lotus leaf with lotus bud and pomegranate, the rim with auspicious symbols amongst floral branches, all within a diamond diaper border finished with a brown rim 38cm diameter £250-350


55 A CHINESE PORCELAIN BLUE AND WHITE CHARGER, KANGXI (1662-1722) painted with a blue ground with leafy peony sprays repeated on the rim, the reverse with flower sprays and Mandarin mark of honour 38cm diameter £300-500

55 13


56 A PAIR OF CHINESE BLUE AND WHITE PORCELAIN CHARGERS, KANGXI (1662-1722) painted with a pair of pheasants on pierced garden rocks flanked by branches of flowering plum blossom, birds flying above, within flowerhead border, the rim with foliate floral reserves, reverse with flower sprays, the base with Mandarin honour mark and silk band 38cm diameter £1500-2000

57 A CHINESE PORCELAIN BLUE AND WHITE EWER, CHONGZHEN (1627-1644) the globular body rising from a spreading foot to a waisted neck, set with a loop handle, the body brightly painted with a kneeling attendant offering an official’s hat to a dignitary surrounded by further attendants and soldiers, all between a floral scroll and lappet band, the foot encircled by wavy lappets, the neck and the handle decorated with stylised floral sprays, the neck perhaps reduced and mounted with an engraved silver rim stamped ‘925’ 35cm high £2000-3000




58 A CHINESE EXPORT ‘COCKEREL’ PUNCH BOWL, 18TH CENTURY painted in famille rose enamels, one side with a cockerel and hen in a flowering garden with peonies, magnolia and plum blossom, the other side with single cockerel clasping a grasshopper in its beak amongst peonies and garden rocks, the inside rim with a floral border, the centre with a peony bloom, the rim gilt 40cm diameter Provenance: Collection of James Broun Ramsay, 1st Marquess of Dalhousie and Governor General of India in 1848 -1856. £1500-2000

59 60

59 A PAIR OF CHINESE BLUE AND WHITE NARCISSUS BOWLS, LATE QING rectangular, with diaper patterned rim and recticulated sides, on panel feet 23cm wide £300-400 60 A CHINESE PORCELAIN BLUE AND WHITE NARCISSUS BOWL, LATE QING rectangular, with diaper patterned rim and recticulated sides, on panel feet 23cm wide £200-300 61 A CHINESE PORCELAIN BLUE AND WHITE TEAPOT AND COVER, KANGXI (1662-1722) of ovoid form painted with lotus scroll repeated on the cover, the neck with diaper border, the spout white metal and later repairs




64 64 A CHINESE JADEITE BRUSHWASHER, EARLY 20TH CENTURY with two qilong dragons clutching the rim of the bowl 12cm diameter £120-180

62 62 A CHINESE PORCELAIN BLUE AND WHITE CHARGER, KANGXI (1662-1722) of moulded silver form, foliate rim, with central reserve of a bird perched on a pierced garden rock amongst flowering chrysanthemum, all within a band of floral reserves, the outer rim with peony blooms, with scrolling leaves, the reverse with sprays of flowers and central mirror lozenge 38cm diameter £700-1000


65 A CHINESE BOWENITE RECTANGULAR BOX AND COVER, 19TH/20TH CENTURY the faceted cover with a coiled qilong dragon, enclosed by a scroll border repeated on the base, on a short straight foot 5.5cm high, 9cm across £80-120



63 A CHINESE HARDWOOD TRAVELLING CHEST, LATE QING DYNASTY with brass fittings, the central lock plate of ruyi form, below which is an s-shaped hook, flanked by two loose double happiness characters suspended from a bat, the sides with two handles, the inside fitted with a mirror, beneath which are six drawers and two compartments with sliding covers, all on a foliate base carved with a floral scroll 21cm high x 25.5cm wide x 34.5cm long

66 A CHINESE JADE HORSE GROUP, LATE 19TH/EARLY 20TH CENTURY the horse depicted looking back, with two foals, one clambering on its back, the other beneath, nibbling at its hoof, with pale russet inclusions 10cm long




67 A CHINESE CLOISONNE COCKEREL ON A DRUM, LATE 19TH / EARLY 20TH CENTURY the yellow, blue and red bird standing on a blueground barrel with yellow dragons, blue integral stand with four spreading legs 42cm high A subject more common in Japanese art, the cock on a ceremonial drum symbolises peace. £300-400

70 70 A CARVED WOOD FIGURE, PROBABLY CHINESE OR MONGOLIAN 19TH CENTURY in gilt and polychrome, the demonic figure manacled to a post carried by a horse riding on a stylised cloud 23cm high £600-800

67 68 A CHINESE BRONZE DOG OF FO (GUARDIAN LION), PROBABLY 19TH CENTURY modelling crouching and snarling 16cm long £150-250 69 A CHINESE BRONZE FIGURE OF GUANYIN, 18TH CENTURY clasping her hands in front, her voluminous robes falling in folds round her feet 15.5cm high £120-180

71 71 A CHINESE GILDED BRONZE FIGURE OF A MONK, MING DYNASTY (13681644) with traces of lacquer, modelled with hands clasped in prayer, on integral twotier openwork stand 30.5cm high



69 17


74 A JAPANESE LACQUER KODANSU/BOX, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) rectangular, the cover with shaped inset panel worked in relief with a bird of prey perched upon a screen, sides covered with scattered feathers with mother-of-pearl highlights, set with two graduated drawers, interior with tray 26.5cm wide



72 A JAPANESE LACQUER TABLE CABINET, 18TH CENTURY rectangular, red ground, with an arrangement of variously sized drawers decorated with gilt foliage below two sliding panels with landscape scenes, the sides with scrolling tendrils and Tokugawa mons, the top with verses in relief of Poetry of Autumn Landscape by ‘Tenzan’, sold together with a certificate from S. Kurihawa, Arts & Crafts, Kanagawa-Ken, dated 29th March 1960 including a translation of the poetry 40cm wide £300-400


73 A JAPANESE GOLD LACQUER BOX, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) the hinged lid signed and decorated in relief with birds and butterflies amidst foliage, the sides stylised foliage, 21cm wide; together with a Japanese black lacquer box and cover, Meiji period, oblong with in-curved corners, the cover with hens and chicks in relief, the sides with scenes of boys playing, 19cm wide (2)

75 A JAPANESE SATSUMA VASE, KINKOZAN, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) tapering ovoid, decorated to the flattened shoulder with gilt paterae and pellets between geometric borders, painted with a scene of ladies beside flowering shrubs and trees, red and gilt Kinkozan tsukuru mark, 15cm high; together with another Japanese Satsuma vase, Meiji period, inverted baluster, painted with flowering trails of wisteria between geometric borders, worn gilt mark probably Kinkozan, 15cm high (2)





Lots 78-89 Collection of Ivory from the Marquesses of Dalhousie. The collection was started by James Broun Ramsay, 1st Marquess of Dalhousie and Governor General of India in 1848 -1856 and subsequently added to by other members of the family.

78 76 76 A JAPANESE IVORY TUSK BOX AND COVER, LATE MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) carved with musicians, dignitaries and guests in a social scene, signed on base and side of box 9.5cm high

78 A CHINESE IVORY COASTER, CANTON, EARLY 19TH CENTURY carved over a finely pierced linear ground with panels each containing a figure in an arabesque cartouche surrounded by flowers, one panel intialled EM, base with further fine geometric piercing 15cm diameter £200-300



79 A CHINESE IVORY BOX, CANTON, MID 19TH CENTURY rectangular, the lid carved with figures, pavilions and trees over a geometric pierced ground surrounded by a stiff leaf and flowerhead border, the sides with further similar panels 12.3cm wide £200-300


77 77 A JAPANESE IVORY SHIBAYAMA CARD CASE, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) rectangular, one side with insects and a pair of cranes beside a flowering prunus tree, the other with a pair of quail and further insects beside a variety of foliage 11.5cm long £500-800


80 A CHINESE IVORY BODKIN CASE, CANTON, MID 19TH CENTURY carved with a dragon amidst foliage, the screw cover with a phoenix, containing thirteen bodkins 16cm long £100-200


81 81 81 A CHINESE IVORY FAN, CANTON, MID 19TH CENTURY sticks finely pierced with a linear ground and carved with a central drapery cartouche initialled F surrounded by scrolling flowers and birds, the guards carved with buildings and foliage on a reticular ground guards/sticks 26.5cm long £800-1200

83 83 A IVORY BOX AND COVER, INDIAN OR BURMESE, LATE 19TH CENTURY cylindrical, deeply carved with bands of scroll foliage between formal foliate borders 12cm diameter £250-350

82 82 A CHINESE IVORY WATCH STAND, CANTON, LATE 19TH CENTURY square base with angled watch recess, covered in recticular carving of figures in a variety of pursuits including boating, teadrinking and gardening 10cm wide

84 TWO IVORY BOXES AND COVERS, INDIAN OR BURMESE, LATE 19TH CENTURY each carved with bands of foliage 6cm & 6.3cm diameter





87 A COLLECTION OF MISCELLANEOUS CHINESE IVORIES, CANTON, LATE 19TH CENTURY comprising: nine foliate carved cylinders strung together, each cylinder 8.5cm high; a foliate carved cylinder with two discs strung on red twine, 12.5cm high; an openwork scroll foliate carved panel stung with beads and a suspension ring, 6cm square; a puzzle box (puzzle pieces lacking) carved with figures on an openwork diaper ground, 5.5cm square; and a puzzle ball, foliate reticular carved, 8cm long (5) £150-250


85 85 A CHINESE IVORY CARD CASE AND COVER, CANTON, CIRCA 1840 rectangular, carved in relief with figures and pavilions in a garden setting over a geometric patterned ground 11.5cm long

88 A CHINESE IVORY PAPER KNIFE, CANTON, MID 19TH CENTURY the handle openwork and relief carved with birds, insects and a flowering branch, the blade with figures in a pavilion garden setting 37cm long £200-300


86 86 A CHINESE IVORY CARD CASE, CANTON, THIRD QUARTER 19TH CENTURY oblong, reticular carved with figures, boats, pavilions, bridges and trees around a vacant oval 11cm long

89 89 A CHINESE IVORY HAND MIRROR AND PAIR OF HAND BRUSHES, CANTON, LATE 19TH CENTURY each initialled S.B. surrounded by finely reticular carved flowers mirror 26.5cm long £200-300



90 reverse 91 A CHINESE BONE MODEL OF A FLOWER BOAT, CANTON, SECOND HALF 19TH CENTURY the carpeted cabins with stained furniture and shaded by fretwork pierced panels, the foredeck with figures around a tea table, the upper deck set with plants beneath the sign ‘Verdant Bamboos’, the roofline with flags and lanterns, the entrance portico inscribed with a verse extract and a couplet, on a cloth-covered stand 38.5cm long excluding hardwood base Verse extract from ‘An Epigraph in Praise of My Humble House’ by Liu Yuxi (772-842), couplet derived from Wang Wenzhi (1730-1802).

90 90 A CHINESE GILT-BRONZE FIGURE OF TARA, 18TH CENTURY cast seated in ‘lalitasana’ on a double lotus base, the right hand lowered in ‘varadamudra’ and the left hand raised to the chest, holding leafy stems of uptala lotuses rising above the shoulders, dressed in a dhoti embellished with beaded jewellery, crowned with a tiara in front of the high chignon 11cm high £2000-3000

In the 18th and 19th century brightly decorated ‘Flower Boats’ thronged the waterways of Canton. Although more innocent entertainments were available to gentlemen, such as wine and song provided by the ‘flowers’ (the ladies on board), in general the term ‘Flower Boat’ referred to floating brothels, servicing the needs of the foreign sailors and traders, among others. Models of these pleasure craft became popular souvenir items. In about 1803 a model was brought back to England by Richard Hall, a senior merchant of the East India Company. This model is preserved today at the Victoria and Albert Museum (No. A.6-1936). For other comparable models to the present example see: the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, object ID OBJ0437; the Mariner’s Museum, Newport News VA, No. MP30; and the Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul. £300-400 92 A CHINESE BONE MODEL OF A FLOWER BOAT, CANTON, SECOND HALF 19TH CENTURY the carpeted cabins with stained furniture and shaded by fretwork pierced panels, the foredeck with figures around a tea table before a verandah and doorway flanked by an inscribed couplet, the upper deck set with plants, the bow with flags and lanterns, on a cloth-covered stand 33.5cm long

92 91 22

The couplet reads in translation: The fish is swimming across the green water / The bee is flying into the red heart of the flower. £250-350

93 A LARGE LACQUERED WOOD SEAT MODELLED AS A BULLDOG, PROBABLY EUROPEAN, 20TH CENTURY the russet ground canine carved with a draped tangerine ground Chinoiserie decorated tasselled blanket saddle and with a black and silver hobnailed collar 85cm long £600-1000



‡ 94 A FRENCH IVORY APPLIQUE, DIEPPE, 18TH CENTURY openwork carved in relief, probably of St Augustine kneeling in canonical dress proffering his attribute the Flaming Heart to the Madonna and Child who rest on a cloud above a Renaissance altar and below an arch, the background with trees and a fountain, all within an oval leaf and patera border, on velvet covered bevelled rectangular backing ivory 15cm high

95 95 DEMETRE H. CHIPARUS (1886-1947): CHIEN POLICIER silvered bronze figure of a recumbent Alsatian, on a mottled black marble base with applied label ‘CHIEN POLICIER / Par D.H. Chiparus / Lauréat du Salon des Beaux Arts’ base 24.5cm long £400-600

St Augustine of Hippo is often referred to in Mariology. Here, his attribute, the Flaming Heart, whilst symbolic of devotion, may also suggest the Sacred Heart. Meanwhile the Christ Child appears to point to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (a heart pierced by a sword or cross). Such joint devotion of the hearts was first formalised by St Jean Eudes in the 17th century and the devotions grew (particularly in Northern France) in the 18th century. ‡£200-300

96 96 PIERRE-JULES MENE (1810-1879): BREBIS ALLAITANT SON AGNEAU a patinated bronze figure of a ewe suckling her lamb, signed in the bronze P.J. MÈNE 1848 23.5cm long £800-1200


97 AIME-JULES DALOU (1838-1902): LA LAITIERE a patinated bronze figure of a milkmaid, signed in the bronze DALOU, inscribed cire perdue, Susse Frères Edition, Paris mark and foundry roundel, numbered 9 11cm high £600-800


99 99 GEORGES VAN DER STRAETEN (1856-1941): YOUNG WOMAN WITH CHERRIES a patinated bronze Art Nouveau bust of a behatted woman holding the stalks of a pair of cherries in her teeth, signed in the bronze and with Société des Bronzes de Paris foundry roundel 22cm high £500-700

100 98 98 ANTONIN MERCIE (1845-1916): DAVID VAINQUEUR a patinated bronze figure of the young man sheathing his sword, his foot on Goliath’s head, signed in the bronze A. MERCIÉ, Collas reduction roundel, inscribed F. BARBEDIENNE FOUNDEUR 46cm high £1200-1800


100 AFTER JEAN-ANTOINE HOUDON (1741-1828): LE BAISER DONNE a 19th century French bronze double bust of ‘The Kiss Given’, inscribed to reverse HOUDON and Susse Frères stamp 14.5cm high £500-700


101 A PAIR OF FRENCH BRONZE ROUNDELS, CIRCLE OF CLAUDE MICHEL CALLED CLODION (1738-1814), PROBABLY PARIS, LATE 18TH/EARLY 19TH CENTURY one depicting a Vestal making a sacrifice, the other depicting a couple embracing (possibly Ares and Aphrodite) 13cm diameter excluding giltwood frames

102 A PAIR OF GILT-BRONZE PORTRAIT BUSTS OF MATTHEW BOULTON AFTER PETER ROUW THE YOUNGER (ANGLO-DUTCH, 1770-1852) AND PROBABLY OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, ENGLISH, 19TH CENTURY each shown in opposing profile low relief, with matted and burnished areas, later blue velvet backing and turned wood circular frames frames 13.5cm diameter

Clodion is known to have executed a series of reliefs of young women at altars, very much in the spirit of these bronze roundels. Such bronzes were produced by a number of Parisian workshops for the emerging bourgeoisie in the late 18th and early 19th century. The 1992 Clodion exhibition catalogue refers to such work as sculptures d’amateurs (A.L. Poulet and G. Scherf, Clodion, 1738-1814, Louvre, Paris, 1992, pp.157-61). For a gilt bronze example of the Vestal roundel, see Sotheby’s, Paris, 9 April 2008, lot 85.

A wax version of the bust of Matthew Boulton is to be seen at the Victoria & Albert Museum (No. 1058-1871). The portrait was produced posthumously, in 1814. Rouw, well known for marble bas-reliefs and wax portraits, is known to have produced work for Matthew Boulton’s Soho manufactory, both during the latter’s lifetime and later. £200-300





103 103 A LEAD PLAQUE OF VENUS AND CUPID, DUTCH, MID 17TH CENTURY oval, centred by a panel of the loosely draped goddess holding an arrow in one hand and the hand of her son with his bow in the other, surrounded by a broad border of tulips, cornucopiae, scrolls, acanthus and further foliage, an auricular mask below 24cm high

107 A PAIR OF STEEL SNUFFER SCISSORS, PROBABLY CONTINENTAL, 18TH / 19TH CENTURY the shafts pierced with the adorsed letter G and various attributes, included cross keys and a ladder, perhaps for a guild, on two bar and ball supports (front support lacking) 23cm long £80-120


104 No lot

105 A PAIR OF BRONZE FIGURAL BOOKENDS, EARLY 20TH CENTURY each modelled as a boxer leaning back and with fists raised, fixed to a veined hardstone rectangular base 18cm high £80-120

106 No lot



108 108 AN IRON DOOR KNOCKER, PERHAPS GERMAN, 17TH / 18TH CENTURY STYLE suspended from two posts, centred by a pierced lozenge above the shaped bar, with iron striking boss 21cm high £200-300

111 111 AN IRON DOOR KNOCKER, PROBABLY SPANISH OR GERMAN, 16TH CENTURY STYLE the suspension ring formed with the Pelican in Her Piety, the leafy loop with grotesque mask and flanking caryatids 24cm high £300-500


110 109 A SMALL RUSSET IRON PADLOCK, PROBABLY GERMAN 18TH CENTURY block shaped body with hinged keyhole cover to front, 4.5cm high; together with another small iron padlock with key, in late 16th century style, wedge shaped, with sliding panel to side revealing the keyhole, working key with plain bow, 7cm high (3) £100-150 110 AN IRON KEY, PROBABLY ENGLISH, LATE 17TH / EARLY 18TH CENTURY scroll and crown pierced bow and ridged shaft, 8cm long; together with a steel key-shaped padlock with key, in 18th century style, with hinged locking bow, the shaft unscrewing to reveal the keyhole only if key screwed into terminal, the decorative bit stamped with a crown mark and intials, 11cm long altogether (2)

112 112 A LARGE IRON PADLOCK AND KEY, PROBABLY FRENCH OR GERMAN 17TH CENTURY the body of moulded wedge-shaped section formed with a stepped moulding on each face, the mechanism incorporating three shooting bolts locking a pivoting hasp, struck with three different marks, the working key (repaired) with trefoil bow 19cm high £200-300



113 113 A SPANISH GILT DAMASCENED IRON SMALL CASKET, TOLEDO, 20TH CENTURY in the form of a domed chest on turned feet, covered in ‘mudéjar’ taste with Arabic geometric patterning and the Nasrid motto, underside stamped: CANIZARES / 1 Ca S JERONIMO / MADRID 12.5cm long For a similar casket, see James D. Lanvin, The Art and Tradition of the Zuloagas, Spanish Damascene from the Khalili Collection, Oxford, 1997, p.197 £100-150

116 116 A PATENT ‘ROYAL CLUB’ CORKSCREW, CHARLES HULL, BIRMINGHAM, CIRCA 1870 single lever action, applied with a brass oval with Royal Arms above: C. HULL / PATENTEE / BIRMINGHAM / ROYAL / CLUB / CORKSCREW, with traces of bronzed finish 25.5cm high £1000-1500

114 114 A FRENCH LOUIS PHILIPPE BLACK AND GILT TOLE TRAY, CIRCA 1845 oblong, centred by Louis Philippe’s monogram and coronet surrounded by an oak-leaf and acorn border, rim with further leaves and berries, reverse inscribed in gilt ‘Dreux, Porcelaine’ and numbered 14 39cm wide For two further trays from the same series, see Sotheby’s, London, 3 July 2007, lot 205, numbered 16 and 12 and measuring 43cm and 34cm wide. £100-150 115 A BRASS TOLEWARE TABLE BELL, EARLY 19TH CENTURY the brown ground decorated in black and gilt with a cottage and a scene of ruins above a gilt border, turned wood handle 18cm high £80-120

117 117 A SILVER-MOUNTED WOOD PIPE TAMPER, UNMARKED, ENGLISH OR DUTCH, CIRCA 1700 central bun-shaped knob, the terminals with shaped and engraved acanthus foliage decoration, one end with screw-in spike, 7.4cm long; together with two silver-mounted hog tusk pipe tampers, the terminals engraved with initials, unmarked, mid-late 18th Century; a faceted silver bodkin case, the screw-on seal matrix terminal engraved with a coat-of-arms and crest, probably English, early 18th Century, later French control marks, 9cm long; and a pen knife, with two steel blades and a pick, mother of pearl sides, English, late 19th/early 20th Century (5) £150-200



118 118 A GEORGE II STEEL TOBACCO BOX, T. SHAW, CIRCA 1755 rounded oblong, sliding open, the outer section with pellet pierced base and open top revealing the inscription on the inner container ‘John Beckwith / Liverpool / 1754’ within a scroll foliate Rococo cartouche, underside stamped T. Shaw, red painted interior 13cm long There is a group of these boxes, all stamped T. Shaw, some of which have been described as being of Birmingham manufacture, although it appears they may be some confusion with this maker and the later Birmingham vinaigrette and box silversmith, Thomas Shaw. In a Country Life article of 5th Oct 1951, Sylvia Groves and Charles Thomas referred to such boxes as writing sand boxes; they have also been variously called boot-powderers and wig powderers. Michael Finlay however, in the Writing Equipment Society Journal No.14, 1985, describes and illustrates a similar box, sold Sotheby’s, London, 25th April 1985, inscribed: “Tobacco leaves / I’ve often hid / From Beging Knaves / Beneath this lid”. For further examples of this pattern of box see: PFK Auctions, Penrith, 17th June 2009, lot 271; Winterthur Museum, Delaware, Object No.1962.0091; The Science Museum, London, Object No.A31797; and The Corning Museum of Glass, NY, object name: Steel Box Made for Richard Wistar.

120 120 AN ENGLISH LEATHER BOTTLE OR BOUGET (BLACK JACK), PROBABLY 17TH CENTURY of typical form, with probably later leather carrying strap 13cm wide Literature: Oliver Baker, Black Jacks and Leather Bottells, Cheltenham, 1925. £300-500

John Beckwith was almost certainly the merchant of that name who was living in Liverpool during the middle years of the 18th Century. He was born about 1730 and married Elizabeth Ford at Ulverston, Lancashire, on 1 May 1760. He is listed in The Liverpool Directory For the Year 1766 (p. 4) as a merchant in Liver Street, Liverpool. Beckwith died in 1774 and his will was proved at Chester. £300-500

121 119 119 TWO GEORGIAN STEEL TOBACCO BOXES, DATED 1744 AND 1766 both cut cornered rectangular with reeded sides and sprung button opening to side, the earlier inscribed: Jacob Na(?)nhall / 1744, in a Gothic script surrounded by leafy scrolls, the later inscribed: Mountfort Clarkson / at Aldridge Pools / Staffordshire 1766 in a Rococo foliate cartouche both 10cm wide

121 TWO FRENCH PEWTER PICHETS (FLAGONS), NORMANDY, 18TH/19TH CENTURY typical plain shouldered form, heart-shaped lids with touch marks and twin acorn thumbpieces 26cm high £80-120



122 A CHINESE SILVER RACE CUP, HUNG CHONG & CO, SHANGHAI, CIRCA 1912 on an inscribed stepped hexagonal base, the openwork stem simulating three entwined bamboo stalks, the hexagonal bowl applied with scenes of birds and differing foliage, simulated bamboo scroll handles 31cm high, 1094gr (35oz) The inscription reads: HANKOW 1912. CHINESE RACE CLUB CUP. WON BY GAYHURST. Hankow, now part of the city of Wuhan, in common with a number of other cities, started a race club for the Chinese (as opposed to the foreign run race clubs of the Treaty Ports) in the years just before the revolution of 1911.


‘CHINESE RACE CLUB. In his report on the trade of Hankow, Mr. Sugden, the English Acting Commissioner of Customs, writes:- In the spring the wealthy Chinese, on the initiative of compradores of foreign firms, started the first Chinese race club. Ten thousand taels were subscribed and within two weeks a temporary course was laid out, ponies collected, and a meeting held with great enthusiasm. During the summer - the club - capital, 100,000dol - laid out a property, given by one of its members, on the plain close to the city and concession. It abandoned its autumn meeting after the first day’s racing on account of the death of the Emperor. The club is run on the lines of the foreign club, gentlemen jockeys only being allowed. A most striking evidence of the change that is coming over China is afforded by these young men of the rich gentlemen class riding out to train in the early morning, and competing on race days - working hard, sacrificing personal comfort and old ideas for the sake of sport and the honor of a prize while the older generation, brought up to consider bodily exercise derogatory, watches, applauds, and enjoys itself thoroughly in an unrestrained manner, utterly opposed to the ideas of a decade ago.’ (The Evening News, Sydney, NSW, Wednesday, 19 January 1910, p. 6) £1500-2500


123 A SET OF FOUR CHINESE SILVER SALT CELLARS, KWONG MAN SHING, CANTON & HONG KONG, CIRCA 1900 of tapering quatrefoil outline, chased with panels of bamboo, blossom or flowers on a matted ground, stepped feet, KMS and chop marks 5.5cm long, 100gr (3oz) excluding clear glass liners £200-300


124 124 A CHINESE SILVER AND CLOISONNE ENAMEL VASE, WANG HING, HONG KONG/CANTON/SHANGHAI, EARLY 20TH CENTURY the top half of the spherical body with a matted ground overlaid with shaded cloisonné enamel flower sprays below a turquoise ground leaf and scroll border, short waisted neck, on spreading foot, underside stamped WH, 90 and pictogram marks, on original wood stand with screw fixing, stand and base drilled for lamp wiring 21cm high overall, 752gr (24oz) excluding stand

124 marks



125 125 A CHINESE SILVER BELT BUCKLE, PROBABLY TREATY PORTS, LATE 19TH / EARLY 20TH CENTURY the two shaped oblong sections each chased with a pictogram roundel surrounded by birds and prunus blossom on a matted ground, one with poorly struck chop mark 6cm high

128 128 A PAIR OF TURKISH SILVER SPOON HOLDERS, PROBABLY CIRCA 1900 the vase shaped bowls engraved with strapwork and pellets against an engineturned ground below scroll foliate and shell pierced rims, short beaded stems, hexafoil bases with finials to the cylindrical feet and scroll foliate pierced aprons between, tughra and sah marks throughout 15.5cm high, 666gr (21oz)



126 126 A JAPANESE SILVER AND ENAMEL CIGARETTE CASE, TOSHIAKI, EARLY 20TH CENTURY pocket fitting oblong form, the relief moulded and enamelled lid covered in flowers and insects, interior with sprung retaining bars, reverse signed 8.4cm long £500-700


127 127 AN INDIAN SILVER JAR AND COVER, 20TH CENTURY cylindrical, the sleeved body and cover chased in Lucknow style with figures hunting deer, tigers and elephants amidst trees 9cm high, 346gr

129 A SET OF TWELVE TURKISH SILVER ZARFS, PROBABLY CIRCA 1900 the pedestal bowls pierced with foliage and patera alternating with Tughra, anchor and flag motif panels, tughra & sah marks, complete with their Russian porcelain liners painted with a band of trailing vines between gilt borders, Kuznetsov Factory blue printed marks, all in a fitted case with stamped Tughra motif to the lid 5.5cm diameter





130 130 A PAIR OF LARGE SILVERED COPPER TORCHERES, CONTINENTAL, MID 19TH CENTURY of eclectic taste, each on three scroll and bar feet, with fluted flared stems, arcaded shoulders and crown-like detachable sconces, applied with die-stamped foliate borders 108cm high £1800-2200

131 AN ELECTROPLATE LAMPSTAND, CIRCA 1900 circular beaded base rising to a waisted stem of openwork tendrils below a beaded disc supporting further tendrils and an etched glass storm shade 66cm high overall £150-250

132 A PAIR OF SILVERED BRONZE DWARF CANDELABRA, FRENCH, 19TH/20TH CENTURY in Rococo taste, each with two lights on scroll arms centred by a foliate stem, on diapered and rocaille scroll shaped bases 20cm high £80-120





133 A CHILD’S CARNELIAN AND STEEL KNIFE AND TWOPRONGED FORK, PROBABLY ENGLISH, CIRCA 1709 the faceted hardstone handles with silver collars, the scimitar blade with cutler’s mark, in later fitted leather case with inscribed applied plaque knife 16cm long

135 AN IVORY AND STEEL TRAVELLING KNIFE AND FORK SET, PROBABLY IBERIAN LATE 17TH / EARLY 18TH CENTURY the reeded ivory handle with steel locking bar, the folding steel blade engraved with a figure of Christ on the Road to Calvary below scroll foliage and the reverse with an exotic bird, the detachable two prong fork with traces of gilding handle 11cm long

The inscription reads: ‘Given to John Langmore by Lady Irwin his Godmother April 4th 1709.’


The inscription refers to John Langmore, the son of John Langmore and his wife, Elizabeth (née Pollatt), who may have been born on 4 April 1709 and was baptised the following day at St. Peter, Cornhill, City of London. He was married at St. Antholin, Budge Row, London, on 19 February 1736 to Elizabth Budgen and had six children: John (b. 1736), Mary (b. 1739), William (b. 1742), Ann Elizabeth (b. 1743), Emma (b. 1748) and Charlotte Sophia (b. 1752). Langmore died on 17 January 1769 and was buried in the churchyard of St. Mary, Aldermary, London (Percy C. Rushen, The Churchyard Inscriptions of the City of London, London, 1910, p. 71). His will (National Archives, PROB 11/946) was signed on 18 April 1767 and proved in London on 7 February 1769. He was outlived by his wife, who died on 16 January 1795, and all but two of his children. The identify of John Langmore’s godmother, Lady Irwin, has not been established with any certainty.



136 A GILT-COPPER AND STEEL TRAVELLING KNIFE, FORK AND SPOON, GERMAN, MID 18TH CENTURY the knife and fork with folding steel blade and prongs, the handles cast and chased with boar, deer and rabbit hunting scenes overall length of knife open 18.7cm £200-300

134 134 MISCELLANEOUS CUTLERY, 18TH/19TH CENTURY comprising: a knife and two-pronged fork with parcel-gilt and etched blade and prongs, the stag’s horn handles carved with grotesque head terminals, the knife 23.7cm long; a knife and fork with faceted smoky quartz handles, the blade etched: ‘WOALT’; and four smaller knife and fork sets, the handles of three variously applied with tortoiseshell or horn, the fourth with blue enamel (12) £250-350

137 A NORWEGIAN SILVER SPOON, MAKER’S MARK POORLY STRUCK, BERGEN, SECOND QUARTER 17TH CENTURY the volute stem decorated on either side with scrolls inhabited by animals, the back of the bowl engraved with initials, 17.5cm long; together with a Dutch silver-gilt marriage spoon, circa 1792, cast handle with figure, the bowl inscribed and dated, the interior of the bowl engraved with two crests below an earl’s coronet, 6.7cm long (2) The coronet and crests on the marriage spoon are of Lumley and Savile for John Lumley-Savile, 8th Earl of Scarbrough (17881856). He succeeded to the title upon the death of his father in 1835 and assumed the name and arms of Savile by royal licence in 1836. He died unmarried and his mansion and its estate, Rufford Abbey, Nottinghamshire, together with his library was eventually inherited by the diplomat, keen amateur archeologist and antiquarian, John Lumley-Savile, who was created Baron Savile in 1888. £200-250




142 143

138 138 A SET OF SIX CHINESE SILVER FORKS, MAKER’S MARK WE/WE/WC, CANTON, MID 19TH CENTURY Fiddle pattern, initialled F 20cm long, 473gr (15oz) £150-250

141 ASSORTED OLD ENGLISH PATTERN TABLE SILVER comprising a set of four tablespoons and six dessert spoons, Thomas Wallis, London, 1795-97, and six further tablespoons, Peter, Ann & William Bateman, London, 1805; together with six silver dessert forks, Fiddle pattern, various dates and makers, 1815-1855 1000gr (32oz) £300-400 142 A SET OF TWELVE AMERICAN SILVER KNIVES, WHITING MANUFACTURING CO, NEW YORK, CIRCA 1900 the filled silver handles stamped with rocaille, scrolls and foliage, plated blades 23cm long £100-150

139 139 A VICTORIAN SILVER-GILT THREE-PIECE CHRISTENING SET, FRANCIS HIGGINS, LONDON, 1865 the mongrammed handles with fruit laden grape vines, the spoon and three prong fork terminating in a cherub, the knife in a classical maiden knife 20cm long

143 A SET OF TWELVE GEORGE III SILVER DESSERT SPOONS, WILLIAM SUMNER, LONDON, 1804 Old English pattern 400gr (12oz) £100-150


140 140 A HAND BEATEN SILVER SPOON, MICHAEL ALLAN BURTON (1938-2005), LONDON, 1978 the hammered stem of square outline and flattened terminal, 20.5cm long; together with a silver coffee spoon, Ann Common, Edinburgh, 1986, of similar pattern 95gr (3oz) (2) £50-80

144 144 A SET OF TWELVE SILVER PUDDING SPOONS AND A SERVING SPOON, VINERS LTD, SHEFFIELD, 1955/56 fluted bowls, stems with moulded edge and pointed terminals initialled RJ 506gr (16oz) £180-220


145 145 A MATCHED SET OF TABLE SILVER, GEORGIAN & VICTORIAN, VARIOUS MAKERS, PREDOMINANTLY LONDON Queens pattern, mostly crested or initialled, comprising: fifteen tablespoons twenty-eight table forks twelve dessert spoons twenty dessert forks six teaspoons four condiment spoons three sauce ladles and a sifter ladle, 7096gr (228oz); together with twelve silver dessert knives, of conforming pattern, stainless steel blades, Harrison Brothers & Howson, Sheffield, 1910 £3000-5000 146 A SET OF GERMAN TABLE SILVER, BRUCKMANN & SÖHNE, HEILBRONN, CIRCA 1930 shaped stems with moulded edge, comprising: twelve tablespoons twelve table forks twelve table knives with stainless steel blades twelve dessert forks twelve dessert knives with stainless steel blades nine cake forks thirteen teaspoons and one dessert spoon, three fish forks, five fish knives, two cake servers and two pairs of sugar tongs; together with the following German table silver, Bruckmann & Söhne, Heilbronn, circa 1930, of a differing pattern and inscribed ‘Annette’, comprising: tablespoon, table fork, table knife, dessert fork, dessert knife, cake fork and teaspoon; all pieces stamped ‘800’ 3670gr (118oz) excluding knives £1200-1600

146 36

147 147 A SILVER MOTE SPOON, BOTTOM MARKED, MAKER’S MARK J*S AND LION PASSANT ONLY, CIRCA 1750 pierced bowl, pointed terminal 13.4cm long £80-120


148 148 A GEORGE V SET OF TWELVE DESSERT KNIVES AND TWELVE FORKS, WALKER & HALL LTD, SHEFFIELD, 1932 with plain mother-of-pearl handles and silver bolsters, tines and blades, in original fitted case £150-250

150 A FRENCH SILVER CHRISTENING SET, EMILE PUIFORCAT, PARIS, CIRCA 1900 all initialled SB and with curved fluted Rococo decoration, comprising: a plate, a saucepan with gilt interior and screw-in turned ivory handle, a beaker with gilt interior, a knife, fork and spoon, a smaller spoon with ivory bowl, and a rattle with ivory teething ring, all in original red and black leather case similarly intialled, the magenta interior with cushion and gilt label: Mon. Dupuy / Ed. Lefebvre / Joaillerie, Orfevrerie / 34 & 35 Galerie Montpensier / Paris plate 16cm diameter, weighable silver 534gr (17oz) £500-800

149 149 MISCELLANEOUS OLD ENGLISH PATTERN TABLE SILVER comprising: a set of four tablespoons, Holland, Aldwinckle & Slater, London, 1905; four further tablespoons, London, two 1803, two 1824; a pair of sauce ladles, Sheffield, 1901; and a cased set of a pair of salad servers and a cake fork and slice, Birmingham and Sheffield, 1923; together with a cased pair of silver butter knives, with shaped foliate bordered handles, Daniel & Arter, Birmingham, 1922 1048gr (33oz) (14) £300-400

151 151 A LARGE SILVERED BRASS FRAME AND A PAIR OF SIMILAR SMALLER FRAMES, PROBABLY SOUTH GERMAN OR NORTH ITALIAN SECOND HALF 18 TH CENTURY each with Rococo scrolls surrounding the later mirrors, 112 and 46cm high (3) £800-1200

151 37

152 A GERMAN SILVER PANEL, MAKER’S MARK MN CONJOINED (UNRECORDED), AUGSBURG, 1624-28 chased with a scene of the Birth of St John the Baptist in an architectural setting, an angel with palm frond above the child on the cloak of his mother St Elizabeth and flanked by the Virgin Mary and his father St Zacharias, probably originally part of a house altar 16.5 x 12.5cm excluding oak door frame mount £800-1200

152 153 A SILVER-MOUNTED CARVED COCONUT CUP, MAKER’S MARK I.I ONLY, LATE 18TH CENTURY the nut carved with an entwined bull and snake beneath trees and a vignette of a man clubbing an engorged snake all probably illustrative of Hercules and Achelous, with bright-cut and wrigglework decoration to the silver neck mount and pedestal foot 15cm high £500-800

153 38


154 A FLEMISH SILVER-GILT-MOUNTED TORTOISESHELL CASKET, ANTWERP, LATE 17TH CENTURY domed rectangular, with foliate chased corner, escutcheon and loop handle mounts, later red silk lining, with key 21.5cm wide £2000-3000

155 A FRENCH SILVER TASTEVIN, PROBABLY EARLY 18TH CENTURY circular with bossed centre, the rim engraved with initials AL, discharge and maker’s mark indecipherable, 10cm diameter; together with a silver-mounted coconut cup, with waved silver rim mount, on a probably associated silver short pedestal loaded foot, rim maker’s mark only twice of Edmund Medlicott of London, mid 18th century, 11cm high (2) £150-250



156 156 A FRENCH SILVER AND GLASS CONFITURIER WITH TWELVE SPOONS, LEONARD CHATENET, PARIS, 1809-1819 glass bowl with bands of thumb and diamond cutting, stand with leaf-headed paw feet, square base, short pedestal, leaf embellished handles and borders of stiff leaves, domed silver cover with cast cornucopia and fox finial (bolt to finial lacking), plain spoons, 950 standard 24.5cm high, 732gr (23oz) £600-900


159 A FRENCH SILVER COFFEE POT, JACQUES MASSE, VERSAILLES, 1784 baluster with right-angled handle, later engraved with a coat of arms below a count’s coronet, on three hoof feet, with scroll thumbpiece and disc finial 22.5cm high, 719gr (23oz) excluding turned wood screw-in handle £1200-1800

157 157 A FRENCH SILVER CUP AND SAUCER, CHARLES MURAT, PARIS, EARLY 20TH CENTURY each applied with sprays of mistletoe, 950 standard saucer 13.5cm diameter, 168gr (5oz) £120-180 158 A PORTUGUESE SILVER-MOUNTED CLARET JUG, TOPAZIO (FERREIRA MARQUES & IRMAO SA), OPORTO, MID 20TH CENTURY the bellied base with a thumbcut band, diaper cut band above, the rim mount with panels of cavorting putti surrounded by vines, the lid with further vines and a cast lion thumbpiece supporting a shield initialled R, stamped 925, small spanner mark, maker’s mark and also with Dutch import mark 29cm high £500-800

158 40


161 AN ITALIAN SILVER BOWL, RICCI & C. S.p.A., ALESSANDRIA, CIRCA 1940 shaped fluted oval, with cast shell and foliate scroll end handles, on spreading foot, 800 standard 46.5cm long, 840gr (27oz) £300-500

162 A SET OF THREE GERMAN SILVER DISHES, GOTTLIEB KURZ, SCHWÄBISH GMÜND, CIRCA 1930 comprising a circular pair and an oval example, with simply shaped sides, stamped ‘830S’, one with retailer’s stamp ‘MARTIN MEYER’ 22cm diameter, 33cm wide, 615gr (19oz) £150-250 163 A FRENCH SILVER CRUMB SCOOP AND BRUSH, PARIS, CIRCA 1900 in Rococo taste stamped with rocaille and foliage, with sickle shaped brush and oblong scroop with cast handle, apparently no maker’s marks, 1st standard, Dutch import marks brush 34cm long, 467gr (15oz) excluding bristles and wood to brush



160 A PAIR OF GERMAN SILVER LARGE CANDLESTICKS, MID 19TH CENTURY of shaped square lobed and knopped outlines stamped with flowerheads and foliage, ‘12’ loth mark only 30cm high, loaded £700-1000




164 A SET OF SIX ITALIAN SILVER BOWLS, SABATINO DE ANGELIS & FILS, NAPLES, CIRCA 1900 circular, in Classical taste, undersides stamped: S. DE ANGELIS & FILS / NAPLES 9.5cm diameter, 1883gr (60oz) The Sabatino de Angelis & Fils foundry was well known for casting bronze figures and artefacts after the Antique, usually from items discovered near Naples. Founded in the middle of the 19th century, apparently they closed in 1915. In common with other Neapolitan foundries such as Chiurazzi (with whom de Angelis later merged) they also worked in silver. See the National Museums of Scotland for a silver mug and a silver patera, Nos.A.1900.5 / A.1900.75. £1000-1500

165 AN ITALIAN VASE, CASTAUDI & GAUTERO DI EMANUELLI & PASTORE, VERCELLI, CIRCA 1960 with lobes between matted areas, set with two green hardstone cabochons, cast leafy scroll handles, stamped 800 30cm high, 710gr £150-250

166 AN ITALIAN DISH, CASTAUDI & GAUTERO DI EMANUELLI & PASTORE, VERCELLI, CIRCA 1960 circular, with applied scroll rim and a chased band of opposing scrolls below, on openwork scroll foliate feet, stamped 800 30cm wide across end handles, 722gr £150-250




167 A LARGE SILVER PRESENTATION KOVSH, RUSSIAN STYLE, UNMARKED, 20TH CENTURY the double skinned body electrotyped with straps, scrolling foliage and eagles below a cyrillic inscription and beaded rim, the flat-topped handle with dragon-head support, gilt interior, the underside with a rayed arrangement of facsimile signatures 41cm long, 2565gr

168 A SET OF THREE GERMAN SILVER SERVING PIECES, M.H. WILKENS & SÖHNE, BREMEN, CIRCA 1930 all of oval outline with reeded shaped rims, comprising: a serving dish, an entrée dish, cover and handle and a sauceboat on fixed stand, stamped ‘830S’ serving dish 58cm wide, 3406 (109oz) £1000-1500


168 43


169 A FRENCH ART DECO FOUR-PIECE SILVER TEA AND COFFEE SET, LOUIS COIGNET, PARIS, CIRCA 1930 vase-shaped bodies with applied panels of angular dropping ribs at the shoulder, 950 standard coffee pot 20.5cm high, 1834gr (59oz) including handles £800-1200


170 A SILVER COFFEE SET, PROBABLY GERMAN, PERHAPS SEYBOLT & HIRSCHAUER OF HANAU, LATE 19TH CENTURY the rounded bodies initialled HW, with tuskmounted handles, comprising: a coffee pot and cover, a sugar bowl and cover, a milk jug and a pair of demi-tasse holders and saucers, partially marked SH and ‘800’ coffee pot 12.5cm high, 398gr all in excepting white porcelain demi-tasse liners (11) £500-700


171 171 A DANISH SILVER FOUR-PIECE COFFEE SET, DESIGNED BY ERIK HERLØW (1913-1991) FOR A. MICHELSEN, COPENHAGEN, MID 20TH CENTURY with plain rounded bodies, comprising a coffee pot and cover, two milk jugs and a sugar bowl, undersides with Herløw flowerhead stamp, Sterling, Michelsen, and Swedish import marks coffee pot 22cm high, 1155gr (37oz) including raffia to handles and ivorine finial to coffee pot cover Erik Herløw was a Danish architect and industrial designer, who worked for a variety of Danish companies including Georg Jensen, Cohr and Royal Copenhagen. £800-1200

172 A FOUR-PIECE ART DECO STYLE TEA AND COFFEE SET, PROBABLY ITALIAN, 20TH CENTURY plain elongated octagonal bodies with angular wood handles and finials, stamped ‘800’ only coffee pot 19cm high, 2547gr all in





173 173 AN AMERICAN SILVER BOWL, TIFFANY & CO, NEW YORK, 20TH CENTURY almost hemispherical, on spreading foot 24.5cm diameter, 955gr (30oz)

175 AN EDWARDIAN ARTS AND CRAFTS SILVER SMALL CASKET, SPURRIER & CO, BIRMINGHAM, 1904 rectangular, hammer-finished and applied with a domed and shaped cartouche, fleurs-de-lys and straps and corners, clasp with chained pin, gilt interior 13cm wide, 249gr (8oz) £400-600


174 174 A GERMAN SILVER BOWL, JAKOB GRIMMINGER, SCHWÄBISH-GMUND, 1930s hammer finished shallow bowl on three ball feet, later engraved with a coat of arms titled KALKMAN flanked by the dates 1937 / 1972, stamped 835 30cm diameter, 447gr £100-150

176 176 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER ARTS & CRAFTS THREE-PIECE TEA SET, SIBRAY, HALL & CO LTD, LONDON, 1905 baluster octagonal, stylised tendril handles and feet pierced with heart motifs, on stylised foliate pad feet, PODR No. for 1902; together with a pair of silver sugar tongs, simple form with a band of lobes, Cooper Brothers & Sons Ltd, Sheffield, 1964; in orginal leather fitted box with green silk and velvet interior and printed retailer’s label of Russell’s Ltd of Manchester and Liverpool teapot 20cm long, 762gr (24oz) including handle £550-650



177 A FOUR-PIECE SILVER TEA SET, DESIGNED BY ERIC CLEMENTS FOR MAPPIN & WEBB LTD, SHEFFIELD, 1963 plain baluster bodies with C-shaped handles, lobed spherical finials to the covers, undersides stamped: DESIGNED BY / Eric Clements and PODR number for 1960 hot water jug 19.5cm high, 2044gr (65oz) including composition handles and finials

178 A SILVER BOWL, LESLIE DURBIN, LONDON, 1990 the hand raised bowl with lightly flared rim, on slightly spreading rim foot 23cm diameter, 1006gr (32oz) excluding green onyx veneered square stand

Eric Clements (born 1925) combined an industrial design practice with teaching, becoming a consultant designer for Mappin & Webb in 1957 and Head of the School of Industrial design in Birmingham in 1964. Mappin & Webb made a few ‘Clements’ pattern sets in silver in the 1960s, although versions in electroplate continued to be produced until the 1990s. For further information on Eric Clements see the Pearson Silver Collection: ts (accessed 8 October 2014)

Leslie Gordon Durbin (1913-2005) starting his training as a silversmith aged only thirteen. Three years later he was apprenticed to Omar Ramsden. Having made the Stalingrad Sword of Honour, he became one the foremost postwar silversmiths, based at his workshop in North London until 1975, after which he moved to a workshop in his garden in Kew, where he continued working until well into his eighties. £500-700


178 47


179 A SILVER BOWL, OMAR RAMSDEN, LONDON, 1938 the hammer finished shallow bowl on four spade feet, the rim inscribed between applied angular handles, underside inscribed OMAR RAMSDEN ME FECIT 18cm across handles, 462gr (14oz) The inscription reads: I WAS WROUGHT FOR JOHN HENRY ANTONY ALLEN, BY COMMAND OF HIS FATHER ANTONY WILLIAM, IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 1938 £700-1000

180 180 A SILVER CHRISTENING MUG, OMAR RAMSDEN, LONDON, 1938 the hammer finished tapering body with applied cast Latin inscription above the spreading foot 9cm high, 298gr (9oz) The inscription reads: ANIMUS LAETUS BENE AFFICIT VULTUM (A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance, Proverbs 15:13). £600-900 181 A GEORGE V SILVER GOBLET, OMAR RAMSDEN & ALWYN CARR, LONDON, 1911 the bowl inscribed to the rim, pear-shaped pedestal chased with the motto, arms and crest of Whatman, the spreading foot with a band of pellets and lobes, underside inscribed: OMAR RAMSDEN ET ALWYN CARR ME FECERUNT 13cm high, 278gr (8oz) The inscription reads: I WAS WROUGHT FOR ARTHUR D. WHATMAN IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD MCMX1 £500-800



182 182 A VICTORIAN SILVER-MOUNTED TORTOISESHELL PHOTOGRAPH FRAME, WILLIAM COMYNS & SONS, LONDON, 1891 oblong, applied pierced silver spandrels of foliate scrolls and diaperwork, green leather easel backed 21cm high £500-700


183 183 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER PHOTOGRAPH FRAME, HENRY MATTHEWS, BIRMINGHAM, 1902 with heart-shaped aperture surmounted by a vacant cartouche, scroll rim, green velvet easel backed 19cm high

185 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER-MOUNTED PHOTOGRAPH FRAME, WILLIAM NEALE & SONS OF BIRMINGHAM, CHESTER, 1903 in Art Nouveau taste, stamped with a vacant cartouche flanked by floating waterlily pads, the sides with kingfishers perched on the flowerstems, topped by a waterlily flower, PODR number for 1903, blue velvet easel backed 31cm high £800-1200


184 184 A PAIR OF EDWARDIAN SILVER-MOUNTED PHOTOGRAPH FRAMES, JAMES DEAKIN & SONS, CHESTER, 1902 square frame with circular aperture surrounded by stamped scroll foliage and flowers, velvet easel backed 22.5cm across £120-180

186 186 A PAIR OF EDWARDIAN SILVER PHOTOGRAPH FRAMES, WILLIAM NEALE OF BIRMINGHAM, CHESTER, 1903 rectangular, in Art Nouveau taste with scrolling stylised flowers over a basketweave ground, topped by vacant ovoid cartouches, later red watered silk easel backed 24.5cm high £700-900




187 A PAIR OF GEORGE V SILVER DESK CANDLESTICKS, ROBERT PRINGLE & SONS OF LONDON, CHESTER, 1923 cut cornered square bases rising to flared stems and vase-shaped sconces 15cm high, loaded £100-150


188 A PAIR OF GEORGE V SILVER SAUCEBOATS, SIR RICHARD BURBIDGE BART FOR HARRODS, LONDON, 1925 oval, each on three shell-headed pad feet and with leaf-capped C-scroll handles 19cm long, 479gr (15oz) £150-250 189 A SILVER SALVER, ADIE BROTHERS LTD, BIRMINGHAM, 1938 shaped rim with an applied border of patera interrupted by straps and shells, on three leaf volute feet 33cm, 1028gr (33oz) £300-500 190 A GEORGE V SILVER-MOUNTED CLARET JUG, MAPPIN & WEBB LTD, LONDON, 1919 cut-glass body, simple silver neck-mount, lid and handle after a Christopher Dresser design 22cm high


£120-180 191 A SILVER-MOUNTED CLARET JUG, C.J. VANDER LTD, BIRMINGHAM, 1979 tapering glass body engraved with fruit-laden vines between bands of simple cutting, the neck mount with further fruiting vines, Bacchic mask spout and slender leaf embellished handle 31cm high £200-300 192 A PAIR OF SILVER SAUCEBOATS, J.B. CHATTERLEY & SONS LTD, BIRMINGHAM, 1965 plain oval, on plinth bases, reeded rims and handles, 15cm wide; together with a set of four silver counter dishes and a set of three silver counter dishes, four plain circular, S.J. Rose & Son, Birmingham, 1965, three with engineturned bases, E.H. Parkin & Co Ltd, Sheffield, 1966, all 6.5cm diameter 515gr (16oz) (9) £150-250



193 193 A GEORGE V SILVER MENORAH, SIGMUND ZYTO, LONDON, 1922 circular base with a band of curved lobes rising to a knopped and flared lobed stem, eight cylindrical arms centred by the detachable light and reeded and knopped cylindrical finial 48cm high, 1299gr (41oz) £600-800

194 A GEORGE V SILVER TROPHY CUP AND COVER, GOLDSMITHS & SILVERSMITHS CO LTD, LONDON, 1925 Classical pedestal urn shaped, inscribed: Polo Commandants and Nigerian Cups 1925... 21.5cm high, 294gr (9oz) £150-250 195 A GEORGE V SILVER HOT WATER JUG, J. PARKES & CO, LONDON, 1914 in George III plain baluster style, engraved with scrolling initials, with gadroon borders, shell spout and stylised bud finial 28cm high, 746gr (23oz)


£250-350 196 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER SALVER, THE ALEXANDER CLARK MANUFACTURING CO, BIRMINGHAM, 1908 plain except for the moulded rim, on three volute feet 26.5cm diameter, 534gr (17oz) £150-250 197 A GEORGE III SILVER TODDY LADLE, UNMARKED, LATE 18TH CENTURY the bowl with punched rim and set with a George III 1787 sixpence, twisted whalebone handle with silver terminal: together with the following English silver: a Victorian napkin ring in original case, initialled, dated and foliate bright-cut between beaded rims, Atkin Brothers, Sheffield, 1899, and two small cigarette cases, both oblong, one with guilloche enamel, the other simply engine-turned, both Birmingham, 1930/31, each 8cm long (4) £120-180

195 51



198 A GEORGE V SILVER HIP FLASK, WILLIAM NEALE & SON LTD, BIRMINGHAM, 1929 of plain pocket fitting form, with hinged cap 11.5cm high, 149gr (4oz) including cork seal £80-120 199 A PAIR OF SILVER CAFE-AU-LAIT POTS, NAYLER BROTHERS, LONDON, 1924 plain tapering cylindrical George I form, bell finials, one for coffee, the other for hot milk, undersides with retailer’s stamp: Catchpole & Williams / 510 Oxford St. / London W.1. 18.5cm high, 717gr (23oz) including handles £250-350


200 AN IRISH SILVER BOWL, WEST & SON, DUBLIN, 1915 chased in 18th century taste with a farmer, his wife churning butter and two exotic birds flanking a vacant cartouche, on three shell-headed pad feet, beaded rim, 13.5cm diameter; together with a Victorian silver bowl, Charles Stuart Harris, London, 1883, with bands of alternate curved lobes and flutes, 11.5cm diameter 347gr (11oz) (2) £120-180 201 A GEORGE V SILVER TOAST RACK, MAPPIN & WEBB LTD, SHEFFIELD, 1927 with seven bars, central handle, on ball feet 15.5cm long, 249gr (8oz) £80-120


202 52

202 THREE ENGLISH SILVER TOAST RACKS one with five bars, central handle, ball feet, Mappin & Webb Ltd, Sheffield, 1929, 9cm long, and a pair each with five bars and central handle, Deakin & Francis Ltd, Birmingham, 1933, 6.5cm long; together with a George III silver mustard pot, rectangular with incurved corners, pierced and bright-cut decoration, domed lid, apparently no maker’s mark, London, 1792, 11cm long and a George III silver mustard spoon, Old English pattern, initialled, George Smith & William Fearn, London, 1796 329gr (10oz) excluding blue glass liner (5) £150-250


203 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER CHRISTENING MUG, WILLIAM LEWIS, BIRMINGHAM, 1905 the cylindrical body covered in scrolled acanthus on a matted ground surrounding a roundel of ‘Reynold’s Angels’, plain loop handle 7cm high, 79gr (2oz) £150-200


204 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER CASTER, MAPPIN & WEBB LTD, LONDON, 1902 cylindrical, chased with foliage and flowers on a matted ground, the cover pierced with stylised foliage and engraved with a crest and motto above the dates 1878-1903 18.5cm high, 323gr (10oz) From an advertisement in the London Illustrated News of 1893, it would appear Mappin & Webb produced this pattern of ‘sugar dredger’ in three sizes, this presumably being the largest size, see Patricia Wardle, Victorian Silver and Silver-Plate, London, 1963, p. 195. £250-350 205 A PAIR OF EDWARDIAN SILVER CANDLESTICKS, JAMES DEAKIN & SONS LTD, SHEFFIELD, 1902 with square stepped and beaded bases, stop-fluted columnar stems and Corinthian capital sconces, detachable nozzles 24cm high, loaded £400-600 206 A SET OF FOUR SILVER SALT CELLARS, ELKINGTON & CO LTD, BIRMINGHAM, 1966 bellied oblong, each on four pad feet, complete with their four Old English pattern silver salt spoons, the spoons Adie Brothers, Birmingham, 1965, in original fitted case with Walker & Hall printed label cellars 6.5cm long, 175gr (5oz) excluding blue glass liners £100-150

205 53

209 209 A PAIR OF SILVER PEDESTAL SWEETMEAT DISHES, VINERS LTD, SHEFFIELD, 1939 with scroll pierced lobate sides, in original fitted case 15.5cm diameter, 326gr (10oz) £120-180



207 A VICTORIAN SILVER-MOUNTED CLARET JUG, MAPPIN & WEBB, LONDON, 1887 the ovoid glass body with cross-cut lobed fan-tail motifs surrounded by foliage and ferns, the silver neck-mount with floral swags between the flower cast spout and leafy floral handle, lid with cast leaf and flowerhead finial 28cm high

210 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER BASKET, WILLIAMS (BIRMINGHAM) LTD, BIRMINGHAM, 1903 shaped oval, with scroll foliate pierced sides, initialled W, 31cm long; together with a pair of silver sweetmeat dishes, William Hutton & Sons Ltd, Birmingham, 1900/11, shaped circular, stamped with foliate scrolls and pierced diaperwork, 10cm diameter 394gr (12oz) (3) £150-250

£1000-1500 208 A VICTORIAN SILVER TEA KETTLE ON STAND WITH BURNER, CHARLES BOYTON, LONDON, 1892 oval part lobed pattern, kettle with presentation inscriptions, stand with chained securing pins 28cm high, 874gr (28oz) £200-300

208 54

211 211 AN IRISH VICTORIAN SILVER DISH RING, WEST & SON, DUBLIN, 1893 pellet and pale pierced between chased laurel swags, a vacant cartouche and scroll foliate pierced borders 21cm diameter, 401gr (12oz) £300-400


212 212 A GEORGE V SILVER TEAPOT AND MILK JUG, SIR RICHARD BURBIDGE (BART) FOR HARRODS LTD, LONDON, 1932 circular, with lobed rim, undersides stamped ‘Harrods’ teapot 24cm long, 555gr (17oz) £150-250

213 A VICTORIAN ELECTROPLATE WINE COOLER, ELKINGTON & CO, BIRMINGHAM, PROBABLY 1877 trompe l’oeil cast as a bound wood pail, underside marked and numbered:4249, incuse date letter Q 21.5cm high £800-1200

214 A VICTORIAN SILVER CHAMBERSTICK, HENRY STRATFORD, LONDON, 1895 shaped circular base, urn shaped sconce, detachable nozzle, Cscroll handle, gadroon rims, complete with conical extinguisher 15.5cm diameter, 274gr (8oz) £150-250

214 55



215 A GEORGE V SILVER FIVE-PIECE TEA AND COFFEE SET, WILLIAM LISTER & SONS LTD OF NEWCASTLE, LONDON, 1907/17 baluster bodies on spreading feet cast with scrolls and rocaille, teapot and coffee pot with cast rococo spouts, hot water jug with fluted lip, all with cast flame finials and rocaille handle terminal, sugar bowl and milk jug with leaf-capped scroll handles coffee pot 28cm high, 3802gr (122oz) £1200-1800

216 A VICTORIAN SILVER CIGARETTE BOX, ASPREY, LONDON, 1900 rectangular, the slightly domed lid engraved with scrolled initials above ‘December 1900’, gilt interior, underside marked: ASPREY. BOND ST. 18cm long, 440gr (14oz) £150-250

217 A VICTORIAN SILVER BACHELOR’S THREE-PIECE TEA SET, NATHAN & HAYES, BIRMINGHAM, 1898 oval, part lobed pattern teapot 21cm long, 386gr (12oz) including handle and finial £100-150

217 56



218 A GEORGE IV SILVER THREE-PIECE TEA SET, EDWARD BARNARD & SONS, LONDON, 1829/30 lobed compressed circular, teapot with cast flower and leaf finial, milk jug and sugar bowl with gilt interiors, all with scroll handles and foliate panel feet teapot 29cm long, 1568gr (50oz) including ivory insulators £1000-1500

219 A VICTORIAN SILVER COFFEE POT, EDWARD BARNARD & SONS, LONDON, 1843 lobed baluster, with cast flower and leaf finial, reeded scroll silver handle and spout 27cm high, 863gr (27oz) including ivory insulators £500-700

220 A WILLIAM IV SILVER COFFEE POT, RICHARD ATKINS & WILLIAM SOMERSALL, LONDON, 1836 the lobed baluster body chased with flowers and acanthus around two vacant cartouches, on berried laurel panel feet, leaf-capped scroll handle, cast flowerhead finial 24cm high, 913gr (29oz) including ivory insulators £600-800



221 221 A WILLIAM IV SILVER-GILT PRESERVE DISH, COVER AND STAND, PAUL STORR FOR STORR & MORTIMER, LONDON, 1834 each with chased matted ground shaped panels of scrolls and diaperwork between lobes, the dish with leafy volute handles and applied leafy tendril and flowerhead rim, the cover initialled DP and with cast flower and leaf finial, the stand on short pedestal foot, dish and stand with engraved work numbers ‘D110’, 17cm wide; together with a Victorian silver-gilt preserve spoon, Francis Higgins, London, 1862, similarly initialled with leafy scroll and diaperwork decorated stem and bowl back 948gr (30oz) £2000-3000

222 222 A SHEFFIELD PLATE TRAY, CIRCA 1830 oblong, engraved with a coat of arms surrounded by scrolls, foliage and diaperwork, with applied lead-filled foliate rocaille shaped rim and handles 83cm wide across handles The arms are those of Savery of Great Totnes, Shilston, Willing and Slade, Devonshire. £300-500



223 A GEORGE III SHEFFIELD PLATE EGG CRUET, MATTHEW BOULTON & CO, BIRMINGHAM, CIRCA 1800 comprising four pedestal egg cups in a shaped stand, reeded borders, with four associated spoons stand 15.5cm wide £80-120

224 A VICTORIAN SILVER TEA KETTLE ON STAND WITH BURNER, PAUL STORR FOR STORR & MORTIMER, LONDON, 1837 the melon shaped crested kettle with acorn and leaf cast finial and fixed scroll handle, the scroll foliate stand on shell pad feet with crested burner, kettle stamped STORR & MORTIMER and numbered 361 36.5cm high, 2790gr (89oz) including ivory insulators £3000-5000

224 225 A PAIR OF SCOTTISH EDWARDIAN SILVER ROSEBOWLS, R. & W. SORLEY, GLASGOW, 1903/05 circular, chased with a band of acanthus below the presentation inscription and lion-mask drop loop handles, on spreading feet, undersides stamped: Sorley / Silversmiths to H.M. the King / Glasgow 18cm diameter, 1134gr (36oz) excluding wood stands The inscriptions read: Presented to Charles G. Russell Esq., LL.D., Editor of “The Glasgow Herald”, on the occasion of his retirement. 1906. £500-800

225 59

226 A GEORGE III SILVER COFFEE POT, CHARLES WRIGHT, LONDON, 1772 baluster, engraved with a coat of arms between bands of chased Rococo scrolls and foliage on a matted ground, on short pedestal foot, cast spout, lid with stylised pineapple and ball finial 29.5cm high, 923gr (29oz) including wood handle The arms are those of Stone impaling Cameron of Nea House, Christ Church, Hampshire; Chalmers of Scotland; or Harcourt £1500-2000

226 227 A GEORGE III SILVER MILK JUG, MAKER’S MARK RUBBED, LONDON, 1803 helmet shaped, with scrolled initials SLD, reeded rim, gilt interior, 10.5cm high; together with a George IV silver milk jug, maker’s mark rubbed, London, 1829, compressed circular, with a band of lobes, gadroon rim, ball feet, 9.5cm high 267gr (8oz) (2) £120-180



228 A GEORGE III SILVER-GILT CUP AND COVER, PAUL STORR, LONDON, 1807 campana urn shaped, with ovolo to foot and rim, the lobed belly and rim applied with cast lion masks, applied with a band of alternate honeysuckle and patera, the domed cover with chased acanthus below the cast bud finial 24cm high, 1403gr (45oz)



229 A GEORGE III SILVER-GILT CONDIMENT VASE AND COVER, JOHN ROMER, LONDON, 1764 Classical pedestal urn shaped, with drapery swags from stylised shells, gadroon borders, volute handles and Rococo finial, 17cm high, together with a silver mustard spoon, Eley, Fearn & Chawner, London, 1811, Fiddle pattern 300gr (9oz) (2) £300-400

229 61

230 230 A PAIR OF GEORGE III SILVER LARGE CANDLESTICKS, JOHN PARSONS & CO, SHEFFIELD, 1788 circular bases rising to knopped flared cylindrical stems, crested urn-shaped sconces and crested detachable nozzles, with reeded and formal foliate borders 33cm high, loaded ÂŁ3000-4000



231 AN ENGLISH PROVINCIAL WILLIAM III SILVER MINIATURE PORRINGER, PETER PEMBERTON, CHESTER, 1697-1701 with a band of curved lobes below punched wheel motifs, simple scroll handles, ‘Sta’ and ‘PP’ in rectangle marks 7.5cm wide across handles See Maurice H. Ridgway, Chester Goldsmiths from early times to 1726, Altrincham, 1968, pp.106/153/154, for illustrations of the marks and of another very similar miniature porringer by Peter Pemberton, recorded as belonging to the Lowe Collection, Chester, 1967. Also see Maurice H. Ridgway and Philip T. Priestley, The Compendium of Chester Gold & Silver Marks, Woodbridge, 2004, pp.1/339. Although trefid and dognose spoons by Peter Pemberton I occasionally appear at auction, his hollow-wares are rarely seen, the last apparently being a mug at Christie’s, London, 1 December 2004, lot 724.



232 A GEORGE III SILVER RATTLE, MAKER’S MARK ONLY, PROBABLY RICHARD MAY OF LONDON, CIRCA 1770 with seven bells in two tiers (one bell lacking), the whistle mouthpiece engraved ‘F+R / 1774’, with coral teether 12cm long £400-600 233 A SILVER-MOUNTED TORTOISESHELL WRITING SAND FLASK, PERHAPS FRENCH, LATE 17TH CENTURY bulbous to one side, with engraved leaf silver rim mounts, the neck mount engraved with leafage below a band of lobes, detachable stopper with safety chain (loose) 9.6cm long




234 A VICTORIAN SILVER ‘CASTLETOP’ SNUFF BOX, NATHANIEL MILLS, BIRMINGHAM, 1838 lid set with a relief depiction of Kenilworth Castle, applied foliate thumbpiece, engineturned concave sides, underside with plaid patterned turning around a vacant cartouche, gilt interior 7cm long £700-1000 235 A GEORGE III SILVER SNUFF BOX, JOHN SHAW, BIRMINGHAM, 1804 lid and base with ribboned diaper patterning, linear wrigglework to the sides, gilt interior 7.3cm long £200-300 236 A WILLIAM IV SILVER SNUFF BOX, WILLIAM PHILLIPS, BIRMINGHAM, 1834 engine-turned top and bottom around a vacant rectangle, reeded sides, applied foliate borders, gilt interior 6.3cm long £150-250

234 235 236

237 A SILVER MASONIC BOX, TOYE, KENNING & SPENCER, BIRMINGHAM, 1989 oblong, the lid with an enamelled panel of Masonic symbols surrounded by a wheatsheaf border, 5cm long; together with a George V silver card case, plain except for the shaped sides and an applied vacant roundel, Saunders & Shepherd, Birmingham, 1910, 9.3cm long; and a Continental silver pill box, rectangular with pyramidal lid, stamped leaf decoration, import marks for London, 1985, 2.7cm long (3) £100-150






238 A GEORGE IV SILVER-GILT VINAIGRETTE, JOHN BETTRIDGE, BIRMINGHAM, 1823 with wrigglework borders, the lid with bright-cut stylised symmetric leafage on a linear ground, underside with diaperwork, grille with scroll foliage surrounding a leafy star motif 3.1cm long £120-180

239 A VICTORIAN SILVER VINAIGRETTE, EDWARD SMITH, BIRMINGHAM, 1846 covered in engine-turning, vacant foliate shaped cartouche, gilt interior with scroll foliate grille 3.5cm long £120-180

240 A VICTORIAN SILVER ‘CASTLETOP’ VINAIGRETTE, NATHANIEL MILLS, BIRMINGHAM, 1838 lid set with a relief depiction of Windsor Castle, applied leafy rims, reeded sides, underside engine-turned around a vacant cartouche, gilt interior with scroll foliate grille 4.2cm long £500-800

241 A SCOTTISH SILVER CARD CASE, JAMES NASMYTH, EDINBURGH, CIRCA 1835 rectangular, engraved with a crest in rectangle, front and back with engine-turning, no date letter 9.5cm long






242 A WILLIAM IV SILVER SNUFF BOX, NATHANIEL MILLS, BIRMINGHAM, 1831 lid with a later engraved hunting scene, with applied flowerhead and foliate borders, engine-turned base and concave sides, gilt interior 8.2cm long £350-450


243 A WILLIAM IV SILVER SNUFF BOX, NATHANIEL MILLS, BIRMINGHAM, 1831 with applied flowerhead and foliate borders, engine-turned base and concave sides, gilt interior 8.2cm long £350-450

244 A GEORGE V SILVER NOVELTY PIN CUSHION, S. BLANCKENSEE & SONS LTD OF BIRMINGHAM, CHESTER, 1910 in the form of a George V Admiral’s Cap, PODR No. for 1910 7cm long £200-300

245 A SILVER-MOUNTED SHAGREEN BOX AND COVER, JOHN PAUL COOPER (1869-1933), UNMARKED, EARLY 20TH CENTURY circular, applied with silver ropetwist and wire bands, walnut carcass 7.3cm diameter


Cooper was a well-known exponent of the Arts & Crafts movement. Having trained as an architect, he took up metalwork in 1897. His use of shagreen especially was well in advance of the fashion for the material, which was later widely used by many designers. His pieces are often unmarked. £200-300


247 248


246 AN AUSTRIAN SILVER AND ENAMEL CIGARETTE CASE, BRÜDER FRANK, VIENNA, SECOND QUARTER 20TH CENTURY enamelled with ‘Hearing’ from the Lady and the Unicorn series of tapestries, sides and base with red guilloche enamel, gilt interior, opening from the top, stamped ‘STERLING’, 935 standard 8.4cm long La Dame à la Licorne (Lady and the Unicorn) tapestry series, of Flemish work after Parisian cartoons of about 1500, are considered to be one of the most import works of art of the Medieval period. The set of six are to be found at the Musée de Cluny, Paris.


£400-600 247 AN AUSTRIAN SILVER-GILT AND ENAMEL COMBINED CIGARETTE / CARD CASE, ALFRED SIMET, VIENNA, CIRCA 1930 oblong, the sprung lid enamelled in tinted gilt with Apollo’s chariot on a black ground, engine-turned sides and base, base opening from the side for cards, 935 standard 7.9cm long

248 AN AUSTRIAN ENAMELLED SILVER CIGARETTE, FRANZ SIKORA FOR NISSEL & SIKORA, VIENNA, EARLY 20TH CENTURY rounded oblong, covered in blue guilloche enamel with plain silver borders, side hinge, gilt interior, 900 standard 8.3cm long

249 A SILVER CIGARETTE CASE, HAMILTON & INCHES OF EDINBURGH, BIRMINGHAM, 1938 oblong, engine-turned, gilt interior inscribed ‘J.N. FROM G.N. / 25.12.38’, 15cm long; together with another silver cigarette case, plain oblong, gilt interior inscribed ‘R.I.I. / 21st March 1924’, Mappin & Webb Ltd, London, 1919, 11cm long; and a silver powder compact, cut cornered square, engine-turned, William Neale & Son Ltd, Birmingham, 1947, 7cm wide 466gr (15oz) excluding mirror to compact but including elastic retainers to cigarette cases (3)







250 A GEORGE III SILVER AND MOTHER OF PEARL SNUFF BOX, JOHN REILY, LONDON, 1804 shaped oblong, the hinged lid with moulded border and set with a naively carved mother of pearl panel depicting a pair of lovers in a landscape with Cupid holding a heart nearby 7cm wide


£150-250 251 A SILVER SNUFF BOX, PROBABLY DUTCH COLONIAL 18TH CENTURY cushioned oval, with stand-away hinge, the lid set with a probably Chinese carved ivory panel of figures in a landscape, perhaps Neptune and Amphitrite, Dutch post 1814 tax mark for foreign silver 7.4cm wide £200-300 252 A DUTCH SILVER POMANDER/SPICE CONTAINER, PROBABLY LATE 18TH CENTURY, POST 1814 CONTROL MARKS of shaped form with various screw-on compartments, terminal probably missing 12cm long


£200-300 253 A SILVER EGG-SHAPED VINAIGRETTE, UNMARKED, PROBABLY GERMAN, CIRCA 1800 with linear engraved decoration, unscrews to centre 4.3cm long £80-120 254 A SILVER, MOTHER-OF-PEARL AND TORTOISESHELL SNUFF BOX, PROBABLY ENGLISH, INCUSE MARK IW, CIRCA 1720 oval, the standaway hinged lid set with a tortoiseshell panel inlaid with a fan of mother-of-pearl darts and silver piqué straps and foliage, 8cm long





255 A SILVER-MOUNTED TORTOISESHELL BOX, PROBABLY BATAVIAN, LATE 17TH / EARLY 18TH CENTURY circular, the shell moulded and engraved with concentric rings, applied with a shaped and applied silver hinge and clasp chased with stylized foliage 11cm diameter



256 A GEORGE II SILVER AND AVENTURINE GLASS SNUFF BOX, UNMARKED, CIRCA 1740 cartouche-shaped, the hinged lid set with a panel of dark aventurine glass with coloured millefiori inclusions, gilt interior 7cm wide



257 TWO CIRCULAR SNUFF BOXES, EARLY 18TH CENTURY the first of tortoiseshell with silver-gilt sides and mount, the cover with the monogram MS in gold piqué placé, 5.6cm diameter, the second plain tortoiseshell, with gilt-metal hinge and ivory interior, 7.6cm diameter £250-300

258 A SILVER-MOUNTED PRESSED HORN SNUFF BOX, UNMARKED, PROBABLY GERMAN, MID 18TH CENTURY pressed with flower sprays on a linear ground, applied with openwork rocaille panels 7.7cm diameter £100-150

258 69


259 A SILVER-MOUNTED TORTOISESHELL BOX, UNMARKED, PROBABLY ENGLISH, CIRCA 1700 of book form, with silver-mounted sides, corners and hinges and clasp 8cm wide £150-250


260 A SILVER AND TORTOISESHELL SNUFF BOX, UNMARKED, PROBABLY ENGLISH, EARLY 18TH CENTURY oval, the tortoiseshell-set cover applied with pierced silver scrolls and grotesque masks 7.3cm long £150-250


261 A SILVERED BRASS SNUFF BOX, PROBABLY BIRMINGHAM, SECOND QUARTER 19TH CENTURY oblong, the lid with a cast hunting scene, the underside engraved with scroll foliage surrounding a vacant shield, 7.7cm long; together with a South Staffordshire enamel patch box, circa 1800, oval, white lid inscribed: When this you see / Remember me, pink sides, 5.3cm long; and another enamel patch box, late 18th century, oblong, with blue flower sprays and gilt-metal mounts, 5.5cm long (3) £150-250 262 TWO ENAMEL EGG PENDANTS, PROBABLY ENGLISH, LATE 18TH CENTURY one with floral sprays on a white ground, the other with floral panels and gilt scrolls on a blue ground, both with gilt-metal screw mounts to centre and suspension rings 3cm long £120-180

262 & 263

263 AN ENAMEL THIMBLE, SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE, LATE 18TH CENTURY painted with a vignette of a memorial pillar and figures surrounded by gilt scrolls and pellets, gilt-metal rim and top; together with two porcelain thimbles, the yellow or blue bands with vignettes of exotic birds, French or German, late 19th century (3) £80-120


264 A GERMAN AVENTURINE QUARTZ GOLD-MOUNTED SNUFF BOX, PROBABLY BERLIN OR DRESDEN, LATE 18TH CENTURY in the manner of Friedrich Ludwig Hoffmann, circular, applied to the lid with hardstone and paste fruits and foliage, the base with a butterfly, gold hinged mounts with bright-cut wrigglework and foliage 7cm diameter See A. Kenneth Snowman, Gold Boxes of Europe, Woodbridge, 1990, pls.615/6, 618/a for two boxes signed Hoffmann, one now in the Gilbert Collection at the V. & A. See also Christie’s, London, 10 June 2010, lot 48 and Sotheby’s, London, 29 November 2006, lot 19 for other Hoffmann type boxes. £600-800


265 A STAINED AND CARVED IVORY SNUFF BOX, PROBABLY LOW COUNTRIES, EARLY 18TH CENTURY shaped oval, showing traces of pink staining, the damaged hinged lid carved in low relief with a riverside scene of ducks observing a marksman taking a pot-shot at a man enjoying his pipe whilst defecating 7cm wide £300-400


266 A MOTHER-OF-PEARL INLAID PAPIER MACHE SHOE SNUFF BOX, ENGLISH, SECOND QUARTER 19TH CENTURY the lid inlaid with a Chinoiserie scene of figures around a table, with gilt borders surrounding the irregular nacre inlaid into a vermiculated ground 12.5cm long £250-350



Lots 267-281: A Private Collection of Scottish Snuff Mulls


267 A LARGE SCOTTISH SILVER-MOUNTED HORN SNUFF MULL, UNMARKED, LATE 18TH/EARLY 19TH CENTURY the hinged lid applied in silver with two engraved thistles and a small silver plaque engraved with a Masonic emblem between the initials WT, the body incised with the initials DL above a horse plough 16.4cm wide £300-500


268 A SCOTTISH SILVER-MOUNTED HORN SNUFF MULL, UNMARKED, CIRCA 1800 applied with a vacant silver shield, the silver lid applied with an agate cabochon surrounded by bright-cut foliage on a linear ground and inscribed ‘Alexr’ ‘Mr Christie’, reeded rim-mount inscribed to interior ‘For Auld Langsyne from W.H.M.’ 7.5cm long £200-300


269 TWO SCOTTISH SILVER-MOUNTED HORN SNUFF MULLS, UNMARKED, LATE 18TH/EARLY 19TH CENTURY both with engraved thistle-shaped hinges, the lid of the first applied with a plaque engraved with the initials WC, the body of the second applied with a shield engraved with the initials CG in gothic script 9 and 9.5cm long £250-350




270 A SCOTTISH SILVER-MOUNTED HORN SNUFF MULL, UNMARKED, SECOND-QUARTER 19 TH CENTURY the terminal carved as a duck’s head with glass eyes below a diaper patterned section, with stylised thistle hinge mount 13.5cm long £250-350 271 A SCOTTISH SILVER-MOUNTED SNUFF MULL, UNMARKED, EARLY 19 TH CENTURY the cow horn applied with a crested shield, with engraved and chased thistle hinge mount 28cm long


£250-350 272 THREE SCOTTISH SILVER-MOUNTED HORN SNUFF MULLS, UNMARKED, CIRCA 1750-EARLY 19TH CENTURY the first with silver hinge and initialled (EW) circular plaque, the second with applied thistle hinge and initialled (GB) plaque, the third with applied initialled (JW) shield 9-7cm long £200-300 273 THREE SCOTTISH HORN SNUFF MULLS, TWO SILVERMOUNTED, THE THIRD WITH SILVERED METAL MOUNT, EARLY 19TH CENTURY the hinged lid of the first applied with an initialled and crested circular plaque, the second with similar initialed plaque, the third with polished agate inset to the hinged lid 7.5-5.5cm long




274 A SCOTTISH SILVER-MOUNTED HORN SNUFF MULL, UNMARKED, CIRCA 1765 the lid applied with a carved carnelian surrounded by an engraved laurel leaf border, the reeded and waved hinge mount with scroll pendent straps 7.7cm long £300-500

275 A SCOTTISH SILVER-MOUNTED HORN SNUFF MULL, UNMARKED, CIRCA 1840 the hinged lid chased with flowers and foliage and set with a cabochon quartz with platelet inclusions, gilt interior 9cm long



276 A SCOTTISH SILVER-MOUNTED HORN SNUFF MULL, UNMARKED, CIRCA 1830 applied with a silver shield amateur engraved with initials C.H., the lid set with a foiled cairngorm surrounded by a foliate and flower border 7.5cm long £200-300

275 277 THREE SCOTTISH HORN SNUFF MULLS, TWO UNMARKED, EARLY 19TH CENTURY, THE THIRD MAKER’S MARK APPARENTLY JMIK&S (POSSIBLY DOUBLE-STRUCK), CIRCA 1850 the first with silver mounts and initialled plaque to the hinged lid, the second without mounts, the third with silver mounts and applied vacant shield 8.5-8cm wide £150-250


277 74

278 THREE SCOTTISH SILVER-MOUNTED HORN SNUFF MULLS, UNMARKED, CIRCA 1774 - CIRCA 1850 the first with applied and inscribed plaque to the hinged lid, the second with shaped and engraved thistle pattern hinge, the rim inscribed, the third with applied thistle, the chased and crested hinged lid applied with (damaged) polished agate 10-7.5cm long The inscription on the first reads: Gift Captn Alexr Ross of Calrosie to The Revd. Mr. Pat Grant Minister of Loggy Er 1774


The inscription on the second reads: Peace, Love James Varney & Unity £250-350

279 THREE SCOTTISH SILVER-MOUNTED HORN SNUFF MULLS, UNMARKED, CIRCA 1774-EARLY 19TH CENTURY the first with inscribed rim mount and hinged lid applied with a disc engraved with a crossed fork and shovel, the second with elaborate pierced and bright-cut lip mount, the hinged lid with engraved thistle-shaped hinge, circa 1790, the third of small size, the lid applied with an initialled plaque 9.5-6cm long


The inscription on the first reads: James Shiels Balgowan 1774 £300-500

280 A SCOTTISH SILVER-MOUNTED LABURNUM WOOD QUAICH, UNMARKED, DATED 1846 circular, plain lug handles, the rim mount engraved with an inscription, the central silver boss engraved with a thistle within the stamped Gaelic inscription: ‘SCUAB . ASE’ (‘Sweep ‘im out’) 10.7cm wide over handles The rim inscription reads: Presented to Mr W. [Carter ?] by his sincere friend J.S. Heap, Fort Augustus, 1846.’



281 A SCOTTISH SILVER-MOUNTED IVORY QUAICH, UNMARKED, DATED 1879 the silver-capped lug handles applied with thistles, inscribed rim 10.5cm over handles The inscription reads: Malcolm Ross to H.R. Marriott 1879. Schwab A Se £150-200

281 75


283 A STEEL SWIVEL FOB SEAL, ENGLISH, CIRCA 1741-1745 with sprung shaft, the triangular seal engraved with a coat-ofarms, supporters and motto, a crest and a monogram, 4.7cm long; together with four other steel fob seals, three engraved with coats-of-arms, the fourth with a running fox below ‘TALLIO,’ English, mid-late 18th Century; and a another steel fob seal, small size with hatched matrix, 19th Century (6) The arms on the swivel seal are those of Chudleigh and the initials JC in monogram are probably those of Sir John Chudleigh, 6th Bt., of Chalmington, Dorset. He inherited the title at the age of 14 in 1741 upon the death of his uncle. He was killed at the siege of Ostend in August 1745, leaving his estate to his servant, George Strode, but the will was contested by Sir John’s mother, Isabella (d. 1779), and other members of the Chudleigh family and consequently not proved until 1783 (National Archives, PROB 11/1103). Sir John was a kinsman of the notorious Elizabeth Chudleigh (1720-1788) (Countess of Bristol), who in 1769 married bigamously Evelyn Pierrepont, 2nd Duke of Kingston (1711-1773).

By family repute, left to Mrs Arthur Matthison, by the writer, her friend and co-religionist, G.K. Chesterton.

The arms on the remaining seals are as follows: probably those of Newmarch impaling Atkinson or Clagett; arms are those of Severn or Severne; and the arms are those of Brodrepp impaling Combe for Richard Brodrepp of South Maperton, Dorset, who on 22 August 1738 married Jane Combe (or Coombe) (1715?-1762) at Netherbury, Dorset. He died on 28 July 1774 (will proved 16 August 1774: National Archives, PROB 11/1000), after which his house at Maperton was let. It consisted of ‘a hall, three parlous, and an oryal, a kitchen, and all other necessary offices on the ground floor; of a library, and five bed-chambers, with several convenient light closets on the second floor; and of several good garrots over the said bed-chambers; a good cellar; stables, coachhouses, and a garden walled in and well planted with fruit-trees, in which garden are two fish-ponds, and a cold-bath.’ (The London Evening Post, London, 6-8 April 1775, p. 3c)



282 282 A VICTORIAN GOLD FOB SEAL, UNMARKED, CIRCA 1850 cast as a mediaeval knight in armour supporting a sword and shield, his breastplate applied with a gem-set cross, the oval bloodstone matrix engraved with a crest, cap of maintenance and motto, suspension rings 4cm high


284 A GILT-METAL CHATELAINE, PROBABLY BIRMINGHAM OR LONDON, CIRCA 1735 the clip with a scene of Britannia seated below a tasselled and draped canopy, the pendent etui and flanking cases covered with scroll foliage on a matted ground, the etui additionally with figures of a Roman soldier and a lady, fitted interior with penknife and handle only 16cm long Compare a chatelaine with some identical elements, given to the Victoria & Albert Museum by Jane Souter Hipkins, Museum No. M.433 to B-1911, on view in the Jewellery Gallery. £500-700 285 A PORCELAIN BONBONNIERE, PROBABLY DANISH, 19TH CENTURY finely moulded and painted as the head of a shaggy dog, the lid painted with a vignette of a cockerel in a landscape 7cm wide For other similar examples see Christie’s, New York, 24 November 2009, lot 82 and Sotheby’s London, 6 March 2001, lot 79, also see B.L Grandjean, Kongelig Dansk Porcelin, p.166, pl.155 £300-400 286 AN IVORY FAN, FRENCH, 19TH CENTURY painted with a scene in 18th century style of a loving family in pastoral setting upon an island, the reverse with a picnicking scene, pierced, gilt and polychrome sticks and guards; together with another French fan, 19th century, printed and floral painted leaf, pierced, gilt and silvered bone sticks and guards (2) £50-80






288 A PRESSED BURR WOOD SNUFF BOX WITH CONCEALED EROTIC SCENE, PROBABLY FRENCH EARLY 19TH CENTURY the cover with a titled scene ‘FETE FLAMANDE’, the base unscrewing to reveal a brightly painted chamber scene of a couple in flagrante delicto, 8cm diameter

287 A GERMAN PAINTED AND BLACK LACQUER BOX AND COVER, ‘HIS FAVOURITE DISH’, STOBWASSER, BRUNSWICK / BERLIN, CIRCA 1820 the cover painted with an erotic parlour scene of a woman inadvertently having pulled up her dress while proffering a plate of food to a seated clergyman, worn title below ‘... seine Leib Speiss!’ (his favourite dish!), interior inscribed ‘Stobwassers Fabrik’, base and lid each numbered 6910 9.5cm diameter







289 A GERMAN PAINTED AND BLACK LACQUER BOX AND COVER, PROBABLY STOCKMANN OF BRUNSWICK, EARLY 19TH CENTURY the cover with a scene of a scantily clad young woman providing solace to a Roman soldier, interior lid and base each with painted symbols d77? (sic) 10cm diameter £300-400 290 FOUR MISCELLANEOUS BOXES, 19TH CENTURY comprising: a circular black lacquer snuff box, the cover with a printed and painted scene of a young girl with a shotgun, entitled ‘Preciosa’, probably German, circa 1825, 8.3cm diameter; an oblong black lacquer snuff box, the hinged lid with a printed scene of a dog carrying a rabbit titled ‘ To be delivered immediately’ probably English, second quarter 19th century; a small circular tortoiseshell snuff or pill box, with gold thumbpiece and hinge, probably 18th century, 4.2cm diameter; and a horn pill box, heart-shaped, engraved with a figure in a landscape, Tyrolean, late 19th century (4)


£100-200 291 A RUSSIAN LACQUER PILL BOX, LUKUTIN FACTORY, 19TH/20TH CENTURY circular, the cover with a three-quarter length portrait of a girl in traditional costume, red interior, cover with gilt printed mark Fab. Lukutina. (in Cyrillic) under Imperial warrants 5.8cm diameter £100-150 292 A HORN GLOVE POWDERER, PROBABLY GERMAN, DATED 1908 in 18th century taste, carved with acanthus and an initialled and a dated oval 16cm long





293 AN IVORY-MOUNTED GILT-METAL CASKET, FRENCH, CIRCA 1900 oblong, the lid with a glazed miniature on ivory of Napoleon mounted on Marengo surrounded by his officers (perhaps at Austerlitz), the sides with carved ivory panels of soldiers and battle scenes, with ivory waisted columns to the corners and bun feet, with scrolled wirework borders set with pastes over a velvet ground, velvet interior 14cm long


£1000-1500 294 A BOITE A PORTRAIT OF LOUIS XV, FRENCH, MID 19TH CENTURY the circular cover mounted with the oval portrait miniature, composition with gilt-copper reeded banding 6.7cm diameter £80-120


295 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A YOUNG MAN, FRENCH SCHOOL, CIRCA 1710 in a full grey wig and wearing armour, perhaps with the Order of St Louis, on metal, fitted in original fish-skin case with studded rims 6.3cm high £300-500


Lots 296-315: A Private Collection of Portrait Miniatures

296 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF EDWARD MONTAGU FIRST EARL OF SANDWICH, ATTRIBUTED TO CHARLES BEALE (1660-1714), CIRCA 1680 after Sir Peter Lely (1618-1680), with long brown hair and wearing the cape and Order of the Garter, watercolour on vellum, in a rose turned horn frame, titled label to reverse 7.5cm high For oil versions of the portrait after Lely see the National Portrait Gallery (NPG 609) and Plas Newydd, Anglesey (National Trust No.1175959). Lely was a friend of Charles Beale’s parents and Beale made a number of copies of Lely portraits; see Victoria and Albert Museum (No.555-1905) for a Beale miniature after Lely’s self-portrait. Edward Montagu (1625-1672) was deeply involved with the parliamentary cause during the Civil War, raising an infantry regiment and later serving in the Protectorate parliament. Seeing the way the wind was blowing however, he became involved with Charles II in exile in the Netherlands and commanded the fleet that brought the King back for the restoration in May 1660. He was created Earl of Sandwich two months later. A cousin of Samuel Pepys, he is considered as Pepys’s protector at the Admiralty, where he was Lord High Admiral of England. £2000-3000


297 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF WILLIAM ROBINSON, ENGLISH SCHOOL, LATE 18TH CENTURY after John Smart (circa 1740-1811), the man with powdered wig ‘en queue’ and green coat, on ivory, gilt-copper frame set with seed pearls, reverse with a panel of plaited hair and inscribed to the rim: William Robinson, Born 1757, Died 1834 4.4cm high £400-600





298 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A GIRL, PROBABLY FRENCH, CIRCA 1760 holding a posy to her chest, on ivory, in a contemporary silver frame with a paste-set border and ribbon surmount image 3.5cm high £300-500 299 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF THE COMTE D’EVREUX, FRENCH SCHOOL, CIRCA 1710 with full grey wig, breastplate and blue shirt, on vellum, late 19th century gilt-metal frame, titled paper label to reverse 6.8cm high Louis Henri de la Tour d’Auvergne, Comte d’Evreux (1674-1753), was a Field Marshall, who went on to build the Parisian hôtel particulier now known as the Elysée Palace, the French president’s official residence. £800-1200


300 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A YOUNG WOMAN, ENGLISH SCHOOL, SECOND HALF 19TH CENTURY after George Engleheart (1750-1829), with a ribbon to her neck, on ivory, loose in a gold brooch frame set with rose diamonds between enamel flowers, glass lacking, frame also second half 19th century miniature 4.7cm high, brooch frame 6.6cm high £300-400


301 TWO PORTRAIT MINIATURES, ENGLISH SCHOOL one of a young man with powdered hair and a blue coat with black collar, bearing a spurious Engleheart cursive E initial, on ivory, loose with glass in a leather case, circa 1800, 6cm high, the other of a young woman with piled hair tied with a puce ribbon, on ivory, loose in a leather case, circa 1770, 3.8cm high £200-300



302 302 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF FREDERICK WILLIAM COX, BY JAMES HOLMES (1777-1860), 1815 the young boy being licked by his affectionate spaniel, watercolour on paper, in a gilt-copper frame inscribed to the reverse: Frederick William Cox / by James Holmes / 1815 11.5 x 13.5cm


£250-350 303 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A YOUNG WOMAN, ENGLISH SCHOOL, CIRCA 1848 in a lace cap with scrunched blue ribbon at the ear and lace collar, on ivory, in gilt metal frame initialled H.F. de G. and dated July 2, 1848 7.3cm high £200-300 304 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A YOUNG MAN, BY ANDREW PLIMER (1763-1837), CIRCA 1795 in a blue coat with black collar, on ivory, glazed gilt frame lacking backing 6cm high £600-900 305 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A YOUNG MAN, FRENCH SCHOOL, CIRCA 1775 in a puce coat against a background of trees, in a gilt-metal pasteset frame and later outer case 7.7cm high £500-800




306 306 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A YOUNG WOMAN, ATTRIBUTED TO RICHARD COSWAY (1742-1821), CIRCA 1790 wearing a plume dressed turban and an ermine trimmed gown, pencil and coloured wash on card, in a later carved giltwood frame 9.8cm £600-800 307 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A YOUNG GIRL, BY MRS ANNE MEE, CIRCA 1805 wearing a white chemise and blue bead necklace, on ivory, gold ‘ouroboros’ (snake eating its tail) frame with glazed hair reverse 8cm £1500-2000 308 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF HENRY MAJENDIE, BY JEREMIAH MEYER RA (1735-1789), CIRCA 1780 wearing white lawn tabs and a black gown, on ivory, gilt-metal frame inscribed: H.W. MAJENDIE Bp. OF BANGOR / D.1830 7.4cm


Henry William Majendie (1764-1830) and his family were closely connected to the court, so it is not surprising that his likeness was taken by Jeremiah Meyer, the official Painter in Miniatures and Enamels to King George III. His father was a tutor to Queen Charlotte and Henry Majendie taught Prince William. Ordained in 1783, he rose to become Bishop of Chester in 1800 and Bishop of Bangor in 1809. £1000-1500



309 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A GENTLEMAN, BY HENRY EDRIDGE ARA (1768-1821), CIRCA 1795 wearing a blue coat, white waistcoat, red slip waistcoat and a tied cravat, on ivory, gold frame, the glazed reverse with hair and gilt laurel spray centred with initials AM 7.3cm £1200-1800

310 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A GENTLEMAN, BY JEREMIAH MEYER RA (1735-1789), CIRCA 1775 wearing a blue coat with gold buttons and lace, white waistcoat and jabot, on ivory, gold frame, glazed reverse with hair, locks and seed pearl monogrammed oval 4.7cm



311 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A LADY, BY CHARLOTTE JONES (1768-1847), CIRCA 1810 wearing a white muslin veil and a blue dress, column and drapery background, on ivory, later gilt-card mount and wood frame 8.8cm £300-500

311 85


313 312 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A LADY, BY BERNARD LENS (1681-1740), CIRCA 1715 holding a book, wearing a grey gown, on ivory, gilt-metal later frame width 7cm £800-1200


313 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF HENRIETTA VERNON, COUNTESS OF WARWICK (1760-1838), BY OZIAS HUMPHRY RA (17421810), CIRCA 1776 after a portrait by George Romney (1734-1802), her piled hair tied with ribbons, wearing a blue dress, on ivory, titled later gilt-metal frame 8.2cm, surface mould and bloom Henrietta Vernon (1760-1838) became the second wife of the 2nd Earl of Warwick. The 2nd Earl is principally remembered for his acquisition of what became known as the Warwick vase, as well as for his passion for portraiture. He commissioned Romney to paint a number of his family including another portrait of his wife with their children. The portrait after which this miniature was painted is untraced, but for a print of the portrait, see British Museum No. 1902,1011.5072. £200-300 314 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A GENTLEMAN, FRENCH SCHOOL, CIRCA 1715 wearing a blue coat and white chemise, probably on vellum, later gilt-metal frame 5cm £400-600 315 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A GENTLEMAN, ENGLISH SCHOOL, CIRCA 1805 wearing a white shirt and a red cloak, on ivory, gold cased frame 7.3cm £150-250

315 86

316 A GOLD CIGARETTE BOX, MAPPIN & WEBB LTD, BIRMINGHAM, 1977 rectangular, engine-turned, lid applied to corner with an initial P in sapphires in a diamond set square, sprung lid with semi-circular release button to front, 9 carat 9cm long, 181gr £1500-2000


317 317 A VICTORIAN GOLD VINIAGRETTE, UNMARKED, PROBABLY BIRMINGHAM, CIRCA 1860 shaped rectangular, engraved with diaper pattern, the interior with pierced and engraved hinged grille, pendent ring 2.7cm wide £150-250

318 318 AN ITALIAN TWO-COLOUR COMPACT, CIANTELLI & C, VALENZA, CIRCA 1960 of fine basketweave, with a brilliant-cut diamond thumbpiece above the flush hidden button releasing the sprung lid set to the interior with a mirror, with detachable net cover with frame, stamped MOSSONI and 750 5.8cm long £1200-1800


319 320

319 A GOLD AND BLOODSTONE PROPELLING PENCIL, PROBABLY S. MORDAN & CO OF LONDON, CIRCA 1830 with bloodstone mounted stem and seal, acanthus chased gold terminal, slider and base mount with quattrefoils, tête de belier 18 carat French gold marks (1819-38) 9.8cm long unextended


£500-800 320 A GOLD PROPELLING PENCIL, PROBABALY S. MORDAN & CO OF LONDON, SECOND QUARTER 19TH CENTURY with engraved foliage and black enamel straps, banded agate seal terminal hinging open to reveal a compartment with plaited hair, apparently unmarked 8.9cm long unextended £400-600

322 A GOLD CIGARETTE CASE, PROBABLY GERMAN, CIRCA 1930 oblong, with plaid pattern engine-turning and scroll foliate engraved bevelled borders, sapphire cabochon mounted button, interior engraved ‘Zur Erinnerung an den Sommer 1931’, stamped ‘585’ 8.6cm long, 77.8gr gross including button and elastic retainers £800-1200

321 321 A WATERMAN 42 ‘IDEAL’ SAFETY PEN WITH ITALIAN GOLD OVERLAY AND ACCOMPANYING PROPELLING PENCIL, MID 20TH CENTURY octagonal with engine-turning between sections of chevrons, Koska style clips; together with a Vatican Museums fountain pen, late 20th century, with gilt pierced overlay geometric patterning and panel inscribed DIVINARUM RERUM NOTITIA; together with a filled gold fountain pen, probably Italian 1950s, clip missing, cap inscribed ‘EUROPA’ (4) £120-180


323 323 A GOLD COMPACT, DEAKIN & FRANCIS LTD, BIRMINGHAM, 1946 octagonal, the lid with differently patterned engine-turning converging on the initial S, mirrored interior, 9 carat 7.5cm diagonally £600-900


324 A RUSSIAN SILVER-GILT CLOISONNE ENAMEL BOX, CONSTANTIN SKVORTSOV, MOSCOW, 1908-1917 oval, with foliate and geometric motifs on green and other coloured grounds, 875 standard 7.8cm wide £2500-3500

326 326 A RUSSIAN SILVER-GILT AND CLOISONNE ENAMEL BOX, MARKS RUBBED, CIRCA 1900 circular, with flowers, foliage and bands of blue pellets on a matted ground 5.5cm diameter £800-1200

325 325 A RUSSIAN SILVER-GILT PLIQUE-A-JOUR ENAMEL VODKA BEAKER, KHLEBNIKOV, MOSCOW, 1895 tapering cylindrical, covered in floral and geometric motifs, assay master Lev Fridrikhovitch Oleks, 875 standard 6cm high £2000-3000


327 A PAIR OF RUSSIAN SILVER-GILT AND ENAMEL TEASPOONS, ANTIP KUZMICHEV, MOSCOW, LATE 19TH CENTURY, RETAILED BY TIFFANY & CO, NEW YORK champlevé enamelled with foliate and geometric motifs, stems stamped ‘MADE FOR TIFFANY & Co.’, 916 standard 11.3cm long £200-300

327 328 FOUR RUSSIAN SILVER CLOISONNE ENAMEL SPOONS one teaspoon with scroll foliage to the matted gilt ground bowl, V. Akimov, Moscow, late 19th century, 12.5cm long, one coffee spoon with formal foliage within a blue pellet border to the bowl, Ivan Saltykov, Moscow, 1890, and two similar salt spoons, one Gustav Klingert, Moscow, late 19th century, other marks indecipherable £120-180


329 PAIR OF GOLD DRESS STUDS circular, one centred by a faceted ruby on a black ground, the other with a simulant ruby, with threaded post and butterfly fittings, bearing Russian zolotnik marks, in box with spurious printed Fabergé label; together with a Soviet Order of the Red Star, red enamel and silver, reverse with bolt and screw-on disc, order no., maker’s mark, mid 20th century; and two further medals, Russian Style, one as a white enamel cross centred by Tsar Nicholas II’s cipher on a green enamel laurel wreath, silvergilt, spurious zolotnik and maker’s marks and one a brass copy of the “For Central Asia Campaigns 1853-1895’ medal (5) £120-180


330 FOUR SILVER AND ENAMEL EGGS, RUSSIAN OR RUSSIAN STYLE, 20TH CENTURY one green enamelled and applied with holly leaves, opening to reveal a chained figure of Father Frost, spurious Karl Fabergé and zolotnik marks to suspension ring, one cloisonné enamelled with stylised foliage on a matted gilt ground, unmarked, one paste-set and enamelled around an Orthodox Cross and the Imperial Eagle, modern Russian marks to suspension ring, and one with stylised foliate cloisonné enamel, probably spurious zolotnik marks to suspension ring largest 3.5cm long (4) £100-200




331 A CARVED ROCK CRYSTAL ELEPHANT FIGURE, FABERGÉ STYLE, 20TH CENTURY the young animal with trunk curled to the side, set with circularcut ruby eyes, in a fitted box with spurious Fabergé printed label 3.5cm long £300-50 332 A SET OF SIX SOVIET RUSSIAN GILT AND ENAMEL TEASPOONS, THE JEWELLERY & WATCH FACTORY, LENINGRAD, CIRCA 1965 the terminals with cloisonné blue stylised petals on a white ground, 916 hammer and sickle mark, in case 14.5cm long £50-80


333 A SOVIET RUSSIAN GILT AND ENAMEL JAR AND COVER AND A TEA STRAINER, JEWELLERY & WATCH FACTORY, LENINGRAD, 1957/58 both with yellow, red and blue cloisonné enamel leafage on a turquoise ground, tapering cylindrical jar with domed cover and spreading foot, tea strainer of typical form with thumb depression, 916 rabota marks jar 9.5cm high (2) £150-250 334 A SILVER-GILT TABLE BELL, UNMARKED, PROBABLY HUNGARIAN, 20TH CENTURY the bell with collet set amethysts and pearls and applied corded borders and foliate straps on a hatched ground, with a band of pearls at the base of the blue guilloche enamel handle with sheep’s head and scroll finial 12cm high £400-600





335 A RUSSIAN SILVER CIGARETTE CASE, GRACHEV BROTHERS, ST. PETERSBURG, 1904-1908 oblong, with sunburst moulding issuing from a diamond and paste set crown to each side (one pink paste missing), assay master Alexander Richter, ‘88’ kokoshnik 8.3cm long £200-300


336 A RUSSIAN SILVER AND NIELLO SNUFF BOX, IVAN GUBKIN, MOSCOW, 1862 rectangular, covered in scroll foliate decoration, the front with a vacant belted oval, gilt interior, 875 standard 8.8cm long £1000-1200 337 A RUSSIAN SILVER CHEROOT CASE, ERIK FRIST, ST PETERSBURG, 1852 of pouch form, with raised strapwork and a vacant cartouche on a hatched ground, gilt interior, assay master Alexander Mitin or Moor 12.5cm long £300-400


338 A SOVIET RUSSIAN NIELLO PODSTAKANNIK, MOSCOW, 1950s with scrolled piercing above a shaped band of scroll foliate niello, angular handle, 875 rabota mark, together with a Soviet Georgian beaker, circa 1970, the frosted body with a titled view of Tblisi Circus, hammer & sickle 875 mark, 6.5cm high; and a Soviet salt cellar, bellied circular, frosted below a formal border, gilt interior, circa 1970, 4.8cm diameter (3) £150-250



339 A RUSSIAN TOILET BOX WITH SILVER COVER oval faceted glass, silver cover with reeded sides and monogrammed initial, marked FR (Cyrillic), St Petersburg 18821899, 9.2cm long; together with a Soviet silver and niello cigarette case, oblong, scroll foliate decoration, Kubachi (Dagestan), modern, 10.2cm long (2) £80-120



340 A RUSSIAN SILVER-GILT AND NIELLO BEAKER, MAKER’S MARK PD (IN CYRILLIC), MOSCOW, 1840 with two circular panels of equestrian figures, perhaps of Peter the Great, between paterae and diaperwork, 875 standard 7cm high £400-600

341 A RUSSIAN SILVER VODKA BEAKER, KHLEBNIKOV, MOSCOW, 1883 flared above a bulbous base, engraved with strapwork roundels and stylised foliage on a frosted ground, gilt interior, assay master Vasily Petrov, 875 standard, Dutch import mark 7.5cm high, 72gr (2oz) £150-250

342 A CLOISONNE ENAMELLED SILVER CARRIAGE TIMEPIECE, PROBABLY RUSSIAN, EARLY 20TH CENTURY oblong, on bun feet, the white enamel circular dial with Roman numerals surrounded by cloisonné scroll foliage on a matted ground, the sides with a deep blue ground arabesque panel, door to rear with a plique-à-jour enamel roundel, lozenge maker’s mark apparently EJ an hourglass perhaps for Edmond Jaeger, also head in shield-shaped punch mark 10cm high with swing handle upright £1000-1500




343 A GERMAN SILVER TRAVEL CLOCK, LOUIS KUPPENHEIM, PFORZHEIM, EARLY 20TH CENTURY oblong folding case with engine-turning between linear bands, the circular alarm clock with white dial and radioluminescent painted Arabic numerals, stamped STERLING and ‘935’ 9.5cm long £220-280

344 344 ETERNA ‘CHRONOMETRE’: A GOLD POCKET WATCH, CIRCA 1930 jewelled Swiss keyless wind movement, brushed two-tone dial with applied gold Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, 18 carat gold outer case with berried laurel leaf rims and Art Deco engine-turned back, dial, case and movement signed, case 2545110, brass cuvette similarly numbered, movement 2587292 case 4.6cm £400-600


345 A GOLD ‘DECIMAL CENTRE SECONDS’ CHRONOGRAPH LEVER POCKET WATCH, SWISS, CIRCA 1912 three-quarter plate keyless wind movement, the white dial with outer 25-300 scale signed by the retailer M. Greaves & Co. / London, gilt-metal cuvette, gold outer case import marked London, 1912, 9 carat 47mm diameter £100-150

346 A GOLD GENTLEMAN’S WRISTWATCH, SWISS, CIRCA 1915 unsigned Swiss manual wind movement, white dial with Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, circular gold case, import marked for Arthur George Rendell, London, 1915, 9 carat 33mm diameter




347 extract 347 PATEK PHILIPPE, REF. 2526: A RARE ROSE GOLD GENTLEMAN’S BRACELET WATCH, 1954 cal. 12-600 AT automatic movement, stamped with the Geneva seal, 30 jewels, engine-turned 18 carat gold rotor, the cream enamel dial with applied gold baton numerals and a subsidiary seconds dial, circular water-resistant-type case, screw back, PP emblem to crown, detachable square link bracelet with PP emblem clasp, all 18 carat rose gold, dial, case, movement and bracelet all signed, movement No. 761.044, case No. 685.312 case 35.5mm diameter, This watch was originally purchased by the current vendor’s grandfather and is accompanied by the Patek Philippe ‘Extract from the Archives’, confirming production of the watch and bracelet all in rose gold in 1954 and sale on 17th March 1955. Reference 2526 was Patek Philippe’s first model featuring a selfwinding movement, the renowned calibre 12-600 AT. Of around 3000 examples produced between 1953 and 1960, fewer than 400 were made in rose gold. Illustrated by M. Huber and A. Banberry, Patek Philippe Wristwatches, Geneva, 1998, plate 349, p. 217. £25000-35000


347 detail


348 348 OMEGA: A GENTLEMAN’S STEEL WRISTWATCH, CIRCA 1960 manual wind movement, silvered dial with Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, crown with Omega emblem, with associated sprung metal bracelet, dial and movement signed 34mm diameter £120-180


349 JUVENIA: A LADY’S GOLD BRACELET WATCH manual wind 17 jewel movement, brushed dial with gold batons, 14 carat gold oblong case, 18 carat solid mesh bracelet, dial and movement signed approximately 175mm long £700-1000 350 A RUBY, SEED PEARL, ENAMEL AND GOLD BROOCH WATCH, CIRCA 1900 Swiss keyless wind movement, dial with Roman numeral hours and Arabic numeral minutes, reverse enamelled with scene of a courting couple, the circular case with scroll foliate chased borders, case and cuvette with French 18 carat gold horse’s head marks, pendent from a curved bar set with circular cut rubies surmounted by similarly cut rubies and seed pearl flowers, in a blue velvet lined red leather fitted case watchcase 2.8cm diameter £300-400


351 OMEGA: A LADY’S GOLD WATCH WITH ASSOCIATED BRACELET, CIRCA 1957 cal. 244 manual wind seventeen jewel movement, silvered dial with gold tone batons, dial and movement signed, circular Dennison for Omega case, all 9 carat hallmarked; together with a Cyma lady’s gold watch with associated bracelet, circa 1956, manual wind 17 jewel movement, silvered dial with batons between 12 and 6, circular case, reverse engraved A.C. 5.12.58, dial, movement and case signed, all 9 carat hallmarked (2) £150-250


352 LAPIS LAZULI DEMI PARURE the necklace designed as a row of graduated beads measuring from 20mm-31mm approximately; together with a pair of pendent earrings measuring 20mm each approximately length approximately 470mm £200-300


353 352


355 part

353 PAIR OF AMETHYST, GARNET AND DIAMOND EAR PENDANTS, KIKI MCDONOUGH each amethyst drop suspended from a triangular garnet and similarly cut amethyst surmount with brilliant-cut diamond connections, Italian gold marks for Alessandria and makers mark for Kiki McDonough to clip fittings

355 COLLECTION OF COSTUME JEWELLERY comprising: a pair of wood and amethyst ear clips; a pair of wood and coral ear clips; an oval garnet ring, size K, and smaller matching ring,N ½; and a yellow resin drop pendant mounted with an oval citrine (7)



354 PAIR OF AGATE AND GARNET EARCLIPS each carved triangular plaque collet-set with an oval almandine garnet, probably retailed by Kiki McDonough £400-600


356 GOLD AND TURQUOISE RING, LATE 16TH / EARLY 17TH CENTURY of quatrefoil design framing a box bezel set with a cabochon turquoise on a scalloped mount decorated with traces of enamel size N For similar examples of late 16th/early 17th century rings see: The Victoria and Albert Museum, Medieval and Renaissance, room 62, case 8, and Diana Scarisbrick, Rings, Jewelery of Power, Love and Loyalty, London, 2007, Pls. 334/428/429. £800-1200

357 GOLD AND AQUAMARINE BROOCH, MID 19TH CENTURY the chased ‘lover’s knot’ set with oval aquamarines and interspersed with ivy decoration; together with a carved lozenge brooch,1840s, set with oval rock crystal suspending a foliate pendant similarly set (2) £200-300 358 GOLD AND ENAMEL NAVAL SWEETHEART’S BROOCH realistically modelled as a Victorian Royal Navy officer’s sword in its scabbard, stamped 15ct 67mm approximately £60-100 359 GOLD LONG CHAIN, SECOND QUARTER 19TH CENTURY designed as row of circular links with star decoration, with hand clasp set with two circular cut rubies (finger missing) 1370mm long approximately, 97gr £1500-2000 360 DIAMOND RING, LATE 19th CENTURY the marquise shaped bezel set throughout with circular and single cut diamonds between scrolled gold shoulders size S £500-700 361 DIAMOND BROOCH/PENDANT, 1880s of target design set throughout with cushion shaped and circular cut stones, detachable brooch fitting £800-1000 362 DIAMOND CLUSTER RING set throughout with cushion shaped and circular diamonds size O £400-600 363 GOLD AND BANDED AGATE RING, 1880s designed as a human eye, size U ½; together with a cameo brooch, 1880s, the border of chain design (2) £200-300








362 363 part



364 GEORGE III GOLD AND ENAMEL MOURNING RING, CIRCA 1808 the oval revolving plaque with funerary urn to obverse, reverse inscribed Jona[tha]n Pytts Esq, the shank as an ourboros (the symbol of eternity of a snake eating its tail) decorated with enamel scales, inside shank engraved: Nat 2nd April 1731, Ob,, 10 Decr,, 1807 size K½ Jonathan Pytts Esquire of Kyre House, Worcester, specifies in his will (signed 7th August 1807): I give and bequeth to the said Right Honourable John Lord Northwick and Lady Caroline Rushout and to the two Honourable Miss Rushouts and their sister the Honourable Mrs Bowles (the several sisters of Lord Northwick) and also to the said Sir Charles Hamilton and Sir Edward Hamilton and likewise to William Batson Esquire the said John Hippisley the Reverend Francis Seymour the Reverend James Ingram the Reverend Vivian Wood Mrs James Robinson the Reverend Thomas Rorke John Barneoy Esquire the Reverend Edward Green of Burford my friends Doctor William Faulkner of Bath and Mr Vincent Wood late surgeon in the army and to my wife’s sister Mrs Ingles (the wife of the Reverend Doctor Ingles] each the sum of ten pounds to purchase a mourning ring for my memory. (PROB 11/1476) Jonathan Pytts inherited a large fortune from his maternal grandfather, Admiral Jonathan Collett who died in 1742. He succeeded his brother Edmund to the Kyre estate in 1781, becoming Sheriff in 1783, dying without issue in 1807. £400-600

364 plaque reverse

365 GOLD MESH NECKLACE, CIRCA 1973 designed with two rows of articulated textured rings meshed together with smaller plain links, London import marks for 1973 and another mark ‘GF 750’, 18 carat length approximately 470mm £1200-1800 366 RUSSIAN GOLD NECKLACE, CIRCA 1900 the long link chain suspending nine 10 Rouble coins (one loose) and a central 15 Rouble coin, 14 carat Russian gold marks to the chain approximate length 390mm, 107gr £2000-3000 367 TWO DIAMOND AND SYNTHETIC RUBY RINGS, 1930s each bezel of ‘Odeonesque’ design set with single-cut diamonds and channel-set synthetic ruby baguettes size I and M respectively £400-600 368 CUFF BRACELET, 1960s designed as a series of oval textured articulated links, 18 carat Italian gold marks for Vicenza length approximately 93mm, 83grs £1500-1800 369 LADY’S GOLD BRACELET WATCH, 1960s Swiss manual wind movement, brushed silvered dial signed Bueche Girod with applied gold batons, set in an articulated textured strap, hallmarked 18 carat length approximately 160mm including additional loose links, 59gr gross £1000-1200







369 101

370 LADY’S PLATINUM AND DIAMOND WATCH, 1940s the square silver dial signed Cyma with black Arabic numerals within a bezel millegrain-set with single-cut diamonds between brilliant-cut diamond shoulders on a bracelet strap designed as a series of laurel leaves set with single-cut stones length approximately 160mm, stamped Plat, maker’s mark EB, clasp broken piece included £1500-2000 371 LADY’S DIAMOND COCKTAIL WATCH, 1920s the rectangular silver face with gold arabic numerals within a bezel of single-cut diamonds on an open work tapering bracelet similarly set with baguette diamond lugs length approximately 160mm £500-700 372 DIAMOND BROOCH, CIRCA 1930 set to the centre with two rows of circular cut diamonds bordered by rose and cushion-shaped diamonds between radiating graduated knife-wire fans terminating in circular-cut stones approx 47mm wide £400-600 373 DIAMOND DRESS RING, CIRCA 1925 the plaque set to the centre with a circular diamond with singlecut stones either side and rose diamonds to the shoulders, engraved 9.3.26 to inside of shank size V½ £600-800 374 DIAMOND RING, 1920s the bezel vertically set with two circular diamonds with a row of single-cut stones in between size N £300-400 375 SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND BAR BROOCH, 1920s the torpedo shape millegrain-set with graduating circular diamonds and sapphires length approximately 93mm £600-800 376 DIAMOND RING, 1970s the front claw-set with three rows of brilliant-cut diamonds between tapering wire-work shoulders with rope work decoration size P ½ £300-400 377 PAIR OF DIAMOND CUFFLINKS, 1970s each rectangular plaque pavé-set with brilliant-cut diamonds £800-1000









374 103


378 GOLD AND RUBY NECKLACE of négligée design, the three strands of matted square links terminating in rows of graduated circular rubies; together with a pair of gold earclips, of pointed brick link design accented with simulant rubies and diamonds length of necklace approximately 390mm (3)

381 PAIR OF GEMSTONE PENDENT EARRINGS each designed as an articulated chain of graduating circular peridot, blue topaz and oval amethyst and citrine length approximately 40mm


382 PAIR OF BLUE TOPAZ HOOP EARRINGS each briolette aquamarine suspended from a hoop surmount

379 AQUAMARINE PENDANT the circular aquamarine within a rope work border suspended from a textured torque necklace length approximately 430mm £600-800 380 BLUE TOPAZ NECKLACE AND PAIR OF ROCK CRYSTAL EAR CLIPS the frosted resin torque necklace collet-set with an oval blue topaz, internal measurement 300mm approximately, the pair of earrings with claw-set rectangular quartz (3) £80-100



£300-400 383 MULTICOLOURED GEMSTONE NECKLACE designed as a row of collet-set oval stones comprising; garnet, blue topaz, citrine and amethyst, hallmarked London 18 carat length approximately 580mm £1000-1500


381 380 part

382 383 384


384 FIRE OPAL AND AQUAMARINE RING, KIKI MCDONOUGH the cushion shaped fire opal claw-set between heart shaped aquamarines, maker’s mark size M £500-700

385 PAIR OF FIRE OPAL AND AQUAMARINE EARCLIPS each designed with a horizontally set oval aquamarine accented with circular and similarly cut fire opals suspending a pear shaped aquamarine drop, hallmarked Birmingham, 2000, 18 carat, probably retailed by Kiki McDonough and with her white leather pouch £600-800


386 part

386 part

387 386 part



386 COLLECTION OF HARDSTONE JEWELLERY comprising: a torsade of rock crystal and amethyst, length approximately 490-410mm not including pendant; four rows of polished beads including amethysts, peridots, labradorite, rose quartz and turquoise, lengths approximately 690mm, 710mm, 750mm, 765mm respectively; a pair of polished rose quartz ear-clips and a kidney shaped hardstone pendant on a metallic leather thong, length 400 mm approximately (8) £150-200 387 CULTURED PEARL AND JADE LONG CHAIN the row of nephrite jade beads interspersed with cultured pearls measuring between 6-8mm approximately length approximately 2450mm £80-100 388 FRESHWATER PEARL, AQUAMARINE AND PERIDOT LONG CHAIN designed as a single rope of freshwater pearls measuring between 8-10mm approximately divided at intervals by polished aquamarine and peridot beads length approximately 1890mm £80-120

End of Sale

Next Sale May 2015 Closing end April 2015


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(c) Without prejudice to Condition 4(b), any claim against MBL and/or the Seller by a Bidder is limited to the Purchase Price for the relevant lot. Neither MBL nor the Seller shall be liable for any indirect or consequential losses. (d) Nothing in Condition 4 shall exclude or limit the liability of MBL or the Seller for death or personal injury caused by the negligent acts or omissions of MBL or the Seller. 5.

Bidding at Auction (a) MBL has absolute discretion to refuse admission to the auction. Before sale, Bidders must complete a Registration Form and supply such information and references as MBL requires. Bidders are personally liable for their bid and are jointly and severally liable with their principal, if bidding as agent (in which case MBL’s prior and express consent must be obtained). (b) MBL advises Bidders to attend the auction, but MBL will endeavour to execute absentee written bids provided that they are, in MBL’s opinion, received in sufficient time and in legible form. (c) When available, written and telephone bidding is offered as a free service at the Bidder’s risk and subject to MBL’s other commitments; MBL is therefore not liable for failure to execute such bids. Telephone bidding may be recorded.


Import, Export and Copyright Restrictions MBL and the Seller make no representations or warranties as to whether any lot is subject to import, export or copyright restrictions. It is the Buyer’s sole responsibility to obtain any copyright clearance or any necessary import, export or other licence required by law, including licenses required under the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).


Conduct of the Auction (a) The auctioneer has discretion to refuse bids, withdraw or reoffer lots for sale (including after the fall of the hammer) if (s)he believes that there may be an error or dispute, and may also take such other action as (s)he reasonably deems necessary. (b) The auctioneer will commence and advance the bidding in such increments as (s)he considers appropriate and is entitled to place bids on the Seller’s behalf up to the Reserve Price for the lot, where applicable. (c) Subject to Condition 7(a), the contract between the Buyer and the Seller is concluded on the striking of the auctioneer’s hammer. (d) Any post-auction sale of lots shall incorporate these Conditions of Business.


Payment and Collection (a) Unless otherwise agreed in advance, payment of the Purchase Price is due in pounds sterling immediately after the auction (the “Payment Date”). (b) Title in a lot will not pass to the Buyer until MBL has received the Purchase Price in cleared funds. MBL will generally not release a lot to a Buyer before payment. Earlier release shall not affect passing of title or the Buyer’s obligation to pay the Purchase Price, as above. (c) The refusal of any licence or permit required by law, as outlined in Condition 6, shall not affect the Buyer’s obligation to pay for the lot, as per Condition 8(a). (d) The buyer must arrange collection of lots within 10 working days of the auction. Purchased lots are at the Buyers risk from the earlier of (i) collection or (ii) 10 working days after the auction. Until risk passes, MBL will compensate the Buyer for any loss or damage to the lot up to a maximum of the Purchase Price actually paid by the Buyer. MBL’s assumption of risk is subjected to the exclusions detailed in Condition 5(d) of the Conditions of Business Sellers (e) All packing and handling of lots is at the Buyer’s risk. MBL will not be liable for any acts or omissions of third party packers or shippers.

The Buyer’s Premium, Buyer’s Expenses and Hammer Price are subject to VAT, where applicable. 3.


Examination of Lots (a) MBL’s knowledge of lots is partly dependent on information provided by the Seller and MBL is unable to exercise exhaustive due diligence on each lot. Each lot is available for examination before sale. Bidders are responsible for carrying out examinations and research before sale to satisfy themselves over the condition of lots and accuracy of descriptions. (b) All oral and/or written information provided to Bidders relating to lots, including descriptions in the catalogue, condition reports or elsewhere are statements of MBL’s opinion and not representations of fact. Estimates may not be relied on as a prediction of the selling price or value of the lot and may be revised from time to time at MBL’s absolute discretion. Exclusions and limitations of liability to Buyers (a) MBL shall refund the Purchase Price to the Buyer in circumstances where it deems that the lot is a counterfeit, subject to the terms of MBL’s Authenticity Guarantee. (b) Subject to Condition 4(a), neither MBL nor the Seller:(i) is liable for any errors or omissions in any oral or written information provided to Bidders by MBL, whether negligent or otherwise; (ii) gives any guarantee or warranty to Bidders and any implied warranties and conditions are excluded (save in so far as such obligations can not be excluded by English law), other than the express warranties given by the Seller to the Buyer (for which the Seller is solely responsible) under the Conditions of Business for Sellers; (iii) accepts responsibility to Bidders for acts or omissions (whether negligent or otherwise) by MBL in connection with the conduct of auctions or for any matter relating to the sale of any lot.



Remedies for non-payment Without prejudice to any rights that the Seller may have, if the Buyer without prior agreement fails to make payment for the lot within 5 working days of the auction, MBL may in its sole discretion exercise 1 or more of the following remedies:(a) store the lot at its premises or elsewhere at the Buyer’s sole risk and expense; (b) Cancel the sale of the lot; (c) Set off any amounts owed to the Buyer by MBL against any amounts owed to MBL by the Buyer for the lot; (d) Reject future bids from the Buyer; (e) Charge interest at 4% per annum above HSBC Bank Plc base Rate from the Payment Date to the date that the Purchase Price is received in cleared funds; (f) Re-sell the lot by auction or privately, with estimates and reserves at MBL’s discretion, in which case the Buyer will be liable for any shortfall between the original Purchase Price and the amount achieved on re-sale, including all costs incurred in such re-sale; (g) Exercise a lien over any Buyer’s Property in MBL’s possession, applying the sale proceeds to any amounts owed by the Buyer to MBL. MBL shall give the Buyer 14 days written notice before exercising such lien; (h) Commence legal proceedings to recover the Purchase Price for the lot, plus interest and legal costs; (i) Disclose the Buyer’s details to the Seller to enable the Seller to commence legal proceedings.

10. Failure to collect purchases (a) If the Buyer pays the Purchase Price but does not collect the lot within 20 working days of the auction, the lot will be stored at the buyer’s expense and risk at MBL’s premises or in independent storage.

(b) If a lot is paid for but uncollected within 6 months of the auction, following 60 days written notice to the buyer, MBL will re-sell the lot by auction or privately, with estimates and reserves at MBL’s discretion. The sale proceeds, less all MBL’s costs, will be forfeited unless collected by the Buyer within 2 years of the original auction. 11. Data Protection (a) MBL will use information supplied by bidders or otherwise obtained lawfully by MBL for the provision of auction related services, client administration, marketing and as otherwise required by law. (b) By agreeing to these Conditions of Business, the Bidder agrees to the processing of their personal information and to the disclosure of such information to third parties worldwide for the purpose outlined in Condition 11(a) and to Sellers as per Condition 9(i) 12. Miscellaneous (a) All images of lots, catalogue descriptions and all other materials produced by MBL are the copyright of MBL. (b) These Conditions of Business are not assignable by any Buyer without MBL’s prior consent, but are binding on Bidders’ successors, assignees and representatives. (c) The materials listed in Condition 1(a) set out the entire agreement between the parties. (d) If any part of these Conditions of Business be held unenforceable, the remaining parts shall remain in full force and effect. (e) These Conditions of Business shall be interpreted in accordance with English Law, under the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts, in favour of MBL.

Matthew Barton Ltd’s Authenticity Guarantee If Matthew Barton Ltd sells an item of Property which is later shown to be a “counterfeit”, subject to the terms below Matthew Barton Ltd. will rescind the sale and return the Buyer the total amount paid by the Buyer to Matthew Barton Ltd. for that Property, up to a maximum of the Purchase Price. The guarantee lasts for one (1) year after the date of the relevant auction, is for the benefit of the Buyer only and is nontransferable. “Counterfeit” means an item of Property that in Matthew Barton Ltd’s reasonable opinion is an imitation created with the intent to deceive over the authorship, origin, date, age, period, culture or source, where the correct description of such matters is not included in the catalogue description for the Property. Property shall not be considered Counterfeit solely because of any damage and/or restoration and/or modification work (including, but not limited to, recolouring, tooling or repatinating). Please note that this guarantee does not apply if either:(i) the catalogue description was in accordance with the generally accepted opinions of scholars and experts at the date of the sale, or the catalogue description indicated that there was a conflict of such opinions; (i) the only method of establishing at the date of the sale that the item was a Counterfeit would have been by means of processes not then generally available or accepted, unreasonably expensive or impractical; or likely to have caused damage to or loss in value to the Property (in Matthew Barton Ltd’s reasonable opinion); or


(i) there has been no material loss in value of the Property from its value had it accorded with its catalogue description. To claim under this guarantee the Buyer must:(i) notify Matthew Barton Ltd in writing within one (1) month of receiving any information that causes the Buyer to question the authenticity or attribution of the Property, specifying the lot number, date of the auction at which it was purchased and the reasons why it is believed to be Counterfeit; and (i) return the Property to Matthew Barton Ltd in the same condition as at the date of sale and be able to transfer good title in the Property, free from any third party claims arising after the date of the sale. Matthew Barton Ltd has discretion to waive any of the above requirements. Matthew Barton Ltd may require the Buyer to obtain at the Buyer's cost the reports of two independent and recognised experts in the relevant field and acceptable to Matthew Barton Ltd Matthew Barton Ltd shall not be bound by any reports produced by the Buyer, and reserves the right to seek additional expert advice at its own expense. In the event Matthew Barton Ltd decides to rescind the sale under this Guarantee, it may refund to the Buyer the reasonable costs of up to two mutually approved independent expert reports, provided always that the costs of such reports have been approved in advance and in writing by Matthew Barton Ltd.

Catalogue Subscription Form In order to avoid missing a sale why not subscribe and receive the catalogue directly from the printer’s mailing house. Subscribers receive at least two catalogues per annum and are kept up-to-date to sale-related events at Matthew Barton Ltd. Name [Block Capitals] ............................................................................................................................................................ Address .................................................................................................................................................................................. ................................................................................................................................................................................................. ................................................................................................................................................................................................. Post/Zip Code .................................................................... Telephone Number ........................................................... Signature ........................................................................... Date .................................................................................... E-mail ................................................................................. Subscription costs UK




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Date 9th December 2014


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Please bid on my behalf at the above sale for the following Lot(s) up to the hammer price(s) mentioned opposite. These bids are to be executed as cheaply as is permitted by other bids or reserves and in an amount up to but not exceeding the specified amount. The auctioneer may open the bidding on any lot by placing a bid on behalf of the seller. The auctioneer may further bid on behalf of the seller up to the amount of the reserve by placing responsive or consecutive bids for a lot.


I agree to be bound by Matthew Barton Ltd.’s Conditions of Business. If any bid is successful, I agree to pay a buyer’s premium on the hammer price at the rate stated in the front of the catalogue and any VAT, or amounts in lieu of VAT, which may be due on the buyer’s premium and the hammer price.

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Matthew Barton Ltd  

Decorative Works of Art | Tuesday 9th December 2014

Matthew Barton Ltd  

Decorative Works of Art | Tuesday 9th December 2014