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Lot 330 Lot 329

329* S.O.E. A pair of WWII brown leather Brogue shoes stamped Ludgate / Crockett & Jones /Town Style, the right heel with secret compartment for a message or cyanide pill, showing general signs of use, with some scuffing and cracking to the leather, approx. size 8.5 (2)

£500 - £800

330* S.O.E. A scarce WWII miniature brass single draw telescope, the brass case stamped ‘D 4.5 X’, there is a small chip to one glass however this does not obscure and it has good clear optics and very powerful! 6cm fully extended The telescopes were provided to allow evaders or escapers to be able to observe stores, then guard routines, wire obstacles, escape routes etc. They were often shipped into POW camps concealed inside matchboxes with false bases. (1) £500 - £800

331* S.O.E. A rare brass cyanide capsule, with airtight cover, 4.5cm long This would have originally contained a glass phial (1) £80 - £120

333* S.O.E. A scarce Assasin’s lapel knife, all steel with 6cm double edge blade the grip with hole for suspension, 11.5cm long overall

334* S.O.E. A rare Assassin’s punch dagger, all steel, the 9cm triangular fullered blade, 18cm long, in a period Commando knife brown leather scabbard



£500 - £600

332* S.O.E. A Domino secret message container, the top section with sliding door to reveal a small space for a message, 4 x 2.2cm (1)

£80 - £120


£800 - £1,000

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Dominic Winter  

Military, Aviation & Transport History | 16 May 2019 | High Res

Dominic Winter  

Military, Aviation & Transport History | 16 May 2019 | High Res