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[Lord Napier of Magdala]. An Abyssinian Shield, circa 1868, circular domed shield made from hide and decorated in blind, with white metal strapwork and floral appliqué, two strips lifting and some floral mounts missing, the reverse with carrying handle, leather to the reverse torn and frayed, RUSI (Royal United Service Museum) collection tags tied on, 55cm diameter The RUSI entry reads: '1789. Leather Shield from Abyssinia, with silver plates for decoration. Given by Lord Napier of Magdala.' The RUSI Museum was dispersed in 1962, when the shield probably went to the Glenbow Museum in Calgary, Canada, from where it was deaccessioned in recent years. £1000-1500 (15 May auction)

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Military, Aviation & Transport History | 16 May 2019 | High Res

Dominic Winter  

Military, Aviation & Transport History | 16 May 2019 | High Res