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91* Ballooning Cup. A German silver beaker commemorating a ballooning flight on 16 March 1913, engraved with a balloon and the German town Saarbrücken and Glück ab! (Good luck!) together with ‘Ballonfahrt mit Kriegsmässiger Auto-Verfolgung 16 März 1913’ (Balloon ride with warmongering car pursuit, 16 March 1913), gilded interior and with hallmarks to the base, 9cm high, 2.3oz (1)

93* Battle of Britain. A collection of Spitfire relics from a crashed aircraft flown by Pilot Officer W.H. Reilly, 66 Sqn, 17 October 1940, presented on a modern board comprising remains of a a valve, bracket, bullet, window and tunic button with an airfix type model of a Spitfire plus historical plaques, 23.5 x 30cm, together with a WWI aircraft propeller tip, two ARP steel helmets, rations books, civilian gas masks etc

£70 - £100

43043 Pilot Officer Hugh William Reilly was born in London, Ontario in 1918, he came to England in May 1939 and joined the RAF in September. In September 1940 he joined 64 Sqn at Leconsfield and later that month moved to 66 Sqn at Gravesend, on 27 September he shot down a Me109, and he himself was shot down and killed on 17 October 1940 over Westerham by Major Molders of Jg51 and his Spitfire crashed at Crockham Hill, Sevenoaks, Reilly is buried in Gravesend Cemetery, Kent. (carton) £100 - £150

92* Ballooning Prints. A collection of 32 various ballooning prints, mostly 19th century, including Experience de la Machine Areostatique de Mrs. de Montgolfier, d’Anonai en Vivarais, reppetée a Paris le 27. Aoust 1783, au Champ de Mars, [1790], hand-coloured engraved vue d’optique, probably published in Augsburg in 1790, with printed caption in French and German below the image, trimmed to plate margins, some light surface soiling, 29.5 x 39.5cm (11.6 x 15.5 inches), old wooden frame, glazed, together with Grand Aerostatic Balloon, in which M: Blanchard on Saty. Octr. 16th 1784 ascended from the Royal Military Academy at Little Chelsea..., published by R. Wilkinson, 1784 [corrected to 1800?], hand-coloured etching, close-trimmed, some light surface soiling, sheet size 35.5 x 25.5cm (14 x 10 inches), old wooden frame, glazed, plus The Three Favorite Aerial Travellers, by F. Bartolozzi after Rigaud, published by E. Wyatt, June 25th 1785, The Entrance of His Majesty Louis XVIII into Paris, 3rd May 1814, published by Richard Holmes Laurie, 1st Feby. 1820, (hand-coloured), Cremorne Gardens, Thursday June 20, 1850. Visit of the Ambassador from Nepaul, Balloon Ascent by Lieut. Gale (small printed broadside), The Chinese Pagoda and Bridge, erected over the Canal in St. James’s Park, for the Grand Jubilee of the 1st of August 1814, & The New London Bridge, as it appeared when opened in presence of the Majesties, on the 1st of August, 1831, published Whittle & Laurie, Septr. 9, 1814 and R.H. Laurie, circa 1831, respectively (both handcoloured later restrikes), Wien aus dem Luftballoon Gesehen von Sudwesten by Sandmann, after Jacob Alt, circa 1850, etc., all framed and glazed, various sizes (32)

£200 - £300

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Military, Aviation & Transport History | 16 May 2019 | High Res

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Military, Aviation & Transport History | 16 May 2019 | High Res