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Your Y: Discovered

Possibilities revealed. Lives transformed.


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The YMCA is here to make our community stronger. We nurture kids, promote health and wellness, and foster the values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility in everything we do. Together, we reveal possibilities and transform lives.

2 | 2013 Impact Report

Revealing the Possibilities of the YMCA… Every day, we see transformations in people. We hear their stories, witness their successes, and feel their excitement for the impact the Y has had on their lives. People have discovered so much about themselves when they’ve discovered the YMCA, and it’s because of your support and contributions. Through your involvement, you have made their stories possible and our community stronger. Your commitment to the Y – and to the people we touch every day – humbles us. And at the same time, it inspires us to do even more. It ignites our passion to keep reaching out and connecting. It gives us the fuel to explore our own possibilities of everything the Y can do: Leonard P. Rice Board Chair

Partnerships. In Glendale, YMCA programming and a Teen Center are being offered at the city’s sports center. By working with the city, the Y is helping kids with homework, and providing a safe place to go before and after school. With more funding, additional partnerships like these could be forged with cities and towns throughout Denver to bring Y services to more kids.

Collaborations. At Wyatt Academy, YMCA staff is stepping in every single week to lead and teach over 400 students so that the school’s teachers and staff can take time for professional development. With support, further opportunities could be sought out with schools and organizations to promote more youth development.

Impact. The Y continues to invest in our programming, scholarships,

Jim Hiner President & CEO

sports, education, resources, and financial stability. Right now through the Y, 24,000 children are engaged in youth sports and activities; 47,000 members are embracing healthy living, and more than 2,200 are volunteering to serve our community. With our ongoing commitment to strategic planning and building a stronger YMCA, together, we can create even more possibilities and transform even more lives. As we move forward into 2014 and beyond, these are indeed exciting times at the YMCA.

Thank you for being a part of all the Y is doing – and all we can still do.

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Youth Programs

23,995 Youth Participants


Y Locations

Jasmine Montoya reveals her full potential at the YMCA.

I came for boxing. I discovered myself. Sixteen-year-old Jasmine Montoya never saw herself as a mentor, teacher, and role model. Until she came to the YMCA.

2 | 2013 Impact Report

Through Boxing Arts, Jasmine learned she could help other kids like herself – and that she was good at it. A Youth Development Program at the Downtown Y, Boxing Arts uses the art of boxing to promote education and build character, discipline, and confidence in teens and kids. The program required Jasmine to do more than show up and box. It called on her to commit to sticking with a regular practice schedule, being a good example, and keeping up good grades. It called on her to push herself, open her mind, and try something new, outside of her comfort zone. “This is about so much more than boxing,” says Kenny Hill, YMCA boxing coordinator. “Boxing Arts is about self-assurance and consistency. It’s about exploring possibilities that you might not know ever existed.” For Jasmine, those possibilities involved a future she had never considered: Teaching, mentoring, college, and a career. She was given the opportunity to teach the skills she was learning in the ring, and she was encouraged and empowered to be a positive influence to other kids in the program.

“The Y gave kids someone to look up to, and that someone is me.” Through the Y, Jasmine received support to do the things she had never thought of doing, and the confidence of knowing that she does those things very well. Boxing Arts has put college on her radar, and it’s given her a track record of success in starting something and sticking with it with perseverance and vision.

“I learned how to speak out.” Four years ago, as a freshman at Strasburg High School, Jacob Rodriguez was a soft-spoken kid afraid to speak in public. Now that shy kid is heading to Yale to pursue an education in politics and law, and he credits the YMCA’s Youth in Government Program for helping him get there.

“It was the most impactful part of my high school career.” Every year, more than 150 students from throughout Colorado sign up for this Y opportunity to learn about the democratic system and how government shapes people’s lives. They are empowered to get involved in decisions that affect them, lead others, and develop character traits that will make them confident citizens. For Jacob, the program put him into a situation where he could speak out – at a podium, in front of hundreds of grown-ups and peers, and on the floors of the actual Colorado House and Senate. The program gave him a voice, and he has thrived.

At the YMCA of Metropolitan Denver, we believe all kids deserve the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. Through all our programs and activities — from child care, to summer camps, to sports, to leadership programs — kids throughout Denver are building confidence, and discovering so much more about who they are and all that they can do.

To learn more about this program, visit

Jacob’s Possibilities: Leadership, scholarships, and a future at Yale.

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47,812 Y Members


Wellness Classes


Scholarships for Healthy Living

I had to change. I discovered how. Chuck Gardner couldn’t walk one lap around a track. He had a congenital heart condition and was on a path to diabetes. Until he joined the YMCA.

Chuck Gardner’s looking forward to the next 20 years. 4 | 2013 Impact Report

The staff at the Southwest YMCA greeted him with smiles and a warm welcome – the first day and every morning since. That friendliness changed Chuck’s life. He says through the Y, he discovered a supportive environment, full of wonderful people who were genuinely concerned about his wellbeing. Appreciating the people and encouragement, Chuck started going to the Y every day. He began with just a few steps. Then he would walk further and further each time, getting stronger and healthier. Finally, he could walk 17 times around the track – a full mile. Within months, he felt better. Within a year, he was off his medications and his doctor was thrilled.

“I learned I had the strength and ability to turn my health around and change my life.” Hundreds of people have found that same kind of strength through the YMCA of Metropolitan Denver. The Y offers a variety of daily classes and activities to help people develop a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Seniors learn how to cope with arthritis and improve their mobility. Adults are shown how to eat right, relieve stress, and prevent diabetes. And all our members are given the encouragement to walk, run, dance, swim, and stretch their way to healthy living. For Chuck, the encouragement he found at the Y revealed possibilities he hadn’t realized: A rewarding daily routine of hitting the track and then lifting weights. The strength and stamina to undergo a recent back surgery and be given a clean bill of health to return to work within just two weeks. And, the positive attitude and energy to enjoy his four grown kids, 10 grandchildren, and eight great grandchildren.

“I learned A whole community cares about me.” To an eight-year-old, adopting a healthy lifestyle for diet and exercise was just something grown-ups talked about. That’s how it was for Ana Isabella Saucedo. She didn’t understand all that stuff about nutrition and exercise. She just wanted to feel better.

“I just wanted to do the fun things kids like to do.” That’s when her mom learned about the YMCA’s “Mind, Exercise, Nutrition… Do It” Program. MEND teaches kids how to improve their eating and exercise habits, and thus improve their fitness and self-esteem. The education helps children be healthier and happier now and as adults, with reduced risk for obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Through this YMCA class, Ana Isabella has learned what it means to be healthier and fitter. “The class has given Ana Isabella a new outlook and habits that no amount of doctors’ appointments or lectures could ever give her,” says mom Ana.

“I’d have been gone 11 years ago if it hadn’t had been for the YMCA,” he says. “I owe them everything.” “Today, I am a very young 70 years old.”

To join the YMCA of Metropolitan Denver and start living healthy, visit

Ana Isabella’s possibilities: A new outlook to be healthy and happy

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2,238 Volunteers


Scholarships Provided


Years Serving the Metro Denver Area

I wanted to do it all. I learned i could. Single Dad Craig Smith knew he’d never quit. But he didn’t always know how to keep going. Until he found the YMCA. Craig Smith and his daughter Eva.

6 | 2013 Impact Report

Through the Y Neighbors Program, he learned there were people he could turn to. He learned he could provide for his kids and create a home. Craig got the help he needed when times were the toughest – he had lost his job, and he had just been awarded sole custody of his three young children. Everything was a struggle, from buying diapers, to finding housing. “I was trying to be there for my kids, and at the same time figure out how to get back into the work force and provide for their needs,” he says. “Single moms: I tip my hat to you.” Through Y Neighbors, he immediately received the day-to-day things that people don’t think about – toiletries, toothpaste, and deodorant. Then he got help with bigger challenges – transportation, finding a bigger place to live, securing the first month’s rent, and getting furniture. “We let Craig know he wasn’t alone. Help was available. And the Y could bring that help in reach,” says Program Director Joan Richardson. Y Neighbors is a component of the YMCA Community Programs Branch, which operates out of 100-year-old Manual High School to provide support, connections, and opportunities to people most in need. Y Neighbors helps more than 500 families right in the community access resources from a network of more than 60 partners. We give families a helping hand to make their lives healthier, more stable, and more secure. Through Y Neighbors, Craig discovered how strong he could be.

“What I was up against was overwhelming. But I learned that it’s surprising what you can do – when you have to do it.”

“I’ve seen the difference the Y makes for families.” Susie Blaisdell loves to see what happens when her whole community rallies behindfamilies. In her work for Littleton Public Schools, Susie collaborates with community organizations to help families whose children are missing a lot of school but are not at the point of truancy. With Susie’s assistance – and the partnership of the YMCA – these at-risk families are able to take advantage of free three-month Y memberships. “When families have stressful issues going on, the first thing that goes is spending quality time together,” Susie says.

Through the Y, families get that time back. Families are able to play, interact, and have fun again. Kids get closer with their families and also with their community. And this connection helps them not only stay in school, but do better in it. “You can’t put a price tag on that,” Susie says.

Today, Craig’s completed commercial driving training and certification and has become a school bus driver. He’s found a place to live. He’s putting food on the table, and he’s built a happy world for Lydia, Ezekiel, and Eva. “I did it — but I couldn’t have without the Y,” he says.

To support the YMCA Community Programs Branch, visit

Susie’s possibilities: More healthy, happy kids going to school

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Volunteers of the Year 1









1 Rich Karlis Metro Board

5 Ben Sprague Community Programs Branch

Rich serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees, chair of the Board Development Committee, member of the Executive Committee, and chair of the Golf Classic Committee. Rich brings new energy and passion to the Y, connecting the Y with business leaders and engaging board candidates.

Ben has been influential in the growth of the Community Programs Branch since January 2012. In addition to serving on our Advisory Board, Ben was the chair for our 2013 Community Support Campaign. He has overseen our special event at the New Orient Restaurant for two years. Giving back is a family legacy and Ben carries that conviction forward.

2 Roger Hubbard Littleton Family YMCA Roger and his family have supported the YMCA for decades. In 2013, Roger helped increase the Littleton Y’s Annual Campaign by 17% and raised funds for the International Committee through a first-time fundraiser utilizing the Arc truck. Roger and his wife Nancy have been members of the YMCA for 45 years. 3 Stephen Gordon Youth Sports Branch Stephen has been a coach for the Youth Sports Program since January 2011. He has coached basketball and baseball. Stephen has used his talents to encourage, guide, and train young athletes and volunteers at the Y. His contribution will positively impact future generations of YMCA leaders and volunteers. 4 Frank Scherer Aurora Branch New to the YMCA this year, Frank volunteered to help K–2nd grade students learn to play baseball. He adjusts his coaching to the needs of each player, so that everyone can play at their own level and have fun. Frank already has players requesting to be on his team again.

8 | 2013 Impact Report

6 Roberta Reeder Schlessman Family YMCA Roberta has been involved with the YMCA for 17 years. She has served as Campaign Chairperson and has raise $100,000 for the Schlessman YMCA. Bertas’ passion for the Y and the ones we service is second to none and we can never thank her enough for her dedication. 7 Brandee Caswell Downtown 2013 was a transition year for the Downtown Y and Brandee stepped up to support and lead the board through this time of change. Brandee has been a tremendous asset thanks to her generous gifts, contacts, and encouragement of our volunteers. We are a far better YMCA for having Brandee on our team. 8 Brian Brennan Southwest Family YMCA Brian has provided exceptional leadership to the Southwest Board of Advisors for over six years. He has provided consistency and a focus on improving our impact. Brian has also led several new volunteers to serve on our board. His energy has renewed



their passion and commitment to the Y. Thanks to Brian, we have an amazing group of volunteers ready to address the needs of our community. 9 Joe Sprague Glendale YMCA As Board Chair, Joe led the YMCA’s first Board of Advisors for the Glendale YMCA and helped create a model for public and private partnership. He helped form the hallmark of our success — collaboration between the Y and the City of Glendale and other organizations that support the healthy development of children, teens, adults, and families. Joe has served the YMCA for 26 years. 10 Suzanne Dumford Susan M. Duncan Family YMCA Suzanne led the Duncan branch in surpassing the 2013 Community Support Campaign goal of $168,000, all while making sure the campaign was fun and fully staffed by volunteers. She helped with our 2013 Wine Tasting and Auction and secured items for both our live and silent auctions. Suzanne plays an active role on our Special Events Committee and is a leading force behind our campaign special event. 11 Vince Abrue School Age Child Care Branch Vince has volunteered countless hours for the Y, serving on the Board of Trustees, and on the Steering Committee for Janet’s Camp providing leadership to the Young Professional Committee.. As a business development officer, Vince is also recognized professionally for helping non-profits. Strong communities need people like Vince who always try to be the best in their personal and professional lives.


Staff Award Winners

Debbie Ford Service Award

Eric Conrad Rookie of the Year

Debbie has been involved with the YMCA for over 32 years and on staff for the last 25. From teaching fitness classes to serving as executive director, Debbie has built lifetime friendships with members, donors and volunteers. She is known for her enthusiasm, competitive personality, and drive.

Eric has done an exceptional job in growing programs, developing staff, and building community partnerships at the Community Programs Branch. Because of him, the Y is serving students in wonderful ways and lives are being positively transformed. Eric is commended for his great effort, his willing and positive attitude, being a strong team player, and his strong desire to serve those who need us.

Jason Oberhue The Todd S. McNeil Building Character Award Jason exemplifies the mission of the YMCA on a daily basis and provides a positive example for all of his staff. Along with being a good role model, he coaches multiple seasons of sports and helps organize our coaches’ and officials’ trainings each year. He has been a strong influence in bringing the “Positive Coaching Alliance” trainings to our coaches and teaching them the YMCA’s core values.

Deb Guth Leadership Award

Donna Way Cornerstone Award

Deb helps people find the best within themselves and stretch further than they believed they could. She has coached three staff members to grow into new YMCA positions and has helped grow our HOA business from one community to over 20. Deb truly stands on the three pillars of Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility and is a leader in the YMCA.

As a group exercise instructor in both Littleton and Castle Rock, Donna serves multiple populations at the Y – but most outstanding is her dedication to our active older adults. She makes sure everyone has the chance to participate and feel they belong to something bigger. It is not unusual to hear members make comments such as “That class wouldn’t be the same without her.” Donna also participates in the Annual Campaign.

Thank you for everything you make possible! We are grateful for all our staff and volunteers for the commitment, leadership, and support they give to the Y every day. Here, we celebrate our staff and volunteer leaders of 2013.

To learn more about volunteering for the YMCA, visit

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Operating Fund Revenues

Operating Fund Expenses


em be Pr rs hi Co og p nt ram rib TO u TA tio 7 , L ns 59 & 0, 6, 16 ot 93 18 he 3 1, ,1 rp 83 00 6 ub ,2 Contributions lic 29 su pp 42 & Other Public or % t


Support 1 00

24% %

Management & General Administration









34% 24



Membership & Program Services



Membership 6,161,836 Membership 6,161,836 34% Program 7,590,933 Contributions & Other Public 4,347,460 Program 7,590,933 42%Support Contributions & other public support



TOTAL 18,100,229 TOTAL 18,100,229 100%

M M em an be ag rs TO em hip TA en & L t & pr o ge gr 17 ne am ,7 ra s 60 l a er ,2 dm vic 81 in es is tr 16 at io ,15 Membership n 8, & Program Services 34 10 9 0 % Management & General Administration 91% Membership &1,program services 16,158,349 60 Management & general administration 1,601,932 1, 93 9 2 1 TOTAL 17,760,281 % 100%

16,158,349 1,601,932 9%

TOTAL 17,760,281 9%

SPECIAL recognition

Emeritus Board The Emeritus Board was formed to thank and recognize, the monumental contributions of our past Y board volunteers. Susan Duncan,

Dr. John H. Dahl

Chris Martinez


Jeff Desautels

Jim McGibney

Anthony Antista

Gary Dyer

Don McMichael

Steve Batch


Brian Pendleton

Dalrie Berg


Hereford Percy

Richard Billings

Hugh Hilleary

Glenda Richter

Tom Chambers

Eileen Honnen

Jerry Wittkoff

Young Cho

Carol Jensen

Malcolm Collier*

Bob Johnston

Scott Coors

Tammy Keffeler

Cal Cox

Jack Kleinheksel

10 | 2013 Impact Report

Y-USA National Honor Roll of Donors This special recognition is given to individuals and families who have helped advance the mission of the Y through cumulative, lifetime contribution of $100,000 or more. Calhoun W. Cox, Jr. Kathleen Cox Susan M. Duncan Janet Elway Hilja Herfurth *Deceased

Glenn K. Hill* E. Pete Honnen* W. Porter Nelson* Joseph Sprague



to everyone who’s contributed to the YMCA Capital Campaign.

In 2010, the YMCA Metropolitan Board of Trustees set out to raise $6 million to: • Renovate and expand the Schlessman Family YMCA facility • Establish a YMCA facility in the city of Aurora • Remodel and equip the Community Programs Branch at Manual High School As of the end of 2013, our goal is within reach: • We’ve raised $4,147,000 in Capital Funds — 70% of goal! • $200,000 of improvements have been completed at Manual High School • The Schlessman Family facility remodel and expansion is scheduled to launch • A partnership has been established with a metro district in Aurora to open a YMCA facility This progress has been made possible thanks to the generosity of the Schlessman Family Foundation, individual donors, corporations, and foundations. Thank you!

Patrick Bush Kendall & Stephen Carbone Donald Carlstrom Janet & Frank Carter Michael Chavez Matthew Chavkin & Theresa Pena Betty & Leo Clam Harrison Cochran Rhona Cohen Ed Collins Diane & Bob Coulson Marcia Cutler Lisa Dahl & Lee Salem Lara & Kent Dawson Mike Donner John Douhit, M.D. Eileen & Robert Dowling Mary & Dave Driscoll In memory of Irene & Robert Dunnebecke Robert Duvall Jim Easton

K.M. & David Eberhard Cynthia & Craig Eley Sandra & R.L. Erickson Ed Fankhauser Linda & Harry Fegley Bette & Robert Finkelmeier Ann & Richard Fisher, Jr. Cathy Fonk Louise Fox Dana & Howard Fry Sharon & Casey Funk Karleen Gagnon Keith Gallaway Joanne Gipple & Bob Preston Kent M. Gloor Earl E. Grau Michael Greenspon Kathleen & Gregory Guarneros Regina & Ronald Gustas

Rich Harris Russell Haskell Jena & Kevin Hausmann Isoline & Richard Headstrom Cap Hermann Kent Heyborne Elaine Hild Preston H. Hill Amy & Andrew Homburger Ann Homburger Debra & Phil Homburger Erin Homburger Michele & David Homburger Ruth & Peter Homburger Catherine & Greg Hurd Van C. Hutchins Don Iley Nancy Johnson Jones Family Ilene Kasper

Leigh Kingman Richard Kitzman Ann & Henry Klaiman Ruth Klein Sue Kleinheksel Lu & Richard Koeppe Mary Lanius O.C. Larson In memory of Grier Laughlin Emily & Brad Lewis Nancy Livingston Christina Lomaquahu Mary & Kenneth Lynn Sandra & James MacDonald Jeanette Manicke Randy S. Marcove Elizabeth Martin Joie & Tom Mauro Jeff May & Laurel Healey Wyatt McCallie Blair & Bill McGroarty

Kathleen & Ramon McLean Frank Middleton Linda & Gary Miller Jaclyn Morrow Doug Morton & Marilyn Brown Joanne & Austin Murr John Oss Thomas Overton Elizabeth & John Palmquist Eileen Pappas Karen & Fred Pasternack David Peck Ralph Pedersen Perington Family Susan & Ted Pinkowitz Gaar Potter Regina & Greg Pron Peter Psyllas Patricia & Cy Regan Tom Reiners

There is still work to do! To donate to the YMCA Capital Campaign, visit

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Hall of Fame Inductees The Hall of Fame was formed as a special recognition for YMCA volunteers who have received the coveted “Volunteer of the Year” honor, believe that the Y is essential in their community, and who have given their time, treasure and talent. 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984

Varian Asbaugh* Hubert L. Jones* Dr. Frank McCabe* Ralph B. Mayo, Sr.* Gerald L. Schlessman* Gov. William E. Sweet* Alfred G. Brown* Robert P. Colwell* Dr. John H. Dahl Susan Duncan Glenn K. Hill* Lorraine Holmes* James Manley Benjamin F. Stapleton* James R. Williams* Ray F. Frey* Wm. E. “Skip” Mann* R.C. “Cal” Bennett Dr. William E. Cody* Lewis A. Dick* Sue Fletcher Bill Haldeman* Clifford Haynes*

1984 1984 1985 1985 1985 1985 1985 1987 1987 1987 1987 1987 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1991 1991 1991 1991

Lee Schlessman Lowell Sund* Willis H. Alderman* Marilyn McKinnell* Dr. L. Glenn Cody* Katherine E. Corbin* George Morrison, Sr.* Hartman Axley James Duncan* James Jamison Bob Johnston Rollie Kelley* Richard A. Billings Thomas H. Branch Thomas P. Chambers Judge David W. Enoch* William E. Horton* Donald E. McMichael John Q. “Jack” Moses Alfred M. “Bud” Ellerby* William C. Hubbard Dr. Harry C. Kent* Robert D. Rolander*

1991 1993 1993 1993 1993 1993 1993 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011

Thomas C. Stokes Calhoun W. Cox, Jr. Gaylene Harris Hugh Hilleary Earl E. Mackey* W. Porter Nelson* Robert E. Robinson John (Jack) Harmon* E. Pete Honnen* Jerald Johnson John (Jack) Kleinheksel Christopher Martinez A.B. Slaybaugh* Jerry Wittkoff Larry Wood* Mary Bindner Joanne Gipple Anna Jo Haynes Michael Homyak Margitt Kennedy Gary Oakley Joseph Sprague

Heritage Club Members The Heritage Club was formed to recognize and thank those who have made a planned gift to the YMCA. Mr. & Mrs. Warren Anderson Mrs. Priscilla Auten Mr. Hartman Axley Mrs. William Barr Mr. & Mrs. Steve Batch Mrs. Katherine Beise Mr. & Mrs. R.C. Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bisdorf Ms. Reva Brown Mr. & Mrs. James Bruskotter* Mr. Calhoun Cox, Jr. Ms. Kathleen Cox Dr. & Mrs. John Dahl Mr. & Mrs. Don Deal Mr. Jeffrey Desautels Mr. Mike Donner Mr. & Mrs. Gary Dorchinez Mr.* & Mrs. Hebert Downey Mr.* & Mrs. James Duncan Ms. Janet Elway Mr. Dave Farmer

12 | 2013 Impact Report

Ms. Lauren Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Mick Fredericks Mr. Bob Fujioka Ms. Karleen Gagnon Mr. & Mrs. Ed Glass Mr. Tom Goulet Mr. Earl Grau Mr. Michael Greenspon Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Hill* Mr. Jim Hiner Mr. Peter Homburger Mr.* & Mrs. Pete Honnen Mr. Van Hutchins *Mrs. Betty Johnson Mr. Jerald Johnson Mr. Bob Johnston Mr. Dyke Kanai Mr. & Mrs. Rollie Kelley* Mr.* Marlin Kelly Mr.* & Mrs. Lloyd King Mr. & Mrs John Kleinheksel

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Konstanzer Ms. Gail Lehrmann Mr. & Mrs. William McKinnell, Jr.* Mr. & Mrs. Brian Melodia Mr. & Mrs. Stan Pedzick Mr. & Mrs. Hereford Percy Mr. & Mrs. Lee Schlessman Mr.* & Mrs. A. B. Slaybaugh Mr. Clyde E. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sprague Mr. Lowell Sund* Mr. Robert Sweeney Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tan Mr. & Mrs. Bob Weimer Mr. & Mrs. Donald White Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Wittkoff Mr. Robert Wollenzien *Mr. Doug Zehrung



FOUNDERS $10,000 and up 21st Century - ELO Grant Buckley Powder Co. Campbell Foundation Fund, The CenturyLink City of Glendale Cody Kent, LLC Colorado State Bank and Trust Community Learning Centers Credit Union of Colorado Daniels Fund Denver Public Schools Denver, City - 2A After School Programs Denver, City & County Denver, Department of Human Services Duncan-Fredericks Family Foundation FirstBank Galena Foundation Inc. Helen K. & Arthur E. Johnson Foundation JCPenney After School Grants Luff Family Fund MEND Colorado Health Foundation Mile High United Way Pepsi Beverages Company QEP Resources, Inc. Schlessman Family Foundation Tri County Health YMCA of the USA - Building Futures Mentoring

BENEFACTORS $5,000 - $9,999 1 Stop Printing, Inc. Adolfson & Peterson Construction Aurora Rotary Bank of the West Community Affairs Dept. Beacon Communications Brookfield Residential Properties Inc. Community First Foundation Henry Wurst Incorporated Kaiser Permanente Fund KPMG LLP Lowrie Family Foundation MDC Richmond American Homes Foundation Naos Design Group PCL Construction Enterprises, Inc. PepsiCo Foundation PeyBack Foundation, The Phyllis M. Coors Foundation, The Rollie R. Kelley Family Foundation SM Energy Co. Southlands Shopping Center St. Croix Exploration Company The Benjamin Dodt Rocky Mountain Fund Wells Fargo Zoom Media Connect Zynex, Inc. ZyXEL Communications, Inc.

PATRONS $2,500 - $4,999 Accenture Actiontec Alcatel-Lucent

Atmos Energy Calix Center for Advanced Dermatology CH2MHILL Charles Schwab Foundation Ciena Corporation Cisco Systems Inc. Citywide Banks Collier Foundation, The Colorado Business Bank Colorado Rockies Baseball Club CYBEX International, Inc. DaVita, Inc. Denver Kiwanis Foundation Eagle Spirit Academy Ericsson Inc. Foster Valuation Company LLC Greenberg Traurig Healthways, Inc. (Healthcare Dimensions) Homewrights LLC Honnen Equipment Company Infinera Corporation KeyBank Foundation KG Clean, Inc. Kroenke Sports Charities Lockton Companies, LLC McDonald Automotive Group MDU Resources Foundation Minor & Brown PC Noble Energy Inc. Oracle Patton Boggs Piton Foundation, The Precor Safeway, Inc. Solich Fund, The Staples Technicolor USA, Inc. Tellabs Tigris Sponsorship & Marketing, Inc. Toshiba Business Solutions Workplace Resource Xcel Energy YMCA of the USA - Hispanic/ Latino Roadmap Seed Funding YMCA of the USA - Precor

CHAIRMAN’S ROUND TABLE $1,000 - $2,499 4 x 4 Concrete Forming A One Stop Print Shop AAA Colorado, Inc. Alphagraphics - Lori & Geoff Graham Ames Construction Inc. Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield Bank of America Corporation Beau Jo’s Pizza Bombay Sapphire Brandon Dodge on Broadway Calcon Constructors Carolyn W. & Charles T. Beaird Family Foundation Centennial Airport Lion’s Club Challenger Sports Corporation Colorado Literacy Resource Specialists Inc. Comcast Foundation Cresa Partners-Denver, Inc. Dea Family Foundation Denver Transit Partners, LLC Ehrhardt Keefe Steiner & Hottman PC Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc.

Faegre & Benson Foundation Faegre Baker Daniels Farmers Insurance / Gary L. Dyer Agency Fie Family Foundation Filter Press LLC Flood & Peterson Benefits, Inc. GH Phipps Construction Companies Hanson & Co. Harmes C. Fishback Foundation Henry E. Wurst Family Foundation Hercules Technology Growth Capital Holland & Hart LLP I-N-C Innovative Concepts Ireland, Stapleton, Pryor & Pascoe, P.C. Knight Piesold Services, Inc. Lightner Family Foundation Fund Ludvik Electric Company Maintenance Resources Metro Taxi National Cinemedia OppenheimerFunds, Inc. Orthodontic Specialists, P.C. Peak 360, Inc. Peliton Insurance Philadelphia Insurance Roland A. Wilson Trust Root Sports Rocky Mountain Rotary Club of University Hills SNS Management LLC Suss Pontiac-GMC Virginia R. Wilson Trust Walmart Weidner Property Management

FRIENDS $1 - $999 Access Resources ActionCOACH Adams Rental Advantage Security, Inc. American Oil & Gas Corporation ARC Thrift Stores Aurora Chamber of Commerce Bagnall Service Inc. Bailey Company LLLP, The Ball Metal Beverage Container Baron Property Services, LLC Bear Brothers Roofing Bear Valley Wine & Spirits Boy Scouts Troop 1876 Bradbury Family Partnership Bright Beginnings Broadsoft CBIC Center for Spiritual Living Denver Central Christian Church Cherry Crest Restaurant Cirbo & Associates Clayton Early Learning COBITCO, Inc. CoBiz Insurance Cody Dental Group, PC Coggins & Sons, Inc. Colorado Sewer Service Copper Kettle Brewing Company Davis Selected Advisers Denver Event Services DES International Denver Sport & Spine DFCBX Dickey’s BBQ

Dick’s Sporting Goods DirectTV Matching Gift Center Diving Board Solutions LLC Dodge Eastern Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Edward Meats Inc. Elcar Fence Encana Cares (USA) Foundation Enerplus Resources (USA) Corporation EON ExxonMobil Foundation Eye Specialists for Animals PC Family Star Faribault Public Schools Farmers Insurance / Linda Martin Feldman Mortuary Charitable Fund, The Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund First Data Foundation Fit Physical Therapy, LLC Fitlinxx Fitzsimons Community FCU Flood & Peterson Retirement Plan Advisors LLC Focus Points Family Resource Center Forest City Stapleton, Inc. Fortress Solutions Friends of Manual Front Range Flu Shots, LLC Gardner Family Foundations Inc. Garlic Knot - Bear Creek Gilliland Financial Services Girl Scout Troop 493 Glendale FOP Lodge 20 Go Figure Group Inc. Goldman Law, LLC Greater Cincinnati Foundation, The Guaranty Bank & Trust Company H.M. Brown Associates HAS-UWC-GPA Heritage Club Denver Hillyard Floor Care Supply Holder Inc., Security Integration Systems Hollberg Co. HUB International Insurance Services Imagine Nation Books, LTD Import Mechanics Inner City Health Center Integrated Systems Isaak Bond Investments, Inc. J S P Corporation Jackson National Life Insurance Johns Manville Juniper Networks Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International Kiwanis Club of Golden K Foothills Kwik Dry Clean Super Center Lakewood High School Lana & Associates, LLC Lautenbach Insurance Agency Law Office of Michael R. Davis Lifetouch National School Studios Littleton Firefighters Foundation Logistics Innovators M & D Construction, Inc. Martinez Contractors Matrix Business Consulting Matthew E. Dumford, P.C.

McNeal and McNeal, Inc. Medtronic Mesa Veterinary Hospital Metaswitch Networks Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Mile High Dive Club Mile High Montessori ELC Moody Insurance Company Morrison & Foerster LLP National Distributing Co. National Western Stock Show Newfield Oil & Gas Co. Nine Health Services, Inc. Obermeyer Asset Management Company On-Camera Audiences, Inc. Optimist Club of Littleton Optimist Club of Monaco South Oyler Insurance Agency Park Meadows Business Improvement District PDC Energy Peck, Shaffer & Williams LLP Peeples Ink PR, Ltd. Pendleton, Wilson, Hennessey & Crow, P.C. Petros Environment Group Pohland Family Foundation Premier Basketball Club Primrose School of Saddle Rock Primrose School of West Woods QualMark Corporation Rav House, The RBC Foundation Matching Gift RBI Strategies & Research Ready Care Industries Remington Homes Riverpointe Senior Community of Littleton Sage Hospitality Resources Sandhill Scientific, Inc. Schwab Charitable Fund Sertoma Club of Littleton ServiceMaster Servicios de la Raza Shack Restaurant, The Sheldon Sowell Center for Health, The Sheridan Ross Charitable Foundation Skyline Soccer Association SM Energy Co. Matching Gifts Program South Park Tire & Auto Southwest Sertoma Sportline Starbucks Central Suncor Energy Foundation Take 2 Media The K9 Body Shop The Rav House Thor Sports Performance Travelers Community Connections U.S. Bank Foundation U’Sagain LLC Venture Resources, Inc. Walker Resources, Inc. Walter Insurance Agency, The Waste Management Western States Land Services, Inc. Whiting Oil & Gas Corporation Woods & Aitken LLP X West Inc. Xcel Energy Foundation Matching Gift Program Xpress Transport, Inc. Young Americans

| 13

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Thank you FOUNDERS $10,000 and up Julie & Tom Denison Susan & Jim Duncan Janet Elway Jim Hiner

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Matthew Antonio Debbie Antonopoulos Janice Appelbaum Vernon Appleby Frank Applegate Charlie Arbogast Lani & Jay Archer Phil Archer Triston Arisawa Jeannette Armbrustmacher Nyssa Armenta Charla Arnold Gary Arnold Margaret & James Arnold Susan & Mitch Arnold Catherine & Christopher Aron Arreola, Philip Doris Artelli Kay & Sherwin Artus Karen Arzino-Ryan Jonathan Asbury Chris Asmus James Asmus Joyce Asmus Wayne Aubert Joan Auch James Aurand Priscilla Auten Barbara & Jim Avgares Bertha Ann Aviles Cynthia & Donald Avis Fran Axley Katherine Babb Linda Babcock Frank Babilonia B.J. Bachman & Bob Lucas Lynette Badasarian Julie Bagley Elizabeth Baiamonte Kathleen Baimonte Joan Bailey Leesa & Jim Baker Deborah & Louis Baker Brent Bales Scott Balfanz Ruth Balkwill Peggy & Bob Ball Margaret Ballonoff Barbara Bamburg Clint Banks Fred Bapp Marsha Barber JoAnn Barbour William Barbour Mark Barczuk Janet Bardwell Bruce Bare Ronald Barkdoll & Annabelle Walton Emily Barlow Beth Barnard Trisha & Michael Barney Geraldine Baron Kathy Baron Malcolm Baroway Emilia Barr Ellen Barrett Cecilia Barrios in honor of my son Zachary Raymond Barrios Frances & John Barron

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Robert Blayney Lucy Bleakley Carolyn Blechschmidt Sheryl Blish Mary Lou Bloede Robert Bloom Micelle Blumenschein Kirsten Blunt Pamela Blythe Maryellen Boardman Kara Boatright Ron Bobinsky Amanda Bock Dorsey Bodeman James Bodenhamer & Susan Golden Phyllis Boggess Wesley Boggs Bob Bogle Kara Bohannon Greg Bolding, Jr Doris & Bruce Bollenbach Danny Boncich Margaret & Bruce Boomer Corinthia Booth Judy & Ralph Booth Wendy Booth Zach Booz Susan & Peter Borup Rodney Borwick Elizabeth Bosley Dianne Bottinelli Karri Bottom Barbara Boucher Jo Bourn Deanna Bowe Juanita & Del Bowen Jibri Bowman Sylvia & Stanley Boxer Elizabeth Boxler Scott Boyer Frances Bozeman Susan Bozorgpour Penny Brackenbury Karen BraddockHarrison Mary Jo Bradler Melissa Bradley Tom Branch Jim Brand Lacy Brandauer Tasha Brasier Mary Braswell Liz Bravman Susan Florreich Helen & William Bredar Judy & Gregory Breen Laurie & Marc Breetz Barry Brennan Joanne & Michael Brennan Jane Brenneman Carol Bresnahan David Bressler Robert Bretall Mindy Brew & Donald Pierini Phyllis Brewer Beverly Bridges Heath Briggs Margaret Brinker Marlene Brinkman Ann Brna Christine Brock Sherry Brockgreitens Molly Broeren Ralph Bronk Doris & Murray Brooks Lisa & Ryan Bross Charles Brown Eileen Brown Eldon Brown Patti & Dr. Gerald

Brown Janice Brown Joan Brown Larry Brown Michael Brown Norman Brown Margie & Robert Brown Steve Brown Wesley Brown Bruce Brownell Mark Brozovich Judy & James Brubaker Paul Brudney Rena Brunner Nancy Brunskill Amanda Bryant Jean Buchler Michelle & Brad Buckalew Megan Buckley Ashley Buderus Linda Buelter Michael Buffum John Bultmann Joseph Bumblis Courtney Bundy Logan Burba Pamela Burgard Susan Burgmaier Elizabeth Burk Grace Burk Neil Burk William Burk Sharon Burke Priya Burkett Tod Burkholder Helen Burnett Nancy Burns Kerri Burnside Erin Burr David Burry John Burton Marshall Burtt Jeanice Bush Janinne & Dominic Bitoerres Mark Butler Rebecca Butt Jeffrey Cain Jesus Calderon Barbara Caley Michael Callahan Charles Callen Dr. Galen Callender Andrea Campbell Holde Campbell Lindsay & Keith Campbell Martha Campbell Nancy & Robert Campbell Sandra Campbell William Canterbury Janie & Scott Cantine Joseph Canzona Rachel Capra Andre Capritta June Captain Carol Carder Lexie Carlson Donald Carlstrom Jane Carlstrom Theresa Caron Debbie Carpenter Eula Carr Joanne Carr Carmen Carrasco & Steve Nash Lisa Carroll Bret Carter Janet & Frank Carter Karen Casler Aaron Casselman Katherine Cassese

Kim Cassese Lauren Casteel Mabel Castillo Patsy Castleberry Carmen Catania Eric Cathcart Kristen Caudle Mark Cavanaugh Carla Abate Paige Cernohous Lorraine Cervanyk LouAnne Chamberlain Livia Chamberlin Jill Chambers Harry Chance Rob Chaney Michael Chang Cherie Chao Yvonne Charles Cindy Charlton Jordan Chase Scott Chasin Amina Chaudhry Elaine & Paul Chavez Susan Chavez Margaret Chen Carla Chenault Sandra & Michael Chessnoe Shirley & Mike Chestnut Nancy Chin Julie Chiron Andrew Chitwood Susan Chong Ed Christ Robert Christiansen M. Christie-Campbel Beverly Christine Craig Ciarlelli Sara Ciasto Robert Cicone Christine Cinquanta Josephine & Justin Cislaghi Mary Clapp Charlotte Clark Christina Clark David Clark Nicolette Clark Margaret Clark Lia & Stephen Clarke Melissa Clarkson Leanna & Dan Clawson Alicia Clem Colleen Clem Beverly Clemensen Carol Clemetsen Danielle Vaughan Sophia Cleveland Sheila Cleveland Sarah Clingan Cynthia Coccia Beverly Cochran Harrison Cochran J. Cochran John Coffey Raymond Coffey Dana Cohen Joe Cohen Madeline Cohen in memory of Beatrice Cohen Douglas Colby Diana Cole-McNitt Lisa Cole Marybeth Coleman Joel Collier Melanie Collier John Collins in honor of Dan Dahlberg Marilyn Collins Suzette & Gerald Compton Catherine Comstock

David Conant Laura & John Conley Virginia & Gregory Conly Eric Conrad Jo Conroy Colin Conway Kevin Conwick Gary Cook Norm Cook Chris Cool Correen Cool Dania Cool James Cooper Jeanne Corbett Alexandra Corlett Connie & Dale Cornelius Robin Courtney Shane Courtney John Cowdery Carla Cox Jamie Cox Cheryl & Lewis Cox Vicki & Stephen Cox Matthew Coyle Arlette & James Cozens Charles Cramm Janelle Crandell Douglas Crane Betty Crawford Jan Crawford John Crawford Neal Creswell Stuart Crippen Darlene Croisant Alice Cronin Herbert Cross Michael Cuba Laura Culver Connie Cunningham Phyllis Currans Diane & Tom Currigan Curtic, Adnan Ronald Curtis Christine & Bill Cusic Joseph Czajka Martha Dague Daniel Dahlberg Heather Dahlgren Mary & Tim Dailey Eric Dake Nancy Daley Curtis Dallinger Erica Dambrosio Janet Dampeer Lori Daniel Efie & Glenn Daniels Judith & Loyal Darr Patricia & Leon Dartois Coral Lee Davidson Roscoe Davidson Edward Davis Art Davis Cynthia Davis Theresa & Frank Davis Judi Davis Ramona Davis Rochelle Davis Savanna Davis Christopher Davlin Bill Daynes Gary deAragon Claudia Deasy Anna Decker in honor of Laura Lieff Dineen Deel Joe Defez Marilyn Degner Stephanie deGuzman Brett DeHart Jeff Delaney Eve Delao Rod DeLeon

Clarissa Delhotal Mary Dell Tiffany Dell in honor of Storm Gloor Myrna Denholm Rachel Dennison Erin & Jeffrey Denovan Tammy Derloshon Sherilyn Derstine Jeff Desautels & Linda Rockwood Laura & Robert Determan Bill Dews Lisa Di Salvo Silvia Diaz Cerdan Rachel & Lucas Dickerson in honor of Taylor & Calvin Dickerson Julia Diehl Lori Diehl & Mark Adamson James Dillon Jr. Richard Dillon Raffaele Dimatteo Peggy Dionne Candace Direzza Loralee & Jim Dischner Patricia Disney Kim Dixon Russ Dixon Ralph Dobson Vivian Dodds Cliff Dodge Garrett Dodrill Gretchen & Chris Doehler Paige Doherty Laura Dolan Cara Dolezal Lynn Dolven Cathy Donohue-Long Susan & Richard Doran Gary Dorchinez Cynthia Dore Donna & Larry Dorner Frances & Howard Doty Chris Downie in honor of Joe Downie Joe Downie Shawna Downing Pamela Doyle Susan Dozier Linda Drake Seraj Drera Shelley Dressler Cyndie Drinkard Mary Driscoll Droke Family Ed Drummond Diane Hamilton Drummond & Mike Drummond Francois & Evon Dubois Amber Duffy Dave Duffy Eileen Duggan Lotte Dula Matt Dumford Suzanne Dumford Charlotte Duncan Susan & Jim Duncan in memory of Joyce Nevill Ashley Dunlap Adrian Duran Deanna Duray David Durham Mary Dusina Gary Dyer Elizabeth Eafanti Bernadette & Tom

Eagle Marjorie Eastlund Dan Eberhart Marcia & W. R. Eberly Allison Eckert Nathan Eckert Elizabeth Ecord Christopher Eden George Edgar Eva Edrich Leu Edsall Madison Edwards Paula Edwards Holly Ehler in honor of Jenny Bertrand Amy Ehm JoAnn Erlich John Ehrmann Nancy Eicher Teri Eichman Larry Eirich Virginia Eiseman Lynda Eisenbart Joyce Ekanger Gwen Elango Cindy & Craig Eley Frank Elletson Tom Elliott Jr. Keith Elliott Dana Ellis Marilyn Ellis Errol Elmos Andrea Elms Elizabeth Emery Rena Emrick Tamara Emsbach Kristin Engel Jared Engler Mary Engler Amanda Erdman Ann Erickson Dennis D Erickson Howard Erickson Paula Erickson Bill Ernstrom & Janie Hanson-Ernstrom Bill Esbenshade Jennifer Esfahani Paula Espinoza P. Chris Essex Robert Estes Milagros Estrella Carolyn & Don Etter Bruce Evans Douglas Evans Kaela Evans Matt Evans Mary & James Everett Peggy Everett Mary Everitt Jo Faidiga Nancy & David Fairchild Roubhie Fairchild Steve Fallin Cora May & Bill Faltermeier Nancy & Michael Farley Carl Fayad Peggy Fechtmann Dillon Fee Christine Felderman Jill & Ken Fellman Jennifer Feltault & Jeff Billings Thomas Fender James Fennell Donna Ferguson Michelle Ferguson Mildred & Clinton Ferris Theresa Ferris Carly & Justin Fields Jane & Thomas Fields Terri & Gene Fildes Chris Finch

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Claire Finley Diane Finley Mae Finney Nawanna Finning Susan Fisch Benjamin Fischer Johana Fischer Virginia & John Fischer Amy Fisher Cindy & Tony Fisicaro Elaine Fitzgerald Hulene Fitzpatrick Rita Fitzpatrick Jim Flannery Matthew Flick Thomas Flick Rian Flowers Zacharias Fluetsch Kathy Flynn Kelly Flynn John Foks Maria & James Foley Patricia & Gary Forbes Chris Ford Seanna Forey Taryn Fort-Doyle Ann Foster Kristi Fote Teri Fouts Charlotte Fowler Deborah Fowler Jon Fowler Fox Family Anthony Fox Mark R. Fox Noelle Fox & Brian Raboin Anita Foxworth Sue & Larry Frahm Nancy France Cecilia Francis Daniel Franco Gary Frank Wayne Franklin Phyllis Franks Scott Franssen Phyllis Frase Jim Frazier Terry Frazier Rose Fredrick Judy Fredricks Judy & Clarence Freeman Pat & Kurt Freiburghaus Gail & Chris French Karin & Raymon French Radonna Fresquez Isaac Fridland & Eliza Veta Dorothy Fried Barry Friedman Gary Friedman Lauren Friedrichs Margaret Frishmuth Russell Frishmuth Roger Fritts Barbara Frodin Jeremy Frost Robert Fuchs Jane Fujioka Thomas Funk Clovia Fushimi Barbara Gabella Jaclyn Gaffney Keith Galante Joseph Galas Genna Gallegos Patrick Gallegos Rae Ann Gallegos Renee Gallegos Marilyn & David Gallop Elizabeth Galloway Jean & Dr. Ben

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Galloway Chris Gandomcar Phillip Gans Garcia Family Erin Garcia John Garcia Teodosio Garcia Donald Gardner Mary Gardner Richard Gardzalla Erna Garner Heather Garr Carol Garrett Hailee Garrett Donna & James Garrett Priscilla Garrett George Garrison Karen Garrus Curtis Gay Bradley Gaylord Lindsay Gehde Meg Gehl Carin Geist Clara Gelatt Sue Gengler Mary Alice & Edmund George Loren George Candace Gerdes Mark Germinario Linda Gernert Mike Gesie Stefanie Getteau Tracy Giambrocco Mary Ellen Gianfortone William Giertz Sheri Gill JoAnn & Richard Gill Linda Gillan Kiki Gilliland Diane Gilmore Edwin Glass Daniel Glasser Mark Glenn Mike Glenn Storm Gloor Rodrigo Gloria Nancy Glynn Irene Godden Dana Godoy Gary Goins Rob Gold Betty Goldman Margaret Goldman Charlotte Goldsmith Christa Walter & Ken Goldstein Dorothey Goldstone Hope Golgart Pamela Gonzales Vincent Gonzales Vernon Good Sally Gooding Irene Gorak Pamela & Paul Gordon Terrence Gordon Tom Gould Thomas Goulet & Marcy Glenn Patrick Gourley Julie Graebel Corlet & Lee Graff Beth & Eugene Graham Casey Graham Lee Graham Sandy Graham Sandy Grams Andrew Granger Monica & Jonathan Grannis Helen Grapski Jean Grattet Pat Graves

Christopher Gray Ruth Gray Evgenia Gray Helen Gray William Graziano Lynda Green Vicki Greenberg William Greene Nancy & Michael Greenspon Jason Gregersen Faith Gregor Herbert Gregor Linda Gregory David Gremel Janice Gremel Joyce Gremel Karl Greve Ingrid Gribble Larry Gribble Michael Gribble Martha Griego George Griesinger Jorgie Griffin Tim Griffin Hannah & Don Griffiths Danielle Grimm Jack Griswold Mim Groll Sheryl Gross Casey Grosscope Mary Alice & Charles Grosshans Rena & Barry Grossman Cynthia Grover The Estate of John J. Gruber, Jr. Linda Gruenthal Kathy & Greg Guarneros Kristin Guinan Alina Guldy Sara Gunderson Megan Gunsauls Sue Ann & Calvin Guth Debbie Guth Laura & Bruce Guthals Raymond Gutkowski Caroline & Peter Guynn Ellen Gysin Joseph Gyure Clarence Haag Dean Haave Brianna Hack Ellen Hadden Stephen Hadley Grant Hefner Emily Hagaman Leo Hagele Lee Hagenstad & Milo Tedstrom Dale Hagge Louise Haggerty Norma Haggstrom Sara Haggstrom Marilyn & Scott Hajicek Carol Hall Sonya Hall Zoe Ann Hall Laurie Halvorsen Earleen Hamilton Mike Hammer Terri Hammer Jim Hanna Elyse Hansen Heather Hansen Mary Hansen Stacy & Barry Hansen Jolene Hanson Chuck Harbaugh Linnea Hord Robin Hardman & Lori Moriarty Sena Harjo

Christi & James Harman Nancy Harnum Betty Harper Jane Harper Jennifer Harr Judith Harris Vera Harris Kathryn & John Harrower Maryls & Douglas Harsh Andrew Harshbarger Rhonda Harshbarger Douglas Hart Maureen Hart Steve Hart Heather & Larry Harte Debby Hartke Mary Hartman Thomas Hartman Tanya Hartney Sarah Hartway Elaine Harvey Jessica Harwood Susie & Dick Hatcher Nancy & Rudolf Hauck Yvonne Hauke Chris Havekost marc Haverland Allison Hawkes Gretchen & Edward Hawley Ruth Hayes Anna Jo Haynes Lyle Hays Carol & Richard Hays Amy Haze Laura Hazen Kathy Head Barbara Tomlinson Richard Hebert & Kiki Deane Caroline Heberton Sylvia Heckendorn Anne Hedberg Marjorie Hedges Robin & Chris Hedlund Diana Heffron Patty Heiden Mathew Heidmous Karen Hellrung Jadd Helma Gary Helmke Ann Henderson Dee Henke Dick Henke Anne & Thomas Henning Katelyn Henning Memorial Fund William Heppler Cassandra Herbert Samantha Herling Edna Hermann Norman Hermsmeyer Jose Herrera Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Herzl in memory of Elise Herzl Lauren Hess Mary Hess Carolyn & Melvin Hess Peter Hesse Marilyn & Thomas Hessin Leota Hettinger Maureen Hewitt Catherine & William Hiatt Janet Hicks Mary Ann Hicks Rita Higgins Garnet Hill Jessica Hill

Teresa Hill Wesley Hill Wade Hiner Kristen Hinkle Stephen Hinson Emily Hoagland William Hobbs Douglas Hodous Amanda Hodson Karen Hodson Lois Hofmeier Bree Holcombe Bre Holligan Elise Hollingsworth Harryl Hollingsworth Susan & Josh Hollon Frank Holt Justin Holzwarth Ruth & Peter Homburger Jennah Homewood Michael Hommel Alpha Honaker Kim Honert Mary Jo & James Honiotes Andy Horan Chiyo Horiuchi Kathleen Horky Dianne Hornbrook Dana Hornecker Karel & Bob Horney Rick Hornock Pat Horoschak Isabella Horsky Paul Hoskins Charlie Host Holly Hoting Rosalie & Walter Houghton Debbie & Ken House David Hovinen Sheryl Howe David Howell Virginia & Gregory Hoyle Roger Hubbard Brent Hubbell Anne & Mark Huebner Jonathan Huerta Barbara Huff Christina Hughes Linda Hughes Jane & Ray Humphrey Stephen Hunt Sue & Wilson Hunter Jennifer Hurley Katrina Hursh Patricia Hutt Angela Hutton-Howard Erin Hyde Steve Hyde Steve Igoe oanne Ihrig Janet Iliff Audrey Ingraham Mary Ann Isenhart Sarah Isenhart Erin Isom Katy & Thomas Jacaruso Monica Jaccaud Ernest Jackson Mike Jackson Linda Jacobs Ann Jacobsen Tom Jacobsen Marie & Gordon James Jonie Jameson Robert Jamieson Kristin Janicek Anna Janich Nancy Connick & David Jankowski Barbara Jennejohn

Caitlin Jenney Tifiny Jennings Judd Jensen Ron Jensen Henry Jesse John Jewett Nick Job Gail & George Johansen Brad Johnson Bruce Johnson & Mardi Moore Ella Johnson Harry Johnson Janet Johnson in memory of Ida M. Jones Kate Johnson Lynn Johnson Marlene & Neil Johnson Margaret & William Johnson Jana Johnston Linda & Jeffrey Johnston Nora & Bryce Johnston Carol Jones Christopher R. Jones Forrest Jones Janice Jones in honor of Cecilia & Zachary Natalie Jones Pamela Jones Rachel Jones Rebecca Jones Mabel Jordan Charles Jordy Harriet Joseph Judith Joseph Linda Joseph Gilbert Juarez Jean & William Jupp Heidi Juran William Juraschek Suzanne & Phillip Justus Charles Kaiser Jan Kajiwara Phyllis Kajiwara Kirsta & Greg Kalkwarf Kelly Kaminskas Christopher Kamper & Cheryl Murray Barbara Kane Carol Kanipe Millie Kaplan Betty Karsh Ralph Kasper Y. Glenn Kataoka Dario Katardzic Joyce Kato in honor of Cecilia & Zachary Margaret Kauffmann Steve Kauffmann Andy Kauth in memory of Shelly Ferguson Bruce Kaye Jesse Keane Barbara Keating Patty Keefe Penelope & Christopher Keefe James Keeley Tammy Keffeler & Tom Lemcke Ardith Keith Anna Keller Lnda & Barry Keller Sherry & Jim Keller Bruce Kelley Barbara Kelly Rita & James Kelly Ted Kelly Pam Kelsall Patrick Kelsall

Margy & Pat Kennedy Susan Kennedy Clark Kent Cynthia Keohane Angela Kepler Hal Kepner Marybeth Kerby Charles Kercheval Judith Kern Barbara & Frank Kerstetter Vera Kessler Brad Ketel Jean Kettering Patricia Kidder Warren Kieding Beth Kieft Paul Kim & Tami Goodlette The Kindig Family Deborah King Larry King Lee King Maria King Mike King Ricky King Wesley King Mallory Kinser Mary & Donald Kirby Karen Kirby Michael Kirby Cheryl Kirschbaum Mary Ann Kishiyama Janet Kiyota Karen Klinger Bill Klopfenstein Cindy Klyn Emily Knapp Jerry Knaus & Andrea Faucette Matthew Knight Olive Knight Jason Kniser Mary Knowles & Bob Hinz Ron Knox Eric Koble Jereme Koehler Darcy Koehn Sherri Koelbel Virginia Koelling Steven Koeneke Lucretia & Richard Koeppe Kurt Koerth Steve Kohen & Cherie Bailey Jeff Kohler Amy Kolquist Mary & Gust Kontrelos Joan Koprivnikar Anna-Greta Korfanta Glenda & Simeon Korisky Diane Korte Patrick Kosmicki Paula Kostelecky Jane Kosters Jean Kotecki & Dennis Ohlrogge Christine Kotowski Gary Kottmann Maribel & Andrew Kovschak Amy Kramer Courtney Kramer Marilyn Kramer Paula Kramer Jim Krattenmaker Tim Kratz Virginia Krauss Joseph Kremer Louise Krening Susan & Richard Krepel

Cindy & Brian Krickbaum Joni Krickbaum Keith Krickbaum Kyle Krickbaum Gary Kring Linda Kropf Peter Kudla Geraldine Kugler Barbara Kullas Joseph Kummer Linda Kumpunen Christy & David Kuosman Roselyn Kurpiers Kaye & Richard Kurtz Andrew Kurzon Elaine Kusulas Dorothy & Bertil Lager Terry Lalley Lauren Lamb James Lambert III Judy & Kevin Landon Christopher Lane Judith Laney Steve Lange Don Langer James Langley Margery Langmuir Stefan Lani Larry Lansky Katja & Stephan Lany Cathy & Davd Lapham Gary Larsen Christopher Larson John Larson Jonathan Larson Lisa Larson Matthew Larson Ken Laubhan Christopher Laughlin Sherry Lauson Colleen Lautenbach Jennifer Lavooi Patricia Lawler & John Fielder Susan LawsonCauthon Keith Leach Edrea & George Learned Helen Leaver Scott LeBaron Bernard Lebsock Karen Ledgerwood Keri Lee Nancy Lee Norene Lee Dawn Lehman Gail Lehrmann Matthew Leigh Jeff Leintz in honor of Theo Umlauf Scott Leivian Emily LeJeune Maria Leon Amy & James Leonard Linda LeRoy Julie Lerudis Joe Lesher Daria Lessen Mary & Norman Lester Yvonne Lester Johanna Levene Clare Lewis Donnetta Lewis Emily Lewis Harriette Lewis Kathryn Lewis Peggy Lewis Shontel Lewis Wanda Lewis Mickie V. Leyva Sherri & Bob Liebhauser

Ann Lieff Laura R. Lieff Brian Liekhus Harold Lif Kathleen & Daniel Likarish Georgia Liley Marsha Lilli Paul Lillis Michael Limback Barbara & Andy Limes Nicole Limoges Burton Lincoln Lisa Lindauer Stephen Lindberg Shay Lindemann Crystal Lindenberger Hazel Lindholm Beth & Greg Lindsay Lois Lines Pamela & Michael Lingle Jane & James Lipscomb Zach Lipson Louis Lira Joyce Litherland Daniel Litvak Daniel Loan Ryan Loan Adrian Lockett Joan Lockwood Carol Lofft Jennifer Lofland Charles Logan Erin Logan Lee Logan Mary Logan Jackie Loh Dave Lohr Roberta Lohr Mary & John Lohre Christina Lomaquahu Marilyn Long Jena Longfellow Albert Lopez Aaron Lopez Daniel Lopez Sharon & Greg Lopez Liz Lorenz Roz Losey Jackie Lovato Lynda Love Shannon & Keith Love Stanley Love Mariann Lowrie Kristin Lowry Bob Luby Debbie & Steve Lucero Margaret & Pat Lucero Pat Lucero Amy & David Lucitt John Lundeen Sandra & Matt Luoma Lora Lusk Jeremy Luther Diane Lutze Debbie Lynch Donna Lynch Mary & Mike Lynch Nicholas Lynch Patricia Lynch Barbro Lynton Brady Lyons William Lysaught Mary Lytle Nancy MacBride Sandy & James Macdonald Marcia MacDougall Susan & Carl Maciolek Birgitte Mack Fauna MacKillip John MacPherson & Elizabeth Killebrew

John W. Madden III Melanie Maddocks Carolyn & Jerry Maddox Jeanne Maes Gray Jenett Maes Scott Major Akhniyet Makhsat Michael Maltese Doris & Frank Maly Krista Maly Daniel Malyszko in memory of Frank Malyszko Jan & Marty Mandt Carl Mangino Jeanette Manicke Sarah Manion & Chad Holmes Charles Manning Bonnie Mantooth Sylvia Manzanares Lori Marcello Estella & Gerry Marcheski Rose Marihe Anson Mark John Markovich Kelly Marks Joseph Marold Mary & Ben Marques Margaret Marrone Janet Lee Marroquin Gerlad Marrs Marie Marschner Annie Marshall Marshall, Ruth Steve Marshall Betty & Paul Martin Jen & Brett Martin Joan Martin Lorette & Romeo Martin Sheri & John Martin Dale Martinez Lupe Martinez & Linnea Wilkinson Michael Martinez Ralph Martinez Rana Martinez Sammy J Martinez Steven Martinez Jeanne Maruna Cynthia & Charles Massirio Devin Masterson Venita Matau Carol & Robert Matchett Ann Mather Erin Mathiason Jody Mathie Jim & Geraldine Matthews Susan Mattox Sheri Mauldin Jeri & Mike Maus Elaine & Elvin Mauzey Dave Maxwell Wanda Maxwell Jeff May & Laurel Healey Theresa & Dave Mayberry Erin Mayer Joy & Harry Mayers Douglas Mayes Chris Maymi Jacci McAllister in memory of Bo Craig Susan McAlonan Lynn McAnallen Susan & Matt McCabe Vlema McCain Mike McCall

Rita McCallan Mark McCallister Robert McCammon Ann McCarley Kayla McCarnes Catherine McCarter Howard McCarthy The McCaslin Family Mary Ann & James McClain Glenn McCombs Adria & Jason McCool Angelia McCrea Bill Miller Traci McCuistion Bonnie Mccune Bonnie & Patrick McCune Nancy McDermott Philip McDonald Steve McDonald Ellie McGee Mitchel McGough Susan & Richard McGourty in honor of Martha & Kenneth McGowan Marilyn & Robert McGraw Judith McGregor Ann Marie McGuiness Brittany McIntosh Thomas McKay Barbara McKellar Katelyn McKendry Elizabeth McKenna Pam & Steve McKenzie Tasha McKenzie Jean McKeon Judith McKeon Ryan McKibben David McKnight Sally McLagan Jean & Ronald McLaughlin Jeanne McLaughlinPowers A.E. McLaughry Kathleen & Ramon McLean Nancy McLinton Donald McMichael Mark McMillan Mark McMullen Eileen McNamara Jessica McNeil Thomas McPoil Cynthia McRae Theresa McShane Stan Meck Patricia Medeiros Katherine Medina Mirza I. Medina Dale Mehl Jerry Meiser Norman Mejia Meagen Melby Clarice Melinkovich Shirley & Morey Melnick Brian Melodia Linda Melphy Susan & Robert Melvin Mary & Gary Menardi Stephanie Menke Gary Merdick Eric Merredith Brian Merrigan Jack Messner Lani Meyer Martin Meyer Patricia Meyer Sally & Trent Meyers Luz Mezzacapo

Justine Miani Rich Micelli Jo Ann Middaugh Amy & Lee Middlekauff Andrew Mikus David Milanesi David Milek John Milek Milek, Mary William Milek Sue Ann & Rich Miles Mary Lou Miller Michael Miller Catherine & Roy Miller Sharon Miller Erica & Thomas Miller Joanna & Tim Miller Judith Mills Stephanie & Ryan Minior Wayne Minobe Brian Minturn Michael Mirabella Joyce Mirow Daniella Lotito Shirley Mitchell Diane & William Mitchell Catherine & William Mode John Modig Barbara & Paul Moe Karen & Bob Mohr Margaret & Glenn Mohr Kathryn Mohrbacher Malinda Molina William Molitor Tom Moller Mary Moneagle Evangelia & Marshall Monsell Lucille Monson Daniel Montague Robert Montague Christian Montesinos Miriam Montesinos Linda & Todd Montgomery Linda Montgomery in memory of Chad Coleman Shelley & Tom Montgomery Deborah Montour Eisha Montoya Catherine & Laurence Montrose John Moore III Andrea Moore Carol Moore David Moore Dawn Moore Dr. Clyde Moore Erika Moore Jonny Moore Lisa Moore Patricia Moore Kathleen Moore Tricia Moore Jill & Tyler Moore M. Ridley Moorman Ellen & Brendan Moran Joni Morella Pat Moriarity Terry Morphew Bill Morr Johanna Morrell Debra Morris Patricia Morris Lynnette Morrison Pamela, John, & Stan Morton Jennifer Mosholder Peggy Moss Tom Moss

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Amy Mosser Bob Motika Mandy Mozingo Norman Mueller Lisa & Hank Muetterties David Mugglestone Kay & Cleyon Mulder Janice Muller Robert Mullin Diane Mulvany Janice Mulvany Helen Mulvihill Peter Mumaugh Jerald Munson Mary Munson Christopher Munzke Fuji Murakami Jose Murga Kathy Pakkebier Michelle Murphy D. Garrett Mabel Musgrave Rebecca Mutz Nancy Myer Becky Myers James Myers Berndt Myhr Arlene & Pat Myles Arlene & John Myles Kate Mynatt Peter Naffah Jack Nagel Pru Nagel in memory of Gertrude Wright Rachel & Jon Nagel Rebecca Nagel Sarah Nagel in honor of Rebecca Nagel Rebecca Nail Karen Narveson Alan Natelborg Heather Nations Sara Nawrocki Stephen Needens Abby Neff Nadia Negro-Mueller Steven Nehf Dora Neidecker Chris & Lee Nelson Debi Nelson George Nelson John Nelson Patricia Nelson Remy Nelson Roy Nelson Virginia Neslund Delorus & Richard Netzel Carrie & Thomas Nevens Sandra Neves Neville, Joyce in honor of Sue Duncan Abigail Newell Sharon Newman Laurel Newton Valarie & Bart Nicholas Tim Nichols Julie & Van Nichols Sunny Nicks Scott Nicolarsen Danni Nielsen Judy Nielsen Richard Nielson Jenny Nikaido Millah Nikkel Ann & C. Merlin Nimrod Lana Nitchie Byron Nixon Susan & Howard Noble Noland Noffsinger Daniel Nolan in honor of Ben Sprague

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Marjean & Lee Norland Miriam Norquist in honor of Scott Norquist Scott Norquist Barbar Norton Marquis Norwalk Ann & Marsh Nottingham Kira Novak Geraldine Novosad Nancy Nuhn Kathy & Francis Nutting Gary Oakley Mac Oaks Jason Oberheu Mary Ann Obluda Barret O’Brien Cathy O’Brien James O’Brien Dayna O’Canna Judith & William O’Connell Catherine O’Connor James O’Connor James O’Dea Sharon & Dan O’Donnell Nicolia & Michael Oetjen Michael O’Fallon David Ogle Robert O’Haire Francis O’Hara Stephanie Ohnigian Noreen & Darrell Oliphant Lara Oliver Rachel & Aaron Olson Randy Olson & Linda Lincoln Christy & Joseph Olsson William Orlowski Norella Ortiz Barbara Oster Janice Ostrander William Ott Lauren & Carl Otteman Sheryl & Tom Overton Robert Owens Gregory Owens Lola Ozman Juan Pacheco Kristen Paeplow Sandra Paglieri Whitney Painter Jeanette Palizzi Concetta Palmieri Tony Panella Marion Panici Brianne Ward John Pape Patricia Parise-Lira Beth Parish David Parker Mercedes Parker Emily Park-Friend Patricia Parks Stephanie Parnell Desiree Parrott-Alcorn & Robert Alcorn Dolores Parsons Joanne Pasqua Charles Passaglia Colleen Axley Patrick Norma Patterson Patricia Patterson Roxanne & Harold Patterson Kenneth Paulsen Rachel & Calvin Paxson Jamelyn & Rudy Payan Sally Payne

Dennis Pearl Jeff Pearson Jennifer & Brooks Pearson William Peay Oxana Pechkova George Peck Jessica Peck Roger Pecsok Mary & Stanley Pedzick Sheila Peebles Jody & Jeff Peitzmeier Debi Pelican Milind Pendbhaje Brian Pendleton Megan Percy Tara & Ryland Percy Sonia Perez Anna Pergola Ernest Perreault Abby Perrella Kasey Perrella Kateryna Perry Randy Pester David Peterson Wayne Peterson Virginia Petrock Joseph Petry Erin Pettigrew David Pettijohn Tim Petz Patricia Pfaff Richard Phares Mona Phelan Donnah Phipps Judi & Thomas Piccone Norma Piccone Michael Pichler Alan Piehl Jolynne & Carlos Pierce Ken Pierce Julie Pike Daniel Pilcher William Pincus Iain Pirie Sherry Pitt Paul Plaksin Dennis Pleuss Donna Plock William C. Plock Minda Plummer William Plummer Erik Pohlman Beth & Joel Poirier Christine & Kirk Pokrandt Frances & Frank Pol Mary Pollman Anita Pollock Wayne Popper Patricia Porter Deborah & William Porter Rick Post Alan Potter Marlene Pousma Jennifer & Terrance Powers Susan & Dan Preston Kevin Price Roger Price Joshua Priest Trudy Priest Terrence Prince Joyce & Michael Pritchard Michele Prokopyschyn Joel Propst Glenda Prosser & Clyde McLennan Catherine Provencal Michele Provost Karen Witt Dolores Pugh Eleanore & Dwight

Pullen, Jr. Stan Pursley Lisa Purul Arica Quinn Shelly Quintana Paul Raab Joyce Radcliffe Eileen & Mel Raddeman Alexandra Raeder Carmen Raileanu Debra Carney Moranda Ramirez Jenna Ramsay Michael Ramsey Gayla Randolph Kewhan RandolphDickerson Linda Rankin Stewart Ratliff Taylor Ratliff Patrick Ratnecht Mark Raumaker Garrett Ray Sally Ray Kristen Raymond Walt Raynor Ann & John Rea Emily Rea Carolyn Reagin Pat & Rich Rector Karan Redford Charles Reece Richard Reece Eron Reed Regina Reed Debbie & David Reeder Diane Reeder Berta Reeder Scott Reetz Rachel A. Reeves Patricia & Cy Regan Mavis & Hulbert Reichelt Carolyn Reid Janis Reigel Jane & Edward Reilly Aimee Reisinger Lynda Remigio Devona Renee Jamie & Andrew Resnik Jerry Ressetar Bill Reynolds Vicki & Gary Reynolds Edward Rhatican Sean Ribble Dorothy Rice Jama Rice & Carl Budke Rick Richard Marcia Richards Scott Richards Agnes Richardson Devon North Joan & Michael Richardson Shirley Rieke Jim Riesberg John Rife Jack Rigg Sandy Righter Travis Rindler Jeremiah Ring Luke Ringenberg Amy Rini Sandra Rios Kathryn Riott Carolyn Risley Helen Ritzler in memory of Charlotte Kennedy Jozette Rivera Michael Roach Shaun Roach Eleanor Roberts

Gregory Roberts & Karen Klam Polly & Monte Roberts Taylor Roberts Melissa Roberts-Brysh Alan Robinson Cheryl Robinson Elizabeth Robinson Mary Robinson Peggy Robinson Margaret & Russell Robinson Dina Robke Judith Robles Jody Rodney Nick Rodriguez Louise Roe Martha & Garland Roe Edward Rogan Christopher Rogers Suzanne Rogers in memory of Tom Richards Elizabeth Rohling Devorah Roldan Charles Rolf Richard Roller Ellen Rollins Jerry Rome Albert Romero Ann Romero Lisa & Dominic Romero Epimenio Romero Margaret Romero Mathew Romero Nancy Romero Darlene & Bill Romero Thomas Romine Melissa Rondi Lucinda Rork DeAnn Rosales Vinny Rosales Nita Rosengarten Gloria Ross Mary Ann Ross Janet Roth Sandra Roth Lucile Roubidoux Robyn Rowe Liz & Nigel Rowland Ashley Roybal Joanne Rudoff Kathi Rudolph JoAnn Ruehmann Nancy Rullo Barbara Rundle Terri Rupert Robert Ruskanen Jane & William Russell Connie & Joseph Rutten Jan & Patrick Rutty Conor Ryan William Ryan Dolores & Clarence Rybowiak Alice Rydberg Christine Sagara Cheryl & Hank Saipe Valerie Saiz David Sajovic Lisa Dahl Jennifer R. Salido Sheri Salis Laura Anne Samenus in honor of Zachary Barrios Moritzky Virginia Samuels Curt Samuelson Carlos Sanchez Martinez Imsia Sanchez Steven Sand Cindy Sandell Laverne Sanders

Richard Sanders Mary Sandhoff Stacey & Alex Sandridge Virginio Sarabia Leonard Sarsfield Maria & Friedrich Sauer Calvin Sawkins Martha & Dwight Sayles Anthony Scalese Derek Scarth Barbara Schadel-Kropp Louis Schaefer Larry Schafer Lois Schafer Gary Schanbacher Cynthia & Richard Scharf Jean Scharfenberg Judy Scheig Lan Schelb Mary Schellenger Robert Schempf Michelle SchiavoneArnold Theresa SchiavoneRudell Elvira & Don Schierling Virginia Schireson Marjorie Schlaufman Dinah Schlecht Duby Schleibaum Virginia Schlieker Ginger & James Schlote Betty Schmidt in honor of Juanita McKinzie Carol & Jim Schmidt Lindsey Schmidt Kristen Schneck Beth Schneider Jill Schneider Kathy & John Schneider Marilyn Schneider Mark Schneider Deborah & Michael Schneider Mike Schneider Susan Schneider Joyceln Schoech Ron Schoon Janis Schoonmaker Alissa Schramm Mary Schroeder Judith Schulman Darrell Schulte Tim Schulte Pamela Schultz Nancy Schwarm David Schwiesow Lori Sciortino Bayley Scott Charles Scott Cheryl Scott David Scott Isabel Scott Kristalyn Scott Mariwayne Scully Michael Seader & Laurie Loweecey Lynne Seaver Martha & Richard Seeley Robert Sellars, Jr. Sharon Sellars Joyce Sempson Jessica Sergeant Suzi Shada in memory of Ben Dodt John Shaddock Zwi Shamir

Robert Shankland Cecille Shanks Elizabeth Shannon Evander Shapard Andrew Shappell Amanda Sharpe Lisa Sharpe Beverly Shavlik Kathleen Shaw Scott Shaw Nanette & William Shea Jeannette & Timothy Shea Elizabeth Shearer Anna & Michael Shears Judy Sheel Dave Shefte Amy Shepherd Dewitt Sherman Helene Sherman Bruce Sherry Emily Shideler Dr. James & Paula Shira Gary Shiramizu Barbara Shores Barbara Short Francis Shovlin Maureen Shuley Terri Shunk Roberta Shupe Suzanne Shurts Rene Sias Lisa Sibley Ellin & Thomas Sickler Tom Siefkes Kaye Siemers Lynn Sierras-Krone Bobbi Ruth Siersma Bernadette Sietz Marion Sikes George Silbernagel Andrea Silva Bonnie & Arnold Silverman Michael Silvestain Erin Simms Nancy Simon Gina & Jay Simonson Lamar Sims Liesel Sims Janice Sinopoli Andrea Sisbarro Gabriel Sisneros Violet & Duane Sjaardema Violet Sjaardema Ritis & Morgan Skinner Venessa Skinner Susan & Bryce Slaby Bernard Slack Emmy & Dion Slaga Janella Slaga Carrie Slauson Dana Sleeger James Sleeger Pete Smit Ashley M. Smith Annie & Carl Smith Dane Smith Donlie Smith Dudley Smith Emily Smith Georgia Smith James Smith Jim Smith Kevin Smith Leslie Smith Michael Smith Paul Smith & Barbara Eastin Phyllis Smith Robert Smith Steve Smith

Teresa Smith Thomas J. Smith Carole Snider Ronald Snow Terese Snowden Ben Snyder Louise Snyder Julie & Jerome Sobetski Stephanie Sodden Susan Soder Fran Soli Mark Solomon Melissa Sommer Susanne Sommer Kesner Sorel Oscar Sorensen Dorothy & Howard Sousley in memory of Tom Richards Mary Spanberger Veronica Spaulding Nancy Speck Morgan Speichinger & Family Patricia Spelic Catherine & ralph Spengler William Spicer Marshall Spooner in honor of Laura Lieff Mattie Springfield Donald St. John Tina Stack-Oldweiler Ted Stainman Nancy & H.J. Stalf Judith Stalnaker Lynn Stambaugh Debbie Stanberry William Stanfill Carol & Jon Stanley Patrick Stapleton Phyllis Stare Bev & Ken Stark Renee Stark Esther Starrels Helen Stavig & Michael Mason Joan & Richard Steck Tom Stefaniak David Stefanski James Stegman Claire & Norman Steinke Viola & Stanley Stekel Julie Stencel Arecia Stenger Jacquelien Stephens Paul Stephens Nancy Stephenson & Shawn Cannon Katie Sterk Cara Ellen Sterling Ralph Stern Roseanne & Edward Sterne Graham Sterritt Eric Stevens Kay Stevenson Christopher Stiever Nancy & Bob Stocker Ted Stockin Marilyn & John Stoddard Fredric Stoffel DeAnne Stokes Karen Stoller & Curtis Ditzell Donald Stone Gerald Stone Helayn Storch Theresa Storto Toni Stovall Paul Strasburg & Therese Saracino

Trudy Strauss Robert Strenski Lindsey Strickler Michelle & Doug Striker Stevie Strock Darlene Stromstad in memory of Doug Zehrung Ken Stuart Brian Stuckey Emily S. Stucky Rosella Sturniolo Carol Sullivan James Sullivan Katelyn Sullivan Lisa Sullivan Mary Jean & Patrick Sullivan Chris Suman Julie & John Suman Larry Sumner Phyllis Sumners Zelma Susman Barbara Suson Dorothy Sutherlin Joyce Sutton Morgan Swallow Janaan & Stanley Swann Jean Swanson Terrence Swanson Tristina Swarts Brock Swartwood Shirley Swedeen Sandy Sweeney Aiden Sweeney Monica Swyers Shirley Sykes Virginia & James Syring Shirley & Howard Taborsky Harry Taggart Thomas Tallick Timothy Standring & Susan Tamulonis Sandy & Robert Tan Jeanine & Jean Tatman Al Taylor Lynn Taylor Sally & Walt Tejan Beth Tennant Amalia & Ramon Teran Dennis Tessmer Kate Testerman Edward Teter Deborah Tewell Richard Thalken Vin Than William Thielman Ellen Theis William Thielman, Sr. Betty Thomas Eugene Thomas Stephanie & Greg Thomas Phyllis Thomas Robert Thomas Brenda Thompson David Thompson Emily Thompson Karen Thompson Lennon Thompson Dean Thomsen Virginia Thomsic Bernard Thorn Ruth Thornton Jan & Timothy Thornton Ralph Thurman Lynn Till Martha Timm Kathleen Tipton Stephen Titony

Marlene & Bill Todd Beatrice Tolle Rawdon Tomlinson Danielle Torp Jorge Torres Barbara Toth Zeina Toure Kathy Tourtelot Svetlana Tracey Mary Tracy Deb & Gregory Trainor John Trask Peter Traynor Mary Tricarico Sharon Troxell Carol Trueblood Larry Trujillo Lydia & C.M. Tsang Connie Tucker Jacob-Hylton Tucker Esther Tuff Cassandra Tuominen Harry Turasz Raymond Turner William Turner Tanner Tweten Liz Twomey Jared Ullrich Tom Ullrich Susan Unger Dale Unruh Aneta Urban Alfred Vail in memory of Tom Richards Margie Valdez Verla Vallier Gene Van Blaricom Thomas Van Cleave Ruth & Martin Van Dyke Grace & Daniel Van Gorp Eric Van Zytveld Tasha & Aaron Vandeford R.L. VanNostrand in memory of my father D. Todd Vanosdoll Christine Vanzin Rex Varner Barbara & Vasil Vasileff Kathy & Charles Vasilius Ann & Ray Vass Maria & Wilson Venegas David Veno Jolene & Bruce Ver Steeg Susan & Tom Vick William Vigor Bianca Villa-Lomeli Angela Villalovas Sandra Vinnik Donald Visani Susan & Dale Vodehnal Pam Vogel Sarah Voller Cherry von Stroh Jim Vucich Mirko Vukovich Sandra & John Wachter Susan Wade Alta Wadsack Carol Wagner Wagner, Mary Floy Walberg Heather Walker Jennifer Walker-Graf Barry Wallace David Wallack Grace Walsh Betty Walters Suzanne Walters

Annabelle Walton Colette Walton Deborah Wangerin Peggy & Chris Andersen Kirk Ward & Erica Stetson Deloris Warnecke Janet & Layrence Warner Marni & Mark Warren Maryjo Warren Quinn Washington Charlotte Waters Donna & Robert Watford Ashley Watkins Helga Watt Donna Way Brent Weakley Ann & Marlin Weaver Bill Weaver Robert Weaver Olin Web Julie Weber Laura Weber Nadine Weber Elizabeth Webster Dana & Garrett Wedlick Barbara & Gale Weeding Caroline Weesner Ruth Weiderman Sandra Weigand Douglas Weigel Bret Weimer Dina Weingardt Leo Weiss David Wellington Versell Wells Alexandra McCullough Anita Welter Cheryl Wentworth Evelyn & Al Wentworth Janna Wertz Evelyn West Jodie West Ashley Westfall Mark Westlund Chris Wheeler Donna & Malcolm Wheeler Douglas Wheeler Joe Wheeler Linda Wheeler Ruth Whetstone Bob White Jonathan S. White Nancy & Thomas White Robert Whitfield, Sr. Toni Whitlock Barbara & James Whitmore Joan & Bradley Whittlesey Annabelle Pena Wickard Terry Wickstrom Ingeborg Wieland Laura Wierman Vicki Wilfley Bruce Wilhelm June Wilkin Maradith Wilkins Verna Wilkins Caroline Wilkinson Linnea Wilkinson Lindsey Willardson Lynn Wilcockson Steven Willcut Carina Williams Ed Williams Jillian Williams Linda & Larry Williams

Margaret & Ronald Williams Sheryl Williams Carolyn & Riley Williamson Natalie WilliamsStegall Kay Wilmesher DeLeon Wilson James Wilson June Wilson Wil Wilson Kathryn Winn Clara Winter Carole Witka Louise Witt Kathi Witulski Angela Woessner Richard Wohlgenant Marcel Wolf Judy Wong Courtney Wood Ella Wood Ellyn Wood Enid Wood Teresa & Erik Wood Kathleen Wood Carol Wood Clint Woodman Michelle & Jim Woodruff Jim Woods Robert Woods Brandon Woodyard Lynn Worthen Gretchen & Steven Wrede Janice & Alan Wright Lucy & Richard Wright Molei Wright Jake Wuest Dena Wyatt Jay Wyss Kevin Xie Robin & Eric Yaeger Marilyn Yaeger Sue Yasumura Nannette Yeager Susan Yeckley Phyllis & John Yetsko Cody Yonkers Adam Young Ashley Young Diane & Greg Young Linda Young Lorraine Young Tami Young Ivan Youngberg Dane Youngblood Jack Zacks in honor of Laura Lieff Crystal White Zagnoli Norma Zagnoli Agnes & Stephen Zahoy Katrina & John Zakhem Susan & Mark Zalkin Linda Zarei Sherrie Zeppelin Carolyn Zimmerman Daniel Zinanti Karen Zinanti

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the information recorded in this annual report. If you do find an error, please accept our sincere apology and report it to the Development Office at 720 524 2713.

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Metro Board of Trustees Leonard Rice, Chair Colorado State Bank & Trust

Julie Hill Community Volunteer

Vincent Abrue Wells Fargo

Vernon Jones, Jr. Vice Principal, Manual High School

Judy Booth Community Volunteer Brian Brennan Guaranty Bank and Trust Co. Brandee Caswell Faegre & Benson, LLP

Jarrod Lassen FirstBank

Melanie Collier Clayton Early Learning

James Marlow Hamilton, Faatz & Waller, PC

Thomas Currigan, Jr. Kaiser Permanente

Michael Moore KPMG, LLP

Mike Dino Patton Boggs, LLP

Dwight Pullen, Jr. CH2M Hill

Alison Dunnebecke Treasurer, Hein & Associates LLP

Phillip J. Ruschmeyer, Jr. Avison Young

Janet Elway Community Volunteer

Anthony Scalese Zynex Medical

Dave Ferrill State of Colorado

Kirk Scheitler Xcel Energy

Dick Gillet Jacobs Engineering Cheryl Haggsrom Community First Foundation

Larry Harte Community Volunteer

Tim Kratz Pendleton, Wilson, Hennessey, Crow P.C. Mike Kurowski Community Volunteer

Sonja Christiansen Capital Financial Network

Chris Harr Pepsi Beverage Company

Rich Karlis CenturyLink Communications

Joe Sprague Community Learning Centers, Inc. Key Leadership Council Chair Bob Whitfield, Sr. Hi Country Wire & Telephone, Ltd.

Chris Hedlund Sessions Group, LLC

YMCA OF METRO DENVER BOARD OF TRUSTEE LEADERSHIP 1875 – 1877 1878 1879 1880 – 1888 1889 – 1891 1892 1892 – 1895 1899 – 1900 1896 1897 1898 1901 – 1926 1926 – 1936 1936 – 1938 1938 – 1948 1948 – 1953 1953 – 1963 1963 – 1966 1966 – 1968 1968 – 1970 1970 – 1973 1973 – 1975 1975 – 1976 1977 – 1978 1979 – 1980 1981 – 1982 1983 – 1985 1986 – 1988 1989 – 1991 1992 – 1994 1995 – 1999 2002 – 2004 1999 – 2002 2004 – 2006 2006 – 2007 2008 – 2009 2010 – 2011 2012 – 2013

Henry Tuggy The Rev. J.W. Phillips W. J. Johnson James A. Chain H. B. Chamberlin E. D. Ingersoll C. M. Hobbs C. M. Hobbs Major E. W. Halford Biddle Reeves L. H. Jackson William E. Sweet Ralph B. Mayo Samuel Johnson Lewis A. Dick Alfred G. Brown Gerald L. Schlessman Ray F. Frey Clinton E. Wright Benjamin F. Stapleton Glenn K. Hill Lowell C. Sund Robert C. Bennett William E. “Skip” Mann Thomas C. Stokes Gordon C. Jones E. Pete Honnen A. B. Slaybaugh Earl E. Mackey Calhoun W. Cox, Jr. Richard C. Linquanti Richard C. Linquanti Jerry Wittkoff Michael Dino Stephanie Foote Anthony Antista Christopher Harr Leonard P. Rice

THE PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP WITHIN THE YMCA The minutes of the first organizational meeting of the Denver YMCA (signed on December 30, 1875) are still intact. From the minutes and annual reports from the following years, one observes that the entire leadership was volunteer driven. Noting the records that are available, the following individuals have either served as the General Secretary or, beginning in the 1960s when the terminology changed, the President & CEO of the YMCA. 1893 1894 – 1898 1899 – 1900 1901 – 1907 1907 – 1912 1913 – 1915 1916 – 1936 20 | 2013 Impact Report

Glen K. Shurtleff Edward Grace C. W. Janes W. M. Danner F. L. Starrett G. S. Bilheimer Ira E. Lute

1937 – 1962 1962 – 1967 1967 – 1983 1983 – 1998 1998 – 2002 2002 – 2005 2006 – Present

Lee A. Moe Robert T. Magnuson John R. Johnson Van N. Nichols Thomas K Craine Leonard M. Romano, Sr. James B. Hiner



25 E. 16th Ave. - Unit B Denver, CO 80202 phone 303 861 8300 fax 303 869 3515 Nathan Wannlund, Executive Director Brandee Caswell, Board Chair


Adams County Program Branch


99 N. Newbern Way Aurora, CO 80018 Phone 720 870 2221 Fax: 720 870 7217

12500 Washington St. Thornton, CO 80241 phone 303 452 9622 fax 303 451 7495

Aurora Program Branch

Susan M. Duncan Family YMCA

6350 Eldridge St. Arvada, CO 80004 phone 303 422 4977 fax 303 422 2403 Brian Tucker, Executive Director Sonja Christiansen, Board Chair

27151 E. Lakeview Dr. Aurora, CO 80016 phone 720 870 2221 fax 720 870 7217 Kimberly Armitage, Executive Director Concetta Palmieri, Board Chair

Community Programs Branch Manual High School

Littleton Family YMCA 11 W. Dry Creek Ct. Littleton, CO 80120 phone 303 797 9622 fax 303 794 0659 Shannon Bertram, Executive Director Dick Gillet, Board Chair

1700 E. 28th Avenue Denver, CO 80205 phone 303 378 7433 Joan Richardson, Executive Director Melanie L. Collier, Board Chair

Gerald Schlessman Family YMCA

Sports Branch

3901 E. Yale Ave. Denver, CO 80210 phone 720 524 2750 fax 720 524 2745 Neil Alderson, Executive Director Chris Hedlund, Board Chair

Southwest Family YMCA


5181 W. Kenyon Ave. Denver, CO 80236 phone 303 761 7530 fax 303 761 7532 Joe Kovalcheck, Executive Director Brian Brennan, Board Chair

6350 Eldridge St. Arvada, CO 80004 phone 303 422 4977 fax 303 422 2403 Nicole Limoges, Executive Director

School Age Child Care/Day Camp Branch 2625 S. Colorado Blvd. Denver, CO 80222 phone 720 524 2792 fax 303 757 8494 Kim Schulz, Executive Director

Crystal Valley Ranch 2160 Fox Haven Dr. Castle Rock, CO 80104 Phone 303 663 1294

Founders Village

4501 Enderud Blvd Castle Rock, CO 80109 Phone: 720 733 2778

Glendale Sports Center

4500 E. Kentucky Ave. Glendale, Colorado 80246 phone 303 639 4711 fax 303 639 4715 Debbie Ford, Executive Director Joe Sprague, Board Chair


15250 W. Evans Ave Lakewood, CO 80228 Phone 303 980 5450

Village at Five Parks 13810 W. 85th Dr. Arvada, CO 80005 Phone 303 403 0377 Fax: 303 403 0380


6601 S. Wheatlands Pkwy. Aurora, CO 80016 Phone 720 870 2221 Fax: 720 870 7217

ASSOCIATION SERVICES OFFICE and staff members Lee Schlessman YMCA Program Center 2625 S. Colorado Blvd. Denver, CO 80222 phone 720 524 2700 fax 720 524 2701

Jim Hiner President & CEO Gene deManincor Senior Vice President Operations/COO

Jan Weimer Vice President Development Steve Homburger Vice President Human Resources

Jackie Loh Vice President Finance/Administration

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