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International Online Embryo Auction Embryos by Hard-to-get-Sires from the Hottest Cow Families of the Breed! Snowman, Goldwyn, Braxton 5 straws of Snowman semen also sell!

Terms & Conditions of Sale 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Sales are per embryo times the number of embryos in the Lot. All sales are final. Bidding is completed online, starting Monday, April 4, 8:00am. Sale will conclude starting at 8:00pm Friday, April 8, 2011 Eastern time. An 8 minute rule applies. If a bidder bids on a lot within the last minute before that lot closes, the auction on that lot is automatically extended by 8 minutes. 6. Bidding can be completed in two ways: 1. Directly online by registering. 2. Via Hays Genetics International Office: Jamie Wood- +1-519-647-3523 French-speaking contact: Yvon Leblanc – +1-819-298-4232 Italian-speaking contact: Benny Bonsra - +1-905-818-0647 7. All bids are in Canadian Dollars. Exchange rate used will be the rate on April 8/2011. 8. Payment is due at the conclusion of the sale. Invoices will be sent for all lots, immediately after the sale. 9. No embryos will be shipped without settlement in full for the invoiced amount. 10. Shipping expenses are the responsibility of the buyer. Upon request, sales management will work with buyer to co-ordinate shipping. 11. There is no buyer’s commission. 12. In case of disputes, the decision of the sale management is final. Embryo Quality

13. All embryos are GRADE A, and frozen & stored in Canada by C.E.T.A qualified ET veterinarians. 14. All embryos are frozen by the direct thaw method (DT) 15. All embryos are exportable, unless otherwise stated. Snowman embryos cannot export to Japan. 16. Purchasers are responsible to pay the applicable HST taxes on embryos, depending on the province of residence. For buyers outside of Canada, no tax in applicable. Shipping of Embryos

17. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. 18. Embryos sold for export require the buyer to pay all documentation fees associated with required paperwork. 19. Upon request, sales management will work with buyer to co-ordinate shipping. Approximate airfreight charges, DEPENDING ON DESTINATION, are Can$50.00 per embryo. Send us an email at the office for clarification or a more exact extimate. 20. The embryos are at the risk of the buyer at the close of the sale. It is recommended to insure the embryos prior to shipping them. Upon request, insurance can be arranged buy the sale management.

Buy with Confidence The sale management exports thousands of embryos each year. We will arrange the delivery the safe delivery of your embryos to your farm. The Sale is in Canadian Dollars $$ Approximate exchange rates: €730 = Can$1000 £640 = Can$1000

US$1030 = Can$1000 Aus$1000 = Can$1000

Hays Genetics International Ltd. 433 Lynden Road,Troy, Ontario, Canada L0R 2B0 Office: +1-519-647-3523 Fax: +1-519-647-3655 Jamie Wood cell: +1-905-912-2697

MAXIMUM BID FEATURE: How to use the “maximum bid” effectively: For example, if the bid is at $800, and you wish to use the maximum bid feature, this is how it works: You would enter bid a “maximum bid” higher than $800 – for example lets say you choose $1050. Once you enter that bid, the online bidding program automatically raises the bid from $800 in increments of $50, up to $850. You would then be in the lead at $850. If another person bids $900, then the program would automatically bid for you again at $950. Again if another person bids $1000, the program will bid for you again automatically at $1050. After your pre-set maximum bid is reached, you will have to bid again manually, if you are outbid. The maximum bid is on the computer secure server only at (hosted by Holstein World) The sale management never is privy to this information, so rest in confidence that your bid is handled honestly and you will purchase at the lowest price possible. You do not need to use maximum bid, you can watch the online sight, and bid manually as many times as you wish.

Snowman -

building genomics into pedigrees!

Snowman Daughter:

BROEKS BETTY (VG-88-2yr) GTPI+2219 GLPI+3053

Her awesome udder

(Snowman x Shottle x Addison)

Lot 1 ___________ 3 straws of Flevo Genetics Snowman Lot 21___________ 2 straws of Flevo Genetics Snowman “Snowman” – building genomics into pedigrees! #2 GLPI –GLPI+3181 #6 GTPI bull - GTPI+2108 dead/no semen Sire: Oman Dam: Broeks MBM Elsa EX-90 EX-92-MS 2.04 305d 10.935kgM 4.7%F 3.4%P 3 Dtrs over 2200 GTPI!! 2nd Dam: Ever-Green-View Elsa VG-89-2y GMD DOM 2.06 365d 21.265kgM 4.4%F 938kgF 3.5%P 738kgP 1st WI & 2nd National Fat 1st WI & 3rd National Protein 10 VG daughters in the USA 3rd Dam: Ever-Green-View Elsie EX-92 4.09 365d 23.850kgM 4.4%F 3.5%P 4th National Fat & 5th National Protein



Oh baby! Calves are built in within the top 50 in Canada!

Incredible Sire Stack!! Snowman x Baxter x Goldwyn x Outside x Aeroline Don’t miss this opportunity!

Lot 2 ___________ 4 SNOWMAN embryos Sire: Flevo Genetics Snowman –

Consigned by: Benner Holsteins

#6 GTPI bull-GTPI+2108; #2 GLPI –GLPI+3181; dead/no semen Calves are built in @ GPA+2880!!!! (Calves will PA within top 50 heifers in Canada!)

BENNER BAXTER JIRO VG-87-2YR-CAN MS:86 F&L:87 DS:88 GLPI+2643 (#5 Baxter in Canada!! #55 GLPI cow in Canada!) 02-02 2X 305 15,642kg 705 4.5%F 499 3.2%P Sire: BAXTER EX-91-CAN EXTRA'10 Dam: BENNER GOLDWYN JOVONNA VG-88-4YR-CAN 02-02 2X 365 12,155 662 5.4%F 404 3.3 2nd Dam: BENNER OUTSIDE JOYCE VG-85-2YR-CAN 02-08 2X 365 16124 656 4.1 542 3.4

8 VG daughters

4*star brood cow

3rd Dam: BENNER AEROLINE JEMIMA VG-86-6YR-CAN 12*star brood cow 02-03 2X 365 19582 881 4.5 677 3.5 2EX 7VG daughters 4rd Dam: BENNER LUKE JEAN VG-85-2YR-CAN 18* star brood cow 06-00 2X 365 13548 565 4.2 494 3.6 5th Dam: BENNER GRAND JULIA VG-87-3YR-USA 2* star brood cow 6th Dam: BENNER BLACKSTAR JANET VG-89-6YR-CAN 10*star brood cow 7th Dam: CAROLDALE WARDEN JOSEY VG-88-10YR-CAN 8*star brood cow


MCINTOSH JOY GOLD VG-86-2YR Nominated All-Ontario 4-H Jr Calf 2009


Buyers will comeo looking for bulls and heifers from this mating: “EXCLUSIVE, SHOW TYPE, HIGH INDEX” Lot 3 ___________ 4 SNOWMAN embryos Sire: Flevo Genetics Snowman –

Consigned by: McIntosh Holsteins

#6 GTPI bull-GTPI+2108; #2 GLPI –GLPI+3181; dead/no semen Calves are built in @ GPA+2866!!!! (Calves will PA within top 50 heifers in Canada!)



02-02 2X 305 13,175kg 636 4.8%F 447 3.4%P (proj) Nominated All-Ontario 4-H Jr Calf 2009

PA LPI+2552

2nd Dam: MCINTOSH JEWEL LEE EX-CAN 10* star brood cow 08-04 2X 365 16,054kg 750 4.7%F 570 3.6%P LPI+2434 15VG daughters!!! 10 VG Goldwyn’s & 5 VG Dundee’s! 3rd Dam: MCINTOSH JEWEL LINCOLN VG-86-4YR-CAN 3*star brood cow 04-11 2X 365 13,428 514 3.8 456 3.4 4th Dam: MCINTOSH JOYCE AEROSTAR (N/C) 5th Dam: MCINTOSH JOY INSPIRATION GP-80-2YR-CAN 6th Dam: ROMANDALE CRYSTAL JOY VG-85-2YR-CAN 7th Dam: ROMANDALE COUNTESS JOY EX-CAN MS:92 8th Dam: ROMANDALE IVANHOE RE-JOYCE VG-85-4YR-CAN 9th Dam: ENGHILL PERSEUS JOY EX-CAN 10th Dam: ENGHILL ACHIEVEMENT JOYCE VG-CAN

MISTY SPRINGS SHOTTLE SMOOTHIE VG-88-2YR Her Man-0-Man daughter is GPA-LPI+2731! (#104 heifer in the country)

Possibly the hottest genomic family on the Planet! And by the #1 bull - Jordan!! Calves from this family sold for up to $84,000 at the auctions in 2010!! Lot 6 ___________ 4 JORDAN embryos #1 GLPI bull Dec/10 – GLPI+2712 Calves are built in @ GPA-GLPI+2428!!

Dam of Embryos: MISTY SPRINGS SHOTTLE SMOOTHIE VG-88-2YR MS:88 F&L:87 DS:90 R:88 GLPI+2144 02-01 2X 365 14,087 575 4.1 447 3.2

Full sister to: Misty Spring Shottle Satin (VG-86-2y) Former #1 GLPI cow Full sister to: Misty Spring Shottle Satin (VG-86-2y) Former #1 GLPI cow 2nd Dam: WILLSONA FREELANCE SIZZLE VG-86-2YR-CAN 02-02 3X 335 11562 455 3.9 358 3.1

3rd Dam: GEN-I-BEQ CONVINCER SILVER VG-88-4YR-CAN 02-02 2X 365 11733 421 3.6 372 3.2

4th Dam: GLEN DRUMMOND SPLENDOR VG-86-2YR-CAN 04-10 2X 314 12025 510 4.2 381 3.2 th

3*star brood cow

Full sister to Gen-I-Beq Salto *RC @ Semex

21* star brood cow

2 EX 20 VG daughters Dam of Salto


17* star brood cow


Snowman built in at LPI+2812!!!! Lot 8 ___________ 4 SNOWMAN embryos Sire: Flevo Genetics Snowman –

Consigned by: Velthuis Farms

#6 GTPI bull-GTPI+2108; #2 GLPI –GLPI+3181; dead/no semen Calves are built in @ LPI+2812

Dam of Embryos- VELTHUIS GOLDWYN ELVENA VG-88-4y MS:89 LPI+2443 M+1491 F+71 % +0.16 P+51 % +0.02 C+13 02-04 2X 365 11,872kg 501 4.2%F 392 3.3%P 03-10 2X 365 15,985kg 614 3.8%F 495 3.1%P Full sister to: VELTHUIS GOLDWYN ELITA (VG-87) Nom All-Ont 2yr old 2nd Dam: BUDJON-JK-I DERRY ELEGANCE VG-85-3YR-CAN 2*STAR 02-07 2X 365 13,067kg 511 3.9 421 3.2 3rd Dam: KRULL BROKER ELEGANCE EX-96-3E 05-07 2X 365 15975 3.7% 3.3%

4th Dam: KRULL STARBUCK EXCELLENCY EX-90 5th; 6th; 7th Dams: EX Triple Threat; EX-92-2E; EX-92-4E



SNOWMAN heifer from the Splendor’s. THE LAST SPLASH. Built-in International Appeal – Built in GPA-LPI+2564 Lot 9 ___________ 3 SNOWMAN embryos Sire: Flevo Genetics Snowman –

Consigned by: Ferme Lesperron

#2 GLPI –GLPI+3181; #6 GTPI bull-GTPI+2108; dead/no semen Calves are built in @ GPA-LPI+2564!!!!

Dam: LESPERRON SHOTTLE SPLASH VG-87-2YR MS:87 F&L:88 GLPI+1947 M+1195 F+35 % -0.07 P+35 % -0.07 SCS 2.49 C+13 02-07 2X 365 17,220kg 710 4.1%F 567 3.3%P 2nd Dam: MARYCLERC MORTY SPLENDIDE VG-86-2YR-CAN 8*star 04-00 2X 365 18,803kg 729 3.9 607 3.2 12 VG-2y daughters 3rd Dam: GEN-I-BEQ LEE SPENDIDE EX-90-CAN 12*star 07-03 2X 365 20,620kg 886 4.3 683 3.3 13 VG daughters 4th Dam: GLEN DRUMMOND SPLENDOR VG-86-2YR-CAN 34* star 7EX & 22VG daughters Dam of Salto 5th Dam: GLEN DRUMMOND AERO FLOWER VG-88-3YR-CAN 17* star This family produced September Storm.



Same Blood as the Jr. Champion @ ROYAL ’10! Make yourself a show calf with this mating!! Lot 10_______

5 BRAXTON embryos

Sire of Embryos: Regancrest S Braxton (Shottle x Barbie) #1 type bull in USA PTAT+3.84 (daughter proven); semen doesn’t go to Europe

Dam of Embryos: MAPEL WOOD GOLDWYN DIAMONDS VG-86-2YR Strength:90 GLPI+1709 02-04 2X 365 13,448kg 546 4.1%F 422 3.1%P 04-00 2X 339 15,736kg 626 4.0%F 471 3.0%P 2nd Dam: MAPEL WOOD LEE DIAMONDS VG-87-2YR-CAN 01-11 2X 365 13,653 577 4.2 452 3.3 14 VG daughters 3rd Dam: MAPEL WOOD MASON DIAMONDS EX-2E-CAN Life: 88,399kg 3.6 3.2





Online Catalog pre sale  

Online Catalog pre sale

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