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Civil Rights Protests in the 1950’s & Early 1960’s

“Biggest Damn Fool Mistake”

Chief Justice Earl Warren

NAACP Legal Defense Fund, INC Chief Counsel

Brown v. Board of Education(1954)

Rosa Parks

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Southern Christian Leadership Council (SCLC)

Massive Resistance

Emmett Till Lynching, 1955

Little Rock, 1957

Little Rock Nine

Blocked by Arkansas National Guard

101st Airborne

Greensboro, N.C. February 1, 1960

Nashville Sit-Ins

A Long Wait?

Non-Violent Resistance

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)

Anniston AL lights the way!

Alabama, 1963

Freedom Riders in Montgomery

Welcome to Birmingham

James Farmer Welcomed in Jackson, MS

James Meredith at Ole Miss

Mississippi Governor Ross Barnett and Friends

Gov. George Wallace

Vivian Malone

June 12,1963: Medgar Evers

Byron De La Beckwith 1963, 1994 & 1997

Birmingham, 1963

“Putting on the Pressure”

Thomas Blanton and Bobby Frank Cherry Guilty, 2001

Asa Philip Randolph

Planning the March on Washington

John Lewis 1963 and 2003

Malcolm Little, Malcolm X , Malik El Shabazz


Malcolm X and Louis X

Elijah Muhammad

Profile for Jamie Miller

Civil Rights  

Civil Rights