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NEWSLETTER 最新消息 News Bravo! 香港青年劇場獎 2013/14 首節演戲訓練後 得獎者獲益良多 Bravo! Hong Kong Youth Theatre Awards 2013/14 Awardees after First Acting Training Workshop

專題 Features 「從文本到舞臺TM」 賽馬會前瞻劇場教育計劃 2014 懸疑兇殺案經典 《三十九步級︰一笑一驚心》 The Jockey Club “From Page to Stage™” Programme 2014 The All-Time Favourite Murder Mystery The 39 Steps

封面故事 Cover Story 青年粵語劇場 《酋長海華之歌》 結合形體及音樂 的合家歡之選 Chinese Youth Theatre The Song of Hiawatha Family entertainment with movement and music

07 2013 •

回顧 In Retrospect Sm-ART青年計劃2012-13 分享會上總結藝術學習成果 Sm-ART Youth Project 2012-13 Sharing of Fruit of Arts Learning in the Year-end Showcase


目錄 Contents 4


Cover Story 9



青年粵語劇場《酋長海華之歌》 結合形體及音樂的合家歡之選 Chinese Youth Theatre The Song of Hiawatha Family Entertainment with Movement and Music

Bravo! 香港青年劇場獎 2013/14 首節演戲訓練後 得獎者獲益良多 Bravo! Hong Kong Youth Theatre Awards 2013/14 Awardees after First Acting Training Workshop

《福爾摩斯之花斑帶奇案》載譽重演 火速訂票,萬勿錯過!


Re-Run of Sherlock Holmes’ The Case of Speckled Band Not to Be Missed – Book NOW!



Feature 18

「從文本到舞臺TM」賽馬會前瞻劇場教育計劃2014 懸疑兇殺案經典《三十九步級︰一笑一驚心》 The Jockey Club “From Page to StageTM” Programme 2014 The All-Time Favourite Murder Mystery The 39 Steps

「從文本到舞臺TM」賽馬會前瞻劇場教育計劃2013 一萬名觀眾見證《迷失世界》的誕生 The Jockey Club “From Page to StageTM” Programme 2013 10,000 at The Lost World



In Retrospect

Sm-ART青年計劃2012-13 分享會上總結藝術學習成果 Sm-ART Youth Project 2012-13 Sharing of Fruit of Arts Learning at the Year-end Showcase

醫學人文科順利完結 透過戲劇及音樂,認識自己,成就仁醫


Successful Concludion to Year 1 Medical Humanities Programme Learning to be a Caring Doctor through Drama and Music



People 32

與「藝術評論證書」課程學員對談寫作路(下) An Interview with the Certificate of Arts Criticism Students (II)

服裝租借 Costume Rental


請予支持 Support AFTEC


青年粵語劇場《酋長海華之歌》 結合形體及音樂的合家歡之選 Chinese Youth Theatre The Song of Hiawatha Family Entertainment with Movement and Music


青年粵語劇場《酋長海華之歌》 結合形體及音樂的合家歡之選 Chinese Youth TheatreThe Song of Hiawatha Family Entertainment with Movement and Music 誇啦啦藝術集匯青年粵語劇場將於2013年8月呈獻全新製作《酋長海華之歌》 , 改編至朗費羅(Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)的原著詩歌,講述西風之子印第安酋 長海華傳奇一生。 朗費羅的《酋長海華之歌》 (原名The Song of Hiawatha)是一首關於美國印 第安土著英雄事跡的史詩。於1855年發 表後,它隨即獲得空前成功。 Hiawatha 是月亮之女Nokomis的孫兒及 西風之神Mudjekeewis的兒子。故事講 述Hiawatha怎樣在成長中,了解及愛上 大自然。自從他與妻子Minnehaha教授 族人狩獵和栽種玉米的技巧後,整個部 族生活得樂也融融。可是,好景不常, 年輕族人Pau-Pu-Keewis帶領其他族人 進行賭博及打鬥等活動,將他們領入歧 途,他們平靜的生活便受到影響。在嚴 寒的冬季,飢荒降臨,Hiawatha的妻子 和朋友最終活活餓死,而他亦準備離開 故鄉,踏上旅途。

以印第安土著作背景,這鉅著現改編及 翻譯成一個集多種元素的舞臺表演:話 劇、舞蹈及音樂共冶一爐,由一眾Bravo! 香港青年劇場獎得獎者傾力演出。另設 演前合家歡工作坊,火速購票!


1-Hour Pre-Show Fa 工作坊內容包括面繪 及親手製作羽毛頭飾, 變身後更可在美國土著 的梯皮帳篷(Tepee) 前拍照留影。 齊來化身美國土著,在 劇場見證印弟安酋長海 華傳奇一生!


AFTEC will present its Chinese Youth Theatre production - The Song of Hiawatha at the Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre Theatre in August 2013. Adapted from the original poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the story tells the legendary life of the West Wind’s son American Indian Chief Hiawatha. The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is an epic poem about an American Indian hero. It was published in 1855, and was an immediate success.


amily Fun Workshop The workshop includes facepainting and hand-made feather headdresses. Come turn yourself into a Native American and take photos in front of a Tepee! Then witness the legendary life of the Indian Chief Hiawatha in the theatre!

It is a simple story of how Hiawatha, the grandchild of Nokomis who falls from the moon, and the son of Mudjekeewis, the God of the West Wind, grows up to understand and love nature. Together he and his wife, Minnehaha, teach his tribe the skills of hunting and planting corn and their people live a life of peace and harmony. But their lives are disrupted by a young tribesman named Pau-Pu-Keewis, who teaches the young men the excitement of gambling and fighting. And in the end, the tribe suffers famine during a harsh winter. Hiawatha’s

wife and friends die and Hiawatha prepares to leave on his journey. Set in tribal style, this great poem is now adapted and translated into a colourful stage production for the family with acting, dance and wonderful music. Come to see the awardees of the Bravo! Hong Kong Youth Theatre Awards shine on stage, and join the pre-show family fun workshop as well!



Audition Highlights

2013年5月26日遴選當天,在《酋長海華之歌》形體指導余 艷芬女士的帶領下,一眾Bravo!香港青年劇場獎得獎者首先 進行熱身運動,隨即逐一向導演黃清霞博士及翻譯顧問黎翠 珍教授演繹遴選選段,並展示一小段自創的形體動作。

The audition on 26th May 2013 began with warm up exercises led by Movement Director Miss Congo Yu. The Bravo! Hong Kong Youth Theatre Awards Awardees then acted out the audition passages and presented a short and self-created movement piece to the Director Dr. Vicki Ooi and Translation Advisor Prof. Jane Lai.








1-hour pre-show workshop Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre CA Hall & Art Studio

9-10 / 8 / 2013 五 - 六 | Fri-Sat


11 / 8 / 2013 日 | Sun



1小時工作坊及演出 1-hour pre-show workshop and performance

Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre Theatre

$200 (




數量有限,先到先得。 Limited quota.

Performance only 3:00pm

適合3歲或以上人士觀看。 粵語演出,附英文字幕。 節目長約1小時10分鐘,不設中場休息。 Suitable for aged 3 or above. In Cantonese with English surtitles. Approximately 1 hour 10 minutes with no intermission.

$160, $100 演員綵排花絮即將公開,請密切留意 我們的YouTube專頁! Rehearsal dairies will be uploaded soon. Subscribe us on Youtube and stay tuned!


Bravo! 香港青年劇場獎 2013/14 首節演戲訓練後 得獎者獲益良多 Bravo! Hong Kong Youth Theatre Awards 2013/14 Awardees after First Acting Training Workshop

《福爾摩斯之花斑帶奇案》載譽重演 火速訂票,萬勿錯過! Re-Run of Sherlock Holmes’ The Case of Speckled Band Not to Be Missed – Book NOW!


Bravo! 香港青年劇場獎 2013/14 首節演戲訓練後 得獎者獲益良多 Bravo! Hong Kong Youth Theatre Awards 2013/14 Awardees after First Acting Training Workshop 由誇啦啦藝術集匯(誇啦啦)主辦、利希 慎基金會(策略伙伴) 及 LAMDA, London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (學習伙 伴)全力支持的Bravo! 香港青年劇場獎 2013 / 14 (Bravo! 獎),已於2月22日截 止報名,報名反應踴躍。在眾多的申 請中,評審考慮申請人的演戲潛能及 各項因素後,最終選出43名別具潛質 的Bravo! 獎得獎者。 得獎結果公佈後,得獎者隨即展開本 地的戲劇訓練。於2013年4月至2014 年4月期間,得獎者需參加3節、為期 5天的本地演戲訓練。訓練由本地及倫 敦LAMDA專業導師教授。首個為期五天 的Bravo演戲訓練工作坊於4月1至5日順 利舉行。

Presented by The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection (AFTEC) and fully supported by Lee Hysan Foundation (Strategic Partner) & LAMDA, London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (Learning Partner), Bravo! Hong Kong Youth Theatre Awards 2013/14 received a warm response from local young people who are passionate about and committed to acting. After a tough selection process, the internal judging panel decided to present the award to 43 talented young people based on various criteria, mainly their acting talents. Shortly after the announcement of the results, the awardees had their first acting workshop from 1-5 April 2013. In the first tier of the award (Bravo Awards), the local young people will receive professional acting training (three five-day workshops) from local and LAMDA teaching artists from April 2013 to April 2014.


粵語組別首三天的工作坊由形體導師黃俊達(導演-研究員, 鄧樹榮戲劇工作室)教授。黃導師畢業於全球知名的形體戲劇 學院— L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq。得獎者在訓 練中探索了身體的可能性,以動作呈現不同的情感,甚至大 自然中的各種元素。這項訓練對體力有一定要求,除加強了 身體語言的表達能力,更啟發了學員的想像力,令他們獲益 良多。 於隨後兩天的工作坊,得獎者獲資深舞臺劇演員袁富華老師 的指導,進行文本訓練。袁老師曾為中英劇團全職演 員,現 為一位自由身劇場導演、演員及戲劇導師。他們不但學習到 聲線運用、朗讀對白的表演技巧,袁老師更分享了演戲心得 及了解到作為一個專業演員應有的道德及操守。 同樣地,英語組別的得獎者在來自澳洲、富有經驗的劇場演 員Ms. Shiona Carson的教導下亦進行了不少身體及聲線運用之 訓練。透過不同的活動及練習,得獎者由淺入深地學習傳統 的戲劇理論,寓學習於實踐。英語組得獎者即場要演繹經典 劇目《仲夏夜之夢》及《馬菲爾公爵夫人》之獨白。 得獎者紛紛表示這次的體驗令他們更了解戲劇及表演藝術, 使熱愛表演的他們更肯定自己的目標 — 爭取成為Bravo I獎 (I意旨International)得獎者,於2014年暑假期間,獲保送到 英國倫敦接受為期四星期的演戲訓練。


The Cantonese stream awardees spent 3 very physically challenging but rewarding days with Ata Wong (Director Researcher, Tang Shu Wing Theatre Studio). Ata is a graduate from the prestigious L’ Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq, the world famous school of physical theatre, The awardees explored the immense possibilities of their body and learnt to communicate feelings, emotions and even mimic various elements of the natural world through movement. The training not only enhanced their physical acting skills, but also honed their creativity and imagination. After some intense physical training, the awardees worked on voice and lines with a local veteran theatre actor, Ben Yuen. Ben Yuen was a full-time actor at Chung Ying Theatre Company and is now a freelance theatre director, actor and drama instructor. Under Ben’s guidance, the awardees learnt to analyse play-scripts, use their voice to act and improvise. Ben shared with the awardees his theatre experiences and the etiquette of being a professional actor. Similarly, the English awardees went through some intense movement and voice training with Shiona Carson, an experienced theatre actress from Australia. Through a diverse array of exercises and activities, the awardees were introduced to classic acting theories which they then put into practice. They also performed some of the most well-known monologues from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and John Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi. Upon reflection, the awardees all agreed that the training had allowed them to better understand acting and the theatre. As only 20 students will be selected to receive four weeks of acting training at LAMDA in London in the summer of 2014, they are now more determined than ever to secure one of these much coveted spots.


是次訓練亦讓一眾得獎者對演戲藝術有更透徹及深刻的 體會︰

作為一位出色的演員,除了具備精湛的演技,亦須 有著廣闊的視野。一個演員的演出能反映出個人的 修養,甚至對社會及世界的關懷及情感。 曾向鎮 (粵語組得獎者)

五天的演技訓練提升了我面對群體的勇氣。 黃俊安 (粵語組得獎者)

Here are some of the awardees’ reflections on the first Bravo Acting Training Workshop:

Aside from having great acting skills, a great actor should also have a world vision. An actor should also be able to show his/her understanding of the world, society and human beings through his/her performance. * Benjamin Tsang (Cantonese Awardee) After only 5-days of training, I am no longer afraid of performing in front of a large audience. * Wong Chun On (Cantonese Awardee)

獎項改變我對人生的態度。從填寫報名表格至得知獲 獎的過程,甚至在整個訓練過程中,Bravo! 獎都令我 深深體會到『堅持信念』、『努力不懈』的重要性。

This award has transformed my attitudes towards life. The whole process including the training workshop has made me realise the importance of perseverance and determination. *

林若華 (粵語組得獎者)

Cheryl Lam (Cantonese Awardee)

這次的訓練工作坊擴闊了我的眼界。這種演戲訓練並 不只是一項課外活動,更是一個培養我們對任何事情 都抱有認真態度的好機會。*

After the first training workshop, I see things differently. This kind of acting training is not merely extra-curricular activities, but is also a valuable chance which helps us develop a serious attitude towards everything.


Fara Wong (English Awardee)


* 翻譯

* Translation

是次的訓練加強了我的自信心,因為它令我走出了 自己的安全地帶。完成這計劃後,我可以告訴自己: 『我在Bravo獎中做到了那件事,我必定可以做到 這件事』。*

The training helped to build up my confidence as it has already pushed me out of my comfort zone. After this programme, I can tell myself, “If I can do this in the Award programme, I can do this.”


Rachel Yu (English Awardee)

我很少能在班上遇到這麼多志同道合的朋友。每位得 獎者對舞臺的熱情更確定我的對演戲的熱愛,激勵我 要成為一位更優秀的演員。*

I have seldom been in a class filled with people with the same passion as me. The enthusiasm of everyone has fed my own passion and motivated me to become better and develop myself as an actress and person.


在未來的一年中,我們期待見證這批充滿潛質和熱誠的年 青人確立成為一位獨當一面的演員的志向,朝著這目標及 理想進發。下一階段的訓練包括:由粵語組得獎者參與的 《酋長海華之歌》綵排和表演(8月9、10、11日),以及由 LAMDA導師 (Head of Movement) Mr. John Baxter教授的演戲訓練工 作坊二(8月26至30日)。詳情於下一期季度通訊連載!

Arisa Ysaratne (English Awardee)

In the coming year, we greatly look forward to witnessing these young and talented awardees to realise their own potential and pursue their goals and dreams throughout Bravo!. The next major training segment will be rehearsals and production of The Song of Hiawatha (9, 10, 11 August) for the Cantonese Stream awardees plus the second intensive workshop led by John Baxter, Head of Movement, LAMDA (26 – 30 August). Stay tuned!


《福爾摩斯之花斑帶奇案》載譽重演 火速訂票,萬勿錯過! Re-Run of Sherlock Holmes’ The Case of Speckled Band Not to Be Missed – Book NOW! 為了令更多高中學生受惠及有機會欣賞 經典懸疑謀殺案,誇啦啦藝術集匯將會 於由康樂及文化事務署觀眾拓展辦事處 主辦之高中生藝術新體驗計畫2013/14 中重演《福爾摩斯之花斑帶奇案》。 福爾摩斯和他的好拍檔華生將攜手拯 救無辜女孩Stoner小姐。Stoner小姐 妹妹離奇死亡,內裡暗藏什麼秘密? 她妹妹臨死前喃喃說的花斑帶,指的 又是什麼?殘忍的後父Rylott博士為 Stoner小姐帶來什麼威脅? 演出班底將由外藉演員組成、並由 Shiona Carson小姐執導及演出。我們 會舉辦演前講座,加深同學對情節、角 色及主題的認識。老師亦會收到一份教 材,可為同學在演出前做好準備。從速 購票和福爾摩斯一起破解凶案吧!

In order to benefit more senior secondary students and enable them to enjoy a classic murder mystery on stage, AFTEC has decided to have a re-run of The Speckled Band for the Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students 2013/14, which is presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department Audience Building Office. Sherlock Holmes and his partner Dr. Watson team up to save the helpless Ms. Stoner from a horrible death! What is the secret of the shocking death of poor Ms. Stoner’s sister? What did her sister mean by her dying words, “the speckled band?” What danger does Ms. Stoner face from her brutal step-father Dr. Rylott? Directed by Ms. Shiona Carson and featuring the performance of a cast of native English speaking, the performances will be preceded by lectures which will deepen students’ understanding of the plot, characters and themes of the story. An education pack will also be sent to teachers who can then prepare the students for the production. Come and solve the mystery with Sherlock Holmes and book your tickets now!


Trailer of Sherlock Holmes’ The Case of Speckled Band:


2013/14 Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students and Booking Details:



「從文本到舞臺 」賽馬會前瞻劇場教育計劃2014 懸疑兇殺案經典《三十九步級︰一笑一驚心》 The Jockey Club “From Page to StageTM” Programme 2014 The All-Time Favourite Murder Mystery The 39 Steps


「從文本到舞臺 」賽馬會前瞻劇場教育計劃2013 一萬名觀眾見證《迷失世界》的誕生 The Jockey Club “From Page to StageTM” Programme 2013 10,000 at The Lost World


「從文本到舞臺TM」 賽馬會前瞻劇場教育計劃2014 懸疑兇殺案經典 《三十九步級︰一笑一驚心》 The Jockey Club “From Page to StageTM” Programme 2014 The All-Time Favourite Murder Mystery The 39 Steps 我們的故事主角Richard Hannay被控謀殺後,跟隨一位 神秘的漂亮女子,跨越英國及蘇格蘭,只為還自己一個 清白,拯救他的國家。 來看看本劇6位天才演員如何分身飾演超過24個角色及解構 我們怎樣在舞台呈現古董汽車及火車,發放笑彈吧! 改編自約翰•巴肯的同名原著(及希治閣的經典電影) , 這演出將帶給你一場笑料不絕,不容錯過的間諜驚險故事。 本劇更會以1914年為背景,以紀念2014年為第一次世界 大戰一百週年。 「三十九步級」,究竟是甚麼?快快訂票,親身發掘真相! Our hero Richard Hannay, accused of murder, follows a mysterious beautiful girl across England and Scotland to clear his name and to save his country. Watch our talented six actors act more than two dozen parts and wonder at how we can recreate vintage cars and trains on stage at high speed with hilarious results. We have based our own adaptation of John Buchan’s The 39 Steps to bring you an entertaining spy thriller you simply must see! The play is set in 1914 to commemorate the centenary of World War I in 2014. THE THIRTY NINE STEPS. What is it? Join us and find out for yourselves.


[全新]教學指南︰ 《三十九步級︰一笑一驚心》 持續專業發展工作坊

[NEW] Teaching Keys: The 39 Steps Continuing Professional Development Workshop

13/12/2013 (Fri五), 4-6 pm 西灣河文娛中心文娛廳

Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre CA Hal


Pre-Show In-School Workshops


January –March 2014 (Weekdays)

英語話劇演出 + 即場互動遊戲

English Theatre Performance + Interactive Activities

6-26/3/2014 1:45pm, 4:30pm 西灣河文娛中心劇院

Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre Theatre


Post-Show In-School Workshops


March-May 2014 (Weekdays)

2014年全新內容 - 雙語字幕 (徇眾要求!) - 演前到校工作坊︰3款不同程度+綵排精華片段 - 教師嘉許證書及/或持續專業發展工作坊證書 - 到校工作坊參與人數下限由150人減至80人 - 3款不同程度的教學資料套裝 (徇眾要求!) 參與對象 年級:本地中學1-6年級的學生及教師 有關學科:藝術教育、語文、戲劇教育、通識教育、其他學習經歷、跨學科學習 票價 每位HK$60(教師及學生同價) 包括話劇表演、持續專業發展工作坊 (每間參與學校可派2位老師參與)、演前及演 後工作坊及其中一個水平的教學資料套裝(電子版本) 。 優先訂票優惠有效期至2013年9月30日,如欲了解更多詳情,請致電2520 1716 或電郵至info@aftec.hk與我們聯絡。 NEW for 2014 - Bilingual surtitles during show (Your request!) - Pre-show In-School Workshops: 3 Differentiated Levels + Selected Rehearsal Video Clips - Teachers’ Certificate of Recognition and/or Certificate for Continuing Professional Development - In-school Workshop Enrolment Capacity Lowered to 80 - 3 Differentiated Learning Education Pack (Your request!) Eligibility Levels: S.1-6 students and teachers from local schools Subject parameters: Arts Education, Language Learning, Drama Education, Liberal Studies, Other Learning Experiences, Cross-disciplinary Learning Fees HK$60 per person (teacher & student) Inclusive of theatre performance, continuing professional development workshop for 2 teachers/ school, pre-and post-show workshops and ONE level of Education Pack (electronic master copy). Early-Bird Special Offers valid until 30 September 2013. For more details, please contact us at 2520 1716 or


「從文本到舞臺TM」 賽馬會前瞻劇場教育計劃2013 一萬名觀眾見證《迷失世界》的誕生 The Jockey Club “From Page to StageTM” Programme 2013 10,000 at The Lost World 繼上演多套文學經典後,一年一度的「從文本到舞臺TM」賽馬會前瞻劇場教育計劃 2013便於2013年3月將柯南•道爾的經典小說《迷失世界》搬上舞臺。是次製作 演出了共27場,入場觀眾人數高達一萬名,打破歷年的紀錄,實有賴各位學校老 師及同學的愛戴和支持。 於3月8日首場演出前舉行的開幕典禮中,我們十分榮幸邀請到教育局常任秘書長 謝凌潔貞女士及香港賽馬會慈善項目主管陳淑慧女士出席,與老師及學生分享戲 劇與學習的心得, 並為我們見證這難忘時刻。現特別在此刊登誇啦啦藝術集匯董 事局主席詩柏先生的開幕辭:

我很榮幸能在《迷失世界》的開幕禮上致歡迎辭。在這裡,我要特別感謝兩位主禮 嘉賓—謝凌潔貞女士及陳淑慧女士的蒞臨。 誇啦啦藝術集匯是一間多元化並集合不同人才的機構。這裡未必是大眾市場的 主流,但我們希望提供不一樣而具啟發性的學習機會和劇場活動,教育及娛樂社 會大眾,豐富他們的生命。我們相信藝術及其他相關活動需要具備一定的質量, 亦需要文化基礎設施的配合。因此,我們很榮幸能成為康樂及文化事務署西灣河 文娛中心的場地伙伴。 今天,我們將會進入另一個世界,認識一個為往後的科幻歷險小說訂下標準的 故事。《迷失世界》由柯南‧道爾創作,於100年前首次出版,講述一隊探險隊 遠征亞馬遜高原的歷險。這是一個發生在一個被查路家教授形容為『自然法則 不適用』的地方,關於冒險、恐龍和猿人的故事。 你將會認識一個永恆和精彩的人物—查教授。他跟誇啦啦藝術集匯曾製作的 《福爾摩斯—花斑帶奇案》中,冷靜而擅長分析的福爾摩斯很不同。我會把充滿睿 智、引人注目的查教授與藝術總監黃清霞博士相提並論。作為是次製作的創作 主腦,黃博士把原著小說的歷險和挑戰改編成連貫流暢的劇作,並由敬業和 勤奮的製作團隊支持,當中包括邱歡智女士。在整個過程中,她彷如一盞明燈, 專業、聰明地帶領團隊完成這製作。 整個計劃得以成事,全賴香港賽馬會慈善信託基金三年來的慷慨捐助,否則 『從文本到舞臺TM』並沒有機會發展至今。今年的門票銷售超過10,000張,展望 來年,我們將吸引更多觀眾進場,帶領大家踏上另一趟興奮的旅程。 投放資源於藝術別具價值,是對社區的一項投資。可是,只有猶如『從文本到舞臺TM』 賽馬會前瞻劇場教育計劃的教育項目才是讓藝術更普及的第一步,意義重大。 最後,我要再一次感謝謝女士及陳女士的蒞臨。充滿想像的迷失世界正等待著 你們,請細心欣賞!謝謝!



我十分喜愛《迷失世界》的創意及演員們的精湛演技。《迷失世界》 開拓我們學生的想像力。 地利亞修女紀念學校(協和)| 中五學生

《迷失世界》讓我更有信心說英語。它增加了我對劇場的興趣 。 長洲官立中學| 中五學生

演員演技精湛,佈景充分反映《迷失世界》的緊張刺激。 五旬節中學 | 中四學生

計劃中的互動部分相當成功,是一個良好的學習模式。演員的表演出 眾,在演後互動環節的表演尤其出色。我會與專業藝團緊密合作,照 顧不同學習能力的學生的需要。 聖言中學 | 英文科教師

這製作有效提升同學的自信及學者興趣。參加計劃後,不少同學能表 達出他們對演出的看法。他們亦積極主動地參與演前及演後的活動。 英華女學校 | 英文科教師

下年度的精彩劇目已定為約翰•巴肯的經典小說《三十九步級:一笑一驚心》, 更包括不少全新安排及活動。有關的宣傳資料已郵寄至學校老師,敬請密切留意!


AFTEC has adapted many literary classics for the stage and performed them for secondary students over the years, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World was adapted and performed this March in The Jockey Club “From Page to StageTM” Programme 2013 at 27 performances with an attendance of over 10,000, we thank the participating schools, teachers and students for their unfailing support! In the opening ceremony which was held before our first performance on 8 March, Mrs. Cherry Tse (Permanent Secretary for Education, HKSAR Government) and Ms. Rhoda Chan (Head of Charities Projects, The Hong Kong Jockey Club) were cordially invited to be our honourable guests. We are grateful to have Mrs. Tse and Ms. Chan joined us in this special event. Mr. Stephan Spurr, the Chairman of AFTEC’s Board of Directors said at the opening:

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to the opening of The Lost World and to extend, in particular, a very considerable thank you to our honoured guests: Mrs. Cherry Tse and Ms. Rhoda Chan, for joining us. AFTEC lives in many worlds, is many sided, involving many talents. It is not a world dominated by mass market, dumbed-down thinking, but one which hopes to enroll, enrich, educate and entertain our community with transformative and revelatory learning opportunities and theatrical events. It is not “Jurassic”. We believe that the Arts, and any involvement with them, need quality, and the sort of cultural infrastructure that we have been very fortunate to acquire through our venue partnership at Sai Wan Ho with the LCSD. Today, though, we are visiting another world. The one which set the standard for the science fiction adventure story. First published over 100 years ago : Conan-Doyle’s The Lost World – involves an intrepid group of explorers on an expedition to a remote Amazonian plateau. It is a wild tale of Adventurers and Dinosaurs and Apemen. A place where, as Professor Challenger says, “the ordinary laws of Nature are suspended.” And what a wonderful and timeless creation is this Professor you are about to meet – so different from the calm, analytical character of Sherlock Holmes whom some of you will have encountered in our

previous production: The Speckled Band. Still, if I happen to mention the good Professor’s masterful and imposing figure in the same breath as our Artistic Director, Vicki Ooi, it is entirely intentional. For Vicki has been the driving force behind today‘s production, as well as adapting the many challenges of the novel into a coherent play. Aided and abetted by a dedicated and hardworking creative and production team, most especially Lynn Yau who has been a beacon of intelligence and professionalism throughout the entire programme. Of course we could not be showing you such worlds without the generous funding of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. Nor could we have developed “From Page to StageTM” without their unflinching support these past 3 years. With ticket sales for the current programme now rounding off at the 10,000 number mark, the only real consolation going forward – and it is a considerable consolation – would be the prospect of our continuing this exciting journey for a further period and of our doubling those audience attendance figures. Spending on the Arts is hugely good value and an investment in the community. But it is an educational programme like “Page to StageTM” which is key to making them accessible in the first place. My thanks again to Mrs. Tse and Ms. Chan for honoring us with their presence. The (Not Entirely Lost) World of the Imagination awaits you. Embrace it. Please. Thank you.


Kudos were well-received from the participating teachers and students. From returned questionnaires:

What I loved about The Lost World was its lots of creativeness and the great acting skills of the actors and actresses. The Lost World enhanced the imagination of us the students. S.5 students from Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo) The Lost World makes me more confident to speak in English. I am more interested in the theatre. S.5 student from Cheung Chau Government Secondary School

The actors are very good at acting. The set showed the excitement of The Lost World. F.4 student from Pentecostal School

The interactive session was a great success and is a good model. The actors did an excellent job especially in the interactive post-show activities. I will work more closely with professional groups to cater to the diverse needs of students. English teacher from Sing Yin Secondary SchoolDelia Memorial School The production increased students’ confidence and interest in learning. Many are able to express their views on the performance. They are eager to participate in the pre- and post-show activities. English teacher from Ying Wa Girls’ School In our 2014 programme, John Buchan’s classics thriller, The 39 Steps will be staged. A variety of new arrangements and activities is included in the programme as well. The promotional brochures have been sent to all local secondary schools, please stay tuned!


Sm-ART青年計劃2012-13 分享會上總結藝術學習成果 Sm-ART Youth Project 2012-13 Sharing of Fruit of Arts Learning in the Year-end Showcase

醫學人文科順利完結 透過戲劇及音樂,認識自己,成就仁醫 Successful Concludion to Year 1 Medical Humanities Programme Learning to be a Caring Doctor through Drama and Music


Sm-ART青年計劃2012-13 分享會上總結藝術學習成果 Sm-ART Youth Project 2012-13 Sharing of Fruit of Arts Learning in the Year-end Showcase 2012至2013年度的Sm-ART青年計劃經已圓滿結束。計劃 於2012年9月進行學生遴選,隨即開始由著名音樂家羅乃新 女士(2012至2014年度「駐團藝術教育家」)及朱曉芳擔 任導師的週五課堂。受惠的18名於鑽石山聖文德天主教小 學就讀的3、4年級生,合共進行了22堂戲劇及音樂課堂。 同時,34名成人義工及Sm-ART青年領袖,經過專業的領袖 及藝術培訓後,運用其所學,與學生們一同經歷了5個 文化日。

Sm-ART Youth Project 2012-13 has ended its pilot year 1 programme. Right after the students’ audition held in September 2012, renowned musician/educator Miss Nancy Loo, AFTEC’s Artist in Education (2012-14) and Priscila Chu started meeting the 18 underprivileged primary 3 to 4 students from St. Bonaventure Catholic Primary School every Friday. Apart from the music and drama classes for the students, 34 Adult Volunteers and Sm-ART Youth Leaders experienced 5 Cultural Days with the children after receiving leadership and arts training.

在2013年5月4日舉行的分享會上,導師、學生們、義工及 Sm-ART青年領袖總結過往一年的學習和經驗,與贊助人何 晶潔家族基金的何女士、基金代表和家長們,共享這個跨 代計劃的美好成果,度過了精彩時刻,以下節錄自參加者 的真摰分享:

On 4th May 2013, the Year-end Showcase was successfully held in the presence of Ms Ho and representatives from the Jean C K Ho Family Foundation, and parents. Tutors, students, volunteers and Sm-ART Youth Leaders shared their experiences in this inter-generational programme throughout the year. The following are sound bytes from the day:

我學會了從每一個角度思考。因為答案可以很多,不 一定只有一個。以前的我很任性,現在的我學會了體 諒和關心別人,不會只想自己。我認清了自己的長處 和短處,例如:我可以問好的問題,但老師們都說我 聲音小,我會改善。

I learnt to see things from a different perspective because there is more than one right answer. I used to focus only on myself but now I have learnt to understand and care about others. I recognized my strengths and weaknesses. For example, I can ask good questions but I need to speak up in class. *


Primary 3 Student

以前的我不夠自信,不夠勇氣站在很多同學面前說 話,上課不常常發問和回答問題,不是很合群。我 學了怎樣在同學面前說話、回答和問問題,上課要 積極,別人為你做了一些東西要感恩

In the past, I lacked confidence and was not brave enough to speak up in front of many classmates. I did not participate in class actively and was sometime unsociable. I learnt that I should speak up in front of people, ask questions and participate actively in class, and to cherish the things people do for you. *


Primary 4 Student * Translation


小孩子的世界看似簡單,但充滿 著小煩惱,例如學業上的壓力。 這個計劃讓學生們從藝術角度認 識世界,學懂運用創意解決問 題。二月的工作坊和文化日中, 我和學生們一起創作人生圖,繪 畫從嬰兒時期起,成長的不同階 段,學生們對將來可發生的事情 及理想,有些很有計劃,有些天 馬行空,但我相信只要放眼看世 界,便能快樂地成長。 Sm-ART青年領袖 Xennia Wong

Although the life of a child seems simple, it is actually full of little troubles, like the stress from school. This project taught students to look to the arts and use their creativity to solve problems. In the workshops and Cultural day in February, students and I created our personal timelines that mapped out our different stages of growth and looked toward the future. Some had plans and many had big dreams. I believe they will be happy and be able to achieve their goals as long as they are open to possibilities and new opportunities that can expand their horizons. * Xennia Wong, Sm-ART Youth Leader

Sm-ART青年計劃與其他義工服務 很不一樣,讓我重拾童心,與學 生們一起發問。參與計劃前,我 以為自己五音不全,不懂跳舞, 但原來我可以作曲,亦可以跳芭 蕾舞。計劃帶給我最重要的訊 息:每個人自出生以來,便擁有 一個藝術百寶盒,只要我們像海 棉般不斷吸收,把累積的藝術經 驗和感受放進寶盒,為自己的人 生圖增添色彩。 成人義工 Tina Kwan

Sm-Art Youth Project is very different from other community service programmes I have participated in. I rediscovered a childlike sense of inquisitiveness, joining in and asking questions alongside the students. Before joining the workshops, I thought I could not sing or dance. Now I know I can compose tunes and am able to do ballet. The most important message I got from the project: everyone is born with a treasure box of arts. If we absorb all we can from life and put every artistic experience and our feelings into the box, we will be able to add live coloufully. * Tina Kwan, Adult Volunteer * Translation


記得計劃剛開始時,很多學生都不能坐定定,自己的 名字說十次也沒法讓人清楚聽見。現在,他們懂得有 禮貌地發問,提出一些聰明的問題,而其他同學會幫 忙解答。學生們的進步是不能量化的,看著他們慢慢 地進步,我感到很欣慰,亦從中得到許多鼓勵。 這個計劃給予的空間、小班形式的教學,讓我能認識 每一位學生的性格和需要,像朋友般相處。我很感激 基金給予機會,讓每位學生發揮潛能,讓我和學生們 彼此學習。 導師朱曉芳

In the beginning, many students could not sit still and introduce themselves clearly. Now they begin to ask meaningful questions politely and answer each other’s questions. We should not measure the students’ improvements quantitatively. I am please and encouraged by their gradual progress. The program’s flexibility allowed me to teach in smaller classes, thus enabling me to better understand the individual needs and personality of each student, getting to know them as friends. I would like to express my gratitude to the Foundation for realizing our potential and for providing an opportunity for us to learn from each other. * Prisicila Chu, Tutor

很多人邀請我擔任關於音樂,而具專業性的工作,例 如音樂講座或大師班。我在教學過程中,亦常常要求 學琴的學生追求完美,考取更高的分數,所以計劃剛 開始時,我不知道能在課堂上做什麼,也會擔心學生 們的反應。漸漸地,我放開懷抱和包袱,透過音樂 進入學生的世界。 在Sm-ART青年計劃的課堂中,沒有對與錯,只有 真誠與否。太多的感受和情緒非言語能表達,我希望 學生們能用音樂抒發壓抑的情緒,把音樂帶進他們的 生命,讓每人都多了一位風雨同路,並肩同行的好 朋友。 駐團藝術教育家及導師羅乃新

Many have invited me to work in seminars and master classes which require expertise in the field of music. I have extremely high standards and always demand perfection from my students, including those who play piano. At the beginning of the project, I was not sure what I could do for the students and was worried about their reactions. Gradually, I let my guard down and let our mutual love of music bring us together. In the classes of Sm-ART Youth Project, there were no right or wrong answers but lots of sincerity and truthfulness. Through music, we are able to communicate the intensity of emotion where words may fail us. I hope a lifelong love of music will help the students through good times and bad. * Nancy Loo, Artist in Education and Tutor * Translation


醫學人文科順利完結 透過戲劇及音樂,認識自己,成就仁醫 Successful Concludion to Year 1 Medical Humanities Programme Learning to be a Caring Doctor through Drama and Music 我們聯同香港大學李嘉誠醫學院攜手呈獻的醫學人文學 科,已於2013年3月順利完結。2012至2014年度駐團藝術 教育家羅乃新,以及行政總裁邱歡智,為超過200名醫學系 的一年級生進行工作坊,透過音樂和戲劇體驗,探索作為 一個準醫生的情感和多重身份。 學生們於反思環節中表達的感受,總結了音樂和戲劇在醫 學人文教育的角色:

The Medical Humanities programme, the breakthrough programme of the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong, came to a successful conclusion in March 2013. As a community partner of the Medical Humanities, AFTEC’s CEO Lynn Yau and Nancy Loo (AFTEC’s Artist in Education) ran a series of workshops with more than 200 first-year medical students, Through imaginative encounters with drama and music, students explored the emotions and complex identities of young doctors. Reflections from students summarised the role of music and drama in medical humanities education:


醫學是一門科學,亦是一門藝術。日常的課堂專注 教授科學的知識,而戲劇和音樂則在藝術上誘發我 們的思考。* The practice of medicine is both a science and an art. While routine lectures focus on the scientific aspect, drama and music can provoke our thoughts in the art aspect. 學習管理情緒、如何做一個富有仁愛道義的醫生, 是無比重要的課堂。戲劇很大程度上反映生命,讓 人們體驗不同的生命,這有助醫生去深入地認識他 們的專業和自己。另一方面,音樂能平靜一個人的 心靈,清除雜念。在龐大的壓力下,它們是醫生的 『避難所』。* As a doctor, it is important to learn to be a benevolent, ethical doctor and managing emotions. Drama is a reflection of life to some extent and gives people an experience even though they are not actually in it. On the other hand, listening to music can clear one’s mind, and can act as a refuge for doctors under great pressure.

* 翻譯

我學會了留意病人的身體語言、聲線及情緒, 藉此了解他們的需要。作為醫生,觀察的技巧 非常重要。* I learn to look for patients’ body language, voice quality and emotions to identify what they need most. I think it is very important as it helps us to identify our role as a doctor and also to observe and listen carefully to the surroundings. 戲劇和音樂能令人平靜下來,為人們提供抒發情緒 的渠道。對醫生來說,它們尤其重要,因為醫學院 的學業繁重,醫生每天都會面對不同的挑戰,需要 處理情緒上的大起大落。我相信透過戲劇和音樂, 有助放鬆自己,抒解壓力。* I think drama and music are important as they are good ways for one to express feelings and calm down. It is particularly important to doctors who have to handle complicated and rapidly changing emotions in their challenging life. Also, medical schools are relatively busy and I believe drama and music are relaxing ways for them to relieve themselves.


與「藝術評論證書」課程學員對談寫作路(下) An Interview with the Certificate of Arts Criticism Students (II)


與「藝術評論證書」課程學員 對談寫作路(下) An Interview with the Certificate of Arts Criticism Students (II) 甚麼是寫藝術評論的樂趣?這行業將有何發展?今期的人物誌將再繼續訪問 「藝術評論證書」課程的學員Winnie和LK。在課程完結後,兩位仍繼續熱心撰寫 藝評:Winnie現為一名新晉的舞蹈評論家,而LK則在工餘時,以「城市觀察者」 的身份在網上發表文章。齊來從兩位藝評人身上了解這行業! What is the pleasure of writing Arts Criticism? How will the industry develop? In this issue, we continue the interview with Winnie and LK, two Certificate of Arts Criticism students. They are still enthusiastically writing arts critiques after the course: Winnie is now an emerging dance critic while LK, as a ‘City Observer’, publishes numerous online articles in his leisure. Let’s discover more about the industry from them!


誇 - 誇啦啦 W - Winnie L - LK

誇:對您來說,報讀藝評課或寫藝評 有甚麼意義?這與賞析或理解藝術有 甚麼關係? L : 當然要先欣賞和理解藝術,才能 有合理的分析和評論。對於一個初哥 (我)而言,能夠理解與賞析藝術是認 識藝術的好目標。若能夠再為自己的 觀點,寫下評論,是一種滿足。 認識藝術,還要準備評論其實有很多 好處:認識自己想不到的東西、加深 自信、增強對事物的敏感度……久經 訓練後,我會格外認真地對待事物的 真相與解讀,有助於閱讀時事和日常 事情。寫藝評還有個挑戰:恆常閱讀 藝評的人都會對藝術有一定的認識, 故此藝評人不能順口雌黃。 W : 我堅信藝術對社會的正面影響。藝 術品的存在價值不只於觀賞上的愉悅, 它們更賦予了教育及啟迪人心的機會。 譬如說,一幅花朵畫作的含意除了美與 醜,還能提升人們的環保意識。我們亦 能從中教導孩子們種植樹木及節約用電 的重要性,否則他們將來便無法欣賞到 美麗的花朵。 同一道理中,撰寫藝評同樣具社會教 化的作用。我們的導師林沛理 (Perry Lam)曾用「illuminate(照亮、啟發)」 來概述藝評人的工作。誠如他的比喻, 我們藝評人有著引導觀眾欣賞藝術作 品的重任,讓他們了解到作品與社會 的關連。因此,你不難在我的評論中 找到談及舞蹈與社會意義的部分。 例如, 最新的一篇作品便提及了香港 人的身份認同。

誇:在撰寫藝評的過程中,您遇過甚 麼有趣或難忘的事?

誇:您對於此行業(撰寫藝評或藝術發 展)有甚麼期望?

L : 談得上最難忘的,肯定是寫那個 《德意志安魂曲》。看見題目時,我的 反應是「沒可能任務」、「不是嘛」、 「開玩笑」等字詞!六十多分鐘的安魂 曲無疑是失眠良藥。我對於這種音樂 向來沒大興趣,也不熟識。對這種音 樂向來沒大興趣也不熟識的我,不太 喜歡大型「笨重」的演出,更不愛聽合 唱團齊聲和唱。這回全都殺來了!對著 七個差不多長短、差不多快慢的樂章, 整個演出就只一曲,我無路可走。

L: 個人來說,我只望能盡力學多一點、 識多一點。因為要有深厚的功力,我們 才能寫出有意義的文章。

最後,老師給了我們秘訣: 「揚長避短」 。 以三兩個月的功夫,我們沒可能評論音 樂句子結構的演繹,但談論聲效氣氛與 聲部之間的合作就容易得多了。結果, 我總算完成了功課,立下個人的創舉, 當然高興!

行業來說,我同意藝評對藝術發展的重 要。其中一個關鍵是有很好很好的主編 作把關。光是評論,其作用不大。行業 需要的是有效、持平、有建設性又令人 馴服的評論。因此,藝評不能賣弄地 位、太多或太長。說實話,這並非易 事。再者,好的評論還要負上開通、教 導的責任,不能只有內行人看得懂。否 則,藝術便不得以向外法展,得到更多 的資源,為更多人帶來心靈上的滿足與 生活上的啟發。

W : 我寫第一篇評論的時候,湊巧我 的媽媽也在家裡。這個「第一次」花 了我好幾個深宵的心力,尤其在研習 拉邦動作分析。一小時過去了,我只 能讀到一頁,而當中更有不少難以掌 握的地方。看到我廢寢忘食地寫作, 她勸說我放棄:「你只不過跳過三個 月的芭蕾舞,而且你喜歡那些舞衣短 裙更甚於那些技巧」。誰也預料不到 那成為了我首篇獲發佈的評論。

W: 我能預見將來的藝術將會融匯各種 媒介。傳統以來,各種藝術被視為獨 立學科,但我深信每種藝術卻是互相 關連,為著相同的目標而存在。能令 它們環環相扣的關鍵就是「綜合藝術」 的概念。透過刺激人不同的感官, 例如用圖畫刺激眼睛、用音樂刺激 耳朵,藝術家能用以揉合不同範疇的 藝術品,去教育及啟發人們。當中的 影響遠遠超過欣賞者從觀感上美的享 受。未來的藝術家必須有更廣闊的視 野,多加思考各範疇藝術範疇中的關 聯性,創作出更具創意的作品。

我想在此鼓勵年輕人要勇於追求夢 想,特別是那些剛起步、富才華的年 青藝術家(儘管你們無法知道何時會 收到下一張支票)。

藝術家當然要至少精於一種藝術,但 學校亦不忘要以一個綜合藝術的方式 來訓練藝術學生。在此,我鼓勵行內 的藝術家多作跨範疇創作的嘗試。

藝評人、藝術家跟一般的普羅大眾一 樣,有著不同的社會責任。我們從撰 寫評論中履行這些責任。


LK於QI Post的個人專頁:


A - AFTEC W - Winnie L - LK

A: What does it mean to you to enroll in an art criticism course or writing about art? How does it relate to your appreciation of artworks? L: A sensible and logical critique is based on the analysis and comprehension of the arts. As a beginner, this kind of analysis serves as my initial meeting with the arts. It derive immense satisfaction from the knowledge that I have opinions about a work of art that demand to be written down. There are numerous advantages of writing arts criticism. For instance, it is a perfect chance to encounter things I would never have come into contact with otherwise. Self-confidence and the sensitivity to daily objects are heightened. One will be particularly sensitive to the truth. It is helpful to read the critiques of others frequently. There is also a challenge for the arts critics – their readers. Readers of arts critiques have a certain knowledge of the arts. Therefore, the critics cannot make up the stories on his or her own. W: I am a firm believer in the social relevancy of art. Art exists not just for aesthetic pleasure, but a higher purpose i.e. educating and inspiring mankind. For instance, a painting of flowers is not just about looking pretty, but to raise people’s awareness of environmental protection; we can tell our children to plant more trees and turn down the air-conditioning in the freezing shopping malls, otherwise they will have no more beautiful flowers. By the same token, arts criticism is also about social relevancy. Our teacher Perry Lam used the word “illuminate” to summarize a critic’s job: to enlighten audience in their appreciation for the artwork, and to shine light on what it means to our society. That’s why in every review I write, you will find some sort of social significance derived from the dance, such as Hong Kongers’ identity crisis in the most recent piece.

A: What is your most memorable experience of writing an arts review? L: Writing on the Van Zweden & A German Requiem was truly unforgettable. At the first glance of the topic, thousands and thousands of thoughts like “mission impossible!”, “no way!” and “are you kidding?” automatically popped up in my mind. I have no interest in such an unfamiliar genre. Large-scale performances and the chorus by a choir are not my cup of tea. The 60-minute requiem with seven movements of similar length and pace is a wonderful cure for insomnia. At last, I finished the task with the teacher’s tip in mind – ‘to avoid showing your own weaknesses.’ A young critic with 3-month of experience is unable to comment on complicated issues, say the performance of the musicians. However, one can easily and confidently identify the atmosphere and cooperation in the part-singing. I am glad to have such achievement! W: My mom was in town when I was writing my first review. This first attempt cost me lots of midnight oil and perhaps some tears as I struggled with Laban’s Movement Analysis I would labor an hour on one page and honestly still don’t get it now. Disheartened, Mom told me to give up, “You have only danced ballet for 3 months, and you were more interested in the tutu than the techniques.” Little did we know that it was going to be my first published piece. So I want to use this story to encourage young people to pursue their dreams against all odds, especially aspiring artists who don’t know when their next pay cheque is arriving.*

Artists and art critics - like everybody else, have social responsibilities, and we fulfil these responsibilities through our works.*

A: Generally speaking, what are your future expectations for arts criticism or artistic development? L: Personally, I wish to have a better understanding of the arts, so that more meaningful passages can be written. For the development of the industry, I cannot agree more on the importance of the arts criticism. In developing the culture of arts criticism, having an excellent editor is the key to success. The significance of their work is limited when critics produce many pieces without an editor who screens all them. The length, content, suggestions and order of the paragraphs affect the quality of the critique. Only a fair criticism with constructive suggestions will delight its readers. It is a tough, yet critical task. A good piece of criticism should be able to enlighten and educate its readers. It is not only a pleasurable read for their co-workers, but also one to the general public. The arts can gain popularity among the masses. Then, more resources are input to the industry. In returns, the arts can provide us with the spiritual satisfaction and inspiration in life. W: My vision for future art is the integration of different art forms. Granted, arts are traditionally studied as individual disciplines, but it is my philosophy that various art forms are inherently connected and serve the same ultimate purpose. Hence the concept of “integrated arts” is the key. By stimulating different human senses – eyes with paintings and ears with music for instance, the integration of multiple art forms accomplishes an artist’s mission of - beyond aesthetic enjoyment, educating and inspiring people. An artist of the future should have broader perspective on how arts can be integrated for something more creative and innovative. It’s good for artists to excel in a single art form, but schools can also train them with an integrative approach. I’d also encourage practicing artist to experiment with crossdisciplinary works.*

* Translation Winnie’s personal page on IATC:

LK’s personal page on QI Post:


服裝租借 Costume Rental 自創團起,誇啦啦藝術集匯製作的劇目極多元化,涵蓋古今 中外。各式各樣的服飾用品不計其數,本團歡迎各界人士租 借使用。如欲租用本團道具服飾,請與本團職員聯絡。 請電:2520 1716 傳真:2529 5385 電郵:info@ 地址:香港鰂魚涌英皇道1069-1073號華廈工業大廈9樓C室

Since our establishment, The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection (AFTEC) has produced numerous theatre productions of different periods and backgrounds. A variety of costumes are now available for public rental. For details and enquiries, please contact us at Tel: 2520 1716 Fax: 2529 5385 Email: Address: Room C, 9/F, Wah Ha Factory Building, 1069-1073 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong


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AFTEC is a charity that depends on sponsorship and ticket sales for its operations. Current funding under the LCSD’s Venue Partnership Scheme is only a subsidy and insufficient for us to develop full programmes. We specialise in staging Chinese and English drama productions by the master playwrights. We are also arts educators who develop multi-layered training programmes for young people. Please support our work by donating generously. Any donation or sponsorship over HK$100 is tax deductible. Please make cheques payable to “The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection Co. Ltd.” and send it to c/o Room C, 9/F, Wah Ha Factory Building, 1069-1073 King’s Road, Quarry Bay. Your donation will be gratefully acknowledged in all our house programmes for the year. Enquiries: 2520 1716


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