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In This Issue Brooks Brothers ................... 1

Spring / Summer 2012

Brother Mine Brooks Brothers’ brand new M Street flagship location has become Georgetown’s favorite gathering place.

Electric Charging Station ...... 1 Cady’s Alley ......................... 2 Herb Garden ........................ 2 Faces of Georgetown ........... 3 Out of Pocket ....................... 3 New This Season .............. 4-5 Directory .......................... 6-7 The Federalist ..................... 8 Georgetown Ten ................. 8


Juice up your ride in two hours flat at Georgetown’s first-ever public electric car charging station in the parking garage at 3307 M St.


ompleted in September 2011, the Brooks Brothers shop at 3077 M. St. has quickly become something of a living room for the Georgetown community. Clients drop

in to enjoy a game of pool or to take a break from shopping on the outdoor patio. You’ll also find designer Thom Browne’s Black Fleece line exclusively in DC at this Brooks

Brothers location. Visit brooksbrothers. com to learn more about Brooks Brothers and the Black Fleece line.

Jamestown Meets Georgetown Jamestown and EastBanc bring a new website to Cady’s Alley and a community newsletter to Georgetown.


ince forming an investment partnership last year, Jamestown and EastBanc have been working hand in hand to promote and support their Georgetown retail holdings, including the popular shopping destination Cady’s Alley. The first order of business was to create a new website for Cady’s Alley. Jamestown Creative Project Manager Jenni Strauss says of the Cady’s Alley site, “From the beginning, we knew vibrant colors and compelling imagery would best represent Cady’s Alley. Also, the website’s horizontal navigation is forward and fresh, which is indicative of the tenant mix at Cady’s Alley.”

stown COO Michael Phillips. “Our print newsletter is intended to support the existing community in an authentic way, while also giving the neighborhood a tool that will help everyone connect in different ways.” For more information, visit

Next, the partners turned their attention to developing a retail community newsletter for Georgetown. “Georgetown is a world-class shopping community,” says Jame-

Backyard Herb Garden Grad student and Kafé Leopold employee Hannah Wang experiments with a backyard herb garden designed to supply the restaurant.


annah Wang studies environmental science at George Mason University by day, so it’s no surprise that she brings an eye toward sustainability to her nighttime gig at Kafé Leopold in Cady’s Alley. “My direct objective is to see if I can successfully supply our restaurant with herbs without having to buy from our purveyors,“ says Wang. “I am planning to start small, growing only a handful of herbs first, including mint, basil, oregano, thyme and rosemary.” Keep an eye on the rear courtyard at 3307 M St. to see how her garden grows!


Faces of Georgetown In each issue, we’ll feature a Q&A with a Georgetown resident, employee, business owner or personality. This issue, meet Nancy Miyahira, Director of Marketing for the Georgetown Business Improvement District.

History of Bourbon

Q: Is there an upcoming Georgetown event that you’re especially excited about?

Man-about-town George Krauth dishes on the fashions, flavors, designs, and décor he discovers as he travels the globe tracking trends as Creative Manager for Jamestown.

A: The BID is sponsoring a neighborhood-wide Amazing Race-style scavenger hunt, the Georgetown way, on June 21st. Teams of four will scramble through Georgetown’s 20+ health, fitness, athletic stores and venues trying to solve clues. The team who solves the most in the least amount of time wins!


ourbon is very trendy these days. Normally, I sniff at trendy things; I prefer styles with substance and staying power. Happily, in the case of bourbon, “trendy” is also enduring. Bourbon has a rich American history. It was invented in the late 1700s by a Baptist preacher named Elijah Craig. Craig built his distillery in Fayette County, VA, which later became Bourbon County, KY after Kentucky broke off from Virginia in 1792. Craig’s barrels were stamped with the county name, and his whiskey soon became synonymous with “bourbon.”

Q: If you won the lottery and could only spend it in one Georgetown boutique, which would you choose?

All bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. To qualify as a bourbon, a whiskey must be made from at least 51% corn grain. My favorite bourbon is currently an ultra-small batch, 14-year-old variety called Black Maple Hill. I like to sip it straight, preferably in the company of fellow bourbon lovers like Harper McClure, chef de cuisine at The Federalist in downtown D.C. Potomac Wines & Spirits, right in the heart of Georgetown, is my go-to stop for bourbon whenever I’m in D.C. In addition to Black Maple Hill, they carry a complex 18-year-old variety called Elijah Craig, as well as an interesting experimental variety called the Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project, which you can read all about at singleoakproject. com. For more information, visit

A: Wow, that’s a tough one. I love Hu’s Shoes; Marlene Hu has many handbags I “visit!” They are so beautiful, and she has a great eye. Then again, I also really love Design Within Reach. Do I have to pick just one? Q: Nah, we’ll let you get away with two favorites. We can’t pick either! Here’s another question: What do you love most about working in Georgetown? A: Georgetown is such a dynamic and beautiful community, and everyone cares so much about what happens here. I also love working with our local and national merchants. Everyone is so passionate about what they do and I learn something new every day!




The crew at Contemporaria can’t get enough of the WAVER chair, designed by Konstantin Grcic and manufactured by VITRA © More info at or (202) 338-0193.

This hand-embellished traditional Tunisian tiles Saints. Learn more at u




Babette Spring and Summer 2012 collections bring color with dramatic design and pleated texture for clothing that is effortless to wear. View the rest of the Babette summer 2012 collection at

From classic French Lavis techniques to modern, clean-cut styles of framing, L’Eclat de Verre features high quality at the most competitive pricing. More at or (202) 333-6840.

House Pet reminds us of like a wire-haired terrier. FLOR doesn’t show dirt goes practically anywher


skirt inspired by s is quintessentially All

f mohair; it’s whiskery, This highly durable and cleans easily, so it re! More at



The Farenheit 12 from L2 may just be the perfect summer drink. The handcrafted blend of Tanteo Tropical, organic passion fruit puree and fresh lime juice is balanced and refreshing with just a hint of jalapeno-infused tequila and bourbon vanilla extract.

Forget spring cleaning and think summer makeover! The design team at Pedini will turn your ordinary kitchen into a modern marvel. Just look at the radical kitchen makeover they did for the client below, totally transforming a ho-hum galley into a veritable gallery of cuisine. Discover more Pedini style at

ALESSI Guido Venturini’s All Time table set is beautiful enough for a special occasion, yet durable enough for “all-time” use. Find pricing and other info at or (202) 298-0407.


Before   After

Adidas, 1251 Wis.

Diesel, 3033 M St

Madewell, 1237 Wis.

Walking Company, 3101 M S

Aerosoles, 1214 Wis.

Gap, 1258 Wis.

Max Studio, 1242 Wis.

Vineyard Vines, 1225 Wis.

Aldo, 3237 M St

H&M, 3222 M St

Michael Kors, 3105 M St

Wink Bontique, 3109 M St

Baker Furniture, 3330 M St

AllSaints Spitalfields, 3235 M St

Hu Shoes, 3005 M St

Niccolo Giotto, 2928 M St 202.338.0110

Boffi Studio, 3320 M St

Abercrombie & Fitch, 1208 Wis.

Hu’s Wear, 2906 M St

Nine West, 1227 Wis.

Bulthaup, 3320 M St

American Apparel, 3025 M St

Intermix, 3222 M St

The North Face, 3333 M St

CB2, 3307 M St

Annie Creamcheese, 3279 M St

J Crew, 3222 M St

Patagonia, 1048 Wis.

Bandolero, 3241 M St

Contemporaria, 3303 Cady’s Alley

Anthropologie, 3222 M St

J. McLaughlin, 3278 M St

Rag and Bone, 3067 M St

Bistro Francais, 3124 M St

Design Within Reach, 3307 Cady’s Alley

Athleta, 3229 M St

Jack Spade, 1250 Wis.

Ralph Lauren, 1245 Wis.

Illuminations, 3323 Cady’s Alley

Babette, 3307 Cady’s Alley

Jack Wills, 1079 Wis.

Relish, 3312 Cady’s Alley

Janus et Cie, 3304 M St

Banana Republic, 3200 M St

Jewelerswerk, 3319 Cady’s Alley

Riccardi, 3213 M St 202.338.5300

M2L, 3334 Cady’s Alley

Barbour, 3221 M St

Juicy Couture, 3034 M St

Rugby, 1063 Wis.

Pedini DC, 3340 Cady’s Alley

Barney’s CO-OP, 3040 M St

Karen Millen, 1259 Wis.

Sisley, 3222 M St

Poggenpohl, 3324 M St

BCBG, 3210 M St

Kate Spade, 3061 M St

Sports Zone, 3140 M St

Poltrona Frau, 1010 Wis.

Brooks Brothers, 3077 M St

Lacoste, 3146 M St

Sterling & Burke, 2824 Penn.

Restoration Hardware, 1222 Wis.

Calvin Klein Underwear, 3207 M St

Levi’s Store, 3263 M St

Steve Madden, 3109 M St

Waterworks, 3314 M St

Camper, 3219 M St

LOFT, 1239 Wis.

Streets of Georgetown, 1254 Wis.

Charm, 2910 M St

Lorenzo Donna, 2822 Penn. 202.337.0622

True Religion, 3225 M St

City Sports, 3338 M St

Lucky Brand Jeans, 3271 M St

UGG, 1249 Wis.

Coach, 3259 M St

Lululemon Athletica, 3265 M St

United Colors Benetton, 1200 Wis.

J. Paul’s, 3218 M St

Cusp, 3030 M St

M29 Lifestyles, 2800 Penn. 202.295.2829

Urban Outfitters, 3111 M St

Johnny Rockets, 3131 M St

Alessi, 3319 Cady’s Alley Ann Sacks, 3328 M St

West Elm, 3333 M St Yves Delorme, 3320 Cady’s Alley

2B Bebe, 1211 Wis.

Zara, 1238 Wis.

Bodega, 3116 M St Café Tu-o-Tu, 2816 Penn.

Ching Ching Cha, 1063 Wis. 202.333.8288 Chipotle, 3255 M St Clyde’s, 3236 M St

Don Labo’s Mexican Grill, 28 Filomena, 1063 Wis. Fino Italiano, 3011 M St

Georgtown Sushi Chopsticks, 202.338.5855

Harmony Café, 3287 ½ M St 202.338.3881



811 M St

Kafé Leopold, 3315 M St

Subway, 3275 M St

L2 Lounge, 3315 Cady’s Alley

Sweet Green, 3333 M St

La Chaumière, 2813 M St

Tackle Box, 3245 M St

La Madeline, 3000 M St Le Pain Quotidien, 2815 M St Little Viet Garden, 2934 M St Martin’s Tavern, 1264 Wis. Mie Yun, 3123 M St

The Guards, 2915 M St Thunder Bar, 3058 M St Uno, 3211 M St Unum, 2917 M St

Apple, 1229 Wis. AT&T, 3307-C M St Ben and Jerry’s, 3135 M St Bobbi Medlin, 2900 M St Bridge Street Books, 2814 Penn. 202.965.5200 CVS, 2819 M St

Alanya Salon, 3285 M St

Eagle Bank, 1044 Wis.

Blue Mercury, 3059 M St

Frank Millwee Antiques, 2912 M St 202.333.4811

Bogart, 1063 Wis.

Galerie Lareuse, 2820 Penn.

Evolve, 2905 M St 202.333.9872

Georgetown Cupcake, 3301 M St

Hela Spa, 3209 M St

Georgetown Scoops, 2818 Penn.

Isabelle’s Okyo, 2903 M St

Georgetown Tobacco, 3144 M St

Kiehls, 3110 M St

Georgetown Frame Shop, 2902 ½ M St

L’ Occitane, 3106 M St

Georgetown Tee’s, 1075 Wis. 202.337.4399

Lush, 3066 M St

Godiva, 3242 M St

Red Toque, 1003 Wis. 202.333.4546

M3 Massage, 3070 M St

Haagen-Dazs, 3120 M St

Serendipity 3, 3150 M St

Salon Rafik, 3307-B M St 202.965.4000

Jinx Proof, 3285 1/2 M St

Mr. Smith’s, 3104 M St Muncheez Manja, 1071 Wis. Old Glory, 3139 M St Paul Bakery, 1078 Wis. Pizzeria Paradiso, 3382 M St Prince Café, 1042 Wis. 202.625.6400

Red Fire Grill Kabob, 3299 M St

Keith Lipert, 2922 M St Kinko’s, 3329 M St

Dean & Deluca, 3276 M St

Miss Saigon, 3057 M St

, 1073 Wis. Qdoba Mexican Grill, 3303 M St


Taj of India, 2809 M St

Sephora, 3065 M St

La Belle Florist, 3000 M St L’Eclat de Verre, 3336 M St Market Street Diamonds, 2914 M St Michael Getz Antiques, 2918 M St P & C Fine Art, 3108 M St Paper Source, 3019 M St Pink Berry, 3288 M St PNC Bank, 1201 Wis. Potomac Wines & Spirits, 3100 M St Sprinkles Cupcakes, 3015 M St Starbucks, 3122 M St Suntrust, 2929 M St The Pleasure Place, 1063 Wis. The Spice & Tea Exchange, 1069 Wis. Tumi, 1246 Wis. Verizon Wireless, 3068 M St Wells Fargo, 2901 M St

The Federalist’s Future Past V beyond georgetown

enturing beyond Georgetown? Check out The Federalist, located in the heart of downtown D.C. With a menu inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s travels and tastes, The Federalist is single-handedly bringing back 18th century mid-Atlantic cuisine. Chef Harper McClure’s reinvented early American recipes have

The Georgetown Ten

been lauded by foodies from Forbes to Oprah. Dishes like veal and cabbage meat pie, cane sugar and rum braised duck leg and syllabub with stewed apricots are all examples of the Federalist’s faithful adherence to Mr. Jefferson’s 18th century palate. Visit to drool over the menu!

There are so many things to love about Georgetown. The Merchant staff selected a few of our favorites.




Try the “Weekends in Washington” package at the newly remodeled Madison Hotel, with rates starting as low as $159 a night.

There is something amazing about the smoothies at Wisey’s! Wisey’s offers delicious vegetarian selections as well.

The Georgetown Library has recently been fully restored. They have great programs for both kids and adults. Find out more at




Pizza is a highly individual affair; that said, Pizza Paradiso is the pie we’d choose if we were stuck on a desert island!

Save the Date for Fashion’s Night Out Georgetown: 09/06/12, 6–11pm, at over 100 Georgetown stores. fashions

At the intersection of 36th and M Street lie a set of stairs so steep, the locals call them The Exorcist stairs. Georgetown’s little workout secret!



If you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, the cupcakes at Baked & Wired (1052 Thomas Jefferson St.) will not disappoint!

The 19th annual Taste of Georgetown is on June 2 from 11am – 4pm, with over 30 Georgetown restaurants. Tickets at



Antiques, curios and knickknacks galore! The Georgetown flea market is a dream. Open every Sunday 8am-4pm.

Enjoy a picnic at Georgetown Waterfront Park, a historical sea port that has been reinvented as public greenspace.


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