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Let Us Understand What is Compulsive Skin Picking Compulsive skin picking is a repetitive behavior habit that can result in skin destruction. The main target is usually the face. People suffering from this disease can experience bleeding, bruises, scars and even infections. Sometimes, there might be permanent damage to the skin. Most of the time, this behavior is unconscious. This means the person doing it is not even aware of it. That is the reason why it can become quite difficult to stop the habit. The person may be watching something on TV, may be chatting with someone etc, and at the same time be picking his own skin. People with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) are often found to have compulsive skin picking habit too. Some people have the habit of hair pulling which can be equally bad and dangerous. Often, you will observe that people indulge in this behavior when they are stressed out or anxious. Skin picking provides them a soothing sensation or temporary relief from their anxiety and tension. At other times, people may indulge in this behavior out of boredom. However, most of the times, it could be due to habit. A lot of people are not aware of this problem. That is the reason why you may not find much help and information about treating this disease. It is difficult to find a qualified doctor or clinician who has experience in treating this disorder. However, with the advent of internet, information and awareness of this disorder is spreading faster than before. One of the best ways to treat compulsive skin picking is through cognitive behavior therapy. This involves several different treatment techniques like habit reversal training, self-monitoring, stimulus control etc. In cognitive therapy, patients are taught to interrupt their behaviors midway and replace these damaging behaviors with better, more appropriate alternatives. In most cases, patients might need a combination of cognitive behavior therapy along with medicines. The medicine would be a kind of anti-depressant. In addition to this, separate medicine might be needed to treat the wounds and skin damage resulting from compulsive skin picking. There is very little information and help about this disorder. Many people are not even aware of this problem. If you suffer from this, it might be difficult to find a good medical practitioner who is experienced enough to handle your case. So visit my site to read about more information related to this disorder. Click here now!

Is Scalp Picking a Form of This Disorder? There can be different variations of compulsive skin picking. Is scalp picking one such form of this disorder? Let us find out briefly ‌ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a psychiatric disorder affecting four to six million adults and almost one-half million children each year. Compulsive Skin Picking (CSP) is one form of the OCD disorder. So yes scalp picking is one form of CSP. Wow that was a mouthful, I hope you followed all of that. Scalp picking or OCD skin picking can be treated, and for the best results should be done as early as possible. OCD skin picking and scalp picking is sometimes done as a means of self-inflicted punishment or as a method of purposely causing the sensation of pain. The reason behind this need to cause pain is that life has become so dull and uneventful that the pain is a welcomed sign in ones own life and in the process of living. Another reason that can cause OCD skin picking or scalp picking is the need to inflict pain. It is the distorted sense of relief that is gained when the pain or picking stops. When this pain-inflicting behavior becomes a routine part of life, the relief from it is felt only momentarily. So the cycle will still continue time and time again. Those people who target the scalp often find small imperfections, sometimes real but many times imagined. They will pick, scratch, and pull until their head picking develops into a sore spot on the scalp. Of course, the sore spot becomes the perfect target for another round of picking and scratching. The cycle is never ending, which in turn makes treating OCD skin picking of the scalp very tricky. There are many other types of this disorder, but scalp picking is one of its main forms. Treatments vary, and when sort they should be done very early in the disease process. This way you will get the best results from your treatment. After doing some research on the internet, I came across a few good resources that can help with OCD skin picking problems. One place you can can get more information about this disorder is OCD Skin Picking. I have given much more information about this problem there. Another great website that can help cure this disorder is over at I hope this article has been of some help and you get to cure your problem.

Causes of Skin Picking What are the causes of indulging in this behavior. Let us shed some light on this. Anxiety skin picking is a type compulsive skin picking, a disarray in command of whim and is a kind of self harm characterized by the frequent push to pick at one's own hide, habitually to the degree that injury is caused. Anxiety is a psychosomatic and scientific state labeled by mental, somatic and poignant components. These constituents unite to generate a nasty sensation that is normally allied with discomfort and agitation. Victims of this disorder remark it to be anxiety relieving or pleasing, despite the fact that it can, in spite of everything be physically throbbing to the same extent as for a non-hide peeler. Tension, stress, anxiety or paranoia is the incidents that pave the way for picking time and again. In the course of these instants, there is regularly an uncontrollable push for skin picking, biting, or scratching at a facade or area of the body, often at the spot of a known flaw. Sufferers may feel gratifying from distressing emotions by resorting to this disorder. The areas which most usually have an effect on as a result of picking are the stomach, lips, gums, face, chest and other parts of the body such as feet, hands and arms. Physical indicators of the disorder are blood loss, blister and scratch mark to the affected area. The disorder, more prevalent among females, impedes with day to day life and goes together with disgrace and infamy whereby the victims resort to hide the affected area by wearing full sleeves, using bandages and cosmetics. They sense a strong urge to fight this behaviour but fail to get any fruitful result without help. You are at this instant aware of the injury caused by anxiety skin picking which besides a social annoyance, is in addition a time-consuming practice. To check out the same system I used to End Skin Picking quickly, even after it had been a problem for over 4 years, simply visit -

Obsessive Skin Picking Vs Physical Exercise Obsessive skin picking is a result of absence of sound mind in a sound body. This problem looks very simple in the early stages, but with time it becomes a serious issue. Each and everyone know the importance of physical exercise in preventing the problem of obsessive picking of skin. The only way to build a strong and healthy body is exercise which in turn helps us to get rid of this problem. It keeps the body not only fit but also helps the body to be free from diseases. In our daily life we have to devote minimum half an hour for exercises irrespective of sex. The rhythmic, repetitive movement of organs like hands, legs can be calming and soothing and may even stimulate creative thinking. All these movements and thinking lessens tension which is said to be the master cause for obsessive skin picking. This behavior hurts the individual and damages the skin. Such a behavior should be controlled and stopped by following regular workouts. Yogasanas also keep both body and mind fit and thus reduces tension. These yogasanas were practiced by the yogis in the earlier days. Obsessive skin picking is said to be a vigorous action performed by the individuals at their semi-conscious state. This is a result of completely avoiding such exercises. Our mind loses the capacity to think better and gets stressed for minor reasons, which finally leads to this problem of picking. The value of physical exercise was very much known to Greeks. Two thousand and five hundred years ago God Apollo was a symbol of physical strength and manhood. As every one of us is aware of the old adage "Health is wealth" we must take care of our health by performing regular exercises and staying away from obsessive skin picking. To check out the same system I used to End Skin Picking quickly, even after it had been a problem for over 4 years, simply visit -

I hope you learned a lot more about compulsive skin picking after reading this document. Hope this information will prove useful to you in getting rid of this disorder permanently. If you are looking for natural treatment for this disorder then click the link below:

Compulsive Skin Picking - Understanding This Disorder  

This is a serious disorder in which sufferers pick their skin which can result in long term damage. Read why people do it and what steps can...

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