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Weeks-Guides Week 1

Cronograma de Actividades English(dot)Works Level 1 Learnig outcome Task


Social forum Identifying the

Diagnosis Activity Febrero 27 A marzo 5

requirements for exchanging personal and family information as well as information related to daily life activities and the places where they occur in accordance with established syntactic and lexical requirements

Prior knowledge survey. Knowledge review - Exploring and playing at the Fair.

Creating my profile test level A 1.1( Ùnica actividad Calificable)

Week 2

Learning Activity 1

Sharing basic personal and family information, in compliance with the required structures for each personal context.

physical appearance, professions and jobs, and some of their interests Marzo 6 al 11. Knowledge test 1.1

Week 3 and Week 4

Learning Activity 2


Expressing basic d t n ’ daily routine and free time activities taking into account the appropriate lexicon and grammar structures for each communicative situation

Writing a post about my daily routine.(thematic forum) Presentation about leisure activities in my town

Knowledge test 1.2

Marzo 12 al 25


Week 5

Designing a rental ad

Learning Activity 3

Describing places in detail using appropriate vocabulary and structures

Describing the decoration in my house using there is – there are

Marzo 26 a abril 2

Test 1.3 Week 6

Consolidation Activity

Implementing improvement actions in the exchange of personal and family information as well as information related to daily life.

Test 1.4

Abril 3 al 7

Program's schedule level 1  
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