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Successful Reentry Programs How to Prevent The Spread of Norovirus


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Postal Mail Contraband Mitigation

MailGuard, a new patent-pending mail system by SmartKiosk is designed to eliminate inmate mail, contraband and labor at no cost. MailGuard gives security controls to postal mail that can be filtered for key words, searchable and controlled specifically for each inmate. Mail never enters the facility and is processed at a regional hub then posted to the inmates’ account on the SmartKiosk., 1.888.253.5178

Healthcare Solutions Cerner Corporation is a supplier of health information technology (HIT) solutions, services, devices and hardware. Their software system is designed to help facilities access all inmate medical information in real-time. This allows correctional facilities and incoming physicians to provide accurate care and reduce the risk of duplicate orders or 4 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016


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tions to manage inmate health records across a network of facilities. From data collection to analysis, their solutions help improve patient information and outcomes with quality data and reporting., 1.888.469.7789 incorrect diagnoses that cost correctional organizations thousands of dollars every year., 816.221.1024

Data Management and Reporting ImageTrend offers enterpriselevel data management and analysis through the innovative use of software technology. ImageTrend’s applications serve a variety of industries, but are primarily based in the healthcare and emergency response community. The company offers solu-


3 compartments and are re-useable over the life of many vans. Their heavy-duty smooth mill finish aluminum allows for easy cleaning; floor is a skid-resistant diamond plate aluminum; windows, view-ports and access panels constructed of lexan for visibility and security; and all door hinges and fasteners are stainless steel for added strength., 1.800.277.0869

Solar Energy Collector

Prisoner Transport Modules American Aluminum Accessories, Inc. products include inmate transport systems and contraband containment systems. Their E/Z Prisoner Transport Modules are available in 1, 2, and

Solar America Solutions brings affordable Solar Thermal Energy to government, commercial, and institutional facilities and operations. The company manufactures the patented SunQuest 250

evacuated tube solar thermal collector panel, said to be the most efficient product of its kind. This


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25-bulb collector has an 88-square foot absorption area within only a 3x7-square foot rooftop area. It has proven to develop over 35,000 BTU’s per hour at U.S. and International independent laboratories., 317.688.8581

nationwide. Their new MTE Ford transit (low roof) transport package offers interior front bulkhead, perforated metal, attached cargo area and curbside second door., 502.558.8704

Laundry Services CSC ServiceWorks is one of the largest suppliers of laundry equipment to correctional facilities nationwide. They note their driving purpose is to ensure their customers are experiencing the best in technology, equipment and service. Finally, their branded Energy Star equipment provides cost savings with lower water and electrical usage., 1.855.431.9274

Transport Vehicles Monroe Track Equipment offers detainee/prisoner transport upfit vehicles to select companies

Roofing Systems A . C . I . Commercial Roofers has been designing, building and maintaining roofing systems for more than 30 years. The company is a leader in installing green energy-efficient white roofs., 1.800.233.7663

Mobile X-ray System The BV M.A.X. is a compact mobile conveyor type X-ray screening system for fast, effective and contact-free inspection of mattresses and inmates’ personal property. Due to its compact design and

special wheels, the BV M.A.X. can be easily relocated and deployed wherever security inspection is needed. It can be brought directly to cell blocks or dormitories to greatly assist the inspection process. Unit is created to eliminate the need to fold mattresses to fit into conventional X-ray inspection systems.,

Apple Personal Detention Assistants Black Creek added Apple devices into its line of Personal Detention Assistants. Black Creek’s Shift Log and Watch Tour Manager Applications run on Apple’s iPad Mini and iPod, which feature MIL-STD 810G, survivor cases. Officers can document and 8 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016


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record watch tours by scanning barcodes installed at pre-determined locations throughout the facility., 205.949.9900

Propane-Powered Vehicles Icom with its partners brings over 25 years of experience as a manufacturer for the propane vehicle industry, with its innovative tanks, JTG II, JTGhp, JTG-D

Systems and numerous products supplied to OEM’S and the aftermarkets worldwide. It manufactures, assembles and distributes the patented Icom JTG Liquid Injection Propane vehicle system and additional patented Icom Propane products—featuring the unique Icom Torodial Tank—for the North American market and selected markets worldwide., 248.573.4934

Health Information Technology Fusion is a leader in health information technology solutions that advance clinical, financial and operational results throughout the corrections and juvenile justice industries. Their innovative solutions assist health service administrators in managing the

health care of inmates across the United States, allowing them to make better decisions and deliver better care for inmate populations, according to the company. A full suite of correctional health solutions is built on the power of the fully integrated and comprehensive GE Centricity EHR core product. It provides secure clinical records storage that capture, store, and transmit essential inmate data., 732.218.5705

Automated External Defibrillator When sudden cardiac arrest occurs, the fact is that only half 10 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016


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of the victims will need a shock. But all will require cardiopul-

monary resuscitation (CPR). The ZOLL AED Plus is the only AED that can actually see when users are doing CPR and provides feedback to help them do it right. The AED Plus features Real CPR Help, a unique CPR feedback tool that is able to monitor CPR quality and provide realtime feedback for depth and rate of chest compressions. Audio and visual prompts help guide the user., 1.800.348.9011

Public Seating for Corrections Industry Arconas is recognized around the world as a leading designer and manufacturer of exceptional furniture for high-traffic public spaces. By participating in more

than 150 justice projects, Arconas has developed significant expertise in providing the right seating solutions for courts, enforcement, corrections, and detention facilities., 1.800.387.9496

Managed Healthcare CCS is responsible for the healthcare needs of more than 160,000 patients; 3,400 of which are youths. CCS provides its local detention partners with a staffed managed care model that implements comprehensive, accredited

medical programs and services that include offsite hospital contracting and dental. Their goals, on behalf of the firm’s local detention clients, are to reduce cost, improve clinical quality, mitigate risk of malpractice and litigation, increased stabilization of jails, and addressing chronic disease in a correctional environment., 1.800.592.2974 12 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016


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Heat and Power Systems Aegis Energy Services provides turnkey installation of modular Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems in convenient sizes for a

variety of applications. These cogeneration units can be installed individually (75 kW) or combined to form larger systems. Low emission models of the Aegen CHP system are available for states with stringent air quality standards. Each CHP module is enclosed in a sound attenuated cover and can be installed indoors or outdoors., 1.877.903.5170

Breath Alcohol Screening Entry System

Restraint Chair

The SENTINEL alcohol screening system enables high-volume “zero tolerance” screening of employees, contractors and visitors in safety sensitive indust r i e s such as corrections. The Sent i n e l entry-point breath alcohol testing system is fast, totally automated and completely non-invasive. Tests are triggered automatically when the subject blows. No mouthpieces or straws are required., 303.431.9500

The RC1310 is the current model of restraint chair and replaces the RC1300 and the older RC1200. The current model offers a new buckle and tip assembly, double retractor system with waist belt and newly developed leg and wrist restraint system with back support pad (RC011)., 1.877.854.0034

Health Care Management System This innovative software is designed to easily transition counselors and service providers away from the burden of filing paper-

based client forms. Unlike generalized EHR and EMR systems, Lauris Online has been designed to specifically meet the needs of the clinician and counseling service industries. Using the automated system will optimize an organization’s service delivery and information management processes. It gives an organization the ability to automate workflow and manage all aspects of treating patients., 1.888.922.3669

Behavioral Health care Outcomes Evello Systems is a solution focused on behavioral health care outcomes management and the reporting and capture of outContinues on page 53 14 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016


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It's a cold hard fact. Within three years of release about two-thirds (67.8%) of released prisoners were rearrested. Worse, within five years of release, about three-quarters (76.6%) were rearrested. And of those prisoners who were rearrested, more than half (56.7 percent) were arrested by the end of the first year. These statistics are based on a Bureau of Justice Statistics study released in April 2014 that tracked 404,638 prisoners in 30 states for five years after their release from prison in 2005. Researchers are now looking at what is currently known about desistance, or the cessation of offending or other antisocial behavior, from crime. New research funds have been awarded to RTI International, in partnership with Pennsylvania State University’s Justice Center for Research, to conduct research that builds on earlier work that examined the main effects of reentry programming on recidivism. Compared with other social science fields, there has been a relative lack of rigorously designed studies on the issue of offender reentry, notes a 2015 report from Congressional Research Service meant to inform Congress. Nevertheless, in recent years, there has been increasing attention on this issue and a number of new studies have been published. This has allowed academics to undertake some of the first broad meta-analyses of offender reentry studies. Several factors are driving this move to rehabili-

tation and improve outcomes. First of all, 95% of all prisoners will eventually be released into the community, impacting the safety of our society. Then there is the issue of money. States collectively spent nearly $48.5 billion on their correctional systems in 2010 (the most recent year for which data are available). With declining budgets at all levels of government, both for incarceration and beyond, agencies have been looking at ways to improve outcomes by determining individual risk factors with evidence-based assessment tools and following up with support services such as drug abuse/alcohol treatment, mental health services, vocation, job search and education. The National Reentry Resource Center (NRRC), established by the Second Chance Act and administered by Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), is one such resource. It provides education, training, and technical assistance to states, tribes, territories, local governments, service providers, non-profit organizations, and corrections institutions working on prisoner reentry. Its Resource Center provides connection to the reentry community and peer-to-peer information in the way of a monthly electronic newsletter, research and funding opportunities. Also, in partnership with the Urban Institute, the Center developed an online resource called the What Works in Reentry Clearinghouse that offers access to research on a variety of reentry programs and practices.

A Need for Research While there continues to be a dearth of quality data about what programs do reduce recidivism rates, and studies have shown mixed results about how successful programs are, certain factors seem to have benefits to help offenders successfully transition back into the community. For example, a majority of the research done by the What Works Clearinghouse found that prisoners who participated in prison industries had lower levels of recidivism. Generally, research also indicates that substance abuse treatment can help reduce recidivism and substance abuse amongst program participants, especially if the substance abuse treatment is provided in a therapeutic community (TC) setting. Research also shows education has an effect on recidivism, but that post-secondary education has the strongest effect on reducing recidivism. Research on the effectiveness of prison-based mental health treatment suggests that these programs can help reduce recidivism. Housing is a challenge that most individuals face immediately upon release. Like many other reentry programs, the research on the effect of halfway houses on recidivism is mixed. Three studies in the Clearinghouse evaluated the effectiveness of halfway housing programs. Two found that the programs had no effect on recidivism; however, the most methodologically rigorous of the three studies suggests that halfway 16 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016


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houses can reduce recidivism. Much work still needs to be done to provide programs that offer long-term support and supervision for ex-offenders as they settle into communities permanently. Yet, there are ways that have helped ex-offenders achieve long-term change and beat the odds. More on that later. But first, what are the challenges? The path to recidivism can develop early on in the criminal justice continuum. “Failing to effectively assess offenders for substance use and mental health disorders is one way to derail effective treatment programs right from the start,” says a clinical team member at The Change Companies, a Carson City, Nevada, company that offers various clinical curricula to offenders. Thus, those who have substance use issues often do not receive the clinical care they need. Further, “the circumstances surrounding mental health diagnoses can be even more dire, with many programs either unwilling or unable to screen for these problems. The result is that offenders who are fortunate enough to be sent to treatment are often sent without a good understanding of what needs to be treated. If the problem is not identified, how can it be addressed and avoided in the future?” The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) estimates that 49% of jail inmates meet the criteria for both substance use and mental health disorders. And even when these cooccurring issues are identified and documented, there is not always a seamless continuum of care to provide offenders, say clinicians at The Change Companies. “Information silos prohibit effective communication between agencies and departments, and as a result, offenders do not receive consistent treatment that evolves to match their changing and cooccurring needs. Sometimes, they do not receive treatment at all.” 18 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016

According to SAMHSA, only 40% of offenders needing treatment reported actually receiving it during their incarceration. These clinicians further that services not only vary, but many do not include transitional programming or the post-release support needed to adequately prepare individuals for reintegration within their community. The Change Companies offers several targeted and assessmentdriven curricula for justiceinvolved clients. All of these curricula are built using a founda-

The Change Companies delivers its criminal justice curricula through a practice known as “Interactive Journaling,” a structured and experiential writing process that appears on SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidencebased Programs and Practices (NREPP). Over 600 organizations nationwide, including all Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities and Residential Reentry Centers, use this journaling program to deliver effective programming to their offender populations. Highlights of the curricula are a cognitive-behavioral Residential Drug Abuse Program and Breaking the Cycle: Nonresidential Drug Abuse Treatment. Forward Thinking is another cognitivebehavioral series that assists highrisk young adults involved in the criminal justice system in making positive changes to their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Courage to Change curriculum helps participants address their individual problem areas within the "Big Six" criminogenic needs identified by the Administrative Office of Probation and Pretrial Services.

Moral Development Research indicates that treatment can help reduce substance abuse, especially if provided in a therapeutic community setting.

tion that supports individualized, outcome-driven care, they report. This is done by combining several evidence-based practices, including cognitive-behavioral programming, stages and processes from the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change, motivational enhancement techniques, an emphasis on biopsychosocial and multidimensional assessment information as defined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and an expressive writing format that helps offenders engage with and personalize their treatment experience.

Another leading evidencebased cognitive behavioral program, Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) combines education, group and individual counseling, and structured exercises designed to foster moral development in treatment-resistant clients. Developed by Correctional Counseling Inc., the open-ended interactive group sessions and homework assignments move clients from a hedonistic reasoning level to levels where concerns for social rules and others become important. MRT research, proven in over 200 quasi-experimental studies, the company reports, has shown that as clients complete program steps moral reasoning increases in adult and juvenile offenders. These results are also seen without program completion.


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MRT has been shown to save money. A report by Washington State Institute for Public Policy estimated that the combined cost benefit to taxpayers and crime victims for the MRT program results in an $11.48 cost benefit for every dollar spent. One of the biggest problems that perpetuates high recidivism rates is that “we don’t track it well,” says Ricky A. McIntosh, retired after 25 years as a recreational supervisor for the FBOB and Georgia DOC, and is now president of Correctional Programs, LLC. As offenders move across state lines and commit other crimes, he says, there’s a good chance it is not tracked in recidivism rates. The second problem, he furthers, is that prisons don’t start talking to inmates about reentry until 18 months to year prior to release, wasting precious time in their initial years. In his experience in the prison system, when budgets had shortfalls money from recreation/education was diverted to pay necessities like overtime, leaving inmates with little constructive programming. For the past nine years, McIntosh has been marketing reduced rate bulk paperbacks to prisons in both Spanish and English—lots of 100 books are available for $575—as well as a variety of parenting videos and musical instruments. In addition, he sells licenses to a computer program called Targeting Success, which is bundled with a database of resources that are designed to prepare the inmate to reenter society and guides them through the employment process, including writing a resume.

Showing Results Almost every Interactive Journaling curriculum from the Change Companies includes detailed facilitator guides and support tools to ensure standardized delivery and ease of implementation. However, even when offered as a self-directed resource, 20 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016

Interactive Journaling still has been shown to reduce recidivism, the company reports. In a randomized controlled trial of selfdirected delivery, those using Interactive Journaling demonstrated a 15% reduction in recidivism compared to the control group (Proctor, 2011). Another study (Moore, 2011) of participants within the Residential Drug Abuse Program found that those who did not complete the Interactive Journaling program were at more than three times greater risk for having their supervision revoked. CCI notes that MRT typically reduces recidivism by 35% and up to 65% within a three-year period—and up to periods of 20 years: this has been documented in over 200 studies. It addresses many of the biggest issues facing ex-offenders, and after completing the program they see success in areas such as: increased housing stability and job retention; reduced substance abuse; decreased hospitalization; increased treatment adherence; and cognitive restructuring that reduces their criminal justice involvement. One such powerful success story is that of Robin Coulter, who last year went through the MRT program in Idaho. She survived a childhood with an abusive mother and father who was closet drinker. In her 20s, she married a man, had four children with him, and got her degree in education. While her drinking started slowly, it worsened with each year, she says, and though she thought she hid it pretty well and kept a teaching job, during the last few years of her marriage it continued to get worse. They divorced in 2004 after 22 years. She explains in a September 2015 testimony statement: “I was 47, free, had a great job, [and] had of course lost the intact family….I met a new man shortly thereafter and began a toxic seven-year relationship with yet another alcoholic.” After a series DUIs, loss of her teaching job, a period spent on

work release and some sober time attending AA meetings in Utah where she had moved to make a fresh start, she went back to drinking and got her fifth DUI, which landed her in jail in Salt Lake City. “I got the 5th DUI on August 8, 2012 and knew at that point I either wanted to DIE, or get the help I had not gotten yet. And that was when my TRUE transformation began,” she says. She was placed on an ankle monitoring program, cleaning dog kennels for SWAT officers, but when her court date came up in January 2014, instead of prison she was permitted to finish the rest of her oneyear sentence on house arrest. But then she hit an unexpected bump—when she was on parole she was extradited to Idaho for the fifth DUI and though she had served a year, and had been sober 14 months, the judge sentenced her to time in South Boise Women's Correctional Center. She began working with the MRT program, completed it in March 2015 and was released in April. Coulter sums up her story: “Over the last 10 years, which I nicknamed ‘DUI Purgatory,’ I have been in numerous cognitive behavioral classes, Thinking Errors, women's groups, grief classes, rehab prevention and AA. I knew when I was done with the last of my IOP (intensive outpatient) in Utah that there was something in me missing and was going to ask for more therapy. Well, I got exactly that and more when I was put in MRT. My little inner self is so proud to be alive, healthy, and functional today. “I was asked what my goals were upon entering Utah classes, and I said: ‘to have my children proud of me again.’ It has happened! I still have some work to do, as do we all, but thank God for MRT and what it did to free me from my prison.” Today Coulter is working at a decent job and planning to get employed as a facilitator for MRT. J


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All-Digital Electronic Access Inmates and staff alike appreciate the solutions software can bring.


and kiosks can be used for all digital access across a jail or prison, into day reporting centers, offsite payment centers and beyond. They can accomplish booking and paying bail, visitation, inmate and staff messaging, notices, placing commissary orders, financial account transfers and job searches—the sky’s the limit in helping streamline processes. Yet, it’s not the hardware, it's the software that makes all the many and varied applications work. To that end, we’ve discovered kiosks and tablets too (which seem to be the direction of the future) that are bundled with software that enable them to serve as multipurpose communi-



cations devices and conduct banking. These software services are securely designed, are often all digital and Web based so that staff can access and control them 24/7, and upgrades can be handled without delay or downtime. For example, says Craig Diamond, “All Telmate products are offered via a single unified software platform. This is a huge leap forward in jail and prison technology and communications,” says Telmate’s director of marketing. “All software services are securely designed for corrections and are all digital and Web based. Jail and/or prison staff can gain access using any Web-enabled device including personal computers, tablets and smartphones. “Telmate is not about the hard-

ware,” he concurs. “Actually, we refer to our hardware as ‘access points’ to our unified suite of software services.” Using this solution, the facility has complete control over their entire inmate communications network for inmates. Securus likewise stresses its total communications services package and the control it offers to prison staff. Says Matt Smith, director of Product Management: “When we first started speaking with our customers about video visitation, it became clear that that was just the beginning of what we could offer through our inmate kiosks. Much like today’s smart phones and tablets, our kiosks are multipurpose communication devices that can be cus-


M-A 16 p22-29 kiosk_master template 3/30/16 9:43 AM Page 23

M-A 16 p22-29 kiosk_master template 3/30/16 9:43 AM Page 24

tomized, monitored and controlled by the facility.” Securus’s robust inmate platform, called ConnectUs, allows inmates access to communication services such as phone calls and video visitation, self-help services such as Job Search and Law Library, and various other applications such as Commissary Ordering and Inmate Education Videos, Smith says. Inmates can also multi-task and open numerous applications concurrently, and a digital bulletin board allows jail staff to consistently communicate written information to inmates. Global Tel*Link is another communications leader and its products include a full range of communications solutions like inmate telephone systems, in-pod kiosks, inmate messaging, and handheld devices, investigative solutions, facility management solutions, visitation solutions, and content solutions, as well as payment solutions. TouchPay Holdings, LLC, became a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Tel*Link in December of 2014 and is now doing business as GTL Financial Services, our focus here. TouchPay/GTLFS provides automated payment services to more than 300 correctional facilities across the U.S. Its patentpending Lobby Kiosks, Intake Kiosks, GTL’s ConnectNetwork and the legacy TouchPay Online Payment portal, IVR automated phone payment systems, and neighborhood cash payment solution, Walk-In Retail, provide inmates and their friends and family members with convenient, low-cost, accessible, automated options, says Kay Byfield, marketing manager. “With these deposit channels,” she says “they can pay for commissary items, phone usage, self-release, probation and parole, fines and fees, work release deposits, and inmate services including entertainment and messaging. Our goal is to relieve the facility of the hassles of money management.” 24 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016

SmartKiosk is a true technology company and inmate kiosks are our core business, says Jon Logan, CEO. The company develops all of its own software, and provides a complete paperless, electronically automated system for all inmate communications and personal information needs. SmartKiosk is vendor neutral and can operate on its own, or software can be implemented on current existing kiosks provided by other vendors (at no cost) for total integration. Logan explains it is the only kiosk system with the MailGuard patent-pending postal mail elimination system that actually converts inmate postal mail into a scanned electronic document, delivering postal mail on the kiosk and providing a secure and paperless environment even with postal mail. It also has the distinction of being the first inmate kiosk system ever implemented in a county jail with a complete two-way electronic communication platform, “years ahead of the rest of the industry,” says Logan.

From Booking To Release A full service communications and applications integrated kiosk package is often implemented, maintained, and upgraded by the vendor at no charge to the facility. A small access fee is typically what pays for the development, installation and maintenance of the equipment. Kiosks, as well as the growing field of tablets, handle just about every inmate service imaginable. Diamond at Telmate notes: “Our kiosk-specific applications travel the lifecycle of the inmate from booking to housing to release, and our platform is modular and designed to scale with a facility’s appetite to adapt to new technology.” Telmate’s total system for jails is known as the SmartJail Solution while the overall system for prisons is the SmartFacility Solution. The vendor’s product

offerings include Booking Stations, Telmate Stations (wallmounted kiosks for visitation, messaging, notices, commissary orders, etc.) and Lobby Kiosks (where friends and family can deposit money and set up visitation, etc.). At the Booking Kiosks, which are integrated with the facility’s JMS, inmates are onboarded into the jail, and receive their initial PIN number and their cash is collected. Everything is digital and automated, reducing error and mitigating potential inmate accusations. The same kiosk can be used to create an inmate Exit debit card. Telmate Stations, which are wall-mounted and located inpod, provide inmates the bulk of their services—from communications with family and friends, including sending and receiving messages, as well as sharing photos, to education and entertainment, including music, ebooks and secure websites. It is here inmates have control of their cash management, giving them real-time access to their account balance and the ability to order commissary if integrated with Telmate (the firm has recently formed a partnership with commissary provider Trinity Services). Offenders can also file paperless grievances, requests, crime time tips and PREA reports on the inpod stations. Telmate Lobby Kiosks are for family and friends to set up visits and deposit funds into the inmate’s account. For convenience, Lobby Kiosks are networked and can be located in locations offsite (for example, a courthouse, retail location, etc.) so family can take advantage of services without traveling to the facility. On the financial side, TouchPay/GTLFS provides turnkey, automated payment services to the agency. “The products and services are free to the jail/prison. The users pay low convenience fees which cover the


M-A 16 p22-29 kiosk_master template 3/30/16 9:43 AM Page 25

M-A 16 p22-29 kiosk_master template 3/30/16 9:43 AM Page 26

costs for hardware, software and support,” explains Byfield. “We offer premise-based Lobby Kiosks which can be configured to process payments to many different accounts for multiple agencies and this increases transaction volumes and convenience for payers. For instance, depending upon the client, users can make deposits into the facility’s commissary, self-release, phone, or other accounts, but could also pay court fines and fees, child support, traffic tickets, or utilities on the same kiosk.” The Securus ConnectUs inmate platform is acquired by local, county, and state correctional facilities through revenue generating features of the system such as calling and video visitation, and it is the standard installed on all inmate terminals. Applications offered in ConnectUs include: Phone Calling; Video Visitation; Inmate Forms & Grievances; Law Library; Job Search; Digital Inmate Handbook (PDF); Video Education (MP4); 3rd Party & Self-Operated Commissary; and Custom Website (URL). One of the top applications Securus offers, says Smith, is the visitation app for both Android and iOS users. It has made video visitation easier than ever, he adds, “allowing families to celebrate holidays together and share in life’s moments. Securus is connecting more inmates to their loved ones than anyone else in the industry.” Securus software can also integrate with third party apps, such as the real-time JobView data base, which provides job opportunities to inmates just prior to release and as the initiate reentry. “Jobview kiosks are purpose-built for offenders who have not been able to access electronic job searches, but who need the practice of searching for jobs among current job listings to better prepare them for life on the street where they will be expected to navigate the job search process largely on their own,” explains Ryan Solberg, vice president, Jobview Site Operations. Two types of kiosks are available, one called Behind Bars, for inside use, and one called Beyond Bars for offenders on release in community settings. Jobview Kiosks for Behind Bars use are secure and do not allow an offender access to the Internet. The job database is updated automatically every 48 hours via secure connection to Jobview servers in Minneapolis, Minn. A flash drive update is also available for institutions that allow absolutely no connection to the outside world, details Solberg. The kiosks provide staff with weekly and monthly reports that help counselors verify that an offender’s job search is active, and in the case of Beyond Bars Jobview kiosks, that the specific jobs applied to are a fit for the skill set of the offender. The application about the job search activity of each offender is presented in black and white so staff can provide improved guidance to the offender. “Jobview has audit trails that allow individual 26 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016

Jobview kiosks for offender use are secure and do not allow offender access to the Internet. The job database is updated automatically every 48 hours via secure connection.

counselors to have a meaningful conversation with each offender about the specific training, certifications, or other requirements of a specific current job as compared to just guessing what the offender is doing to search for work,” he points out.

Real World Applications SmartKiosk has been used in the field since 2009 by correctional facilities across the country. Its patent-pending MailGuard postal mail elimination system is a great way to eliminate drugs and other contraband. Postal mail is processed remotely by a MailGuard receiving hub and converted into an electronic copy, sent directly to the inmate via the kiosk or tablet solution after passing security filters. According to Lt. John O. Moran, training and STG coordinator with George County Regional Correctional Facility in Mississippi, the SmartKiosk Smart Jail Mail system “has provided valuable information which has led to at least three felony drug seizures and eleven misdemeanor violations to date VISIT US AT WWW.CORRECTIONSFORUM.NET

M-A 16 p22-29 kiosk_master template 3/30/16 9:43 AM Page 27

M-A 16 p22-29 kiosk_master template 3/30/16 9:43 AM Page 28

All Telmate software services, such as that found on the Booking Kiosk, are securely designed and are all digital and Web based. Thus, staff can gain access using any Web-enabled device including tablets and smartphones.

and looks promising to provide data for several more pending.” “Our clients come to us because they are seeking a solution to a payment processing problem,” says TouchPay’s Byfield. Some want a Lobby Kiosk so they can close cashier’s windows and automate accounting functions. That was the case with Solano County Sheriff’s Office in California, which needed to close cashier’s windows because of sudden county budget issues. TouchPay quickly installed two Lobby Kiosks, an Online Portal, and an IVR phone system in 2010. In 2011 the first Intake Kiosk was installed so that booking officers would not have to count cash either. Now, Solano County has four Lobby Kiosks, two Intake Kiosks, online and phone payment services, and Walk-In Retail. They take payments for commissary, phone, self-release, probationary fees and release cards. Carol Cain, the information technology manager at the sheriff’s office says, “Solano County’s Justice Center was the first jail in the country to use the TouchPay Intake Kiosk to deposit money directly into the inmate's trust 28 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016

account. Their payment solutions required programmatic interfacing with both our Aramark CORE accounting system and our jail system. As we have offered additional services and functionality, TouchPay's engineering and support teams have always been very responsive in meeting our needs.” Securus has the most deployments of video visitation in the industry at over 150 installations with all customers either upgraded or scheduled to be upgraded to the ConnectUs platform, says Smith. And Maricopa County, Arizona, is the largest deployment of its kind in the nation with over 602 terminals running ConnectUs, serving over 8,000 average daily population. Sheriff Joe Arpaio comments about the system: “This video technology will dramatically increase jail security and efficiency…. [Friends and family members] now can visit a jailed inmate from the comfort of their homes via a simple Internet connection. Many of those incarcerated in the Maricopa County jail system are not from the immediate area—so this system allows them to connect to inmates from anywhere in the world…”

Telmate has been deployed in over 300 correctional facilities in North America spanning nearly all U.S. states and Canadian provinces. “From city and county jails to federal facilities, Telmate serves populations of all sizes— many exceeding 2,000 beds,” reports Diamond. One of its largest customers is the Oregon Department of Corrections, a Telmate customer since 2012. ODOC utilizes Telmate’s SmartFacility Solution in 14 different facilities statewide to provide service to an estimated 15,000 inmates. ODOC uses Telmate Stations, Kiosks and Phones as an access point to a wide range of services including deposits, video visits, messaging, photo sharing, cash management, Telmate Verified and Telmate Investigator, a suite of investigator tools. Telmate Tablets will be deployed in Q2, 2016 Multipurpose communications devices on unified software systems are handling inmate functions and helping staff monitor those in ways never thought possible. Whether on a kiosk, or on the up-and-coming tablet, they are paving the way for administrators to streamline operations. J


M-A 16 p22-29 kiosk_master template 3/30/16 9:43 AM Page 29

M-A 16 p30-35 drug, alco_master template 3/25/16 10:44 AM Page 30


New Testing Solutions Helping deter drug and alcohol usage in correctional facilities


rug and alcohol use among prison inmates is at epidemic proportions at many facilities, said to affect more than half of offenders under federal supervision. By requiring drug and alcohol screenings at all levels, providing successful drug treatment models, providing financial support for research and prevention, and projecting for future long-term commitment, the government provides effective treatment programs in order to rehabilitate offenders to become more productive members of society. Many of these testing services are being provided via inhouse labs or are sent to a larger testing facility. Testing is a vital tool in the treatment and recovery of addicted incarcerated individuals. It allows facilities to identify users, ensure compliance, and deter drug use and come up with solutions. A high quality drug-testing program also enhances the integrity of any type of treatment program and is more likely to lead to success and rehabilitation when inmates leave the facility. 30 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016

Immediate Results “Urine remains the ‘gold standard’ in the corrections industry due to its reputation for longer windows of detection. Instant tests of any kind remain a staple as well, due to the need for immediate results,” says Jackie Pirone, director marketing SAT and IR, OraSure Technologies, Bethlehem, Pa. “However, oral fluid drug testing is being requested more and agencies are adding it as an alternative to urine testing when there are collection issues such as gender and shy bladders. There has also been an increase in oral fluid testing due to a rise in concerns for officer safety during field visits.” She points out that drug testing in the corrections industry is trending towards personal laboratories where they run their own samples (urine or oral fluids) on small benchtop analyzers. “It is said to be more economical (in the long run) and speeds up the reporting of lab-based results. However, accuracy of results is a concern as the experience of the technician is in

question and raises the issue of defensibility of test results.” Another trend Pirone is seeing involves the types of drugs being used. “K2/Spice continues to be on the rise as it can be undetected due to its ever changing compounds. Some agencies do not test for it because of the cost. However, K2/Spice testing is being requested more because of its popularity,” she concludes. Here’s a sample of some of the most current alcohol and drug testing kits, equipment and lab services on the market:

Detection of Hydrocodone Thermo Scientific’s DRI Hydrocodone Assay has the requisite sensitivities to meet the newly


M-A 16 p30-35 drug, alco_master template 3/25/16 10:44 AM Page 31

proposed Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) guidelines (using a 300ng/mL cut-off). Hydrocodone is considered to be one of the most frequently prescribed and misused opiate drugs in the U.S. The DRI Hydrocodone Assay is a homogeneous enzyme immunoassay that has excellent cross-reactivity to the major metabolites hydromorphone and hydromorphone-glucuronide., 1.800.232.3342

Saliva Alcohol Test Q.E.D. Saliva Alcohol Test is a CLIA-waived and DOT-approved, onsite, rapid, low-cost alternative to breath or blood testing. Q.E.D. is easy to administer and provides quantitative results comparable to a blood test. Q.E.D. is ideal for use in workplace, criminal justice, drug and alcohol treatment centers and clinical setting screening programs, among others., 1.800.869.3538

Fingernail Testing Composed of keratin, like hair, fingernails are simple to collect and easy to ship and store. Nail keratin is four times thicker than hair keratin, more stable, and extremely difficult to adulterate, resulting in a longer window of detection, up to three months for alcohol, and up to 6 months for substances of abuse. Drug and alcohol biomarkers may show up in keratin specimens within hours of ingestion, depending on the dosage, with concentration levels maximizing 2 weeks after ingestion. Environmental exposure may be detected immediately., 1.800.235.2367

Oral Fluid Collection Devices As the leader in oral fluid specimen collection and testing, the firm presents its latest advancement in oral fluid collection with the Intercept i2 Oral Fluid Collection Device. The Intercept i2 Oral Fluid Collection Device is a collection system utilized for lab-based detection of drugs of abuse. Oral fluid is collected under direct observation with the average collection time of just 3-4 minutes. Collection pads are then put into a vial, sealed, and sent to the lab with a completed chain-of-custody form for analysis. VISIT US AT WWW.CORRECTIONSFORUM.NET


M-A 16 p30-35 drug, alco_master template 3/25/16 10:45 AM Page 32

Results are reported the next day on negative results, and within 48 to 72 hours for positive confirmation., 1.800.869.3538

10 different drugs of abuse simultaneously, and provides results in just 3-5 minutes., 1.800.227.1243

Mobile Breath Test

Urinalysis Test Cup Medical Disposables drug test cups provide staffing agencies, drug rehabilitation centers, corrections, and pain management facilities with a one-step solution for drug testing. Customers prefer their urine specimen cups for primarily for accuracy—with 99% accuracy and FDA approval, users are almost guaranteed to have accurate results, says the firm. Some of their drug test cups are CLIA Waived, providing the necessary requirements for the clinical market drug testing program., 412.457.0199

Mobile Testing

The MobileBreath Continuous Alcohol Monitoring System is reliable and fast. It automates breath alcohol testing with a 90-second

matching reduces manual photo review by 90-95%, while random, scheduled, and on-demanding testing provides more flexibility to monitor clients. Store & Forward ensures clients always know when it is time to test and data is maintained even when the device is out of cellular range., 1.800.557.0861

Panel Cup Test The Rapid TOX Cup II 12 panel cup test was designed specifically for the criminal justice market. This advanced, easy to use, all-inclusive test has lower

The Dräger DrugTest 5000 is an easy-to-use mobile drug screening system that uses oral fluid to test for seven types of the most commonly abused drugs. This quick drug test provides a non-invasive alternative to the hassle of collecting urine or blood samples. It is for law enforcement use only., 1.866.385.5900

Alcohol Screening

Portable Breath Tester SCRAM Remote Breath is the first handheld, wireless, portable breath alcohol tester to include government-grade facial recognition, high-resolution photos, BrAC results, and a GPS location with every test. Automated facial 32 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016

enrollee-administered breath alcohol screen. The system will detect down to .001 BAC. Results can be emailed or text messaged to an administrator or case manager instantly. MobileBreath is accurate, using the United States Department of Transportation approved AL 9000 AlcoMate Fuel Cell breath testing technology., 1.877.727.7764

cut-off levels to help detect those who once could get by. It also incorporates collection and testing of drugs of abuse in urine specimens in a single device. Rapid TOX Cup II can test up to

The FC5 Hornet is the newest member of the FC Series of law enforcement and corrections breath alcohol testers. The FC5 is for rapid and economical zero tolerance offender testing. It requires no mouthpieces or special attachments. The FC5 is totally non-invasive and only requires the subject to blow at the breath collector cone to automatically trigger a test. A POS for alcohol or NEG result appears almost instantly., 1.303.431.9500


M-A 16 p30-35 drug, alco_master template 3/25/16 10:45 AM Page 33

M-A 16 p30-35 drug, alco_master template 3/25/16 10:45 AM Page 34

Screening, Plus Storage The Alco-Sensor IV with Memory provides a simple, accurate and economical method of determining breath alcohol concentration, with the ability to store test results for easy retrieval. Evidential grade breath test results are stored to the on-board memory for printing or a later transfer to a computer-based centralized database program (sold separately)., 1.800. 451.8639

cross reactivity to structurally related compounds, excellent correlation to LC-MS/MS, and no daily calibration required, 2 ng/mL qualitative cutoff. It is offered for criminal justice and forensic use only., 1.800.232.3342

Drug Testing System The Siemens Viva-E System offers a full menu of gold standard EMIT assays for fast analysis

Lab Services Phamatech is a SAMHSA certified, California Clinical and CLIA certified laboratory providing state-of-the-art laboratory testing. Phamatech is committed to manufacturing products and providing services that enhance their customer’s medical care, health awareness and quality of life by aiding in the early diagnosis of medical conditions in a costeffective manner., 1.888.635.5840

Hand-held Screener

PEth Alcohol Testing

The Dräger Alcotest 5510 handheld screener provides the quality, accuracy, and reliability that customers have come to expect from the firm’s breath a l c o h o l detection products, they say. With a wide range of available configurations, the instrument is easily adaptable to meet user requirements and local regulations for preliminary breath testing. The intuitive interface allows the officer to quickly take the breath alcohol sample, read the result, and proceed., 1.866.385.5900

Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) in blood specimens offers the most objective, sensitive, and reliable method for measuring direct alcohol biomarkers. PEth is an abnormal phospholipid formed in red blood cells. It is a mid- to long-term alcohol biomarker, and a positive result is an indication of alcohol exposure during the 23 weeks prior to specimen collection. Testing via dried blood spot collection (using a lancet and a blood spot card) is the fastest, most convenient way to test since no phlebotomist is needed., 1.800.235.2367

Drug Testing The Thermo Scientific DRI Fentanyl Assay is the newest immunoassay in the company’s drugs of abuse test menu. They note some of the unique features of this assay include: liquid ready to use, excellent precision, no


of drugs of abuse, therapeutic drugs and immunosuppressants, as well as sample validity testing on a single bench top analyzer. It is designed for low- to mid-volume labs, treatment centers and criminal justice facilities., 1.800.242.3233

Saliva Screening No more worrying about using the old method of drug testing where urine is involved. Using new drug testing technologies, oral drug tests are able to conveniently and noninvasively test for drugs. The oral drug test is one of the simplest drug tests to use. The patient simply inserts the test into their mouth allowing the swab to collect saliva. Using the tube you are able to sanitarily remove the saliva from the swab. Drop the saliva into the test tray, wait 10 minutes, and the results are ready., 1.412.457.0199

Oral Fluid Collection The top ranked OralStat from American Bio Medica Corporation combines the convenience of oral fluid collection with the sensitivity, accuracy and precision of a laboratorybased test providing results in minutes. Oral fluids drugs of abuse testing are a great supplement to your existing drug testing program. OralStat eliminates the need for a bathroom and all collections can be observed., 1.800.227.1243


M-A 16 p30-35 drug, alco_master template 3/25/16 10:45 AM Page 35

Beyond a reasonable doubt... and TampAlerT ®

The most trusted names in tamper-evident unit dose packaging

Medi-Dose® System


Since 1971, correctional facilities have relied on the proven Medi-Dose systems for the quickest, safest and most economical way to package solid oral medication. They’re tamper-evident, ultraviolet inhibitant and minimize errors and pilferage. Plus Medi-Dose contains no metal or glass! With TampAlerT, a twist of the wrist is all you need to dispense liquids in no-leak, tamper-evident unit dose. TampAlerT vials are available from 15 ml to 120 ml, in natural or ultraviolet inhibitant polyethylene, with either regular or child-resistant screw caps. Each cap contains a tamper-evident seal. And TampAlerT contains no metal or glass!



Both Medi-Dose and TampAlerT can be easily identified using our MILT software ... providing complete labeling and log reporting, even bar coding!

There’s no doubt about Medi-Dose and TampAlerT, proven in correctional facilities for over 30 years.


TampAlerT® System





Dispense medication into TampAlerT bottle.

Twist TampAlerT cap onto bottle.


EPS , INC. Responding to pharmacy packaging needs around the world

A secure, tamper-evident seal adheres to the bottle when you twist-off the cap.

Milton Building 70 Industrial Drive, Ivyland, PA 18974 U.S. & Canada: 800-523-8966 Fax: 800-323-8966 Tel: 215-396-8600 Fax: 215-396-6662 Web Site: E-mail:


M-A 16 p36-39 cell phone_master template 3/25/16 10:40 AM Page 36


Cell phones have been known to be found in bars of soap, peanut butter, even grandma’s cake. Getting rid of them proves daunting.

Keeping Cell (Block) Phones At Bay .

DetectTalk from Bob Barker Co. picks up cell signals via antennas, providing a narrow or broad location area depending on the number of antennas used.


of the movie True Story, there is a scene in which James Franco’s character is sitting at a table across from another character who plays him a song using a smart phone. The “goofs” link on IMDB points out that the iPhone 3GS did not exist at the time the story took place. The real goof, though, was that if she had brought this phone into a prison, they would both be sitting 36 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016

behind the glass. Cell phones are a nuisance in restaurants, but in correctional facilities they are a nightmare. In 2014, the New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division declared cell phones “dangerous contraband,” so offenders will be subject to firstdegree felony charges, a move applauded by prison officials. Scott Schober, wireless detection and cybersecurity expert at Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS), a New Jersey company that

designs and manufactures RF analysis and wireless threat detection tools, points out that even a basic cell phone can offer an inmate unmonitored access to the outside world. A smart phone can connect to the Internet and social media platforms. He furthers that inmates have used phones to orchestrate escape attempts, intimidate witnesses, run identity theft and drug rings, extort money, coordinate riots, and take out contract hits on other


M-A 16 p36-39 cell phone_master template 3/25/16 10:40 AM Page 37

M-A 16 p36-39 cell phone_master template 3/25/16 10:40 AM Page 38

inmates, government officials, and members of the public. In one Indiana prison, a single inmate was caught with three different phones in less than two weeks. They are dropped in by drones and thrown over fences. They are smuggled in by visitors, deliverers, and employees. Two California correctional officers admitted to making over $100,000 in one year selling cell phones to inmates. (They can go for as much as $1,500 each.) The simple solution might seem to be for facilities to simply jam all cell phone use, but the fact is that is illegal, and as Schober discussed in a white paper, it would create more problems than it would solve. For one, it might also interfere with mobile 911 calls, and it could interfere with public safety. Plus, if jamming were legalized, Homeland Security would have the concern of the technology being used after a terrorist attack. Jamming also comes with an irony. According to the FCC, unlawful use of a jammer could result in sanctions, a $100,000 fine, and jail time. It is, says Schober, a complicated issue, and the use of jamming is not likely to become an alternative anytime soon. It is up to correctional personnel to deal with the issue one phone at a time. It is a daunting task. In 2013 alone, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation found 12,151 phones, a number estimated to be about 10% of all of the illicit phones. Correctional personnel are not left on their own, though. There are organizations developing advanced technologies to help detect contraband phones.

Point of Entry Deterrents

There are two primary areas on which to focus. The first is at the point of entry (PoE). Options include pat downs, dogs, and wands that can be carried or 38 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016

placed at the PoE, but all three require a significant amount of interaction. Recent technologies such as those developed by organizations such as BVS’s Full Sentry Hound and Metrasens’s Cellsense Plus can find phones whether they are turned on or off, whether they are whole or in pieces, and even if they are hidden in a human body cavity using ferromagnetic detectors. In 2015, Metrasens announced the release of Cellsense Plus, which can detect cell phones, small blades, and other weapons and concealed contraband using even more advanced technology than before. Simon Goodyear, Ph.D and CEO of Metrasens says, “Cellsense Plus has twice the detection sensitivity when compared with the best performing competitive product and is also much better at cutting interference from surrounding activity.” The devices are also easily moveable and able to be made covert. In March 2016, Metrasens partnered with the Indiana DOC for interdiction of cell phones, weapons, and contraband. (For the second consecutive year, Indiana DOC has been selected as key speaker on contraband interdiction at the Corrections Technology Association conference, to be held May 15-18 in Scottsdale, Arizona.) There is also the matter of phones that have breached the PoE. There are, says Schober, relatively few routes of entry into a facility, but an unlimited number of hiding places once inside. One issue is the unknown about how widespread the issue is. Dan Burke, senior associate, Strategic Innovation at Bob Barker Company, a North Carolinabased leading supplier of detention products, notes that a facility might not even be aware of the scale of proliferation. He furthers that he had the opportunity to visit 10 facilities in a two-month period, and only one mentioned that cell phones are a “big problem,” which is defined by finding

one to five a month. The issue, it seems, is similar to that of a homeowner unaware of a mouse infestation because he has not seen any mice. What Burke noticed was that the DOC seems to realize the problem, but the individual facilities are often unaware that they might have an infestation.

Inside Assessment

Says Burke, “Point of entry systems work very well, but if they are not everywhere, there will be holes.” Bob Barker can go into a facility and perform a quick assessment. If it is found that there are cell phones inside the facility, DetectTalk will find them when they are being used. It does this by detecting the cell phone signal. Antennas are set up in vandalproof stainless steel units around the facility. Once a signal is detected, prison personnel will be notified by a text or e-mail that will tell them which antenna picked it up. The detection will depend on the configuration of the antennas. It could have a wide configuration, and narrow the signal down to a pod, or it can have a narrow configuration, and pinpoint the specific cell in which it is being used. The latter is ideal, says Burke, because what personnel should not do when they detect a cell signal is tear apart an entire pod. This could cause a huge disruption and potential security risk. The system is 24/7/365 and simple to use. BVS stresses the importance of taking a tiered approach in order to detect the maximum number of phones. The firm offers a number of detection devices starting at the PoE with the Full Sentry Hound. The device is an aeromagnetic detector (not a metal detector), and looks for magnets and electronics and can determine specifically where on the body the phone is hidden. For breached phones, they offer products including the Pocket Hound, which is com-


M-A 16 p36-39 cell phone_master template 3/25/16 10:40 AM Page 39

pletely covert and can catch inmates in the act. The device is about the size and weight of a deck of cards and is specifically tuned to the RF signature of common cell phones and can be carried in a C.O.’s pocket. In order to be detected, the phone will need to be on, but it does not need to be in use. If it detects a signal, the LEDs will flash, indicating the strength of the signal, and the device will vibrate. (The Pocket Hound filters out officer’s radios and non-cell signals.) One facility on the West Coast found a huge stash of phones hidden with a large stash of drugs using a Pocket Hound. BVS also offers the Wolfhound PRO, which utilizes a multi-band Direction Finding antenna system to allow security personnel to locate nearby cell phones in either standby mode or during active voice, text, or data RF transmissions. When used in towers, it could be aimed at common areas and scan a wide swath

DetectTalk notifies C.O.s by a text or e-mai, and maps the cell location.

and detect phones that have been thrown over a fence or dropped by a drone. It can also be pointed at tinted out windows in SUVs or the user can pinpoint that a call is being made from the third tier in Cell 23. Schober has recommendations that can be found in his white paper. The first is to scan staff, visitors, and contractors. Ideally, all packages should be scanned with a ferromagnetic detecting device such as those offered by BVS and Metrasens. Phones have been known to enter facilities in loaves of bread, jars of peanut


butter, soles of shoes, and bars of soap. One crucial area to monitor is outdoor and common areas. A 2014 article reported a C.O. who had been walking the grounds spotted two 2-liter soda bottles bobbing in a pond. They were tied to waterproof bags that contained at least 25 phones. That is a perfect example of the problem. In Schober’s white paper, he explained that ferromagnetic detectors have a relatively short range, which makes them ineffective for scanning large areas. A RF detector could have found them, if they were turned on. Dogs, says trainer Harlan “Lamb” Lambert, can even smell contraband underwater, but in this case, it was an astute C.O. who kept the breached phones out of inmates’ hands. Burke furthers that part of a solution might be a matter of reflection. “The biggest thing right now is to figure out why some facilities think they don’t have an issue. If they think they don’t, there’s a problem.” J


M-A 16 P40-44 foodservice_master template 3/25/16 5:14 PM Page 40






Norovirus is a foodborne illness commonly spread through contaminated food or water, or through close contact with an infected person, explains Wakeen, adding that it was first identified in Norwalk, Ohio, in 1968, as an outbreak in a school as the Norwalk virus. Today we know it as norovirus. Regardless of the means of transmission, says Wakeen, “It is important to keep the lines of communication open with administration and the medical department if an outbreak should occur within the institution as all disciplines will be impacted.” This virus can survive freezing

and heating to 140°F and live for days on contaminated surfaces and fabrics. Common disinfectants and hand sanitizers alone can’t kill it and people can continue to spread it a few days or even weeks post-recovery from symptoms, add Melinda Safir, MS, RDN, LD and Alma Sudderth, MS, RDN, CSG, LD of SureQuest, a corrections nutrition and food service solutions provider. Second only to the common cold, it is no wonder that the norovirus, a.k.a. the winter vomiting virus, is responsible for making 21 million people sick annually in the U.S. alone, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).


M-A 16 P40-44 foodservice_master template 3/25/16 5:14 PM Page 41

“Within the densely-populated and close confines of a correctional unit coupled with shared dining areas and multiple human points of contact associated with food preparation and delivery, a norovirus outbreak will easily spread like wildfire, making it difficult to contain,” contends Safir adding, “Outbreaks can last months in this setting and could often result in a need for extreme and vigilant measures to contain the virus, including, but not limited to, quarantines, outside visitor suspension, stricter sanitation programs and practices, and additional staffing. “Take advantage of every tool available to prevent the spread,” adds Safir. “Proper hand-washing posters on the walls, videos running on the break room TVs, checking that temperature record sheets are completed after each meal.” She furthers, “SureQuest’s OnDemand Software has the first step of every recipe in the system as ‘wash hands and sanitize services before beginning food preparation’—just one constant reminder in front of every food preparer. Production sheets have places for temps to be recorded right on the worksheet. And CDC has a colorful, complete ‘Ways to Prevent Norovirus Outbreaks from Food Contamination’ free poster.” In addition to the standard CDC guidelines for everyday food preparation and service, during a norovirus outbreak, increased training and diligent monitoring is a must, says Sudderth. “The guidelines for assisting in controlling virus transmission may be expanded during an outbreak. The norovirus is difficult to wash away. Just ‘hand washing’ without the proper technique and frequency does not work. Monitors or supervision at every hand washing station may be required during an outbreak; removal of hand sanitizer from hygiene stations may be critical to promote water-washing of hands versus reliance on non-water options.” She continues: “Menus may

Stero Flight Conveyor Warewasher with prison package reduces human intervention for cross-contamination as well as sanitizes for increased reassurance in the process.

need to be changed to remove or minimize fresh or raw items, and food cooking temperatures may need to be adjusted during an outbreak; prepackaged food items may be considered rather than bulk that requires human contact for portioning; foods staying in the safe zones and proper temps from beginning to end are always important, however, during an outbreak ensuring foods reach the proper HACCP cooking high temp—always 145°F plus—and increasing hot-holding food temperatures above 140°F may be prudent.” Safir and Sudderth together list additional measures when the daily preventative guidelines are not enough and norovirus becomes your reality. “Initiate check-in process for staff that includes prior proper hygiene and taking temperatures; initiate increased surface cleaning of carts and tables to include undersides and wheels before and after each use; any items leaving and returning to kitchens should be sanitized outside before entering food prep or service areas; add the use of gloves for preparing and delivering food and consider changing to disposable dishes and flatware everywhere possible, assessing the paper goods cost compared to the medical and staffing expense of a continued


outbreak; don’t forget to disinfect the cleaning equipment itself—mops, brooms, buckets— and entrance and exit doors, handles and frames to and within all kitchen areas. Change to disposable aprons, towels, linens, etc. to decrease cross-contamination potential; and run “everything that fits” through high temp dish machines versus standard threesink washing.” Heidi Spaide, product line manager for Stero, knows dish machines and is on the same page of the prevention book: “When a warewasher is absent in the dishroom, workers resort to a three compartment sink to scrub large pots, pans and other ware. This washing solution can pose more risk than an automated system because tanks must be manually monitored for proper temperatures. The wash tank temperature typically must be at or above 110°F. If a hot water rinse is used, the water temperature must be kept at or above 171°F. Falling below these requirements can put a dishroom at risk for unsafe levels of bacteria on surfaces—so the peace of mind, reliability and water savings that a commercial warewasher brings to the clean-up process is a significant advantage.” Warewashers such as Stero Flight Conveyor and Rack Conveyor machines automate the CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016 41

M-A 16 P40-44 foodservice_master template 3/25/16 5:14 PM Page 42

DIETARY INTERVENTION By Barbara Wakeen Treatment of an infected person includes considerations for diet, nutrition and food supplies. There isn’t a specific “Norovirus diet,” but there are dietary concerns to address related to the symptoms of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, of which we should be aware. Vomiting and diarrhea can lead to dehydration which can lead to electrolyte imbalance. Symptoms of dehydration include reduced urination, dry mouth and throat, and feeling dizzy or lightheaded when standing up. Electrolytes keep our bodies in fluid balance and impact (intra and extra) cellular balance. Sodium and potassium are two major electrolytes that impact the fluids in and out of cells. Electrolytes are also important for muscular contraction and generating energy. Dietary interventions would start with ice chips, followed by clear beverages and other clear liquids, such as broth and gelatin, as tolerated. All diet progressions would be via a medical diet order. Sports drinks (containing electrolytes) and other caffeine- and alcohol-free beverages are good sources to replenish fluids and electrolytes. Consideration must be given to beverages with high sugar content, such as soda pop, as this can exacerbate the diarrhea. Over-the-counter rehydration fluids may be an option to replenish electrolyte loss. These work best for mild dehydration. This would be an item medical would provide, not a food service item. After symptoms subside, one can transition from liquids to a normal healthy diet as tolerated, as order by the medical department. Diet progression guidelines per the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Nutrition Care Manual are as follows: After vomiting stops: • 1 tsp. ice chips every 10 minutes, increasing to 1 TBP. every 20 minutes/Small amounts of clear liquids, as tolerated After 8 hours of no vomiting incorporate solid foods: • Try one food at a time, in small quantities/Begin with odorless foods (in case of nausea)/Select foods that are low in fat and fiber Suggested solid foods: • Applesauce, bananas, juices, sherbet, yogurt, baked chicken, lean meat, eggs without added fat/dry toast, crackers, rice, pretzels, rice cereal Once solid foods are tolerated, the diet can be progressed to the main population menu, again per medical notification. Foods to avoid if nauseous or vomiting: • High fat or fried foods/Foods high in fiber (whole grain bread, oats, bran, legumes)/Gassy foods (legumes, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower)/Foods with strong odors Barbara Wakeen, MA, RDN, LD, CCFP, CCHP, is principal/consultant dietitian, Correctional Nutrition Consultants, Ltd., and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, NCCHC Advisory Committee Representative, ACFSA Chair Dietitians in Corrections, OCD-HCF Secretary, and NCCHC Secretary 42 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016

The Aquawing ozone tower will virtually guarantee norovirus will not survive the laundry process.

washing process through prewash, washing, rinse and optional drying—reducing the occurrences for human intervention, helping to limit the possibility for crosscontamination, she says. “If the machine is being operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, it will sanitize at a level of 3600 Heat Unit Equivalents (HUE)—twice the required level to pasteurize milk— which illustrates substantial reassurance in the sanitation process.” In addition to food-related transmission, laundry can be a VISIT US AT WWW.CORRECTIONSFORUM.NET

M-A 16 P40-44 foodservice_master template 3/25/16 5:14 PM Page 43

M-A 16 P40-44 foodservice_master template 3/25/16 5:14 PM Page 44

source of outbreaks given the amount of infectious materials that are processed, according to Ralph Daniels CEO/President Aquawing Ozone Laundry Systems. “Anything, from towels with perspiration on them to medical items, process through the facility laundry. Installing an Aquawing system will virtually guarantee the norovirus will not survive the wash process,” he says, adding, “Aquawing attaches to virtually any washing machine and is clinically validated to eliminate viruses as well as superbugs including E.coli, MRSA, C. diff and many others. “It is our experience with over 180 correctional facility installations that the laundry is often overlooked in the process of disinfection,” Daniels says. “This includes the methods of washing and drying, but also the transportation of the linen and general cleanliness in the laundry room. Too often we see laundry workers load machines wearing gloves like they should and then start the machine with the gloves on. Now, whatever infectious material was being loaded is on the door handle of the machine as well as the control panel. When the wash cycle is complete, workers use the control panel and the door handle to open the machines without wearing gloves. Now that infectious material they were avoiding by wearing gloves is on their hands and consequently in their pockets, zippers, drinks, etc.” Jack J. Reiff, president, WetTech, notes this problem as he lists safeguards: “The clear separation of linen, equipment and staff between clean and dirty areas should be instituted from initial design stages to avoid cross contamination; the covering of laundry carts that move between locations can help reduce crosscontamination both in the air and within the linens and carts; a sanitizing wash down helps contain infectious contamination; linen consumption should 44 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016

follow the first-in, first-out protocol; linen storage areas, both soiled and cleaned, should be monitored for temperature and humidity conditions to alleviate a growth of contaminating products among those items in storage; the use of an air disinfection


According to CDC guidelines, the best strategies for prevention are as follows: • Practice proper hand hygiene and wash hands carefully with soap and water—the simplest way to prevent infection • Wash all raw produce and cook shellfish thoroughly prior to eating • Avoid food preparation while infected with the virus • Clean and disinfect workstations and contaminated surfaces (Use a diluted bleach solution if possible—CDC recommends 525 tablespoons per gallon) • Wash laundry and soiled linens separately Go to pdf/2014-06-vitalsigns.pdf#page=3 for CDC’s poster “Ways to Prevent Norovirus Outbreaks from Food Contamination.” Melinda Safir, MS, RDN, LD and Alma Sudderth, MS RDN CSG LD are with SureQuest, a corrections nutrition and food service solutions provider.

unit should be installed in those areas as well to prevent contaminant growth.” Reiff notes: “What is usually ignored are the benefits of an ozone system for the laundry and ambient air treatment in a linen storage room. The ozone infusion will provide total wash disinfection during the wash process. An ozone air purifier placed in a storage area will disinfect the ambient air in the room as well as eliminate any odors that might be coming from the linens due to some unseen wash problem. This air borne disinfection will also control conditions to eliminate any contaminant buildup.” The production of hygienically-clean linen is a start but maintaining that hygienically-clean status after the wash process is as important as providing a proper wash formula, he says. “The CDC, National Institute of Health and other health organizations have certified the disinfection qualities of ozone in laundry processing. A careless or non-caring approach to the laundry and laundering processes can create many areas for cross-infection in a correctional facility.” To stave off cross-infection in every area—whether laundry, food handling or ware washing— begin with the prescription of proper practices and products in the correctional facility. J For more information: Correctional Nutrition Consultants, Ltd.,, 330.499.1715, SureQuest,, 1.800.383.1999 Wet-Tech,, 508.831.4229 Aquawing Ozone Laundry Systems,, 888.296.4777, The Stero Company,, 937.831.0799, Doug Cole, business development manager,


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COMPANIES BY CATEGORY Architectural/Construction Services ASSA,Inc. CGL Epic Metals HDR Millenium Access Control Milnor Laundry Systems Municipal Capital Markets Group, Inc. SMRT STV Cellphone Detection Berkley Varitronics Senstar Inc. Tecore Networks

Commissary Products, Services, Cashless Keefe Group Tecore Networks Communications Systems Buford Satellite Systems Correctional Cable TV Tecore Networks

Dental Supplies, Services, Systems DentalEZ Detention Equipment ASSA, Inc. Millenium Access Control

Educational/Training Correctional Cable TV Peerless Handcuff Company Screenflex TSI PRISM

Electronic Control Systems ASSA,Inc. ECSI International Garrett Metal Detectors Strike Industries Eyecare Institutional Eyecare

Facility Operations/Management Buford Satellite Systems Emerald Companies EndurID Hatco New Star Lighting Peerless Schedule Anywhere Screenflex Tecore Networks Unified Brands


Financing, Leasing, Design/Build Financing Municipal Capital Markets Group, Inc. Food Service/ Kitchen Equipment Hatco Heritage Parts Insinger Machine Company Unified Brands/Power Soak System Furnishings/Furniture Chestnut Ridge Foam Screenflex

Health Care Management & Services Corizon Health Diamond Pharmacy Services MHM Services Inmate Products and Services Cashless Endur ID Inmate Telephones Global Tel-Link (GTL)

Kiosk & Tablet Applications Cashless Global Tel-Link (GTL) Infax

Laundry Systems and Disinfection Aquawing Ozone Laundry Disinfection Pellerin Milnor WET-TECH Lighting New Star Lighting

Mattresses, Bedding, Safety Pillows Chestnut Ridge Foam Medical/Healthcare Services Corizon Health Institutional Eyecare Medi-Dose, Inc/EPS, Inc. MHM Services Naphcare, Inc. Wexford Health

Medical and Surgical Services DentalEZ Endur ID Wexford Health Mental Health Services Endur ID MHM Services Wexford Health

Metal & Contraband Detectors Berkley Varitronics Garrett Metal Detectors

Non Profit Charity Correctional Peace Officers Foundation Pharmacy Services and Distribution Diamond Pharmacy Services Perimeter Detection & Security ECSI International Garrett Metal Detectors Senstar Inc. Strike Industries

Personal Protection Equipment Peerless Handcuff Company

Property Storage, Garment Bags, Evidence Bags Basic, Ltd. Satellite/Cable TV Buford Satellite Systems Correctional Cable TV

Security and Safety ASSA,Inc. ECSI International Epic Metals Millenium Access Control Peerless Handcuff Company SMRT Tecore

Security - Electronic Systems Berkley Varitronics Black Creek Garrett Metal Detectors Senstar Inc. TSI PRISM Security - Physical Hardware Garrett Metal Detectors Peerless Handcuff Company Software: Scheduling, Case Management, Commissary Infax Schedule Anywhere Strike Industries Transportation Motor Coach Industries Video Applications Black Creek Global Tel-Link (GTL) Strike Industries


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DIRECTORY Black Creek Integrated Systems

PO Box 9453 110 Sargent Dr. New Haven, CT 06534-0453 tel: 800-235-7482 website: ...ASSA, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of high security locks and mogul cylinders meeting the UL 437 and ASTM F1577 high security standards. ASSA mogul cylinders are used in detention lock systems for the protection provided by a dual locking mechanism & utility patents offering legal control over key duplication.

Basic Ltd.

3611-14th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11218 tel: 800-964-9973 fax: 718-871-3616 contact: Harris Mermelstein, Owner email: website: ...Basic Ltd. is a manufacturer of property evidence bags and prisoner belonging storage bags. We have over 65 years of customer satisfaction to our credit. Our bags are being used by correctional facilities nationwide. Brochures, as well as, samples are available upon request.

Berkeley Varitronics Systems

255 Liberty Street Metuchen, NJ 08840 tel: 732-548-3737 contact: Scott Schober, President & CEO email: website: ...PocketHound is the most sensitive covert cell phone detector available. Monitor all contraband cell phone texts, voice and data up to 75 feet away from your pocket. Used by prisons and law enforcement all over the world. PocketHound is made in the USA and sells for $499. 46 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016

PO Box 101747 Irondale, AL 35210 tel: 205-949-9900 fax: 205-949-9910 email: website: ...From Revenuegenerating Video Visitation Systems to Enterprise-class Jail Management Solutions, Black Creek Integrated Systems is your turn-key source for modern Touchscreen-based, correctional facility security control systems and security management software solutions that reduce the cost of corrections. Black Creek focuses only on the corrections market - installing integrated security and records management solutions in jails, prisons, courthouses and government facilities across the nation.

1619 Sumter Street, 4th Floor Columbia, SC 29201 tel: 803-765-2833 contact: Matthew J. Skarr, Senior Vice President, Business Development email: website: ... CGL works to provide local, state, and national communities with more efficient facilities to better serve the public. CGL provides facility planning, needs assessments (including security and health care), architectural programs, building design, program management, facility maintenance, development, and financing services specifically for criminal justice facilities, offering our clients the unique ability to wisely minimize the Total Cost of Ownership of their existing or to-be-built facilities.

Cashless Systems, Inc.

16255 CR 178 Tyler, TX 75703 tel: 866-480-1844 fax: 903-833-4222 contact: Nancy Bolton, VP of Operations email: website: ...Buford Satellite Systems provides cost effective secure Cable Television and Satellite services to federal, state, and private correctional facilities using the most updated technology available. Facilities have the freedom to choose from an array of programming choices. All equipment, repair, and maintenance up to the headend are provided at no additional cost.

1041 Davis Dr. Apex, NC 27523 tel: 919-481-1616 contact: Marshall Boon, President website: ...The Cashless Commissary & Trust Fund Accounting System (CACTAS) software system from CSi can fully automate your inmate banking and commissary operations. CACTAS utilizes the latest technology including inmate order entry kiosks, credit/debit card deposit processing via lobby kiosk and/or internet web site, hand-held PDA devices, IVR (interactive voice recognition) technology order entry utilizing your existing inmate telephone hand sets, electronic signature capture, an OMR scanner interface, internet client connectivity to managed hosting database servers, other agency inmate billing, and compatible distribution center software for support of commissary services bagging operations.


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PO Box 781 Latrobe, PA 15650 tel: 800-234-2734 fax: 724-537-9003 contact: John McManamy, Sales Manager, Facilities Furnishings email: website: ...Durable SAFGUARD® fire-resistant mattresses and pillows. Mattress longevity provides lowest cost per inmate. Built-in pillow mattresses also available. Optional ClearView® covering materials for locating an identifying contraband. SAFGUARD® avoids fire hazards associated with polyester fiber mattress alternatives. Excellent results for stringent mattress fire tests within ASTM F-1870 and F-1085 Annex A.

safe, effective and efficient care to our patients and quality service to our clients. We are a company built on innovation and expertise. Our people, practices and commitment to constant improvement enable us to meet and exceed client expectations.

Correctional Peace Officers Foundation

1346 N. Market Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95834 tel: 916-928-0061 800 800-CPOF fax: 916-928-0072 contact: Charleene Corby, CAO email: website: ... The Correctional Peace Officers (CPO) Foundation is a national, non-profit charity for surviving families of Corrections personnel killed in the line of duty. The CPO Foundation also operates an extensive Catastrophic

Assistance Program for Corrections personnel in times of emergency, crisis or other great need. Announcing the CPO Foundation’s Annual National Memorial Ceremony Friday June 10, 2016, Pittsburgh, PA

2 West Liberty Boulevard, Suite 160 Malvern, PA 19355 tel: 800-293-5206 fax: 610-725-9894 contact: Jessica Durso email: website: ...DentalEZ® is committed to advancing the practice of dentistry through five distinct product categories: StarDental®, DentalEZ®, RAMVAC®, NevinLabs™, and Columbia Dentoform®. DentalEZ Integrated Solutions strives to create a complete line of products to elevate the health, comfort, and efficiency of the dental facilities. For more information, please visit

311 NNW Loop 323 Tyler, TX 75702 tel: 800-477-5219 fax: 314-658-9894 contact: Dianne Huffstickler, Gen Mgr. email: website: ...CCT is the largest satellite provider in the correction industry serving over 150 sites across 24 states. You select the programming and leave the rest to us. No up-front cost for equipment and installation--just one low monthly rate for programming and service.

103 Powell Court Brentwood, TN 37027 tel: 615-376-1329 fax: 615-376-1350 contact: Lynette Harris, Director of Marketing & Communications email: website: ...As the correctional healthcare leader for 35+ years, Corizon Health provides VISIT US AT WWW.CORRECTIONSFORUM.NET


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645 Kolter Drive Indiana, PA 15701 tel: 800-882-6337 contact: Mark Zilner, COO email: website: ...Diamond is the nation's largest correctional pharmacy, providing comprehensive pharmacy services for approximately 640,000 inmates nationwide. Diamond offers overnight delivery, formulary management services, competitive pricing, med carts, free Sapphire eMAR software with barcode technology, and a full line of medical supplies.

790 Bloomfield Ave., Bldg C-1 Clifton, NJ 07012 tel: 973-574-8555 email: website: ...Provider of integrated entry control and perimeter security solutions for 38 years. Projects: Trenton and NY State Prisons, Sing Sing, NYC’s Riker’s Island, Oklahoma State Penitentiary, California’s West County Detention Facility, Maryland Reception, Diagnostics and Classification Center, Federal Bureau of Prisons (Butner, NC/Fairton,NJ). Includes all required technologies for a secure, yet normal environment.

Emerald Correctional Management, LLC

315 South College, Suite 205 Lafayette, Louisiana 70503 tel: 337-264-9777 contact: Maitlyn Terry, Dir. of Comm. email: website: ...For 20 years, Emerald has partnered with various government entities to provide Solid Secure Solutions, quality care, treatment, and programs in a cost effective correctional environment. We seek new partnerships and invite further discussion on our ability to demonstrate state of the art solutions to meet your detention service needs. 48 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016

8 Merrill Industrial Dr., Unit 4 Hampton, NH 03842 tel: 603-758-1488 fax: 603-758-1118 contact: Robert Chadwick, President email: website: ...Endur ID Inmate Identification Solutions. Endur ID’s solution includes Secur Max wristband media, Secur Loc clasps and software. Wristbands are in color, easy to produce and use, and require no tools. Use Secur Max Bands for Commissary, Healthcare or Inmate Management.

11 Talbot Avenue Rankin, PA 15104 tel: 877-696-3742, 412-351-3913 fax: 412-351-2018 contact: Richard Fuller, Mktg. Mgr. email: website: EPIC Metals’ Security Ceilings EPIC Security Ceiling Systems provide a combination of structural floor/ceiling or roof/ceiling, providing designers and architects reduced noise levels and security in one system. These panels can accommodate a variety of utility systems, such as sprinklers, electricity, or monitoring devices. Contact EPIC to discover all the advantages of a security ceiling.

1881 W. State Street Garland, TX 75042 tel: 972-494-6151 fax: 972-494-1881 contact: James Hurst, Security Sales email: website: ...Garrett Metal Detectors is the global

leader in the research and manufacture of security walk-through, hand-held and ground search metal detectors. The company supplies walk-through, hand-held and ground search products for special events,airports, court houses, schools, correctional facilities and government buildings. Visit for complete product and application information.

Global Tel-Link (GTL)

12021 Sunset Hills Rd; Suite 100 Reston, VA 20190 tel: 844-269-1981 contact: Kirk Vespestad website: ...GTL is the leading provider of communications solutions and integrated technology in the corrections market. We offer inmate telephone systems, visitation management solutions, jail management systems, financial services, intelligence & investigative solutions, and more. Services provided to inmates allow them to stay connected to their family members and friends.

P.O. Box 340500 Milwaukee, WI 53234 tel: 800-558-0607, 414-671-6350 fax: 800-543-7521 contact: Mike Whiteley, VP Sales & Marketing email: website: ...Since 1950, Hatco has been a leader in creating innovative ideas for the foodservice industry, improving efficiency, reliability and profits. Our warming, toasting, sanitizing, and refrigerated products are designed and built to handle the rugged demands of today’s foodservice operations. We as Employee Owners are dedicated to exceptional customer service.


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17111 Preston Road, Suite 150 Dallas, TX 75248 tel: 972-960-4011 fax: 972-960-4015 contact: Leizl Winget, Marketing Services Manager, Justice email: website: ...At HDR, we’ve been helping our clients shape communities since 1917, making communities smarter, healthier and safer through the buildings we design. As the population within correctional facilities changes, we continue to lead the field with innovative approaches to mental and physical health and rehabilitation.

5130 Executive Blvd Fort Wayne, IN 46808 tel: 800-458-5593 fax: 800-800-4981 contact: Mac Routen, SVP Customer Service email: website: ...Heritage Parts is the leading provider of 100% Genuine OEM replacement parts for commercial and institutional kitchens. The company’s continued mission is to provide its customers dedicated customer service, 99% accurate parts identification and the largest in-stock inventory of Hot Side, Cold Side and warewashing parts for your institution.

the judicial, healthcare and transportation markets, Infax remains committed to being the most reliable solution for information distribution.

sanitized with the first pass. Insinger’s security package is designed for high risk areas - providing added protection from vandalism and thievery.

6245 State Road Philadelphia, PA 19135 tel: 215-624-4800 x 130 fax: 215-624-6966 contact: John Stern email: website: ...Insinger manufactures commercial warewashing equipment specifically designed for corrections environments. The insinger tray washer was developed to wash and sanitize compartment trays and is the only NSF approved tray washing system in the industry. By using a vertical spray pattern, tray washers remove debris that standard warewashers leave behind, compartment trays come out clean and

27499 Riverview Center Blvd., Ste 429 Bonita Springs, FL 34134 tel: 866-604-2931 fax: 570-524-2817 contact: Jeffrey R. Lose, OD, email: website: ...On Site Optometry – fully equipped. On Site Glaucoma Management / Telemedicine – Eliminate Off Site Trips for medical management of routine glaucoma. $ 14.75 Rx Eyeglasses. Largest on site correctional vision service provider in the country – over 1,000 facilities in 44 states; Federal in all 50 states & US Territories and international since 2000. Corrections experience since 1983.

Institutional Eye Care

4250 River Green Parkway, Suite D Duluth, GA 30096 tel: 770-209-9925 fax: 770-209-0671 contact: Maddie Alexander, Director of Judicial Sales email: website: ...For more than 45 years, Infax has been helping patrons navigate public spaces. Our systems provide our clients with capabilities to communicate vital information in real time. With solutions in VISIT US AT WWW.CORRECTIONSFORUM.NET


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10880 Lin Page Place St Louis, MO 63132 tel: 800-325-8998 fax: 800-848-5545 contact: Dana Dierdorf Ferrick,VP Marketing email: website: ...Keefe Group, through its affiliates, Keefe Supply, Keefe Commissary Network, Crawford Supply, Access Catalog, Access Securepak®, and Access Corrections™, is the nation’s leading supplier of food products, personal care products, electronics, clothing and technology to the correctional commissary market. Since 1975, Keefe has serviced the correctional market exclusively and has pioneered the evolution of products, packaging and technology services to fit the needs of commissaries nationwide.

4851 LBJ Fwy, Suite 200 Dallas, TX 75244 tel: 972 663-6565 800 929-0309 fax: 972 663-6551 contact: Michael Harling, Executive Vice President email: website: ...No new taxes or voter referendum are needed for our exclusive MuniLease® program. It is the most effective and flexible structure available for the financing or design/build/financing of your new correctional facility. MuniLease® can be used for an entire project, facility renovations or simply equipment. We are the recognized leader in lease and leasepurchase financing for correctional facilities and equipment. Let us put our years of experience to work for you.

Medi-Dose, Inc./EPS, Inc.

70 Industrial Dr. The Milton Building Ivyland, PA 18974 tel: 800-523-8966 fax: 800-323-8966 contact: Robert Braverman, Director of Marketing 50 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016

email: website: ...Medi-Dose is a tamper-evident, solid oral unit dose packaging system that is ideal for correctional health facilities. Medi-Dose features 13 types of blisters, including new Mini Medi-Cup Blisters for small medications and Deep & Jumbo blisters for larger or multiple meds. Medi-Dose features 1year beyond use dating and tamper-evidence protection. Our MILT software complements the Medi-Dose system and provides a variety of innovative features for all medication labeling needs…solids, liquids, IV’s, syringes, ampules, even equipment.

MHM Services, Inc.

1593 Spring Hill Road Vienna, VA 22183 ...MHM the national leading provider of mental health services to state correctional agencies. MHM is also the co-parent company of Centurion. Together, the companies provide healthcare services to over 300,000 individuals in 15 states. Visit and to learn more.

Millenium Access Control

Motor Coach Industries

200 East Oakton Street Des Plaines, IL 60018 tel: 866-MCI COACH fax: 502-318-8037 contact: ...MCI® ISTV™ Inmate security transportation vehicle. The MCI ISTV (Inmate Security Transport Vehicle) is custom-fitted according to agency specifications, with features that can include: seating for up to 69 inmates, containment barriers and cells, window bars , 1/2” shatter-resistant windows, a rear officer position, on board surveillance system, bullet-resistant materials. The ISTV model has a proven long life and low operating-cost track record, adding up to significant operational savings over the life of the vehicle. To learn more visit

16 Jordan Court, Dix Hills, NY 11746 tel: 888-242-2219 fax: 888-577-9932 email: website: ...Millennium Access Control Technology's Patented Access Control System (PACS) is invented by Mr. T. Alexander. Within the last decade we were able to supply and install thousands of PACS units in the correctional institution throughout the United States. By installing the PACS units in the facility you can achieve Security / Safety / Savings!. We are the Exclusive Source of Millennium Patented Access control System and Food Pass.

PO Box 400 Kenner, LA 70063 tel: 504-467-9591 contact: Marketing Department email: website: ...For over 65 years, Pellerin Milnor has been the leader in industrial laundry equipment quality and innovation. Our washer-extractors range in size from 25 to 700 lb. capacity and dryers from 30 to 550 lb. Correctional facility models are available with tamper-resistant fasteners and Lexan® covers for enhanced security and safety. Controls range from very simple to quite sophisticated, depending upon your needs. Contact us today for a complimentary laundry planning file.


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DIRECTORY NaphCare, Inc.

2090 Columbiana Rd, Suite 4000 Birmingham, AL 35216 tel: 800-834-2420 fax: 205-244-8010 contact: Chris Bell, VP of Business Development email: website: ...NaphCare provides a proactive approach to healthcare programs for correctional facilities ranging from comprehensive healthcare, on-site dialysis, off-site management, in house pharmacy and TechCare™ our electronic health record (EHR) clinical operational tool.

New Star Lighting 4000 South Bell Avenue Chicago, IL 60609 tel: 773-847-1400 fax: 773-254-6811 contact: David Pinion, Director of Sales & Marketing email: website: ...For over 25 years, New Star Lighting has been an innovator and leader in correctional, healthcare, cleanroom and architectural vandal resistant lighting. Our custom capabilities are unparalleled in the industry with a focus on exceeding customers’ expectations with superior quality and on time delivery.

SMRT Architects and Engineers

3330 Fiechtner Drive S. Fargo, ND, 58102 tel: 701-235-5226 fax: 701-280-0842 contact: Paul Baumgartner,VP Sales website:

...Get the easy and affordable correctional officer scheduling software from ScheduleAnywhere. Scheduling officers and department staff can be demanding. Making sure you have the right number of officers scheduled by shift, position, skill and location can be time consuming and difficult, but not anymore. Free trial available.


585 Capital Dr Lake Zurich IL, 60047 tel: 800-553-0110 fax: 847-726-2990 contact: Rich Maas, VP email: website: ...Need to create separate areas for training, counseling, meetings and more? Durable Screenflex Portable Dividers can easily be rolled into place and set up in seconds by anyone. Artwork can be displayed on the acoustical panels. Several models, heights, lengths and colors available. NEW CLEAR DIVIDERS available in one height and two lengths.

Peerless Handcuff Company

181 Doty Circle West Springfield, MA 01089 tel: 800-732-3705 fax: 413-734-5467 contact: Peter Gill email: website: ...Setting the standard since 1914. Offering a full line of restraining devices including: handcuffs, leg irons, security chains, high security restraints, color coated restraint and keys. All Peerless products come with a lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects

13800 Coppermine Road 2nd Floor Herndon, VA 20171 USA tel: 1 800 676 3300 contact: Jim Quick email: website: ...Senstar’s perimeter intrusion detection systems have been helping to keep inmates inside prison grounds and its personal duress systems have been protecting correctional staff around the world for 35 years. Senstar’s newest solution for correctional facilities, Gallium-PDS, is a passive cellular detection system that detects and locates the use of illegal mobile devices.


144 Fore Street Portland, ME 04101 tel: 207-772-3846 fax: 207-772-1070 contact: Arthur Thompson, AIA-Principal email: website: ...SMRT Architects and Engineers’ Justice and Public Safety Team is nationally recognized for its intelligent and innovative design of secure facilities, including prisons, jails and special needs population facilities. We provide needs assessments, feasibility studies, programming and design services for new and renovated facilities of all sizes and levels of security.

Strike Industries, Inc. 3446 S.W. 15th Street Deerfield Beach, FL 33442 tel: 954-420-9131 website: ...Strike designs, manufactures, markets, and supports world class digital security electronics solutions for county, state, and federal government agencies where quality, reliability and ease of use are key requirements. GTL and Strike have joined forces to provide the industry’s leading video visitation solution GTL’s VisitMe, formerly known as Renovo Software. FCC is continuing to take a bite out of your revenue and now is the time to take control. Ask Strike how you can own your video visitation system and generate your own revenue while providing the best possible solution for the facility and the end-users.


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225 Park Ave. S. New York, NY 10003 tel: 212-777-4400 fax: 212-529-5237 contact: David Miles Ziskind, FAIA website: ...STV provides broad-based services to the corrections industry that address all aspects of architectural design, including master planning, programming and interior design. The firm provides architectural, engineering, planning and design services nationwide and overseas. A 100 -year-old firm, STV is 100 percent employee owned.,Inc

P.O. Box 1008 Fairport, NY 14450 tel: 866-457-0858, 585-865-9828 fax: 585-325-0898 contact: Maxwell Klein, Manager email: website: ...The ultimate in affordable safety. Superiormirror offers a full line of acrylic convex, dome, flat and inspection mirrors to meet your special needs. Ideal for monitoring blind areas and precarious situation in Correctional Facilities, Security Check Points, Offices and more. Manage your trouble areas today with Superiormirror safety/security.

7030 Hi Tech Drive Hanover, MD 21076 tel: 410-872-6332 fax: 410-872-6010 contact: Markie Britton, Manager, Corporate Communications email: website: ...Tecore Networks is the inventor of Managed Access Systems and a pioneer supplier of multi-technology 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE mobile core and network infrastructure. Tecore’s precision control of wireless communications in secured areas provides the capability to selectively permit or deny communications from all cellular devices in that area. 52 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016

302 W. Melinda Lane, Suite 8 Phoenix, AZ 85027 tel: 480-998-7700 fax: 480-998-7600 email: website: ... TSI PRISM is the premier provider of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology for high-security applications. TSI PRISM system is the only real-time location and tracking technology specifically tailored for the requirements of the correctional facilities market. TSI PRISM provides continuous tracking and positioning, depicting graphically where a subject is anywhere in the facility. TSI PRISM fully integrates 847-1400 with Black Creek’s Super Display Touchscreen System.

2016 Gees Mill Road Conyers, GA 30013 tel: 888-996-7636 contact: Robert McNamara, Power Soak Product Specialist email: website:

...The Power Soak System creates a continuous motion and rotation of your pots, pans, and sheet pans, threreby eliminating the need for hand scrubbing. Our system replaces your three compartment sinks and saves time and labor.

1102 Pleasant St. # 804 Worchester, MA 01602-1232 tel: 508-831-4229 fax: 508-791-4966 email: JACKREIFF@WET-TECH.COM website: WWW.WET-TECH.COM ...WET-TECH, an Ozone equipment manufacturer, develops, designs, manufactures, sells and installs energy and water saving EnviroSaver II Ozone equipment for laundry & water treatment applications. Our energy and Utility savings along with Sanitary and Disinfection processes provides overall safety with a return on investment for Correctional and Institutional laundries. We are an SDVOSB (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business) DO IT ONCE / DO IT RIGHT

501 Holiday Dr., Foster Plaza Four Pittsburgh, PA 15220 tel: 888-MED-MGMT (888-633-6468) fax: 412-937-8599 contact: Wendelyn Pekich, Director of Marketing email: website: ...Based on more than 24 years of industry experience, Wexford Health’s cost-effective, clinically sound programs manage inmate health care costs while maintaining quality of care. Contact us to learn how our medical, mental health, pharmacy, dental, re-entry, EHR, telehealth, provider network, claims processing, and utilization management programs can help control your clinical and administrative costs.


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Continued from page 14 comes-related data. They offer a complete system for outcomes research and management. The

applied to the inmate without the need for assembly., 1.603.758.1488

Package Program


ASSA .......................................14 Black Creek Integrated Systems Corp. ....................25 Bob Barker..............................55 California Coast University.......4 Carter Goble Lee ......................9

full lifecycle of data design, capture, processing and reporting is offered via its suite of services. 504.342.3669

Corizon Health .........................7 Correctional Cable TV ............37 Correctional Counseling ........16

Stun Restraint

Endur ID Incorporated ...........12

The Advanced REACT Belt II wireless electric stun restraint is designed for heavy restraint inmate transport and custody con-

Jinny Corp.................................6 Keefe Group ...........................56 Mars........................................11 Medi-Dose Company .............35

trol. It is constructed of heavyweight reinforced woven nylon. All electrical components are safely secured inside outer pockets secured with strap. Wrist cuffs and center D-ring available for added belly chains., 1.770.334.8187

Access Securepak is said to be the most comprehensive custom package program in the correctional industry. Designed to allow family members/friends to send packages to inmates, the program virtually eliminates contraband and greatly reduces the time and labor required to process packages., 1.800.546.6283

Memory Typewriter With its crystal clear cabinet and its 128K-character storage

MHM Correctional Services, Inc..........................2 Millennium Access Control Technology ...........49 Motor Coach Industries (MCI) .................21 NaphCare ...............................31 Point Blank Industries ..............5 Prime Coat Coating System ...10 Screenflex ...............................13 StunCuff Enterprises, Inc. ........6 STV Architects, Inc ...................8

ID System Endur offers the ID Secure Max Identification System with Secur Loc closures. Secure Max band is produced using a standard color laser or monochrome printer and can display color photographs, barcodes, demographics and a host of other useful alerts and warnings. Bands are printed and

Tecore networks.....................19 Thermo Fisher Scientific.........33 Time Keeping Systems, Inc........................27 TriActive America ...................39 Tribridge.................................17 memory, the 2416DM 128K CCi is designed specifically for inmate use. The typewriter lets the user store, revise, and print up to 200 files, while its 20-character LCD allows users to see what they have typed before it ever gets to paper., 1.800.225.0867


TrinityServices Group, Inc......43 Western Union .......................23 Wet Tech ................................47 Wexford Health Sources ........29 This advertisers index is provided as a service to our readers only. The publisher does not assume liability for errors or omissions. CORRECTIONS FORUM • MARCH/APRIL 2016 53






BEDPHONES These on-ear headphones are designed for sleeping and everyday use. • Thin, less than 1/4" thick–no compartments to hide contraband • Memory wire conforms to shape of ear for added comfort • 2 Replacement earphone covers included: black and blue • 3.5 mm plug • Non-noise cancelling–users still hear ambient noise






PocketHound is the most sensitive covert cell phone detector available. Monitor all contraband cell phone texts, voice and data up to 75 feet away from your pocket. Used by prisons and law enforcement all over the world. PocketHound is made in the USA and sells for $499.




Need to create separate areas for training, counseling, meetings and more? Durable Screenflex Portable Dividers can easily be rolled into place and set up in seconds by anyone. Artwork can be displayed on the acoustical panels. Several models, heights, lengths and colors available. NEW CLEAR DIVIDERS available in one height and two lengths.


Greeting Cards Multiple occasional cards available in English and Spanish.

Tribridge Offender360 is a technological breakthrough that is capable of managing the entire offender lifecycle. No more forcefitting solutions to work for your organization or investing significant time and resources to build the system you need. Tribridge Offender360 offers the deployment ease of a packaged solution with the flexibility of a custom built application. Functional, user-friendly and cost-effective, Tribridge Offender360 represents the future of corrections management.

For more informations visit


• Six cards and six envelopes per pack • Actual design may vary


Inmate Identification Solution The Secur Max wristbands are imaged using standard desk top laser printers. Producing a durable wristband is as easy as simply printing it. They are waterproof and durable right out of the printer, no need to laminate, just print them and use them. Secur Max wristbands are put on to an inmate using a simple adhesive closure, and then secured using a single use Secur Loc Clasp, this clasp requires no tools and makes the adhesive closure inaccessible, since the wristband material is specifically engineered to be stretch and tear resistant the result is a difficult to remove identification wristband.

Visit for more information. VISIT US AT WWW.CORRECTIONSFORUM.NET



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