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My TYO + 2D1N Climb Fuji trip

My adventure started at Mt Fuji 5th Station. Took a bus from Shinjuku and reached here just before lunch

I got the walking stick from the store at 5Th Station. Must BUY this before the climb. Tell you why later..

Even in the summer month of July, the climb path will be misty and cold

There are a few trails up to the submit, i took the Yoshida trail. This is one of the Most scenic path to the top.

TOP 10th Station

5th Station

The starting part can be abit boring and demoralizing because you are walking in the cloud and with low visibility... But once you are out of the low cloud region, the view is breathtakingly... And it is only the beginning.

Finally i reached 7th station. 6th station is not within this Yoshida trail. Remember the walking stick? Every hut has a fire stamp symbol. Pay 500yen and they will fire burnt your “medal� onto the stick. This will become priceless when you complete the climb!

Not easy to get the 2nd stamp. See the empty parts on the stick? Start collecting till you reach the top.

The skies got brighter once we are out of the low cloud region and now we are in between the top and low clouds. The views can’t be described with words. You can see the fuji lakes from here already.

8th Station. My rest point for the evening before the next ascend. It is not advisable to climb in the night. To reached here, it took us about 4.5hours already

Frankly speaking, this is one of the worse curry i have ever tasted, but this is one of the most happiest meal i have ever eaten. I have to eat to re-energize. No other choices, all huts serve this type of dinner only. Lol~

We saw the Sun set (above) at the hut and we saw the sun rise (below) at the hut too~! If you can wake up at 2am, you may reach the top before sunrise too. We were still in shock from day 1 climb at 2am(lol). This was taken at about 5am at the hut.

You see, there are many huts along the climb between stations too. You see our medals? That’s alot of 500JPY.... We moved on after our breakfast~

The journey continues

8.5 station is the last place anyone can get a hut. After that are just pure climb to the top. You will find stamps for 9th and 10th station here too. See the White Torii? That is the gate to the top of Mt Fuji. Finally

You will forget all the tiredness when you see this white Torii, trust me you will.....

Because, when you look back, you are already above the clouds~ you have made it to the top!.. Well almost... It is a few more steps to the submit.

There are some shelters around and you can walk around the crater. Once you are at the top, you will feel so refreshed.. The air up here is just so different. You HAVE TO BE HERE YOURSELF. Its all worth it.

took me about 4 hrs to descend. Once you are back at 5th station, your walking stick will become your graduation stick. Something for you to remember till old.

After the trip, i took a bus to a ryokan near kawakuchiko area to wash away all the tiredness for the climb. Onsen has never been so GOOD~ The trip i have done was all on our own. We did alot of researches and self booking to make that happen, was really troublesome .... Now i have found a land who organized min 2 to depart guided 2D1N trip with transfers and mountain guide. It become so much easier. For anyone who is looking to experience Japan in a more intimate way.

Lets Climb Mt Fuji  

A real Japan experience that you would never thought possible