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Article of the Month: Is the Law Needed When Pursuing Purpose?

Fashion for Purpose: Autumn Styles and Colours

Women Stepping Out! Ruth Dickson Worship Minister & Founder Gihon Publishing Does Your Profile Need a Facelift?

A Younger Woman’s Perspective on Fulfilling Divine Purpose

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Issue 47 As we send out a warm welcome to all our readers to this autumn’s issue of EW Newsletter, I look forward to you enjoying the topics that we have lined up for you in this issue. .


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Special points of interest Women Stepping Our! EW Interviews Ruth Dickson Is the Law Needed When Pursuing Purpose? A Younger Woman’s Perspective of Pursuing Purpose Deliverance for Purpose

We’re almost through August and summer comes to an end, it’s been a wonderful 6 weeks of weather and I am sure you’ll agree with me that we got our heats worth. As a lecturer and mentor, one of my favourite topics is the Seasons in a Woman’s Life, a topic I put together to empower women to know and understand the seasons they’re in and how to make full use of their season in preparation for transitioning, when you have understanding in a situation, you know how to deal with it. Well little did I know that I would be facing an autumn season in summer. My autumn season involved cleaning my home and when I say my home I mean my spiritual home in one word ME. I had to take responsibility for things I have left undone, go back to people that I have offended and really learn to forgive those who I have held in my heart for such a long time. The cobwebs in my heart where starting to clog my vision and they had to be cleaned out so that I can see the next phase of direction. It’s been such an experience and I am hoping to share this with you at a later date. I can however tell you that the result of my summer journey even though still cleaning, has brought me to a train of thought about fulfilling purpose and that is:

Pursuing Holiness & Righteousness I was listening to a discussion where 2 ladies were complaining about the lack of increase they were experiencing in their businesses. Clients were leaving, opportunities were not visible and they didn’t have a notion as to how to deal with it. The decrease in figures had started affecting their profits and essentially their lifestyle. This wasn’t a case of not having a strong marketing strategy or a direction for growth or even the lack of a sophisticated profile that would reflect their dynamic services; as I continued to listen to their conversation, I felt a stirring in my heart and the Holy Spirit started to have a conversation about the problem these women and so many other women in business including myself face when being challenged to succeed in an already failing economy. EW



Venue—Holiday Inn Greenwich Time—10am—2pm Cost—£17.00 early bird until Saturday 31st August £25.00 until 12th September Exquisite Breakfast Buffet Provided Speakers Include:

David Okorodudu - President & Founder— Wisdom House International


Hostess—Jacqueline Ani

To register for this seminar please go to Finance for Purpose BS

Seleah Micci Wealth Creator


ONFERENCES, SEMINARS & FORTHCOMING SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS Sunday 13th October 11am Service Restoration Fellowship Ministries The Ephiphany Cherry Orchard Road Handsworth Wood Birmingham B20 2NG Restoration Fellowship Ministries

Sunday 15th September 2013 3—5 pm The Link Thamesmead. Belvedere Road. Thamesmead. London. SE2 9BS. The Building is Under Thamesmead/ Abbey wood. fly over.



OMEN STEPPING OUT! Ruth Dickson, Worship Minister, Missionary, Author & Founder— Gihon Publishing

I was extremely excited when my to effectively communicate the word of friend Ruth Dickson agreed to be inter- God to the children in a way that they viewed for EW Newsletter. could understand. The problem was that not all of them spoke the same lanI met Ruth 16 years ago at Church, guage; so getting an interpreter was not we’ve been friends ever since. be the solution. The problem was solved Ruth’s realised her gift when she by translating the children’s workbooks I wrote and sang her first song “Joy & brought with me from England into the Gladness” at the church we attended. different local languages being French, From then, “Joy & Gladness” became a Kinyarwanda and Swahili. Since then, well known praise and worship song translations have gone from just these that the Church used during Sunday three languages into many more, blessservice worship. ing children in many nations all over the world. Ruth went on to write many other songs and has released album covers EW: What stage in your life or should I including “Joy & Gladness”; say how early on in life did you realise “Wonderful God”, and her recently your gift in singing? released album and single “Jesus You RD: I realised this at a very early stage. Reign. My mother named me Ella after Ella Beautiful inside and out, this woman Fitzgerald because I had such a high has such a wonderful voice and testishrill as a baby. At the age of seven I mony, and I wanted to share her expewould stand in front of the mirror and rience with you as a woman who has sing, pretending I had a microphone in stepped out to fulfil her purpose in my hand. I remember my mum telling God. me that age 7 that I would be an international singer. However, this really meant nothing to me until I came to the EW: Tell us who Ruth Dickson is place of brokenness much later on in RD: Ruth Dickson is a writer, author, life. It was at this point that the Lord singer and missionary. She has written picked me up and showed me this wonseveral books: “Lifting the Lid on Decep- derful gift that He had given me. tion in Marriage”, “The Book of Ruth: EW:How has this gift developed over Beauty for Ashes, Praise for Despair, Joy the years? for Mourning”, “Humility: The Neglected Key”. She also has a number of chil- RD: Singing from the place of brokendren’s book in various languages: ness meant that I had to be totally deFrench, Igbo, Setswana, Hausa, Swahili pendent on the Holy Spirit to advance and Kinyarwanda. The translation of my gift. I had sung in front of the mirror books into different languages came as a child but singing in front of people about by her working with orphans on was another thing. I had no confidence the mission field. It all started in Rwan- in my gift but God used a lot of people da. The children she worked with spoke to encourage me like Jackie Nwokeji– no English and it was important for her Ani, Susan Harriot, David Elevique,

amongst many others. I had written many songs over the years, but the first song I ever recorded overwhelmed and surprised me. The song was recorded on the first take, it was not even a mastered version of the song, but on account of that song I was invited to many churches, both in the UK and abroad. Everyone that listened to it loved it and that gave me the confidence to take my singing further and work on my vocals. EW: Please list the name of your albums and where can they be purchased from? RD: My first album was called “Joy and gladness”, others are “You are my peace”, “Wonderful God”, “Worthy God” and “Christ is coming again”. The album or the mp’s on the album “You are my peace” can be bought at CDBABY.COM and iTUNES, including my new single, “My Jesus you reign”. The others can be bought directly from me via my email:

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OMEN STEPPING OUT! Ruth Dickson Author, Missionary, Worship Minister

EW: Years back, your life changed from a married woman with 2 children to a single woman with 2 children; you also had to let go of the house you were living in with your husband, how did the change bring you to where you are today - a woman living in purpose? RD: Like every other woman, naturally, you regard your husband with such high esteem and marriage as sacred and ordained by God. When my ex-husband walked out of the family home, I was absolutely devastated. Even when he conceived a child outside and married another woman I was still not prepared to let go. I felt that my life was ruined and there was nothing more to live for. It took God to take me through “The book of Ruth” and show me step by step that going through a hurricane and living with trauma and shock does not depict the end of the Christian woman. He had to teach me to let go completely and trust again. It took me years to build up my confidence with the help and constant aid of the Holy Spirit. God told me He had a plan and purpose for me, a great destiny, but that I would never achieve it or get there if I remained at the place of mourning. By trusting God and letting go of the past I let in God’s perfect plan for my life unfold. It has not been a days journey. Loosing my husband and my dream home has been nothing compared to what God has given me instead. God has given me the mind and heart of Christ and that I will not exchange for anyone or anything. He has birthed such compassion within me, enabling me to minister to the hurting, vulnerable and lost all around the world. He has

given me love that no man can take away. Nothing gives me more joy than to be the hands and feet of Jesus, ministering to the weak and binding up the wounds of those who have been hurt and wounded.

only way you can fulfil your purpose is by pursuing God and finding out exactly what your purpose is.

EW: You have travelled to Rwanda and other parts of Africa as a Missionary, what do you think are some of the isEW: There are women married and sues that women in developing counsingle with children who have to deal tries face? with the challenges that life brings them as single women even in marRD: Compared to women in the western riage, this in itself can dishearten them world, women in Africa have a host of pursuing their divine purpose, what issues they deal with on a daily basis. advice can you give to them in such One of their greatest obstacles, and this situations? summarizes a host of problems, is financial. Rwanda is a country where you RD: I have spoken at various conferhave so many widows and young womences and have had many women living en living at the brink of poverty. This is alone with children write me and email reflected in many African countries. me about their various situations and Many of the widows in East Africa as a state of affairs. I have so much compaswhole have the issue of HIV and AIDS to sion for women who are raising children deal with, as well as their financial probon their own. In God’s original design, it lems. In places like Congo women and was never meant for one person to be children are being raped every-day, solely responsible for raising a family. In causing them to constantly be on the today’s fallen world, there are countless move for fear of their lives. With situawomen that have a paper stating they tions like this, they cannot plan, work or are married, but in reality, they living even start a business. The instability alone as single parents. My advice to makes life meaningless for many women anyone in this situation is to partner living in the war torn areas of Africa. with the Holy Spirit. He is one that understands the intricacies of every cirEW: How can women in this part of the cumstance. He knows more than you country and nation support other womwill ever know about your situation. He en in those countries, what do they knows why you are going through what need from us? you are going through. He will instruct you in what to do. Most of all, He is a RD: Women in this part of the world can God of compassion, full of understandsupport by supporting the organisations ing who will never condemn you. He that are already on the ground supurges you to worship Him in spirit and in porting the people. The help can come truth (John 4:24). All wisdom belongs to in various forms. God and it is in His presence that you are shown what and who you are. The Continued on page 8



he Leadership Mentoring for Purpose Programme (LMPP) New Online Programme Starts November 14th 6pm— 10pm (CET) . To find out more or register, please go to

Telephone + 44 207 998 1848; Email:



OMEN STEPPING OUT! Ruth Dickson, Worship Minister, Missionary, Author & Founder— Gihon Publishing

RD: By the giving of help: offering to volunteer with these organisations. By giving financially: giving regularly to organisations that assist women and children. By raising funds: fund raising within your church or community and by creating awareness: letting others know, campaigning about the plight of others in these nations. You may even go a step further by setting up your own organisation to help and support women all over the world.

EW: What is the most common aspect you see in the children that you have worked with? RD: I have seen some of the most talented children in the world on my journeys in Africa. They are extremely intelligent in various ways, but most of them do not have the exposure or right environment to have this talent nurtured.

EW: Gihon Books is a Publishing co you set up, what is its purpose in the work EW: Tell us about your work with chil- you do? dren? RD: Gihon publishing was first set up in RD: Since 2007, I have supported poor 2007 for the missionary purpose of pubchildren in East Africa with my own minlishing and distributing gospel books for istry ‘Heavenly Treasures Ministries”. As children in the rural parts of Africa. Now well as setting up holiday Bible clubs for it is also makes other publications, supthe children, it has been about visiting porting Christians to produce books and them and showing them that you care get their stories published. We now run with love and compassion. from an office in Hertfordshire. Heavenly Treasures Ministry is a grass EW: What is your understanding of roots ministry, going to many places divine purpose and do you believe that that people naturally would not like to you have been divinely appointed to go. My work involves teaching the chilfulfill your purpose at this time? dren the Bible using workshops, evangelical literature and giving out biblical RD: I believe I have been called into the books in their own languages. Many of Kingdom, like Esther, for such a time as these places have little or no books for this. God has a plan for every man and children that live in the rural areas. woman born on the face of this earth. A Many of these children cannot speak person is walking in their divine purpose English. The publishing of the books and when they are doing exactly what God having them translated into different has called them to do. You may ask, how languages has a lot of financial implicado I know what God has called me to be tions. At present, I am trying to raise or do? It is by simply asking God. And in funds and get as much support as possiasking God, you need patience, don’t ble from churches and organisations for expect the whole plan to be revealed in the translations and distribution for one day. The journey is for a life -time. these books. Books are being published now, not just for children in Africa, but EW: We come across many women for many parts of Europe where the gos- who have a gift to sing, but not sure how to start, how would you advise pel is desperately needed.

them to step out? RD: The first things I will say is never despise the days of small beginnings. Before I ever stood in the public or a pulpit, I first of all knew how to worship God in the hidden enclosure of my room. This is where it all begins for the Christian worshipper. Learn how to worship God in the quiet places. It is also important to perfect your gift. When I started singing I wasn’t able to afford singing lessons so I had some very solid vocal workouts CD’s. I used them everyday, unfailingly and this strengthened my vocal chords. It is all about trusting God working and co-operating with Him. The secret to true greatness lies within Him! END You can contact Ruth Dickson via the following sites: Ruth Gihon Publishing



tyling for Purpose Autumn Styles & Colours by Bukky Rabuna Image

Pantone has a colour palette for Autumn/Winter 2013 and its “delicious”! Well, I think so anyway…as most of these colours appear on my personal colour palette and I know I can wear and carry them off and they’ll suit me just fine. By the way, if you don’t have a personalised colour palette I suggest you get one – I call it the “8th wonder of the world”. A priceless asset for any style savvy EW.

As a guide, here below are a few ways you can combine these colours:

So here’s the Pantone Autumn 2013 Palette – what do you think?

Or you may choose to make a big colour statement and use one colour in an outfit – i.e. monotone. Do these examples take your fancy?

Hmmm, I guess now we know what colours are in; the next step is incorporating these into our wardrobes this season. A note of caution here, it’s important to understand what colours suit our natural colouring, this usually does require professional advice but also our own gut /natural instinct is a good guide. If you wear a particular colour and it makes you look vibrant then it’s a yes!! If it drains you or doesn’t flatter you in any way then it’s not for you.

Another way to work with colour, is to use the accents as accessories to add vibrancy to an outfit e.g. on a casual outing you could wear a classic white shirt on blue jeans and jazz that up with a bag in “Mykonos blue” or even a scarf or necklace.

So back to the pantone palette - of the colours on the palette – Turbulence, Carafe & Deep lichen green can be viewed as basics i.e. they are the new “black” – used for skirts, trousers, jackets, coats, staple leather accessories etc. The rest of the palette -are accents - these are the colours you can use to make a colour statement and used for tops, casual clothes and scarves etc.



tyling for Purpose Autumn Styles & Colours by Bukky Rabuna Image

Again, you may choose to update your make up; using some of these colours to complement your outfits. New makeup is a lovely way of updating your look and most times this can happen for free- you just sit in the consultants chair and let him/her work their wonders. You can then decide whether to buy some of the items they recommend. Whatever you do, before you rush out and start a shopping spree, please go through your closets and see what items you have already, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find. Try to put outfits together with pieces you already have and then shop to fill in the gaps. I always say, buy the best quality you can afford! and if your budget doesn’t stretch to buying new clothes, then buy a new scarf, or belt, or piece (s) of statement jewellery in some of these lovely autumn colours. If all I’ve said still feels too difficult or confusing, ( definitely not my intention) then just go out window shopping – look at how the mannequins are put together in the shop windows of your favourite stores; they are usually always in the latest trends and this should give you some ideas; also magazines are a good source of inspiration both hard copy and online magazines. The idea is not to become a fashion victim, but to add in-season colours that flatter you, your ensembles and update your look!!

So there you have it! Enjoy autumn and beyond, working with and rocking the autumn palette. I shall surely be rocking Samba & Akai myself! Blessings to you! From Bukky ~RabunaSylist with Love xx Bukky Ayoade ~ “RabunaStylist” is Principal Consultant at Rabuna Image Consultancy You can contact her via t: +2348132988304 or +447984374064 e: Facebook: Rabuna Image Consultancy Twitter: @Rabunalmage © Rabuna Image Consultancy 2013 All Rights Reserved



rticle of the Month Is The Law Needed When Pursuing Purpose? By Angela Arnold

When we walk with the Lord in the light of his Word, What a glory he sheds on our way! While we do his good will, he abides with us still, And with all who will trust and obey. Chorus: Trust and obey, for there’s no other way

also be flawed etc. This can be seen at times in the failings of our own legal process and unfair outcomes. But the successes and failings are needed to help us grow and mature equipped to excel in the mountains or areas that God has called us work in. God's law is steeped in the covenant principle, in fact it is the basis for all that would be rooted in agreement and unequivocal obedience and of course it is well versed that obedience leads to accomplished purpose - as far as God's mandate is concerned.

To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.

The bible has always been sturdy and prescriptive in its translation of God's application of the covenant and shows how Did you know that the legal system we operate in today is integral and what an enormous depth of importance He places on this principle. based on God's legal system? Did you know that these laws or boundaries created by God, In light of this and a somewhat close paradox the 'covenant' and also to an extent 'imitated' and assimilated by man helps principle is represented and defined in law as this. us to run the course of our purpose? a binding agreement; contract... and in law, a. an agreement Did you know that our purpose is defined and based on in writing under seal, as to pay a stated annual sum to a charity; b. a particular clause in such an agreement, especially in God's ultimate purpose for each of our unique characters. a lease Having worked in the legal field for many years it does not cease to astound me as to the numerous cases and even the God has already defined what we are given authority to do legal system have laws created for restraint or to give liberty within His laws and through the blood line of our Lord and to our functions within the seven major areas or mountains Saviour, its given so that we can stand even within the deof influence in our society - more specifically Family, Church, fects of man-made laws that may try to hinder or block us Business, Government, Education, Arts/Entertainment and from our purposes within any of these seven mountains. Media. Remember He said in Isaiah 55:8 “For my thoughts are not It's not coincidental and it relates to God's plan for our gifts your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,� declares the and talents to advance in the Kingdom in any one of these Lord. When you define your purpose you must try and see it arenas, especially in these end times, where we need to be a as God sees it' and ask the Holy Spirit to help you. When that strategic lighthouse. We are designed and destined to be has been discovered and confirmed by Him, trust me - it influencers and world-changers in whatever gifts or talents always fits into one of the mountains. He says that we can that are evident as fitting into one of these 'mountains'. It say to the mountain to be moved... we are designed as the mountain mover within our chosen and assigned sphere of makes perfect sense because we serve a perfect God! influence. Define your purpose as God sees it within His legal Let's look at God's law versus Man's Law. God makes just domain and using the authority or legal rights He has given laws. He's a perfect person it says it in Psalms 98.9 "that let you. them sing before the LORD, for he comes to judge the earth. He will judge the world in righteousness and the peoples with Start declaring your rights its legal! We take these declaraequity". Equity is the quality of being fair and impartial in tions for granted. A declaration means an explicit, formal announcement, either oral or written a statement made by a treatment. party to a legal transaction usually not under oath. Do you In man's law it is a branch of law on its own which was develknow why it's not under oath? It's because it's your birth oped alongside what is called 'common law' in order to remright - I mean your legal birth right, when you choose to foledy some of its defects in fairness and justice. However, in low Christ there are benefits - legal benefits! man's law our starting point has to be that man is flawed and imperfect, therefore it leads on to say that his decisions may



s The Law Needed When Pursuing Purpose?

You can do all things through Him... all things are possible... His good will, our own purpose and destiny will be a confiThis brings certainty, positivity and credibility to your pur- dent success! pose. I leave you with one of my favourite scriptures and celebrate Obviously there are consequences when the legality is bro- with you that the law is needed when pursuing purpose... ken and this brings the opposite and opens the door to un"I have chosen the way of truth; I have set my heart on your certainty, negativity and hopelessness. Your purpose would laws. I hold fast to your then appear to be unworkable. statutes, O Lord; do not However, we are certain, which means it goes beyond predic- let me be put to shame. I tions that God has plans for us that will promote His will and run in the path of your also our destiny- knowing the plans of God definitely means a commands, for you have set my heart free." Psalm certain and successful outcome. (Jeremiah 29:11) 119:30-32 Remember, the rules or laws of heaven always translates to you as daughter/son/business man/woman of God. We have Angela Arnold a legal scroll coming out of our mouths translated as the Consultant Solicitor prayer of Agreement. It's legal! The hymn I referred to at the beginning of this piece is to remind us that if we trust in His laws and obey them doing


he Leadership Mentoring for Purpose Programme Franchise (LMPP)

Do you have a desire to transform the lives of people? Have you identified abilities that enables you teach others? Do you find that your life has been a series of processes teaching you wisdom to lay foundation, identify strategies to build purpose and to empower, encourage and mentor others to discover their purpose?

Leadership Mentoring for Purpose Programme to those who you are called to encourage, develop, empower etc. This programme is a leadership foundational programme and can be delivered alongside your own developmental programmes. The franchise comes with the following:

The LMPP manual, LMPP workbook, train the trainer sesThe Mentoring Academy of Empowered Woman Ltd is in- sions, a forum where other mentors including myself can viting women to buy into the LMPP Franchise and start their discuss and share ideas and a 2 year contract to deliver this programme, with a view to renewing if you so wish. own mentoring programme. The programme has enabled so many launch out into that At a very affordable price you will have access to a bigger which has always been part of them but didn't know it. network of individuals and the ability to build up your portfolio If you believe that you are called to a people service indusFor further details please email us at TheMentoringAcademy try/ministry, then you should be thinking of delivering the



oes Your Company Need a Facelift?

Founded with the aim of providing multimedia design solutions for non profit, small businesses and private individuals, Purple Rose Creative Design is a graphic design company which specialises in a range of tailor made designs including digital, print and hand made. Having produced work for a number of clients such as University of Birmingham, University of Wolverhampton, RUACH City Churches, BME Business Women’s Network, the portfolio of Purple Rose has extended. The company has a flair for capturing and presenting information in an appealing manner to a wide range of audiences. As the 2009 Aspiration Woman of the Year Award Winner, Tamika Pusey-Squire, founder and CEO of Purple Rose has extensive knowledge in the world of business, gaining over 15 years experience within various sectors including education, retail, tourism, the media and the corporate field. She is also an ordained and licensed minister for a non-denominational church. Her affiliation with the church has given the company an eye for the professional image and presentation of churches and Christian organisations. A unique feature of Purple Rose is its bespoke hand crafted special occasion stationary, for example, wedding invitations, order of service, christening invitations etc. These custom made designs are skilfully created using the finest materials.

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Digital - Websites - E flyers - E campaigns - Social Media Graphics - Learning Management Systems

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Younger Woman’s Perspective on Fulfilling Purpose. By Kike Ashanike

“Purpose is not something we do to make money, to feel powerful or to be known, purpose is a survival tool for it is the very air that I breathe. Purpose is the only place where my insecurities disappear, my fears seem so little, my imperfections are no longer crippling for they have become perfectly perfect; purpose is the only thing that makes sense. My purpose is Him.” Kika Ashanike

As a young and impressionable young Christian I was sucked into this rat race (although I certainly wasn’t moving anywhere fast). I had found my purpose and calling and that was through speaking and writing to help other young women. I set up a charity, set up a business and went hard on working on these. I made endless funding applications, phone calls and spent most of my summer staying up till the small hours of the morning planning. I had found I gave my life to Christ at the age of 17, I my purpose. Glory to God! …Well… exdidn’t come from a typical Christian cept God wasn’t getting any of the Globackground so purpose was certainly a ry. new word to me but it would be a word that I would hear over and over in the I had found myself calculating funds Christian circle. I came to know the thinking of how much money I could word purpose as a person’s reason for make, my gifts should make room for being, the reason why God saw fit to me right? I gave my imagination permiscreate you or as many like to put it “the sion to wonder and began to look up problem you have been put here to the type of house I could buy, car I solve”. Now all of this sounded amazing could drive, how many people could and it sure did make sense, but there attend events and how I would attract was a problem, the problem was that I these people. I definitely wanted to started to look and observe and witness help people but I had to help myself purpose as a rat race, there was a race too. to “make it”. Where everyone was trying to make it to I wasn’t all too sure Praise God for the Holy Ghost! He but there certainly was an unspoken showed me that I was joining the multirace which had more competitors than tude in building my own Kingdom. I the London marathon. Many were tack- wasn’t looking to add to His Kingdom I ling the race by being the loudest, stra- was using it as a decoy. He showed me tegically displaying their spiritual gift- that I was looking outside of myself to ing’s at the right moments or by simply my talents and my skills but I was failing sticking close to the pastor, others were to look within myself, if I had looked simply “going hard” at their calling and within I would find him and in turn find putting all their time and energy into His Kingdom. I would find true purpose, maximising their talents. for I would find identity.

examples ahead of me, I was being led by greed and pride, I was being led by my own motives. My heart was not pure and for that Lord I am deeply sorry. The Lord unravelled my true calling to me when I wasn’t so concerned with finding out “this thing” that I was born to do as I had previously been encouraged to do so. I just looked for Him. In looking for him and His Grace allowing me to find Him I found my identity and in turn found my purpose. Although they have always said it’s not so, purpose has always been demonstrated as something that a person did and not who they were. But He showed me that I did not need to find purpose, my purpose had found me, for He is my purpose and He has found me. I soon realised that my purpose was not something that I had to stay up all hours for, something that I had to work my butt off for, my purpose was becoming one with Him, the lover of my soul. Young Christians today are encouraged to find their purpose, seek their purpose, work hard for their purpose. In turn we have tons of young Christians “doing” a lot of things, but we do not have enough “being” the Sons of God.

I could not count how many young Christian events that I am invited to on a monthly basis, many young people hosting Christian events and being praised for living out their purpose when in actual fact what we have is many a young people following the path I’m sorry Lord I was just looking at the of self-gratification,



Younger Woman’s Perspective on Fulfilling Purpose. By Kike Ashanike

building a Kingdom of self and living their lives for a career of self-employed motivational speaker and yet calling it ministry. I long to see the Church encourage young people on the truth about purpose, our purpose is to know our Heavenly Father and become ONE with Him. Our purpose is the same as Christ’s, our purpose is simple; our purpose is obedience. John 17:20-23 NIV My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one- I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.

"Low self esteem, rejection, jealousy and back biting, losing a first love, break ups and make ups and serving God in a God less world"....For every young woman in Christ...

The Delivery Room: Discovering the real me in Him, by Kika Ashanike.

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Have you ever heard the saying ‘A wom- Hand cream an and her handbag cannot be separatThey say you only get one chance to ed’? Well you have now!!! make a good first impression so make Truth be told, a woman’s handbag is sure your hands are ‘handshake-ready’ just like a best friend……come rain, by keeping them soft and properly moiscome shine, it remains firmly planted by turized with a good hand cream . her side or on her arm (as the case may Tissue/Wipes be). Save yourself from a sticky situation Of course, handbags can serve as the with a pack of tissues or wipes for freshperfect eye candy to spice up our ening up on-the-go. I always have one outfits, but they can also be lifesavers if or the other in my handbag and I find we remember to pack the most essen- myself reaching for them ever so often tial stuff in them. Remember the Boys and guess what, once you whip them Scouts Motto “Be Prepared”? Well out, someone around you will want one that’s exactly what every Purpose-Filled too! Woman should be! Hand sanitizer Here are my Top 15 ‘Girly’ Handbag We touch so many dirty surfaces and Essentials. handles throughout the day so it is alMakeup Bag ways a good idea to keep a hand sanitizWe want to look presentable at all times er to protect us from yucky germs. so having a small make-up purse/bag is Blotting sheets an absolute essential for every lady. Remember to keep your purse light and These are life-savers especially if your compact by including the essentials you skin tends to get oily during the course will need for a quick two-minute touch of the day. They instantly absorb excess up (no need to carry the dressing table oil, minimize pores and transform shiny skin into gorgeous matte perfection. with you). Notepad/Pen

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Pill case

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eliverance for Purpose By Andrea Beaumont

Many times when we hear the word “deliverance” all sorts of things springs to mind, for some it could be demon possession, or something is in my home or even help me I am living hell on earth. For all those who call themselves Christians we honestly believe that once we pray the sinners prayer, or may we say to ourselves but “I am born into a Christian family” how could I possibly need deliverance because “the blood of Jesus is sufficient enough to save me. “ Now it is true, but when you say I am a Christian, what does it take to be a Christian or should I say a follower of Christ? It is not sufficient to pray the sinners pray and think that this is enough to keep you from the enemy for the rest of your Christian journey. One has to walk with our lord God Jesus daily, with a personal relationship with him, talking (prays and confessions), walking, praising through songs. I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.3 For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith. What is deliverance?

we believe that a church is there to help the community of God’s people and provide a service in getting the children of God all cleaned up. After, sometime attending this deliverance church I came to realise that there were some practices that are not in the word of God (bible), Matthew 24:4,5 4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, take heed that no man deceive you. 5 For many shall come in my name, saying I am Christ; and shall deceive many. And For there shall arise false Christ's, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; in so much that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. I just knew I need to get cleaned up. But not all churches are from God, there are people out there who actually home in on people personally fears and issues and take large amount of money from them. This is day light robbery and you need to be careful how you give into the kingdom of God. We must be mindful to understand that deliverance is not to be bought, yes normal things that need to be paid for, but to give without reason is stealing from you as a child of God. Over the years of counselling and fellowship with Christians, I have listened to so many philosophies spoken by Christians, narrating all kinds of talk that is not in the bible. We as human beings love to makeup and twist life to suit ourselves. You see, when you came to God on who’s terms did you come, was it on yours or our lord’s. So many want to tell God how their lives should go, but with this understanding when you are born again what does it say:-

So many of us, do not have a clue about deliverance and with all the media hip in and around the Christian circuits there is more fear around it more than anything else. I would love to give you some do’s and don’ts, but because everyone are all so different in their individualities, yes we need to have a strong and deep personal relationship with God. This is what is going to save you from yourself and other false prophets Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away; behold all things are new. 2 Corincoming into your life. thians 5:17 I had a fortunate and yet unfortunate experience in joining a church, which happened to specialised in deliverance. This was one of my single, greatest lessons that I have ever learnt by being caught up in a deliverance ministry. As a Christian



eliverance for Purpose By Andrea Beaumont

So many times we become desensitised to the word of God because we take it for granted, because we are in the house of God, but not allowing the power of God to become life in our lives. You see, when we come to God initially, what do you think has happened, when we pray the sinners pray. Do you honestly think that we just get cleaned up just like that? And shout from the roof tops “we have left the clutches of sin we do not need anything else apart from one dose of God’s word, let us wave a magic wand maybe and oh! Everything is going to be just fine for the rest of our lives. The initial process of being born again and being a new creature is more than just being what is more than that, it is having a clear understanding of what has happened in the spiritual realm. Let me give you an example of why, I believe it is important to understand what steps you have made and why deliverance is so important to the progression of your life. Imagine a mother is on the birthing stool and is giving birth, as you can see the baby come into to this world with great pain and suffering but, once the baby is born there is a joy! We all know this? What happens next? The doctor and nurses take the baby and clean it all up ready for it new life with its parents. Who are going to teach that child through all the steps of life until the day he or she is ready to follow their own destiny and purpose. Now deliverance is the exactly the same process, you come all the work that Christ has done on the cross and we do not out of the world and you are born into the kingdom of God; want to take up the baton. It is so, ridiculous that as Christians we do not know what was the price that was paid to set Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and us free. But! for us to receive our freedom, we carry on in all these things will be added unto you. ignorance and many Christians believe that they would enjoy The baby comes out with all the mucus and blood and every- heaven without the true understanding of why Jesus died on thing, as well as come out crying very distressed, having gone the cross. down the birth canal. Can you imagine the shock of what that Somehow, someway we have all manage to get ourselves baby has gone through? So, now you have just come out caught up in the web of life through our choices. In; with pain and suffering, also with the entire world on you having been through the roads of life. Surely! You are going Acts 14:16 who in times past suffered all nations to walk in to be traumatised shocked by the trails or tribulations. What their own ways. does this mean? You have suffered the pains and hurts of this Romans 11:9-12 And David saith, Let their table be made a life. The examples of this maybe, divorce, death, redundansnare and a trap, and a stumbling block, and a recompense cies, losing your homes, bad relationships, loss of business, unto them; 10 Let their eyes be darkened, that they may not financial ruin etc. many times when we come to God, nor- see, and bow down their back always. 11 I say then, Have mally it is always through many different circumstances they stumbled that they should fall? God forbid: but rather which are out of our control, through poor choices and mis- through their fall salvation is come unto the Gentiles, for to management of one’s own life. We all get caught up in the provoke them to jealousy. 12 Now if the fall of them be the traps of our lives. I know, this statement is a direct notion of riches of the world, and the diminishing of them the riches finger pointing but you will say how is it my fault? Why, am I of the Gentiles; How much more their fullness. suffering in my life like this? God says, that my people die through a lack of knowledge or in lay man’s terms Join us in the next issue when Andrea discusses Why Delivknowledge is power. This is the reasons why he sent his son erance is Important for the Christian Life. to die on the cross for our sins. We are all to be empowered,




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Our Purpose—to empower women to empower nations. When a woman is empowered she becomes a wealth of wisdom to those connected to her in every area of her life. Our Mission—we deliver various programmes that will empower women from one level of life to the next level. Our Passion—to see women liberated and wealthy in spirit, soul and body.

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Join our dynamic group of women in business, ministry, and leadership and help to make a difference in your community. We are interested in women who have a desire to further our objectives in empowering, encouraging and developing women to maximise potential and fulfil divine purpose. As a member, you will be entitled to discounts on all our seminars, conferences, workshops and resources and enjoy the opportunity in appearing in future television programmes/interviews. To pay for this subscription please click HERE

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Our Purpose—to empower women to empower nations. When a woman is empowered she becomes a wealth of wisdom to those connected to her in every area of her life. Our Mission—we deliver various programmes that will empower women from one level of life to the next level. Our Passion—to see women liberated and wealthy in spirit, soul and body. Contact Details

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