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Issue 46 JUNE/JULY 2013

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How to Bring Your Ideas to Life.

Women Stepping Out! Lauretta Pierce Covenant Cookies

Conference, Seminars, Workshops—June/July

Highlights from the Empowered Woman Conference 2013

Issue 46

INSIDE THIS ISSUE You Are An Intellectual Property….2 Highlights of #EWC2013……….. .3 Transformed ………….4



Conference, Seminars & Workshops for in June/ July………………………5 Women Stepping Out! Lauretta M Pierce……………………………….7 Finance for Purpose Breakfast Seminar……………………….,…10

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Highlight s of #EWC2013

Women Stepping Out! Lauretta Pierce of Covenant Cookies Inc.

Transformed for Purpose by Jacqueline Ani

How to Bring Your Ideas Alive by Lauretta Pierce


ello Ladies .

It’s been awhile since the last special issue of EW Newsletter, we had a wonderful time at the Empowered Woman Conference 2013, but I needed to keep my head down and recuperate, re energise and restructure my time and plans for the rest of the year. Our newsletter is reaching so many of you and we receive reports, updates and testimonials on how our articles, features are empowering you to discover and move in your purpose. There are some changes to the production of EW Newsletter; in the past the newsletter has been produced monthly, however due to the progress of the newsletter in reaching more people on an international basis, we will be producing the newsletter quarterly, which gives us enough time to bring to you more exciting, interesting and thought provoking topics to read, and update you on what exciting things women are doing locally, nationally and globally, as well as interesting seminars, conferences and workshops that you can attend to help you discover and walk in purpose. While I’ve been taking time out to recharge my own energy, I spent time attending seminars, reading and of course connecting with the Holy Spirit for direction and I must say I am receiving some deeper revelation about who we are and the powerful beings God has created us to be. I’m on a trail of understanding the knowledge economy, especially how this terminology fits into the Kingdom perspective. I have realised that in understanding the knowledge economy and how we as Christians can partake of this is to understand that:

You Are An Intellectual Property The Knowledge Economy describes important economic changes; Stephen Overell of the Work Foundation admits the term can be misleading in the sense that most UK jobs will be professional, managerial or associate professionals (nurses, technicians etc) and the most productive, fastest-growing sectors of all economies are knowledge based. EW

HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE EMPOWERED WOMAN CONFERENCE 2013 How Spiritual Transformation Brings about a Change in Our Attitudes, Emotions, Performance and Life. Most times we think according to the system we live in, our environment and development tends to shape our growth and essentially our mind-set.

Transformed for Business is a strong mandate for each one of us to operate and perform business according to God’s Kingdom. God has given each one of us ideas as a form of wealth to create business that falls in line with His Will for His people. Our priority is to think about His Purpose for us and in that if we’re called to business then He will open doors. Having said this, all forms of work for the Kingdom of God is business even though it may not be carried out in the conventional way, transformed for business is doing business God’s Way. There are so many opportunities to start your own business and one of such ways in with the internet business which cost nothing to start and can be a good way to help women create cash flow to invest in bigger ideas.

Spiritual transformation is a process that takes place when the spirit is born again and our mind is renewed. Even though our spirits are a new creation ones saved, the main challenge happens in the mind, and that is a daily process and Speaker: Placida Acheru demands constant focus on God’s Will and words for our lives. As we submit to what and how He says we should act, think and perform, that essentially changes our attitudes towards others, our own emotions and how we see things and essentially brings success in our performance and life. Speaker: Pastor Abbiih Oloyede Minister Ruth Dickson anointed voice entertained us with beautiful songs including “Jesus You Reign” For more pictures click below: EW


Transformed for Relationships encourages us to deal with hidden baggage, emotions and wounds from our past and can affect our future relationships. The truth is that one cannot enjoy a healthy relationship in marriage and other business/ministry opportunities if we’re not seeking God’s restoration for our wounded hearts. A wounded heart reveals symptoms and its up to us to seek God for healing. But in seeking Him is to know truth so that we are set free. Speaker: Reverend Enomfon Ntefon

TRANSFORMED FOR PURPOSE PROPHETESS JACQUELINE ANI There are so many conflicting messages defining the real  Natural Purpose/Destiny meaning of purpose and how we can identify it, achieve it, be  Divine Purpose/Destiny successful and still live a healthy lifestyle. Purpose simply Natural Purpose is very much as it says – it develops the carmeans nal mind of an individual majority of the people you encounYour Reason for Being ter and maybe you are fulfilling everything natural on earth, The intent of a creation of a thing; purpose is linked to lead- everything to do with the natural being. Those who concentrate on fulfilling natural destiny can become victims of natuership. ral destiny. For example – the purpose of a camera is to capture images and store them; once the purpose is decided, then the manu- What I mean by this is that they’re in search of a better lifefacturers design the product in line with its purpose. They style, lots of money in the bank, a career etc, etc. Some of build it with the ability to capture and store images within the people who’ve approached you for coaching, mentoring, personal development because they’re at a crossroad and the product. can’t understand how they ended in such a fix is because The purpose then determines your belief about the camera. they’ve been pursuing natural destiny and missed the leading Every manufacture determines a product but they begin the to make the transition to divine purpose. design with the purpose of the product in mind. Divine Purpose - is what is known as the destiny of God in a Purpose is a desired function of creation. God gave us a rea- man’s life, a course of events organised or orchestrated, son before He created our existence. structure by God that will only bring glory to Him. In the Creation experience, when God said let Us make man As a Christian, when things don’t go according to our plan, in in our own image to be like us, to have dominion over the some cases it doesn’t mean that the devil is at work as some fish and the animals; He was making man to have sovereign of us like to claim, but rather God’s structural method to authority – To Lead! He didn’t make man to have dominion achieving His divine plan in your life. He owns that plan, not over people, only over animals, fish. you and that’s why you can’t accomplish the plan in your Purpose determines potential – your ability is equal to your responsibility. Stop letting people tell you what to do. The only voice you want to hear in life is the voice of God, and in that He will tell you what He created you to do. He built in you the ability to do your purpose. Everything we are supposed to become is trapped within us, your purpose gives you your ability, potential, power, confidence and security. As you operate in your purpose you have authority. Doing what your supposed to do doesn’t mean your proud, but rather you’re humble . For example a bird has an ability to fly.

own understanding, you have to raise your mind to His own understanding. You may have an idea, a thoughts, a desire what your purpose could be, but the strategy to achieving it is with Him. We introduce our own strategy based on what we believe to be His leading, but when it doesn’t go the way we’ve planned it to go, we think it’s not the way, or way may have missed some vital instructions along the way. Or we find ourselves struggling with the method that will accomplish His Plan for us because we don’t understand God’s Ways.

Our struggle is the process we go through to let go of our own understanding in natural destiny to accomplishing divine Being successful in your ability will challenge you to think a destiny through a renewed mind. different way. True Success lies in understanding that we are wholly reliant Your purpose started the minute you were conceived and on God through the Help of the Holy Spirit, and that success came into the world. You may not have realised it, but cir- flows as we align with who He created us to be. cumstances, situations help to direct you to accomplish what The Principle to Your Success is contained in your divine puris already built within you – your ability. pose not your natural purpose. There are 2 types of purpose or destiny: Continue Reading What is your ability?





2 Dates Wednesday 26th June 10—4pm Saturday 20th July 10—4pm

Early bird £60.00 till 5th July After 5th July £80.00 Register NOW





OMEN STEPPING OUT! Lauretta M Pierce CEO & Founder Covenant Cookies Inc.

As you all know, I am constantly inspired and encouraged by women who have been round the block and when I say this I mean women who have been through every kind of circumstance, situation, issue and live to tell their story; but not just tell their story by empowering, encouraging, inspiring others, they do it creatively. Their story is no longer a sad one, but a story that says, “look what I went through, but look at me now”. One of such women is Ms Lauretta M Pierce , a strong, creative women who I see as wealthy inside and out. I was able to connect with the CEO & Founder of a company called Covenant Cookies Inc. Hmmm. Delicious, tasty, exquisite, delicious cookies— Covenant Cookies.

My past is now like looking at someone else. The Apostle Paul wrote; forgetting those things behind. But there are times when I have to look back, brother Paul. When I do, I see God's mercy and grace. I have been in the position of loosing everything I owned, home, car, job...all at one time. God's mercy kept me sane. His grace keeps me humble. Where I am today is a place of total submission to the work of the kingdom. I want to see other women free from bondage whether it be abuse, low self esteem, fear etc., anything that holds a grip to delay their destiny. I want to see people who would be the least to succeed, the outcast, black sheep to become successful. I want those that don't believe that God can do anything but see me and believe that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.

EW: There are so many women who due to lack of not knowing who they are have been trapped in relationships that have taken away their essence of who they can be, EW: Who Is Lauretta Pierce? how would you advice a woman in an abusive relationship I am a multitude of things all rolled into one. I am a moth- to make the break? er to four kids and a blessed grandmother of five, that I wouldn't change for anything in the world. I am a daugh- I was talking to one today that was in total denial. Her sigter who talks to her Mom and Dad long distance daily, to nificant other was a repetitive cheater, but he paid all the tell them jokes,sing songs over the phone, and still take bills. That's a form of abuse. She is abusing herself by lownaps with her mom, watch black and white movies and ering her standards and being mentally drained. cuddle on the couch when I am back home. I am a big sis- A woman must get to the point where she realizes, this is ter to four siblings that know I am their very first and as good as it's going to get. Look at the pattern of behavstill very best friend. I am a neighbour who will sip a cup of iour and decide she is not willing to loose herself in somecoffee or tea and have a conversation over the fence early one that does not respect her or possibly care. When it in the morning, or respond to a call late at night. I comes to physical abuse, there is no option except to move am the business owner of Covenant Cookies Inc, Covenant on. He needs help and she is not the therapist. Coffee, and Fix My Boo Boo kids organic skin care line. I am a woman that is familiar with struggle, pain and set backs. I am also a woman who can speak on the favour of God EW: Covenant Cookies has become a brand and is recogturning everything around without notice, in an instant. nised all over the world, how did it start? EW: How has the experiences of the past brought you to where you are today?

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OMEN STEPPING OUT! Continued Lauretta M Pierce– CEO & Founder Covenant Cookies Inc.

After that the Lord would not allow me to talk about it for a while...just pray. After loosing everything I was also Pray for answers. Pray for guidance. dealing with a sick daughter. She lost Pray for favour. her vision due to a tumour on her brain Dream after dream, night after night, at 23years of age. the Lord instructed me. I followed His I decided I wasn't going down with instructions and a ministry was born. God, and those were the words I spoke Little did I know God's Big Creative to Him. "God, I am not going down Plan was beyond my dreams. I believe with you." I did a good enough job by with all my heart this is what He was myself, but I refuse to go down with talking about in this verse, Now unto the creator of the universe. Does it him that is able to do exceeding abuneven make sense to see stars in the sky, dantly above all that we ask or think, a moon suspended in air, rain falling according to the power that worketh in from heaven, and God can't heal my us,~Ephesians 3:20 child and restore my loss? The story is really funny.

So I challenged God to be who He said He was. I was going to do my part, EW: What are the various areas of confectionary that Covenant Cookies cowhich was "BELIEVE." vers? That's it. Abraham believed God. When I saw it was so simple to move God's Owwwwe that's a great question beheart through faith in Him, I became a, cause, it started out as plain fortune cookies with bible verses. God began to "Daddy's girl." enlarge my territory when He sent I started looking for ways to love Him, business partners out of no where. bless Him give back to Him because, From there we contracted a major facguess what?... tory in California and came up with He healed my daughter! Logo Cookies, Business Card Cookies, Picture Cookies. 200 products to date, That was just the beginning. After seeincluding Gourmet popcorn, chocolate ing Him move like that, I pray for ways covered strawberries and so much to show others how great He was. more. Covenant Cookies can be found One day, at work making 13 dollars in bible book stores, coffee shops, hotel and hour. I had a heart to heart talk gift stores and we are working on acand said, "Lord I need a word from counts with QVC and the HSN Netyou." works. Customers can also go on line to covenant They have been He spoke back and said these words; received by the NBA, NFL, Politi"So does everyone else, word of God in cians, Steve Harvey, TBN, TCT Televia cookie." sion, The 700 Club, ABC, CBS, Bishop TD Now, I didn't bake so that confirmed Jakes, Pastor Paula White, Dr. Jamal this message was from God! lol Harrison Bryant, Gospel Today Maga-

zine, among many others,, Bishop Dale E Bronner, Bernice King of The Martin Luther King Foundation, The Basketball Wives, Major Networks, The NAACP, High schools and colleges, Many athletics, homeless shelters, Wall Street and just the streets. Covenant Cookies can be found in Africa, have travelled to Russia other countries and are on their way to London. EW: In one of your videos, you mentioned that Covenant Cookies wasn't a business initially, but rather a way to inspire others. How did the inspiration develop into a business and what systems have you put in place for sustainability and growth? I must be honest and say I never thought this would happen...a business. I often say; "I'm not living my dream, I'm living God's dream." I gave cookies for 3 years away to people in Atlanta, Georgia. I just wanted to give others the hope I needed when I was at my very lowest. I worked full time, and with the three to four hundred dollars left over each pay, I purchased Covenant Cookies. I never realized God was teaching me, time management, prioritizing, and business skills right from my living room. My vision was to inspire as many people as possible. I heard so many stories of near death situations, sickness, divorce, hopelessness, and the person received a cookie with just what they needed at that moment. Who could ask for anything more?

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OMEN STEPPING OUT! Continued Lauretta M Pierce– CEO & Founder Covenant Cookies Inc.

Before I knew it, the word was out on the streets. There was a buzz and I never knew it. Magazines were calling me, television shows booking me, and speaking engagements started to soar. Most of the time I was crying! Crying on the TV set, crying through the interviews, crying as I'm talking to hundreds, then thousands, then millions of people about a God I could not even see, giving me favour. I came up with a saying, "If God Can Use A Cookie" because that's what He did, He used a cookie and changed my broken life. Then a producer called about a book and later a movie.

EW: How does what you do fulfil God’s ever I go, I don't want to go without purpose for your life? God. I have always been a giver. Many years ago I was driving about five in the morning and the sun was just coming up. I saw a vision of myself in the sky and it was raining tiny soft gold flakes all around me. In the vision I was in white spinning around catching them. I collected a huge pile in my arms, as I was holding them a voice spoke and said; "Now what are you going to do with them?" In this vision I flung them and they scattered loosely in the air.

Later that day I told this story to a PasI still didn't get the magnitude of this tor and friend of mine named Kimberly cookie craze. Don't know if I do today. Moore. I said, "Kim I wonder that The system I rely on even today is God. means?" She replied..."Someday God is I know more than anyone that a busi- going to give you something and you ness plan needs to be followed. The ins will spread it. Wow! I could have never and outs of a persons business protocol envisioned it would be cookies! is very important. But before I make EW: What does the future hold for Covany major decision, I seek God. I have enant Cookies and Lauretta Pierce? walked away from millions and millionaires because I had signals and red Nothing but great things! I am a firm flags, and I haven't lost a nights sleep. believer that "Goodness and Mercy If the Lord told me to shut the business shall follow me all of the days of my down and make it only a ministry, I life." That makes me stronger than ever. Believe it or not, I still look for ways would shut it down. to give back to God. I still at times feel He has blessed me with the most phelike a mess. But regardless to the feelnomenal partner and company Presiings, I know that I am the head and not dent John Luppo that has that same the tail. I know that greater is he that is heart. We pray, seek the Lord and in me. I know that I am fearfully and laugh daily! Johnny was a Wall Street wonderfully made, and I know that Trader, and the owner of Luppo Enternothing can separate me from the love prises in New York. He also does film of God that is in Christ Jesus. Therefore work. How did this man become "The with these type of weapons I speak Cookie Man" on Wall Street and among great things into being. My future may his peers?...God! at times be unsure. There are times I honestly don't know where I will be going. But one thing is for sure... where


To order these mouth watering cookies, go to : Telephone: 888-MYCOVENANTCOOKIES OR 888-692-6654 (Pls dial 001 for international dialling code) To find out more about articles, interviews and videos that Lauretta has appeared in please go to: Trinity Broadcasting Network Facebook You may have to sign into your account to view these videos.



mpowered Woman Ministry

Venue—Holiday Inn Greenwich Time—10am—2pm Cost—£17.00 early bird until Saturday 31st August £25.00 until 12th September Exquisite Breakfast Buffet Provided As Christians we have a responsible to fulfill God’s Vision for His Kingdom. Most times moving into purpose can be a challenge in itself because there isn’t always the money available to make that move. . Having said that our role is to expand our vision beyond our financial situation and if you happen to be struggling with debt, look for opportunities to expand your wealth and to do this, you have to identify what your intellectual capital is.

will be carried out with great care, keeping in mind the good of the individual or group being served. Financial stewards have been entrusted with the financial resources of another. There is an expectation of care to be followed when acting as a steward. A financial steward would be expected to make those decisions which would best benefit the individual or group whose financial assets are being cared for; managing expenses, responsible investing, and accountability. Topics Include the Following    

Become Bigger than Your Financial Situation Understanding the Knowledge Economy inline with the Kingdom Identifying Your Intellectual Capital Being a Financial Channel for Purpose

Saleah Micci—Wealth Creator A financial stewardship is the assumption of respon- Speakers: David Okorodudu—Wisdom sibility of the financial well being of another or a House Consulting group. The expectation being that this responsibility Hostess: Jacqueline Ani

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I think my job suits me, because I have a short attention Second Capture your idea in span. "One day I can obsess over a cookie design, the next your heart. (Get the recipe day an organic honey farm." right!) It is vitally important that you are able to capture I believe that doing the same thing over and over, year after the idea when it comes to you. God gives you and me vision. year is, unconventional. It comes to us in the invisible realm by revelation. Once it What do you do when you have an idea, dream or vision has come, then it is our responsibility to capture that invisistuck in your head during those unconventional times? ble vision for the idea and bring it through into the visible realm where others can see what we have been seeing all What happens when you see others try and not succeed, along. A idea is of no use to us – or anyone else – until it has only to discourage you and the process of you moving forbeen captured and translated into a physical, working realiward? ty. Until that happens we are only “reading the recipe” rather What does it take to bring and Idea out or you? than “producing the cake.” How do you bring your ideas to life? There comes a day when each of us has to decide that today is the day we are going to put our fears and excuses aside, follow our heart's desire and pursue our dreams our passion our ideas.

Third Pray for protection over your idea. This was one of the most important tools I needed when launching Covenant Cookies. After much research you will find there are others doing similar if not the same thing you have an idea to do. DON'T get discouraged! PRAY...PRAY...PRAY. Pray for protecYou have to be more than “a dreamer,” expecting it all to tion over your idea. Pray for God to send you the"right peocome to you because you have received a vision from God ple" to help you get to your next level. Pray for "creative and that's just that. You have to pull your pants up, put your thoughts." This is when innovation takes place. Which leads gloves on and get ready to rumba. me to the Fourth thing. There must be an attitude of, "Just because they didn't make it. Just because they couldn't do it. Maybe just maybe it was so I can...and will!" Fourth be Creative. Think of your competitors and what you can do to be different. I didn't enjoy baking at all. How was I going to start a cookie company when I couldn't bake? In Seth Godin's book, "The Purple Cow," Seth speaks on seeing a field while driving and noticing all of the cows were I didn't need to. And today, I still don't bake. What you'll find black and white. "What if one were...purple, he thought?" It are easy, simple steps that I followed, and they are still workwould stand out among the others. ing for me today! You want to think of ways to, stand out. First write that idea down. Look at it over and over. See yourself living it. Dreaming it. There were other companies that later came out with chocolate dipped fortune cookies. "What could I do to de differWhen we write our idea down, we are capturing it! We are ent?" putting it into a form whereby we are able to read it, refine it, simplify it, clarify it, share it in an understanding way, and Put the Word of God inside and an Inspirational saying opthen produce the fruit of what the vision for our idea is all posed to a random fortune, and call them "Cookies that Inabout. It needs to be simple enough so that busy people can spire". I tried it, and it worked. Don't be afraid of trying. read and understand it quickly. At the same time, don't share Don't be afraid of failing. Failing is only final when someone your idea with everyone. Everyone won't celebrate with you. else takes an idea you gave up on and succeeds. Vision for ideas demands that we often have to make decisions and commitments to things that are not yet seen. Even if it looks impossible, don't give up!


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Fifth start Baking. After putting your ideas down, looking them over, praying for protection, getting the proper research such as permits, trade marks, tax laws, etc. You are now ready to start the business plan. It can be simple and easy to start. A one page plan of where you want to be in the next 2 years, 5 years,10 years is suffice. Don't worry it will change many times. has many plans to look at and review from start up to up and running businesses. Some ideas are small but touch lives in a big way; others are big and touch a small group of people in a remote area of the world. But all ideas are important. Bringing it to life is as simple as baking a cake. Even if you are not a baker. Read & study Ingredients (First write that idea down) See the finished picture of the cake.( Second Capture your idea in your heart) Gather Tools and keep together (Third Pray for protection over your idea)...Mix the ingredients, and sample while mixing( Fourth be Creative)...Bake until finished( Fifth start Baking) Remember:

An idea that is real produces a faith that works!

It is the producing of the cake that feeds the people – not the recipe!

People only ask for the recipe when they really enjoy the cake! To find out more about sessions and to register for October, please go to:

The Mentoring Academy




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C Our Purpose—to empower women to empower nations. When a woman is empowered she becomes a wealth of wisdom to those connected to her in every area of her life. Our Mission—we deliver various programmes that will empower women from one level of life to the next level. Our Passion—to see women liberated and wealthy in spirit, soul and body.

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Join our dynamic group of women in business, ministry, and leadership and help to make a difference in your community. We are interested in women who have a desire to further our objectives in empowering, encouraging and developing women to maximise potential and fulfil divine purpose. As a member, you will be entitled to discounts on all our seminars, conferences, workshops and resources and enjoy the opportunity in appearing in future television programmes/interviews. To pay for this subscription please click HERE

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Our Purpose—to empower women to empower nations. When a woman is empowered she becomes a wealth of wisdom to those connected to her in every area of her life. Our Mission—we deliver various programmes that will empower women from one level of life to the next level. Our Passion—to see women liberated and wealthy in spirit, soul and body. Contact Details

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Interested in signing up or more information contact me on 07550 080 906 or go to RAISING FUNDS and view all the services they offer that you can be involved in.

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