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JUNE Issue 39

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It’s been a while since the last EW Newsletter, so much has happened with me and Empowered Woman and it was very important for me to capture changes and to be clear with direction on how the rest of the year will pan out for me, my family and the organisation.

As you can see, the month of June has brought in the summer feeling and along with it a new season for so many of you; no doubt you must be finishing up with the first half of the year’s workload and preparing for the next half of the year. No doubt with some rest I hope.

I’m sure you’ll have success stories of what you’ve achieved for the first half of the year. What are they; reflect on how you achieved your goals – could it have been down to proper planning, realistic expectations, or suitable partnerships??? What do you owe achieving your goals for the first half of the year down to?

 Being Single to Be Married Launch—Birmingham  Empowered Young Woman’s Mentoring Programme for Colleges and Universities  Article of the Month— Would You Rather by Karen Allen  Women Unleash Your Potentials Telesummit

Women, in this new season, celebrate your success, your essence, do something new and exciting you’ve never done before – let that be your celebratory compliment to yourself for having done a job well done. And for those of you who are still in the process to achieving goals you’ve set for the first part of the year celebrate how far you’ve come in understanding, wisdom, and knowledge. Some goals may not be achieved immediately and even in 6 months, but the fact that you’re still in the process and not given up also demands a celebratory compliment from you too. Sit back take stock, rest, enjoy those around you and live life even in achieving your goals. Last the last issue I spoke about the need to recognise and prepare to move into a new season. I would like to add a bit more spice to that article by contributing a new dimension to preparing for a new season. Simply put –

Re Branding for a New Assignment Almost every business has a trading name, from the smallest market trader to the largest multi-national corporation. Only a minority of those businesses however, have what could be classed as a ‘brand’ or a ‘brand name’. Continue Reading

BEING SINGLE TO BE MARRIED BOOK LAUNCH BIRMINGHAM—SATURDAY JUNE 30TH Jacqueline will be at the Restoration Fellowship Ministries in Birmingham on Saturday June 30th to promote her new book—Being Single to Be Married—A guide to preparing yourself for a purpose driven marriage. Since its release, the book has been positively received by the Christian Community Being Single to Be Married is a book written from Jacqueline Ani’s testimony. It addresses the issues that single mature people go through when they know they should be married and are still waiting. It encourages us to pursue purpose as it is God by His Spirit who will lead you to the place and position where His Best will find you and it may not be in your local area or amongst your culture. It admonishes women not to be in a position seeking a husband but rather seek God and His Purposes and in doing so your purpose will lead you to the place to be found. No matter how old one is God will not come down to our level, He empowers us to move up to Him and seek Him in eternity wherer everything else will be added to us.


Empowered Woman Mentoring Academy Presents Empowered Young Woman’s Mentoring Programme Empowered Woman has been delivering the Leadership Mentoring for Purpose Programme to women who have been in the corporate world and have reached that glass ceiling for the past two and half years. The programme has proved to be successful, women have been empowered to discover their purpose, their gifts, thing and create beyond their limitations and are empowering others in their environment. As a result of the tremendous success, and as an off shoot from the leadership programme, and with great joy, we are now launching the Empowered Young Woman’s Mentoring Programme. This programme will be starting into colleges and universities to empower young women between the ages of 16—24 years on how to become pioneers of their future. The programme will be delivered in colleges and universities and will be delivered in small groups of 6—8 women which includes 2 hour mentoring in group sessions and 1 hour one to one mentoring. The objective is to empower young women to become pioneers, by developing their leadership skills, their confidence in identifying and nurturing their gifts and with a view to graduating with an understanding that they have a purpose and this is their time to shine coupled with the ability to mentor their peers. Empowered Young Woman’s Mentoring Programme is a positive influence set to empower and prepare young women as leaders to pioneer their future. To read further information on programme sessions please go to E-Brochure. If you know of or may work within a college or university and believe that they will benefit from the mentoring programme and services that we deliver for young women, especially within African/Caribbean/Asian groups, please contact us on 020 7 998 1848 or email us at


Women Stepping Out! Karen Allen Founder/Director Women ‘R’ MAD (Making a Difference) Meet Karen Allen founder and visionary of Women ‘R’ MAD (Making a Difference) concept; Karen is a highly acclaimed author, an inspirational speaker, youth campaigner, personal development coach and a trainer in lifestyle transformation! She is also a conference host for the exclusive annual event Dare to Dream Experience which is held in March during International Women's Month, celebrating and commemorating the achievements and advancements of women. Karen knows only too well what it can be like being in a limiting place with a dream to keep her going. Her tenacity, drive and fortitude was what pushed the dream she had into a reality and it is her passion and purpose to see women move beyond a restricting place by thinking and creating outside the box by daring to dream. Karen knows first hand what it takes to overcome low self esteem, breakthrough self doubt and go on to achieve outstanding success. Throughout her life's journey Karen learnt some very important and strategic


lessons that





doubt, breakthrough mental barriers and succeed in areas she only dared to dream about. She now dedicates her life to sharing those lessons and her proven success strategies, inspiring, empowering and transforming the lives of others. As a committed wife and mother of five, Karen continues to make waves pursuing her passion and fulfilling her purpose. She is often asked the question ‘How do you do it?’, people want to know ‘Can I use those same success strategies to transform my life, enhance my relationships, increase my income, and live a life beyond my wildest dreams’. Her answer is simple…YES U CAN! To find out more about

Karen Allen’s resources, Women ‘R’ MAD or the Dare to Dream Experience please go to and


Jacqueline Nwokeji-Ani’s new book Being Single to Be Married—A guide to preparing yourself for a purpose driven marriage has created interesting comments about marriage and the single mature women in the Christian community. In the book, Jacqueline discusses the importance of women focusing on discovering their purpose and not concentrating on finding a man, as it is the man’s responsibility to seek a wife. Instead women should focus on their relationship with Christ and knowing how to use the Person of the Holy Spirit who will bring them to the place where they are found by His Best for them. On the other hand a man who has never experienced God’s Love cannot love a woman the way he ought to. However when the two are focused on discovering purpose, then there will be a greater call for the marriage and that is the beginning of being prepared for a purpose driven marriage. Due to so many enquiries and reviews of the book, Jacqueline is starting a programme called Being Single to Be Married Rendezvous. This will consist of 6 week sessions of rendezvous 3 hours per session to prepare women and men to break down limiting belief systems and false illusions about marriage, eradicating stereotypes, a renewal of the mind-set, identifying the purpose in marriage and bringing a fresh new outlook on how to wait for marriage in purpose. The BSTBM Rendezvous will be starting on September 22nd 10am— 1pm. A venue will be communicated to you in the next issue, you can also check for regular updates at BSTBMRENDEZVOUS This 6 part rendezvous series will seek to do the following

1. To prepare and position you in purpose and how that actually has everything to do with your marriage partner

2. To challenge you to deal with deep issues that may be delaying 3. 4.

your marriage To understand what God's best is for you To understand God's intention for marriage in this end time sea-


son and how this applies to you if you've been waiting. To be healed from past and deep wounds so that you can freely and openly receive God's Choice of a mate

6. How God's principles of marriage may differ from your own un7.

derstanding of marriage. How to wait in God instead of waiting in vain.


WOULD YOU RATHER…….BY KAREN ALLEN A few years ago my husband bought a small book of ice breakers called ‘Would you rather...’. The book has over 100 questions that are designed to give the reader food for thought, some of the questions are light hearted while others are quite soul searching for instance,

Would you rather be rich and have no friends or be poor surrounded by people you love?

Would you rather die in a fire or drown in the sea?

Would you rather be good looking with no hair or ugly with lots of hair?

Would you rather eat chocolate ice cream or chocolate cake? Recently I have been asking myself some ‘Would you rather’ questions. As I ponder on the fast paced lives that so many of us live, my thoughts have been delving deeper and deeper into the true meaning of life, questions such as, Who am I? Why am I here? What was I created to do?

I believe that we were all born on purpose to fulfil a specific purpose and that once we discover what our purpose is every experience we have ever encountered begins to come into alignment and in many ways begins to make sense. Whilst we may not get answers for most of life’s disappointments, tragedies and let downs, if we accept the truth that everything that happens to us also happens for us, we can then embrace the peace that comes with acceptance. On this journey we call life there are ultimately only two roads which lead to two destinations. One road, which is frequently used and often has bumper to bumper traffic, leads to a life of disappointment, lack and frustration while the other road, the road less travelled, has much less people and leads to a purposeful life of abundance and fulfilment. The question then becomes which destination would you rather? Would you rather fail or succeed? Would you rather be in torment or be at peace? Would you rather be frustrated or be fulfilled? Every decision we make will determine our destination. If we decide to fail we will end up at destination ‘failure’, if we decide to succeed we will end up at destination ‘success’. What most people fail to realise is that it’s not the decision to fail that makes them fail but rather the decision not to succeed ON PURPOSE. Success does not happen by accident, every person who has experienced a level of success in any area of their life, whether it be in business, in marriage, parenting, at work, weight loss, etc, will tell you that it did not happen outside of hard work, determination, dedication and a strong will to make it happen despite the odds. The quality of your life will be determined by the decisions you make. Would you rather live a life that’s average or amazing? Would you rather live a life that makes excuses or makes a difference? Would you rather live a life that is encumbered or empowered?

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WOULD YOU RATHER…...CONTD. Every single day you get a chance to decide what kind of life you want to live. The only person who has the power to stop you from living the life of your dreams is YOU. God wants you to live the life of your dreams it was God who gave you the dream in the first place. As a matter of fact God has an even bigger dream for you than you have for yourself. I know first-hand what it feels like to be discouraged, disheartened and disappointed. Being plagued by the feeling that, ‘there must be more to life than this’ and that ‘I should have been further along than where I find myself right now’. The fact is you are right where you should be. Whatever you have or have not yet achieved should be a good indication of how far you have come and how much you have yet to learn. Don’t allow negative emotions to cause you to stagnate, if you can only locate one thing that you are proud to have achieved, magnify that one thing and allow it to energise you to move forward. After all, would you rather move ahead in the hope that you may succeed or remain where you are with the certain knowledge that stagnation ultimately causes death? You were created to achieve great things. You were designed to make a difference and to positively impact your world.




BECOME AN EMPOWERED WOMAN MEMBER Join our dynamic group of women in business, ministry, and leadership and help to make a difference in your community. We are interested in women who have a desire to further our objectives in empowering, encouraging and developing women to maximise potential and fulfil divine purpose. As a member, you will be entitled to discounts on all our seminars, conferences, workshops and resources and enjoy the opportunity in appearing in future television programmes/interviews. To pay for this subscription please click HERE


Our Purpose—to empower women to empower nations. When a woman is empowered she becomes a wealth of wisdom to those connected to her in every area of her life. Our Mission—we deliver various programmes that will empower women from one level of life to the next level. Our Passion—to see women liberated and wealthy in spirit, soul and body.

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EW Newsletter issue 39  

Monthly newsletter from empowered woman

EW Newsletter issue 39  

Monthly newsletter from empowered woman