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How has your start to the year been?

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As we are now in February, I trust that you are underway with your goals for 2012, ensuring that you have the necessary tools and resources for your to achieve these goals. If you need mentoring and advice to ensure that you achieve what you set out to achieve, please feel free to contact us.

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We have lots of exciting things happening at Empowered Woman; most importantly look out for information on our conference on the 31st of March. It promises to be a wonderful time of renewing, refreshing and re energising you to move beyond where you are in your mind-set, in your performance and in your spiritual development.

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SPECIAL POINTS OF INTEREST  Article of the Month—every Child Has Been Gifted by God—Dupe Makinde.  The Empowered Woman Conference—March 31st  Dare to Dream 2012 Conference—3rd March

Don’t Miss Out on Jacqueline Nwokeji-Ani’s New Book Release - Being Sin-

I was wondering what my opening article to you would be for the month of February, knowing fully well that we are set to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th of the month. But as I started to write on the topic love, I heard in my spirit the title:

There is a Process to Building As you know everything to do with our life and leaving a legacy starts with building, to hand something over to the next generation, the building process means laying the foundation, having the right tools and resources, counting the cost of your building and the time it will take. So much has to be taken into consideration, but you still need to pass something over to your children and your children’s children. We are told that a good man/woman leaves an inheritance for his/her children’s children. What have you started building and what will you pass on to your children?

gle to Be Married.  The Empowered Woman Leadership Mentoring for Purpose Programme—Next Group is a Saturday Programme Starting on April 28th

If you have children, look at them and think to yourself, what legacy am I building so that I can pass onto them when I am gone? The truth is that whatever it is you are building; make sure it is something that will involve them spreading the gospel. That’s the best inheritance you can ever give them, something you have started and they can continue when you’re gone. To continue reading please click HERE


E-learning & Resource Centre How the Empowered Woman Leadership Mentoring for Purpose Programme can Increase Your Capacity Monthly Webinar Sessions. The next Leadership Mentoring for Purpose Programme is a weekend programme and is due to start on Saturday April 28th. We are holding a series of free monthly webinar sessions to explain the process of the programme, what to expect and how it will move your mind set, your attitude and your creativity to another level. This programme is not for the faint hearted, but for those who are serious about making significant changes in their performance and productivity and to empower you to move beyond your performance. The dates for the sessions are as follows: 28th February 8.15pm & 27th March 8.15pm Book yourself on the session click HERE

“Is your jar of oil overflowing or maintained. You can only give from an overflowing jar of oil”. Have you registered for the Empowered Woman Conference? Don’t Miss this Life Changing Experience”. EWMPP LEADERSHIP MENTORING PROGRAMME TESTIMONIALS


To fulfil your potential to the maximum, your jar must be overflowing. Never allow it get to a state where it is being maintained or else you will find yourself in a place of stagnation.

Every so often we look forward to bringing you testimonies of the mentees on the EWMPP programme. It’s a joy to see lives transformed, thinking enhanced and the mind-set renewed this is where progress starts to happen. To read some of the inspiring

We’ve moved into a season where there is a demand on our lives to have an overflowing jar of oil, your creativity flows from that oil but it must be overflowing and that means you have to be connected to the source that gives you eternal life because without it, everything else will continue for a period until you refill. Whatever mandate you’re operating under, the effect must be a transformation of lives and without an overflowing jar of oil, how can lives be transformed through your hands? The Empowered Woman Conference is set to empower you to understand how to transform your empty or maintained jar of oil to an overflowing one.

testimonies, please click HERE

Don’t miss this conference; it may be just what the Doctor has ordered in preparation for your ne season of change.


For details on cost and speakers please click HERE

Stepping Out! Dupe Makinde God’s Grace Foundation (GGF) Dupe Makinde is the Visionary and Director of God’s Grace Foundation (GGF). GGF is a UK based charity that is reaching children and young people in the UK and Africa. She believes that everyone has potentials and they can realise these potentials regardless of their background if they believe in themselves. She started GGF in November 2004 in response to God’s call on her life to reach children for Jesus.


Mrs Dupe Makinde—Visionary & Director

She believes that every child is precious in God’s sight and He wants them to be whole with nothing missing or broken in their lives. GGF’s vision is a world where all children and young people can grow and flourish under conditions that allow them to maximise their potential. We believe that to achieve this goal, the spiritual, physical and social needs of children must be met and through our many services, we seek to meet these needs so that children and young people can develop into well rounded adults who can impact their worlds.

Whatever business you have in mind to set up you must have a USP. If you cannot sell ‘you’, no one will want to buy into you.

One of the first major assignments that Dupe undertook was a successful fact finding mission to Nigeria in January 2005. The trip involved visiting orphanages and schools in the western region of Nigeria. As a result of her visit and through the generous support of a small number of sponsors, GGF commenced the sponsorship of 13 children in September 2005 and the number keeps increasing. Support includes paying tuition fees for the year, paying for all school supplies (books, stationery, and school uniform), regular medical care, mentoring and providing a cooked meal a day for each child.

What strategies do you have

In the UK, over 100 young people attend their Youth workshops each year exploring subjects such as Public Speaking, Money Management, Anger Management, Business Enterprise skills, Healthy self-esteem, Etiquette and Modern Manners, Goal setting, Peer pressure and Assertiveness. The core focus of their youth work in the UK is to help young people to believe in themselves so that they can fulfil their potential to the fullest.

one has an idea; how viable is

They recently launched their Parenting programmes; the aim of their courses is to increase parents’ knowledge, skills and confidence and enjoyment of the parenting role. As a charity inspired by the Christian faith, they believe that we are called to be change makers in our community. They run a quarterly programme to mobilise prayer for children, young people families in the UK and abroad. Continued on page 4

about the course information

to develop your idea into a brand? This programme is for those men/women who are looking to develop their ideas from its incubation to production stage. The fact is everyyours? To find out more and register for this programme please click HERE Alternatively you can read on our Facebook page under events HERE


STEPPING OUT! DUPE MAKINDE GOD’S GRACE FOUNDATION Dupe's professional background is in Finance. Her passion to empower children and give children and young people the opportunity to succeed in life is evident in her daily interactions, networking and personal development. She is committed to seeking God, continuous research and information gathering on all areas of children support to shape and deliver GGF's goals. Dupe is married with 2 children. For more information about GGF, please visit www.Godsgracefoundatio Email: info@godsgracefoundation. org Telephone:



JACQUELINE NWOKEJI-ANI Read Jacqueline’s latest blog

Setting Goals in Line with God’s Principles

Jacqueline Ani Inspirational Speaker and Writer

At the beginning of every year we are reminded to have a new year’s resolution, everyone is eager and has a list of changes they plan to make to their lives, when such plans are made the intention to achieve them is definitely there. There is a willingness to want to lose weight, get out of debt, and start a business. By the end of January most of these goals are as good as the piece of paper they were written on. Read her article on page 32 of Keep The Faith Magazine HERE

NEW BOOK RELEASE : BEING SINGLE TO BE MARRIED. OUT SOON! Relationships are one of the most complicated issues in the world today. There are more marriages breaking up than ever before, people prefer to live with each other without getting married because there’s so much anxieties about marriage. However, if we do it right, based on God’s Principles you can never mess up. The adversary is making people go into marriage with rose coloured glasses so that when you get into it—he messes up your heart through the disappointments. We need to learn the reality about marriage, the reality that there are problems, situations and circumstances in marriage, but can be dealt with provided the right methods are applied and if so, marriage can be simple God’s Way. The most perfect person has issues and that’s okay because marriage is all about healing. That’s why married couples get deeper and deeper in love as the years pass by. If you’re single wanting to be married or a married person looking to en-

Your Talent is Your Wealth £13.99

hance your relationship, you have the opportunity to do it the right way— God’s Way. Look out for more information on book release and launch date.


EVERY CHILD HAS BEEN GIFTED BY GOD By Dupe Makinde “A man's gift makes room for him and brings him before great men” Proverbs18:16 One of the things that were impressed upon my heart at the beginning of this year is the need for parents to help their children to discover their Godgiven gifts and talents. We need to train our children to use their gifts for the glory of God and to fulfil God’s purposes for their lives. The main task that we have as parents is to love and nurture our children into responsible adults and to help them realise their potentials. Gifts represent their abilities, talents, capacity and skills. It is what they have in their hands to trade for money, fulfil their purposes and bring glory to God.

“When you help your child to identify and develop their gifts, they will appreciate their own uniqueness and develop a healthy self-esteem”.

When you work with your child to develop his/her talent, you are at the same time building his/her character as he/she acquires the necessary qualities for success whilst working on his/her talent. You will teach them how to persevere – the ability to focus and not give up on their passions or lose interest in what they do. Successful people love what they are doing and they do not give up until they reach their goals. We have to teach them the “I can” and “I will” attitude. We need to spend time with our children to connect with them to notice their interests, likes and dislikes. For the older ones, we need to teach them how to identify their gifts or talents. For example, I have told my 13 year old daughter that she should take note when people say she is very good at specific things. She also needs to take note of the things she particularly likes to do. It is good practice to expose your children to a wide range of interests. Allow them to take part in different activities. However as they grow older, we should avoid putting them into too many activities and let me them concentrate on areas where they have shown true excellence or advanced ability. When you help your child to identify and develop their gifts, they will appreciate their own uniqueness and develop a healthy self-esteem. Assist your children to identify and develop their talents. Provide them with

the resources they need to pursue their interests. Accept their uniqueness. Encourage their enthusiasm. Help them to be the best they can by discovering their true potential. Above all, we should also pray for our children regularly and ask God to reveal their gifts and purposes to you. From experience, I know that God reveals things to us when we pray for our children because He is faithful. He might not tell you everything about their lives but He will reveal some to you. We need to pray that they will not be lazy because perfection comes with practice. We need to pray against distractions or unhealthy relationships because wrong associations can hinder them from achieving their purpose. As they grow older, they also need to know God for themselves because He is their source and He created them in His own image. They can only find their true identity in Him. I pray that God will fill your children with true wisdom, knowledge and understanding and they will be extraordinary children in Jesus name. Shalom, Dupe Makinde



Dare to Dream 2012 is NOT just an event it is a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE!! Register NOW and don't miss out on an opportunity to be transformed. 6


Presents Finance for non Finance People Tuesday 21st February 9.30am – 4.30pm Cost: £250.00 discounted to £30.00 for Empowered Women members and mentees If you have a business and need more insight on balancing the books, don’t miss this workshop.

For further details please click HERE

Address: Lafone House London Bridge 11/13 Weston Street, Leather Market SE1 3ER London

Please note that this offer is on a first come, first served basis and once the course is full the offer will be withdrawn.


BECOME AN EMPOWERED WOMAN MEMBER Join our dynamic group of women in business, ministry, and leadership and help to make a difference in your community. We are interested in women who have a desire to further our objectives in empowering, encouraging and developing women to maximise potential and fulfil divine purpose. As a member, you will be entitled to discounts on all our seminars, conferences, workshops and resources and enjoy the opportunity in appearing in future television programmes/interviews. To pay for this subscription please click HERE


Our Purpose—to empower women to empower nations. When a woman is empowered she becomes a wealth of wisdom to those connected to her in every area of her life. Our Mission—we deliver various programmes that will empower women from one level of life to the next level. Our Passion—to see women liberated and wealthy in spirit, soul and body.

Empowered Woman Ltd is involved in community fundraising and is interested in people who would like to raise money for their charities. Or if you simply wish to cut the cost of your utility bills by 25% then this opportunity would be a great benefit to you. As we move into winter, the cost of utility bills is set to increase as the weather changes. Why not switch your utility bills to Utility Warehouse and save 25% of all bills. And you don’t even have to sign up into a restricted contract to do this; you can join and leave whenever you wish. To find out more watch this French & Saunders

Contact Details Website: Email

Interested in signing up or more information contact me on 07550 080 906 or go to RAISING FUNDS and view all the services they offer that you can be involved in.

EW Newsletter Issue 36  

A monthly newsletter to update, inform and encourage women round the world

EW Newsletter Issue 36  

A monthly newsletter to update, inform and encourage women round the world