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Creativa Consultores offers an integral service to provide your company the strength of informatics technologies.

We believe that quality is the basic condition of success, which is why we have high capacitated personnel in every new informatics tendency with an excellent service philosophy.

Due to our client satisfaction, we have become the best alternative in the market for consultancy, development and training in the field of information technology and communications.

Informatics Development in El Salvador - Overview

The last years marked an important change in the Information Technologies and Communications area in El Salvador. The increasing number of regional and international companies that started investing in Central America provided a broad necessity of professional employees for the region, which undoubtedly enticed the Salvadorian youth to complete their studies, due to that, at this time El Salvador possess thousands of engineers that work constantly to contribute with the nation growth turning us into one of the most developed country in the area.

Among the international companies that established in El Salvador we can enlist CITIGROUP Corporation, HSBC, Call Center services for DELL, FEDEX, MicroSoft, etc. All these companies have provided thousands of jobs for the Salvadorian people, enticing the necessity of learning a second language (English), due to this requirement several students and professionals have valued the importance of becoming bilingual, therefore every year more and more people learn this language.

The knowledge of an innovative information technology undeniably provides an exceptional increase in our levels of prosperity, since it allows the establishment of new regional and foreign markets, creating better economical opportunities for our society and concluding in a remarkable local development.

Due to all these reasons El Salvador has grow immensely, the number of professionals keep constantly increasing and the communications revolution has allowed them to expand their work and services beyond the country boundaries.

Creativa Consultores is a company created in 2003 in El Salvador, Central America; it was born due to the necessity of providing informatics assistance and high quality software development, allowing the regional and international companies to acquire an excellent productive performance in the implementation of their business. Before Creativa Consultores was created, our founder, knowing the current market demands, had the vision of implementing a different company, which would focus its energies and capabilities in providing excellent services and products to guarantee the customers satisfaction. Decided to make his dream come true, he looked for a friend of him, who was also a professional in the informatics field, and offered him the chance to start working for the company that was about to become Creativa Consultores. It is a proud for all of us to see that both our founder and the first employee are still working together to improve the company that has remained all these years. Nowadays, we are proudly formed by 54 employees, 39 men and 15 women, divided in 45 programmers, 5 project managers, personnel in administrative area and the company CEO / general manager. Almost 50% of our staff possesses a Computer Engineering Degree or equivalent, and those who do not have it yet are currently in the process of earning it. The commitment and professionalism present in Creativa Consultores is ensured by the wide number of satisfied clients, due to the quality, technological innovation and service philosophy offered by our professionals, which has converted us in the best alternative in the market for consultancy, development and training in the fields of information technology and communications.

We are an informatics consultancy company dedicated to the development and implementation of information technologies and communications, committed with the quality assurance and the excellence in our customer service.

To be the leader company which provides informatics services that satisfies the necessities of our customers, supplying the best solutions and quality warranty under the constant search of innovative technologies to produce the biggest benefit for our customers and our organization.

OUR EXPERIENCE Ever since its foundation, Creativa Consultores has worked with major companies, both national and international. Among our customers we can list one of the biggest insurance companies in El Salvador, SISA; the most important pension company AFP CONFIA, which controls almost 50% of the retirement funds of the country, both of these companies are part of the CITIGROUP Corporation, which is highly recognized around the world. We have also worked as partners with TACA International, one of the biggest airline companies in Latin America, AEROMAN, a Canadian company dedicated to airplane maintenance, EQUIFAX, an American company who monitors and reports credit scores. And finally we can also include several national companies, such as regional banks, service companies, major retail stores, and many others. Our company has not limited its work to the Salvadorian boundaries, in the last years we have participated designing and developing internationally. Some of these projects include banking systems for Banco Ficohsa in Honduras, Banco de Bogota in Panama, Credicomer in Costa Rica and El Salvador, and finally our team was also part of the development of a Gift card system based on Credit Cards structure for “Din� Retail Store in Chile. Most of the international experience has been obtained working hand to hand with a company from Costa Rica, known as SYSDE, which is highly recognized all over Latin America for their Banking and Private Pension solutions. We also enlist BDT, a Colombian development company, with which we are working remotely, that is, our employees are located in El Salvador and the servers and applications are in Colombia. Due to the excellence in our work, our customers have showed real satisfaction with the service and the applications developed, which has provided us competitive advantages over the rest of the consultancy The key of our success relies on the benefits that we offer to our customers, the first one consists in the warranty that our team will provide a high quality product due to the experience gained across the last years, in the other hand we present the time benefit, you can be absolutely sure that our product will be finished in the established period of time and this assures the success of the project; finally, but not less important, we offer both of these benefits for lower prices than the rest of the companies.

Company’s Foundations

To create a company with solid principles and well founded values. To contribute in the rebuild of El Salvador. To lend a hand our society providing new and better job sources to improve the life quality of our people. To generate integral professionals with humanitarian conscience. To provide the first job opportunity for those informatics students who do not count with work experience. To encourage the individual grow for each one of our company members, providing development opportunities within the company. To ensure the information technology and communications development supplying high quality and integral solutions to encourage its use in every society area. To export high capacitated resources allowing our excellence and quality to be recognized and respected both regionally and internationally. To help other organizations to increase their productivity levels through our services and informatics systems. To create an organization with a strong commitment sense over the most needed sectors of our society.

We have at your disposition the gained experience of all the developed projects which helps us to propose integral, reliable and secure solutions that will provide the greatest performance to your company.

Computer system development (System analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and documentation) according to the client necessities. Processes reengineering in different kind of areas for services, commercial and production companies. Informatics systems Data migration between different platforms, such as AS-400, ORACLE, SQL Server, among others. Sale and software implementation that has been developed within the company under the highest quality standards and the capacity of adaptability with another systems. Computer system development based on Client/Server architecture utilizing different tools such as Oracle Developer, Power Builder, Visual Basic, C++, among others. Programming languages (FRONT END): Computer system development for web environment utilizing different languages such as ASP, JSP, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Visual Studio .NET, XML, HTML, etc.

Database (BACK END): Database management, ORACLE, SQL Server, MySql, Access, DB2. Variety of technologies and platforms: Microsoft .NET, JavaBeans, XML, AS400, etc. Software development for IBM technologies: AS400, RPG, CL, LOTUS DOMINO, LOTUS DESIGNER, LOTUS NOTES, WEBSPHERE, etc. ORACLE database creation, performance and tuning. Business intelligence oriented development utilizing remarkable tools such as Oracle’s DISCOVERER 9i, 10G, etc. We are exclusive distributor of MicroStrategy licenses in El Salvador and Guatemala. OUTSOURCING, which is the designation of specialized resources in a determined technologic platform and business knowledge, such as Retirement Funds (AFP), Banking, Airlines, Business Intelligence, among others.

Graphics design service, websites development, short animations, etc.

Web Technologies

The future and competitive advantage can be found in the technology than you can supply to your company, no matter if it is a small, medium or big corporation. You need to integrate your operations and to access the current behavior of your company. If you necessitate knowing how sales are going, what is the present inventory, which is the provider’s condition and you are not located in the company, all you need is web system and you will be absolutely able to obtain the answers of these questions. We can build this system for your company, and we ensure you that it will cover your necessities, due to the fact that we develop with the highest quality standards to certify the success of our customer.

We, the teamwork in Creativa Consultores, believe that quality is the basic condition of success, which is why we keep in constant research for new technologies to ensure the capacity of being prepared to the constant change of tendencies.

Due to the developed projects and the constant research, our people are currently highly capacitated with a broad experience in the new technologies such as the shown in next graphic:

AS/400 Technology AS/400 platform provides users the possibility of integrating all the necessary tools to manage their informatics processes. One of the main advantages of using this platform is that it allows the companies to "forget" about the informatics processes and focus on their business processes to be more effective, more competitive and thereby provide better service to their customers.

Another of the AS/400 environment outstanding feature is their safety, which is certainly very valued by users. Besides providing a degree of access security, AS/400 technology also performs data security, as result of its high level of integration, due to this, AS/400 architecture incorporates the latest safety internet

AS/400 technology is emerging as an ideal system for Java applications due to the microcode incorporation in the JVM, offering the high levels of performance that such applications require.

All these reasons of robustness, reliability and performance have provided the AS/400 platform with a great acceptance from the users, especially those that handle large volumes of information and need a reliable and secure response to coordinate every sectors of its business. Creativa Consultores has experience in developing this kind of projects base on the AS/400 platform, utilizing languages such as RPG, ILE RPG and CL.

Lotus Notes Creativa Consultores has trained professionals to develop applications in the field of Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino and Lotus Designer.

This tool was originally developed as an electronic messaging manager; it became a powerful tool for group work, which allows not only to create and manage email accounts, but to develop powerful applications for data flows, accessing any information from Notes databases (ownership) to IBM mainframe and other database engines like Oracle, Sybase and Informix, implementing as well, a complete safety standard.

IBM Lotus Notes Software and Lotus Domino are designed to help increase productivity in the organization and the degree of reaction, through critical collaboration capabilities for the business, development environment and deploying of applications.

Lotus Notes Domino integrates an organization staff and involved people to work in an integrated and cooperative way, with personal schedules or group schedules, management of electronic messaging, storage of electronic documents or documentary databases scheduled for monitoring and approving, regardless of the site where people are situated, either on a local network, wide area, or remotely via the Internet.

Creativa Consultores will help you implement this tool and optimize the time of dispatch and receipt of information, this technology will provide your business a secure and reliable system that allows storing, managing and distributing business information.

PEOPLESOFT We provide consultancy in the implementation of Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise engaged in activities such as system maintenance and modifications, development of requirements and new applications. This tool is designed to address the more complex business requirements, offering as well business integrals solutions which enable companies to improve their performance significantly.

PeopleSoft solutions allow controlling the supervision, performance, changes management and the underlying database for the PeopleSoft platform. Using this tool you can optimize its asset portfolio, know how and when to invest the funds in capital goods and extract maximum value from their property while minimizing costs.

PeopleSoft offers performance management solutions for every budget and every phase of the management cycle, helping managers formulate strategies for a more profitable growth, align strategies with operational plans and monitoring day to day operations of the company.

Outsourcing Creativa Consultores provides outsourcing services to companies offering the possibility to optimize projects through the external management of all or part of the processes. This type of service is particularly attractive for companies focused on specific objectives for which the services are a tool, not a priority. The possibility of assigning this type of work to an outsider, in this case, Creativa Consultores, will allow you to focus on your real problems, permitting you to get better results, and therefore, obtain the achievement of greater satisfaction from your customers. Our service is also particularly suited to meet temporary informatics needs, as it provides highly qualified personnel as long as they are needed, without having to mount a department staff that, given the temporary nature of the needs, cannot be profitable.

Creativa Consultores provides personalized outsourcing services, which can include the provision of specialist staff or the complete development of your computer platform, leaving in our hands the responsibility for operational continuity. The experience of Creativa Consultores in the field of IT outsourcing is very broad. Our previous projects have enabled us to acquire knowledge of many services and applications.

To cover outsourcing, Creative Consultants has a large team of trained professionals in various environments, which enables us to respond requests quickly and effectively. Our staff gets integrated into the customer premises, participating in its work dynamics and all the internal regulations, although there is no contractual relationship with him.

Working Methodology The development of a successful project has to be studied through the situation analysis, which allows providing a viable and effective solution for the creation of the project. In Creativa Consultores we manage working methodologies that help us to reach a high quality degree in our services, among the used methodologies we can enlist:

RUP (Rational Unified Process): it is a software development process that combined with Unified Modeling Language (UML) result in the most utilized standard methodology in analysis, implementation and documentation for object oriented systems. The RUP methodology is characterized for being iterative and incremental, it focuses in the architecture and it follows the guidance of the documented requirements. The product includes a hyperlinked knowledge base with sample artifacts and detailed descriptions for many different types of activities. RUP is based on a set of building blocks, or content elements, describing what is to be produced, the necessary skills required and the step-by-step explanation describing how specific development goals are achieved.

SCRUM Scrum methodology was designed for guaranteeing and increasing the velocity and flexibility in the development of a system. It is necessary to organize a series of periodical meetings known as sprint, which are used to explain the current status of every activity and to predict the possible delays that may interfere in the correct development of the project.

The use of the SCRUM methodology permits the people involved in the project to know the advancing of it, allowing them to react in case of possible problems.

Additional Considerations

Creativa Consultores is not only limited to offer specialized technicians in the areas of ORACLE development and management, IBM AS/400, Microsoft .NET technologies or JAVA (Web-Based technologies). Our technical team keeps constantly receiving preparation and training in different work platforms, which allows our customer to obtain the conviction that we will be capacitated enough for any kind of technology.

Creativa Consultores allows the customers the permission to capacitate or evaluate the technicians to ensure the quality of the service provided, which will undoubtedly guarantee the success of the established goals. Nowadays, Creativa Consultores possesses over 40 informatics technicians, the work constantly to provide security, trust and continuity to our clients in every assigned project.

We offer real solutions to consolidate your technological plans, due to our experience and previous presence in the areas of Private Pensions, Banking systems, Retail, Mobil devices, Business Intelligence, among others.

Pensions We count with capacitated employees who possess a broad experience in the creation and maintenance of pension systems. We’ve had presence in the implementation of the Private Pension Systems in El Salvador. At this moment we are still providing our outsourcing services to one of the main pension companies in El Salvador, AFP CONFIA, where we have worked for several years both in the retirement funds and administrative modules. This undoubtedly demonstrates the trust that these organizations relies in our company.

Banking We have acquired wide experience in the

We have also implemented solutions for

analysis and development of baking products.

taxes payment, P@GOES, which is a

Online NetBanking solutions to process bill

strategic system proposed by the

payments over the internet, such as electricity,

Government of El Salvador to provide the

AFP’s payroll, checkbooks, consultations, etc.

E-Government service.

We also count with different modules that complement the services of Financial Institutions, helping them to provide their customers a reward for their fidelity. We can mention the Online Trade of Points and Prizes for Credit Card owner.

Untraditional Financial Systems We have at disposition of our clients the first Savings Cooperative System created with Web Oriented Technology; it permits to control the management for this kind of financial institutions. One of its benefits is that it makes it possible for the affiliates to consult accounts status via internet, optimizing the daily operations of the company. This system respects the Cooperative Organizations International Laws and it is recommended for Micro Financial Institutions, Non government Organizations oriented to this purpose, Employees cooperatives, among others.

Mobile Technologies Our company has participated in the analysis, design and development of applications that allow communications between a central application and several mobile devices through wired and wireless networks.

Business Intelligence We have a broad experience in transforming data from a transactional database to a knowledge database, allowing the extraction of precise information often used for management analysis, help with important business decisions and the definition of business strategies. We distribute, both in El Salvador and Guatemala, the prestigious MicroStrategy franchise, worldwide recognized for its Business Intelligence solutions. Within our experience in the area, we can also mention the development of Business Intelligence Projects utilizing Oracle’s Discoverer.

We proudly possess strategic alliances with internationally recognized corporations, which undoubtedly enhance our employees, permitting them to be always updated with the constant changes in technologies.

Due to our experience in the informatics fields and the constant growth of our quality work, we have obtained strategic alliances with the following corporations:


At this moment we are part of the primary level, therefore we count with all the benefits included in it: software complete access, training facilities, ID assignation for accessing the METALINK knowledge database, etc. Beyond all these benefits we also count with the wide experience in the execution of developed projects utilizing Oracle Technologies and its development tools (DEVELOPER/JDEVELOPER) or the implementation of systems based on diverse technologies such as JAVA or Microsoft .NET but utilizing Oracle databases. Our experiences also reaches the implementation of Business Intelligence projects using Oracle’s DISCOVERER 10G.

M I C R O S T R AT E G Y : We possess an alliance with this prestigious franchise, which is a leader in the Business Intelligence sector, since it integrates the Data Mining aspects, OLAP (Online Analytical Process), predictive analysis, reports, etc. allowing the integration without complexities to an Oracle or SQL Server Database. Creativa Consultores is the current distribution channel, both in El Salvador and Guatemala, for this remarkable franchise.

M I C R O S O F T: Creativa Consultores is also Microsoft Registered Partner, which allows our employees to access knowledge threshold and technical information, as well as external consultancy over the Microsoft Platform.

Creativa Consultores provides a broad portfolio of flexible and scalable business and technology solutions that help you trace and control every area of your company in order to give you an added value to your business’s production

Inventory and check account system. We offer a web oriented portable and flexible system that allows you take control of an inventory, loan portfolio, accounting and savings accounts of your company letting you organize your company’s financial and administrative activities with just one application. Among the activities that you can organize are:

1. Security: Section where you can control the access to your system creating users, granting roles, system accesses using database side encrypting and automatic generated keys sent via e-mail to the user if lost or forgotten. 2. System general parameters declaration: The system let you customize features as mail servers and passwords attributes. This process is usually done only once making the system flexible. 3. Warehouse management: System Section where the user can control the storage of products and company’s assets. 4. Inventory: The system allows the user to control the availability of products, automatically unloads the stock in the billing procedure. 5. Billing: Section where the end consumer or the tax credit bills are created, also the purchase orders are created here. During the billing process the inventory is automatically updated and the accounting entries are posted if necessary. 6. Check account: In this section all the entries of the savings account, loans, etc. are controlled and the respective checks are generated.

7. Customers section: This section allows the customers to enter comments regarding the service received. Also the customer can validate his or her information, print his or her account status, etc. All these on line procedures guarantee the customer satisfaction. 8. Audit: With our system a strict auditing control can be implemented, monitoring all the actions taken by the users of the system allowing you to know when, where and by whom these actions were taken. 9. Reports: The system has a great set of reports (user account status, products inventory or stock control, accounting entries, etc.) These reports can be generated as Excel or PDF files.

Polls system

Creativa Consultores offers you its Polls system, a complete system that will allow you to create a poll in a flexible manner, afford maintenance to the interview plot, answer the survey and create dynamic reports that will help you manage these answers.

The sections of the system are:

1. Security:

Users and their passwords can be created here. Also their access levels can be established here.

2. Survey creation:

Here, the user can create a survey to be answered. Questions, type of questions or a complete part of the survey can be added or removed.

3. Report generator:

The poll system has a generic report generator where the users can create their own reports and queries of the survey answered. Report types supported are: plain lists, variable crossing, graphics, etc.

Warehouse and inventory system Another of our products is the warehouse and inventory system, which allows you manage the products stock level and assists you with the physical supply in the warehouse.

Among the system features are:

Products control: Let the user manage the products, as an example: the user could change the entry price of the product when stored in the warehouse, add a new product, change their descriptions or in case of a large amount of records to be inserted the user can download an Excel file into the system reducing the typing time. The system also allows creating customized queries. In conclusion, set the prices and needed politics for the entry of products.

Customers control: This section let the users manage the company’s customer portfolio allowing them to insert, update, query and remove information about clients.

Cashing: This section of the system estimates

Inventory: Section where the products stock

the fees for storing the products in the warehouse according to their specific characteristics.

management takes place monitoring the products check-in and check-out of the warehouse. When a product leaves the warehouse the stock automatically unloads the inventory.

Reports: The system provides a wide

Management: In this section the system

selection of reports such as the customer updated account status, costs, products check-ins and outs, warehouse storage, area of the warehouse used.

users can be created and their roles can be granted, also the system attributes can be set according to the user’s roles.

MICROSTRATEGY Creativa Consultores is an authorized reseller of Microstrategy, first company to provide software to give you in-depth access to enterprise information, able to provide a Business Intelligence solution through the web and first to send e-mail alerts and reports; it also provides a subscription report and alert portal to end users.

Microstrategy maximizes the return on investment, reduces costs, controls profits, produces a broad and constant growth of the production due to a more efficient decision making process. We invite you to include intelligence in your business and make your data become useful. Provide your employees, clients, retailers and distributors with solutions. Use only one platform to fulfill your reporting, analysis and information sending needs.

Microstrategy offers accurate solutions to your business specific needs and solves the users’ requirements all with one platform. Some of the commonly deployed solutions with the Microstrategy Business Intelligence platform are: Enterprise reporting, risk analysis, sales performance analysis, customers’ relations, suppliers’ control, assets management and operations analysis. Our staff can visit you and show you a demo of the product and explain all its features with detail and is trained to provide advice and support to our clients.

We apply security measures that allow us to guarantee the uninterrupted operation of our information systems and help us to recover in the shortest time possible from any breakdown.

Emergency Plans To assure the continuity of business against unexpected events Creativa Consultores apply security measures that guarantee the proper operation of the information systems and the quickest recovery from a breakdown of our services, protecting at the same time our property. Among these emergency plans undertook by our company are:

Application backup Creativa Consultores has a main project repository (application development repository) using subversions (SVN) where out programmers enter and update their work.

Database backup standards As with the application development we have a main database server with all the active projects databases. The person in charge of these backups confirm the daily changes of database structure and user level objects with the project leader and makes a decision whether or not to update our server. This action is done twice a week on Wednesdays and on Fridays.

Backup devices All the emergency backups are saved in a secondary hard drive or on DVD; each backup has a folder named “sistemas” and another folder named “base de datos”. The “sistemas” folder is divided into folders named after the many development tools used in our projects (java, developer, etc.). Inside these folders are other folders which names are of the date of the updated backup. All the backups are saved in a special area designed to fully protect them.

Assuring the information system and office hardware

Our company is fully prepared to respond to contingent or accidental events since all of our information system and office hardware is assured in its entirety. Our emergency plans allow us to restore our information and hardware in the shortest time possible thanks to the updated backups of the information systems and databases we are able to commit a complete restore of the systems. This helps us continue with the regular development of our projects and of our company’s operating processes.

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