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Charming Tales by Jade Albert


Photographic Storytelling Adventures by Jade Albert

Join Us Down the Rabbit Hole C h i l d r e n a r e c h a r a c t e r s . They live in an enchanted world filled with wicked wolves, feisty princesses, scary witches and, of course, beloved fairy godmothers. It is a world that we adults inhabited when we were young, too. I hope that when you see these photos they bring you back to that place and remind you of the sweetness of innocence, the simple beauty of butterflies and the magic of lightning bugs, the joy of sugary cupcakes and the comfort of a fur-worn teddy bear. This book began as an homage to a fantastical world, and it became much more: through the images, you’ll see that the charm and personality of each child began to shine through my lens. They each brought their own brand of magic, joy and mischief, and I feel privileged to have captured it on these pages. From fairy tales they became charming tales. I love working with children. I always have, and I think it comes through in my photos: they are my muse. It is with sincere gratitude that I thank each child for being a part of these stories, for bringing their spunky enthusiasm and overwhelming professionalism. And of course, I thank their parents—the Housewives of Myrtle Beach! The graciousness and generosity of these families are endless.

Thank you all for being a part of my charmed adventure.



ate for a very important date, the rabbit rushes. A blur of color, a whirl of energy—

she casts caution to the wind. So the rabbit learns...

not all tumbles lead to Wonderland.

Ali, Tea Party of One

Ali discovers that a party of one is much less fun than a tea party of three—or as many as can be! Sweet Ali, the funky Hatter and the spunky Rabbit all agree: friendship is something that is best shared over tea.

Beyond the looking glass, enchanted flowers grow.

The Rabbit thinks evermore about unlocking that magic door as she sets her eyes on the golden Key charm that she so adores. Would Ali forget her days down the rabbit hole? Not ever, not even when she’s old. Ali remembers one important thing, you see: the magic down the rabbit hole is everywhere you choose it to be.


he story seems familiar, yet there is old and there is new. This much, of course, is still very true: Our Cinda works throughout

the day while her stepsisters get to go and play. Is it wicked? Not quite. For though they tried to follow the old plight, our story ended with a different sight: our real life “Cinda” and her “Sisters,” in only one day, ending the tale in a “Girl Power” way: as the truest, the bluest, the very best of friends.

We like how the new story ends.

The girl dreams... but of what? The Prince or the perfect shoe?

A charming Prince. A worthy maiden. A smashing sense of style.

A beautiful shoe tells a story, that’s true: but a shining heart charm lets Cinda’s true style come through. Representing her kindness, her care and her giving heart, Cinda’s charm is, like her—a true work of art.


Our sassy-sweet subject had this to say: Am I Goldi? No way! Why should I be? My hair is wild, fun and spunky —just like me!

Life is but a dream.

Only a brave, bold child without a care would dare to blow bubbles with three ferocious bears.

It’s not like the story that you knew, yet you can see the child’s courage come through. For our girl with the curly hair, a charm that’s the symbol of her bravery, the Bear.



ven a magical land has its Big Bad Wolves,

yet our Reds learn that when girls stick together there’s nothing they can’t get through.

The Wolf approached, his hungry eyes peering—yet the Reds found his furry ears really quite endearing. Determined to frighten them, but too shy to speak, the not-so-Wicked-Wolf showed them his teeth. “What big teeth you have!” The Reds cried, their mouths wide with shock, “But please kind sir—don’t mess up our chic red frocks!”

A star charm reminds them to hold each other near—because when girls are surrounded by true friends, they have nothing to fear.

A Charmed Life:

Jade Albert Known for her unique style and charming photographs of children, Jade Albert bases her philosophy of photography on Christopher Isherwood’s classic phrase, “I am camera.” Viewing her subjects through her unique perspective, Jade draws out their character and charm to create whimsical works of art. Upon graduating from Parsons School of Design, she became an art editor for Glamour magazine, followed by Harpers Bazaar, as well as a respected freelance artist based in New York. Jade’s work was published in major articles for Condé Nast and Hearst publications, including Vogue, Brides, Glamour, Harpers Bazaar, Town & Country, Ladies Home Journal, and more. She served as a contributing photographer of Andy Warhol’s Interview, and shot for Vogue. Seizing the opportunity to vary her experience, Jade lived in Milan and studied technique—an experience that helped to shape her photographical style. Jade established herself as a successful photographer working with the major publications and advertising agencies; The New York Times and Advertising Age recognized her for “gaining a reputation as one of the nation’s leading commercial children’s photographers.” An American Photographer magazine cover story credited her with “reinventing the craft by allowing children to act as they do in real life.” Jade’s gallery work has been on view at the Time/Life building in New York

for Polaroid and the Epcot Center in Florida for Kodak. she has also directed a national television commercial for Target. Next, Jade set her sights on books. She has collaborated with Cindy Crawford and provided photography for her book, About Face (Harper Collins). Jade’s own book project, The Charm of Charms (Harry N. Abrams), helped her refine and combine her design concepts, whimsical style and photography. The success of the book was overwhelming: a national book tour followed, and soon after Jade was commissioned by celebrities including Billy Crystal, Betsy Johnson, Kitty Carlisle Hart, to a name a few, to collect and create keepsakes for them. Accessories magazine named The Charm of Charms “the best coffee table book of the year.” She is now recognized as one of the country leading charm experts. Jade Albert’s career reflects her desire to continually grow and challenge herself. She lives in New York City and is accompanied everywhere by her muse, Albert, a Yorkshire terrier.

Acknowledgments Cinderella had her fairy godmother, the shoemaker had his elves and Snow White had her seven merry little men—we all have our helpers, the magically talented few that enchant our world. These are mine. With special thanks to:

• M  y fairy godmother, my momma, Peggy Albert. Once upon a time, she brought me into our secret garden and colored my world with magic, always encouraging me to wish upon a star. • M  y father, Arnold Albert, who made me feel like a fairy princess.

• M  y pup, Albert Albert, who is my very own Toto in Oz, always following me down my “Yellow Brick Road.” • M  y mentors: Lewis Carol, Tim Burton, the Grimm brothers and Mr. Disney. They shared their stories, inspired fantasy and created the foundation for my mad, mad world—my very own “Charming Tale.” I would like to embrace, with more thanks, my cast and crew. Cast:

Parker Allen Grayson Squires Madison Keese Taryn Mills Hunter Allen Shoot Crew:

Adele Godfrey – Producer, Photo Tech Robin Riley – Photo Tech Rita Madison – Grooming Jade Albert – Photographer, Wardrobe & Prop Mistress Post Production Crew:

Melinda Oswandel – Studio Manager/Photo Retouching Matthew Morris – Creative Consultant Jill Bluming – Art Direction Julia Donahue – Written Word Oliphant Studios – Backdrop, High IntenCity (Charm It!) – Accessories

The End

Hope you all live Happily Ever After.

Doug Truppe Artist Representative (212) 685-1223

Charming Tales: Photography of Jade Albert  

Photographic Storytelling Adventures by Jade Albert

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