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Winners of the JADCO Poster Competition, Kadhia Pryce (2nd right), RushaŃ? Alexander (r), Kiana Atkinson (c), Rhordann Kildare (l) and Kayla Brooks (2nd left) pose for our lenses after collecting their prizes at an award ceremony, which was held during the first in the 2017 series of Junior Athletes Anti-Doping Education Workshops at the Jamaica Conference Centre (JCC) in Kingston on Wednesday, October 4, 2017.

Editorial It is the desire of every athlete to become a champion and to excel in their chosen field. However, it is important to remember that there are no shortcuts to becoming the best in your sport. If you desire to win, you have to be willing to work hard, sacrifice, persevere and learn from your mistakes. Those who opt to take shortcuts to achieve their goals are not true champions. Continued on page 2


To be real winners, to achieve true greatness and be ranked among the best in your sport it is important to work hard, play fair and demonstrate ethical behaviour. As we host the 2017 series of Junior Athletes Anti-Doping Education Workshops islandwide, we continue to provide values-based education to our junior athletes and their support personnel. We also encourage them to share these values

with others and to rely on them when faced with difficult decisions. We will tell you more about the Junior Athletes Anti-Doping Education Workshops in this edition of the True Spirit. If you have queries or wish to share your feedback on this publication, send an email to


Winner of the JADCO Poster Competition, Kadhia Pryce, Montego Bay High School, showcases her poster after collecting her prize at an award ceremony, which was held during the first in the 2017 series of Junior Athletes Anti-Doping Education Workshops at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston on Wednesday, October 4, 2017. Continued on page 3


The winners of the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission’s (JADCO) Poster Competition were awarded on Wednesday, October 4, 2017, at the Jamaica Conference Centre, in Kingston, at the first in the 2017 series of Junior Athletes Anti-Doping Education Workshops. Kadhia Pryce, a fifth form student at Montego Bay High School, received the top prize of $30,000 and a trophy. Rushaѐ Alexander, of Hydel High School walked away with $20,000 and a trophy for placing second in the competition and Kiana Atkinson, also of Montego Bay High School was awarded $15,000 and a plaque for third place. Rhordann Kildare of Glenmuir High School and Kayla Brooks, also of Hydel High School, walked away with fourth and fifth place prizes respectively. The competition ran from October 12, 2016 to April 28, 2017 and was open to students from secondary schools across the island. First place winner, Kadhia Pryce said, “I am really delighted to be the winner of the JADCO Poster Competition. It was a great opportunity and I am happy to find out that all my hard work has paid off.” She further added, “I am not an athlete, but I enjoy watching sports and the competition enabled me to express my creativity and highlight the anti-doping process that athletes have to go through on a daily basis.” The mother of Kadhia Pryce, Kalamoore McKay was also present at the event and she said,“The JADCO Poster Competition gave Kadhia an opportunity to demonstrate her creativity. She heard about the competition and thought it was a good opportunity to increase her knowledge and I am happy she received a reward for her effort. She also got the opportunity to spread the anti-doping message.”

Visual Arts Teacher at the Montego Bay High School, Neko Bailey said, “I am proud that Kadhia won the competition. She was involved in a lot of competing activities at school, but she used her initiative and took the time to do the research that is required for the project. She was very enthused when she started learning about anti-doping and how it affects athletes.” Also speaking at the event, student athlete from Calabar High School, Christopher Taylor said, “The most important thing I learnt at the workshop today is that all athletes have rights and responsibilities. After a competition, every athlete has a right to request a delay in the doping control process to cool down.” He also stated that it is important for athletes to learn about anti-doping from a young age, so if they become professional athletes they will know what to do. Over 160 student athletes and their support personnel from schools located in Kingston and St. Andrew, St. Thomas and St. Catherine, participated in the workshop which was being held for the fourth consecutive year. They were provided with values-based education, as well as information on the role and responsibilities of JADCO and the doping control process. Dr. Jason Blankson, a representative from the Jamaica Medical Doctors’ Association (JMDA), also delivered a presentation on the Health Consequences of Doping at the event.



MEET THE DIRECTORS - Ms. Cheanette Stobbs 1. Tell us about your early life and your most memorable childhood experience. My early years were spent in Spring Garden District. This is a rural farming community near Albert Town in southern Trelawny. I lived in the village of Stewart Town during my first year at Westwood High School and boarded on campus during my second year. I spent the second half of my teenage years in Montego Bay as I attended Montego Bay High School. Cheanette Stobbs, Director at JADCO Ms. Cheanette A. Stobbs is a member of the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission’s Board of Directors and an Attorney-At-Law who practices civil, conveyance as well as criminal law. She started her professional career as a teacher and has dedicated a significant number of years to the education system. She also served as a Probation After-Care Officer. She continues to use her experience garnered over the years to provide mentorship to a number of young people. Ms. Stobbs is a past student of Westwood High School, Montego Bay High School and the Shortwood Teachers’ College. She holds a Bachelors degree in Education from the University of the West Indies, an LLB from the University of London and a Legal Education Certificate from Norman Manley Law School. She hails from the parish of Trelawny and has made a valuable contribution to the community, where she served as President of the Kiwanis Club of upper Trelawny. Ms. Stobbs is passionate about making a difference and takes pride in providing service to her community and her country. True Spirit recently spoke with Ms. Stobbs and this is what she had to share with us:

My most memorable childhood experiences are those times that my father took me on road trips in his pick-up, where we would tour the fourteen parishes of Jamaica. I rode in the back of the pick-up and allowed the wind to blow on my face with no care in the world and enjoyed viewing all the flora, fauna, buildings and people I would pass. I also enjoyed conversations with the lovely people I came in contact with. I also find memorable the occasion when I accompanied my primary school friends to the “grung” and ate my meal off a banana leaf with a piece of stick. I felt accomplished because I was then able to identify with “grung life”. 2. Tell us about your family. I grew up in a nuclear family with four siblings. I have one child. 3. What philosophy do you live by? I am an optimist, I thrive off positive energy and I believe that nothing should be set in stone. Some of my guided beliefs: “Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.” “Where there is a will, there is always a way.” “Faith conquers all.”

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4. Tell us about your greatest accomplishment to date. I believe life is constant and there are so many things that I have accomplished and I will not put a ranking on them. I can tell you that I am grateful for life and good health. I have peace of mind and I can truly be me without fear or favour. I am happy for every moment I get to positively impact a life and put a smile on someone’s face. 5. What sport do you enjoy playing or watching? I enjoy playing Lawn Tennis and I love watching track and field events. 6. Tell us about your vision for sport in Jamaica, the Caribbean and worldwide. I would love to see Jamaica invest more in our school athletics sports programmes and have specialised schools that focus on sports. These programmes and schools should include indoor gyms which are properly equipped. There should also be a good nutrition plan and health care facility made available to these students. We need to provide opportunities for sustainable and consistent sports. I would also love for Jamaica to recognise that athletes are a large part of our human resources and that we need to focus more on their development. 7. What advice do you have for athletes and athlete support personnel in sport? I would advise them to practice clean sport and if they are ever in doubt, always make checks with informed persons. Also, they should do their part in allowing JADCO to help them achieve their potential by following the rules.


8. What is your vision for the Commission? My vision for the Commission is for it to be effective in carrying out its role and for it to build a good relationship with athletes through its education programme. I would love to see the Commission, through its work, not only comply with WADA’s and JADCO’s rules and codes but also carry out an effective education programme that reaches the target group and is evident on the world stage. 9. How will you use your education and experience to add value to the Commission? I will use my experience and education to foster a positive and fulfilling relationship with the team, one in which we will work together for the benefit of uplifting and improving the Commission. 10. What would you say to athletes to encourage them to stay clean? I would encourage athletes to participate in JADCO’s workshops and seminars as they are specifically created to assist them in complying with WADA’s rules and codes.



SUPPLEMENTS 2. Can an athlete test positive for using Supplements? An athlete can test positive for using supplements, because the supplement industry is not as tightly regulated as the pharmaceutical industry. This means that supplements can contain substances which can give an adverse analytical finding, due to failure of them being listed on the package.

Dr. Kerone Wint, Medical Officer Dr. Kerone Wint, is a Medical Officer at the Kingston Public Hospital and a General Practitioner at the Portmore Medical Services and Vivo Health Services. He has been working closely with the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO since 2015 and has been educating our stakeholders about the health consequences of doping. True Spirit recently had a discussion with Dr. Wint regarding supplements. 1. What are Supplements? Supplements, as it pertains to athletes and the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission, are substances such as, energy drinks, herbal remedies, muscle gainers and protein powders.


3. What recommendations do you have for athletes regarding the use of Supplements? In accordance with the Strict Liability principle, each athlete is responsible for every substance that they ingest and in the event that it results in them gaining an adverse analytical finding they are still responsible, whether that was done intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, athletes should stick to a proper diet and nutrition to achieve all their goals regarding their protein and carbohydrate intake. If they have any issues in doing so, they can consult a nutritionist who would be able to develop a proper meal plan. The Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission does not endorse the use of supplements.


Are you a creative writer? Do you want to be featured in the Dope Free Creative Corner? If so, write a poem or song, on anti-doping and submit via email to Be sure to include your contact information and other details so we can give you proper credit for your submission.

JADCO and You Television and Radio Programmes

JADCO and You is a series of television and radio features which disseminates important information on anti-doping to the general public. The feature is aired quarterly on Television Jamaica (TVJ) and monthly on 12 radio stations. The JADCO and You television programme will be broadcast on TVJ on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 10:30 p.m. JADCO and You will be aired on the following radio stations on Thursday, October 26, 2017: Mello FM: 7:15 a.m. KLAS ESPN: 5:30 a.m. Irie FM: 1:40 p.m. Free I Radio: 11:30 a.m.

Hot 102 FM: 5:55 a.m. Newstalk 93: 4:55 p.m. Music 99 FM: 2:48 p.m. Suncity Radio: 12:35 p.m.

Roots FM: 1:55 p.m. NCU FM: 5:50 a.m. TBC Radio: 10:00 p.m. Talk Jamaica Radio: 3:05 p.m.  

To watch previously aired JADCO and You television programmes, tune in to PBC Jamaica Tuesdays to Fridays at 1:00 p.m. and on Sundays at 2:30 p.m.


JADCO OUT and ABOUT The Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO) remains committed to the fight against doping in sport, as we continue to share the anti-doping message across the island. Here are highlights of some of the public education outreach activities that the Commission has facilitated recently.

JADCO/NPTAJ Anti-Doping Education Parenting Workshop

(L-r) Roshae Miller, Public Relations and Education Officer at the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission discusses the importance of the 2017 Prohibited List with Lennon Richard, President for Region 3 of the National Parent-Teacher Association of Jamaica (NPTAJ), Christine Carnagie, parent of a secondary school student athlete and Dr. Damion Morris, a representative from the Jamaica Medical Doctors’ Association (JMDA). The occasion was the third in the series of JADCO/NPTAJ Anti-Doping Education Parenting Workshops held at the William Knibb Memorial High School on Thursday, June 22, 2017.


JADCO supports the Blue Mountain Caribbean Junior Tennis Championship

Athletes from Tennis Jamaica endorse the Say No To Doping campaign during the Blue Mountain Caribbean Junior Tennis Championship held at Liguanea Club in New Kingston, on Monday, July 3, 2017.

JADCO/JRFU Anti-Doping Education Workshop

Nadia Vassell (l), Director of Technical Services at the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission, discusses the Commission’s stance on the use of supplements with Dr. Jason Blankson (r), a representative from the Jamaica Medical Doctors’ Association (JMDA), Delano Jarrett (2nd left) and Odane Lalo (2nd right), both athletes of the Jamaica Rugby Football Union (JRFU). The occasion was an anti-doping education workshop held for athletes and support personnel from the Jamaica Rugby Football Union at the office of the JRFU in Kingston on Tuesday, July 11, 2017.


 JADCO/JABBFA Anti-Doping Education Workshop

(L-r) Vanessa Reid-Ledford, Director of Communication and Education at the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission discusses the importance of the 2017 Prohibited List with Dr. Ruchelle Brown Calvert, a representative from the Jamaica Medical Doctors’ Association (JMDA), Malene Carr Mullings, athlete and Kirk Frankson,Vice President at the Jamaica Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Association (JABBFA). The occasion was the JADCO/JABBFA Anti-Doping Education Workshop held at the Knutsford Court Hotel on Saturday, July 15, 2017.

JADCO Conducts Workshop at Racers Track Club Summer Camp

(L-r) Tajae Smith, Sample Collection and Testing Manager at the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission explains the doping control process to Andrew Walker, Counselor for the Racers Track Club Summer Camp, along with Adithya Hari, athlete and Anjali Raju, parent. The occasion was the Racers Track Club Summer Camp held at the University of the West Indies (UWI) on Wednesday, July 19, 2017.


JADCO/JBSF Anti-Doping Education Workshop

Members of the Jamaica Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (JBSF) endorse the Say No To Doping campaign during the JADCO/JBSF Anti-Doping Education Workshop held at the Jamaica Olympic Association on Wednesday, August 16, 2017.

Prepared by the Communication and Education Department of JADCO. Contact us at: The Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission PBCJ Complex, Building 2 5 - 9 South Odeon Avenue, Kingston 10

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JADCO True Spirit October 2017  
JADCO True Spirit October 2017