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J EN C HIEN -P O +886 983 062 997


October 2, 1989. Taipei, Taiwan


2008-2012 Department of Industrial Design, Shih Chien University, Taipei, Taiwan


Freehand sketching, technical drawing, clay modelling and model building. 3D building software: Alias Automotive, Pro ENGINEER, SolidWorks. 3D rendering software: Showcase, KeyShot. 2D software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Photoshop Lightroom, PhotoImpact, CorelDRAW, SketchBook.Microsoft office


To be in the outdoors is my favourite; I often go playing basketball, hiking and cycling.I take any chance I can get to participate in cultural activities. Naturally I’m intrigued with anything which is creative and music orientated, and like to try new things.

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MAY 2012 協助新一代設計展 SEP 2011 機車環台:台北-花蓮-中橫-彰化-台北 MAY 2011 協助新一代設計展 SEP 2010 參與產學合作專案 合作單位:鴻海精密/永齡建康文教基金會 「LED技術應用設計競賽−家居、保健與救護之應用」 AUG 2010 自行車環台:台北-花蓮-屏東-嘉義-台北 JUL 2010 實踐大學工業設計體驗營:總召集人 MAY 2010 協助新一代設計展 JUL 2009 實踐大學工業設計體驗營協助活動進行 DEC 2008 參與design in Design Conference國際設計學術研討會

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2010/8 自行車環島認證 2011/9 攝於合歡山機車環島的路上

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MAY 2012 新一代設計展《重森島 The Water 3 Island》,獲獎佳作 JUN 2011 The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2011-World Ranking 1300 SEP 2010-DEC 2010 台灣設計師週、日本東京設計師週、台灣國際文化創意產業博覽會、桃園國際機場 展覽主題《山寨 / Copycat-Trashammer》 MAR 2010 參加日本東京GEISAI#14 展出《紙飛機計畫》

Exhibitions project 011

在大地之母的生存課題之下沒有第二次的機會。 There are no second chances in Mother Nature's Survival Course. -William S. Burroughs

重森島 The Water3 Island

廚具設計 / Kitchen Counter Design

  沙漠中的綠洲,讓生命遞嬗更迭。   都市中的綠洲,給生命更加活躍的生機; 【 重森島 】 。   每一天我們家中清洗蔬果餐具的水,如果沒有上百公升,也有幾十公升。 這些水都來自自來水管,卻又不經意地排至汙水管,浪費掉了。   這些其實只要做一點安排,絕大部份的水可以直接拿來再利用;透過重森 島所搭載的過濾系統,再導入養耕共生系統,便可以提供家中一個觀賞魚蝦的 空間,以及種植蔬果香料的根基地。   Oasis in a desert allows life to alternate and change; on the other hand, oasis in a city would allow life to be more spirited and lively.   We use up tens of liters of water, if not hundreds, washing and cleaning vegetables and dishes at home. These water come from pipes, then they go through sewage pipes and are wasted.   With some arrangements, however, most of the water can be reused; the filtering system of【The Warter3 Island】and the Aeroponics system are such arrangements that provide a space for aquarium watching and for vegetable and spices planting.

70% of the water on our planet, but most are marine, fresh water we can actually use only 1%, and distribution is extremely uneven.

Water 3 Island 013

  希望能存在於集合住宅內,就算沒有田地,也沒有陽台, 還是可以栽種蔬菜、香草,主要提供一室內種植養殖的環境, 其用意在於將清洗蔬菜水果之廢水再次循環利用,檯面下設計 一過濾儲水設備及用具收納系統以及在週圍提供養魚種植之環 境,另外在用水的同時,水龍頭會混和部分過濾水,近一步減 少水資源。   然而,在養殖魚類時,牠們排泄物裡的高濃度的氮和氨, 會讓魚無法生存,我們必須經常幫魚換水;但如果我們讓這些 水拿來灌溉植物,卻能讓植物生長地更快更好,再讓被吸收過 濾後的水,重新回到魚池裡,能淨化環境,讓魚生存,形成了 一正常循環,這樣搭載著環保自然系統,即是我想要表達的概 念;它叫【重森島】。   The concept can be applied to residential living spaces. Places that do not have paddies, or balconies, may be able plant the vegetables, and vanilla. The aim is to provide an indoor environment for plant cultivation. Its intention is to clean fruit, vegetables and recycle waste water for reuse. Below the counter features a water filtration system, storage compartment, a fish tank and soil for growing plants. The tap uses a mix of recycled waste water as a means of reducing water consumption.   Excrement from fish contains large traces of nitrogen and the ammonia, which pollutes the water making it unsuitable for fish, the water therefore needs to be filtered and changed frequently. However, sing this water for plant irrigation is highly beneficial. The plant irrigation process acts as a filter and cleanses the water, recycling it back to the fish tank; creating a mini eco-system.This is the concept I want to explore; and the product is called【The Water3 Island】.

Initially envisaged in shape

Similar to the appearance of an island or an oasis. It is set between the kitchen and dining room. It is not only simple and clean, but also energy-efficient island cabinet.

It besides has the basic work floor, internal also includes filtration systems and surrounding the area with planting and cultivation.

Water 3 Island 014

Trying to find images of product’s topside in the river.

The water flowing down along the table slope. Water at the bend together into a puddle and the plants grow along the river.

Folding table 260x800x740 890x800x740 1520x800x740

Working table with single basin 1260x640x900 Storage box 480x240x150 Kitchen cart 600x500x850 I actually measure the size of the existing kitchen products. Make sure the dimensions are in compliance with operational requirements.

The length and width conform to the effective work area of the counter: 1500 mm x 600 mm The platform height is consistent to normal kitchen counters. It is good for working when standing: 940 mm

Water 3 Island 015

系統設計 檯面上設有手動開關將排水道分成兩路;一是 無清潔劑用水可排入循環管線,另外的則流至 一條傳統的排管道。在下次用水的同時,水龍 頭會混和部分過濾水流出使用,近一步達到水 資源再利用的概念。 水槽下方設有一過濾儲水系統,水流進入循環 管線後,流經此處達到物理及化學過濾,接著 流經透明飼養區中,再流至種植區域,最後會 再回流至過濾系統,重複循環。分層式設計的 過濾系統,有效定期自行替換適當濾材,當水 位達儲存上限會自動排出。

System design 【The Water3 Island】is equipped with a switch to control two separate pipelines of the drain. First, the dishwasher-free water can be directed into the circulation pipeline. The other flows down the normal drainage. The circulation pipeline feeds through the filtration system, recycling the water, making it ready for reuse. The lower compartment is fitted with a filtration system and water tank. When water is fed through the circulation pipeline, it passes through a physical and chemical filter, then into the fish tank, and then through the irrigation system. Finally, it flows back to the filtration system, creating a full circulation. A multi-platform filtration system, and the filter can be easily replaced every few months. When the water level exceeds the limit, it will be discharged automatically. Filter: a place where the nitrification bacteria can grow and convert ammonia into nitrates, which are usable by the plants. Rearing tank: the tanks for feeding the fish. Hydroponics subsystem: the portion of the system where plants are grown by absorbing excess nutrients from the water.

Filter The full-size model of Styrofoaml simulates each partial spatial place. It can conform to in the function demand truly.

Rearing tank

Hydroponics subsystem

Aquaponics system

栽種技術 全採用氣耕技術,主要是從NASA針對太空栽種計畫所發現的成果慢 慢居家演化而成的,它不需要土壤、根是懸空的,含有養分的水噴在 根部,使根部可以同時吸收到水、養分及空氣三大要素。而且長得速 度比土壤還要快;購買現有的植苗,清洗後分苗插入植栽盒亦可,定 時添加液肥後可在二十到三十天內收成。 可栽種的蔬菜類:菠菜、松菜、萵苣、水菜, 香料類:莞荽、水芹、薄荷、羅勒。 水耕蔬菜之生育速度較同季節之土耕蔬菜快五至十天,簡易判斷適當 收穫期之方式為當蔬菜之葉片生長至第八葉時為採收之標準;主要食 用方式為生食。 Planting technology Aeroponics, the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil or an aggregate medium. This technology from NASA grows plants in space and other planets is now implemented in a home environment. Spices: dongguan coriander, parsley, mint, basil Vegetables: spinach, lettuce, etc. Aeroponics increases the growth rate of plants, with seasonal vegetables growing five to ten days faster compared to normal soil-grown vegetables. It is easy to determine the harvesting period by examining when the green vegetables grow their eighth leaf.

Water 3 Island 016

Water 3 Island 017

杜邦人造石,木頭,塑膠 / DuPont Corian, Wood, ABS, PVC 1500 x 600 x 940 mm

於轉角處駐足 Staggered in the corner

Staggered in the corner 019

Staggered in the corner 020

Staggered in the corner 021

Adidas限定垃圾袋 Trashammer

山寨主題展覽 / Copycat

主題說明   本次策展取名《山寨Copycat》,主要探討近來流行的「山寨文化」,不可否 認山寨文化正面衝擊了很多國外品牌的擴張速度,而多數經營3C產品代工的台商亦 因此趕搭這波潮流,大量提供電子零件及技術給山寨品牌,對於整個市場產生洗牌 效應。但山寨文化是否就只有抄襲?還是這是一種人類進步的手法與途徑?從古至 今,模仿本是人類本能,從我們出生開始,學說話、走路就開始在模仿,近期中國 藉由「山寨模式」而產生群聚效應與商機,他們利用這種方法把現有品牌體制及市 場規則破壞掉,因此某種程度上不全然是仿冒;其實某些層面上,跟大家所學的設 計創新模式有異曲同工之妙。   策展目的除了運用《山寨Copycat》複製再複製的文化,並加上「創意」達成 最大效應,重新展現其本質之美,轉換成現代語言,加以詮釋與展現。透過這波「 反思」山寨文化,向全世界發聲,讓名眾享有最美的回憶與記憶,創造出在全球各 地永垂不朽的經典作品。



Throw away

Garbage bag


Hammer throw

Trashammer 023













Trashammer 024

Through the line could tide the bag.

The grip can separate, with this function, could easly tide the bag.

The symbol shows when the bag is tide.

Trashammer 025

  垃圾車是台灣的一種特別的文化,每到 特定的時間,人群提著垃圾袋聚集在路邊等 著垃圾車的到來。倒垃圾也可以是一種運動 ,選手提著垃圾袋,把垃圾甩入垃圾車內, 像鏈球運動一般。利用平面圖像的行變,當 Trashammer束口束起,便可以將帶上的圖案 轉變為山寨版的Adidas。

  Garbage truck is a special kind of culture in Taiwan. When the garbage truck is arriving, people take the trash and wait on the street. Throwing garbage can be considered as a sport. Athlete take the trash and throw them into the garbage truck, which is just like the hammer throw sport. By the 2D image folding, the pattern on the garbage bag will become a adidas logo’s copycat.

紙飛機計畫 Tons of paper airplane

日本GEISAI國際藝術展 / GEISAI#14

2010參加日本GEISAI#14國際藝術設計甄選, 獲大會審查通過,在日本東京國際展示場公開展出設計成果。

Participating in GEISAI#14, an art fair and competition founded in 2002 by artist Takashi Murakami and held twice a year. Endorsed by the jury, exhibited design results in Tokyo Big Sight.

Tons of paper airplane 027

  因此我們製作了一架大型紙飛機,帶著這架大型紙飛 機,在台灣各地找“當下與我們的紙飛機在同一個時間, 同一個地點的民眾“簽名留言。這架大紙飛機,連結執行 這個計劃的我們,和那些幫我們簽名留言的人們,連結那 些在大紙飛機上簽名留言的人們,和那些在展場裡觀賞紙 飛機的人們。這一切便真實的紀錄了台灣當下的景觀與畫 面,包含了台灣ㄧ切的人、事、時、地、物。   And then, we used the airplane as a metaphor for" the link between people". We carry the airplane around taiwan searching for "people who "

Salling the postcards in the exhibition

Tons of paper airplane 028

這個計劃的最初,是一個故事,關於一對不擅長去表達情感的父子, 利用紙飛機,和寫在裡面給對方的話,傳遞他們之間沒說出口的情感。 這次的計劃,就是關於那個人與人之間的連結,根據最初的故事,創作出實體意象。 The beginning of this project is from a story we have written down, it's basically about a father and son, who could not express themselves in a open way, but they use an airplane to write, and express themselves in a different way.

ある夏の日だったと覚えており ます。公園の木の下で...お 父さんが『お前にマジックを見 せてあげよう』と言いました。

I can still remember that summer afternoon clearly. When Dad said: "I'll show you a trick."

大きくなった後、紙飛行機を折るのは ちょっとしたぎりょうあればできることと分 かりまし。 だけど、その日には私たちが紙を折り続 けて紙飛行機をいっぱい作りました。 Although it did not took long before I was old enough to understand that how simple it was. But during that day, we have made so many airplanes.

Tons of paper airplane 029

その中で、特に高く…遠く飛ぶ紙飛行機 がいっきありました。 その飛ぶようすを頭を上げて見ていると、 お父さんが... One of them flew extremely high and far away. We stared at it, and Dad told me:

『お前分かる?紙飛行機 は人のために生まれたの だよ』と言いました。

車の中でお父さんは前を見守り、息 子はイヤホンで音楽を聴いていまし た。

" paper airplanes are born for people’s wishes.”

On the car there is a father driving carefully, and the son is listening to his headphone.

Tons of paper airplane 030

エンジンの音が聞こえる ほか、こきゅう間で聞こえ そうな静けさでした。

Other than the sound of engine from the car, it is so quite that you can hear a pin drop.

空港に着くと時間はまだ早 く、親子二人は席を探して 座り、

After they get to the airport, both of them find themselves somewhere to sit.

息子はPSPに沈んで、お父さんは新聞を見ていました。 The son is playing his PSP, while dad is reading paper.

出国審査が始まるとお 父さんは新聞をしまい、 トイレに行きました。

Although it’s almost time for boarding, dad still went to the restroom.

Tons of paper airplane 031

ロビーでアナウンスが響いた。 The final call for boarding has called.

息子は荷物を持ち上げて、出国審査に向かって ゆっくり歩きだしたのを The son took his luggage and slowly walks towards the gate

父さんがトイレから慌てて走り出して、 At the same moment dad was rushing towards the gate from the restroom.

そのとき、息子の視線も振り返りました。 Almost the same moment, The son turn around

手の中でずっと持ってたモノを急いで お父さんに投げました。

目を下げてみると、いっきの紙飛 行機でした。 It is a an airplane.

Seeing Dad’s leaving, the son panic a bit, and threw something towards dad.

Tons of paper airplane 032

機内に入った息子は自分の席に座って、 After the son settle down himself.

バックを開けて何かを取るつもりの際 で、弁当ばこを見ていました。

その弁当ばこの下で、いっきの紙 飛行機でした。

息子はその紙飛行機をゆっくり広げて、 The son sit next to the window, and slowly unfold the plane.

He tried to take something out of the bag, and found a lunch box.

Underneath the lunchbox, is another airplane.

そして、車でのお父さんも、息子投げたの紙飛行機をゆっくり 広げました。 The father sit in the car, and slowly unfold the plane.

Tons of paper airplane 033

息子の手の中の紙飛行機には Inside the plane says:

お父さんの手の紙飛行機にも Inside the plane says:

『息子よ、今度お前が帰るとき、また海辺に 行こう』と書きました。


:”son, next time when you are back, we could go to the beach again. ”

“Dad , after I come back, we should go to the beach again.”

その手紙を読み終わったお父さんが頭を上げると、息子 が乗っている飛行機がちょうど飛びだっていきました。 After reading the message, dad look up in to the sky, his sons plane has just took off in to the sky.

『お前分かる?紙飛行機は人のために生まれたのだよ』 " paper airplanes are born for people’s wishes.”

『抱く望みが強ければ強いほど、紙飛行機は高く飛べば飛ぶほど、望 みがかなうよ』 “the stronger the wish is, the higher the paper airplane shall flew, the higher the paper airplane flew, the dream shall have better chance to come true.”

Product design 035

山水枯石 Rock garden

擺飾設計 / Decoration Design

Rock garden 037

垂直與水平 Vertical and horizontal

基礎設計 / Basic Design, Paper Craft

Riparian impression 039

水岸印象 Riparian impression

燈飾設計 / Lighting Design

簍光 Creel luminant

燈飾設計 / Lighting Design

從竹籃編織中進行材質轉換 嘗試透過材質使得編織有另一種想法 使用條狀透明PVC和隔音條EVA來編織 編織出來的結構有了伸縮旋轉的功能

Transforing from the bamboo basket knitting. The attempt penetration material quality enables the knitting to have another idea. Use strip shape transparent PVC and sound-insulated strip EVA weaves. Weaves the structure had the expansion and contraction revolving function.

Repeated bending can adjust the brightness.

Creel luminant 041

塑膠,隔音條,金屬 / PVC, EVA, Metal R58 x 700 x 1300 mm

蘑菇 Mushroom light

燈飾設計 / Lighting Design

參與產學合作專案之快速設計提案 合作單位:鴻海精密/永齡建康文教基金會 「LED技術應用設計競賽-家居、保健與救護之應用」

Mushroom light 043

透過蕈傘翻摺的語彙 讓整個房間的氣氛多了點趣味 By the pileus folding image, so that the atmosphere of bedroom will be filled a lot interests.

聚椅 Support structure

基礎設計 / Basic Design

使用三十六支發泡條,整齊排列,達到支撐一個成人的重量 Use thirty-six foam strips, neatly arranged, to support the weight of an adult.

Support structure 045

旋轉椅 Swivel

公共設施設計 / Public Design

介於人與人之間 聚在一起 增強情感的載具 PART I Between men and man, gathers in the same place, the product can enhance emotiom. PART I

在公共場所的座椅上,我們總會希望找個適合的位子 常在想與陌生人之間要保持多少距離 透過中心偏移的桌椅設計,讓你與他人表現得怡然自得 In public places, we always want to find the right places. Frequently to think how far an appropriate distance between strangers. With center offset tables and chairs design, so that you feel comfortable with others.

Swivel 047

乾杯 Cheers

生活用品設計 / Daily Life Design

介於人與人之間 聚在一起 增強情感的載具 PART II Between men and man, gathers in the same place, the product can enhance emotiom. PART II 情感意象 兩個人的手不約而同的靠近後,產生相同的微笑。

情境概念 一件人際之間互動的生活器物。宴請、應酬等場合,每當對 方說乾杯時,總會拿起杯子往對方杯子靠近,卻會猶豫此時 出手力道的大小,是否要碰撞同時又不覺得失禮。

Cheers 049

功能 運用磁性的相吸及排斥性,在兩個杯子靠近時產生一股力道,解決在乾杯時猶豫如何出手的一 刻;內容量短少的設計,在於平時開啟一罐三百毫升以上的啤酒後,總會盡快將其喝完再開下 一罐,其用意在於為了防止退冰後的苦澀,每一罐打開後可分成兩杯,達到一種分享的意義。 價值感 它的存在連接了一同喝酒的人,更是一群較為不熟悉的人聚在一起時;對於外表材質的 不熟悉加上乾杯後彼次有著相同的微笑,這樣前後的陌生和熟悉就是我想要的設計。

陶瓷,水泥,磁鐵 / Ceramic, Concrete, Magnet 62 x 130 mm

無機生命 Inorganic life

家具設計 / Furniture Design

設計概念 靈感來自於自然界中的植物,有如荷葉莖幹的支柱向上 生長成一片皺褶弧面,看似輕盈但生命能量無限,能乘 載物體與人體重量,也皺出一片舒適的椅面。 概念發展 輕的定義:它是被比較出來的,線狀物與塊體的對比 ↓ 經驗搜尋:POLY可以同時擁有線性形狀與塊狀 ↓ 多次實驗:發現其存在著自然植物之意象 ↓ 設計方向:高低家具組,對比線狀的結構 ↓ 製作方式:以不鏽鋼及鐵網設計出造型,FRP補土噴漆 ↓ 概念呈現:最後能達到視覺上的不平衡,卻又是穩固狀 態。曲面與細線的關係是整體視覺上的重點。

Inorganic life 051

布蘿托 Broto 生活用品設計 / Daily Life Design


Broto 即西班牙語芽苗的意思, 這個小小系統已完全地設計提供給植物穩定地生長。 它與廚房完美結合,在那裡你可以種植香料或香草。 為什麼你會選擇布羅托勝過其他盆花? 一般的盆栽需要泥土,但布羅托完全不需要地球上的泥土。 地點> 廚房水槽旁    與水源相關採用水耕技術 (營養液的供應為浸根式)    在微添加液肥後可在二十到三十天內收成;    或者購買現有的植苗,清洗後分苗插入植栽盒即可。 可栽種種類 蔬菜類> 菠菜、松蔡、萵苣、水菜 香料類> 莞荽、水芹、薄荷、羅勒 收穫期> 水耕蔬菜之生育速度較同季節之土耕蔬菜快5-10天, 簡易判斷適當收穫期之方式為當蔬菜之葉片生長至第8葉時為採 收之標準;主要食用方式為生菜。

Broto 053

Broto Broto is Spanish for sprouts and this little device has been rightly so called for the plants it nurtures to grow. It's the perfect kitchen garden where you can fuss over your spices and herbs.Why would you opt for Broto over a potted plant? Well, the answer is simple, with pots comes in dirt and mud, but Broto eliminates the need of mud or earth altogether.

塑膠,壓克力,發光二極體 / Plastic, Acrylic, LED 62 x 200 x 300 mm

渦流 Eddy 生活用品設計 / Daily Life Design

General take a bath, shower than bath time by saving at least 50% of the water, about 50 liters. In continuous flow mode is about 10 liters per minute, one man, one of about 100 to 150 liters of water to the average of 125 liters of water. We wash underwear every day, but how easy and environmentally friendly cleaning will be a big problem. Now, Eddy not only save water but also save time. You can take a bath and wash underwear completely at the same time.

Operating guide 1.Turnning on the tap, water will flow through the drum that is promoted directly, 2.Water flow from the inside to the outside; washing underwear and then washing dirty socks. With microwave cleaning and double wheel is able to effect a thorough cleaning. Using process >Get undressed >Put socks(outer) briefs and underwear(inner) >Turn on>Settings >Start (Shower) >Hang up the clothes

Eddy 057

less power add eco life 我們每天都會換洗貼身衣物,然而 如何輕鬆又環保的清洗將是一大問題, Eddy可以在洗澡的同時又可以同時清洗完畢, 這不只省水又省時間。 使用自來水動力推動滾輪,再輸出淋浴 1. 三分鐘洗淨 2. 三階段清潔 3. 每階段只需三瓶寶特瓶水量

塑膠,金屬 / Plastic, Metal 340 x 350 x 90 mm

拂攜 Fu Xi 生活用品設計 / Daily Life Design

伏羲氏教人鑽木取火,帶領人類告別野蠻的生活型態; 拂攜式則讓現代人無時無刻都可以保存食物,使人類邁向更環保長遠的路程。

"Fu Xi's teaching people fire by rubbing sticks, and lead the human bid farewell to the brutal lifestyle; now, Fu Xi help people to preserve food all the time, so that the long-term human journey towards a more environmentally friendly."

Fu Xi 059

Appropriate capacity and save space, to achieve power saving function.

Comfortable and elegant leather handle.

With four temperature regulation. 12 hours setting range to maintain freshness. Appropriate capacity and save space, to achieve power saving function. With comfortable and elegant leather handle.

塑膠,金屬,皮革 / Plastic, Metal, Leather 350 x 220 x 350 mm

移動裝置 Training Bike 基礎設計 / Basic Design

將自行車與健身器材巧妙的融合,成為一台新型態的移動工 具,可同時承載兩個人達到彼此競爭與合作的趣味性。

Making 1:5 model, set the size and structure.

The Essence 061

自行車 The Essence 自行車設計 / Bicycle Design

2013 IBDC獲獎,協助設計師張明侃進行外型討論及提供模型製作經驗 Won 2013 International Bicycle Design Competition, Excellent Award, designed by Chang, Ming-Kang

  The Essence在簡單的造型下可變換兩種不同的騎乘 方式,一種是場地車,另一種則是輕鬆騎乘的單速車。 為兼具此雙重功能,其上管與後上叉均更換為更纖薄的 鋼管,並搭配特殊花鼓,以在兩種模式間輕易轉換。   With a simple appearance, the bike offers two different riding styles: one is fixed-gear and the other is single-speed for easier riding. To achieve this concept, the bike's top tube and seat stays are replaced by thinner steel bars; there is a special rear hub that can turn into two modes, single speed freewheel or single cog; and the seat is also designed to be removed or assembled quickly for adjusting which way of riding the user likes.

澆花器 Top sprayer 生活用品設計 / Daily Life Design

Top sprayer 063

從按壓動作至手把,以一個更完整的外型詮釋產品本身。 流線型瓶身將整體重心向後移動,順勢帶出整個使用動作。 From operating mode to handle, by complete outlook annotation product itself. By the streamlined bottle body, let the center of gravity move backward, takes advantage of opportunity carries over the entire using image.

品牌跨界 Brand crossover

生活用品設計 / Daily Life Design

嘗試延伸LECO的品牌形象 藉由與LACOSTE的合作 重新定位樂高的消費族群及市場 設計開發新的產品

重新定產品消費市場 延伸LECO對玩樂及趣味性的品牌精神,與LACOSTE合作後,藉由 LACOSTE的品牌形象,重新包裝樂高。將消費族群定位在具消費能力 的、年輕的、時尚休閒的、重視生活中的趣味及玩樂的人,購買商品 的人從兒童及特定玩家型族群擴張到時下追求時尚流行且熱愛生活娛 樂的年輕人。

Brand crossover 065

新產品開發 尋找新的產品開發路線,我們發現廚具用品最適合發揮樂高品牌對於生活玩樂的態度,其中最具代表性的是果汁機, 它是LECO和LACOSTE皆未開發的產品路線;希望在日常生活中也能有如LECO玩具組合的樂趣,並且在料理食物的同 時享受時尚,打出繽紛色彩的美食。

市場價位分析 LECO組合玩具在價位上從五百至五千皆有,從單一組件至組合系列琳琅 滿目。而市面上果汁機最便宜的從七百圓起跳,平均在兩千圓左右,並 可高達五千以上。

玩樂 組合

多彩 時尚

LEGO BLENDER 將LECO的語彙轉換到果汁機的形態上,用高彩度的顏色表現童趣及操 作的趣味性;另外,運用LECO的方型架構帶入果汁造型中,把手及底 座的卡榫設計則如同樂高積木的堆疊。

Visual design 067

Alien Great Escape 005

Top sprayer’s commercial 068

澆花器形象影片 Top sprayer’s commercial

影片製作 / Multimedia

一分鐘介紹影片 將產品擬物為枝頭的小鳥,夜裡歌唱,被人發 現後卻化身成澆花器,之後便與花歌唱了。

Charity salling video 069

畫作義賣餐會影片 Charity salling video

影片製作 / Multimedia

活動紀錄 西班牙廚具SANTOS台灣總代理商與台灣畫話協會舉辦慈 善義賣餐會,將義賣畫作與西班牙Tapas餐會合併舉行。

Modernism 070

現代主義思維 Modernism

影片製作 / Multimedia 作品概述 使用網路短片剪接傳達現代主義中 所注重的高聳建築、 極速步調、規格化大量製造等, 反思現代主義的一切:快速、反覆地生產,損毀與再製。

Alien great escape 071

外星人大脫逃 Alien great escape

短篇漫畫 / Comic


Alien great sscape 072

Alien great sscape 073

Alien great sscape 072

Alien great sscape 073

Alien great sscape 072

Alien great sscape 073

Alien great sscape 072

Alien great sscape 073

Alien great sscape 072

Alien great sscape 073

Alien great sscape 072

Alien great sscape 073

Alien great sscape 072

Alien great sscape 073

Alien great sscape 072

Alien great sscape 073

活動網站企劃 DAISY’s active website planning

商業設計 / Commercial Design

DAISY-MARC JACOBS 活動網站企劃,登入活動頁面參加遊戲, 搜集香味因子花瓣萃取出妳想要的香氣, 發佈在FACEBOOK就可享有免費新產品體驗。

活動首頁 圓圈上的花瓣繞著白花旋轉

Website planning 075

活動登入 輸入資料或藉由FACEBOOK登入

遊戲畫面 天空中有許多顏色的花朵,代表不同的香味因子,收集你所喜歡的,醞釀出專屬你的氣味。

專輯包裝設計 Album cover design

商業設計 / Commercial Design

Consider The Meek Members:Kev-Guitar+Vocals, GreggoDrums, Kel-Bass Genres:Propagandhi getting in on with Strung Out while Good Riddance films from the closet waiting to get "tagged" in. Labels:Leek Records 設計想法 並不是絕對的龐克搖滾,帶有一點柔和的;在 顏色選用上,黑、粉紅、綠和藍來代出音樂多 變多元,使用圓滑的線條,呈現此張專輯並不 是大家所認為向來尖銳的英式龐克,而是另一 種訴說的方式,重複的,受激發的。

Album cover design 077

咖啡店菜單 APO Cafe Menu 商業設計 / Commercial Design

一家專門為 " 蘋果族群 " 所打造的北歐現代風格咖啡館 A.P.O Cafe' 全名為 A PERFECT ORDER 英文之縮寫 經營宗旨:一個完美的選擇 本店位於台北大直住商兩用精華地段為最早營業之咖啡館 現在成為此區休閒洽商複合式咖啡館之重要標的

每週一至週日 09:30 ~ 22:00 / Monday to Sunday 09:30 ~ 22:00 02-8502-1507 台北市中山區敬業一路120號 No.120, Jingye 1st Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Cafe menu 079

Interior design 081

Interior design 082

Interior design 083

Interior design 084

Interior design 085

Interior design 086

Interior design 087

Interior design 088

Interior design 089

Portfolio 2013 | Chien Po Jen  

Graduated in 2012. This is my personal portfolio contains slected work of mine during the period 2008 - 2013, and other works as free lancer...

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