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Design Guidelines

The Village at Market Creek


he Diamond Neighborhoods of southeastern San Diego are among the most

culturally-diverse communities in the nation. Located just minutes from San Diego’s thriving downtown area, these neighborhoods, once defined by widespread blight, are undergoing a resident-led renaissance. As the result of a unique partnership between neighborhood residents, the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation (JCNI), nonprofit development partners, and a large network of local and national investors, a 60-acrea area at the heart of the community is being transformed into a thriving commercial, residential, and cultural center known as The Village at Market Creek. The Village at Market Creek is built on the belief that engaged residents — working together on issues of common concern — can find the pathway to change, building strong, sustainable communities of opportunity. While success is often measured by square feet of new construction, number of jobs, and value of community contracts, The Village of Market Creek’s most significant impact has been the mobilization of large-scale civic involvement by residents working together to change their community. Residents have been involved in the development of The Village at every step of the way. From selecting building colors and designs, to selecting tenants for leased space, to developing the cost structure for mixed-income housing opportunities — residents don’t just give input; they set direction and make decisions. These guidelines were created to give our development partners insights on the residents’ vision for the look and feel of their Village. While the residents encourage each building to be distinct, they feel the design of all buildings should work together to visually distinguish The Village at Market Creek as a vibrant place where culture is celebrated, businesses succeed, and families thrive.


The Vision of The Village

What Residents Envision


ith strong assets in place, The Village

at Market Creek is envisioned as a bustling residential, commercial, and cultural district

Market & 47th Northeast Corner Construction: 2013 - 2014

built upon the extraordinary multicultural

Market View Construction: 2013 - 2014

strength of the surrounding neighborhoods. Planned, built, managed, and owned by community stakeholders, The Village is being designed to provide a direct economic stake to local residents in the changes that occur in their own neighborhood. Centered around a major transit hub, The Village as a large-scale cultural destination will put over 60 acres of blighted land back into productive use, replace substandard housing with nearly 1,000 quality, affordable homes, and restore nearly 5,500 linear feet of wetlands. Over 1.7 million square feet of new construction will bring more than $300 million in construction

Market & 47th Southeast Corner Construction: 2011 - 2012

Youth World Construction: 2015 - 2016

contracts to the community, attracting over

Trolley Residential Construction: 2010 - 2011

250 new businesses and creating 2,000 jobs. Chollas Creek Enhancement Project

What’s in The Village – 2011 Commercial and Industrial Projects Market Creek Plaza BRYCO Business Park Non-Profit & Public Facilities Elementary Institute of Science Horton Elementary School Joe & Vi Jacobs Center Malcolm X Library Tubman-Chavez Multicultural Center The Old Globe Technical Center Amenities Chollas Creek River Parkway (Phase 1) Festival Park Market Creek Amphitheater World Court 2

Market Creek Community Ventures Diamond Management, Inc. Cold Stone Creamery Youth Employment Project Market Creek Events & Venues Market Creek Partners, LLC Writerz Blok Social Enterprise Art Installations African Batik Tile Tapestry Cross-Cultural Dome Art Sempra Energy Children’s Wall Community Faces Mural Project Joe & Vi Jacobs Center Cultural Banners Firefly Dreams Bronze Sculpture Lao Walkway Tile Tapestry Writerz Blok Graffiti Art Park

West Village Construction: 2017 - 2018

Guymon Apartments Construction: 2012 - 2013

Northwest Village

Northwest Village Creek Enhancement Project

Construction: 2012 - 2013

Construction: 2010 - 2011

Northwest Village ­Commercial

Horton Elementary School

Construction: 2010 - 201

Office/Light Industrial Project Construction: 2011 - 2012

Elementary Institute of Science Malcolm X Library

Joe & Vi Jacobs Center

Tubman-Chavez Multicultural Center

Market Creek Plaza

BRYCO Business Park

The Old Globe Technical Center

Chollas Creek Encanto Tributary Enhancement Project

Village Transit Hub Mixed Use/Office Construction: 2018


Amphitheater, Festival Park & World Court River Parkway

Del Mar

Naranja Commercial Construction: 2012 - 2013


La Jolla 15


Southwest Village

El Cajon


Mission Valley

La Mesa

Construction: 2017 - 2018 San Diego Int’l Airport

Transit Hub


Mixed Use

Community Resource


Park/Open Space

Office/Light Industrial




San Diego Coronado



The Village at Market Creek Chula Vista


The Voice of

The Community


rom the early design work for Market Creek

over time. Key design elements, however, have

Plaza, which began in 1998, residents have

stood the test of time. As a whole, they create

been involved in making decisions on the look

the distinct flavor that makes The Village at

and feel of the buildings that are developed in

Market Creek so recognizable and sought out.

their community — The Village at Market Creek.

We encourage elements that include:

Initially, residents participated in a workshop where they presented objects that represent their cultures and traditions. When they looked for similarities, they found that their cultural designs shared a variety of vibrant colors, bold lines, artistic elements, and cultural motifs. These elements have become the foundation for the design of The Village. As time has progressed residents have also become increasingly committed to energyefficient and environmentally-friendly designs. They have committed to certifying their Village as a LEED-ND (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Neighborhood Development) neighborhood and emphasize that buildings should be designed with a focus on sustainability. The spaces around and between buildings should have landscaping that encourages people to spend time outside and provides opportunitiesy for public and cultural art. Residents’ voices will continue to be heard. Their design preferences will evolve and vary slightly


• Buildings that have bold lines accented by curves and angles other than always using standard square corners. • A variety of vibrant colors that highlight architectural detail. • Unexpected design elements and details that enhance the uniqueness of each building. • The use of interesting materials such as stone, tile, stamped concrete, and wood for building accents. • Public spaces and art that celebrate the cultural diversity and artistic heritage of the community. • Energy efficient and environmentallyfriendly designs that work toward LEEDND certification.


Architectural Inspiration

The Village at Market Creek

Combining the eclectic Arabic and Egyptian Nubian styles, the Sheraton Miramar Resort in Egypt — designed by architect Michael Graves — became the architectural inspiration for The Village at Market Creek.



Existing Buildings & Color Palettes

Color Palette

Market Creek Plaza

Frazee 7846N El Dorado

Frazee 7325D Diced Carrot

Frazee 8195D Eddystone

Frazee 7446N Sizzling Pink

Frazee 7145D Green Melody

Frazee 7006N Purple Passion

Frazee 7985D Blue Border

Frazee CW002W Rain Shimmer

All printers print color differently, please use actual paint chips for color determination.


Color Palette

Joe & Vi Jacobs Center

Dunn Edwards DEA149 - Spiced Berry

Dunn Edwards DE5235 - Blazing Autumn

Dunn Edwards DE6175 - Burlap

Dunn Edwards DE5181 - Georgia Clay

Dunn Edwards DE6137 - Tan Plan

Dunn Edwards DE6135 - Verona Beach

All printers print color differently, please use actual paint chips for color determination.

Elementary Institute of Science


Designs for P lanned Building

Trolley Residential



Designs for P lanned Building

Dunn Edwards DEA109 - Bonfire Flame

Dunn Edwards DEA115 - Orange Jewel

Dunn Edwards DE6189 - Mossy

Dunn Edwards DE5787 - Pacific Palisade

Color Palette Accent

Color Palette Base

Northwest Village Commercial

Dunn Edwards DEA152 - Deep Crimson

Dunn Edwards DE5458 - Marsh Field

Dunn Edwards DE5006 - Plum Passion

All printers print color differently, please use actual paint chips for color determination.



Public Art Opportunities

The Village at Market Creek


esidents have determined that the overall

When designing buildings and spaces for

design of The Village at Market Creek should

The Village, consider how blank walls, empty

celebrate the cultural diversity and artistic

courtyards, or traditional walkways might be

heritage of the community. Public artwork and

enhanced through the use of public art. The

artistic design details have been incorporated

funding for community art projects need not

into all Village developments. Through mosaic

necessarily come from the developer. There are

pathways with traditional cultural designs,

mechanisms in place to partner on the design,

murals on the walls of buildings, sculptures,

implementation, and fundraising for projects that

artistic benches, and a variety of other

help bring The Village of Market Creek alive.

projects, building designers have found ways to incorporate public art into their designs — creating a very unique character for each space.

Wall Murals




Existing Examples

Community Faces Recognizing the contributions of residents who improved their communities, these hand-painted canvas portraits are displayed on the east and west sides of Food 4 Less.

Children’s Wall Runs along the back of the amphitheater. A copper-inlaid tree decorated with handpainted, circular tile leaves created by more than 1,000 local children.

Dragonfly Dreams Designed and created by a community artist, this whimsical life-size bronze sculpture of a child contemplating a dragonfly sits on the Children’s Wall.


Existing Examples (continued) Cross-Cultural Dome Art Located inside Asia Wok restaurant, the dome was designed and painted by local artist Sal Barajas. The art depicts representatives from the Samoan, Sudanese, Somali, Laotian, Mexican, Filipino, Kumaaya, and African American cultures — all of who live in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Cultural Tile Walkways Two tile walkways located at Market Creek Plaza were designed and installed by community artists. They are renditions of cultural tapestries featuring a traditional Laotian cloth and an African batik.



404 Euclid Avenue San Diego, CA 92114 (619) 527-6161 February 2012 11-1637

Northwest Village Design Guidelines  
Northwest Village Design Guidelines  

These guidelines were created to give our development partners insights on the residents’ vision for the look and feel of their Village. Whi...