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Music from: Lee Scratch Perry / Beardyman / Summer Camp / Man Like Me Boy 8 Bit / Drums of Death / Mighty Mouse / Hayseed Dixie The Fall / Erland & The Carnival / Goldheart Assembly / The Nextmen Martin Creed / Phoenix Foundation / Andy C & DJ Hype / Dutch Uncles Tom Williams & The Boat / Dan Le Sac / Dub Pistols. And many more

Food from: Loch Fyne / La Tasca / Picnic / Jaswa Pizza Express. And many more Pop Up Art Galleries / Improvised Theatre Independent and International Films Edinburgh Comedy Sets / London’s finest Spoken Word Posse. And much, much more

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? So, here we are, festival season is here again, and we are as excited as beans that we are back. As a Reading Chronicle columnist for The Guide, I had the idea of ‘taking over’ The WHOLE of the Reading Chronicle newspaper. Not satified with taking half the town centre, I thought i’d move onto the Chronicle, then perhaps Southern England, the world, I dunno. And even though It could be said that it was somewhat of a shock to some pessimistic soothsayers, The Reading Chronicle actually agreed! but only for The Guide. Well, what a bonus hey? Wasn’t expecting that. My hand was out quicker then you could say “iwilltakeyouuponyourofferthankyouverymuch”. We won’t lie, the layout is rather different, and the content is perhaps at least a bit biased. But alas, this is an arts and culture section of the paper, and this is the biggest and widest ranging cultural festival that this town centre has hosted. We should be telling you about it huh? Yup. So here it is, 12 pages for you to pour over, devour if you like. There’s alot of writing, some nice pictures, the whole line up for the first time in full and a toughy lil booger of a crossword, hand made by Pete Hefferan from Pete & The Pirates, especially for us. Thanks Pete. So where have we got to then. Well the festival has got bigger, bolder, braver and pushing more forward thinking programming your way. We liked us in 2010, we really did. But this is a new year, and we have moved on quite a lot since then. Why? What have we done? Well, we joined the Association Of Independent Festivals, rubbing shoulders with the independent festival elite. Pooling our knowledge together with the likes of WOMAD, Bestival, Creamfields, Field Day, Standon Calling, End Of The Road and Kendall Calling. Yeah, little us! Our team has grown substancially too. Tim Hooper has stepped up to full on festival manager, and by gum, he has been amazing. He has pulled this festival together, and mainly dealt with my eclectic festival whims and brazen ideas. We have brought more arts communities into the festival. With jelly, Hogarth Productions, Goggleheads, Poejazzi and The Situational Comedy Event Co not to mention our WOW selection of food and refreshments on offer - I don’t think a festival has had so much fab nosh. We have moved from being a great local festival, to being a national festival, the whole countries eyes are on us this year (well, almost), as we are the UK’s first Pop-Up Festival. A what-you-what? A Pop-Up Festival.

WHAT’S A POP UP FESTIVAL? The notion of a Pop Up is not new, but has risen in recent times from being a ‘cult’-tural craze, to finding its ways into the lives of us all. Whether it be a Gordon Ramsey TV show, an arts venue or shop, we are all getting a lil bit mad on the Pop-Up. So what does this mean that the outside:inside is doing. Well. Arts charity - outside:inside partners and programmers, jelly, happen to know a thing or two about the Pop Up. jelly director Suzanne Stallard brought the idea back to Reading way back after graduating from Art College in Bristol. In need of an arts scene, a working area and space to exhibit hers and other artists work. She found the idea of taking on limited leases in often unused, empty spaces in want of the life being breathed back into them. A site on 35 Minster Street planned for demolition to make way for The Oracle shopping centre became the first home of jelly. Wind the clock forward, 2010, and the arts charity and collective partnered with relative newcomers to the Reading music scene, but always the optimists outside:inside. During this years festival, outside:inside in collaboration with Open for Art, a partnership project by jelly and Reading UK CIC, will clean up, paint up, fill up, animate up and pop up into empty spaces and unusual ‘not normally used as a music stage’ venues.

SO RIGHT, GOT THAT. POP UP SPACES, REINVIGORATING EMPTY SPACES. SO WHAT ARE YOU PUTTING IN THERE? We have spent the whole of the last year since we saw you last; designing, chatting, arguing, chatting more, arguing more, wheeling, dealing and finally programming exactly the way we wanted to. A lorra love has been poured into this festival, and I think you shall see that, and love it equally as much as we do. We have specially programmed…or more curated, the whole spectrum of arts together. Treating each individual piece or artist much like hanging a work in a gallery, giving thought as to why each should sit where and when, and with whom they will share the space. Local musicians, artists, filmmakers and actors sit alongside their national and international established counterparts. In a celebration of Reading’s talent and deep cultural heritage, whilst attracting some jaw dropping headliners that the town centre should be proud to host.

LIKE WHO? Turner prize winning artist/musician Martin Creed; Inventor of Dub, grandfather of reggae Lee Scratch Perry; the enigmatic Mark E Smith’s The Fall; Beatbox Champion of all the universe-ever Beardyman; The worlds best DJ, Andy C; Hillbilly kings Hayseed Dixie; You Tube phenomenon Gabrielle Aplin; not to mention some of the most exciting acts coming through in the UK at the moment with the likes of Summer Camp, Dutch Uncles, Phoenix Foundation, Alessi’s Ark, Vices, The Disablists, Tall Ships, Tom Williams & The Boat, Mighty Mouse, Tripwires, Fever Fever, Wild Palms, Spring Offensive, Jazz Morley, Misty’s Big Adventure, Kid Carpet, Screama Ballerina….the list goes on and on.

Jack Hepplewhite, Creative Director, Reading Chronicle columnist, and Editor of this.



photography by luke dyson.

JELLY This is the second year that we have worked with outside:inside festival and planning for the arts element this year started at the end of 2010. The pop-up festival theme suited jelly perfectly as we have been installing exhibitions in empty shop windows, since we started in 1993 and more recently in partnership with Reading UK CIC. Outside:inside pop-up festival means that we can bring the spaces alive with sound, moving images, performance and exhibitions working with Jack Hepplewhite (Festival Director) and the rest of the outside:inside team. Things that we have loved doing most, is the beginning of the shop window exhibitions (Friar Street) and the opening of the outside:inside festival shop on Market Place, which stocks original artworks, music, information and tickets for the festival. Next big project? Changing Coopers Arms, Market Place into a new exciting pop-up arts venue, hopefully launching on the first day of the festival. One of the best things that happened? Visiting the art shows at Reading University and Reading College, finding exciting pieces of work to showcase in Reading town centre. The pop-up exhibitions, live performances and installations will be a mixture of emerging and talented artists both local and national.

POEJAZZI Our festival poetry comes from one of London’s top spoken word troupe; Poejazzi. Fronted by the enigmatic Joshua Idehen, lead singer of Hip-Hop Jazz posse Benin City (30th July), lookout for an exciting poetry line up with a modern twist. Joshua’s work has not gone unnoticed either, with his “Routes” collaboration with LV being acclaimed by IDJ, DJ Mag, Clash mag, MixMag and Q Magazine.

Chaps and Chapettes! The Situational Event Company high-fivingly brings to you an evening of the best of the infamous Edinburgh Comedy Fringe Festival, where every name in comedy is made from Russell Brand to Dylan Moran. We’ve scouted the best acts on the brink of greatness going to Edinburgh this August to blow some minds and wet some pants. They present to you their full-fat, fresh stand-up performances with sprinkles on top. Acts include ***** comedians such as story-telling, gag-merchant Josh Poejazzi, praised by The Southbank Centre as “London’s premier poetry and Howie, The Times: “a name to watch” and the Panda-loving, moustachemusic night”, and twice awarded five wielding beaut that is Paul Sweeney, stars at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Spoonfed : “circuit favourite”. will showcase the finest emerging Can you say “BOOM”? and established talent at Reading’s outside:inside. Ye Ol George Courtyard Vicky Cullen tis the venue, a 15 Century Coaching Inn Courtyard, believed to be the oldest existing building in Reading, dating back to at least as far as 1423. It was one of the major coaching inns between London and the West Country in the 18th century, and it still retains many of its wonderful original Coaching Inn features, including Tudor Archways and a very attractive Cobbled stone courtyard. The main entrance from King Street still contains some of the original timbers, and 18th and 19th century facades overlook the courtyard. How about that then?

Things to watch out for? Ephemera installations, photography, a windmill in Joshua Idehen The Forbury Gardens, a sound sculpture in the Penta and some fabulous site specific installations. Suzanne Stallard




I don’t know whether our illustrious leader Jack Hepplewhite is either a) the most disorganised fool in the universe or b) a genius. Let me explain, at approximately 11:00 o’clock last night I received a text which read “Ian, can you please write an article on the highlights of Goggleheads for the festival programme” There is nothing unusual about getting a request like this. Truth be known I was happy to get this text and had already thought, I have the day off on Tuesday that will be perfect.

At Hogarth Productions, we focus on commissioning new work, and pushing the boundaries of what we might expect from theatre, performance and exhibition. We were delighted to be asked by outside:inside to contribute a theatrical element to the festival this year.

At approximately 11:01 a second text arrived “Oh yeah, did I mention the deadline is tomorrow lunch time. 12:00 NOON” So as you can see to the casual observer option (a) is looking like the winner. Or is it? You see spontaneity “living in the now” is one of the most powerful tools available to any artist. Examples of this are littered throughout art and cinema history.

It gives us a great opportunity to increase our creative output and we have taken the chance create a through-line to some of the theatrical offerings available to audiences in Reading this year. Working in the arts in Reading has shown us that there is a great enthusiasm for the arts in Reading, from both artists and audience. With outside:inside, WAF, Nuit Blanche and now the Caversham Festival all growing, Reading is starting to make a difference. Watch this space… Edmund Hogarth

Now. Without wishing to sound like an old man, I remember well my career high of having one of the projects I worked on shown at Tate Modern. That sickness, an inability to breath followed by euphoria. I still reflect on that today. There are some great young talents this year who will be going through that very emotion. Goggleheads is about empowering emerging talent to show their work and have some seasoned old war horses come down to entertain and talk about how they have made it! That aside, I think the highlight of this year’s Goggleheads will be the reappearance of Caleb Lindsay (16th July Forbury Hotel). So to answer the question….. Jack Hepplewhite Is a genius he is just to disorganised to notice. Ian Manson is one half of Manson Hamer Productions (The other half being Paul Hamer) and together they run Goggleheads Film festival. Proud to be part of the outsideinsidefestival. Ian Manson


His work as a producer and musician is considered some of the most influential in the history of Ska, Reggae and Dub and Jamaican music in general. Fact. In 1973, he built his own recording studio, known as the Black Ark. At this point, he began focusing heavily on production, and worked with such legends as Bob Marley and the Wailers, The Heptones, and Junior Marvin. It was during his collaborations with Bob Marley that he made some of his most notable innovations. Lee “Scratch” Perry the inventor of dub, an offshoot of reggae that emphasizes mixing-board remixes of instrumental songs, often with the bass and drums turned up and lots of reverb. At the age of 74, he is still performing, and is known for his wild outfits and bizarre (though highly entertaining) on-stage storytelling.

The Fall,

famously described by John Peel as being “always different, always the same” formed in Manchester, England in 1976 during the punk era although their style quickly evolved into something more idiosyncratic. The one permanent fixture amidst The Fall’s ever-changing line-up is Mark E Smith. Smith’s lyrics are free, unboxed and unpredictable, touching on an extremely wide range of subjects and places and caring little for being tied down to easily digestible. In 2006, the Guardian published an entertaining account of a journalist’s attempt to track down all 43 former members of The Fall. Many previous members have been fired, often with little or no notice.

Dj Derek.

It’s no big thing to consider DJ Derek an oddity in the U.K reggae scene. Quite honestly, the former accountant turned DJ would be an oddity no matter what genre he was spinning for the masses. Derek Morris was fed up with the rather un-dynamic pop music scene in the U.K in the 1950s, and turned to the more frenetic R&B scenes in America, as well as the burgeoning reggae scene in Jamaica. Eventually leaving behind his day job at Cadbury’s, his love for the music led him to a DJ residence at Bristol’s Star & Garter pub, where his sets would become the stuff of legend. His reputation grew and grew, influencing a number of prominent artists including Massive Attack and becoming an ever-present feature at festival shows, including Big Chill and Shambala.

2001 Turner Prize show at the Tate Gallery, Work No. 227, the lights going on and off, which won that year’s prize. The artwork presented was an empty room in which the lights periodically switched on and off. As so often with the Turner Prize, this created a great deal of press attention, most of it questioning whether something as minimalist as this could be considered art at all. In typical outside:inside fashion Martin appears at the festival as musician. In January 2011 Creed released the single “Thinking/Not Thinking” (TR1) on his label Telephone Records.

The Quotes.

The Reading four-piece has attracted media attention, and their constant gigging and prestigious festival appearances, not to mention album and EP releases, have earned them a well-established loyal fan base. The Quotes infectious sound and slick execution has earned them a reputation as an outstanding live band.

Dutty Moonshine

swing for the rave generation and rave for the swing generation. With backgrounds of Drum and Bass, Hip-Hop, Funk, Electro and Breaks and a passion for vintage music, scantily clad ladies and dapper décolletage comes a duet DJ show which brings you back to the 30’s with big bad dutty basslines thrown in to satisfy all those insatiable needs.

A Genuine Freakshow

are a band firmly bonded septet brought together in the Reading area from a desire to blend their love of the experimental with the melody and traditional song-writing prowess of the likes of band favourites Elbow, Mew and The National. The band has found their sweet spot, creating a music that is intricate but unafraid of big melodies. With a line-up that adds violin, cello and trumpet to the standard rock four-piece of guitar, bass, drums and vocals, their live shows are a master class in how to do epic without slipping into pompous.

Screama Ballerina

is a new female fronted band buzzing with the electric energy and attitude of Punk mixed with the raw dirty sound of Grunge. Four working class kids, combining sex-u-al guitar licks, hooks and truthful lyrics to create an intense new ‘Grunk’ sound. They are creating ear-splitting chaos with their passionate, energetic live shows where they encourage fans to dance offensively and let themselves go. Evolving from London and Brighton, this summer will see the band touring and recording their debut single that is scheduled for release in July and they’re more than ready to leave their gobby mark on the British music scene.


are two brothers-in-law who are the only band who make original compositions using midi and 8 bit melodies from chips taken from late 70’s and 80’s video-game consoles. MidiMidis’ unforgettable show opening for Suede at Bush Hall had front man Brett Anderson declaring “I love them” in the NME in January, and Blur’s Dave Rowntree picking them as one of his top favourite new acts in Mojo magazine. MidiMidis have also gained plaudits from Q Magazine, Artrocker, The Fly, NME (for being the first band to remix Egyptian Hip Hop), Metro, The Word, and Playstation World Magazine, not too mention extensive BBC airplay.

Martin Creed

(born 1968) is an artist and musician. Creed is perhaps best known for his submission for the


in 2006 battled to become UK Beatbox Champion and retained his title in 2007 making him the first beatboxer in UK history to win 2 championships in a row. It is reported that so many competitors refused to go up against him for a third year, he was not allowed to enter in 2008. Instead he was on the 2008 judging panel. Signed to Sunday Best Records and a renowned You Tube sensation for his interesting cooking skills.

“Valley of the Shadows”, as well as a large number of remixes. The 2002 Shimon & Andy C hit “Body Rock” also achieved the rare distinction of being a Drum and Bass record that entered the UK pop charts (reaching number 28 in the UK Singles Top 40 Chart on January 6 2002).

Dub Pistols have always added a much-needed Rock n Roll swagger to the UK’s dance scene. Chewing up hiphop, dub, techno, ska & punk & spitting them out in a renegade futuristic skank, they have consistently defied genres, and their genre-mashing abilities have led to remix work for the likes of Moby, Crystal Method, Limp Bizkit, Korn & Ian Brown. In recent years the band has mutated from a studio based duo into a fully fledged live act often featuring the talents of guest vocalists Rodney P, Specials front man Terry Hall, rap wünderkid T.K, Sugardaddy horn-blower Tim Hutton & scratch maestro DJ Stix.

Man Like Me’s

Johnny Langer and Peter Duffy met while at school in North London, and bonded through their mutual love of Tricky and skateboarding. They announced themselves with the Nu Rave banger Oh My Gosh, quit their jobs, and have been playing rent catchup ever since. The “best damn live act in the UK” (Loud & Quiet) then embarked on a never ending World Tour. From L.A. to Estonia, Cape Town to Stoke, Man Like Me arrived pockets filled with underground classics London Town, Single Dad, Carny and Lovestruck. More recently you may have caught Man Like Me honing their kitchen selling skills, collaborating with 80s ledge Jona Lewie and IKEA for a primetime TV ad.

blogs and aggregator sites such as Hype Machine. Dutch Uncles are an indie band from Manchester. They are known for their use of atypical time signatures within a pop context. Their influences includes several bands such as The Smiths, King Crimson, Steve Reich, XTC and Talking Heads.

Mighty Mouse.

Disco has been revived more times than any other music genre. Mighty Mouse, like Aeroplane, Villa and the C90s, is keeping it alive, investing it with contemporary relevance and giving current-day artists some disco luster.

Phoenix Foundation

‘’Taking a route increasingly denied to British pop, these New Zealanders have been able to develop under the radar over a decade before delivering what feels like a major breakthrough. Song writing this good doesn’t come along often” The Guardian. 6 January 2011. 5 stars (Dave Simpson)

Alessi’s Ark.

London singer and guitarist Alessi Laurent-Marke, the latest graduate of the MySpace generation to land a major record deal. This folk-popster spins cosmic madrigals with suitable fairytale melodies, dream imagery and baroque arrangements. Fans of the gutsy and earthy should look away.

Misty’s Big Adventure A glorious 8-piece band from

Birmingham, made up of brothers and sisters and twins and saxophones and trumpets and cute, weird dancers who produce the most uplifting, life affirming tunes you will hear since Louie Armstrong played with the Lovin Spoonful. Their music is an eclectic mix of jazz, lounge, La Shark. A product of South East London via Egypt, psychedelia, two tone, pop and punk. Paris, and the Lake District, La Shark have toured around the world with the likes of The Maccabees, Mumford & Andy Smith. Portishead’s DJ Andy Smith first met Sons, Paloma Faith and Cibelle. They have released two group frontman Geoff Barrow while the two were at singles to date and are currently working on their debut school; he eventually joined Barrow’s touring band as long play release. support DJ. He also appeared with The Fugees, Republica, and Prophets of the City, and released his debut mix Tall Ships. Wielding guitars, samplers, synths, bass, album, The Document, in early 1998. A follow-up was drums, Tall Ships fuse the energy and stylings of Battles five years in coming, but The Document II proved just as and Foals with influences as wide ranging as Why?, varied and exciting as the first. Prince and Explosions In The Sky, to create music that is dynamic and beautiful in equal measure. Erland and the Carnival are a British folk rock band, formed in London by multi-instrumentalist Simon Paris Suit Yourself a French-US collective, are the Tong (formerly of The Verve, Blur and The Good, the Bad first ‘rock’ band ever to be signed to Big Dada. Combining & the Queen), Orcadian folk guitarist and singer Gawain razor-edged Keith Levene-like guitar, crazed polyrhythmic Erland Cooper and Drummer/Engineer David Nock (The drums and the free-associating lyrics of lead singer Orb, The Cult, The Fireman). In 2010 they released a Luvinsky Atche, their sound has been honed in the critically acclaimed cult hit with their eponymous debut clubs, squat parties and illegal warehouse happenings album, which was recorded at Damon Albarn’s Studio 13 of Berlin. Aggressive, funny and disturbing, PSY combine and released in January 2010. the aesthetics of Public Enemy with the melodies of midperiod Bowie and the race politics of Frantz Fanon. Goldheart Assembly, the London sextet have been making waves across the pond, thanks in no small part Tom Williams & The Boat. If 2010 was a year to their sophisticated songwriting and joyous live shows. of building for Tom Williams & The Boat, 2011 has so Their music is full of effortless six-part harmonies and far been the year that all the hard work began to pay the kind of soaring pop hooks that won’t leave your dividends. With their most recent single, ‘Get Older’ head for weeks. Following a string of sensational live scoring them plays across Radio’s 1, 2 and 6 and their performances and word-of-mouth fan buzz building, debut album, ‘Too Slow’, acclaimed by 6 Music as their Goldheart Assembly was swiftly recognized by UK press album of the day, the Kent band have made huge inroads and radio – they scored an NME Radar feature while still into the nation’s consciousness. They also made waves without a record deal and were the first unsigned band as the only unsigned band to score a playlist from 6 to record a Radio 1 session for Steve Lamacq in a decade. Music, taking their place alongside the Elbows and the Beadyeyes from morning to night on the station. Drums Of Death produces a blend of techno, old school house, punk rock and electro. He is known for Laurel Collective began working on their debut energetic and exciting live shows. The snarling antithesis album in a cold, East London warehouse. This follows of all of those that have come before him: intense, a handful of small releases and their debut mini raucous and a touch confrontational. Face paint a must. album, which was released on the Domino offshoot, Double Six Records.`Feelgood Hits of a Nuclear Winter’, Boy 8 Bit the young and upcoming producer famous for garnered them extensive radio play and sessions from his infectious “bleep” electro-styled tracks inspired by the likes of Huw Stephens, XFM’s John Kennedy and the computer games of old. Boy 8-Bit’s name hails from Steve Lamacq, plus a packed festival season (including the days of old. Using an Amiga computer to produce a B.B.C Introducing slot at Glastonbury). The band won in his youth, he dealt in 8-bit samples and hence the the prestigious Red Stripe Music Prize (2010), have name. Although still relatively unknown, his EP “The performed a live session for BBC 6 Music and have Suspense Is Killing Me” received great critical acclaim on continued to grow in notoriety on the live circuit. the underground Electro/Synth circuit.

Hayseed Dixie were formed in 2001 with the release of their first album, titled “A Hillbilly Tribute To AC/DC,” Hayseed Dixie are acknowledged as the creators of the musical genre “Rockgrass.” Hailing from the Appalachian Mountains of the Southeastern United States, the band have sold over 500,000 records worldwide and have successfully spread like a virus to every continent except Summer Camp is a collaborative effort between Antarctica. former Transgressive solo artist Jeremy Warmsley, and Elizabeth Sankey. Originally attracting attention across Andy C has become one of the world’s most revered the blogosphere on the back of their first recording, a drum and bass DJs, performing at drum ‘n’ bass events cover of I Only Have Eyes For You by 50s doo wop group and festivals worldwide. Between Andy C, Ant Miles The Flamingos. Since then they have kept their identities and Shimon as Ram Trilogy, they have produced many hidden as they amassed a small collection of bedroom enduring anthems such as “Titan”, “No Reality” and demos which have since found a permanent place on

The Nextmen.

Unless you have fallen lifeless somewhere through the cracks, you’ve more than likely witnessed Cambridge come Londoners The Nextmen. At one of their many sweaty styled-out club sets perhaps, their festival-smashing performances or you’ve heard their incendiary mixtapes that are still filling the ears of the blissed out masses who just want to kick back or kick up with big boss tunes.

Zoe Vargas ‘Plaster Art’ Each creation is unique!


Different ingredients and plasters all react differently to each other. It is smashing fun, there is no right or wrong way to do it, anyone of any age /ability can have a go and the end result is always a surprise. It is a great way of communicating and encouraging people to have a little fun, express themselves and feel part of the community. Come get interactive.

Arty Giraffe will be doing a selection of arts and crafts with local children in the Forbury. Arty Giraffe is a Reading based shop and creative space for all ages, run by Britt and Karen. The concept is a little bit of shopping, lots of drop-in ceramic painting and decopatch to stick, alongside creative evenings and a large dollop of home-made cake, fresh sandwiches and Fair-trade drinks. Babies’ hand and footprints are popular for young families. Then there’s children’s parties, groups bookings or just time for you. After all, sometimes it’s good to just sit with a cuppa, relax and be inspired. For more information visit

Peter Driver ‘Unsolicited Colour 2011’ Peter is

Mark R Baker In the late 80s my dream job came up

fascinated by the way colours interact and has specially made some work for Outside:Inside inspired by the colours in his junk mail. Peter harvested all the pure areas of colour snipped from every piece of unsolicited mail received during the month of April 2011. Keeping the entire colour but discarding the images and words, creates interesting negative shapes, which has been used as though they were ‘found objects’. The two accompanying works develop the ideas of unsolicited colour through two interpretative paintings. These attempt to translate the qualities of ‘found colour’ into a representation of Reading Town Centre and an abstract composition.

as in-house photographer at CBS Records, which became Sony Music. For ten years I photographed nearly every musician on the roster including Michael Jackson, George Michael, Rage Against the Machine, Oasis, Jamiroquai, The Manic Street Preachers. In 1998 I went freelance mixing still life and editorial work with music portraiture. I have been lucky enough to meet and photograph a long list of incredibly talented musicians. As somebody once said to me “It sure beats working.” In Mark Bakers own words.

Martin Stubbington ‘The Cornucopia’ Martin Stubbington is influenced by ancient mythology and modern street art, elements he combined for this installation. You can see more of his work at www. or his blog at www. He has also created a mural in the upstairs area at The Oakford Social Club, one of our headline venues for outside:inside Festival.

Vicky Vergou’s ‘Language Paralanguage’ is an

Mirren Kessling Presents.. Come for the art, stay for the music. A part of Outside:Inside Festival, 17 year old Mirren Kessling will be bringing together up and coming bands playing intimate acoustic sets alongside live art from talented young artists in an Abandoned shop on The Walk. Mirren whose intense detailed drawings take many hours wants visitors to join in to produce a large scale complex drawing to be exhibited at other events throughout the festival. Look out for the origami workshops taking place in Mirren’s pop up arts venue, running between 12-9pm.

Timothy Holt – ‘Artefacts #110-135 (Readapting Joseph Henry)’ ‘Artefacts #110-135 (Readapting Joseph Henry)’ constructed from single doorbells and call (table) bells; both of which are signalling devices emitting a ringing sound to alert us of an individuals presence. This is incorporated when the observer interacts within the multitude of artefacts. The arrangement of work in a grid formation itself, contradicts the typical product placement - near a door or on a tabletop. It is only each artefact’s appearance and title (reference to the electric doorbell inventor Joseph Henry), which hints to the original desire - attracting attention.

art project that explores the sound world of the 44 official languages spoken in Europe, through a series of interviews with European nationals who speak in a second language. The project is a touring sound installation, which examines the phonetic and written characteristics of language through participatory processes. Language Paralanguage is supported by Arts Council England, Art point and Dada South.

Written and directed by Drew Cullingham and starring Doug Bradley (Pinhead from the Hell Raiser films. This viewing of Umbrage is a rare treat for British moviegoers at this stage in its release schedule, as it has only been screened three times in the UK to date. This included Channel 4’s Fright Fest at the ICA, the Abattoir Horror Film Festival and The Bram Stoker Film Festival. Umbrage is a dark twisted fairytale of demons, vampires, revenge and coming of age.

Jaswa’s samosas are baked and not fried; the fillings use the finest ingredients, given you a tasty and nutritious fast food. Indian food is about sharing, so get ordering for your family and friends and spread the word. They bring their tasty Indian snacks to the Forbury from their home on Station Road.

Understanding Jane by Caleb Lindsay: Forbury Hotel (16th) Two men (Kevin McKidd, John Simm) in London, decide to meet women by answering a dating ad. They meet two women (Amelia Curtis, Louisa Milwood) who use the ads to scam men out of cash, gifts and food. One immediately sees through the women’s ruse, but the other becomes infatuated with his date and continues to pursue her. She in turn tells her friend that she is just playing him for bigger plans. The film turns on whether she has actually fallen for him or if she continues to be a user.

Loch Fyne Oyster Stall: Forbury Gardens (16th) Famous for its wide range of fresh seafood and shellfish dishes, sustainably farmed and fished, and served fresh. Loch Fyne thrive on sourcing, preparing and serving superb seafood, full of flavour, succulent and so fresh that you can taste the pure waters of the loch in every one of their oysters.

Picnic: Forbury Gardens (16th) Picnic is an independent café located in the heart of Reading town centre. Specializing in ethical coffee and locally produced food. They will be providing a BBQ. But no ordinary BBQ. If you know the quaint independent café on Butter Market, you will know what I mean. The official outside:inside team meeting place since 2010.

Night Dragon by Tim Biddiscombe: Forbury Hotel Cinema. (16th) As my first feature film, Urban Grind: NightDragon satisfies what I feel to be the only way to Forbury Gardens (16th) Broad Street (9th/23rd) make an independent (low budget) thriller. The idea has to be small in scale, yet huge in emotional intensity. With Night Dragon, we found that telling our love story in the middle of a dark thriller gave the characters some real depth and feeling, which I know the actors greatly enjoyed portraying. In Tim Biddiscombe’s own words. Subconscious by Chris Petropoulous 16th July at Forbury Hotel Cinema.

Goggleheads Independent Film Festival: (9th/16th/23rd/30th July.)The Goggleheads

Urban Grind delighted the crowds at the great Eat Reading Food Festival in Market Place with their fresh coffee and frozen yogurt, for all you creamy lovers trying to be healthy – this ones for you.

Jeff’s ice creams: Forbury Gardens (16th) Broad Street (9th/23rd) Providing a fun, old-fashioned way of serving ice creams to the customers, using the traditional old Victorian ice cream bike. Provided an environmentally friendly alternative to the ice cream van. Hmmm

Independent Film at outside:inside Festival features across all 4 weekends of the festival. We have received submissions from across the globe including UK, Holland, Poland and Bulgaria. In only its 2nd year with outside:inside, it has already become the talk of the town at the other major film festivals around the globe. Who needs Cannes anyhow, it’s just full of pretentious wallies on their silly big boats.

Timothy Holt – ‘Artefacts #110-135


the relationship between open potential and specific result. The final outcome of this experiment, where a plant tray has been isolated and cultured exclusively with heat, devoid of any structural or cohesive aids, has resulted in a pure mutation of the initial subject to an almost unidentifiable plastic metastasis. Utilising scientific imagery, I make connections between exact microscopic evidence and a more material fascination with the unseen polymers of plastic and internal parts of organisms, presented using mundane materials.

Experimental, Commedia dell’larte Bristol based Theatre Company, will be hawking the stages of the festival, surprising the audience, and sometimes themselves with their unique brand of innovative performance. Their eyecatching 20-minute shows will appear - then disappear and you will wonder what the hell you have seen

THE MOTLEY THEATRE: George Courtyard/ Broad Street (9th)

COIN OPERATED ARTIST: Created by Pete Montford Forbury Gardens (16th)

Cara Jade Mason ‘Home Sweet Home’

Kara Dennis ‘Plant Tray Culture’


Pizza (SALAD) Express: Forbury Gardens (16th) A slight change on the norm, especially for the outside:inside Festival, the restaurant known for its pizzas bring us… “Salad Express”. A selection of the best salad’s the Saint Mary’s Butts Branch restaurant offers.

Shop” is an abstract, emotive installation based on my granddad’s barbershop where I spent a lot of my childhood. The piece explores visual, texture and smell as evocative memories from a new viewpoint.

for a top UK publisher and in her spare time she draws a lot and creates koOdles, quirky creatures made from reclaimed materials around which she builds fantastical stories. The name koOdles came about when Vikki decided to bring her endless doodles to life by making them a bit more cuddly.

Jaswa: Forbury Gardens (16th) Broad Street (9th/23rd)

Kara Dennis ‘Plant Tray Culture’ The work explores

Sarah Jane Wilson ‘Granddad’s Shop’ “Granddad’s

Vikki Aust ‘KoOdles’ Vikki Aust designs greeting cards

Umbrage by Drew Cullingham: Pitcher & Piano (10th) £5


La Tasta: Forbury Gardens (16th) Experience the authentic taste

Do Elephants Pray by Paul Hills: pentahotel (30th) of Spain. Passionately cooked perfect paella 6.30pm, £15/20 as part of weekend festival ticket Does food: Cutter (Jonnie Hurn), fastidious 30something boss of Forbury Gardens (16th) Does Food has created a his own failing Advertising Company, who troubles his

employees with his increasingly strange ways, struggles to find meaning in the soulless world he is shackled as he faces the challenge of selling the unsellable product. Meichen Xue ‘Spring Xue’/ ‘The Diary of His life needs to change and it does so in the shape of Pregnancy ‘/ ‘Milking Cow ‘/ ‘Sexy ‘ As a Chinese Malika (Julie Dray) a stunning free spirit. Directed by artist that lives in the UK, Meichen appreciates every Paul Hills and shot on location in London and Brittany different angle of beauty. In Meichen’s eyes, the features “Do Elephants Pray?” is an ethereal drama that baits the of Western ladies have obvious sexual attraction, which spirit and demands answers that may or may not exist. can grasp the viewer’s attention quickly. But, also comprehends the spiritual harmony inside the body, which Meichen intends to represent by their facial expression and body movement. The combination of external sexuality and inner harmony will be the perfection of beauty.

sumptuous Jamaican Jerk Burger in a multi-seeded bun - otherwise known as the JJB - accompanied by sweet potato and plantain fries....yummy yummy

Mauritian Street Food: Forbury Gardens (16th) is a company in its infancy dreamed up over a glass of red and a Roti Chaud by two food lovers; Mauritian is a melting pot of different cultures and the food reflects this; mixing African, European and Asian flavours

Otter stands outside the black and white life support installation and sets the challenge to anyone willing to get involved. Translate his body movements and language into the correct combination of actions and you could find yourself a winner.

POETRY POLICE: By Hogarth Productions Various Venues (23rd) pentahotel (30th) Beware ladies and gentlemen. Areas of Reading have been identified by top undercover agents as seriously lacking in rhythm, rhyme and reason. They will be patrolling the site looking for you. You may find yourself unavoidably involved. Be ready. Hogarth Productions presents guerilla poetry that will save you.

TALL AND STRANGE – Puppets: Various Venues (9th/16th/23rd/30th) By Hogarth Productions Wandering the festival, look out for the four metre high puppets designed by fashion designer Paul Costello.

VINTAGENIE Vintagenie ( present The Vintage Village on Forbury Hill. A cornucopia of vintage, retro and creative delights from local suppliers and artists. Feast your senses on an array of goodies from the likes of vintage stockists Betsy and Sue and Frock and Roll. Retrospective creations from Patterned Hearts, fantastic retro-cycled stationary from Laurel, delectable tea and cakes from White Rabbit Bakery and so, so much more.

SATURDAY 9th JULY THE CHURCH 2145 Tom Williams & The Boat 2000 Bearsuit 1845 Tall Ships 1730 A Genuine Freakshow 1600 Spring Offensive 1430 Quiet Quiet Band 1300 Papa Jules OLD BOOZER 2230 La Shark 2145 Tripwires 2045 Paris Suit Yourself 1930 Wild Palms 1800 Midimidis 1645 Munich THE OSC 0000 2215 2030 1845 1700 1515


Man Like Me Sister Gracie Mine Our Arc Fever Fever Gabrielle Aplin Chewing Gum Weekend

THE TURTLE 2300 Trolleyboy & Mystere 2145 The Laurel Collective 2000 Circus Sands 1830 The Noyze 1715 Jazz Morley 1600 Lights

SUNDAY 10th JULY SUB 89 MUSIC HEADLINER 2200 The Fall 2100 Paris Suit Yourself 2000 Trombosis

ONEILS 2230 2045 1900 1715 1530 1345

Bill Fadden & The Rhythmbusters Spring Offensive Jazz Morley Zemmy Magpie & The Thieves Alexandra Legouix

GEORGE 2200 2000 1900 1715 1430

COURTYARD Josh Howie (comedy) Situaltional Event Co (comedy) Paul Sweeney (comedy) Motley Crew (theatre) Poejazzi (spoken word)

£20 ADV

PITCHER & PIANO FILM HEADLINER 2030 Drew Cullingham Q&A Including a sneak peak at his new film ‘Monk3ys’ 1900 Umbrage by Drew Cullingham

£5 ADV


THE WALK GALLERY ONE 1200-2100 Mirren Kessling

CAVERSHAM MEADOWS 1200 Readipop Picnic

THE WALK GALLERY TWO Goggleheads Film Festival ALL DAY

BLAGRAVE ARMS Mellor Mellor Carly Bryant AFROBA 1600-0000 Reggae Steady Go 50 years of Jamaican Music. ALL DAY Afroba Caribbean Food Shack MARKET PLACE & BROAD STREET Sofa Field/ Unplugged sets/ Jaswa Samosas/ Urban Grind/ Jeff’s Ice Creams./ Hogarth Improvised Theatre including: Poetry Police, Motley Crew, Tall & Strange/ Reading Rock Academy Free Lessons/ Art Workshops...MORE



WEDNESDAY 13THJULY SUB 89 MUSIC HEADLINER 2200 Beardyman & JFB 2100 dan le sac 2000 iBetYa

£15 ADV

THURSDAY 14th JULY SUB 89 2130 Hayseed Dixie 2030 Damien Pastmore

£14 ADV

FORBURY GARDENS BANDSTAND 2100 Misty’s Big Adventure 1915 Lympopo Groove 1730 Secret Gig! 1545 Secret Gig! 1400 Musikissimo VINTAGE 1900 1645 1430 1215

STAGE DJ Andy Smith (trojan) Toiletboy Bill Fadden Richie Carbon vs Audio Courgette Soundtrack

RESTAURANT VILLAGE Picnic BBQ La Tasca Paella Jeff’s Ice Creams Pizza Expresss’ Salad Express Mauritian Veggie Food Co Jaswa Samosas Loch Fyne Oysters Does Food Jerk BBQ Urban Grind Frozen Yogurt CHILDRENS ZONE Inflatable Slide Inflatable Obstacal Course Swing Ball Field Face-painting Old Fashioned Sweet Shop Hollistic Healers Reading Rock Academy Reading College Allstars Reading Spinners Juggling Troupe JELLY ART jelly Org Workshops Arty Giraffe Zoe Vargas: Plaster Workshop Charlotte Whiteford’s Windmill Vikki Aust’s KoOdles FORBURY HOTEL CINEMA Understanding Jane by Caleb Lindsay


Subconscious by Chris Petropoulous

0000 2300 2200 2100

Andy C & GQ DJ Hype & IC3 Serial Killaz DJ Linus & Danny C DJ Info & Flewid Bane & Dub-T

HOGARTH IMPROVISED THEATRE Pete Montford’s Coin Operated Artist

£15 ADV

Night Dragon by Tim Biddiscombe

SATURDAY 23RD JULY THE CHURCH 2115 Summer Camp 1945 Alessi’s Ark 1815 The Epstein 1645 Amy’s Ghost 1515 Melodica Melody & Me 1345 Dan Pattison Hosted by BLACK & WHITE MUSIC OLD BOOZER 2230 Mighty Mouse 2115 Flashguns 2015 Last Republic 1900 Screama Ballerina 1745 Kid Carpet 1630 Attention Thieves 1445 Johnny Arrow’s CDR’s THE OSC 2330 2200 2030 1900 1730 1615

SATURDAY 30th JULY PENTAHOTEL/ OLD YELL COURTYARD DANCE STAGE 0200 Radioactive Man 0000 Boy 8 Bit 2200 Drums Of Death 2000 Casper C 1800 Martin Rushent Tribute ‘Dubai Retrospect set’

The Phoenix Foundation Dutch Uncles Martin Creed Peers Vices Victoria

THE TURTLE 2230 Left Step Band 2100 Vices 1945 Kamikaze Test Pilots 1815 Victoria 1645 Screama Ballerina 1500 Will Tun & The Wasters ONEILS 2315 2200 2030 1900 1730 1600

The Quotes Dolly & The Clothes Pegs Kremlins From2D Will Tun & The Wasters 1.3.D

GEORGE 2115 1930 1800 1645 1515 12.45

COURTYARD Pope Joan Dolly & The Clothes Pegs Aloosh Wave Department Peers Poejazzi (poetry)

FRIDAY 29TH JULY PENTAHOTEL/ OLD YELL COURTYARD DANCE STAGE 0200 Dutty Moonshine 0000 The Nextmen Feat MC WREC 2200 The Disablists 2000 Audio Courgette Soundtrack 1800 Richie Carbon

ALTERNATIVE CULTURE STAGE 0100 Count Skylarkin 2300 Trombosis 2200 Junkyard Scientists 2030 The Drop 1900 outside:inside DJ’s

THE WALK GALLERY ONE 1300 Silent Disco Suprise, Secret and down right dirty DJs THE WALK GALLERY TWO Goggleheads Film Festival-ALL DAY

FOYER/BAR ART ‘Plant Tray Culture’ by Kara Dennis

BLAGRAVE ARMS 5-A-Day The Fun Way Fruit Beer Festival Los Dos Gringos Eddie Chilvers AFROBA 1600-0000

Reggae Steady Go Afroba Caribbean grub

MARKET PLACE & BROAD STREET Sofa Field/ Unplugged sets/ Jaswa Samosas/ Urban Grind/ Jeff’s Ice Creams./ Hogarth Improvised Theatre including: Poetry Police, Motley Crew, Tall & Strange/ Reading Rock Academy Free Lessons/ Art Workshops...MORE


SUNDAY 24TH JULY SUB 89 MUSIC HEADLINER 2130 Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters LIVE! 2030 Dub Pistols 1930 DJ Derek Audio Courgette Soundtrack

£22.50 ADV

‘Home Sweet Home’ by Cara Jade Mason FILM Silent round up of Goggleheads Film Festival 2011 GAMES Playstation/ Wii Full Sized Pool Table


COURTYARD STAGE 2200 Erland & The Carnival 2030 Goldheart Assembly 1900 Worship 1700 Benin City 1430 Skangters Hosted by Whitehouse Studio DJs ALTERNATIVE CULTURE STAGE 2230 Live Film Soundtracking from Matt Sever Elsewhere JME.D Ibetya Jac Bon Cochon Resonance DJs 2125 Announcement of Goggleheads Film Festival Winners 2015 Q&A with Director Paul Hills 1830 ‘Do Elephants Pray’ By Paul Hills FOYER/BAR ART ‘Plant Tray Culture’ by Kara Dennis ‘Home Sweet Home’ by Cara Jade Mason THEATRE Poetry Police by Hogath Productions FOOD pentahotel Festie Food Stalls -Featuring the finest take on festival food there has ever been, EVER. FILM Silent round up of Goggleheads Film Festival 2011 GAMES Playstation/ Wii Full Sized Pool Table






This programme has been lovingly put together and edited by Festival Director Jack Hepplewhite. Eden Music PR and the outside:inside Festival team. Eden Music PR and Management, has been spinning, sourcing, producing and plugging the hottest talent from across the planet since 2009. Working alongside artists from Grimus(Romania), Screama Ballerina, Amy’s Ghost and Harmonay. The music PR guru biz has also been working their magic in partnership with Top label promoters and record label Velocity Recordings/Club Velocity and the outside:inside Festival of course.

Human League, The Stranglers, The Buzzcocks, T-Rex. Shirley Bassey, Altered Images, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fleetwood Mac all have something in common. They all worked with legendary producer Martin Rushent. Whether it was his early days an engineer at Advision Studios alongside Tony Viscoti; Producing for United Artists and convincing them to sign The Stranglers; Creating the sound of the 80’s in Steatley at Genetics or his present day work with his son on Does It Offend You Yeah?, Martin has always pushed for new and exciting bands to be heard and taken risks in the studio that has shaped popular music culture.

2011 sees outside:inside work alongside local homeless project LaunchPad. Launchpad Reading (formerly Reading Single Homeless Project) is a registered charity that helps some of Reading’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged people to turn around their lives. Supporting LaunchPad and their aims is something very close to the heart of outside:inside. Their tireless work over the years, giving people a second chance and helping them make changes to their lives - is relevant to us all living in Reading Town Centre. The outside:inside Festival will be donating a percentage of its profit to LaunchPad. Support them too:

We are proud to be working with Reading UK CIC on the outside:inside project for the 3rd year running now. Although moving from a partner to main sponsor, their support for this festival and cultural, social and business development in Reading has not slowed. You would have noticed the improvements to the town centre over the last few years, economically, aesthetically and culturally helping Reading develop and fulfill its potential as one of the most forward thinking successful towns in the UK. Without the help of Reading UK CIC, this festival would not have developed as it has. Their help and development of the festival and its team has seen the outside:inside Festival grow ten-fold year on year.

On the of 4th June Martin sadly passed away at his home in Upper Basildon. This year’s festival is dedicated to Martin Rushent. Throughout the festival there will be performances from artists that have worked with Martin. You’ll also have the chance to learn more about his set up at Genetic’s Studios and how he achieved his recognisable 80’s synth sound. Martin was performing his much talked about Dubai Retrospect DJ set at this year’s outside:inside and this will be performed in his memory by friends and family. Expect to hear all the hits from Martin’s outstanding catalogue. Right from the early 70’s as an engineer for the likes of T Rex, Fleetwood Mac, to his production work with The Stranglers. Era defining hits from his career in the 80s, the very best in New Romantic and Synth including his Brit Award winning album Dare by Human League. You’ll also have a chance to hear how he is shaping today’s pop culture with his latest work straight from the studio. Martin’s fee will be donated to a charity very close to him, Action For Children. A charity supporting children and young people through difficult circumstances and helping them to achieve their goals. You will also have the opportunity to donate to Martin’s charity throughout the festival. For more information and to donate online visit

THANKS TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE MADE THIS FESTIVAL HAPPEN Guy Douglas, Jo Keen and all at Reading UK CIC, Jean Champeau and all the help from Reading Borough Council, Luke Clayton at Provide Security, Readipop, Sam and everyone at the Blagrave, John and his lovely team at Picnic, Martin and Rich from R&M Sound, James Apperley, Sarah Gotts, Daniel Stephens, Kat Boult, Ali Boult, Jan Hepplewhite, Richard Hepplewhite, Geraldine Sarson, Paul Clerehugh, Abby Lacey, Tosin Oladipo and The Big Issue chaps, Tvps (thames valley positive support) Bill Fadden & NCP, Pete Doyle and Reading Rock Academy, Matt and the Reading College music lot, the outside:inside team: Tim Hooper, Luisa Garcia, Suzanne Stallard, Rebecca Lewis, Jon Cox, Bob Hughes, Nicole Sarson, Brian McClafferty, Ian Manson, Paul Hamer, Ed Harcourt, Matt Tanner, Rory Bayliss, Zoe Anne Lakeman, Charley Eccleston, Shane Daunt, Dave Maul, Kayleigh, Sam & Hugo at NAME PR!, The photographers: Luke Dyson, Salvo Toscano, Adam Reading, Einas Sreih, 2 Square Images, whirly and louie for joining in, the landlords of Reading who made the pop-up festival possible: Jon Homan, Simon Blair and Brook

Henderson, the pentahotel, the work experience crew Hester and Abbie for origami bird making!, Claire and Emmy from AIF and the whole Association Of Independent Festivals, Camila from Festival Republic, Dave and Ocelot Magazine, Drumwright, White House Studios, Rich and Artrocker, Danielle, Liz (your patience has been fantastic!) Dene, Becca, Sally, Clare and EVERYONE at Reading Chronicle, The Forbury Hotel, Linda Serck from BBC Introducing, Bill Donne and Silver Fox, Stuart, Danny and Greg from the Purple Turtle, Sid Siddle and Velocity, Alex and Chris from The Bleep Test, Pete Wheeler and Wellsy, Sean, Mikey and Peter at Sub 89, Steve Linus from Bassment, Tom at Adjusted Audio, Danny C from Resonance, Laura Richardson, James Rushent, ALL the venues, Martin Rushent your legacy will carry on forever and everybody else who year after year has tirelessly supported the festival, we haven’t forgotten you...

29TH & 30TH JULY


£20 weekender £10 Friday £15 Saturday

£80 – weekender + 2 night accommodation for 1 person LIMITED SPACE £120 – 2 x weekender passes + 2 nights accommodation for 2 people LIMITED SPACE


TO BLOW OUT THE OUTSIDE:INSIDE POP UP FESTIVAL IN STYLE, WE ARE GOING TO BE POPPING UP ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING POP UP EVENTS EVER. For the finale weekend, outside:inside will take over the boutique pentahotel in Reading. Stages will be erected in the old yell courtyard behind the pentahotel, and 2 500 capacity rooms featuring the Main stage, Dance stage whilst the Alternative Culture stage will feature film showings accompanied by live film soundtracks performed before your very eyes late late into the early hours. The weekend events start off on the Friday evening at 6pm, with a funk, reggae, soul, hip hop vibe featuring headliners The Nextmen

accompanied by MC Wrec. The Saturdays performances see the large courtyard stage open featuring some of the countries finest acts. Headlining acts on the Courtyard Stage include BBC Radio darlings Erland & The Carnival and Goldheart Assembly, with the Dance Stage bringing you some of the biggest club names around, Boy 8 Bit, Drums Of Death, Radioactive Man and Casper C. Following the sad new of Martin Rushent’ passing, we will be donating his fee from his planned performance on the 30th July to Action For Children, and his Dubai Retrospect set he had planned for the event will be performed in his memory by friends and family. Fine food from the pentahotel’ fabulous kitchen, sees festival food transformed into gourmet delights, whilst modern sculpture and conceptual art will fill the large foyer and bar of the hotel. This is an event not to be missed.

Friday Dance Stage

Saturday Courtyard Stage

The Nextmen feat MC Wrec Audio Courgette Soundtrack The Disablists Richie Carbon Dutty Moonshine

Erland & The Carnival Goldheart Assembly Worship Benin City The Skangsters

Friday Alternative Culture Stage

Saturday Dance Stage

Count Skylarkin Junkyard Scientists The Drop Outside:Inside DJs Trombosis DJs

Boy 8 Bit Drums Of Death Casper C Radioactive Man Matt Sever Ibeya Elsewhere Martin Rushent’s Dubai Retrospect Set – performed in memory by friends and family


Gourmet Festie Food Stroll the pentahotel’s festival food stall, with an upmarket twist.

Art Plant tray Culture by Kara Dennis Home Sweet Home by Cara Jade Mason

Film Do Elephants Pray by Paul Hills / Goggleheads Film Festival

Theatre The Poetry Police by Hogarth Productions





Pitcher & Piano


The OSC (Oakford Social Club) Sub 89





Blagrave Arms The Church (St Laurence’s) CHATHAM ST.



Outside:Inside Shop The Old Boozer (Coopers Arms)



The Walk Gallery one and two


THE Courtyard (George Hotel Courtyard)






The Hotel (pentahotel) OXFORD ROAD


Forbury Hotel Cinema Broad Street East (Outside M&S)


The Park (Forbury Gardens)


The Turtle (Purple Turtle)

Broad Street West (Outside Waterstones)




Market Place

INFORMATION: TICKETS AND CONTACT DETAILS Price: £10 - £150 + booking fee

Get in touch:

Outlets: outside: inside ticket shop - Market Place RG1| purple turtle, RG1 | hard edge,RG1. Online:


9th JULY- Various Locations: £10 16th JULY- Forbury Gardens: FREE 23rd JULY - Various Locations: £10 29th & 30th JULY - pentahotel/ old Yell Courtyard: £20 Weekend Ticket. £10 Friday/ £15 Saturday ticket. Accommodation is available on the 29th & 30th July: Prices: £80 - 29th+30th pass+2 nights stay SINGLE/£120 - 29th+30th pass+2 nights stay 2 people. 3 Weekender Pass: £30 in lncludes all weekend passes.

£75 FULL FESTIVAL PASS is EarlyBird only and does not include accomodation. But does include all midweek shows and all Saturday passes. PARKING: There are many car parks in Reading for you to park. outside:inside recommends using the NCP car park on Garrard Street. Ticket holders will be able to recieve a voucher giving them up to 40% off their car parking. When you collect your festival pass, ask the steward about these vouchers. Conditions apply on a first come first served basis, and of the availability of the car park.


er d Corn r o w s s Cro

Peter Pirate from outside:inside Festival pre party headliners Pete & The Pirates, one day over a cold beer during the summer months of April this year, offered to build us, from scratch, a festival special crossword. The band have just returned back from touring new album ‘One Thousand Pictures’ received with critical acclaim across the musical press spectrum. Apparently Mr Pete told us that it was a jolly fun project to amuse his mind during the endless hours sitting on the tour bus, and by gosh he’s put a lot of effort into it! 2 sets of clues, same answers.

CLUES ACCROSS 1,3,7. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 16. 18. 19. 23. 24. 25. 27,25. 29. 31,32. 35. 36. 39. 41. 43. 44. 45. 46.

Headliner who mixes clear cherry pest? (3, 7, 5) Covering overhead or underfoot? (3) American eatery in red mix-up (5) Welsh Wales (5) To hold, not let go whilst in Inca skirmish (7) These down are tellings off, for salads? (9) 17 Actress makes cloth (6) In tow ever indebted (3) Potential germinators planted in velocities (6) Initially my first introduction to furniture shop (1.1.1) Speak toughly in command for dog (4) (see 27) Headliner on after ‘The Pride?’ (3,4) In one sign it explains how you might start a fire (6) Good advice for one preoccupied with a petty gripe, or a pole-vaulter (3,4,2) Shall now be ten beheaded for October festival (9) Sounds like the Soft Cell singer’s nuts! (7) Rings certain acts at O:I Festival (5) A happening electronic duct? (5) Tug back feeling in the stomach (3) Bet that footballers other half will meet the queen (5) Skint lint (7) This capital’s university ends, or else! (1.1.1)

DOWN 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 14. 15. 16. 17. 20. 21, 22. 26. 28. 30. 33. 34. 37. 38. 39. 40. 42.

Cyril changed a word in a song (5) 37 went mad or lost his marbles? (5) Flags for those who watch online? (9) Using a bike to circle around hidden self? (6) An element in this clue (3) Rad’ hen do will toughen. (6) Stops working and tidies away (5,2) P.C. led off, crumpled, for a drink. (3) Person solving years of unrest initially. (3) Drink in one until 42 (4) Colin, setups aside may have done it. (7) Cowardly wish about sprite (7) Foreigner who twists in ale (5) Infiltrate a tree being casualty department? Unruly label on old cloth (3,3) Evil scum I scattered for performed works (4,5) Bill’s pal with extra heart has passed (4) One of a pair pulled up user after rot damage (7) Type of delay about doing word (6) Crazy tic tac stratagem (6) Mr Slater for whom Mrs Saatchi missed L.A. (5) Gymnopedie composer not stood for instance (5) Weapon originally branch of willow (3) Berate horse? (3) Her Majesty rarely makes a mistake (3)

Outsideinside chronicle guide finished and checked  
Outsideinside chronicle guide finished and checked