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Issue 5 l Vol 4 I May 2021

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PHOTOGRAPHY Photographers and cinematographers

GRAPHIC ART Graphic artists, digital art

Visual artists, painters

ILLUSTRATION Illustrators, cartoonists

INTERVIEWS I nt er vi ews wi t h ar t i st s and cr eat i ve peopl e

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Photography Photographers,, cinematographers

7 Painting Painters, visual artists, cartoonists

15 Illustration 17 Digital art 18 Graphic art 19 Collage 20 Exhibition Impressum JaamZIN Creative UXScoops Pte. Ltd. Singapore Registration No.: 201601782G


Giorgio Gerardi I have been capturing images with my camera since I was a child, always self-taught, and during the last three years, I have started again with a research of mine. The starting point has been the daily life, I was looking for a hyper-realistic representation of it, common objects of the house, photographed within their context. It was also the desire to try to see everyday things with new eyes, things under our sight every day, things at which we look without really seeing them. At the same time I picked up some old ideas of mine, and I focused on the clouds. The first work was "clouds (on a day at noon)", for which I elaborated the same image in many different ways, changing the exposure, the contrast, the colors. I wanted to see what could have been different, new, in repetition.

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Mt. Fuji by Motoaki Tojo

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Alessandro Passerini I am a photographer for Saatchi Art and Artlink; contributor for Art+Commerce/VOGUE and artistic curator of the National Award of Photography and Painting 'B. Cascella'. I work mainly with artists such as musicians, painters, sculptors, performers, and stylists documenting their performances by fixing their personal projects' emotionality and those who created them, creating in turn others linked to my emotionality.

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Florencia Schvimer I'm an Argentinian photographer living in Sydney. My main subject is nature and how it integrates into society and everyday life. I also work a lot in the concept of resignification through writing, design, and postproduction. The whole meaning of a visual can be transformed with different approaches and there's where most of my work happens.

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Colin Anderson

Canadian born Colin Anderson, moved to Australia with his parents at the age of 14, later studying advertising and design at a Melbourne University. He went on to work as a art director at an advertising/design agency before leaving to pursue a career as a photographer.

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Ivan Vynarchyk Ivan Vynarchyk is an artist, film director, writer, poet, essayist, screenwriter, and photographer. He studied at Artwood department (Faculty of Decorative and Applied Arts) of Lviv Academy of Arts.

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Raphaela Springer

"My name is Raphaela Springer and I'm a freelance digital artist with a focus on environmental illustration." "While I also like to work on characters, my main focus is to express the atmosphere of the piece through the environment."

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Christel Haag Christel Haag has a deep passion for creating abstract art. Nature inspires and drives her work. Whilst the many marvellous impressions she takes home from her travels frequently appear in their abstract form in her paintings. Haagalso expresses the mood and feeling of a particular moment in time. It is first and foremost the joy of painting, of colours, of the creative process itself and of the energy of being that drives her artistic creation.

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Galina Khabarova Galina Khabarova is a contemporary abstract artist who lives and works in Stavropol, Russia. Her favorite technique is “rubbing” paint strokes into a dense multi-layer film, creating a complex colorful pattern that gives the finished painting a multi-dimensional depth and saturation, rhythm and direction. It makes the paint “glow” and the viewer’s eye unconsciously feels movement.

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Balu Timak Balu Timak - Hungarian Artist living in Ireland. Painting with acrylic, Gold and Silver leaves, silicon oil, feathers and shells, bark and glue gun. Started painting in 2016 by online teachers. Held first exhibition in 2017 Birds in Artbank Bunclody County Wexford.

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Ulyana Korol My name is Ulyana Korol, I’m an artist living and creating in Spain. My passion for flowers comes from my childhood... Flowers were my best toys. My parents owned a mansion with a garden and my mother often used to bring me different flowers from there, so I had fun by playing with them and by admiring their beauty. Having taken colored pencils at a very young age, the first thing I have drawn was flowers.

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Nicole Melnicky Nicole Melnicky is a queer interdisciplinary artist and fashion designer based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. She received her MFA at OCAD University in Interdisciplinary Art, Media, and Design. She obtained her BFA from Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a major in Fine Art, along with minors in Textile Design, and Art History.

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Warren Esterhuyse At an early age, I knew I had a talent for sketching and drawing. It was at the end of 2005, that I was inspired by my father, Scats Esterhuyse who is a master landscape artist in South Africa. My first painting's subject matter was a mother leopard and her baby cub sitting in a field of grass. I have a serious love of nature and as a consequence, my subject choice was a wildlife theme.

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Sandro Cocco I'm born in 1973 in Antwerp in Belgium. My father was Sardinian and my mother Flemish. I started with studying Illustration (1993) but I choose to study Painting (1994) the next year because I wanted to explore my personal expression. During my studies of Painting (1994-1998) I studied two years observation by nature: nude, still life and interiors that ended in blind observation drawings. In the third year I started to explore my own expression. I started exploring 'Automatic Drawing' and soon began to explore other mediums like Printing, Sculpture, Installation and Video. In the fourth year I felt the need to explore narration and this resulted in graduating with 20 digital Photomontages. I continued three years to make Photomontages (1999-2001). Because of this I decided to study Comic and Illustration in (2001-2003). I made a biographical Graphic Novel and published a few short stories but I wanted to make 'free' artworks again without any boundaries of expression. So in 2004 I started to make abstract 'Amorphous' drawings in 'Automatic Drawing mode'. In 2005 I visited a friend who had a Surrealist painting hanging on his wall. The use of symbols invited me to begin my ongoing series 'Imaginary Rooms' in which I use visual motives. For me it's some kind of diary in 'Automatic drawing' but I hope to communicate with the viewer.

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Inge Hauser Inge Hauser is a freelance illustrator based in Austria. In 2017 she completed her studies obtaining a diploma in Contemporary Book Design. It was during her studies Inge produced a project that was close to her heart. She authored, illustrated and designed her first children’s book. Whilst producing this project, Inge experimented with a range of creative techniques and disciplines such as handlettering, watercolor, collage and monotype. “For me, Illustration is a project of self expression. I can visually express my thoughts and feelings, and it allows me time to connect with them and understand them on a deeper level.”

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Crystal I'm Crystal. I specialize in retouching any portrait photos and use Photoshop in my work. I have been working with various photographers for a very long time. I have been working in the industry for more than 5 years, the main genres I work with are fashion, beauty and commercial photography.

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Alena Ivanova Self-taught artist. I started with appropriation, and now there are many such works in my collection. Through the creation of such works, I improve my technique and skill, especially the works of the great masters of the past are attractive to me in this regard. I never draw in a bad mood, I do not bring negativity to my work. The principle position is the absence of cruelty and violence in my own works.

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Wayne Wolfson I am completely self-taught. My main mediums are watercolor, graphite, and collage. For collage, I came up with and trademarked the name Cinefield®

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Chris Woodward

Chris Woodward is a British-born firstgeneration Canadian who uses digital media to create original artwork inspired by nature. The majority of his work showcases the brilliance of western Canada, but he has pieces which draw from his travels in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and South America as well.

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"I often work from reference photographs taken over the past 40 years to create western Canadian scenes. Inspired by other artists (the Group of Seven’s Lawren Harris, in particular), I usually complete the art in a stylized fashion making use of geometric shapes and saturated colours. My aim is to produce interesting patterns and recognizable landscapes while staying within a unified theme."

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