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ISSUE 1 |  VOL 2  |  JANUARY 2019

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PHOTOGRAPHY Photographers and cinematographers

GRAPHIC ART Graphic artists, digital art

Visual artists, painters

ILLUSTRATION Illustrators, cartoonists

INTERVIEWS I nt er vi ews wi t h ar t i st s and cr eat i ve peopl e

JaamZIN Creative

TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Photography Photographers,, cinematographers

4 Painting Painters, visual artists, cartoonists

22 Digital art, Design 23 Interview

Impressum JaamZIN Creative   UXScoops Pte. Ltd. Singapore Registration No.: 201601782G


Cristian Stefanescu Photography was born black and white and Cristian chose to continue this tradition, while working on evolving the visual aesthetics of this raw art form rendering his believes. Cristian Stefanescu’s distinctive monochrome photographs are an exploration into the psychological and metaphysical. He captures nature or buildings in specific moments in time – through highly visual heartbreakingly dark images often overlapped with low-contrast minimal landscapes – to create works that stretch the idea of a hypothetical time.ch

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Camilla Nilssen Camilla Nilssen (born in 1981) is a visual artist who lives in Trondheim - a city located in the middle of Norway. In 2007 she completed a bachelor degree in visual communication at Høyskolen in Buskerud. Since then, she has worked as a graphic designer, established her own business and worked as a freelance graphic designer. The interest in photography has been present for many years and the result is that she's now creating and selling her own photo art.

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Stephanie NĂźckel Sige is one of those goddesses of origin who embodies the chaos at the beginning of all things or the complete non-existence of the universe. Â It is the silence from which all creation came. Actually I want to do another goddess, but the situation in the world, told me to do that Sige. What can we learn from silence?Maybe it can show us new demeanors and standings...And that can be very powerfull.

4 JaamZIN Creative


Juliana Kolesova Juliana Kolesova is a Toronto based artist and illustrator.Through her work, Juliana seeks to create enchanting, curious and captivating art, which stems from a certain emotional, historical or cultural approach. She likes to balance real life with spiritualism, the elegance of classical art with modern vision and to experiment and play with elements melting one into another.

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Victoria General Victoria General is a Toronto based artist who primarily works either with pastel, charcoal or oil. Specializing in figurative, conceptualized renderings, Victoria captures moments with quick expressionistic and impressionistic strokes, rendering scenes that often depict the more intimate, private corners of our lives. (You can also find her exploring different eras from the past.)

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Manuel Izquierdo In adolescence, he began to experiment with the plastic arts as a hobby, making a figurative painting. In the 80s he took art as an existential necessity and worked complementing it with other trades that will help him live economically.In the 80s he experimented with paintings in a neoexpressionist and abstract style. In 1990 he moved to Madrid and shared a housing workshop with other colleagues, in this decade he began and developed his most unique work, interactive mobiles.

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Danielle Lauzon Danielle Lauzon was born and works in province of Quebec in Canada. She did many solo and group exhibitions in Canada and in other countries. Danielle Lauzon's paintings can be read in many ways. The first is obviously abstract and characterized by the strong informal aspect in the treatment of colors. A second reading gradually reveals the figurative, complex, confusing ramifications of the sketched stories. Danielle mainly works on paper, this medium enhances the emotional and fragility sides of her painting.

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Marion Griese Marion Griese is a Canadian abstract painter and arts educator from St. Catharines, Ontario. She completed a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Toronto in 1992 and after travelling and working in Europe, studied Jewellery Art and Design for two years at Vancouver Community College. “For me, the act of painting is always a journey. It is my love of arranging shapes of colour and orchestrating a composition that sings, that propels the journey forward and what I find most satisfying about the work I do. The hope is always that the painting I create will breathe life into a space, in the same way that music can colour a room. Although the results are different with each painting, my work is always rooted in my deep appreciation for the natural world around me.�

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Abdellah El Haitout Moroccan born painter and teacher of visual arts. In his younger years, Abdallah studied art, philosophy and psychology, which has, no doubt, influenced his creative mind. At first glance his work appears chaotic and incomprehensible, but after spending some time scanning his paintings, we can see past experiences, representation of material objects, and playful movement. Abdallah writes, "I like the intimate act. The superposition of different material and paint highlight the theme of concealment and transparency with mixed media like acrylic, ink and pens. I add these necessities of drawing and graphics. I try to be as simple as I can."Â In 2017 Abdallah was awarded the Souad Al-Sabah Biennale Award in Kuwait.

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Sedigheh Sedigheh is a freelance painter, based in Japan. Her main subjects are ordinary things which she finds in her daily life. She loves seeing the potential beauty in their concepts, forms and colors and creating a painting to persuade people to see the beauty in mundane things. She mostly works on paper with colored pencils, watercolors and acrylics. Sometimes using only one medium, sometimes mixing them.

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Jordan Plotnek Jordan Plotnek is an internationally nomadic abstract expressionist painter with a permanent studio in Montréal. He devotes his life to solving some of humanity’s most pressing issues through professional pursuits in multiple fields, including: cybersecurity, counter-terrorism, and critical infrastructure. Inspired by both the moral challenges of his ongoing security endeavours and his travel experiences, Jordan’s artwork explores themes surrounding the nature of humankind and human society at large.

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JEAN CHARLES MILLEPIED Born in Bordeaux (France) in 1954 it’s obvious that Jean-Charles Millepied has a unique position in the much frequented world that we call abstract expressionism. His approach is one that renounces the three-dimensional form to elaborate a very personal universe where painting is deliberately subordinated to the spontaneous expression of the subconscious, and yet it is still tempered by reason. His particularly refined palette reveals shades that seem to come together in what looks like effortless harmony. He participates in numerous artist residencies around the world. His work has been widely exhibited internationally and is part of private collections in five continents.

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Marly Joseph DESIR Marly Joseph DESIR  shows from a very young age a real artistic aptitude.He studied at the Miami Dade College. Desir is polyvalent  and known for his original style ,his ability to create and also his sense of aesthetic. His medium favorite is acrylic on canvas. He is also Art historian and received many international awards :Travel Grant Recipient CAA in 2013 and CIMAM in 2016.

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Gabriele Maurus My main interest is in the interplay of colour and composition. I’m painting, drawing, photographing, sculpting and everything else senses are used for. I was born and raised in Germany, moved to Canada in 2003.

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Joa Korhonen Paintings of faces started to surface. Intuitively at first, even randomly or by accident. The paintings started out from rough and partial sketches which Korhonen calls suggestions:"A suggestion of an eye, for example, might suddenly surface. The strokes often were almost random. Vision started to focus and depth appeared to quickly build into the work, a layer by layer. In my own opinion, my best works are in a way composed of layers and layers of mistakes."

16 JaamZIN Creative  


Swati Swati is a Singapore based abstract artist, born and brought up in India. The endless possibilities of color, texture, shape, and the orderliness in the seeming disorderliness of nature inspire Swati’s art, and find a voice in her work through acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

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Michael Rider Michael was born in Richmond, Virginia where they migrated to New York city’s School of Visual Arts on a Silas Rhodes scholarship. Michael’s experience in one of the busiest cities in the world stirred up the peaceful and tranquil upbringing that they had in the lush, green environment of Virginia. The artist says Virginia is known for acoustic guitars and collage painting, where New York was pop music and multimedia. The culmination of these two energies attributes to Michael’s sense of perspective as an artist.

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Andy Greenaway I was born an artist. Painting and creating is all I’ve ever wanted to do. In school, I’d be berated by my teachers for my lack of interest in math and my obsession for that useless topic called art. When I was 16, I’d made my mind up. I wanted to go to University to study Fine Art. My art teacher, of all people, convinced my parents there was no money it. “Perhaps he should look at commercial art. Illustration, fabric design or, God forbid, advertising.” No, I thought. I want to go to Paris and be an artist. Even if that meant living off a stale loaf of bread a day, washed down with some cheap red wine. But alas, young dreams are quite often dashed against the rocks of parental influence. I ended up at the doorsteps of advertising.

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Fiona Chinkan Fiona Chinkan is a New York City based artist. Fiona began her signature style of drawings in 2001, as a way to accompany graffiti lettering she was exploring at the time. Over the years, she has developed the lines and forms as a means to express herself and interpret the world around her. She graduated cum laude in 2007 from the University of Hartford Art School with a BFA concentration in Visual Communication Design, minors in Photography and Art History. She moved to New York City post graduation to pursue a career in graphic design and worked as a digital art director in the fashion industry for 10 years before deciding to pursue art full-time. Fiona creates out of her Brooklyn-based studio.

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Miika Nyyssönen On my trip to Germany in 2018, I became interested in traditional Central European fachwerk (=timber framing) architecture as the subject of a series of works. In the works in this series, I combine the traditional with the modern and the richness of details with the minimal. During my two tours of Germany, I collected a rich image library of fachwerk architecture. This material is the starting point for the paintings in this series. However, as I work, I modify the material to fit the purpose of the painting that arises from the work.

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Witold Fiedziuk I deal with drawing, painting and digital art. Eclecticism occupies a key place in my creative process. I draw inspiration from literature, film, painting, fashion and the internet.During work I listen to a lot of music, which also has a significant impact on my work. In 1998, I received a diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in the graphics department.I lived in the Netherlands for several years, in 2010 I received a scholarship, Wet Werk en Inkomen Kunstenaars (WWIK), I currently live and work in Poland.

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INTERVIEW Abstract expressionist painter Lara Scolari Influenced by major artistic figures such as Brett Whiteley, Helen Frankenthaler, John Olsen, Hans Hoffman and Mark Rothko, Australian contemporary artist Lara Scolari has developed her own distinct approach to the ‘abstract expressionist’ style. As a prolific gestural painter, Lara’s coveted artworks are produced in a style that is beautifully organic in form, line, colour and composition. Using a variety of media, developing experimental techniques and processes, Lara creates depth through exquisite transparent layers which reveal hidden dioramas. Each of her eye-catching paintings feature a beautiful translucent veiled colour palette that reflects the natural landscape. Featuring fluid shapes, her stunning works are inspired by memory, meditation, music and the culture and essence of Australia. Read on to learn more about Lara Scolari…

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INTERVIEW How would you describe your life in relation to art?

My artwork reflects my life and my personality. My artwork is gestural with uninhibited lines, marks and forms - this reflects my generous and free personality. My large-scale unique artworks capture my inner energy and the fullness of my life with layered transparent dioramas of colour, movement and shape.

Boomtown Mixed media (ink, pastel, oil stick, rope, gold leaf & varnish) - 2019 "My artwork reflects my life and my personality. My artwork is gestural with uninhibited lines, marks and forms…”

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INTERVIEW Which phase was the most challenging? How did you overcome it?

In my life the most challenging yet fabulous phase thus far was having three baby boys within a fouryear period – this really tested my energy levels. I was also a very young mum living remotely in the Australian outback with no family support nearby. My art practice helped me conquer the loneliness and self-doubt that overcomes all new mums and also gave me something to look forward to and focus on. So, I decided to further my arts practice by enrolling myself into various art courses through the Western Institute of TAFE in Dubbo NSW and each week I would very much look forward to meeting up with this creative community and retreating into my arts practice. I began with a year (full-time) in Ceramic, this was followed by a Cert IV Fine Arts and continued through to an Advance Diploma in Fine Arts as well a Diploma in Arts Administration. It was with these credentials that I was able to secure my future employment with the Dubbo Regional Art Gallery together with an invitation to study a Master of Art & Design at the prestigious University of NSW which I graduated from in 2017.

Ethereal Cobalt I. Mixed media (ink, pastel, oil stick, rope & varnish) - 2019 “My art practice helped me conquer the loneliness and self-doubt that overcomes all new mums and also gave me something to look forward to and focus on.”

JaamZIN Creative 25  

INTERVIEW How long did you take to craft your art to achieve your signature style?

I started studying in 1996 and then I finished in 2017, during this time I studied every genre within the fine arts including, printmaking, sculpture, drawing, painting, as well as ceramics. I also spent time on still life, abstract, life drawing etc and was fortunate to be able to learn my craft from experts in their field.It did take me a few years to break away from the norm and to embrace my natural free flow and generous style. I learnt that to be an artist you must be true to yourself and your work needs to reflect your unique personality.I was always very gestural with my style, liberal with my mediums and a natural colourist – this is me and what comes naturally – so this is what I do.Abstract expressionist is my favourite painting and drawing genre – I love the colour line and spirituality of it. I am very mush drawn to the works of Helen Frankenthaler, Mark Rothko, Hans Hoffman, Brett Whitely as well as many of my peers and fellow contemporary Australian artists such as the iconic Ken Done.

“I learnt that to be an artist you must be true to yourself and your work needs to reflect your unique personality.”

26 JaamZIN Creative  

INTERVIEW Do you think these words “translucency and dimension” are the most appropriate to describe your art style?

Yes, I love the idea of translucency. I use ink rather than any other medium as ink is transparent. Each painting takes me about eight weeks to produce and there are 40 layers of archival ink that I lay down. When I am painting, I am meditating and feeling the energy and flow of what I am creating on canvas. Each layer must be thoroughly dry before I can apply the next to keep the depth of the colour true. Collectors have commented that my works remind them of stained-glass windows because you can see light through the layers, and I love that.Regarding dimension - yes, my works are large as I am an action/gestural painter. Dimension is very important because I create using my physical full reach – the works are life size. It’s harder for me to draw smaller and I find I feel too cramped and restricted on a smaller canvas.

“Dimension is very important because I create using my physical full reach – the works are life size.”

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INTERVIEW Which level of being an artist do you strive to become? What is your next goal?

I want to continue to evolve and develop my work and my processes in the studio as well as further exploring my theme of Energy – what does energy look like – how do we articulate energy visually? Looking deeper and focusing on the life force beneath the surface that you don’t necessarily see straight away. I encourage people to look deeper and to be confident with their thoughts. There is power in not worrying at all about what anybody else thinks. What they see in the works is what it is. Be true to yourself and your style.I would love to have more of my artworks acquired by national and international institutions and be included in really strong national collections. My next goal is to exhibit in Singapore and I am very excited about that.

“Be true to yourself and your style.” – Lara Scolari

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JaamZIN Creative May 2020  

JaamZIN Creative is featuring contemporary visual artists

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