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ISSUE 1 | VOL 2 | JANUARY 2019

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PHOTOGRAPHY Photographers and cinematographers

Visual artists, painters

GRAPHIC ART Graphic artists, illustrators, cartoonists

MUSIC Musicians, singers and songwriters

INTERVIEWS Interviews with artists and creative people

JaamZIN Creative

TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Photography Photographers,, cinematographers

12 Painting and graphic arts Painters, visual artists, cartoonists

16 Illustrators, design, digital arts IIllustrators, designers, digital artists

24 Music Singers, songwriters

26 Interviews, events Artist interviews, events

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Luz Hardy My name is Luz Hardy I am a self-taught Mexican photographer based in Charleston, South Carolina. I usually shoot Portraiture | Headshot | Wildlife | Nature Love creativity and try to imprint that in my photos. Photography is my passion and I do firmly believe is the best way to preserve memories.

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Eduardo Mueses I am a passionate Dominican photographer, living in Bridgeport Connecticut. For a while, I became a Wedding and Event photographer and as I was learning the trade, I wrote one of the most successful blogs about photography in Spanish (now defunct). Nowadays, I only do photography for my own pleasure and to make some money on the side with the sale of prints and stock photography. I am also dabbling in Generative and Digital Art as a way of diversifying and exploring creative venues.

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Phips McCloud My Name is Phips McCloud and I'm 27 years old. I'm a photographer and cinematographer based in Austria. I mostly do portraits, street photography, landscapes and short videos like music videos. I shot for two clothing brands in my city and did some music videos for an artist called IAN JULES.

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Olga Urbanek Olga Urbanek self-taught photographer currently living and working in Iceland.

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Brian Carson My name is Brian Carson and I'm a photographer from Toronto Canada. I reside as main contributor, curator, archival supervisor and head of all things photographic at The Learning Curve Photography. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have one wife, one daughter, one dog and two cats who tolerate me chasing them around with my camera in a usually futile attempt to capture the elusive ' One Perfect Shot '.

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Anna van Kranen My name is Anna van Kranen and I live in the Netherlands. I'm a hobby photographer. I love many forms of art; (abstract) painting, photography, sculpture, theater, film and literature. I mainly create macro abstract and/or abstract photos. Most of them are an illusion and I give each photo a title that often misleads people. And lots of humor with funny figures or utensils. So it is the combination of the photo and the title that appeals to people. I have a so-called niche.

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Alfred Grupstra My name is Alfred Grupstra and I'm an allround photographer. You could see me as a reporter of life.

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Rod Mountain I often prefer the captivating and timeless beauty of a photograph in black and white as it strips away distractions and enhances the nuance of the captured light and tonality. It’s been an honour for me to have some of my images recognized in prestigious international photography competitions and I have also shown my work in shared exhibitions.Â

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Rüdiger Wacknitz My Name is Rüdiger Wacknitz. I am 61 years old. My profession is social work – my interest is in art. The last few years I have been mainly engaged in digital visualisation and computerendering. I live in northern Germany, near the harzmountains…Now photographing has captivated me again. Mainly stimulated by the environment in which I live… Landscape, nature and architecture are my favorite topics.

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Brjánn Batista Bettencourt Brjánn Batista Bettencourt is a documentary photographer based in Toronto, Canada. Having worked as a photojournalist for 5 years, Brjánn now focused on personal documentary projects that reflect his personal geographies and his desire to re-capture essences of nostalgia from his teenage years.

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Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez (Colombia, 1990) is a plastic artist in training since 2017 at the Departmental Institute of Fine Arts in Santiago de Cali, Colombia. The works of the artist speak of their daily life and their personal reflections. She is excels in the performance, videoperformance and painting.

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Alejandro Perez Becerra

My name is Alejandro Perez Becerra, I´m an illustrator and painter, for approximately 45 years I have exhibited my works in Argentina and abroad. Praxis International gallery represented me for 17 years in individual and collective exhibitions along the USA, Latin America, Germany, and Japan. I have participated in salons in my country and abroad and Biennials such as Havana.Â

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Reena Verma

I am Reena Verma , Indian contemporary artist , I am an experimentalist and try new mediums and techniques to produce a different kind of art everyday. My major works are based on hyper realism, paper cutting realistic portraits, abstract, soft pestles, oil color, acrylic painting.

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Peim van der Sloot Unfollow tryptich 70 cm x 100 cm Sticker collage on Hahnemühle FineArt paper. The economical value of this serie is connected to the amount of followers I have on Instagram, every time I get a new follower the price rises with €1, unfollow to get discount…

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Anna Labi My name Anna Labi (@annaorca), I'm illustrator and designer (artdirector) from St.Petersburg, Russia. Mostly I work in genre of magical realism. I was born in family of designers/artists. Since my early childhood, I always painted and made up different stories. I like to mix reality and magic in my works. For me, creativity is a kind of alchemy. My inspiration is music, books, human and nature.

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Hollie Amelia Hollie Amelia is a UK based, self taught 3D artist with a real passion for creating illustrations that blur the line between real and surreal.  Specialising in the creation of beautiful minimal compositions, her style is a modern, sophisticated twist on classic surrealism.

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Jason Powers Jason Powers is a designer and artist living in New York City. His works are inspired by the vast range of gritty typography found on the streets of NYC.

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Hazy Gazer Behind the nickname Hazy Gazer is 26 y.o. Masha Zamelan, a self-trained graphic designer and visual artist from Ukraine. Masha is a graduate design engineer who used to work as a technical illustrator and be an active member of the local feminist community, while her alter-ego Hazy practiced in various visual arts mostly creating abstract digital textures and surreal collages using mixed media.

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Eric Migom Always been kind of an outsider, trying to show truth and human reality. Refusing the glamorous way of making Art, just wanted to relate my work to the reality of our world.

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Ivan Favalezza Ivan is a freelance graphic designer with 10 years experience, currently based in Verona, Italy. He has previously worked for cultural associations, publishers and ICT startups. Selected by AIAP as one of the most promising 50 young Italian graphic designers. His work has been exhibited in London and Milan.

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Nvard Yerkanian Nvard Yerkanian is an Armenian graphic designer and illustrator based in Florence, Italy. Studied Architecture (BA), Graphic Design (MA) and Cultural Criticism (MA), in her artistic practices and personal projects, Nvard try to combine all the disciplines and skills, and her topics mainly focus on public spaces, urban transformations, and cultural heritage. Her Soviet Modernist Architecture in Armenia series is shortlisted for the World Illustration Award 2019. Co-founding member of Docomomo Armenia.

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Aaron Kaufman Aaron Kaufman is a multidisciplinary graphic artist currently living and working in Montreal, Canada. With a background in traditional arts, Aaron applies his artistic vision to contemporary mediums and creates visually striking work. His work has been part of award winning campaigns, gallery exhibits worldwide, and concerts for major acts. He enjoys exploring juxtapositions between forms, colors, patterns, environments and ideas to create dynamic and thought-provoking imagery.

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Patrick Mattes Patrick Mattes is a Los Angeles based Music Video Director. His work focuses on visually portraying indescribable emotions and states of being.

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A Florida-based producer/composer turned digital, cartilaginous thresher surfing the sonic waves with an eclectic musical style. “Aquabots / Robots Acuáticos” + “Stardrops / Gotas de Estrellas” is a new, two-piece robotic-aquatic single rooted in contemporary electronic and ambient styles, serving as a precursor to the upcoming LP, The FloodShark / El Tiburón de la Inundación - complete with video visualizer.

"Aquabots" depicts the sloshing sounds of aquatic robots botting aquatic, while "Stardrops" showcases my starry, sharky sorrows at sea.

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Interview with photographer Blake Rubin

There are few individuals who have been able to capture life behind the lens of a camera as Blake Rubin has. This incredible woman has accomplished an incredible amount of achievements in such a short amount of time on this earth. This multi-talented photographer and sometimes filmmaker has generated a fanbase that supports her incredible work. However, all great things have humble beginnings. Blake did not inherently know the importance of camera work from a young age. She used it as a tool to explore the world around her whenever she was little.

Blake Rubin was born in Philadelphia to a middle-class family. Though her family life was generally good, she wanted to explore the world more. However, Blake had social anxieties as a child and found it difficult to speak to other people. Her life would change whenever she discovered the power of photography. She had a revelation whenever she was in middle school during a photography class. She could see the world differently through the lens of her camera. This allowed her to study people and find out more about their personalities more effectively than having a conversation would ever allow. Blake knew that this was her calling in life and would spend her twenties developing her skill. Blake now works with clients all around the world and creates stunning masterpieces that truly capture the human essence. She is currently preparing for another large project and shows no signs of losing momentum in her career. She is truly an inspiration to all aspiring photographers around the world.

JaamZIN Creative 26Â Â

INTERVIEW How did you get started in the photography

What motivates you?

industry? I have always wanted to help other people. I had always wanted to see the world in some

However, I wanted to do it utilizing my

capacity whenever I was little. However, I did

passions. I have been told by many clients that

not get a chance to travel very often. Though

my work has truly made them happy. This

my family was financially secure, we did not

motivates me to work harder and continuously

have the means to go on many vacations. I was

create better work as I progress through the

also incredibly socially awkward. I did not have


the social skills to properly talk to the other kids at school. Photography for me was a way to express myself. I loved photography so much that I would end up entering the industry fulltime after I graduated from college.

How do you stay ahead of the competition? I am constantly learning new tricks on YouTube and e-courses that anyone can sign up to. The secret is to keep yourself in a student-like

What has been the biggest accomplishment in your career?

mentality. You will constantly be learning new things and finding ways to improve your craft. Failure to do so can make you stagnant.

Most people equate money as a means of measuring success. However, my biggest accomplishment comes from a different place. I had created a personal photography project

Which business leaders, past or present, have

for an elderly woman who wanted a collage of

inspired you the most?

her and her husband. He would pass away shortly after the project. It was a very emotional

Steve Jobs has always been a big inspiration to

project to work on. However, the elderly woman

me. He always wanted to try new things that

was very pleased with the collage. She said that

would innovate the market. I use Apple

it kept her going most days after her husband

products frequently and they have never failed

had passed away. I felt like I accomplished

me. I try to emulate his thought process and

something bigger than anything I had done

think outside the box as often as I can.

before. It was truly a bittersweet experience.

Is photography your biggest passion? It absolutely is. I feel as if I can help other people see the world through a different perspective every time I create a new project. It has been a very enlightening experience.

What is the next step for you? I am beginning to dabble in film work at the moment. I want to learn all the aspects of storytelling in that medium and deliver incredible stories. However, I think I have ways to go before I can do that.

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Prog The Forest Charity Progressive Rock Festival

Saturday 6 July 2019 The Fiddler’s Elbow 1 Malden Road Camden London NW5 3HS UK

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International Arts Collective presents FREE Rose Alice is delighted to announce that her new work FREE will be performed by the International Arts Collective across three nights in June, at York Hall in East London. The inclusion of two bars, a live DJ and the lovely interior of York Hall should immediately indicate that this is no ordinary dance event. Rose Alice and IAC present FREE 3 nights of contemporary ballet, DJ and bars at York Hall, E2, June 16th 17th 18th 2019

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